The unknown Heir 891


Chapter 891

It took a while before the entire surrounding was quiet again.

    All the crossbows had also stopped shooting from the stone wall, indicating that the mechanism had ended.


    "Oh my god, Brother Chen, I didn't think there was a mechanism in here!"

    Lei Lie then raised his head and heaved a heavy sigh as he opened his mouth towards Chen Hao full of fear.

    To be honest, this really was a situation that no one would have expected.

    However, the team member who had taken down the beads just now had already died a miserable death with dozens of crossbow arrows lodged in his body, having been run through by ten thousand arrows and collapsed in a pool of blood.

    This is what happens when you just mess with something.

    "Listen up everyone, no one move anything!"

    Zhang Lie also stood up at this time and ordered loudly and angrily towards the surrounding team members.

    Hearing Zhang Lie's words, the team members also nodded their heads in response, who didn't dare to move any more and all stood still.

    Whoever was afraid that if they messed up again, and they didn't know what mechanism they would touch, then they would really have no way to get to heaven or earth.

    "Chen Hao, what do we do now?The exit is blocked!"

    Zhang Lie turned to look at Chen Hao again and asked.

    The place where they came in had been blocked by a boulder, meaning that they simply couldn't return the way they came, and the only way to find their way out was from here.

    "Any place like this that resembles a cave with an entrance definitely has an exit, it's just that the exit isn't easy to find so easily!"

    Chen Hao immediately opened his mouth and reminded towards Zhang Lie.

    "Let's look around in here first, there must be an exit!"

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, Zhang Lie naturally did not have any opinions before leading the men to begin searching throughout the dungeon.

    While the five of them stood in front of the roulette wheel, Chen Hao and Fan Lao studied the wheel in front of them.

    "Brother Chen, there seems to be a mechanism underneath that can be twisted!"

    It was at this moment that Lei Lie discovered something and immediately reminded Chen Hao.

    After hearing this, Chen Hao immediately squatted down and looked at the mechanism that Lei Lie had said was a circular one.

    "Chen Hao, this mechanism, if I'm right, should be used to open this roulette wheel!"

    Only then did Old Man Fan narrate towards Chen Hao.

    As Chen Hao listened, he lifted his head and looked towards Fan Lao.

    Chen Hao still believed in what Fan Lao had said.

    Since Fan Lao had said it, then of course, Chen Hao would not feel any problem with it.

    Then, Chen Hao simply and decisively twisted the circular mechanism.


    A crisp sound.

    As the mechanism was twisted, the five of Chen Hao hurriedly took a few steps back, only to see the roulette wheel in front of them begin to turn.

    This caused everyone around them to be on their guard, none of them knowing exactly what would happen next.

    After a while, the roulette wheel stopped spinning after turning 180 degrees.


    Immediately afterwards, a stone door was raised on the stone wall that the roulette wheel was pointed at, and an opening appeared.

    Seeing this scene, everyone revealed their surprise.


    When Chen Hao saw this, he opened his mouth to signal and then entered towards the opening with Lei Lie and the four of them.

    Zhang Lie also hurried with his team to follow Chen Hao into the opening.

    However, this was not the exit, but the entrance to the new dungeon.

    There were tall stone pillars erected on both sides of the dungeon, and each pillar had a platform by its side, with a slight fire light lit in the middle of it.

    "Damn, there's even a palace in here, this palace is even bigger than the previous one!"

    Lei Li screamed out once again.

    "Everyone, be careful and don't move!"

    Chen Hao opened his mouth to warn the crowd, he didn't want anyone else to touch something cheaply.

    "Brother Chen, what are all these things, they look so gorgeous oh."

    Lei Lie walked over to those platforms and asked curiously towards Chen Hao.

    "This is the Eight Treasures Colored Glazed Stage, it's a lighted candle holder specially used for rituals, the candles inside can last for ten thousand years!"

    Chen Hao did not open his mouth to reply, but instead, Fan Lao explained the introduction towards Lei Lie.

    After hearing it, Lei Lie was surprised again, not expecting such a miraculous thing to exist in this world.


    However, at this moment, only one of the team members on the side screamed loudly.

    The team member then began to burn all over his body, his skin was charred, his eyes became hollow, and then turned into a pool of blood.

    Seeing this scene, everyone showed their fears and hurriedly moved away from the blood.

    But then another member of the team started to appear the same way and black insects appeared on their bodies, like spiders.

    "Squeak squeak!"

    At this moment, sounds came from the entire surrounding.

    Chen Hao fiercely looked around, and countless pitch-black spiders surged out of the stone pillars and ground around him.

    "Quick, run!"

    Chen Hao shouted loudly before pulling Lei Lie and the four of them towards the innermost part of the dungeon.

    Zhang Lie also followed suit.

    But soon, Chen Hao's crowd was surrounded by countless spiders, and there was no way to retreat.

    "Brother Chen, what should we do now?"

    Lei Lie was filled with fear as he asked anxiously towards Chen Hao.

    So many spiders were simply too oozing, causing everyone to get goosebumps.

    Not to mention so many spiders, even if there was only one spider, it would be terrifying.

    Chen Hao's brows were furrowed and his face was unusually heavy.

    "Use fire!"

    Chen Hao then shouted out.

    Hearing Chen Hao's words, everyone took out what they could burn and lit things on fire and threw them on the ground.

    But despite the presence of the fire, these spiders still existed and couldn't resist for too long.

    Several more members of the team had already been invaded by the spiders and turned into a puddle of blood.

    Looking at this situation, Chen Hao was very scared and even more terrified, they did not want to end up like these people, they did not want to turn into a puddle of blood.

    Chen Hao's head quickly flew around, thinking of a countermeasure.

    "Zhen Ji, do you have any cosmetics with you?"

    Chen Hao asked towards Zhen Ji after thinking for a bit.

    After hearing this, Zhen Ji also nodded her head for a while and replied, "Right oh, I have something with me, it's an insect and mosquito repellent, I don't know if it works!"

    "Quick, bring it to me!"

    Chen Hao immediately reminded towards Zhen Ji.

    Zhen Ji quickly pulled out a bottle of insecticide from her bag and handed it to Chen Hao.

    This bottle of insecticide was purposely bought by Zhen Ji and placed in her bag, just to prevent some insects from appearing when she went to the mountains and forests, but she didn't expect it to really come in handy.

    Chen Hao received the insecticide, and immediately sprayed the spiders around him in a frenzy.

    A spray, really effective, the spiders have fled everywhere.


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