Dish Best Served Cold 1216-1220


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1216

A miserable scream accompanied by a sound of muscles and bones breaking resounded throughout the Jiangbei Garrison in a matter of seconds.

    Lin Fan, who was just now in high spirits and springtime, was now howling in pain like a dog.

    Holding his legs, he was rolling over on the ground without stopping.

    Looking at this scene, the eyes of Lin Qinghe and the others turned red.


    Great irony!

    Lin Qinghe never expected that originally he had asked Lin Fan to cripple Taishan's legs, but in the end, it was his own son who had his legs broken instead.

    "Bastard, you really dare to do it?"

    "I declare, you're finished!"

    "Flying Eagle, listen to the order, immediately behead this beast, kill it on the spot~"

    Lin Qinghe, in anger, cursed viciously at Tarzan.

    Then, even more so, he ordered the Flying Eagle Battle Team to go all out and kill Tarzan to avenge his son's death.

    However, there was actually no need for Lin Qinghe to give the order, the moment Lin Fan was laid waste, the rest of the Flying Eagle Battle Team's eyes also turned red.

    "Son of a bitch~"

    "How dare you hurt my captain?"

    "Take a life!"


    "Go to hell~"

    The Flying Eagle and the others roared lowly, while all of them urged the Blood Bursting Technique.

    Their blood and qi rushed, and their monstrous might surged unceasingly.

    Just like this, the remaining four of the Flying Eagles, all together, stormy storm attacked, pouring out once again.


    "Guys, it's time to pretend!"

    Seeing that the Flying Eagle Battle Team had poured out their nest, Li Ziyang and the others who had been eager to leap, the crowd could no longer sit still.

    The five Green Dragons, all five of them, pulled up and leapt to the ground, and then they were directly next to Tarzan.

    "It's time, some grudges should be settled."

    "Lin Qinghe, open your dog eyes and take a good look, it's the Flying Eagle Battle Team that you trained that will have the last laugh.Or is it my Green Dragon Battle Team, which is better?"

    Under the Heavenly River, the cold laughter of Li Ziyang and the others echoed in all directions.

    After suppressing it for so long, today, they finally got their wish and fought the Flying Eagle head-on.

    Back then, Lin Qinghe and the others thought that their Green Dragon was rotten and couldn't be helped, and used this as an excuse to remove Instructor Chu's position, and even abolished the Green Dragon establishment.

    In the end, Green Dragon was expelled from Jiangdong, and the Flying Eagles took their place.

    It could be said that all the glory of the Green Dragon was taken away by the Flying Eagles.

    Li Ziyang and the others would never forget that dim night.

    The five of them, the Green Dragons, were like dogs from a lost family, fleeing during the night.In the end, they had almost died under Lan Chen.

    Now, the time has passed, and they, the Green Dragon Battle Team, have returned!

    This time, they returned to the military area with their blood and burning anger.

    They swore that the humiliation they suffered at that time would be repaid today, tenfold and a hundredfold!

    "Just you guys?"

    "A bunch of expelled trash, also worthy to be compared to me, Flying Eagle?"

    "Today, I, Flying Eagle, will definitely slay you, Green Dragon, all of you, to avenge the captain!"

    However, before Lin Qinghe could reply, several snickers came from the Flying Eagles' squad.

    Then, the four Flying Eagles each showed their prowess.

    "Flying Dragon Break!"


    "Shape palm!"


    "Tiger and Panther Fist~"


    Just like this, the four Flying Eagles, fist or palm, chop or slash.Without the slightest reservation, the moment they struck, it was thunder.

    It looked like the Flying Eagles were preparing to directly Bicker and use thunderbolts to exterminate the Green Dragon crowd, instantly.

    "I go, Flying Dragon Break?"

    "Isn't that a trick of the eight gossip one?"


    "Shapeshifting, it's the Shapeshifting Gate~"


    "Tiger and Panther Fist, which is below the Hung Fist ...."


    "This Flying Eagle Squad is remarkable, it knows all four directions of boxing and knows martial arts of all schools?"

    Looking at the overwhelming might of the Flying Eagle crowd in front of them, the crowd, all of them, were astonished and exclaimed incessantly.

    Even Han Ping, Zhu Rong, and other such high-ranking Three Armies instructors were side-eyed.

    The crowd had thought that the previous battle between the Flying Eagles and the Poverty Squad was the Flying Eagles' strongest tactic.

    But now it seemed that they were wrong.

    This Flying Eagle Battle Team of Jiangdong still had some strength left?

    "It is said that a few months ago, this Flying Eagle Squad was a small team that was not valued in Jiangdong."

    "But in just a few months, Lin Qinghe has built it into such a powerful team, I must say, this Lin Qinghe's wrist is extraordinary ah?"

    Han Ping whispered under his breath, and his gaze towards Lin Qinghe then gained a bit more respect.


    "This time, I guess this so-called Green Dragon Battle Team should be revealed in its original form, right?"

    "After all, it's hard to beat four hands with two fists."

    "No matter how strong this Tarzan is alone, he can't be a match for the entire Flying Eagle?"

    Zhu Rong and the others said in a deep voice.

    From their point of view, the only one among the Green Dragons that could be taken was probably this Tarzan.

    The others, I'm afraid, were all just brought in to make up the numbers.

    After all, no one would think that a team brought out by a teenager could be as strong as they were?

    But is that really the case?

    Just as everyone was lamenting the might of the Flying Eagle, their attacks had undoubtedly reached Li Ziyang and the others.

    However, what puzzled the crowd was that in the face of a strong enemy, the crowd of Green Dragons did not even have any stance to fight back or even dodge, instead, one by one, they all stood there so quietly.

    It was as if the five trees, under the celestial river, stood out in an eternal stance!

    Looking at this scene, Han Ping was all puzzled.

    "What are they doing?"

    "Is it possible to give up the resistance and sit back and wait for death?"

    "Just stand there and wait to die?"

    "Or are they also planning to follow that stupid big guy's example and just use their flesh, hard against the flying eagle attack?"

    Many people were speculating.

    It was because there was such suspense that everyone present was watching with rapt attention.

    Even if the final just now, the crowd was not watching with such intensity.

    "Hmph, just a stunt!"

    "I don't believe it, we, Flying Eagles and the others, can't do anything about a few losers?"

    "Go to hell?"

    Among the flying eagles, a bald man smiled fiercely.

    Then, the attacks on his hands were once again a bit more severe.

    Just like this, a few breaths later, the attacks of the Flying Eagle crowd all landed on Li Ziyang and the others.

    Bang bang bang~.

    Several booms were heard in succession, resounding ceaselessly.

    However, the moment their attacks landed on Li Ziyang and the others, the faces of the Flying Eagles and the others all changed.

    This was because they clearly felt that their attacks, when they landed on the Green Dragon crowd, were like stones sinking into the sea, without any waves at all.

    This was exactly the case.

    After the boom, the clear breeze rose everywhere, blowing Ye Yuyan's blue silk like snow.

    All over the field, the fists and feet of Flying Eagle and the others were even attached to Li Ziyang and the others.

    But the five people of the Green Dragon were smiling pleasantly.

    Facing the Flying Eagle's attack, they, unmoving as a mountain!

    "No, that's not possible?"

    The bald man was unwilling, but he once again copied his fist and smashed it wildly at Li Ziyang.


    "Baldy, give it up."

    "It's useless."

    "With the strength you have, you can't even break our defenses and still want to kill me, but you're just humiliating yourselves."

    Li Ziyang tilted his head and laughed, then lifted a kick and directly kicked the bald head out.

    The huge force wrapped around the bald head's body and flew far away, and finally smashed in front of Lin Qinghe with a bang.


    The bald body trembled and blood sprayed all over Lin Qinghe's face.

Chapter 1217


    "Son of a bitch, I'll fight you all~"

    When they saw their former comrades from the night and day, spitting out blood and flying out, the remaining three of the Flying Eagle, double blood red.

    One by one, just like a mad dog, they recklessly rushed towards the Green Dragon crowd.

    "Why bother?"

    "Like a moth to a flame, you just don't know what you're doing after all~"

    Amongst the Green Dragons, Maminabo shook his head and smiled, looking at the Flying Eagle crowd with compassion.

    Then, the five of the Green Dragons no longer held back and finally took action.

    Monstrous attacks, like a storm, poured out towards the enemies in front of them.

    Under the Green Dragon's attack, the strongest battalions that had previously topped the three armies were just like common chickens and dogs.

    A slap incited one to fly, a kick overturned a group of them.

    On the other hand, the Flying Eagle Battle Team, however, could not even break the defenses of Ye Yuyan and the others.

    This was not a battle at all, but a one-sided crushing.

    Looking at the scene in front of them, everyone there went crazy.

    Among the crowd, there was even someone, who directly shouted out in shock!

    "Fuck, I'm going to fuck, right?"

    "These people, they're fucking perverts, aren't they!"

    "The championship team, and they're getting hung like dogs by a green dragon?"

    Han Ping stared, Zhu Rong couldn't believe it, and the entire crowd was stunned.

    All along, that so-called Flying Eagle Squad had been hanging by a green dragon!

    Not to mention fighting back, you can't even make a move.

    As for the Green Dragon, it was completely torturing dogs!

    "Is this the trash that Lin Qinghe was talking about?"

    "Is this the sludge that was expelled from the Edo Military District?"

    "If that's trash, what's a flying eagle, isn't it, worse than trash?"

    In the crowd, someone trembled and said.

    Even these onlookers were like this, not to mention Lin Qinghe who was a Flying Eagle instructor.

    The moment he saw the Green Dragon reveal its power, Lin Qinghe was directly confused.

    How could he have never imagined that the Green Dragon was so strong?

    What's more, he never expected that the Flying Eagle he was so proud of would be like a useless dog in front of the Green Dragon!

    "This...How is this possible?"

    "Ye Fan is just a bratty punk, how could he train such a team?"

    "No way, that's never possible!"

    Even now, Lin Qinghe didn't want to believe the scene before him.

    He would never think that Ye Fan, a nobody, could train a few unarmed people into such a strong person in such a short period of time?

    One must know that Flying Eagle's success today was also due to cultivating the secretary left behind by Lan Chen.

    And Green Dragon, what exactly did he rely on?

    While everyone was trembling at the majesty of the Green Dragon's strength, Ye Fan was calm.

    Ye Fan wasn't surprised at the result before him.

    Perhaps, it was only a few months since he created the Green Dragon.

    However, during this period of time, Ye Fan not only let them cultivate the Green Dragon Body Refining Determination, but also had his own grandmother prepare a medicinal formula and let them take medicinal baths day and night to consolidate their strength.

    It could be said that the physical strength of Tai Shan and the others nowadays had already exceeded that of ordinary people by several times.

    Therefore, Ye Fan didn't need to teach them the secret techniques.

    It should be known that the Green Dragon Body Tempering Technique was created by Ye Fan based on the Dragon God Physique, even if it was a weakened version, it was already an unattainable powerful secret technique for ordinary people.

    Coupled with the secret recipe prepared by his own grandmother, it undoubtedly made the Green Dragon's strength advance even more by leaps and bounds.

    Under such circumstances, how could a trained Green Dragon squad be compared to a rat like Lin Fan!

    As for that Violent Blood Technique, it was just a small path in the end in front of Ye Fan's Green Dragon Body Refining Determination.

    Thus, from the very beginning, Ye Fan knew that this so-called Flying Eagle Battle Team was simply unbearable in front of the Green Dragon.

    "It's okay."

    "Stop playing around, finish them off with one move."

    Suddenly, from the front of the battlefield, came the cold voice of Ye Yuyan's command.

    At this time, Ye Yuyan had already disengaged from the battle and was standing on the side with a blank expression.

    There was also no need for him to make a move, now that the flying eagle had been beaten to the point of being half crippled, any one among the green dragons would be able to take care of it.



    "This last strike, leave it to me."

    This kind of pretend highlight moment, Li Ziyang naturally would not let go.

    He laughed loudly, while his feet stepped on the earth and soared into the sky.

    Everyone could only see that under the Heavenly River, Li Ziyang's body soared into the air as if a great roc spread its wings, and with a beautiful whirlwind leg, he swept the remaining three people of the Flying Eagle straight away.

    Bang bang bang~.

    Three booms in succession, and three lines of demonic blood were then spewed out between the void.

    As for the three Flying Eagles, they were all like useless dogs, slicing through the heavens and earth and hitting the ground hard.

    Each of them had been kicked in the face, and their facial bones were shattered in half.



    "Bastards, how dare you do such a cruel thing, you beasts?"

    Seeing the flying eagles that he had carefully trained, all of them were beaten beyond recognition.

    At that moment, Lin Qinghe's heart was almost dripping blood.

    He had an eventful face, Jairus' vicious voice, and he shouted over and over again in this part of the world, cursing angrily at Ye Yuyan and the others.

    However, no one responded.

    The Qinglong crowd just stood there indifferently after disabling the Flying Eagle, looking down condescendingly at the dying Lin Fan and also at the red-eyed Lin Qinghe.

    "Vice Commander Lin, how is it?"

    "Now, do you still think that I, Green Dragon, am a waste rat?"

    "Now, will you admit that you are blind?"

    The cold laughter slowly echoed.

    At this moment, Ye Yuyan and the others only felt that the breath that had been suppressed in their hearts for a long time had finally been vomited out, and their entire body felt much more refreshed and smooth.

    The surrounding crowd, however, was even more silent for a long time.

    Han Ping and the others, looking at the majestic and unstoppable Flying Eagle Battle Team just a moment ago, but now they were lying on the ground dying, at that moment, they only felt a great irony!

    The strongest battle team of the Three Armies was vulnerable to the Green Dragon?

    This was not only an insult to the Jiangdong Defense Zone, it was also an insult to their Jiangbei, to the southwest, and to all defense zones.

    This slap was undoubtedly a slap on everyone's face.

    "I never thought that this Green Dragon Battle Team, which has only been established for a few months, would be so capable?"

    "It seems that this Junior Instructor is afraid that he is truly extraordinary."

    Han Ping gloomed and whispered in a deep voice.

    The rest of the several defense zone instructors undoubtedly had ugly old faces as well.

    Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined that the Green Dragon Battle Team, which they had worked together to drive away just now, had ended up routing the championship team.

    Moreover, it was still an overwhelming advantage, a lopsided rampage that ended the battle.

    Such a result undoubtedly made this Military Region Competition, a complete joke!


Chapter 1218

And, along with the humiliation, there was also their group of instructors.

    After all, if today's incident were to spread out, the world would probably have to think that they, the highly respected Defense Zone Instructors, were worse than a teenager.

    Thinking of this, it was no wonder that their faces, the faces of these instructors, could look good.

    But while Han Pingding's old face was gloomy, Lin Qinghe was busy running over and rushed to Han Pingding's aid, "Instructor Han, these people trespassed into the defense zone, and now they're making a fuss about the competition's heavy ground."

    "You guys can't just watch like this ah?"

    "According to the zone discipline, they should be punished severely."

    "Especially the men of the Green Dragon, who are already wearing the guilt, but now they have even severely injured my generals, they deserve to die."

    "They must not be taken lightly, they must be taught a lesson!"

    Lin Qinghe spoke viciously, hoping that Han Ping, Zhu Rong and the others would make a move to capture Ye Fan as well as the Green Dragon.

    However, Han Ping and the others didn't have much of a grudge against Ye Fan, so naturally, they couldn't saber-rattling them just because Lin Qinghe said so.

    Therefore, Han Ping reassured from the side, "Commander Lin, calm down."

    "This Qinglong may be at fault, but they are only following orders, so if you want to hate, you should hate the person who gave the order to Qinglong, there is no need to take your anger out on them."

    "But Instructor Han, are you going to just let them make a scene in the Jiangbei Defense Zone?Letting them hurt people?You have to know that my Jiangdong's Flying Eagle Squad was crippled by them."Lin Qinghe naturally heard that Han Ping didn't want to clash with Ye Fan, but he was reluctant and fought for it again.

    "Commander Lin, don't worry about this.Naturally, we won't sit idly by on this matter and will give you an explanation."

    Han Ping patted Lin Qinghe's shoulder and reassured in a low voice.

    After saying that, Han Ping walked towards Ye Fan's direction.

    "You're Ye Fan?"

    "The junior who was expelled from the Jiangdong Defense Zone?"

    After arriving in front of Ye Fan, Han Ping sized up the young man in front of him with interest and asked Ye Fan in a condescending tone.

    After all, no matter how powerful Ye Fan was, he was only a junior in front of them.

    Naturally, they wouldn't be so courteous and polite to Ye Fan.

    However, what made Han Ping a little unhappy was that after he asked, this Ye Fan didn't even look at him, let alone take care of him!

    Han Ping frowned at the sight of this and spoke in a much colder tone, "Looking at you, you shouldn't know me yet?"

    "Also, you're a junior, you haven't seen much of the world, it's normal that you don't know me."

    "Today, I'll condescend and introduce myself to you."

    "Remember, I am the Chief Instructor of the Jiangbei Defense Zone, Han Ping, who holds the rank of Lieutenant General."

    "Han Ping?"When Ye Fan heard this, he raised his head, his eyebrows rippling slightly.

    Han Ping smiled proudly in his heart, thinking that Ye Fan had heard of his name.

    After all, his Han Ping's popularity in the army was definitely not small, and it was normal that this Ye Fan would be so shocked and surprised after hearing it.

    While Han Ping was feeling smug, Ye Fan's next words, however, nearly killed him.

    "Sorry, didn't hear it."Ye Fan coldly returned.


    Han Ping was so angry that his old face was blue, or maybe it was because of his anger, and his hands were crackling with pinching.


    "You bastard, you've never even heard of Instructor Han Ping, you have no shame yourself, but instead you take it as pride?"

    "You're really ignorant and fearless."At this time, Zhu Rong who was on the side couldn't listen anymore, but came out and scolded Ye Fan in an angry voice.

    Just when Zhu Rong still wanted to continue his rebuke, but Han Ping extended his hand and stopped him.

    Then, Han Ping continued to look at Ye Fan and said coldly, "For the sake of your youth and ignorance, this instructor will not punish you for the crime of disrespect."

    "However, after you trespassed into my Jiangbei Defense Zone first and instructed your men to injure soldiers in our army, according to military discipline, this general can directly punish you on the spot!"

    "However, in treating juniors, this instructor has always been benevolent and righteous."

    "Therefore, after a few of our instructors have discussed the matter, we have decided to spare your death sentence."

    "However, go over there first and honestly apologize to Commander Lin for your mistake, then compensate the Flying Eagle members for their medical expenses."

    "As long as Commander Lin can forgive you, we'll let you go in peace today."

    "As for Qinglong, stay in Jiangbei and have nothing to do with you in the future.They will be taught by me, Han Ping, personally."

    "They are all some good seedlings, following you would be a mistake and a profligate waste.Staying in Jiangbei is the best place for them."

    "Do you remember what I've said?"

    Han Ping stood with a negative hand, his majestic and stiff words slowly echoing in the world here.

    The low and deep words were even more as if they were an order to Ye Fan, not to be questioned in any way.



    And when he heard this, Ye Fan suddenly laughed.

    That laughter was loud and clear, like the sound of gravel crushing.The laughter was filled with ridicule and mockery.

    "What are you laughing at, you bastard?"

    "A few of our instructors are generous enough to spare your life, but you don't know how to give thanks, and you're still here clamoring and laughing?"

    "I think you really don't want to live!"

    Ye Fan's laughter undoubtedly infuriated Han Ping.

    At this time, Han Ping clenched his palms and Zhu Rong didn't hold back, and even directly scolded Ye Fan with anger.

    In response, however, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "I'm laughing at your stupidity and your naivety!"

    "Not to mention, you bunch of Gryphons can't hurt me.The mere idea of you guys wanting to leave the Green Dragon behind is ridiculous!"

    "The Green Dragons were created by me alone, and all they have learned from me alone."

    "And what are you, who dare to speak so boldly here, trying to take my Green Dragons, for yourself?"

    "Shut up!"Zhu Rong shouted in anger, "Bastard, don't you give a damn!"

    "You made such a big mistake today, and it was a great gift to you that we let you go unharmed.But you don't know how to be grateful, and you're still here spouting nonsense and offending us."

    "I can tell you that the few of us who are able to hold the position of Chief Instructor of the Military District, which one of us does not have a skill."

    "Just like Instructor Han Ping, who comes from a clerical family, and whose uncle is ranked on the Yan Xia clerical list!"

    "And I, who rebuke the land of the Northwest, am known as the Northwest Tiger!"

    "There's also Instructor Lan Xing, who studied under a Shaolin monk, and is a master of Shaolin boxing!"

    "Which one of us is not to be insulted by a nobody like you?"

    "Those of you who are sensible, immediately get out and apologize to Commander Lin and then retreat from here."

    "Otherwise, then what happens to Lu Tianhe will be your ultimate end!"

Chapter 1219

In the defense zone, Zhu Rong sternly drank.The sound of anger echoed through the four corners of the world.

    And when Ye Fan heard this, his look was completely cold.

    In the end, Ye Fan's anger turned to laughter.

    "Northwest Fierce Tiger?"

    "A descendant of the clan?"

    "You guys are pretty awesome."

    "But so what?"

    "In the eyes of me, Ye Fan, this that you are proud of is not worth mentioning at all!"

    "Instead, you, a bunch of insects and rats, dare to threaten me."

    "Even if Ye Qingtian is here, he would definitely not dare to speak to this Dragon Lord in such a tone!"


    Still not afraid of Ye Jiangtian?

    Returning the Dragon Lord?

    "Fuck it, I'm going to fuck it up!"

    "Idiot bar this is~"

    Hearing these words from Ye Fan, Han Ping and the others were almost mad.

    One by one, they all looked at Ye Fan like idiots.

    They had never thought that Ye Fan, a brat, would be so arrogant and cocky.

    It was just as well to call them insects and rats, but now they even dared to blaspheme General Ye?

    "Little beast, I think you really don't want to live!"

    "In that case, why should we keep you?"Zhu Rong's old face was gloomy, and the words of Mori quietly rang out.

    Not only Zhu Rong, the two instructors, Han Ping and Lan Xing, were also completely enraged by Ye Fan's arrogance and hubris.

    As they watched, Zhu Rong had lifted his feet and walked towards Ye Fan's direction.

    And, as Zhurong was getting closer and closer, the might on his body was also rising and lingering unceasingly.

    However, just as Zhu Rong was about to lash out at Ye Fan, only an angry shout rang out from behind him!

    "If you want to touch Instructor Chu, you'll have to go through us first!"

    Amidst the angry shouts, five figures one after another descended from the sky.

    It was indeed the crowd of Green Dragons who had severely injured Flying Eagle earlier and had come to protect him.


    "How dare you stop even this instructor?"

    "Now, as a general, I order you all to stand down immediately."

    Seeing the crowd of Green Dragons blocking the way, Zhu Rong's eyebrows sank and said in a cold voice.

    Qinglong and the others were nothing more than a group of captains, not even generals.Regardless of rank or seniority, they were far inferior to them.

    Therefore, Zhu Rong directly gave them a military order as a general!

    However, in the face of Zhu Rong's words, Ye Yuyan and the others, turned a deaf ear.

    Zhu Rong was undoubtedly even angrier at the sight of them, "What, you dare to disobey the military order?"

    Faced with Zhu Rong's threat, Qing Long responded to him with only one sentence, "There are no military orders in front of the instructor!"

    "You...You guys~"

    Zhirong saw the situation and was trembling with anger.

    Finally, he laughed, "Good, very good.A good instructor with no military orders in front of him, it looks like in your eyes, there's only this punk and no national military discipline."

    "Since you guys are so red-blooded and loyal, I'll do as you wish.On the road to the Yellow Spring, I'll let you accompany this brat together!"

    With a sneer, Zhu Rong's brows and eyes were icy cold, when he gave a low cry, "Red Phoenix, where is it?"


    The split second Zhu Rong's words fell, the Red Phoenix Battle Team that had been waiting here, but immediately rushed out and leapt in front of Zhu Rong.

    "Instructor Han, by now, do you still have to watch?"

    "Let's hurry up and do it together!"

    "This Green Dragon Battle Team is bizarre and abnormal, I'm afraid that just Red Phoenix's one battle team will be difficult to counteract."

    "The only way to kill that Green Dragon Rebellion in one fell swoop is for all the war teams in my major defense zones to join forces and attack together!"

    Seeing Red Phoenix on the move, Lin Qinghe immediately lobbied Han Ping and Lan Xing.

    These two instructors looked at each other before nodding their heads heavily and saying, "It's a pity that a bunch of good seedlings, I just didn't expect that they would be brainwashed by this Ye Fan."

    "This group of treacherous disciples, no matter how talented they are, there's really no need to keep them."

    "This time, incidentally, let's wipe them out together~"

    Han Ping shook his head and said, his words filled with compassion.

    After saying that, Han Ping's eyebrows chilled as he looked around, and in the end, he also drank in a cold voice, "Where is the poor wonder?"

    At the same time, Lan Xing, the chief instructor of the Northwest Defense Zone, looked frozen and also immediately shouted in a deep voice, "Black Tiger, where is it?"


    Just like this, under Han Ping's orders, the special battle teams of the three garrison areas, however, converged their fronts.

    "Ere, listen to the order!"

    "Green Dragon Battle Team, treacherous and sinful."

    "Not only did they disrupt my defense zone competition, but they also maimed their comrades and disobeyed their superiors."

    "Now, I hereby order you to capture the five of the Green Dragons, on the spot."

    "If you resist, kill them on sight!"


    The sound of majestic fury was like rolling thunder, echoing here.

    Subsequently, the three battle teams of Poor, Black Tiger, and Red Phoenix all heard the order to attack and surround and kill the Green Dragon.

    Not only them, even the Flying Eagle, who had just been severely injured by Tai Shan and the others, had a few lesser injuries, stood up and joined the team that surrounded and killed the Green Dragon.


    "Green Dragon, your time to die has come."

    "As powerful as you guys are, do you still have the strength to fight against the entire Yan Xia Defense Zone with your own strength?"

    Seeing that all the major defense zones were attacking as much as they could to surround and kill the Green Dragon.

    Lin Qinghe laughed in a sardonic voice, full of gloom and doom.

    As for Han Ping and the others, they might have some pity in their hearts, but they had no choice.

    Originally, Han Ping had planned to take the Green Dragon under his command and have them worship the Jiangbei Defense Zone and be under his command.

    But unfortunately, Ye Yuyan and the others were so stubborn that they said such a treacherous thing as no military order in front of the instructor.

    Based on this sentence alone, Han Ping knew that these people of the Green Dragon were afraid that it would be difficult to tame them to his own men.

    Since they couldn't be obtained, let's destroy them.

    Just like that, the major defense district teams closed in on the Green Dragon.

    For a time, the Green Dragon teams, surprisingly, were in deep desperation on all sides!

    "It's not too late to regret now."

    "As long as you voluntarily leave Ye Fan's control, worship the Jiangbei Defense Zone, and respect me as your master.I will be able to spare your lives."

    At the last moment, Han Ping once again said to the crowd.


    "You old dog, you want us to honor you as our master?"

    "You deserve it too?"

    Faced with Han Ping's words, Li Ziyang directly scolded.

    "You guys~" Han Ping was so angry that his old face was livid, when he said, "Well, you guys really don't know how to live!"

    "I just don't know if you'll still be able to say such arrogant things when you're dead and dying later!"

    "Everyone, do it."

    "Kill the Green Dragon crowd, on the spot!"

    Han Ping was finally enraged by Li Ziyang and the others, and directly gave the order to kill the poor fighters and the others.

    "With these people, they want to kill us too?"

    "It's delusional!"

    At this time, deep in the middle of the wind and waves, Ye Yuyan, a cold voice.

    After that, her feet on the ground, her delicate body was like a swallow, soaring into the air, and then she directly leapt into the crowd of Green Dragon.

    Surrounding them, there were Li Ziyang, Tarzan, Ma Mingbo, Gao Dazhuang and other four people arching, while Ye Yuyan was in the middle of them, like the stars holding the moon.

    In the next moment, her red lips lightly opened, and her clear, cold voice resounded through the heavens and earth!

    "All of you Green Dragons, listen up."

    "Knot, combined formation!"

Chapter 1220


    With Ye Yuyan's order, the crowd only saw that the crowd of Green Dragons, when they changed a weird standing position.

    Two in the front, two in the back, and one in the middle.

    And then, all five of the Green Dragons sat down with their knees crossed, eyebrows closed, palms stretched vainly as if they were hugging the heavens and earth.

    In their mouths, they were even chanting.


    "What are these losers doing in a fight to the death?"

    "Is it possible to sit back and choose to give up the resistance and wait there to die?"

    Just as everyone was wondering about the strange behavior of the Green Dragon, suddenly, the four directions of heaven and earth, the wind was blowing.

    The sky, which was originally dark, was suddenly darkened.

    The rustling wind, as if it was a tornado, rolled in from all directions and swept away.

    Wherever the gale passed, sand and rocks flew away and storms filled the sky.

    What was even more bizarre was that even the sky darkened.

    Rolling black clouds obscured the sky.

    Between the sea of clouds, the sound of thunder could be heard vaguely.

    This heaven and earth was like boiling water, and the power of heaven and earth was wildly agitated, sweeping, gathering, and rushing.

    In the end, the monstrous power, as if by traction, towards the location of the five people of the Green Dragon, crazy infusion.

    At this time, the people of the Green Dragon were like a dried up sponge, crazily absorbing the dense power of heaven and earth outside.

    As far as the eye could see, the momentum of the five people of the Green Dragon was climbing wildly at a rate that was visible to the naked eye.

    It was as if it was a blazing fire, burning more and more.

    The terrifying aura was such that even Han Ping, an instructor who reigned supreme, couldn't help but tremble and shudder.

    "Damn it~"

    "Green Dragon and the others, what the hell are they doing?"

    "Why, would it explode with such terrifying strength?"

    Among the crowd, Lin Qinghe was full of gloom, cursing angrily with a black face.

    He had thought that the four special battle teams had closed in on Qinglong and that Tarzan and the others would only have to wait for death.

    But who would have thought that this group of brats still had cards to play.

    Moreover, the momentum was so great that they actually stirred up a change in heaven and earth.

    "Instructor Han, you're so knowledgeable, do you know what kind of move this is?"

    "It was able to cause the heavens and earth to mutate!"

    "Could it be, a staged blindfold?"

    Lin Qinghe and the others asked Han Ping.

    Han Ping was silent, an old face expressionless and gloomy as water.With his eyes staring dead ahead, it was obvious that he couldn't see what kind of tactics it was.

    Even they who were instructors were like this, not to mention the major defense teams in the grounds that were besieging the Green Dragon.

    The moment they felt the majestic might emanating from the five people of the Green Dragon, the members of Poor Qi, Red Phoenix and the other squads trembled, their faces pale.

    Thus, in the midst of this might, they actually felt, a deadly threat!

    "Not good~"

    "It's the Combination Formation!"

    After a long period of silence, Han Ping seemed to finally see the suspicion, and his appearance changed, when he said in shock.

    "Looking at this might, I'm afraid it's extremely powerful."

    "Once it's displayed, the consequences are unthinkable!"

    "Quickly, we'll immediately take action to interrupt their stamina."

    "Never let them finish saving their strength!"

    Han Ping was also aware of the severity of it, after all, the formation made even their hearts tremble as they looked at it.

    This was still just the accumulation stage, once the accumulation was complete and the combined formation was instantly struck, wouldn't the poor, red phoenix and other battle teams have their lives at stake?

    So, whether it was for self-preservation or to shelter their student subordinates, they had to strike as soon as possible and crush the Green Dragon directly before it finished saving its strength!

    "But Instructor Han, wouldn't it be a laughing stock for the three of us to go out and deal with a bunch of juniors, if word got out?"

    Zhu Rong and Lan Xing, however, were a bit hesitant.

    They didn't personally take action against Qinglong before, just because of their status and face.

    After all, no matter how strong Qinglong and the others were, they were still a bunch of juniors, and the few of them, who were highly respected and noble as the Chief Instructor of the Defense Zone, naturally couldn't let go of their status to personally deal with Ye Yuyan and the others.

    "What the hell time is it, and you're still worried about these faces and false names?"

    "Do you think it's your own face that matters, or the lives of Red Phoenix, Poor Man, and dozens of others?"

    "I can tell you without exaggeration, once the Green Dragon is allowed to put this Combination Technique on display, Red Phoenix and the others, I'm afraid their lives will be in danger!"


    Han Ping's words completely frightened Zhu Rong and Lan Xing.

    The Red Phoenix, Poor Qi and other battle teams were their life's work, and their greatest pride.

    Naturally, they couldn't see their life's work destroyed in the hands of the Green Dragon!


    "In that case, let's do it quickly."

    "Interrupt the Green Dragon~"

    In the face of life and death danger, Zhu Rong and the others couldn't care less about their face after all.

    These three instructors made a quick decision and immediately took action against Qinglong!

    However, just as the three great instructors were preparing to charge in the direction of where the green dragon was, a figure flashed by.

    Immediately afterwards, Ye Fan's thin and slim body was in front of them!

    "A couple of instructors, where are we going with this?"

    "People fighting below, you General Instructors, are you still trying to ignore your status and take a secret shot at me, Green Dragon?"

    Ye Fan put his hands in his pockets and smiled faintly.

    The lowly words were filled with contempt and defiance.

    "Stinker, get out of our way!"

    "If you want to die, I'll deal with you later."

    "I don't have time for your bullshit right now!"

    Zhu Rong was eager to save others, and as soon as Ye Fan's words fell, he struck a palm towards Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan didn't dodge and carried Zhu Rong's palm stiffly.


    However, in the next moment, looking at Ye Fan who was not moving like a mountain under his palm, Zhu Rong's face, immediately changed greatly.

    He didn't expect that the flesh perversion of the Green Dragon's group was just that, but this Ye Fan's flesh was also so strong?

    I can't believe I didn't get hurt by his slap!

    In between his face changed greatly, Zhu Rong closed his palm and retreated more than ten meters in succession, afraid that this Ye Fan would counterattack and quickly close the distance between him.

    At the same time, he looked at Han Ping.

    "Damn it, Old Han, Lan Xing, this son is weird."

    "I alone, I'm afraid it will be difficult to subdue him in a short time!"

    "I suggest that the three of us join forces and directly exterminate this sub with a thunderbolt."

    "Then, go ahead and rescue him."

    Zhu Rong said in a deep voice.

    Han Pingping nodded at the words, "Good!"

    "Just as you said, the three of us will join forces."

    "Quick and easy!"

    "With the strongest blow, kill it in one move!"

    As soon as the three of them were on the same page, they whirled around and temporarily gave up on the idea of interrupting the Green Dragon's energy storage, and instead turned around to attack Ye Fan with all their might.

    In a split second, everyone could see that these three instructors all stepped on the ground, like a poisonous snake coming out of a hole, in the shape of a half moon, and closed around Ye Fan.

    At the same time, their might all exploded, and their blood and qi flowed beneath their bodies, and their whole person's momentum, in an instant, climbed to the extreme.

    And then, a powerful and incomparable move burst out!


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