His True Colors Chapter 191-193

His True Colors Chapter 191

Walking over to Su Yingxia, Han Giangli handed something over to Su Yingxia.

    "Yingxia, aren't you going to open it and take a look?I don't know what kind of crap I bought."Jiang Wan's yin and yang said.

    What she bought didn't matter to Su Yingxia, as long as it was a gift from Han Qianli, she liked it.

    "I'll look at it at home."Su Yingxia said.

    Jiang Wan wanted to dismantle the junk Han Qianqian had bought, so naturally she couldn't wait until she got home to say it, or else how could she swallow this anger in her heart?

    Just now because of Tang Zong's matter of disgrace, she had to find some face for herself back.

    One hand snatched the things from Su Yingxia's hand, Jiang Wan said, "It's not something shameful, why do you have to wait until you go home, do you want things to be too cheap to lose face?"

    "Jiang Wan, don't go too far."Su Yingxia said with dissatisfaction, calling Jiang Wan by her name, showing that she was very angry.

    This behavior of Jiang Wan was indeed outrageous and not at all polite, but she didn't care at all and said, "Ying Xia, when did you become insolent, I'm your sister, how can you call me by my name directly?"

    "Jiang Wan, since you're older than me, don't you have any manners at all?"Su Yingxia said.

    "Of course I understand, I'm not being kind, helping you open your gift."Saying that, Jiang Wan had already unwrapped it, but the contents inside left her stunned.

    In Jiang Wan's opinion, Han Qianqiang had definitely bought a bargain, but what she was holding now was the bag that Su Yingxia had just spotted, a bag worth a hundred thousand!

    Ryu Ji Jie didn't expect Han Marchan to buy this bag, an unexpected glance at Han Marchan, didn't he say he was a wimp?How is it possible to have so much money?

    "Han 3000, did you steal this?"Jiang Wan questioned Han Qianqian.

    "If you can't afford it, can't I afford it?"Han Three Thousand Thousand said indifferently.

    Jiang Wan would never believe that this was bought with real money, and that Han 3000 must have switched and stolen it when the shopkeeper wasn't paying attention.

    "Yeah?If you bought it, would you dare to confront me?I didn't expect you to be a wimp, but your hands and feet aren't even clean."Jiang Wan was disdainful.

    Also as a man, Liu Zhijie knew that men were creatures who loved to save face, but he didn't think that Han 3000 would do such a thing for the sake of saving face, and with so many shopkeepers present, how could Han 3000 be switched.

    Seeing that Jiang Wan wanted Han Three Thousand to seek confirmation on this matter, Liu Zhijie said, "Don't be a fool."

    "What nonsense, I just don't want the police to find my house, don't let this kind of scum smear our Jiang family."Jiang Wan Wan coldly said.

    Liu Zhijie knew that going to seek proof of this, if the bag was really bought by Han Qianqian, it would be Jiang Wan who would be humiliated again, and he would be humiliated as well.

    "What if he really bought it?Aren't you ashamed enough of yourself?"Liu Zhijie said.

    "Are you out of your mind, can a wimp like him afford such an expensive bag?"Jiang Wan sneered.

    It wasn't surprising that Jiang Wan didn't believe it at all, Han Qianli's image of a wimp was too impressive, how could a man who ate soft food suddenly pull out a hundred thousand dollars?

    "Jiang Wan, don't speak so harshly, you can't afford it, can't Han 3000?"Lan Lan couldn't stand Jiang Wan's nonsense and spoke out.

    "Auntie Lan, you just don't dare, right? It seems you also know that Han 3000 has no money, that's why you won't let him seek confirmation from me, right?"Jiang Wan laughed.

    Lan Jiang was also a shrew now, but Jiang Wan was even more of a scoundrel than she was, and the only way to prove whether or not Han 3000 had bought it was to go back to the store.

    "Fine, you want to prove it right, let's go together."Jiang Lan said.

    Seeing that Jiang Lan agreed, Jiang Wan had a smug smile on her face, as if she had seen the dilemma of Han 3000's demolition.

    "You'd better pray that the others won't call the police, or else you'll have to spend this Dragon Boat in jail."

    Back at the store, Jiang Wan directly threw the bag on the counter and said to the cashier, "How do you guys work, you didn't even notice that such a valuable item was switched, aren't you afraid that the boss will fire you?"

    Several guides gathered around with puzzled expressions.

    "Miss, I don't understand what you mean by that."The cashier asked.

    "What do you mean?See for yourself, what he bought and what he took away."Jiang Wan said.

    The cashier looked strangely at Jiang Wan and then at Han Qianqian, confused.

    "What's wrong with it?This gentleman did buy this bag,"The cashier said.

    "How is that possible, open your dog eyes and see clearly, how could he have bought this bag."Jiang Wan was anxious, she had come back to humiliate Han Qianli, not herself.

    "Miss, please speak with respect, although you're a customer, you can't just casually curse, this gentleman did buy this bag, and the invoice is also there, if you don't believe me, you can look at the invoice."The cashier said with an unhappy face, they kind of work in luxury stores, they all deal with rich people, the quality of customers are very high, like Jiang Wan, even if they turn her away, the boss won't blame her if she knows.

    Jiang Wan Wan's heart sank to the bottom as she turned over the invoice, which plainly stated the amount of money received.

    It was really Han Qianqian's purchase!

    How? How did he get so rich?

    Jiang Wan looked at Su Ying Xia, did she intentionally act out this scene by giving Han 3000 dollars in advance?

    "Su Yingxia, I didn't expect you to play this kind of mind games with me, I really underestimated you."Jiang Wan sneered.

    "What does it have to do with me?"Su Yingxia said.

    "If it wasn't for you giving him money in advance, how could he have money to buy the bag, and you also happened to choose this bag, it was premeditated, intentionally to humiliate me, right."Jiang Wan gnashed her teeth in hatred, this was supposed to be her time to show superiority, but she didn't expect to be caught in Su Yingxia's trap.

    "Su Yingxia, how can you play this kind of mind games with your cousin."Xu Fang said with a cold face at the side, Jiang Wan's humiliation is her humiliation, before Tang Zong's matter she didn't dare to open her mouth casually, but this matter, she must necessarily blame Su Yingxia.

    "If you want to show that you've had a good time in front of your cousin, you don't have to do it in this way, we're all relatives, why make the scene so ugly?"Jiang Bo was dissatisfied with the agreement.

    Su Yingxia was so angry that she wanted to laugh, it was obvious that Jiang Wan was trying to make things difficult for her, and now she was wrong instead, where in the world could there be such a reason.

    "Aunt and Uncle, do I need anyone else to see if I'm having a good life?I'm not like some people who are rich and hate the world to know about it and have to drag me here to show off."Su Yingxia said.

    These words were clearly a sarcastic comment, Jiang Wan Wan was naturally displeased when she heard it and said, "I'm also not like some people, who are obviously broke, but still have to puff up their faces to be fat, spending a hundred thousand, wouldn't it be like going home to drink the northwest wind."

    Watching the two of them argue endlessly, Jiang Wan's ugly face was really disgusting to Han Giang, this kind of gold-worshipping woman, I don't know what Liu Zhijie saw in her.

    "Since we've come here, we can't come for nothing."Han Three Thousand suddenly spoke up.

    "What kind of moth do you want to do again?"Jiang Wan asked with a cold face.

    "Wrap up everything in this store,"Han Qianqian said to a few guides.

    The watching guide looked confused, wrap it all up?Is this to buy the whole show?All the goods in the store are worth millions!

    "Sir, you weren't ...... kidding, were you?"The guide couldn't believe it and asked Han Marchant.

    "Of course not."Han Three Thousand simply said.

    A few guides looked at each other, although their store can not be compared to the big city counter, there are not easily tens of millions of goods, but a few million is also a lot of ah, and all bought away, not necessarily all the things can be used.

    Jiang Wan's face was livid, never thought that Han Qianli would even make this, buy the entire store, this is deliberately to embarrass her?

    But it's easy to talk about it, is there money to pay for it?

    "Why don't you guys just pack it in for him?"Jiang Wan gritted her teeth.

    Her anger and distorted perception of Han Marchant had almost made her lose her mind, but Liu Zhijie felt that Han Marchant must be able to do it since she dared to say so, and what was the use of blowing such meaningless bullsh*t, other than embarrassing herself?

    A thought came to Ryu Zhijie's mind, Jiang Wan's perception of him could very well be wrong, and very wrong!

Chapter 192

Watching the shopping guide busy packing, now the only hope for Jiang Wan Wan is that Han Qianli doesn't have the money to pay the bill, so she has been silently cursing this matter, but when Han Qianli took out his bank card and swiped it successfully, Jiang Wanli is completely desperate.

    Sitting on the floor with a pale face, her eyes were dazed, she was looking for face for herself today, but now, it was her who had completely lost face.

    Liu Zhijie only gave her a 30,000 yuan bag, but Han Qianqiang bought the entire store for Su Yingxia, the difference is so big, Jiang Wan's heart knows it.

    She also wished that Liu Zhijie could squander money for her, but she knew that Liu Zhijie simply didn't have the means to do so.

    "Su Yingxia, are you bullying your cousin like this now that you're a shitty person in charge?"Xu Fang gritted her teeth with a look of hatred for the rich and said to Su Yingxia.

    "Is it great to be rich?Why don't you buy the whole mall, your cousin is just having fun with it, and you've gone so far."Jiang Bo was also angry.

    These two, it seemed, didn't care at all that Jiang Wan had lifted a stone and smashed her own feet today, blaming all the blame on Su Yingxia.

    Su Yingxia didn't want to embarrass Jiang Wan, she was just to blame for all of this, Han Qianli did this, although it was a waste, but it also helped her to vent her anger, she could never blame Han Qianli.

    "Aunt and Uncle, if I'm the one who's embarrassed today, you guys take it for granted right?"Su Yingxia wasn't afraid of the theory with the two elders and said righteously.

    Xu Fang and Jiang Bo looked at each other angrily, their hearts beating for Jiang Wan injustice.

    "It's not like you've never lost face for marrying a wimp."Xu Fang said.

    Su Yingxia was laughing at this statement, once embarrassed, do you want to stay embarrassed?

    "In your eyes, I should be bullied by Jiang Wan, right?Can't she be wronged in the slightest?And today's matter, if it wasn't for her, how could it come to this extent, self-inflicted death, not to live."Su Yingxia coldly said.

    "You ......" Xu Fang pointed at Su Yingxia, so angry that her arms were shaking.

    "Hmph."Jiang Bo snorted coldly and said, "Since you guys are so powerful, don't live in our house, go buy your own house if you're capable of doing so."

    After saying that, Jiang Bo and Xu Fang both walked away with Jiang Wan.

    Liu Zhijie had a lingering feeling of foreboding, always feeling that Han Third Thousand wasn't as simple as it appeared, and that offending him might not end well.

    After stealing a glance at Han Three Thousand, Liu Zhijie left as well.

    Only when they left did Su Yingxia helplessly say to Han Three Thousand, "Where are we going to put all these things?"

    Han Qianqiang looked indifferent, it was just a small amount of money spent, it didn't matter if you wanted it or not.

    "You can't live at your uncle's house anyway, so why don't you go buy a house?"Han Marchant said.

    When Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao heard this, they didn't dare to speak, but their eyelids jumped straight.

    They had the same question in their hearts, how rich was Han Third Thousand, and shouldn't they have emptied him out after buying the hillside villa?

    Su Yingxia stared at Han Qianqian and said, "Binxian doesn't live often, what's the point of buying a house."

    "It's also true, I have a friend who is neat, ask him if he has a place for me to stay for a while."Duanwu still had a few days to go, and would definitely be staying in Bin County for a few more days, and since Jiang Wan's family couldn't stay, they had to find a place where they could settle down.

    After calling Tang Zong, Tang Zong immediately arranged for several cars to be waiting in front of the mall to send the purchased items back first.

    Han Qianli and Su Yingxia and the others had to make a trip back to Jiang Wan's house to pick up their luggage.

    What they didn't expect was that Jiang Wan's family was so desperate that they left all their luggage at the door without fear of it being taken away.

    While the family was packing their luggage, the door opened and Xu Fang said with a sneer on her face, "From today onwards, you will never come to my house again, you are not welcome here, and it has nothing to do with me as to whether you live on the runway or sleep on the streets."

    "Sister Fang, we are relatives no matter what, we don't have to go so far, right?"Jiang Lan said in dissatisfaction.

    "Excessive, can it be as excessive as you guys?It's you who don't miss your relatives, you can't blame me."Xu Fang said.

    Jiang Lan also had to fight for Su Yingxia at this point, because the fundamental problem of this matter was on Jiang Wan's shoulders, if she didn't want to show off, if she didn't want to get to the root of the matter, how could it come to this point?

    "You'd better take care of your daughter, her personality is such that sooner or later she's going to cause a big problem, and this matter today is her fault."Jiang Lan said.

    When Xu Fang heard this, she was not happy and broke into a rant, "Get out of here, don't let me see you again, I hope you don't show up at the Dragon Boat Festival either, so as not to dirty my eyes."

    Slamming the door, Xu Fang could still be heard cursing at home.

    Han Qianli smiled helplessly, the Jiang family's lineage was really different, with people like Jiang Lan, most of her mother's relatives also had the same mouth, it really wasn't a family, they didn't enter the same house.

    After packing up her luggage, Han Qianli and the others went downstairs shortly after, the door opened again, and Jiang Wan Wan's eyes stood viciously at the door, as if she was wondering about something.

    "Mom, I don't want to see Su Yingxia on the Dragon Boat Festival."Back at home, Jiang Wan said to Xu Fang.

    Xu Fang's words just now were just in anger, after all, she was a family, how was she qualified to not let Jiang Lan appear, besides, with so many relatives in the Jiang family, it wasn't something she could call the shots.

    "Daughter, it's not going to be easy, your grandparents, it's impossible not to let them come."Xu Fang said.

    "I called Jiang Sheng, I heard him say that he also has a problem with Su Yingxia, wouldn't it be good if we could unite our relatives to hide it from our grandparents and not let them know that they are back in Bin County?"Jiang Wan said.

    "That's a good idea, it just so happens that your grandparents haven't come back from their trip to the Mountain Temple, so they shouldn't know about Jiang Lan's visit to Bin County."Xu Fang looked at Liu Zhijie, this year, because there is Liu Zhijie, so the Duanwu also did not eat at home, but Liu Zhijie booked the hotel, even if Jiang Lan came to the door, do not know where they went, as long as the parents there to hide it.

    As soon as she said that she would do it, Jiang Wan immediately called Jiang Sheng.

    The three members of Jiang Sheng's family were all at home, worrying about the Dragon Boat Festival, after all, they had borrowed two hundred thousand from Jiang Lan, and although they had thought of not returning it with a thick face, they would still lose face if Jiang Lan mentioned it at the Dragon Boat Festival.

    People are poor and spineless, but also want to save face, Jiang Sheng's family of three, are planning not to go to the Dragon Boat Festival, but thinking about this year Liu Zhijie invited guests to eat at the hotel, they are a bit reluctant, after all, it is a big meal, and the rest of the package home, and can eat for several days, can save a lot of money.

    "Mom, how about I go find Su Yingxia and tell her not to mention this, and just say that we'll pay back the money in the New Year?"Jiang Sheng said to Liu Hua.

    "I'm afraid that Jiang Lan will deliberately mention this matter."Liu Hua said worriedly, this kind of rhetoric of paying back the money in the New Year doesn't matter to her, anyway, it's just a lie, keep on lying, two hundred thousand she used up and can't possibly pay back, let alone not a single point spent.

    "Hey, this time but go to the Zong Huang Hotel ah, I heard that it is very expensive there, and it is also opened by Tang Zong, in this life, I'm afraid there is only such a chance, what a pity not to go."Jiang Sheng said with a regretful face.

    "Go, I'm still planning to drink a few bottles of his good wine, how can I not go, even if it's humiliating."Jiang Feng Feng didn't want to miss this opportunity to drink and eat well, it was just face, wasn't it important to lose it, could it be as important as going hungry?

    At this time, Jiang Sheng's phone rang.

    Liu Hua mistook it for a call from Su Yingxia and asked nervously, "Is it Su Yingxia?If it's her, don't answer the phone."

    "It's Jiang Wan."Jiang Sheng said doubtfully.

    When he picked up the phone, Jiang Sheng heard Jiang Wan Wan say, "This year's Dragon Boat Festival, I don't want Su Yingxia's family to attend, we'll keep their visit to Bin County a secret so that grandparents won't know, just help me and I'll have Liu Zhijie introduce you to a job."

    Jiang Sheng looked startled, not allowing Su Yingxia to attend, wasn't that what he wanted?And it's a good thing to get a job, too.

    But he was wondering why Jiang Wan was doing this, did he have some kind of conflict with Su Yingxia?

    "Don't ask anything, just do as I say."Jiang Wan anticipated that Jiang Sheng would ask questions, so she just cut him off.

    "Okay."Jiang Sheng responded in one breath.

Chapter 193

After Su Yingxia's family went downstairs, they got into the car arranged by Tang Zong, but no one else knew this except for Han Giangli.

    "Since when do you have friends in Bin County?"Su Yingxia sat next to Han Marchant, curious, because Han Marchant had only come to Bin County once, how could he have friends.

    The car with luggage, quite crowded, Han 3,000 legs almost and Su Yingxia's legs stuck together, this is a special close contact for him, the heart inevitably some deer.

    Su Yingxia obviously didn't care about this, and when he saw the sweat on Han Qianli's forehead, he was even stranger.

    "What are you nervous about, is this friend a woman?"Su Yingxia continued to ask.

    "No, no, no."Han Giangli quickly shook her head and said, "It's a man, I used to know him in Yuncheng, and he just happens to be developing in Bin County now."

    "Are you hot?"Su Yingxia watched the sweat on Han Qianqian's forehead gradually increase, feeling increasingly strange.

    "No ...... no ah, there is air conditioning in the car, it's quite cool."Han Giangli said with a dry mouth.

    At this time, Su Yingxia noticed that Han Qianli's limbs seemed a bit stiff and didn't dare to move a bit, and when she found her legs next to Han Qianli again, she finally noticed why he was nervous.

    It was just legs touching, right?He can do it!

    Su Yingxia smiled faintly at the corner of her mouth and deliberately leaned towards Han Qianqian again.

    After visibly seeing Han Qianqian gulp, she was convinced of the reason for Han's nervousness.

    Next, Su Yingxia made all sorts of small moves constantly, deliberately rubbing and moving, stirring Han 3,000's heartstrings to ripples.

    It seems to be in love with this game, Su Yingxia also pretended to unintentionally put her hand on Han Qianli's leg, more obviously can feel Han Qianli stiff.

    Nearly to the destination, Su Yingxia attached to Han three thousand ears, exhaled, "next to me, comfortable?"

    Han Qianli felt the heat coming from her ears and almost stirred, quickly saying, "We're at the place, get off quickly."

    When the car came to a stop, Han Three Thousand Thousand fled, and Su Yingxia was laughing so hard.

    Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao didn't know what was happening, seeing Su Yingxia laughing like a madman, they asked strangely, "What are you doing, what's so funny?"

    Su Yingxia covered her stomach, but she really didn't think that such a small action would be too much for Han Giang, it seems like he should have never gone out, maybe like herself, he still kept his first time.

    "It's nothing, just happy."Su Yingxia said.

    Lan Jiang shook her head, what was there to be happy about when they had all been kicked out of the house.

    When the family all got off the bus, they realized that the place they had come to was a bit unusual, not an ordinary neighborhood, but a townhouse.

    Although it couldn't be compared to the Genting Mountain Villas, it was already considered the most luxurious main residential area in Bin County.

    "Han 3,000, this friend of yours is quite rich in Bin County, right?"The shock wasn't there, but it was a bit surprising, because Jiang Lan thought she was just going to live in a neighborhood, but she was in a villa area.

    "It's quite rich."As Han Qianqian spoke, a middle-aged man walked over to them.

    This was Tang Zong's assistant, and the reason why he didn't appear in person was because he didn't want to expose the matter.

    "May I ask if you are Mr. Han?"The middle-aged man asked Han Marchant.

    "Han Three Thousand Years."Han Three Thousand should say.

    "Please follow me."The middle-aged man led the way to the villa where Tang Zong didn't often live.

    For Jiang Lan and Su Guoyao, who had already seen the world, the environment here was nothing to marvel at, and as for how luxuriously it was decorated, they weren't too impressed, after all, they were living in a place worth nearly a hundred million dollars, so it couldn't still be the performance of Lou Lou entering the Grand View Garden.

    "Usually, is there anyone living here?Why don't you have any personal items?"While unpacking her luggage in her room, Su Yingxia asked Han Qianli.

    Han Qianli wasn't sure of the specifics, but with Tang Zong's status, it definitely couldn't be just a property, so it was possible that this was just a place where he would occasionally bring women.

    But the sheets and everything had been replaced with new ones, so it didn't matter.

    "He's rich, but he's alone, so he probably bought this place and isn't used to too much space."Han Giangli thought of a random reason to explain.

    Su Yingxia didn't ask too many questions, it's not a strange thing for rich people to buy property, although this type of villa in Bin County doesn't quite have the space to appreciate, but how can the ideas of those rich people be casually figured out?

    After tidying up the luggage, Su Yingxia sat at the end of the bed and quietly looked at Han Qianli.

    When she saw Su Yingxia's eyes, Han 3,000 was nervous again, inevitably thinking of what had just happened in the car, and quickly said: "Thirsty?I'll go get some water."

    With a smile on her eyes, Su Yingxia patted the bed and said, "Sit."

    Hearing this word, Han Three Thousand's heart was about to pop out and her throat felt like it was on fire.

    After sitting next to Su Yingxia, Han Three Thousand was constrained like an elementary school student who had been named by a teacher.

    "Does it look good?"Su Yingxia directly placed her two legs on Han Three Thousand's thighs.

    This kind of intimate contact for the bloodthirsty Han Qianqian, where can bear it, eyes and nose, noses and heart, do not dare to have the slightest distractions, and said, "Good ...... good looking."

    "Have you seen it?"Su Yingxia wrinkled her nose and said with a dissatisfied face.

    Han Giang's line of sight shifted down and said, "Look."

    Su Yingxia was on fire, how does this kind of man deserve a wife!

    Before Han Giangli even realized what was going on, Su Yingxia was already raging out of the room.

    "What did I do wrong with this ......?"Han three thousand puzzled to herself, fished for her head, thinking back to the scene just now, also did nothing ah, how could Su Yingxia suddenly get angry?

    Touching his leg, probably still a little bit of Su Yingxia's residual warmth, Han Giang smiled gently.

    Two days later, the eldest elder of the Jiang family returned to Bin County from the Mountain Temple, and after arriving home, Jiang Hong asked about the arrangements for the Dragon Boat Festival, learning that Liu Zhijie would invite them to dinner at the Zong Huang Hotel, the old man smiled with great relief, saying that the Jiang family had finally emerged as a productive family, praising Liu Zhijie severely, and Jiang Wan received great praise.

    "By the way, when will Jiang Lan arrive this year?"Jiang Hong asked, although it was said that Jiang Lan didn't bring any benefits to the Su family after she married into the family, but after all, she was his daughter, and he still missed Jiang Lan on this kind of holiday.

    "Grandpa, Aunt Lan Lan has already called this year and said she's not coming."Jiang Wan said.

    "Not coming?How could it not come?Every year Dragon Boat Mid-Autumn and Chinese New Year, these three festivals are mandatory to go home, did she forget?"Jiang Hong said with a dissatisfied face.

    "Grandpa, I heard that Su Yingxia is now in the Su family's company, as the head of something, people are very busy, so how can they take us seriously?"Jiang Wan's tone was gloomy.

    "Hmph."The old man snorted and pulled out the phone, "No rules at all, is it great to be in charge?"

    Seeing that Jiang Hong was going to call Jiang Lan, Jiang Bo, in a rush, snatched the phone away and said, "Dad, she doesn't even care about us anymore, do you want to invite her yourself?She doesn't have that much pride."

    "You give me the phone, I'm going to scold her, how much of an outcast that she doesn't even care about me, an old bone."Jiang Hong said.

    "Grandpa, you'd better not bother them, maybe people Su Yingxia is making a lot of money now and doesn't even want to come back, at the worst, we won't recognize this relative in the future."Jiang Wan said.

    Jiang Hong was so angry that he blew his beard and said, "Su Yingxia used to be quite good, but I didn't expect that she doesn't even care about me now, out of the blue?I don't know how far a filial piety can go, with the fact that she's married to Han Giang, she'll never be successful."

    "Grandpa, don't I have Liu Zhijie, what does Su Yingxia and the others' death or life have to do with us, just as long as Liu Zhijie is filial to you in the future."Jiang Wan smiled.

    Jiang Hong looked at Liu Zhijie, which put him in a better mood, and said, "It would be great if Han 3,000 had a tenth of what you have, but I'm afraid this wimp won't have much success in this life, okay, if you don't come, you don't come, and the old man is out of sight and out of mind."


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