Secret Identity 256-270


Chapter 256

In that case, when the villa Wang Zhenggang gave to Ye Chen was finished, how would he have a chance to live in it?

      At the thought of this, she suddenly conceded defeat in her heart.

      So, she could only sigh a long sigh and say, "Okay, Mom supports your business venture and doesn't mention anything about going back to the Xiao Group, is that okay now?"

      Xiao Churan was only satisfied with this and nodded and said, "Then we won't move out either."

      Ye Chen watched as Xiao Churan turned passive into active, and couldn't help but give her a thumbs up.

      This wife of his own, she really had some skills, she usually couldn't see it, but she really was very combative at critical moments.

      Old father-in-law Xiao Changkun hadn't said anything, but seeing his daughter's rare temper, his heart was also a bit dubious, so he hurriedly came out to round things out, "Look at you two wives, what's there to argue about just now, like now, isn't it good that the family is harmonious?"

      Lan Ma glared at him and said, "I didn't hear you fart just now, and now you're talking about the derp!No matter how useless Ye Chen is, he can cheat a villa. How about you?All day long, you just know how to fiddle with weird junk, and you're the most useless one in this family!"

      "Hey!"As soon as Xiao Changkun heard that his wife took out her anger on him, he became anxious and immediately said, "I'm telling you Ma Lan, don't look down on me, I'm powerful now!The last time I poured herbs and made hundreds of thousands of dollars you forgot?"

      Ma Lan said disdainfully, "You're just a trap, I'll see that sooner or later you'll have someone sue for fraud and get caught, and then you don't expect me to pay to get you out!"

      "You pussy!"Xiao Changkun said in a huff, "Don't look down on people, okay?I'm pouring antique artifacts, and that's a talent!"

      Saying that, he rushed into the house and took out a pencil, arrogantly and conspicuously saying, "Look, I'll show you the goodies I collected during the day today!For this thing, it's hundreds of thousands of dollars right off the bat!"

      Marashi said disdainfully, "Just you?You're selling antiques and curios?Nor pee to see your own that virtue, are not enough to let others cheat."

      Xiao Changkun stomped his foot in anger: "You pussy, you don't know not to look down on people!This pencil cartridge is from the Qing Dynasty, I spent five thousand yuan to pick up the big leak, and I've already sent the photo to Zhang Ermao who pours out the relics to see it, and he's willing to pay three hundred thousand."

      Ye Chen swept a glance at Xiao Changkun's pencil holder and was surprised.

      If it was really a pen cylinder left over from the Qing Dynasty, it might really be worth a few hundred thousand, but he could see at a glance that this pen cylinder of Xiao Changkun's, which was nothing from the Qing Dynasty, was clearly a modern craft made old ah, at most worth a hundred or so dollars.

      Xiao Changkun spent five thousand yuan to buy this brush cylinder, this is obviously to let people play a fool's game.

      He was wondering, the father-in-law doesn't know shit, it's normal to fall for it, but Zhang Ermao is a ghostly antique dealer, you have 100,000 worth of things to sell to him, he can't wait to spend only 100 yuan to receive, he can't possibly not see that this brush cylinder is fake, why is he still willing to spend 300,000 yuan to fall for it?


Hearing Xiao Changkun speak, the others looked incredulous.

      Ma Lan was surprised and asked, "You think someone is really willing to spend 300,000 on this piece of junk?With such a broken thing, I don't think I can even sell it for fifty dollars."

      Xiao Changkun said proudly, "Why would I lie to you?Look at the chat if you don't believe me!"

      Saying that, he flipped the chat history of WeChat open, and a person named Ermo had previously sent a voice to him.

      When Xiao Changkun clicked on the voice, Zhang Ermo's voice came out, "Uncle Xiao, your penlight is a good thing!I think it's a Qing Dynasty object, how about this, I'll give you three hundred thousand and you can sell it to me!"

      At once Lan Ma said in surprise, "Oh my gosh!It's true!You're great, Xiao. You've grown!Five thousand dollars to buy it and sell it for three hundred thousand, you get it a few more times and our family will be rich!"

      Xiao Changkun grinned and asked with a smug face, "Have you been convinced yet?I'm just asking if you've taken it yet."

      "Suck it up!"The first time I heard that it was possible to sell it for $300,000, I immediately forgot what I had said and said with a smile on my face, "My husband has grown in skill.Awesome awesome!It seems that in this family of ours, the most useless one is still Ye Chen ah!"

      Ye Chen's face was green, what the fuck does this have to do with me?And now you've got me in the mix?Do you know that I made the money he made from the drugs he poured?

      I'll have to ask Zhang Ermo what's wrong with him.Isn't it obvious that you're sending money to your father-in-law?

      Xiao Changkun, who was now full of excitement, handed the pencil to Ye Chen and said, "Ye Chen, tomorrow you take the pencil and go to the Antique Street to find Zhang Ermo, he will prepare 300,000 cash for you, you bring it back to me."

      Ye Chen nodded hurriedly, "I know dad."

      Xiao Changkun said with satisfaction, "You ah, in the future, go with me more to the antique and curio circle to hang out, maybe one day you can also be like me, you can also practice fire eyes, when the two of us together outside to pick up leaks, why not worry about not getting rich?"

      The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all the stuff you've been doing all day, and you're not going to do anything about it.If I hadn't repaired it for you, you'd have been sued and sent to jail, so why don't you remember?

      But on second thought, this father-in-law of his, is just an old boy, day in and day out do everything as if it is true, but what is not good, it is useless to talk about him, let him just feel so good about himself.

      The next morning, Xiao Changkun called Ye Chen with a flourish and said directly, "Ye Chen, hurry up with your pencil and go find Zhang Ermo, he's got the cash ready!"

      Ye Chen could only nod his head and asked, "Dad, aren't you going?"

      Xiao Changkun said, "I have to go to the Painting and Calligraphy Association in the morning, and they invited me to a meeting to join them!After you enter the meeting, there are a lot of good internal auctions of books and paintings, a lot of leaks to pick up!"

      Ye Chen helplessly said, "Alright then, I'll go to the Antique Street to look for Zhang Ermo."

      Since the old father-in-law had explained everything, Ye Chen was ready to set off to the Antique Street to look for Zhang Ermo.

      Xiao Churan just happened to be resting today and was bored, so she said, "Ye Chen, I'll follow and take a look."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and said, "Just right, drive your car."

      Xiao Churan said, "You drive, I don't want to drive."


"OK, I'll drive."

      The couple drove to the Antique Street together.

      The Antique Street on the weekend was the most crowded time.

      Zhang Ermao was an old senior in the Antique Street and had his own fixed stall, so Ye Chen found him once he went there.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at a few of the items that you can find on the website, and then you'll be able to see them.This jade pendant fell into the hands of Li Zicheng, and then Li Zicheng was defeated in the army, and his grandson escaped with this jade, and after a few weeks, it ended up with me."

      "That good?"The middle-aged man was surprised and asked, "How much does this piece of jade have to sell for?"

      Zhang Ermo said with a smile, "I think you have a destiny with this jade, let's say, eighteen thousand eight hundred thousand you take, out of this antique street, any auction house, sell one million eight hundred thousand no problem."

      The woman trailed off, "Besides the Antique Street it's ten times more, why don't you just go?Think we're idiots?Really, honey, let's go!"

      After saying that, the woman pulled her husband away.

      Zhang Ermao was angry in the same place and cursed his mother, "Damn, when did foreign tourists become so smart?"

      When Ye Chen saw this, he stepped forward and smiled, "I say Zhang Ermo, you're still here to cheat, aren't you?"

      "Ouch!"As soon as Zhang Ermo saw Ye Chen, his liver trembled with excitement and hurriedly welcomed him, nodding his head and saying, "Master Ye, how come you have time to come here!"

      After saying that, he looked at his side again at Xiao Choran and exclaimed, "Oops!This is Master Ye's wife, right?What a boy and girl!"

      Ye Chen said, "Don't flatter, I'm here to find you this time, I heard you want 300,000 for my father-in-law's pencil?"

      "Yes, yes, yes!"Zhang Ermo nodded repeatedly and said excitedly, "Your father-in-law is truly a god!You can pick up such a big leak, that pencil is worth 300,000 to 400,000 less, awesome!"

      The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a look at it, but I didn't think it was a good idea.Tell me, why?"

      Zhang Ermao hurriedly said, "Master Ye, you have good eyesight, not to conceal from you, small this also wants to filial piety to you, last time your old father-in-law brought two divine medicine, let me resell it, made a million or two million, I came back the more I think the more I feel unsettled, you said that your Master Ye made the medicine, the big head are let me earn, how inappropriate right?"

      Saying that, Zhang Ermao smiled in a pleasing manner and said, "That's why, we thought of a different way to give you a little share of the profits, I know that Master Ye you treat money like dirt, so I rewarded you from your father-in-law."

      Ye Chen sneered, "You can, Zhang Ermo, pit me against my father-in-law's miracle medicine, give him hundreds of thousands, you make millions, think you can atone for your sins by spending 300,000 to buy him a pencil?"

      Zhang Ermo shivered in fear, "Master Ye you forgive me!If you're not satisfied, I'll give you the money back!Not for anything else, just to make you a friend!"

      Zhang Ermo couldn't afford to provoke Ye Chen, he knew that Ye Chen was now very powerful, many oxen worshipped him as a master, even the occult masters from Hong Kong were said to have been destroyed by him, so he only wanted to be able to please Ye Chen.

      Ye Chen looked at Zhang Ermao and said indifferently, "Forget it, I Ye Chen do things most reasonably, my father-in-law himself doesn't know the value of that pill, he still thinks that he took advantage of you, he deserves to suffer a loss."

      After saying that, he looked at Zhang Ermao and said, "This matter is settled, but in the future, in the antiques and cultural toys, I may need you, when the time comes, you give me be smart, hear me?"

      Zhang Ermao immediately said excitedly, "Don't worry Master Ye, from now on, I, Zhang Ermao, will be a dog of your Master Ye, I'll do whatever you want me to do!"


Seeing that Zhang Ermo was so upbeat, Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction.

      Zhang Ermao was quite smart, with a good brain and a lot of paths, so he could indeed be of some use in the future to work for himself.

      So he said to Zhang Ermo, "Do a good job in the future, I definitely won't treat you badly."

      Zhang Ermo hastily cupped his fist: "Master Ye don't worry, Ermo will definitely be at your service!"

      When Ye Chen saw his obsequious appearance, he shook his head and laughed, "This shameless face of yours looks like you really deserve a beating."

      Zhang Ermo smiled and said, "Master Ye, this face of mine is a bit ugly, but money is not ugly!"

      Saying that, he took out a black box from underneath the stall seat and handed it to Ye Chen and said, "Master Ye, this is 300,000 cash, take a look."

      Ye Chen waved his hand and said, "Don't look at it, I'm leaving."

      Zhang Ermao asked, "You're not going to walk around the Antique Street?"

      "No more spinning."Ye Chen said, "Ten thousand items, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine fakes, what's there to spin around, let's go."

      Zhang Ermao nodded and said, "Then you take your time, I'm also closing up my stall."

      Ye Chen asked curiously, "Where are you closing up the stall?"

      Zhang Ermao said: "I merchandise market into some goods, now fake jade no one to buy, all like to buy fake copper coins child, small commodity market to sell fake Kangxi Tongbao, wholesale price of 10 cents a, take home to do old, a can sell a thousand or two thousand it."

      Xiao Choran was surprised to hear this and said, "A dime sells for 1,000 or 2,000?That's a bit harsh, isn't it?"

      Zhang Ermao scratched his head, "You don't know ah, the Antique Street is selling it this way, if I sell it for a dollar, the Antique Street counterparts will kill me."

      Ye Chen said helplessly, "Can't you do something that doesn't cheat people?"

      Zhang Ermo said with a bitter face, "Master Ye, if you don't cheat in the Antique Street, you can really starve to death!"

      Ye Chen helplessly said, "Forget it, you can grasp it yourself."

      Saying that, thinking that the small commodity market was on his way home, he said to him, "You come with me, I'll give you a ride."

      Zhang Ermao did not expect Master Ye Chen Ye to be willing to give him a lift, and immediately said excitedly, "Master Ye, you are really giving face to my little brother, thank you, thank you!"

      Ye Chen waved his hand, "Okay, cut the crap and get in the car!"

      When the car left the Antique Street, the sky suddenly darkened, and after a thunderbolt, it suddenly rained torrentially in the sky.

      The summer itself more rain, the past two days at every turn, the city has even been a bit waterlogged.

      The rain was so heavy that the traffic radio on the radio warned car owners that the overpasses of several main roads were heavily waterlogged and had been closed.

      So, Ye Chen could only choose to take a detour from the outskirts of the city.

      On the road, Zhang Ermo was excited and apprehensive, he sat in the back row, secretly took a picture of Ye Chen's side face in the car, sent a message to his friends pretending, saying, "Three lifetimes of luck, but I was able to sit in Master Ye's car."

      A whole bunch of people below immediately commented, and the content was nothing more than you kid is awesome!Master Ye, if you can make connections, don't forget to help your brother when you're rich.

      Zhang Ermo's vanity exploded all of a sudden.

      Ye Chen's speed was not fast, and as he passed a quiet street, his eyes suddenly glanced at a car parked at the side of the road.

      The car was an old black Mercedes Benz, parked crookedly at the side of the road, and there was a woman in the car who hurriedly walked down.

      Seeing that the two front tires of the Mercedes were flat, it was probably a puncture before it had to stop.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car, and you'll see that it's not a car, but it's a car.Quickly stop."

      It was only then that Ye Chen stopped the car.


Xiao Churan hurriedly took the umbrella and pushed off the door.

      Ye Chen saw the situation and hurriedly chased after her.

      "Ruo Lin, what happened?"

      Xiao Churan ran over to ask as soon as he got off the car.

      "Choran?Why are you here?"Dong Ruolin was shivering from the rain, and looked up sharply, just in time to see Xiao Churan.

      The actual time you'll be able to get the most out of the game, you'll be able to get the most out of it.

      Xiao Churan held an umbrella for Dong Ruorin while saying, "I just happened to pass by with Ye Chen and saw you, what's wrong with you?"

      Dong Ruolin said in exasperation, "Forget about it, the company let me run sales, gave me a car, I came out today to meet the customer, the customer has not yet seen, the car tires punctured!And I just looked and I think I stabbed two of them, I'm so angry!"

      Ye Chen was a little puzzled.

      Driving a car with a punctured tire was normal.

      However, it was usually a case of accidentally crushing a sharp object like a nail or wire, so generally speaking, puncturing tires tended to be only one car tire.

      If both tires were punctured at the same time, something was not quite right.

      So he said to Dong Ruolin, "The rain is getting heavier and heavier, it's not safe for you to stay here by yourself, so why don't you go back to the city with our car first, and you this car will be left here until the rain stops, then call for help to tow it back."

      Dong Ruolin nodded and said with a sigh, "That's the only way."

      Ye Chen was heading to take her back to his car when he very keenly heard a hint of breaking sound!

      In his remaining light, he immediately saw a silver light break through the heavy rain!

      Moreover, this silver light was headed straight for Dong Ruorin!

      Ye Chen didn't even think about it, instantly reached out his hand and pulled Dong Ruolin into his arms.

      At the same time, just listen to the "dang" sound, the Mercedes-Benz front cover actually stabbed a sharp flying knife!

      The blade is as thin as a willow leaf, polished and shiny, and it's still buzzing!

      The front cover was solid metal, but this extremely thin flying knife pierced half of it like it was cutting tofu!

      The surroundings were silent, and the eyes of several people were all staring at this flying dagger.

      Fortunately, Ye Chen saved in time, the flying dagger that originally went straight to Dong Ruorin's temple, grazed Dong Ruorin's cheek, and the sharp blade cut off a few of her hair, it was a real thrill!

      Even though Dong Ruorin was from a famous family and had experienced many storms, she was so frightened that she couldn't help but scream when she suddenly saw this frame.

      Right after that, two more cold slashes came, and Ye Chen frowned tightly, holding Dong Ruorin in place and instantly flashed past the two life-threatening flying daggers.

      These flying daggers were so powerful that if it wasn't for the fact that he was protected by the power from the Nine Xuantian Scriptures, it would be impossible to save Dong Ruorin at this point, not to mention saving herself!

      Even Jocelyn Dong was stunned!

      I never thought someone would want to kill himself in Jinling!

      What was even more unexpected was that the one who saved himself twice was actually Ye Chen!

      At this time, Ye Chen hugged Dong Ruorin, his face cold and raised his head to look into the rain curtain.

      Seeing an SUV, parked not far away, a man in the car was staring at him stunned, as if he didn't expect to save Dong Ruolin from his flying dagger.

      "Where's the brat who dared to spoil my brothers' good fortune!"

      In the off-road vehicle, two silhouettes came down.

      These two silhouettes were full of murderous aura and were walking towards Ye Chen.


Among the two people who came facing each other, the one who walked in front was a man in white.

      This man was dressed in white silk practice clothes, his clothes were flowing, and not even a drop of rainwater had fallen on him.

      The other one was dressed in black and was brawny and strong!The mighty!

      A barrier seemed to have formed around his body as well, automatically isolating the rainwater.

      Ye Chen faintly swept a glance and saw that these two men were practitioners, and their kung fu wasn't low.

      At this time, Zhang Ermo, who was looking out of the car window, suddenly pulled open the door like he had seen a ghost and wanted to run.

      Ye Chen was quick-eyed and grabbed him by the back collar and coldly shouted, "What are you running for!"

      "They're the Town South Twin Furies!"Zhang Ermo howled in panic as he struggled, "Master Ye let go, let me go, I don't want to die"

      The brawny man sneered, "To recognize the two of us brothers, count you brat as having a bit of insight, but none of you four are leaving until our brothers are done with your business!"

      "The Twin Furies of the Town South?"

      Ye Chen looked at the two and frowned to have some reflection.

      There was a news item that was on the hot search the year before, broadcasted on a loop by several TV stations, and he had accidentally watched some while cooking at home.

      The news was about a pair of vicious and impoverished robbers who had abducted the son of the richest man in the city and demanded a huge ransom of $80 million.

      As a result, the richest man had the backbone to not only refuse to give it, but also used a hefty 100 million to invite the elders of the Southern Canton Region Ancient Martial Arts Association Alliance to demand the rescue of his son.

      The Southern Canton Martial Arts Alliance was the number one in the province, with force all over Southern Canton and a huge influence, once a warrant was issued by the Martial Arts Alliance, it was tantamount to laying a heavenly net.

      And Elder Chen's cultivation was profound, ranking fifth in the entire Martial Alliance, and his reputation was renowned.

      At that time, everyone watched and waited for the robbers to kneel down and beg for mercy.

      In the end, Elder Chen pursued the robbers for seven days, but he couldn't even get a glimpse of the robbers!

      In the end, in order to save face, he had to ask the entire Martial Union to go out, or the robbers got away.

      After the robbers escaped, they even cut off one of the richest man's son's ears as a threat, and raised the ransom to 300 million.

      The richest man had to honestly pay the 300 million ransom to get his son back.

      In particular, it was clear that the strength of the Zhen Nan Duo Furies was indeed not trivial, and as they were roaming around committing crimes, ordinary people who were suddenly targeted by them could not escape their clutches!

      The Zhennan Twin Furies came this time, aiming straight at Dong Ruolin, in order to take Dong Ruolin's life.

      The face of Dong Ruolin at the side changed violently, "After I came to Jinling, I have always kept a low profile and never fought with anyone, why do you want to kill me?"

      That brawny man now sneered, "We have no quarrel with you, let alone know you, it's just that someone is paying to buy your life!"

      Dong Jorin questioned off the cuff, "Who is it?Who wants me dead?"

      The brawny man laughed, "Why do dead people still have so many problems?"

      Ye Chen now protected both Dong Ruolin and his wife Xiao Churan behind him and said coldly, "What?How dare you kill in front of me?Did you ask me?"

      The man in white said coldly, "What are you?My brothers and I have killed countless people, and a yakuza like you doesn't even deserve to be killed by me!"

      Saying that, the man in white added, "However, since you have committed an ungrateful crime at my hands today, the fate of all of you will end here!"

      Xiao Choran and Dong Ruolin were terrified.

      These people looked like practitioners, and they definitely had seen blood on their hands, and their fury was so strong that people were intimidated.

      Ye Chen said to Xiao Churan, "Churan, quickly take Ruo Lin to the car, don't worry leave this place to me!"


Xiao Chu Ran wouldn't: "I don't!I'm with you!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Go!Don't stay here and distract me!It will backfire on us all then."

      Only then did Xiao Churan nod and pull Dong Ruorin to get back to the car.

      Dong Ruolin was pulled by her and stumbled, and a white stone slipped out of her pocket and fell to the ground.

      Just at this moment, Ye Chen sneered and said, "Two mole crickets, still daring to shout in front of me?You two are the ones who are really tired of living!"

      The brawny man laughed disdainfully and said, "You don't know whether you're alive or dead, you'll know who is the Gryphon, just try."

      After saying that, the brawny man threw a punch at Ye Chen's head, the wind of the punch was incomparably crisp, seeming to blow Ye Chen's head straight to pieces.

      When Ye Chen saw this, he said indifferently, "I don't know what's going on."

      Saying that, he kicked at the brawny man, accurately kicking at the important parts.

      The big man's body was fast, but nowhere near as fast as Ye Chen's!

      In just an instant, he couldn't see where the Ye Chen in front of him was, and then he felt a sharp pain in his crotch!


      The brawny man suddenly screamed and collapsed on the ground with his hands covering his pants, bowing his back.

      From his pants, a patch of blood gradually oozed out.

      The brawny man was so pained that he was about to faint, howling, "Big brother big brother my egg my egg is broken"

      The man in white didn't expect Ye Chen to be able to dodge his brother's attack, and what was even more incredible was that not only did he dodge the attack, he even severely injured his brother with a single blow!

      This caused him to turn pale and look at Ye Chen in awe.

      He was also a man of cultivation, and he was completely able to perceive what it was.

      It was the incomparably strong Inner True Qi!

      At least a martial artist who has been practicing for decades!

      But the young man in front of him was only in his twenties, he didn't expect to be an invisible expert, if he were to fight him, he would only be a draw at best!

      At this time, Ye Chen stepped on the brawny man's face with the sole of his shoe, stomped his head into the muddy water with force, and smiled playfully, "Weren't you arrogant with me just now?How does it feel to be a eunuch when you can't be a man right now, interviewing you right away?"

      The gravel on the ground cut several bloodstains on the cheeks of the brawny man as he endured the pain and humiliation and shouted wildly, "Brother, chop this kid up!Chop him up!!!"

      He had just been kicked in the balls by Ye Chen, he had been crippled, if it wasn't for his profound cultivation, if he were an ordinary person, how would he still be alive now!

      Now, he couldn't care less about his roots, he only wanted Ye Chen's life!

      Seeing Ye Chen stepping on his brother's face and casually insulting him, the white-clothed man's face was gloomy as if it was dripping water.

      In anger, he couldn't care less about Ye Chen's unpredictable reach, he only wanted to kill him to avenge his brother's death!

      So, he roared in fury, "Kid, I'll skin you and eat your flesh and blood alive!"

      Ye Chen smiled with a playful face, "Eating my flesh and blood?With all due respect, with your three-legged skills, you're not even qualified to eat my shit!"


      The man in white is going to be furious!

      The Zhen Nan Duo Furies are also renowned in the Dao, when have they ever been insulted like this!

      He clenched his teeth and screamed hysterically, "I'll fight you!"


In the next second, the crowd only felt a blur as the figure of the man in white turned into a virtual shadow and thundered a punch towards Ye Chen's face.

      As the man in white punched, a wave of air was created with him as the center, forcing the rainwater around him to scatter backwards.

      And wherever his fist wind passed, the rainwater actually all turned into steam.

      "This is going to kill someone!"

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car, and then turn around and go to the bottom of the car.

      The first time I was in the car, I was so scared that I couldn't hold my breath, I was so nervous that I was afraid that I would lose my life because of my savior.

      The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual shoes or boots you've been wearing for a while.

      At this time, Ye Chen looked at the white-clothed man with an icy face.

      He didn't take the white-clothed man's attack into his eyes at all, but when he got close to his body, he used his palm slightly, grabbed the white-clothed man's fist and directly twisted it 180 degrees!

      A crackle of bones sounded along with the white man's miserable howl, the entire hand had been completely misshapen and deformed, the bones and tendons were all broken, and the entire wrist drooped down softly.

      "Big brother!"

      The brawny man on the ground screamed wildly.

      Ye Chen didn't even look and stepped on him again.


      The brawny man's chest collapsed deeply, swallowing a few mouthfuls of mud, followed by a few wild spurts of blood, then his body shook a few times, and then he was suddenly motionless.

      "Second Brother!"The white-clothed man was now on the verge of collapsing, his eyes angular and fierce, his body bursting with energy.

      The white-clothed man's right hand pinched into an eagle's claw and shook out an afterimage in the air, leaving dozens of hand shadows in the air, and the crowd couldn't distinguish between the real and the virtual.

      Ye Chen, however, didn't move a muscle.

      The white-clothed man's eyes showed a sardonic light, and suddenly poked a finger at Ye Chen's eyeballs!

      This finger is a powerful force that will kill the enemy!

      Poking in from Yechen's eye sockets, bursting the eyeballs straight into the eye sockets, stabbing his fingers deep into his brain!

      And the inner energy on his fingers could shatter Ye Chen's head like a watermelon!

      Ye Chen stood coldly and suddenly sneered.


      He casually slapped it, and no one knew that he was sourcing his aura in his palm, a slap that was more ferocious than a car crash!


      With a single slap, Ye Chen directly smacked the man in white like a dead dog and slammed him to the ground with a poof!

      There was silence all around!

      Xiao Chu Ran rubbed her eyes hard and almost couldn't believe it.

      Zhang Ermo was also stunned.

      These two people are really the "Zhen Nan Duo Sha"?

      That doesn't match the rumors!

      This most powerful boss in the legend was actually slapped to the ground by Ye Chen?

      How is that possible?

      The man in white collapsed to the ground, unable to get up anymore, and was horrified to the core.


The slap seemed like an understatement, but just as the slap fell, several strong strands of internal energy drilled into his head, following the meridians and leaping around in his body like a fuse, causing several important tendons in his body to explode in unison.

      All the important tendons in his body had burst, and his entire body had been ruined!

      The man in white was extremely horrified and let out an incomparably painful scream.

      To be able to possess such a profound inner strength was simply unfathomable, he couldn't see Ye Chen's background at all!

      Even the first person of the Martial Alliance, who had already dominated the Southern Canton region, couldn't have such a strong power!

      And I'm afraid that Ye Chen's power was still above it.

      This guy, where the hell is this fury from!

      Myself and my brother, not here to kill, but to get killed this time!

      At this time, Ye Chen slammed a fist on his dantian and it burst in his abdomen, turning his entire body into an unconscious cripple of arms and legs in an instant, only one step away from death.

      With one punch, Ye Chen looked down at the man in white condescendingly, his eyes filled with a cold hardness that couldn't be denied, and chillingly questioned, "Say, who exactly wants to kill Dong Ruolin?"

      The man in white was ashen, at the moment he was crippled, a worse fate than death for a martial artist, and his spirit was completely destroyed, saying in despair, "Kill me, let me die with some dignity!"

      Ye Chen said coldly, "Dignity?You don't deserve it!If you don't reveal who's behind this, I'll shatter all the meridians in your body so that you won't be able to blink an eyelid for the rest of your life!Then we'll send you to the police station, you seem to be a wanted criminal, and you'll get a lot of money in exchange, and then we'll let you lie in jail for the rest of your life!"

      The man in white was incomparably horrified and said, "This senior, I am not as skilled and deserve to die, all I ask is that you grant me a painful death!"

      Ye Chen nodded, "Say it, say it, and I'll give you a thrashing!"

      The white-clothed man hesitated for a moment and spoke out, "The employer is a cousin of Dong Ruolin, and the other party has orders that we must kill Dong Ruolin in Jinling to keep her alive."

      Ye Chen nodded faintly, "In that case, you can go die"

      Saying that, Ye Chen applied his technique and directly shocked the man in white to death!

      When Dong Ruolin heard the two of them, she was shocked, it was her cousin who wanted to kill her?

      Did something happen at home?He doesn't even want to return to Yanjing alive, that's too cruel, isn't it?

      At that moment, Zhang Ermo came out from underneath the car and noticed the white stone on the ground that Dong Ruorin had dropped earlier.

      He quickly picked it up and was about to hand it to her when he was suddenly stunned.

      "Miss, isn't this the Peaceful Wealthy Stone?How come you have it?"

      Dong Ruolin was shaken with surprise and asked, "You know it?"

      Zhang Ermao scratched his head and accosted me with a smile, "I sold this stone to Master Ye, then he lost it somewhere and came to ask me if I had the same stone, but unfortunately there is only one stone in the world, where can I get a second one, so I didn't get this done for Master Ye"

      Dong Ruolin couldn't believe it, her chest felt like something had blossomed with a bang, and her ears kept echoing Zhang Ermo's words.

      She murmured, "This stone, is it the only one in the world?"

      "Only this one!"Zhang Ermao said with certainty, "There are no two identical leaves in this world, nor can there be two identical stones, I recognize this stone, and it is definitely this one, and only this one!"

      At that point, Zhang Ermo sighed, "Hey, it's just a pity that I haven't been able to find a similar stone for Master Ye since then."

      "Grandmaster Ye?!"

      "I can't believe he kept me in the dark for so long."

      The savior of your heart, the one you've been secretly in love with for a long time, and it's him!

      I can't believe I'm in love with my best girlfriend's husband, Ye Chen!

      All at once she despaired until her tears broke down.

      Inwardly she asked God, "Is there anything more ironic than this in all the world?


At this moment, Dong Ruolin's entire body had been struck by lightning.

      She looked at Ye Chen, who was full of a solemn aura of death, and was incomparably horrified, but also immediately pushed her into an extremely contradictory situation.

      And where did Ye Chen know that he had already been recognized by Dong Ruorin.

      After he finished resolving the Zhennan Dual Fiend, he still had a cold smile on his lips.

      What Zhennan Double Fiend, the name was pretentious like a martial artist, but in reality, it was just two dead dogs.

      However, looking at Zhang Ermo's eyes, his entire body had been horribly pale.

      The Zhennan Twin Fiends had been on the road for many years, killing countless people with their hands, and had never suffered a single defeat.

      The entire Jiangnan was scared to death.

      However, the fact that the two of them, who were so strong as such, had died under Ye Chen in two moves was unbelievable to him.

      So, wouldn't Master Ye's strength be able to top Jiangnan!

      At this time, Ye Chen took a glance at the two corpses that were already getting cold, then turned his head and saw Dong Ruorin looking in a trance, he seriously reminded, "Ruorin, your cousin failed to hire a murderer to kill you this time, I guess there will be another time, I suggest that you should be more careful lately, it's best to hire a bodyguard, be prepared."

      Dong Ruolin looked at Ye Chen with an incomparably complicated look, only after a moment did she adjust her breathing, bit her lips lightly and said in a low voice, "But I won't be able to find a suitable bodyguard for a while."

      Now Dong Ruolin is very conflicted and struggling inside.

      First, the people in her own family and her own cousin actually wanted to kill her, and then the mysterious man she fell in love with turned out to be her best girlfriend's husband.

      These two things were torture for her, making her feel very miserable and helpless in her heart.

      How did Xiao Chu Ran know that her good best friend was in love with her husband?

      Go forward and gently hug her, patted her shoulder gently, and comforted her: "Ruorin, don't worry too much, since Ye Chen is so capable of fighting, even the famous Zhen Nan Duo Fury is not his opponent, you can let him protect you in the future ah, usually pay attention, when you go out, if you are not sure, you can always call him, let him protect you!"

      Xiao Chu Ran was thinking that since her husband had the ability to do this, it was a natural thing for him to protect her best friend.

      But what she didn't know was that the good lady friend had fallen in love with her husband.

      Dong Ruolin on the side was still very lost, but when she suddenly heard this, her heart was fiercely happy and her aromatic heart was thumping.

      She didn't feel depressed because her dream lover was Ye Chen, or even had no feelings for him.

      On the contrary, because Ye Chen had saved herself again today, so in her mind, Ye Chen had become the superhero who saved her twice, and if it wasn't for Ye Chen, she would have been unable to escape both times!

      That was why, the feelings in her heart for Ye Chen had suddenly skyrocketed a lot more than when she had been with the mysterious man.

      Although she also knew that it was too immoral to fall in love with her best girlfriend's husband.

      However, she also knew that the two of them were not really a couple per se, and their marriage was only forced by the insistence of Xiao Choran's grandfather, who was bent on insisting, and the two of them had never had much of an emotional foundation.

      Even, the other day when she was chatting with Xiao Churan, she also heard her say that she and Ye Chen had never been husband and wife, and still sleep separately, Xiao Churan sleeping on the bed and Ye Chen sleeping on the floor.


So, does this mean that you like Ye Chen and you haven't wronged your best friend?

      Maybe if I could get together with Ye Chen, it would be a kind of relief for good girlfriends!

      Thinking of this, she hurriedly and joyfully said to Ye Chen, "Then it's troublesome for you, Ye Chen."

      Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, "It's not troublesome."

      This smile of his made Dong Ruolin's aromatic heart tremble again.

      Reason told her that Ye Chen was her best friend's husband and there was no chance of it happening, but the impulse of emotion made Dong Ruoling couldn't help but think differently.

      Ye Chen was unaware of Dong Ruolin's thoughts and left his phone number with Dong Ruolin.

      It was only then that Zhang Ermo came forward and said with a flattering face, "Master Ye, you are really too powerful, the kind of fury that Zhennan Shuang Fury can't even walk in front of you, I, Zhang Ermo, admire you so much, you are simply an immortal!"

      Saying that, Zhang Ermao did not hesitate and directly kneeled on the ground.

      Ye Chen looked at his compliant appearance and deliberately asked him, "I said Zhang Ermo, what did you just run for?Are you afraid that I won't be able to defeat the Zhen Nan Double Fiend?"

      "No no!"Zhang Ermao paled and hurriedly explained, "Master Ye you have misunderstood, how could I doubt your strength, I was just confused, please don't take it to heart ah"

      Afterwards, Zhang Ermo kowtowed with a thud as he trembled, "Master Ye, you are the true dragon on earth!I'm really impressed!From now on, I, Zhang Ermo, will not worship heaven or earth, but only you, Master Ye!"

      Xiao Chu Ran looked at this dog licking posture of Zhang Er Mao, shook his head and said to Ye Chen, "What now?You've killed both of the Zhen Nan Duo Furies, should we call the police?"

      Ye Chen thought about it and said indifferently, "You guys get in the car first, I'll take care of it."

      Xiao Churan nodded and got into the car first with Dong Ruolin and Zhang Ermo.

      When they all got into the car, Ye Chen took out his cell phone from his pocket and made a call to the Ye family's spokesman in Jinling, the owner of the Shangri-La Hotel, Richard Chen.

      Soon the phone was connected and Richard Chen's respectful voice rang out, "Young Master, what is your order?"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I encountered the Zhennan Double Fiend, these two dogs barked with me, and now they have turned into two dead dogs, their bodies are on the side of the highway, I don't want to leave any trouble, you immediately send someone to deal with them now."

      Hearing this, Richard Chen was shocked and said, "Young Master, you solved the Zhennan Double Fiend?My God, he's a famous thief in Jiangnan!The means are cruel and vicious, and the strength is worthy of being sent in Yanjing!"

      Richard Chen couldn't help but say excitedly, "Young Master you're really too powerful, if the Ye family knew about your strength, it would definitely cause a huge sensation."

      Ye Chen calmly and incomparably said, "It's enough for you to know about this matter, don't spread it back to the Ye family, or I will never forgive you!"

      With Ye Chen's obedience to his orders, Chen Zhai Kai said respectfully, "Yes young master, I will keep my mouth shut, I'll send someone to handle your matter."

      Ye Chen gave a satisfied hmmm before hanging up the phone and heading to the car.

      Opening the door, Ye Chen sat in the driver's seat and calmly started the car, as if what he had just killed was really just two earth dogs.

      Dong Ruolin sat in the back row, a pair of beautiful eyes darkly staring at the side of Ye Chen's face.

      In her eyes, two glittering lusters flickered in them, and when she carefully tasted it, it was full of admiration and worship!


When the car arrived in the city, the terrifying stormy weather gradually stopped.

      After that, the wind rose and the clouds opened up, and a seven-colored rainbow hung up in the sky, attracting countless people to stop and watch.

      Ye Chen stopped the car at the entrance of the small commodity market and let Zhang Ermao get off the car first.

      After getting off the car, Zhang Ermao raised three bows at Ye Chen with respect and said respectfully, "Thank you, Master Ye!"

      Ye Chen looked at him and said indifferently, "Zhang Ermo, you must never reveal today's matter to anyone, do you understand?"

      "Don't worry Master Ye, Ermo understands!"Zhang Ermao was full of reverence and had now treated Ye Chen like a god.

      Only then did Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and drove away.

      And Zhang Ermo stood on the spot, seeing Ye Chen drive away also half a day did not dare to move.

      As for Dong Ruorin in the car, Ye Chen directly sent her to the hotel with Xiao Churan.

      Dong Ruolin in Jinling has been staying in the hotel, and is staying in Shangri-La, the security here is very in place, and is the property of the Ye family, give Dong Ruolin's cousin ten guts, he would never dare to do anything to Dong Ruolin here.

      The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the car, and you will see that it's not just a matter of time before you get there.

      It's just that in front of Xiao Choran, she simply couldn't say what she wanted to say.

      Several times unable to hold back, Dong Ruo Lin wanted to speak again and again.

      When Dong Ruorin arrived at the entrance of the hotel, Xiao Choran hugged her and said gently, "Ruorin, remember, when you encounter trouble, you must call Ye Chen's phone and never let yourself be in danger."

      Dong Ruorin nodded her head and said softly, "Don't worry Choran, I will."

      Ye Chen was looking at Xiao Churan holding Dong Ruorin, his heart couldn't help but sour, his wife hugged himself not many times, with Dong Ruorin this lady friend is often hugged, really people are more than people.

      The fact that you can't find any other way to get a good deal of money for your own money is not a problem.

      Because considering that Dong Ruorin was Xiao Churan's best friend, Ye Chen loved the house, and for her safety, he took advantage of the time when the two girls were saying goodbye to send a message to Richard Chen: "Put out a message for me to the Dong family in Yanjing, anyone who dares to hit Dong Ruorin again, I will flatten the Dong family."

      The Dong family is less than a tenth of the Ye family's strength, and I'm sure they wouldn't dare to make a mistake again!

      After separating from Dong Ruolin, Ye Chen and the two of them returned home, Xiao Churan rushed to the bathroom to take a shower and change her clothes because she was drenched in rain.

      Ye Chen handed Xiao Changkun all the money he got from Zhang Ermo.

      Xiao Changkun received the 300,000 with a proud face and said excitedly, "This 300,000 is just the beginning, next time I will earn him three million by picking up leaks, after that our family's good life will depend on me, hahahahaha."

      Ye Chen laughed awkwardly and said, "Old father-in-law, old father-in-law, you can spare Zhang Ermo, this grandson has been cheating for so long, I don't know how much money he can make, but he lost three hundred thousand on you all of a sudden.

      This if you find some more junk artifacts for him, he sees you as my father-in-law, afraid of your anger, and then spend a large sum of money to buy away, I see that he will sooner or later be tortured by you to bankruptcy.

      Although Zhang Ermo is a sycophant, but human nature is not bad, and it is really unreasonable to keep asking him to cut his flesh to his father-in-law.

      So Ye Chen advised him, "Dad, you should deal less with Zhang Ermo in the future, this person doesn't have a word of truth in his mouth, you'll have to suffer a big loss sooner or later if you get involved with him."

      Xiao Changkun disdainfully said, "What do you know, you're out there reading feng shui or something, that's what's called a lie, we're a serious antique business, if you don't understand, don't get involved, just keep your eyes open and watch."


Ye Chen saw that Xiao Changkun had decided on this path of no return and could only helplessly shake his head and return to the bedroom.

      When he entered the bedroom, Xiao Choran had already finished her shower and changed into a lavender silk strap pajamas.

      The fragrant shoulders were like snow, the jade arms were slippery, and half of her beautiful back was exposed, watching Ye Chen couldn't help but see his throat dry and his eyes condensed on her body.

      The thin cicada-winged pajamas, the fitting outline of the beautiful curve of her side, the skirt just over the thighs, the two curvaceous jade legs slightly close together, jade feet round as jade.

      Xiao Churan's pretty face was blushed by his fiery eyes, and she was busy snapping: "What are you looking at?It's not like I haven't seen it before, what's so pretty."

      Ye Chen smiled, "Wife, you're so beautiful, I can't get enough of it."

      Xiao Churan rolled her eyes, but her beautiful eyes flickered with a different color.

      Ye Chen's performance today had taken her by surprise, previously she had thought that Ye Chen would only look at some feng shui and know a little bit about martial arts, unexpectedly he was so brilliant.

      At a critical moment, he was even able to save his best friend's life, truly extraordinary!

      She couldn't help but ask, "Ye Chen, tell me, how are you so powerful?Not even the Zhen Nan Double Fiend is a match for you."

      Ye Chen laughed badly, "It's a secret, I won't tell you unless you let me kiss you."

      Xiao Churan spat and blushed, "Dream on you."

      Ye Chen looked at Xiao Churan's little woman posture and saw that his heart was hot, so he quickly turned around and opened the wardrobe to find the blanket.

      But as soon as he pulled open the wardrobe, he was stunned.

      The wardrobe was empty, and the mattress that he usually used to lay the floor was missing.

      "Honey, where's my blanket?"

      Ye Chen turned around and asked.

      Xiao Churan returned and said, "I just unpacked and cleaned it for you."

      Ye Chen was speechless for a while, he didn't even have a place to sleep and said helplessly, "You can't sleep on the floor without a mattress ah, then I'll go sleep on the sofa."

      "What a pig."Xiao Churan left her mouth open and took her personal futon out of the closet and handed it to Ye Chen, "You can use mine."

      The white futon still had a faint aroma on it, and Ye Chen's heart fluttered and his mouth went dry, "Wife, you're so good to me."

      Xiao Churan greeted Ye Chen with a glance and said, "Hurry up and sleep."

      Ye Chen responded, hugging Xiao Churan's personal futon and smelling the faint aroma, he couldn't help but feel his heart fluttering.

      At this rate, wouldn't he be able to sleep with his wife soon?

      At this time, Xiao Chu Ran said to him: "These two days I have to be busy with the studio, just put things together, have to find some orders quickly, you stay at home with my father, do not let him go out to buy those antiques blindly, hear me?"

      Ye Chen hurriedly said, "Wife, I'll go and give you a hand in your studio?Don't want a salary, I'll clean your table and sweep the floor and serve you tea and all that!"

      Xiao Choran smiled, "No, there is no work in the studio yet, and when there is work, it's also drawing, doing design drafts and so on, so I don't need your help, you can just do your chores at home."


The next morning, Xiao Churan hurried to the studio.

      Ye Chen, on the other hand, rode his electric bicycle and went to the market to buy vegetables.


      When he finished buying the vegetables, Ye Chen had just come out of the market and was surprised to see Dong Ruolin's figure.

      "Ye Chen!"Dong Ruolin called out to him, full of excitement.

      Ye Chen looked at him and said in surprise, "Dong Ruo Lin, what a coincidence, you're here too!"

      Dong Ruolin looked at Ye Chen and said fidgetingly, "Yes, yes, no, no, no, I I am"

      Ye Chen was a bit confused and said, "Slow down, are you in trouble?"

      Dong Ruolin couldn't help but shy up her cheeks, in fact she had been waiting outside Xiao Churan's house early in the morning and had followed Ye Chen all the way.

      Dong Ruolin gathered her courage, biting her red lips lightly, and said, "I I came to express my gratitude to you on purpose, thank you for saving me yesterday."

      Ye Chen cryptically said, "I saved you because you're Choron's best friend, you don't have to be so polite with me."

      He thought it was because of this.

      Dong Ruorin shook her head and plucked up the courage to continue, "Ye Chen, in fact, I actually still know that not only did you save me yesterday, the person who saved me last time at the Jinling Hotel was also you."

      Ye Chen's heart thudded, how could Dong Ruolin know about the last time?She's not supposed to know when she masked herself last time!

      He hastened to deny it, saying, "Surely you have mistaken me for someone else?I haven't been to any Jinling Hotel at all, the one who saved you must be someone else."

      Dong Ruolin's eyes were incomparably complicated as she looked at Ye Chen, there was reluctance, admiration, and an unspoken grudge in there.

      Why did he even have the thought of admitting it?Was he so worthless in his eyes?He won't even admit to saving himself?

      Thinking of this, she had tears in her eyes, "When I was in the Jinling Hotel, Xiao Hailong invited me to dinner, I was accosted by a rich second generation, and as a result, Xiao Hailong provoked people and was surrounded by people in front of the hotel, seeing that something was going to happen, and at the critical moment Xiao Hailong even left me to escape, and then there was a masked hero, like a Gestapo hero, who knocked everyone down and saved me, and you also took me"

      Speaking of which, Dong Ruolin face instantly flushed red, that day she also had skin-to-skin with Ye Chen, pants were taken off by Ye Chen.

      Of course, she also knew very well that Ye Chen had taken off his pants, but it was actually to save himself, and he didn't have any ill intentions.

      Ye Chen's face was green after hearing this, this aunt, which pot really can't mention which pot, can he admit this kind of thing himself?

      Of course not!

      If Xiao Choran found out that she and her best friend had done this, the whole thing would blow up!

      "Ruorin, you really misunderstood, I'm very good at fighting, but I really wasn't your savior."

      After saying that, he hastily changed his words again, "Even if I was, it was only the one time I saved you yesterday!"

      Seeing that Ye Chen didn't admit it at this point, Dong Ruolin sighed grudgingly and took out the peace and wealth stone from her pocket.

      "What about this stone?How do you explain."

      Ye Chen stared at it, wasn't this his own long lost stone?I've never been able to find it, how come it's in Dong Jorin's hands, did she rescue her at the Jinling Hotel and pick it up?


No wonder I couldn't find this stone after that day, I had left it behind that day!And it just happened to be picked up by Dong Jorin.

      There's no way to explain it now, damn it!

      When Ye Chen thought of this, he could only play dumb and said, "What do you mean, it's just a broken rock, right?"

      Dong Ruolin seriously looked into Ye Chen's eyes and said, "Don't lie to me, Zhang Ermo has already told me that this stone is yours, it's called the Peaceful and Rich Stone, it's unique in the world."

      When Ye Chen heard this, he secretly scolded Zhang Ermao in his heart, how did this Zhang Ermao say everything outwardly.

      Seeing that at this point had been caught by Dong Ruolin with solid evidence, Ye Chen could only nod his head and admit, "Alright, I admit, I was the one who saved you at the Jinling Hotel at that time, I also saw it by chance that day, you mustn't say anything to Choran ah!"

      With Ye Chen's admission, the atmosphere between the two was silent for a while.

      Ye Chen was embarrassed that the identity that he had concealed for so long was directly pierced by Dong Ruolin, and he didn't know how to face her.

      Dong Ruolin, on the other hand, had thoughts that were as complex as the waves.

      Dong Ruolin looked at Ye Chen and wanted to speak several times, but she wanted to stop, but finally she gathered her courage and took a step forward, only half a palm's distance from Ye Chen's body.

      "Ye Chen, I I like you!"

      The corner of Ye Chen's mouth smacked as he stepped back unnoticeably and said, "Ruo Lin, I'm your best friend's husband, you're this"

      Dong Ruolin gritted her teeth and said, "So what if it is?I know that you and Choran have no emotional foundation, the reason why you got married at that time was all because of Master Xiao, since that's the case, then I'm not considered to be stealing my best friend's husband, at most, I'm considered to be stealing my best friend's fake husband."

      Saying that, Dong Ruolin grabbed Ye Chen's hand and placed it on her heart, and said in a lover's tone, "Ye Chen, I don't look worse than Choron, my figure is not inferior to hers, I'm still the eldest daughter of the Dong family, and I love you more than her, I'm willing to do anything for you."

      Ye Chen felt the plumpness of Dong Ruorin's chest, he was busy pulling his hand away and refused, "Ruorin, there is absolutely no possibility for the two of us, I can't betray Choran, and I believe that you are just being impulsive right now, don't ever put your heart on me, it's not worth it."

      Dong Ruolin was rejected by Ye Chen, her pretty face was incomparably stubborn, "No, I went back yesterday and thought about it all night, Ye Chen, ever since you saved me the first time, I've fallen hopelessly in love with you, the second time you saved me, I've fallen hopelessly in love with you!"

      Said she, in an emotional loud voice, "I just love you!Just love you!Trust me, if you'll stay with me, I won't let anyone look down on you!I could be that silent supportive woman by your side for the rest of my life!"

      Ye Chen couldn't help but laugh bitterly.

      Dong Ruolin only knew that she was her savior, but she didn't know that she was also the chairman of the Emperor Group and the young master of the Ye family, and if she wanted to not be looked down upon, she could immediately make her identity public and receive the worship of countless people from then on.

      However, that kind of life, he didn't care at all.

      But Ye Chen definitely couldn't say that, or else it would hurt Dong Ruolin's heart too much.

      Moreover, it would also expose his true identity.

      Dong Ruolin looked at Ye Chen, still stubborn as she said, "It doesn't matter if you reject me now, but I will definitely not back down, I will use my practical actions to let you know that I love you and suit you better than Choron, even if I can only be your underground lover in the future, I am willing to follow you for the rest of my life!"

      Ye Chen helplessly said, "Ruo Lin, you're just a bit impulsive right now, I advise you to think about it carefully again, so I'll go home and cook dinner, and you think about it yourself."

      After saying that, Ye Chen fled and rode the tram away.

      Ye Chen felt that Dong Ruorin must be three minutes hot, and after dodging and two days, she definitely wouldn't have such thoughts.

      However, at this time, Dong Ruolin looked at Ye Chen's departing figure, but her eyes were still firm, and she said to herself, "Dong Ruolin, don't be discouraged, you will definitely be able to do it!"


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