Secret Identity 241-255


Chapter 241

Chen Xiaozhao was trained in aggravation and gritted his teeth, unconvinced, "I'll compete with him, and I'll only apologize to him if he's really good at it.

      "How much longer are you going to fool around!"Shi Tianqi was so angry that he blew his beard.

      The middle-aged man from the Song family beside him was stunned, no one had expected that this Ye Chen's strength was above Shi Tianqi's?

      Song Honor was also a bit confused all of a sudden, what did it mean?Does this kid really have a few tricks up his sleeve?

      How is that possible!

      With him?

      Can you convince Shi Tianqi?

      At this time, Ye Chen took a look at Chen Xiaozhao and found it funny to see her looking so angry, her little apple face flushed red, and she looked like she was not convinced, so he asked, "What do you want to compete against?"

      "Of course it's medical!"Chen Xiaozhao's eyes rolled, and suddenly he laughed: "The foundation of Chinese medicine is to look and smell, we'll be better than the word 'look'!You tell me what ailments and where discomforts each person in this room has."

      It was not allowed to take a pulse, but telling the patient's ailment from their face sounded simple, but it was much more difficult for a Chinese medicine practitioner.

      Even Shi Tianqi himself might not be able to fully tell.

      However, this was Chen Xiaozhao's specialty, having been in her grandfather's arms since she was one year old, watching him diagnose patients, she had seen at least tens of thousands of patients.

      She had an astonishing memory, and was able to memorize and categorize almost everyone's "sick face".

      As time passed, she could tell the condition of the opponent just from his face, and she was almost nine-tenths sure.

      "Xiao Zhao, aren't you making things difficult for Mr..."Shi Tianqi scolded with discontent.

      However, no one expected that Ye Chen would nod and smile, "I'll follow you then."

      Seeing Ye Chen's promise, Shi Tianqi didn't say anything, he was also just about to see what he had to offer.

      "I'll go first."Chen Xiaozhao was delighted and immediately stepped forward, gazing slowly in front of the crowd and staring at the other party carefully.

      Ten minutes later, Chen Xiaozhao smiled, "All eyes on it!Uncle Song's sky is red and his forehead has horizontal lines, he should have high blood pressure, he has to eat lightly and avoid big fish and meat."

      As soon as she finished speaking, the middle-aged man from the Song family exclaimed, "Little Doctor Chen is really amazing, I do have high blood pressure."

      Chen Xiaozhao also pointed at Song Honor and said, "Your eyebrows are red, your eyes are cloudy, and you have lung fever, your condition is almost over."

      Song Honor smiled bitterly and said, "Admirable, my cough last week caused a lung infection, I have been treated almost completely."

      Chen Xiaozhao added, "As for Miss Song, she has some auntie irregularities and menstrual pain, which should be caused by overwork."

      Song Wanting nodded and said, "You are right."

      She pointed out a few more people's ailments one by one, all correct.

      Everyone looked amazed and praised Shi for teaching her well, her granddaughter was so young, but her medical skills were so powerful.

      Shi Tianqi was also smiling, quite proud of himself.

      Finally, Chen Xiaozhao looked at Ye Chen again, smiled proudly and said, "Mr. Ye, your condition is the most serious!You must have a heart attack!"

      Ye Chen smiled, "I didn't expect you to be less than twenty, but your medical skills are so amazing, I'm also impressed.However, there's still a small omission, I'll add it for you."


After saying that, he pointed at the middle-aged man from the Song family, "This gentleman has diabetes and heart palpitations in addition to high blood pressure, especially the ribs on his left chest should have been broken, it is presumed to be an old injury from ten years ago.

      The middle-aged man from the Song family was shocked and said in dismay, "Mr. Ye, your medical skill is too strong.You can even tell that I am diabetic and have broken bones, I did indeed have a car accident thirteen years ago and had broken ribs."

      Ye Chen smiled again and pointed out Song Honor, "His lung infection was caused by the invasion of wind and cold after drinking, plus his kidney deficiency.Apart from lung fever, his biggest problem should be kidney deficiency, eradicating lung fever must first treat the kidneys."

      Song Honor looked embarrassed and said, "Don't play fucking games, my kidneys are good!"

      It is natural for a man to be disgruntled when he is said to be kidney deficient.

      And even if he really had a kidney deficiency, he must not admit it.

      Ye Chen looked at him and said indifferently, "Kidney deficiency is just the appearance of kidney function decline, if you continue, your kidney function will get worse and worse, this will not only affect your ability in that area, but also may make you suffer from uremia, so you should not be too conceited, take time to go to the hospital to have a look, maybe there is still salvation, otherwise you will have to wait for a kidney transplant."

      "You" Song Honor was annoyed and was about to lash out, but was stopped by a middle-aged man on the side.

      Ye Chen looked at Song Wanting again and said indifferently, "Miss Song, your body is mainly affected by the previous effects of the Trapped Dragon Formation, there are still some after-effects somewhat, and you coincided with your menstruation yesterday at midnight, and your yin energy is stronger, but don't worry, when this menstruation is over, all these symptoms will naturally be gone, and your future menstruation will be more punctual."

      Song Wanting looked incomparably surprised and somewhat ashamed.

      She didn't know how Ye Chen could calculate that she had a great aunt, and that she could calculate that she came last night, it was too amazing, right?

      Chen Xiaozhao at this point saw Ye Chen complemented these people's illnesses, both surprised, but also more unconvinced.

      These hidden diseases, she couldn't see them just by looking at their faces, but Ye Chen just lightly glanced at them, yet he said them all, what was going on?Did he guess?

      Chen Xiaozhao bit her lips and said, "Mr. Ye, I was right about your heart attack, right?"

      "Yes?"Ye Chen smiled and extended his hand in front of Shi Tianqi, "Trouble Shi, take my pulse for me."

      Shi Tianqi hesitated and reached out to put his hand on Ye Chen's wrist.

      A moment later, he dropped his hand and turned to glare at Chen Xiaozhao, snapping, "You're just a three-legged stooge, and you're still classy in front of Mr. Ye, and you're not apologizing to him!"

      Chen Xiaozhao cried out, "Grandfather, where did I go wrong."

      Shi Tianqi shook his head and sighed, "Take your own pulse, Mr. Ye doesn't have any heart disease, you're the one who's wrong."

      "What!"Chen Xiaozhao could not believe her ears, she had never made a mistake in diagnosing a disease for more than ten years, and the features of a heart attack were the easiest to see, so how could she be wrong.

      She walked up to Ye Chen and stretched out her hand on his pulse, she was also suddenly stunned, her face suddenly turned red.

      His heart was so good, how could he have a heart attack!

      Did he just deliberately disguise having a heart attack to make a fool of himself?

      If he was able to do that, easily disguising the features of a certain disease on his own surface, then the control of true energy in his body should have been out of this world, right?

      In that case, it's a real god.

      Moreover, he had just seen these people's hidden illnesses and figured he wasn't blinded, his medical skills were far superior to his own!

      Don't tell me you can't compare yourself, even if it's Grandpa, it's definitely not comparable!

      But how could he be so strong when he was so young?


Chen Xiaozhao finally understand, just Ye Chen said "almost mean" what it means.

      The people still give her face, she is not "almost mean", but "a lot less mean"!

      Shi Tianqi was also shocked.

      He saw that Ye Chen was controlling his internal breathing and deliberately made his body's true qi flow backwards to create the illusion of a heart attack, which is why his granddaughter fell for it.

      However, the reflux of true qi in the body will cause extreme pain.

      But Ye Chen could not only control the flow of true qi in his body, but also let go of it freely, and his face was as normal, without any pain, I'm afraid this cultivation is more than fifty years, at least more than a hundred years!

      Shi Tianqi knew that he was meeting a reclusive highness.

      His own granddaughter was still playing dead, constantly provoking the other party, fortunately Ye Chen was a decent gentleman, if he was offended and made a move, I'm afraid that he would only use one move and he and his granddaughter would have to go back to the west with their souls, not even having the strength to fight back.

      Thus, he glared at Chen Xiaozhao and said, "Mr. Ye's cultivation is overwhelming, you're the one who missed the mark, so you still won't apologize."

      After saying that, Shi Tianqi cupped his fists and arched his hands to Ye Chen, "Old man is incompetent in disciplining his granddaughter, please don't blame Master Ye, I will definitely chastise her properly when I return."

      Chen Xiaozhao also came back to his senses and understood that the other party's medical skills were several levels above his own, and also had to be convinced, bowing his head and saying, "I I admit that your medical skills are better than mine."

      Ye Chen waved his hand with a smile and said, "The practice of medicine is all about helping people, there is nothing strong or weak, if I encounter some difficult and miscellaneous illnesses that I haven't seen, I might have to ask more advice from Mr. Shi."

      This speech made Shi Tianqi look ashamed, but even more admiring.

      Obviously the other party's medical skills were far superior to his own, yet he deliberately gave himself a step down, this magnanimity was no ordinary person!

      Moreover, his medical skills have reached a state of perfection, and I'm afraid there's no second person in all of China!

      Shi Tianqi arched his hand towards Ye Chen and said squarely, "I didn't expect to meet a master like Master Ye in my lifetime, please teach the master in the future."

      Ye Chen nodded his head slightly with a negative hand.

      Shi Tianqi was pleasantly surprised and said, "Thank you, Grandmaster Ye."

      Seeing the conversation between the two, the people in the room were all stunned.

      He was already the number one divine doctor in the Jiangnan region, but he was condescendingly asking Ye Chen for advice like this.

      The entire house all looked more than shocked.

      The number one divine doctor in Jiangnan was highly respected wherever he went, and major hospitals also regarded Shi as a guest of honor, but he actually acted like an elementary school student in front of Ye Chen, asking "master" for advice, this was unbelievable!

      Chen Xiaozhao was also dumbfounded, but didn't dare to ask more.

      Ye Chen looked at Shi Tianqi and said, "Old Shi, I see that you are suffering from internal injuries, that's why you let your granddaughter take action to heal you, right?"

      "You actually saw my grandfather's internal injuries?"

      A look of surprise flashed across Chen Xiaozhao's face.

      However, she quickly regained her composure.

      With Ye Chen's medical attainments, it was also normal to see.

      Chen Xiaozhao said, "My grandfather was originally closed to recover from his injuries, he won't even be treating people this year, and when Song Honor came looking for him, my grandfather declined, but two days ago, a friend of my grandfather sold him a divine pill, and I heard that the pill was obtained in Jinling, and my grandfather wanted to come over to take a look at it, so that's why he stopped by to see Song."


"What miracle drug?"Ye Chen was also surprised.

      There was still a divine pill that moved Shi Tianqi, and he didn't know what kind of rare treasure it was.

      Shi Tianqi even took out a jade box from his bosom and carefully opened it, saying, "This divine pill cost me five million, but it's definitely worth it!I have taken half of it and am refining this half of the medicinal power, the remaining half has been on my person, please see Master Ye."

      Seeing that this "divine medicine" was so precious to Shi Tianqi, the crowd gathered around, wanting to see what was the "spiritual medicine" that made the divine doctor so impressed.

      As soon as the jade box was opened, an aroma of medicine poured out.

      Shi Tianqi took a jade knife, carefully cut off a nail-sized piece, and handed it to the middle-aged man of the Song family and Song Honor, asking them to try it.

      The two hesitated and put the pill residue into their mouths.

      The dregs melted in their mouths, while the Song family's middle-aged man's face grew more and more astonished.

      "Shi Lao, what kind of immortal medicine is this, my left chest fracture often hurts vaguely, but now the pain is all gone!"

      Song Honor was also stunned, "My lungs haven't been feeling too well, but after eating this little bit of dregs, I felt instantly better!"

      Shi Tianqi smiled, "Now you know its effects."

      The middle-aged man from the Song family looked surprised and said to Old Man Shi, "This elixir is really divine, if Old Man Shi can make it, I'm willing to spend a lot of money to buy it!"

      Shi Tianqi smiled bitterly, "I've also studied its recipe, but I can't see it at all, I only know that it's a long lost alchemy technique, I'm afraid that this half of a divine pill is already an extinct product in the world."

      Ye Chen saw the half pill and was stunned on the spot, followed by a bitter laugh.

      "Shi Lao, this medicine, did you buy it for five million?"


      Shi Tianqi said smilingly, "Five million isn't much, it's worth spending ten million to buy this long lost elixir."

      Master Ye, you can also tell that this pill has a good history, my friend said that the person who concocted this pill is a reclusive master, more than one hundred and fifty years old, my friend kneeled in front of the patriarch's residence for three days and three nights before he moved the patriarch to buy it for five million dollars a pill.The day after he bought the medicine, the clan master left his residence to travel in the clouds, and I'm afraid it will be difficult to see him again in this life."

      The middle-aged man from the Song family exclaimed, "This old clergyman, I'm afraid, is an Immortal Master!Spending five million on a single Immortal Pill is really not much money."

      Chen Xiaozhao had just apologized to Ye Chen, and although she was convinced of his medical skills, but when she thought that he was even better than her grandfather, she just wasn't comfortable anyway.

      At this time, seeing Ye Chen's odd face, as if he was holding a smile, she was immediately a little indignant and couldn't help but say, "Hey, what are you laughing at.Do you even despise Immortal Pills that you can refine?"

      Ye Chen was stunned and saw everyone looking at him, so he had to say, "I made this pill, Shi Lao, you've been cheated by that friend of yours."

      As soon as his voice fell, the entire house was silent.

      Dozens of gazes, all brushing against him, everyone was stunned.

      Shi Tianqi was stunned on the spot, simply unable to return to his senses, only after a few moments did he said in shock, "Master Ye, this peerless divine medicine, was it really concocted by you?"

      Chen Xiaozhao opened his mouth wide, as if his body was immobilized.

      Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, "This isn't much of a miracle drug, it's just something I made out to treat my father-in-law's bruises, and in case his body can't take it, I've deliberately reduced a few medicines, so it's considered a semi-finished product."

      As soon as Ye Chen finished speaking, the crowd was once again silent!


Shi Tianqi was so shocked by this description of Ye Chen that he couldn't even speak.

      His entire body, even his snow-white beard, was trembling constantly

      He couldn't believe that the divine medicine he thought was concocted by a reclusive master was concocted by the young Ye Chen in front of him!

      And, in his words, it's only half-finished?!

      If the half-finished product is this powerful, then if the pill is made properly, wouldn't the effect be at least twice as good as the current one!

      The middle-aged man of the Song family also listened stupidly, and suddenly his heart swelled with ecstasy!

      Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that Song Wanting would find such a god!

      If the Song family could embrace such a thigh, it would be like embracing a golden thigh!

      But what is the greatest fear of anyone who has money and power?It's death!

      No matter how much money you have, no matter how powerful you are, it's all in vain if you don't live to enjoy it.

      If I knew a master who could take out a miracle cure at a moment's notice, I wouldn't have the luxury of prolonging my life!

      Take it from Song Lao, if Song Lao does live five more years, it will be a blessing to the entire Song family!

      Because Song's face, Song's roots, and Song's connections could never be compared to any of the Song family's descendants!

      Many people had to give face if the old master was alive, but if the old master was gone, many people would no longer give face to the Song family.

      Therefore, the Song family also wanted the old master to live for as many years as possible.

      With him protecting the Song family's heirs, the heirs would get twice as much done with half the effort!

      Song Honor, who had always looked down on Ye Chen somewhat, was now in a state of shock.

      At the same time, he couldn't help but feel a little panic in his heart.

      Just now, he had desperately ridiculed him, but he didn't want to think that he was the real hidden expert!

      Shi Tianqi couldn't help but cupped his fists and bowed, pleading, "Master Ye, my body has been plagued by old injuries, if you could be gracious and concoct a divine pill for me, I would be willing to offer ten million in cash!"

      The Song family's middle-aged man also couldn't help but bow forward and said in a trembling voice, "Master Ye, if you can refine the divine medicine again, please also be gracious enough to sell one to the Song family, and the Song family is also willing to offer ten million in cash!"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "I'm not short of money, and I can still refine the medicine again, it's not a bother, since you are sincere, I'll refine some more some other day, and I'll send you each one then."

      "Master Ye, you are truly my Song Family's nobleman."The Song family's middle-aged man was incoherently excited, and when he saw Ye Chen standing, he hurriedly moved a stool over himself and wiped it with his sleeve, "Master Ye, sit down quickly."

      Song Honor also hurriedly held a cup of tea and respectfully presented it to Ye Chen: "Master Ye is thirsty, quickly take a sip of tea."

      Song Wanting watched in silence, shocked beyond words inside!

      I never thought that this Ye Chen had such strength!

      Besides, he's a superfluous son-in-law, and he didn't even touch the $20 million cash, why?

      Could it be that his own energy was more powerful than what he saw?

      But why on earth would such a powerful man willingly go to be a superfluous son-in-law?

      Shi Tianqi, who was known as a miracle doctor, also exclaimed from the bottom of his heart at this time, "Master Ye, you are truly an immortal master!Your strength, your heart and generosity, I am afraid that if I were to live for another hundred years, I may not be able to catch up with you at this time."


 In Shi Tianqi's opinion, even if he lived for another fifty years, he would at most be able to touch Ye Chen's current heel.

      This man's medical skills were unfathomable, and what was even more divine was that he was able to concoct such a powerful divine medicine!

      Shi Tianqi's granddaughter, Ye Xiaozhao, was already blushing pretty red, just now she wasn't very convinced with Ye Chen, but now, she was completely convinced!

      Ye Chen now said to Shi Tianqi with a calm face, "Old Man Shi, the medicine you bought, although it is indeed effective for your internal injuries, it lacks a few prescriptions after all, and its efficacy is only up to 20%, wait until I send you a complete pill, then you just have to take it, and your internal injuries will be completely cured immediately."

      "Thank you, Master Ye, I kowtow!"

      Shi Tianqi was filled with gratitude and knelt down to clasp his fists with old tears on his face.

      Ye Xiaozhao also kneeled along with Shi Tianqi and said to Ye Chen with a red face, "Master Ye, thank you!"

      Shi Tianqi also said, "Master Ye, you are not in the Southern Canton Chinese medical community, but Shi has been around for decades, and has some connections and thin faces.Master Ye's kindness, Shi Mou can't repay it, in the future, if you need any medicinal materials or want to do anything, just feel free to instruct the old man."

      Ye Chen nodded slightly.

      Don't look at the fact that Shi Tianqi was only a Chinese medicine practitioner, but the Shi family had been practicing medicine for generations and was the number one divine doctor in the south of the Yangtze River, and their connections and resources on medicinal herbs were probably not even as good as the Song family.

      With the help of the Shi family, it would be easier to find medicinal herbs for cultivation in the future.

      Just then, Song Lao, who hadn't moved, suddenly coughed and opened his eyes!

      Everyone's eyes were drawn to him, and this was a surprise at first glance!

      Song Lao, who had been unconscious, sat up on his own from his bed!


      The middle-aged man in the Song family didn't even dare to take a big breath, he was afraid that it was all just a hallucination of his own.

      The doctor had already given the old man a critical notice already, believing that the old man would not live more than a few days.

      Song Honor had specially invited the divine doctor Shi Tianqi, but after Shi Tianqi's granddaughter administered the needles, she was only able to restore the old man's color a little, but she couldn't even do anything about Song's condition.

      He thought that he had even been able to prepare the funeral for the old man, but Ye Chen went up silently and gave the old man the needle.

      And he hadn't even expected that Ye Chen would say that the old man would wake up in half an hour, and the old man actually woke up in half an hour!

      And the old man looked, with clear eyes and a healthy complexion, even better rosy than before his illness!

      It was divine!

      Shi Tianqi exclaimed in shock and said, "Master Ye said half an hour, but not even a minute!"

      The Song family has exclaimed, Surely a divine doctor!So he's a doctor!

      The middle-aged man from the Song family hurriedly stepped forward and asked the old man, "Dad, how are you feeling?"

      Song Lao looked at his beloved son with complicated eyes, his eyes were filled with a look of celebration after the robbery, and exclaimed, "I thought I was dead, I really didn't think I could wake up again."

      The middle-aged man of the Song family pointed at Ye Chen and said with great excitement, "Dad, thanks to Master Ye for saving you this time!"

      Song Lao turned his head and looked at Ye Chen, seeing how young he was, he was startled, before returning to his senses and arching his hands, "The divine doctor's saving grace, the old man has no teeth to forget!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "A hand up is not enough."

      Saying that, Ye Chen pointed at Shi Tianqi and his granddaughter Chen Xiaozhao beside him and said, "Old Mr. Shi and his granddaughter have also made a lot of efforts to save you, it is not my contribution alone."


In Shi Tianqi's opinion, even if he lived for another fifty years, he would at most be able to touch Ye Chen's current heel.

      Song Lao nodded his head, but politely said, "Shi divine doctor's reputation, I've heard of it, please don't underestimate yourself, no matter what, you're already gracious to me for coming here."

      After saying that, he looked at Ye Chen again and said seriously, "Mr. Ye, the grace of saving your life, I can't forget it!In the future, however, whenever there is anything that can be of use to the Song family, if Mr. Ye says so, no one in the Song family will dare to disobey!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "Old Man Song is too polite."

      After saying that, seeing that it was not too early, Ye Chen said, "Old Song, you have just recovered from a serious illness, it is not suitable to spend more energy yet, why don't you have someone serve you and rest, I will take my leave first."

      Song Lao was busy saying, "Mr. Ye, how much should I pay for the consultation fee for saving the old man's life this time, I wonder how much should I pay?The old man will definitely pay double!"

      Ye Chen said indifferently, "The consultation fee is not necessary, I am doing this as a favor between friends for the sake of Miss Song Wanting Song."

      When Song Wanting heard this, her body and mind shook!

      Ye Chen was pulling credit for himself in front of his grandfather!After all, Grandpa gets to decide how much each future Song family member gets to inherit and what role they get to play in the family business!

      If she could get his patronage, it might even be possible to become the future helmsman of the Song family, which was what she had been incomparably looking forward to!

      Ye Chen had given himself such a great credit this time, it seemed he was one step closer to that goal!

      Song Lao couldn't help but look at his granddaughter Song Wanting at this point, nodded slightly, and even said, "Good!Great!Wan Ting, grandpa's life, even if you saved it, you mustn't treat Master Ye badly!"

      Song Wanting hurriedly bowed and said earnestly, "Grandpa, don't worry, Wanting will definitely repay Master Ye!"

      "Good."Only then did Song Lao nodded in satisfaction and laughed openly.

      As for Song Honor who was standing not far away, his expression became extremely ugly.

      This credit was completely stolen by Song Wanting, so I'm afraid that I will be very passive in the future!

      Ye Chen didn't stay in the Song family for too long, and seeing that Song Lao was almost recovered, he offered to let him recuperate and take his leave first.

      So, Old Man Song took the Song family's group of people with him and personally sent them to the door.

      The first thing you need to do is to find a hotel in Jinling to stay for the next few days, and then contact him when you're done refining your own medicine.

      Shi Tianqi naturally thanked him with a thousand thanks, and respectfully watched Ye Chen get into Song Wanting's car.

      Afterwards, Song Wanting drove Ye Chen back to the city.

      On the way, Song Wanting said to him, "Master Ye, thank you so much for today."

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "It's a small matter, no need to be so polite, in the future maybe I'll also have something to help Miss Song!"

      Song Wanting hurriedly said, "Don't worry, Master Ye, any need, Wanting will never refuse even if she goes to the fire!"

      Saying that, Song Wanting looked at the side of Ye Chen's face and asked tentatively, "Master Ye, I wonder if I could ask you to find a place to sit and have a drink?"

      She had ten thousand doubts in her heart about Ye Chen waiting for the mystery to be solved, and she also found that this Ye Chen, as if he had a strong magnetic force, began to exude an irresistible attraction to herself, making her want to contact him more and understand his deepest secrets.


Ye Chen looked at the time, it wasn't too late, and it was true that he hadn't had a pleasant drink for a long time, so he nodded and said, "Okay, you pick the place."

      Song Wanting's face was happy and she hurriedly said, "I know a bar that's great!"

      Saying that, she stepped on the gas pedal deeply and sped off towards the city center.

      Downtown, a bar named SUNNY.

      Song Wanting parked her car at the entrance, directly tossed the car keys to the parking boy, and brought this Ye Chen to step inside.

      As soon as the waiter saw her, he immediately said respectfully, "Good evening, Miss Song!Are you still in your old seat?"

      Song Wanting nodded, and the other party immediately said, "Please follow me."

      The first floor of this bar had a dance floor, dj, and was quite lively, but the waiter led them directly to the second floor, where there was a seat with no seats all around by the picked out railing, where not only could you see the lively scene below, but also there was no one around to influence and the music wasn't that loud, so it was surprisingly possible to be downtown.

      As soon as Song Wanting sat down, she immediately said to the waiter, "Two bottles of the best 82 Rafi."

      "Okay Miss Song!"

      The waiter bowed slightly with great respect, and then quickly brought up two bottles of red wine.

      The red wine was opened and part of it was poured into the decanter, the waiter still wanted to serve beside him, so Song Wanting said to him, "You go down, and say hello to your boss in addition, don't bring any other customers on the second floor today."

      "Okay Miss Song!"The other side bowed respectfully and retreated.

      Ye Chen curiously asked, "You have shares here, huh?"

      Song Wanting smiled slightly and said, "This bar is owned by a servant of the Song family branch."

      Ye Chen nodded his head and smiled, "The Song family really is a big family."

      Song Wanting smiled to herself and said, "It's just okay, in this acre of land in Jinling, it's true that there are no families that can compare, but after leaving Jinling, it's actually nothing, in Yanjing alone, there are a large number of big families that are much stronger than the Song family, the Lan family, the Huang family, the Ou family, the Dong family the most powerful and the Su family as well as the Ye family, like the Ye family, one tops theDozens of us, we can only look up."

      Ye Chen smiled without saying anything.

      The Ye family?Isn't that your own family?

      It's just that he still hasn't decided whether he wants to go back or not.

      To speak from the heart, the life right now is actually quite good, not only do you have the Imperial Group and ten billion in cash, but you also have the infinite possibilities brought by the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, it's simply not too cool.

      In contrast, if I went back to the Ye family, I would instead be subject to many restrictions, how could I be as free as I am now?

      Song Wanting now poured a glass of red wine for Ye Chen and herself, handed one of the glasses to Ye Chen, and said with a smile, "Come, Master Ye, let me toast you!"

      The second floor was dimly lit, the waiter had placed two candles on the table, Song Wanting's face looked pink and red under the candlelight.

      Ye Chen took the wine, looked at Song Wanting who was pink with a sweet red, smiled and said, "Miss Song, there is always a reason for drinking, such as what we are celebrating, or what we are remembering, or what we are commemorating, or maybe we are upset or happy about something, so before we drink every glass of wine, we have to say what it is for, you see!How?"


Hearing Ye Chen's special request, Song Wanting smiled and said, "Well, since it's the first glass of wine, then I'll start by saying why.

      Saying that, she cleared her throat and smiled sweetly as she said, "The first glass of wine is of course because of thank you!You saved my grandfather today and did me a great favor!"

      Ye Chen nodded and smiled, "Good, then we'll drink to that!"

      After saying that, he brought the wine glass up and gently clinked it with the wine glass in Song Wanting's hand and drank it all in one go.

      Song Wanting also very boldly drank all the wine in the glass and then asked Ye Chen with a smile, "Mr. Ye, tell us what the second glass is for?"

      "Good."Ye Chen smiled and said, "This second cup, just for fate!In this world, if people can meet each other, it is a fate that has been cultivated for thousands of centuries, you and I are destined to meet, this glass of wine is toasted to fate!"

      "Yes!"Song Wanting smiled and said, "To Fate!"

      Right after that, the third cup, Song Wanting's pretty face flushed red and said, "This cup is toast to Mr. Ye's divine ability to heal, and after seeing Mr. Ye's ability to heal today, the more I conclude that it was no accident that you caused lightning to strike you dead in the Sea of Tranquility, Mr. Ye, would you like to speak for yourself?"

      Ye Chen laughed casually and said inscrutably, "Whether it's a coincidence or not, the heavens are clear enough, as for you and me mortals, we can only say that heaven's secrets cannot be divulged."

      Song Wanting nodded her head and smiled, looking at Ye Chen's beautiful eyes that kept flowing, she said seriously, "For the sake of heaven's secrets not to be revealed, have a drink!"


      After a few glasses of wine, Song Wanting's eyes had a bit of an enigmatic color.

      Although she was a good wine drinker, she had several glasses of red wine in one gulp, and she was inevitably a bit upbeat at this point.

      At this time, it was her turn again to say the toast, and the reason for drinking.

      Song Wanting looked at Ye Chen with a pair of big eyes with some fascination, and suddenly said, "Actually, Mr. Ye, I recently discovered that you're actually quite a nice person."

      "Quite good?"Ye Chen accosted twice and asked curiously, "What do you mean by this is pretty good?"

      "In many ways, I guess."Song Wanting said seriously, "You're much more interesting than the people I usually come in contact with, and many of the people I usually come in contact with have either been complimenting me, holding me up, or obeying me, or have always had some unspoken intentions towards me, so I can say that not many of them are good."

      "What?"Ye Chen asked curiously, "You think I don't have any intentions for you?"

      Song Wanting nodded her head and said, "I feel as if you are somewhat transcendent to the mortal world."


Ye Chen curiously asked, "Transcend the mortal world?How so?"

      Song Wanting said seriously: "Mr. Ye looks like a pretty face, but he is actually very capable, capable without being reckless, he usually doesn't show his face, but once someone touches your limits, you won't hesitate to counterattack, and you are decisive and don't leave any chance for your opponent to retaliate.

      I don't understand why you would want to be a son-in-law in the Xiao family if you have such great ability.The Xiao family is just a second or third-rate ordinary family, how can you, a great god, stay in it?"

      Instead of answering her question, Ye Chen asked her, "Then, where do you think I should stay if I don't stay in the Xiao family?Or rather, where do you think I can stay in it?"

      Song Wanting said seriously, "I think that you should marry with the top big families, a high ranking person like you, countless big families will cut their heads to marry their daughters to you."

      Ye Chen smiled, "What would be the point of that?There's no love factor in this union of interests per se, ah, is a girl from a big family willing to marry a man she doesn't like?Or would you just like your life to be directed and manipulated by your family?"

      Song Wanting said matter-of-factly, "Of course!Any large family has always been particularly strict in disciplining the girls in the family.For example, we must attend a very top aristocratic school, not to learn knowledge, but to learn the social etiquette of the aristocracy, or for example, until a certain age or time, the family strictly forbids us from contacting the outside world of the opposite sex, and never allows us to fall in love ourselves."

      "I'll go."Ye Chen was surprised and asked, "This is the 21st century, ah, how come you big families are even more feudal than those families in our country's ancient feudal society?"

      "This isn't a feud."Song Wanting said seriously, "It's the law of survival of the upper class families."

      "The law of survival?"Ye Chen curiously asked, "How so?"

      Song Wanting said seriously, "We need to cooperate, bind, and exchange resources with other families, so one of our Song Family's family mottoes is very important: all direct members of the family must obey the family's arrangements when discussing marriage."

      "In the feudal society, the requirement for intermarriage in the Song family was that marriages had to take place between cousins, that is, in the past, cousins married cousins and cousins married cousins, this was to prevent dilution or outflow of wealth, but now the state has banned marriages between three generations of blood relatives, but even in foreign countries, there are still many cousins getting married now."

      "Then, our family motto gradually relaxed, we don't require marriages with cousins anymore, but they must be intermarriages with other large families, and the other family's power can be higher than our own, but definitely not too much lower than our own."

      At this point, Song Wanting sighed and continued, "When a family believes that a certain family has value for cooperation, they will try to find a way to allow the male of the family to marry the female of the other family, or marry the female of the family into the other family, in short, every member of the family must put the interests of the family first, and must not disobey any arrangement of the family, especially marriage matters."

      Ye Chen sighed and said, "It seems that this big family also has the frustrations of big families, the richer they are, the greedier they are."

      As he spoke, Ye Chen sighed in his heart, it seemed that if he went back to the Ye family, the Ye family would definitely have to exert the same control over him, and might even despise the Xiao family and force him to divorce Xiao Choran, and then introduce him to a wealthy daughter of the right family.

      It seems that this Ye family really cannot return.

      Thinking in his heart, Ye Chen asked with his mouth, "By the way, I see that Miss Song you are also at the age to marry, I wonder if your family has set up a marriage for you?"

      Song Wanting shook her head and said, "Originally, it was going to be fixed, first my cousin Song Honor's marriage was fixed, his fiancée was a daughter of a northern family that my grandfather had already designated, when it was my turn, my grandfather became seriously ill, so this matter was no longer cared for, but now that my grandfather is recovering from his illness, I guess I'll have to start planning my marriage soon"


When Ye Chen heard that, he smiled helplessly and said, "Miss Song doesn't seem to want to be restrained by the Song family?"

      Song Wanting nodded and said, "I really don't want to, but I don't have any other way.

      "Why?"Ye Chen said seriously, "I think your grandfather's outlook should have changed after this life and death situation, plus it was you who saved his life by finding me this time, if he really appreciates you, and you ask him for a free body or the right to freely decide on his future husband, I'm sure he would agree."

      Song Wanting smiled bitterly and shook her head, saying, "Impossible, even if grandpa was heartbroken and wanted to say yes, he wouldn't dare to."

      "Why?"Ye Chen was puzzled and asked, "Isn't your grandfather the head of the family?He's in control of everything in the Song family, so what else is he afraid of?"

      Song Wanting said seriously, "The Song family has developed many branches over the years, and the branches rely on the rules to restrain each other so that everyone obeys the family rules, otherwise, once you break the rules, others will also imitate them, once your children are free to marry, the children of other families also want to be free to fall in love, in that case, the Song family's loss will definitely be very heavy!, if everyone was so unruly, the Song family could be in total ruin after decades."

      Said Song Wanting, "The Song family has been able to stand since the end of the Qing Dynasty, and has grown all the way to today, mainly because we all abide by the family motto and don't cross the thunder pool, even though we have split up and have many branches, our various branches are supervising each other, and no one will allow anything detrimental to the interests of the Song family to happen."

      Ye Chen sighed and said seriously, "I always thought Miss Song was a very strong woman, but I didn't expect that you were also a trapped beast who had to do everything at the mercy of others."

      "Right!"Song Wanting sighed very lowly and said, "There's no way to fight against this kind of thing."

      At this point, Song Wanting threw her head back, lifted her glass and said, "Mr. Ye, let's not talk about these unhappy things, come on, drink!I'll drink to you again!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly, lifted his glass and said, "Here's a toast to freedom!"

      Song Wanting was slightly startled.

      To freedom?

      Where do you get your own freedom?

      Though depressed, she forced a smile and nodded her head, saying, "Come, let us toast to freedom!"

      She looked at Ye Chen and said with a sigh: "I'd rather be born into an ordinary family, then my life may be a little more difficult, but there are definitely not so many restrictions.Other than that, it didn't give me any real happiness."

      Ye Chen laughed.Said, "Many ordinary people actually envy you even more for being rich people who never have to worry about money, isn't there a saying that you'd rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle, in your eyes, an ordinary family is very rare, and in the eyes of ordinary people, this ordinary is exactly what they want to get rid of the most, everyone cuts their heads to make money, isn't it?"

      Song Wanting looked at Ye Chen and said seriously, "Mr. Ye you just aren't looking to make money!You don't seem to care about the amount of money at all, like just now, ten million for a single pill, you can casually make tens of millions, but you must not want it, you must give it away, isn't that just treating money like dirt?"

      Ye Chen smiled faintly and thought to himself, I treat money like dirt, and that's because I don't lack money.

      You were not watching when I lacked money.

      At first, Auntie Li was seriously ill, and in order to raise enough money for her medical expenses, I whispered and asked to borrow money from her at Old Lady Xiao's birthday banquet.

      I thought that if she believed in Buddhism, she would have the kind of Buddhist thought that saving one life is better than creating a seven-storey pagoda, and would probably lend the money to herself.


But I didn't expect that on the surface she believed in Buddhism, but inside she was actually an extremely greedy and shameless person.

      At that time, if someone wanted to give himself a million dollars, he was even willing to kneel down for that million dollars.

      People, when they don't have money, are unable to resist the attraction of money.

      Those who can truly be money as dirt are people who already have inexhaustible amounts of money to spend.

      Like for example, right now, ten or twenty million is nothing?I don't even know how to spend the tens of billions of dollars in my own account, and the Empire Group makes tens of billions of dollars of profit a year.

      In this situation, what's the point of asking for these 10 or 20 million?I'd rather not have the money and have them worship them, calling themselves Master Ye and Great Benefactor one mouthful at a time.

      That's what's really cool!

      Only, how could she say these words to Song Wanting.

      She now thought that she was a saint who was as rich as dirt and had the ability to see through the heavens.

      In that case, might as well let her continue to think that way!

      At this time, Song Wanting was a bit drunk and said to herself, "Actually, I can endure anything else, but on this matter of marriage, I really don't want to be at their mercy, I don't want to be their pawn, I don't want to marry a man I don't love at all, and I don't want to give all my youth and happiness to the Song family, I don't want to make the same mistakes as my mother."

      Ye Chen asked curiously, "Is your mother, too, in an arranged marriage?"

      "Right."Song Wanting nodded and said, "My mother married my father and was never happy in her life, she was depressed for many years and died at a young age."

      Ye Chen remembered that the last time Song Wanting had lost the relic her mother had left her, according to Master Hongwu, her mother had been gone for over ten years.

      Song Wanting was only twenty-five or twenty-six, she was probably ten years old when her mom was gone, in that case, her mom was really young when she left.

      Song Wanting drank her wine alone, played with the wine glass in her hand, and said with an apologetic face, "I'm sorry, Mr. Ye, for making you listen to so much nonsense from me."

      Ye Chen hurriedly said, "Miss Song don't say that, you must be trusting me for choosing to tell me this."

      Song Wanting nodded gently, wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes and said, "By the way, today, I'm really grateful to you Mr. Ye, not only did you save my grandfather, but you also listened to me complain about so much nonsense, thank you!"

      Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "There's no need to be so polite, we're all considered friends anyway, and it's too polite between friends to be rusty."

      "Mm!"Song Wanting nodded her head heavily and said, "It's getting late, Mr. Ye, why don't I drive you back."

      Ye Chen waved his hand, "You don't have to drive me, but you can't drive yourself in this situation, it's best to find a substitute driver."

      Song Wanting nodded and said, "Don't worry, the female manager here can drive for me, I'll send you back first."


That night, Song Wanting returned to the Song family villa after sending Ye Chen home.

      The Song family master did not follow Ye Chen's instructions to rest, but was sitting squarely in the hall, listening to Song Wanting's father, her uncles, and reporting to her grandfather on the family's recent situation.

      Seeing her return, Master Song hurriedly waved and said, "Wanting, I've been waiting for you."

      "Grandpa!"Song Wanting called out respectfully and asked, "I wonder what Grandpa is waiting for me to order?"

      Master Song said, "That Master Ye is the one you invited over, what exactly is Master Ye's situation, you tell me about it, I want a matter-of-fact narrative."

      "Yes, grandpa!"

      Song Wanting hurriedly said, "Master Ye and I, we met by chance at Jiqing Hall, when Master Ye accompanied his father-in-law"

      "Father-in-law?"Master Song frowned tightly, "Master Ye he's already married?"

      "Yes."Song Wanting nodded in succession."

      "Pity, pity!"Master Song shook his head and sighed, "This is such a pity!"

      Song Honor at the side hurriedly said, "Grandpa, don't worry, this Master Ye I've asked around a bit, he seems to be a door-to-door son-in-law recruited by a very unpopular small family."

      "A small family?"Master Song was even more puzzled, "What small family could find such a multiplying son-in-law?"

      Song Honor smiled, "The Xiao family, I guess you've never even heard of it, grandpa."

      "Indeed I've never heard of it."

      Grandpa Song frowned and said, "Since it's a small family, it's not in the way, we still have hope."

      After saying that, he looked at Song Wanting and said, "Wanting, you continue."

      So Song Wanting continued, "At that time in Jiqing Hall, Master Ye's father-in-law accidentally knocked over one of our antique vases, and then it was Master Ye who repaired it with his lost skill, not only did he fix the vase, but he also doubled its value, at that time I paid a little more attention to Master Ye."

      Immediately after that, Song Wanting recounted the entire story of how she met Ye Chen.

      When she said that Ye Chen had caused lightning to strike Hong Kong occultist Yu Jinghai to death at the Wang family's occult convention, everyone in the audience was stunned!

      "Yu Jinghai?Yu Jinghai," murmured Master Song, "I've heard of this man for a long time, it's said that he had an incomparably mysterious skill, even Li Ka-shing had to sell him some face, but he was killed by Master Ye?"

      "Right!"Song Wanting said with an adoring face, "On that day, Yu Jinghai was arrogant in front of Master Ye, and Master Ye only said thunder to the heavens, followed by a thunderbolt out of thin air, instantly killing Yu Jinghai."

      "My God, what kind of Avatar is this!"Master Song was horrified!

      The other Song family members were scared silly.

      Cue heavenly lightning to strike the Hong Kong occultist?That's a bit too divine, isn't it?

      Then, Song Wanting said, "Later, there was another feng shui master from Hong Kong who tried to hoodwink me, and thanks to Master Ye, he recognized the other side and helped me change the feng shui trap dragon formation!"

      Song Wanting continued to talk about Ye Chen's miraculousness that day, and after Song listened, combined with the fact that he had been saved by Ye Chen today, his entire body was struck by lightning!

      After sitting on the upper seat for a long while, he sighed and said, "This Xiao family has recruited a dragon son-in-law!This Ye Chen, which is still an ordinary mortal, he he is the true dragon in the sky!"

      Song Honor said awkwardly, "Grandpa, this Ye Chen, he's a little bit capable, but it's still a bit too exaggerated to say that he's some kind of true dragon, right?"

      "Hyperbole?"Song said coldly, "Do you think that saying a word of thunder to the heavens and the heavens raining down thunder and lightning is not a great supernatural power?A person with great magical powers, not to mention a true dragon, even a true god, is nothing more than that!"

      Afterwards, he looked at Song Wanting and made sure to say seriously, "Wanting!Grandpa gave you a mission!"


Song Wanting hurriedly said, "Grandpa, you may command!"

      Master Song said, "I want you to recruit this Ye Chen, no matter what, to the Song family to be your son-in-law!"

      "Huh?!"Everyone present, including Song Wanting, were all horrified and shocked.

      However, in Song Wanting's heart, there was a sudden surge of little woman-like excitement.

      However, she still said very cautiously, "Grandpa, Master Ye he, is already married ah"

      "So what?"Master Song said in a resolute tone, "Not to mention that he's already married, even if he already has concubines and piles of children, we still have to win him over!With such a son-in-law sitting in the Song family, it will ensure that the energy of my Song family will increase geometrically, and even become one of the top families in China!Without such a dragon son-in-law sitting in town, a hundred, three hundred, or five hundred years from now, our Song family's sons and daughters may not be able to realize this grand aspiration and make the Song family among the top families in China!"

      Song Wanting hesitated again and again, but suddenly had a strong sense of anticipation.

      She looked at her grandfather and said seriously, "Grandpa, Wan Ting, I understand!"

      Master Song laughed out loud.Yes!Yes!Great!If this is a success, Wan Ting, you will be the next head of the Song family!"

      The whole room was horrified at that!

      When did the Song family head ever give to a woman?

      But, Master Song made a promise just like that!

      You know, Master Song is a man of his word and has never broken a promise in his life!

      For a while, everyone in the Song family had their own thoughts.

      When Ye Chen came home, it was already ten o'clock at night.

      However, once he arrived home, he saw that his family was sitting in the living room and the atmosphere was heavy, which made him wonder somewhat.

      When Ma Lan saw Ye Chen return, her eyes stared and questioned, "Ye Chen, where have you been?What took you so long?Do you still have this family in your eyes?"

      Ye Chen was about to speak, his wife Xiao Choran suddenly furrowed her brows and called out, "Mom!"

      Only then did Ma Lan not attack.

      Ye Chen carried the food to the table and casually asked, "What are you guys talking about, so solemn?"

      Xiao Changkun asked, "You still don't know about today's extraordinarily big news in Jinling City, ah?"

      "What news?"

      "Mileage Company suddenly declared bankruptcy, the partner companies have terminated their contracts, and the creditors came to the door together as if they had an appointment.Their company's CEO, Mei, had a broken capital chain, lost everything overnight, and owed billions of dollars in foreign debts, and was forced by his creditors to jump off a building in the morning, falling into a vegetative state."

      Ye Chen feigned ignorance and said in surprise, "Really?That bad?"

      Xiao Changkun shook his head and sighed, "In the past, Mei Ping was also a majestic figure in the Jinling real estate world, rich and powerful, and I don't know what [Country Novel] people he has offended, but he has fallen to such a state."

      "A person like him deserves to go bankrupt."Xiao Choran's face was icy cold, not at all sympathetic to the pervert who intended to violate her.

      Ma Lan sighed, "So ah Choran, how dangerous is it to start your own business?There's a chance the money won't be made and the life will be lost!"

      After saying that, she looked at Xiao Chu Ran and said in a resolute tone, "So you don't want to do any studio either!Too much risk!If you want me to say it, you'd better go back to the Xiao Group honestly, your grandmother has promised to still let you be the director, after you go back with a million annual salary, isn't it much better than starting your own business?"


When she heard that her mother always persuaded her to return to the Xiao Group, Xiao Churan was very puzzled and asked: "Mom, what kind of ecstasy did my grandmother put into you?Why did you have to let me go back to Shaw's?"

      Ma Lan also got anxious and said, "Isn't it obvious that Xiao's group has a million annual salary?Not as good as starting your own business?What will your father and I do if you lose money starting your business?"

      Xiao Choran spoke firmly, "Mom you don't have to say anything, I will never go back to the Xiao Clan, even if I have to beg for food on the street!I won't fight for buns even if I have to fight for breath!"

      Ma Lan looked like she hated the iron, and lectured Xiao Chu Ran: "Fighting for breath?What's the use of fighting for money if you don't have any?"

      After Ma Lan finished speaking, hanging two lines of tears, she said in distress, "Now the Xiao family company is about to close down, if it does, your father and I won't be able to get our pensions!You know we're all depending on this money for our retirement!And even if your grandmother doesn't treat your dad well, your dad has a bit of a stake in the Xiao Group, so if you don't go back, the dividends will be gone!What if our old couple has no one to turn to in the future?"

      Xiao Choran said off the cuff, "Mom, this is the Xiao family's own mismanagement, and if they really go out of business one day, they'll deserve it!"

      Marashi was in a hurry, "How do you talk like that?We've put in so much effort to endure so many years in the Xiao family, and now we see that the bamboo basket is empty and there's nothing left, have you thought about it for mom?"

      The company has been in the process of developing its own brand of products and services for the past two years, and has been working hard to develop its own brand of products and services," she said.Can't you back me up on something?"

      Ma Lan knew she was at a disadvantage and couldn't speak to Xiao Churan, so she could only sit on the sofa and cover her face and sob, mumbling, "Why am I so miserable!I raised a daughter with a lot of hard work, expecting her to marry a good husband and be a superior, and what happened?Your grandfather had to recruit such a backstabbing son-in-law to come in, and now that my daughter doesn't listen to me, and I have no place in this family, what's the point of me living?"

      When Xiao Churan saw that her mother started to sell her misery and engage in moral kidnapping, she suddenly became anxious and said, "Mom, can you stop bringing out Ye Chen for everything?Ye Chen is now considered to be successful, that villa will be renovated in a while and you will be able to live in it, isn't that a drag on Ye Chen's welfare?"

      Ma Lan cried, "So what if we live in it?Isn't it still on edge to live in there, for fear that the Wang family will react one day and kick us out again?"

      Xiao Choran sighed and said, "If you have to be like this and cry and hang yourself, then I can't do anything about it, why don't I rent a house outside with Ye Chen later and the two of us move out."

      "You" Ma Lan got anxious when she heard this, stood up and said, "You're asking me to split up with us?"

      Xiao Chu Ran nodded and said, "We've both been married for several years, so it's time for us to move out."

      "No!"Ma Lan immediately took off, "Absolutely not!"

      Xiao Churan said seriously, "Mom, if you have to force me to go to the Xiao Group, then I'll move out with Ye Chen; if you don't mention the Xiao Group, then I won't move, choose one of two, you see for yourself."

      Ma Lan stared at Xiao Choran's eyes, knowing that this lady daughter of his was not joking with herself, and suddenly realized that she had overplayed her hand a bit.

      If she really continued to force her daughter into submission by crying and screaming like this, she would probably move out with Ye Chen, and at that time, it would be tantamount to a break with herself ah!


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