Secret Identity 911-920


Chapter 911

Xie Wenru, who had been quite disdainful of Xiao Changkun just a moment ago, was a bit more scrupulous at this moment.

      No matter what, the fact that his son-in-law could make Uncle Yu so attentive and respectful was proof that Xiao Changkun was also much more important than himself in Uncle Yu's eyes.

      He asked his old classmate beside him about the origin of Xiao Changkun's son-in-law, who happened to have attended the last class reunion, and said with a smile, "That son-in-law of Changkun's looks as if he's just an unemployed vagrant, right? it's said that he seems to be the full-time master of the family, what exactly he does, we really don't know."

      After all, Xie Wenru was a businessman and had seen the world.

      He realized just from Yu Bo's attitude that he definitely should not underestimate Xiao Changkun's son-in-law.

      It was possible that the other party was still a person of great importance, otherwise it would be impossible for Uncle Yu to be so respectful.

      This also caused him to be worried and fearful for what he had just ridiculed Xiao Changkun.

      Not to mention anything else, just by the respectful attitude of Yu Bo, it could be seen that if he was really tearing his face off with Xiao Changkun, Yu Bo would definitely not turn towards him.

      So, he looked at Xiao Changkun with some fear, and hesitated for a moment or spoke up, "Changkun, I'm sorry just now, it was all angry words said in anger, you must not take it to heart, we are all old classmates, if there is anything to say, just say a few words and get it over with, what do you think?"

      Xiao Changkun knew very well in his heart that Xie Wenru was so arrogant just now, but now he suddenly became so polite and even took the initiative to find himself to apologize, it must be because Yu Bo's attitude made him realize that he wasn't that easy to mess with.

      He hadn't wanted to just let up with Xie Wenru, but Han Meiqing also spoke up at this time, "Changkun, we're all classmates, so let's not talk about the unpleasantness just now."

      Only then did Xiao Changkun nodded his head and said to Xie Wenru, "Since Mei Qing has spoken, then don't mention it anymore, I am a person who will not offend anyone, if you don't continue to find trouble with me, of course I won't have the same knowledge as you."ァ78中文ヤ~⑧~1~ωω.7~8z~w.còм<first issue, domain name, please remember

      If someone normally spoke to Xie Wenru like this, he would have already blown up.

      But at this time, he didn't dare to scream at Xiao Changkun anymore.

      After all, this was in the Song family's territory, and Yu Bo had so much respect for Xiao Changkun, if he really started a fight, he would definitely be finished.

      So he could only say in an urn, "Changkun, you're an adult, I will definitely toast you later."

      The other students also saw this change in Xie Wenru's attitude, and everyone knew that Xie Wenru was a bit jealous of Xiao Changkun.

      Some of them were also surprised, this Xiao Changkun, was his son-in-law really so powerful that he could make everyone in the Song family treat him so politely?

      Xiao Changkun's heart at this moment was also very proud, not expecting that even though he didn't bring his son-in-law, his son-in-law could still help him grow his face.

      The first thing I want to do is to get rid of the old man.


      At this moment, Paul also came to his own company "Smith & Associates" by car.

      Americans and Chinese have different styles. Chinese people seldom name their companies after themselves because they believe in keeping a low profile, being obscure and not making too much noise.

      The whole thing is to highlight a middle way of doing things.

      However, Americans are generally very high-profile, and those well-known companies in the United States are basically named after their founders.


For example, the famous Boeing Company, the super aerospace group that produces airliners and military aircraft, the space shuttle.

He was named Boeing because of their founder, named William Edward Boeing.

The equivalent of the founder using his last name, as the name of the company.

Another example is the world famous hotel company Hilton Group, its founder is named Conrad Hilton and the family is also known as the famous Hilton family.

Paul's full name is Paul Smith, Paul is his first name and Smith is his family name.

From the time his father founded this law firm, it was called Smith & Associates after his own family name.

"After years of hard work by Paul's father, Smith & Associates is still quite famous internationally.

So this time Paul moved the firm to Jinling, and on the location of the firm, he directly chose the best cbd area of Jinling.

And he chose the most prosperous and top office building, the Golden Land Building.

The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to go back to my home country. The first website

Because Paul's Smith Law Firm was also very famous and served all of the world's top 500 companies, they also paid a lot of attention to their facade.

It's worth mentioning that the Ye family's original purchase to Ye Chen, the Empire Group, was the largest conglomerate company in the entire Jinling and was mainly focused on real estate.

The Empire Group owned a number of high-end office buildings in Jinling, and they were all operated by the Empire Group itself and were not for sale, which included the entire Jindi Tower.

Ye Chen was a little surprised at first when he heard that Paul had chosen the Golden Land Building for his company.

I didn't expect him to choose his own property so coincidentally.

But think about it carefully.The Golden Land Building was the best office building in all of Jinling, and a firm like his was in need of an adequate frontage, so there was no other choice but the Golden Land Building.

After he had lunch at home, he took a taxi to the Golden Land Building by himself.

Paul's law firm was on the 27th floor of the Golden Land Building, and he took the elevator directly to the 27th floor, where Paul was already waiting for him personally at the elevator.

When he saw Ye Chen, Paul was very, very polite and directly came up and politely said, "Oh my, Mr. Ye, it's really hard for you to make a special trip."

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said to Paul, "It's just a hand up, no need to be so polite."

Paul invited Ye Chen to walk in and opened his mouth to introduce, "Mr. Ye, I already had someone rent the 27th floor of the Jin Li Building a few months ago first, and I started renovating it straight away at that time, and now the renovation is basically almost completed, how about you take a look at the overall feng shui?Is there something that doesn't quite fit, and if so how do you modify it?"

Ye Chen roughly looked it over, and soon realized that Paul already had a very diligent feng shui layout here, and he smiled and said, "Paul, it seems like you've already had someone high up here look at it, right?I see that you have set up a feng shui bureau for gathering wealth at the entrance, which can gather wealth; and a feng shui bureau for disaster avoidance in the main hall, so for someone like you who does legal business, having this kind of feng shui bureau can avoid disputes to the greatest extent possible, which is already very good overall."

Paul exclaimed, "Mr. Ye you can really be discerning, you saw the feng shui arrangement of my place as soon as you laid eyes on it."

Ye Chen calmly said, "Paul, your mother and my father-in-law have been classmates for so many years, so you don't have to be too polite with me.But I'm curious, since you've already had someone here read the feng shui, why did you invite me here?"

Paul didn't hide it at all and said frankly, "I'm not hiding anything.Yesterday, I invited you over to help me read feng shui, mainly because I wanted to see if Mr. Ye really has true talent in this area, but now it seems that I'm being abrupt, please forgive me, Mr. Ye!"


Paul was indeed curious about Ye Chen, from the beginning he had thought that Ye Chen was a member of the Yanjing Ye family, then Ye Chen though he let him dispel this doubt, but the title of Master Ye Chen Ye still left Paul with new doubts.

Having Ye Chen come over to show him the feng shui was actually a step of testing for Paul, who had already had someone specifically look at the feng shui here.

If Ye Chen couldn't tell after coming here that a feng shui bureau had already been laid here, it would prove that he simply didn't have the level to be any kind of Master Ye .

But if Ye Chen could see the feng shui layout here when he came, then it would prove that Ye Chen was of an unusual level.

Paul didn't expect that Ye Chen would be able to see all the feng shui layouts here at a glance, knowing that the previous master had also looked and studied for a long time before thinking of and laying them out.

Ye Chen wasn't angry at Paul's suspicion, on the contrary, he appreciated Paul's openness, saying whatever he had to say and not hiding anything, this quality was already very rare in today's society.

So he said to Paul, "It's human nature for you to want to see if I have this true talent, but since I'm here, I'm going to charge you a fee for reading feng shui."

In fact, Ye Chen didn't intend to ask Paul for money before he came, after all, he was the son of his father-in-law's old lover, so he still had to give this face.

But since Paul was so frank, saying one thing and two things, he should also get along with him in the same way.

As soon as Paul heard this, he immediately said, "Of course, of course!Since we invited Mr. Ye, how can we not pay for it!" 

Saying that, he didn't hesitate to pull out his checkbook from his pocket, drew on it for a while, tore it off and handed it to Ye Chen, saying, "Mr. Ye, this one million is my little token of appreciation, please accept it with a smile."

Ye Chen received the check over with a slight smile, and said with a smile, "Then I will respectfully accept it."

After saying that, Ye Chen looked around and said, "That means that this place is indeed looking for a senior person to look at it, but a senior person will inevitably miss something, for example, the feng shui bureau for gathering wealth at your entrance, the entrance to gather wealth is naturally understandable, but behind this, there is no corresponding layout done, it is a defeat."

When Paul heard him say this, he hurriedly followed up with, "Mr. Ye, what do you mean by this?"

Ye Chen smiled, "It's often said in feng shui that purple energy comes from the east and wealth comes from the east, your entrance faces east, there's no problem with setting up a gathering of wealth feng shui bureau, that means money comes in through your entrance and into your company, this is a good start, but your company must be able to keep the money."

Saying that, he pointed to the back of his company and said, "Look at this side of your company, it's all transparent floor-to-ceiling windows, transparent glass, which equals nothing on the feng shui bureau, so that's why you came in through the entrance, and if you can't keep it, it goes right out the back, you know what that's called?"

Paul nervously asked, "And please express Mr. Yeh!"

Ye Chen smiled: "There is an old Chinese saying, called the bamboo basket is empty, why will say so is because the mouth of the bamboo basket can enter the water, but its own gap is too big so it can't stay water, if the company can't keep the money, it is likely that your company in the future is the big in and out, money in and out also more, in the end, themselves nothing behind."

Paul was alarmed and asked again, "Master Yeh, how should we break this situation?"

Ye Chen said indifferently, "First of all, all glass must be laminated, as I just said, if the glass is transparent, it equals to nothing, but once it has a color, even if it's just a pale teal color, it equals to turning this glass into a wall."


Paul nodded in excitement and said off the cuff, "Thank you so much Mr. Ye, I'll arrange for it to be done quickly."

Ye Chen smiled slightly and added, "Don't worry, I haven't finished yet."

Paul hurriedly and respectfully said, "Mr. Ye, please go ahead."

Ye Chen said, "While putting the film on the glass, you also need to place a gold brave on each side of the left and right side, it must be made of pure gold in order to have the best effect in terms of luck.Moreover, the brave soldier is famous for only eating and not pulling, only entering and not leaving, it's the best way to guard your fortune, so it's the same as making a feng shui bureau that retains money after it comes in, and your business will naturally flourish."

With a grateful face, Paul cupped his fist at Ye Chen and said respectfully, "Mr. Ye is truly worthy of the title of Master Ye, from today onwards, like everyone else, I will also honor you as Master Ye!"

Ye Chen smiled and waved his hand, "You'd better not call me Master Ye, if you call me Master Ye in front of my father-in-law, or in front of your mother, I wouldn't know how to explain it to them."

Paul got out, "Then from now on, I'll call you Mr. Ye in front of them, but when I'm not in front of them, I must honor you by calling you Master Ye!"

Saying that, Paul immediately pulled out his own checkbook again, without saying a word he wrote and drew on it for a while, then tore off that check, dragged his hands respectfully in front of Ye Chen and said, "Master Ye, this is a replacement for your expenses, please also smile."

Ye Chen took a look and found that this check was written for four million, so he said to Paul, "One million is already a lot, you don't need to be so polite to me, I'll take this million, but you should take back this four million."

Paul, however, said with a resolute face, "No, Mr. Ye, if it wasn't for you, my future in Jinling might be a basket of water." One second to remember to read the book

Ye Chen waved his hand and smiled, "This is just some feng shui sayings, even if I don't point it out to you, you may not be unable to make money, after all, your family's law firm has been operating for so many years, it's already very famous."

Paul said seriously, "Master Ye, to tell you the truth, when my dad opened his law firm back then, he took several cases at the very beginning, and all of them were lost, and the reasons for losing were a thousand and one strange, during that time, in my mom's words, my dad was unlucky enough to drink cold water with a gag."

"Later, my mother hired a feng shui master from Chinatown to come to my father's law firm to look at feng shui, and at first my father was still very much against this kind of eastern feudal superstition, but after that feng shui master clearly calculated several predicaments that my father had encountered, my father realized that this kind of esoteric scholarship of feng shui was really extraordinary!"

"This feng shui gentleman then altered the layout of my father's law firm and re-did a feng shui bureau for him, and since then, my father's law firm business has been booming."

At this point, Paul said with an emotional face, "If it wasn't for that feng shui gentleman, my father's business venture might have failed in the first place, so there wouldn't be the current Smith Law Firm, and that's why I believe so strongly in feng shui."

Ye Chen didn't expect that it was the feng shui gentleman who was responsible for the survival of Paul's family business in the beginning.

Feng shui was sometimes so magical, when you were ready for everything but the east wind, it was possible that this east wind just wouldn't come.

No matter how much you prepare, it is impossible to succeed.

Feng shui, that is the subtlety, plays the role of borrowing the east wind!


Paul has a real admiration for Ye Chen.

He himself was an American who was more like a Chinese, and was obsessed with and believed in traditional Chinese culture as well as Feng Shui metaphysics.

Everything that Ye Chen had just said made him feel that this person was unfathomably accomplished in feng shui.

So he didn't understand why someone would be willing to give Ye Chen a set of luxury villas that were worth over 100 million dollars.

Paul was very clear about the importance of a feng shui master.A good feng shui master could not only help people change their luck and gather money.He could even help people change their fate against the sky.

So the better the feng shui master, the higher their appearance fee and the higher their worth, for example, Hong Kong's Li Ka Shing, it was said that their royal feng shui master was paid hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars for a feng shui reading.

So, he even felt that his 4 million cheque was a bit low.

Had he known that he should have written him a cheque for 10 million.

Thinking of this, he directly tore the 4 million cheque and threw it aside, then hurriedly wrote a new 9 million cheque and handed it to Ye Chen respectfully, "Master Ye, please also smile."

Ye Chen said seriously, "Paul, it's enough for me to charge you one million, so you don't have to give me these anymore." The first website

Paul, however, said very seriously, "Master Ye, Feng Shui metaphysics itself is about a piety, and money is also a representation of piety in some ways, so I also hope that you will be able to smile, otherwise, it will appear that I am not sincere."

Ye Chen wasn't short of money, there was still nearly 22 billion RMB in his entire account, and he simply didn't know how to spend it.

Whether Paul gave himself 1 million or 10 million, it didn't really make any difference to him.

Ye Chen is also not prepared to ask Paul for too much money, asking for money is just a formality, how much he gives himself is fine, but giving too much is indeed a bit inappropriate.

But Paul was very resolute and was dead set against taking the money back, insisting that Ye Chen take it.

When Ye Chen saw this, he no longer excused himself from him and said, "Since you have to give me money, I'll take it first, but if I need to use you as a barrister in the future, then you must take as much money as you should."

Paul laughed and said, "How can I do that?You're Master Ye, you can use me, it's a lift for me."

Ye Chen said, "In that case, I won't dare to come to you for any legal matters in the future."

Only then did Paul hurriedly say, "Master Ye, if you have any legal needs in the future, you can come to me, I will charge you normally, that's always okay, right?"

Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "That's more like it."

After saying that he looked at the time and said, "Paul, since you have nothing to do on your side, I won't bother you today."

Paul hurriedly said, "Master Ye, I would like to invite you to dinner tonight, I wonder if you have time?"

Ye Chen smiled and waved his hand and said, "There's no need for dinner, I still have some business to attend to over there, I have to go."

As soon as Paul heard this, he nodded and said, "Since Master Ye has something to do, I won't keep you, I'll see you out, Master Ye this way please."

Paul's crispness was greatly appreciated by Ye Chen.

Most of the countrymen were more fond of hospitality, if someone else wanted to invite them to dinner instead, and they excused themselves from having something to do, the other party would definitely continue to warmly invite them a few more times, until they explicitly refused.

There were even times when even if deep down they didn't really want to invite the other party to dinner, they would still be polite to the other party.


It's like several people grabbing the bill after a meal together.

Everyone is grabbing to pay, but it's not necessarily that everyone really wants to pay in their hearts.

Most likely, people just want to be polite, because they feel like they don't know what they're doing if they're not being polite.

So, the hotel bar often someone on who pays the bill, you come and go to grab a non-stop.

Ye Chen has seen this kind of people, but instead, he appreciates Paul more for such an interesting, decisive and straightforward person.

Since he said he had something to do, then he absolutely no longer bullshit, directly will send himself away, this is the way of communication between smart people.

Paul then sent Ye Chen all the way out of the company to the door of the elevator.

He took the initiative to press the elevator button for Ye Chen, and then an elevator came up from the first floor and stopped at this floor.

As soon as the elevator stopped, Paul hurriedly made a gesture of invitation.

He was about to speak to Ye Chen, when the elevator door suddenly opened and a beautiful, tall, super beauty with a small suit on top and a hip skirt on the bottom suddenly appeared in the elevator. Remember the website

The beauty was beautiful and touching, while at the same time cold and sexy, it could be described as the best of the best, making all men's hearts aflutter.

Paul looked at the other party with a surprised face and exclaimed, "Miss Song, why are you here?"

The beauty was about to speak, suddenly saw Paul's side Ye Chen, cold and pretty face suddenly seemed to be bathed in spring breeze, with a little girl's leaping smile, surprise: "Master Ye, what are you doing here?"

When Ye Chen looked up, he realized that the person in the elevator was the Song family's eldest daughter, Song Wanting, and she was accompanied by a few bodyguards, each holding an exquisite basket of flowers.

Song Wanting didn't expect to run into her beloved Ye Chen here, so she was naturally happy.

Ye Chen also felt a little surprised to see her here and said with a smile, "I came to help my friend take a look at the feng shui of his place."

Saying that, he thought that Paul recognized Song Wanting just now, so he guessed that the two of them must know each other.

Song Wanting smiled and said, "It seems that Master Ye you also know Mr. Paul, I came here because my grandfather asked me to help by sending some baskets of flowers to Mr. Paul to congratulate him on the opening of his company."

After saying that, she only thought that she hadn't even greeted Paul, so this was a bit embarrassed and said, "Mr. Paul, it's been a long time."

Paul was a smart man, and he had the most contact with criminal suspects in his career as a lawyer, so he had a very strong ability to read people's eyes and expressions.

The FBI, in the United States, had put out a course on interpreting facial expressions.

This is mainly to teach the case officers, how to figure out whether the other party is lying through the subtle facial expressions and eye changes of the suspects.

This is very high end psychology, but it is a mandatory course for every judicial officer.

Paul had studied law in the United States for many years and had also become a lawyer, plus his upbringing in his family had given him a unique talent in this area.

Therefore, he was able to tell that Song Wanting liked Ye Chen from the expression and look in her eyes when she looked at Ye Chen.

While he envied Ye Chen for being able to attract such a stunning beauty like Song Wanting, he couldn't help but lament that it seemed that Ye Chen was really an extraordinary person, and even the eldest Miss of the Song family was in love with him.

What's more, Ye Chen was a married man, and the fact that the eldest miss of the Song family would actually like a married man, this was a bombshell!


At this time, the graceful and graceful Song Wanting, walked out of the elevator.

Although she was here to deliver a basket of flowers to Paul, her eyes were always on Ye Chen's body.

Every time she saw Ye Chen, Song Wanting would feel happy, like she was back to 18 years old, the age when her love life was beginning.

In fact, a lady like her matured earlier than the average person, coming into contact with the world and learning to put a mask on herself earlier than the average person.

But after meeting Ye Chen and after falling in love with him, Song Wanting's ability to put a mask on herself became ineffective in front of him.

She looked at Ye Chen with eyes full of admiration and love, and shyly asked, "Master Ye, how did you and Mr. Paul meet?Mr. Paul must have just arrived in China, right?"

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "My father-in-law and Mr. Paul's mother were college classmates, so that's how we met."

Song Wanting was surprised and said, "Oh my, how could it be such a coincidence!"

Paul on the side smiled and said, "It's such a coincidence, I didn't expect that you, Miss Song, would also know Master Ye."

Song Wanting looked deeply at Ye Chen and said to Paul, "Master Ye is considered to be my savior, do you remember one time when our export goods just arrived in the U.S., immediately they said they were substandard, but they still wanted to sue us and make us bear huge amount of compensation?" One second to remember to read the book

Paul immediately nodded and said, "Of course I remember, that time you asked me to drive from the east coast of the United States to the west coast of the United States to help you solve this dispute, but the problem was already solved before my people reached the west coast."

Song Wanting palpitated, "That time was when I accidentally broke the feng shui of my home, not only did my business suffer from the front, I also had a lot of problems myself, and even drove with frequent problems and accidents."

Saying that, Song Wanting lifted her wrist, revealing the string of bracelets her mother had left her, and lamented, "At that time, this bracelet had been lost, and if it wasn't for Master Ye, I wouldn't have been able to find it back."

Paul exclaimed, "So the amazing feng shui master you told me about meeting at the time was Master Ye!"

Song Wanting nodded and said, "That's right, Master Ye."

Paul's eyes had been filled with admiration and respect as he looked at Ye Chen!

He blurted out, "Master Ye, I never would have thought that you would be the Feng Shui Master that Miss Song has been talking about with unstinting praise!"

Ye Chen smiled with a calm face and waved his hand, "It's nothing more than a little carving technique, not worth mentioning."

Paul hurriedly said, "Master Ye, you're so humble, if it wasn't for your guidance just now.My feng shui bureau here might have gone badly wrong as well, I'm so grateful!"

Although Ye Chen was very humble, Paul didn't think so, and he already had some reverence for Ye Dust in his heart.

Moreover, even the Song family's eldest sister had a high esteem for Ye Chen himself naturally, so he couldn't slow down Ye Chen even more.

At this time, Ye Chen opened his mouth and said, "I still have some things to do, so let's say, you guys talk first, I'll leave first."

Song Wanting hurriedly asked after him, "Master Ye, where are you going?Did you drive?I'll give you a ride if you're not driving."

Ye Chen smiled and said, "Don't you need to catch up with Paul between you and him?"

Song Wanting hurriedly said, "Paul and I are also old acquaintances, he will be developing in Jinling from now on, we have plenty of time to catch up.If you're not driving today, it's better to let me drive you!"

Paul saw this, and knew even more that Song Wanting not only liked Ye Chen, but also put Ye Chen in a very, very important position in her heart.

At this time, he said by way of passing the buck, "Miss Song, thank you for the flower basket, and also thank Master Song for me, if there is a chance I will definitely visit your door, if you have something to do, you can be busy first, it just so happens that I also have some things to deal with on my own side."


Song Wanting looked at Paul gratefully and said to him, "That's okay, since you have something to do, I won't bother you much, we'll meet again sometime!"

Paul, a man with a really high emotional and intellectual quotient, could see that Song Wanting's heart was all about Ye Chen, that's why she offered to send Ye Chen, in that case, why not go along and help her out?

So Song Wanting said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye, I'll give you a ride."

Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile, "Alright then, it's troublesome for you."

Song Wanting smiled shyly and said seriously, "Master Ye, you must never be so polite with me."


Song Wanting left her own bodyguard to carry the flower basket for Paul, while she pressed down the elevator, reached out to block the elevator door, and said to Ye Chen, "Master Ye you please!"

Ye Chen gave a slight nod of his head as a gesture and entered the elevator first, which was followed by Song Wanting.

When the elevator door closed, the faint and high-class scent of Song Wanting's body slowly entered Ye Chen's nostrils.

It had to be said that Song Wanting's taste was very high, and the smell of her perfume was light and long.Not only did it make people feel very comfortable and refreshing, but it didn't smell vulgar at all, and even made people a little addicted to it. First URL

Standing with her, Ye Chen even had some heartbeat in his heart.

There was no denying that Song Wanting was indeed very beautiful and noble, and more importantly, this woman acted too gently when she was in front of her, not being able to see the frame and aura of a lady at all.

When they left the Golden Land Building together, Song Wanting personally opened the door of her Rolls-Royce and invited Ye Chen to sit in it.

After getting into the car, Song Wanting respectfully asked Ye Chen beside her, "Master Ye, where are you going, I'll give you a ride!"

Ye Chen smiled slightly, "Then it's troublesome for you to send me back to Thomson."

Song Wanting was surprised and asked, "Mr. Ye aren't you going to do something?Why are you suddenly going home again?"

Ye Chen smiled and said, "The time to do something hasn't come yet, so I'll go home and wait."

Although Song Wanting was a little surprised, she still nodded gently and said, "Then I'll send you back."

Saying that, she plucked up her courage again and asked with some anticipation, "Master Ye, when do you have time?I would like to invite you for a meal ......"

Ye Chen thought about it and said, "In two days, there are really quite a lot of things lately, especially today."

He had already explained clearly to Richard Chen that once he was ready to release Ma Lan, the guards over there would specifically ask her to call him .

At that time, he would go and pick up Ma Lan himself.

The reason why he was going to pick up Ma Lan personally was mainly because he wanted to see how miserable Ma Lan was right now.

This woman who even dared to steal 21.9 billion, if she didn't suffer a bit in there, she would never learn a lesson.

21.9 billion, if you don't give her any mercy and are not afraid of your identity being exposed and call the police directly, Ma Lan will be sentenced to at least a suspended death sentence if not shot to death for such a large amount of money involved.

Letting her go in and suffer for a few days and then releasing her is already very cheap!


After Ma Lan returned to the guardhouse from the police station for questioning, she had been waiting for the results with apprehension in her heart.

She didn't know if the police would let her go or not, so she could only keep praying in her heart.

In the past two days since she entered the detention center, Ma Lan had suffered a lot of pain and suffering that she had never suffered in her life.

Old Mrs. Xiao felt a little worried when she knew that Ma Lan had been called to the police station for questioning in the morning.

She was afraid that Ma Lan would tell the police officer about her and Zhang Guifen's torture and beating.

Moreover, she was also worried that Ma Lan would apply to the police officer to change her cell.

If the police officer switched her out, wouldn't she lose her greatest pleasure?

For so long, the Xiao family had suffered so many misfortunes and hardships, so much so that Old Lady Xiao's mood had been very low, and it wasn't until Ma Lan was locked up in the same cell as her that she had regained the joy and beauty of life.

The thought that Ma Lan might be locked up in prison for a decade or two while she waited for 10 days to get out, made Old Mrs. Xiao feel excited.

Seeing Ma Lan curled up in the corner of the cell, Old Mrs. Xiao got playful, she stepped in front of Ma Lan and asked with a smile, "Yo, I heard that you were called to the police station for questioning?" Remember the URL

Ma Lan looked at her and shivered, "Yes mom, I was called to ask about the situation."

Old Mrs. Xiao coldly questioned, "Then you didn't talk nonsense to the police officers, you didn't tell them, did you?"

Ma Lan hurriedly waved her hand and said, "Mom don't worry, I didn't tell the police officers what happened in the cell, they called me over to ask about the case again."

Old Mrs. Xiao put her mind at ease, grinned and asked her, "I said Ma Lan, did you get a lawyer to consult how many years you'll be sentenced to in this situation, is 10 and 15 years enough?"

Ma Lan shook her head repeatedly and mumbled, "I haven't found a lawyer yet, so I'm not sure exactly how long I'll be sentenced."

Beating the hell out of Ma Lan, Ma Lan didn't dare to say that there was a chance that he might be let go soon.

Because once they knew that they were going to be released, they were afraid that they would definitely try everything to torture themselves before they left.

So Ma Lan decided to hold back and endure until the moment the police came to let herself go.

Old Mrs. Xiao sneered and said proudly, "But I've heard from others that in your case, you'll be sentenced to at least 15 years!"

The old lady said with a long sigh, but with a face full of excitement, "Oh, 15 years, Ma Lan, 15 days I can't stand 15 years for an old woman, how will you suffer then?I'm so sad for you when I think about it."

Ma Laneng could meekly say, "I don't know ah mom!When I think of the possibility that I might have to be locked up inside for more than ten years, this heart of mine is pulling out cold and cold ......"

Zhang Guifen at this time stepped forward to Ma Lan, directly left and right slapped her two slaps, which only then looked down at her: "Like you, this kind of slutty woman who steals other people's husbands, not to mention locking you up for more than ten years, even if you lock you up for the rest of your life, it will not relieve your hatred, you think about that Han Meiqing who was forced by you to go to the United States, although I don't know him her, I haven't even seen her, but when I think of you doing to herThe thing is, I just want to take out this bad breath for her!"

Saying that, she reached out her hand to grab Ma Lan's hair again, crackling and slapping her several times.

At the moment when Zhang Guifen stopped, she didn't expect that Old Mrs. Xiao, who was waiting to teach her a lesson, was also waiting to teach her a lesson.

As soon as Zhang Guifen stopped, Old Mrs. Xiao suddenly reached out her hand and pulled on Ma Lan's ear with a death grip, pulling as hard as she could, causing Ma Lan to cry out in pain.

Ma Lan grimaced and asked, "Mom, why are you pulling my ear?Did I do something wrong again, Mom?"


Old Mrs. Xiao snorted, "You still have the nerve to ask me what you have done wrong?I'm telling you, as long as people like you are alive and breathing is wrong, your only right choice is to hurry up and die and stop wasting air in this world!"

Ma Lan felt as if her ears were being pulled off, the pain was excruciating, but didn't dare to disobey in the slightest, so she could only swallow the bitterness in her stomach, thinking to herself that she could get out if she kept on holding on for a bit longer!

When she gets out, she'll be released in a matter of ten days, and by then she'll have no place to live, no place to eat, no place to drink, and will probably die on the streets.

Didn't this bad old lady think she was going to be locked up in there for over a decade?

And she was dreaming of taking a letter she'd written herself and going to live in her own Townsend villa!

Surely she couldn't have imagined that she'd be locked up for over a decade, and it wouldn't be long before she'd be released herself!

The moment the prison guards come to let themselves go, I'm sure the bad wife will be jaw-droppingly surprised, stunned, and even very pained, depressed, and angry in her heart!

It might be possible that she might die of anger on the spot.

Old Mrs. Xiao really didn't think that there was a possibility that Ma Lan could be released, she only thought that Ma Lan might have to stay in prison for the rest of her life.

That's why she had been treating the letter written by Ma Lan as a treasure, because with this letter in hand, she only needed to wait for ten days to be released, and then she could go live in the big mansion of Thomson One. One second to remember to read the book

Oh, my God, Tomson's! How could I have dared to think of that before?

After living in the Townsend First Class this time, she could never move out again, and she would die in a mansion like Townsend First Class.

She is a feudal and superstitious person, and thinks that only if she dies in this kind of mansion, she will be able to join a richer family in her next life and enjoy a lifetime of glory and prosperity.

At this time, the prison guards in the detention center stepped forward.

Only then did Mrs. Xiao reluctantly let go of Ma Lan's ear. She had just pulled Ma Lan's ear with all her might, and it was so swollen and red that there was even some tearing and bleeding at the base of the ear.

Ma Lan's tears were snapping in pain, but she was so excited to see the prison guard that she was almost going crazy.

The prison guards are here, the prison guards are coming to free themselves!

You're finally going to be free!

I'll finally be able to go back to the big mansion at Thompson's, get a full meal, and get some more sleep in peace!

For more than two days, she hadn't eaten anything except for licking two bites of porridge on the ground, she hadn't slept well, and she had a fever, and the feeling was simply too painful.

So Ma Lan couldn't wait to get out of here for good.

The prison guard strode to the front of the cell, opened the door, and spoke, "It's time to let out the wind, everyone line up to the playground!"

"Letting out the wind?!"

Ma Lan's incomparably excited heart instantly fell to the bottom.

The prison guards were here to take everyone out?Wasn't she going to put herself out there?Haven't the police officers decided whether to let themselves out or not?


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