Secret Identity 6-15


Chapter 6

The entire Xiao family was stunned by Xiao Choran's statement!

Everyone thought that Xiao Churan must have gone crazy!

There's no time to lose!What could be the result of being in the limelight at this time but death?

The Dihao Group is the largest company in Jinling, how can people look down on the Xiao family?Anyone who talks about it won't get the results!

Even Xiao Hailong could not help but ridicule him by saying, "Choran, do you think that you alone can get a contract from the Emperor Group?"

Xiao Hailong's own sister and Xiao Choran's cousin Xiao Weiwei also sneered at this moment and said, "Sister Choran, what is your status, and what is the status of the Emperor's Group, don't disgrace our Xiao family by going to talk so rashly!"

Someone echoed, "That's right, when the time comes, in case she is kicked out by the Imperial Group, our Xiao family will definitely become a laughing stock in Jinling!"

Xiao Choran's cheeks reddened immensely at the sound of the news, doubly annoyed.

Ever since marrying Ye Chen, her status in the family had plummeted, becoming less and less valued, almost on the verge of being pushed out, even her parents were followed by much ridicule.

She felt that if she was able to talk about this project with the Imperial Group, then her position within the family could definitely be consolidated. Premiere URL

Most importantly, her parents were able to straighten their backs as well.

But at this moment, being sarcastic and bitter by so many people made her heart beat a retreat as well.

She stared at Ye Chen in depression, why did she listen to his compulsions?I should have known better than to make this entrance....

Old Mrs. Xiao was furious when she heard the crowd's words.

No one dared to take on this task even after asking several times herself, and now that Xiao Choran had taken the initiative to come forward, these people were pouring cold water on her again!

Although Old Mrs. Xiao had always disliked Xiao Choran, at this time, she felt in her heart that Xiao Choran was at least willing to share her worries, unlike the others who only knew how to add to her troubles!

Especially one's most beloved grandson, Xiao Hailong, who had really let himself down!

Because of this, Old Lady Xiao's attitude towards Xiao Choran had also changed quite a bit.

So she immediately said, "The others should stop talking nonsense since they don't dare to agree!The project cooperation with the Imperial Group this time will be left to Choran to discuss!"

Xiao Churan could only reply with a hard scalp, "Grandmother, don't worry, I will definitely give it my all."

At this time, Xiao Hailong sneered from his nose, "What's the use of giving it your all?In the end, failing isn't a disgrace to the family!"

Ye Chen Kai asked with a sneer, "Xiao Hailong, what is your purpose in badmouthing Choran so much?Don't you think the Xiao family is not qualified to work with the Imperial Group?"

Xiao Hailong didn't expect that Ye Chen, a trash, would dare to open his mouth at the family meeting, and he even put a high hat on himself right away.

Seeing that Old Lady Xiao's expression was also a bit indignant, so he immediately explained, "That's not what I meant, I just don't think it's possible for Xiao Choran to talk about this cooperation!"

Ye Chen laughed and asked him, "Then what if Choran can talk about cooperation?Shall we make a bet?"

Xiao Hailong sneered, "Come on, let's bet, I'll be afraid of you?You tell me, what's the bet?"

Ye Chen said, "If Choran negotiates the contract, how about you kneel down in front of the whole family and give me three kowtows and say out loud that you're wrong, and if Choran can't negotiate, I'll give you three kowtows and say out loud that I'm wrong, what do you think?"

"Hahahahaha!"Xiao Hailong immediately laughed out wildly, "You trash are really looking for death!OK, I'll bet you!"

Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said, "The whole family is here to witness that whoever goes back on his word will die father, mother, grandfather and grandmother!"

Ye Chen purposely said the three words "dead grandmother" extremely heavily, just in case this Xiao Hailong would then lose and go back on his word.

Once this was said, Xiao Hailong would never dare to go back on his words, because then wouldn't that be cursing his grandmother, that is, Old Madam Xiao, to die?Old Mrs. Xiao won't let him go then!

"Yes!"Xiao Hailong didn't know that Ye Chen was digging a hole for himself, instead, he felt that he couldn't lose at all.

So, he laughed and said, "Witnessed by the whole family, I'm waiting for you to kowtow to me!"

Xiao Choran was shocked and gave him a hard look, but didn't expect him to completely ignore it.

Old Mrs. Xiao didn't take this kind of bet to heart, the only thing she cared about was whether or not she could get into the Empire Group's cooperation list this time, if she could, not to mention making Xiao Hailong kneel down to Ye Chen, even if she made him call Ye Chen's father, she didn't care.

So, she opened her mouth and said, "Today's meeting is here, Choran, you have three days to get the contract, the meeting is adjourned!"


Returning home, the father-in-law and mother-in-law immediately made trouble with Ye Chen and Xiao Churan.

Mother-in-law Ma Lan was so anxious that she blurted out, "Choran, you're crazy, how could you listen to Ye Chen, this trash, and agree to this errand in a muddled manner!"

His father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, also berated Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, Ye Chen, you're a piece of trash, you've ruined my daughter!"

Then, my father-in-law said with an angry face, "If Choran can't negotiate the cooperation of the Imperial Group, he will definitely be excluded by the family, even you, this trash, have to kneel down and kowtow to Xiao Hailong in front of the whole family, will this old face of mine not be disgraced by then?"

Ye Chen said seriously, "Dad, Mom, as long as Choran can negotiate this contract, won't everything be solved?"

"Talk, talk, talk!Talk about nothing!"

My father-in-law scolded angrily, "Do you know how strong the Emperor's Group is?How could they possibly look at the Xiao family!"

Ye Chen smiled, "Maybe people will be able to see it?I just felt that Choran must be fine and could definitely get the contract."

My mother-in-law scoffed at the side, "You think?You think you're the boss of Dihao Group?A useless piece of shit, with no use for anything, and still talking big here!"

Chapter 7

Xiao Choran saw that her parents had been targeting Ye Dust, sighed and said, "Dad, Mom, this has nothing to do with Ye Chen, it's me who doesn't want them to look down on me anymore, haven't we been wronged enough all these years?"

Xiao Choran's mother took off, "Then you can't agree to this errand, not to mention you, even if your grandmother went, people wouldn't be able to take care of her!"

Ye Chen looked at the scene in front of him and secretly laughed bitterly, his own pair of snobbish in-laws were afraid that they would never believe to death that he was the owner of the Empire Group, right?

Just then, there was a sudden knock on the door at home.

"Here it comes..."

Mother-in-law Ma Lan sighed alas as she opened the door.

Ye Chen looked in passing and saw a young man in an Armani suit standing at the door, who could be said to be graceful and talented, with a Patek Philippe watch on his hand that looked like it was worth at least three to five million.

My mother-in-law at once excitedly said, "Oh my, it's Wen Hao!What are you doing here?"

The person who came was Zhang Wenhao, the son of the Zhang family who had been pursuing Xiao Choran.

Zhang Wenhao smiled and said, "Auntie, I heard that Choran has taken over the cooperation of the Emperor Group, so I came over to give her an idea." Remember the website

"Oops!You're a real life saver for our family!"

Ma Lan was in a very excited mood and looked at Zhang Wenhao as if he was looking at his son-in-law, and hurriedly welcomed him in, saying as she walked away, "Wenhao, do you have a way to help Choran win the contract with the Imperial Hero Group?"

Zhang Wenhao nodded with a smile on his face, ignoring Ye Chen who was standing at the side, as if he was looking at a mole by the side of the road, he went straight to Xiao Churan and smiled slightly, "Churan, you didn't even tell me about such a big matter, but don't worry, the Emperor Group has a cooperation with my family's company, I'll beg my father to say hello, and I'll do my best to help you."

Actually, Zhang Wenhao's father wasn't even that energetic, he was only saying this to play an X in front of Xiao Choran.

Xiao Choran had always known that Zhang Wenhao was interested in him, so he said indifferently, "Zhang Wenhao, I appreciate your good intentions, I'll find a way to help myself."

Ma Lan was incredibly shocked and said, "Choran, are you crazy?Young Master Zhang kindly came over to help you, how can you talk like that?"

Xiao Churan didn't say anything, but Ye Chen, who was on the side, asked Zhang Wenhao with great interest, "Mr. Zhang, I'm curious what you can do to help Churan?The Empire State Group is so big, I don't think it will be influenced by you, right?Do you have a way to get Diho to sign a contract with Hatsura?"

Zhang Wenhao gave a despicable sneer and said, "What do you know?Our Zhang family has always been a deep partner with the Emperor Group, and this time the Emperor Group's 2 billion dollar project, our family will get at least one third of it!I'll ask my dad to directly divide tens of millions of dollars from this third to subcontract to Choran, won't that help her finish the job?"

Dusty Ye said in surprise, "Oops!I didn't expect Mr. Zhang's family to have such a deep relationship with the Imperial Group!"

Zhang Wenhao snorted coldly and said, "Of course!In Jinling, who doesn't know that our Zhang family works closely with the Imperial Group?"

After saying that, Zhang Wenhao stared at Ye Dust and said despicably, "Ye Chen, I advise a frog in a well like you to take the initiative to leave Choran, a man like you can't give her happiness and will only drag her down."

Xiao Choran said coldly at this time, "I'm sorry Mr. Zhang, I don't need your help, and please don't lash out at my husband!"

Zhang Wenhao said in a stunned voice, "Choran, I'm helping you so much and you're still going towards this loser?What does he have to offer you to defend?"

Xiao Choran said seriously, "He's not trash, he's my husband!"

Zhang Wenhao was filled with a haze of anger and said, "OK!I'll make a toast!I'd like to see what you can do to solve this problem!If you can't handle it when the time comes, don't blame me for not giving you a chance!"

After saying that, Zhang Wenhao turned around and threw the door open.

Ma Lan wanted to chase after her to explain, but Zhang Wenhao had already walked away.

She slapped her thigh in anger and pointed at Ye Chen's nose and cursed, "You're so angry with me you!What else is a loser like you going to do but hold back the beginner's leg?Mr. Zhang was so kind to help, but you're all pissed off!"

Ye Chen said indifferently, "Mom, he's just talking, he can't even get the cooperation of the Emperor's Group himself, so how can he help Choran."

"You're farting!"Ma Lan was furious and said, "People's Zhang family can get a third of the projects of the Imperial Group, you know nothing!"

Ye Chen laughed coldly in his heart, I don't understand what the Zhang family is capable of, all I know is that my Imperial Group will never have any cooperation with the Zhang family!Even if the Imperial Group did have a lot of cooperation with the Zhang family in the past, from now on, all of that cooperation would stop!

How could Xiao Choran know what Ye Chen was thinking and said to her mother, "Mom don't blame Ye Chen, we'll talk about it after I come back from the Imperial Hero Group!"

"Hey!"Ma Lan let out a long sigh, only feeling that the heavens were unjust, she had married a useless husband, but the woman had married an even more useless man.

What a sin this was!

Chapter 8

The next morning, Xiao Churan brought the cooperation plan that she had prepared overnight and arrived at the Dihao Group together with Ye Chen.

Looking at the hundred-storey high Emperor Howe Group building, Xiao Churan had no bottom in her heart at all.

How could a company as large as the Emperor Howe Group look down on the Xiao family?

Not to mention that the Xiao family was vainly trying to negotiate their share of the thirty million.

This was just like a beggar trying to go to a rich man's house to beg for a thirty million dollar bounty, a complete fool's errand.

However, since she had promised her grandmother and taken on this task in public, she would say that she would give it a try....

Ye Chen saw that she was incomparably apprehensive, and somewhat distressed, he tidied her hair for her, "Don't worry wife, you can go ahead and talk about it, it will be successful."

Xiao Choran said helplessly, "I hope so!You wait for me here."

After saying that, Xiao Churan took a deep breath and gathered her courage to walk into the door of the Imperial Group.

Ye Chen watched from behind her and took out his phone to call Wang Dongxue. One second to remember to read the book

"Winter Snow, my wife is up there, and you should know what to do with the rest!"

Wang Dongxue immediately said, "Young Master, don't worry, I will definitely make young lady satisfied."

Ye Chen asked again, "By the way, I heard that the Imperial Group has a deep cooperation with the Zhang family?"

Wang Dongxue said, "In the past, they did have a deeper cooperation with Di Hao, and this time our new project, they also want to cooperate deeply and are submitting a cooperation application to me, but it's still up to you, Young Master."

Ye Chen coldly said, "This new project, I don't want to see the Zhang family involved, and I don't want to have any more cooperation with them in the future."

Wang Dongxue busily said, "Don't worry, I will definitely do it!"


On the other hand, when Xiao Churan walked into the office building of the Emperor Group, she waited at the front desk for an appointment, she didn't even know if the vice chairman of the Emperor Group, Wang Dongxue, was willing to see her.

She didn't even know if Wang Dongxue, the vice chairman of Dihao Group, would be willing to meet her. In a short while, a female assistant with a graceful figure came over: "You are Ms. Xiao Churan, right?Deputy Director Wang is waiting for you in his office, please follow me."

Xiao Churan nodded, he was still waiting in line for an appointment, so why did he just call himself in?

Did Wang Dongxue know he was coming?

But it didn't make sense ah....How could someone as famous as Wang Dongxue know herself?

Although she couldn't figure it out, Xiao Churan also knew that the opportunity was rare and hurriedly followed the other party.

The female assistant brought Xiao Churan directly into Wang Dongxue's office.

Seeing Xiao Churan, Wang Dongxue even sat up from her chair and greeted her respectfully, "Hello, Ms. Xiao, I am Wang Dongxue, the vice chairman of the Empire Group."

Xiao Churan faced the famous strong woman of Jinling, his heart was a little nervous, respectfully said, "Hello, Wang Dong, I came this time to talk to you about the hotel project!

The thing is, although our Xiao family is not too strong overall, we work really hard and have a good reputation in this renovation business!"

Saying that, she nervously handed over a piece of information and said, "Wang Dong, this is the relevant introduction of our Xiao Group as well as the qualification documents, please also have a look."

Wang Dongxue's eyebrows were smiling, after receiving the document and briefly looking at it, she directly said, "Ms. Xiao, I've read your information, and I think the Xiao family and Dihao can cooperate."

"What?Are you telling the truth?"Xiao Chu Ran simply couldn't believe it.

So quick to agree?How can it be so simple?

Wang Dongxue smiled and said, "Of course it's true, although the Xiao family's own conditions don't meet the criteria for cooperation with the Emperor Group, our chairman is very optimistic about Ms. Xiao and is willing to work with you."

"Chairman?"Xiao Choran was shocked and asked, "May I ask who your chairman is?"

Wang Dongxue smiled lightly and said, "Our chairman, is Prince Ye of the Yanjing Ye family."

"Mr. Ye?"

Xiao Churan frowned and said, "I don't seem to know anyone surnamed Ye ah, other than my husband."

Wang Dongxue nodded gently, Ye Chen had instructed her not to reveal her identity information, so she could only reveal so much.

It was true that Xiao Churan didn't know anyone else surnamed Ye other than Ye Chen, but she hadn't even thought about the fact that her husband, who was orphaned and useless, was the Mr. Ye that the other party was talking about.

At this time, Wang Dongxue said again, "Ms. Xiao, I went to see that the intended cooperation share filled in your information was 30 million?"

Xiao Choran nodded hurriedly, somewhat bottomless, and asked, "Is it too much?"

Wang Dongxue smiled and said, "Not more, not less instead."

Xiao Chu Ran was even more confused and hurriedly asked, "What do you mean?"

Wang Dongxue smiled, "Our chairman has explained that he asked me to increase the cooperation share to 60 million."

In the middle of the conversation, Wang Dongxue took out a contract and handed it to Xiao Churan, "Look, the contracts have all been drawn up in advance, a total of sixty million, if you think it's okay, we can sign it now in."


Xiao Churan was truly dumbfounded.

She never would have thought that the Emperor's Group, which the Xiao family couldn't even climb up to, would take the initiative to prepare a contract for herself!

And the contract amount is still doubled!

Grandma's goal was $30 million, and it actually says $60 million in the contract!

She suddenly thought of last night's meeting when her husband, Ye Chen, looked resolute in letting himself take over the task.

Why was he so confident?

Also just now at the entrance of the Imperial Group, he was very demoralized at the time, while he seemed confident.

Did he already know this outcome?

Who the hell is he...?

Chapter 9

At this instant, an unimaginable thought suddenly emerged in Xiao Churan's heart.

The Mr. Ye in Wang Dongxue's mouth, it couldn't be her husband Ye Chen, right?

But then she thought about it, and it was too magical.

How could it be!

Ye Chen is an orphan who grew up in an orphanage!

However, other than Ye Chen, who else in the world would be so good to him?

Thirty million was an extravagant expectation, but the other party directly gave sixty million....

She couldn't help but ask Wang Dongxue, "Deputy Director Wang, may I ask, your chairman, is his name Ye Chen?"

Wang Dongxue heart thumped, the young master explained not to reveal his identity, can only say his surname Ye, if the young lady guessed out, he would not have to take the blame?

So she hurriedly said, "Ms. Xiao don't ask any further questions, our chairman is after the famous Yanjing family, his identity is highly confidential, I have no right to divulge it."

Xiao Churan nodded gently, Wang Dongxue's words after the famous Yanjing family made her come back to her senses at once.

Ye Chen was an orphan, it couldn't be some Yanjing famous family after all, it seemed that she had indeed overthought.


When she came out of Wang Dongxue's office, Xiao Churan's entire body was still dizzy.

What was in his hand was the cooperation agreement between the Xiao family and the Emperor's Group for sixty million dollars.

It was all simply like a dream.

At the entrance of the Imperial Hero Group, Xiao Churan saw Ye Chen's figure and ran up excitedly and said, "Ye Chen, I actually made a deal."

Ye Chen laughed in his heart, your husband is the owner of the Imperial Hero Group, how could you not be able to negotiate?

But he said with an act of surprise on his lips, "You can negotiate such a difficult project, you're amazing, wife!"

Xiao Chu Ran said, "Oh my, this isn't me being powerful, it's simply like the Imperial Group is giving it away for free."

"What?"Ye Chen deliberately asked, "Why do you say that?"

Xiao Choran was afraid that Ye Chen would be jealous in his heart if he said something about the chairman of the Emperor Group, so he hurriedly said, "Oh my, this is a long story, let's go to the company now and tell everyone the good news."

Ye Chen harrumphed and said, "Yes!This time that bastard Xiao Hailong is going to keep his bet and kneel and kowtow to me!"

Xiao Choran nodded and said, "He's usually above and ignorant, so he should be taught a lesson!"

In fact, Xiao Choran also has her own temper, Xiao Hailong those people look down on herself and her husband a hundred times, and now that she has talked into a cooperation, it is indeed necessary to let them restrain themselves a bit in the future.

More than ten minutes later, the two arrived at the Xiao Group.

In the meeting room, everyone in the Xiao family looked strange.

They all knew that Xiao Choran had gone to the Emperor's Group early in the morning, but everyone didn't believe that she could handle it and were waiting to see her laugh.

Unexpectedly, she came back so quickly.

When Xiao Churan and Ye Chen arrived at the conference room, everyone revealed a sneering look.

Xiao Hailong rudely said, "Oh Choran, you've only been back for half an hour or so?probably not

You couldn't even get in the door of the Imperial Group!Hahahaha!"

His sister, Xiao Weiwei, also scoffed, "Oh my, Sister Choran, you're a record-breaker for declaring failure in less than an hour, right?"

Old Mrs. Xiao's face was also gloomy, the Dihao Group project was indeed extremely difficult, even if Xiao Choran couldn't negotiate, his attitude should at least be a little more cautious, right?Giving up so quickly, this really made her angry.

Thus, Old Lady Xiao stared at her closely and said in a cold voice, "Xiao Choran, you have disappointed me too much."

Ye Chen's eyebrows immediately furrowed when he heard this.

These people were too disgusting, right?You don't even ask how things will turn out, you just mock them first?

Especially Xiao Hailong, that turtle bastard. What the fuck are you so proud of?You'll have to kowtow to me later.

Xiao Churan was in an excited mood, but the words of the crowd at this moment undoubtedly poured a pot of cold water, and with anger in her heart, she opened her mouth, "Sorry to disappoint you all, Emperor Group Wang Dongxue has already negotiated a project cooperation with me!"

"What?You got a deal?"

"No way!How is that possible!You won't even be able to see Wang Dongxue's face!"

Everyone was dumbfounded.

"Xiao Choran, do you think we'll believe it?"

Xiao Hailong came back to his senses and slapped the table in anger, "The Emperor Group's Wang Dong is the city's famous business elite, how could she meet with you, don't you know what status you are?"

Faced with the questions and accusations of the crowd, Xiao Choran directly pulled out the contract and handed it to Old Mrs. Xiao, "This is the contract for the project of the Emperor Group, please take a look at it."

This contract, like a bomb, caused the atmosphere of these people on the scene to explode!

Still unconvinced, Xiao Hailong yelled out, "This must be her forged contract!I don't believe she'll be able to handle the Diagonal!"

"Exactly!"Xiao Weiwei also added to the mix, "What makes her able to win the contract with the Imperial Group?It's a $30 million project!If she could, I'd have made a deal already!"

Xiao Choran sneered, "Cousin, you're wrong, this contract is not 30 million, it's 60 million!"

"Get out of here!"Xiao Weiwei grinned, "A sixty million dollar contract?You've got a nerve saying that!Do you really think we're stupid?You could have signed for $60 million, and I said I could have signed for $100 million!"

Xiao Hailong also said with a cold face, "Churan, you're playing grandmother and all of us as a monkey!"

After saying that, he said to Old Mrs. Xiao, "Grandmother!Choran is a traitor!You can't spare her!"

The old lady Xiao also gnashed her teeth in anger, thirty million she thought ninety percent no chance, Xiao Choran went for half an hour and then came back and said she signed sixty million.......

Isn't this treating herself like a fool in front of so many people?

Do you really think you're the head of the family for nothing?

If you don't expel such unworthy descendants, how can you establish yourself in the family in the future?

Old Mrs. Xiao was so furious that she slapped the table and bellowed, "Xiao Choran!Get me to the Personnel Department immediately to check out!"

Xiao Choran's expression was startled, are these people crazy?Can you tire them out by opening the contract and looking at it?

Just then, someone suddenly shouted, "Fuck!The official public release of the Imperial Group has been pushed!The $60 million contract is real!"

Chapter 10

With this loud roar, everyone was stunned.

Then, everyone hurriedly pulled out their cell phones and went to find the official public number of the Imperial Group!


A tweet from the Empire Group's officially certified service number!

?Dihao Group 2 billion hotel project, signed the first partner, Group Vice Chairman Wang Dongxue signed a 60 million yuan renovation contract with Xiao Choran, a representative of the Jinling Xiao Group!

Everyone went nuts when they saw the title!

Xiao Choran actually negotiated a project!And double the amount!

It's only been half an hour or so!

How can it be so easy?

That's completely illogical! Remember the URL

Xiao Hailong was shocked and regretful!

Before today, Xiao Choran was no match for herself, no matter her status or position.

If she had accepted this mission yesterday, she wouldn't have given Xiao Choran a chance to show her face, regardless of whether she had a deal or not!

Turns out you turned it down out of fear of failure!

It's fine if you reject it yourself, but the point is, Xiao Choran actually made a deal!

That's like slapping yourself in the face!

Old Mrs. Xiao immediately picked up the contract excitedly and read it over, laughing out loud in excitement, "Yes!Yes!Yes!Yes!Choran, you've really done a great job!"

Afterwards, he asked, "How on earth did you do that?"

Xiao Churan said, "Thanks to Deputy Director Wang Dongxue Wang, she is very optimistic about our Xiao family."

In fact, Xiao Churan wanted to tell the truth, but, on second thought, who the chairman of the Emperor Group was himself was not clear, and no one might write back even if he said it.

Upon hearing this, Xiao Hailong's heart was even more uncomfortable to death!

No wonder Xiao Chu Ran got the contract!

It turns out that Wang Dongxue of the Imperial Group herself is very optimistic about the Xiao family!

That means anyone can go, right?

What a wonderful missed opportunity for myself!

At this time, Ye Chen spoke up, "Hai Long, do you still remember our bet?"

Xiao Hailong's expression was suddenly as ugly as if he had eaten shit.

How could he not remember the bet, the one that lost, he had to kowtow three times in public to the other party.

Xiao Choran got the contract, and he was clearly the one who lost....

No way!

How can I kowtow to this piece of crap!

No way!

So he immediately gritted his teeth and said, "Ye Chen, what are you?Just a loser who joined our family and eats soft food every day, and you still want me to kneel and kowtow to you?"

Ye Chen said calmly, "It's true that I'm a loser who eats soft food, but we swore an oath yesterday, whoever goes back on his word, dead father, dead mother, dead grandfather, dead grandmother!"

Ye Chen deliberately said the three words "dead grandmother" particularly heavily.

As expected!

Old Mrs. Xiao's expression immediately became incomparably ugly!

She stared at Xiao Hailong, her voice cold and questioning him, "What?Do you want me to die?"

Xiao Hailong panicked and blurted out, "Grandmother, you can't fall for Ye Chen's trap!He's trying to disgrace his grandson and disgrace you!"

Ye Chen said faintly at this time, "Hai Long, don't you dare fool grandmother here, don't you forget that you took a poisonous oath, if you go back on your word, the oath will be condemned by the heavens, do you want to curse grandmother?"

Xiao Hailong was horrified and said out of his mouth, "Grandma, jokes can't be real!"

Old Mrs. Xiao said with a cold face, "You know that I have believed in Buddhism all my life and have sworn to the heavens, but you still dare to break your word!"


Xiao Hailong really panicked, because he could tell that Grandma was really angry!

When Old Lady Xiao saw that Xiao Hailong was even willing to break the oath that was tied to his life and death for the sake of his own face, she slammed the table and shouted angrily, "Are you trying to break the oath with an iron heart?"

"Grandmother I..."Xiao Hailong fidgeted and immediately made a calculation in his heart.

If he kept his bet and kowtowed to Ye Chen and admitted his mistake, then he would lose face.

But if he didn't keep his bet and angered his grandmother, then he would lose everything he had in the Xiao family!

Thinking of this, even though he was ten thousand times reluctant, he could only bite his teeth and say, "Yes!I'm willing to bet on it!"

Ye Chen looked at him with a smile on his face, not saying a word, just waiting for him to kneel and kowtow on his own.

Xiao Hailong felt like his legs were filled with lead and moved to Ye Chen with difficulty step by step.

He trembled with hatred and clenched his teeth in a death grip, but he still kneeled on the ground with his legs weak.


Some good people even quietly took out their cell phones.

Xiao Hailong lowered his head and said in a trembling voice, "I was wrong!"

After saying that, he leaned down and bam knocked his head.

Ye Chen said, "What did you say, I didn't hear you clearly, speak louder."

Xiao Hailong endured the humiliation and kowtowed again, "I was wrong!"

Ye Chen sneered, "Oh, so that means you're wrong, what are you wrong about?"

Xiao Hailong had the heart to kill Ye Chen, but there was still one last head to knock.

So he just needed to grit his teeth and say, "I was wrong in not doubting Choron's ability..."

After saying that, he kowtowed one more time!

Ye Chen was very comfortable!

I've long been intolerant of this Xiao Hailong, and this time I seized the opportunity to have him kneel down and kowtow to me to admit his mistakes, this feeling is really cool!

Xiao Choran was surprised, feeling that her husband was suddenly different from before!

Where exactly was different, she couldn't tell for a moment.

However, thinking back to yesterday when her husband made a bet with Xiao Hailong, it seems that he had already predicted that he would win?

Why the hell does he have so much confidence?

Chapter 11  

Xiao Hailong finished kowtowing three times, tears of humiliation welling up in his eyes.

But he didn't dare to make a mistake at the moment.

Because he knew that grandmother must have a strong dissatisfaction with him now.

At this time, he couldn't say anything to make her angry again.

Only when Old Lady Xiao saw that Xiao Hailong had kowtowed and admitted his mistake did she feel a little more relieved.

It wasn't that she wanted her grandson to kowtow to this trash Ye Chen, but the key was that her own life was at stake in this poisonous oath.

She had always believed in Buddhism, if Xiao Hailong didn't kowtow and admit his mistake, she was afraid that she would have trouble sleeping and eating for fear of retribution coming to her.

Thus, she looked at Xiao Hailong and said indifferently, "Hailong, these three heads are to teach you a little lesson, in the future, if you are unsure of something, don't just bet with others, and even if you bet, don't bring harm to your family!"

Xiao Hailong wept and said, "Grandma I know, I won't dare to do it again..."

As he spoke, his eyes darted to Ye Chen, waiting for him with malevolence, thinking, "You trash, forcing me to kneel and kowtow to you and disgrace you, I'll fucking kill you sooner or later! One second to remember to read the book

Immediately, Old Mrs. Xiao spoke up, "Today's early win of this contract is a blessing, everyone should hurry up and prepare during this period of time, we must take this opportunity to have a good relationship with the Imperial Hero Group!"

Ye Chen reminded from the side, "Grandmother, since Choran has negotiated a project partnership, is the company director's position going to be given to Choran?"

Old Mrs. Xiao's eyebrows were raised.

She did say that whoever got the contract would be the director.

However, when she thought of the fact that Xiao Churan had always been disliked by her, and that her wasteful husband had always been disgusting to her, she was drumming in her heart again.

If she held Xiao Churan up and she was not under her control in the future, what then?

In this moment, she was tempted to take back her previous promise.

After all, she didn't make a poisonous oath when she made the promise, so even if she withdrew it she would be at peace.

However, she felt that such words could not be said when Xiao Choran had just signed the contract, so she said, "Let's say, tomorrow night, I will hold a banquet and invite the dignitaries of Jinling to be present, and at that time, I will announce our cooperation with the Imperial Group and the appointment of the new director in person."

Hearing this, Ye Chen was relieved with satisfaction.

Xiao Churan also smiled warmly, so it seemed that the director's position was finally his own, he wouldn't have to be ostracized in the future, and his parents would be able to hold their heads up!

Old Mrs. Xiao turned her face to look at Xiao Churan and said again, "Churan, there's one more thing, Granny wants you to


Xiao Churan was busy, "Grandmother, please say?"

Old Lady Xiao said, "I want you to contact the chairman of the Emperor's Mansion and invite him to tomorrow's banquet."

After a pause, the old lady said with a look of anticipation, "If he can come to our banquet, it will definitely be a good thing for our Xiao family and will boost our reputation!"

Xiao Chu Ran thought for a moment and said with slight hesitation, "But....The last time I went there I only met the Vice Chairman of the Emperor Mansion, Wang Dongxue, and never saw the Chairman himself....Moreover, we've just gotten someone's project, would it seem too deliberate to hold such a banquet..."

"So what?I just want to tell the entire Jinling that we are now tied up with the big ship, the Emperor, and that our Xiao family will be rich in the future!"

After the old lady finished speaking, she added, "Even if the chairman of the Emperor's Group doesn't want to come over, it's fine to invite Wang Dongxue over, she's the number two person in the Emperor's Group, so it's quite respectable to invite her over."

At this point, Old Mrs. Xiao already looked excited.

Her heart was boiling with excitement at the thought that those big families of big groups that previously looked down on the Xiao family might all have to rely on the Xiao family's nose in the future.

The Xiao family, in her hands, would become even more glorious!

Xiao Choran thought for a moment before answering with some hesitation, "I see, then I'll try..."

"Not try!It's a must to invite!"

Xiao Churan nodded gently, but then she was a little bottomless as she quietly asked Ye Chen, "What should we do?What if the chairman doesn't come?What if even Wang Dongxue doesn't want to come?"

Ye Chen chuckled and said, "Try it, don't you have Wang Dongxue's phone?Maybe if you call, they'll agree?"

The Xiao family will hold a banquet, not only to showcase the Xiao family's strength to the outside world, but also to announce Xiao Choran's promotion to director at the banquet.

If you're the one who's going to be the director, it's not a bad idea for you, as the husband, to go to the banquet.

At this time, how would Xiao Churan know that her husband, was the chairman of the Emperor's Group, she also sighed with a bit of a struggle and said, "The other party is the chairman of the Emperor's Group, and it is said that he is also the young master of a big family in Yanjing, such a big man has a lot of daily responsibilities, how would he have time to go to the banquet...."

Ye Chen smiled, "I don't think so, maybe the other party is just at home with his wife every day, cooking and washing clothes?"

Xiao Choran white-knuckled him like that and said, "You think everyone is you?"

Ye Chen nodded, "Yeah, it's likely that the owner of the Imperial Group is just like me..."

Xiao Choran flared her mouth and coquettishly snapped, "Cut!How is that possible!"


Knowing that Ye Chen was joking, Xiao Churan didn't care, stepped aside and dialed Wang Dongxue's phone.

Soon, the phone was connected.

On the other side came Wang Dongxue's pleasant voice: "Hello, Ms. Xiao."

"Good day Deputy Director Wang, I have something that I would like to ask for your help."Xiao Choran was embarrassed.

"Well, you say."Wang Dongxue promised.

Xiao Churan organized his language and took a deep breath before gathering the courage to say, "I would like to ask if the chairman is free tomorrow night, our family would like to hold a banquet to formally announce the cooperation with Di Hao, I hope that the chairman can appreciate the face..."

Wang Dongxue was silent for a moment before replying, "Ms. Xiao, I can't make a decision on this matter, how about I ask the chairman's opinion for you?"

Xiao Churan respectfully said, "Thank you, that will be a problem for you."

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Churan held the phone somewhat apprehensively, waiting for news from the other party.

And at this moment, Ye Chen's phone suddenly rang.

Ye Chen was stunned, then his heart scolded himself, forgetting to mute the phone, it must have been Wang Dongxue calling to ask his opinion....

Ye Chen put on a calm face to pick up the phone, "hmm" a sound.

Wang Dongxue's voice came over from the opposite side, "Chairman, the Xiao family is holding a banquet tomorrow night, would you like to ask if you want to go over?"

Ye Chen replied, "Oh, that's okay, I will....Okay that's it, hang up..."

With that, Ye Chen hung up the phone in a row and muttered, "These sales pitches, so annoying..."

Xiao Churan didn't suspect anything, but then her phone rang again.

Wang Dongxue's voice came over again, "Ms. Xiao, our chairman has promised to come over directly."

"Really....That's great....Thank you for your help, and thank Mr. Chairman for me..."Xiao Choran was greatly excited, she did not expect that the other party would actually agree to it.

Xiao Choran hurriedly said to Old Mrs. Xiao, "Grandmother!The chairman of the Empire Group has agreed!"

"Really?!"Old Mrs. Shaw perked up!

She then immediately said to the Xiao family members present, "All of you, hurry up and prepare for me!Book the best hotel, order the best meals and drinks, and prepare to greet Chairman Teiho in grand style!"

"Also, notify all the big corporations in town and invite them to our banquet!Tell them that the Chairman of the Empire will reward them!"

Immediately afterwards, the entire Xiao family got busy!

Everyone was incredibly excited, constantly contacting all kinds of partners and the upper echelons of Jinling City.

This was undoubtedly a bombshell!

For a time, the entire Jinling City knew the news.

The mysterious new chairman of the Emperor's Group was about to make an appearance at the Xiao family banquet tomorrow night!

Old Mrs. Shaw received numerous inquiries and she responded with a smile to each one.

She was so happy today, because once the banquet was over tomorrow, the Xiao family would definitely become the hottest family in Jinling!

Thinking about it, she smiled excitedly and said, "Okay, that's enough for today, let's start preparing for tomorrow's banquet, dismissed!"

The meeting ended and Old Lady Xiao returned to her office.

Xiao Hailong, on the other hand, turned his eyes and followed closely.

"Grandmother, do you really want to give the director's position to Xiao Choran?"

Walking to a place where no one was around, Xiao Hailong couldn't help but speak directly.

Old Mrs. Xiao's eyebrows furrowed slightly and said in a cold voice, "I've already promised Choron, why can't I give it to her?"

Xiao Hailong still insisted, "Grandma, you can't let her be the director!"

The old lady retorted, "Why?She won such a big contract, she is a credit to the company and deserves to be reused."

Xiao Hailong hurriedly said, "The reason why Choran was able to win the contract from Emperor Power is because Zhang Wenhao of the Zhang family was helping her behind the scenes, I heard that Zhang Wenhao went to her house yesterday!How could it be so coincidental that Dihao Group signed a contract with us today?I think ah, it's 80% because she was slept with by Zhang Wenhao!"

Old Mrs. Xiao looked indignant, "Is everything you said true?"

Xiao Hailong said with conviction, "Of course it's true, Zhang Wenhao did go to see Xiao Churan last night, you will know once you check."

Just say it, Xiao Hailong said to old Mrs. Xiao, "Grandmother, Churan is a married woman, if her affair with Zhang Wenhao spreads out and people find out that our Xiao family got the contract of Dihao Group by such means, how will our Xiao family lose face?Where will your face be?"

Old Mrs. Xiao frowned, already believing most of it in her heart.

She knew that Zhang Wenhao liked Xiao Choran.

When she celebrated her birthday, Zhang Wenhao even gave her an emerald Buddha medallion worth three to four million.

This also reasonably explained why Xiao Choran was able to get the sixty million contract.

At this time, Xiao Hailong said, "If you let this kind of shameless woman be the director, then our reputation will be even worse, this time we must choose someone else to be the director, and then put the credit for the project talk down on someone else as well, and it's best to choose a man to come out, this can avoid the rumors to the greatest extent ah!"

Old Mrs. Xiao nodded gently.

She believed eighty percent of Xiao Hailong's words.

Looking at it this way, she did have to choose another director to eliminate the rumors.

If the outside world knew that Xiao Churan and Zhang Wenhao got together to get the contract, she could still explain to the outside world that she got the project from the new director and never relied on Xiao Churan to sell her meat.

Moreover, the old lady had a selfish heart.

She really didn't like Xiao Churan!Also, she has always favored sons over daughters and does not want to see Xiao Choran's status and power in the Xiao family grow.

She must contain her in order to ensure that the Xiao family assets would not be cheap to outsiders.

When she thought of this, she already had a plan in her heart.

Thus, she looked at Xiao Hailong and coldly said, "Hailong, in the company from now on, you must listen to me, you must do whatever I tell you to do, and you must never do what I don't let you do, understand?"

Xiao Hailong immediately expressed his loyalty, "Grandmother, don't worry, in the future, Hailong will do whatever you say, I will fight wherever you point!"

"Mm."Old Mrs. Xiao nodded in satisfaction and said, "At tomorrow's banquet, I will tell everyone that you are the new director and fully responsible for the cooperation with the Imperial Group, but you must remember to be obedient, I can lift you up and I can step on you!"

Xiao Hailong was ecstatic inside and said, "Grandmother don't worry!Sea Dragon will be obedient!"


When she came out from the Xiao Group, Xiao Choran was incomparably excited.

Tomorrow grandmother would officially announce her new appointment, and she would finally be able to raise her eyebrows!

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but say to Ye Chen, "Ye Chen, thank you!If you hadn't encouraged me, I wouldn't have dared to take on this task."

Ye Chen smiled and said, "Wife, you deserve all this."

Saying that, Ye Chen said, "By the way wife, is it such a big celebration?"

Xiao Chu Ran nodded, "How do you want to celebrate?"

Ye Chen smiled, "It's just as well that it's almost our third wedding anniversary, so why don't we put it together to celebrate!I'll make the preparations, you don't have to worry about it."

Xiao Choran asked in surprise, "Are you trying to surprise me?"

"Right."Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "Just to prepare a surprise for you!"

Xiao Chu Ran's heart was a little sweet and said, "Then I won't ask you exactly what it is!" Remember the URL

Ye Chen said, "No need to ask, just wait!"

In order to prepare a special wedding anniversary for his wife, Ye Chen had many options in mind.

In general, they were all based on compensation, after all, in the past, he was poor and didn't have the money to buy gifts for his wife, he didn't even give her a formal wedding, now that he had money, he must compensate her properly.

After parting with his wife, Ye Chen came alone to a jewelry shop in downtown Jinling called Cui Ge Xuan.

Cui Ge Xuan was the most famous local jewelry store.

Gold, platinum, diamonds, jade and jadeite, it could be said to have everything.

Ye Chen wanted to buy a gift for his wife before going to the best hotel and booking a belated wedding.

After arriving at Jade Pavilion, the guides didn't bother to pay attention to him when they saw him wearing a four-bar Adidas.

Ye Chen looked around on his own and fell in love with an emerald necklace that was locked in the closet.

This necklace was made of the finest ice jade, beautifully atmospheric and suited Xiao Churan's temperament.

Ye Chen looked at the sale price, thirteen million, which was a small amount for himself.

He then called a salesman and said, "Hello, please bring out this necklace for me to take a look."

The other party looked at Ye Chen and said, "I don't have the key, if it's in the hands of our manager."

With that, he said over the intercom, "Manager Wang, someone wants to see our town's treasure!"

Soon, a very voluptuously dressed woman trotted over excitedly, her name was Wang Yan, she was the sales manager here.

"Which guest would like to see the town's treasure?"

Sales pointed at Ye Chen and said, "Manager Wang, this is the gentleman."

"What?"When Wang Yan saw Ye Chen you, she was as disgusted as if she had eaten a fly.

How could this kind of slinger afford to buy the town's treasure?

When she thought of that, she immediately said to the male guide, "Little Liu, are you kidding me?"

The other party said, "No, this gentleman really wants to see the town shop treasures."

Wang Yan scolded, "This kind of hangman can afford to buy the treasure of the town shop?Are you blind?If you're blind, tell me.

Words, get out of here early and save yourself the trouble of pissing me off!"

Wang Yan boasts that she is a good judge of people.

What kind of people and what kind of purchasing power they had, she could tell at a glance.

Therefore, she also decided at a glance that Ye Chen was simply a poor, stinking hanger-on.

Not to mention the thirteen million treasure of the town, even if it was an ordinary necklace costing thirteen hundred dollars, he would definitely not be able to afford it!

What is this if not a waste of your feelings?

The male guide was scolded for not daring to speak out, and Ye Chen frowned and asked her, "Aren't you guys open for business?I need to see this necklace, what's wrong with it?"

Wang Yan sneered, "We're open for business, but we don't do business with retards, so if you can't afford it, don't come along for the ride!"

Ye Chen frowned and spoke up, "Which eye of yours saw that I couldn't afford it?"


Wang Yan was full of disdain and said, "This jadeite is worth tens of millions, what are you going to buy it with?I know, don't you just want me to take a picture of you and send it to your friends and pretend to be X?"

Saying that, Wang Yan wrapped her arms around her chest, acting like she was high and mighty, with a despicable face.

Hearing that the emerald was even worth ten million, many people around her pointed and said in a despicable manner, "Such people can be really shameless, they can't afford it and still have to look at it, what are they looking at?"

"That's right, not even looking at your own identity, with that outfit, how can you be worthy of such an excellent emerald?"

"I'm telling you, there are too many of those now!"

Ye Chen took a glance at Wang Yan in the counter and saw that the other party was sneering at him with a disdainful face, and had already made up his mind that he wanted to teach this dog-eyed stinky hag a good lesson!

So, Ye Chen pulled out his cell phone and dialed Tang Sihai's number.

"Come over to Jade Pavilion Residence and prepare thirteen million in cash for me, I want to see it in ten minutes."

"No problem young master, I'm coming."

The corner of Wang Yan's mouth fell open and she laughed, "Still acting addicted!And thirteen million in cash, I've never seen that much cash in my life, I hope you can open my eyes!You didn't know that anything over a million dollars in cash requires an appointment with the bank first, did you?Hahahaha, you're funny!"

Ye Chen nodded and said, "Since you've never seen so much cash, you'll see it soon."

The surrounding people were all talking as well.

"Being poor is not the problem, the problem is don't puff up your face ah..."

"Haha, this person doesn't look like any rich person at a glance, still 13 million, if he can take out 300,000, I'll call him dad!"

"I just want to see what thirteen million in cash looks like!"

Hearing that everyone was on their side, Wang Yan's lips couldn't help but smile, if she couldn't see the cash later, let's see how that poor guy would end up.

A few minutes later, a few Rolls-Royces suddenly stopped at the entrance of Jade Pavilion Pavilion.

Immediately after, from the front two Rolls Royce, eight bodyguards wearing black suits came down.

They were carrying black suitcases in their hands, each with taut muscles, solemn faces, and a cold murderous aura, even the surrounding atmosphere, was a little heavier.

This scene suddenly shocked the entire Jade Pavilion Residence!

Where did this big shot come from to have such a row!


Seeing such a big row, Wang Yan was shocked, secretly thinking that it couldn't really be the person that the poor man had called in, right?

But on second thought, how could it be!

There was no way that poor man would know such a powerful person.

Tang Sihai got down from the third Rolls Royce and stepped into the Cui Ge Residence, and Wang Yan even got up to greet him.

But Tang Sihai didn't even look at her and walked straight to Ye Chen.

"Young Master, I'm here, and I've brought the money."

Tang Sihai said, and with a wave of his hand, the bodyguards behind him walked into the Jade Pavilion Residence and directly placed the box full of money on the ground and opened it.

It was full of dense red cash!

All the people around them were taken aback!


This stinking hangman....Oh no!What this man said, it's all true!

Holy crap, what a big deal this is!

Many people took out their phones to shoot video, they wouldn't want to miss such a shocking scene.

However, Tang Sihai's bodyguards immediately cleared them all out, and they could only film the back of one of Ye Chen's heads.

Ye Chen pointed at the cash all over the ground and asked Wang Yan, "Haven't you never seen so much money before?Did you see this now?"

Wang Yan was scared out of her wits and nodded her head in a compliant manner, "See, see..."

Ye Chen said to Tang Sihai, "I want to see the manager of this store."

Tang Sihai nodded and took out his cell phone, rummaging for a moment to dial the phone.

As soon as the call came through, he cursed directly into the phone, "Son of a bitch, I'm Tang Sihai, I'm at Jade Pavilion Residence right now, you have one minute to get out of here right now!Or I'll have someone burn down the Jade Court Pavilion!And then have someone break your dog's legs!"

Wang Yan's face turned pale and her eyes were filled with fear as she looked at Tang Sihai.

This man, was he really this powerful?

His own boss, but he's a respected figure in Jinling, and he's very popular on the street, so who wouldn't give him some face?Who would dare talk to him like that?

Not even a minute later, a middle-aged fat man crawled out of the back office, and as soon as he saw Tang Sihai, he rushed forward and said, "Mr. Tang, you came to my little shop, and you didn't say anything in advance so I could go and greet you."

Tang Sihai directly a slap slammed in his face, furious: "You are big enough ah, your clerk even dare to slack our young master, is not tired of living?".

Tang Sihai knew that the young master had suffered a lot of grievances over the past ten years, and was annoyed to see a shopkeeper also giving him anger at this time.

The middle-aged fat man received a slap and was originally a little aggrieved, but after hearing this, he was immediately scared out of his wits.

Tang Sihai's young master?Mum, Tang Sihai was already like a true dragon, his young master, wouldn't he be like a heavenly immortal.

His frightened legs kept shivering, he turned around and saw Ye Chen next to Tang Sihai, although he looked ordinary, but this person was the young master of Tang Sihai's family!

Thinking of this, the middle-aged fat man was even more terrified and said, "Young...Young Master, I'm so sorry, I apologize to you."

Then turning his head, his face filled with anger, he cursed, "Exactly which unsightly thing has offended Young Master?Stand up for me!"

The eyes of the other guides were instantly focused on Wang Yan.

Wang Yan even tried to shrink back.

But the middle-aged fat man instantly jumped on her, grabbed Wang Yan's collar and slapped her face with a smooth slap, cursing, "You dog than woman, you even dare to offend the young master, you're really blind!"

Wang Yan was slapped to the ground and cried out, "Boss, I'm sorry, I was blind, please forgive me this time!"

"Spare you?"The middle-aged fat man grabbed her hair, pulled her face up, and slammed his big fist into her face.

One punch, one punch, smashed her face full of blood: "draft it?You want to get me killed, I'll fucking kill you first!"

Wang Yan's mouth full of teeth were broken several times, the nose that had just been paid for was also smashed off, and her face was full of blood.

She broke down crying and broke free from the middle-aged fat man, crawled to Ye Chen on her knees, grabbed his leg and cried, "Young Master, I really know I was wrong, I will never look down on people again, please forgive me."

Ye Chen coldly said, "Suffer at your own peril."

The middle-aged fat man saw that she actually grabbed Ye Chen's leg, and was so scared that he ran over and stomped on her head, cursing angrily, "Young Master's leg is also something you can touch?I'll kill you!"

With this kick, Wang Yan fell unconscious.

The middle-aged fat man said to the security guard beside him, "Throw this dog-eyed pussy to the back of the garbage pile!"

"Good boss!"A few security guards didn't dare to delay and immediately held up Wang Yan, who was covered in blood, and took her out.

Ye Chen expressionlessly said to that middle-aged fat man, "My wife likes that jade, wrap it up for me."

The middle-aged fat man nodded his head in succession and said, "Alright, I'll wrap it up for you!"

Ye Chen pulled out his black card and said, "Swipe this card."

After saying that, he said to Tang Sihai, "You can bring back the cash."

The middle-aged fat man hurriedly said, "Young Master you like this jade, the little one will give it to you!"

Ye Chen said, "I don't need you to send it."

The middle-aged fat man said in a compliant manner, "Young Master, take it as a small little token of my appreciation."

Tang Sihai said to Ye Chen, "Young Master, since he has the intention to send you as compensation, you should accept it, otherwise he won't even be able to sleep at night."

Ye Chen hesitated for a moment and gently nodded, "Okay, then I'll thank you."

Seeing Ye Chen accept the emerald necklace, the fat man was relieved.

If Ye Chen didn't take the necklace, he was really afraid that Tang Sihai wouldn't let go of him, and with his strength, he would be able to make himself ashes to ashes even if he hooked his finger.

At this time, Tang Sihai asked Ye Chen, "Young Master, do you want me to send you?"

"No need."Ye Chen waved his hand and said, "Where's the back door?I'll walk myself."

The onlookers were in for a real eye-opener today!

Several Rolls Royces sent thirteen million in cash just to buy a piece of jade.

As a result, the owner of Jade Pavilion didn't even dare to accept the money!

What was the origin of that very insignificant looking young man?

Many people uploaded this video to the Internet, and it suddenly became a fire on the Internet.

The netizens have called the mystery man "super rich second generation", "overbearing president", "god rich", and even set off a "search for god rich" activity, countless people actively participate in.

But the good thing is that these people have been cleared out of the store by the bodyguards when they made the video, so the Ye Chen in their video is very vague and can't be used as a reference for finding people.


Ye Chen didn't go home immediately after leaving Cui Ge Residence.

He wanted to give his wife a full set of surprises on the day of his wedding anniversary.

This surprise was not just an emerald necklace, he also wanted to give his wife a supplementary romantic wedding.

When Ye Chen and Xiao Choran had rushed to get married at the old master's request, the wedding was never held at all.

The old master himself wanted to pick a good day and have a grand wedding, but soon after they received the license, he became seriously ill and was hospitalized, so the wedding had been delayed.

Later on, the old man left, and Ye Chen didn't have anyone in the Xiao family to look up to, so the wedding was even more impossible to get up.

But, now that he was rich, he must return a wedding to his wife!

When he thought of having a wedding, the first thing that came to mind was Shangri-La's Sky Garden!

The Shangri-La Hotel, the best hotel in Jinling at the moment, is very large, very luxuriously decorated and has a large, very high-end mall inside.

The Sky Garden is located on the highest floor of the mall.

It's called the Sky Garden because it's made of crystal glass, with fresh flowers flown in from overseas, it looks like a grand garden suspended in the air.

It was also the grandest and most luxurious banquet hall in the entire Jinling, and if a wedding were to be held here, it would cost at least millions of yuan.

Ye Chen was rich now, a few million was nothing in his eyes, as long as he could make his wife happy, it was more important than anything else.

So he came to Shangri-La Hotel and wanted to wrap up the Sky Garden on his wedding anniversary.

However, Ye Chen didn't know that the Shangri-La Hotel adopted a membership service.

Whether it was to eat here, stay here, or to hold a banquet here, you had to be a member of the hotel.

And with different membership levels, the corresponding services were not available.

Ordinary members, could only eat in the lobby here, and accommodation could only be in standard rooms.

Silver members can eat in private dining rooms and stay in upscale luxury rooms.

Gold members can eat in luxury boxes and stay in luxury suites.

Platinum members get to eat at the Sky Garden and stay in the top luxury suites.

The highest, however, is the Diamond Member.

Only Diamond Members were eligible to stay in the Presidential Suite, and only Diamond Members were eligible to charter the entire Sky Garden for a banquet.

Moreover, all the members above the gold level were not rich enough to handle it, they had to have enough social status.

Ye Chen arrived at the Shangri-La Hotel and was stopped by a few men in black before he even entered the door.

"Excuse me sir, please show your membership card."

Ye Chen's clothes all over his body didn't add up to two hundred dollars, and compared to the well-dressed and expensive guests, he looked extremely dazzling.

Ye Chen hurriedly said, "Gentlemen, I would like to find your account manager to discuss the matter of the package."

The other party coldly said, "Sorry, you can't enter without a membership card!"

Ye Chen said.

"So I can get a membership card now, right?"

The other party shook his head and said, "Sorry, the membership card has to be processed through a referral."

Ye Chen frowned and said to himself that this Shangri-La was too much trouble, right?

At a loss for what to do, he suddenly remembered that when he had been placed in Jinling University by Master Xiao and was in his fourth year of college with his wife, there was a college classmate named Bi Lina who seemed to be at work!

So he immediately pulled out his cell phone and gave Bi Li Na a call.

After explaining the situation of how he wanted to get a card, Bilina immediately said, "Squad Leader Ye, leave this to me, I'll be right over!"

Ye Chen hurriedly thanked her.

It seemed that although he had only been a college classmate with Bi Li Na for a year, there was still a bit of friendship between each other, and he would definitely return this favor to Bi Li Na in the future.

"Oops, classmate Ye!"

A few minutes later, a woman's scream suddenly came from inside the hotel door.

When he raised his head, Ye Chen saw a woman wearing an OL outfit, heavy makeup, and an incomparably voluptuous woman twirling out of the hotel.

Bi Lina?What a difference she's made!Almost afraid to admit it myself!

Seeing that voluptuous woman, the two black-clothed security guards at the entrance bent over in panic and called out very respectfully, "Team Leader Bi Li Na."

Ye Chen was surprised and said, "Bi Lina, it hasn't been a few years, you've been a team leader in Shangri-La, you're really amazing!"

Bi Li Na laughed, "Class Leader, you're very kind, I'm actually just a team leader in the HR department, and I can only be considered a small, middle to low level leader in Shangri-La."

Ye Chen heartily exclaimed, "That's already impressive, I've heard that the management of Shangri-La is very demanding, you're really amazing!"

Bi Li Na smiled somewhat smugly, then looked to the two black-clad security guards beside her and coldly questioned, "You two were the ones who blocked my college class president at the door and prevented him from entering?"

Those two looked at each other, and one of them hurriedly said, "I'm sorry Team Leader Bi, I didn't know that this was your college classmate, and he doesn't have a membership card, and I'm following the hotel's rules..."

Bi Li Na snorted, "The rules are dead and the people are alive, don't you understand this truth?"

Ye Chen thought that Bi Li Na was going to punish them because of this and hurriedly said, "Bi Li Na, don't make it difficult for them, they are also following the rules"

Bi Li Na looked at Ye Chen and suddenly laughed out loud while changing her face and mockingly said, "Big squad leader Ye, you take yourself too seriously, do you really think I would make it difficult for you to be my subordinate?"

Ye Chen frowned tightly, "Bilina, what do you mean?"

"What do I mean?"Billina trailed off and smiled, "Isn't it obvious what I mean?You want to get into Shangri-La?I'm telling you, not in your lifetime!"

Ye Chen clenched his fists and questioned her, "What exactly do you mean?"

"I'm teasing you!"Bi Lina laughed with a trembling smile and said, "I didn't like you when I was in college. You're a stinker who only knows how to study, can't even afford to eat a share of fried vegetables with meat in the cafeteria, and you're still class president?And you're telling me what to do with my grades?I yuck!And don't even look at that virtue of yours!"

Ye Chen's expression was cold as he said, "Bi Lina, I, Ye Chen, consider myself to have never provoked you, why have you repeatedly ridiculed me?"


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