His True Colors 194-196


Chapter 194 

For the next few days, Han Qianqian and the others lived in the villa, and had nothing else to do but go shopping.

    One day before the Dragon Boat Festival, Lan Jiang called Jiang Hong, but the line was busy when she dialed, and she couldn't get through to him at all, and tried several times.

    "What's going on, why can't the phone get through."Jiang Lan wondered to herself, tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival, and now she can't reach Jiang Hong, and she doesn't know if she is going back to the countryside for the festival this year, or if she is spending the festival in the county.

    "Your number won't be blacked out,"Han Qianli said casually, and given how Jiang Wan's family had behaved before, it wasn't impossible for this to happen.

    "Pulled black?"Jiang Lan looked appalled, then shook her head and said, "How could that be, your grandfather doesn't know about us and Jiang Wan, so why would he pull my number."

    "Maybe Grandpa doesn't know that his phone has hacked you either,"Han Qianli reminded, which meant that Jiang Wan was secretly up to something.

    Jiang Lan got angry when she heard this, this was to exclude her ah, not even allowing her to attend the family party on Dragon Boat Festival.

    "Mom, where are you going?"Seeing that Jiang Lan was going out, Su Yingxia quickly asked.

    "Of course I'm going to your uncle's house to make this matter clear."Jiang Lan said angrily.

    Su Yingxia could be sure that Jiang Wan had said a lot of bad things about herself in front of her grandfather, which was why Jiang Gong hadn't called them, so what was the point of going to make a scene now?

    "Mom, 3,000 told me about this possibility last night, and he's already inquired about tomorrow's party at the Zong Huang Hotel."Su Yingxia said.

    "What do you mean?"Lan Jiang asked in puzzlement.

    Su Yingxia looked helplessly at Han Qianqian, she originally disagreed with Han Qianqian's plan, but Han Qianqian's attitude was firm.

    "Three thousand has booked the entire Zong Huang Hotel, which means that when they arrive tomorrow, they won't be able to enter the hotel."Su Yingxia explained.

    Jiang Lan looked at Han Three Thousand in surprise, this guy had bagged the entire hotel again!He's spent a lot of money again these days!

    Is it possible that his wallet is a bottomless pit that can hold billions of dollars?

    But Jiang Lan still didn't understand what Han Qianli was doing this and asked, "Han Qianli, you've booked the hotel, what does it have to do with whether I'm going to make a scene or not?"

    "Mom, aren't you usually quite shrewd, why are you confused today, I don't know what bad words Jiang Wan said, but I'm sure that Grandpa has a big grudge against us right now, if you go and make a scene, maybe Grandpa won't see you, but if we meet at the Zong Huang Hotel tomorrow, and they want to enter the hotel for dinner, don't they still need your permission?"Han Giangli said with a smile.

    Although the hotel was booked by him, leaving the decision to Jiang Lan was considered to be a great favor to Jiang Lan.

    Only after hearing these words did Jiang Lan understand what Han Qianli wanted, wasn't this to prove their family's current strength in front of Duke Jiang?

    As long as there was money, any discontent the old man had would dissipate.

    "Han Qianqian, I didn't think you had many ghost ideas."Jiang Lan said.

    Han Qianqian's sophistication wasn't something that ordinary people could compare to, those tricks of Jiang Lan's were just carved insects in his eyes, he just didn't bother with Jiang Lan before, if he got serious, Jiang Lan wouldn't even know how to die.

    The next morning, a large number of relatives of the Jiang family, excitedly arrived at the Zong Huang Hotel, including the three members of Jiang Feng's family, Liu Hua's handbag put a lot of packing tape, ready to bring home all the leftovers that hadn't been eaten, after all, this was the Zong Huang Hotel, some people may not have the opportunity to eat here in their entire lives.

    "Why hasn't this Liu Zhijie come yet, it's good that he went in for a visit earlier."Jiang Fengfeng said with a complaining face, when Liu Zhijie didn't come, these relatives of theirs didn't have the guts to enter the hotel, after all, they hadn't seen much of the world and were afraid of losing face.

    "What's the hurry, it should be on its way."

    "This year, Jiang Lan's family, is it true that they won't come?"

    "Wasn't Dad angry?That's strange, our family's rules, Duanwu Mid-Autumn and Spring Festival, we must return to our hometown."

    "You guys still don't know ah, Su Yingxia is now the head of some company, I'm afraid that he has long not put us relatives in his eyes, so how could he come back to attend the party."

    Taking advantage of the absence of Liu Zhijie, a group of relatives yin and yang provoked Jiang Lan and Su Yingxia.

    The three members of Jiang Yingxia's family were aware of the truth, but they didn't let go of this opportunity to get down on them.

    Liu Hua had a disdainful expression and said, "You don't know, the last time I went to Cloud City, they all changed their Audi cars, now they are rich, why would they still take us relatives seriously."

    "Changed Audis?Did you really let Su Yingxia get money?"

    "I didn't expect their family, but they have to rely on women to get ahead, Su Guoyao is a wimp, and so is Han Qianxiang, it's a lucky break."

    "Who says it isn't, if a man like Han 3000 married me, I wouldn't even dare to go out for fear of losing face ah."

    Jiang Sheng seemed to think that these seriously injured words were not enough to humiliate Han Three Thousand, then spoke, "You do not know, Han Three Thousand is stared at by Aunt Barbra, he does not dare to breathe, his position in the family is like a rat on the street, I really do not know how to endure for so many years, do not even want the dignity of a man, if it were me, I would have found a tall building to jump off and commit suicide!What kind of man is a man who lives without dignity."

    "Does he, now, still do the dishes and laundry at home?"

    "Yeah, but what else is a man of his incapacity to do but do the dishes and laundry?"Jiang Sheng said with a smile, and as he said this, he seemed to forget that he had also accomplished nothing.

    "What a disgrace to the man."

    "It's a good thing they didn't come this year, or else looking at him, I couldn't even eat my food, I lost my appetite."

    "Here it is, Ryu Ji Jie is here."

    After Liu Zhijie's car was parked in front of the hotel, a group of relatives gathered around, hating to be Liu Zhijie's lackey, especially Jiang Sheng, who even opened the car door for Liu Zhijie.

    "Dad, Mom."

    "Dad, Mom."

    "Zhijie is not only promising, but he's also a talent, he's a match made in heaven with our Jiang Wanhe."

    "Handsome and rich, it's hard to find a young man as good as you nowadays."

    "Zhijie, when are you going to arrange a job for my daughter ah, he's not much of a prodigy, but it's still no problem to help you out."

    "Also I have a son, who recently left his job, you should think about it."

    After everyone deliberately stammered at Liu Zhijie, they all mentioned their untalented children, obviously hoping that Liu Zhijie would bring them along for the ride.

    Liu Zhijie wasn't overwhelmed by the boasting, after all, those few juniors in Jiang's family were all unlearned guys who were assholes when placed in his company.

    "Dear uncles and aunts, if there's anything, let's talk about it during dinner."Liu Zhijie smiled.

    "Okay, okay, you're the host, we'll all listen to you."

    Seeing all the relatives bragging about Liu Zhijie, Jiang Wan's heart was very happy, this was the effect she wanted, because the praise for Liu Zhijie was the praise for her, but unfortunately she didn't succeed in showing off in front of Su Yingxia, this became a lump in her heart, but it was good to find a way not to let Su Yingxia attend today's party, the eye is not bothered by it.

    When the group reached the entrance of the hotel, two doormen reached out to stop the door, one of them asked, "Excuse me, are you Mr. Han's guests?"

    "What Mr. Han?I made a reservation here today."Liu Zhijie was stopped by the porter and looked dissatisfied, so many relatives of the Jiang family could be watching, wouldn't it be a joke to be stopped by the porter for such a humiliating thing.

    "I'm sorry, the hotel has been booked, if you're not Mr. Han's guest, you're not eligible to enter."The doorman said.

    It's been booked down?

    Liu Zhijie hadn't heard about this when he booked the table, and the fact that all of Jiang's relatives were looking at him with questioning eyes made him even more annoyed.

    "Let your manager come out, what kind of things are you guys, how dare you stop me, don't you know that the customer is God?"Liu Zhijie coldly said.

    At this time, a middle-aged man in a suit came to the door with a work tag hanging from his chest that clearly had the words lobby manager written on it.

    "Manager, is your doorman blind that he dares to stop me."Liu Zhijie said with dissatisfaction.

Chapter 195

The manager looked at Liu Zhijie with his head held high, today the big boss had personally ordered that the hotel was booked, and whoever had booked a place before would not be counted, he was aware of Liu Zhijie, but so what?

    The boss gave the word, and no one is allowed to enter.

    It doesn't matter at all to the Zong Huang Hotel if the guests are offended, those who should come will still come in the future, and what does it matter if those who are not qualified to come don't come?

    "Ryujiji, are you deaf, didn't you hear them say the hotel was booked today?"The manager said disdainfully.

    Liu Zhijie's image in the hearts of the Jiang family was very high, if he lost face today, how could he still hold his head up in front of the Jiang family in the future?

    "Is this your call?Believe it or not, I'll call your boss immediately to complain, do you know that the customer is God?"Liu Zhijie said coldly.

    "Fine, if you want to call, try it, if you don't have your boss's number, I can give it to you, how about that?"The manager smiled, the customer is God set of theories in the Zong Huang Hotel how to eat?

    Every guest who comes to the Zong Huang Hotel to spend, who is not in the face of Tang Zong, Zong Huang Hotel since its opening, there has never been any trouble, and even the hotel even save security, this is why?Wasn't it because Tang Zong had a high status in Bin County and no one dared to offend him?

    Ryu Jijie didn't expect the manager to be so tough, and without Tang Zong's phone number, he's even giving it?

    But what about this phone call?Does Liu Zhijie still have the guts to question Tang Zong?

    Having offended Tang Zong at the mall a few days ago, this hasn't even slowed down Liu Zhijie, if this causes trouble for Tang Zong again, there's no need to think about what will happen to him.

    "Zhijie, call their boss, these working people, the dog's eyes are so low, let him know how good you are."

    "You think you're great just because you're wearing human-like clothes, do you know who Liu Zhijie is?"

    "Even if your boss is here, you still have to give face to Liu Zhijie, what kind of a thing are you."

    One by one, the Jiang family's relatives had a high and mighty attitude, believing that Liu Zhijie would definitely be able to handle this matter.

    But Liu Zhijie, who heard these words, was getting more and more embarrassed, Tang Zong wants to give him face?What is he to Tang Zong?

    "Liu Zhijie, you're quite capable, even our boss has to give you face, you're bragging in front of these people again, aren't you?Or, I'll convey these words to the boss."The manager scoffed, "Even those few big names in Bin County wouldn't dare to say such things.

    When Liu Zhijie heard this, he panicked and quickly snapped at the Jiang family's relatives, "You guys shut up and stop talking."

    "Zhijie, we're helping you, what are you being mean to us for."

    "Yeah, this manager is clearly looking down on you, but we're speaking for you."

    "The more you keep a low profile, the more some people look down on you, it's time to get high profile."

    Liu Zhijie had a hard time saying ah, these frakking relatives, they thought they were helping him, but in reality they were harming him.

    Even though this manager in front of him was just a subordinate of Tang Zong, he was definitely qualified to offend.

    Jiang Hong walked to Liu Zhijie at this time, his waist straight and educated to Liu Zhijie, "They're right, being too low key will only be looked down upon, you should call their boss."

    "Grandpa, I ......" Liu Zhijie smiled bitterly, not knowing what to say.

    Jiang Wan was aware of Liu Zhijie's situation, and to ask him to complain to Tang Zong, wasn't that just asking for death?

    But who the hell is this Mr. Han and why did he suddenly book the hotel?This was clearly working against them.

    "Grandpa, why don't we move to another place."Jiang Wan said.

    Jiang Hong frowned, it was hard to have a productive person in the family now, how could he suffer this grievance, wouldn't it be a loss of face to arrive at the door and go away in shame.

    "Jiang Wan, what kind of confused words are you talking about, is our Jiang family going to let this kind of dog's eyes look down on people and bully them?"Jiang Hong said with dissatisfaction.

    When the manager heard this, he said coldly, "Old thing, I advise you to be sensible, you don't know who the owner of the Zong Huang Hotel is, do you?Need I remind you of that?"

    Seeing that the situation had become unpleasant, and if it continued like this, it might really alarm Tang Zong, Liu Zhijie quickly said, "Manager sorry, we'll leave right away."


    This made Jiang Hong furious, this hadn't even shined on the lintel yet, but he had lost his face.

    "Zhijie, what do you mean?If you leave like that, where will the Jiang family's face be?"Jiang Hong said.

    The manager couldn't help but snort out a laugh and said, "Old thing, this Jiang family of yours, is it some kind of famous family?Is it famous in Bin County, how come I haven't heard of it, and also the face of the Jiang family, who would put the Jiang family in your eyes except yourself?"

    This is greatly the truth, Bin County is not big, but who knows the so-called Jiang family in Jiang Hong's mouth?And who's going to give a sh*t?

    It was just an ordinary family, but in Jiang Hong's mouth, it spoke of a sense of a worldly family, which was inevitably amusing.

    Jiang Hong was livid, it was true that the Jiang family was not famous in Bin County, but after Jiang Wan married Liu Zhijie, the situation would be different.

    Although Liu Zhijie wasn't as good as Tang Zong, but in Jiang Hong's opinion, it was only a matter of time before he had his own company at such a young age and was going to become a celebrity in Bin County, wasn't it?

    "Don't look down on the Jiang family, or you'll regret it later,"Jiang Hong said.

    The manager shook his head helplessly, it was really tiring to talk to this kind of old stubborn, but the key was that he looked like he was arrogant, it was really puzzling.

    This bottom line, is it just because of Liu Zhijie?Just a small owner of a broken company.

    "You'd better leave, or else Liu Zhijie should regret it, or ask him what will happen if he offends Tang Zong."The manager said.

    At this time, the manager saw a car parked outside the hotel, and it was the same car that Tang Zong traveled in on weekdays, so it looked like a valuable guest had arrived.

    "Hurry up and get out, don't be a f*cking eyesore here."The manager said impatiently, going through the crowd and hurrying towards Tang Zong's car.

    Tang Zong's car in Bin County was marked as his own, and no one was unaware of this matter.

    Seeing the car was like seeing Tang Zong himself, so at this moment, Jijie Liu was undoubtedly desperate.

    "Zhijie, I'm sorry."Jiang Wan was afraid that Liu Zhijie would blame her for this and whispered beside Liu Zhijie.

    Liu Zhijie's face was ashen, Tang Zong knew about this matter, I'm afraid he was not far from bankruptcy, it was all because of Jiang Hong, that old stubborn man, if not for his nosiness, they could have left a long time ago, how could they run into Tang Zong.

    "The company I've developed so easily is going to be destroyed in the hands of your Jiang family."Liu Zhijie said through gritted teeth.

    Jiang Wan's face was pale, usually Liu Zhijie listened to her and loved her very much, but Jiang Wan also had self-knowledge, choosing between the company's future and a woman, Liu Zhijie would definitely choose the former.

    Moreover, when Liu Zhijie's company is ruined, it won't be so easy for her to find a rich and young boyfriend again.

    After the vehicle came to a halt, the manager had trotted to the car, and the Jiang family members stretched their heads.

    Although they knew that it wasn't good for Tang Zong to appear at this time, but after all, he was a big shot in Bin County, and it was an honor to see Tang Zong up close.

    "It's really good to be rich, this car costs tens of millions."

    "Hey, it would be great if Tang Zong could see our Jiang family's daughter."

    "Although Liu Zhijie is excellent, he's still a far cry from Tang Zong."

    When there was a stark contrast between the two, the Jiang family's relatives, surprisingly, looked down on Liu Zhijie a bit, which was probably the mentality of the poor and unruly people.

    The car door opened, and when Su Guoyao stepped out of the car, the Jiang family crowd was stunned.

    How did he get off Tang Zong's car.

    It was followed by Jiang Lan, then Su Yingxia, and Han Qianliang.

    The Jiang family was stunned!

    "Isn't this ...... the Jiang Lan family?"

    "How did they ...... them in Tang Zong's car."

    "Mr. Han, just now the manager said that a man named Mr. Han had booked the hotel, is this Mr. Han the Han 3000!"

    Although Jiang Wan was shocked, she was even angrier, because in her opinion, this was definitely Han Qianxiang's mess, intentionally embarrassing them.

    Angry and murderous, Jiang Wan walked towards Han Qianqian.

Chapter 196

After looking at Han Qianqiang with burning anger in her eyes, Jiang Wan turned to look at Su Yingxia with a hatred that was like trying to cramp Su Yingxia's muscles and skin.

    "Su Yingxia, are you intentionally trying to embarrass us?"Jiang Wan was so angry that her body was shaking, the humiliation at the mall was so hard to slow down, but now she was even angrier.

    I thought that after kicking them out of the house, it was enough to teach Su Yingxia a lesson, but it wasn't enough at all, and Su Yingxia was still making things difficult for her on the hotel matter.

    "On purpose?Jiang Wan, make it clear, how did I deliberately make things difficult for you, you were the one who used grandfather's phone and blacked out my mom's number, right?"Su Yingxia said.

    "So what if it's me, what qualifications do you have to attend the family gathering."Jiang Wan said.

    "I'm not qualified, so I'm not here for the party, I just want to book this hotel and have a family dinner."Su Yingxia's personality wasn't of the domineering type, but everyone had their boundaries, and Jiang Wan had clearly violated hers, which was why she said such things.

    "Su Yingxia, do you really think you're something when you're a sh*tty person in charge?Where did you get the money from? You don't know?Misappropriation of public funds is against the law, believe it or not I'll poke this matter to the Su family and make you go to jail."Jiang Wan said resentfully, she had spent millions of dollars at the mall before, at that time, Jiang Wan started to figure out where Su Ying Xia's money came from, after Liu Zhijie's mention, guessing that she must have used public funds to earn face for herself, so Jiang Wan was already plotting to tell the Su family about this matter.

    Even if she had to put Su Yingxia in jail, she wouldn't have the slightest sympathy.

    Her face was swept away by Su Yingxia, so how would she be able to rest until she stepped on Su Yingxia's feet?

    "Jiang Wan, you can't understand the world of the rich, I understand you.As for you feeling that I embezzled public funds, you can feel free to sue me, I won't lie to you, I don't work in the Su family anymore."Su Yingxia said.

    Didn't work in the Su family?

    How could she have so much money if she wasn't relying on the Su family?

    Throughout all this, Jiang Wan had never thought that the money had anything to do with Han Qianqian, because it was simply impossible to her.

    "Don't try to lie to me, when I tell the Su family about this, you'll naturally know what will happen."Jiang Wan coldly said.

    "If there's nothing else, don't disturb my dinner."Su Yingxia faded, tearing up with Jiang Wan wasn't something she was willing to do, but Jiang Wan was aggressive, and if she didn't lose her temper yet, she would really be taken as a soft tomato.

    Han Qianqian was actually quite happy that Su Yingxia was angry, after so many years in the Su family, she would remain silent and silently bear whatever grievances she suffered, this kind of character of not causing trouble did have some advantages in some ways, but it wouldn't be good if she was allowed to be suppressed all the time, because some people would take it all for granted.

    For example, if the Jiang family looked down on him, they took it for granted, and he just didn't care, but if it was more serious, an ordinary family like the Jiang family wasn't enough for him to play with one finger.

    "Jiang Lan, what's this to low about, aren't you not coming back?"At this time, Jiang Hong walked up to the car and questioned Jiang Lan.

    Jiang Bo and Jiang Fengfeng both lowered their heads in unison, because this matter was deliberately hidden from Jiang Hong by their two families, and now that Jiang Hong was going to pursue the matter, they definitely couldn't get away with it.

    "Dad, I already came here a few days ago, who told you I wasn't coming?I'm still living at my brother's house, and he's the one who kicked me out."Jiang Lan sneered.

    "Jiang Bo, what's going on?"Jiang Hong asked.

    Jiang Bo stole a glance at Xu Fang, so Xu Fang spoke up, "Dad, now that their family is rich, they don't take us seriously and have done a lot of unkind and humiliating things to make us lose face, of course I have to get rid of her, and you saw what happened today, they did it on purpose."

    "Jiang Lan, I didn't expect you to become like this now that you're rich, have you forgotten how we used to treat you?"After saying that, Xu Fang also accused Jiang Lan.

    Liu Hua didn't dare to speak at this time, if it were before, she would have jumped to her feet and cursed, but now, she had borrowed Jiang Lan 200,000 after all, if she was still down on herself at this time, Jiang Lan would not be able to wrap the paper around the fire if she mentioned this matter.

    "Xu Fang, you have to feel your conscience when you speak, who made things difficult for whom first, aren't you still clear?Do you want me to tell Dad the whole story?"Lan Jiang said.

    "Say."Before Xu Fang could speak, Jiang Hong said with a hammer.

    Jiang Lan recounted to Jiang Hong what had happened at the mall, and it was clear who was right and who was wrong.

    This made Jiang Hong furious, he had mistakenly thought that Jiang Lan was rich, so he didn't even care about him as a father, but it was Jiang Lan's family that was made to be difficult by Jiang Wan, and they were kicked out of the house, even Jiang Wan's family of three, and even made up reasons to cheat him.

    Blowing his beard and glaring at Jiang Hong, he scolded Jiang Bo angrily, "I'm not at home, you as a big brother, even the relationship between brother and sister is messed up."

    "Dad, I ......"

    "Stop it, you family, quickly apologize to Jiang Lan."Jiang Hong said.

    Jiang Bo had a hard time looking at Xu Fang and Jiang Wan, he could apologize no problem, but these two, how could they apologize?

    Especially Jiang Wan, she was disgraced, she was already disgraced, if she apologizes to Jiang Lan, what future face will she have?

    "Grandpa, why should I apologize to her, after I marry Liu Zhijie, I'm a member of the Liu family."Jiang Wan said with dissatisfaction, these words were undoubtedly knocking Jiang Hong and saving face for Liu Zhijie, otherwise, Liu Zhijie wouldn't give any benefits to the Jiang family in the future.

    "Zhijie, quickly say something for me."Jiang Wan reminded Liu Zhijie.

    Liu Zhijie's eyes were always on Han Qianqian, whose presence was easy to ignore without saying or doing anything, but Liu Zhijie felt that everything had something to do with Han Qianqian, and that he might even be behind it.

    Jiang Wan had always thought of him as a wimp, but the few times he had actually made contact, Liu Zhijie felt that Han 3000 was not a simple person, and he was still riding in Tang Zong's car now.

    With Su Yingxia's ability alone, how could he be riding in Tang Zong's car?

    "What are you doing, I asked you to say something for me."Seeing that Liu Zhijie didn't make a move, Jiang Wan said anxiously, she had lost enough of her face and would never want to lose face in front of so many relatives, and she believed that if Liu Zhijie spoke for her, Jiang Hong wouldn't make things difficult for her.

    Liu Zhijie took a deep breath and said, "You have indeed gone too far in this matter."

    Hearing this, Han Qianli faintly smiled, this guy is still quite smart, did he see something?

    "What did you ...... you say."Jiang Wan looked at Liu Zhijie incredulously, she couldn't believe that Liu Zhijie would say such a thing.

    "I said, I want you to apologize."Ryu Ji Jie said.

    Jiang Wan Wan went crazy and walked up to Liu Zhijie, pulling on his clothes and yelling, "Are you crazy to make me apologize to her, are you still ashamed enough of me?I'm your woman, why don't you help me."

    Liu Zhijie was suddenly disgusted, seeking to save face for Jiang Wan?Not to mention whether or not he was capable of such a thing, if Han Qianqian was really behind all of this, even he was finished, so how could he care about Jiang Wan?

    "You should stop fooling around, or else we'd better break up."Liu Zhijie said, he didn't dare to take a chance, even if there was only a one percent chance that it was Han Giang who was messing with him.

    Jiang Wan was momentarily stunned, break up!Yoo Ji Jae is breaking up with her!

    Jiang Wan knew that there was no point in spilling the beans on this matter, if she continued to make Liu Zhijie dissatisfied, it would be impossible for her to live the life of a rich man.

    Instantly calming down, Jiang Wan bit her teeth and walked up to Jiang Lan, lowering her head and saying, "Aunt Lan, I'm sorry, it's my fault."

    Giving up dignity in front of money, this kind of person Han Qianli had seen a lot, but he knew that Jiang Wan's heart must still be unconvinced.

    "Alright, alright, we're all relatives, let's forget about it, it's almost lunchtime, let's go eat."Jiang Hong didn't want things to get too big, he simply came out to end it, but he turned around and seemed to want to go to the Zong Huang Hotel.

    "Who said you have the right to eat here?"Han Qianqian spoke faintly.


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