Secret Identity 16-30


Chapter 16  

Billina held her shoulders and said proudly, "I just despise you, what?And I'm not allowed to talk about it?"

"Who in college doesn't know you're going to be a door-to-door son-in-law right after graduation?You couldn't afford to eat when you were in school, and you're still living off the crumbs after graduation, and you have the nerve to ask me for help?You're nothing!"

Ye Chen's heart surged with some anger.

No one will offend me, no one will offend me, Bi Li Na has really gone too far this time!

At this moment, he suddenly received a text message from Tang Sihai on his phone: "Young Master, Shangri-La, is the property of our Ye Group, and Jinling's Shangri-La is just one of our more than a hundred Shangri-La."

Ye Chen's pupils shrank sharply!

Shangri-La is owned by the Ye family?

He subconsciously replied to the text, "You're not lying to me, are you?"

Tang Sihai said, "The person in charge of the Jinling Shangri-La is called Richard Chen, his phone number is 155..., and he will take care of everything., you call him, he'll take care of everything."


Seeing that Ye Chen kept his head down and texting, it made Bi Li Na very depressed.

She felt like she was abusing a dog, of course she wanted to hear the dog bark twice.

But I didn't expect that Ye Chen would not say a word.

It seemed that this class president who was so hangry in college was still so hangry and was indifferent to being scolded.

So she increased her firepower and sneered, "Yo, you're so tolerant, Lord Class President!"

"Right, but I've heard that you've been married to Xiao Choran Xiao for three years and haven't been able to get into her bed, is Xiao Choran Xiao the mistress of someone else's bag?You're not just a front for her to be a mistress, are you?Hahaha!"

Ye Chen frowned tightly.

It's just as well to insult me, but to insult my wife?

You're gonna get yourself killed, Brianna!

So, he ri dialed the phone number of the person in charge of Shangri-La, Richard Chen, looked at Bi Li Na, and said indifferently, "I'm going to find your person in charge and ask how in the world Shangri-La recruits employees, even people like you who are full of shit!"

"How dare you call me names?You're tired of living!"Billina exploded and yelled at the security guard around her, "He's here to pick a fight, fight me!"

At this time, Ye Chen had already dialed the phone.

"Hello, which one."

A man's dignified voice came from the phone.

Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, "Are you Richard Chen?My name is Ye Chen, I'm at the entrance of Shangri-La right now, I'll give you one minute to get down or you'll get out of Shangri-La later!"

The man on the phone, who had originally had a full air of strength, panicked and asked, "Young....Young Master?Are you really at the door of Shangri-La?"

Ye Chen said coldly, "You still have fifty seconds!"

The other side seemed to be scared out of their wits and took off, "Just a minute, I'm coming!"

Bi Li Na laughed at Ye Chen's phone call and said sarcastically, "Ye Chen, I didn't think you were so good at bragging?Do you know who Mr. Chen is?The two top members of Shankly don't dare to pretend in front of Chen, do you think you can bluff me by pretending to make a phone call?"

Ye Chen said indifferently, "Whether it's a bluff or not, you'll find out in thirty seconds!"

Bi Lina laughed, "Fine, squad leader Ye, then I'll wait with you for thirty seconds!Oh, no, I'll wait three minutes with you!If Chen doesn't come out in 3 minutes, I'll have security tear your mouth off!Let's see you brag about it again!Hahaha!What a laugh!"

Twenty seconds.

A middle-aged man in a top-quality custom suit ran out of it in a panic.

He was a dog of the Ye family, and a very powerful one at that.

Ever since he sat in Jinling and became the head of Shangri-La, he was one of the most revered existences in the entire Jinling, when had he been so panicked?

However, he had to panic, never dreaming that the young master would appear in the Shangri-La he was in charge of....

Bi Li Na was about to continue to ridicule Ye Chen, but suddenly she saw the security guards around her one by one looking behind her and looking horrified.

When she subconsciously turned back, she suddenly found that Mr. Chen was running out from inside, and she was suddenly struck by lightning.

Immediately, she looked at Ye Chen, her eyes already filled with horror, "This....How is this possible..."

"Which one is Mr. Ye Chen Ye?!"

Chen Zekai spoke with a tremble in his voice.

Ye Wei's people were dumbfounded, this CEO Chen who could make an earthquake in Jinling by stomping his foot, was now panicking and even changing his voice!

Ye Chen spoke up at this time, "I am!"

Chen Zekai immediately rushed forward, bowed and said, "Shao..."

Without waiting for him to finish, Ye Chen immediately said, "Mr. Chen, there are some words that should not be said outside."

As soon as Chen Zekai heard this, he was even more frightened and trembled.

Damn, what a stupid dog he was!The young master's identity must be highly confidential, and he almost called out, if the young master is blamed, won't he be finished?

So he hurriedly changed his address, but still said respectfully, "Mr. Ye, welcome to Shangri-La, please move to my humble office for a detailed chat."

Bi Li Na had been scared silly, she couldn't accept this reality, but this was really happening right in front of her eyes.

This Ye Chen, what was his origin?Can he get all the big bosses at Shangri-La to pay him the utmost respect?

He's not going to hold a grudge, is he, after all that sarcasm?


Thinking of this, Bi Li Na hurriedly put on a flattering appearance and said to Ye Chen in a delicate manner, "Class Leader Ye's presence here is truly an honor for our Shangri-La and for me, an old classmate, come in quickly..."

She thought that by complimenting Ye Chen with a few words, she could make Ye Chen forget or ignore what she had just done.

However, she thought of Ye Chen as too kind.

As soon as Richard Chen heard Bi Lina's words, he asked in surprise, "Little Bi, you're Mr. Ye's classmate?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"Bi Li Na hurriedly said, "Mr. Ye was my class president in college, and we were especially close!"

Richard Chen immediately said, "Report to the president's office tomorrow, and you'll be the personnel director of Shangri-La from now on!"

The team leader to personnel director, in Shangri-La at least across three levels, pay ten times more than, and in the hands of the majority of the staff's life and death power, is definitely one of the executives.

When Bi Li Na heard this, she was so excited that she was about to faint.

At this time, Ye Chen coldly said, "Mr. Chen, do you know what kind of relationship I have with Bi Lina?"

Thinking that Ye Chen wasn't satisfied with this arrangement, Chen Zaiqai immediately said, "If Mr. Ye isn't satisfied, then let Xiao Bi be promoted directly to vice president!" One second to remember to read the book

Ye Chen suddenly spoke up, "I called Bi Li Na for help because I didn't have a membership card, but she actually humiliated me a hundred times for no reason, and even tried to get security guards to beat me up a few times, but you even want to promote her to vice president.Deliberately trying to antagonize me?"

Hearing this, Richard Chen's heart went cold.

Flattery to the horses' legs!

Immediately, the eyes he looked at Bi Li Na were already filled with anger.

Immediately afterwards, he slapped Bi Li Na's face with a fierce slap and scolded angrily, "Even Mr. Ye dares to offend, you eat bear heart and leopard's guts?Don't want to live, do you?"

Bi Lina was so frightened that she became weak and knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing, crying out, "I was wrong, Mr. Chen."

Chen Zekai fiercely kicked at Bi Lina, kicking her straight out a few meters away, cursing, "You unseeing dog thing!I'll let you know today, the price for messing with Mr. Ye!"

Saying that, he snapped at the security guards around him, "Give me a good beating!Beat her half to death, then scrap that face she got from plastic surgery, and tell all of Jinling that any company that dares to use her in the future is having a hard time with me, Richard Chen!"

Bi Li Na was scared to death and hurriedly said, "Chen I was wrong, please forgive me!"

Chen Zhai Kai was furious and shouted, "Now you know you're wrong?Where have you been?How can you offend Young Master Ye?If it wasn't for Young Master Ye's face, I would have killed you!"

Bi Lina broke down and cried, crawling on her knees all the way to Ye Chen, kowtowing repeatedly, "Big squad leader Ye, I was wrong, I'm sorry!Please, for the sake of being classmates..."

Ye Chen asked her indifferently, "Bi Li Na, classmates, why did you insult me and my wife just now?"

Bi Lina wept bitterly, "Class Leader, I was just confused, I blame my mouth for being cheap, please forgive me..."

Ye Chen said, "I will not offend anyone, but if someone offends me, I will never forgive them!"

Saying that, he snorted and said again, "You brewed your own bitter wine, finish it yourself!"

Richard Chen scolded, "Bitch, if you dare to bb with Young Master Ye again, I'll have your broken mouth torn apart!"

Bi Li Na ton didn't dare to beg for mercy anymore and instead kneeled on the ground crying by herself.

Ye Chen did not sympathize with him in the slightest, but directly ignored him and said to Chen Zekai with an expressionless face, "I want to talk to you about the Sky Garden, go to your office."

Chen Zekai hurriedly nodded his head and respectfully

Respectfully, he said, "Mr. Yeh, follow me!"

Afterwards, he pointed at the security guards around him and shouted, "Give me a good beating!"

"Yes, Mr. Chen!"

How dare the security guard disobey him, immediately nodded his head and immediately rushed up to hold Bi Li Na down to beat her.

Bi Li Na kept howling, but Ye Chen paid no attention to her, and with Richard Chen's nodding head and waist, he entered the Shangri-La.

Once he arrived at Richard Chen's office, Ye Chen got straight to the point: "In a few days is my wife and I's wedding anniversary, I want to bag the entire sky garden, can you do it?"

Richard Chen said without hesitation, "Young Master, in order to ensure fairness to all high-end members, Sky Garden has always refused to provide private services, even if the city's big leaders come, but as long as you need it, in the future, Sky Garden can even be reserved for you alone forever!"

Ye Chen faintly said, "That's not necessary, just leave it out on Memorial Day, besides, I need you to cooperate with me and prepare a little surprise for my wife."

Zekai Chen immediately said, "Young Master, don't worry, the entire staff of Shangri-La and I will do everything at your command!"


When Ye Chen got done with Shangri-La and took the bus home, almost all of the passengers in the bus were swiping short video software like Jitterbug and Quickstart.

And, to his surprise, everyone was watching the same video!

It's the video of himself throwing away $13 million in cash at the Jade Pavilion Pavilion!

The video was taken from Tang Sihai's fleet of Rolls-Royce cars, a large string of top-of-the-line Rolls-Royce cars, a dozen black-clad security guards with black suitcases in their hands, thirteen million in cash thrown on the ground, and a sales manager who made the dog's eyes ashamed of himself, and the whole thing was put online.

Only, the video failed to capture the front of Ye Chen.

The video quickly went viral in Jinling, and countless people were speculating who was this super hero, with many young girls even dreaming of Cinderella and the prince, eager to one day meet this low-key hero.

Ye Chen repeatedly confirmed that it was difficult to identify himself in the video, which was why he was relieved and returned home.

At this time, the home was a joyous place.

Xiao Choran had gotten a contract with the divine Luxe Group and was about to become the director of the Xiao Group, her parents were naturally excited and teary-eyed.

Having been looked down upon for so many years in the Xiao family, she could now finally hold her head high and behave!

As soon as my father-in-law and mother-in-law were happy, seeing Ye Chen was not so bored before.

My mother-in-law said with a flourish, "Oh my, it's such a happy day, my daughter-in-law is indeed not an ordinary person!"

After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen again and said with a rare smile, "Ye Chen, you've also been instrumental in inspiring Choran in this matter, so I won't let you cook today, let's find a restaurant to rub a meal!"

Xiao Chu Ran smiled, "Then let's go to Kempinski for western food!"

"It's too expensive!"My mother-in-law blurted out, "That's not a thousand per capita?"

Xiao Choran smiled and said, "Mom, the director's salary is very high, a million a year."

"Oops!"My mother-in-law clapped happily and said, "Great, great, great!My family Choran has finally made something of herself!"

Afterwards, he said, "But your future salary, at least 70% of it should be paid to mom, you young people do not understand the importance of financial management, money to mom, mom to keep for you, definitely more reliable than you save it yourself!"

Xiao Choran immediately nodded and smiled, "Okay mom, I'll give it to you every month then, but let's agree, you can't always talk about Ye Chen in the future, he's your son-in-law anyway!"

My mother-in-law immediately beamed, "Yes!Mom, for your sake, try to talk less about him from now on!"


When the family of four went to Kempinski for dinner, Zhang Wenhao was sulking at home.

He had also seen that push from the Di Hao Group and was depressed.

I thought that Xiao Churan would never be able to get the contract from the Imperial Hero Group to death, but I didn't expect that she managed to win the 60 million contract in one morning's work, thinking back to the harsh words he had put in her house yesterday, wasn't that a slap on his face?

Xiao Hailong even called to complain about himself, saying as soon as he opened his mouth, "Brother Wen Hao, you're too inadequate!I've been helping you create opportunities to chase after that cousin of mine, but you ended up helping her get the cooperation of the Imperial Group, aren't you embarrassing me?"

Zhang Wenhao was also innocent, what the hell?I didn't help Xiao Chu Ran!

At this time, Xiao Hailong asked again, "Brother Wen Hao, tell me the truth, did you sleep with my cousin?"

Zhang Wenhao was too embarrassed to deny that he had nothing to do with it, so wouldn't that be like admitting his incompetence?

He then mmmm'd and said, "Yeah, I'm sorry Sea Dragon, I'll make it up to you when I get the chance in the future."

"I knew it!"Xiao Hailong sighed, then hurriedly followed up, "Brother Wen Hao, that cousin of mine should still be a virgin, right?She never seems to let that loser touch her, you've really earned it this time!"

Zhang Wenhao was delighted when he heard this.

Great!Xiao Chu Ran is still a virgin!

Then he might as well announce to the public that she slept with him, so that he could still provoke her relationship with her husband.

Thinking of this, he smiled and said to Xiao Hailong, "Hailong, your cousin is indeed still a virgin, and it's really very cool to fuck her, hahaha!"

Xiao Hailong said bitterly, "Then in the future, you really can't afford to be less beneficial to me, Brother Wen Hao!"

"Don't worry!"Zhang Wenhao readily agreed.

After hanging up Xiao Hailong's phone, Zhang Wenhao's father suddenly called again.

As soon as the call went through, he blurted out, "Wen Hao, something happened!The Marriott has stopped all business with us!Have you offended anyone in the last few days?"

Zhang Wenhao's heart fell like an ice cellar when he heard this.

The Empire Group had stopped all cooperation with the Zhang family?Wouldn't that mean a heavy loss for the family?

He got out of his mouth and asked, "What's going on Dad?I'm not offending anyone these days!Have you offended anyone yet?"

Zhang Wenhao's dad was upset, "I didn't either!I've been in the company for the past few days, I haven't gone out to offend anyone..."

Zhang Wenhao said nervously, "Oh dad, could it be that the new chairman who took over from the Empire Group is preparing to shuffle the cards?"

"Very likely!"Zhang Wenhao's father suddenly realized, "Now that the new chairman has taken over, I haven't had a chance to pay a visit to the meeting, I'm with that Wang Dongxue

I've mentioned it several times, but she keeps saying that their chairman is not seeing visitors."

Zhang Wenhao asked, "What should we do then?"

His father thought about it and said, "Hey right, the Xiao family is having a banquet tomorrow night, they said they're inviting the chairman of the Emperor Group, let's go there and find a chance to meet him!"

"OK!"Zhang Wenhao immediately said, "Let's go together tomorrow!"


On the following day, the most important highlight moment of the Xiao family, the entire Xiao family was excited up and down.

Because after one night of fermentation, the news that the Xiao family had gotten the contract from the Emperor Group and had invited the chairman of the Emperor Group to the family banquet had spread throughout Jinling!

For this banquet, Ye Chen found out his most expensive suit to put on and headed to the hotel where the banquet was held.

As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the hotel, Ye Chen got out of the car and saw a Porsche stop in front of him with a sharp brake.

Immediately afterwards, Zhang Wenhao, who was dressed in a designer suit with meticulously combed hair, walked down from the car.

Soon, a receptionist came up and greeted Zhang Wenhao attentively.

And Zhang Wenhao apparently also saw Ye Chen, a hint of disdain in his eyes, looked him up and down and smiled, "Where did you find a copycat suit, dressed like a dog."

Ye Chen asked flatly, "What does it have to do with you?"

The corners of Zhang Wenhao's mouth curled up, and with some sarcasm on his face, he said, "You're nothing to do with me, but your wife, right now, has a bit of a relationship with me..."

Ye Chen's eyebrows furrowed slightly and asked, "What kind of relationship?"

The people around them couldn't help but stop.

Since last night, there was a little news that was spreading in the circle.

The news said that Xiao Choran had been able to take down the cooperation of the Emperor's Group solely because of her dedication to Zhang Wenhao, how else could she and the Xiao family be able to take down the Emperor's Group with their strength?

Now, I'm afraid that there was a bit of a seedling in this matter.

Zhang Wenhao saw that everyone had gathered and said to Ye Chen, "What do you think, the reason why Choran was able to take the cooperation of the Emperor's Group?"

Ye Chen looked at Zhang Wenhao and asked indifferently, "Because of what?"

The corner of Zhang Wenhao's mouth curled up and said, "Of course it's because of me, because Choran is now my woman, that's why I did my best to help her get the cooperation of the Emperor, if you're sensible, divorcing her earlier can be considered as an adult beauty."

Although the surrounding crowd had already speculated, but now that Zhang Wenhao had bluntly said it, the crowd couldn't help but be surprised.

Xiao Churan had actually gotten the cooperation of the Imperial Group by sleeping with Zhang Wenhao!

"Because of you?"When Ye Chen heard this, he laughed instead of being angry and said, "You're also worthy?"


"I don't deserve it, do you?"

Zhang Wenhao's eyes were cold and said, "You're just a piece of trash, you can't even look at your own wife, it's too much of a grievance for Choran to follow you, it's so good to follow me, I can give her anything she wants!"

Ye Chen's face went cold, lowered his voice and said coldly, "I'll give you two choices, first, kowtow and apologize to Choran, and swallow back what you said in front of everyone; second, I'll make your family's group completely bankrupt, your choice."

"Hahahahahaha, are you fucking kidding me?What kind of a thing are you to bankrupt my family's group?"

Zhang Wenhao laughed maniacally and looked at Ye Chen with disdain, clearly not taking what he said seriously.

"Are you daydreaming, you retard?Do you know what my family group's market value is?You say bankruptcy?"

With a blank expression, Ye Chen stared at Zhang Wenhao for a moment with the expression of a retard, randomly pulling out his phone and dialing Tang Sihai.

"In three minutes, I want to see Zhang Wenhao's group go bankrupt and liquidate, and debts explode!"

Three minutes to bankrupt a multi-billion dollar conglomerate is a daydream!

Zhang Wenhao's eyes were fierce as he stared at Ye Chen and said, "Damn, the bull is all over the place for you to blow!You think you're that super-god on the internet, huh?" Remember the URL

Saying that, Zhang Wenhao then coldly said, "Rubbish, don't pretend, I also give you two choices, first, kneel down and apologize to me, then divorce Choran immediately; second, I'll find some people to completely waste you, so you can watch me and Choran be sweet and sweet with your own eyes, you also choose yourself!I'll give you a minute!"

Ye Chen looked down at his phone and said, "You still have a minute left, are you sure you don't want to salvage it?"

"Get out of here!You still have thirty seconds to think about it, if you don't kneel down, I'll make you regret it for the rest of your life!"Zhang Wenhao said indifferently.

"Twenty seconds!"

"Ten seconds!"

"Five seconds!"

"Time's up, don't blame me for being ruthless, you're the trash who brought about your own death!"Zhang Wenhao shook his collar, and then with a wave to a few bodyguards, he was ready to take action to clean up this loser first.

But at that moment, Zhang Wenhao's cell phone suddenly rang.

Zhang Wenhao was stunned and saw that it was his father calling, and picked it up in a hurry.

"Dad, I've arrived at the banquet, have you arrived yet?"

Over the phone, Zhang Wenhao's dad ranted frantically, "You piece of shit!What have you done to deserve this!What kind of trouble is that?All the shareholders are now selling our group's shares like crazy, and our stock has fallen more than 80 percent!"

Says his dad, and then he yells, "The bank came to the door out of the blue demanding payment of the debt!All the partners, suddenly suspended their cooperation with us and stopped billing!We're out of money!There's only one way out of bankruptcy and liquidation!"

Zhang Wenhao's face instantly turned white as he listened to the voice coming from inside the phone, and drops of cold sweat flowed down his forehead.

"Our family is finished!It's over!"

Zhang Wenhao wanted to ask more questions, but suddenly he heard a siren across the phone, followed by the sound of breaking down the door, and the sound of police officers asking his father to cooperate with the investigation.

He was suddenly weak, and the phone fell to the ground, shattering


With weak legs, he kneeled in front of Ye Chen .

The wind blew through, and his body and heart were cold.

Those few bodyguards, seeing this image, were all in shock and no longer moved forward.

Zhang Wenhao was incomparably frightened and asked Ye Chen in a low voice, "Who the hell are you, you did all this, right?"

The onlookers were also incomparably surprised, Zhang Wenhao took a phone call and suddenly kneeled in front of that superfluous son-in-law of the Xiao family, what happened?

Ye Chen looked down at him, bent down slightly and said in a low voice, "I gave you the chance to choose, but you didn't choose right."

"I know I was wrong, I apologize to you, please, let me go!Choran has nothing to do with me at all, I haven't even touched her, and I didn't help her get the cooperation of the Emperor Group, what I just said was all made up, I beg you, spare me, spare our family!"

Zhang Wenhao kept kowtowing and apologizing, never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that a superfluous son-in-law of the Xiao family would have so much power!One phone call and you've ruined your family!

When he raised his head to look at Ye Chen's cheeks, he only felt that this plain face was even more terrifying than the devil!

To be able to bankrupt your own family in a matter of minutes, such a character is not something you can afford to offend!

Ye Chen shook his head and said, "You should be satisfied, because at least I gave you a life!Otherwise your whole family would be dead already!"

As soon as this was said, Zhang Wenhao's frightened face was white and his body was trembling violently.

Ye Chen looked at him and said in a cold voice, "To tell you the truth, I am that super hero on the internet, if you don't want to die, you better not say anything about my identity, otherwise, you and your father won't live to see tomorrow morning!"

After saying that, Ye Chen patted Zhang Wenhao's face, and without paying any more attention to him, he stepped into the hall.

While Zhang Wenhao was completely paralyzed on the floor, he didn't dare to put up any resistance to this extremely humiliating action of Ye Chen.

Seeing Ye Chen walk into the hall, Zhang Wenhao even crawled and ran into the hall as well.

Looking around, he saw Xiao Choran's figure, so he crawled over there, kneeling at Xiao Choran's feet, constantly kowtowing and crying, "Choran, I apologize to you, I shouldn't have spread rumors about you, you got the project of the Emperor Hero Group, it has nothing to do with me at all, please, let me go!"

Xiao Churan was shocked by his movement and dodged backwards, but crashed into a warm embrace.

When Xiao Churan turned back, it was Ye Chen who was hugging her.

After Ye Chen came in, he saw Xiao Churan, who was carefully dressed today and was as dazzling as a blooming star in the crowd.

The first thing that happened was that I was not sure if I was going to be able to make it, but I did.

Zhang Wenhao was frightened and immediately rolled away on his stomach, afraid of angering Ye Chen.

Xiao Churan was puzzled and asked, "What's wrong with him..."

Ye Chen hugged her as he whispered, "This person is afraid that he has some kind of illness, leave him alone."

Although they were husband and wife, they didn't have any close contact, feeling Ye Chen's warm embrace, Xiao Churan's ears were even red.

She was busy breaking away from Ye Chen's embrace and fidgeted, "That, Chairman Ye of the Imperial Hero Group should be here, I want to go see..."


When Zhang Wenhao fell into despair, Xiao Hailong just happened to come in, followed by his own sister, Xiao Weiwei, and her fiancé, Wang Yunlong.

Next to Wang Yunlong, there was also a young man in expensive clothes, and looking at his face, he looked a bit like Wang Yunfei.

Meeting Zhang Wenhao head-on, Xiao Hailong hurriedly said, "Oh my, brother Wenhao!When I came in just now, I heard that your house is in trouble?Seriously?"

Zhang Wenhao lost his mind and pushed him away, muttering, "It's over, it's over, it's all over..."

Xiao Hailong asked with concern, "Zhang Shao, what's wrong with you?"

Zhang Wenhao shook his head in fear, not daring to say anything.

He didn't have the slightest doubt that if he said anything he shouldn't, he might have to cross the street tomorrow.

Thus, Zhang Wenhao broke away from Xiao Hailong's hand and ran out in a lost state of mind.

Xiao Hailong looked at his back and exclaimed, "I guess this Zhang family is really finished, damn, it's too fast, isn't it?Yesterday it was fine, today it's bankrupt!"

Then, when Xiao Hailong saw Ye Chen and Xiao Churan, he moved another bad idea and hurriedly greeted Xiao Churan, "Churan, let me introduce you to this noble guest, this is Yun Fei's cousin, Wang Yun Kai, the first-born son of the Wang family."

"Brother Kai, this is my cousin, Xiao Churan."Xiao Hailong introduced to Wang Yunkai with a flattering face.

Since Wang Yun Kai came in, his eyes were tightly focused on Xiao Churan, and upon hearing that, he even extended his hand and said, "Hello Churan, I've long heard that the Xiao family's thousandth daughter has a flowery appearance, and when I see her today, she really lives up to her name."

Ye Chen's eyes flashed a hint of dissatisfaction, a beautiful wife just can't be helped, the flies around him chased out one after another, annoying can be annoying to death.

So, he snatched a step ahead and stretched out his hand to shake it with Wang Yunkai, and said in a cold voice, "Hello, I'm Choran's husband."

"You?"Wang Yunkai looked up and down at Ye Chen, his disdain overflowed and he drew back his hand before saying indifferently, "I didn't think Choran was already married, what a flower stuck in a cow dung..."

Xiao Weiwei was busy explaining on the side, "Brother Kai, this trash is a member of our Xiao family, jobless and incapable!"

After saying that, she deliberately winked at Wang Yunkai and said, "Brother Kai, after I get married to Yunfei, we'll be considered a family, and we'll have to correspond more then..."

Wang Yunkai naturally knew the meaning of her words, which was to encourage himself to pursue Xiao Churan, before he smiled and said, "Miss Churan is as beautiful as heaven, I would naturally beg to see more of her."

At this moment, Ye Chen also saw his mother-in-law Ma Lan and father-in-law Xiao Changkun walking over.

After Ma Lan came over, she hurriedly said to Xiao Churan, "Ranran, have you heard?The Chang family is bankrupt!"

"Huh?"Xiao Choran was surprised and asked, "When did this happen?"

"Just now!"Ma Lan sighed, "I thought that in the future, when you divorced Ye Chen, you would be able to be with Zhang Wenhao, but now I see that it's not going to happen..."

Ye Chen was depressed in his heart, this mother-in-law, I'm afraid she's not a fool, right?I wonder if the son-in-law is the real golden boy now?

After seeing Ma Lan, Wang Yunkai, who was on the side, even came over and introduced himself, "You must be Choran's mother, right?Hello aunt, I'm Yunfei's cousin Wang Yunkai, you're so beautiful, no wonder you can give birth to such a beautiful daughter as Choran."

As soon as Ma Lan heard that Wang Yun Kai was actually Wang Yun Fei's cousin, the first-born son of the Wang family, a rich man!The eyes lit up and said with great enthusiasm, "Yes, yes, I'm Choran's mother, you're friends with Choran?"

Wang Yunkai nodded and smiled, "A friend, but we just met today!"

Ma Lan was full of joy, nodding her head, "Everyone hurry up and find a place to sit, don't stand there, Young Master Wang, our choran is just beautiful, and jade is ice clear, you young people, you have to get in touch more in the future..."

"Mom!"Xiao Choran shouted in dissatisfaction, stopping his mother from continuing.

Ma Lan was about to say something when Xiao Choran pulled him out, reminding everyone to pay attention to the stage.

By this time, Old Mrs. Xiao was already standing in the spotlight!

She looked around in an excited circle before standing in front of the microphone, smiling and speaking, "First of all, on behalf of the Xiao family, I would like to welcome all of you good friends and partners, who are able to join us for the banquet."

"Then, let us welcome the Vice Chairman of the Emperor Group, Ms. Wang Dongxue, to our grand arrival."

The spotlight instantly moved and hit the beam of light on the front row of seats.

Wang Dongxue wore a black evening gown, completely exposing her perfect body curves in front of everyone's eyes, and under the light, she would be as dazzling as a fairy, and all the men in the arena could not help but gather their eyes on her.

Dihao Group, Vice Chairman!A rare beauty!Each of these identities was enough to attract everyone's attention.

After Wang Dongxue stood up, she only nodded towards the crowd, and when she saw Ye Chen, her gaze slightly lingered for a moment before moving away.

It was only then that Old Lady Xiao continued to speak, "Today, first of all, I would like to thank the Dihao Group for entrusting such an important project to our Xiao Family, the Xiao Family will definitely do their best to live up to Dihao's trust."

"Secondly, we would also like to introduce to all of you an outstanding junior of our Xiao family, if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't have been able to enter into a cooperation with Dihao, and after our group's joint deliberation, we have decided to elect him as our Xiao family's director, with full responsibility for the cooperation with Dihao Group!"

My mother-in-law, Lan Ma, said excitedly, "Oh my gosh Ran Ran!It's your turn to be on stage!"

Although Xiao Churan was ready to go on stage, she was still unavoidably nervous.

Ye Chen immediately cast an encouraging glance at her.

Xiao Hailong looked at Xiao Churan, who was full of excitement, and the corner of his mouth could not help but reveal a hint of a scowl.

Old Mrs. Xiao's gaze also looked towards the table and spoke with a smile.

"Let us welcome the newly promoted director of the Xiao Clan, Xiao Hailong!"

Xiao Churan's figure was instantly frozen in place....

She looked to the side in disbelief, but she saw Xiao Hailong with a smug face, stepping onto the stage.

Ye Chen's eyes instantly turned cold.

What a hand to cross the river and demolish the bridge!

The Xiao family, after using Xiao Choran, immediately abandoned her without the slightest concern for her feelings!

Xiao Choran's eyes instantly reddened and tears continued to swirl in her eyes.

Immediately afterwards, she stood up and ran towards the door without looking back.

To her, how happy she was when she came, how desperate she was at this time!

Ye Chen watched her leave, his face even colder.

Bullying my wife?You want to die?

At this time, Xiao Hailong stood on the stage and said with a proud face, "Thank you for the company's trust, I will definitely try my best to be a good director!It will also be sure to complete the project given to us by the Imperial Group to perfection!"

Old Mrs. Xiao nodded in satisfaction and picked up the conversation, "There's another most important thing about this banquet, and that's that we're fortunate enough to have Mr. Ye, the new chairman of the Emperor Group!Please use the warmest applause to welcome Chairman Ye!"

Thunderous applause from the audience!

All the guests tonight are here to see the new chairman of the Imperial Group!

Everyone's waiting to see him in action!

People were watching privately just to see who would step up to the plate at this moment!

Some people even said, "I suspect that this mysterious chairman of the Emperor's Group is the same person as the super-deity who made a big fuss about Cuicha Residence online!"

"I think it's highly likely too!That Super God's back looks eye-catching, so it shouldn't be from the Jinling circle!"

"Geez!In that case, wouldn't the chairman of the Emperor Group be the most powerful super-rich man in Jinling right now?"

"So excited to see his true face!"

In the midst of this intense applause and under the eager attention of countless people, Ye Chen suddenly stood up slowly with a cold face....

Chapter 21 

In the midst of everyone's incredible gazes, Ye Chen slowly stood up.

The gazes of the entire banquet hall were instantly gathered on him.

"Ye Chen, what are you doing!Sit down!"Marashi was frightened and even made a warning sound.

He didn't even look at what the occasion was!There are so many big brothers here, none of them dare to stand up, you Ye Chen, a useless superfluous son-in-law, what kind of limelight are you making at this time!

And Wang Yunkai and Wang Yunfei also looked at each other, and both said in their hearts, Fuck, the chairman of the Emperor Group can't really be him, right?

But then, they shook their heads.

Impossible, if he was really the chairman of the Emperor, how could he be scolded by Ma Lan?

"What are you doing you loser!Don't sit down yet!"Xiao Hailong shouted with a black face on the stage.

Ye Chen looked at him coldly and then walked straight to Wang Dongxue's side, completely ignoring everyone's horrified gazes and whispered a few words in her ear.

Wang Dongxue nodded her head slightly as she listened. Remember the URL

This scene caused everyone's heart to instantly clench.

Wang Dongxue!Vice Chairman of the Imperial Group, the most famous beauty in Jinling City!Ye Chen is a useless son-in-law, how did he get to know her?And by the looks of it, the relationship between the two was not bad.

After speaking, Ye Chen didn't care about the gazes of the crowd and stepped away from the hall, going forward to chase after Xiao Choran.

But Wang Dongxue stood up, walked up to the stage, took the microphone, and spoke in the dazed eyes of the crowd, "Hello everyone, I'm Wang Dongxue, Mr. Ye Chen was outside the venue before, met our chairman, and the chairman entrusted him to bring me a message."

The crowd was relieved to hear that Ye Chen wasn't the chairman of the empire.

Wang Yunkai let out a sigh of relief and said in a disdainful whisper, "It's just a chance encounter with someone once, just trying so hard to suck up to their assistant, what a piece of trash."

Wang Yunfei shrugged his shoulders and smiled, "Little people are like that."

At this time, Wang Dongxue on the stage swept a glance at Old Mrs. Xiao and her face went cold, "The chairman asked me to inform you all..."

"From now on, the Empire Group terminates its cooperation with the Xiao family, and the contract that has been signed is declared null and void!"


The crowd instantly exploded, everyone never thought that Wang Dongxue would say such words.

This sudden change of heart left the crowd all stunned.

Old Mrs. Xiao instantly turned pale and asked urgently, "Vice Dong Wang, what is the reason for this?Is there anything our Xiao family is doing wrong?"

She had invited all the respectable people in Jinling today, hoping to use this opportunity to make a name for herself in Jinling.

If the cooperation fizzles out under the eyes of the public, the Xiao family might be trampled underfoot by everyone.

Wang Dongxue said, "This project was originally a collaboration between our chairman and you out of recognition of Ms. Xiao Churan, but you took it upon yourselves to put a baffling person in charge of this project, I'm sorry, we won't accept it!"

After speaking, Wang Dongxue put the microphone down and then walked out without looking back.

Old Mrs. Xiao's face was pale and she sat paralyzed on the stage for a moment.

Never in her wildest dreams had she thought that her own momentary cleverness would bury this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Had she known that this would be the situation, to death she would not have let Xiao Hailong replace Xiao Choran's director position.

Xiao Hailong was also incomparably confused at this point, what's going on?It's as if Wang Dongxue intends to target herself, and she hasn't offended her either!

Hailong couldn't help but ask Old Mrs. Xiao, "Grandmother, the director's appointment has been announced, you won't go back on your word, will you?"

Old Mrs. Xiao struggled to her feet and raised her hand to slap him, cursing angrily, "Bastard thing, still trying to miss the director at this time!Hurry up and come with me to beg Choran!"


After Ye Chen chased her out, he realized that Xiao Churan actually wasn't far away, but was just squatting in a deserted corner next to the hotel, weeping in frustration.

He slowly approached, took off his suit, put it on Xiao Churan, and spoke, "Honey, don't be sad, the director of the Xiao family isn't a treasure, it's not appropriate..."

"You don't understand, if I become the director, my parents will be able to raise their eyebrows in the Xiao family, how can grandmother go back on her word..."Xiao Choran said with sobs.

Ye Chen continued to persuade, "Maybe they'll have to come and beg you to become a director later, if you cry like this now, you won't look pretty when you go on stage later..."

Xiao Choran choked, "How can that be, grandmother's words have gone out, there won't be any chance to turn back, you go in first, leave me alone..."

Just at this moment, Old Madam Xiao and Xiao Hailong also ran out of the banquet hall.

The old lady was old and ran up and down, and behind her, hailed a large group of people, all of whom came out to watch the fun.

After Xiao Hailong came out, he saw both Ye Chen and Xiao Churan.

He quickly ran up, looked down at the teary-eyed Xiao Churan, and said offhandedly, "Churan, hurry up and chase after Vice Dong Wang, so that she doesn't terminate the cooperation with us!"

Xiao Churan looked bewildered: "Terminate the cooperation?Why?" One second to remember to read the book

Xiao Hailong said angrily, "You're still pretending to be innocent here, you must have instructed Vice Dong Wang to embarrass me in public, if you don't settle this matter for me, I won't spare you!"


Old Mrs. Xiao on the side once again angrily slammed Xiao Hailong and cursed angrily; "You bastard, how are you talking to your sister!She's the director of our Shaw Group!"

Xiao Hailong was anxious, "Grandmother....Didn't we agree that I would be the director?"

Old Mrs. Xiao raged, "If you hadn't given me the Vertigo, why would I have changed my mind at the last minute, if you continue to be unforgiving you'll get out of the Xiao family!"

Having been smacked twice by the old lady, Xiao Hailong was extremely angry, but dared not speak out, so he could only swallow his anger for the time being.

Old Mrs. Xiao then said to Xiao Churan, "Churan, grandmother is begging you, you are now the director of the Xiao family, hurry up and explain to Deputy Director Wang, otherwise, our Xiao family will be finished!"

Xiao Churan, with confusion, looked blankly at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, "I told you, they'll have to come and beg you to be this director later, you still don't believe it, look, your face is crying..."

Xiao Churan blushed shamefully and wiped her tears before saying, "Then I'll try contacting Dihao."

After saying that, she dialed Wang Dongxue's phone number.

Everyone's eyes were gathered on her.

A moment later, the phone was connected, and Xiao Choran spoke, "Hello Deputy Director Wang, grandmother asked me to explain to you, or was I promoted to director of the Xiao family, responsible for the cooperation with Dihao, can you give us another chance..."

Wang Dongxue said with a light smile, "If you're the director and still in charge, then there's no problem, the cooperation can continue, but if it's someone else, everything is free of discussion..."

"Deputy Director Wang....Thank you so much..."

Xiao Churan's heart had been confused about this matter, and from the beginning to the end, it seemed as if the Dihou Group was completely here to help him, which was too abnormal.

Wang Dongxue smiled and said, "This is all the meaning of our chairman, if there is an opportunity in the future, the chairman will personally explain it to you..."

Xiao Churan's heart was even more confused, who exactly was the other party's chairman, he hadn't even met him, why was the other party helping himself in every way?

"Well, could you please return to the ballroom for a moment?"Xiao Chu Ran asked nervously.

The other side left with anger, obviously angered by the Xiao family, it was a bit strong to invite the other side back at this time.

But she did not expect that Wang Dongxue's side, decisively agreed to it.

Soon, the crowd saw that Wang Dongxue's car, returned to the entrance of the hotel.

This time, the gazes of the crowd looking at Xiao Chu Ran were all filled with horror and awe.


When everyone returned to the banquet hall, the old lady pulled Xiao Choran's hand to the stage.

With a gesture of affection, she spoke, "I'm really sorry just now, it's this old fool of mine who got it wrong, in fact, thanks to Choran this time, she is the outstanding descendant of our Xiao family, this time the Xiao family's cooperation with the Emperor, Choran also made a great effort."

Wang Dongxue was standing right beside her, glancing at her with disdain, waving her hand to stop her from continuing, and said in the interface, "Let me correct you, this cooperation, Miss Xiao Choran did not just contribute vigorously, but contributed to it completely on her own, and had nothing to do with anyone else at all."

The words were extremely rude, but everyone was accustomed to it, with the position of the Emperor, even if Wang Dongxue slapped Old Madam Xiao twice in public, she would not dare to say anything.

Old Mrs. Xiao nodded her head in a row and said, "Deputy Director Wang is right, everything is the credit of Choran, from now on, Choran is the director of our Xiao family!Overall responsible for the Xiao family's cooperation with the Imperial Group!"

Only then did Wang Dongxue revealed a trace of a smile, shook hands with Xiao Chu Ran and said, "I hope we can work together happily in the future."

Xiao Choran was still a little dazed by now, so he could only nod his head.

The applause instantly thundered under the stage, and the gazes of the crowd looking at Xiao Churan were also filled with heat.

This woman, who was on the list!Di Hao thinks so highly of her!

Xiao Churan herself was also confused, she turned her head to look at Ye Chen, the scene at this time was exactly the same as what Ye Chen had just said, Old Mrs. Xiao returned the director position that should have belonged to her, and returned it. The first website

Until the banquet ended and after returning home, Xiao Churan was still in a state of confusion.

Thinking back to what Ye Chen had said before, she couldn't help but feel a little confused, Ye Chen seemed to have become a little different these past few days.

It was as if there were many things about him that he did not understand, as if he was shrouded in a layer of fog.

This night, Xiao Choran's fame in Jinling had increased!

Everyone knew that the Xiao family had produced an illustrious junior who could get the Imperial Group to give it their full support!

It seemed that with her here, the revitalization of the Xiao family was just around the corner.


The next morning, Xiao Churan woke up early and rushed to the office refreshed.

Today was her first day as director, and she hoped that she could do her best and get this matter done.

Ye Chen, on the other hand, woke up and started doing his chores as usual.

When Ye Chen finished his chores and was about to go to the market to buy food for lunch, he suddenly received a call from his mother-in-law, Ma Lan.

When he answered the phone, there was an extremely anxious voice from his mother-in-law: "Ye Chen, within ten minutes, you must come to Pingan Road for me, otherwise I will not spare you at home!"

Saying that, he hung up the phone.

Ye Chen was in a fog, his mother-in-law had disappeared early in the morning and suddenly called at this time, as if something urgent had happened.

Although Ye Chen was disgusted with this mother-in-law, he didn't dare to slow down, and after hurriedly packing, he went out and took a taxi to Ping An Road.

As soon as he got out of the car, he saw a group of grandmas and grandmothers, menacingly surrounding the entrance of an insurance company whose doors were closed.

And his mother-in-law, even more standing in the front of the team, holding a banner in his hand, a face of anger shouted: "Garbage Huaxin, fraudulent platform, we want to defend the rights, return my hard-earned money!"

Ye Chen hurriedly stepped forward and asked, "Mom, what is it that you called me over?"

As he was speaking, his ears once again rang out with vocal slogans, and the hoarse cries of the grandmothers and aunts shook one's eardrums straight.

Ma Lan pulled Ye Chen over and asked him to take his place, then commanded, "Come, you shout this slogan for me, I've been shouting it all morning, making my voice hoarse."


Ye Chen didn't know what was going on, but he could only follow the protests of a few aunts and shouting slogans as he inquired from time to time with an older man beside him.

It turned out that this Huaxin Insurance Company Limited, dealt in insurance products with extremely high rates of return.

And these grandmas were attracted by the high rate of return, and each of them bought many insurance products under this company's name and became their customers.

Normally, it's already time for dividends, but who would have expected that when this group of grandmothers came to the door to withdraw cash, only to find that the entire company's doors were closed, leaving only a few employees at the door, using poor excuses to stall the crowd.

It's not just a matter of time before you realize that you've been duped by an empty glove and cheated.

No wonder the mother-in-law wanted to call herself over in a flurry of fire to defend her rights with her.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen had a big headache and couldn't help but ask his mother-in-law, "Mom, how much did you buy the insurance?"

Ma Lan said anxiously, "They said buy insurance to eat dividends, a million profits, my head is hot, so I bought all the family's savings in their products...."

Ye Chen was taken aback and said, "What?All the money in the house for financial insurance?"

When Ma Lan heard this, she immediately became annoyed and cursed, "You're the only one with a mouth, aren't you?Speaking so loudly, is it because I'm not embarrassed enough?!" First web site

Saying that, she continued to count Ye Chen and said, "But if you were a bit more successful, would I still have to buy this company's insurance product from them?If you don't expect insurance to be able to retire, do you expect to be a loser?"

This guy, even if he's incapable of supporting his own family, now he dares to watch the fun!

Immediately, she then said to Ye Chen, "Tell you what, keep shouting slogans for me here, and don't stop for a moment!"

Ye Chen had no choice but to nod his head and say, "Okay mom."

At this time, a few aunts came over and after looking Ye Chen up and down, they asked Ma Lan, "Sister Lan, this is your son-in-law, right?"

Saying that, he swept down the clothes on Ye Chen's body and shook his head to mock, "Why do you look so poor, you're not as good as that son-in-law of mine."

"Yeah, this dress is too inferior!Can't even compare to an old lady like me!"

A few people were laughing at each other's words, the words were particularly harsh.

Ye Chen didn't care, they were all a bunch of old ladies who had half of their bodies in the ground, and now had lost their life savings, he didn't need to be common knowledge with them.

Ma Lan was also furious at this time, the more she looked at Ye Chen, the more displeased she became, and said, "You watch, in a few days, I'll let my daughter divorce him!Change the multiplication!"

Ye Chen laughed coldly in his heart, a son-in-law with a dragon?You add all these rich second generation in Jinling into the equation, and it can't compare to a finger of your own.

Ma Lan is anxiously worried inside at this time, Ye Chen is a waste, at most he can only help himself to shout slogans.

If you want to invest back in this matter, you still need someone who is really capable to come and help you solve it.

Unfortunately, that Zhang Wenhao who had been pursuing his daughter's family was bankrupt, or else he could still ask him to help out!

That's right!

Ma Lan suddenly remembered that Wang Yunfei's brother, Wang Yunkai, whom she met yesterday at the family banquet.

Looking at his attentive appearance when he was treating his daughter then, he probably had some thoughts about her.

Although the Wang family wasn't as good as the previous Zhang family, it was at least a big family, so if you called him over, there should be something you could do.

It just so happened that yesterday, Wang Yunkai had also left her his business card, so she immediately took out her phone and dialed Wang Yunkai's number.


The call was quickly answered.

As soon as Ma Lan opened her mouth, she said, "Hello, is this Yun Kai?Yes, I'm Xiao Churan's mother..."

Ever since Wang Yunkai saw Xiao Churan at the banquet, he was suddenly amazed and couldn't stop thinking about her.

He was worried that he didn't have much of a chance to get close to Xiao Churan, and it just so happened that Xiao Churan's mother had called him.

He surmised that Ma Lan was in some kind of trouble and of course wouldn't let go of this opportunity to offer his felicitations.

So, he immediately greeted politely, "Auntie Ma, are you in some kind of trouble?"

"That, there's something Auntie needs your help."

Ma Lan hurriedly said, "Yun Kai, I, along with a few old sisters, bought some financial products from an insurance company called Huaxin, and we've thrown our family fortune into it, but now this company won't allow withdrawals, can you find a way to help Auntie get her money back?"

After hearing this, Wang Yunkai was overjoyed and felt that the time to perform had come, so he said with confidence, "Auntie, don't worry, I'll go over to you now and I'll definitely help you solve this matter!"

Lan Ma was so excited that she hurriedly said, "That would be so kind of you!" One second to remember to read the book

Hanging up the phone, she looked at Ye Chen again and said in exasperation, "Some people have no skills whatsoever, they just can't count on it, besides being able to shout a couple of slogans, what's the point?"

Ye Chen laughed coldly in his heart after hearing this, this mother-in-law is really snobbish plus blind.

Calling Wang Yunkai to help?

This company had swindled at least tens of millions of dollars or even more, and those who dared to swindle so much money must have extremely strong backgrounds, and probably even had big shots from the underground world sitting behind them, how could Wang Yunkai let the swindlers spit out the money?

The Wang family's own strength is very ordinary, and after being suspended from cooperation by the Emperor Group, its strength has shrunk even more, and with the Wang family's background, it's basically impossible for them to interfere with such a large financial fraud.

In fact, this small matter could be resolved immediately by himself with a call to Richard Chen of Shangri-La.

After all, he was the Ye family's spokesman in Jinling, and any Jinling entrepreneurs, black and white bigwigs, would have to give him full face.

But, this mother-in-law of his is really damnable, and since she trusts Wang Yunkai, let Wang Yunkai help!

When someone saw Ma Lan make a phone call, they immediately smiled and came around to ask if she had found some powerful big man to help her.

Ma Lan said with a smug look to a group of old men and women around her, "Don't worry, I've invited the young master of the Wang family to come and help, he's very capable, and I think he'll get the money back easily!"

Someone exclaimed, "The Wang family's young master?Still, you're awesome, Barbra, for finding such a powerful character!"

"Yes, that Young Master Wang must have quite a few connections, and resolving this matter of ours is just a matter of a few words, isn't it?"

"Barbra, if you know such a good young man, why don't you marry your daughter to him?Instead, marry such a loser!"

Ma Lan looked at Ye Chen with disdain and coldly snorted, "This kind of trash will be swept out of our Xiao family sooner or later!"

Ye Chen didn't say a word, planning to wait for Wang Yunkai to arrive and see how he ran into a wall.

Soon, a black Porsche slowly stopped in front of everyone's eyes.

A young man in a suit and a talented-looking man stepped out of the car.

Wang Yunkai is here.

All the old men and women around him exclaimed, "Oh my, look at this young talent!Such a good son-in-law, I don't know which girl will be cheaper in the future!"

Chapter 26 

"Yes!If my daughter could marry him, I'd die in peace!"

"Bah, don't dream of it!Even if you were dead, people wouldn't look down on that daughter of yours!"

At this time, Ma Lan saw Wang Yunkai at a glance and immediately ran forward and said with an eager face, "Oh Yunkai, you've come, auntie is dying of anxiety!"

The person who came was none other than Wang Yunkai.

Wang Yunkai smiled and said, "Auntie, sorry to have kept you waiting!"

Ma Lan panicked, "Oh Yun Kai you're so kind, Auntie didn't wait ten minutes in total, you're so quick to come!"

Wang Yunkai smiled, "When I heard that you were in trouble, I drove over quickly and ran several red lights along the way."

Lan Ma looked smug, but her mouth was concerned, "Running so many red lights can be troublesome, right?"

"No."Wang Yunkai said calmly, "The traffic team are all familiar with each other, and with a phone call, any violation can be eliminated."

Saying that, Wang Yunkai added, "Let's talk about you!How much money have you been cheated out of in total?" First web site

Ma Lan sighed, "Hey, a total of more than one million invested, saying that we can get two hundred thousand in dividends this month, but in the end, we can't even withdraw the principal."

Wang Yunkai nodded his head and said in a generous manner, "Don't worry, leave this matter to me, with me on board, I will definitely help you get your money back."

After saying that, he suddenly saw Ye Chen standing behind Ma Lan and his face changed slightly.

Unexpectedly, Ye Chen, an obtrusive waste, was also there.

Ever since seeing Xiao Churan, Wang Yunkai's heart had been moved to kiss her, and after hearing his brother Wang Yunfei say that Xiao Churan should still be single, this thought in his heart became a little more victorious.

Therefore, seeing Xiao Churan's wasteful husband, he naturally sneered at him.

So he deliberately smiled and said, "Oh my, brother Ye is even here, do you have a way to help Auntie Ma recover her investment?Why don't you try it first?Lest you blame me for stealing your thunder later."

Lan Ma hurriedly said, "Let him try shit, what can he do to help?It's just a mouth to help with the slogans!Yun Kai you leave him alone."

Wang Yunkai nodded and scoffed, "Since Brother Ye doesn't have the ability, I'll give it a try."

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said five words, "Go for it, Mr. Wang."

Wang Yunkai laughed disdainfully, at this time, this group of grandmas and grandmothers beside Ma Lan, one by one, surrounded Ma Lan and stammered, saying, "Ma Lan, we are all friends, ask this little handsome guy to help us as well!We've been cheated out of our hard-earned money, too!"

Ma Lan said high and mighty, "Aigoo, I can't make the decision on this, people Yun Kai is giving me face, it's not like he doesn't know you guys."

The others pleaded with Wang Yunkai, "Young Master Wang, please be kind and help us too!"

Wang Yunkai was disdainful of the others, but seeing that Ma Lan was a person who loved to be greedy, he smiled and said, "Since you are all Auntie Ma's friends, I can help you all with this."

When everyone was delighted, Wang Yunkai said with a proud face, "It's just that I'm only helping you guys because of Auntie Ma's face, so you have to pay Auntie Ma 10% of the money I'm asking for, is that acceptable?"

The others hurriedly said, "No problem!To get 90% back is much better than not getting one point back!"

As soon as Ma Lan heard this, she was instantly happy!

The money that these friends around him have been cheated of adds up to tens of millions, if Wang Yunkai can really help to get it back, wouldn't he be able to earn millions?


Just as Ma Lan was excited, Wang Yun Kai said loudly, "Don't worry yet, uncles and aunts, I'll go and communicate with them now, you can wait here for my good news."

Ma Lan felt that she had Wang Yunkai's backing at the moment, absolutely no one would dare to mess with her, so she immediately took off, "Yunkai, I'll go with you!"

Ye Chen hurriedly said to Ma Lan, "Mom, you'd better not go over there to join the fun, you might get into trouble if Wang Yunkai can't solve this!"

"Bah!"Ma Lan said angrily, "You trash still dare to question Yun Kai's ability?"

The other grandmas were counting on the fact that Wang Yunkai would help them get their hard-earned money back, and now Ye Chen was even singing against everyone, which naturally triggered everyone's discontent.

In the face of countless people's accusations, Ye Chen said indifferently, "Mom, it's fine for you to wait here, it's best not to join the fun."

Ma Lan couldn't listen to it at all, and immediately scolded, "Shut your foul mouth!Do you have a right to speak here?!"

Wang Yunkai's face was also full of arrogance and scoffed, "Not good at anything, but jealous instead, do you think I'm just like you, a loser who only opens his mouth and shouts slogans?"

Ye Chen saw that his mother-in-law didn't listen to the advice, so he simply didn't say anything more and said indifferently, "Alright, then I'll wait for the good news from Wang Dazhou."

To his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, Ye Chen was ten thousand times displeased, she was too snobbish, but often blinded by appearances, to put it bluntly, she was an old woman with long hair and short insight. Remember the website

This matter today, it seems like nothing more than a fraud case, but a little research, you will know that the water behind it is very deep, the mother-in-law has no eyesight, but she even wants to wade through the muddy water herself, then there is nothing you can do, let her rise up to learn a lesson is also a good thing.

How did Ma Lan know that Ye Chen was well-intentioned and stared at him fiercely, and in the next second she said to Wang Yunkai with apologies, "Yunkai, don't take what this trash says to heart, Auntie absolutely believes you..."

Wang Yunkai smiled proudly and said, "It's okay Auntie, I won't be ordinary with a wimp."

Saying that, he immediately said with a flourish, "Auntie, let's go over there!"


Wang Yunkai brought Ma Lan with him, and stepped through the crowd and to the entrance of Huaxin Insurance Company.

As soon as they arrived at the door, he immediately said loudly to a few employees who were blocking the door, "Go tell your leaders to immediately refund these uncles and aunts, or I'll immediately have a team of lawyers and the public security authorities intervene and arrest you and your boss all then!"

Lan Ma chimed in, "Did you dogs hear that?We've got someone to back us up now!If this fraudulent company of yours doesn't refund your money, watch out for Major Wang to send you all to jail!"

The young employee at the head was also a little nervous, busy saying, "I'm sorry, I'm just a miscellaneous security guard, I'm not responsible for the specific business ah!"

Wang Yunkai said coldly, "Then give your boss a call and tell him that I'm Wang Yunkai of the Jinling Wang Family!Tell him to come over and deal with it himself or suffer the consequences!"

As he spoke, Wang Yunkai's face was filled with pride.

Although the Wang family he was in wasn't considered top in Jinling, it was at least middle.

A mere owner of a fraudulent company could still not give himself face after hearing his own name?

The young employee, unaware of his depth and a little scared, immediately called his boss.


At this time, in the chairman's office of Huaxin Insurance Company, the boss, Zhou Huaxin, was serving a middle-aged man in his forties with a respectful face.

With a smile on his face, he took out a bank card from the drawer and respectfully handed it forward, saying, "Fifth Master, there is 30 million in this card, the password is your birthday, and it is the dividend for you this time, please have a look."

The middle-aged man was dressed in a tang suit, with a slightly coarse appearance, but his eyes were not angry and surprisingly imposing.

If anyone else was present, they would definitely recognize this middle-aged man's identity.

He was Master Hong Fifth!

Everyone in Jinling knows that Master Hong is the underground king here, no one dares to mess with him!

Master Hong Fifth looked at Zhou Huaxin, smiled approvingly and said, "Little Zhou, I didn't expect you to be quite upstanding, not bad, not bad!"

Zhou Huaxin hurriedly said, "Fifth Master, what about the old men and women who are causing trouble downstairs?"

Master Hong Fifth said indifferently, "A bunch of old things, no need to be concerned, if they don't honestly get out of here later, I'll arrange for my brothers to come over and show them a little bit of color!"

Zhou Huaxin was relieved and busy saying, "Thank you, Fifth Master!" One second to remember to read the book

Fifth Master Hong smiled and said, "In the future, just let go of such business and do it, as long as you can make money, I will help you with anything."

Zhou Huaxin was pleasantly surprised and said with a humble face, "Thank you, Fifth Master!With your words, Fifth Master, I'll definitely keep up the good work and we'll get rich together!"

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.There's a guy claiming to be Wang Yunkai, the young master of the Wang family, who has let it slip that he wants us to refund your money immediately, or else he'll send you to jail!"

"Shit, is there such a thing?"

Zhou Huaxin frowned and hurriedly said to Hong Fifth, "Fifth, there's a man downstairs who claims to be from the Jinling Wang family and is causing trouble with that group of old men and women!He says he's all over the place in Jinling, and wants us to spit out all the money from the pit, or else he'll send us to jail...."

Zhou Huaxin deliberately added some fuel to the fire, in order to anger Hong Fifth.

Saying that, he bent down and begged, "Fifth Master, the Wang family has some power in our Jinling, if they hold me back, I really can't afford to offend them, please Fifth Master, take action to help me tide over this difficult time!"

"The Jinling royal family?"

Master Hong Fifth snorted and said, "The little Wang family is not even a chicken feather in my eyes!Even their housekeepers have to bow down to me!Now their juniors dare to mess with my head, they're really tired of living!"

Saying that, Hong Fifth put Zhou Huaxin's filial bank card into his pocket and coldly said, "Go, I'd like to go and see what kind of ungrateful thing it is that wants me, Hong Fifth, to spit out the money I ate!"


Wang Yunkai was now standing in front of Huaxin Company with a proud face.

He knew that today was a good opportunity for him to show his strength in front of Xiao Choran's mother, and he must grasp it.

As long as he took care of her mother, why worry about not being able to handle her?

By then, I'll be able to bag Xiao Choran, the famous beauty of Jinling, and I'm thrilled to think about it!

So, he said loudly, "Don't worry, all of you uncles and aunts, the owner of this fraudulent company will come over later to give you a refund!"

As soon as the crowd heard this, they immediately cheered and applauded, one by one, they were all excited.

Only Ye Chen, with a sneering face, looked at Wang Yunkai, this guy, taking himself too seriously, I'm afraid that I'll die later without knowing how.

While Wang Yunkai was holding his chin high and enjoying the crowd's pursuit, the door of Huaxin Insurance Company was suddenly pushed open from the inside.

Afterwards, only the boss, Zhou Huaxin, and a middle-aged man dressed in a tang suit, walked out.

The middle-aged man, although a bit on the older side, was incredibly imposing, and it was none other than Master Hong Fifth! First web site

Behind Master Hong Fifth, there were a few strong men following closely behind him, these were all his personal bodyguards, each with extraordinary strength.

Master Hong Fifth's status was too high, so many people in Jinling didn't have much chance to see him despite his famous name being thunderous, so none of them, including Wang Yunkai, recognized him.

Everyone just recognized the owner of Huaxin Insurance, Zhou Huaxin.

So the atmosphere in the crowd instantly exploded!

"Mum, Yun Kai really called Zhou over!He's amazing!"

"Yeah, thanks to Barbra this time, there's hope for our money!"

"Miss Barbra, such a nice young man is definitely a good candidate to take the dragon!"

Ma Lan listened to the flattery of these old sisters and couldn't say how comfortable she felt.

This Wang Yunkai, today, he had really helped himself to make a name for himself in front of a group of old sisters.

Thinking of this, she was even more full of smiles, looking at Wang Yunkai with an inexpressible satisfaction in her eyes.

At this moment, Wang Yunkai proudly stepped forward, acting like he was on top of the world.

He didn't know Zhou Huaxin, nor did he know Master Hong Fifth, but seeing that Zhou Huaxin seemed to have a lot of respect for Master Hong Fifth, he mistook Master Hong Fifth for his boss.

So, he looked at Master Hong Fifth and proudly said, "You are the boss of Huaxin Insurance Company?"

Hong Fifth said with a seeming smile, "The boss is not me, I'm just working for the boss, but you can talk to me if you have anything to say."

Wang Yunkai suddenly came to his senses, then laughed disdainfully, "Hopefully it's just a dog's leg ah, just like you, you don't deserve to talk to me, get out of here and let your boss come!"

Ye Chen shook his head and looked at Wang Yunkai like he was looking at an idiot.

The man in front of him in the Tang suit was incredibly imposing, and had his men following him, he looked like the kind of goods that were not to be messed with, but as a result, Wang Yunkai was arrogantly taunting the other party like this, obviously seeking his own death.

Ma Lan on the side also snickered and echoed, "Yun Kai, don't bullshit with this kind of dog's leg, the one next to him is the boss of Huaxin Insurance!"

Zhou Huaxin, on the other hand, was dumbfounded!

The audacity of this Wang Yunkai and this old woman!

How dare you insult Master Hung and tell him to fuck off? You really don't know how to spell death!

Who in all of Jinling would dare to insult Master Hong Fifth with such audacity!

Even if they had, they were thrown into the river and fed to the fish by Hung V after his rage!


The moment Wang Yunkai's words fell, a strong man behind Master Hong Fifth immediately stepped forward, grabbed Wang Yunkai's hair and slapped him left and right!

"Fuck Nima!Even you dare to scold Master Hongwu, are you tired of living!"

After saying that, he grabbed Ma Lan again, threw his hand and gave her a loud slap, cursing, "Stinky bitch, dare to curse Master Hongwu, believe it or not I'll tear your pushy mouth apart!"


The words struck both Wang Yunkai and Ma Lan like lightning!


The man in the Tang suit in front of him is the famous Jinling's Master Hong Fifth?

And themselves, they were just now insulting him without knowing what to do....

Thinking of this, their faces instantly turned extremely pale, their bodies breaking out in cold sweat, and they were scared out of their wits.

Wang Yunkai was the quickest to react, he pounced and knelt directly in front of Master Hong Fifth, kowtowing as he cried and begged, "Master Fifth, it was my fault, I apologize to you!I was blind and didn't recognize you. I shouldn't have opened my mouth to scold you!These damned old men and women have nothing to do with the matter of asking for money, and I have nothing to do with it, so please, spare my life!" Remember the URL

Afterwards, he knelt on the ground, slapped himself, kowtowed and apologized, and his entire body broke down and cried.

He truly never expected that the one who backed up the owner of this fraudulent company would be the famous Jinling's Master Hong Fifth!

Such a big man, not to mention him, couldn't even offend his own family!

He wanted to die of regret right now!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to fawn over Xiao Choran's mother so that I could have access to Xiao Choran.

Unexpectedly, I didn't wait for my wish to come true and offended Master Hong Fifth to the death!

If his father knew about this, he'd kill himself.

The scene in front of them was shocking to the surrounding group of aunts and uncles.

They were expecting Wang Yunkai to help them get their money back, but who would have thought that in the next second, he would actually kneel directly on the ground and kowtow and apologize to the man in the Tang suit in front of him....

There was also Ma Lan, who was so proud of herself just now, but as a result, she was now also slapped a few times and was in a mess like a dead dog.

Master Hong Fifth snorted coldly and said to the people around him, "Since this guy's mouth is so cheap, you guys will take turns to slap him 10,000 times, and when will you stop when you've finished slapping him 10,000 times."

Wang Yunkai was scared to death, 10,000 slaps, and he wouldn't kill himself?

At that moment, Master Hong's fifth man pointed at the smacked-up Ma Lan and asked off the cuff, "Master Five, what about this old woman?"

Master Hong Fifth gave Malan a disgusted glance and faintly said, "Also palm ten thousand!"

Ma Lan poofed to her knees in fright, her whole body shaking violently, she was almost about to be scared to death, if she messed with Master Hongwu, would she still have a life to live?

At that moment, several men stepped forward, some grabbed Wang Yunkai, others grabbed Ma Lan, and immediately prepared to palm them.

Ye Chen had been watching this scene with cold eyes in the crowd.

When he saw his mother-in-law taking a beating, he didn't want to intervene, his mother-in-law had been so cheap, it was only right to take a lesson.

However, if he really let Hong Fifth's men slap her ten thousand times, if not killed or maimed, how would he explain to his wife then?

If her life is really in danger, the wife must be in a lot of pain!

He felt that he already had to manage.

Just as a strong man swung his arm, ready to smack Ma Lan's old face, Ye Chen quickly stepped forward and grabbed his wrist!


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