His True Colors 157-158


His True Colors Chapter 157

The gang of licking dogs can't wait to have more opportunities to perform in front of Fan Xue, now Han 3,000 yuan to take the initiative, but their good opportunity, a word of disagreement, jerked up their sleeves to work.

    However, this group of people who sit in an office and lack exercise are like a few bedbugs to Han 3,000, who can die with a pinch of the hand and are completely unbidden to fight.

    Seeing Han 3,000's toughness, those licking dogs lying on the ground howling, Fan Xue suddenly panicked.

    This guy was actually so good at fighting!

    "Auntie Zhang, now you can tell me what happened."Han Qianqian asked to Zhang Ling Hua.

    Zhang Ling Hua didn't expect Han Qianqian to have such strong tactics, and he must have some connections to be able to arrange himself into the company, although he didn't want to trouble Han Qianqian, things had come to this point, so it was naturally good to be able to help clear Zhang Tianxin's name.

    While Zhang Ling Hua was telling Han Qianqian about the process, Fan Xue ran back to Tang Long's office.

    Tang Long was coaxing his girlfriend to say that she had to work overtime tonight and couldn't go home, and when she saw the panicked Fan Xue, she immediately hung up the phone and said, "Why didn't you knock when you came in?"

    Fan Xue hurriedly said, "Tang Long, Zhang Ling Hua's helper came and beat up her colleague."

    Tang Long frowned, Zhang Ling Hua still had a helper?How is that possible? Isn't she just a woman who doesn't know anything?Donlon didn't even know why she was able to come to work.

    "I'll go check it out."Tang Long left the office with a heavy face.

    By this time, Han Qianqian already knew what was going on, Zhang Tianxin had been bullied since she was a child and had a very weak character, it was absolutely impossible for her to molest Fan Xue for no reason, she was clearly wronged by Fan Xue.

    But why would Fan Xue find trouble with Zhang Tianxin without a reason?Is it because it simply doesn't look good?

    "Auntie Zhang, don't worry, with me here, no one can frame Zhang Tianxin."Han Qianqian said.

    At this time, Tang Long came, and when he saw Han Qianqian, he couldn't help but cringe, although he vowed to take revenge and return all the humiliation that Han Qianqian had brought upon him, now was not a good time.

    Han Cheng was dead, and although he didn't know about Nangong Qianqiu's death yet, but in this situation, if Tang Lung wanted to be taken seriously by the Han family, he would have to wait until the situation in the Han family was stable, and he had just entered the company now, so it was impossible for him to get in touch with the top management of the Han family.

    Clashing with Han 3,000 at this point in time would not be good for him.

    "How come it's you?"Tang Long asked.

    "You are the top management of the company, now that something like this has happened, don't you need to investigate it?"Han Three Thousand Thousand coldly said.

    Han Three Thousand and Zhong Liang knew each other, if this matter got to Zhong Liang, it would be troublesome, and with Han Three Thousand's relationship with Zhong Liang, the consequences would be even worse if this matter got to him.

    "This is a matter within our company, you're not qualified to meddle with it, right."In front of so many colleagues, Tang Long didn't want to lose face, so he didn't think about casually compromising.

    "If you won't investigate, then let Zhong Liang investigate."Han Qianqian said indifferently, then took out his phone.

    Seeing this, Tang Long panicked, did this guy have to alert Zhong Liang because of this little matter?

    "Okay, I'll look into it."Tang Long gritted his teeth.

    Han Giangli looked at Fan Xue behind Tang Long and said, "You can now ask her why she insulted Zhang Tianxin."

    Fan Xue was not happy to hear this and standing behind Tang Long, thinking that Tang Long could protect her, her anger became arrogant again and said to Han Qianqian, "What makes you say that I slandered him, this idiot is worse than anyone else, he has already peeked at me for an unknown number of times, I'm so pretty, what's so strange that he moved his mind."

    "You, pretty?"Han Qianli laughed disdainfully and said, "Look at that ugly face of yours, do you call it pretty?"

    Fan Xue was furious, didn't dare to say she was ugly, jumped to her feet and scolded Han Qianqian, "Are you blind to dare to say I'm ugly, why don't you look at what a poor man you are."

    "Tang Long, you quickly help me teach him a lesson, he dared to call me ugly."

    Tang Long's expression was as unpleasant as if he had eaten shit, if it were anyone else, how could he have the right to be arrogant in front of him, but Han Qianqian was different, his relationship with Zhong Liang was extraordinary ah.

    Tang Long turned around and slapped Fan Xue in the face in a smooth manner, there was no other way but to let Fan Xue take the blame.

    "Say, why did you slander Zhang Tianxin?"Tang Long coldly questioned.

    Fan Xue covered her face, astonished, but this thing was what Tang Lung had told her to do, and now instead of helping her, she was even blaming her!

    "What are you ...... Tang Lung doing."Fan Xue asked numbly.

    Tang Long bit his teeth, wiggled his eyebrows at Fan Xue, and said, "Tell me the truth, and I can let you off the hook."

    Fan Xue knew that Tang Long was trying to make her take responsibility, but why?Is it because of this loser?Why should he!

    "I ...... I ......"

    "You what you, say what you have to say quickly."Tang Long coldly said.

    Fan Xue knew that if she didn't take the blame, she would definitely be remembered by Tang Long and would definitely not have a good life in the future, if she could help him take the blame, she could still get some benefits, and she would also be able to use this matter to blackmail him in the future.

    For Fan Xue, dignity could be trampled by money, as long as there was money, even if she was allowed to be a bitch, she would be willing to do it.

    "It's me, I don't want to work in the same environment as this idiot, I'm the one who discriminated against him, that's why I deliberately tore the stockings and wished him."Fan Xue said with her head down.

    Those colleagues were stunned when they heard those words, although they couldn't see Zhang Tianxin either, it was too much to smear him in such a way, and although he was an idiot, he never refused anything that the people in the company asked him to run errands and work on.

    Some people even played with Zhang Tianxin as a dog, throwing things for Zhang Tianxin to pick up, but it was not a bad idea.

    But no one had ever wanted to drive Zhang Tianxin out of the company in this way.

    "Fan Xue, it turns out that you are such a person."

    "I've really missed the point, thanks to me liking you for so long."

    "He's just a fool, why do you need to be so preoccupied with him, it's really annoying, just treat it as if you can't see it ah."

    A group of colleagues were very good at seeing the wind, but of course, the biggest reason wasn't based on sympathy for Zhang Tianxin, but Tang Long's position.

    Obviously, how could they dare to speak for Fan Xue now that Tang Long had to make decisions for Zhang Tianxin.

    Fan Xue didn't feel humiliated by being spurned, but instead was happy inside, even if she lost her job, it didn't matter, with Tang Lung's grip in her hand, she could threaten him for money in the future, even if she didn't have a job, there was someone to support her, wasn't this exactly the life she desired?

    "Apologize to Zhang Tianxin and Zhang Ling Hua."Tang Long said sternly and sent a sigh of relief in his heart, if this woman wasn't smart enough, this wouldn't be over today.

    Fan Xue walked up to Zhang Ling Hua and Zhang Tian Xin and bowed deeply, then said, "I'm sorry."

    Han Giangli frowned, this woman apologized readily, it was based on Tang Long's pressure, nothing wrong with it, but the problem was why she still had a shallow smile on her lips.

    What kind of person could be this brazen?

    And can mere brazenness make her happy?About to lose her job, which isn't good for anyone, I guess.

    Unless ...... unless she has some other interest to gain.

    If there is a real interest, then where did that interest come from?

    Han Qianqiang looked towards Tang Long, then asked Zhang Tianxin, "Has this big brother spoken to you recently?"

    Zhang Tianxin timidly raised his head and after a glance at Tang Long, he quickly lowered his head again.

    Han Qianqiang saw fear in Zhang Tianxin's eyes, he couldn't be afraid of Tang Long for no reason, it must be something Tang Long had done to him.

    "Tell me what you have, don't be afraid."Han Qianqian said.

    Zhang Tianxin had been saved once by Han Qianqian, so he trusted Han Qianqian very much, lowering his head and saying, "My brother asked me to perform for him to learn how to bark, but my mother said that I'm a human being, so I can't just kneel down casually."

    Hearing this, Tang Long turned pale and yelled at Zhang Tianxin, "Fart your mother, when did I ever say such a thing to you."

His True Colors Chapter 158

Tang Long's loud voice scared Zhang Tianxin to the point where he shivered and hid behind Zhang Ling Hua, not daring to speak again.

    But what was going on in this matter was already clear to Han Qianqian, although this matter was started by Fan Xue, Tang Long was the real originator, it was him who didn't like Zhang Tianxin, that's why he drove Zhang Ling Hua away in such a slanderous way.

    This guy had already given him a chance last time, but he was still messing around with his power in the company.

    At this time, Zhong Liang arrived at the entrance of the company, accompanied by Su Hachao who was compensating the whole time.

    Since Su Hachao had become the chairman of the Su family, he had thought of many ways to pull in with Zhong Liang, because the west side of the city project was now almost the lifeblood of the Su family, and this cooperation in the hands of Su Yingxia was ultimately not good for Su Hachao, so he hoped that after getting closer to Zhong Liang, he would be able to take charge of the west side of the city project himself.

    Due to the previous experience, Su Hacchao did not dare to directly pick out, and could only save the country by using various ways to please Zhong Liang, but unfortunately the effect is very little, but in this case, Su Hacchao still did not give up.

    The two walked into the company, when Zhong Liang saw Han Qianliang, startled, how young master here!

    Zhong Liang knows quite a bit about the recent changes in the Han family... Han Jun has become an invalid, Han Cheng is dead, and I heard that it seems that even old lady Nangong Qianqiu is dead!

    With Nangong Qianqiu's support, Han Jun could become the head of the Han family in the future, but now that Nangong Qianqiu was dead and Han Jun was useless, the only person who could inherit the Han family could be Han Qianqiang.

    If Zhong Liang still held a hint of betrayal towards Han Qianqiu before, then now, he no longer had the slightest thought of that.

    He was working for the Han family, and now that Han Three Thousand was the only person who could inherit the Han family, he had no choice but to be loyal to Han Three Thousand.

    When Zhong Liang saw Han 3,000, Su Hae Chao saw it as well, and a doubt rose in his heart, why was this wimp here?And it looked like something had happened.

    Su Hachao faintly smiled, this faggot, wouldn't have caused any trouble in the weak water property.

    Just when Su Hachao was about to watch a good show, he heard Zhong Liang say, "Su Dong, there's something going on in the company today, let's meet up some other day."

    "Brother Zhong, this trash Han Qianqian, it's like he's causing trouble in your company, how about I help you fix it."Su Haichao said.

    "Su Dong, don't you understand me?I said, "I'll make an appointment some other time."Zhong Liang coldly said.

    Su Haichao wanted to see a good show, but Zhong Liang's current attitude was obviously very unhappy, and the eviction order was so obvious, he still had to stay here, it would only make Zhong Liang dissatisfied with him.

    "Brother Zhong, okay, I'm leaving first, let's meet again next time."Su Haichao unwillingly walked out of the company, cursing and saying, "Braking stuff, causing me to almost cause Zhong Liang's discontent, you better not f*cking cause me any trouble, or else I'll have to let Su Yingxia bear this consequence."

    "What's going on?"Zhong Liang walked into the crowd and asked Tang Lung.

    Tang Lung saw Zhong Liang and felt guilty, this was a bad time to come back!Letting him interfere in this matter would not end well.

    But Tang Long thought about it, he was a talent that Zhong Liang had poached heavily, and Zhong Liang valued his abilities, so he wouldn't make things difficult for a waste employee, even if there was criticism, it would be just a scolding at most.

    "Brother Zhong, there's a bit of a misunderstanding."Tang Long said.

    Zhong Liang looked at Zhang Tianxin, his heart sank, this f*cking beaten and bruised, can it still be a little misunderstanding?

    This mother and son are the people that Young Master personally arranged to enter the company, and Tang Long, this blind thing, has touched Young Master's eyebrows again.

    "Follow me to the office."Zhong Liang coldly said.

    Tang Long was happy inside, going to the office to be scolded, but it wouldn't be humiliating, it seemed Zhong Liang still took care of his face.

    As expected, people with ability had special treatment everywhere they went, even if they made a little mistake, they wouldn't be punished too severely.

    Following behind Zhong Liang, Tang Long proudly straightened his back.

    Han Qianqian said to Zhang Ling Hua, "Take Tian Xin to the hospital first, then go home and rest for two days before coming back to work."

    Come back to work again?

    Zhang Ling Hua looked embarrassed and said, "Three thousand, I don't want to trouble you anymore, Tang Long made things difficult for us the first time, there will definitely be a second time."

    Han Qianqian smiled and said, "Don't worry, Tang Long will soon get out of this company, whoever dares to make things difficult for you in the future, just fire directly."

    Zhang Ling Hua looked startled, direct firing?Is he that powerful?

    After those colleagues were briefly surprised, they laughed and kept shaking their heads, Where did this guy come from, actually daring to say such big words.

    Everyone at Weakwater Real Estate knew that Tang Long was someone Zhong Liang had spent a lot of money to bring back, so how could it be possible for Zhang Ling Hua to fire a talent like Tang Long because of him?It was simply a school flower.

    "Dude, what are you bragging about, do you know how Tang Lung came to our company?"

    "He was hired heavily by Brother Zhong to fire Tang Lung for Zhang Ling Hua, and you're telling us jokes?"

    "Who are you to talk like you can control our company's business, and don't you have a brain to think when you're lying?"

    The few people who had just been beaten by Han Qianli looked at Han Qianli with an extremely disdainful expression.

    "Whether or not they'll be expelled, we'll find out later."Han Three Thousand Year said indifferently and walked towards Zhong Liang's office.

    The office.

    Tang Long was all smiles and said to Zhong Liang, "Brother Zhong, thank you, I did act a bit too recklessly in this matter, but there's a fool in our company all day long, it's also affecting the company's image ah."

    "Thank me?Thanks for what?"Zhong Liang asked faintly.

    "Didn't you ask me to come to the office just to pretend to teach me a lesson?I know you don't want me to lose face in front of my other colleagues, I know what you mean."Tang Long said.

    The corners of Zhong Liang's mouth rose, where did this fag come up with this ridiculous idea, he had called Tang Long to the office just so that Han Qianqiang could handle this matter better, after all, the young master's identity was hidden in Cloud City.

    "Tang Long, do you know what a stupid thing you did today."Zhong Liang said.

    Tang Long still looked like he didn't know what he was doing, and said with a smile, "Brother Zhong, scold me, next time, I will be thoughtful and will definitely not cause too much of an impact."

    "Next time?"Zhong Liang shook his head, I'm afraid that this idiot's brain was filled with sh*t.

    "Why are you targeting Zhang Tianxin, there's no conflict between him and you, right?"Zhong Liang asked, although Zhang Tianxin's intelligence was indeed a bit problematic, but he usually never caused trouble and was also very good, so it was impossible for him to actively provoke Tang Long.

    Speaking of this, Tang Long revealed a sighing face and said, "There is no contradiction, just want to play with this big idiot, let him learn a few dog barks for me to hear, I didn't expect that this big idiot actually didn't listen to me, tell me, this kind of idiot in our company, if it can't make us happy, what value is there, and Zhang Ling Hua from the time she entered the company until now, there is noHaving made any achievements, our company's money is not a big wind, so what's the point of raising such an idle person."

    Tang Long thought that he was handling this matter for the good of the company, so there was still an element of inviting credit in his tone.

    It was true that Zhang Linghua was not very receptive and had not contributed much to the company, but her age and previous work environment had given her great limitations after all.

    There were no achievements, but it didn't mean that Zhang Ling Hua didn't work hard.

    Zhong Liang had also paid attention to Zhang Ling Hua's performance during this period of time, she was seriously absorbing new knowledge and wanted to contribute to the company, in Zhong Liang's opinion, this kind of employee was worth cultivating, but in Tang Long's eyes, he denied Zhang Ling Hua's efforts and only saw the useless side of Zhang Ling Hua.

    "What you said makes sense, but what have you done since you've been with the company for so long?"Zhong Liang said.

    Tang Long was in a high position in the company, immersed in an inescapable game of ambiguity with his female colleagues, and it was true that he hadn't done much real work, but that couldn't deny his ability.

    Just when he wanted to defend himself, Han Qianqian pushed in the door.

    Tang Long's eyebrows furrowed, why was this guy still here, although he had a good relationship with Zhong Liang, he wasn't qualified to meddle in the internal affairs of the company, right?


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