Secret Identity 921-930


Chapter 921

Although Ma Lan was incomparably desperate inside, but in the guardhouse, she knew that she had to listen to the prison guards, so she even followed the crowd out of the cell door.

When they reached the playground, the prison guard said, "First run three laps around the playground, then move freely for half an hour, after half an hour, gather at the entrance of the playground and return to your cells!"

Everyone hurriedly began to line up, Zhang Guifen was the head of the cell, so the line was also arranged by her, she looked at Ma Lan and said, "You go to the front, everyone behind you is watching you, if you don't run well, your head will be smashed!"

Then turned to the others and said, "You guys hold on to the old lady, run slowly, don't tire the old lady out."

Old Mrs. Xiao smiled and said, "Guifen you are really kind, although I am old, but my body is still fine, I don't need anyone to help me, I will just follow behind you and walk slowly."

Zhang Guifen nodded her head, which is why she shouted, "Ready, run!"

Ma Lan was at the front of the line, as soon as she heard this, she quickly endured the pain all over her body, as well as the weakness from not eating much for two days and nights, and ran, then everyone followed her.

Ma Lan's body was so weak that it was like she was going to fall apart, so after just two steps, her legs went limp and she stumbled and almost fell over.

The woman behind her kicked her right in the waist and scolded, "Slutty woman who steals other people's husbands, running crooked, what else can you do?"

Another woman laughed and said, "This slut can still steal other people's husbands, she can't run, but she can run to other people's beds!" First web site

The crowd burst into laughter, and Ma Lan could only endure the humiliation in her heart and grit her teeth as she ran forward.

Just then, Ma Lan saw three fierce women standing on the track in the corner of the playground, their eyes darting in their direction as if they were watching her.

As soon as she ran past the three women, one of them reached out a hand and grabbed her by the shoulder.

As Ma Lan was grabbed and the entire group came to a halt, Zhang Guifen walked up and asked, "What are you three doing here?"

These three women looked fierce and vicious, this person who just reached out to pull Ma Lan, there was even a scar on her face that cut from the corner of her left eye all the way to her right chin, a scar that split her face in half, looking extremely terrifying.

Although Zhang Guifen was a king in her own cell, but in the end, she was just an ordinary peasant woman, if she was asked to beat Ma Lan, she dared to fight, but if she was asked to slash someone with a knife, she definitely didn't dare.

So when she saw that the other woman had a scar on her face, she knew that this woman was definitely not ordinary, and was an existence that she couldn't afford to provoke.

That scarred woman spoke up, "I'm looking for one called Ma Lan, is he from your cell?Which one is she?"

Once Ma Lan heard that she was looking for herself, she panicked and waved her hand repeatedly, "I don't know, I've never heard of anyone called Ma Lan ......"

But Old Mrs. Xiao pointed her hand at Ma Lan and said, "Don't you listen to this shameless slut's bullshit here, she is Ma Lan!"

Vivian Shaw chimed in, "Yes, that's her!She's Barbra Ma!And a swindler!"

Only then did Scarlet turned her head to look at Ma Lan and smacked Ma Lan's face with a direct slap.

This Scarlet Girl looked like she had practiced and had muscle mass all over her body, so her slap was much more powerful than Zhang Guifen's flow.

It was a single slap, and it directly dried up Ma Lan on the ground.

Ma Lan was directly smacked by this slap and fell backwards onto the ground with a bang, then spat out a back groove tooth, that was really a miserable one.


When everyone saw how ruthless Scarlet was, they were all cowardly, but Old Lady Xiao was so happy, she felt especially happy as long as she saw Ma Lan take a beating anyway.

Xiao Weiwei also felt that it was really a relief to see Ma Lan take so many beatings but not as strong as this slap, a slap directly dried her up on the ground, which is not the power that an ordinary person can have.

Ma Lan was dying of fear!

Getting beaten up wasn't even a big deal to her, because she hadn't been beaten up for the past two days and had already practiced it.

But the point was that she, didn't know exactly why this Scarlet woman was beating herself.

Was she a member of that multinational scam syndicate, coming to settle scores with herself?

Just as Ma Lan was terrified, Zhang Guifen said to the scarlet woman with a wimpy face, "Big sister, we don't know this woman well, if you want to hit her, go ahead and hit her, it doesn't matter if you kill her, but we still have to run, do you think we can keep running to go?"

Scarlet snorted coldly and said, "Everyone unrelated to me get out of here!Otherwise don't blame me for being rude!"

Zhang Guifen quickly waved her hand and shouted, "Sisters, come run with me, 121, 121!"

The people in the same cell hurriedly followed her shouting the number, and more than 20 people shouted 121 and hurriedly ran away. Remember the URL

The only people left on the scene were the three women and Ma Lan herself.

Ma Lan was scared out of her wits and asked out of her mouth, "Big sister, where did I mess with you, at least talk to me ......"

Scarlet kicked Ma Lan in the stomach, which caused her to cover her stomach and roll around on the ground howling.

She then pulled out a black bank card from her pocket and questioned, "Ma Lan, look up, do you still recognize this card?"

When Ma Lan looked up, her heart shook, this card was so special, how could she not recognize it, it was exactly the same as the card she stole from Ye Chen!

These three guys, they really are the scam gang?

Didn't the police still tell themselves in the morning that they had no leads?How come you've got three accomplices now?

These three women even know of him, eighty percent are looking for his revenge, it is possible that he is the one who caused them to go to jail.

This is the end, they will not get angry and kill themselves, right?

He's obviously almost ready to be released, wouldn't it be too bad if he got killed at this point?

So, she said in a snotty voice, "I really don't recognize this bank card, you guys have the wrong person, right?"

"Acknowledge your mistake?Are you fucking kidding me?"

Scarlet clutched a handful of Mashiro's hair, slapped her across the face with a smooth slap, and said, "Do you know why the three of us are in here?It's because of you, this woman, that you attracted the police and caused the three of us to be arrested, and I'm telling you, the three of us will probably get life sentences, all because of you!"

Ma Lan cried out in pain, "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I'm actually a victim too, I didn't know there was so much going on behind that card ah ......"

Scarlet looked at her and shouted angrily at the two people around her, "Damn it, give me a good beating, beat her half to death first!She's going to be locked up in there for a decade or two anyway, and we'll beat her twice a day to relieve our anger afterwards, so when we kill her, we'll be done!"


As soon as the other two women heard this, they immediately rushed forward and the three of them punched and kicked Ma Lan together.

The fists and kicks were as if they didn't want any money, and they greeted Ma Lan's body like crazy, beating Ma Lan to the point of screaming.

In fact, these three men were sent by Richard Chen to teach Ma Lan a lesson, in order to convince Ma Lan that she had gotten herself into a big trouble.

This way, when she was released, she wouldn't dare to have her way with Ye Chen.

At this time, Ma Lan was beaten and rolled back and forth on the ground, screams and pleas for mercy were heard.

The others were still running, but when they heard the screams, they stopped in place and stared at it from afar, all of them shocked.

Although Zhang Guifen also beat Ma Lan, but not as ruthless as these three people, directly as if to death ......

Evidently, these three must not be any ordinary people.

"Aigoo, too bad, too bad!"Zhang Guifen can't help but sigh, "This Ma Lan, is really a broken drum ......I even feel a bit sorry for her ......"

And when Old Mrs. Xiao saw how badly Ma Lan was beaten, she burst out laughing on the side and laughed loudly, "That's great, kill this shrew, beat her so hard that she can't speak with that broken mouth!" One second to remember to read the book

Vivian Siu also clapped hard and laughed, "Fight!Hit it hard!Smack her in the face!Smack that damn face of hers!"

At this point, the scarlet woman saw that Ma Lan was also almost beaten up before she spoke up, "Okay, leave her alive, otherwise if you kill her now, what will you take out on her in the next twenty years of fighting?"

Only then did those two stop.

Ma Lan's nose and face were swollen, and she fell to the ground and kept screaming, feeling like she only had one breath left to breathe now.

Scarlet walked up to her and said in a cold voice, "I'm telling you, your good days are still ahead of you, this is what happens when you get your hands dirty, just wait, I'll make you beg for your life and die!"

Ma Lan cried loudly with a frightened cry.

The torment that Ye Chen's black card had brought to himself was simply more miserable than the ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties that the Tang monk had to endure to get the scriptures.

This is simply a human tragedy.

Scarlet saw Ma Lan crying on the ground, and kicked her directly, snarling, "Cry again, or I'll break all your teeth!"

Ma Lan immediately closed her mouth, not daring to utter half a word or half a sound, she had already lost two incisors and one posterior canine tooth, if she were to break a full mouth at this time, how could she live the rest of her life!

The scarlet woman saw that she didn't dare to make any more noise, and that's when she sneered, "Okay, get out of here."

Ma Lan was so relieved that even though she couldn't stand up from the beating, she was still strong enough to crawl away with her hands, trying to get as far away from the three women as she could.

When Ma Lan had finished being beaten, the three women turned around and walked away, when two guards suddenly appeared, greeted Zhang Guifen and drove Ma Lan back to her cell.

Although Zhang Guifen hated Ma Lan, she felt compassionate when she saw Ma Lan beaten up like this.

So she, being strong and strong, helped Ma Lan up and led her to the cell.

The others followed behind, each with their own thoughts.


Some people sympathize with her, some watch the show, and some are flustered.

While Ma Lan was being led back to her cell, Ye Chen received a call from Richard Chen at home.

On the phone, Richard Chen said, "Young Master, I've already sent someone to teach Ma Lan a lesson, and I believe that after she comes out, she will never dare to say another word to you."

Ye Chen faintly said, "Well, you've done well."

Zekai Chen said, "Young Master, please forgive me for being bold, I was thinking that your mother-in-law has gone too far, she stole so much money from you, in fact, it would be better to just leave it to the law, at least sentence her to a death sentence, why let her out?"

Ye Chen smiled bitterly, "You don't understand, this mother-in-law of mine is a ticket."

Richard Chen hurriedly followed up, "A ticket?What do you mean by this, young master?"

Ye Chen couldn't directly tell him that his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, was actually his ticket to his wife's bed, so he said indifferently, "Alright, don't ask so many questions, go make arrangements, it's almost time to release her."

"Good!"Richard Chen immediately nodded, "I'll go arrange it!"

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At this moment, Ma Lan was lying on her cot, wailing.

This was the first time since she entered the detention center that she was able to lie on the bed.

Thanks to Zhang Guifen's pity for her, she thought she was too miserable to be beaten with a broken drum, so she put her on her bed after she brought her back.

At this time, Mrs. Xiao walked into the house, looked at Ma Lan on the bed and said with a cold smile, "Oh Ma Lan, you have offended so many people, why would anyone want to beat you up?I don't think this is going to be easy for you from now on!"

Ma Lan was about to collapse inside at this point, she even wondered if the cops weren't going to let herself out.If that's the case, then you're in for a rough ride from now on.

Beaten in the cell, beaten out of the cell, how many beatings must I take in a day?

Xiao Weiwei also echoed, "Grandmother, I think this bitch probably won't live for another ten or twenty years, according to this method of beating, I guess she won't have to be killed in another two or three months?"

Old Mrs. Xiao laughed, "Oh my, it's deserved, it's really deserved!"

Afterwards, she sat in front of Ma Lan, looked at the bruised and swollen Ma Lan and said excitedly, "Haha, Ma Lan, you probably never dreamed that you would be here today, right?It's great now, you'll be suffering in this prison from now on, Vivi and I are going to enjoy our happiness at Thompson in a few days when we get out!"

Ma Lan said in aggravation, "Even if you're going to stay at Thompson's, there's no need to curse me to death, right?At any rate, I'm the daughter-in-law of the Xiao family, the wife of your son, and the mother of your granddaughter, how can you be so cruel!"

Old Mrs. Xiao sneered, "Of course I'm cruel to you!Besides, I've never thought of you as my Xiao family's daughter-in-law, so how can a trash like you be worthy of being our daughter-in-law?When I move to Thomson, I'll have my son get a new daughter-in-law, and then we'll have a happy family, and that will really be family fun!You'll just have to wait to mold and stink in this prison!"

Marashi was about to explode with anger when she heard this!

What?You're going to ask Xiao Chang-kun to change his wife?Family time with you?

You're a dreamer, you old hag!

Just you wait!I'll get out!At that time, see how I'll turn on you!

Ma Lan was thinking viciously, when the prison guard suddenly opened the door and spoke, "Ma Lan, you've been released, come out with me to pack your things and do some paperwork, and then you can have your family come pick you up!"


The entire cell was stunned by this statement!

Old Mrs. Xiao and Vivian Xiao couldn't believe their ears!

For what?

Didn't I say Marashi was guilty of fraud?

I thought she was going to be locked up for at least 10 or 20 years, if not more?

Why are you releasing her now?

If you let her go now, how will you still be able to go stay at Thompson's after you go out in ten days?

Old Mrs. Xiao panicked all of a sudden!

And at this time, Mashiro, who had looked half dead, jumped straight out of bed in excitement at this!

The pain from the brutal beating just now is no longer felt at all, as if it had been chased out of the sky by this one sentence. Remember the URL

Thank goodness I'm finally getting out!

Ma Lan danced with excitement and cheered, "Haha, too good, I'm finally going to be released, hahaha, too good, really good, I'm going to go back to live in my mother's soup!"

After saying that, she immediately looked at Old Lady Xiao and cursed coldly, "Hahaha, bad old woman, you wouldn't have dreamed that I'd be let out of here, hahaha!"

"And Xiao Weiwei, you two poor pussies, just stay in jail!Cherish your time in jail, once you're released, you won't even have a place to stay, and then you'll be on the streets!"

"Just two poor bastards like you two, still want to live in my mother's Thompson, I pooh, when you're released, go pick up your family's ancestral graves!Look who's worthy of living in Tomson?Not to mention the two of you poor bastards!"

Old Mrs. Xiao was trembling with anger, and at this moment, she wanted to tear Ma Lan alive.

She even regretted that she didn't encourage Zhang Guifen to kill Ma Lan before.

Now this bitch is suddenly going to be released, this is simply God's ungratefulness!

Xiao Weiwei was furious and opened her mouth to scold, "You shrew don't rejoice too early, it might be that the court is going to hold a trial against you, and after the trial you will be sentenced to life imprisonment!Don't even think about going out in this life!"

Ma Lanton cursed and shouted, "Fart your mother, I've been cleared of wrongdoing, I'm going to be released and be free again, you homeless tramps, you'd better hurry up and fend for yourselves!"

After saying that, Ma Lan looked at Zhang Guifen again and gnashed her teeth, cursing: "Zhang Guifen you ugly fat pig from the countryside, how dare you beat me and make me kneel on the ground to lick porridge.I tell you, you wait, wait until you are released, I'll find someone to kill you son of a bitch, aren't you the most filial?You wait, and when I find out where your mother is buried, I'll rake up her grave and raise her ashes!"

Zhang Guifen was so angry that she was about to fight her on the spot.

As she was about to do so, she heard the prison guard snapping behind her, "Ma Lan, are you going to leave or not?"

Ma Lan hurriedly said, "Go, go, go, this way, I don't want to stay here for a minute."

The prison guard said in a cold voice, "Then hurry up and pack your things."

Because the prison guard was there, the others wanted to hit Ma Lan, but they didn't dare to do it, so they could only hate her.

Zhang Guifen's heart hated it the most because she hated people who insulted her mother, and this Ma Lan dared to say that she would raise her mother's ashes, she simply deserved to die!


Ma Lan was completely confident at this point, and as she packed her things, she said in a cold voice to the people around her, "Right, and those of you who have beaten me, none of you are going to run away!I'm telling you, I'm very powerful out there, from today onwards, I'll go out and wait for you, come out and fight one of you, so you can bully me again!"

One by one, Ma Lan counted over and made everyone in the cell look livid and angry.

After scolding these people, Ma Lan was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

At this time, she had finished packing her things and was about to leave with the guards, when she suddenly felt a wave of urine coming on.

She muttered to herself, "Damn, why is there a bubble of urine at this time ......"

She said, and then whispered, "No!It's so bad luck in this cell, and the urine brought out from here must be especially bad luck too, so you must pee before you leave!"

Thinking of this, she looked at Old Mrs. Xiao and Zhang Guifen with a sneer and said despicably, "I just happen to have a bubble of urine, so I'll leave it for you poor pussies!"

Afterwards, Ma Lan grunted, twisted her waist, and walked into the bathroom.

Outside, a group of people were silent, all of them panting heavily from Ma Lan's anger.

Old Mrs. Xiao covered her chest, looking as if she had been carried away by the anger, and spoke, "Angry to death, really angry to death!It must have been my ungrateful son who came to bail her out!" One second to remember to read the book

Zhang Guifen Interface asked, "Your son bailed her out and she didn't bail you out?What is this if not a son of a bitch!"

Old Mrs. Xiao cried: "That son of mine is also a wimp, by this shrew to control the dead, they just do not want me to live ah, is trying to torment me this old woman ......".

After saying that, Old Mrs. Xiao also deliberately provoked and said to Zhang Guifen, "Guifen ah, this woman is very malicious, she said she would rake your mother's grave, I think she would definitely do such a thing, you can be mournful ah!"

As soon as Zhang Guifen heard this, she felt a surge of blood rush straight to her head, causing her body to tremble.

She gritted her teeth and stood up straight away, so she immediately rushed into the toilet!

This was her last chance to teach Ma Lan a lesson, if she didn't seize it, then this bitch would really be gone.

As soon as Old Mrs. Xiao saw her furiously rushing into the bathroom, she also immediately followed her in trembling.

Vivian Xiao, as well as a few others who had been scolded by Ma Lan, also immediately followed in!

Ma Lan was in the middle of relieving herself when she suddenly heard the toilet door slam open, and then she was met by a big kick from Zhang Guifen.

Her legs were stuck on the edge of the urinal, and her whole buttocks were sunk into it, which hurt like hell.

Zhang Guifen grimaced with hatred at the thought that Ma Lan was going to raze her mother's grave and raise her ashes, and said to the others, "Give me a good beating!Shoot her!Let her bitchy bitch pretend again!"

A group of people were suddenly chopping at Ma Lan's head and body.

Ma Lan was caught off guard, screaming and raising her hands as she tried to block the other party's fists and feet, but it was simply in vain.

And then, a cold light flashed in Xiao Weiwei's eyes, she had wanted to hit Ma Lan for a long time, but she hadn't had much of a chance!

When she saw that everyone in front of her was greeting Ma Lan's upper body, and Ma Lan's legs were sticking up, Xiao Weiwei stepped forward and pressed down on one of Ma Lan's legs, then winked at Old Mrs. Xiao and said, "Grandma, let's just smash this bitch's legs for her.Or you'll never get another chance!"

"Yes!"Old Mrs. Xiao gritted her teeth and nodded!


Old Mrs. Xiao hated Ma Lan as she saw her dream of living in Townsend First Class shattered once again.

Ma Lan was so arrogant and spoke too much in front of her, which made her resent Ma Lan even more.

To Old Mrs. Xiao, the last thing she wanted to see was Ma Lan to be released from her misery, but now Ma Lan was going to be released!

If Marashi was let out, this would be the last chance to teach her a lesson!If you miss it, you may not get another chance in the future!

So the old lady, despite her old age and decrepitude, lifted her leg and stepped on Ma Lan's knee with a fierce kick.

There was a cracking sound and Ma Lan let out a terrible scream.

She felt a sharp pain in her leg, it must have broken!

Old Mrs. Xiao was excited when she got her way, but she didn't expect her body to move too much, so she didn't stand still and slipped on the ground.

The fall directly hit her tailbone, causing her to cry out in pain.

But Ma Lan was even more miserable, she saw her right knee, folded in the opposite direction, the pain was so excruciating that she could only scream incessantly: "ah ......My leg!My leg is broken!" First web site

The guard heard movement inside and shouted from outside, "What's going on?What are you guys doing in there?"

Only when the crowd heard this did they hastily stop and stand to one side.

Zhang Guifen took a look before deliberately laughing, "Ken this shrew is very bad dripping water, see will go out, but even wanted to kick the old lady, did not think to break the leg, really deserved!"

After saying that, she hurriedly assisted old lady Xiao and left the toilet.

Ma Lan cried out loudly, "Guards, come and help me, my leg is broken!"

The guard had now arrived at the door of the toilet, and upon entering, he saw the tragic state of Marashi and frowned, asking the crowd, "What are you doing?"

Zhang Guifen stepped forward and spoke up, "I don't know, just now the old lady came in to use the toilet, she had to kick someone and ended up slipping on her own foot and fell like this."

Old Mrs. Xiao also endured the pain and interjected, "This beast kicked me, my tailbone is broken, it hurts ......"

Ma Lan cried out loudly, "You farted, you're the bastards who hit me and broke my leg!"

Zhang Guifen sneered and said, "What evidence do you have?All twenty of us could see you trying to kick the old lady, and you still want to argue?"

Mashi pointed at the crowd and cried out, "You're the ones who beat them!It was your collective that broke my leg!"

The prison guard couldn't help but frown, a normal person couldn't just go to the bathroom for no reason and have a broken leg.

So Ma Lan's leg was broken, and it was clearly a fight from these people in the cell.

But if one person alone did it, she could still deal with it, and if all of them did it, then there was really no way at all.

First of all, it would be impossible to deal with all of them, and secondly, it could be very troublesome to get these people to confess exactly who beat them up, which would require constant isolation and bringing these people out one by one to isolate them for interrogation.

When she thought about it, she spoke up, "Okay Mashiro, if you keep making trouble like this, you won't be able to leave today, if you have to investigate and deal with it again, it will be at least a long time longer."


Lan Ma cried, "Well, they can't just break my legs for nothing, can they?"

Ma Lan was so arrogant and spoke too much in front of her, which made her resent Ma Lan even more.Then you'd be lifting a stone to smash your own feet."

When Ma Lan heard this, she despaired.

She also knew that these female prisoners were not good people, and they were all very united under Zhang Guifen's leadership, not to mention that she had already incurred the public's wrath, so if she made a scene to the police about this matter, the result would most likely be that they would all turn on her together.

In that case, they would be in even more trouble.

It would be better to get out quickly rather than this, the sooner we get out the better!

When she thought of this, Marashi could only nod her head in annoyance and said, "I want to go out, I want to go out now!"

The prison guard nodded and assisted Ma Lan out of the bathroom, then led her out of the cell.

The moment she left the cell, Ma Lan turned back and said to Old Mrs. Xiao, "Wait for me, dead old woman, sooner or later I'll break both your legs!"

Old Mrs. Xiao said coldly, "You bitch, sooner or later you won't die a good death ah you!" Remember the URL

Ma Lan ignored the old lady and looked at Zhang Guifen again and said sternly, "Zhang Guifen, you dog woman, just wait for me, your mother's grave will definitely not be saved!"

Zhang Guifen shouted angrily, "If you dare, I'll have to kill you."

Ma Lan limped out with the help of the guards, turning back and scolding, "You see if I dare you, just wait, when you come out go to your mother's grave and see if I've raised her ashes!"

Afterwards, without looking back, she followed the guards out of the guard's cell.

When Ma Lan arrived at the office area of the guardhouse, the guards took her into an office, which already had two officers sitting in it, the same two people who were in charge of her case.

The two policemen were stunned when they saw her being assisted by the prison guard, who jumped in.

The prison guard said to the two, "She just had a confrontation with a fellow cellmate in the bathroom and suffered some injuries to her leg."

Ma Lan angrily said, "Suffered a little injury?My legs are broken, okay, can't you see?"

The guard questioned in a cold voice, "You've ignored everything I just told you, haven't you?Do you want to call everyone out now and transfer you to the Public Security Bureau for a proper trial, I tell you, you won't even get out until you're tried for three to five days!"

One of the police officers spoke up and said, "Okay Ma Lan, it's already very good that you can go home now, as for the injury on your leg, you can wait until you get out and then go to the hospital to treat it, it'll be fine for three to five months."

Ma Lan could only nod with an angry nod and asked, "Comrade police officer, when will I be released?"

The policeman said, "Did you remember everything we explained to you before?"

Ma Lan hurriedly said, "Don't worry, I've remembered everything clearly, and I won't say a single word to anyone after the whole thing goes out!"

Ma Lan had been beaten and threatened by those three fierce women during her afternoon outing, and had long since been scared out of her wits, and deeply aware of the great danger behind this matter.

So she couldn't hide now, and how could she dare to mention it again?

The police officer was satisfied with that, and returned Ma Lan's phone to her, saying, "Okay, call your son-in-law now and have him come pick you up."


After receiving her own phone, Marashi immediately couldn't wait to turn it on.

She hadn't been able to touch her phone or contact her husband and daughter since she had come in.

Now that she suddenly got her phone back, Ma Lan's heart was suddenly filled with a strong sense of grievance.

Her own husband and daughter must not have known that she had suffered so much inhuman torture in the past two days.

But this kind of thing, I just can't say to them.

If she said a word, she might be killed or put in jail by the police.

After the phone was turned on, Ma Lan's WeChat could receive countless messages, she clicked on it, basically every message was from her daughter Xiao Churan.

Seeing that her daughter had been worrying about herself and kept sending all kinds of messages to her, Ma Lan's heart was very comforted.

But she couldn't help but think of one more thing.

Why hadn't her own husband, who hadn't sent a single message to her, sent a single tweet to her? One second to remember to read the book

He's been missing for two days, doesn't he have any worries?

Thinking of this, Ma Lan was quite dissatisfied, and in her heart she couldn't help but think: I didn't think that Xiao Changkun, this old thing, would be so mean-spirited, and he hadn't even sent a single WeChat when he had been missing for so long!We'll have to settle the score with him afterwards!

At this time, the police officer spoke up, "Stop playing WeChat there, and call your son-in-law."

Ma Lan hurriedly asked, "Comrade police officer, can I not let my son-in-law pick me up, I'm so annoyed right now thinking about this person that I hate him so much, can I let my daughter pick me up?"

The police officer slapped the table and shouted coldly, "The reason we asked you to get your son-in-law to pick you up is because we want to make sure that those criminals are not targeting your son-in-law right now, otherwise, if we rashly put you back, you'll probably be targeted as well, and you might be killed tonight, then you can't blame me for not reminding you!"

When Ma Lan heard this, her liver trembled with fear, and she hurriedly said, "That's okay, I'll call my son-in-law right now, comrade police officer, please make sure to see if the criminals are targeting him or not ......"

The police officer nodded at this and said in a cold voice, "Don't worry, as long as you do what we say, we will naturally investigate it."

Ma Lan let out a sigh of relief and said, "Then I'll call him now!"

The police officer asked her again, "Do you know what to tell him?"

"Know know know!"Ma Lan endured the pain in her leg and said honestly, "I just told him that I was scammed by a pyramid scheme, and then I got caught by the police, and now that I'm cleared of all wrongdoing, I can finally go home."

The police officer gave a hmmm and waved his hand, "Alright, hurry up and make the call."

At this moment, Ye Chen was waiting for Ma Lan's call at home.

Suddenly the cell phone that was placed on the table rang, he hurriedly picked up the phone and found that the caller was indeed his mother-in-law, so he pressed the answer button.

"Mom?!Where are you?We've been looking for you like crazy for the past two days!"

As soon as Ye Chen opened his mouth, he acted out.

Ma Lan hated her madly in her heart, but she couldn't say it directly, so she could only say in a cold voice, "I'm in the city detention center right now, so hurry up and drive to pick me up!"

Ye Chen said, "Mom, the family car has been driven away, why don't I take a taxi to pick you up."

Ma Lan angrily asked, "Both cars were taken away?"

Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "Choran went to the office, and Dad went to the party."


"A party?!"Ma Lan questioned, "That damned Xiao Changkun is still in the mood to party now?Who did he go to a party with?"

Ye Chen said, "With some old classmates, I'm not really sure about the specifics, why don't I give him a call?"

Ma Lan said in exasperation, "You came to pick me up first!I'm hurt now and I have to go to the hospital!"

Ye Chen asked, "Mom, what injuries did you get?Does it matter?"

Lan Ma raged, "My leg is broken!Where's all the bullshit? Get your ass over here!"

Ye Chen then said, "Okay, then I'll go over there now."

After hanging up the phone, Ye Chen immediately went out, stopped a taxi and went to the Jinling Detention Center.

On the way to the detention center, he made a call to Xiao Churan and said to her, "Wife, Mom called me, I'm going to pick her up now."

Upon hearing this, Xiao Churan was so excited that he asked out of his mouth, "Really?Did Mom call you?Where is she?Is she okay?!"

Ye Chen said: "Mom said she was in the Jinling Detention Center, as for the reason I asked her, she said it was because two days ago she was tricked into a pyramid scheme and then arrested by the police, so she was locked up, this is just cleared of suspicion before being released." First published at

Xiao Choran suddenly realized!

I suspected at first that my mother had been swindled by a pyramid scheme, but I didn't expect the police to catch her!

It seems that when Mom comes home, she must talk to her properly and never trust those people outside who can make her rich overnight again.

Thinking of this, she hurriedly said, "Then I'll go over now as well, let's meet at the detention center."

Ye Chen was busy saying, "Honey, don't come over, Mom told me on the phone that she was injured, I'll take her to the hospital right after I pick her up, so you can meet her at the hospital then."

Xiao Churan asked nervously, "What's going on?Where's Mom hurt?Is it serious?"

Ye Chen said, "Mom said on the phone that her leg was broken, but I don't know if it's serious or not, I won't know until the doctor sees it."

Xiao Choran burst into tears and said, "Then come directly to the emergency department of the People's Hospital after you pick up Mom, I'm heading there now!"


When Ye Chen arrived at the detention center and saw Ma Lan, Ma Lan was already tortured.

Her nose and face were swollen and bruised, she had lost two of her front teeth, and her hair had been ripped to shreds, with a few pieces of her scalp exposed, so it seemed that her hair had been gouged out too harshly.

Moreover, Ma Lan came in these two days, almost equivalent to no food and no drink, so her entire body had two heads, which was quite rich, but now it was a bit miserable.

What was even worse was Ma Lan's right leg, which was now broken from the knee and could only dangle at this weird angle, so it did seem to have been tortured quite badly.

Ye Chen asked in deliberate surprise, "Mom, what's wrong with you?What's with all the injuries?"

"Mind your own business!"Ma Lan gritted her teeth and said, "Don't take me to the hospital yet!"

Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "Okay, the taxi is waiting outside, this will take you to the hospital."

The police officer looked at Ma Lan and said coldly, "Ma Lan!What did I just tell you?If you still have that attitude, then just don't go out and stay in there!"

Ma Lan was scared out of her wits when she heard this, and said offhandedly to Ye Chen, "Oh my good son-in-law, it's all mom's fault just now, mom shouldn't have yelled at you ......"

The police officer stared at Ma Lan and warned, "Don't forget what I told you, we're only letting you out temporarily, but we'll keep an eye on you, understand?"


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