Lost Young Master 286-290


Chapter 286 

Although Ye Fan wasn't cheating the seven bald brothers, but as long as he didn't return the pen, what was the difference between that and cheating?

The last thing Ye Fan wanted was to disappoint someone's expectations, especially since Ye Fan had also promised something in advance, if he dropped the ball now, Ye Fan wouldn't be able to hold his head up in front of the seven bald brothers in the future.

With his eyes averted, Ye Fan didn't think of anything to do, and at that moment, Ah Hu took the pen over.

"Ah Hu, what are you doing?"Ye Fan frowned, it would be a bit too much for Ah Hu to mess up now.

Ah Hu said, "Ye Shao, I'm returning the pen for you."

"Returning the pen?You can't get out now, can you?"Ye Fan was somewhat speechless.

Tiger explained, "The next batch of appraisers should be waiting outside the attic, as long as I shout loud enough, they will be able to hear me."

Ye Fan's eyes lit up, and he had to say that this was a good idea.

Although this method was dirt cheap, but it was really practical, just like the ancient times before there were no telephones, it was by shouting, the primitive method did work.

Having received Ye Fan's permission, Ah Hu came to the door of the loft and shouted, "Bald brothers, we can't get out of the assessment finished, the pen is at the door, hear back a message." Remember the website .kanshu8.net

But there was no response, but Tiger persevered, and shouted three more times.

Finally, on the third time, a response sounded outside the door, "Okay, I hear you, the door of the room is fine, we'll go in and get it."

Only when he heard the reply did Ye Fan feel relieved, this voice was exactly what Bald Brother said.

After placing the pen at the door, Ye Fan and Six Dajin just now assuredly followed the troop into the wooden hall.

Entering the Wood Hall Ye Fan didn't have the heart to look everywhere, but worried if the seven bald brothers had gotten the pen.

The white robed elders are big bastards, if they take the opportunity to tamper with things, Ye Fan can't help even if he is angry, after all, if so, delaying the written test of the seven bald brothers would be bad.

It was only after an hour of hard work that Ye Fan saw the familiar seven figures at the entrance of the wooden hall, so he hurriedly welcomed them and apologized, "Brother, I'm sorry, they won't let me go out, I didn't expect this."

The bald brother patted Ye Fan's shoulder and said, "It's fine, anyway, we have passed the martial arts assessment sixteen levels, and are already inwardly set to enter the Wood Spirit Villa, we brothers seven brains were not smart, but we just wanted to come in and try to see how many points we could score.But when we saw the title we brothers seven straight head big, fell back to sleep, did not even open the pen."

Saying that, the bald brother smiled cheerfully and touched his big bald head.

Ye Fan was speechless at the news, really didn't think there was such a person, but simply didn't delay the seven bald brothers to enter the Wood Spirit Villa, and the guilt in Ye Fan's heart disappeared.

"You guys are really amazing, you all passed the sixteenth level, it's amazing."Ye Fan praised with a thumbs up, it really wasn't a disobliging compliment, but a sincere one, after all, the difficulty was very high, and from the fact that only Ah Hu of the Sixth King Kong had passed the sixteenth level, he knew that it wasn't that easy to pass.

And by passing the sixteenth hurdle, in other words, the seven bald brothers would all be half-step martial artists, what a mighty seven brothers.

I really don't know what kind of mother's womb can give birth to such awesome seven, could it be a gourd child, growing from a vine?

Ah Hu also stepped forward and said, "Brothers are quite powerful, if you have a chance to cut a couple of points, you can also make progress together."

The bald brother laughed and nodded, "I'm embarrassed to praise you, brother, I also remember you, you also passed the sixteenth level, let's work together when we enter the Wood Spirit Villa in the future."

"Right, I haven't formally introduced myself yet."The bald brother was disowned by Old II before he remembered that he hadn't introduced himself, so he began to introduce himself, "We seven brothers come from Tianshan Mountain, our names are also easier to remember, I'm Tian Yi, this is Tian Er, Tian San, Tian 4, Tian 5, Tian 6, Tian 7, you can also call us Tiantian brothers."

"Indeed easy to remember."Ye Fan was a little sweaty, "My name is Ye Fan, just an ordinary family, these six are my bodyguards, I've named them the Six Vajra."

After Ye Fan finished speaking, the six vajra also introduced themselves one by one.

After getting to know each other, Ye Fan's hanging heart relaxed.

"If you don't want to fight, I'll treat you guys to lunch."Ye Fan also smiled cheerfully, he just looked around, although the Wood Pavilion was a very elegant name, it was actually a small shopping mall.

A total of five floors, the fifth floor was accommodation, the fourth floor was a food center, the third floor was women's clothing, the second floor was men's clothing, and the first floor looked like a supermarket.

Although a mountain there is also a mall this is what Ye Fan did not expect, but the existence is reasonable, after all, the Wood Spirit Villa living are also people, naturally need daily purchases, if there is no these places, the disciples always down the mountain, over time, will also be ordinary people to see the end, exposed Wood Spirit Villa can be bad.

Before Brother Tiantian could speak, Ah Hu suddenly exclaimed, "Grasping grass, isn't there a pen for sale here."

Ye Fan also saw a large pile of pens on the bar at the entrance of the supermarket.

And then a brother who was passing by casually struck up a conversation, "Yes, there are pens for sale here, that's where we bought them just now."

"Grasping grass, these two dog coins, they cheated us!"Ye Fan was also furious, he didn't expect to still be set upon by Li Zhuangzhuang.

Tianyi also frowned: "This bad old man is indeed not a thing, just now when he handed out the test papers I felt that he didn't have a decent air about him, very uncomfortable, I didn't expect that this kind of thing could be done, really a bastard, just this is worthy of being an elder!?"

Tian Er seemed to have thought of something, so he opened the pen, followed by an angry expression as well, "Damn, brother, our pen really has been tampered with, all the pen beads on it have disappeared, to be able to get rid of the pen beads with such precision, it must be a martial artist's inner breath to be able to be so precise, it must be that bad old man's doing it!"


Ye Fan spat, fortunately only getting rid of the pen bead was proved by the knowledgeable Tian Er to be an internal interest and not by Ye Fan and the others, otherwise they would have to take the blame again, this bad old man really wasn't a thing.

Fortunately, they didn't make any substantial damage, or else Ye Fan would really be ashamed of the Tiantian brothers.

Bidding this thought farewell, Ye Fan couldn't help but inquire, "Brother Tian Er, what is the internal interest you just mentioned?I've read fantasy novels that are all about aura, and I've never really heard of internal breath."

"It's a bit complicated to explain, don't you say treat, then let's eat while we talk."Tian Er said and went straight to the building body.

Ye Fan nodded his head and also brought the Six Vajra to keep up with the Tiantian brothers.

Before, Mu Zi Ling didn't tell him the deeper knowledge of the martial artist, just in case Ye Fan was greedy, but Ye Fan himself was still quite curious.

What exactly was the internal interest?


For martial arts, Ye Fan was still very eager.

Although he himself was not gifted with that talent, but the feeling of something from the novel he once read appearing in real life was quite amazing, and this was what Ye Fan found most refreshing.

Even though these martial arts were destined to be something Ye Fan couldn't learn, it didn't matter, after all, he still had six vajra around him that he could practice, and then there was still a ready-made crowd of Ye Island's War God Temple.

I remember when I first came across the Three Kingdoms period in junior high school, Ye Fan especially wished to be like Liu Bei, with a bunch of elite men, even if Liu Bei himself wasn't the strongest, but his men were bullish and invincible as long as they were well commanded.

Of course, the state of Shu ended in tragedy, but Ye Fan will not repeat the mistakes of the past, which is the value of the existence of history, is to prevent the younger generation to follow the old path, but to seek innovation.

By the time he thought of this, Ye Fan had already arrived at the food center with the Six Vajra and the Tiantian brothers.

The name was very popular, and the stuff inside was also very popular, just spicy hot, covered rice fried rice, just snacks from all over the world, there was no difference with the general mall inside.

"Let's eat hot pot, be lively."Ye Fan suggested to.

The best thing here is that there is a submarine fish, everyone eat also lively point.

Anyway, we'll have to stay here until the end of everyone's assessment tomorrow, so it's better to eat submarine fish and get drunk and sleep for a day. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan had stayed up all night without sleep, and even if the car was given half an hour to catch up on sleep, it wouldn't work now.

Naturally, there was no need to say that the six vajra, Ye Fan's words were heaven.And the Tiantian brothers did not refuse, so we found the largest private room to eat.

Waiting for the food to be served, Tian Er also began to explain, "The inner interest is similar in concept to the aura of the novel or something, but it's not absorbed from the world, and now that the Heavenly Dao has disappeared and the aura is depleted, it's impossible to absorb the aura.The main thing is that the intake of food is absorbed by the body after the transformation and storage in the body.Usually people don't transform it and it becomes fat, but martial artists have special cultivation paths that can transform and preserve it, and the inner interest also becomes life energy, which is equivalent to buffing people in the game."

"BUFF?How do you say this?"Ye Fan was somewhat confused.

Tian Er scratched his head and explained after thinking hard, "I'm not a martial artist either, I heard all this from my seniors.For example, if you want to strengthen your strength for a short period of time and increase the power of your fist, you can transform life energy into your hand and the power of your fist will increase several times.For example, if you want to run fast, you can inject life energy into your legs, and you'll be able to turn into a scud.Or if you're injured, you can inject life energy into your wounds, and they'll recover as fast as the naked eye can see."

"My cao, that's really just like a buff!"Ye Fan was shocked beyond words, couldn't imagine that life energy use was so wide, wouldn't that mean that as long as there was a lot of life energy stored, he would be able to be invincible, after all, hitting people is powerful, can't beat them but can also run fast, injured but also able to heal themselves, martial artists are simply against the sky.

Only Ye Fan still had one more doubt, and couldn't help but ask, "I've seen a spacer, but is that considered the use of life energy?"

"What?You've actually encountered a superior person who takes things through the air?"Now it was Tian Er's turn to be shocked.

It was a long time before Tian Er slowed down and said somewhat ashamedly, "I'm really sorry, my mother was afraid that we were greedy and didn't say anything about taking things through the air, so I can't imagine how to take things through the air by relying on life energy, after all, life energy is used for itself in the end, and I can't imagine that kind of operation through the air."

Ye Fan nodded at the words, as if confirming what was in his mind, "It's true that martial artists are still divided into levels, and the abilities of different levels are different.The life energy you just said is just the basic of a martial artist, and then there will definitely be different extensions in different directions, except that neither your mother nor my master will tell us, I feel that it's not that we're afraid of being greedy, but rather afraid of striking our self-confidence, so let's take it one step at a time, and when the time comes, I guess we'll be told more knowledge."

"That's right."Tianji nodded in agreement.

"Then let's eat!"By coincidence, the hot pot was also hot and ready to be served, so Ye Fan waved his hands wide and prepared to get drunk and rest.

However, at this moment, the door of the private room was pushed open.

The one who came in was not a waiter, but Li Zhuangzhuang.Behind Li Zhuangzhuang was a group of people who also looked very young, and all of them had different costumes, and they weren't the exclusive costumes of the Wood Spirit Villa, so unlike thinking much, Ye Fan also knew that this group of people had just participated in the assessment.

The more you look, the more familiar you are, counting Li Zhuangzhuang in front of a total of twenty people, this is not the beginning of the martial arts assessment to exploit the twenty people it, now suddenly come here obviously not the wrong room, should be premeditated revenge.

As soon as his eyes turned, Ye Fan figured it out, now they are not the people of Wood Spirit Villa, private fighting is not considered to be breaking the rules, these people really will drill the loopholes as usual.

Tian Qi was closest to the door, and when he saw a large number of people pouring in, he got up to block them, "You're in the wrong place, this is a private room."

Ye Fan clearly saw the viciousness that flashed across Li Zhuangzhuang's eyes and was suddenly upset, however, before he could speak, Ye Fan saw Li Zhuangzhuang pull out an iron rod from his waist and struck it at Tian Qi's head, cursing at the top of his voice, "Scribbler, can't you see that we are smashing the venue?"

The words fell, Ye Fan couldn't help but close his eyes, and then there was a scream, but different from Ye Fan's suspicions appeared, the one who screamed wasn't Tian Qi, but Li Zhuang Zhuang.

Only then did Ye Fan react, the Tiantian brothers could be half-step martial artists who had passed the sixteen hurdles, compared to Li Zhuangzhuang, Tian Qi was a lot stronger.

"Did you just scold me?"Tian Qi looked at Li Zhuang Zhuang with anger, the reason for the anger was not even because of Li Zhuang Zhuang's sneak attack, but because Li Zhuang Zhuang had cursed.

Seeing Ye Fan's blinded face, Tian Er only said at Ye Fan's side, "We Tiantian brothers are ashamed to say that we haven't been to school for a few days, we can't learn at all, just Old II can learn well, but it's only the third grade of elementary school, so we are all illiterate, the most annoying thing is to be told that we are stupid, this little fatty is looking for death ah!"

Ye Fan was a little sweaty, Tian Er was obviously still wearing glasses, but it turned out that he had only been in the third grade


Ye Fan couldn't help but say, "Tian Er, why are you wearing glasses, are you loaded with knowledge?"

"It's not that I've been playing too many games and my eyes are nearsighted."Tian Er scratched his head awkwardly.

Hearing that, Ye Fan was a little speechless, but it was more understandable, after all, Tiantian Brothers' learning was also traceable.At this age and still listening to his mother and being afraid of being cheated, this image of a mother's treasure was inherently inconsistent with the temperament of the Tiantian brothers who were over one meter and nine meters in front of him.

It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time.

It's not just a matter of time, but it's also a matter of time before you get to the point where you have to listen to your mother's words.

I guess they've been obsessed with martial arts all these years, but the rest of the world is a blank.

What's the word for it? That's right, 'dumbass'!

The Tiantian brothers in front of him were just silly, simple-minded, with developed limbs.

The only thing that Ye Fan was glad was that he was good friends with the Tiantian Brothers, otherwise these simple-minded people would be compelled by Li Zhuangzhuang, then Ye Fan's life in the Wood Spirit Villa would be hard after that.

Now that the situation was reversed, then the one in danger was Li Zhuangzhuang. One second to remember to read the book

Moreover, Li Zhuangzhuang was still a self-exploding bomb, directly mentioning Tian Qi's pain, and he probably wouldn't even stop until Tian Qi got himself killed.

"Pain!Let go!"Li Zhuangzhuang's shrieking head turned to the nineteen people behind him, "What are you guys still watching, hurry up!"

"It's not our turn to be ordered by you, we don't care if you foolishly mess with this big one, we're here to get revenge on this kid."A young man in a tang suit glanced at Li Zhuangzhuang, not moving at all, just pointing at Ye Fan.

The spearhead that the tang-clad youth recognized was Ye Fan, and not anyone else.

And they are just below the assessment also know that the Tiantian brothers are strong people through sixteen tubes, and they can't get along with them, so it's not asking for trouble.

The others also understood what the Tang Clad Youth was thinking and nodded, then didn't care about Li Zhuangzhuang, they rushed straight at Ye Fan.

"Deserved it!"Ye Fan also raised a middle finger at Li Zhuangzhuang and then directly hid behind the six vajra.

Now that most of the effects of the Power Pill had passed, his three-legged Kung Fu was really no match for the nineteen people in front of him.

Ye Fan could only hope that the Six Vajra would be able to beat these nineteen guys, and as for the Tiantian brothers, Ye Fan had no hope then.After all, it was just a one-sided encounter, to say that there was no too much friendship, to take the initiative to ask for help, the other party may not necessarily agree to help, it was better to just stand by.

If Brother Tiantian was willing to help, even if Ye Fan didn't ask for it, Brother Tiantian would still be on board.

Now, Ye Fan already owed Brother Tiantian a favor, but he didn't want to owe him any more, and it was really hard to repay a favor.

But Ye Fan forgot that the biggest character of the Tiantian brothers was straightforward and jealous, seeing that Ye Fan was about to be bullied by a bunch of people, Tian Yi directly stood out and said: "Brother Ye invited us to dinner is to give us face, mother said, others are good to us, we can't be ungrateful, everyone on!"

As soon as this was said, the Tiantian Brothers rushed out before the Six Vajra could make a move.

The joining of the Tiantian Brothers was like a wolf entering a flock of sheep, the battle power was simply disproportionate, and without waiting for Ye Fan to react, the Tiantian Brothers were like beating up little children, punch by punch, and in the blink of an eye, they directly took care of the nineteen people in front of them.

As for Li Zhuangzhuang, he was directly crushed by Tian Qi's hand bones and passed out from the pain.

"Lie....Fuck" the one who exclaimed was not Ye Fan but Ah Hu.

Ye Fan actually didn't even know about the disparity in strength, he hadn't reached that realm, so it was just that much to see the Tiantian brothers win, he was just a little touched by the Tiantian brothers' shot.

But Tiger was different, he had also passed the 16th level, but it would still be simply impossible to say that he was allowed to defeat one with one punch and achieve this kind of melon cutting effect.

Don't look at the fact that he also passed the sixteenth level, the difference wasn't just a tiny bit.Ah Hu even felt that Tianyi was twice as strong as him, but that was it, he wasn't even a martial artist, so how was a martial artist supposed to achieve it ah.

Ah Hu was a little afraid to think about it, and his original confidence was a little shattered.

Although Ye Fan didn't know what Ah Hu was thinking about, he took the initiative to ask when he saw Ah Hu's bad face.Ah Hu also said what he was thinking, and after hearing Ah Hu's words, Ye Fan also fell into shock, I didn't think that Tiantian Brothers was so strong and still not a martial artist.

Even Ah Hu was so desperate, then wouldn't it be hard for a half-wit like Ye Fan to become a martial artist?

Having just solved twenty troubles in front of him, Ye Fan was quite happy, but thinking about the future path of cultivation, Ye Fan could not help but feel disheartened.His goal was already very low, that was to become a martial artist, it would be good to have the ability to protect himself.

When he heard Tian Er say that a martial artist would be able to repair himself by having internal energy, Ye Fan felt that it was enough.After all, to be able to slip fast and still heal oneself, that was already a skill to protect oneself.

But he never expected that it would be so difficult just to become a martial artist.

No wonder a martial artist was already the mainstay of the Wood Spirit Villa, it would have been very difficult to become a martial artist as well.

"Forget it, why think so much, let's eat and eat!"

Ye Fan threw his head back and after dismissing those thoughts, he patted Ah Hu's shoulder.

Anyway, these are all future things, who can say what will happen in the future, for example, Ye Fan never dreamed that he was not an orphan, but the young lord of Ye Island, maybe there will be some strange encounter to become a martial artist instantly.

The first thing you need to do is to take one step at a time and see what happens next.

Before Ye Fan didn't know the martial artist before, not also as usual live well, martial artist seemingly awesome, but not to become a martial artist is not a sure death, just can't better pretend, after pretending to be guarded point don't be sneak attack just.

However, Ye Fan always believed in one belief, which was personally given to him by his grandmother.Not to actively cause trouble, and not to be afraid of anything in a situation.

Ye Fan didn't believe that if he didn't take the initiative to cause trouble, those martial artists with eyes above his head would take the initiative to find him.For example, when he had met with Wood Bamboo for the first time before, Wood Bamboo had only told Ye Fan to leave, and didn't say that he wanted Ye Fan's life directly.

So it wasn't like a martial artist would drive him to extinction, it was just a matter of fact.

"Ah Hu, you tie up these twenty people and leave them in the corner."Ye Fan said casually, anyway, the private room was big, there was still room to throw twenty people.

Most importantly, Ye Fan didn't want to let twenty people out.

Although Ye Fan is not afraid of things, but these people out will definitely make a comeback, Ye Fan but hungry, wait until they are full and then let out these twenty people continue to make trouble, just as a seasoning for after dinner.


Avoiding twenty people screaming, Ye Fan asked the waiter for twenty rags to gag twenty people, and I must say, very effective, these people woke up and couldn't scream.

Ye Fan and the people to eat naturally happy leisurely, a meal actually ate a full three hours before the end.

If it wasn't for Ye Fan's velvety drunkenness, Ye Fan would have been drinking for a few hours.

"Brothers continue to eat, I'm going up to bed first."

Upstairs was the residence, so Ye Fan didn't need anyone else to help him, and after leaving a golden card for Ah Hu, he left alone, leaving the Tiantian brothers and the Six Vajra to continue drinking against each other.

Ye Fan also saw Ah Hu's mind, the force was incomparable, but this thing of drinking had nothing to do with the force, so the six vajra was trying to fuck the Tiantian brothers in terms of drinking.

For this kind of competition, Ye Fan would not participate, anyway, no harm done.

As soon as he reached the floor of his residence, he fell to the ground and fell unconscious.

In his dream, Ye Fan dreamed that he saw the river, he was like a god descending from heaven, he took off his pants and nourished the river into the ocean, it was so refreshing.......

When Ye Fan was awake again, looking through the window, it was already dawn. The first website m.kanshu8.net

It was true that he was again and again drinking broken tablets.

The difference from before was still there, however, Evan still had his clothes on and there were no other women around, so he was alone in a single room.

"Who could have helped me in?"Evan rubbed his temples, trying his best to recall yesterday's scene, but there was no memory of it.

"Forget it, don't want to, I guess the six villains saw me fall in the hallway when they came up."Evan threw his head back and was about to get out of bed to wash his face.The taste of waking up from drinking was really unpleasant, not just dry mouth, but also dizzy.

But as soon as he got out of bed, Ye Fan felt his crotch chill, and when he looked down, Ye Fan couldn't help but exclaim, "Damn, who took my pants off!?"

Yes, Ye Fan's clothes were intact, but the pants had disappeared.

Ye Fan even got back inside the nest and looked around for traces of the pants and trousers.

"Could it be that I've been drunk and used five girls?"Ye Fan looked at the backs of his hands and found that there was nothing dirty, and he couldn't think of anything.

However, at this moment, the bathroom door opened and a woman with long hair and a bathrobe came out and it was none other than Lan Luo!

"Luo....Luo Lan, why are you here?"Ye Fan quickly pulled the blanket on the bed, but now he was butt naked, so he couldn't be seen.

Even if Luo Lan is his fiancée, but Luo Lan obviously wants to dissolve the marriage, so Ye Fan has a barrier in his heart and doesn't treat Luo Lan as his woman.

Moreover, even if he was, Ye Fan wouldn't be unashamedly naked, that scene Ye Fan felt ashamed even thinking about it.

"What, you're not going to recognize anyone if you put your pants up?"Lan Luo's eyebrows furrowed, but seemed to have thought of something and then suddenly said, "Right, you're also not wearing pants right now, you're naked."

"You you you, how do you know?"The more Ye Fan listened, the more frightened he became, it was no longer a smell of a story, but a cargo existence story, and the male lead of the story, it was definitely him.

Ye Fan quickly tried to recall what happened last night, but still could not think of the slightest.

But seeing Luo Lan's application, it seemed that he was the one who had misbehaved with Luo Lan, and had probably done something irrevocable like that.

"I'm sorry, I was too drunk to remember, if I did something wrong to you, I hope you don't mind, I'm willing to use the rest of my life to make it up to you."Evan scratched his head, his face serious.

He wasn't one to give up at the beginning, even if he didn't remember, but if he instinctively did something while he wasn't sober, he would have to pay the full responsibility.

Seeing Ye Fan's serious expression, Luo Lan puffed out a laugh.

Just when Ye Fan was puzzled, Lan Luo explained, "I came out to buy water last night, and when I saw you lying in the corridor, I carried you back to the house, I wanted to help you wipe your body and get rid of the alcohol, but you were good, you directly took off your pants."

Hearing this, Ye Fan knew that he must have done something confused.

But didn't wait for him to apologize, Luo Lan said again: "You take off your pants and want to go to the toilet, you can't drink, don't drink so much, drum panic not to say, but also play alcohol madness everywhere nuisance, if not for me to push you to the toilet, this room are urine smell.If I hadn't pushed you to go to the toilet, this house would have smelled of urine.Do you know how much my clothes cost, you have to compensate me for ten sets of clothes!"

"Huh?"Ye Fan was blinded, but when he saw Luo Lan's staring eyes, he hurriedly agreed evenly, "Alright, alright, don't say ten sets, a hundred sets will do."

Ye Fan didn't expect that the pants were gone but he actually took them off himself, and it was simply to pee, it was really ridiculous enough.


Ye Fan suddenly thought of the dream he had, nourishing the river into a wan - ocean sea, it turned out that he was not doing something bad, it was simply urine suffocation....

While being glad that he didn't lay a hand on Luo Lan, Ye Fan couldn't help but feel a little despondent.

After all, Lan Luo was such a good-looking girl, and her body was full of healthy lines, as well as her charming temperament and incomparable strength, to be able to conquer such a woman, Ye Fan would have a great sense of accomplishment.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest models, and then you'll see the newest ones.

It's not just the financial aspect, but the emotional responsibility of the spiritual aspect, as well as the physical can't stand it either.

One night Thirteen, I'm afraid, couldn't afford that many girls either.

The thoughts were all in a brief moment, and Evan quickly shrugged them off, dismissing the ridiculous thoughts.

"That, can you turn around for a moment while I go find pants to put on."

Evan suggested, otherwise he wouldn't be able to get out of the nest like this, and Luo Lan couldn't get in with her towel around her.This is the single room, just a very narrow bed, two people must be stuck together if they lay together.

It's easy for Ye Fan to get drunk, and it's not good if he is stimulated to do bad things.

The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of the problem, and how to get rid of it.

After mumbling three times, Ye Fan scampered into the bathroom to look for the missing pants....


"Fine fine."

Ye Fan shivered and put on his pants, not to mention, Ye Fan felt a sense of security after putting on his pants.

It was only after washing his face that Ye Fan felt clear-headed and went out of the bathroom.

The first thing you need to do is to get out of the bathroom and get into an awkward situation.

The most important thing is that Luo Lan on the bed was just wrapped in a towel, and didn't enter the bed, just sitting there dumbly, looking very aggrieved.

"What's wrong with you, why don't you go in?"Ye Fan found that there was something wrong with the words after he finished speaking.

Now that the lone man and woman were inside a single room, Ye Fan's words were really very ambiguous.

Especially when he saw Luo Lan's exquisite collarbone that couldn't be covered outside of her bath towel and her white thighs, Ye Fan felt his little heart pounding wildly.

"That, I mean it's cold outside, you can still get warm by going inside the nest."

Ye Fan added to add another sentence. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

But Ye Fan's words were clearly redundant, he didn't say it was fine, after he said it, Luo Lan's face became more and more red.Without thinking too much, Ye Fan knew that Luo Lan must have been thinking wrongly, so he explained again, "I didn't mean that, what I meant was that this house is a bit cold, you're still wearing little, so you might as well go inside the blanket to get warm."

Luo Lan replied after it dawned on him, "How can I go in?You're all covered up with this blanket, and this is a single room and this is the only blanket."

"You mean you don't like me?"Ye Fan was a bit helpless and angry.

Even though he had drunk too much, his body wasn't dirty, it was just a blanket cover, so how could he be so disliked by Luo Lan?

Only that Luo Lan was unwilling to go in, and there was nothing that Ye Fan could do about it.

"If you don't go in, then I can go in."Saying that Ye Fan was about to enter the den.

However, before Ye Fan could move, Lan Luo got up and pushed Ye Fan out of the room at once, "Now that you're awake, then you can find your own room, why are you still relying on me to stay?"

"It's probably early in the morning and no one's giving rooms, it's still cold outside, so why am I going out?"Ye Fan blocked the door, not wanting to go out, this is not inside the Mudou, but the Mulin Villa, the altitude here is more than a hundred meters, the temperature is not very high, especially still in the morning, and there is still some mist, the air is even cooler.

If he went out right now, plus he had taken the Power Pill earlier, his body was exceptionally weak at the moment, as well as the weakness he had after drinking alcohol.Both together, Ye Fan's body could be said to be very weak right now, and with such a warm room, he would have to go out to suffer if he didn't stay?

However, no matter what Ye Fan said, he was still pushed out of the room by Luo Lan after all, Ye Fan was rather helpless, but couldn't resist anything, after all, Luo Lan was a single woman, she was in Luo Lan's room for so long, if other people saw her, they would definitely misunderstand, Ye Fan originally said that he wanted to give Luo Lan a clean slate, and also Luo Lan was single.

Now if this is done, don't tell me that when he will talk to his mother about dissolving the marriage, she won't agree.Not to mention that it's not good for Luo Lan's reputation now.

Helplessly, Ye Fan left the room, and without much thought he arrived at the food center.

He actually had one more doubt, that is he fell down here passersby wouldn't pick him up, but after the six vajra came up, they would definitely help him inside the room, but why was still found by Luo Lan?It was assumed that the Six Vajra should still not have left the wine table.With this thought, Ye Fan pushed open the previously booked compartment.

As expected, just as Ye Fan had predicted, the six vajra were sleeping on the wine table, and the air emitted a somewhat foul smell of alcohol.Looking at the beer bottles all over the floor, Ye Fan didn't even check carefully, roughly sweeping away, there were almost a hundred and eighty beer bottles all over the floor.In addition to these beer bottles on the table there were more than twenty white wine bottles, all of which were filled with one pound.

"How much wine is this fucking drink?"Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, although the six vajra wanted to win over the daily brothers with this, but it didn't need to be so raw ah.

Regardless of how well the Six King Kong slept, how well the Daily Brothers slept, what made Ye Fan laugh and cry was that the twenty people tied up inside the corner were actually still inside the corner.

Because previously, Ye Fan had said that only if they all left the private room would the twenty people be released, but what Ye Fan didn't expect was that the six vajra would drink all night, which caused the twenty people to have no chance of being released.When Ye Fan entered the room, in the past the Six Vajra would have gotten up immediately, but now the Six Vajra didn't make the slightest movement, only grunting sounds, thinking that they had already drank to the point where their minds were not clear, and the Tiantian brothers were the same, also only grunting sounds.But the twenty people huddled inside the corner hadn't eaten anything for a day and a night, not only were they starving, but they also had to endure the grunts of these drunk people, it was simply a great torture.

So after Ye Fan came in, these twenty people howled vigorously, and although there was a rag on their mouths to block it, they were able to make some faint noises.

Ye Fan turned his head to look at Li Zhuangzhuang, Li Zhuangzhuang had long since lost his previous anger and impulsiveness, and there was only praying and pleading in his eyes.It seemed to be asking Ye Fan to quickly let them go, because they really couldn't stay here, this was simply not a place where people could stay.Ye Fan also felt the same way and covered his nose and came to the side of the twenty people.

Although the Tiantian brothers and the six vajra did not show the slightest sign of waking up, but Ye Fan still dared to untie these twenty people for a day and a night, under hunger these twenty people were actually weak and unable to exert any ability, so Ye Fan was also not enough to be afraid of.

After loosening these twenty people, Li Zhuangzhuang rushed out of the room without even the slightest rebuttal, as did the rest of the nineteen people.From Ye Fan's point of view, these twenty people were walking shakily, clearly hungry and sleepy to the point of exhaustion.What made Ye Fan laugh and cry the most was that one of the kids was desperately covering his stomach as he walked, thinking that he should want to go to the toilet.To be able to hold it all day and night without going to the toilet, these people also have something ah.

Ye Fan shook his head and quickly shook out the thoughts in his head, the smell of the place itself was rather foul, it would be too disgusting to have images in his head.

Hearing the grunts all over the room, Ye Fan pinched his nose and slapped down on the table, "Damn it, all of you wake up!"


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