The King of Kungfu in school 961-970


Chapter 961

Mu Qianji said inwardly, "This silly boy is really cheap."But Mu Qianji didn't regret giving Tang Zichen his service.

The two of them ate a sea of food, then found a hotel to stay in and slept right away, after all, they hadn't closed their eyes for 12 days.

And now, the Heaven's End Sect had discovered that the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus had been stolen, and suddenly, the entire Heaven's End Sect was petrified, incredibly.

What was even more incredible was the news that the Moonless Empire's Ten Thousand Year Ginseng had also been stolen.

The theft of the two greatest treasures had become a topic of hot discussion throughout the world, who was so powerful that they had stolen the two greatest treasures.

The Moon Never Falling Empire and the Heaven's Destruction Gate, simultaneously tracked and investigated.

Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen were now far away from the Heaven's End Gate, and were heading towards the third strange treasure, which was, the Water Ape Empire's Archaic Sacred Brain.

This Water Ape Empire was the place that Mu Qianji had invited Tang Zichen to when he was at the Star Ocean Academy, and Tang Zichen had refused because it was too dangerous.The Water Ape Empire wasn't a human, but a water ape, residing in a sea area around the Star Ocean Academy.

Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen would now head to the Star Ocean Academy and then to the Water Ape Empire.

The Water Ape Empire's Swift Sacred Brain should be the most difficult to obtain, after all, Water Ape wasn't a human, it was a sea beast, and to steal their ancestral treasure in the territory of a sea beast, it really wasn't half confident.

However, Mu Qianji had to give it a go. First URL

Although water apes were not humans, they were the most similar sea beasts to humans, and humans were the apes that evolved from them.

And right now, the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire, and the two masters of the Heaven's End Gate were sitting together.

"I heard that your Ice Crystal Snow Lotus has been stolen."

"Yes, your Ten Thousand Year Ginseng has also been stolen."


They were relatively speechless, both feeling a hint of irony.

"Two of the world's five greatest treasures have been stolen, what do you think of this matter?"

"Obviously, it was the work of the same group of people."

"No, it wasn't a group of people, it was one person."

"A single person?"

"That day when my Moon Never Falling Empire's Ten Thousand Year Ginseng was stolen, I saw that person slip away from under my nose with my own eyes, and, looking at the figure, it was a woman, and although I didn't see her appearance, if I were to see her figure once more, I would definitely be able to recognize her."

"You're the Supreme Emperor of the Moon Never Falling Empire, the world's thirty peak Unity Realm powerhouses, but you let that thief escape."The Heaven's End Gate Master snorted.

"That thief could escape, and there was really nothing I could do that day, had I known that thief's second target was the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus of your Heaven's Expanse Gate, I would have lurked to your Heaven's Expanse Gate, and I would have surely caught him red-handed."

"Hoo, it is no longer meaningful to talk about this now, I came to find you today to discuss with you on how to catch this thief."

The Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire said with narrowed eyes, "Since that thief continuously stole the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng and the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, it is very likely that she will steal several other strange treasures."

"Among the five wondrous treasures of the world, the Emperor Insect is legendary, the Vermillion Bird Grass has gone missing, and only the Water Ape Empire's Swallow Saint

The brain still exists in the Water Ape Empire."

"So, if that thief still has a thief's heart, his next target will definitely be the Archaic Sacred Brain."

"That's what I thought, and that's exactly why I came to find you today."

"You want to invite me to the Water Ape Empire with you?"

"Yes, I don't dare to go there alone, the Water Ape is not human after all, it's a sea beast, it's not our clan, there's no way to communicate, besides, that Water Ape Empire's red-haired old ape is too terrifying, I don't have the confidence to escape under his attack, if you and I go together, the two of us will face the red-haired old ape, only then will we have the confidence not to be injured by it."The Master of the Heaven's Expanse Gate said that the two of them, both of them, were one of the 30 pinnacle of the world's Unity Realm, and the Moon Never Falling Supreme Emperor was ranked ninth among the 30 pinnacle, while the Master of the Heaven's Expanse Gate was ranked seventh.

The Heaven's Gate ranked seventh strongest, didn't dare to go to the Water Ape Empire alone, and had to invite the Moonless Supreme Emperor to go, which showed how strong the Water Ape Empire's red-haired old ape was.

The Moonless Supreme Emperor nodded, "Fine, I also have the same intention, but what if that thief doesn't dare to think about the Sacred Brain again?Wouldn't we be wasting our time."

"The world is so big, we lost the Ancestral Treasure, you and I can no longer retrieve it, keep watch in the Water Ape Empire, it's the only way we can possibly catch the thief, even though it's very slim, but it's the only way already, no matter how slim it is, we have to do it."

"Alright, then we'll head to the Water Ape Empire with you, as long as that thief dares to steal the Swift Sacred Brain, I'll definitely be able to catch her."

Mu Qianji did not know in the slightest that the two most powerful people of the Moonless Empire and the Heaven's End Gate had already reacted.

After spending a month, Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen finally arrived at the Star Ocean Academy, where they were going to rest and recuperate before entering the Water Ape Empire.

Returning to the Star Ocean Academy again, Tang Zichen didn't feel the slightest bit as if it was his first time here.

As soon as Tang Zichen arrived at the Star Ocean Academy, suddenly, he was discovered by a person.

"Tang Zichen, you, you're not even dead."

Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen looked up, it was the president of Star Ocean Academy, the last time they met, this president wanted Tang Zichen's flying ship, Tang Zichen deceived him and asked him to help go to the bottom of the sea to kill the sea beast, then Tang Zichen sucked the spiritual power of the sea beast, thus achieving his goal of improving himself.But now, Tang Zichen is suffering from spiritual reversal, which is also considered to be self-rewarding, thanks to the fact that he had taken the Emperor Insect before, and then he took the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng and the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, so his health condition gradually recovered, especially after taking the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, Tang Zichen's realm not only recovered, but also went up a few floors, and now he also has a realm around the peak of the Unity Realm Perfection, only because his IQ receded and he can't unleash the martial dao!The breath was only temporarily unreadable.

"Hey, sister, who's that?"Tang Zichen looked at the man who called his name in confusion.

Mu Qianji snorted, "Whoever it is, forget about it."

The president of Star Ocean Academy flew down, he had heard before that Tang Zichen was dead, killed by the head of the King's Mercenary Group, but he had never expected to run into Tang Zichen here today.

However, even though he ran into Tang Zichen, he was no longer prepared to seek revenge on Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was able to kill even the brother of the head of the King's Mercenary Group, he may not be a match for a pinnacle of the Unity Realm.

When the dean saw that Mu Qianji was only a peak Unity Realm Perfection, the same as his realm, but with a bit of a dragging expression, he snorted, "What are you guys doing in my Star Sea Academy?"


Mu Qianji said, "What am I doing here at Star Ocean Academy, I don't need to report to you."

"Joke, this is my territory, and the island of Star Ocean Academy is mine."

"It's yours, but it can become mine at any time."Mu Qianji said.

"Talking out of your mouth, then let me see what you're capable of."The president of the Star Ocean Academy rushed towards Mu Qianji at once.

"Flipping River Palm."The dean paused to flip his palm, he practiced flipping the palm, when he flipped his palm, the entire river would flip over, in the past, he came to this island in order to practice this flipping palm, because the sea area here was huge, it was the most suitable for practice, later, he became the dean of the Star Sea Academy.But he was very ambitious, how could he be willing to nestle on this lonely island, he wanted to be a king.

When Tang Zichen saw the dean hit his sister, he immediately got angry and said, "If you dare to bully my sister, I won't spare you."

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen shot out his flying dagger, and the idea of certain death swept up.

"Ah."The dean's overturning sea had just been performed, and then Tang Zichen sliced his palm in half.

"You."The dean looked at Tang Zichen incredulously, he was actually, not an opponent at all, and even he didn't know why Tang Zichen was so powerful with just a small flying knife, after all, in this world, there were no people who knew the 'killing intent', and the only one who could comprehend the killing intent was currently the head of the King's Mercenaries.

"Hmph, if you dare to bully my sister, I won't spare you."

"Tang Zichen spare your life."The dean knelt down at once. Remember the URL

Mu Qianji said, "Little courtier, forget it, there's no point in killing a small person, besides, we still have to eat and stay here for a few days, it's troublesome to kill him."


The Dean was sad inside, even his former students had surpassed him by countless amounts.

Mu Qian absolutely ordered the dean, "Go prepare a manor for me, as well as clothes and food."

"Yes."The dean lowered his head and said.

At this moment, a man from the late stage of the Unity Realm flew in from afar and excitedly shouted, "Dean, Dean, there's news, I heard that there's information about the Sucking Power Great Law in one of the memory stones on Martial Island."

The dean, however, glared at the man and roared, "What are you yelling about, get out."

"Uh, Dean, what's wrong with you, weren't you the one who asked me to help snoop around all these years."

Mu Qianji was sharp-eyed and immediately saw that the dean didn't seem to want anyone to know anything.

Mu Qianji asked, "Why do you want to find out information about the Sucking Power Technique?"

"No, nothing."


"It's really nothing."The dean was depressed inside, and stared hard at the person who just came running, when not to report at this time.

Mu Qianji didn't have the patience to ask any more questions, and directly used mesmerism.

Although the dean was in the same realm as Mu Qianji, unfortunately, he was completely unable to resist Mu Qianji's mesmerizing technique, it seemed that Mu Qianji's overall strength had increased a lot because he had taken the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus.

"Say, why do you want to inquire about the Spirit Sucking Technique?"

The Dean said in a confused voice, "Because, there is a treasure, and to open that treasure, you need the God Sucking Great Law to open it."

"A treasure?"Mu Qianji's eyebrows furrowed.

"What treasure?"Mu Qianji asked.

"I'm not sure, but it's very likely that it's the Vermilion Bird Grass that was lost from the Beyoun Villa back then."

"The Vermilion Bird Grass of the World's Five Wondrous Treasures?"Mu Qianji was shocked, this news was too surprising, she was originally here to steal the Swift Sacred Brain, but she didn't expect to stumble upon the information about the Vermilion Bird Grass, could it be that the heavens were really taking care of her?As soon as I came to Star Ocean Academy, I got news of the Vermilion Bird Grass.

"Say, where is that treasure?"

/> "That treasure is at the bottom of the Star Ocean Academy, I heard that back then, the young master of the Beyoun Villa, absconded with the Vermillion Bird Grass, and arrived at the Star Ocean Academy waters, and was chased by the pursuing soldiers, and finally directly blew up and sank the ship, hiding the Vermillion Bird Grass machine treasure chest together with the bottom of the ocean.That organ treasure chest was intricately made, about three meters long and wide, and weighed 100,000 jin, it was impossible to open that treasure chest, and I found that there was a destruction device inside the treasure chest, I couldn't forcefully break it, but after years of research I found that if I could suck power, I could open that treasure chest."

"So that's it."Mu Qianji was delighted and said, "Which seabed is the treasure chest at, take me down to the sea."


Mu Qianji ended the enchantment.

Dean came back to his senses and was busy saying, "You, what did you do to me?"

"Hmph, Dean, I know everything, now if you still want to live, immediately take me down to the sea, find that treasure chest, open it and see if there is really Vermilion Grass inside."

"Ah, you you you, you're despicable."The dean yelled.

"Bang."Mu Qianji slapped the dean back to reality.

"Dean, you don't seem to have thought through your current situation, your little life is pinched in my hands at all times, do you want the treasure or your life?"Mu Qianji threatened.

"Ahhhh."Dean hissed.

"Buzz."Mu Qianji crossed the dean's neck with a sword and said, "Still don't know the time?"

"No, no, this is something I've been working on for decades, no, it's mine, whether I can take it one step further, step into the Unity Realm Great Perfection, whether I can become a strong man at the top of the world, whether I can become the king of a country, it all depends on this, no, no."Dean shrieked like a madman.

Yes, this was a dream he had been expecting for decades ah, I don't know how many years ago, he had already been asking around for information about the Sucking Power Technique, when Tang Zichen first came to the Star Ocean Academy, Yi Tianxing had almost brought him to the dean.If Yi Tianxing hadn't gone back on his word halfway back then and actually brought Tang Zichen to see him, then I'm afraid that the dean would have already opened that treasure.

In spite of that, just now, the person he sent to help find out the news had returned to report that Wulin Island had information about the Sucking Power Technique, and that he only needed to go to Wulin Island, and he might soon be able to obtain the secret of the Sucking Power Technique, thus opening the treasure.

However, all of this was now fantasy, and he had no chance.

No wonder the dean seemed to have gone insane.

Bang, Mu Qianji slapped the dean and knocked him unconscious first, lest he really go crazy.

"You, carry him to where he lives."Mu Qianji ordered that late Unity Realm person, he was the one who just let his mouth slip, otherwise Mu Qianji wouldn't have known.


A few hours later, the dean sobered up.

"My treasure."As soon as he woke up, the dean climbed up.

Mu Qianji said, "Your treasure is no longer yours.I'm giving you one last chance now, take me to find that treasure, otherwise, I'll kill you and then I'll go find it myself, since it's at the bottom of the Star Ocean Academy, I'm going to find it, it shouldn't be hard, I hope you understand."

"Oooh."The Dean cried out, Vermillion Bird Grass, the five wondrous treasures of the world, losing it like this, there really wasn't anything more heartbreaking.

"Still don't understand?Then go die."Mu Qianji was out of patience and killed with a sword.

"Wait, I'll take you there."Dean cried.

"Fine, then go now."

"But if I take you there, you won't get it, you can't even open it."

Mu Qianji said, "It's not a problem for you to worry about."

Of course Mu Qianji could do the Sucking Power Technique, it was just that Mu Qianji had previously scattered the Sucking Power Technique along with it, but for the sake of this treasure, it wouldn't hurt to practice it a bit more and scatter it again when it was finished.

The dean took Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen and entered the sea floor.


Dean took Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen and entered the seabed.

In one of the seabed rock crevices, he saw a large box about three meters long and wide, this large box is a very famous mechanism treasure chest, the structure inside is very complex, I heard that a long time ago, a mechanism master, using a meteorite outside the sky to build it, incomparably hard, want to force open, almost impossible, even if forced to open, will destroy the mechanism inside, and then start the self-destruct device.Precisely because of this, the dean had found this treasure for decades and hadn't been able to open it, and now as a dowry for others, one could imagine how unhappy the dean was.

Of course, whether the treasure inside was Vermilion Bird Grass or not, this was still to be confirmed, but the probability was already very high, because there had long been rumors that the thing that Beyoun Villa had used to hide Vermilion Bird Grass back then was the Organ Treasure Box.

Mu Qianji stroked the Organ Treasure Box, his heart was excited.

Mu Qianji drew her Burial Moon Sword.

"Dang."There was a sound of gold and iron, and an opening appeared in the treasure chest.

The dean was shocked when she saw Mu Qianji's sword and an opening appeared with a single sword.

"That's impossible, no sword can make a mark."

Mu Qianji snorted, "It's just that you're ignorant."

"What kind of sword are you using?Why is it so sharp, no, it's not just about sharpness anymore."

"There's no harm in telling you, the Burial Moon Sword, ever heard of it?" One second to remember to read the book

"Ah, it can't be the evil sword that the Famous Sword Villa, has been guarding for generations, can it?"

"Yes, it seems you still have a bit of insight."

Dean looked at Mu Qianji in surprise, I really don't know how she got this famous sword, the old master of the Famous Sword Villa, but one of the thirty peaks of the world ah, only, now is dead.After his death, someone went to the Famous Sword Mountain Villa to look for this sword, but unfortunately, they were accused of stealing it, this matter is not only known to the old villa master, the other people of the Famous Sword Mountain Villa also don't know where to go, if they knew it was in Mu Qianji's hands, they really thought that Mu Qianji had stolen it.

Mu Qianji said, "How do we open this treasure?"

"This is a mechanism lock, only a mechanism master can open it, but I've been studying mechanisms for decades to open this treasure, but unfortunately I haven't reached the level to open it yet.If I know the Sucking Power Technique, then it shouldn't be difficult to open it again with my Organs Technique."

Mu Qianji said, "Sucking power great method, I will, now I will cooperate with you to open this treasure."

"What? You know the Sucking Power Great Law?"

"Yes. Don't you believe it?Then I'll let you experience it."Currently Ton slapped the dean with his palm, sucking his power.

"Ah, it's really the Sucking Power Method."

"Hurry up, don't dawdle, open the treasure."

"Me."The dean thought that they wouldn't be able to open it even if he brought them down, but he didn't expect that she would be able to suck the power of the Great Law of Power, now he panicked.

"Dean, my patience is limited, you have seen my Burial Moon Sword, even if you don't help me open it, I can still slowly chip away at this machine treasure chest one sword at a time, I am so slowly chipping away at the machine treasure chest, it is not a powerful destruction, it may not necessarily trigger a self-destruct device.This treasure is not meant for you, if you can't see through it, you will never be able to step into the Great Perfection."

The dean sighed deeply, "It's nothing more than that."

After that, the dean had no choice but to perform his mechanism technique, and then let Mu Qianji use the Sucking Power Technique to cooperate, it took five hours, and finally, with a click, the mechanism box was opened.

This mechanism box was very complicated, three meters in length and width, about two and a half meters were all complicated metal structures, only the center half meter wide was the storage space, and right now this half meter wide storage space was holding a sealed

The box.

The Dean looked at the box with excitement.

Mu Qianji carried the box out and then rushed to the surface of the sea.

It wasn't long before he was back on the ground of the Star Sea Academy.

The dean was dead behind the butt, his eyes showing longing.

Mu Qianji was in a house and opened the sealed box.

In this sealed box, there was a martial arts secret, called "Bayer Cloud Palm", then, another sealed vellum, Mu Qianji cut the vellum and inside was a golden grass.

Both the dean and Mu Qianji's eyes were glowing.

Mu Qianji immediately looked at the dean vigilantly and said, "This Vermilion Bird Grass, it is not yours or mine, it is for Tang Zichen to use, you die this heart, in addition, this Beyun Palm, it is given to you."

The dean was helpless, although the Beyun Palm was also a mastery, it was less than a mention compared to the Vermillion Bird Grass.

In front of the dean, Mu Qianji took the Vermillion Bird Grass to Tang Zichen and said, "Little Minister, come, eat something, eat this."

"Sister, let's eat together, shall we."

"No, the amount of this Vermilion Bird Grass is not much, you eat it alone, you will only get sick if you eat it."

"If sister doesn't eat it, then Little Minister Chen won't eat it either."Tang Zichen said in a disturbed mood.

The dean beside him was busy saying, "Tang Zichen, your sister doesn't eat it, so give it to me, okay."

Tang Zichen said, "It's mine and my sister's."

The dean swallowed his saliva and was depressed.

Mu Qianji had to say, "Little minister, then this way, your sister will eat a little bit, and you will eat all the rest, okay?"


Mu Qianji ate a small forked branch of the Vermilion Bird Grass, and the rest was given to Tang Zichen.

"Sister, it's so bitter."

"No matter how bitter it is, you have to finish it."

Dean retained his saliva and stood to the side.

At the end of the meal, there was only a little root left, and the roots of the vermilion grass chewed a few times in Tang Zichen's mouth, which was dry and astringent, and immediately pooh-poohed the residue twice, spitting it onto the ground.

"Little Minister, how can you waste it."

"Sister, Little Minister doesn't want to eat anymore, it's all scraps."

Dean immediately lay down on the ground and used his tongue to lick the little bit of scraps that Tang Zichen spit on the ground, not only scraps, but even the little bit of spit tsk that Tang Zichen spit out was also licked clean.

Mu Qianji was speechless, but didn't say anything.

The dean ended up eating a bit of scraps after all, and it wasn't in vain that he had waited for decades for this treasure, and had even gone to learn the art of organism.

"Alright, now that the Vermilion Bird Grass has been eaten, little courtier, take a quick rest and let the medicine work."

Dean also scrambled to the other room and entered a closed state, although he had eaten some residue, the residue was somewhat useful as well.

Just like that, a day passed, Tang Zichen felt full of strength and roared, "Sister, I feel like I'm going to explode, I'm so strong."

"Boom," Tang Zichen punched out and trampled a house.

The power of this punch was straight up to 150,000 jin.

Mu Qianji laughed, "Tang Zichen, you have eaten four of the Emperor Insect, Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, Vermilion Bird Grass, the five wondrous treasures of the world, after you recover in the future, don't thank me too much, this will be very significant for your future cultivation."


After a day of rest and recuperation at the Star Ocean Academy, Mu Qianji was ready to set off for the Water Ape Empire, the last wonder treasure, the Swallowed Sacred Brain, if Tang Zichen took the Swallowed Sacred Brain again, it would really be a big deal.

However, Mu Qianji didn't know that the Master of the Heaven's Expanse Gate and the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire were already keeping an eye on the movements of the Water Ape Empire, and once they discovered someone intending to steal the Swallowed Sacred Brain, they would take action.

The next day, Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen entered the waters of the Star Ocean Academy and traveled in a certain direction.

A few hours later, they arrived near the waters where the Water Ape Empire was located.

And in the sky, the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire, the Heaven's Extinction Gate Master, was watching the entire waters from a thousand meters high.

"Little Servant, we're almost at the Water Ape Empire, stay close to your sister."

"Mm."Tang Zichen nodded his head in a good manner.

Mu Qianji smiled slightly, but, suddenly, he felt a gaze from the sky.

"Moon Emperor, that sea to the east of the Water Ape Empire, there are two people on the sea, see if they want to go forward to the Water Ape Empire."The Heaven's End Gate's Gate Master said.

"This is the range of the Water Ape Empire, usually no one comes here at all, go down and arrest them, if it's someone who stole our supreme treasure, I'll know as soon as I see her figure."

The two of them rushed down towards the sea. First URL

Mu Qianji immediately sensed it.

"No good, little minister, we're in trouble, there are two peak human powerhouses rushing towards us, one of them has a scent that is extremely similar to the Supreme Emperor who attacked me in the Royal Mausoleum of the Moonless Empire that day, it's over, they must have guessed that we would come here and are waiting for us."

"Quick, dive to the bottom of the sea."Mu Qianji couldn't care less right now and immediately dived into the sea floor.

"Sister, why are you escaping so fast."Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen seemed to sense the scent of fear on Mu Qianji's body.

Soon, Mu Qianji rushed into the sea floor, while on the surface of the sea, the two strong men said, "Escaped into the sea floor, this person must be the one who stole our greatest treasure, chase after her, never allow her to escape."

Saying that, the two strong men also rushed into the seabed.

Mu Qianji held Tang Zichen in tow, feeling like there was no way to get to heaven.

"Female thief, where else to run."A roar came from above the ocean, the roar turned into sound waves in the water, impacting the two, the powerful momentum was not something that Mu Qianji could fight against at all.

Mu Qianji looked around, pulled Tang Zichen into a rocky crevice under the sea, and said to Tang Zichen, "Little Minister, we're in trouble today, now whatever your sister tells you to do, you do it, okay."Mu Qianji said anxiously.Mu Qianji felt that she was afraid that she was going to die today, there had never been such a big shadow of death inside her.

"Sister, are you going to leave Little Servant?No, Little Servant does not want to be separated from Sister, where Sister goes, Little Servant goes."


"No, I won't listen."Tang Zichen cried, as if he could feel the look on Mu Qianji's body that was going to leave him.

Mu Qianji helplessly said, "Little Minister, play a game with your sister, okay."

"Uh, play a game, sister, play what game."

"Let's play peek-a-boo and see who can stay still, okay."


"Then you hide in this rock crack, close your eyes, and if you move, you lose oh, like

If you win the fruit, your sister will be with you forever."

"Good, little minister will definitely win."

Tang Zichen stupidly closed his eyes and didn't move.

Mu Qianji stroked Tang Zichen's head and said inwardly, "Tang Zichen, we're going to be separated, good luck.If I die, please be sure to remember me, sister, always love you, goodbye."

Mu Qianji lovingly looked at Tang Zichen who was seriously 'competing', then swam off into the distance and disappeared into the deep ocean in no time.

Those two strong men naturally went after Mu Qianji, and Mu Qianji played the game with Tang Zichen in order to protect him.

Mu Qianji did not have any chance of being alive today, otherwise she would not have said goodbye to Tang Zichen.

An hour passed, Tang Zichen didn't move a muscle, although he was almost unable to hold his breath, but he had to win, and he couldn't lose if he won to be with his sister forever.So, in time he felt like he was about to suffocate, and he didn't move a bit.

In this way, I don't know how long it took, but Tang Zichen seemed to have suffocated himself to death, and his body floated weakly, like a corpse, along the ocean current.

When Tang Zichen opened his eyes again, he found himself lying on a bed in a thatched hut.

Tang Zichen had no idea how long it had been, it felt like a century.

The last thing Tang Zichen remembered in his mind was that he was in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, first he was attacked by the King's Mercenaries, Yi Tianxing and his wife, as well as Wei Sakura all died, and finally, the Fire Demon fell to the ground due to his severe injuries, and he met another beast, Tang Zichen was no longer able to escape due to his veins being cracked, so he stayed to delay the beast and let Wanderlust escape with Xiao Meng in his arms.

In the end, Tang Zichen once again performed the Sucking Spirit Great Law and killed the beast, but unfortunately, he himself suffered a strong spiritual reaction because he performed the Sucking Spirit Great Law again.

Tang Zichen fainted, and in his confusion, Tang Zichen felt an even bigger beast swallow him and the beast into his mouth together.

Tang Zichen exerted his last strength and once again performed the God Sucking Magic, and finally, killed the beast that swallowed him.Tang Zichen, who was already experiencing spiritual revulsion, performed it again, which was simply adding fuel to the fire.Tang Zichen felt a splitting headache, as if he was going to die, and a lifetime of images flashed through his mind in a flurry.

Then, Tang Zichen completely lost consciousness.

When he woke up again Tang Zichen found himself lying on a bed in a thatched room, the bed was made of straw.

Tang Zichen felt as if it had been a century long, as if there were many things he couldn't remember, as if there was still someone or something very important he had forgotten.

"Father, he's awake."At this moment, a woman at the entrance of the thatched room shouted out loudly.

Tang Zichen looked at the woman, a woman in animal skin with two leaves stuck to her chest, covering up the crucial points, but only two points.

The woman walked over to Tang Zichen's bed and looked at Tang Zichen in surprise.

Tang Zichen asked, "You are?"

"Handsome, you're finally awake."

"Where is this?"Don Zichen asked.

"Just go out and take a look."

Tang Zichen stepped out of the thatched cottage and took a look, it was an isolated island, surrounded by the sea, and on a distant beach, there was a man dressed as a fisherman, dragging a fish with many freshly caught fish in it.


High up on this island, there was a thatched hut with many coconut trees growing around it.

The man fishing in the distance smiled, "You're awake."

"Here is?Why am I here?Tang Zichen asked, he was obviously in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts definitely didn't have an ocean, that was too far away.

"Oh, if you're asking me where I am, honestly, I can't answer you, you can see for yourself, there are oceans everywhere, and I'd like to know where it is."

"Why am I here?"

"Oh, I can answer that for you, but about six months ago, when I was fishing, I pulled you out of the sea."

"What do you mean, six months ago?Fetch me out of the sea?"

"Yeah, you've been asleep for half a year, I thought for sure you wouldn't wake up, I wanted to throw you into the sea a long time ago, but, ahem, my daughter hasn't seen another man in her life, so she wouldn't let me throw you away, so she said that even if I were a specimen, I'd have to keep you."

The girl was suddenly shy, "Father, people are embarrassed."

"Uh, what do you mean."

"Haha, truth be told, we fell into the ocean and then drifted here twenty years ago because of a plane crash.We didn't know where it was, and I had no choice but to live on this island, but fortunately, there was a woman who drifted to this island just like me.After that the woman and I lived together on this island, slowly, a man and a woman, you know, and after that my daughter was born.She's only seen one man since she was born, so my daughter is very happy since you've drifted here.I was going to see you for half a year without waking up, must be a vegetable, to throw you to the sea, my daughter is hard to see a man, how can I throw you ah, hahaha.Kid, my daughter has been scrubbing your body every day for the past six months, and several times a day oh." Remember the website

"Ah."Tang Zichen's chrysanthemum tightened, looking at that young girl, that young girl was shy, no wonder Tang Zichen felt incomparably clean, dare to say that in the past half year, every day, he was scrubbed several times by this young girl who had never seen a man's body ah, Tang Zichen's pure body was all she saw.

The man said, "Don't be shy la, coming to this island, it's fate, anyway, you won't have any other women to match you, afterwards you two will be a pair, all of us, try to make this island more populated, afterwards we will be a little more lively, hahaha."

"Me."Tang Zichen's scalp tightened.

That man patted his daughter's shoulder and laughed, "Daughter, you've been looking forward to it since you were a little girl, and you're finally looking forward to a man, this is happy, hahaha."

The young girl was very embarrassed.

At this time, a woman came out of the woods in the distance, that woman was also wearing animal skins, with two leaves attached to her chest.

This woman must be this man's woman, the woman who drifted together on this island after the plane crash back then.

"You two cultivate your relationship, if you cultivate your relationship well, you can start your man-making plan tonight, hahaha."The man patted Tang Zichen's shoulder again, then walked away, seemingly happy.

Tang Zichen looked at the ocean, and a little bit of a trance, feeling like his head, missing a long memory, and that there were some very important people to forget, but, couldn't remember anything .

Tang Zichen immediately inspected his body, and realized at once that his body had changed so much, his physical quality was surprisingly good, whether it was the meridians, or the tendons, bones, strength, and essence, they all had a non

The usual high quality has improved, and Tang Zichen's martial arts realm has reached the peak of the Unity Realm Perfection.

"Strange, my physical quality has improved so much, I had broken my meridians and my spirit reversed, I thought that I couldn't possibly be alive, why have I woken up now, my physical quality has improved so much, even my martial arts realm has improved so much.How long had I, in the end, been asleep?How did I drift from the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, to this lonely island?"

"It's just that it's good to be alive, no matter how he drifted here.Mei Qian, Xuan'er, Xiangyun, how are you guys doing?And Xiao Meng, Big Brother Tianya, have you escaped from the Beast Forest?I really want to get back to you guys."

"The priority is to leave this lonely island, God knows where it is and how far it is from the nearest continent."

At that moment, the young girl beside Tang Zichen called out softly, "Hey, what's your name?"

"Uh, hello, thank you for saving me, thank you, my name is Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen was busy coming back to his senses and thanked the young girl.

"It was my father who saved you, not me, by the way, my name is Su Vacheron, I'm eighteen years old, and you?How old are you?"

"Oh, I'm, like, twenty-two, I think."Tang Zichen said uncertainly, for Tang Zichen didn't know how long he had been asleep, and Tang Zichen felt that it must have been more than six months, for he always felt as long as a century had passed.

"Ah, but I look at your appearance, you're not older than me, you're only seventeen or eighteen years old."

"Oh, how could that be."

"Really, if you don't believe me, take a picture of you in the water."

"Alright, Sutachin, thanks, can you leave me alone."


Su Vacheron walked away, and Tang Zichen sat alone on the beach, wondering what to think about, there was always too much to think about after such a long slumber.

What Tang Zichen was thinking about was how to get back.

Also, Yi Tianxing and his wife, Wei Sakura and their deaths, this revenge will be avenged.

Tang Zichen vowed that he would take revenge on the King's Mercenaries, the head of the King's Mercenaries, didn't he have more than a dozen brothers?Since he didn't even cherish other people's brothers, he had no right to have brothers, Tang Zichen vowed that he would kill his brothers one by one, and finally, kill him himself.

Tang Zichen clenched his fists in secret.

However, Tang Zichen felt a surge of fear as he remembered his strength, his thick kitchen knife, Tang Zichen felt a surge of fear now that he thought back on it, it was too strong, almost routinely, as long as the knife was out, it was bound to break into two halves, before the opponent could react, it was usually already in two halves.

Honestly, Tang Zichen had never seen such a powerful blade before, and within himself, Tang Zichen couldn't think of any move to deal with it, even his Ghost Wheel Resolve couldn't dodge it at all, it was simply like the killing intent comprehended by those Ancestor Realm powerhouses in his previous life.

"Wait."Tang Zichen suddenly sat up from the beach.

"Sure-kill intent?Must kill?That king's mercenary leader, that blade technique of his, couldn't it be, the idea of certain death?It wasn't because of the blade at all, but, rather, the idea of a sure kill?Heavens, this is a martial idea that only a Master realm powerhouse could comprehend?Don't tell me it's true."Tang Zichen was shocked, if it wasn't for the sudden thought of the Ancestor Realm, he wouldn't have reacted.

Tang Zichen felt terrifying for the talent of that king's mercenary leader, and even felt that he wouldn't be able to take revenge at all.

Tang Zichen hadn't realized it at the moment, but in fact, he had also comprehended the idea of certain death.


"Only Zongshi realm powerhouses can comprehend the killing intent ah, the killing intent is the most dominant characteristic of Zongshi realm powerhouses ah, that king's mercenary group's leader, how is it possible."

Tang Zichen felt hopelessly avenged, but he was very unhappy.

"No, he must be defeated, if he can comprehend the must-kill intent, then why can't I?"

"I can do it too."

Just then, a yell came from the distance, "It's not good, father, mother, the sea beast is coming again."

Tang Zichen turned his head to see that a sea beast was coming up on the beach in the distance, and the girl called Su Vacheron was running towards the thatched hut.

The sea beast wasn't strong, just a very ordinary sea beast, but nevertheless, it was enough to eat Su Vacheron.

The blood bowl was already on top of Su Vacheron's head.

Tang Zichen blinked and picked up a shell from the ground.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen shell threw it, and there was a feeling within Tang Zichen that he could split the beast in half.

Because of this feeling, the shell, based on Tang Zichen's inner 'must kill' intention, really did break that beast in half. One second to remember to read the book

"Bang."The sea beast that was split in half collapsed.

Su Vacheron looked at Tang Zichen in surprise.

Tang Zichen was amazed at the moment, he just felt inside that it could, and it turned out to be true.

"This?"Tang Zichen was stunned there.

After a few seconds, Tang Zichen said under his breath, "Isn't this just a must-kill idea?When did I comprehend the must-kill idea."

Su Vacheron's parents came rushing over from the thatched-roof side, spears and forks in hand, and they were shocked to see the sea beast split in half.

Tang Zichen picked up another shell, technically a shell fragment.

Tang Zichen looked to the coconut tree next to the thatched hut.

Tang Zichen was incomparably sure that he could 'kill' that coconut tree.

"Swoosh."The shell fragment in Tang Zichen's hand shot up.

"Wow."In the blink of an eye, the coconut tree, which was seven or eight meters tall, was split in half by Tang Zichen's shell fragment.

"Wow."Su Vacheron and her parents were stunned.

"So he's not an ordinary person like us, he's an expert."Su Vacheron's father said.

"Father, is he what you always say he is, a martial arts expert?"

"Or what."

"Well, then, he and I, we still make a pair?"

Sovereign's father said, "People are experts, there must be a way to get out of here, they don't even have to be here to build people with us."

"Oh."Su Vacheron Constantin was lost for a while.

But Su Vacheron's father was very happy, if Tang Zichen really had a way to get out of here, then he could also go home, so he was very happy to run to Tang Zichen.

And Tang Zichen was now in a state of euphoria.

"It's true, I actually comprehended the killing intent, what have I experienced that made me not only raise my realm, but also my body, I even comprehended the killing intent."

Although Tang Zichen couldn't feel anything after his spirit reversal, he was still very happy.

"Meet senior, I didn't know that senior was originally a strong martial artist, if I've offended you, please forgive me."Su Vacheron's father was busy.

"It's me who has to thank you, no need to be polite.


"Senior, you're a strong martial artist, so you definitely seem to have a way to leave here."

Tang Zichen said, "It's not impossible for me to stay here, so I won't take part in the man-making plan you mentioned, hahaha."

"Senior is laughing, where does my daughter have the qualifications to build a human with you."

Tang Zichen asked, "You've drifted to this island for twenty years, have you never thought about how to leave?It's not a paradise where sea beasts occasionally appear."

"I won't hide it from senior, I have tried to build ships, but, I almost died, because there are sea beasts in the sea, so, I don't dare to take any more risks and have been living here, but, occasionally, there are still sea beasts coming ashore, but, we can hide in the basement and be safe.We dug a basement under the thatched hut."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Then, starting tomorrow, you go build the boat and we'll leave this island together."

"Good."Su Vacheron's father nodded with great excitement.

"Where is your hometown?I see that your appearance is similar to mine, so you should be from some of the countries surrounding the Yan Huang Empire."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, is Senior a member of the Yan Huang Empire?"


"That's too coincidental, I'm from the glazed country, our glazed country is next to the Yanhuang Empire."

"Indeed it's a coincidence, I'm not a stranger to the Glazed Kingdom, well, you go and get busy."

"Yes, Senior, I'm going to cut down trees and build a boat."


After a month of hard work, Su Vacheron's father finally produced a boat that was ten meters long, and as long as they didn't encounter any sea beasts, or a huge tsunami, crossing the ocean wasn't a big problem.

Once everything was ready, they started to leave the island.

The three members of Su Vacheron's family looked at the island's thatched cottage with great emotion, and finally, boarded the boat to leave.

With Tang Zichen's martial arts skills, the many sea beasts that they encountered were all resolved by Tang Zichen, and no matter what sea beasts appeared, even if there was a mountain of them, they were invulnerable in front of Tang Zichen's expert.

Only then did the three members of Su Vacheron's family realize how lucky they were to have met such a powerful expert, who was simply sent by the heavens to save them.

Tang Zichen's martial arts skills were indeed very strong, and he was at the peak of the Unity Realm Perfection and had comprehended the killing intent.

In addition, Tang Zichen's Herculean Strength had a strength of 150,000 jin.

Tang Zichen originally wanted to practice more, but he found that Herculean Divine Power had already been practiced to the extreme, to the top.

To be able to reach 150,000 jin in one punch was all because Tang Zichen had taken many world wonders, otherwise it would have been 100,000 jin, a power that was already at the top level of Herculean Divine Mercy.

After drifting in the sea for ten days, "Wow."The sound of another sea beast rose up from the sea.

Tang Zichen didn't use the killing intent this time, the ones with too much killing intent would also cause weakness, if it wasn't a strong enemy, it would be unnecessary.

"Boom."Tang Zichen leapt, and his entire body shot towards the sea beast, blasting it with 150,000 kg of power.

The sea beast flipped over in the ocean, then disappeared and fled.

Tang Zichen stepped on the surface of the sea and flew back to the ship.

Su Vacheron looked at Tang Zichen with eyes full of fascination, after watching Tang Zichen spike all the sea beasts in the past ten days, Su Vacheron's feelings for Tang Zichen grew stronger and stronger, so strong that it was impossible to restrain them.


"Senior Tang, we've been drifting at sea for ten days, when exactly will we be able to see a land."

"Don't ask me, I don't know, although we have been drifting at sea for ten days, we may not be very far from that island, keep floating until you see some land."

At night, Tang Zichen slept in the aft cabin of the ship.

The whole ship, three cabins in all, fore and aft, and in the middle of it was occupied by Su Vacheron.

"Knock knock knock."Brother Tang, are you asleep?"There was a knock on the door of Tang Zichen's cabin, and Tang Zichen pulled it open, and Sovaldi stood outside.

"Something wrong?Sister Sue."

"Brother Don, may I come in?"

Tang Zichen's brow furrowed, the cabin was very small, only the size of a bed, but Tang Zichen still nodded.

Su Vacheron sat in the cabin.

"Sister Su, it's so late, why are you still up."

"Can't sleep, my parents are noisy." First URL

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled slightly, Tang Zichen had known that the sound of popping was coming from the ship's bow cabin, and they hadn't, it seemed that they couldn't endure it for more than ten days.

"Big Brother Tang, let's play too, shall we."

"Uh, play what?"Tang Zichen was confused.

Su Vacheron said, "It's the same as my parents play."

Tang Zichen's face sank, this Su Capacitor, a little too direct.

"Sister Su, please have self-respect."

"What's self-respect?I grew up on the island and I don't know a lot of things."

"You go out."

"Brother Don, my mom says it's fun, let's have some fun."

"Get out."Tang Zichen's voice was a bit loud.

Su Vacheron's eyes were red and he looked very aggrieved.

Su Vacheron grew up on the island, and since she was born, she had only met three people including Tang Zichen, so naturally her education wasn't that comprehensive, which was why she seemed a little less self-conscious.

"Brother Tang, why?Because you're a kung fu master?But my parents say it's the same for anyone."

"Get out, will you, don't let me tear your face off, Sutra, I originally thought you were a pretty innocent little girl, but how I feel now, you're simply like a primitive, innocent like a primitive, with no shame."

"Brother Tang, I don't understand your words very well, I'm afraid that in a few days, we'll be on shore and we'll never see each other again, that's why I want to play with you ah."

"Get out."Tang Zichen yelled.

At that moment, Su Vacheron's parents came in a panic, not even dressed yet.

"Vacheron Constantin, what are you doing.I'm sorry, Senior Tang, my daughter didn't say anything disrespectful to you, I'm sorry I'm sorry, it's all because I didn't educate her well."

Tang Zichen said, "It's nothing, let her go back, don't bother me if you're fine, I want to practice."

"Good."Su Vacheron was dragged away and slapped by her father, Su Vacheron looked at Tang Zichen in aggravation, she didn't seem to know what was wrong.

Tang Zichen closed the door of the cabin, this Su Vacheron Constantin, the growth is okay, unfortunately, too innocent, back to the human society, also this has to be taught properly, otherwise like the primitive man, the road met beautiful opposite sex, on the spot to make that kind of request, too bad.

Tang Zichen continued to drift in the sea for a month.

The month of drifting was indeed very boring, and sometimes, Tang Zichen really felt a bit eager when he saw the way Su Vacheron wiggled his buttocks and walked by.

> Of course, apart from being bored, Tang Zichen's greatest achievement was that he had stepped from the peak of the Unity Realm Perfection to the first level of the Unity Realm Perfection.

Tang Zichen desperately wanted to find someone to cut his teeth with.

As for the other martial arts, Hercules was trained to the top.

Tang Zichen's previous Dragon Descending Sword Technique and God Killing Saber Technique, despite Tang Zichen's repeated and continuous efforts to increase their power, were close to being capped at this level, and any further improvement would only be very slight.

In fact any martial art, after practicing at this level, it was already at the top level, and whoever understood the martial idea more deeply was stronger.

Finally, after forty-two days of drifting on the sea, Tang Zichen saw the shadow of a mountain faintly visible in the distance ahead.

"We've finally seen land."Tang Zichen said.

"Wow, we've finally landed, I'm going to die of thirst if we don't land again."Su Vacheron's father said with dry lips, because the fresh water he brought had already been drank, and the seawater was all salt, so he could only rely on Tang Zichen to kill the sea beasts and then drink their blood, so as to replenish his physical identity, if Tang Zichen, the healer, wasn't there, and they drank the blood of the sea beasts every day, their intestines and stomachs would probably have already been unable to stand it.

The ship finally docked.

They came to a place in an unknown empire.

"Hello, what is this place?"

"Nerves? What are you doing here anywhere."That passerby said despicably.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk nonsense, used hypnosis and asked, "What empire is this place."

"This is the White Luo Kingdom."

"White Luo Country, where is there a plane here?"

"What's a plane?"

Tang Zichen was so stunned that he didn't even know about the plane.

"How far is this place from the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts?"Tang Zichen asked again.

"What is the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, he didn't even know about the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, it seemed that this person was too low, it was better to find a strong man and ask for directions.

Where to find a strong man?

Without a doubt, of course it was to go to the palace of the White Luo Kingdom.

With Tang Zichen's current strength, he could probably spike the king of the White Luo Kingdom, which was so backward, it must be a tiny empire, and the king must not be much stronger.

Tang Zichen brought the three members of Su Vacheron's family directly to the palace of the White Luo Kingdom.

Even the palace was small, it really was a small place.

"Wait for me here, I'll send someone out to take you in when I'm done with it."

"Okay, thanks."

Tang Zichen flew into the palace and let his Qi out, and soon after, a man at the peak of the Unity Realm completion flew out.

Upon seeing Tang Zichen, he was first stunned, then lowered his head and said, "Meet senior."

"You're the king of the Bai Luo Kingdom?"

"Yes, Senior came to my Bai Luo Country, I don't know what you want, my Bai Luo Country is just a small country, the third last in the world, and it is poor and backward, and near the sea where there are many sea beasts, there is no future at all.Truth be told, there is a genius in my Bai Luo Country who has now entered the United Nations, and I am very close friends with him, senior may wish to carefully consider whatever he wants to do."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Entering the United Nations, I'm afraid this is not enough for one hand."

"Ah."The King of the White Luo Kingdom turned white, that genius who entered the United Nations was already at the second level of the Unity Realm, but it wasn't enough for him to have one hand.That late stage of the Unity Realm, if he hadn't been disinterested in the White Luo Kingdom, I'm afraid this White Luo Kingdom would have changed masters.


Tang Zichen said, "You think I want to steal your Bai Luo Kingdom?You misunderstood, I have no interest, not even in the rising powerhouses of your own country, let alone me, I am passing through this place and want to find a place to rest, I also expect you to make arrangements for me, I also have three friends, who are outside the palace, you also send someone to bring them in."Tang Zichen's tone was almost commanding, but the king of the White Luo Kingdom was greatly relieved.

"I see, but it's rude of junior, senior please, it's an honor for my country to come to my White Luo Kingdom, please."

Tang Zichen unceremoniously flew into the palace hall, and the king immediately ordered down to arrange everything for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen immediately went out and took a bath and changed into clean clothes, in fact, Tang Zichen didn't pass on clothes at all, only animal skins around his waist, so the king of the White Luo Kingdom, seeing Tang Zichen dressed so lowly, only then would he think that Tang Zichen wanted to beat him up.

After taking a bath, Tang Zichen accepted the invitation to the grandest of banquets, along with the three members of Su Vacheron's family.

At the banquet, the king of Bai Luo Kingdom very politely poured wine and toasted.

After Tang Zichen was full, he asked, "How far is the White Luo Kingdom from the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts?"

"What, the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts?"

"Don't tell me you don't know."

"Senior is joking, of course I know about the Ten Thousand Beast Forest, it's a very dangerous place, the beasts of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest are no better than sea beasts, they are very fierce."

"Don't give me that far, I'm only asking you, how far away is the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts." Remember the URL

"Back to Senior, Senior is unable to answer you because, Senior has never been to the Ten Thousand Beast Forest either."

"What? Isn't the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts near here?Even if it's not nearby, it's not too far away."

"Senior, the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts is in the far north, it's very far away, why would senior say it's very close."

Tang Zichen was puzzled, his last memory was in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, so why would he run to an island that was far away?

It seemed that Tang Zichen had really experienced a lot after the spirit reversal, no wonder Tang Zichen felt as soon as he woke up that there was a long period of something in his memory, and there was a very important person or thing.

Tang Zichen also didn't know why the things he experienced after the spirit reversal would be completely forgotten.

Unless, the Tang Zichen after the spirit reversal was completely different from the normal Tang Zichen, even the entire person was different, as if they were one body, two different people.

"Then, I want to travel to the Yan Huang Empire, how do I get there?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Ah, the Yanhuang Empire, I've been to the Yanhuang Empire once, it's in the far east, unfortunately, we don't have any planes in the Bai Luo Kingdom, if senior wants to go to the Bai Luo Kingdom, I suggest that senior first head to a nearby place called the Purple Mountain Empire, where there are planes, although there may not be a direct connection, but at least we can approach it slowly."

"Okay, thank you for your hospitality."

"You're welcome, I've already prepared enough beauties for senior in the evening, please don't be shy and enjoy yourself."

Tang Zichen said, "It's not necessary."

"Uh, why not, truth be told, the beauties I've prepared for senior are all eighteen years old, and they're all still pure bodies, senior might as well return to his residence to take a look at them, they'll definitely satisfy senior, senior is an honored guest of my Bai Luo Kingdom."

"No need."Tang Zichen said without hesitation, although Tang Zichen's body may indeed be eager, Tang Zichen's heart did not need it.

Tang Zichen returned to his place and saw eighteen beautiful women, standing in a row, at the door.

These eighteen beauties, Tang Zichen's eyes also lit up at the first sight he saw, were indeed beautiful .

The king of the White Luo Kingdom did not lie and really treated Tang Zichen as the grandest guest.

Tang Zichen wanted to open his mouth and let them go, but his body seemed to betray his heart.

"Phew."Tang Zichen sighed and said, "Put your clothes on all of them."

These eighteen beauties, all wearing only three points, with good bodies and good faces, looked like they were at the mercy of Tang Zichen's arrangements, very striking, no wonder Tang Zichen didn't want to inside, but his body betrayed him.

However, the eighteen beauties did not listen to Tang Zichen's words, walked up to Tang Zichen, surrounded Tang Zichen in the middle, as if well-trained, touching the ears, touching the arms, licking the ears, very professional.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, so professional, really still a pure body?Tang Zichen, out of curiosity, immediately took the pulse of one of them, and found that they were indeed intact, but, Tang Zichen didn't believe it, and tested them even deeper under their navels, which revealed the truth, they were only superficially pure, in fact, they had already been through the sands, they were all well trained, but by blowing some kind of medicine, they could become intact.

"Hmph, that King Bai Luo, engaging in such a little trick."

With a wave of his hand, Tang Zichen said, "Get out quickly, don't force me."

"Yes."Only then did the eighteen beauties hurriedly leave.

Tang Zichen wasn't angry at such a little trick by King Bai Luo, much less looking for trouble with him, although these beauties were imposters, they were at least a piece of people's enthusiasm.

Tang Zichen stayed in the White Luo Kingdom for two days, thoroughly rested, and then prepared to depart.

The three members of Su Vacheron's family also followed him on the road.

Taking a boat to a place called the Purple Mountain Empire in the nearby continent, the Purple Mountain Empire wasn't far from the White Luo Kingdom, and it was only about a five-day boat ride.

This ship was still sent out by the King of Bai Luo himself to see him off, eating and drinking well along the way, and it was worlds apart from the ship he had built before.

After five days, Tang Zichen finally arrived at the Violet Mountain Empire.

When he arrived at the port of the Purple Mountain Empire, Tang Zichen immediately saw many modern things, this place was more like a modern country, only, the degree of modernization was relatively low, about fifty years ago, the Yanhuang Empire.

Tang Zichen likewise went directly to the imperial capital of the Purple Mountain Empire, as they were in the imperial capital as soon as they landed, and since they had come to the imperial capital of the Purple Mountain Empire, it was naturally necessary to pay a visit to the imperial palace.

In the meantime, Tang Zichen could also battle with strong people and test his strength.

Tang Zichen stood in the sky above the Purple Mountain Empire and let his strength loose.

A gray-haired old man rushed out from the depths of the palace, this gray-haired old man, dressed in magnificent king's clothes, had a strong and sufficient Qi, and had already reached the second level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection.

It was a level higher than Tang Zichen's realm, but Tang Zichen didn't take him seriously.

Because, from the first moment Tang Zichen saw him, Tang Zichen had a feeling in his heart that Tang Zichen could 'kill' him.

Therefore, if Tang Zichen was going to do it, then it could definitely be a sure kill, unless there was something that Tang Zichen hadn't expected, or there was something that the other party was so deep that Tang Zichen's 'feeling' had overlooked it.

"Where's the boy who dared to let out your bastard qi over my Purple Mountain Empire."The king of the Purple Mountain Empire saw that it was a Unity Realm Great Perfection first level, and became furious, although Tang Zichen was only one level behind him, but in this level, let alone one level, even between the same realm, there was time that differed greatly, a difference of one level, in the Unity Realm Great Perfection, it was already a vastly different existence, one that he could completely kill in seconds.


Tang Zichen looked at the king of the Purple Mountain Empire with a slight sneer on his lips.

"You still let out a disdainful sneer, looking for death."

The King of the Purple Mountain Empire immediately issued an attack, with a move of his hand, a weapon similar to a Guillotine shot at Tang Zichen, this Guillotine-like weapon was also practiced to the extreme, almost killing people a hundred meters away, if it were an outsider, I'm afraid it wouldn't be so easy to deal with.

Even though it was Tang Zichen, the moment he sent out the Guillotine, Tang Zichen suddenly felt a huge intimidating force.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen instantly sent out his blade, aiming for that Blood Droplet, Tang Zichen's heart also felt a sense of certain death towards that rushing Blood Droplet, which meant that Tang Zichen was completely able to stop that Blood Droplet.

"Dang."After a sound of sparks clashing with gold and iron, the opponent's Guillotine weapon split in two, and all attacks immediately disappeared.

"Ah."The king of the Purple Mountain Empire saw his weapon cut in half, his face turned white while a mouthful of blood spurted out, after all, he needed extremely strong internal and mental strength to manipulate the weapon, and the sudden interruption caused the blood and qi to go haywire.

"You are not my opponent at all, don't make unnecessary sacrifices."Tang Zichen said, Tang Zichen didn't mean to kill him.

"Who are you?What do you want?"The king of the Purple Mountain Empire said with a wipe of blood from the corner of his mouth.

"I'm passing through here and want to go to the Yanhuang Empire, I want you to make arrangements to send a plane to take me to the Yanhuang Empire."

"Our country's planes are still backward, it's impossible for them to fly that far, and besides, even the most advanced planes can't fly that far." A second to remember to read the book

"No harm done, get me as far as you can.Besides, we need a night's rest and we're leaving tomorrow, so you can set me up, I have three more friends, four in all."

"Hmph, not earlier."The king of the Purple Mountain Empire snorted in depression, in fact it was useless for Tang Zichen to say it earlier, Tang Zichen didn't crush him with his strength, how would he take care of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to bother with him that much, anyway, it was getting late and stayed in the Purple Mountain Empire.

Of course, the king of the Purple Mountain Empire wasn't as polite as the king of the Bai Luo Empire, who entertained Tang Zichen and even arranged for beautiful women and such, but just let the people below entertain him without personally coming out to accompany the wine.

Tang Zichen didn't mind, after all, we didn't know each other well.

However, the king of the Purple Mountain Empire was not too self-conscious, if it were someone else, he would have to treat you well.

The next day, Tang Zichen boarded a special plane, which was arranged by the Purple Mountain Empire, to fly to an empire called Abelja, and then changed planes again, approaching his destination step by step.

A few days later, the plane arrived in Abelja, and Tang Zichen and the three members of the Soviet family temporarily disembarked from the plane.

Walking out of the airport, Tang Zichen went to the ticket hall and asked the conductor, "Is there a flight to the Yanhuang Empire?"

"I'm sorry, but we don't have diplomatic relations with the Infamous Empire."

"Uh, I see, so I'm going to the Yan Huang Empire, where can your plane reach the nearest?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Let me check."

A few minutes later, the conductor said, "Every month, we have five flights to the Lucid Empire."

"Good, help me buy three tickets to the Lucid Empire right away."


nbsp; "Sorry, we only have five flights a month: one, six, twelve, eighteen, and twenty-five."

"And what day is today?"

"Today is the 10th of September, XX23."

Tang Zichen was startled and surprised, "You're kidding."

"Sir, there's a queue at the back, if you don't want to buy a ticket, could you please move out of the way?"The ticket salesman said.

Tang Zichen was shocked.

Today is the 9th of July XX23?

Tang Zichen remembered that when he entered the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, it was the 25th of June in XX21.

"Oh my god, it's been two years since I entered the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts."Tang Zichen's brain was messed up, if that was the case, then Tang Zichen was 23 years old this year.Tang Zichen felt like he had skipped two years straight, and the two years in between were crushingly unbearable.

"Senior Tang, are you alright?"Sovereign's father was busy asking.

"It's nothing, the last thing I remember is, June of XX21, but now, it's actually two years later."

"Uh, Senior, when we found you on the island, you were also asleep for half a year before you woke up, but it turns out that something happened two years earlier."

"Forget it, now I don't know what happened to me in those two years, let's go home first, only if we find my brothers and sisters will we know what happened to me."

Tang Zichen immediately went to buy two tickets for the 12th to the glazed country, but unfortunately, because he didn't have any money, he ended up using enchantment to buy them.

In this world, if you were an ordinary person, it would be difficult to buy a ticket without money or ID, but if you were a strong martial artist, it would be easier, after all, the conductor was not stupid, and would definitely be good enough to give it to you, and the higher-ups would not blame the conductor.

There was no flight until the 12th, and today was the 10th, so Tang Zichen had to stay in this Abelgar Empire for two days.

This Abelgar was a pretty powerful empire, Tang Zichen didn't like to find a hotel by himself, and it happened to be in the capital of Abelgar, so Tang Zichen went straight ahead to Abelgar's palace.

Every empire had a palace, but not every empire's palace was classical, solemn, grand, red-walled buildings, grand halls or anything like that.Abelgar's palace, however, was in a valley, like an ancient small village, if it wasn't for the fact that this small village was inhabited by many powerful people, it might really be considered an ordinary village.

Tang Zichen flew directly into this small village, his eyes locked onto the house at the very back of the small village that was built entirely out of bamboo, and looked quite unique.

Tang Zichen let out his Qi, and soon after, an old man wearing colorful clothes and a hat flew out.

The moment this old man flew out, Tang Zichen was stunned because, it was a strong man at the peak of the Unity Realm, one of the thirty strongest peaks in the world.Tang Zichen didn't have the slightest feeling of certain death towards him, which meant that Tang Zichen's certain death intent couldn't hurt him, and if he really wanted to fight, this situation would be very dangerous for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen also wanted to come and pretend a comparison, and ended up kicking the iron plate.

"Who are you?"That old man seemed to be calm and did not have any intention of scruffing Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior pays his respects to Senior."

"There's no need to be hypocritical, you suddenly burst in, you have long since failed to hold a sense of awe, and only now that you see me do you hold a sense of awe, instead making me feel bad."


"Senior forgive me, I'm sure senior is one of the thirty peak Unity Realm Great Perfection in this world, I once had the honor of knowing the old master of the Famous Sword Villa, senior's strength is still above the old master, what a loss of respect and respect."

"You know the Old Villa Master of the Famous Sword Mountain Villa?"


"Unfortunately, he's dead, there's no proof by word of mouth, nowadays, there are only 29 who have stepped into the peak of the Unity Realm, there will never be another 30, you'd better report your name."

"What? The old master of the Famous Sword Villa is dead?"Tang Zichen was shocked, how was it possible, Tang Zichen had given him back the Emperor Worm, how the hell could he be dead.

"You didn't even know?Who the hell are you?If you don't give your name again, don't blame me for not knowing how to treat guests."

Tang Zichen busily came back to his senses and said, "Truth be told, my name is Tang Zichen, I once defeated Speechless in the Famous Sword Villa, that's why I had the honor to know the old villa master."

The other old man was shocked, "Tang Zichen?Is it the famous Tang Zichen who killed the two brothers of the head of the King's Mercenaries?"

"It's me, I didn't expect senior to know about this as well."

"Hmph, Tang Zichen is dead, this is something that the world knows, two years ago in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, Tang Zichen was famous for killing the two brothers of the head of the king's mercenary group, but he himself was also killed."

Tang Zichen said, "Impossible, it's definitely a rumor, I was only seriously injured and then escaped, even if I had died, it wasn't by him." First URL

"Yeah? Well, I'm not sure about that, anyway, Tang Zichen's fame was a big sensation for about a year, while you yourself disappeared, everyone said you were dead and the Cang Blue Empire proved the rumor."

"Forgive me Senior, Senior also forgot what happened after that, I have two years of memory loss."

"How do you prove that you are Tang Zichen?"

"This, I can't prove."

The old man said, "The leader of that king's mercenary group, he was able to kill the old lord of the Famous Sword Villa, he was already very close to me, and you were able to kill his brother right under his nose, so if you can kill that sheep on the ground right under my nose, I will consider you to be Tang Zichen."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen looked to the ground, and sure enough a sheep was eating grass.

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Good."

"Do it."The old man's breath locked onto Tang Zichen, and he could stop any movement Tang Zichen made to protect that sheep from dying.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Kill that sheep, you are underestimating me, even though my strength, I guess, is not as strong as yours, but killing that sheep, it can still be done."

Suddenly, Tang Zichen flew down with a knife, aiming straight at that sheep.

However, at the same time, a powerful momentum came at Tang Zichen.

The knife that Tang Zichen flew out seemed to be rolled up by a sleeve, and that sleeve turned into pieces with a sudden clatter, and the old man was horrified as he lost one of his arms, and his clothes.

At the same time, Tang Zichen was also horrified, Tang Zichen had clearly killed that sheep, yet, it was still blocked, it seemed that the old man's strength was very terrifying, worthy of 29 peak Unity Realm Grand Perfection.Tang Zichen also thought back to the time in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts when the Fire Demon carried Tang Zichen and the others as they fled into the sky, the leader of the King's Mercenaries also flew out with a slash, and in the end, Wei Sakura blocked that slash, saving the

Everyone, at the moment, the old man's sleeve blocked Tang Zichen's slash and saved the sheep, it should be more or less the same.

So, the must-kill idea was not completely 100%, also the opponent.

And that old man, incredibly looking at Tang Zichen, his famous Qiankun Sleeve, was, surprisingly, shattered by Tang Zichen's one slash.It was far more terrifying than killing that sheep.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, I didn't kill that sheep, I can't prove that I'm Tang Zichen, much ado about nothing, I'll leave first."

"No, I believe you are Tang Zichen, because, you broke my Qiankun sleeve, which is far more difficult than killing a hundred sheep."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen was shocked, what kind of Qiankun sleeve was his broken sleeve?Tang Zichen felt so ordinary.

"Tang Zichen, it's a pleasure to meet you, if you don't mind, please take a seat in the humble abode."

"Thank you, senior, then junior will be welcome."

Tang Zichen followed the old man and flew into the house in front of him that was all built of bamboo.

"Tang Zichen, you're only at the first level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, and you were able to break my Qiankun Sleeve with a single slash, worthy of being a renowned special genius, and worthy of being able to kill Wang Qi's two brothers, your future achievements are bound to be limitless."The old man said.

Tang Zichen said, "The leader of the King's Mercenary Group, is his real name Wang Qi?Hmph, no wonder it's called the King's Mercenaries, does he think, his surname is King.To tell the truth, I'm going back on this trip to take revenge on him.

"Oh, you may not be a match for him yet."

"Really? I haven't tried it, who knows, besides, I'm not planning to attack him right from the start, I'll kill all his brothers first before having a formal duel with him last."

The old man said, "The leader of the king's mercenary group, he's very strong ah, I was also there for that battle between him and the old master of the Famous Sword Villa, at that time, even I may not have the confidence to defeat him, that battle lasted two hours before the old master of the Famous Sword Villa was defeated in the end."

Tang Zichen asked, "Senior, who is stronger between you and the Old Villa Master of the Famous Sword Villa?"

"I'm ranked 24 out of the 30 peak Unity Realms in the United Nations World, so I should be slightly stronger than him."

"Then, what makes you think that I'm not a match for the head of the King's Mercenaries?"

"With your realm, even though you broke my Qiankun Sleeve, you are only at the first level of the Great Perfection after all, and it looks like you've only just stepped into the Great Perfection, so with your realm, you're still no match for him, and as long as he fights a war of attrition and momentum with you, you will lose.However, you're already infinitely close to him, so if you step into the second or third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, then you're bound to win, and even I can win.Of course, the premise is that he hasn't improved in the slightest in the past two years."

Tang Zichen was a bit disgruntled inside, he was going back for revenge, but he actually said that he wasn't an opponent.

However, this old man had a point, Tang Zichen's realm was indeed a short board at the moment, strong men versus strong men, any subtlety could bring about destruction, Tang Zichen had comprehended the killing intent, likewise, the head of the King's Mercenaries had also comprehended it, and he was at the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, so Tang Zichen accepted it inside despite his displeasure.Tang Zichen didn't intend to seek revenge on him so rashly, life was at stake, Tang Zichen would at least have great confidence before he would officially seek him out, before that, Tang Zichen would kill his brothers one by one.


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