The unknown Heir 890


As soon as they saw Zhang Lie's team members, they took out their engineer shovels along with various tools, and then started digging at the location underneath their feet.

    "Chen Hao, it will take a little more time to dig through, so let's go to the side and rest for a while!"

    Zhang Lie looked at Chen Hao and suggested that digging a tunnel was not an easy task, it was something that required a lot of time to do.

    Naturally, Chen Hao didn't have any opinions and just nodded his head and agreed before returning to Lei Lie's four men.

    "Brother Chen, do you trust these people?"

    Lei Lie was a little worried as he looked at Chen Hao and asked.

    Chen Hao took a glance at Lei Lie and naturally understood the meaning of Lei Lie's words.

    "Don't worry, I have a sense of propriety!"

    Chen Hao responded towards Lei Lie.

    Hearing Chen Hao speak like this, Lei Lie did not worry about doubting anything, he believed that Chen Hao must have his own considerations.

    "Fan Lao, what do you think?"

    Right after that, Chen Hao looked to the side at the seated Fan Lao.

    All this way, Fan Lao hadn't spoken much, and was surprisingly quiet.

    "One more team is just a little more help, but it's a good idea to be on the defensive!"

    Just listen to Fan Lao speak out of his mouth.

    Chen Hao nodded his head after hearing it.

    After another two hours or so, the tunnel was finally dug through with a loud bang.

    Chen Hao and the others immediately got up and surrounded it.

    Sure enough a huge tunnel appeared right in front of everyone, the passage was pitch black and nothing could be seen at all.

    "You two, go in and explore the passage first, and once you find something wrong, come out immediately!"

    Zhang Lie then ordered towards the two team members behind him.


    The two team members nodded directly to each other, then turned on their flashlights and headed down the passage together.

    The two team members turned on their flashlights and walked all the way towards the passage.

    It took about a few minutes before the two team members came out of the passage.

    "Report captain, everything is fine inside, you can enter!"

    The two team members reported in unison towards Zhang Lie.

    "Okay, everyone, be careful, don't move around and enter with the team!"

    After Zhang Lie heard this, he immediately gave a loud order.


    Hearing Zhang Lie's words, everyone agreed.

    "Chen Hao, come on, let's go in together!"

    After saying that, Zhang Lie looked to Chen Hao and suggested.

    Chen Hao nodded slightly and then followed Zhang Lie into the passage, while Fan Lao and Lei Lie followed behind Chen Hao.

    When they entered, they saw that the stone walls on both sides just had drawings of various colors, and at a glance, one could tell that they had a very long year with a long history.

    "Fan Lao, can you tell what these drawings are?"

    Chen Hao then turned to Fan Lao and asked a puzzled question.

    After taking a glance at it, Fan Lao spoke, "It describes the history of the development of the Ghost Clan in the ancient times, from the very beginning to the decline, it is all described clearly on it, it seems that this place is indeed already part of the Ghost Clan's territory!"

    Hearing Fan Lao's words, all of a sudden Chen Hao and the others were also pleasantly surprised.

    After a lot of hard work, everyone had finally arrived at the Ghost Clan's territory.

    "However, judging from those dead bodies yesterday, the Ghost Clan should still have clansmen surviving, and will pose a great danger to us, so we should be more careful!"

    Fan Lao opened his mouth again to remind the few people towards Chen Hao.

    The people of the Ghost Clan were just completely out of contact with the outside world, they were an independent creature, so they had a great hatred for the outside world, once they encountered them, they would immediately attack, and the Ghost Clan was extremely fast, killing people in an invisible kind of way.

    "Old Master, don't worry, we are not vegetarians, all of us are good fighters, and the amount of him Ghost Clan people don't dare to be arrogant!"

    Zhang Lie, who was at the front, was unconcerned and responded towards Fan Lao with a very confident smile.

    Fan Lao did not react to Zhang Lie's words.

    After walking for about a while, the crowd finally walked out of the passageway, which was about several hundred meters long, and it took nearly ten minutes to walk, and every step had to pay attention to the surroundings and the feet from time to time, the ground beneath their feet were all kinds of gravel, if not for having shoes to walk in, they would have already been pierced through the soles of their feet.

    After Chen Hao's group walked out of the tunnel, they arrived at a huge hall with a roulette wheel placed in the center of the hall, which looked very strange and mysterious.

    "Damn, I didn't expect there to be such a large palace-like place inside this mountain!"

    Lei Lie looked around and exclaimed in shock, this was even bigger than what they had seen in the tomb of the Ghost Nation before, it seemed that this Ghost Nation was indeed powerful.

    Then, the crowd was curiously looking around.

    Chen Hao and the others even arrived at the central roulette wheel.

    "Brother Chen, can you tell if this roulette wheel is there to represent something?"

    After a glance at the roulette wheel, Lei Lie asked curiously towards Chen Hao, trying to get Chen Hao to do some explaining.

    "This is the Ghost Clan's Sun and Moon roulette wheel, it's specially designed to calculate time!"

    Without waiting for Chen Hao to explain, Fan Lao on one side spoke up.

    "Sun and Moon Roulette, but why are they using this thing to open calculate time?"

    Lei Li continued to wonder, looking like he was getting to the bottom of the matter.

    "They're not counting just any time, but the time they need to replenish their blood!"

    Fan Lao directly spoke out.

    This caused goosebumps to spread all over Lei Lie's body as he listened to it.

    It meant that the Ghost Clan used this roulette wheel to calculate the amount of time they needed to take in fresh blood, and once the time was up, they would need to replenish their intake of fresh blood, which was truly very oozing to hear.

    "Captain, there's a bead here that can still be taken down, it must be worth a lot of money!"

    One of the team members then shouted out a loud reminder towards Zhang Lie before extending his hand towards that bead on the stone wall.

    "Don't move!"

    Chen Hao immediately stopped it with an angry shout.

    Unfortunately, it was already too late, so the team member gouged the bead off the stone wall and took it in his hand, looking at Chen Hao with a surprised face, not understanding why Chen Hao was so agitated.


    In the next second, only the entrance to the palace was suddenly blocked by a huge stone falling down.

    "Watch out!"

    Chen Hao shouted again, and then he pinned Fan Lao and Lei Lie on the ground.

    Immediately afterwards, countless crossbow bolts were fired from the surrounding stone walls.

    In an instant, several of Zhang Lie's team members were unable to react in time and were directly pierced by the crossbow arrows, falling down among the pools of blood.

    In one fell swoop, the crowd was pinned down on the ground, and no one dared to raise their heads to look for fear of being shot through the head with crossbow bolts.

    This situation was something that no one had expected, and it was unexpected that there was a mechanism in it.


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