The King of Kungfu in school 951-960


Chapter 951

"What for?"Mu Qianji was holding Tang Zichen, and not too far after he walked in, a strong man from the mid Unity Realm rushed out.

"What are you doing?Who told you to break into Master Eugens' mansion."

Mu Qianji said indifferently, "Where is Eugens?"

"What are you?I asked you why you broke into Eugens' mansion."

"Never mind who I am, I'm just telling you to get Eogens out here right now, or don't blame me for being rude."

"Buzz."After saying that, Mu Qianji's sword slashed across, cutting off the other party's hair in the blink of an eye.

The other party trembled and said nothing, immediately returning to the backyard to deliver a message.

Not long after, an old man came out with an angry face.

"What kind of people, dare to cause trouble in my house."That old man said angrily.

"Buzz."In the next second, a sword was laid across his neck length.

Mu Qianji said coldly, "This is my younger brother, he is suffering from mental reversal, thus causing his brain to degenerate, his current IQ is only a child of a few years old, you heal him, if you can't, I'll kill you." One second to remember to read the book

Eugens was furious, but with a knife across his neck, he was a healer and certainly not in martial arts, not to mention that Mu Qianji was still a Unity Realm Completion level.Mu Qianji was now at the first level of Unity Realm Perfection.

"Don't challenge my patience, kill you, I can still find other healers past you, and you only have one life."

"Phew."Eugens took a deep breath and used his gaze to hint at the man standing next to him, as if hinting that the man was going to move help, this was the imperial capital of the Moonless Empire, there were many powerful people, even the king of the Moonless Empire lived here, so as long as he could move help, killing Mu Qianji would be easy.

However, Mu Qianji instantly saw what Eogens was trying to do.

"Swoosh."In the next second, the man fell down.

"Do you want him to move help, don't fantasize, you only have to treat my brother honestly now, there's no second way."

"It's just that."Eugens sighed and immediately diagnosed Don Zixin.

About halfway through the diagnosis, "Your brother's problem is too complicated, the brain is supposed to be the hardest part, so I can't treat it."

"I told you, if you can't cure it, I'll kill you."

"Even if you were to kill me, I can't cure it.But I can show you a clear path."


"Moon City's Green Willow Alley, my senior brother lives there, he can definitely cure it."


"Don't you know from going there that my brother's skills far surpass mine, he surely can,"Eogens said.

Mu Qianji was confused, she wasn't someone who was easily fooled, previously in that ruined town, the tavern owner's wife said that the number one healer of the Moonless Empire was Eugens, and if Eugens really had a brother who was much more powerful than him, then it was impossible for the tavern owner's wife, who was a local, to not know that.

Therefore, Mu Qianji highly suspected that this Eugens was playing a conspiracy trick, after all, Mu Qianji had killed someone here and threatened him, and Eugens had just attempted to get someone to move help, so the possibility of him playing a conspiracy trick now was extremely high.

But, this matter concerns Tang Zichen, so even though he suspects that Eugenes is playing conspiracy tricks, Mu Qianji still has to go to find out what's going on.


"Well, you take us there."

"I am not free, I can give you a letter of recommendation, my elder brother will certainly treat your younger brother when he sees the recommendation."

"No need, you go with us, there is a carriage outside, now get me into it at once."

"Okay."Eugens nodded, but his face was calm, causing Mu Qianji to wonder if he really had an older brother who was better than him.

Mu Qianji forced Eugens to get into the carriage at the entrance and headed somewhere.

"Up ahead is where my senior brother lives, my senior brother has a low profile, so not many people know about him."

"Pah."Mu Qianji nudged Eugenius in one swift motion.

"Ugh."Eugens was stunned, seemingly not expecting that there would still be people who could do the legendary pointing method, the pointing method, which was almost extinct.

Mu Qianji said, "Follow me inside and find that senior brother of yours."

"Good."Eugens nodded very quickly and seemed to have the look of a confident man, he either really had a senior brother, or his senior brother could completely spike Mu Qianji.

Mu Qianji brought Tang Zichen with him and entered the hidden mansion in front together.

As soon as Mu Qianji walked through the door, he sensed that this was by no means a place where healers lived, as there was no smell of medicine here at all, but instead there was the smell of some poisonous snakes and fierce beasts.

Mu Qianji snorted internally, "There is indeed a deception here, no wonder Eugens is so confident, this is the residence of a poison master, and also, a very strong poison master, but unfortunately, this lady has been playing with poison since birth, I would like to see how powerful this poison master is."

Mu Qianji directly walked in, generally speaking, one had to be very careful where a Poison Arts Master existed, because if one wasn't careful, one wouldn't even know how they were poisoned or even how they died.

However, Mu Qianji walked in without any hesitation.

When Eugens saw that Mu Qianji went in without any hesitation, he snorted in his heart, "My senior brother is the Moon Never Falling Empire, the number one poison master, if you dare to come and threaten and kill my guards, I will make you pay."

After walking into the gate of the residence, Mu Qianji immediately smelled a smell in the air that was extremely difficult to perceive, but Mu Qianji was an expert at playing with poison, and this kind of little trick was too small.

The way in along the door has been in, to a small hall, here there is another smell, this smell and the smell smelled at the door, interacting with each other, will generate a poison in the body, making people weak.Mu Qianji instantly judged that this poison master had adjusted the ratio so precisely, showing that the poison art was extraordinary.

"Senior brother, senior brother, your healing skills are better than mine, help me heal a person."Eugens shouted.

Not long after, an equally old man came out.

When that old man heard the voice, he knew that his senior brother was being coerced, after all, his senior brother was weak in martial arts and had been coerced before, then brought here, he easily helped his senior brother take care of the other person, after all, he was the number one Poison Master of the Moonless Empire, a fifteen-grade Poison Master, even though the Moonless Empire had two fifteen-grade Poison Masters, another fifteen-grade Poison Master was not as good as him at all.

"Brother, someone has asked me to cure you again."The old man who came out smiled.

"Yes, senior brother, this woman, suddenly came to my door and asked me to treat my brother, if I couldn't cure him, she would kill me, unfortunately ah, I can't do anything about it, thinking that senior brother's medical skills are higher than mine, so I brought him here and begged senior brother to help me treat him."


"Hahaha, don't worry, senior brother will help you cure him properly."

The two of them were playing riddles there, thinking that Mu Qianji didn't know anything, unbeknownst to them, Mu Qianji already knew from the moment he entered the door.

Inwardly, Mu Qianji said, "Fine, then let me see who treats whom."

Without moving a muscle, he slipped out a tiny pill from his inner sleeve, and with a shock of his inner strength, the smell of the pill emitted into the air, and Mu Qianji emitted several pills in succession.

That poison art master on the other side, seemed to be completely unaware that his poison gas structure had been silently modified by Mu Qianji and, turned into the poison gas that Mu Qianji had laid down, backstabbing his guests.

Mu Qianji's poisonous technique far surpassed this fifteen-grade poison master.

And Tang Zichen, suddenly said, "Sister, little minister has no strength left."

Mu Qianji said, "Little Minister, what's wrong with you?"

"Sister, little minister has to, has to sit down."After saying that, Tang Zichen's legs fell weakly to the ground.

Mu Qianji wasn't worried, but it was just in her expectation.

Mu Qianji also pretended to be poisoned, oops, and went down to the ground. The first website

"How come I don't have the strength."Mu Qianji said falsely, but even with the fake appearance, the other two even believed it and laughed.

Eugenson was furious, "You bitch, you dared to threaten me and killed one of my door boys and one of my guards, if I hadn't been clever enough to trick you into coming to my senior brother's house, I don't know what would have happened to you.Do you think that my senior brother is really a better healer than me, no, he is a poison master, the number one poison master of the Moonless Empire."

Mu Qianji snorted, "Good First Poison Artificer of the Moon Never Falling Empire."

That first Poison Art Master laughed, "Little bitch, it's your bad luck to fall into my hands today, I'm sure you still don't know, you were hit by the unique poison I developed, called Smell the Wind, your nerves have been completely paralyzed, you feel powerless, no matter how high your martial arts skills are, it's useless, I, Old Toad, can even deal with a strong man of the Unity Realm, let alone you, this littleBitch."

"Brother, this little bitch almost killed me, can't keep it, it's a foreigner from nowhere anyway, just kill it."Eogens said.

That poison master called Toad Old Ghost, however, shook his head and laughed, "No, it would be a pity to kill it, look at this little bitch, she's so beautiful looking, if I were still young, I'm sure I would be tempted.It would be a pity to kill her like this, why don't, offer her to His Majesty Moon Mang."

Eugens looked at Mu Qianji and said, "Well, the looks are indeed tender, His Majesty Moon Mang is lustful by nature and highly skilled in martial arts, it would be best to offer her to him, it would also strengthen our brothers and sisters' position in Moon City as a result.Although we are the first Healing Master and the first Poison Master, it's just a pity that we are poor in martial arts after all, it's hard for us to truly command the respect of those top powerhouses."

"Hahaha."Old Toad and Eogens laughed loudly.

Just at this moment, Mu Qianji's voice suddenly rang out behind the two of them, "Had enough laughing?"

"Uh."Toad Old Ghost and Eogens were stunned, busy looking at the ground in front of them, where there was still the figure of Mu Qianyi falling on the ground, they immediately turned back, Mu Qianyi never knew when, standing behind them went.

"You, didn't you fall in front of us?"

Mu Qiji I.

Hmph: "With this little poison art, you still want to deal with me, and you don't even look at your own catty."

"That's impossible, I'm a fifteen-ranked Poison Art Master."

"Hahaha, is a fifteen-grade Poison Art Master very powerful?Listen up, my lady is a sixteen-grade poisoner."

"Ah, sixteen pins, sixteen pins, the legendary sixteen pins?"

"Or what?I have changed the structure of the poisonous gas you have laid down, and now, the air in this hall is poisoned, and you all have been poisoned, but unfortunately, you don't know it yet."

"You're farting."

"Hahaha, whether it's farting or not, just look at your palms."

The two of them were busy raising their palms, and at some point, there was a blood red mark on their palms that looked extremely disgusting.

"Ah, this is."

"You, as a fifteen-grade poison master, don't you know?You already have a short time to live, no one can live past three days after being poisoned by me."

"How is it possible, you, you're really a sixteen-grade poisoner?As far as I know, in this world, there is no such thing as a sixteen-grade poison master, not even a healer or a mesmerizer, it's impossible."

Mu Qianji snorted, "Whether I am or not means nothing to you, just prepare to accept death."

"Ah."Old Toad's face was pale, as well as Eogens, he never expected that this young woman's attainment in poisoning would far surpass his senior brother's and reach the legendary sixteen-grade.

In fact, Mu Qianji hadn't reached the level of a sixteen-grade poison master at all, however, Mu Qianji had definitely surpassed all the fifteen-grade poison masters in this world as well, and Mu Qianji also believed that she wouldn't need a few years to reach a sixteen-grade poison master.

Mu Qianji walked up to Tang Zichen and slapped Tang Zichen on the back, Tang Zichen protruded a mouthful of blood and then regained his strength.

Toad Old Ghost and Eogens also learned to give a pat on the back, but unfortunately, it had no effect.

Mu Qianji said, "Eugens, don't blame me for not giving you a chance, I gave you the chance to heal my brother for me, I gave you a chance to live, but unfortunately, you don't know how to cherish it, and you have to take one of your brother's lives, you will die together, I won't kill you either, the poison on your body, you will die after three days, take your time to enjoy the coming of death."

"No, don't go, I'm begging you, give me another chance."

"Give you another chance?Didn't you say you couldn't cure my brother?"

"No, I, I didn't actually diagnose it properly at all, and while your brother's mental revolt is really overbearing, it's not impossible if you try your best, please, give me a chance to fight, please."Eugens kowtowed.

Mu Qianji hesitated and said, "Okay, I'll give you a life-renewing antidote, this life-renewing antidote will keep you from dying for fifteen days, after fifteen days, you will surely die."

"Thank you."

Mu Qianji immediately gave them a slap on the back, they each vomited a mouthful of blood, but the bloody marks on their hands did not disappear, they felt disappointed and frightened.

"It's just that there's only one fight left."Eogens said.

Old Toad Ghost asked, "Brother, honestly, how sure are you of this?"


Eugens said bitterly, "Less than a point."

"Ah."Old Toad's face went white, wouldn't that be, their hope of survival, less than one point.

"How could it be so hard."

"Senior brother, the spirit reversal in this kid is incomparably overbearing, although I didn't diagnose it carefully, I have roughly diagnosed it, it's simply not something ordinary people can do, although I'm a fifteen-grade healing master, but it's something that involves nerves as well as the brain, it's really unpredictable ah.In fact, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed that he would still be alive after such a tyrannical spirit revolt.It's a miracle in itself that he's still alive, and now that I'm allowed to heal, it's so hard that I'm talking nonsense when I say one point of hope."

"Ah."Old Toad's ghost was sweating coldly.

Mu Qianji heard Eogens' words and said, "So, you have no healing ability at all, in that case, I don't want to waste my time, you guys go to hell."

"No, heroine, please, give us hope, I want to fight, please."

"Fine, I'll give you a hope to fight, it's also a hope for my brother, if you can't be cured, there's no point in you living."

The two old ghosts were depressed, did they live just to treat Don Zichen.

For the rest of the day, Eugens was seriously diagnosing Tang Zichen.

"It's been a day already, how much longer do you need to diagnose?"She has been suppressing the hostility within her, and this Eugenes has been diagnosing Tang Zichen for a day and is still frowning, so it makes Mu Qianji feel very irritated and the hostility within her grows stronger. Remember the website

Beside him, the old ghost of Toad urged, "Brother, hurry up and bring out a cure, if you don't bring out a cure, I'm afraid we'll both die."

"Ahhh, stop it."Eugens hissed in pain, in fact he didn't even have a single thought, he couldn't even bring out a random treatment plan.

"Buzz."Mu Qianji was completely out of patience, not being able to come up with a single treatment idea for a day was a complete waste of time, so, a sword kill.

"Wait, I've thought of a way."Eugens was busy yelling.

"Say, what way."

"The way is, the way is, the way is."Eugens was sweating, but, nothing was said about the way.

"Say it."

At that moment, Eugens remembered that the Moonless Empire had a treasure, the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, which even the king didn't dare to take because, it was something that the emperor had been reluctant to take, and the emperor planned to take the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng in the future when he sensed a state of mind that surpassed the Unity Realm, and maybe he could surpass the Unity Realm in one fell swoop.

In a hurry, Eugens had no choice but to say, "I know how to treat it, the Moonless Empire has a Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, if your younger brother can take this Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, he will definitely be able to recover, so now you must find a way to enter the palace and steal this Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, then make a medicinal primer and give it to your younger brother to take."

"Ten Thousand years of ginseng?"Mu Qianji's eyebrows raised, a ten thousand year old ginseng, this was definitely an extraordinary treasure.


"Where is the Ten Thousand Year Old Ginseng?"

"In the palace, it is rumored that this is the Supreme Emperor preparing to hit the next mystical realm in the future

When, used to assist."

"I'm asking you what it takes to get this Ten Thousand Year Ginseng."

"I don't know about that, but this Ten Thousand Year Ginseng is the number one treasure of our Moonless Empire, it's not that easy to get it, girl, you'd better give up, it's not that I won't save your brother, it's because without this Ten Thousand Year Ginseng as a medicinal primer, it's really impossible to cure ah.If the girl can get the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, then I will definitely have the confidence to cure your brother."

"Good, then I'll go steal out the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng."

"Good, then I'll wait for you to get it back."Eugenes tapped inside and said under his breath, "Silly woman, the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng is used by our Supreme Emperor, one of the world's thirty strongest pinnacle powerhouses to strike the next realm, and you want to steal it, wait for your death."

Mu Qianji also knew that if she really wanted to enter the palace to steal the Moonless Empire's number one greatest treasure, the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, I'm afraid it would be dangerous, but no matter how dangerous it was, Mu Qianji was going to steal it and give it to Tang Zichen to use, even if this Eugens was lying to her, she would steal this Ten Thousand Year Ginseng for the sake of even the slightest hope.

"Listen to me, you two, take good care of my brother, I'm going to enter the palace to steal the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng."

"Fine, fine, don't worry, we will definitely serve your brother well."

"If he has any damage, or is unhappy in any way, I'll kill you all equally."


Mu Qiancheng said to Tang Zichen, "Little Minister, wait for me here, Sister will go and bring back the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng to cure you, and I will be back within three days."

"Sister, I want to go too, little minister don't want to be here."

"Be good, sister can't take you with her, you play here, they don't dare to bully you, if they bully you or make you unhappy, come back and tell sister, and she will kill them, be good."


"Then sister is leaving."Mu Qianji glared warningly at Eogens and Old Toad Ghost, both of those two bodies trembled a bit.

After Mu Qianji left, both old ghosts were relieved.

The Toad Old Ghost was busy asking, "Brother, can the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng really cure this fool's brain?"

"Senior brother, how do I know, can't you see that the demoness just wanted to kill us, I was in a hurry and suddenly thought of one of the five wondrous treasures of the world, the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, and then I was in a hurry and let the demoness steal it, so we finally escaped for the time being.If we hadn't tricked her, we would have been dead already.That female devil entered the palace to steal the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, there will definitely be no return."

"But, our poison hasn't been removed yet, besides, what if she does come back alive with the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng?At that time, you lied to her that it can be treated wouldn't it be revealed."

Eugens said depressingly, "If she really came back alive with Nine-year-old ginseng, then let's talk about it, even though I'm just saying what I believe, but Nine-year-old ginseng, it's one of the five wondrous treasures of the world, maybe, the blind cat met a dead mouse and really cured it?"

"Alas, we'll just have to see what the will of the heavens will be, I hope that this famous World's Five Wondrous Treasures can really cure this fool's brain."

"But it's just a pity, one of the five wondrous treasures of such a precious ten thousand year old ginseng, bringing it to this fool to eat, it's really a reckless waste, even the emperor wouldn't be willing to take it, it would be great if it was given to me, at least it can make me a few dozen years younger, it's a great tonic in a great tonic."Eogens looked fleshy for a while.


In this world, there were five major wondrous treasures, and the Lunar Empire's Ten Thousand Year Ginseng was one of them.

These five wondrous treasures, gathered countless sun and moon essences, what exactly was the effect, it was also impossible to say, after all, no one had eaten it in reality, only to see in historical records that someone had eaten it a long time ago, that effect was very great, the old man eating it a few dozen years younger was the most direct change.

Tang Zichen suddenly said, "I want to play games."

Toad old ghost sneered, "Fool, if you talk too much, I'll chop you to death, if it wasn't for you fool, I wouldn't have suffered this crime today."

"I want to play a game, you guys pretend to be dogs for me to play, hurry up."

"Yoho, and let us play dog, do I want to play your brother-in-law?Do you want to ride on your sister?"

Tang Zichen pointed at the two old ghosts and said, "Fine, you don't listen to me and bully me, when my sister comes back, I'm going to tell her."

"Hahaha, fool, you don't even know if your sister can still come back alive, we haven't found you to take it out on, and you're still here to provoke us.Senior Brother, why don't we teach this fool a lesson and take out this fury, just in case that demoness does come back alive, we'll use the technique of leaving no traces, I'll let the Drilling Heart Worm drill into his body and torture him severely."

"Fine, senior brother will see to it."

That old toad ghost suddenly grabbed out a worm the size of a needle and thread, looked at Tang Zichen and said, "Silly boy, enjoy the taste of the heart-drilling worm."

Tang Zichen snorted, "How dare you bully me, but little minister is not so easy to bully, sister told little minister, if anyone bullies me, beat him with a knife." One second to remember to read the book

"Phew."Tang Zidun took out a knife and threw it at that old toad ghost.

"Ah."In the next second, the old toad ghost let out a scream, the palm of his hand that was grasping the heart-drilling insect was split in two, just from the middle of the middle finger, and broke open all the way to the wrist, blood suddenly blazed out, and the old toad ghost let out a pig-killing roar.

"Ah."Eogens was also stupid, he seemed to be able to imagine how much pain his older brother had to be in.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's see if you guys still dare to bully Little Servant."

"Ahhhh."Old Toad Ghost fell to the ground and rolled over in pain.

Eogens busily walked up and said, confused, "Senior brother, although I know it hurts, it's not so bad that you're rolling on the ground, right?"

"Brother, go and help me take out the insect attracting bell, the drill heart worm, it's burrowing into my body, ahhhh, it hurts."

It turned out that Tang Zichen had just broken his palm into two halves with a single slash, and the Drilling Heart Worm he was holding on to took the opportunity to drill into his own body, Old Toad Ghost had to endure not only the pain of his palm breaking into two pieces, but also the pain of the Drilling Heart Worm.

After a painful ordeal, the Drilling Heart Worm in Toad Old Ghost's body finally drew out, and the injury on his hand healed, after all, there was a Fifteen Grade Healer here.

Tang Zichen forked his waist and said, "Quickly say, do you still want to bully Little Minister."

Toad Old Ghost and Eogens' angry beards were trembling, in the end who was bullying who now, the two of them had cursed: he damn, IQ degraded like this, still so able to fight, in the end what kind of monster.

"Quickly say, still dare to bully the little courtier."


nbsp; "Don't dare."The two old devils said very unhappy inside.

"Hmph, then do you want to listen to the little minister's words."

The two old ghosts bit their teeth and very much said, "Yes."Both of them seemed unable to raise their heads, it was too humiliating to be bullied like this by a fool whose IQ was just that of a child, if word got out, they themselves would be too embarrassed to claim that they were the number one poisoner and number one healer of the Moonless Empire.

"Good, now then, play with Little Minister, both of you, pretend to be puppies, and whoever doesn't look like one, Little Minister will beat him with a knife."

"Oooooh."The two old devils cried out, thinking that the deviless was gone and could breathe a sigh of relief, but I didn't expect that this little devil was even worse, and would use a knife if he didn't agree.After half a day of playing, the two old ghosts were both bruised and battered, fortunately there was a fifteen-grade healer here, or else they would bleed to death.

Right now, Mu Qianji was mixed into the ranks of the palace maids.

And, using the bewitchment technique, Mu Qianji had made a preliminary inquiry: the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng was hidden in an extremely secret place, a place that only the Supreme Emperor and the King knew about.

Mu Qianji began to sit down and think about where this hidden place was.

"If, if I were the Supreme Emperor of the Moonless Empire, then I would definitely not hide such a precious Ten Thousand Year Ginseng by my side, in case someone came to steal it, hiding it by my side would be the most dangerous.Where is the safest and most unexpected place to hide it?"

Mu Qianji pondered hard.

Mu Qianji could only inquire about it to this point, because, no matter how much he inquired, this hidden place would only be known by the King and the Supreme Emperor, and there was no way to know anymore except to directly ask them both.

Mu Qianji said, "Hidden inside the palace, this possibility is not very high, such a precious ten thousand year old ginseng, it will definitely be coveted by countless people, hiding in the palace, in case a strong person comes to find it, it is also not safe, then, where exactly would they hide it?"

Just at this moment, two palace maids passed by not far away, and one of them said, "There's going to be a ceremony in a few days, and the higher-ups have ordered down that the royal cemetery must be quickly and thoroughly repaired."

Hearing this, Mu Qianji's eyes lit up.

"That's right, hiding in the Royal Cemetery, this possibility is rather high, the Royal Cemetery, not inside the palace, but not too far away either, so that it can be unexpected and also protected in time.Haha, Royal Mausoleum, I should go to this place now and search for it, perhaps, really lucky to find it in the Royal Mausoleum."

Mu Qianji was overjoyed, ordinary people wouldn't have thought that such a precious ten thousand year old ginseng would be hidden in the cemetery.

Mu Qianji immediately left the palace and headed straight to the Royal Cemetery.

The Royal Cemetery didn't have many guards other than a few guards, and besides, Mu Qianji's strength wasn't weak, so the average person wouldn't expect anyone to come to the cemetery, which was the place where the ancestors of the past generations were buried.

The royal cemetery was in the northwest corner of the palace, about a few kilometers away from the palace, on a small hill.A single grave on the small hill covered hundreds of square meters, and each grave was built as a luxurious, dead man's villa.

On the surface, it looked like just one luxurious tomb, but Mu Qianji knew that underneath each tomb, there was a large space, equivalent to a basement, where coffins were kept, as well as some burial objects and even some living people to accompany them.


If the Lunar Immortal Empire's Ten Thousand Year Ginseng was really hidden in the Royal Cemetery, then it must be hidden underneath one of the graves, a place that must be very secret.

Mu Qianji scanned the entire cemetery, there were at least a few hundred graves, which one of them had the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng buried underneath it?It was a problem, it was always impossible to excavate every grave and go into the ground to look at it, it would be easy to be discovered with so much movement, and since it was hidden here, there was no doubt that the King of the Lunar Empire, as well as the Supreme Emperor, would always be consciously paying attention to this side.But their consciousness, in the eyes of others, would have to become unconscious again, or else it would attract attention from others.

Mu Qianji was quite clever, and immediately said, "It's impossible for the hundreds of graves here to have ten thousand year old ginseng hidden underground.This is because, in case someone searches this place, they will definitely lift up every tomb to look for it, so if I were them, just in case, I would hide in some of the most inconspicuous places around the cemetery.But this most inconspicuous place is one of the easiest places for someone to consciously notice."

"Where is this most inconspicuous place?"Mu Qianji hid on top of a tree and scanned the entire cemetery.Those hundreds of graves were obviously the most conspicuous place, as Mu Qianji scanned the surroundings of the cemetery, and suddenly, there was a place that caught Mu Qianji's attention.

That place was a most filthy place, there were some incense candles, silver paper, and some offerings scattered there.Every day, the cemetery had a special person come to clean it, offer incense, and send offerings.

The thing that caught Mu Qianji's attention was not that this place was filled with offerings, but rather, this place was right in front of a few palace halls a few kilometers away.Any corner of those palace halls could be swept here at a glance.

Mu Qianji said, "If my guess is correct and hidden in the cemetery, then this place must be the most likely place to hide the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng.It is both within the cemetery, which one would not expect at the moment, but it is also in the most inconspicuous location of the cemetery and a few kilometers away where the palace can still be best monitored, what better place to hide the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng than here?"

Yes, there was no better place than this one, hidden deep in the woods away from the palace, in case someone accidentally found it?This is definitely not a risk to take, hidden in the palace, if others came to rob it, the first place they would think of would be here.

Mu Qianji seemed sure that this place, nine times out of ten, really did hide the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng.

Now, it was just a matter of waiting for the late night to fall, and late at night, Mu Qianzhu would make his move.

Late at night, Mu Qianji, wearing his night clothes, sneaked into the cemetery, a few crows were cawing desperately somewhere, adding a bit of creepiness to the dark and unforgiving cemetery, and the whole cemetery felt creepy as well. The first website

"Swoosh" Mu Qianji waved his hand, a few leaves swung out and killed those crows, Mu Qianji was cautious, what if these crows were trained?Therefore, it was safer to kill those few crows.

In fact, Mu Qianji really guessed correctly, those crows were really trained, and as soon as Mu Qianji entered the cemetery just now, those crows started cawing.

What Mu Qianji didn't know was that the crows she had just killed were just a few of them.When Mu Qianji had just entered the cemetery, the other few crows had already flown towards the palace.

Unfortunately, Mu Qianji didn't know that.

Mu Qianji immediately made a move and palmed the pile of

Chop down on the place where the sacrificial trash was.

"Boom."The ground trembled, and Mu Qianji immediately felt that there was a huge stone blocking the bottom, there really was something wrong, a good place to pile up trash, why would you bury a thick stone, I'm afraid it was difficult to enter here.

However, Mu Qianji wasn't nervous because, this was all within Mu Qianji's expectations.

Mu Qianji had already guessed that there must be a very hard, and very thick stone blocking it.

Therefore, Mu Qianji made a quick decision and took out a large packet of something from his nightclothes, this was, explosives.

This large packet of explosives was enough to blast that huge rock in one go, and then, as soon as it shattered, Mu Qianji could slap it through.Of course, even if she didn't use explosives, Mu Qianji could still shatter it, but, it would take longer, and also consume her internal strength, in case the Moon Never Falling Empire was alerted, it would be more than enough.

Right now, at the palace.

"Gaga, gaga.Quack, quack, quack."A few crows flew on the roof of an imperial palace hall, crunching and cawing.

Inside the palace hall, an elderly man didn't realize it at first, but in the next second, he suddenly realized it.

"No good, it must be someone breaking into the mausoleum late at night."

This elderly man, who had rolled over and was already asleep, was the king of the Moonless Empire, Moon Mang.

And in an underground, albeit very deep underground, an old man with a pale face also opened his eyes at once, and in the next second, this old man rushed to the ground, and then fled to the mausoleum several kilometers away.

"Boom."In the cemetery, a loud bang was made, and a large bag of explosives exploded, unfortunately, it didn't blow through, however, cracks had appeared, Mu Qianji slapped down, and suddenly, the huge stone split into five pieces, and Mu Qianji's entire body also immediately rushed into the cavity underneath the stone.

The cavity was about three meters deep and two meters wide, and only then did Mu Qianji discover that the cavity, in fact, was dug out of a huge stone raw, which led to the fact that all sides had to break the thick stone to enter the cavity, fortunately, Mu Qianji was ingenious enough to bring explosives, or else it wouldn't have been so easy to enter.

At the edge of the cavity, buried in the stone, there was a box, this box looks very high grade, at least do not have to worry about being corroded by water.

Mu Qianji didn't have the time to open the box and verify if it was a ten thousand year old ginseng.Because, anyway, it's already here, you can only take this box if you open the box, as well as if you don't open the box, so why waste time to open it, thus giving the enemy an increased chance of finding it.

Mu Qianji picked up the box and rushed to the ground in the blink of an eye.

"Bang."As soon as Mu Qianji rushed onto the ground, a strong palm strike suddenly flew through the air, it was from a strong man who was several kilometers away.

This person who came from a few kilometers away with a palm strike was the famous Moonless Empire Supreme Emperor, worthy of being one of the thirty strongest peaks in the entire world, still incredibly strong even from a few kilometers away.

"Wow."Mu Qianji only felt her body as light as a feather, and suddenly flew down into the distance, fortunately it was a palm strike from a kilometer away, if it was close, then she would definitely die.


But even now, Mu Qianji didn't know how badly she was injured, and she didn't have the time to care.As expected, the strong man from the Lunar Unfallen Empire came, only one step behind, luckily, Mu Qianji didn't waste that time by opening the box in the stone cave to verify, otherwise, she would have been stuck outside.

Mu Qianji slipped out two balls the size of duck eggs from his sleeves and smashed them into the ground with a sudden thud, the balls erupted with a white smoke.

This white smoke could temporarily cover herself, but it was also full of poison, and could increase her chances of escaping as much as she could, and dying tonight was not impossible.

Mu Qianji took advantage of the smoke and immediately escaped, her body twisted for a moment, just like Tang Zichen used to perform the Shrinking Bone Technique, using her palms as the tip, her body oval, and then burrowing into the ground, this was her famous escape technique, she was too good at this kind of side martial art.

Waiting a few seconds later, both the emperor and the king of the Moonless Empire rushed in, a few kilometers away in a matter of seconds.However, the huge smoke blocking the area where Mu Qianji had just appeared couldn't be seen, and the emperor's palm waved and the palm wind blew the smoke away, while Mu Qianji was already gone.

"Father, the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, it's gone."The king said.

"Ah."The emperor roared, a monstrous rage.

"Father, where is that man?"

The emperor looked at the ground, a very obvious mark.

"Dungeon technique?This long lost martial art, but there are still people who know it."

"Ah, the Transported Earth technique?" Remember the URL

"Whew, that person has escaped, she used a recluse technique to escape, there's no trace of her, unless the ground is dug up."

"Ahhhh, who is it."The king was also angry too roar, one of the five wondrous treasures of the world ah, just like that, stolen in front of his eyes.

As a precaution, Mu Qianji didn't escape from the ground just a few kilometers away, but only ten kilometers away, and it happened to be in the direction of Toad Old Ghost's residence.

Only, the casting of the recluse technique was required to injure the muscles and bones, as the common saying goes, injure the muscles and bones for a hundred days, so it was already self-evident how much damage the ten kilometers of the recluse technique had done to Mu Qianji, plus she had received a slap from the Supreme Emperor.

A dozen kilometers away, in a small alley, Mu Qianji suddenly escaped from the ground with a bang, after escaping, the clothes on his body also became cloth, covered in blood and injuries, the whole person is like shedding a layer of skin, Mu Qianji weakly sat on the ground, which opened the box, by the moonlight, Mu Qianji saw, an arm thick ginseng, lying in the box.

"Hoo, Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, I finally got it, it's not in vain that I wasted so much effort to obtain it, whether it's effective or not, there's no harm in giving it to Little Minister, poof."Suddenly, a mouthful of blood spurted out, only then did Mu Qianji put down the box and checked his injuries, and it was indeed a very serious injury.

Mu Qianji laughed bitterly and quickly stood up, in fact a day without seeing, she kind of missed Tang Zichen, I don't know if he was well behaved this day, did those two old ghosts bully him, it seemed like she subconsciously treated Tang Zichen as a child inside.

Mu Qianji returned to Toad Old Ghost's mansion.

Toad Old Ghost and Eugenes were both tossed by Tang Zichen this day, fortunately, Tang Zichen fell asleep at night, so they were able to breathe a sigh of relief, they were planning to take the opportunity to leave at night, but, they were still poisoned, it was really painful, not to leave either.


Just then, a voice at the door said, "Want to leave?"

"It's that witch."Old Toadstool and Eogens were suddenly startled, and scrambled out of the house, only to see Mu Qianji standing in the doorway, wearing a woman's dress that wasn't the same as the one he had left yesterday, not knowing where it was stolen from.

"Senior, you, you're back, that, did you get the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng?"Eugens whispered.

Mu Qiandong took out a ten thousand year old ginseng and said, "I've got it back, Eugens, can you treat my brother now?"

"What? You you you, really, got it back."Eugens and Toad Old Ghost were stunned, they thought that Mu Qianji went to steal the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, there was death and no life, even if she managed to escape back, she was seriously injured, but they didn't expect that she didn't just come back intact, she actually stole the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng.

Eugens stammered, "Of course, with the perpetual ginseng, of course, it's just, it's easy, you just need to give the perpetual ginseng directly to your brother to take, tomorrow, tomorrow will be natural."

"Good, I hope you're not lying to me."Mu Qianji turned around and walked away, heading to the room where Tang Zichen was staying, she already knew which room Tang Zichen was asleep in at the moment.

After Mu Qianji left, Old Toad Ghost said, "Brother, after eating the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, is tomorrow really good?"

"How should I know."

"But, you told her ah."

"I'm helpless, how else can I say it if I don't say it like that, I hope that the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, can really make him well, I think, Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, such a rare five wondrous treasures of the world, should, should be able to, I can only pray, if it's not well tomorrow, it'll be the end of us."The two of them sighed sadly.

Mu Qianji returned to the room where Tang Zichen was sleeping, it turned out to be a most luxurious and comfortable room, Mu Qianji said in his heart, "It seems that those two old ghosts, their attitude towards Tang Zichen is still okay."In fact, where does Mu Qianji know that they hate Tang Zichen to the bone, where will give Tang Zichen the best is the room to live, this is Tang Zichen himself his IQ is a child, but the ghosts and spirits, half a loss can not eat.

"Little courtier, get up la."

"Little Ministerchen."

"Sister, you're back, I missed you so much, Little Minister."Tang Zichen was woken up in his sleep, and when he saw Mu Qianji, he threw himself into Mu Qianji's embrace with joy.

"Sister also missed Little Minister."

"Little Servant will never be separated from Sister again."

"Good, never to be separated again, the day that sister is not here, has Little Minister been good ah, did they bully you ah."

"They tried to bully Little Minister, but, yes, if they bully me, they will beat them with a knife, so they tried to bully me, but Little Minister stabbed them with a knife, and let them play pretend puppy dog for a day."

"Wow, Little Servant is so good, he can still bully others even after that."Mu Qianji hehehe smiled.

"Sister, why did you only come back now, I couldn't sleep when sister wasn't here, Little Minister."

"Alright., isn't sister back now, little minister, don't sleep now, come, eat one thing."

"What kind of thing."

"Ten thousand years of ginseng, after eating it tomorrow morning, you'll be well."



Mu Qianji took the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng directly to Tang Zichen to eat, and Tang Zichen didn't know that it was an incomparably precious World's Five Wondrous Treasures, so he immediately clicked and ate it.

"Sister, you also take a bite."

"No, Sister won't eat it."

"If Sister doesn't eat it, then Little Minister won't eat it either."Tang Zichen threw the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng on the ground and went.

"Such a precious thing, but you threw it away like this."Mu Qianji was speechless, I guess if the emperor knew that such a precious treasure was thrown like this by Tang Zichen, he would definitely be furious and vomit blood.

"Sister eats it with Little Minister before Little Minister eats it."

"Alright, but sister will only eat one bite, no more, or you won't be good enough for sister."

"Oh, okay."

Mu Qianji ate a bite, then the rest took it to Tang Zichen.

Mu Qianji ate a bite into his mouth and felt, at once, warm inside his stomach, and the severe internal injuries he suffered tonight, as well as the injuries to his muscles and bones from performing the Transported Technique, as well as the bloody flesh and skin, were immediately beginning to heal and recover rapidly. One second to remember to read the book

"Wow, I've only taken one bite, the internal and external injuries on my body are immediately being repaired with the naked eye, gosh, it's worthy of being a ten thousand year old ginseng, this is too tonifying."Mu Qianji was shocked inside, she had only taken one bite.

Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was like eating dried gherkins, click click click click, eating so much, God knows how deep this mending is.

Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen with great expectation, hoping that such a great tonic of ten thousand years of ginseng, after Tang Zichen ate it, he would really be able to recover.

"Sister, little minister has eaten enough."

"If you're full, have a good sleep."

"But, Sister, Little Minister feels so hot in his belly."

"Uh, my belly is hot, it's okay, let it be hot."

"But, the little worm on the bottom of my belly is swollen."

Mu Qianji was confused and stunned, what was the little worm worm.When Mu Qianji looked under Tang Zichen's belly, he understood the little worm he was talking about.

"Ah."Mu Qianji yelled out, jumping away in a panic and turning his head.

"Sister, what's wrong with you?"

At this moment, Mu Qianji's mind was almost blank, this was the first time in his life, and he was already blushing.

"Little courtier, quickly put the blanket on."

"Why, Little Minister still wants Sister to tell me a story."

"Be obedient and put the blanket on, or sister will ignore you."

"Oh."Tang Zichen covered the blanket, only then did Mu Qianji turn back, and exhaled deeply and patted her own chest, what a shock, Mu Qianji felt that she had been completely impure since taking care of Tang Zichen, how can this spread out to see people.

However, Tang Zichen went back to sleep shortly afterwards.

Mu Qianji hadn't slept all night, and besides, it wasn't long before dawn, waiting for a miracle to happen.

Finally, a few hours later, dawn came.

Mu Qianji sat on the bed, looking at Tang Zichen, waiting for him to wake up.

Mu Qianji swore that once Tang Zichen woke up, he would have to settle the score with him, these days, sacrificing so much for him, being tossed to death by him, how could he not vent some of his inner grievances properly.

But at this time, Mu Qianji suddenly felt that Tang Zichen's appearance, as if he was much younger, before twenty-one years old

, now seems like an 18 year old teenager, if you don't look at it seriously, you can still tell that it looks like an 18 year old teenager if you look at it seriously.

"Ten Thousand Year Ginseng is so powerful that it actually made Tang Zichen's body, return to 18 years old, although 18 years old and 21 years old, there is no difference, but this is because Tang Zichen was not very old, if Tang Zichen was 40 or 50 years old, wouldn't it be the same as if he could become 20 years old, really worthy of the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng."

Finally, Tang Zichen slowly opened his eyes.

Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen without blinking, wondering if he had really recovered.

However, a few seconds later, Tang Zichen suddenly called out, "Sister."

"Ah."Suddenly, Mu Qianji cried out dejectedly, from the fact that Tang Zichen called out sister, he knew that the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, which had no healing effect on his brain, had been a waste of time.

"Sister, what's wrong with you?Is it that little minister has upset sister somewhere."Tang Zichen was busy asking.

"Nothing."Mu Qianji walked out of the room.

Outside, Old Toad and Eogens were already waiting there, in fact they hadn't slept all night, and inside they hoped that Tang Zichen was really better so that their little lives were saved.

"Phew."Before Eugens could react, a sword was placed against his neck.

Mu Qianji said coldly, "You lied to me, the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng did not cure my brother, how dare you lie to me."

Eugenius was incomparably frustrated when he heard that it hadn't healed.

Old Toad Ghost was also busy roaring, "No way, such a rare thing, actually, actually it can't cure him."

Mu Qianji's eyes chilled and said, "The end of lying to me is death, I've already given you a chance."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Eugens suddenly laughed sadly.

"You're still laughing.Are you still deliberately playing tricks on me?"

Eugenius said: "Witch, to be honest, my heart wants him to be cured more than you do, but unfortunately, things are unpredictable and beyond anyone's control.Now that the Nine-year-old ginseng is no longer effective in healing his brain, I have nothing to say, but I just made it up.Witch, before you kill me with your own hands, let me tell you the truth."

"Say, what other last words."

"My truth is, in this world, I'm afraid there is no one who can heal your brother's mental trauma, I'm the best fifteen-grade healer in this area in this world, and now even I'm clueless, other fifteen-grade healers, much less heal your brother.Unless it's a legendary sixteen-grade healer, but alas, sixteen-grade healers don't exist in this world.Alright, I've finished what I want to say, so you do it."

Mu Qianji didn't do it right away, humming, "Are you saying this to deliberately irritate me?"

"Hahaha, people will die its words are good, I am dying, I irritate you still what is the point, I just tell you the truth, before, I do not dare to tell you, so only begrudgingly lie to you ten thousand years of ginseng can, I thought you could not get ten thousand years of ginseng, so that I have an excuse to shirk, unfortunately, just so, maybe it is really I am in trouble."

But Mu Qianji unexpectedly put down his sword and asked, "Is there really no one in this world who can heal my brother?"

"No."Eogens was sure to say.

"So, he's hopeless?"

"I don't know about that, anyway, I only know that no healer can cure him."

Mu Qianji was sad and desolate inside, so there was no longer even the mood to kill them, Tang Zichen couldn't be cured, it would always have to be that way.


Then Eogens said again, "Witch, no healer has the power to cure him, but I can show you a method that you might want to try."

"What method?"

"Do you know the five wondrous treasures of the world?It's the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng of the Moonless Empire, the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus of the Heaven's Expanse Mountain, the Archaic Sacred Brain of the Water Ape Empire, and the lost trace of the Vermillion Bird Grass, which was a treasure of the Beyoun Villa back then, but was later attacked and the Beyoun Villa was destroyed, and the Vermillion Bird Grass was also lost.And the fifth one, is the legendary one that doesn't even exist, the Emperor Worm."

"What, the Emperor Worm?"Mu Qianji's eyebrows furrowed, if the other four wondrous treasures Mu Qianji was never familiar with, it was understandable, but the Emperor Worm Mu Qianji was familiar with, because, at the Famous Sword Villa, Tang Zichen had used an Emperor Worm in exchange for the Burial Moon Sword, and Tang Zichen had already eaten the Emperor Worm.In other words, the five wondrous treasures of the world, Tang Zichen had already eaten two of them.

Mu Qianji asked, "What do you mean by telling me this?"

"I just want to tell you that if you give your brother all five of the world's greatest treasures, I am sure that they will cure him.These five wondrous treasures can greatly replenish almost any part of the human body, including the brain, nerves, meridians, heart and soul, muscles and bones, and so on, every part of the body has been replenished, and I don't believe it can't be cured.The other four, however, are impossible. The Ice Crystal Snow Lotus and the Sacred Brain, which are currently in the Heaven's End Mountain and the Water Ape Empire respectively, may still have a chance, but the Vermillion Bird Grass and the Emperor Worm are simply impossible to obtain, especially the Emperor Worm, which is a legendary record that no one has even seen, and when it was recorded in the legends, there were no pictures.Vermilion Bird Grass then, after all, once existed, it's just lost its trail."

Mu Qianji vowed, "I must find all of these strange treasures."

Eugenius snorted, "Witch, you'd better give up, just the Emperor Worm alone, you'll never be able to."

Mu Qianji sneered, "I no longer need to find the Emperor Worm."

"What? Don't tell me you know where there is one."

"Emperor insects, my brother has already eaten two of them, and now he has eaten the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, only three more are missing, the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, the Swallow Sacred Brain, and the Vermilion Bird Grass, I will definitely be able to find all three." First URL

"Ah, the emperor worm has eaten two of them, oh my."Eugens couldn't express her inner admiration anymore, what an opportunity it took for someone to be able to do that.Thought that the emperor worm was the hardest for her to get, but she had already eaten two of them.

Eogens said, "Before, I was still marveling at why your brother was still able to survive such an overbearing spirit revolt, but now, I've realized that it's because, he's already eaten two emperor worms.Witch, before you kill me, can you tell me who he is and why he possesses such powerful luck."

"Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen?Could it be the Tang Zichen who was previously a world sensation and killed his two Unity Realm brothers under the eyes of the King's Mercenary Corps Leader?"


"Ah, no wonder, no wonder he's able to play tricks on my brothers and sisters even though his IQ has deteriorated."Old Toad Ghost could not be displeased, he was still upset about being tossed around by Tang Zichen for a day yesterday, but now that he knew where Tang Zichen was coming from, he was already displeased.

Mu Qianji said, "Alright, I'm in a good mood now, for the sake of you showing me the way, I'll spare your lives this time."

"Pah."Mu Qianji's body

The Shadow shifted and slapped Eogens and Toad Old Ghost on the back, and they immediately spat out a mouthful of black blood.

Mu Chien gave them the antidote to the poison.

"Thank you, thank you for not killing me."Eugens and Toad Old Ghost immediately knelt down.

At that moment, Tang Zichen came out and shouted, "Sister, what are you guys talking about, how come Little Minister can't understand."

"It's nothing, little minister, we're leaving."

"Where to, sister."

"To find something else to heal Little Minister."

"Sister, didn't you say that Little Minister would be better off if he ate the one from yesterday?"

"Uh, not yet, I need to eat something else, let's go."

Three days later, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji left the Moon Never Falling Empire.

The reason why it was three days later was because the Moonless Empire had lost the Ten Thousand Year Ginseng, and had imprisoned the entire empire, not allowing anyone to enter or leave, turning the empire upside down.In the end, not a single fart was found before Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen were able to leave, and as for how the Moonless Empire's king and emperor were so furious, this would not be detailed.

"Sister, where are we going?"

Mu Qianji's gaze was resolute as he said, "Heaven's End Mountain."

There was only one purpose for going to the Heaven's Extinct Mountain, to obtain the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus.

However, it was definitely not as easy as one would think.

The Ice Crystal Snow Lotus was the Heaven's Expanse Sect's town treasure.

I heard that the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus had been inherited in the hands of the Heaven's Extinct Sect for thousands of years, and the ancestor of the Heaven's Extinct Sect had said that under the sect, as long as someone was able to hit the threshold of the Ancestor Realm, then he could use the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus to help him break through the threshold.Unfortunately, after thousands of years of inheritance, there was still no one from the Heaven's Destruction Sect who could hit the threshold of the Ancestor Realm.

However, in this generation, a genius had emerged, the current Heaven's Expanse Sect Master, who was one of the thirty peak Unity Realm Grandmasters in the world, and he would have a very good chance of striking the threshold of the next realm, at which point he could use the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus to assist him.

The difficulty of Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen's trip to Heaven's End Mountain was to get the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus out of the hands of this Heaven's End Gate Master.

It took nearly ten days, and Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen arrived at the Heaven's Expanse Mountain.

"Sister, little minister is so cold, why is it so cold here."

"Fool, this is a snowy mountain, of course it's cold, if you go to the top of the mountain, it'll be even colder."

"Why do we have to go to the top of the mountain ah."

"Because, sister has to find a way to help you steal the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, there is a sect on the top of the mountain, called the Heaven's Extinction Gate, this Heaven's Extinction Gate is isolated from the world, rarely contacting the outside world, and the sect is established on the top of the snowy mountain, it's hard to get into the Heaven's Extinction Gate, how else to ask me to steal from them, what a big problem."

"Sister cheer up, sister is the best."

"Oh, little minister, whether sister can succeed in obtaining this Ice Crystal Snow Lotus depends on your luck, if you have the life to take it in this life, I can steal it successfully, if you have no life to take it in this life, then I will definitely not be able to get it with all my efforts."Mu Qianji smiled bitterly, but whether or not she had a life, at least she had to work for it.This Ice Crystal Snow Lotus was considered easier compared to the remaining two, the Swift Sacred Brain and the Vermillion Bird Grass, at least the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus was lying peacefully in the Heaven's End Gate.


Mu Qianji took Tang Zichen with him and was now staying in the town below the snow mountain.

To steal the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, it definitely couldn't be done in three to five days, there had to be a long term plan.

Unfortunately, five days passed in a blink of an eye, and Mu Qianji had found nothing, except for one thing that he had asked the owner of the inn about, which was that the Heaven's Destruction Gate was almost never in contact with the outside world, and only every week the kitchen would come down to this snowy mountain town to purchase supplies.

Therefore, Mu Qianji could only wait for the next time the people coming down the mountain to purchase supplies, trying to learn some more detailed information from those who came down the mountain to purchase supplies.

Finally, after five days had passed, more than a dozen people from the Heaven's Destruction Sect came down the mountain to procure supplies, buy rice and vegetables, and so on.

These dozen people who came down the mountain to procure supplies were all at the innate level, presumably all disciples of the Heaven's Destruction Sect, and if they weren't at the innate level, they probably wouldn't be able to bring supplies up to the top of the mountain with them.

Mu Qianji immediately looked for the right opportunity to cast a mesmerizing spell on that leader.

"Where did you guys come from?"

"The Heaven's End Gate."

"What is your status in the Heaven's End Gate?"

"Procuring the Elders." Remember the URL

"How can I enter the Heaven's End Gate?"

"There is no way to enter the Heaven's End Gate, the disciples of the Heaven's End Gate are all passively recruited, and once outsiders break into the Heaven's End Gate, they are bound to find out, because our Heaven's End Gate is at the top of the snow, and there is no entrance to the rest of the world except for that one path to the mountain."

"What if I blend into the procurement team?"

"When you arrive at the Heaven's End Gate, you will be strictly inspected and no outsiders will be allowed to enter."

"I heard that your Heaven's End Gate has the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus."


"Do you know where it's hidden?"

"I don't know, but from what those powerful elders within the Gate said, the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus is extremely harsh on preservation conditions, and must be in a place that is extremely cold in order to sustain freshness.Therefore, we all believe that the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus is at the bottom of the sacred mountain, and besides, successive Gate Masters have lived at the top of this sacred mountain in order to guard it."

Mu Qianji did not feel in his heart that the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus would be hidden underneath this holy mountain, which was obviously misleading.

Mu Qianji asked again, "Other than underneath the holy mountain meeting the extremely cold conditions, what other places, other than the holy mountain, also meet the conditions for the preservation of the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus?"

"No more."

"There really isn't any more."

Seeing that there was really nothing of value to ask, Mu Qianji was ready to end the enchantment, but Mu Qianji still asked a final question, "The Heaven's Gate rarely communicates with the outside world, is it true that no one else has descended from the mountain besides those you procured?"


"The daughter of our Vice Gate Master, Miss Reflecting Snow, Miss Reflecting Snow often comes down to play on her snow mastiff."

"When will she come down again."

"I don't know, maybe tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, glad will come down."

The purchase elder felt a moment of disorientation as Mu Chien ended his enchantment, and shook his head, wondering what had happened.

The procurement man soon left, and Mu Qianji must wait again to see if that Yingxue girl, could ask anything more valuable on her.

The Vice Gate Master's daughter would know more than the procuring elder.

After about two days of waiting, finally, Mu Qianji saw a woman riding a snow mastiff, Mu Qianji originally thought that it would be a beautiful woman, knotted

The fruit, however, was an ordinary looking, or even ugly, woman.

"What's the name?"Mu Qianji had bewitched her again.


"Where are you going?"


"Say."Mu Qianji pressed his hand on the top of Ying Xue's head, deepening the power of the mesmerizing technique, this Ying Xue actually hesitated in a mesmerizing situation, this meant that there was a situation, this situation was, she had an unspeakable secret.

"I, I want to find the way to enter the bottom of the Heavenly Pond."

"Why do you want to enter the bottom of the Heavenly Pond?"

"Because I suspect that our Heaven's End Sect's greatest treasure, the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, is kept in the bottom of the Heaven's Pond."

Mu Qianji was shocked, he didn't expect that this ugly woman called Yingxue was actually thinking about the Heaven's Ultimate Gate's greatest treasure, wasn't she on the same page as Mu Qianji?However, Mu Qianji despised her inwardly, with this little bit of strength, she dared to hit on that supreme treasure, what a person with no self-awareness.

However, this was just fine for Mu Qianji, it meant that a lot of useful information could be obtained from her.

"The Ice Crystal Snow Lotus is hidden under the Heavenly Pond?"



"I once heard my father say, when he was drunk, that the bottom of the Celestial Pond was a place of extreme cold, and that although my father did not say that it was suitable for keeping the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus there, I had already guessed that the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus was preserved there, and that if I could steal it, then I would certainly snake into a dragon and become a genius in one fell swoop."

"What makes you think that there is another way into the underbelly of the Celestial Pond?"

"Because, at the top of the mountain, the water level of the Heavenly Pond is much lower than the surrounding area, but there is a constant flow of melting water from the ice and snow into the Heavenly Pond.So, I thought, the water level of the Heavenly Pond is not growing, but the water keeps flowing in, so there must be an undercurrent permeating underneath the Heavenly Pond until some stream flows out at the bottom of the mountain, I just need to find the underground undercurrent that the water seeps down from the Heavenly Pond and follow the undercurrent up, I can definitely enter underneath the Heavenly Pond."

Mu Qianji was inwardly delighted, this Yingxue girl had simply found the information she needed to spend several years to get.

"Then why don't you just jump down from the Heavenly Pond?"

"It's impossible, there are strong guards by the Heavenly Pond and it's right next to the Sacred Mountain, so jumping from the Pond is impossible."

"Then have you found that underground undercurrent?"

"Not yet, I often take the opportunity to travel down the mountain and ride a snow mastiff with the aim of finding that underground undercurrent, and I'm sure I'll be able to succeed."

Mu Qianji ended the enchantment.

Ying Xue sobered up as if she didn't know anything, but she scratched her head in confusion.

Mu Qianji was in a good mood, this Yingxue really helped her a lot and saved her a lot of time, otherwise, I'm afraid that if it took another year, she might not have made this progress.

Now, Mu Qianji just needed to find out the underground dark river that came down from the Heavenly Pond, and then follow the underground dark river to go up to the bottom of the Heavenly Pond, so as to enter the secret room under the Heavenly Pond and steal out the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus.

"Yay, we must find out that underground dark river, but how do we find it?"

"Hey, I can ask the residents of the town that lives nearby ah, the residents of the snowy mountain below, who have lived here for generations, must be incredibly familiar with this.Ying Xue she doesn't dare to ask the residents because she's afraid of being discovered, but I'm not afraid ah."

Mu Qianji immediately took action and inquired about the surrounding residents.


Mu Qianji immediately sprang into action, asking around for information from the surrounding residents.

It took three days, but she finally learned from hundreds of town residents that there was an underground dark river in a certain place that came down from the Peak Sky Pond.This information was asked from an old man who was over a hundred years old, who said that when he was a child, he and his friends climbed hundreds of meters up the snowy mountain top along this underground dark river, and then ran into the wild beasts in the snowy mountain, and never dared to go up again.

"Haha, what a treacherous journey, it's effortless to steal the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, it's not as hard as I thought, as long as the direction is right."

The next day, Mu Qianji brought Tang Zichen on the road, the reason why he brought Tang Zichen was because Tang Zichen also had some self-preservation strength, although his IQ had degenerated into that of a child, but his martial strength was much stronger, but he didn't have the sense of fighting yet, that's why he wouldn't make use of it, maybe he could still help at a critical moment.

Mu Qianji found the underground dark river that the old man said, that underground dark river emerged from a pool of water.

Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen dived into the bottom of the water pond, a large spring, constantly bubbling out water, others only said that this is spring water, but they do not know, this spring water from the Heavenly Pond secretly flowing down.

Mu Qianji pulled Tang Zichen, dived under the water, and then got into the spring, it really was an underground dark river, this underground dark river flowed down from above, like a blood vessel inside a mountain range.

"Little Minister, be sure to stay close to your sister, oh."


"Be good, if you run into a beast, immediately fire the flying daggers you have hidden on you, you have dozens of flying daggers hidden on you, enough for you to fire so you can also protect your sister."

"Good, little servant will definitely protect my sister." One second to remember to read the book

Mu Qianji smiled hehely, um well, and kissed Tang Zichen on the face.

And then along the underground dark river, keep climbing, this underground dark river inside the mountain range, winding and twisting, almost half of the mountain range to spare a circle, and there are many forks, so, Mu Qianji is also not easy, already several times into the fork, finally no way, and then backwards, from another fork to climb, like this, in the blink of an eye actually over two days, fortunately they are strong martial artists, otherwise it would definitely be unbearable, and some parts of the underground dark river is very wide, while some parts are very narrow, only one person can crawl, and besides, incomparably dark, really is not the way for people to go.

As for the snakes and such, they were far too common, and in the past two days, it was less likely that they had encountered thousands of poisonous snakes.

However, Mu Qianji was a Poison Master, these poisonous snakes, it was not certain who was poisonous to whom, and there was no fear at all.

Two days later, Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen emerged from an undercurrent, and with a loud clatter, they heard the sound of huge flowing water.

"It's an underground water pool."

That's right, they were halfway to the mountain range and ran into a water pool formed by an internal undercurrent, this water pool was tens of meters high, just not very big.

Mu Qianji and the two of them took a break, then continued, they flew to the top of this water pool, the water pool's water leaked down from the top, Mu Qianji hard in the top of the rock, carved out a way to go up, if not for her light skills, would have been unable to move forward.

After that, it meandered up the dark river again.

After about three days, finally, Mu Qianji felt a huge rock similar to the bottom of a bowl.

"Heavenly Pond, we're at the Heavenly Pond, on top of this huge rock like the bottom of a bowl, is, is the Heavenly Pond."

Mu Qianji entered the bottom of the Heavenly Pond from one of the leaky points of the Heavenly Pond, which was one of the sources of the underground river.


bsp; However, Mu Qianji did not float out of the surface of the Heavenly Pond and immediately returned to the Underground Dark River.

Mu Qianji was already very sure that they had reached the bottom of the Heavenly Pond.

The next step was to find if there were any secret chambers under the Heavenly Pond.

This was very easy, where it was the coldest.

After a day of probing, Mu Qianji locked onto a direction and then dug in that direction, digging about fifty meters, and sure enough, they saw a thousand years of cold ice, which had a white lotus flower frozen at its center.

"Ice Crystal Snow Lotus?It really is the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus."Mu Qianji was so excited that she was about to cry.

After working so hard for so long, she was finally allowed to see the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus.

Mu Qianji wasn't impulsive, a thousand years of cold ice wasn't so easy to break, and it wasn't easy to get the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus that was frozen inside.

But it wasn't difficult either.

Mu Qianji used his internal force and melted it bit by bit, although it was slow, but at least he was able to melt it.

Five days later, kung fu did not pay off, Mu Qianji finally melted a three-meter long passage out of the thousand-year-old cold ice.

The Ice Crystal Snow Lotus was already close to the surface.

Slowly, Mu Qianji stretched out his hand and took the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus in his hand, so cold, so cold.

"Little Servant, come here."

"Sister, what is this?"

"This is the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, you eat it immediately."

"Wow, it's so cold, how can I eat it."

"No matter how cold it is, you have to eat it."

Under Mu Qianji's pressure, Tang Zichen ate most of the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus, only, the last third of it Tang Zichen was really cold and died to eat it.

Mu Qianji was helpless, unable to waste it, she ate the rest herself.

As expected, eating the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus into her stomach felt like her stomach was solidified, no wonder Tang Zichen was dying to not eat it.

"Go."Mu Qianji immediately took Tang Zichen by the hand, now that the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus had been obtained by them, while the Heaven's Gate was still unaware of it, this was too refreshing.

After spending a day, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji reached the bottom of the mountain and emerged from the spring beneath the pool of water from before.

"Ah."Mu Qianji shouted, from the time they entered the underground dark river to now coming out, it had been exactly twelve days, during these twelve days, they had been in the dark river inside the mountain range, they could be said to have never seen the light of day, right now they had seen the light of day again and had eaten the Heaven's End Gate's greatest treasure, that feeling, it was so refreshing.

"Sister, little servant is so hungry."

"Sister is also hungry, let's go, let's get out of here and then find a place where we can have a good meal and a good night's sleep."

"Yay, finally we can eat dinner."

"Shh, don't be loud, just in case you attract attention."

Mu Qianji and Tang Zichen, left within a thousand kilometers of the Heaven's End Gate at fire speed, and came to a city a thousand kilometers away.

The effects of the Ice Crystal Snow Lotus didn't begin to appear until now.

Mu Qianji felt that her internal strength was incomparably thicker, at least tens of times thicker than before, and her martial arts realm had also stepped into the peak of the Unity Realm Perfection.

Looking at Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen's internal strength was also incomparably thicker, even far thicker than hers.


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