The King of Kungfu in school 931-940


Chapter 931

"Good."Mu Qianji nodded, stopped opening the wooden box and carried it to the ground.

Old Villa Master said, "Did you take out the Buried Moon Sword so quickly?"


"Then you can give me the Emperor Worm now."Old Villa Master said.

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Mu Qianji was busy saying, "Wait, Tang Zichen, what if you give him the Emperor Worm and he gets it and snatches the Buried Moon Sword back?"

Tang Zichen said, "I believe that Senior is not such a person."

"But I don't believe that, so let me take the Burial Moon Sword, and those mercenary friends of yours and leave first, and you can give him the Emperor Worm, so that it can be used just in case."


Old Villa Master said, "Hahaha, young lady, you're very cautious, I was worried that Tang Zichen's Emperor Worm was fake, what should I do if it's fake, but you leave with the Burial Moon Sword."

Tang Zichen said, "Senior don't worry, it's a thousand times true, besides, after they leave, I'm not still staying here." First URL

"Good, that's settled then, little girl, you should hurry up and take the Burial Moon Sword with you."

Mu Qian absolutely said to Tang Zichen, "Those friends of yours and I will leave on a flying ship first, we'll meet up later, let's not say where exactly we'll meet up for now, just in case."

"Alright."Tang Zichen could only nod his head, Mu Qianji was too cautious.

Xiao Meng opened the flying ship and went off with Mu Qianji and the others.

"Now, you can take out the Emperor Worm and take a look at it."

Tang Zichen took out an empty bottle.

When the Old Villa Master saw it was an empty bottle, his eyebrows furrowed, thinking that Tang Zichen was playing a trick on him.

Tang Zichen busily said, "Senior don't worry, the Emperor Worm is invisible, it looks like an empty bottle, but it's actually in the bottle, this is my last Emperor Worm, it's half a gift and half a deal, senior open your mouth."

Tang Zichen poured out the emperor worm, clamped it onto his finger, and then slapped it into the old banker's mouth.

"Do you feel something in your mouth?"

The old banker nodded in surprise that it was really invisible, he had just thought that Tang Zichen wasn't playing any tricks, but it turned out that there really was a worm in his mouth.

"Swallow it and then for the next half hour, you will be very comfortable."

The old banker ate it.

For half an hour after that, Tang Zichen had been sitting in Old Villa Master's room.

Old Villa Master ahhh screamed in waves, and Tang Zichen had goosebumps from hearing it.

After half an hour of screaming, he finally finished screaming.

Old Villa Master panted and said, "Old, old, can't control it, it's really taking half of my life ah, my bones are crispy."

"Oh."Tang Zichen chuckled.

"How is Senior feeling now?"

"Well, it's very comfortable, not only that, the body organs are also strengthening, it's not at all the same as before, it's going to stop working at any moment.Hahaha, it looks like the Emperor Worm is real, Tang Zichen, thank you, you've given me half a life."

"Senior doesn't have to be polite, this was traded with the Burial Moon Sword."

"The Buried Moon Sword is nothing more than a useless object buried in the ground to me, I have no teeth to forget this kindness."

"Alright, Senior, there's no need to be polite, it's nothing, you should rest first, after all, you just took the Emperor Worm and your absorption is still incomplete, it's better to rest more.In order to completely dispel senior's suspicions about the Emperor Worm, I will still remain at the Famous Sword Villa within 2 days, farewell."

"Good, thank you brother Tang, don't worry, the Famous Sword Villa will definitely

Treat you as the most honored guest."

Tang Zichen left the old villa master's room, and the old villa master also immediately ordered that Tang Zichen was the most honored guest of the Famous Sword Mountain Villa, and no one was to be neglected, or else the family law would be served, including the villa master.

The Master and his wife of the Famous Sword Mountain Villa were also very surprised to receive such an order.

Tang Zichen lived alone in Wuling Mountain Villa, everyone else had already left, and it was unknown where the others had gone. Out of caution, Mu Qianji didn't even say where the rendezvous was.

Tang Zichen was secretly wondering where they would go.Whether or not it could be figured out depended on the tacit understanding.

Tang Zichen searched the map, the closest place to the Famous Sword Villa was a small country called the Yuan Yue Empire.

Tang Zichen immediately said, "With my understanding of Xiao Meng, they will definitely wait for me in this Yuan Yue Empire, and in two days, I will go to the Yuan Yue Empire to meet up with them, hopefully Mu Qianji will really be able to take control of that sword."

"Tang Zichen."At this moment, a woman's shout came from outside.

"Speechless Moon, what are you looking for me for?"Tang Zichen asked, Tang Zichen didn't need to fake love with Wordsmith now, so there wasn't the same tone of false affection as before.

"Tang Zichen, why have you changed a bit."Yan Wuyue said as she looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "My Three Leaf Love Flower Poison has been resolved."

"Ah."Words Wuyue was stunned.

Tang Zichen asked, "You told your great-grandfather about me being hit by the March Love Flower Poison, right?"

"He's the one who asked me."

"Oh, thank you, it was your great-grandfather who gave me the antidote to this poison."

Tang Zichen smiled, it was better to finish this sinful love with this Love Flower Poison, so that it would also hurt Speechless Moon less.

Words Wuyue smiled bitterly, "Don't you hate me?"

"No hate."

"Why?Since you don't hate me, then is it that through this contact, you have become really loving me."Speechless Moon's eyes were full of expectation.

"Not hate, doesn't mean love, the reason why I don't hate you is because you like me after all, how could I hate someone who likes me, it's just a pity that I can only fail you, sorry, Speechless Moon, you will find a better man than me."

Speechless Moon left her mouth, "A better man than you, you don't believe it yourself, even my brother's bride will fall in love with you at first sight at the bridal ceremony, who else under the heavens is better than you."

"Oh."Tang Zichen was speechless, it seemed that he wasn't fit to comfort others with that statement, there really might not be a better man under the heavens than him.

"Then we've had sex before, are you going to be so irresponsible?"Speechless Moon asked, seemingly the last bit of hope.

"Speechless Moon, I'll be honest with you, actually, we didn't have any relationship at all, you're still a yellow flower girl, you come over here."

"What for."

"I'm going to cast a healing spell on you, fix you up, you're a true yellow flowered lady."

"I don't want it, I won't admit it."

"Bang."Tang Zichen knocked Speechless Moon unconscious and then administered a healing spell to her.

By the time Speechless Moon woke up, she was already fully repaired.

"Alright, you're ice-clear now."

"Did I really put you off that much?"

"Sorry, if there's nothing wrong, you can go first."

Speechless left in love and returned to the place where she lived and cried a lot.

And right now, at the place where Speechless lived, Speechless was also carrying a wine jar and was lost in thought.


The Master and his wife of the Famous Sword Villa were so depressed when they saw their grandson and granddaughter like this, but the old Villa Master told none of them to slack off on Tang Zichen, or else they would really have to have a theory with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen stayed at the Famous Sword Villa for two days, and after two days, the old villa owner personally bid Tang Zichen farewell.



Tang Zichen sat on the Fire Devil's back and rushed off into the distant sky with a whirring sound, disappearing into the sky, speechless moon reluctantly watching the disappearing sky for a long time, unable to come back to his senses.

The entire Famous Sword Villa up and down, deadly, presumably only the old villa master alone, incomparably good mood.

Tang Zichen rode the Fire Demon and headed straight to the nearest one, the First Moon Empire.

As soon as Tang Zichen entered the capital of the First Moon Empire, a flying ship flew towards Tang Zichen.

It was precisely Xiaomeng.

"Brother Zichen, I knew you would have guessed that we would be waiting for you here.".

Tang Zichen entered the inside of the flying ship, and the fire demon also quickly became smaller, becoming like a cat and burrowed inside the flying ship. Remember the URL

Everyone was in the flying ship, but only Mu Qianji was never seen.

"Where's Mu Qianjie?"Don Zichen asked.

"Ugh, don't mention it."

"What's wrong?"Tang Zichen was busy asking.

Long Tianqin said, "Brother Zichen, it seems that it was really a mistake for you to help Mu Qianji obtain the Burial Moon Sword over there."

"Why do you say that."

Xiao Meng said, "Brother Zichen, do you know why that Burial Moon Sword is poisonous?"


"Because that sword, it's a sword made using radioactive materials."

Tang Zichen said, "It was made using meteorites."

"That's right, it's not really poisonous, in fact it's not poisonous, it's very radioactive, far worse than poison.What kind of radioactive element is it, this is unknown, we shouldn't have this kind of substance on this planet, did you see the purple light emitted by that sword, that's a visible ray, this kind of ray is extremely harmful to the human body, but it also has the ability to instantly destroy the atomic structure of other substances, so any other substance that comes in contact with that sword can be instantly destroyed, so it's an indestructible and famous sword.However, it can also destroy the cells of the human body, causing them to mutate, and I don't know what will happen in the end.Anyway, I told her that if she didn't want to die, she should throw the sword away, but she didn't listen to me at all, and said that I was lonely and ignorant, and that all great swords are like this, and if ordinary people can't handle it, they will be killed by it instead, and I had nothing to say, and I realized that she didn't have any common sense in physics.Then, she left, and I don't know where she went."

Tang Zichen sighed, "I actually don't know much about radiation, and I don't know anything about radioactive elements either, but I do know that those great swords were indeed made with very precious and extraordinary materials.The metals you mentioned that don't have radiation, such as iron, copper, gold, and silver, although they don't have radiation, they can't create truly great swords."

"Brother Zichen, even you think so."Xiao Meng was speechless as she looked at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were both from the same place, so naturally they had the same knowledge of some things.

"Brother Zichen, just wait if you don't believe me, Mu Qianji will definitely die, the destructive radiation is so strong, I don't believe she can still live, getting a terminal illness this is still light, mutating into a monster is not impossible.It's not even a question of whether to harness it or not, it's really feudal thinking."

"Ugh, I hope she's okay.

."Don Tzu-Chen could only pray.

"Alright, Tzu-Chen, now where are we going."Wanderlust asked.

"Are there any other more famous world holy places, or ancient ruins?"Tang Zichen asked.

Yan Qiang said, "Zichen, it's been a long time since we followed you out, and our original purpose was to grow our knowledge and improve our martial arts while touring the world.However, after being out for so long, apart from you and Xiao Meng, no one else has improved in the slightest, and our journey has almost always been focused on sightseeing.I think that the next part of our trip should not be mainly about the excursions."

"Yeah, it's not a good idea to keep eating and drinking like this just to increase our knowledge, our purpose is to improve our martial arts skills after all."Liu Yue also said.

Tang Zichen nodded, "That's reasonable, so let's focus on training for the rest of our trip, do you have any good ideas?Yan Qiang, since you would propose a calendar training mainly, then, you must have thought about where you want to go."

Yan Qiang smiled, "Yes, I have already thought about it, in the area north of the Cang Blue Empire, is the Ten Thousand Beast Forest, there are very many powerful beasts there, let's go to the Ten Thousand Beast Forest to practice, we still need to go to dangerous places to improve, we are not the same as you, you are a genius, your comprehension is so high, while it is hard for us to improve our martial skills if we don't have a strong crisis to motivate us!The."

Tang Zichen said, "I don't have a problem with that, what about the others?"

"I'm okay with that."

"Me too."

"Good, then let's go to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, I also want to see the so-called Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts."

Tang Zichen was no stranger to beasts, he had seen the Demonic Serpent when he was on the Martial Forest Island, but it was only a fourth and fifth grade Demonic Serpent, equivalent to the inner gate level, too weak.

After that, at the bottom of the sea, he had also seen sea beasts.

Then, there are naturally beasts on land as well.

Yan Qiang said, "I heard that many of the beasts of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest have sentience, and that the beasts of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest have formed a country, I don't know if it's true."

"Nonsense, beasts still have countries?"

"What's the point of lying to you, when beasts have sentience, they are naturally just like humans, and slowly, they will set up beast kingdoms and dominate territory and all that, but of course, we won't know all that until we actually see it."

"Let's hope that out of the sixteen of us that we go, we can all come back intact."Wee Cherry said prayerfully.

"Don't talk so horribly."

Wei Sakura snorted, "In fact, we are not the first to go to the Ten Thousand Beast Forest for training, there are more mercenary groups that go into the Ten Thousand Beast Forest to complete some tasks, such as a hundred years of deer heart and a hundred years of tiger gall, these are very precious medicinal herbs, they are great supplements for those who practice martial arts, of course, they are incomparable to the emperor insect, but if you eat them often, they are also quite profitable.Therefore, there are many people who go to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, and many who go in and can't get out."

"Ah."Yan Qiang was shocked and said, "Hearing you say that, I'm a bit sorry for proposing to go to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, if we really let any of us die there, wouldn't everyone hate me."

Wei Sakura said indifferently, "If you want to go on an adventure, which one won't die, if you're afraid of death, stay at home and don't come out.It's fine to go to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, always go to those holy places that are not dangerous, a certain empire, a certain mountain village, a certain relic and so on, it really doesn't improve anything for our aptitude deviations."

Tang Zichen smiled, "There's no need to be too afraid, death is just a normal thing, everyone has to die at some point.Only if you are not afraid of death, you will gain, in short, I will do my best to help you all, let's go, first stop at the Cang Blue Empire, then enter the Ten Thousand Beast Forest."


After two days of flying, it reached the range of the Cang Blue Empire.

"The Pale Blue Empire is the northernmost country, and further north of the Pale Blue Empire is the Marvelous Forest.This way, we can say that we are from the most south to the most north."Yi Tianxing's wife, Yang Huan, said.

"Sister Yang, where is the southernmost?"Xiao Meng asked.

"Oh, the southernmost is the Star Ocean Academy, we haven't just gone from the southernmost to the northernmost."

Tang Zichen said, "It seems that this world isn't very big either, Star Ocean Academy is the most southern, and the Longevity Forest is the most northern, we've already traveled half of the world."

"Yeah, say it's not too big."

Tang Zichen added, "Previously, the president of Star Ocean Academy said that my goal was to walk all over the world, he said that the world would be finished sooner or later, it seems that it hasn't been long, half of the world has been walked, he was right, as expected.If it takes a few years, I'm afraid that the entire world and every country can be walked once, by then, the entire world will have been walked and the goal of life will have to be changed."

"Brother Zichen, what did that dean say to you."

"Nothing, he said that in this world, the goal of every strong man is to become an emperor, and I said that I'm not interested in the throne, my goal is to travel all over the world.He said that I'm still young, and that when I'm old and have traveled the entire world, I'll be able to experience the ambition of wanting to be an emperor.This kind of similar words I actually felt from Yan Long of the Yanhuang Empire, could it be that the ultimate goal of every powerful person in this world is to become an emperor?Do I walk this path?"

Liu Yue said, "Zichen, I support you to become an emperor, and then follow you to eat and drink spicy food, and you crown me as a great general."

Wang Xing also said, "Yes, I also support you to become an emperor, and turn the Yanhuang Empire into your empire, at that time, hehe, my family can also be properly glorious, it's not in vain for me to follow you around." A second to remember to read the book

Yang Yijian also looked at Tang Zichen with eyes full of anticipation and smiled, "What a good idea, a goal like being an emperor is not something that can be achieved by ordinary people, but you can, and let us follow you in awe ah, when the time comes, all of us in the mercenary group will be your founding ministers.Mum, it's exciting to think about."

"Yes, you can also have three wives and four concubines, a harem of countless beautiful women, and sleep with the beauty 360 days a year, every day without repeating.Isn't this kind of day the ultimate goal of this world's strongest man?Tzu-Chen, cheer up."

Next to him was Yan Qiang, but there was a silence, he was, after all, the prince of the Yan Huang Empire.

Tang Zichen said, "I made peace with Emperor Yan Long, I will never seize his throne, a man should keep his word, how can I go and seize the Yan Huang Empire, besides, so far, I don't have any ambition to become an emperor.In this world, there are already kings in every corner, and if I want to be an emperor, someone is bound to step down."

Wang Xing Dao: "Zichen, this world is about strength, what is there to talk about and talk about.I heard that the current Emperor Yan Long, when he was young, he also formed a mercenary group, and later when he became emperor, his mercenary friends all followed him to enjoy glory and wealth.There are so many of us who chose to follow you in the first place, but we also put our future on you, so if you can make a better life for everyone, of course we would be more than happy to do so."

"Uh."Tang Zichen looked at everyone.

It seemed that Tang Zichen had never thought about this issue, and since Tang Zichen had formed a mercenary group, he naturally couldn't just focus on his own

They also had to consider the future of others.These dozen of them, they can't spend their whole lives traveling all over the world, right, in less than ten years, the whole world will have traveled all over, and then it won't be time to settle down, then reproduce their children and grandchildren, and strengthen their families.

Tang Zichen said, "But now, we don't worry about food, we don't worry about clothes, we can go anywhere, we can be gloriously wealthy ah."

"Alas, forget it, I won't say it."Wang Xing sighed, Tang Zichen had no intention of competing for imperial power, which made Wang Xing a little disappointed, but what about the others?

Xu Mei Qian said, "What's the fun in being an emperor."

"That's right, it's so nice to live an ordinary life."

Tang Zichen's several girlfriends, of course, didn't want it, if Tang Zichen really became an emperor, sooner or later he would also be a group of harem concubines, they didn't want to share men with so many women.

Tang Zichen looked towards Yi Tianxing and smiled, "Big brother Tianxing, tell us your point of view, it's okay, speak boldly."

"Well, actually, when I was at the Star Ocean Academy, I saw that you knew how to absorb power and could open that treasure that the dean said, at that time, I felt that you are a person full of potential, maybe you will have some extraordinary achievements in the future, then I told my wife to pay more attention to you, maybe I can really follow you to achieve some hegemony in the future."Eastman said.

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled bitterly, although Yi Tianxing didn't say it very directly, his meaning was basically the same as Wang Xing and Liu Yue, who wanted to follow Tang Zichen to achieve great things.

Yang Huan said, "Tang Zichen, do you know what we did before our couple went to Star Ocean Academy?"

"What for?"

"Before we went to Star Ocean Academy as a couple, we were guards of a certain kingdom, and then we had a bad time and left.Actually, it would be quite good if you could achieve greatness in the future, but no matter what, we're following you."

"Oh."Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

"Alright, let's not discuss this issue for now, I don't have that strength yet, it's not too late to talk about it when I have strength in the future, when we reach the Cang Blue Empire, let's go down to resupply, find a hotel, take a bath and have a meal."


The flying ship descended on the roof of a hotel in the Cang Blue Empire, Tang Zichen and the others entered the hotel to go.

Not long after Tang Zichen's flying ship had landed, someone had already reported to the king at the Cang Lan Empire's palace.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, a flying ship has arrived at Yi Mu City in the north of our Cang Lan Empire."

"Flying ship, is it another mercenary group that wants to enter the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts?Flying ships are not uncommon in our Cang Blue Empire, and most of them are just powerful mercenary groups attempting to enter the Beast Forest to plunder the organs of those beasts to replenish themselves.If it wasn't for these mercenary groups that always enter the Beast Forest to hunt beasts, the northern cities of my Beast Forest wouldn't be under constant attack from fierce beasts.I don't have any good feelings towards these mercenary corps that want to enter the Ten Thousand Beast Forest."

"Your Majesty, are you going to stop them?To be able to fly a ship, it must be a strong man."

"A strong man, is he as strong as me?Do you think every mercenary group is on the world ranking list?Look at this flying ship, does it have a number, is it a flying ship belonging to that mercenary group."


"Your Majesty, checked, no number, not a flying ship of any of the mercenary corps on the world ranking list."

"In that case, go and capture them."


Tang Zichen had just finished taking a shower and was about to go downstairs to have a meal, after all, after spending two days on the flying ship, he definitely needed to have a good meal.

However, at that moment, Dao said, "Brother Zichen, it's bad, someone has seized our flying ship."

"What? Who dares to seize our flying ship."Tang Zichen was furious.

Tang Zichen immediately flew to the roof.

Sure enough, the rooftop came with a group of strong men, there were more than ten of them, among them, the strongest one was the middle stage of the Unity Realm, in short, it was a group of people that Tang Zichen couldn't afford to mess with yet.

"Why are you seizing my flying ship?"Tang Zichen asked furiously.

That man who was in the middle stage of the Unity Realm said, "Who are you guys?What are you doing here?"

"You don't care who we are, you're the ones who should report here."Tang Zichen said, though angry inside, he still suppressed his anger, it was better not to mess with this group of people of unknown origin, otherwise they might be annihilated here. First URL

"We are a mercenary group belonging to the Pale Blue Empire, my name is Li Qing."

"A mercenary corps of the Cang Lan Empire?Never heard of it, but I don't care who you are, I'm not messing with you, so it's best if we all just get along."Tang Zichen said.

"Hahaha, how dare you threaten us, you threatening us is the same as threatening the Pale Blue Empire, do you know our mercenary group, who is the leader?It's the Emperor of our Cang Blue Empire, Cang Shirt.Emperor Cang Shifu is our leader, we founded a mercenary group with Emperor Cang Shifu when we were young, when he wasn't the Emperor yet, and now that he is, we, the mercenary group, are the most powerful mercenary group in the entire Cang Blue Empire.It's ridiculous that you, a little pup, are threatening us."

"But what do you mean by seizing our flying ship?Is it possible that you, the Pale Blue Empire, don't allow outsiders in anymore."

"No, we're seizing your flying ships because His Majesty has instructed us to take you to him.Don't worry, this mercenary group of yours, at any rate, has a Unity Realm Completion Level, and as long as you cooperate with us properly, our majesty won't do anything to you.Now, you come with us, or, we'll tow away your flying ships."

Tang Zichen was furious, but since it was the emperor's mercenary group from the Canglan Empire that had come to seize them, there was nothing he could do but go with them.

"Fine, I'll cooperate with you, but you better not cause any trouble for us, or I'll never let you go."

"Hahaha, little pup, how old are you this year, cultivating to the completion of the Unity Realm, your real age must not be small, why are you still so angry.Don't be cross with these fellows of mine, I'm afraid you weren't even born when we were crisscrossing the world.Let's go, come with us."

Tang Zichen and the others sat on the other party's flying ship, and the other party came in two flying ships.

Tang Zichen's flying ship, however, was impounded and towed behind.

In the flying ship, Wanderlust said, "Why did you agree to cooperate with them?What if they are against us?"

"That one called Li Qing just now, he's in the mid stage of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, equivalent to the Emperor of the Yan Huang Empire, unfortunately, I don't have the Emperor Worm anymore, so I can't cast Life Blood Hidden, besides, since he has declared himself as a mercenary group belonging to the Emperor of the Pale Blue Empire, we'd better cooperate, I don't think they'll do anything to us."Tang Zichen said.

"But for good reason

s, why are we being detained, we are entering the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, just staying here for a night."

Yi Tianxing said, "It's natural to know when you meet the Cang Shirt Emperor, we, the Destined One mercenary group, at any rate, are the head of the group with the complete level of the Unity Realm, we should still have some face, it's not some mercenary group set up by a small cat or puppy."

About an hour later, Tang Zichen waited until he reached the capital of the Pale Blue Empire and directly entered the interior of the palace, landing in front of a large hall in a flying ship.

"Here we are, let's all get down."

Tang Zichen and the others disembarked from the flying ship.

"Our captain is inside the main hall, which one of you is the captain?"

"Me."Tang Zichen said.

"One of you will follow me inside to meet the Sovereign, the others will wait here."

Tang Zichen entered the main hall, where a man in a purple pajama was sitting and watching television, with a beautiful palace maid standing on each side of him.

"Your Majesty, the man has brought it."

"Mm."The man watching the TV turned his head and looked at Tang Zichen.

The moment he saw Tang Zichen, his eyes were clearly shocked.

"It's you, Tang Zichen."That emperor busily stood up, as if he knew Tang Zichen and still had respect for him.

"You know me?"

"Haha, of course I know you, but I saw your power with my own eyes at the Famous Sword Villa."

The man called Li Qing was busy saying, "Your Majesty, is he the Tang Zichen who became famous in the Famous Sword Villa a few days ago?A special genius who's only 21?"

"Yes, he is, don't hurry up and serve tea."

"Ah, so you are Tang Zichen, how disrespectful."The man called Li Qing was busy saying respectfully.

"Oh."Tang Zichen just gave a heh heh.

The emperor was busy saying, "Brother Tang, I didn't expect it to be a misunderstanding, I hope you will forgive me, sit down and have some tea."

Tang Zichen asked, "Why did you enter your Pale Blue Empire and seize my flying ship?"

"Brother Tang, you don't know this, our Cang Lan Empire is in the far north, because too many mercenary groups have entered the Ten Thousand Beast Forest to slaughter the beasts, as you know, some of the beasts that are over a thousand years old, their hearts, livers and gall bladders, and even their hair are very valuable, and for any martial arts practitioner, taking them is a great tonic, so too many mercenary groups have entered the Ten Thousand Beast Forest to hunt and kill them.However, they left after killing, leaving the mess to our Pale Blue Empire, many of the beasts in the Beast Forest already had primary intelligence, even the most powerful ones already had not low intelligence, after their relatives were killed, they would come to the northern cities of our Pale Blue Empire and kill humans, those humans were ordinary people, they needed to pay for the hunting crimes committed by those mercenary corps.Therefore, anyone who wants to enter the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, I must do my best to stop them.If it's those mercenary corps on the world ranking list, we don't dare to stop them, but the other miscellaneous ones, we definitely have to stop them and bring them back first, if we are not persuaded to listen, we can only resort to some means."

Tang Zichen nodded his head, this reason was quite reasonable.

Tang Zichen also knew that the life of some beasts was far longer than that of humans, the longer they lived and were strong, the more their body organs would be a great supplement for martial arts practitioners.For example, taking a hundred year old tiger whip would leave them standing.Not everyone can be so lucky as to take the Emperor Bug.


"And your flying ship doesn't have any markings, so we don't know it's yours, Brother Tang, take it easy and have some tea, welcome to our Pale Blue Empire, you're a celebrity in the international scene now."Cale Shirt said politely.

Tang Zichen didn't get angry anymore and drank some tea.

Tang Zichen said, "Now then, can't we enter the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts?To be honest, my mercenary group friends and I didn't enter the Ten Thousand Beast Forest for that beast organ, we simply wanted to practice."

Pale Shirt was shocked, "No way, just for practice ah, then your mercenary group is too bold, who doesn't know that too many people have died in the Ten Thousand Beast Forest under the hooves and claws of powerful beasts, yet there are still a large number of people who go in for the beast heart.But you guys, you didn't even go in for this, just to practice, you guys are too bold.Entering the Ten Thousand Beast Forest requires a price of life, when I was young, just like you now, I had a group of brothers, who were also not afraid of death to enter the Ten Thousand Beast Forest at that time, but as a result, eighteen of us went in, and when we came out, there were only eight left."

"What? So many died."

"Yes, of course, when I was young, I wasn't as strong as you are now, at that time, my mercenary group was called the Cang Shirt Mercenary Group, I was the leader, and I was only in the middle of the Unity Realm.But that's not the point, even if I enter the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts now, I might still die in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts."

Tang Zichen said, "Your Majesty Cang Shirt, you're now at the third level of the Unity Realm, you're so strong to go in and still die?"

"Of course, there are countless powerful beasts in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, and if it weren't for the fact that human territory doesn't fit their habits, those beasts would have rushed out long ago.In our world, we have 30 strong humans at the peak of the Unity Realm, but the strongest ones are not humans, but beasts.Some beasts, with their natural bronze skin and iron bones, can't be defeated no matter how hard they fight.The 30 peak human strongest of us, the most powerful Tie An Senior, was once even injured by a certain beast in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts."

"Wow, the beast is so strong, how many beasts are there in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts."

"No one knows, the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts is huge, almost equal to half of our human empire.There are some powerful sky beasts, its claws, and it ripped through the flying ships in one go, so don't think that it's fine to drive a flying ship, if you're unlucky enough to run into one that can't even beat the 30 strongest peaks of our humans, then prepare for a reunion.Brother Tang, it's not that I'm scaring you, I'm doing it for your own good, there are so many places to go in the world, why would you choose to go to the Beast Forest to train, it's like joking with your life.It's also for their own good that I prevented some weak mercenary groups from entering.Of course, we won't stop those mercenary corps that are on the world ranking list.As you know, there are some world-class mercenary corps that are very powerful, several Unity Realm Great Perfectionists, and they can go there if they like at this level.However, for such world-class mercenary corps, their flying ships are usually marked."

"Oh."Tang Zichen was a little hesitant inside, Tang Zichen's Destined One mercenary group, only Tang Zichen himself was a little stronger, there was a Unity Realm Perfection, the others, the weakest was only at the Inner Gate Realm, was this good to go in? Remember the URL

"By the way, Brother Tang, you're from the Yan Huang Empire, right."



Your Inferno Empire has a very powerful mercenary group that is world class, called the 'King's Mercenary Group', their leader is also a late Unity Realm Perfection, and entered the Ten Thousand Beast Forest not long ago.This King's Mercenary Corps is in the top ten of the world ranking list, and has more than ten strong Unity Realm Perfectionists."

"Wow, such a powerful mercenary group, wouldn't this be a complete pinnacle of any country."Tang Zichen was horrified, Tang Zichen had heard before that some mercenary corps were extremely powerful, far beyond the average country.

"Hehe, peaking any country is impossible, peaking most countries, that's for sure, if this King's Mercenary Corps wanted to peak your Yanhuang Empire, it would be easy.The leader of this king's mercenary group, he's still very young, it's normal that he doesn't have the ambition to be an emperor yet, but whether he will have the ambition to be an emperor in the future, it's unknown."

"Very young?How young?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Should be less than forty years old, maybe even thirty-six or thirty-seven years old, the leader of this Destined One mercenary group is also a legend, before he turned thirty, he wasn't very outstanding, after thirty, just a few years, a sudden rise, that momentum is completely as good as those special geniuses who were outstanding before they turned thirty."

"Oh, alright, Brother Tang, that's all I have to say, whether you guys enter the Ten Thousand Beast Forest or not, you decide for yourselves, it's late today, I'll have someone arrange for you guys to stay, and I'll give you a good banquet tomorrow, so don't be in a hurry to go in, think about it before you go in."

"Thank you, Your Majesty Pale Shirt."

"You are a genius extraordinaire, no need to be so polite to me, please."

Tang Zichen walked out of the main hall, his siblings were outside with Tang Zichen.

"Tzichen, how is it?Is there any difficulty for you."Xu Mei Qian was busy asking.

Li Qing behind Tang Zichen laughed, "Joking, I didn't expect him to be the Tang Zichen who is famous in the Famous Sword Villa, if I had known he was Tang Zichen, I wouldn't have seized your flying ship, let's go, His Majesty has ordered to entertain you according to the highest rules."

After that, Tang Zichen was arranged to go to a royal garden.

Tang Zichen had been thinking about the Cang Shirt Emperor's words, the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, whether to go in or not, going in just for the sake of practicing, compared to that risk, it seemed very unprofitable.

Of course, Tang Zichen had also thought of that king's mercenary group, this king's mercenary group was also from the Yanhuang Empire, which was very similar to Tang Zichen's Destiny's mercenary group.

However, Tang Zichen's Destined One's mercenary group was too small compared to his King's Mercenary Group.The King's Mercenary Corps had more than ten Unity Realm Great Perfection powerhouses and was one of the top ten mercenary corps on the world ranking list.

This mercenary corps was enough to peak over half of the world's empires.

What Tang Zichen was worried about was that if this King's Mercenary Corps had ambitions to become an emperor, then the first choice would definitely be the Yanhuang Empire, because that head of the group was someone who came from the Yanhuang Empire, a person who was average before the age of thirty, and reached such a powerful level just a few years after the age of thirty.If he really had ambitions, then Emperor Yanlong was going to be a tragedy, Tang Zichen who had signed a contract with Emperor Yanlong was obligated to help guard his throne, which was why he was so slightly worried.


Tang Zichen and the others stayed at the royal gardens of the Pale Blue Empire.

"Zichen, why don't you look well?Didn't you say that that emperor knew you and didn't give us a hard time?"Yan Qiang asked.

"It was not difficult for us, but he also told us the true situation, the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, very dangerous, so many of us, and so many of them are incomparably weak, going into the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, I think that by the time we come out, half of us will probably be dead."

"What."Everyone was shocked, entering a Ten Thousand Beast Forest and coming out half of them dead, this was too terrifying.

"Yes, half dead, because, we, the Destined One Mercenary Group, out of the sixteen of us, only five of us have combat power that reaches the Unity Realm, and two of them are also Spiritual Enchanter and Poisoner.With such a weak team as ours, entering the Ten Thousand Beast Forest and still having half of them come out alive is already a miracle."


Yan Qiang slapped himself and scolded, "It's all because of my mouth, if it wasn't for my mouth being cheap, we wouldn't have thought of going to the Ten Thousand Beast Forest, now that I think about it, I'm really an ignorant person, with someone like me who doesn't even know when the Unity Realm can be reached, I'm actually thinking of going to the Ten Thousand Beast Forest."

"Yan Yu, why beat yourself up, the worst that can happen is that you don't go."

"Then now we really won't go to the Ten Thousand Beast Forest?"

Tang Zichen shook his head, "I don't know, that's why I need to discuss this with you guys, if so many people enter the Ten Thousand Beast Forest together, I'm sure I won't be able to protect it no matter how strong I am by myself, if we encounter a beast that even I can't win, then we'll only have the consequence of annihilation.Everyone, what do you guys think?"

"Since the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts isn't even accessible to mercenaries of our level, then let's not go there." A second to remember to read the book

"But we're all here, how about this, we don't want everyone to go in and choose the weak ones."

After the discussion between Tang Zichen and the others, it was finally decided that Tang Zichen, Yi Tianxing, Wanderlust, Yang Huan, Wei Sakura, and Xiao Meng, six of them would enter the Ten Thousand Beast Forest, while the rest of them would cultivate in the Cang Blue Empire.

Of the six people who entered, three men and three women, only Wei Sakura and Xiaomeng were at the Innate Realm.

As such, six people entered, and only then did Tang Zichen have a little confidence.

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen's six people opened their flying ships and flew away towards the entrance of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest.

The rest of them could only sigh and live helplessly in the Cang Blue Empire.

Soon, Tang Zichen's flying ship arrived at the edge of the Ten Thousand Beast Forest.

"Brother Zichen, are we going to open our flying ship to go in?There's no satellite signal inside the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, so I'm afraid I can't control it remotely even if I drive in, I might even lose my navigation, and if I hide in the forest, I'll be broken by the beasts."..

"Then don't drive in, hide the flying ship in a nearby place where there are no beast infestations, then enter the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts on foot."

Xiao Meng drove the flying ship to the entrance of the Ten Thousand Beasts Forest, a place where no beasts were infested, and hid the flying ship there, then the six of them entered the Ten Thousand Beasts Forest on foot.

The moment Tang Zichen entered the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, there was always a bad feeling inside.

"Why are my eyelids fluttering, is there something ominous going on?"Tang Zichen said.

"Don't scare yourself, the six of us going in, plus the fire beasts, are still considered to have

A little self-preservation is in order, and besides, we're not going into too deep."Wanderlust said.

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Right now, in the depths of the Ten Thousand Beasts Forest, a team of eighteen people were walking in the primeval forest.

In this team of eighteen people, the most powerful one among them was at the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, and he was the leader of the King's Mercenary Group.

Apart from him, there were ten other people who were strong at the first and second levels of the Unity Realm Great Perfection.

Eleven of their team of eighteen people were Unity Realm Great Perfection.

It was worthy of being one of the top ten mercenary groups in the world, but of course, top ten in a year, not necessarily now.

At this moment, a five-meter long beast jumped out from the nearby forest and opened its bloody mouth.

"Puff."Without looking, that headmaster threw out a knife in his hand, and the huge beast was cut in half.

"Wow, the captain's Heaven Breaking Knife has increased in power again, throwing out a knife, no matter what you throw, it can cut him in half.The head of the regiment's Broken Sky Blade can already fight with the thirty strongest peaks of the Unity Realm, it's too powerful, it hasn't reached its peak yet, with the Broken Sky Blade, you can fight with the thirty strongest peaks in the world."A man behind him said full of admiration.

The head of that group said with no fluctuation on his face, "Old Jia, don't talk nonsense, although I'm only one realm away from those thirty old monsters at the pinnacle of the Unity Realm in the world, I'm not even as easy to defeat them as you say.I'm only saying that I'm confident that I can fight against the last ranked one among those thirty peaks."

"Out of the thirty pinnacles, the one ranked last, isn't that the old master of the Famous Sword Villa?"

"Yes, I'm sure I can fight him but not sure I can win him, I'll challenge him when I go out this time."

"Wow, Captain, if you defeat him, you'll be a world sensation, tsk, this is the first person ever to defeat a peak powerhouse before he's even at the pinnacle."

"He's just the weakest of the thirty pinnacles, besides, I may not be able to beat him."

"Captain, your Heaven Breaking Blade is so powerful, it simply possesses the power to open the heavens and the earth, you can definitely defeat him, and then you'll be famous in the world and become the first person in history."

"Yes, Headmaster, it's so exciting to think about, in this world, there are not many people who can reach the peak of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, and once they do, their strength is so strong that it is completely different from the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, there is no one in history who can defeat the peak with the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection."

"Alright, stop bragging, how do you guys know there's no history."

At this time, a man said, "Right, Head of Mission, speaking of the Famous Sword Villa, when we entered the Ten Thousand Beast Forest, didn't we hear about a young man named Tang Zichen, who defeated that special genius of the Famous Sword Villa, Words of Intent, and I also heard that he reached special genius at only 21 years old, and he was also from the Yan Huang Empire.Head Captain, he's from the same place as you ah."

"Headmaster, you're already so awesome, you're one step away from being a world sensation, I never thought that a young man from the same place as you, such a genius, would pop up, Headmaster, what's your opinion on this matter ah?"

The leader of the King's Mercenary Corps only gave a slight snort.


"Headmaster, don't hum, tell me about it, at 21 years of age, reaching special genius, this kind of person is definitely not an ordinary person in the future, maybe he can be as powerful as you, headmaster."

Everyone looked at the Head of the King's Mercenary Group curiously, seemingly curious as to how the Head evaluated this person who also came from the Yan Huang Empire.

The head of the King's Mercenary Corps said with a blank expression, "Since he comes from the same place as me, if you see him, kill him."

"Ah, why?What a pity to kill it, maybe you can even become your right-hand assistant in the future."

"Someone who reached the Special Genius level at the age of 21 would willingly become my assistant?Since we come from the same place, one mountain does not allow two tigers, in the future, when I take control of the Yan Huang Empire, I will definitely still confront this person, so it's better to behead him than to do so.Of course, if we don't encounter him, count him lucky, if we do, it's his misfortune."

At this moment, Tang Zichen and the others had already entered the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts for a long time, and as expected, there were too many powerful beasts in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts.

However, Tang Zichen and the others weren't weak, and they had killed several powerful beasts that they had encountered.

Only, the deeper Tang Zichen went, the more he felt an uneasiness inside.

This uneasiness made him feel scared inside.

The day passed quickly and the sky darkened.

Tang Zichen and the others found a cave on the spot and brought the meat of some of the beasts they had killed during the day to barbecue and eat. The first website

"I'll do the vigil tonight, you guys rest well in the cave."Tang Zichen said.

"It's better that we all take turns at the vigil."Yi Tianxing said.

"No, I'll come alone."Tang Zichen insisted he come alone for the night vigil, because Tang Zichen had an uneasy feeling inside, so he couldn't relax at all.

Late at night, Xiaomeng, Yi Tianxing and his wife, Long Tianya, Wei Cherry, were all sleeping in the cave, the beasts that Tang Zichen had encountered during the day today, Tang Zichen let them kill them first, if they really couldn't kill them, at the moment of a thousand gold, Tang Zichen would make another move, so they expended a lot of physical strength, at the same time, they also got a huge exercise, if this continued, they would definitely stimulate their potential and their martial skills would advance by leaps and bounds.Of course, there were both dangers and opportunities, and in a place like the Ten Thousand Beast Forest, who knew what would happen next as they practiced.

Tang Zichen sat at the entrance of the cave, always vigilant of his surroundings, and Fire Demon lay beside Tang Zichen, keeping vigil with him.

Fire Demon said to Tang Zichen, "Brother Chen, why don't you go to sleep, I'll do the vigil, I'm not weak, and beasts under the completion of the Unity Realm are no match for me."

"No need, it's better to be cautious in all things, besides, during the daytime I only attacked at critical moments in order to let them practice, I didn't expend much energy."

"Alright then, I'll squint for a while."


Not long after, the Fire Demon Earth Beast snored as well.

After a night of silent vigil, Tang Zichen didn't feel the slightest bit of fatigue, and nothing happened in one night.

Just like this, Tang Zichen and the others were in the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts, and in a blink of an eye, they had spent 30 days, or a month.

During this month, Xiao Meng stood out the most, surprisingly breaking through to Innate Great Perfection, and, reaching the peak of Innate Great Perfection, just one step away from stepping into the Unity Realm.

Such talent, Tang Zichen also had to admire it.

Wei Sakura wasn't bad either, she was already Innate Perfection before, after this month of training, she had broken through to the second level of Innate Perfection, originally she was higher than Xiaomeng!

of the world, but now it was two realms lower than Xiao Meng.

Yi Tianxing and Long Tianya, on the other hand, had broken through to the second level of the late Unity Realm, and their progress was only slight compared to Xiaomeng and Wei Sakura's, as it was the Unity Realm.

Yi Tianxing's wife, Yang Huan, had also finally broken through to the late stage of the Unity Realm.

Everyone had gained a lot from this month's training, but Tang Zichen, was the only one who had locked his eyebrows.

This was because, Tang Zichen had already found out a month ago that there was no change in his Sucking Spirit Method, which meant that he had sucked in the spiritual energy of many beasts, with no change in the results.

Tang Zichen began to believe Mu Qianji's words, and Mu Qianji advised him to dissipate this power before the Sucking Spirit Great Law had backfired, or else he would be brain dead if it began to seriously backfire.

Therefore, Tang Zichen had been locked in a frown for the past month, should he dissipate the God-sucking Great Law or not?

Originally, Tang Zichen had hoped that it would suck all the way up, but unfortunately, it was so flawed.

If it was dispersed, it meant that Tang Zichen would have to rely entirely on himself for future martial arts cultivation.

Tang Zichen was making a difficult decision.

After a month of practice, it was proven that Mu Qianji hadn't lied to him, the late stage of the Sucking God Law would really backfire, and the more you sucked in the early stages, the worse the backfire would be.

Anyone must understand that cultivation is like building a house.Building one floor is simple, building ten floors is even more difficult, a hundred floors, a thousand floors, ten thousand floors, or even a hundred thousand floors, the later you get, the more careful you have to be with every step, and any mistakes made in the early stages could lead to a total collapse in the later stages.

After a difficult decision, Tang Zichen still chose to disperse the God-sucking Great Law.

Because, Tang Zichen's path in life wasn't just to build a hundred storeys so high, Tang Zichen was going to build a thousand storeys, or even ten thousand storeys, so don't lose a lot for a small loss.

"Drink."Tang Zichen's body shook and scattered the power of the God Sucking Great Law.

From then on, he didn't have the God-sucking Great Law.

Since everyone else could rely on themselves and cultivate to become strong, did Tang Zichen become mediocre without the God-sucking Great Law?

"Phew, it's good that it's scattered, thanks to Mu Qianji reminding me, otherwise if I go on like this, I'm bound to suffer a backlash, the result of which, is too terrible."Tang Zichen said inwardly.

"Roar."Just at this moment, a beast's roar came out from the side.

"Brother Zichen, it's bad, there's a beast."Xiao Meng shouted.

Tang Zichen immediately flew up, and a turtle-like beast, like a lawnmower, rushed in from not far away.

"Wow shit, what beast, it looks so scary."

Tang Zichen said, "This beast should have the strength of the Unity Realm or higher, none of you are a match, leave it to me."

Fire Demon said, "Brother Chen, let me try."

After saying that, Fire Demonton sprayed a mouthful of flames on it.

However, the flames sprayed onto the beast's turtle shell without the slightest change, and his turtle shell was able to perfectly block the fire demon's flames.

"Brother Chen, my flames can't even deal with this beast, leave it to you."Fire Demon said.

The beast had already pounced on him, and the moment it pounced on him, it spewed out a lot of green venom from its mouth.

"Yes, there is severe poison."Tang Zichen shouted, but fortunately, the others had already retreated far away.


The green venom sprayed onto the tree, and within half a minute, the tree was corroded and collapsed.

Tang Zichen gathered his full strength.

Tang Zichen could only use Hercules.

"Drink."Tang Zichen punched the turtle shell holding the beast from high to low.

"Boom."The entire beast was blown into the ground by Tang Zichen, but the great strength, just being blown into the ground, didn't hurt him.

"Damn."Tang Zichen was horrified that it was able to resist his Hercules power.

Tang Zichen had used his Herculean Divine Power once, and half of his internal strength had already been consumed.

Tang Zichen could only use the sword technique.

The sword technique Tang Zichen used was the Dragon Descending Sword Technique, of course, this was the Dragon Descending Sword Technique that had been upgraded several times by Tang Zichen, and after simplifying it, it was much more powerful than before.

However, it still couldn't harm the beast, it was completely a small and strong beast that couldn't be beaten, but the venom he sprayed out almost caused Tang Zichen to get hit several times, if Tang Zichen hadn't used his Ghost Wheel Dueling Lightness, he would have been corroded into bones.

"Brother Zichen, if you can't beat him, run, don't waste your energy."In the distance, Xiao Meng shouted. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen thought for a moment, there was indeed no need to die to the ground with this beast, the beast's tortoise shell was too hard to break through.

It was just a matter of time, Tang Zichen retreated.

The beast wanted to catch up, but unfortunately, his defense was invincible, but his speed was hard, so he couldn't catch up at all, and lost Tang Zichen and the others in no time.

Tang Zichen and the others continued to move forward, running when they encountered one they couldn't defeat, preserving their stamina so that they wouldn't die in battle when they encountered a stronger beast because they had no internal strength.

And so, in the blink of an eye, another month passed.

Up to this point, it had been two months since Tang Zichen and the others had entered the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts.

Xiaomeng completely broke through to the early second level of the Unity Realm.

Wei Sakura also broke through to the peak of Innate Perfection, half a foot into the Unity Realm, Wei Sakura was incomparably excited at the thought of half a foot into the Unity Realm, Innate to Unity Realm, this was a huge hurdle, not an ordinary person couldn't cross this hurdle, besides, Wei Sakura wasn't even thirty years old, wouldn't this mean that she could possibly become an international standard super genius?

Yi Tianxing, Long Tianya, Yang Huan, the three of them didn't improve at all in the month behind, after all, they were in the late stage of the Unity Realm, and it was already very difficult to improve any further.

Tang Zichen was the same, the realm had not improved at all, not that Tang Zichen's talent had become worse, but because, Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed this month.

It was because, Tang Zichen discovered that the God-sucking power that he had already dispersed was, surprisingly, still retained in his body.

In other words, Tang Zichen's God-sucking Great Law power could not be scattered at all.

Therefore, Tang Zichen was always depressed that once this dog's skin was put on, it couldn't be torn off.Tang Zichen always had to worry about a huge backlash one day.

Tang Zichen hadn't had much of a look all day, thinking about how to tear off that dogskin plaster.

"Brother Zichen, I'm afraid we're going to die."Suddenly, Xiaomeng's voice sounded in his ears.

Tang Zichen was busy looking up, only to see a huge python is looking ahead at Tang Zichen and the others, this huge python, has cultivated scaled armor, cultivated to this extent, I'm afraid that this python has at least a thousand years of life, the adult python.


; "Hmph, how dare you enter my territory, damned human, humble human."The python's gaze was eerie as it looked at Tang Zichen and the others, it was exactly like a human, it was a python with a very high IQ.Judging from the momentum on its body, this python was afraid that it had already reached the Unity Realm Great Perfection.

No wonder, I'm afraid that I'm going to die today, because, the momentum emitted by the python made Xiaomeng and the others, including Yi Tianxing, Lang Tianya, and Yang Huan, not dare to move, as if whoever dared to move would die in the next second, the feeling of being on the verge of death was like a gun to the head.

The Fire Devil beside Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Brother Snake, I am the King of the Underground, Fire Devil, we were just passing by, we didn't know that Brother Snake was here, we have disturbed you, we hope that Brother Snake will forgive us."

The python looked at the fire devil and very despicably sent out a mental fluctuation message, "King of the Underground?"


"Hahaha, King of the Underground, why are you still the dog of humble humans?You're not a good earth beast, you're a human dog."

"Roar."The Fire Demon also roared in anger, actually saying that it was a human dog, it was just unwilling to be lonely and follow Tang Zichen to have fun.

"What? There's still anger."The python was very disdainful.

"Roar."The Fire Demon was so angry that it was desperate, and a mouthful of flames sprayed up at the python.

The python didn't dodge at all, letting the flames spray, its body had grown scaly armor, and I'm afraid that its defensive ability was not at all weaker than the turtle-like beast it had encountered before.

"Looking for death."Suddenly, the python opened its mouth, a shadow so fast that it flew out, and in the next second, even Tang Zichen hadn't how to see it, the fire demon let out a scream and was thrown thousands of meters into the sky in the blink of an eye, completely unaware of whether it was alive or dead.

Such a powerful python, Tang Zichen thought himself to be no match, this python, I'm afraid that it had already reached the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, I'm afraid that the only ones who could defeat it were the 30 old ghosts of humans who had reached the peak of the Unity Realm Great Perfection.

"Phew."Tang Zichen exhaled deeply, originally expecting the fire demon to be able to rely on flight and carry them away at a critical moment, but now it was good that the fire demons were thrown to the sky, not knowing whether they were dead or alive.

Just as Tang Zichen and the others were at a loss for words, suddenly, a shadow flashed in the distance.

"Boom."In the next second, the python, was split in two, intact, by a knife, which was still chopped into two halves, and the knife, which was still chopped into a tree, was a thick kitchen knife, five times thicker than the one used to chop bones.

"Ah."Tang Zichen and the others were astonished, who was so powerful that a knife flew out and broke into two halves, this python was only defeated by the thirty peak old ghosts of humans, could it be that one of the thirty old ghosts who had stepped into the peak of the Unity Realm Great Perfection had also come to the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts?

"Brother Zichen, the python is dead, we're saved, it's human."Xiao Meng shouted excitedly, the rest of the people, all of them appeared to have a hint of a robbed feeling.

Tang Zichen looked back behind him, more than a dozen people appeared in the forest behind him, the one at the forefront of which was the one who had just thrown that knife.

The person who threw that knife had no look on his face, and no one could see through him, as if he was a person without an inner heart.

Behind this person, a few people cheered, "Yay, the Head is so awesome, this kind of python, we heard about it a long time ago, killed an unknown number of strong human unity realm completion, in the entire human world, the only ones who can defeat this python are those thirty peak old ghosts, but I didn't expect that today, we ran into it, the Head slaughtered it with a single slash, tsk tsk, the Head is so awesome .I see that the Head really does possess the strength to challenge that old lord of the Famous Sword Villa."


Tang Zichen looked at the man, listening to the others call him the head of the group, and then looking at his looks, he really did have the appearance of someone from the Yan Huang Empire.

Tang Zichen seemed to have guessed that he must be the head of the King's Mercenary Corps, the king of the Canglan Empire had previously said that the head of the King's Mercenary Corps had also entered the Forest of Ten Thousand Beasts.

Tang Zichen looked at that head of the group, a slight sense of caution rose within him, for some reason, Tang Zichen couldn't feel friendly from him.

At this time, that head of the group's eyes looked over at Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen felt a chill all over his body.

Xiao Meng was busy saying, "Thank you, a few seniors."

A group of people on the other side suddenly turned their gazes from the python corpse, to Tang Zichen and the others, especially on the three beauties, Xiaomeng, Wei Sakura, and Yang Huan.

"Wow, what beautiful women, we've been running around in the primeval forest for two months and we're about to lose control when we see a sow, suddenly seeing three beauties, what a snowy gift."A man smiled hehehe.

All of the people in the King's Mercenary Group were men, no women.

Xiao Meng and Yang Huan, as well as Wei Sakura, were all nervous.

Tang Zichen busily said, "A few seniors, they are all my friends, why bother, might as well let us go today, I will definitely remember your kindness today."

"Hahaha, how old are you."A man with a long beard said. One second to remember to read the book

The opposing head, on the other hand, hadn't said a word throughout.

If the other party's headmaster was a decent person, he should not have allowed his members to do such a thing, but he didn't say anything, his face remained gloomy, as if he had been born with such a face all his life.

Tang Zichen was also filled with tension inside, there were eighteen people on the other side, eleven of them were Unity Realm Perfection, and that head of the group was even more unfathomable, from the words of the other member, it was almost as if he could fight the old lord of the Famous Sword Villa.

Tang Zichen was only at the second level of Unity Realm Perfection, and no matter what, he could not be a match for that Head of House, even if Tang Zichen were to display Life Blood Concealment.

Tang Zichen's Life Blood Invisibility was only at the same level of power as Goma Star, and Goma Star was in no way a match for this Headmaster, who was a figure that could compete with the Old Master of the Famous Sword Villa.

Tang Zichen felt that this was the biggest crisis in his life.

Tang Zichen said, "I see that this headmaster is also the face of the Yanhuang Empire, here, most of us are Yanhuang Empire people, I still hope that this headmaster, be accommodating and give us a way out."Tang Zichen's tone was already low enough, and facing such an unrivaled existence, Tang Zichen also completely lowered his stance.

That head of the other side, still didn't say anything, his eyes staring at Tang Zichen.A man beside him was busy saying, "Captain, this they are your hometown, how to deal with ah, eighteen of us brothers, we have been running around here for two months, we can't control it when we see a sow ah, the other side has three beauties, how about you keep one, the remaining two for our buddies to play."

Everyone on the other side looked at that head of the group.

On Tang Zichen's side, everyone also looked at that head of the group as well, as if, everything depended on that head of the group's words.

After a minute, that captain finally spoke up, he asked, "Are you Tang Zichen?"

Tang Zichen's heart thudded, and Tang Zichen had an intuition within him, such as

If the fruit let him know that he was Tang Zichen, I'm afraid no good would come of it.

The people behind Tang Zichen, Wanderlust and the others, however, did not have this intuition, they thought that if they heard about Tang Zichen, they might be able to be as friendly to them as the King of the Pale Blue Empire.

Therefore, Wanderlust was about to answer for Tang Zichen when Tang Zichen snapped and said, "Who is Tang Zichen?I don't know it."

Wanderlust was stunned, Tang Zichen actually denied himself, why was that?Tang Zichen's reputation should have made many people give face, but when they saw Tang Zichen deny it, they didn't make a sound.

That head of the other side, still with a sunken face, looked at Tang Zichen for another minute before saying, "The six of you, the men can go, the women, stay."

"Boom."When Tang Zichen and the others heard his words, their insides boomed.

"Yay, hahaha."The group of people on the other side burst into laughter.

"Brother Zichen, what should we do?"Xiao Meng was anxious, she was still a yellow-flowered lady, only seventeen years old, while Wei Sakura, also twenty-one years old, was also a yellow-flowered lady.As for Yang Huan, although she was forty or fifty years old, she was young in appearance and was Yi Tianxing's wife.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, can you be a little more accommodating and give a way out."Tang Zichen was close to praying.

The other captain still said without any expression, "Seeing that you are also from the Yan Huang Empire and are pleading with me, I'll let you three men go, if you don't know better, you'll go to hell."

Tang Zichen knew that no matter how much he pleaded, the other party would not be able to relax their tone.After walking in the primeval forest for two months, it was hard to see a woman, and a beautiful woman at that, I'm afraid the vast majority of people in the world couldn't do anything to let a beautiful woman drift away.

The rage in Tang Zichen's eyes had burned, and even though Tang Zichen was vulnerable, Tang Zichen would never allow the woman behind him to be bullied, even if Tang Zichen died.

Tang Zichen was ready to use Life Blood Hidden, killing as many as he could, and there was no time to think about what to do without the Emperor Worm after the meridians shattered again.

"Captain, they don't seem to be leaving yet, so let's kill them, people with such a lack of self-awareness don't deserve to live in the world."One of the Unity Realm Great Perfection strongmen said, this Unity Realm Great Perfection strongman was estimated to be over a hundred years old.

Tang Zichen saw that there was no way back, so he said, "Even if I die, I won't let them be bullied by you."

"Hahaha."The other group of people laughed in disdain.

Yi Tianxing also raged, "You bunch of bastards, I won't let my wife be insulted even if I have to fight to the death."Yi Tianxing was furious, he had no sexual function for the previous twenty years, and had already caused his wife suffering, but now he was still not easily cured by Tang Zichen, and hadn't given her happiness properly, but he had to face these people's humiliation.

The other head of the party's gaze chilled and said, "Then I'll kill you first."


In the next second, a shadow flashed, and just like earlier, a thick kitchen knife split Yi Tianxing's body, in half.

"No."Yang Huan shouted.

Too fast, Tang Zichen only had time to say the word no, Yi Tianxing was already in two halves.

"Oooh."Yang Huan cried out, looking at the two halves of the body, unable to hold it up even if he wanted to.


Lang Tianya, Wei Sakura, Xiaomeng, they were also silly, too fast, they didn't expect that it was only a blink of an eye, with Big Brother Yi Tianxing, they were already separated by yin and yang.

"Big Brother Tian Xing."Tang Zichen plopped down on his knees, Tang Zichen also did not expect to enter the Ten Thousand Beast Forest and really lose a brother, and die so miserably.

"Hahaha, see, this is what happens when you don't know what's good for you, you group of people, knowing that you can't resist but still resisting, this shows that you yourselves don't take your own lives seriously, so death is the best outcome for you."A man on the other side said.And that head of the other side, his hand sucked hard, and the thick kitchen knives over there were suddenly sucked into his hand, and similar kitchen knives, he carried three more on his person, two on each side of his waist with a cowhide holster inserted.

Tang Zichen's heart was bleeding as he looked at Yi Tianxing's corpse, this was his brother, but he died a horrible death here today.

At this moment, Tang Zichen's ear heard Yang Huan's voice, "You must live and avenge our deaths."

"Sister Yang Huan, don't."Xiaomeng shouted.

Tang Zichen immediately jumped on it as well.

But, it was too late, Yang Huan plunged a knife into his neck, half of his neck had left his body.

Yang Huan, committed suicide, her husband was dead, she didn't want to live, and, she didn't want to be defiled by that group of people either.

Tang Zichen's body trembled as he looked at Yang Huan's corpse.

A group of people on the other side saw Yang Huan's death and were chagrined, "Three women, turned into two, what a pity." First URL

"There are two left, we must not let them die."

At that moment, the other two men from the other side, who were at the completion of the Unity Realm, rushed up towards Xiao Meng and Wei Sakura respectively, attempting to control them, lest they commit suicide again.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen shouted, Tang Zichen's eyes were blood red, and in an instant, Tang Zichen recklessly used Life Blood Hidden again.

The Tang Zichen who used Life Blood Hidden was already at that level of Goma Star, and although he was still not at the same level as the opposing Head, the two who rushed up to catch Xiaomeng and Wei Sakura's Unity Realm Grand Perfection were more than enough.

"Puff, puff."In just a few fractions of a second, those two Unity Realm Grand Perfectionists on the other side stagnated and immediately lost their life traits, while Tang Zichen, who was displaying Life Blood Hidden, fought for his last bit of energy to kill the head of the other side.

The head of the other party seemed to sense a slight threat, or a great threat, and his face changed, and his left and right hands simultaneously pulled out two kitchen knives from his waist at both sides, quickly.

"Wow."The two kitchen knives came out together, doubling their power compared to just one, which was a clear indication of their fear of Tang Zichen's sudden outburst.

"Boom."Tang Zichen had transformed into a bloody shadow figure, and suddenly blasted with those two kitchen knives, which twisted and distorted at once, falling to the ground with a loud thud.

Tang Zichen really couldn't injure this Head of Mission, even though he had cast Life Blood Hidden, he could only draw even with his two kitchen knives.The strength of this Head was too strong, no, his cleaver skills were too strong, too strong.

Tang Zichen who fell to the ground, his meridians shattered and countless spider veins, it was already difficult to even move a finger.

That captain on the other side, looked at Tang Zichen with a hint of fear, because, he found that not only had Tang Zichen's strength suddenly skyrocketed, but he also fought against his two choppers in unison, and in the end, he was still alive.

And at this time, a group of people from the other side had a big

Shouting, "A blast, Eugene."The people on the other side, who had just gone up to grab Moe and Wei Sakura's Unity Realm, then noticed that their bodies had fallen down and died.

"Head, A-Bomb and Eugene are dead."

The head of the other side, immediately looked at the two brothers whose bodies had fallen down, and sure enough, A-Bomb and Eugene, were both dead, but their bodies were intact.

Everyone on the other side was shocked, and the head of the other side was equally shocked, as the side that was absolutely strong, the side that had crushed Tang Zichen and the other six people regardless of their numbers or strength, two brothers had died.

The head of the other party immediately looked angrily at Tang Zichen and said, "You, you must be Tang Zichen."

"Captain, our brothers Ah Bang and Eugene are dead, kill them all."A bearded man on the other side roared with grief, they had lost two brothers, and suddenly a group of people were filled with pathos.

And the other leader's eyes were cold.

Tang Zichen was already powerless, his meridians were shattered, and although they weren't as thoroughly shattered as when he first cast Life Blood Hidden, he couldn't move his fingers anymore.

"Don't."Xiao Meng immediately ran to Tang Zichen's body.

Wei Sakura and Wanderlust were also guarding on either side of Tang Zichen, even though they knew that it was completely mantis.

Just when they were nearly desperate already, suddenly, a rapid shadow rushed in from the woods.

"Brother Chen, go quickly."

"It's Fire Demon."

"The fire demon isn't dead."

The fire demon that suddenly rushed out of the woods wasn't killed by the python, but it had also suffered extremely serious internal injuries, and the fire demon was now rushing out regardless of everything.

The Fire Demon's tail rolled up and swept Tang Zichen and the other four onto its back.

"Grab it."

The person on the other side shouted, "Captain, they're trying to escape, what kind of lion is that?"

That head of the other side's gaze was filled with disdain, he didn't seem to have thought that this was a flying earth beast.

The Fire Demon carried the four people of Tang Zichen and quickly rushed into the sky, but unfortunately, it was already severely injured, and with four people on its back, it wasn't as fast as it thought it would be.

"Buzz."Just at this moment, there was a compelling blade Qi from behind, the blade Qi was chilling.

They were helpless as they watched a knife fly by, but there was nothing they could do, the fire demon would definitely be split in half by this knife, and even everyone on the fire demon's back would be split in half, either way, Tang Zichen and the others would surely die.

Therefore, at this moment, one of them would definitely have to go out and use their own flesh to block that blade.

Just at this moment of a thousand golden moments, Wei Sakura, who was sitting at the end, fiercely went to meet that flying knife.


Wei Sakura's final voice sounded in the ears of Tang Zichen and the others, "Goodbye, brothers and sisters, and Tang Zichen, actually, I like you a lot."

As soon as Wei Sakura's voice trailed off, the mortal blade split her in two.

It was because Wei Sakura used her own flesh to block that knife, so the Fire Demon, as well as the others on the Fire Demon's back, was able to escape, and in the next second had rushed into the middle of the sky, the group on the ground no matter how strong they were, there was no way they could do anything about it, even if that person sent another knife, they simply lost their chance.

"Ah."Rapidly flying on the back of the fire demon, Tang Zichen hissed.


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