Secret Identity 741-760


Chapter 741

It wasn't just Wu Donghai who was angry.

      Wu Xin was also furious!

      Liu Guang and Liu Ming, father and son, almost put the entire Wu family to the ground with this "hmoshing" and humiliation.

      Even after the humiliation was over, father and son peed on them!

      Even more unacceptable to them!

      This comic was even posted on Shakespeare and made public all over the internet!

      Since the Wu family is the number one family in Jiangnan and is considered a respectable family in the country, this syllabus so blatantly mocked them, satirized them, and insulted them that it instantly blew up in the netizen community!

      On the one hand, netizens are curious as to what the origin of these two forehead carvings is and why they are so rigid.How dare you insult the Wu family like this, isn't this a death wish?

      On the other hand, netizens also enjoyed watching this big family drama, so people started to pay attention to this video, so it got a huge amount of attention all of a sudden.

      Now the whole net was spreading this phase of the comedy like crazy, countless people forwarded, praised, left comments, and even forwarded it to Weibo, Space, friends, WeChat groups, and QQ groups, the heat was extremely high.

      Wu Donghai was so angry that he almost had Parkinson's disease, and immediately pulled out his cell phone to call one of his local underground spokesmen in Suhang, and as soon as he came up, he said, "I want the lives of Liu Guang and Liu Ming and their sons!Today!I want it tonight!"

      The other party was surprised and asked, "Master Wu, it's because of that Shakespeare video, right?"

      "Where the fuck do you get off?!"As soon as Wu Donghai heard him mention the jitterbug video as well, he knew it was spreading especially well, and took off cursing, "I'll give you 20 million to find and kill them both tonight, and if you can't find and kill them both, I'll fucking kill you!"

      "Okay Master Wu, I'll bring ten carts of people to Jinling at night and say I'll find them both and kill them and take out this anger for Master Wu!"

      But Wu Donghai didn't know that at this moment, Liu Guang's family had already driven onto the highway overnight, all the way to Yanjing.

      After making arrangements to kill Liu Guang and his son, Wu Donghai immediately made a phone call to a friend.

      As soon as he came up, he said to the other party, "Old Xu, you saw that video on Shakespeare, right?"

      "See."The other party couldn't help but ask, "Old Wu, what's this guy's story, daring to confront you like this?"

      Wu Donghai said coldly, "Don't worry about it, I've already sent people to kill them, and I'm calling you to ask you a favor."

      "You say."

      Wu Donghai said, "I'll offer 30 million, you help me contact the PR company and Shakespeare's operation, help me delete this video, it's best to ban it from the whole internet, don't let it spread anymore!"

      Nowadays, stars, celebrities and entrepreneurs, all have special crisis communications.

      Once a negative online explosion, immediately spend big money to smash down, all kinds of online hot searches and news can be removed.

      So, what Wu Donghai thought of at this time was to quickly spend money to remove all the videos, and after that, there would be no new spreads, so that by waiting for some time, netizens would naturally forget about this matter.

      Or, when the next time someone else's news broke out, everyone's attention would be drawn to the other party, and then they would be relieved.

      The other party thought about it and said, "Old Wu, you're too influential in this matter, and if you want to completely suppress it, I'm afraid that 30 million won't be enough!"

      Wu Donghai immediately said, "Then quote a price!More or less all can be crushed!"

      The other party hesitated for a moment before saying, "I'll tell you what, I won't say 100 million, and you won't say 50 million, you give me 70 million, and I'll make sure this video is permanently deleted on Shakespeare!"

      "Yes!"Wu Donghai took off, "I'll arrange for the money to be wired now!"

      Soon, Wu Donghai arranged his own finances and immediately wired 70 million RMB to the other company.

      While Wu Donghai was waiting for the helicopter, the video had been deleted in Shakespeare.

      At this moment, Ye Chen was in the kitchen, cooking while watching the number of Jitterbug plays and compliments soar.

      Liu Ming's phone was right in front of him, and at this point, his Jitterbug account was about to explode!

      Ye Chen liked his hand at this black humor and felt that it was a very murderous way to punish the Wu family.


However, just as the number of compliments exceeded 1.5 million, his jitterbug suddenly prompted, "Your account has been permanently banned for posting an illegal video!"

      Ye Chen frowned tightly.

      What the hell?

      A permanent ban?

      He immediately pulled out his own phone and searched for Liu Guang and his son's phase and found that the entire Shakespeare had been deleted cleanly!

      He realised at once that this must be the PR that Wu Donghai had paid for the crisis deletion!


      Ye Chen didn't think that this Wu Donghai could still use this method to curb the spread of the video, and was a little annoyed.

      After thinking about it, he pulled out his phone and called Tang Sihai, who was far away in Yanjing.

      If Richard Chen was just one of the many spokespersons of the Ye family, then Tang Sihai, was the only housekeeper of the Ye family.

      In other words, the entire Ye family, except for the one surnamed Ye, he was the biggest.

      When the phone call was made, Tang Sihai immediately said respectfully, "Hello young master, you haven't called me for a long time."

      Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "Calling to find you, it's something I want to ask you for help."

      Tang Sihai hurriedly said, "Young Master you are too kind, you are the young master of the Ye family, I am a servant of the Ye family, just tell me if you have something to do!"

      Ye Chen said, "I want to ask you, how much is Shakespeare worth now?"

      Tang Sihai thought about it and said, "If we go by the valuation, it's somewhat overstated, and the externally declared valuation should be around 130 billion RMB."

      Ye Chen asked again, "What if we buy it directly?How much for a mouthful?"

      Tang Sihai said, "For a single price, it would be between 80 billion and 90 billion [81 Chinese website]."

      Ye Chen asked again, "Can you help me buy Jitterbug?"

      "Yes!"Tang Sihai immediately said, "Young Master you wait a moment, I'll have someone contact the owner of Jitterbug, I'm sure he won't refuse the Ye family's offer."

      Ye Chen hmmmed and thought in his heart, as long as Jitterbug buys it, he will put that phase on the homepage of the national Jitterbug users, so that when they open Jitterbug, they will see that phase.

      Didn't your Wu family want to delete the video with me?I'll fucking just buy this video company and I'll see how you delete it!

      At this time, Wu Donghai didn't know that Ye Chen had proceeded to buy the Shakespeare.

      He had swiped on Jitterbug a few times and was finally relieved after discovering that there was no such phase.

      However, the anger he felt in his heart towards Liu Guang and Liu Ming had not diminished at all.

      Moreover, he carefully thought about the details of it.

      Liu Ming's forehead had already been carved with the word poor hanging, which he knew, but Liu Guang's forehead hadn't been carved before, and when he saw him today, he was still fine.

      In other words, this video should have been taken after Zhang Zizhou was defeated and wasted by Ye Chen.

      And in the video, the father and son were laughing harder than they were crying, so someone should have coerced them into filming this phase.

      By the way, who coerced them?

      It seemed that there was only one possibility, and that was Ye Chen!

      Thinking of this, Wu Donghai hated it!

      Ye, I'll kill you one day!

      Otherwise, I'm not a man!


Just when Wu Donghai was finally relieved that the Steep Sound video was deleted, he never dreamed that the entire Steep Sound, had completed a deal with the Ye family in Yanjing.

      The Ye family in Yanjing, with 85 billion RMB, fully acquired Steep Yum.

      Before this news was even released, the Ye family had already started to take over the entire operation of Steep Yin.

      The first thing they did was to recover Liu Ming's deleted account, as well as the deleted explosive video.

      Immediately after that, the technicians went through the settings so that the first thing that all Steep Sound users in the country, the first time they opened Steep Sound, opened the screen and directly saw, was this phase!

      The first thing that you need to know is how to get the best out of a helicopter.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest version of the newest version.Now that the number of compliments has passed two million, I've asked a lot of people, and their steep sound open is that phase!"

      "What?!"Wu Donghai burst out in shock and spoke off the cuff, "Are you sure?I just spent $70 million to solve this problem, there's no reason for it to pop up again!"

      Wu Qi said with certainty, "Of course I'm sure, I saw it myself, just turn on the steep [Haitang Book House] tone is that part, I also asked several of my servants, their steep tone is like this, Dad, what now ah ......"

      Wu Donghai said with a black face, "I'll see what's going on!"

      After saying that, he immediately hung up the phone and asked Wu Xin to turn on Steep Sound.

      Sure enough!

      As soon as the steampunk is on, it defaults to that phase of Liu Guang Liu Ming!

      He was so angry that he immediately called the crisis PR person and cursed, "Old Xu, are you fucking playing with me?How did that video get released again?And it's still visible to all users by default!"

      The other party was incomparably embarrassed and said, "Oh my old Wu, I just received the news, you can't blame me for this, the main reason is that the Yanjing Ye family just bought out Steep Sound, 85 billion in cash payment, and the other party didn't hesitate to sell it directly ......"

      "What did you say?!"Wu Donghai went crazy and exclaimed, "The Ye family bought the entire Steep Sound?"

      "Right."Old Xu said awkwardly, "just now, people directly contacted the owner of the steep sound, directly quoted a cash purchase price, the other party without hesitation, you also know, recently the global economy is not too good, entrepreneurial owners are thinking of taking off to realize, a look at such a high price, and is a one-time direct payment, no resistance at all ......"

      He said, the other party was busy, "Old Wu, don't be angry, that 70 million, I'm not moving, immediately let the finance call you back!I'm so sorry about this one, there's nothing I can do about it brother!"

      Wu Donghai's heart was horrified!

      What the hell is the Ye family doing this for?

      Why would such a big family kowtow to a little guy like yourself?

      I didn't offend the Ye family much either!It's nothing more than five of your own dogs, and is there a need to be so crazy as to take revenge on yourself for injuring a servant of the Ye family in Shangri-La?

      To make a fool of himself, he even bought the steep sound outright?!

      At this moment, Wu Donghai still didn't want to believe that Ye Chen's dangling son-in-law would have anything to do with the Yanjing Ye family.

      In his head, he instinctively felt that it was completely two things.

      One was that he had offended Ye Chen, and that Ye Chen had injured his own men and recorded Liu Guang Liu Ming's phase.

      One is that one's own servant has offended the Ye family, and the Ye family protects their calves, starting with the Chen Zekai, and then the Yanjing Ye family, all of whom are starting to get on their nerves.

      It must also be a coincidence that these two things collided on Steep Sound, it should be that the Ye family saw this video and wanted to use it to humiliate the Wu family, but found out that they even crisis-managed to delete the video, so they simply bought Steep Sound.

      Eighty-five billion in cash as soon as they said they would take it, this boldness is truly a top big family!


Don't look at the Wu family's assets, which are also around two hundred billion, but the proportion of cash is actually not that much, less than ten billion at most.

      A family, just like a family, if a family has two million assets, it's not that they have two million cash, which might be worth one million and three hundred thousand dollars for a house, two hundred thousand dollars for a car, and miscellaneous other things worth two hundred thousand dollars, and finally two hundred thousand dollars in cash.

      So many assets and cash added up to two million.

      So, the Wu family's 200 billion possessions didn't really weigh much in cash.

      If they were to take 85 billion to buy Steep Sound, they would have to sell off nearly half of their assets to do so.

      However, the Ye family was different.

      No one knew exactly how many assets or how much cash the Ye family had, but in short, they were simply frighteningly large when they bought things.

      A hundred billion dollar empire group, just buy it when they said they would; eighty five billion dollar steep sound, just receive it when they said they would!

      Wu Donghai's heart was frightened a bit straight, the Ye family is so willing to put down capital to deal with the Wu family, is it going to kowtow to the end with the Wu family?

      If that's the case, wouldn't the Wu family be cooler?

      Just as he was panicking, a roar from far and near came from the sky.

      The helicopter arranged by Master Wu had arrived.

      It was a heavy civilian helicopter with a large fuselage that could accommodate at least ten people, and this time, not only was Wu Donghai and his son to be taken away, but also Zhang Zizhou, the five losers.

      Wu Donghai's panic eased a little when he saw that the helicopter had hovered overhead and was slowly descending.

      To him, nothing was more important now than going home.

      Matters of great importance could also wait until he got home, and then the solution could be discussed slowly.

      Right at this moment, Richard Chen suddenly stepped out of the Shangri-La Hotel.

      He was followed by dozens of black-clothed bodyguards with a solemn look.

      When Wu Donghai saw this scene, he trembled in fear for a while.

      He originally thought that the Ye family might not really want to tear the face of the Wu family, and it was likely that the guy Chen Zekai had taken it upon himself to do so.

      However, the news that the Ye Family had directly bought Steep Yin out made him instantly realize that this wasn't Richard Chen acting without authorization, this was the entire Ye Family targeting the Wu Family!

      So he panicked, and hastily limped up, nodding his head and saying: "Mr Chen, we're rolling, we won't hold you up for too long, please forgive us, and please say something nice to the Ye family, it's all the Wu family's fault, the Wu family will go to Yanjing in a few days to apologize, please be magnanimous and don't talk to such a silly family like us!General Insight ......"

      Wu Donghai was truly afraid.

      In order to humiliate the Wu family with a video, the Ye family would be able to buy Steep Sound for 85 billion, and if the Ye family really wanted to kill the Wu family, there was no telling what kind of appalling strength they would use!

      Chen Zekai looked at Wu Donghai with cold eyes at this time and said in a despicable manner, "You, too, deserve to go to the Ye family to apologize?And don't look at what you are!"

      Wu Donghai's face turned red with shame!

      Yeah, how do you deserve to board the Ye family ......

      At that moment, only Chen Zhai Kai's cold voice was heard, "Get your helicopter far away from me and don't land on my Shangri-La territory, otherwise I'll have your helicopter demolished and break the other leg of you and your son as well!I'll make you crawl out of the Jinling!"


Wu Donghai was cracking up!

      The helicopter was overhead right now, and as long as they let it come down and the people inside carried their father and son and the five dead dogs up, it would take off in less than ten minutes at the most, and they would be able to take their son home.

      However, Richard Chen was not even willing to give himself this convenience!

      He couldn't help but beg, "Mr. Chen, you see our father and son are already miserable enough, just please be kind and let us get on a plane back to Suzhou and Hangzhou!Your great kindness is something Wu will never forget!"

      Richard Chen snorted, "Getting close to me?Not even pissing on yourself, do you deserve it?"

      Afterwards, Richard Chen waved his hand, "I've got my word, as soon as the plane lands, I'll have someone pull the pilot down and smash his leg off, and don't want the plane, and you and your son, don't want the other leg either!"

      Wu Donghai was desperate.

      He knew that Chen Zekai's attitude was resolute and there was absolutely no way he could give himself this face.

      So he could only sigh and said with tears streaming down his face, "Mr. Chen wait a moment, I'll call the pilot here ......"

      Saying that, he limped to the side and asked for the pilot's contact information from the airline company and got through to the other side.

      The pilot received his call and hurriedly said, "Hello Mr. Wu, I'm ready to land!Please wait a moment!"

      Wu Donghai hurriedly said, "Never land!Shangri-La doesn't let planes land here!"

      After that, he quickly asked, "Is there anywhere else around here where we can land?My son and I can't go too far with our legs!"

      "Oops ......"The pilot said awkwardly, "Mr. Wu, this is downtown, besides this plaza at the entrance of Shangri-La where you can land, only the tarmac on the roof of Shangri-La can land."

      "That won't work either!"Wu Donghai said, "Gotta avoid the Shangri-La place."

      The pilot said, "This ......There's an elementary school two kilometers away, we can apply to land in the playground of that elementary school, that's the closest place."

      "Two kilometers?!"Wu Donghai hesitated.

      Both himself and his son were crippled, and both had their right legs ruined, so they couldn't drive.

      Was it too far to walk there?

      Besides, there are these five dead dogs!

      With that in mind, he hurriedly asked, "How many people are on your plane?"


      Wu Donghai busily said, "Then, I'll give you each ten thousand yuan, after you land the plane at that elementary school, take a taxi over to pick us up, there are seven of us here, and our legs are not very good."

      The other party thought about it and said, "Okay Mr. Wu, wait a minute, we'll come over to pick you up after landing."

      The helicopter hovered overhead for a moment, then climbed up and flew away.

      Wu Donghai wiped his tears and said to Richard Chen, "Mr. Chen, are you satisfied now?"

      Chen Zhai looked at him in disgust, "Take that son of yours and get out of here, don't show up like a fly in front of me again!"


Afterwards, Richard Chen turned to leave.

      Wu Donghai squatted on the spot, covering his face and crying silently.

      A lifetime of dignity, all trampled on today!

      What the fuck is the point of living like this?

      The point is, how can I get past the Ye family?Today, even if this revenge is as deep as the sea, you have no way to avenge it, you can't even think about it ......

      What else, is there anything more painful than this?

      Oh yeah, and!

      On Steep Sound, the Liu family's father and son's phase is still spreading wildly, and the number of praise, which is now over three million, is simply on fire all over the Internet ......

      Ten minutes later, the two pilots of the helicopter and a mechanic came over by taxi.

      Wu Donghai finally saw the savior of his life.

      The three first to get him and his son Wu Xin into the car, and then behind the five dead dog also get into the car, the driver pulled them to the helicopter parked in the primary school playground, the three difficulties to get the seven people are on the plane, the plane took off in the night, fire speed to Suhang.

      The Wu family father and son came to Jinling in a private jet, extremely high-profile and arrogant!

      But who would have thought that the two would walk away with broken arms and legs and humiliated, like dogs from a lost family!

      Inside the plane's cabin, Wu Donghai and Wu Xin, father and son, embraced and cried as they watched the prosperous Jinling night scene!

      No one expected that this trip to Jinling would end in such a dismal state!

      After father and son cried for half a day, and managed to ease their emotions, Wu Xin covered his broken hand and said resentfully, "Dad, I don't understand, that trash Ye Chen is just a door-to-door son-in-law of a small family, how come he's so strong, even Zhang Zizhou and the five of them are no match for him!"

      Saying that, he added indignantly, "I don't know why, but I always have a feeling as if the Ye family is targeting us, not because Zhang Zizhou and these losers injured Shangri-La, but as if the Ye family is helping Ye Chen!"

      Wu Donghai's face was livid and said, "You're overthinking it!Ye Chen is just a hanging son-in-law, a little stronger personally, he may have practiced with a higher person before, but there's absolutely no way he has anything to do with the Ye family!"

      Wu Xin said, "Then why did the Ye family help him with his assists!And they're all surnamed Ye, so could they be distant relatives or something?"

      Wu Donghai shook his head, "Look at the extent to which the Ye family protects their calves.Not even the security guards or the lobby manager would allow anyone to bully or even turn against our Wu family for this!If Ye Chen is really a distant relative of the Ye family, then how could the Ye family sit back and watch him as a door-to-door son-in-law in Jinling?"

      Immediately, Wu Donghai said, "But I've heard that this Ye Chen is very humiliated in his wife's family, the key point is that his wife's family is not even a third-rate family, if he was really a distant relative of the Ye family, the Ye family would have already made a move to rule his wife's family into submission!"

      Speaking of which, Wu Donghai was incomparably regretful and said off the cuff, "Had I known that Ye Chen himself had such a strong personal strength, I would have just mobilized a dozen or twenty experts and killed him at once!That's the way to get it over with!And there wouldn't be so much trouble behind it!"

      At the mention of Ye Chen, Wu Xin hated it in his heart and hurriedly asked, "Dad, what should we do next to deal with Ye Chen?Everything that happened today was because of that Ye Chen!If he hadn't abolished the five losers Zhang Zizhou, they wouldn't have been able to offend Richard Chen, and the Ye family wouldn't have been able to surrender to us!There is absolutely no way to spare him!"

      Wu Donghai said in a cold voice, "The current situation is already very unfavorable for us, it's not wise to deal with Ye Chen now, when we return to Suhang, we'll lay low for a while and wait for this storm to pass, then we'll discuss it in the long run!"

      Wu Xin was dismayed and spoke out, "Dad, Ye Chen has disgraced our Wu family in front of the whole country, are we just going to let it go?"

      Wu Donghai said with a cold face, "How can we forget it?!Anyone who dares to offend our Wu family must pay with his life!I will avenge Ye Chen's broken arm and humiliation of my Wu family's dignity, I will make him pay in blood!Let him die without a burial!!!"


Before Ye Chen's rice had been cooked, Tang Sihai called to tell him that Steep Sound had been bought.

      He opened Steep Sound and saw that the video had been restored and was indeed placed on the first of all users' open screens, and the number of compliments had soared and was now over five million.

      This made him feel happy.

      You think you're awesome and can manipulate Steep Sound, then I'll just buy Steep Sound, now you're dumb, right?

      That's how I feel!

      It seems like this is going to be really hard on the Wu family.

      This video, he will hang on Steep Sound for at least a while longer, the Wu family must be suffering, but they definitely have no way out again.

      When the meal was ready, only then did Ye Chen put away his phone and came out of the kitchen with the food, only then did he find that his wife, Xiao Churan, had also returned and was sitting in the living room looking at her phone.

      Not only Xiao Churan was looking at her phone, her father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, and mother-in-law, Ma Lan, were all looking at their phones.

      While looking at it, Ma Lan sighed, "The Liu family is really bold, so much for the Wu family, the Wu family will not be able to screw them over?"

      Xiao Churan, on the other hand, looked very nervous.

      She recognized Liu Ming from the video.

      The poor hanging on Liu Ming's forehead was something she watched Hong Wu carve up with her own eyes.

      At first, she went to a hot spring with her husband, Ye Chen, and her best friend, Dong Ruolin, and had a little conflict with Liu Ming in the parking lot, and then Hong Wu suddenly appeared and helped Ye Chen beat Liu Ming severely.

      Later, it was Ye Chen who asked Hongwu to carve the word "poor hangman" into Liu Ming's forehead.

      Now, in the video, Liu Ming's father has "Father of a Poor Hanged Man" carved on his forehead, and she thinks of Ye Chen at once.

      So, when she saw Ye Chen coming out of the kitchen with the food, she hurried to him and asked him in a low voice, "Ye Chen, tell me the truth, did you have another conflict with Liu Ming and his father?"

      "No."Ye Chen lied, "I haven't seen them at all!"

      "Yes?"Xiao Churan frowned, remembering this morning, when she saw Ye Chen get into Song Wanting's Rolls Royce in the kitchen, she felt a little jealous again.

      So, she questioned in a low voice, "Then, let me ask you, when you went out this morning, why was it that Song family lady who picked you up?"

      Ye Chen was stunned and whirled around to say seriously, "She came to pick me up because her grandfather invited me to his birthday banquet today."

      "Really?"Xiao Churan didn't quite believe it.

      Ye Chen hurriedly said, "Why am I lying to you, didn't I tell you that there is a friend who is celebrating his birthday, the Song family's old man."

      Xiao Churan's heart was eating, muttering and asking, "Why is that Song Wanting so good to you?And drove to the house to pick you up.I see she even opened the door for you, respectful as hell, does she like you?"

      "Hey ......"Ye Chen laughed out loud and said, "Wife, what kind of a person is your husband, a hangman who doesn't even have a job, by showing people feng shui or something, he's sort of fooled a few people, but it's not like he's going to make people like Miss Song, right?What kind of family is the Song family? The number one family in Jinling!Think about how people can look at me, not to mention, I'm married, who in Jinling doesn't know me as the soft rice king ......"

      Xiao Churan hurriedly said, "You can't be so presumptuous of yourself!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "I'm not being presumptuous, isn't this all the truth?When many people see me, the first time they open their mouths, they are trash, hangers-on, soft rice eaters, door-to-door sons-in-law, in fact, after these few years, I've already gotten used to it."

      Xiao Choran said seriously, "No matter what, you're my husband, you're not a trash, nor are you a soft eater."

      Ye Chen nodded and said, "It's still my wife who knows how to appreciate me, I think the person who appreciates me the most in the entire Jinling is you."


Saying that, Ye Chen added, "So you see, how could someone's Song family's eldest daughter possibly look at a hangman like me?"

      Xiao Choran couldn't help but say, "But ......But I see that she really respects you!And offered to get out of the car and open the door for you!"

      Ye Chen hmmmed and said, "She respects me because her grandfather trusts me, his grandfather is getting older and believes more and more in feng shui luck and destiny, and I am one of the ones he trusts more, so he respects me and his granddaughter naturally has to be superficially polite to me, in case she slights me and her grandfather blames her, the unlucky one is still her."

      Xiao Churan nodded lightly.

      Ye Chen's explanation sounded like there was nothing wrong with it.

      Everything could also be justified and explained.

      Thinking of this, the doubts in her heart were dispelled quite a bit.

      In fact, the whole day today, she was not in a good mood.

      Shopping with Dong Ruolin also seemed a bit interested and worried.

      The main reason was that she always felt like that Song Wanting really seemed to have some interest in Ye Chen.

      To say nothing of the fact that women had the strongest sixth sense!

      She just looked at it from a distance and felt as if Song Wanting liked Ye Chen.

      And it really made her guess right!

      Fortunately, it was Ye Chen's brain that reacted quickly and immediately belittled herself to cover up this doubt in her heart.

      In fact, deep inside Ye Chen was very clear about Song Wanting's affection for her.

      He wasn't a fool, he also had a feeling about many things, he could tell that Song Wanting must have feelings for him, and these feelings were very strong.

      Of course, he didn't have any thoughts of betraying Xiao Churan, so he had been playing dumb and pretending to understand to Song Wanting's side.

      Fortunately, Song Wanting was more tactful and introverted and did not take the initiative to express her feelings to herself, so she gave herself room to pretend to be muddleheaded.

      At this time, Xiao Churan was already much more at ease in her heart and spoke up, "You, in the future, it's better not to associate too closely with these high society people, when they believe in you, they hold you up, when they don't believe in you, they drop you, in case they really want to drop you, you're probably going to suffer a big loss."

      Ye Chen nodded hurriedly and said seriously, "Don't worry, wife, I will try to keep my distance from them in the future."

      Xiao Churan saw his sincere attitude and was slightly relieved.

      At this time, mother-in-law Ma Lan came over with her cell phone and impatiently muttered to Ye Chen, "Can't you eat yet?You go out every day without a damn thing to do. You miss all the shopping and cooking!I've been waiting half a day with your father, starving!"

      Ye Chen hurriedly said, "Mom, today happens to be a bit eventful, but don't worry, I won't delay buying food and cooking in the future."

      "You better remember what you said!"Ma Lan snorted coldly, her face full of displeasure.

      In fact, she had been resentful of Ye Chen for making He Lian donate all the money last time.

      There were two million dollars in there that were all her money, but now it was also completely floating away.

      Now that she had no money, she couldn't go out and play with her old sisters, so she could only stay at home by herself and sulk every day, so she also looked at Ye Chen even more unpleasantly.

      At this time, Xiao Changkun came over and suddenly asked, "By the way Ye Chen, when will that villa of ours, Townsend's, be finished decorating ah?"


Xiao Changkun asked about the villa, but he actually wanted to relieve Ye Chen.

      He knew what kind of temperament character his wife had, plus she had recently taken gunpowder, so Xiao Changkun was also afraid that she would grab Ye Chen and make a strong sarcastic dig at him.

      In Xiao Changkun's eyes, this son-in-law of his could really save his life repeatedly, so he was now treating Ye Chen, that was really treated as a serious son-in-law.

      Plus, as the saying goes, a son-in-law is half a son-in-law, so he even felt sorry for his son-in-law when he saw Ye Chen being scolded.

      However, as soon as he asked about the villa, Ma Lan's attention was suddenly drawn to it as well!

      She looked at Ye Chen and asked off the top of her head, "Yeah, when exactly will that villa be finished being renovated and moved in?When I move in, I'm going to keep a separate room for a mahjong machine so I can be like that friend of mine who asked his friends to come over to his villa and play mahjong!"

      Ye Chen pondered in his heart, playing mahjong?Do you have money to lose?Living in a big villa with more than a billion dollars, getting someone else to come to your home to play mahjong, and then losing two thousand dollars to pay for it, aren't you ashamed?

      But this is something he definitely can't say directly to his mother-in-law, he's just putting it in his heart to mock her a couple of times.

      Thinking of this, Ye Chen didn't bother to meet with his mother-in-law in general, and said indifferently, "I met with Wang Zhenggang today, he said that the villa is basically installed, it's just missing furniture and appliances, if we want to move in, we can look at buying some furniture and appliances to put in there, and then we can move."

      "Great!"Once Xiao Changkun heard that the villa was livable, he was very happy.

      Ma Lan on the side was also excited and laughed, "Yes, yes, yes!Finally, we're getting rid of this stupid house!"

      Said she, suddenly coming back to her senses.

      Buying furniture and appliances?!

      What the hell!

      Didn't the villa come furnished?

      The money has been donated to Project Hope by Ye Chen, what do you take to buy appliances?

      When she thought of this, Lan Ma's expression immediately turned ugly and said in a cold voice, "That Wang Zhenggang is too much, he gave away such an expensive villa, but didn't give us any furniture or appliances and made us buy it ourselves?Why so small-minded!"

      When Xiao Churan heard this, he helplessly said, "Oh mom, why are you like this, people have given away a villa of over 100 million, and you're still not satisfied?"

      Ye Chen looked at Ma Lan's exasperated appearance and understood at once.

      This mother-in-law of his must be afraid that Xiao Choran and Xiao Changkun would know that she had created all the money!

      So Ye Chen deliberately said, "Mom, what people Wang Zhenggang gave away is a villa, and not furniture and appliances, besides, the furniture and appliances are to be chosen by oneself according to one's personal preference, in case you don't like it after they gave it to you, where to put so much furniture at that time?"

      Ma Lan said forcefully, "Why don't I like the gift?As long as it doesn't cost anything, I like it!"

      Xiao Changkun picked up the conversation and said, "Oh my, we can buy our own favorite furniture as well, tomorrow we'll go to the furniture city to stroll around and take a look, buy any favorite furniture, we're not short of this money ah, after all, we still have about two million at home, buy some nice furniture, home appliances, at most we won't need more than a million."

      Ma Lan suddenly panicked and blurted out, "Buy what to buy?Not buying!Let that Wang Zhenggang deliver!"

      After saying that, she angrily said to Ye Chen, "You quickly call that Wang Zhenggang, what the hell?How can I drive if I don't get a tank of gas?Let him match it up and we'll move there!"

      Ye Chen deliberately said, "Mom, it's no good, people are a bit regretful now, Mr. Wang feels that he shouldn't have given me such an expensive villa, and he even told me in the past two days that he wanted to change to a smaller, more partial villa for me."


"What the hell?"Ma Lan got anxious and cursed, "What kind of dog thing is this?You can ask for a gift back when you've given it to someone?"

      Ye Chen spread out his hands, "After all, it's a gift from someone, even if they regret and don't want to give it away, what can we do about it?We can't even compare to someone else's Wang family!"

      Marashi said in exasperation, "Which is not so!Sending villas without furniture is a son of a bitch!"

      Xiao Changkun said, "OK!Be content with what you have, stop chattering, take out our money and go buy furniture tomorrow!Finish buying furniture and find a moving company to move next week!"

      Marashi panicked all of a sudden and said, "No!You can't move this furniture thing until it's done!"

      "Say what?"Xiao Changkun frowned and asked, "We buy our own furniture for our own use, what else is there to say about that?"

      "I ......I ......"Marashi said in a panic, "I'm not buying it!Buy your own if you want!"

      Xiao Changkun blurted out, "What nonsense are you talking about, where do I get the money to buy furniture?The money I paid for my dinner is still from my son-in-law!"

      "What?!"Ma Lan exploded and took off, "Ye Chen, where did you get 20,000 yuan?!"

      Ye Chen said [top story]: "Private money, ah."

      "Private money?"Ma Lan said in exasperation, "Eat our house, live in our house, use our house, and you dare to hide your private money!Say, how much private money do you still have, all of it to me for safekeeping!"

      Ma Lan is now poor and crazy, bent on getting money, and when she hears that Ye Chen has private money, she immediately gets greedy!

      Ye Chen said lightly at this time, "Mom, I didn't save much private money in total, just occasionally give people a look at feng shui or something to earn some money, this isn't buying two BMWs, there's not much money left."

      Ma Lan hurriedly asked, "Not a few money is exactly how many?"

      Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders, "There's probably less than 10,000, 7,000 or 8,000!"

      "Turn it over to me!"Ma Lan blurted out, "From now on, you're not allowed to save a single penny of your private money!"

      Xiao Churan really couldn't see past it and said with a cold face, "Mom, what are you always bullying Ye Chen for!It's not easy for him to save some money, and it's only a little bit in total, and you're still thinking about it, don't you have over two million of your own?!"

      Ma Lan was suddenly speechless.

      Where do I have more than two million?

      So she could only say with resentment, "Let's just say that when we move, we'll move this old furniture over to make do with it first."

      "What?"Xiao Changkun was stunned and said, "Do you know how big that villa is?Inside, there are three floors above ground and two underground, with a total area of over a thousand square feet, and our family has a total of over a hundred points, what can this amount of furniture show?"

      The company said, Xiao Changkun pointed to his own fabric sofa, said: "Our broken sofa, so big in a living room in Tomson Yibin, that into what?So it's like an ant riding an elephant?"

      Ma Lan was so guilty that she forcefully said, "What do you know?That saves money!Otherwise, it would cost over a million dollars to buy any furniture and appliances for that villa!Spending all that money just for vanity?You're too much of a man to live!"

      Xiao Changkun is stunned ......

      I for vanity?I don't know how to live?How dare you say such things to me?


Although Xiao Changkun was a wimp, he was by no means a fool.

      In this family, to say vanity, both himself and his wife, Ma Lan, had it.

      However, Ma Lan's vanity was at least ten thousand times stronger than his own!

      Ma Lan is a typical example of someone who wants to save face and is vain to the extreme!

      Now she has the nerve to say she's vain?This old woman really doesn't know what a face is anymore!

      Being angry, Xiao Changkun suddenly thought of something not quite right.

      Ma Lan had been thinking about the villa in Townsend, and had been thinking about living in it when it hadn't been renovated yet, and had even dragged herself over several times to see the progress of the villa's renovation, when Ma Lan herself had planned what kind of sofa to buy for the living room, what kind of bed to buy for the bedroom, and what kind of dining table to buy for the dining room.

      In other words, Ma Lan never thought that people Wang Zhenggang would give furniture before.

      So, she is ready to spend money on furniture, and she can't wait to move in.

      But, why is it that now the villa is almost finished decorating, and it's time to buy furniture to move in, and she's not willing to spend money on it?

      There must be something wrong with this!

      So, Xiao Changkun asked in a cold voice, "Ma Lan, what is the reason for your stubborn reluctance to buy furniture?Is it that the family doesn't have that much money?"

      Ma Lan said in a panic, "No, no, I just want to save some money, Churan might have to spend money to start a business, how can we spend all our money on pleasure?"

      Xiao Changkun frowned and took off, "Come, come, open your mobile bank and let me see the balance!"

      "What do you mean?"Ma Lan was panicked, but said with a pretense of annoyance, "Xiao Changkun you want to check my accounts ah?Do you not trust me?!"

      "Yes!"Xiao Changkun replied in a cut-throat, cold voice, "I now seriously doubt that you have made a big hole in the family's money!Otherwise, with your personality, you'd have hated to move to Townsend tonight!"

      Ma Lan cunningly said, "You don't need to make calculations there, I'm in charge of the family's money, this was agreed upon when we got married, what qualifications do you have to check my accounts?"

      When Xiao Changkun saw that Ma Lan was playing a complete scoundrel, he immediately guessed that there must be something wrong with the money, and he immediately said with incomparable seriousness, "Ma Lan, don't think you can fool me this time, if you don't let me see the bank account balance, I'll divorce you!"

      "Divorce?!"Ma Lan exploded and took off cursing, "Xiao Changkun you're awesome!You're divorcing me!Don't you have a conscience?Have you ever thought about how much pain and suffering I've endured over the years with you?When I was pregnant and unwed, how many people were pointing at me behind my back?Have you forgotten all that?"

      "I haven't forgotten."Xiao Changkun said, "That's why I've been accommodating and putting up with you, and I still do, but I just want to know how much money is left in the family, and don't forget, I'm part of the family, and I contribute a lot of income to the family too!Before I had a falling out with my mom and before Shaw's group went downhill, I was getting another 20,000 to 30,000 bonuses every month!"

      Ma Lan snorted, "Don't you come this way with me, in this house, I'm the one in charge of the money, you don't have the right to ask questions!"

      Xiao Changkun said through clenched teeth, "OK!You're just going to carry on, aren't you?Yes!In that case, let's get a divorce by mutual agreement tomorrow, I have nothing more to say to you!"

      "Don't you dare!"

      "Why wouldn't I dare?"

      Xiao Changkun shouted coldly, "I'm telling you!I'm going to get a lawyer tomorrow!Do as you say!There's nothing worth dividing in this family anyway, just two million dollars in savings and a house, and the kids are grown and married, so it doesn't involve the question of who the kids are with, so it'll be done quickly."


Saying that, Xiao Changkun glared at Ma Lan again and said, "The two million cash is given to you for safekeeping, and I will then sue the court directly for a share of that half, and if you can't get it out, you will be legally responsible!"

      "You ......"Ma Lan really didn't think that Xiao Changkun, the old man, was really this cruel!

      You want to divorce yourself and divide your assets?If he really sues himself, what will he do?

      I'm also old and broke now, so if I really want to get divorced, what's the point of having a good life?

      At the thought of this, Ma Lan was instantly a bit wimpy.

      She hurriedly softened up and said, "Oh my husband, why are you so angry!The two of us have come together in the wind and rain for over twenty years, are you worth turning against me at this point?"

      Xiao Changkun said seriously, "I just want to know how much money is left in the family now, if you refuse to reveal it, then I will definitely divorce you tomorrow!"

      In fact, Xiao Changkun had already had enough of Ma Lan.

      It could even be said that he didn't like Ma Lan at all back then!

      He was in love with the school flower Han Meiqing, but Ma Lan interfered with him and ignored him.

      It was because Ma Lan was lucky that she got pregnant just that one time, that's why she used the child to force Xiao Changkun to marry her.

      Xiao Changkun was devastated by the loss of Han Meiqing. When he thought that Ma Lan was pregnant with his child, he chose to marry Ma Lan for the sake of his child, and that's why he had to live a miserable and unfortunate married life for more than twenty years.

      Originally, Xiao Changkun had resigned himself to his fate and felt that he should just live his life, how could he not live his whole life?What's the point of a divorce?So it didn't move the needle.

      At the last class reunion, when he was so sarcastic, he was a little shaken in his heart.

      Today, Ma Lan behaved so abnormally, so shrewdly, forcefully and unreasonably, that he had completely died and now couldn't wait to divorce her and get rid of this woman once and for all!

      Ma Lan was also really panicking at this point.

      She had been bullying Xiao Changkun for so many years, and Xiao Changkun was able to endure it, and had never been so resolute and tough, so from this, it was clear that she had really pissed him off!

      Although Ma Lan was spicy, she was actually a paper tiger.

      When she screamed, if they slapped her, she would immediately be honest.

      But if others showed the slightest sign of fear, she would immediately rush up and bite them.

      Therefore, seeing that Xiao Changkun was really angry, she was also really afraid in her heart.

      Xiao Churan also spoke up at this time, "Mom, although the matter of money belongs to you, but both Dad and I have the qualification and right to know the financial situation of the family, since Dad wants to see the specific balance, then just open the mobile bank and let him see it!"

      Ma Lan bit her lips, the defensive line in her heart had completely collapsed.

      She dodged and looked at Xiao Changkun and summoned the courage to whisper, "Money ......It's all gone ......"

      "What the hell?"Xiao Changkun exploded and took off, "There's no money left?!What about two million, all gone?!"


Xiao Changkun's voice had startled Ma Lan!

      At this moment, she had no way to continue to hide it, so she could only fidget and say, "Honey, I'm sorry, our family's money has made me lose all of my money playing poker ......"

      She didn't dare to say that she was calculated by Qian Hongyan, because the Xiao family was still frantically looking for Qian Hongyan by now, and if she told the truth and spread the word, the Xiao family would probably come to her door soon.

      She didn't think about Ye Chen, mainly because she didn't want to cause trouble for herself, after all, Master Hongwu had sent all those people to the black coal kiln at that time, these people were now missing people, if they were found out, it's possible that she would be implicated as well.

      The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.

      As soon as Xiao Changkun heard her say that she lost more than two million in a game of poker, he was so angry that one didn't control it and smacked Ma Lan's face, cursing angrily: "More than two million have made you lose all of them?You loser bitch, do you know how many years of savings this is for our family!"

      After so many years of being married to Xiao Changkun, this was the first time Ma Lan had ever been beaten, and a slap came over with unrelenting, unrelenting vigor, directly drying Ma Lan out!

      Ma Lan covered her face for a moment, then whirled around and suddenly became furious, cursing, "Xiao Changkun!How dare you hit me?!"

      "Hit you?!"Xiao Changkun gritted his teeth and said, "Beating you is light!"

      After saying that, with a lift of the hand, he smacked another slap!

      This time Xiao Changkun was really pissed off, so he grabbed Ma Lan's hair and aimed it at her face and cracked it left and right, smacking and scolding her as he said, "I told you to bet!I'll let you bet!You've lost all of our family's hard-earned money, and I'm not only going to kill you, I'm also going to divorce you!"

      Xiao Churan all looked silly and hurriedly wanted to come up and pull the fight, but Xiao Changkun said, "No one is going to stop me today, I'm not only going to kill this smelly bitch, I'm going to make a clean break with her once and for all."

      Ma Lan was now pumped full of blood and her own lungs were about to explode, but when she heard this, she panicked!

      With her knowledge of Xiao Changkun, she knew very well that Xiao Changkun was really angry!

      A person who rarely gets angry, if he suddenly gets angry, then no doubt he must be really, really angry!

      Now that he wants to divorce himself, won't he have no one to turn to in the future!

      At a time like this, Marashi wouldn't want a divorce a million times over, so getting slapped would have to be tolerated!

      So she howled and cried, "Honey I was wrong ......I'm wrong hubby ......Please forgive me!"


      "You know it's wrong?"Xiao Changkun gritted his teeth and said, "Why didn't you tell me about the loss when you knew it was wrong?You know you're wrong. Why were you so rude to me just now?You think just because you lost all your money and won't let me see your account balance that this is going to go away?You think you can just get down on your knees and beg me to forgive you and forget about this?I'm telling you, Mashi, you're dreaming!I'm getting a divorce today!Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow morning to get a divorce and I'll be done with you later!"

      When Xiao Churan heard this, she was also a little intolerant, as a son and daughter, how could she want to see her parents divorce?


Moreover, the parents are so old that they will have to rely on each other and help each other out in their old age, and it is difficult for both of them to be happy when they divorce.

      More importantly, after divorce, where will the parents live separately?This is the only house in the family, there is a villa, but it was a gift from someone to Ye Chen, Xiao Churan has always felt that the villa is unreliable, maybe one day people will take the villa away.

      So, this way, you can't let dad or mom net out, right?

      And their own company is now just starting, although everyone is quite take care of their business, but the company is after all very small, money to earn a little bit, and now also do not have the money to buy another set of house for either of Mom and Dad to stay for retirement, so this family if they really want to separate, it is bound to be fragmented and a lose-lose situation.

      So she could only beg, "Oh dad, mom has admitted her mistakes, so don't be so mean to her, just forgive her this time, okay?"

      Saying that, he hastily added, "The money is gone can still be made again, after all, my company is carrying out quite well now, I believe that in the future will be more and more profitable!"

      Xiao Changkun said angrily, "It's not a matter of two million, it's a matter of nature!She took our entire family's savings but was completely irresponsible and lost it all without even saying hello to us, which I can never forgive!"

      She said, Xiao Changkun said: "Churan, think about it yourself, she lost all the money and did not say anything, what if I have an accident like last time, dying, waiting for her to pay me money for emergency treatment, and then she can not take it out?What would I do if the same thing happened to you and Ye Chen?"

      "This money is not only our family's savings, it's what we're counting on for the future!She is completely irresponsible to us, what is the point of keeping someone like that in this house?In my opinion, why don't we just make a clean break with her, and avoid her harming us in the future!"

      Xiao Choran sighed, not knowing what to say all of a sudden.

      Dad was indeed right, Mom had lost so much money in one go, the nature was indeed too bad.

      But, then again, she was also her own mother ah!

      Ma Lan was also frightened by Xiao Changkun's decisive tone at this time, hugging his leg tightly and kowtowing vigorously, crying out, "Hubby ah ......Hubby ......I can't live without you, I really know I was wrong, please forgive me this time, if you don't forgive me, what's the meaning of living?I'll just die, me!"

      After saying that, spreading Xiao Changkun's legs, he ran to the balcony.

      Xiao Choran was shocked and hurriedly chased after him.

      He lived on the fifteenth floor of his own house, in case his mother really wanted to seek a short meeting, this would kill him!

      Xiao Changkun, however, looked on with cold eyes and blurted out, "Churan you leave her alone, you let her jump, I still don't believe it!One crying, two screaming, three hanging, your mother is a master, that skill has been perfected long ago!"

      When Ma Lan heard this, she shouted, "Xiao Changkun, are you really going to force me to die?Well, then I'll really just jump off and make you feel guilty for the rest of your life!"

      After saying that, the person has rushed to the balcony, pulled open the window, and took a step to climb out.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website.

      I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," she said.I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.


On the balcony, Xiao Choran hugged Ma Lan and cried, "Mom, Dad is also angry, give him some time, he will be fine if he slowly subsides, you mustn't think about it!"

      Ma Lan climbed on the window and cried out loudly, "Good daughter, don't stop me, tonight is the death anniversary of mom, from now on, don't forget to burn some money for mom on festivals, don't be like Ye Chen, an unfilial son, and don't even think of burning paper for his dead parents!Mom and Dad have no money to spend down there, and they're dreaming of coming over to find him to burn checks for ......"

      Ye Chen's face instantly turned green when he heard this!

      Ma Lan, Ma Lan, you're really a god. Last time at the hospital, I accidentally gave you the cheque for 100 million dollars from Song Wan Ting and almost let you pick up a big leak!

      Fortunately, you don't believe it and take it back to trouble me, which if you did exchange it for a hundred million dollars in cash, you wouldn't burn your bag to heaven?

      This proves that you don't have the fortune to be rich at all.

      So he couldn't help but pray in his heart, father-in-law, father-in-law, be tough for once and divorce this shrew!

      When you're divorced, I'll cover you, anyway, I have plenty of money, just give you three melons and two dates, but also enough for you to live a moist, maybe you can also meet a good old lady, to a second spring!

      At this time, of course, Xiao Churan's heart was very hard, crying, "Mom, what can't we talk about properly and have to look for death?Even if you divorced Dad, you'd still be able to live your life, wouldn't you?Why do you think you can't?"

      Ma Lan cried out loudly: "I was a yellow flower girl when I was still with your father, not married and pregnant first, many people pointing and poking my spine, I was not angry or complaining, just want to live with your father, who would have thought that after so many years of suffering and exhaustion, now your father wants to divorce me ......"

      Saying that, she shouted in despair, "What am I going to live for, I'll just die I'll just die!"

      Ma Lan shouted so loudly at the window that almost everyone in the whole neighborhood heard it.

      Then, someone downstairs could be heard shouting, "Big sister, don't think about it, what's more important than being alive!"

      "Yes old sister, my husband is keeping a mistress outside, and I'm not thinking of jumping off a building!"

      Someone else cursed, "Grass, you bitch is going to die outside, don't die in our neighborhood, or the entire neighborhood will be pulled down by you!"

      When Ma Lan heard this, she exploded and cursed in anger, "That dog bastard is talking too much there?I love to die where I die, I die, as a ghost also haunts you day and night, haunting your family, I want to cause your family to die, one left, so that you talk cheap!"

      As soon as this was said, there was silence outside ......

      No one thought that Ma Lan's fighting strength was so fierce that he could curse out such words ......

      I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.I'm telling you, you won't survive the night!Your whole family is going to die tonight!Your mother let a car run her over, your father let a dog bite her to death, your wife and kids let lightning strike them to death!"

      The whole neighborhood collapsed ......

      What hatred, cursing people like this?

      At that moment, I heard someone outside cursing in extreme anger, "Do you believe I'm going to cut you down right now, bitch?"

      Ma Lan wasn't afraid at all and cursed, "Come on you, bastard calf, I'm not afraid of you?I'm telling you, I don't want to live anyway, and I'll die with you then!"

      Afterwards, Ma Lan said, "You bastard calf has the guts to report your house number, I'll now take a knife to your door to cut my wrists!Cut the artery open and the blood will be poured under your door!And then hang yourself on your doorstep!I'll haunt you for the rest of your life!"

      As soon as the other party heard that, they almost instantly became completely wimpy.

      A ruthless person like Ma Lan, who ordinary people really couldn't afford to provoke either.A mastiff who can't even take a bite out of a Tibetan mastiff is no match for her!

      Once Ma Lan saw the man retreating in defeat, she sneered in her heart, how dare the little thane pups pretend to be pushy with your grandmother Ma?You can stand in front of your house and yell at your grandmother for three weeks without a repeat, not to yell at your mother do not know you, as your grandmother Ma forty years to live in vain!


At this point, Xiao Chu Ran was also about to collapse.

      On the one hand, dad wants a divorce, mom wants to commit suicide, and in the middle of this mom can still have a big fight with someone who is only heard and unknown on the balcony, and the fight is so bad ......

      Xiao Changkun was also a little panicked.

      He knew that Ma Lan was fierce in combat, but he didn't expect to be so fierce ......

      If she insists on divorcing her, will she spend the rest of her life blocking the street in front of her and cursing?

      What's the difference between that life and hell?

      As soon as he thought of this, Xiao Changkun sighed in his heart and thought, "I'm afraid that this marriage will not be able to be divorced today.

      Even if I could, I wouldn't dare to divorce in my heart. ......

      After Ma Lan cursed at the balcony and won the flag, her whole person also wanted to open up.

      After a few minutes of thinking on the balcony, she climbed down again, patted the dust on her body, walked back to the house and said to Xiao Changkun, "Xiao Changkun, if you want to get a divorce, you can have the house, give me 50,000 yuan a month for living expenses, you are not allowed to move to Tomson with us, you can leave the house and find your own way to live on your own."

      Xiao Changkun was blinded with anger and blurted out, "On what grounds?You're the guilty one in this family!It's you who should be netted, not me!"

      Ma Lan said sternly, "Want to kick me out?No way!I'm definitely not leaving, and I'm going to be living in the villa at Thompson's when the time comes!"

      "Why are you so shameless!"Xiao Changkun is going crazy, what's going on?The initiative was in his hands just now, why is he getting eaten by Ma Lan again as soon as he turns his face?

      Ma Lan was now open-minded and disdainful, saying, "I'm just shameless!What can you do about it?I'm telling you, if you want to divorce me, then I won't let you have a good time either, I'm not afraid of wearing shoes if I'm barefoot, just try it if you don't believe me!"

      "You ......"Xiao Changkun's aggrieved tears were in his eyes.

      When Ye Chen saw this, he really couldn't help but sigh.

      It seemed that the old father-in-law had lost again in this wave.

      The key to this loss was that it was hard!

      Seeing the old father-in-law's wave of fierce attack, he was about to push up the opponent's high ground and pound straight into the yellow dragon, but he didn't expect the opponent to directly a majestic, rushed over and demolished his base, completing a beautiful counter-kill ......

      Loss!It's a loss to the grandma's house ......

      In Ye Chen's heart, he couldn't even help but feel a thousand pities.

      Xiao Changkun was also really wimpy at this time, and all of a sudden didn't know what to do, and was in a dilemma.

      Divorce it, there was a possibility that it was really a net worth, and that this old woman might be like a dog, chasing and biting herself for the rest of her life .

      Don't leave it, this heart is really uncomfortable wanting to die ......

      At this moment, Xiao Churan hurriedly opened his mouth to make a roundabout, saying: "Mom and Dad, both of you stop quarreling, the past is the past, we will live well in the future, can't we?You both take a step back from each other, from now on, Mom will not be in charge of the money and will play mahjong less, Dad you are in charge of the money, but don't talk about what happened before."

      Xiao Changkun cryptically said, "I'll be in charge of the money from now on?Where else is this family going to get the money to run me ......"


Once Ma Lan saw that Xiao Changkun was a bit of a compromise at this point, she hurriedly put on a complimentary face and said, "Oh my husband, our family will definitely still be able to make money in the future!In the future, when Choran's company makes money, all the money she gives us will be given to you to keep, and you'll be in charge of our family's finances from now on, okay?"

      Once Xiao Changkun heard this, he felt a little more comfortable.

      Thinking that he might not be able to get an advantage if he confronted Ma Lan, he simply took advantage of this solution as a tacit agreement.

      Ma Lan thought, Xiao Changkun, I still can't eat you?

      Right now it's just a lack of money, so you're an empty suit when it comes to superficially letting you take charge of fiscal power.

      In the future, as long as there's money, I'm sure I'll get the financial power back again!

      Thinking of this, she was so proud of herself that she even coaxed Xiao Changkun to say, "Husband you are so wonderful, tomorrow I will personally cook for you and make you your favorite prawn stew!"

      Seeing the two of them safely over this hurdle, Xiao Choran was relieved, but Ye Chen was a batch of regret.

      This father-in-law of his own, he is really wimpy, it's all up to this critical point, but he can be wimpy again, it's really incorrigible.

      Just as well, it was his own life anyway, and since he chose to continue to languish in deep water, let him be.

      A farce ended, and Ye Chen and Xiao Churan returned to their rooms, each with their own thoughts.

      In the room, Xiao Churan then immediately revealed a face full of sadness.

      Ye Chen hurriedly asked, "Wife.What's wrong with you?"

      Xiao Chu Ran shook his head, sighed, and spoke, "My mother is really too helpless for me, more than two million, said no, hey ......"

      Ye Chen consoled, "Wife, if you're worried about money, then don't take it too personally, hubby will find a way to earn more money back later."

      Xiao Churan said, "I'm not worried about money, I'm worried about people, you said my mother, this person, is also really too much to let people think about!"

      Ye Chen said helplessly, "It can't be helped ah, what's mom like, you know better than me."

      Xiao Churan nodded and sighed, "It's because it's clear, that's why I'm helpless, I can see that my mom is not truly repentant at all, when my dad's anger subsides, she'll definitely be the same as before."

      Ye Chen comforted her, "Don't think too much about it now, you take care of your business, don't worry too much about your family, Mom and Dad are not young, they are adults, they can find their own way to solve their own problems."

      Saying that, Ye Chen added, "As for the matter of Thompson's furnishings and appliances, I'll find a way."

      "Ah?"Xiao Choran was surprised and asked, "What can you do?"

      Ye Chen said, "I just happen to have another feng shui reading job in the next two days, I should be able to make a fortune, and then I can just use it to buy furniture and appliances, and then we can move over there."

      Xiao Churan said with some concern, "I'm just afraid that you keep reading feng shui for you, what if you don't look good one day and provoke others?After all, they are all some respectable people."

      Ye Chen smiled, "I don't read feng shui to people indiscriminately, it usually does have a certain effect after reading it, just say that Master Song of the Song family, people can make the Song family over 100 billion in assets by themselves, how powerful must they be?How can people believe me if my feng shui is really ineffective?"

      Xiao Choran hesitated for a moment, nodded gently and said, "That makes sense."

      Immediately, Xiao Choran then said, "You must not lie, don't get into trouble, don't be like my mother, understand?"

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Don't worry, wife!I know it by heart."


"Mm."Xiao Chu Ran said, "I'm going to take a shower."


      When both Ye Chen and Xiao Churan had already laid down and prepared to rest, a heavy helicopter whistled in the sky above Suhang City.

      The Wu family, father and son, sat in the helicopter for two hours before finally arriving over the Wu family's top luxury villa in Suhang.

      The Wu family's entire family was now waiting on the villa's large lawn, the family had learned of their encounter in Jinling, and were now thinking of hurrying over to meet and appease them.

      Wu Qi also followed his mother and waited on the side of the lawn.

      The plane Wu Donghai and Wu Xin, as the plane continues to descend, also saw the ground waiting for their loved ones, both of them are teary-eyed.

      The experience in Jinling was like purgatory, and it had caused great hardship to both of them.

      Now that they had finally returned home, the two were naturally overcome with emotion!

      As soon as the plane landed and the hatch opened, the Wu family's servants rushed forward to assist the father and son as well as Zhang Zizhou and five others off the plane.

      Seeing that both father and son had broken their legs, and Wu Xin had even broken his arm, both father and son cried their eyes out, and the entire Wu family was in shock.

      They still didn't understand why the Wu family's eldest son and grandson, who had gone to Jinling, had become so miserable, as if they had experienced a catastrophe ......

      When everyone saw the words on Zhang Zizhou's five foreheads, they were all stunned!

      When Wu Qi saw that one of them had the five words "Wu Qi loves to eat shit" engraved on his forehead, he went crazy and rushed up to kick him in the stomach, cursing angrily: "Son of a bitch, what is written on your forehead?Hurry up and get me a knife, I'll cut the flesh off his forehead!"

      The man cried, "Young Master, this is all carved for me by Jinling Hongwu!And he carved it especially hard, it's already carved into his forehead bone ......"

      Wu Donghai also hurriedly said, "Little Qi don't be impulsive!These five men and the words on their foreheads can't be touched!"

      "Can't move?!"Wu Qi was furious and cursed, "Why can't you move?He carved the word "I eat shit" on his forehead!It's humiliating!"

      Wu Donghai said, "The spokesman of the Yanjing Ye family said that we can't hurt them, we can't slow them down, and we can't get rid of the words on their foreheads, or else the Yanjing Ye family won't let us go!"

      "Yanjing Ye family?!"None of the people present were stunned.

      Wu Qi was also scared silly.

      When he wasn't having an attack, he was a normal person, so he knew how powerful the Yanjing Ye family was, and it wasn't at all a target that the Wu family could provoke.

      He just couldn't figure out why the Yanjing Ye family was targeting the Wu family.What did the Wu family do wrong?

      When Wu Donghai saw his wife, she stepped forward with red eyes and said, "Honey, the video on Steep Sound is so insulting, it makes me sound like a woman who is all over the place, I ......I ......"

      Wu Donghai heartbreakingly took his wife in his arms, helplessly said: "Wife, Steep Yin thing I tried, but I did not expect, Yanjing Ye family directly bought Steep Yin, and also put that video on top, husband is also no way, but you also do not take it too much to heart, after all, that is all nonsense things, people with brains know that it is not true."

      Afterwards, Wu Donghai said, "Don't you all worry, I've sent people to hunt down the two dog bastards who recorded the video, they probably won't survive the night!"

      Wu Donghai's younger brother, Wu Dongjiang spoke with a heartbreaking look on his face, "Brother ah, you quickly go to see our father, after the heart attack, people have been unable to get up, lying in our family's custody ward ......"

      Wu Donghai hurriedly said: "Quickly, someone to assist me, quickly go to see!"


At this time, the old man of the Wu family was already lying in the custody ward of his mansion.


      The video on the steep sound, really put the old man Wu gas, plus the old age, resistance to shock is not so strong, so all of a sudden up, almost did not gas a myocardial infarction.

      When Wu Donghai brought Wu Xin, Wu Qi, and his own brother, Wu Dongjiang, and other sons and grandsons of the Wu family, who were being helped to the custody ward, the old man was lying on the bed, cursing angrily.

      "Two unworthy dogs, daring to openly insult my Wu family, damn it!If we don't kill these two bastards, my family will be laughed at in Jiangnan for years to come!The prestige of my first family in Jiangnan will also be gone!"

      At the sight of the old man's angry heart rate alarming, Wu Donghai hurriedly limped forward and took off, "Dad!If you're like this, don't get angry!"

      "You punk!"Once Master Wu saw Wu Donghai, he cursed angrily, "I asked you to go to Jinling to find out who harmed Xiao Qi, but you're good, you've disgraced my Wu family entirely!"

      Wu Donghai slumped and said, "Dad, this trip to Jinling is too far from expectations, I first didn't expect that someone in Jinling would be able to abolish Zhang Zizhou and five others with his own strength; secondly, I didn't expect that I would accidentally offend the Yanjing Ye family and be completely oppressed by them, I can't help it ah ......"

      Saying that, he pointed to his right leg and then to his son Wu Xin's right leg, and said with pathos, "Dad, both my legs and Xiao Xin's hands have been ruined, do you really think I want this?It's just that we can't afford to offend the Yanjing Ye family, and even if the Ye family wants my father and son dead, we're powerless to resist!"

      Master Wu snorted and said, "If I hadn't seen that you were already injured, I would have gotten up and beaten you myself!"

      Wu Donghai could only poof to his knees and say ashamedly, "Dad!It's Donghai who has acted unfavorably and disgraced the Wu family, so please punish him!"

      Master Wu said with a dark face, "I ask you, those two bastards, did you kill them?"

      "Not yet."Wu Donghai said hurriedly, "I've already arranged for someone to go, I'm sure we'll find them soon and finish them off!"

      Master Wu said, "After the people are killed, we must let the media report the death of these two people, we have to let the whole Jiangnan know the end of offending the Wu family!"

      Wu Donghai quickly nodded, "Don't worry dad, I'll make sure to get this done!"

      Wu asked again, "Did you delete the video on Steep Sound?"

      "Delete delete delete ......"Wu Donghai didn't dare to say that Steep Yin had been bought by the Ye family for fear of the old man's wrath.

      Master Wu gave a hmmm and said, "Remember what I said, I want those two bastards to die, within 24 hours, they must die!"

      Wu Donghai busily said, "Don't worry dad, I will do as you tell me!"

      Old Master Wu's demeanor eased a bit, looked at Wu Xin and said with some heartache, "Little Xin, you suffered this time when you went to Jinling."

      The old master was most pained not by Wu Donghai or his brother Wu Dongjiang, but by his eldest grandson Wu Xin.

      Seeing Wu Xin in this miserable state now, he was indeed very distressed deep inside.


Wu Xin also knew that his grandfather had spoiled himself since he was a child, and when he heard this, he burst into tears, but was quite strong enough to dry his tears and said, "Grandpa, don't worry about me, I can handle it, but you, you must take care of yourself!"

      Like Old Master Song, Old Master Wu, was also the face of the Wu family.

      Moreover, Master Wu's connections in Jiangnan were very extensive, and many people in the business, political and even grey world had to give him face, not only because of his seniority, but also because he had a very close and direct friendship with many people, many of whom had been promoted by him.

      If Master Wu were to scatter, these people would definitely not give face to the Wu family as they did in the past, and at that time, the Wu family's influence would definitely drop by a large margin as well.

      In addition, the old man is quite shrewd, and he did not hold on to his power even though he was old, so he passed the head of the family to Wu Donghai long ago and retired behind the scenes, so that he would not be hated by his children and grandchildren for dominating the power of the Wu family for a long time.

      Therefore, the Wu family all hoped that the old man would live a long and healthy life.

      Seeing that the old man's mood is a little more stable, everyone hurriedly took their leave respectfully.

      Once out of the surveillance ward, Wu Donghai explained his brother, Wu Dongjiang, saying, "Dongjiang, you go and instruct everyone in the family, including the maids and drivers, never allow steep tones on the phone, or else if it's found out, I'll make him look bad!"

      "Good brother!"Wu Dongjiang nodded hurriedly and then said, "Brother, you and Xiao Xin's legs need to be treated quickly, the doctor is already waiting!"

      Wu Donghai and Wu Xin's legs hadn't bothered to be treated yet, and the family doctor was waiting to treat them.

      However, after a quick examination, the doctor found that the knees of Wu's father and son were completely shattered, with no possibility of recovery and healing.

      So they said to the two of them, "Mr. Wu and Young Master, the knee is in a very bad condition now, and I think the best solution is to customize the artificial knee joint and then have surgery to replace it."

      Wu Donghai hurriedly asked, "How bad would an artificial knee joint be?"

      The doctor said, "After all, it's not his own, more or less not too comfortable, but at least he won't be lame, he can still bend, stand and walk, and at most he's a bit lame and can't run."

      Wu Donghai's expression was indifferent.

      This result was already in line with his mental expectations, he was pretty realistic, just don't really become a cripple with a useless leg.

      Wu Xin was sad, though, and cried, "Dad, I'm only in my twenties, I don't want to become a cripple!"

      Wu Donghai patted his shoulder and said in a long-winded tone: "Son, you're in your twenties, you need to learn to face the reality, the knee is difficult to return to the original appearance, this is not a matter of money, is the medical level of the problem up to this point, you do not want and what can be done?You should think outside the box and focus on how to get revenge."

      "Revenge ......"Wu Xin got out of his mouth, "Right!We must have our revenge!I'll kill that Ye Chen in pieces!Then steal Song Yuan-ting and marry me!Even if she doesn't agree, I'll force her with a gun to marry her!"

      Wu Donghai nodded with a cold face and said, "I've already thought about it, this Ye Chen has extraordinary strength and has the support of the Song family as well as many people in Jinling, if you want to get rid of him, you must not be impatient, you have to plan and move slowly and slowly!"

      Wu Xin hurriedly asked, "Dad, are you on to something?"

      Wu Donghai said: "Our previous problem was that we were too light-hearted, too rash, and made rash moves without understanding our opponents, that's why we suffered a big loss, this time, I'm going to first map out and understand from the outside, figure out what forces this Ye Chen has, how much strength he has, and how many enemies he has, and then find out what weaknesses he has, and after we figure all this out, we'll be able to target and prescribe the right medicine.Be sure to make him defenseless!"


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