Dish Best Served Cold 1211-1215


A Dish Best Served Cold Chapter 1211

Although at this point, it would be disgraceful to brutally beat a person who was unarmed.

    But the current Lin Qinghe couldn't care less about the loss of face.

    Right now, he only wanted to vent his anger!

    Just like this, he kicked Lu Tianhe several times in a row, before Lin Qinghe stopped.

    At this time, Lu Tianhe's entire body was dying as he fell into a pool of blood, his body twitching slightly.

    Han Pingping's attack just now had undoubtedly caused extremely heavy injuries to him.

    At this moment, a few soldiers from Jiangbei, feeling intolerant, ran over to inquire whether or not to send General Lu to the doctor.

    "Send what to the doctor?"

    "Let him lie here."

    "Don't worry, this land is thick-skinned, it's not that easy to die!"

    Lin Qinghe directly snapped in a cold voice, dismissing these people who had come to plead for Lu Tianhe's mercy.

    "Alright, alright, enough time has been delayed."

    "Now that Qinglong has been driven out of Jiangdong and Lu Tianhe has been subdued, it's time for the match to proceed normally."

    Just like this, with the fall of Lu Tianhe, the gazes of the crowd fell on this match once again.

    As for Lu Tianhe, however, no one cared.

    It was just like that, lying alone on the firm ground, not knowing if he was alive or dead.

    Naturally, Ye Fan had no idea about what was happening here.

    The current him was still sitting on the final preparations for the Cloud Dao Heaven's Ultimate Formation.

    According to Ye Fan's plan, in a short while, he would officially start constructing the formation!

    However, after these months of consideration, Ye Fan decided to once again add an auxiliary formation in the land of Yanjing to shelter the Xu family!

    "When the time comes, if the Yunzhou Formation is completed, it will be able to hook up the three places and connect the north and south."

    "Yunzhou will be the main focus, with Jingzhou and Yanjing as supplements."

    "Three great defensive formations, sheltering my Ye Fan family and friends!"

    "It's just that if I go and really don't return, Rae and Mu Orange and the others will also have a place to settle down in a pure land.In the face of danger, there is also a back way to retreat."

    At the summit of Cloud Peak, looking at the mansion that was already taking shape in front of him, Ye Fan whispered in his heart.

    With deep brows, what he saw was not the sizeable land in front of him, but the endlessly unknown future.

    Perhaps it was the many years of living in crisis that had already made Ye Fan cultivate the habit of planning ahead for the future.

    The grudge he had with the Chu family would eventually have to go and end it.

    But before he left, he also had to give his family and friends a good way out.

    Previously, Ye Fan thought that as long as he made Mu Orange strong enough, she would be able to not be afraid of danger.

    So, Ye Fan gave Mu Orange a hundred billion group, an iron Jiangdong, and cultivated Li Er, Lei and other loyal "veterans".

    The first barrier Ye Fan gave to Qiu Mu orange was a hundred billion group and a province's powerful bigwigs.

    Once upon a time, Ye Fan thought that with these, Qiu Mu Orange and the others would be able to securely stay in Jiangdong and rest easy.

    However, the previous Jiangdong calamity had awakened Ye Fan.

    Only after experiencing that calamity did Ye Fan understand that these foundations he had left to Mu Orange might be able to ward off the dangers of the mundane world.

    However, in the face of the dangers of the Martial Realm, this barrier was so fragile, it was unbearable!

    Otherwise, it wouldn't have allowed Lu Mingfeng and Xu Shaohua, two people who relied on just one strong Zongshi, to almost overthrow Ye Fan's industry in Jiangdong.

    Even the entire Ye family had almost suffered a blood bath!

    Therefore, in order to resist the threat of the martial dao powerhouse, Ye Fan had to build another Cloud Dao Heaven Extinguishing Formation.

    Once this formation was completed, even a strong Ancestor would no longer be able to threaten Ye Fan's family and friends in the slightest!

    Even for a title grandmaster, it was by no means an overnight task to break this Cloud Dao Heavenly Destruction Formation.

    Of course, it was only the Cloud Prefecture Formation that was so effective.

    With the auxiliary formations in Jingzhou and Yanjing, the defensive effectiveness would naturally be greatly reduced.

    However, at a critical moment, it could also have a life-saving miracle effect!

    If it's not possible, just let them urgently retreat to Yunzhou at the moment of crisis.

    However, just as Ye Fan was losing his mind, there was suddenly a clamor at the bottom of Cloud Peak Mountain.


    "What's wrong?"

    "What's all the hubbub about?"

    Ye Fan frowned and drank with some displeasure.

    This Genting Mountain Villa's project was related to Ye Fan's great work, and now that someone was disturbing it, Ye Fan was naturally unhappy.

    "Mr. Chu, a group of young people are causing a disturbance."

    "Insisting on barging in, we couldn't stop them."

    "A few of my brothers have been injured by them."

    At this moment, the person in charge of the Genting Mountain Villa Project was reporting to Ye Fan with a lot of trepidation.

    Hearing this, Ye Fan's eyebrows were completely cold, and there was coldness flashing over his clear face.

    "Take me over."

    Four short words, but there was an endless coldness contained within them.

    It could be imagined what kind of anger Ye Fan carried under those four words!

    It seemed that Ye Fan was about to move to kill.

    However, before this project manager could bring Ye Fan over, only a few screams could be heard coming from the bottom of the mountain.

    Then, four or five security guards were thrown up like dogs from the bottom of the mountain.

    The coldness in Ye Fan's eyebrows intensified as he saw this.

    Just when Ye Fan was about to get angry, the Green Dragon crowd, however, rushed up from the bottom of the mountain.Then, the dusty five people appeared in Ye Fan's sight.



    "Why you guys?"

    "Didn't I ask you guys to go with Lu Tianhe to compete in Jiangbei, so why did you come back?"

    Seeing the Green Dragon crowd, Ye Fan was shocked.

    The original full of anger, immediately turned into full of doubt.

    However, it was good that Ye Fan didn't mention this, but when he did, the crowd of Green Dragons, who were already full of grievances, actually pounced and kneeled down to Ye Fan in unison.

    Tears, uncontrollably, flowed down.


    "Instructor Chu, please give me the go-ahead!"

    Ye Yuyan's eyebrows and eyes were red, kneeling and serving again, tears like slipping pearls, gurgling down.

    Not only Ye Yuyan, but also such brown men as Tarzan and Gao Dazhuang were wiping their tears in front of Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan was like a teacher to them, like a father!

    Therefore, in front of Ye Fan, they naturally didn't need to suppress their emotions, their full of grievances into anger, all of them vented out the moment they saw Ye Fan.

    "Instructor Chu, he...They, bullying people too much~"

    "Bullying is too much~"

    Li Ziyang and the others sighed long and sadly, and spoke with a tremor.

    Perhaps because of anger, or perhaps because they were suffocating, Li Ziyang and the others, their entire bodies were trembling.

    "Don't worry, speak slowly, what exactly happened?"

    "Don't worry, I'll take care of the sky for you guys."

    "That is, if you poke the sky, I'll make it up for you just the same."

    What is domineering?

    That's domination!

    What is confidence?

    That's confidence!

    How could Ye Fan, so young, be able to intimidate the four corners of the country and make the people of Jiangdong kneel in submission?To make the Green Dragons swear to follow him?

    It's not the family, it's not the background, it's the dominance and confidence!

    With just a few words, the frightened hearts of Green Dragon and the others found leaning and sustenance.A sense of peace and stability.

Chapter 1212

"Instructor Chu, it's...It's Lin Qinghe, they are bullying people too much."

    "He colluded with the Jiangbei Garrison and used despicable means to get the organizers to disqualify our participation."

    Li Ziyang gritted his teeth and said, his words filled with intense anger.

    Perhaps, they were indeed the people who had been expelled from the Jiangdong Garrison Defense Zone.However, among the rules of the competition, there was no stipulation that those who were expelled were not allowed to participate.

    What's more, they had already withdrawn from the Jiangdong Defense Zone, and this time, they were fighting as Yanjing's representative team, no longer having anything to do with the Jiangdong Defense Zone, this so-called reason for the ban was nonsense.

    It is clear that Lin Qinghe used his connections to collude with the organizer, Jiangbei Defense Zone, to deliberately expel them from the competition.

    If it was really a violation of the rules, it would have been just as well if the Green Dragons were not allowed to participate.

    However, Lin Qinghe's despicable tactics to disqualify them from the competition was intolerable.

    At the summit of Cloud Peak, Li Ziyang and the others were pouring out their grievances to Ye Fan, recounting what had happened.

    Ye Fan's appearance undoubtedly grew colder and colder.

    Hearing the end, the coldness in Ye Fan's eyebrows was even closer to being thick to the extreme.

    On top of his clear face, however, there was a monstrous killing intent that could not be concealed.

    "Where is Lu Tianhe?"

    "Where are the others?"

    Ye Fan suppressed his anger and asked with an expressionless face.

    Wang Dongsheng beside him quickly replied, "Instructor Chu, General Lu he hasn't come back, he's still in Jiangbei."


    "It seems he still knows that he doesn't have the face to come back to see me."

    Now that the Green Dragon had come out of this stall, Lu Tianhe naturally couldn't get away with it either.

    At least, the impression of being incompetent and cowardly was burned into Ye Fan's heart.

    "Go, follow me to Jiangbei."

    "This time, I will personally go there."

    "I'd like to see who still dares to bully you."

    Ye Fan made a quick decision and immediately decided to head to Jiangbei along with Qinglong.

    Enduring humiliation is never Ye Fan's doing.

    Revenge will be avenged, that's the nature of a man!

    Just like this, the Qinglong crowd that had just returned to Yunzhou, along with Ye Fan, drove back to Jiangbei once again.

    "Instructor Chu, after you go there, don't be impulsive."

    "The instructors of the major defense zones can be there, and the Jiangbei Defense Zone still has hundreds of thousands of soldiers stationed there."On the way, Wang Dongsheng was worried, but he was successively advised.

    "So what?"

    "The Green Dragon was created by me, Ye Fan, so I won't allow others to bully it!"

    "If they discern right from wrong and promptly apologize and admit their mistakes, I will be able to spare them."

    "But if they still don't know whether they are dead or alive, then don't blame me, Ye Fan's Seven-Footed Green Blade, for being ruthless!"


    The wheels sped, and a luxury car left Yunzhou, heading towards the land north of the river.

    Outside, the cold wind was biting.

    The sound of the wind, but the words of Ye Fan, shattered!

    However, the chill in Ye Fan's words still made Wang Dongsheng and the others, chill at the sound of it.



    During the time that the Qinglong crowd was returning to Yunzhou, the Jiangbei competition was in full swing.

    At first, many people believed that this year's champion team, without any surprises, was bound to be the Jiangbei Military Region's poor team again.

    After all, the land of Jiangbei was a place of great talent and strong martial arts, and many of the strongest people in Yan Xia were from Jiangbei.

    It was because of this, in all the previous Defense Zone Competitions, the Jiangbei Defense Zone's teams were the favorites to win the championship.

    The poor team, even more so, had ruled such competitions for nearly ten years.

    For three consecutive years, they were champions!

    It was known as the strongest special battle team in Yan Xia.

    And that is exactly what happened, just the first day of the first match, the poor team will be overwhelmingly defeated by the Northwest Defense Zone, the Red Phoenix team!

    Hit a nice opening.


    "As expected, a master teacher brings out the best disciples ah."

    "Instructor Han is majestic, and the team this has brought out is so strong."

    "This is almost like pressing the Red Phoenix from start to finish."

    After the first battle was over, Lin Qinghe was all smiles and congratulated Han Ping.

    Han Ping waved his hand and humbly said, "Hey, you can't say that."

    "It's mainly my group of boys who are well-talented."

    "Like that captain of mine, Huang Shaotian, but a descendant of the Jiangbei Huang family!"

    "The Huang family has been practicing martial arts for generations, and under the family's ear, Shao Tian's martial arts talent is naturally demonic."

    "I reckon that Shaotian's future achievements will be far superior to mine."

    "Maybe even, comparable to the Military God, Long Bachuan?"

    In every era, there was an iconic figure in the military who was sought after and worshipped as a model.

    In the past, this person was the God of War, Ye Qingtian.

    Now, that person is Long Bachuan!

    After all, although Ye Qingtian was from the military district, he had already transcended the military district.Therefore, in the military district, there was naturally another need for a strong person to replace Ye Qingtian's position.

    And Long Baichuan was the one to replace Ye Qingtian in the military in this era.

    "Alright, Commander Lin, the next battle is your Flying Eagle Squad."

    "Cheer up~"

    "I am hoping, however, to meet your team in the final round."

    "When that time comes, we'll be in Jiangbei and Jiangdong, duking it out!"

    Han Ping exchanged polite pleasantries.

    Since it was polite, there was naturally nothing genuine about it.

    After all, based on past performance, the best result for Jiangdong's team was only the third best in the whole army.

    Now, with so many changes in Jiangdong, the Chief Instructor of the Defense Zone two standing and two ruined, one killed and the other directly expelled, the Flying Eagles squad born under such ups and downs, Han Ping naturally wouldn't be optimistic.

    Even Han Ping reckoned that the team at the bottom of this year's list was this Flying Eagle.

    The truth, however, was beyond Han Ping's expectations.

    In the afternoon match that day, the Flying Eagles even turned the tables against the odds, and after a long battle, they turned defeat into victory.

    The previous year's runner-up team, the Southwest Defense Region's Black Tiger Battle Team blew out cold and was directly eliminated by the Flying Eagles.

    "I'm going!"


    "Haha, Commander Lin, you're a remarkable Flying Eagle, this turnaround is extremely beautiful, the potential is unlimited."

    "Even the Black Tiger was defeated by you~"

    "Looks like the runner-up team this time is you."

    After this battle ended, many people came over to congratulate Lin Qinghe.

    After all, the performance of the Flying Eagle Battle Team was truly a sight to behold.

    Lin Qinghe smiled without saying a word, but no one knew the caracal smile in his heart.

    "This is just the beginning."

    "Just wait and see, my Flying Eagle Battle Squad will completely shake the entire army!"

Chapter 1213

As expected, the game developed just as Lin Qinghe had imagined, and the Flying Eagles completely exploded in the following game.

    Passing five hurdles and killing six generals, they made it all the way to the final of the group battle.

    Especially in the last battle, when the Flying Eagles took off the tens of kilograms of sandbags tied to their bodies, everyone present was trembling.

    They had never thought that this Flying Eagle crowd, who had fought the previous battle, would all be weight-bearing.

    However, even so, they still made it to the finals.

    Now, when the shackles were taken off, how strong would this Flying Eagles squad be?

    The crowd no longer dared to think further.

    The poor fighters on the platform, watching this scene, were all terrified and trembling as well.

    There would be no more suspense as to what would happen next!

    When the shackles faded, the overall strength of the Flying Eagles once again ascended to a new level.

    In the face of their offensive, even the champion team Poor Qi, who had ruled the game for nearly ten years, was defeated.

    In the end, the Flying Eagles completely rebelled and took the team battle championship, creating the history of the Jiangdong Defense Zone.

    But that wasn't all.

    After taking the team battle championship, the following individual challenge, the members of the Flying Eagles Battle Team, also performed extremely brightly.

    Captain Lin Fan, in particular, crossed five hurdles along the way, cutting down six generals and winning ten battles like no one else.

    In the end, with absolute superiority, he took the championship of the Individual Challenge.

    And, what was even more horrifying for the crowd to rush to was that the Flying Eagles not only took the group championship, but even the individual challenge, the members of the Flying Eagles also took the top three.

    This year's Special Forces Competition had almost become a solo show for the Flying Eagles.

    With their unrivaled sharpness and devastating momentum, they shook the three armies and drew the attention of thousands of people.

    "Commander Lin, congratulations."

    "I never thought that Jiangdong would give birth to such a strong team under your leadership?"

    "After today, Flying Eagle, will be the strongest war team in the army!"

    "It's true that if you don't tweet, you're going to fly."

    "If you don't fly, you'll be flying."

    "Commander Lin, the Flying Eagles you lead, it's not an exaggeration to say that they're terrifying the entire army~"

    After three days and two nights of fighting, this military competition had undoubtedly come to a complete end.

    No one had expected that the Flying Eagles, who had been anonymous before, would win the championship!

    After the rankings came out, Han Ping, Zhu Rong and other instructors congratulated Lin Qinghe.

    In the face of the congratulations, Lin Qinghe was so proud of himself that he could be said to be in high spirits.

    In the end, Lin Qinghe, on behalf of Jiangdong Defense Zone, took the champion's throne and gave a speech.

    On top of the platform, Lin Qinghe stood with his hands in the air, full of pride and aplomb.

    At this time Lin Qinghe, undoubtedly standing at the pinnacle of life, by countless people respect and worship.

    He stood proudly on the platform, looking around until his eyes fell on the dying Lu Tianhe who was lying on the ground not far away.

    Yes, he had been lying here for two days since Lu Tianhe had suffered a serious injury.

    During these two days, no one was interested in him.

    Like a stray dog, he was lying there, scraping by.

    Of course, there had been people who wanted to send Lu Tianhe to the hospital for treatment during this period, but they had all been drank back by Han Ping and Lin Qinghe.

    They had already had a gap with Lu Tianhe, and Lin Qinghe was even closer to being killed by him.Therefore, he naturally hated him with a passion, and naturally wouldn't let anyone save him, but rather let him watch here, to see how his Flying Eagle Squad, would ascend to the top of glory!"

    "How's that, Lu Tianhe?"

    "At first, in the middle of the defense zone, you called me and Commander Wu blind and ignorant and stupid."

    "But what was the result?"

    "The Green Dragon Battle Team that you speak of isn't even qualified to compete."

    "And my Flying Eagle, has already ascended to the top of the top, and the three armies are crowned."

    "After today, Flying Eagle, when the whole army is number one!"

    Beneath the Heavenly River, Lin Qinghe was in high spirits, condescendingly looking down at the dying breath of Lu Tianhe in the distance.

    The corners of his mouth curled up, and the smugness on his face was so thick?

    It was as if a triumphant general had returned, glorious and arrogant.

    However, at this moment of high glory for Lin Qinghe, a voice of laughter came coldly from outside the defense zone.

    "A bunch of ants and rats, how dare you presume to say that the three armies are crowned?"


    The wind was bitterly cold, raising the rustling of three thousand fallen leaves.

    In the split second that these words fell, the originally noisy and lively Jiangbei Garrison Area was suddenly quiet.

    Subsequently, an incomparably majestic aura of solemnity swept across the garrison defense area like a storm.

    Many of them, unconsciously, trembled.


    "What's wrong with this?"

    "What happened?"

    Just as the crowd was in panic, they heard a loud bang that shook the sky.

    Subsequently, the steel cast defense zone gate in front of them was actually kicked open directly by someone.

    Between the iron scraps flying, a thin figure of a teenager appeared in front of the crowd like this.

    Only, the instant he saw this person, on the high platform, Lin Qinghe, who was originally in high spirits, immediately changed color: "Ye Fan?"

    "Why him?"

    "How dare this jerk come here?"

    Among the Flying Eagle Battle Team, Lin Fan and the others were also trembling with surprise.

    Even Lu Tianhe, who was dying on the ground, the moment he saw Ye Fan, a pair of old eyes, without even realizing it, burst into old tears.

    He stretched out his hand with an effort and cried out miserably towards the direction where Ye Fan appeared.

    "Chu...Instructor Chu..."

    A few short words, but it was close to using up all of Lu Tianhe's life's strength.

    "General Lu?"

    "What's wrong with you?"

    "How did you get to be like this?"

    The moment Ye Fan led the Green Dragon into the Jiangbei Garrison, Ye Yuyan and the others, they saw the dying figure of Lu Tianhe.

    In panic, the crowd of Green Dragons ran over, angry and worried, and helped Lu Tianhe up from the ground.

    After seeing Lu Tianhe's injuries, Ye Yuyan's eyes, immediately turned red.

    "Teacher, who hurt you?"

    "Who is it?"

    "The student will definitely not let him go."

    Ye Yuyan's eyebrows and eyes reddened as she said angrily.

    However, the current Lu Tianhe was so badly injured that even though he opened his mouth, he didn't seem to have the strength to make any sound.

    "Ye Yuyan, you group of lost dogs, how dare you come back?"

    "Looks like I didn't teach you guys enough lessons before!"

    "Word to the wise, get out of here while we're in a good mood."

    "Otherwise, the end of this old thing will be the final destination for you all!"

    At this moment, a contemptuous laugh could be heard from not far away from Lin Fan.

    In the past, before joining the Flying Eagles again, Lin Fan might have been a bit afraid of this Ye Yuyan.

    But now, their Flying Eagles were already the strongest in the army, and they were naturally no longer afraid of a dog like Green Dragon, who had lost his family.

    And now even more so, they came out directly to provoke Ye Yuyan and the others!

Chapter 1214

Lin Fan's unbridled laughter quietly echoed in the defense zone.

    The current Lin Fan, who had just won the Individual Challenge, was in the limelight, and even his words were full of pride, and his gaze towards the Green Dragon crowd was full of contempt and disdain.

    It seemed that Lin Fan and the others really didn't have the Green Dragon crowd in their sights either.

    However, when she heard Lin Fan's words, Ye Yuyan's demeanor went cold.

    She raised her head and her pair of beautiful eyes were like ice daggers as she stared at Lin Fan in front of her like this, "So, the injuries on my teacher's body were caused by you?"

    "So what if it is?"

    "This old thing doesn't know how to live, but he dared to attack my father."

    "It's our great mercy that we didn't kill him."

    "Since he's your teacher, shouldn't you, as a student, kneel down and thank me, the Flying Eagle crowd, for not killing him?"


    Lin Fan put his hands in his pockets and spoke arrogantly and recklessly.

    In a few short words, it even caused the Flying Eagle members behind him to all laugh.

    "You...You..."Ye Yuyan was so angry that her petite body trembled and she was nearly unable to speak.

    And this appearance of hers undoubtedly made Lin Fan and the others even more proud of her.

    "You what you?"

    "I said Ye Yuyan, you don't still think you're Captain Qinglong, the jewel in the palm of my Jiangdong Defense Zone, do you?"

    "I'm telling you, you're nothing more than a lost dog right now."

    "And now, the one representing the Jiangdong Garrison is our Flying Eagle!"

    "A bunch of losers who have been expelled from the zone and still have the nerve to yell at me here?"

    "You deserve it too?"

    While Lin Fan and the others were sneering, Lin Qinghe, who was on the side, his gaze was on Ye Fan's body.

    "Stinky brat, last time in the Jiangdong garrison defense zone, you killed my defense zone instructor and messed up the discipline of my defense zone, Commander Wu was benevolent, so he didn't treat your crime and spared your life."

    "I didn't expect that it's only been a few days, but you still dare to appear?"

    "What? You're unrepentant and want to stand up for the Green Dragon again?Helping these losers under you find a scene?"

    "I'm telling you, this is not like Jiangdong!"

    "And now, with the chief instructors of the three main defense zones present and tens of thousands of troops stationed here, you can't be allowed to spread the word?"

    Lin Qinghe was full of cold smiles and threatened coldly at Ye Fan.


    "Commander Lin, could it be that this kid is the Chu instructor who was crippled in your Jiangdong Defense Zone?"

    "It's just a melon, isn't it?"

    "I'm too young to be my grandson."

    "By the way, such a yellow-haired kid, why did you guys let him be the chief instructor of Jiangdong?"

    "Isn't this nonsense?"

    Hearing Lin Qinghe's words, Han Pingren shook his head and laughed as he sized up Ye Fan.

    Lin Qinghe sighed, "Who says it isn't?"

    "I was also strongly opposed to it at first, but it's a joke that my martial commander didn't listen!"

    "But fortunately, we promptly hung back from the cliff, otherwise, we'd be afraid that this competition would be a big joke in Jiangdong."

    However, while Lin Qinghe and the others were full of ridicule, Ye Fan, who had been silent, after checking on Lu Tianhe's injuries, suddenly raised his head, looked at Lin Qinghe and the others in front of him, and asked in a deep voice, "Did you guys disqualify the Green Dragon from the competition?"

    "Lu Tianhe, also injured by you guys?"

    The ice-cold voice contained no emotion whatsoever.

    The hard tone was as if it was interrogating a prisoner.

    Han Ping's brows were furrowed with displeasure when he heard it.

    These people, either noble defense zone commanders, or instructors of the three armies, they were in high positions, and in their ordinary days, Mo was not high and respected, but for so many years, but rarely did anyone speak to them in such a tone.

    Therefore, as soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Lin Qinghe became furious, "Insolent!"

    "Bastard, you, an expelled man and a dog of the lost, dare to speak to us in such a tone?"

    "And you really don't know what you're talking about!"

    "Father, what's the nonsense with him?This kind of person won't shed a tear until he sees the coffin, just teach him a hard lesson.Wait for me to break his dog's legs and make him kneel down to confess his sins to his father!"At this time, however, Lin Fan volunteered to teach Ye Fan a lesson.

    In between the words, only this only son of Lin Qinghe walked in front of Ye Fan.

    He looked at Ye Fan and cursed in a cold voice, "Ye Fan, you killed my instructor Chen, and now you insulted my father."

    "Today, we'll settle our new and old grudges together."

    "Let's do it."

    Lin Fan said in a cold voice.

    "Just you?"

    "How dare a Gryphon rat dare to provoke me, Instructor Chu?"

    "You deserve it too?"

    "If you want to play, I'll play with you!"

    At this moment, only a cold laugh could be heard.Among the green dragons, Tarzan's feet stepped on the earth and leapt away, but he jumped out directly from the crowd and blocked in front of Lin Fan.


    However, after seeing Tarzan, Lin Fan snorted out a laugh right then and there.

    "Bunch of losers, you guys are down to protect your lord?"

    "However, I'm in a good mood today, so I'll give you guys a chance to protect your lord faithfully."

    "Let's do it this way, you green dragons are one piece, and it saves me from having to deal with them one by one, wasting time."

    Lin Fan waved his hand and said in a generous manner.

    "It's not necessary."

    "It's enough for me to deal with you alone."

    Tarzan shook his head and said back in a deep voice.

    Then, Tarzan's eyebrows were immediately icy cold, and his body exploded.Underneath his strong body, there was rushing qi and blood tumbling and rushing.


    Lin Fan saw the situation and sighed, "Tarzan, I gave you a chance, but you don't know how to cherish it."

    "If that's the case, then I'll be blamed for bullying the weak, Lin Fan."

    Lin Fan sneered, then stomped on the earth and leapt up.

    In just a few short moments, Lin Fan spanned a hundred meters and arrived directly in front of Mount Tai.

    Then, he waved his iron fist and struck a fatal blow to Tai Shan's chest with a thunderous momentum.


    As expected, there were no surprises.

    Lin Fan's punch steadily struck Tarzan.

    The surrounding crowd shook their heads and laughed lightly as they saw the situation.

    "The battle, by the looks of it, is over."

    Lin Fan, as the individual champion of this tournament, naturally attracted the attention of many people.

    Just now, they had seen how strong Lin Fan's fist and foot strength was.

    Earlier, there was no one on the arena who could survive Lin Fan's punch.

    Therefore, after seeing Tai Shan being hit by Lin Fan's punch, the crowd shook their heads, thinking that the fight was over and that even if Tai Shan didn't die, he would have a few broken ribs.

    However, while everyone was waiting for Tarzan to fall to the ground and groan under Lin Fan's punch, who would have thought that above the boxing ring, not only did Tarzan not show any pain, but he also smiled calmly.

    "With this much strength, you even presume to defeat me?"

    The laughter fell, and Tarzan backhandedly slapped the paste out.


    How loud this slap was.

    Lin Fan was directly smacked like a dog several meters away.


    "This.... how is this possible?"

    Seeing the scene before them, everyone present was horrified.

    Even Lin Qinghe was no longer able to remain calm, his old eyes, staring huge.

Chapter 1215

"No. .No way~"

    "How the fuck is that possible?"

    "The strongest of the four battle teams can't even break down each other's defenses?"

    The scene in front of them was a shock to everyone.

    They never expected that Lin Fan's punch just now hadn't shaken Mount Tai in the slightest?

    "Lin Fan, what are you doing?"

    "Give me your best shot!"

    "No need to take into account any feelings."

    "Even though, they were once your comrades in arms, now they are only your enemies."

    "I order you, don't hold back, immediately attack with all your might and break his legs for me."

    Lin Qinghe, however, didn't believe at all that anyone among the Green Dragons would be able to resist Lin Fan's fists.

    He only believed that it was because his son was careless and light-hearted and didn't strike with all his might.

    Therefore, he shouted in a deep voice and directly ordered Lin Fan to break Tai Shan's legs.

    "Yeah, Brother Fan, don't hold back."

    "Teach them a lesson in blood!"

    "Completely overwhelm them and let them see what our Flying Eagle Squad is capable of~"

    Behind him, the members of the Flying Eagle were also urging and shouting.

    However, at this time, Lin Fan couldn't hear Lin Qinghe's voice anymore.

    Today, his brain was blank.

    Everyone thought that he was careless and light-hearted just now, and only then was he caught by Tarzan.

    But God knows, how much force did Lin Fan use in that punch just now?

    However, Lin Fan himself didn't expect that his full strength strike would fail to shake Mount Tai in the slightest.

    That fist hitting Mount Tai was like hitting a ten thousand dwarf mountain.

    There had never been a moment that gave Lin Fan such a dense feeling of powerlessness.

    "I don't believe it!"

    "I don't believe it~"

    After a moment of trembling, Lin Fan, however, regained consciousness.

    He climbed up from the ground and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth with his hand while he roared in anger.

    The roar only sounded like a fierce beast, reverberating the heavens and earth.

    At the same time, everyone could only see that Lin Fan's eyes were gradually reddening, and veins were bulging above his originally handsome face.

    It was as if Lin Fan had used some kind of forbidden art, his entire body was bulging at a speed visible to the naked eye, and even the blood vessels under his skin became extremely distinct and slender.

    Seeing such a scene, Ye Fan's pupils were slightly rippled.

    "The Blood Bursting Technique?"

    Ye Fan whispered in his heart, while shaking his head.

    At this point, Ye Fan finally knew how Lin Qinghe and the others, in such a short period of time, had trained that rabble of flying eagles to this point, and won the championship.

    If what Ye Fan expected was right, it would probably be this Exploding Blood Technique.

    The Blood Bursting Technique, Ye Fan had also heard of it.

    It was an ancient secret technique that could greatly improve the physical quality of the person using it in a short period of time.

    However, the reason why this secretary was powerful was at the cost of burning qi and blood.

    Every time it was used, it would greatly damage the user's body until they eventually died violently.

    Therefore, in the martial arts world, this secret technique that burned human essence blood and longevity at the cost of the human body had long been classified as a forbidden art and lost for a long time.

    Now that it suddenly appeared on the Flying Eagle, Ye Fan reckoned that it should have been taught to the Flying Eagle by Lan Chen before he died.

    After all, Lin Qinghe, a worldly person, didn't know anything about martial dao and naturally couldn't come into contact with this kind of martial forbidden art.

    Only someone like Lan Chen, who came from a martial dao family, could possibly master such forbidden arts!

    "Sideways, in the end, they're just quenching their thirst and exhausting their fishing."

    Ye Fan said in a low voice, looking at Lin Fan and the others with some pity in his eyes.

    He reckoned that these people in the Flying Eagle Squad were afraid that they wouldn't be able to live past the age of thirty.

    I really didn't know how Lin Qinghe would feel if he knew that his son wouldn't live to be thirty years old.

    At that moment, above the boxing ring, Lin Fan, who was in a state of rage, had built up his full strength and attacked Tarzan once again.

    "Die for me~"

    Lin Fan roared, his crimson eyes seemingly burning like flames, and then the stormy attack fell on Tarzan in an instant.

    Punch or palm, kick or kick, at this time, Lin Fan was only like a mad dog, pouring his attacks wildly on Tarzan.

    However, what made Lin Fan incomparably desperate was that, allowing him to thunder and rain, Tarzan was still unmoving.


    "What's going on here?"

    "Is it possible that this man's body is made of copper cast iron?"

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    If just now, it was because Lin Fan was careless and took the enemy lightly, then now, I guess only a fury would think so, right?

    The crowd today was all looking at the stony, unmoving Mount Tai in front of them like monsters.

    They thought that this battle would end with Lin Fan's overwhelming victory.

    But no one had thought that it would end up like this?


    "This...How is this?"

    "How is it possible that my son, who has mastered the secret art of the Formidable Gate and received Master Chen's true teachings, is unable to resist the opponent in the slightest?"

    "That's impossible?"

    Until now, Lin Qinghe still found it hard to believe the reality in front of him.


    However, in the midst of everyone's panic, Tarzan's shirt, however, shattered with a loud noise.

    Then, everyone only saw that beneath Tarzan's shirt, the steel-like skin was surging with a bit of golden light.

    "This...What is this?"

    "What exactly has this young man cultivated?"

    Lin Qinghe and Han Ping were all trembling in shock.

    After living most of their lives, this was the first time they had seen that there was a golden light lingering above their bodies?

    Even they, the onlookers, were so trembling, let alone, Lin Fan who was on the cusp of the storm.

    The golden light on Taishan's flesh caused Lin Fan to tremble as well.He was filled with panic as he trembled and asked, "This...What kind of martial art is this?"

    Taishan laughed at the words, "Listen carefully, this secret technique is created by Instructor Chu, the Green Dragon Body Refining Resolve!"


    The moment the words fell, Tarzan, who had remained motionless, finally understood.

    He girded his hands into a blade and smashed on Lin Fan's shoulder with a boom.

    With just one blow, Lin Fan suffered a heavy blow and his brain was dizzy.

    However, this was just the beginning, after the hand blade, Tarzan struck again, smashing Lin Fan's face.

    Blood mixed with broken teeth poured out as he screamed, and was directly pasted to the ground by Tarzan's punch.

    But that wasn't all.

    After Lin Fan fell to the ground heavily injured, Tarzan raised another foot and stepped down towards Lin Fan's legs, and it looked like Tarzan was ready to, directly ruin Lin Fan's legs.

    "Bastard, how dare you?"

    "Stop it!"

    When Lin Qinghe saw this, he looked tremendously shaken, his pupils popping out and shouting in anger.

    However, how would Tarzan listen to his orders?

    In the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gazes, this powerful kick from Tarzan still landed hard.



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