The King of Kungfu in school 921-930


Chapter 921

"You guys, you guys."The man with the twisted face pointed at Tang Zichen and Speechless Moon, he was so angry that he couldn't speak.

Words Wuyue immediately hugged Tang Zichen's neck and said, "Tibetan Baiqiu, what are you doing in here, get out, do you know we're not finished yet, you'll scare Uncle Zichen if you suddenly run in here."

"Hoo, hoo."Tibetan Baiqiu's angry chest was rising and falling, he hadn't said anything yet, but Speechless Moon actually accused him of rushing in.

Tibetan Bakuqiu's fists were clenched, his eyes showed an eerie murderous intent, and he didn't know whether he wanted to kill Tang Zichen or Wordswept Moon.

The man at the second level of the Unity Realm Perfection who stood beside Tibetan Bakuqiu gradually calmed down, though.

Tang Zichen did not speak.

"Die, all of you."Zang Baiqiu said coldly.

Speechless Moon said, "This is the Famous Sword Villa, you guys dare, get out, we're not done yet, we'll come out and settle this with you when we're done."

"Yah yah."Tibetan Baiqiu's teeth were chattering with anger.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, this brain-damaged lady is also really angry.

"You all go to hell." One second to remember to read the book

"Wait."That Unity Realm Complete man was busy stopping him.

"Father, why are you stopping me, I'm going to kill them today, this pair of dogs."

Tibetan Baiqiu's father said, "Qiu'er, she's from the Famous Sword Villa, you can't kill her."

"But, she has done such a wrong thing to me."

"Even if she did something wrong to you, we can't kill him, it would turn the Famous Sword Villa against us in the Long Pine Valley."

"So I'm just going to let it go?"

"Of course you can't just let it go like this, it's only a matter of withdrawing from the marriage."

"But, district withdrawal, I'm not happy, it's obvious that she's the one who cheated on me, so why is it me who's hurting."

"Hmph, of course I'm not willing, so today, we do nothing.Tomorrow, is the day of the wedding of the Famous Sword Villa's Words of Intent, there will be many, many strong people coming to the wedding, we have to expose this scandalous matter of Words of Intent in front of everyone, and make the Famous Sword Villa pay the price for this matter and sweep the name under the rug, otherwise, we can't fight or kill, how can we be willing."

"But, who will believe it?"

"They'll believe it."

"Click-click-click, click-click."At this moment, the sound of a camera taking pictures came out.

Tibetan Baiqiu's father actually had the foresight to bring a special camera before he came, the technology here was a little more backward, so the camera used was also a little more backward.

"Let's go."Tibetan Baiqiu's father said.

With these pictures tomorrow, you'll have to believe it if you don't.

"Wait."Suddenly, Tang Zichen shouted.

Tibetan Baiqiu raged, "You traitor, you're lucky today, otherwise, I'll definitely break you into pieces."

Tang Zichen said, "Did you disturb my good fortune and want to just walk away?"

"What did you say?"

"I say, interrupting my good work, without a word of explanation?"

"Hahaha, hahaha."Both father and son of Tibetan Baiqiu laughed, a laugh from anger, they had been extraordinarily gracious by not killing the adulterous pair for fear of turning against the Famous Sword Villa, but they didn't expect Tang Zichen to say that they had disturbed his good fortune.


, you heard me, how can you bear this anger."

Tibetan Baiqiu's father also raged, "So unaware of your own feelings, then don't blame me, kill this adulterer."

"Hmph."Tang Zichen's disdainful mouth rose.

Tibetan Baiqiu's father suddenly drew his sword and killed Tang Zichen with a sword.

The powerful sword qi ripped the cloths of the entire room and the entire room was strong and windy.

"Drink."Tang Zichen struck out with a punch.

The hundred thousand pounds of punch suppressed the murderous aura that filled the entire room.

Although the gap between each realm grew wider and wider after stepping into the complete Unity Realm, and it was no longer possible to fight across several realms like before, Tang Zichen's strength was still significantly higher than Zang Baiqiu's father.With a single punch, he suppressed the opponent.

"Boom."In the next second, Zang Baiqiu's father's entire body flew out.

"Clatter."The bones in his chest shattered.

"Father."Tibetan Bakuqiu rushed out in a panic.

Speechless Moon clapped her hands and said, "Wow, Uncle Zichen is so powerful."

Tang Zichen said, "He's the one who's so bad, by the way, what's this person's name?"

"His name is Zang Wannian, he's Zang Baiqiu's father."

"Zang Wannian, that's an interesting name, by the way, is he the strongest person in the Long Pine Valley?"

"How is that possible, although the Long Pine Valley can't match the strength of our Famous Sword Villa, it's still a very powerful force.Let's put it simply, there are three strong people in Chang Song Valley who are at the third level of the Unity Realm, the most powerful one, it seems like he's at the third level of the Unity Realm."

"I'll go."Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, Tang Zichen didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing to punch out, had he known it was better not to hit this Hidden Wannian.

However, the fight was over, there was nothing to regret.

Tang Zichen walked out, and Zang Wannian was unable to get up, just one punch.

Tang Zichen said, "Go back, I'll let you live, don't come tomorrow to cause trouble.My grandfather is one of the world, one of the thirty peak Unity Realm Great Perfection, you can't fight me, you will only cause the destruction of your Long Song Valley."Tang Zichen lied to see if he could avoid some unnecessary trouble.

"Let's go."The people of Long Pine Valley left in a panic.

"Uncle Zichen, you're so awesome, if my grandparents knew you were so awesome, they might really be willing to let me marry you."

"Alright, I just didn't surrender their cameras, so nine times out of ten they'll come to your brother's wedding tomorrow to cause trouble, so we'd better get ready."

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "Tomorrow, I'll fight with Wordsmith in public, if I defeat Wordsmith and announce my age in public, then it will definitely shock the whole arena, and then I, a special genius who is stronger than Wordsmith, will definitely get the Famous Sword Villa to pull in, then Wordsmith and I can fake it, and finally, I'll be able to help Mu Qianji and find out about anotherThe entrance is located."

This was Tang Zichen's plan.

Tang Zichen hadn't originally planned to fight with Words Intentional, but he hadn't expected that Mu Qianji's appearance would force Tang Zichen to take the initiative to fight with Words Intentional.

"Hopefully, I'll be able to defeat Words Intentional tomorrow, Words Intentional is also at the first level of the Complete Unity Realm, so I don't think there's any reason why I can't beat him.I'm sorry, Speech Intentional, it's not that I intentionally wanted to beat you at your wedding to make you lose face, it's really the circumstances that forced me to do it, plus the fact that the upper and lower levels of your Famous Sword Villa, one mouthful of your legendary story, really made me very unhappy as well."Tang Zichen chuckled.


Tomorrow's big wedding, so many people came to attend the wedding, those people were all because they worshipped Yangyi, if Tang Zichen defeated Yangyi in public and let everyone know that Tang Zichen was only twenty-one years old, far more than Yangyi's bull by several levels, then it would definitely start a foul storm, Tang Zichen would probably become tomorrow's protagonist.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I think I'm going to be able to do that.

However, Tang Zichen must decide on the way to appear, it would be best to have Yangyin take the initiative to challenge Tang Zichen, that way, after blowing up Yangyin, the Famous Sword Villa wouldn't say that it was Tang Zichen who had disgraced them.

"Uncle Zichen, what are you thinking about?"When Yan Wuyue saw Tang Zichen's silence, he was busy asking.

Tang Zichen looked at Speechless Moon and said in his heart, "Uncle, tomorrow, when I announce my age, I'll see if you still call me uncle, brother I'm just a year older than you."


"Are you wondering if Chang Song Valley will send someone to take care of you tomorrow?Don't worry, this is the Famous Sword Villa, they won't dare, besides, tomorrow is my brother's wedding, my brother is a special genius, no one will dare to disrespect him.Uncle Zichen, after you become my man in the future, you'll also have face."

"Why do you have face."

"Because my brother is speechless ah, you're the brother-in-law of a special genius, that's not enough to have face ah, in the future, when you go out, even if you encounter a strong person of the Unity Realm, all you have to do is give out my brother's name, and they'll immediately get close to you."

"Hahaha, is that so, then I'm really looking forward to it."Tang Zichen said with inner disdain.

Seeing Speechless Moon say this, it reinforced Tang Zichen's idea to make a good scene tomorrow.

There would be many, many strong people from all over the world tomorrow, and it was time for Tang Zichen to spread his reputation, it was time to let everyone know that there was another extraordinarily talented person. First URL

Tang Zichen said to Speechless Moon, "I'll go back to Wuling Mountain Resort first."

"Why are you going back?I'll go with you."

"No, those brothers and sisters of mine are still there and I can't leave them behind."

"Then will you come sleep at my place at night?"Words blushed and said.

Tang Zichen nodded, "Of course, let's continue the bridal chamber at night."


Tang Zichen was speechless in his heart, then returned to Wuling Villa.

Some of those friends of Tang Zichen were chatting, some were exchanging sword skills, some were playing chess or something.

"Zichen, you're back."


"How was it going?"When he saw Tang Zichen return, he immediately flew down from the roof, and it seemed that Mu Qianji and the Tang Zichen mercenaries didn't get along, but that was to be expected.


"What do you mean by okay?"

"Just okay."

"Well, I hope you do manage to help me get the Burial Moon Sword."

"Do my best."

"So what's your plan?You said before that you still have to face Speechless Moon's grandparents and others."

"Naturally, I have a plan, just now Speechless Moon's fiancé has come to catch the spy, if nothing else, tomorrow they will definitely come and cause trouble on the day of Speechless Moon's wedding.They don't dare to kill Speechless Moon, but are unwilling to do so, and will definitely make the Famous Sword Mountain Villa lose face because of this."

"Then what?


"Then tomorrow I'll find a suitable opportunity to fight with Words Intentional, in short, I'll let everyone know that I, Tang Zichen, am more powerful than Words Intentional, then the Famous Sword Villa will definitely take the opportunity to draw me in, after that, I can help you explore another entrance."

Mu Qianji smiled, "Good plan, but how can you be sure that you will be able to defeat Words Intentional?What if we lose to him?Wouldn't that be stealing a chicken."

Tang Zichen's eyes were full of confidence as he said, "I can definitely defeat Speechless."

"Tang Zichen, the punch you hit me with today was so powerful that it was incredibly large, what kind of punch was that?"Mu Qianji suddenly remembered and asked.

"That's Herculean Divine Power, the punch I struck you with was 100,000 jin, but unfortunately, I could only exert two punches, and after two punches I had no internal strength left."

Mu Qianji bit his teeth and said, "I have a precious elixir here, he can keep your internal strength undiminished, this was originally my own elixir to save my own life, for the sake of that Burial Moon Sword, I'm willing to give it up, give it to you."

Tang Zichen looked at the elixir in Mu Qianji's hand and said, "Don't tell me that there aren't any side effects, I don't know any elixir in the world that doesn't have side effects."

"Of course there are side effects."

"What are the side effects?"

"The side effect is that your martial realm will drop four or five realms afterwards, and your mental strength will also be greatly damaged, this is used to save your life, I brought it from another world myself, and I haven't used it yet."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I don't want it, I'll have to sacrifice so much to help you, it's impossible."

"Then what if you don't win the fight tomorrow?The one who will deal with you tomorrow is definitely not just Words of Intent alone, and the one who returned to Chang Song Valley, in any case, there are more than one or two people you'll be dealing with tomorrow."

"If I can't handle it and lose, then it's the will of the gods, which means you don't deserve the Burial Moon Sword yet, and I won't take your elixir to harm myself."Tang Zichen turned around and walked away.

The next day, Tang Zichen woke up early in the morning from Speechless Moon's bed.

Speechless Moon also woke up.

"Uncle Zichen, did we still have a bridal chamber last night?"Wordless Moon asked.

"Crap, cave all night."Tang Zichen said in a bad mood.

"Ah, then why don't I still feel anything?"

"It's not your fault."

"What do you mean?And who's to blame?"

"Blame me for making you overcomfortable, didn't I tell you that overcomforting would mean nothing, didn't your grandparents tell you that?"

"Oh, no."Speechless Moon shook her head.

Tang Zichen said in his heart, what a silly young lady, Tang Zichen had slept here all night but nothing had happened to her, she'd merely fainted for the night .

"Alright, get up early, your brother is getting married today and you have to help out."

"What about you?"

"Don't worry about me, I'll definitely be there when your brother performs his wedding ceremony, and I'll be standing out if anyone from Nagatsugu comes."

"Uh-huh, Uncle Toshin, then let's kiss again, shall we."



"I've been sucked dry from caving with you all night last night and I'm weak now, what?Aren't you weak?You're so strong."


"Hehehehe."Speechless looked very embarrassed and said, "Actually, I'm a little bit weak too la."

"Silly girl, all right, all right, hurry up and go busy with your work."


Today's Famous Sword Villa was filled with joy everywhere.

In the sky, in all directions, flying ships were constantly flying in.

On the main peak of the Famous Sword Mountain Villa, it was lively with lights.

"The Emperor of the Biyue Empire, Sovereign Ashima, has arrived."

"Thank you, thank you for coming to my grandson's wedding."

"Villa Master is courteous, who doesn't know that your Famous Sword Villa's Prince Yan Yi, a young genius, is a genius extraordinaire, stepping into the late Unity Realm at the age of only twenty-six, and even more so, stepping into the Unity Realm Perfection in the span of ten years ah, such a genius's big wedding, how can I not come."

"Hahaha, Sovereign Ashima, please enter the great hall."

"Gomoya Empire, His Holiness Gomstar has arrived." Remember the URL

"Thank you, thank you."

"Villa Master, congratulations."

"His Holiness of the Glazed Empire has arrived."

"Thank you."


The Emperor of the Glazed Empire came and casually said thank you, but it seemed that the Famous Sword Villa was also quite powerful, coming to the wedding at any rate.For a small country like the Glazed Kingdom, the hospitality was not nearly as meaningful.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was standing in a low-key corner of the main peak of the Famous Sword Villa, and no one noticed him at all.

Tang Zichen's eyes looked at the entrance to the main hall, where the Master and his wife, the Master of the Famous Sword Mountain Villa, stood to greet him.There were constantly flying ships in the sky, and then someone shouted that so-and-so had arrived.

Every single person who arrived was of extremely noble status, and the king of the Lucid Kingdom who had just arrived was considered a pawn, so naturally, he was just casually received.

"Emperor of the Yanhuang Empire, Sovereign Yanlong has arrived."At this moment, a voice shouted, and a man came down from a flying ship that had just landed on the ground.

It was the Emperor of the Yan Huang Empire, Yan Long.

Tang Zichen, who was far away, saw Yan Long and smiled, this old man really did come to the Famous Sword Villa for the fun.

But Tang Zichen didn't go up to greet Yan Long, after all, he was here to attend the wedding of Yan Yi, it's none of Tang Zichen's business.

Yan Long walked up to the entrance of the main hall.

"Congratulations."Emperor Yan Long congratulated the Master couple of the Famous Sword Villa with an arch of his hand.

"Thank you, please enter the palace."

"Good."Emperor Yan Long looked a little embarrassed, as the rules of reception for the Master Couple of the Famous Sword Villa were similar to those of the King of the Glazed Kingdom.

In the distance, Tang Zichen secretly said, "Hey, Yan Long is actually so disgraceful, at least he is the Emperor of my Yanhuang Empire, but he is approaching with such low rules, similar to a small country like the Glazed Kingdom."

Tang Zichen saw the Master couple of the Famous Sword Villa, did not welcome Yan Long ceremoniously, a bit unhappy inside, it is not that Tang Zichen is so close to Yan Long, but Tang Zichen is also a member of the Yanhuang Empire, Emperor Yan Long represents the Yanhuang Empire, the supreme emperor in the Yanhuang Empire, but came to the Famous Sword Villa to attend the wedding, but was not treated ceremoniously, so it is not very refreshing.

"Golden Mountain Valley Valley Master has arrived."


"Please."The villa master and his wife casually said please.

In the distance, Tang Zichen burst out laughing, "I go, there's an even lower profile one, it's simply like a deadbeat coming to a wedding."


p; "United Nations, Lord Thirty Thousand has arrived."

The lord and his wife immediately greeted him.

"Welcome, welcome Lord Thousand Thousand Thousand to my grandson's wedding."

"Hahaha, Wordsmith, you're welcome."

"Please please please."The villains said please several times in a row.

Look at the reception of others, it was too grand, feeling like a humongous event, while some people, however, felt like they were here to set up a friendship and were not treated by the Famous Sword Villa at all.

These forces like the Glazed Kingdom, Yanhuang Empire, and Golden Valley were just dispensable to the Famous Sword Villa.

"Moon Worshiping Empire, Prince Green Cliff has arrived."

At this moment, a young man disembarked from the flying ship.

The Lady of the Villa immediately greeted him.

Tang Zichen noticed that this young man's realm was not high, only at the peak of the late stage of the Unity Realm, a late stage peak was treated so grandly, then there was only one possibility, he was also a special genius.

"Grandpa Zhuang, Grandma Zhuang, congratulations."

"Haha, Green Cliff, you're here, I have no intention of waiting for you for a long time, go in, I have no intention of entertaining VIPs in the main hall."

"Good, then Green Cliff will go in first."

Tang Zichen said under his breath, "Sure enough, he's a special genius, before that Speechless Moon said that her brother has a few friends who are also special geniuses, and this Green Cliff is one of them."

"United Nations, Senior Yue Sheng Nai, and his grandson, Prince Yue Tian Hua have arrived."

The Noble Sword Villa's master and his wife also immediately welcomed them.

"Welcome Senior Yue Sheng Nai, and also Duke Yue Tianhua."

"Hahaha, Elder Yan, with our friendship, do we still need to be so polite, Yan Yi is also my elder grandson of Yue Sheng Nai, he and my grandson Yue Tianhua, the same age, moreover, the realm martial dao is the same, the elder grandson of Yi Yi is getting married, how can I not come."

"Please please please."

In the distance, Tang Zichen secretly said, "Another special genius has come, two special geniuses have come, Green Cliff, Yue Tianhua, hehe, well, if there's a chance today, let's blow up together."

Tang Zichen's face smiled, three Special Grade Geniuses, burst together, this scene should be very sensational.

Don't blame Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen was holding the intention of becoming famous today, three extraordinarily talented people will only become even more famous if they burst together.Although, the Famous Sword Villa would probably not be too happy about it, but considering that Tang Zichen and Speechless Moon got on well, the Famous Sword Villa would definitely throw away their displeasure and take advantage of the opportunity to pull together.

One after another, guests kept coming, from nine in the morning until eleven in the morning, it was two hours.

In short, the entire main hall of the Famous Sword Villa was no longer able to accommodate them.Those of Tang Zichen's level couldn't even enter the main hall, and guests similar to Tang Zichen were standing all over the outside of the main hall.Tang Zichen was really incomparably depressed, messing with the fact that he was here to play soy sauce, the big names were all inside, and the runners were all outside.

However, Tang Zichen was fine with it.

At this time, the voice of the strong man who presided over the wedding came from inside the hall, "Dear friends and family, thank you for coming to the Famous Sword Villa to attend the wedding of Prince Speechless.I'm sure everyone knows that Prince Speech Intentional of the Famous Sword Villa is a special genius who stepped into the late Unity Realm at the age of twenty-six."

"Wow."Although everyone already knew, they still wowed when they heard this.

Right now, Speechless was standing very proudly above the main hall, looking at the crowd in the main hall.

Speechless was also standing on the side of the stage of the main hall, and Speechless was looking around, as if she wanted to see where Tang Zichen was.


As a result, she didn't see Tang Zichen, and only then did she realize that Tang Zichen's level was too low to enter the main hall, and she sighed, as if there was a hint of worry in her heart.Yes, a Tang Zichen whose level was so low that he could only stand outside the main hall, would her grandparents agree to date a Tang Zichen?It was only until this moment that Speechless suddenly felt that Uncle Tang Zichen, compared to these big personalities, was really so low, but, inside, Speechless still liked Uncle Tang Zichen.

The host introduced the words of Words Without Intent and then said, "Next, let me tell a legendary story about Prince Words Without Intent."



Everyone applauded.

Tang Zichen, who was standing outside the palace, was speechless to, "Legend, see legend again, how come there are so many legendary stories, can't we get into the rhythm faster?By the way, is it true that the people in the Long Pine Valley are not going to make trouble?How else am I supposed to carry out my plan if I don't come and mess with it, am I going to be forced to take the initiative to challenge Wordsmith?"

At this moment, on the far side of the main peak of the Famous Sword Villa was a mountain top.

"Grandpa, when are we going over there?"

"There's no rush, just wait."

"Father, do you really intend to do it?"

"We at Long Pine Valley can't put up with this, we didn't harm Speechless Moon, so this loss of reputation is something they should bear, who let them not educate their children properly." A second to remember to read the book


In the main peak hall.

"Everyone, there is much more to the legendary story of Prince Speechless, but that's all for today.You all have come a long way and have worked hard, so let's get into the wedding ceremony early."

At the scene, there were a few famous Sword Villa's hired trusts that shouted, "The legendary story of Prince Speechless will never be enough to hear, it will never be immortalized, we still have to hear it."

"Hehehe, everyone, I'm sorry, we'll tell the legendary story of Prince Speech Intentional when you come here another day, today is his big wedding, even if we like to hear his legendary story, we can't delay his big event ah."

Those few TOs didn't shout at this point.

"Below, the wedding ceremony of Prince Speechless, officially begins, please welcome the bride into the hall."

A bride wearing a red dress and a red cloth on her head entered the hall from the side.

Everyone didn't know what the bride looked like.

That strong man who officiated the wedding said, "Everyone, you all want to know who the bride is and what she looks like, right?"


"Hahaha, unfortunately, I can't let you guys see the bride, but, I can tell you responsibly, the bride is a beautiful woman, and, the bride is also a genius, of course, she is a super genius who stepped into the Unity Realm before she was thirty years old, and this year, she is thirty-five years old and reached the middle stage of the Unity Realm, everyone say, is the bride and groom a natural pair ah."

"Born to be a pair, born to be a pair."Everyone shouted.

"Now, let's perform the ceremony."

Just then, there was a cry from outside, "Wait a minute."

"Wow."The palace immediately clamored, but there was actually someone shouting wait a moment outside, did someone want to stop the marriage of Prince Speechless?

Yan Yi was furious when he heard someone interrupt his worship.

Everyone looked outside, and the main hall automatically gave way.

Only four people were seen standing at the entrance of the main hall, one of which was

At the third level of the Unity Realm Great Perfection, it was the Valley Master of the Long Pine Valley, Zang Civilization, who brought his son, Zang Wannian, as well as his grandson, Zang Baiqiu, and another son, Zang Shimizu.

The Master of the Famous Sword Villa furrowed his brow and said angrily, "Zang Wenming, what are you doing?Why do you want to mess up my grandson's wedding? Our Sword Villa has a marriage relationship with Chang Song Valley.Do you still want this marriage."

All the guests looked at the people of Long Pine Valley, as well as the Master of the Famous Sword Villa.

Long Pine Valley's Tibetan Civilization said, "Master Wordsmith, this is not me messing with you, but you have gone too far."

"Excessive?How is our Famous Sword Villa going too far, Tibetan Civilization, it seems that you don't want this marriage, let it go, this marriage is cancelled, my Famous Sword Villa's Speech Wuyue, is no longer the fiancée of your Chang Song Valley's Tibetan Hundred Autumn."

"Hahaha, Master Wordsmith, today, I'm here to withdraw my marriage."

"What? Come to withdraw from the marriage."

"Yes, your Famous Sword Villa, teaching your daughter incompetence, Words Wuyue is already engaged to my grandson, but in his own boudoir, flipping clouds with other men, the matter was secretly reported, my grandson and his son came to catch the adulterer, and was caught on the spot, but I never thought that shameless pair of adulterous / husband / adulteress / woman, but also scolded and disturbed them, and even attacked my son.I'm sorry for my son and grandson, although they lost control of their senses on the spot, they still managed to control their senses and didn't lay a hand on the couple, but this is by no means forgivable.Today, I will bring my grandson to withdraw my marriage, such a bitchy woman, don't even want it, by the way, I also want to ask the Famous Sword Villa, how exactly did they educate their back children to do such a shameless thing."

"What."Everyone in the Famous Sword Mountain Villa turned white.

Numerous guests were also shocked on the spot and looked at each other, and suddenly, the entire hall and beyond were discussing.

On the day of her wedding, Speech Intentional had been withdrawn at her doorstep, exposing a shameless scandal, and had actually slapped the Famous Sword Villa in public.

At the moment, Yan Zhiwei was very angry, but today was his wedding day.

"You're talking nonsense, I see that you are intent on disturbing my big wedding, my sister is by no means such a person, you are saying verbally that my sister stole someone, what evidence do you have."

"Evidence, you want evidence?I'll give you the proof."After saying that, Tibetan Civilization of Nagatsugu pulled out a stack of photos and threw them above the main hall, spilling them all over the palace.Many of the guests immediately picked up the photos to look at, and in them, a man and woman were embracing in a blanket.

Mingyou also picked up a photo at his feet, and in the photo, it was indeed his sister, with a man.

Chang Songgu took the photos taken that day, shuffled hundreds of photos, the scene a throw, almost everyone saw, and how to argue.

The owner and his wife of the Famous Sword Villa also turned pale.

At this moment, standing at the side of the main hall, Speechless, also pale, as if very afraid, before she vowed to be open-minded, showdown, do not like Tibetan Baiqiu.However, today, when she actually arrived at the scene and saw everyone's faces, she was trembling with fear.

There was another person who was trembling, and he was the Black Bar who brought Tang Zichen to the Famous Sword Villa.

He looked at the photo and was dumbfounded, he never expected that the Tang Zichen he brought back would actually have an affair with the lady and be caught in the act.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was outside the main hall.

Tang Zichen stretched his lazy waist.

All of this was just what Tang Zichen had expected.

It seemed that Tang Zichen had been waiting here for half a day, and finally, he was about to take the stage.


The Master of the Famous Sword Villa turned his gaze towards Speechless Moon and roared, ", What's going on here?"

Words were also furious and said, "Sister, tell me this isn't true."

"I, I."Speechless was too frightened to speak.

"Quickly tell me, it's the people of Chang Song Valley who framed you."The Master of the Famous Sword Villa yelled.

Speechless Moon clenched her teeth and said, "I don't like Zang Baiqiu, he's ugly."

"What? So, this is true?"Speech Intentional Body trembled and said incredulously.

"Hahaha, hahaha, people of the Famous Sword Villa, what else do you have to say."Long Pine Valley's Hidden Civilization sneered.

Yan Yi was now filled with shame and indignation, on his wedding day, being exposed in public for his sister's scandalous theft, this was a deliberate attempt to hit him in the face and disgrace the reputation of the Famous Sword Villa.Many sneers and whispers were coming from certain corners of the palace.

"Xiao Yue, where is that adulterer?"

"I, I don't know."When Yan Wuyue saw how angry her brother was, she knew that things were beyond her imagination and it was very likely that she would kill Tang Zichen, so she didn't dare to say anything.She felt guilty and told Tang Zichen to leave everything to her, but now well, she couldn't handle it at all.

Tibetan Baiqiu of Long Song Valley said loudly, "Such an adulterous/husband/woman should really be immersed in a pigsty." First website

"Who dares to harm my Little Moon."Suddenly, a loud voice came from outside the main hall.

Hearing this voice, the crowd in the main hall boiled once again.

Could it be that the rapist still dared to come?It really was bold enough.

When Yan Wuyue heard Tang Zichen's voice, she felt her heart melt, though she knew that it was probably the effect of the Three Leaves Love Flower and not Tang Zichen's true intentions.

The crowd automatically made a way out.

Tang Zichen's tall body stood at the entrance of the palace, being watched by the crowd.

Among them, the emperor of the Gomorja Empire said, "It really is him."However, Goma Star could not believe that Tang Zichen would do such a thing, because even his granddaughter, Princess Zhou'er, Tang Zichen could resist the temptation, in terms of beauty, Wordsmith was still far from Princess Zhou'er, and even farther from talent, how could Tang Zichen steal together with Wordsmith?

In addition, the emperors of the Yan Huang Empire and the king of the Glazed Kingdom recognized Tang Zichen, especially the emperor of the Glazed Kingdom, who looked at Tang Zichen with a murderous gaze, he would not forget that Tang Zichen had killed his most favored prince, Wei Yan.

Tang Zichen swept a glance at the crowd and said, "Who dares to harm my Moon."

"Uncle Zichen."Speechless Moon jumped at Tang Zichen in excitement when she saw him stand out.

Tang Zichen hugged Speechless Moon and said, "Yue'er, don't worry, I won't let anyone hurt you, including your family."

"Mmhmm."Yan Wuyue was touched to the core.

The Master and his wife of the Famous Sword Villa looked at Tang Zichen with furrowed brows, originally they thought that this was just an ordinary adulterer, but they didn't expect that this adulterer would dare to stand up to protect their granddaughter at this time and say in public that he wouldn't let anyone harm their granddaughter, including their family.The Zhuang Master and his wife who were originally very angry to tear the adulterer apart, seeing this.

A little bit of anger was quelled.

However, when Yan Wei looked at Tang Zichen at the moment, he did not quell his anger at all, he only knew that his big wedding was messed up by this Tang Zichen and became a joke to the whole world, he looked at Tang Zichen and was so angry that he wanted to kill him, but Yan Wei did not do it right away.

Tang Zichen looked at the few people in Chang Song Valley and said, "Who just said that they wanted to dip into a pigsty?"

Tibetan Civilization snorted, "Like I said, shouldn't you dogs and girls be immersed in pig pens?"

"Hmph, ridiculous, your grandson is not worthy of Yan Wu Yue, and you're still saying shameless things here."

Cang Wen Ming was furious, "My grandson's engagement to Yan Wuyue was facilitated through the Famous Sword Villa's marriage proposal competition, if it wasn't for Yan Wuyue's sake, do you think that with my grandson's talent, he would be able to see this lowly woman Yan Wuyue?"

"Alright, don't bite a bitch, in short, the marriage contract between Tibetan Baiqiu and Moonless is off, so let's all get along."

"Ridiculous."The man beside Tibetan Civilization shouted, this man was Tibetan Bakuqiu's uncle, and his martial arts realm was also the first level of the Unity Realm Completion.

"Then go home and laugh slowly."

"I'll kill you, you traitor."Tibetan Bakuqiu's uncle killed Tang Zichen with a knife.

Also at the Unity Realm Perfection, Tang Zichen didn't even need to waste any strength, he just slapped his opponent out of the palace and flew down the mountain a few hundred meters away, as the palace was built on top of the mountain.

"Ah."The crowd was horrified, Tang Zichen had so easily slapped a strong man of the same realm and sent him a few hundred meters away, which an ordinary person wouldn't be able to do.

"Yay, good fight, Uncle Zichen, you're amazing."Speechless forgot about the fear just now and patted.

Because of the fact that Speechless Moon had one mouthful of Uncle Zichen, none of the many people present treated Tang Zichen as a young man, and some of them even secretly cursed Tang Zichen for eating young grass with an old cow.However, Tang Zichen's palm strike sent an expert of his level flying hundreds of meters, which also shocked the people present.

"You."Tibetan Civilization saw his son fly away by Tang Zichen's palm, he was both angry and horrified, yesterday when they came back they said that Tang Zichen had injured Tibetan Baiqiu's father, he still didn't believe it, thinking that Tang Zichen had dumped some conspiracy trick, but it turned out that Tang Zichen's strength was really not simple.

Tang Zichen looked at Tibetan Civilization and asked, "What?You want to do it too?Or do you think I'm bullying your son?We are all at the first level of Unity Realm Perfection, your son is so unbeatable, you need to go back and write a good review of how you taught your son."

"Tang Zichen, I won't lay a hand on you, although you and the slut have hurt my grandson's feelings, but in order not to destroy the relationship between our Long Pine Valley and the Famous Sword Villa, I won't lay a hand on you, otherwise, when I caught the rape on the spot yesterday, I would have killed you.Now, I just want to ask the Famous Sword Villa, this pair of adulterous/husband/wife is right in front of us, what does the Famous Sword Villa want to do about it?"Tibetan Civilization's eyes looked towards the Famous Sword Villa's Zhuang Master couple.

The Master and his wife of the Famous Sword Villa were angry and helpless in the face of Tibetan Civilization's aggressive gaze, in front of so many people, this was to force him to deal with the adulterer/husband/wife, the adulterer was just fine, but the other one was their granddaughter.

So, for a while, the owner and his wife felt quite embarrassed to kill only the adulterer, for fear that Chang Song Gu wouldn't, inciting the people at the scene to say that the Famous Sword Villa was selling its reputation.


Right at this moment, Words of Intention, who had already been unable to hold back his anger, said loudly, "Grandpa, let me handle this matter."

"Intentional, this."

"Grandpa, today is my big wedding, I'm the protagonist of the day, I should have held the wedding ceremony happily, but it's been disturbed by this, so today's matter should have been left up to me, let me handle it."Words were not intended to be loud.

The Master of the Famous Sword Villa nodded his head, this was the best, let Zhi Intentional deal with it, even if it was handled unfairly, no one would say anything, even if Zhi Intentional was biased in favor of his sister, no one would accuse him with his identity as a special genius.

"Then, Intentional, you can look after today's matter."The Master of the Famous Sword Villa said.

With his eyes already full of anger and his eyes locked directly on Tang Zichen, there was no doubt that the anger of Yangyin was going to be directed at Tang Zichen today.He couldn't blame Chang Song Gu for deliberately causing trouble, because his sister did steal someone, so all the sins must be borne by this adulterer.

Tang Zichen saw that Words of Intent was looking at him very angrily and was secretly happy anyway, "Haha, I originally wanted Words of Intent to take the initiative to provoke me, but now it seems that Words of Intent is really going to deal with me, well, that's for the best."

Sure enough, Yan Wei Intentional stared at Tang Zichen and said, "You shameless dog man, my sister is young and ignorant, you have lived for a long time, attempted to old cow eat young grass, seduced my sister, caused a gap between my Famous Sword Villa and Chang Song Valley, also ruined my big wedding, you are the culprit, today, I Yan Wei Intentional will definitely take your life."

Yan Wuyue was busy saying, "Brother, please don't kill Uncle Zichen."

Tang Zichen also immediately pretended to say, "Yangyin, I'm in true love with Moonless."

"I pooh, you're enough to be my sister's father and still talk about true love, you shameless thing."Yan Intentional said angrily. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen smiled, "Then, what do you want."

"I have said that I will kill you today, although my sister is also at fault, but my sister is young and ignorant, she only made this mistake because she was lured by you, an outlaw, so my sister can be forgiven, but you can't."

When the crowd heard Yangyi say that, they also felt that Yangyi had handled the situation fairly, and the Master and his wife of the Famous Sword Villa were also very satisfied with Yangyi's handling of the situation, in this way, although the Famous Sword Villa had lost some of its face, it was also able to properly save some of its face when handled properly.It was just that Nagatsugu wasn't very satisfied, but the crowd was satisfied, and Nagatsugu couldn't toss it any more if he wanted to.

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud.

Speechless Moon blocked in front of Tang Zichen and pleaded, "Brother, please, don't hurt Uncle Zichen, my Uncle Zichen is sincere."

"Moonless, back off, I want to kill this adulterer who is harming your innocence."Speechless yelled.

Tang Zichen said, "Moonless, you stand down, I also want to have a go at the world-famous Yangying, to see if he's really so awesome."

Speech Intentional snorted, "Dog Man, I only said to kill you, not fight you, with you, you are not worthy of fighting me."

"Oh, how unworthy?"

A person from the Famous Sword Villa beside him said, "My Prince, is a special genius, what are you, worthy of fighting my Prince?Although you are also at the first level of Unity Realm Completion, you are by no means on the same level as my gongzi."


"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, the laughter was filled with mockery, Tang Zichen had endured it for a long time.

At this time, Speechless Moon said to Tang Zichen, "Uncle Zichen, you're still running away, I'll stop my brother for you, you're no match for him, he's a special genius and spikes his opponents at the same level."

Tang Zichen said squarely, "Moonless, don't call me uncle."

"Ah, why?"

Tang Zichen looked at Wordsmith and then said word for word, "Because, I'm only a year older than you, I'm only 21 years old, how can you call me uncle."


"Wow, is that true or not."The entire crowd in the main hall was stirring and talking, Tang Zichen is only 21 years old?However, almost everyone was in disbelief.

"Hahaha, hahaha, ridiculous, ridiculous."Yan Yi laughed loudly and said, "If you're only 21 years old, then I'll write the three words Yan Yi backwards, and you won't even look at what you are, I pooh."

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm not, I don't need to prove it to you, since you want to kill me, that's just right.From the moment I stepped into the Famous Sword Villa, your great name as well as the legendary story, I've been hearing cocoons, and I'm really a bit impatient to hear it.So, I'm also eager to learn from you, by the way, I heard that you still have two extraordinarily talented friends, call them out and come together, so that it will be more interesting."

"What did you say?"Words didn't mean to burst into rage.

The two Extraordinary Geniuses were also suddenly furious.

Who didn't know that every one of their Special Grade Geniuses was a proud son of the heavens and unattainable as a human being.However, Tang Zichen actually let Speechless go with the other two Extraordinary Geniuses.

In the palace, not only were the two Special Grade Geniuses angry, even the guests trembled in fear.

Speech Intentional said furiously, "To kill you, one hand is enough for me."

In his eyes, the killing intent was soaring, never in this life had he been so eager to kill someone as he was today, as he had never suffered this kind of excitement of being ignored before, he, he could kill this madman with a single move.

"Buzz."Words of Intent's sword was very playful and subtle, the sword Qi, which almost condensed into a thread, was very tough and unmatchedly strong in attack.

However, Tang Zichen stood in place, not even moving a single step.

Tang Zichen's punch simply blasted out, seemingly with great fluidity and simplicity.

The power of Tang Zichen's punch was naturally 100,000 jin, although this 100,000 jin punch did not precisely strike at the body of Wordship, Tang Zichen felt that it was enough, Wordship was after all only a first level of Unity Realm Completion, the same level as him, if it struck him, Tang Zichen was really afraid of killing him.

"Boom."The power fist field carried on that fist was like a magnetic field, invisibly shattering all of Speech Intention's attacks and pushing them hard towards him.

"Wow."Speech Intention's body felt like it was violently pushed backwards by an invisible force, the sword in his hand came off and his body flew backwards uncontrollably.

After the blink of an eye, with a thud, the body flew backwards onto the stage at the back of the main hall, spoiling the wedding setting.

"Ah."The whole place was shocked.

At this moment, the entire palace was silent.


Speechless Moon seemed to look at Tang Zichen as if he didn't know Uncle Zichen at this moment, as if he was a stranger.

Even the owner and his wife of the Famous Sword Villa seemed to be dreaming when they saw Tang Zichen blow his grandson away with a single punch so lightly, his grandson, but a special genius ah, a special genius could also blow away with a single punch so easily, wasn't this a dream?

The palace was also silent for an unknown length of time, and suddenly one person laughed out loud.

"Hahaha, powerful, indeed, just now I didn't believe that you were only twenty-one years old, but now, I kind of believe it."A strong man laughed out loud.

Tang Zichen looked at the strong man, but didn't recognize him.

And when the others saw him, they all paid their respects and said, "Greetings to the Old Villa Master."

"Meet the Old Villa Master."

That's right, the person who suddenly appeared out of nowhere was the Old Villa Master of the Famous Sword Villa, which was one of the thirty strongest people in the entire world who had stepped into the peak of the Unity Realm.

Right now on the scene, he was the strongest and the only strongest person on the scene at the peak of the Unity Realm Great Perfection.

With so many great figures on the scene, there was usually no chance to see such a powerful person.

Today, the world's strongest Unity Realm Grand Perfection peak was appearing before everyone's eyes for the sake of Tang Zichen. A second to remember to read the book

"Father."The Master of the Famous Sword Villa was busy calling out, not to mention others, even he hadn't seen his father in ten years.

However, the old villains ignored no one, walked up to Tang Zichen and smiled, "What's your name?"

"Back to Senior, Senior's name is Tang Zichen."

"Tang Zichen, not bad, you're strong, I, Xuan Sun, am not on the same level as you at all."

"Senior is overpraised, Senior has no intention of hurting my Xuan Sun, it's just that Senior is helpless."Tang Zichen said falsely, of course, others didn't know that he was speaking falsely, Tang Zichen had withheld his strength and talent until now, others still thought that Tang Zichen was too low-key.

Right at this moment, Words of Intent yelled, "Ahhhhh."

Words of Intent's eyes were red, today he had a big wedding ah, being made to be like this, even a sane person would lose control, not to mention that he wasn't a sane person at all, he was instead a proud and complacent person.

Speechless raised his sword and roared, "I'll kill him, Green Cliff, Yue Tianhua, you two come out, together, follow me and kill him."

Everyone looked at Words of Intent.

The two men named Green Cliff and Yue Tianhua were in a dilemma.

The old lord of the Famous Sword Villa shouted, "Intentional, you're no match for Brother Tang, so don't retreat."

"No, he made me sweep the floor in name, I want to kill him."

"No one asked you to sweep the floor in name."

"It's him, I want to kill him."Words of Intent was out of control inside as soon as the thought that no one would probably like to hear his legendary story anymore.

"Green Cliff, Yue Tianhua, are you my friends, if so, join forces with me and kill this dog man."Words didn't mean to shout.

"Bastard, retreat."Old Villa Master shouted.

Tang Zichen smiled, "No, Senior, let them join forces together, three extraordinarily talented people together, perhaps, really can kill me."

Old Villa Master saw that Tang Zichen had said that, he didn't say anything else, his body moved and retreated to the side.

The other two Extraordinary Geniuses, Green Cliff, and Yue Tianhua, immediately walked up to Wei Wei and prepared themselves for battle, vowing within themselves that they would definitely beat Tang Zichen down and earn back some face for Wei Wei and for them as well.

"Go."Speech Intention shouted, then went to kill Tang Zichen.

The other two Extraordinary Geniuses didn't hesitate either, and each used their divine power techniques to charge up.

Tang Zichen looked at the three, not very scrupulous in his heart, after all, of these three, two were of the same level and one was a lower level, Tang Zichen didn't believe that he would even fight one level lower!

No win.

Tang Zichen had just used Hercules once already, and now he could only use it once.

However, this time, he was facing three people, so Tang Zichen had to be cautious in using it, otherwise, if he couldn't defeat three at the same time, it would be dangerous for Tang Zichen.



All three of them's attacks were very fierce, ordinary people definitely couldn't practice at this level, and they were worthy of being special geniuses.

Tang Zichen's body flashed as he performed the Ghost Wheel Determination at once.

However, only then did Tang Zichen himself realize that in the face of the three people's attacks, he was able to narrowly avoid the range of the attack.

Tang Zichen trembled a little.

Can't hesitate anymore, the longer he entangled with them, the more disadvantageous it would be for Tang Zichen, he must be the fastest, use his Herculean Power, blow away with one punch, the three of them can't resist Tang Zichen's Herculean Power at all.

A few seconds later, Tang Zichen seized the best opportunity and blasted out with his Herculean Divine Power Fist.


This time, they were facing the entrance of the main hall with their backs to the door, Tang Zichen's powerful punch suddenly blasted the three of them out of the main hall and flew down the mountain.

"Wow."The crowd was stunned, as Tang Zichen fought them for just a few seconds.

Tang Zichen's internal strength was suddenly depleted.

This Hercules was powerful but also consuming, and no one at the same level, regardless of whether he was a genius or not, could block it, which was the reason why Tang Zichen was so powerful.

Now that Tang Zichen didn't have the Herculean Divine Power, with his saber technique, although it was also powerful, it was estimated that he would be able to easily defeat Speechless, but, it definitely wasn't as dry and sharp as the Herculean Divine Power.

"Accept it."Tang Zichen could only arch his hands to the crowd, since those three people had blown down the mountain.

"Pah-pah."Everyone applauded, looking at Tang Zichen with eyes full of adoration.

Among them, the Emperor of the Yanhuang Empire immediately ran out and shouted, "Everyone, everyone, Tang Zichen is from our Yanhuang Empire, oh."

"Wow, the Yanhuang Empire has such a genius character."

"Hahaha, that's right, Tang Zichen is the pride of our Yanhuang Empire, I believe that Tang Zichen will one day become the strongest person in our Yanhuang Empire."Yan Long said with a face full of vanity, the Master couple of the Famous Sword Villa had previously treated him with a bit of contempt, but now he felt so browbeaten and in Tang Zichen's good graces.Yan Long sighed deeply inside, making peace with Tang Zichen in the first place was the right choice in life.

Tang Zichen was almost done with his appearance as he saw fit.

Tang Zichen said to the Master and his wife of the Famous Sword Villa, "I am sorry to disturb your grandson's wedding, I am willing to take responsibility for today's matter, if there is any punishment, feel free to come to me, I am still living in your Villa Wuling, I will take my leave first."

Tang Zichen nodded to the old villa master again, then turned around and left, no one dared to stop him.

Tang Zichen's goal had been achieved, it was not suitable to stay any longer.

Tang Zichen flew back to Wuling Villa, what would happen next, Tang Zichen didn't know, he wouldn't know until after the end of the wedding of Words of Intent, but it was very certain that Tang Zichen was halfway to his goal, and the Old Villa Master of the Famous Sword Villa, should still come looking for Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen lay on the roof and closed his eyes to rest.

Just at this moment, a man flew in.

"Zichen, Zichen, it's not good."

"What's happened."

"It was hard to rearrange the scene and continue the wedding ceremony, but, when it was time to pay our respects, that bride suddenly said that she wasn't getting married."

"Why not?"

"I don't know, Speechless has just vomited half a kilo of blood."

"Ah, it's that bad."


"Oh, what a bummer."Don still closed his eyes and left things high and dry.

However, after a few more minutes, the black bar flew in.

"Brother Tang."

"Uh, Brother Black Bar, what do you want from me?"

"I'm really sorry, something happened over at the main peak."

"Oh, I heard, that what kind of bride said she suddenly stopped marrying, and Words didn't mean to vomit half a kilo of blood."

"Oh, I'm sorry to make you laugh."

"But, you came over to see me on purpose just to say that you're laughing?"

"No, Brother Tang, that, the bride suddenly said that she wanted to say a few words to you."

"Hahaha, Brother Black Bar, don't be ridiculous, I don't know the bride at all, didn't the person who officiated the wedding before say that the bride is in her thirties, I don't have any female friends in their thirties."

"Brother Tang, although I don't know why, could you please do me a favor and go meet the bride." First URL

"Alright, then I'll go take a look."

Tang Zichen flew to the main peak hall again.

Before Tang Zichen entered the main hall, he heard someone inside say, "Intentional, stop vomiting, you'll die if you do."

It seemed that the half kilogram of blood that Speech Intentional vomited was really not an exaggeration.

Tang Zichen walked into the main hall and everyone looked at Tang Zichen.

The wife of the Master of the Famous Sword Villa immediately said in anger, "Tang Zichen, what exactly did you do to my grandson's daughter-in-law?"

Tang Zichen said unhappily, "Troublesome Lady Zhuangzhi don't throw all kinds of problems at me, I still want to know why."

When the bride saw Tang Zichen coming, she immediately tidied her hair, then walked up to Tang Zichen and looked at him with a longing gaze.

Tang Zichen also looked at the bride.

Tang Zichen didn't know this person at all.

"Are you looking for me?"Don Tzu-Chen said.

The bride said, "Don Zichen, can we talk about it?"

"Oh, I don't think I know you, why do you want to talk to me."

"Yes, it's true that we don't know each other, but, I suddenly don't want to marry Wordsmith, it does have something to do with you."

"Nuts, don't pull everything on me, I don't want to make an enemy of the Famous Sword Villa."

"Tang Zichen, I see that you seem to like Speechless Moon very much."The bride said.

Tang Zichen looked at the bride and said, "Yes."

Next to her, Speechless looked happy, but in the next second, Speechless suddenly realized that it was impossible for someone as good as Tang Zichen to like her, all due to the Three Leaves Love Flower Poison, so there was nothing happy again.

The bride said, "Tang Zichen, in terms of looks, I'm half a catty or eight in any case with Yan Wuyue, and in terms of talent, I'm a super genius, so if you would like Yan Wuyue, you should also like me even more, so I'm not willing to marry Yan Wuyue just like that, I want to fight for it.I'm so much better than Wordswept Moon, I have to fight for myself."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen sort of understood why the bride suddenly didn't want to marry, because she saw that Tang Zichen would even like Speechless Moon, and she, who was so much better than Speechless Moon, so she was unwilling to marry Speechless.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, do you know that if you say that, it will make everyone think that I'm better than Yangyue, how can you embarrass Yangyue, he's at least a special genius."

The bride said, "Isn't this nonsense, whether you're appearance or talent, or martial

I only want to fight for myself, even if I make this marriage yellow.Tang Zichen, you like all of the words Wu Yue, I can't find any reason for you not to like me, between me and Yue, you should not hesitate to choose me, I implore you, think it over.Truth be told, I, I fell in love with you at first sight."

"Pfft."At this time, Speechless spat out another mouthful of blood wildly.

Throughout the main hall, many people immediately began to point fingers.

"Why is this person so shameless."

"Already at the worship ceremony, and still falling in love at first sight with another man."

"I haven't seen this kind of person in all my life."

However, the bride didn't seem to be afraid of other people's comments, she felt that she had the right to pursue someone better, even if she was about to get married.

"Tang Zichen, please."

"Oh, friend, you're trying to make the Famous Sword Villa hate me,"Tang Zichen said.

"I'm definitely better than Speechless Moon, if you even like her, then there's no reason not to like me."

Tang Zichen said, "Can you let me take your pulse?"


Tang Zichen immediately took the bride's pulse.

After a minute, Tang Zichen said, "Alright, you do have good roots, but unfortunately, I've fallen in love with Wordswept Moon, sorry."

"No, I don't believe it, Tang Zichen, as far as I know, you've only known Wordswept Moon for a few days, otherwise, I wouldn't have risked confessing to you."

"Uh, yes, it was indeed a few days, but what does that have to do with anything?"

Tang Zichen turned around and wanted to leave.

Tang Zichen wouldn't have come over if it wasn't for the pleading of Big Brother Black Bar, this bride, there was really nothing else to say, how could Tang Zichen possibly look at her.

"Tang Zichen."When the bride saw Tang Zichen was leaving, she immediately grabbed Tang Zichen's arm and seemed to be in a hurry.

"Let go of me and finish your wedding well, words are not bad."

"No, Tang Zichen, I just want to know, why don't you like me?There's no reason, if you don't tell me why, I, I won't let go of you."

Tang Zichen was cornered and said, "Don't push me."

"Since I've done this in public, I'm not afraid to push you, tell me why you don't like me, I have no reason to be worse than Speechless Moon."

Tang Zichen said, "Okay, if you really want me to tell you, then I'll have no choice but to tell you, I just took your pulse and I found out that you had an abortion about three years ago."

"Ah."The bride was stunned that she could know about three years ago.

"You, how did you know."The bride blanched a bit.

"Pfft."Yangyi, who had a hard time stopping spitting blood beside her, suddenly spewed another mouthful of blood wildly, pointed at the bride and said, "You, you, you still say you're a virgin, poof."After saying that, another mouthful of blood spurted wildly.

The entire palace was suddenly talking and stirring again.

The bride also seemed a bit embarrassed and asked Tang Zichen, "Is that the reason you don't like me?"

"No, the physical damage to your body from an abortion is almost zero, so why would I mind, it's just that if you don't like it, you don't like it, and there's no reason for it.It's like I like Wordsmith Moon, there's no reason for it, I don't even know why I like her myself."Tang Zichen said.

Next to her, Speechless Moon bit her lips, she was starting to feel a bit self-conscious inside, using Love Flower Poison on Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen had made this very clear, he didn't know why he liked it, it was because of Love Flower Poison ah.Of course, this was all just self-consciousness on the part of Speechless Moon.


In fact, Tang Zichen could also use this reason to pull away after helping Mu Qianji obtain the Buried Moon Sword in the future.

"I'm sorry, go ahead and continue paying your respects with Wordshift, I wish you happiness."Tang Zichen shook off the bride's hand and walked out of the main hall.

The bride didn't pull Tang Zichen again, her gaze was dull as she looked at Tang Zichen's back, she had indeed fallen in love with Tang Zichen at first sight, after thinking about it for a long time, she finally made up her mind to fight for herself the moment she was about to pay her respects, she had thought that it should be very possible with her.

The Master of the Famous Sword Villa sighed sadly.

Although this matter was not directly caused by Tang Zichen, it was also indirectly caused by Tang Zichen.

If Tang Zichen hadn't been too brilliant and made the bride fall in love at first sight, this wouldn't have happened.

Seeing Tang Zichen leave, the Zhuang Master said, "The worship ceremony, continue."

Speechless laughed out loud, his voice filled with sadness, his body swayed and looked like he was about to fall, probably because of the anger, plus the vomiting of blood.

"You, you, you still lied to me about being a virgin, you liar."Words didn't mean to point at the bride.

The bride took off the flower she was wearing on her head and humphed, "Tang Zichen was right, I did have an abortion three years ago, but so what, Words of Intent, how dare you say you've never touched a woman?This marriage has no meaning anymore.Words are not intended, let's say goodbye to it."After saying that, the bride threw the flowers away, turned around and walked out of the main hall, the crowd was dumbfounded.

Speechless saw the bride really want to leave, and shouted, "No, don't go, actually, I don't mind that you had an abortion at all, I, I'm just venting casually." Remember the URL

However, the bride didn't have any intention of staying.

The Zhuang Master raged, "No Intentions, will you behave yourself."

"No, ahhhh," Yangying didn't intend to yell, "Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen, I'm not done with you, oooooh."Speechless fell to the ground and cried out.

The bride, on the other hand, had flown away into the distance.

Tang Zichen also saw the back of the bride flying away, his heart was incomparably depressed, such a dogged thing, but actually let him run into it, this is good, speech intention must have hated him to death.

The Master of the Famous Sword Villa said to the guests, "Dear friends from afar, sorry for making you laugh, today's wedding banquet has been prepared, please go eat first, sorry."

Everyone said, "I have some things to do at home, I'm going home first, so I won't eat."

"Oh my, I fucking suddenly remembered, my clothes at home haven't been confiscated yet, I'll go back first to collect them."

"Go go go."

So, boom, all the guests had gone all at once.

People's weddings were gone, so naturally everyone couldn't have any more wedding banquets, so it was only right to leave quickly.

A big and splendid wedding, fell apart, one moment the hall was packed with people, the next moment there were only people from the Famous Sword Villa itself.

A few of the servants looked at the villa's master in six different directions and asked, "What should we do now, villa master?The banquet has been prepared."

The Zhuang Master looked at Wordsmith, who was sitting paralyzed on the floor, and said, "Don't disturb me, I want to be quiet."


Tang Zichen and his friends, went to the back of the main hall, where hundreds of feasts had already been prepared, but there was no one there, except for a few kitchen servants.

Tang Zichen said, "Get ready to eat, it's too bad no one is eating so much delicious food."

Although the wedding of Speechless was gone, it didn't affect Tang Zichen's appetite.

"Everyone, come on.

Cheers."Tang Zichen said holding up his wine glass.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Shh, keep your voice down, it's just a dozen of us eating here now, and we're still so loud."

"Hehe, apart from us, it's the kitchen servants here, the others aren't even in the mood to come over to eat, so let's fill up the wine, feel free to drink."Tang Zichen said.

Indeed, the Master of the Famous Sword Villa didn't even come, and the others didn't dare to come over to eat.

So, in the huge banquet hall, only Tang Zichen's dozen or so people were eating very high there.

Halfway through the meal, a servant came over and said, "Senior Tang, the old villa master has an invitation."

"Uh, Old Villa Master."


Tang Zichen put down his wine cup and immediately went forward to meet Old Villa Master.

Tang Zichen had guessed correctly, Old Villa Master would definitely see Tang Zichen again.

In a tea room, Tang Zichen met Old Villa Master.

Old Villa Master looked very old and looked like he was about to go into a coffin.

"Pay your respects to Senior."

"Brother Tang, no need to be polite, I suddenly called you over, I didn't disturb your meal, right?"

Tang Zichen said, "Uh, I'm sorry, your Xuan Sun's wedding is gone and I'm still eating and drinking there, it's really disrespectful."Tang Zichen said disingenuously.

"Hahaha, Brother Tang, when you live to be my age, you'll know that these are just insignificant extraneous things."

"Uh, Senior seems to be very reasonable."

"Alright, sit down, let's have tea and chat."


Tang Zichen sat down, and Old Villa Master poured a cup of tea for Tang Zichen.

Old Villa Master said, "Brother Tang, I'm really envious of you."

"Uh, what does Senior envy me for, I also envy Senior, the whole world, the thirty strongest people who have stepped into the pinnacle of the Unity Realm."Tang Zichen said.

Old Villa Master's gaze was filled with sorrow, "Unfortunately, my life has come to an end, no matter how strong I am, what can I do, it's truly a sunset, just nearing dusk."

Tang Zichen looked at the old vassal's gaze and suddenly thought of his master uncle.

Back then, his master uncle seemed to have the same look in his eyes.

It was a sentiment that only someone whose life was about to come to an end would give out, and although he was already standing in the top thirty columns of the world, it meant that the lifespan wasn't long either.

"Senior seems to be very reluctant to die."Tang Zichen said.

"Hahaha, Brother Tang, don't you think I can see through life and death, no, the more powerful I become, the less I can see through it.The day of my great limit is getting closer and closer, my death won't be long, I really don't want to die, I've spent countless nights thinking, if the heavens drape the curtains and let me suddenly have an epiphany, transcend the realm of unity and step into the next mystical martial realm, then I won't have to die, at least I'll be able to live for another few decades, even a hundred years."

Tang Zichen sighed, in fact, if Tang Zichen wanted to save him, he could have the Emperor Worm him on his body, and that would allow him to live for another few decades.

However, it was impossible for Tang Zichen, who was not related to him, to give him the Emperor Worm.

Although, the Emperor Worm meant very little to Tang Zichen, as Tang Zichen had already taken one, and taking it again would have no stacking effect and would be tantamount to a waste.

At this time, Tang Zichen suddenly felt that the Old Villa Master was staring at him with his gaze, looking at Tang Zichen uncomfortably.

Tang Zichen's heart thudded, secretly saying, "Old Villa Master must not know that I have the Emperor Bug on me, right?"


"Why is Senior looking at me like that?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Tell me honestly, what are your intentions in coming to our Famous Sword Villa?"

"Senior is joking, what attempts can I make."

"Don't be nervous, I'm not going to do anything to you, no matter what your intentions are, you might as well be generous and tell me, if I can do it, I might as well satisfy your intentions.Don't tell me no, with your talent, it's impossible for you to look at my Xuan granddaughter, Speechless Moon, then you must have an intention, don't tell me that you've been hit by the Three Leaves Love Flower Poison, there's no such poison in the world."

"Uh."Tang Zichen had the feeling that there was nothing to hide, in that case, it would be impossible for Tang Zichen to help Mu Qianji obtain the Buried Moon Sword.

"Hahaha, Senior is truly a visionary."

"Tell me, for what."

Tang Zichen said, "Since that's the case, I'll tell you, a friend of mine, I heard that there is a sword buried underneath your Famous Sword Villa, called the Buried Moon Sword, and she really wants to obtain it.I heard that there is another entrance, and I am the one who helped her to explore the other entrance."

"The Buried Moon Sword, it turned out to be a runner, unfortunately, it is a sword full of toxicity, it was forged using a meteorite from outer space, my ancestors only knew it was an evil sword after it was cast, and for that, my ancestors died multiple times.Unfortunately, they buried the sword underground and never let anyone take it out.Although this Buried Moon Sword is an unparalleled treasure, it cannot be used."

"I don't care about that, that friend of mine she is a genius poisoner herself, the same age as me, she is already a fifteen-grade poisoner, she said she can control it."

"So now that I've figured out what you're up to, what are you going to do?" One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen said, "Since my purpose has been revealed to you, I can only regret that I have to show that she is not destined for the Buried Moon Sword, and I will leave it at that."

The old vassal said, "The Buried Moon Sword has been buried beneath my famous Sword Villa for hundreds of years, and even I have never seen the real thing, but if it weren't for the words of my ancestors, I would have wanted to see it.Tang Zichen, tell that friend of yours that this sword is an evil sword, not suitable for her."

"Oh."Tang Zichen hesitated and said in his heart, "Forget it, helping people to the end, I'll trade the Emperor Worm for the Burial Moon Sword?The Emperor Worm is no longer of much use to me anyway."

"Senior, that friend of mine is very eager to obtain the Burial Moon Sword."

"Impossible."The Old Villa Master directly refused and looked at Tang Zichen as if he had a warning in his eyes.

Tang Zichen said, "Senior, what if I am willing to exchange it for a treasure?"

"Nor is it possible."

"Senior, you just said that the day of the great limit will arrive soon, if I can let you live for another few decades, or even a hundred years, are you willing to exchange?"

The old lord's body trembled.

"Make your words clear."Old Villa Master's voice trembled, and Tang Zichen knew that he simply couldn't refuse the temptation of life, the more he was about to die.

"I wonder if Senior has heard of the Emperor Worm."

"Emperor, Emperor Worm?"

"It seems that Senior has heard of it."

"Isn't the emperor worm a legendary thing?It doesn't exist at all, it was made up by someone else in the ancient times."

Tang Zichen said, "No, no, no, it's true, to tell the truth, I was fortunate enough to obtain two Emperor Insects, one of which I took, and I still have one left.Unfortunately, the effects of the Emperor Worm cannot be stacked, that is, after eating one, and then eating the second one

There's only no point, it's pure waste, that's why I'm willing to exchange the Burial Moon Sword.Of course, the most important thing is that I'm quite fond of Senior, so it's a half-gift, half-exchange."Tang Zichen lied that he had gotten two of them because he didn't want to cause any complications.

"There really are, there really are."Old Villa Master looked at Tang Zichen in excitement.

"Yes, there really is one, what does senior mean."

"You first show me the Emperor Worm."

"No, Senior shouldn't be such an unreasonable person, if I dare to cheat, I don't think I'll be able to leave here alive."

The old vassal nodded, "Good, then you go and call your friend here, we'll go into the ground together and take out the Burial Moon Sword."

"Good, there's no time to lose, I'll go and call her now."

Tang Zichen immediately went to call Mu Qianji over.

Not long after, Mu Qianji arrived at this tea room.

Mu Qianji was touched to hear that Tang Zichen had exchanged the rare Emperor Insect for the Buried Moon Sword, and even, Mu Qianji felt unworthy.However, having said that, Tang Zichen was also a half-gift and half-exchange, and there was no room for redemption, even if he wanted to go back on his word, I'm afraid the old villains wouldn't let Tang Zichen leave alive.Moreover, although the Emperor Worm was precious, its main function was to increase lifespan as well as strengthen the meridians, both of which were of little significance to Mu Qianji.

"You must be that friend of Tang Zichen's."Old Villa Master looked at Mu Qianji and said.


"Tang Zichen is very good to you and is willing to exchange the Exalted Treasure for the Burial Moon Sword, you know that."

Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen and said, "I know."

Mu Qianji was indeed quite touched, the first time Tang Zichen was so good to her, thinking about how many touching things she had done to Wind Lightning in the other world, he was indifferent.Mu Qianji felt that perhaps Tang Zichen was trying to make it up to her out of guilt.

"Let's go, into the underground."

Tang Zichen, the three of them, immediately entered the underground of the Famous Sword Villa, the entrance was in the old Villa Master's room.

Tang Zichen asked, "Senior, take the liberty to ask, where is the other entrance?"

"The Famous Sword Villa was rebuilt in the past, so the other entrance was in the main peak hall before it was rebuilt, but it has long been closed, and even if you guys knew the location of the other entrance, you'd have to dig for a long time, and digging for so long, you're bound to be discovered."

Tang Zichen, the three of them, followed the underground passage and went down about hundreds of meters deep, and saw a larger cavity, and at the side of the cavity, a bag of dirt bulged up like a tomb.

Old Villa Master said, "The Burial Moon Sword is buried there, the sword is highly poisonous, so I'd better not go over there, you guys go dig it out yourselves, I'll wait for you on the ground."

After saying that, the old villains rushed up to the ground along the passage that came down.

Mu Qianji immediately went up and started digging for the Burial Moon Sword.

In a short while, he dug into a wooden box, through which a faint purple light was emitted.

"It glows?"Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji said, "Tang Zichen, you'd better go farther away, in case it really is highly poisonous and doesn't hurt you."

Tang Zichen asked, "Now have you studied thoroughly why the sword is poisonous?Do you know how to protect against that poison?"

"I don't know."

"If you don't know, then don't open it until you've studied it thoroughly, and you must promise me."


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