His True Colors Chapter 214-216


His True Colors Chapter 214

Jiang Yingying was the one who was tormented in the presence, because she was very worried that she would drag Han 3000 down because of her own matter, in her opinion, dropping out of school now was already a trivial matter, as long as it didn't harm Han 3000, as for Han 3000 to help her solve this matter, she no longer dared to hope.

    A few of the school's directors, that could be big names that Kang Ying Ying's eyes couldn't afford to provoke, although Han Three Thousand looked rich, but solving this matter, is no longer the amount of money can be measured.

    "Or don't bother, just tell your friend that you've offended me, Lin Shaohui, let's see if he dares to come forward."Lin Shaohui said.

    Han Qianqiang tapped on the conference table, and a rush of footsteps came just outside the conference room, smiling and saying, "No need, the man has already arrived."

    Lin Shaohui picked up his collar and said, "Just in time, I'd like to see who it is."

    The pretentious Lin Shaohui was stunned when he saw the first person who came in, because this councilor was the one who backed him up, and the next few people who fishtailed in had shocked Lin Shaohui so much that he couldn't speak.

    In addition to all the council members.

    There was also Lu Hongguang, Ning Xingpeng, Bao Jingzhong, and Chen Kaihua.

    Lin Shaohui had gone weak in the knees at the appearance of the four people, Lu Ning and Bao Chen.

    The headmaster and the two council members who had just been there, trembling with fear, did not dare to speak, these four people carrying any one of them out could overwhelm them, let alone the four of them appearing together.

    What kind of power did this young man possess to gather all four characters!

    "Is it enough weight?"Han Giangli asked Lin Shaohui.

    Lin Shaohui was already almost scared silly, nodding his head like garlic, he couldn't even speak.

    "Headmaster."Han Three Thousand turned to the headmaster.

    "Yes, I'm here, I'm here."The headmaster said in panic.

    "This matter, to investigate or not to investigate?"Han Giangli asked.

    "Look into it, trace it to the end, and I'll give you a satisfactory explanation."The principal patted his chest to assure him, a complete world away from his previous attitude.

    Lin Shaohui looked desperate, he was at fault in this matter, although as long as he asserted it, there would never be a flaw that would be found out, but now that Han Qianqian had put up so much energy, if he didn't admit it, this matter would not only finish him off, but also implicate his patron.

    "Lin Shaohui, what's going on, you still won't give an honest explanation."Lin Shaohui's patron had already heard about this matter, he didn't care who was right or wrong before, because it was just a student, even if it was a smear, it was no big deal.

    But now, the severity of the matter was beyond his imagination, Lu Ning Bao Chen four people, at random can create shock waves in the city of Rong, and to be able to call these four people out with a phone call, that kind of level is no longer something he can imagine.

    "I ...... was my fault."Lin Shaohui directly kneeled on the ground and wailed, "It was me who had thoughts about Jiang Ying Ying, I slandered her."

    Lin Shaohui couldn't deny it and didn't dare not admit it, his mouth was no more than a tough mouth, he would sooner or later give the truth of the matter.

    "Did you three hear me?Is that the result of your investigation?"Han Marchan asked the three hostages to the headmaster.

    The three principals wanted to die, in fact how the truth of this matter was, they knew it by heart, Lin Shaohui was originally a person who liked to mess around outside, and with Jiang Ying Ying's character, how could he seduce him?

    But before, based on Lin Shaohui's relationship, they had to shield Lin Shaohui, who would have thought that Jiang Ying Ying actually had such a hard relationship.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, we made a mistake in our investigation, don't worry, I'll definitely clear Jiang Ying Ying's name."The principal said.

    "How to return it?"Han Marchan asked, since he's here, he has to take care of this matter, giving them time to stall, and I'm afraid it will go away once he leaves.

    The principal looked at the others, how could he return it?Do you want to throw a stone at yourself?

    It's been rumored that Jiang Yingying will be expelled from the school, and this time they retracted the decision, it's already a blow to the school's face, if they make a big commotion to clear Jiang Yingying's injustice, how can he let the principal's face go?

    However, looking at Han Qianqian's attitude, if he wanted to settle the matter, it was obviously impossible, after all, even Lu Ning Bao Chen, the four people, had come.

    "What are you still hesitating for, hurry up and find a solution to the problem, or else you'll stop being the principal."Bao Jingzhong snapped.

    "Yes yes yes."The principal wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, took a glance at Han Qianqian, and asked tentatively, "How about asking Lin Shaohui to apologize to Jiang Ying Ying?"

    When Bao Jingzhong heard this, he was so angry that he walked up to the principal, not caring that he was a year old, and kicked him in the body, coldly saying, "Is this the plan you gave?An apology, an apology and you want to be done with it?"

    The principal was so scared that he even said no.

    Chen Kaihua also stepped forward at this time and said in a cold voice, "Apologizing is fine, in front of the whole school, I don't care if you lose face, if this matter doesn't satisfy Jiang Yingying, you're ready to roll up your sleeves and leave."

    The two big men had stood up and spoken, how could the headmaster dare to disobey, as for Lin Shaohui, he was now at the mercy of the others.

    His backers were powerful, allowing him to ignore most of the people in Rong City, but he knew that the iron he had kicked this time was too hard, so hard that even the two big shots, Bao Jingzhong and Chen Kaihua, had to work for him, and he had no choice but to follow orders.

    After looking at each other, Bao Jingzhong and Chen Kaihua placed their eyes on Han Qianli.

    They didn't know what kind of person this young man was, but the province had given him a direct order to satisfy him, and the two of them could only do as they were told.

    Han Qianqian looked to Jiang Ying Ying, who had already been scared out of her wits, and asked, "Ying Ying, what do you think?"

    "Ah ......!"Jiang Ying Ying came back to her senses as if she was dreaming, in her perception, the school's directors were already very powerful figures, as for the four of them, Lu Ning Bao Chen, they were already terrifying identities that were big enough to reach the heavens, she hadn't expected that Han Qianqian had actually found all four of them at once!

    Turns out he wasn't kidding when he said he'd come to help himself out of trouble!

    Turns out he wasn't just a hot head when he drove into the college and then broke into the conference room!

    "Brother 3000, I ...... don't know either."Jiang Ying Ying had never encountered such a big decision in her life, and it was in front of so many big people, so she didn't know what to do.

    Han Qianli stood up and said, "Since you can't make a decision, let me do it."

    After saying that, he looked at the headmaster and continued, "Raise the flag platform, notify all the students to come, let the entire school witness this matter, and your ugly deeds, say every word, I won't let you off without a punctuation mark."

    The headmaster was ashen, if this matter was spread out, his highly respected image would be ruined, this was not giving him a chance to live.

    But if he didn't do what Han Qianli said, he would be just as finished.

    None of the four people, Lu Ning Bao Chen, would let him go.

    After the school's broadcast announcement, many students watching the fun gathered around the playground, and in less than ten minutes, there were thousands of people in the water.

    "What's this for?"

    "It's probably to inform and criticize Jiang Yingying, after all, she's discredited our school, how can this matter be simply to expel her?"

    "I heard that this woman is not bad looking and she also looks honest, I didn't expect that she is really this kind of person."

    The few girls who had previously besieged Jiang Ying Ying in front of the school were the first to arrive and occupied the front row, they were the ones who most wanted to see Jiang Ying Ying end up like this.

    "Jiang Ying Ying, this eight women, thought that finding a rich second generation to help out would put things to rest, but she didn't expect things to get bigger and bigger."

    "That fag just now was arrogant and domineering na, drove into the school, now you know how powerful our school is."

    "Dealing with this kind of trash, the school director will just have to show up, I really don't know why the other four big shots are showing up, but it's good, I guess it scared that finesse pen to death, I'm really curious how he feels right now."

    "Is it worth it for a woman like Ying Ying Jiang?"

    At this time, Han Qianqian and Jiang Ying Ying took the stage first, and many good people already couldn't help but shout.

His True Colors Chapter 215

"Jiang Yingying, you're a real disgrace to our school, get lost."The girl from before led the shouting.

    A few other girls also echoed, yelling at Jiang Yingying for being shameless, this situation soon drove the other students, and for a time, Jiang Yingying was accused by a thousand people, and there were even people who said ridiculous things like dipping into a pigsty.

    Jiang Yingying was very aggrieved inside as she listened to these words, she hadn't done anything, yet she had to be criticized by so many people, if it wasn't for Han Qianqian stepping in to help clear her grievances, this matter would definitely become an inseparable stain in her life.

    "Have you guys said enough?"Han Giangli faintly spoke up.

    "Of course not, she did such a disgraceful thing, even if I scolded her to death, as her classmate, I feel ashamed."That girl said.

    Han Qianli smiled coldly as the school and the people Han Qianli had called to the stage one after another.

    When the students saw the person in question, Lin Shaohui, they felt a bit strange because Lin Shaohui's expression was particularly ugly, it didn't look like he was going to discipline Jiang Yingying at all, and none of the four people from Lu Ning Bao Chen, as well as the principal and the school board members, looked good.

    "Aren't you going to kneel down and apologize?"Han Marchant said.

    Hearing this, Lin Shaohui's legs weakened and he kneeled down without hesitation, his arrogance came from the councilor, but now, the councilor was nothing more than an ass in front of this young man.

    "I'm sorry, I'm the one who slandered you, I ruined your reputation, please forgive me."Lin Shaohui said to Jiang Ying Ying.

    The crowd of students were in an uproar when they saw this scene.

    Lin Shaohui actually knelt down and apologized to Jiang Yingying, how was that possible!

    Many people rubbed their eyes, thinking they were hallucinating.

    "What the heck, Lin Shaohui actually kneeled down and apologized to Jiang Ying Ying."

    "Oh my gosh, this plot has developed so unexpectedly, what's going on."

    "Jiang Yingying can't have a harder backstage, how else could Lin Shaohui give her an apology?"

    When these comments came out, many people focused their eyes on Han Marchant.

    They had heard about the Lamborghini breaking into the campus, but in their imaginary script, this rich second generation should end up miserable, so how could they help vindicate Jiang Ying Ying?

    "Let's give a full account of what happened,"Han Marchant said.

    Lin Shaohui nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice and told all about Jiang Ying Ying's role as a tutor and his thoughts of raping her, which caused another uproar.

    Ever since the storm of this incident with Jiang Ying Ying was spread in the school, all the public opinion pointed at Jiang Ying Ying, calling her a sitter and a b*tch, but now it was proven that Jiang Ying Ying was the victim.

    After restoring the truth of the matter, the principal showed up again and said that he was negligent in this matter and he would take full responsibility and step down as principal with immediate effect, a result that many people couldn't believe.

    The principal was even dragged down by this matter.

    At this time, even people with even the slightest brain could detect a hint of a different meaning.

    Just Lin Shaohui's apology could only show that paper couldn't wrap fire and the fact couldn't be hidden, but the principal taking responsibility and causing such serious consequences was more than just paper that couldn't wrap fire.

    Many people's hearts began to speculate about Han Marchant's identity, and they then understood the reason why the four people of Lu Ning Bao Chen appeared, and I'm afraid that this young man had called for them.

    The girl's face was pale before, she guessed that the appearance of Lu Ning Bao Chen's four men was to deal with Han Qianli, but now it was clear that this was not the case, and he, too, was not a simple rich second generation.

    Her family was also rich, or else there was no way she could have bought off Jiang Ying Ying's roommate to get that video of the clothing change, and now even Lu Ning Bao Chen four people had to back him up, she couldn't imagine what kind of consequences it would trigger if he were to pursue this matter.

    Exiting the crowd, she quietly made a call to her family, "Dad, I might be in trouble."

    "Baby girl, if the sky is falling, daddy can help you with it, don't worry."The voice on the other end of the phone was calm, not the least bit concerned about his daughter getting into trouble.

    "But, but this matter is very troublesome, the people I have messed with, the backstage is most likely these big people in Rong City Lu Ning Bao Chen."

    "Sh ...... what!Who are you talking about?"The other end of the phone was instantly excited.

    "Lu Hongguang, Ning Xingpeng, Bao Jingzhong Chen Kaihua."

    "Shen Dan, what have you done!"The voice on the other end of the phone bellowed furiously, he spoiled his daughter, pampered her since childhood, but he never thought that Shen Dan would cause such a big trouble.

    Lu Ning Bao Chen, offending any one person was not something the Shen family could afford, and now she had provoked four people at once, this was to drive the Shen family to death ah.

    "Dad, I'm sorry, I didn't want to, I didn't know he would be so powerful."Shen Dan cried out.

    On the flag raising platform, when everything was said, the truth was also revealed, the rumors and gossip about Jiang Yingying during this period of time would not be broken, the students were up in arms, they were very dissatisfied with the principal's attitude in this matter, it was good that he stepped down from his post and was able to quell some of the anger, plus Bao Chen and his two men showed up to say that they would strengthen this aspect of management in the future, this was how the whole matter was put to rest.

    Jiang Ying Ying looked at Han Qian Long with pearly whites, she didn't know what way she could thank Han Qian Long, no matter what she did for such a big favor, I'm afraid she couldn't repay it.

    "Brother Three Thousand, thank you."Jiang Ying Ying said.

    Han Three Thousand patted Jiang Ying Ying's shoulder and said, "It's just a small thing, no need to take it to heart, Auntie He raised you with much hardship, you should be filial to her in the future."

    Jiang Yingying kept nodding her head and sobbing.

    After Han Qianli walked off the flag-raising platform, he took out his phone.

    "Thank you for your help, I owe you a favor."Han Three Thousand said.

    "I'm glad that you asked for my help, but I'll take down this favor."Shi Jing said, being able to use such a large amount of power in Rong City, Han Three Thousand couldn't do it, after all, he had never been involved in this place in Rong City, but the Han family's energy was different.

    "How many people know about this matter?"Han 3,000 asked.

    "Don't worry, I had the news relayed to me, no one knows that this matter is related to the Han family."Shi Jing said.

    "That's good, nothing else, that's all."

    "Return the favor to me on New Year's Eve, bring her home to see."Shi Jing said.

    Han Giang was stunned.

    Go home?

    These two words had an extremely strange feeling to him.

    Yanjing's home?

    That place, Han Three Thousand years ago, was no longer considered his home.

    "Say it again."Han 3,000 said, not giving Shi Jing a chance to refute, and hung up the phone directly.

    Kang Ying Ying was just putting the phone away when she followed Han Qian's pace and said to Han Qian, "Brother Qian, let me buy you a meal."

    "Yeah, just hungry."Han 3,000 touched his stomach and said, "But I'll treat you to this meal."

    "How can I, you've helped me so much, how can I let you treat me to dinner."Jiang Ying Ying definitely couldn't agree to this, Han Giang had come so far to Rong City to help her solve her problems, just a few words of thanks, Jiang Ying Ying couldn't express her gratitude, although a meal wasn't enough, but that's all she could do with her current abilities.

    "When you go on vacation, go back to Yun City and treat me to a meal, I'll take a good look at you then, otherwise a rich man like me, you can't treat me to a roadside stall, right?"Han 3000 said in a staged manner.

    With Jiang Yingying's current financial ability, it was true that she couldn't afford to treat Han Giang to a big meal, so she didn't have to refute this statement.

    There were plenty of places to eat off campus, both high and low end consumption, after all, there was no shortage of rich people among the current college students.

    Shortly after sitting down in the restaurant, a girl walked up to the two of them with an apologetic face.

    "Liang Hong, why did you betray me?"Ying Ying Jiang is not calm when she sees her, this Liang Hong is her roommate, that video time period of changing clothes, only Liang Hong is in the dorm room with her.

    "Ying Ying, I'm sorry, it's Shen Dan who forced me, if I don't do this, she won't let me go, you also know that her family is very rich, how dare I offend her."Liang Hong filmed the video, although she took some money, but her conscience was also tormented, and today Jiang Ying Ying sank her grievances, Han Qian Qian showed a strong force, so Liang Hong had to come to apologize to Jiang Ying Ying.

His True Colors Chapter 216

"Are you going to hurt me if she forces you?I took you for a sister, and this is how you treat me, how you treat me?"Jiang Ying Ying was very angry, more angry than being insulted, because the entire dorm room, she and Liang Hong's relationship is the best, the two were born close to each other, both are single parent family, have always sympathized with each other, Jiang Ying Ying even treats Liang Hong as her own sister, she has difficulties in life, even if she tightens her belt, Jiang Ying Ying will help her, but she never thought that Liang Hong will harm her.

    Liang Hong knew how sorry she was for doing this to Jiang Ying Ying and cried, "I'm sorry, Ying Ying, please forgive me."

    "Go away, we are no longer sisters from now on."Ying Ying Jiang said.

    "Ying Ying ...... me."Liang Hong wanted to say something, but the words that reached her throat were not spoken after all, she knew she was not in a position to ask Jiang Ying Ying to forgive her.

    At this time, a middle-aged man came running to the restaurant, appearing very eager and sweaty, accompanied by Shen Dan, who was Shen Bin, Shen Dan's father.

    After arriving at the school, Shen Dan has told Shen Bin about the course of events, when Shen Bin learned what had just happened, fade are almost scared to death.

    The young man who was able to make Lu Ning Bao Chen four big figures appear, this kind of weight level, he couldn't afford to offend, so he had to quickly find Han Qianqian to make amends.

    After seeing Han Three Thousand and Jiang Ying Ying, Shen Bin walked up to the table and bowed and bent over and said, "Little brother, I brought my daughter here to apologize to Jiang Ying Ying, she was momentarily confused before she made a mistake, please forgive her."

    Han Three thousand pretended not to see anything, gave Jiang Yingying food and said, "Eat more, you have to make up for being wronged so much."

    Shen Bin saw that Han Qianqian didn't pay any attention to him and continued with a hard scalp, "The Shen family is willing to bear the consequences and will never run away from them, I will try my best to satisfy you if you have any requests."

    "Apologize, be apologetic."Han Qianqiang said without looking at Shen Bin.

    Shen Bin's heart sank and he gritted his teeth and said to Shen Dan, "Don't kneel down yet."

    "Dad ......" Shen Dan couldn't accept kneeling in public, she was a very face-loving person and had been spoiled by Shen Bin since she was a child, when had she ever done such a humiliating thing.

    "Cut the crap, I told you to kneel down."Shen Bin looked at Shen Dan with a cold face, this young man in front of him, one word could make the Shen family ashes, if he didn't do what he wanted and didn't satisfy him, the Shen family would be finished.

    Shen Dan looked desperate, sneaking a glance at Han Qianqian, then kneeling down on both knees.

    "What other demands do you have?"Shen Bin asked.

    "Is this kind of sincerity enough?"Han Qianli asked rhetorically.

    Shen Bin was stunned and clenched his teeth, he was at least a not-so-small celebrity in Rong City, and in terms of age, he was considered an elder, but he was still required to kneel?

    But the thought of Han Qianqian being able to alert Lu Ning Bao Chen's four men, Shen Bin instantly let off steam, being able to mobilize these few big names, what was he Shen Bin?

    With a bang, Shen Bin knelt down.

    Han Qianqian said to the nervous Jiang Yingying, "Don't be afraid, eat, if anyone dares to take revenge on you in the future, I will definitely make him break his family."

    Hearing this, Shen Bin's body trembled, this was clearly Han Qianqian knocking him around.

    "In the future ...... from now on, Jiang Ying Ying will be the guest of the Shen family, I will treat her well, if anyone dares to bully her, I, Shen Bin, will be the first to refuse."Shen Bin said.

    Han Qianqian smiled, this Shen Bin is also an old fox, his brain is quite fast, Han Qianqian's intention of these words is to find a patron for Jiang Ying Ying in Rong City, to avoid similar things from happening again in the future, after all, she still has to study in Rong City.

    Throughout the meal, the two Shen father and daughter knelt down, and it wasn't until Han Three Thousand and Jiang Ying Ying left that the two, whose legs were numb, got up with the help of the waiter.

    "Dad, is this matter, sort of, resolved?"Shen Dan asked with a throbbing heart.

    Shen Bin sighed and said, "Since he didn't say anything more, he shouldn't be looking for trouble with the Shen family, but who exactly is this young man and how could he possess such great ability?"

    Shen Bin couldn't figure out how much face and high status it would take to be able to find Lu Ning Bao Chen to appear before the four of them at once.

    "Dad, I want to marry him."Shen Dan suddenly said.

    Shen Bin was stunned, then shook his head and said, "I know you want to marry into a noble family, but this kind of person is much higher than the Shen family, you are not worthy of him and he looks down on you, it's better to dispel this idea."

    Shen Dan slumped his head weakly, the words he had just said were only spoken on impulse, and by careful deduction, how could such a thing be possible?It's nice that she's a thousand-year-old girl, but how does she compare to Han Qianqian?

    Walking out of the restaurant, Han 3,000 sent Jiang Ying Ying to the school entrance and said to Jiang Ying Ying, "If you want to work part-time in the future, you can go to Shen Bin's company, he shouldn't make it difficult for you."

    "Brother Three Thousand, thank you for helping me so much."Jiang Yingying said.

    "How many times have I said thank you, you're not tired of it, my ears are getting calloused, don't say such words in the future."Han Marchand said.

    Jiang Ying Ying didn't know how to appreciate Han Marchant except to say thank you, that's why she repeatedly brought it up, listening to Han Marchant's words and nodding her head, "When I go on vacation, I'll definitely work hard and treat you to a big meal."

    "I'm looking forward to it, you'll have to work harder, I'm not going to a cheap place."Han Qianli pretended to pick up his clothes and continued, "After all, I'm a rich man driving a Lamborghini."

    Jiang Ying Ying couldn't help but laugh when she saw Han Three Thousand's appearance and said, "Brother Three Thousand, don't pretend, I know you're different from other rich people."

    Han 3000 had a serious expression and said, "What, don't I look like a rich guy?"

    "Unlike."Jiang Ying Ying said dryly.

    Han Giangli rolled his eyes, it seems that this life indeed doesn't have the qualifications to be a rich second generation ah, even pretending not to be like that.

    "Go to class, I'm going to see this place in Rong City, first time here, bring some gifts home for my wife."Han Marchian said.

    Jiang Ying Ying couldn't believe her eyes as she looked at Han Marchant and said, "Brother Marchant, you're already married?"

    "Yes, husband and wife love each other and live in harmony, let's go."Han Marchian turned around and waved his hand to Jiang Ying Ying, this kind of little girl, when she's not paying attention, she'll keep her feelings, Han Marchian's words were also considered to have cut off Jiang Ying Ying's thoughts, of course, it could be self-inflicted.

    Jiang Ying Ying watched Han Marchian drive away, which was only languishing back to the school.

    How did he get married at such a young age?

    Rong City had been developing very rapidly in recent years, with many high-rise buildings, and was already infinitely approaching the size of a first-tier city, so perhaps in another two or three years, it would be able to officially make it onto the list of first-tier cities.

    Although Han Qianli had never been to this place before, it was a place to consider for development.

    If it was before, Han Three Thousand wouldn't have had such thoughts, his goal in the past had only been to replace the Han family and surpass it.

    But now, Han 3,000 knew that the Han family secretly had a powerful opponent, and that this opponent most likely held grandpa's life in his hands, so he had to do everything he could to make himself strong enough.

    If grandpa was still alive, he would do everything he could to bring him back, and the only person in the entire Han family worthy of his attention was Han Tian Yang, a man who claimed to have been born with a heavenly upbringing, without any backstage capital, and with his own hands, he had fought his way to the Han family's current glory, and such a person was not only worthy of Han 3000's attention, but also respect, because in his heart, grandpa was like an idol.

    The Earth's Core Prison, what exactly was it?Why had all the connections already been used and no news had been picked up about the Ground Zero prison.

    Can we just wait for them to come to us?

    According to the gopher, no one knew the location of the Geocentric Prison, and those national felons were personally taken away by the Geocentric Prison, and even national-level bigwigs couldn't access the core letter of the Geocentric Prison.

    Driving to the most prosperous commercial street, Han Qianlian's Lamborghini caused many people to stop and watch, and when he parked the car and got off, a very sexy girl dressed in very sexy clothes walked up to him.

    The body is tall and voluptuous, can not find any blemish, looks very beautiful, exquisite light makeup is also not like those heavy makeup girl with dusty taste.


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