The Unknown Heir 946-947

Chapter 946

Li Yuehe also didn't have any comments and immediately hung up the phone, then blew out the throttle and the entire car sped out, quickly heading in the direction where the Brahma God was.

As expected, the thing Chen Hao feared the most had happened.

What Chen Hao said about having a connection to the Brahma God didn't mean that Wu Fang had necessarily been killed by the Brahma God, but rather that she and the Brahma God had attracted something terrible together, and that was why they were killed one after another.

Only.Chen Hao and the others were a step too late, allowing that thing to take out the Brahma God before them.

Soon, Chen Hao and the three of them arrived at the Lin Tian Club where the Brahma God was staying.

The Lin Tian Club was founded by Brahma God, but there were already many people watching from outside, all of them filled with fear.

At this moment, a man's body was hanging from the beam of the room inside.

This man was none other than Brahma God.

He had majored in psychology after graduation, and had managed to make a name for himself with a chance encounter.

It was out of control and immediately exploded all over the net.

Countless people came to see Brahma God for psychological advice and testing.

But no one expected that Brahma would die in his own club.

At that moment, a subordinate came out of it and walked in front of Li Yuehe.

"What's the situation?"

Li Yuehe looked at this subordinate in confusion, his brows locked tightly and he looked very grave.

"It's like this, Military Division Li, according to what other people at the scene described, it was said that Brahma God was originally conducting a consultation today, but suddenly Brahma God's entire body was lifted out of thin air and his own hands were tightly squeezing his own neck, until he finally strangled himself to death!"

Just listening to this subordinate, he told Li Yuehe everything that he had learned.

After hearing this, Li Yuehe was also astonished, not expecting such a terrible thing to exist in this world.

Chen Hao then walked right in.

Walking underneath the Brahma God's corpse, Chen Hao looked around in a circle.

However, there wasn't anything unusual for Chen Hao to discover.

"Brother Chen, what do you think?"

Lei Lie walked up to Chen Hao's side and asked towards Chen Hao in confusion.

"There is the same Yin Qi present here as where Wu Fang lives, which means that both Brahma God and Wu Fang died at the hands of the same person."

Chen Hao spoke directly about his analysis.

"But.Brother Chen, don't you think it's too bizarre?He actually strangled himself, who could do that?"

Lei Lie was also looking at Chen Hao with a question that he did not quite understand.

Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie and the corners of his mouth curved up.

"Of course he can't do it himself, but the Ghost Spirit can!Ghosts can manipulate a person's consciousness so that Lord Brahma strangles himself to death!It seems that this ghost spirit is definitely not ordinary."

Chen Hao also said with narrowed eyes.

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Lei Lie was also shaken, and goose bumps rose all over his body.

"Brother Chen.So you're saying that ghost spirit.It's likely to be around us right now, staring at us?"

Lei Lie subconsciously cringed his neck and asked towards Chen Hao with some fear.

"You could say that, but that ghost spirit should have already left, otherwise I would have been able to detect its presence!"

Chen Hao was also immediately comforted towards Lei Lie.

Only after hearing this explanation from Chen Hao did Lei Lie let out a sigh of relief.

If a ghost was just staring around in the dark, it would truly be incomparably oozing with fear.

"Mr. Chen Hao, have you noticed anything special?"

Only then did Li Yuehe approached Chen Hao's side and asked towards Chen Hao.

"Li Jun Division, in terms of the current situation, and my own analysis, this should be a supernatural murder case, the murderer is not a human, but an evil ghost all the time!"

Chen Hao looked at Li Yuehe with a very determined expression and said.

"Evil Ghost?Mr. Chen Hao, are you sure?This is no small matter."

Li Yuehe was also a little surprised as he asked towards Chen Hao.

To be honest, Li Yuehe was still a little unsure that there were ghosts in this world.

However.The situation that was happening in front of him had to make him believe again.

"Li Junshi, since you're here to find me to solve this case, you have to trust my judgement, I, Chen Hao, will never tell lies!If you don't believe me, then I won't delay you."

Chen Hao was also very direct as he looked at Li Yuehe and said.

After saying that, Chen Hao was ready to turn around and leave.

Since people were unwilling to believe in him, then Chen Hao did not feel the need to continue.

"Ugh.Mr. Chen Hao, you misunderstood my meaning, I didn't mean to doubt your ability, it's just that this matter, as you know, has become very influential now, and I wish to convince everyone even more."

When Li Yuehe saw that Chen Hao was leaving, he immediately stopped Chen Hao and explained.

"Li Junshi, this world is not just a creature like humans, there are also creatures like ghosts.Now is not the time to discuss whether to be convinced or not, but to find a way to capture this evil ghost first, otherwise it will definitely continue to make trouble!"

Chen Hao also reminded towards Li Yuehe in a long-winded manner.

"Well, you're right, Mr. Chen Hao, I'll take your word for it, so what are we going to do next?"

Li Yuehe also agreed with Chen Hao's words, and instead of dwelling on those issues, he asked towards Chen Hao about his next move.

"This way, Li Jun Division, you will first withdraw everyone back, I will stay behind with my apprentice, that evil ghost will definitely come back at night, I'm sure there is something else it hasn't done."

Chen Hao then spoke towards Li Yuehe with a command.

Hearing Chen Hao speak like this, Li Yuehe had no opinion at all and directly agreed to it.

Li Yuehe believed that Chen Hao must have his own ideas for staying.

And this was an area that Chen Hao had to understand better than him, so he could only choose to go and listen to Chen Hao's words.

After a while, Li Yuehe left with his people.

The Lin Tian Club had been sealed off, so those who wanted to come and consult had dispersed as well.

Plus, the Brahma Gods were all dead, so there was no one left to give them advice.

In the evening, Chen Hao and Lei Lie were sitting in a car outside.

"Brother Chen, do you think we can really squat to that evil ghost at night?"

Lei Lie asked towards Chen Hao.

"Ghosts are all conscious existences with returning spirits, and night is the most active time for ghosts, so I'm sure that evil spirit will return again!"

Chen Hao looked at Lei Lie with an incomparably determined look as he explained.

Hearing Chen Hao's explanation, Lei Lie certainly believed it as well.

Seeing that most of the time had passed, Chen Hao took out his phone and took a look at the time, it was already around ten o'clock at night.

"Alright, let's go!"

Chen Hao put his phone away, then he reminded Lei Lie.

Afterwards, they got off the car and quietly walked to the entrance of Lin Tian Club.


As soon as he reached the door, Chen Hao called out to Lei Lie.

Lei Lie turned around and looked suspiciously at Chen Hao.

Only Chen Hao stretched out his hand and placed it on Lei Lie's forehead before transmitting an ability to Lei Lie.


"What are you, Brother Chen?"

Lei Li was surprised at the question.

"Don't be nervous, I'm transmitting an ability to you, you can also see ghosts like me, but you have to be mentally prepared, these fierce spirits are much more vicious and terrifying than you can imagine, you have to be mentally prepared to endure!"

Chen Hao explained towards Lei Lie and then gave a reminder along with a warning.

After all, it was Lei Lie's first time following himself out to catch a ghost, so he had definitely never seen a truly vicious spirit.

This time was considered the first time, and all Lei Lie would definitely have to get used to the idea of peeing his pants if he was lightly scared, or just fainting if he was scared.

"Well, I know, Brother Chen, don't worry, I'll control myself!"

Lei Lie also responded with a firm expression as he looked at Chen Hao.

After saying that, the two of them walked inside the Lin Tian Club.

Chen Hao directly drew his Star Profound Sword.

"Spirit Inducing Spell!"

Chen Hao then directly began to chant an incantation.

This spell was specifically used to attract spirits, which also meant that it could be used to attract whatever ghosts were coming over.

So that was why Chen Hao had to go remind with Lei Lie like that.

After chanting the spell a bit, Chen Hao and Lei Lie stood in place and waited quietly.


Right at this moment, a cold wind whipped past Lei Lie's back.

The cold wind instantly made Lei Lie tremble and goose bumps sprouted all at once.

"Brother Chen."

Lei Lie subconsciously shouted softly towards Chen Hao.

Chen Hao immediately reacted and whipped out the Star Profound Sword in his own hand to directly attack the ferocious spirit behind Lei Lie.

Lei Lie also immediately hurriedly turned around.

At a glance, Lei Lie sucked in a mouthful of cold air, only to see a dark blue face staring straight at him, and the fierce spirit's eyes were still red, appearing terrifying.

Lei Lie didn't even dare to breathe a word at this point and swallowed a mouthful of saliva in his throat.

"Lei Lie, you back off, I'll deal with it!"

Chen Hao immediately dragged Lei Lie behind him and said.

After saying that, Chen Hao stepped out and directly attacked this vicious spirit.

This ferocious spirit was certainly no saver, and immediately turned into a black gas and prepared to flee.

"Soul Locking Chain!"

Of course, Chen Hao would not give it any chance to escape, and directly shouted angrily, throwing out the soul locking chain from his hand.

This ferocious spirit was instantly trapped by the soul-locking chain.


Chen Hao gave another furious shout before dragging the vicious spirit to his eyes.


The fierce spirit hissed angrily at Chen Hao.

"You ferocious spirit, you still want to escape, can you escape my cultivator's hands!"

Chen Hao looked at the vicious spirit with disdain and mocked it.

Lei Lie also eased up at this time and immediately walked over to Chen Hao's side.

When he saw the fierce spirit tied up in front of him, it again made him feel incomparably scared.

"It's fine, it's already under my control, you need to slowly get used to it, you won't be afraid if you come into contact with it a few times in the future!"

Chen Hao looked to reassure Lei Lie at his side, knowing that Lei Lie must have had some difficulty accepting it.

Some people were afraid that they would have already peed their pants in fear, but now it seemed that Lei Lie's ability to withstand it was still very good, and this still made Chen Hao very satisfied.

Everything needed a process, and Chen Hao would not force Lei Lie to learn and adapt so quickly.

Lei Lie also nodded his head in understanding.

"Brother Chen, this fierce spirit."

Lei Lie then asked with a glance towards the fierce spirit towards Chen Hao.

"I will exterminate it, I can't let it scourge the world anymore!"

Chen Hao was very straightforward and said towards Lei Lie.

After saying that, Chen Hao directly displayed the Ghost Cave Token.

In the next second, Chen Hao waved the Ghost Cave Token directly at the vicious spirit in front of him.


Only a low roar from this ferocious spirit was heard, and then it directly turned into ashes.

Chen Hao wiped it out with ease.

It had to be said that having the Ghost Cave Token was different, and it was easy to deal with these ghosts and spirits.

Seeing this scene, Lei Lie on the other side was also astonished, he did not expect the power of the Ghost Hole Token to be so powerful, it was really too shocking.

"Brother Chen, it looks like this scepter is really powerful!"

Lei Lie looked at Chen Hao and preached in surprise.

"Mm, yes, this is worthy of being the Ghost Eye Clan's Town Treasure."

Chen Hao sighed as well.

Just kidding, after all, this was the Ghost Eye Clan's town treasure, its power was certainly powerful, otherwise there wouldn't be so many people wanting to fight for and obtain it.

But now this Ghost Cave Token would have to already be on Chen Hao's body.

"Alright, let's go!"

Chen Hao then ordered a sermon towards Lei Lie.

The two of them left the Lin Tian Society straight away and drove back to the military machine shop.

Late at night, the military engine office.

The entire building was still brightly lit inside, very lively and tense.

Li Yuehe and the others were anxiously waiting for news of Chen Hao and the other two.

A few minutes later, a car stopped at the lower floor of the Military Intelligence building.

That's right, it was Chen Hao's car.

Chen Hao and Lei Lie got out of the car and headed straight inside the building.

"Military Service Li, they're back!"

At that moment an inspector rushed into Li Yuehe's office and reported excitedly towards Li Yuehe.

Hearing this, Li Yuehe was abruptly surprised and immediately stood up, then quickly walked out.

Seeing the two of them coming up to Chen Hao, Li Yuehe quickly greeted them.

"Mr. Chen, how is the situation?"

Li Yuehe looked at Chen Hao with an expectant expression as he asked.

Chen Hao looked towards Li Yuehe and opened his mouth in response, "Li Jun Division, it's all taken care of, I've already eliminated that vicious spirit, it's already fine!"

Hearing Chen Hao's words, Li Yuehe nodded his head in relief.

He actually believed in Chen Hao's words as well.

"Well, Li Jun Division, if there's nothing else, then we'll be leaving first!"

Chen Hao then proposed towards Li Yuehe.

"Hey, okay, Mr. Chen, thank you very much indeed then!"

Li Yuehe also immediately thanked Chen Hao and then personally escorted the two of them away from the military engine department.

Chen Hao took Lei Lie in his car and immediately drove away from the Military Armament Department.

Only after the two of them left did Li Yuehe return to the building after Chen Hao had left.

"Military Division Li, do you really believe that he has taken care of the matter?How can ghosts really exist in this world!"

At this time, an inspector came up and looked at Li Yuehe and said.

Many people were actually skeptical and disapproving of this matter, thinking that there were no ghosts in this world.

But the truth was not what they thought, there really existed such things as ghosts in this world.It was just that they were not able to see it.


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