His True Colors 155-156


His True Colors Chapter 155


    Han Cheng's death has just died down, the Han family has secretly spread another news, Nangong Qianqiu suddenly died of a serious illness and died violently, this matter was only spread in the high society, but it also shocked many people, because nowadays the Han family is controlled by Nangong Qianqiu, if she died, wouldn't the Han family be in a headless state, after all, the matter of Han Jun's imprisonment is well known.

    Although there was still a Shi Jing in the Han family, could the Han family really be supported by this woman with a foreign name?

    Quite a few gossips spread through Yanjing's high society that the Han family's edifice was about to fall, perhaps a generation of famous families, would fall away.

    After Han Jun was imprisoned again in Qin City, the crisis this incident brought to the Han family was averted, but his days obviously wouldn't be easy.

    With both legs crippled and only one hand still intact, how could Guan Yong possibly let him go?

    A few beatings a day was inevitable, but Guan Yong also gradually discovered something that wasn't quite right, before Han Jun was judged to be the same person, this time he became a wimp again, it wasn't the same person's performance at all.

    The Han family had two brothers, which was known to many, but it was rumored that the youngest son had died of illness at a very young age, as to whether it was true or not, no one knew.

    Guan Yong intuitively thought that perhaps that youngest son, wasn't dead, and that the person he had f*cked down before wasn't Han Jun at all.

    This secret made Guan Yong very shocked, what was the Han family doing with this stealing of a hand, he was puzzled, was it just to get Han Jun out to break his arm and leg?

    Although he didn't know the reason for it, Guan Yong was clear about one thing: the secret could only rot in his stomach, and if he said anything, his life would be threatened.

    The Han family compound.

    The large home now left Shi Jing alone seemed a bit lonely and miserable.

    She was not moved by any sadness at Nangong Qianqiu's death, it was Nangong Qianqiu's own fault, and there would be resistance if there was oppression.

    Han Qianqiu had been wronged for so many years, it was only natural for her to have such resistance.

    "Now the outside world is saying that the Han family will fall soon, what do you think?"Shi Jing said faintly.

    Standing three meters away, Yan Jun said after hearing Shi Jing's words, "If this Han family falls, there will be another Han family that will stand up."

    Shi Jing laughed, Han 3000 didn't care about the fate of the Han family, and he didn't need to because what the Han family brought him was only pain.

    But there was one thing that couldn't be denied, he was a member of the Han family after all.

    At this time, Shi Jing took out a yellowish photo, and from the visual of the photo, it looked like it should have been taken secretly, and the person in the photo, besides Nangong Qianqiu, was a person dressed as a Taoist priest.

    "He's the one who made Han 3,000 yuan unappreciated by Nangong Qianqiu in the first place, do you think I should tell him about this?"Shi Jing asked.

    "Regarding this person, I went to investigate at first, but his information was extremely deeply hidden, which led to two extreme results: first, he's just an unknown passerby.Secondly, he has a powerful backer behind him, a backer that even I cannot investigate."Yan Jun said.

    "If it's the latter, what he's dealing with is the Han family, right?"Shi Jing laughed bitterly.

    "I advise you not to be so selfish, this matter can be treated as if nothing has happened as long as the Han family has fallen, and if you want to involve him in this matter, it will only add to his danger.It's not something he should take responsibility for, after all, the Han family hasn't given him anything."Yan Jun said with a disdainful face.

    "Haven't given him anything?"Shi Jing's eyebrows furrowed as she said, "I gave him his life, isn't that enough?"

    Yan Jun gazed, looking at Shi Jing's attitude, she was asking Han Qianqian to investigate this matter.

    "You should know that a background that even I can't find out means that the other party is very powerful."Yan Jun said.

    Shi Jing stood up, and after putting away the photos, she returned to her room without saying a word.

    Yan Jun sighed heavily, the Han family had abandoned Han 3,000 and even kicked him out of Yanjing, treating Han 3,000 as trash for so many years, but now, they were asking Han 3,000 to take on this extremely dangerous responsibility, it was so unfair to Han 3,000.

    But Yan Jun was the Han family's bodyguard, and what Shi Jing wanted to do was not something he could stop.

    "My good apprentice, your fate in this life is really rough, I hope you can clear all the obstacles."Yan Jun said to himself.

    Cloud City.

    Han Qianqian had nothing to do, taking care of the flowers and plants in the villa garden, Su Yingxia was also helping out, because her face was injured, it wasn't good to go to the company with such an image, so she simply rested at home.

    At this time, Han Qianli's phone rang.

    "Auntie Zhang."Han 3000 unexpectedly shouted, the Zhang Ling Hua who was knocked down by Su Guoyao in the beginning, after being discharged from the hospital, was arranged by Han 3000 to work in the Weak Water Real Estate, why would she suddenly call him?

    "Three thousand, can you do Auntie Zhang another favor."Zhang Ling Hua said in a panicked tone.

    This was clearly something that had happened, and Han Qianqian asked, "What's going on?"

    "They are now going to call the police to arrest my son for being a hooligan and molesting people,"Zhang Ling Hua said.

    Zhang Tianxin was sick and his mind was only a three-year-old child at most, so how could he be a hooligan and molest people?

    Han Marchand said, "Where are you, I'll be right over."

    "At the office."

    Hanging up the phone, Han 3000 informed Su Yingxia that she had to go out.

    Su Yingxia didn't ask much and didn't dare to ask, she just needed to know that Han Three Thousand wasn't going out to get into trouble.

    Weakwater Real Estate, a female staff member cursed at Zhang Tianxin, who hid behind Zhang Linghua with a fearful face, her dazed expression clearly not knowing what was going on at all.

    "Fan Xue, my son couldn't have done these things, why are you slandering him."Zhang Ling Hua shielded Zhang Tianxin and said to the woman in front of her.

    Fan Xue looked menacing and said, "Your son is a hooligan, look, look at my legs, he's the one who ripped my stockings, if it wasn't for my quick reflexes, he would have touched places he shouldn't have touched, and I slandered him?Does it make sense for me to insult him?"

    As Fan Xue spoke, she deliberately tanned her thighs, and the stockings were indeed broken, and they should have been destroyed because they were pulled vigorously by people.

    In front of the solid evidence, the other colleagues who were watching the show also accused Zhang Ling Hua.

    "I think this son of yours is deliberately pretending to be stupid, and he eats and drinks for nothing in the company every day, so you'd better get out of here with him."

    "Yeah, our company is a big company, how can we let a fool stay here and ruin the company's image."

    "I didn't expect this idiot to be this kind of person, no wonder he used to sneak around when he looked at me, I think he also wanted to molest me."

    Hearing these words, Zhang Ling Hua's heart was like a knife in her chest, what kind of person her son was, she knew very well, the mind of a three year old child, although he had the difference between a man and a woman, he would never have desires in that area, and Zhang Tian Xin had been used to being bullied since he was a child, how could he dare to do such a thing?

    "I'll go find Tang Lung, Zhong is not here, only Tang Lung can decide for me."Fan Xue said.

    Tang Lung's status in the company was only lower than Zhong Liang, so in Zhong Liang's absence, Tang Lung was the one who made all the decisions on small matters.

    When she reached the office, Fan Xue closed the door and her angry expression was replaced by a smile.

    "Tang Long, I've helped you put on a good show, I promised to give you my bag, you can't break your promise."Fan Xue enchantingly walked up to Tang Long and sat on his lap.

    Tang Long smilingly caressed Fan Xue's sexy legs and tsked, "That idiot, let him kneel down to learn how to bark for me, he didn't even listen to my words, this retard should have been kicked out of the company a long time ago, your performance today was very good, I won't treat you badly."

    Fan Xue didn't care about the consequences of Zhang Tianxin being insulted by her, she wrapped her arms around Tang Long's neck and said, "If you like it, I'll go buy a new pair, how about we meet at the hotel tonight?"

    The smile on Tang Lung's face grew even wider and he said, "Fine, but now you're going to go out and teach that retard a hard lesson."

    "No problem."Fan Xue said happily, and left the office.

His True Colors Chapter 156

When Fan Xue appeared again, there were two security guards behind her.

    Seeing this situation, Zhang Ling Hua became even more panicked and protected Zhang Tian Xin, saying to Fan Xue, "What do you want?"

    "What for?"Fan Xue laughed coldly and said, "This retarded son of yours is a scum-sucking worm of society, of course I'm going to teach him a lesson.Drag her away from me."

    After the security guard heard the words, he went forward and dragged Zhang Ling Hua away.

    Fan Xue took off her high heels and hit Zhang Tianxin's head one after the other.

    "Let you play hooligan, you idiot, is this lady something you can just touch?"Fan Xue scolded as she beat him.

    Zhang Tianxin fearfully hid in the corner, getting beaten was something he was used to, the pain was nothing, but the fear kept spreading.

    Those colleagues who were watching the scene, one by one, had no mercy and were watching the scene with a sneer, because they had been discussing Zhang Ling Hua and her son for a long time, although Zhang Tian Xin usually didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but out of discrimination against Zhang Tian Xin, no one wanted to see him in the company, just this opportunity to not only teach Zhang Tian Xin a lesson, but also to make them mother and son get out of the company, these people were not too happy yet.

    "Idiot, is Miss Ben's leg comfortable to touch?Fury thing, this is the price you pay for touching me."Fan Xue's men were merciless, and soon Zhang Tianxin's head was bleeding.

    It was only when she saw the blood that Fan Xue had a hint of panic, she just wanted to teach Zhang Tianxin a lesson, but she didn't dare to make a big deal out of it.

    Just as Fan Xue stopped, Zhang Tianxin suddenly shouted and stood up to push Fan Xue away.

    When the male colleagues in the company saw this scene, they were all furious, but many of them regarded Fan Xue as the goddess of their hearts and wanted to find an opportunity to show their affection all day long, so how could they miss the opportunity at this time?

    "Trying to run, you idiot, how dare you even touch my goddess."

    "You melon child, you dare to push the person I like, looking for death."

    "You f*cking idiot, don't you know that I like Fan Xue?"

    A few big men, once again, surrounded Zhang Tianxin in a corner and brutally beat her.

    Zhang Ling Hua cried out and begged for mercy, but didn't care about her attitude at all, the tears on her cheeks gushing out like spring water.

    "Fan Xue, please, please tell them to stop, I'll kneel down and apologize to you."After saying that, Zhang Ling Hua poofed her knees to the ground and kept kowtowing.

    Fan Xue directly threw the high heels in her hand at Zhang Ling Hua, smashing her head, and said in a cold voice, "Fine, it's fine if you want me to let him go, unless you admit that this idiot is a rogue."

    As long as she admitted, Tang Lung's side could just fire her without going through the process of Zhong Liang's consent, after all, this kind of person staying in the company was also a disaster, and Zhong Liang presumably wouldn't object to it.

    Zhang Ling Hua could kneel down and beg for forgiveness, but would never want Zhang Tian Xin to be defiled, if she admitted, wouldn't this be equivalent to letting Zhang Tian Xin take the blame?

    "Fan Xue, my son wouldn't do such a thing, he could have just been careless."Zhang Ling Hua cried out.

    "Hmph."Fan Xue gave a cold voice and said, "Still daring to argue, in that case, you can just watch your idiot son take a beating."

    Zhang Ling Hua's heart ached like a knife, and even her breathing became sharp as she listened to the cries for help coming from Zhang Tianxin, as if she was slicing her heart one after another.

    "I ...... I admit, I am sorry, I am sorry, my son is a rogue, Fan Xue, please, let him go."Zhang Ling Hua said with a face full of despair.

    Only when she heard this did Fan Xue smiled proudly, having completed the task that Tang Long had explained, the bag was considered a winner, and if she could develop a passionate story with Tang Long tonight, she wouldn't have to do too much hard work in the company in the future.

    For a girl like Fan Xue, hard work is not what she pursues, less work and more take, the best pie in the sky can hit her head, and her concept is also different, in her opinion, the beautiful woman like her, should be rich man to raise, how can she make her thousand gold body to work it.

    And Tang Long, most likely, was the target she was looking for, as long as she served Tang Long happily, she would be able to have food and clothing and the whole company wouldn't dare to offend anyone.

    "Stop it."Fan Xue said.

    One by one, those male colleagues were furious and jerked their sleeves as if they had done something great, scrambling to perform in front of Fan Xue.

    "Fan Xue, if someone bullies you in the future, tell me and I'll teach him a lesson for you."

    "You can always come to me even if you're in trouble, I'm no worse than some people."

    "I can do anything for you, if you feel unhappy, I can beat this idiot up again."

    Fan Xue smiled faintly, these licking dogs are really dedicated, but unfortunately, how could my lady's eyes value you losers?

    Of course, for a woman like Fan Xue, even if she couldn't get it, she wouldn't say so explicitly, otherwise, how could these flies willingly surround her and do things for her?

    "Okay, I know you guys are good."Fan Xue said with a raised eyebrow.

    Those guys were overjoyed, they all felt that Fan Xue was raising her eyebrows at them, and it looked like they would be able to get closer to her in the future.

    There was a guy who forcefully wanted to show off, and deliberately kicked Zhang Tianxin again as a way to show off his might.

    Zhang Ling Hua knelt on the ground and crawled over to Zhang Tianxin, seeing Zhang Tianxin's swollen nose and multiple injuries, she said with a face of self-reproach, "I'm sorry, it's mommy's fault, it's mommy's inability to protect you."

    Zhang Tianxin tugged Zhang Ling Hua's hand tightly, and although she didn't say anything, she kept shaking her head as a way to show that she didn't blame Zhang Ling Hua.

    "You two mothers and sons, get out of here and don't appear in front of me in the future, or I'll beat you once I see you."Fan Xue said in a high and mighty manner.

    The flies that were circling around the sh*t were cross-eyed, some showing their arms, some waving their fists at Zhang Ling Hua, clearly threatening her.

    Zhang Ling Hua sighed, the first time she came to the company, she felt that this was not the right place for her, after all, she was a hard laborer, but this was a place of brain survival, but Han Giang gave her the chance, so she did her best to fit in here, but now it seemed that no matter how hard she tried, she would not be accepted, in that case, why stay here?

    Zhang Ling Hua doesn't blame Han Qianqian for not being accepted by others, as Han Qianqian just gave her a better working and living environment.

    In her heart, she would instead feel a little sorry for disappointing Han 3000 because she didn't seize this opportunity.

    "Son, let's go."Zhang Ling Hua assisted Zhang Tianxin and was just about to leave, but suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder.

    "Three thousand."When Zhang Ling Hua turned her head, she saw Han Qianqian's cold, frosty face.

    Although Han 3,000 didn't know what had happened, he saw the injuries on Zhang Tianxin's body and the menacing staff.

    "What's going on?"Han Giangli asked in a deep voice.

    Zhang Ling Hua was about to open her mouth, but couldn't say anything, even if Han Qianqian helped her, it was useless, she couldn't integrate into the company environment, she couldn't stay here and work.

    And for the sake of Zhang Tianxin, she wouldn't stay here either, this time Han Qianqian could help, what about the next time?What if Zhang Tianxin gets beaten up again?

    "Who are you, not an employee of our company right, this has nothing to do with you, get out."Fan Xue sized up Han Qianqian with disdain, from where did the loser come out and dare to interfere in her affairs.

    "Auntie Zhang, tell me, I'll make the decision for you."Han 3,000 ignored Fan Xue and continued to ask Zhang Ling Hua.

    Fan Xue laughed and mockingly looked at Han Qianqian and said, "You're making decisions for her?Hahahahaha, are you trying to laugh me to death?Where did that psychopath come from, you're not as retarded as Zhang Tianxin, are you?"

    Zhang Tianxin was easily discriminated against, which Han Qianxiang had predicted, and it wasn't something he could change.

    However, he couldn't change the society, but it was indeed a simple matter to change the weak water property.

    Raising his hand and slapping Fan Xue's face, Han Qianqian said in a cold voice, "Do you have the right to speak here?"

    Fan Xue couldn't believe it, covering her face, this loser, how dare he hit her!

    "What are you guys waiting for, can't you see he hit me?"Van Snow said to the lick dog beside her.


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