The King of Kungfu in school 706-710


Chapter 706

Tang Zichen nodded his head and asked, "Every month, everyone must have a duel?"

"Yes, at least once, of course, there are some powerful people, they can do it multiple times, and if they don't even have one, then Star Ocean Academy will send him to the hunting forest to be killed as prey by those powerful people who are hunting.Those who can duel multiple times a month, that's all people with great talent and strength, most of them are once a month."

Tang Zichen asked again, "Then what about the Star Ocean Academy's 'organization'?"

"Organizations, huh? In Star Ocean Academy, anyone who reaches innate perfection can form an organization, such as mine, called Andrew's Organization."

"How unoriginal."

"Hehe, after setting up an organization, you can freely recruit people, those international students who are pre innate, mid and late innate, lonely, without a place to go, eating the last meal and worrying about the next one, but also worrying about the monthly duel, not knowing if they will die on the dueling stage, so they will all choose to join some organization.After joining the organization, at least the strongest person in the organization would give them some guidance so that they could successfully pass the duel every month.Of course, even then, there will still be some foreign students who accidentally die on the dueling stage every month."

"Oh, it's quite cruel, no wonder the Yan Huang Empire royal family, they don't want to send princes with a little less talent, only princes whose talent has passed the test can come."

"Yes, here, it doesn't matter what kind of prince you are, you still have to go to the dueling stage every month.However, a prince who necessarily possesses strong genes is not something we can compare to.By the way, your Yanhuang Empire, you have a very powerful prince right here."

"Oh, yeah, how powerful."

"His name is Yan Swipe, 29 years old, he just reached the Innate Perfection some time ago, he established a 'homeland'.I forgot to tell you, those who reach Innate Perfection can establish an organization, and those who reach Innate Perfection can establish a 'homeland'.That prince of your Yanhuang Empire, he established a homeland, with many experts under his hand, and because of his prince status, many foreign students who also came from the Yanhuang Empire joined him.Senior Tang, you can also go and establish a homeland, and let me join you then."

"Say it again."Tang Zichen didn't look much like he was in any mood. First URL

Tang Zichen now just wanted to find something to practice so that he could quickly break through the second layer of the Innate Great Perfection.Originally a month ago, he had already touched the second layer of this membrane, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen had far underestimated the difficulty of the Innate Realm, and for a month, he had been cultivating hard every day on the ship, but he couldn't break through to the second layer at all.

After eating, Andrew said, "Senior Tang, two of my men are going to the dueling platform now, do you want to go with them?"


Tang Zichen followed Andrew and his two men to the dueling platform.

When he arrived at the dueling platform, Tang Zichen was shocked, Tang Zichen originally thought that the dueling platform was on the ground, a table.But in fact, it was underground, and there were dozens of platforms in the ground, each relatively divided, and whoever wanted to duel would jump from the ground, and then the sea-beast would be released to fight him, and each would live or die.

Andrew called two of his men over.

"Kopisi, I suggest you choose the one that is more reliable against the water wolf sea beasts,"Andrew said.

"Well, thanks Chief."The man next to him, Kopissi, looked nervous.

Andrew patted his shoulder to comfort him and said, "It's okay, cheer up, you

It will definitely pass the dueling stage this January."

"Hmm."Kopisi nodded but was still nervous, this day of the month was the most stressful.

Kopisi quickly jumped into the 24th dueling stage, and a few seconds later, a sea beast that somewhat resembled a wolf rushed out, a water wolf sea beast that was 3 meters long and looked terrifying.

Anrud said, "Senior Tang, these sea beasts, just like us humans, the deeper they cultivate, the larger their size, vitality, and fighting power, will be.This water wolf, it's a ninth grade medium sea beast, and its strength, it's about equal to the middle stage of innate.Of course, we can only judge it based on its momentum, it's hard for Gopissi himself to judge it accurately, and if he makes a mistake, it's very likely that he will die on the dueling stage, so I picked this water wolf for him.Let's wish him well through the dueling stage today."

"Oh."Tang Zichen nodded, Tang Zichen also knew about beast cultivation, not to mention, at the Martial Academy, during the New Student Competition, Tang Zichen and many new students went to the Thousand-Foot Demon Cave during the Top 100 Final, to hunt and kill demonic snakes, and at that time, those demonic snakes, with as many horns on their heads as they had, indicated a few grades of demonic snakes.At that time, Tang Zichen forcefully broke the head of a four-grade devil snake and successfully entered the top 100 freshmen competition.

Now that I think about it, that fourth-grade devil snake was very weak.

At this moment, on the 24th dueling stage, Gopissi was fighting with that Water Wolf Sea Beast.

"Swoosh swoosh."The sword in Kopissi's hand was waving, airtight, as if he was afraid of the water wolf rushing up.

The water wolf's three-meter-long body was terrifying.

Andrew shouted, "Go for it, Kopissi."

Andrew's other men shouted cheer as well.

Tang Zichen didn't say anything as he watched Gopissi, this Gopissi, was obviously too nervous, the water wolf didn't attack him drastically, but he had done everything he could, and if this continued, he would definitely lose out.

Sure enough, in less than a minute, Kopissi's thigh was viciously torn off a piece of flesh by the water wolf's claws.

"Ah."Kopissi yelled, completely out of control.

"Kopisi, calm down, do you hear me, calm down, this water wolf is a medium ninth grade water wolf, if you don't calm down, you will be finished, it will find your breakthrough and kill you in one fell swoop."Andrew yelled.

But, Kopisi had a piece of flesh torn from his thigh, and only one thought was in his mind, it's over, he won't make it past the dueling stage this month.

Kopisi was too nervous, so how else could a person with a mental breakdown defeat a sea beast of similar level to him.




"Clack."The water wolf bit off Kopisi's arm in one fell swoop and ate it.

Andrew and the others sat on the ground in sorrow.

Don said, "It's not too late to save him."

"No, the dueling platform can't save anyone, if you go on the dueling platform, either you die or he lives, otherwise, everyone who goes on the dueling platform will think that someone will save if they lose, so how else can they stimulate their potential to save themselves.Besides, Kopisi is already useless, so even if he saves it, he won't be very strong in the future."

In front of everyone's eyes, Kopisi's head was bitten off by the water wolf.

The exit on the side of the dueling platform opened and the water wolf walked away with the corpse in his mouth, leaving the bloody dueling platform behind.


Tang Zichen also breathed a deep sigh of relief, no wonder every international student was so afraid of this dueling platform, the days when they went to the dueling platform every month were the most painful and difficult days.

Andrew looked to the other woman next to him and said, "Linda, get ready, I suggest you choose the pirate beast."

"Good."The woman, Linda, was also full of nervousness.

"Linda, don't be nervous, as long as you take it seriously, the chances of victory are very high, this pirate beast you have seen its aggressiveness before, as long as you take it seriously, there will definitely be no problem."Andrew advised.

Soon, Linda jumped into the dueling stage and fought violently with the pirate beast.

As expected, Linda took out her whole heart to treat it, and with having already seen the Pirate Beast's aggressiveness before, she defeated the Pirate Beast with a little use of her brain and killed the Pirate Beast.

"Yay."The smooth Linda was very happy that this month's difficult time was finally over.

Don Zichen said, "I want to try the dueling stage too, I'm sure I'll have to go to the dueling stage once a month from now on."

Andrud said, "Do you want to duel with a sea beast, or with a human?If it's a duel with a sea beast, you just need to go over there and do the registration, if it's a duel with a human, it's a bit more complicated, you have to go to the Heavenly Star Pavilion to find that Senior Wanderer."

"Of course it's with a sea beast."

Tang Zichen quickly went to do the registration, this was his first time on the dueling stage when he came to the Star Ocean Academy. Remember the URL


"Don Zichen?I just arrived at Star Ocean Academy today, and it's also my first time on the dueling stage."

"It's you, I've heard that in the group of international students that just arrived today, there are two very powerful students, you must be one of them."


"What level of sea beast are you going to choose for the duel?The rule of our Star Ocean Academy is that we can't choose the weaker one, only the stronger one, or, the one with similar momentum."

Tang Zichen thought to himself, he was now at the first level of the Innate Great Perfection realm, and he didn't know what his fighting strength was now.

Tang Zichen thought for a moment and said, "Then, I'll choose a, eleventh-grade medium sea beast."

"What? You want to choose an eleventh-grade medium sea beast?You have to think about it carefully, an eleventh-grade medium sea beast, its strength is equivalent to a human at the third level of the Innate Great Perfection, are you sure?If you're sure, once you're on the dueling stage, there's no room for regret, it's either you or it."

Tang Zichen said, "Certain."

"Okay, eleven types of medium sea beasts dueling, please choose which type."

Tang Zichen looked at the picture and directly chose the first one.

"White armored sea lion?It's a sea beast with great defense. Are you sure?This white armored sea lion, since it has been captured, it has not fought yet, I advise you to choose something else, after all, your own realm is only the first level of the Innate Great Perfection, you would have already jumped to duel stronger, and then choose such a difficult one, you would be at a disadvantage.Young man, don't be too conceited, I've seen too many foreign students die here because of conceit."

"Ugh."Tang Zichen looked at the man in front of him who was in charge of the registration, his appearance was in his thirties, but he was called young Tang Zichen, it felt strange, as if he was very old.

In fact, this man was indeed not young, in his eighties, but the fact that he was still able to maintain such a young appearance was a testament to his talent and strength.

"I've decided, I'll choose this one."Tang Zichen bit his teeth, ?

Let's die.

That registered strongman didn't stop him either, he was already numb and didn't know how many geniuses he had seen fallen here.

"Get ready, in five minutes, dueling platform #1."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

The No. 1 dueling platform immediately began to get ready, many of the international students on the scene, seeing the No. 1 platform start up, were amazed, "No. 1 dueling platform starts up, this is a person with an innate completion who wants to duel with a sea beast."

"Tsk, this intermediate level duel, definitely can't miss it, it's definitely very exciting."

"Haha, the number 1 dueling platform is activated not very often, it's rare to run into it today, I can't miss it, I have to have a good look at how an innate great perfectionist is going to duel."

Suddenly, many people gathered around to the No. 1 dueling platform.

The Number One Dueling Stage was mainly used by the strongest of the Innate Great Perfection, as the Number One Dueling Stage was the most massive, and the sea beasts that were able to go up to the Number One Dueling Stage were at least at the upper tenth grade, as well as the eleventh grade.Sea beasts that had reached this level, their bodies were also very large now, so the number one dueling platform was huge.

"I don't know how many grades of sea beasts are they?Is it ten top quality, or eleven?"

"Nonsense, it must be a top ten grade, very few people would dare to choose an eleven grade sea beast for a duel."

While everyone was discussing, Tang Zichen directly jumped off the number one dueling platform.

"Who is this person?"

"The total number of people who have reached the Innate Great Perfection in our academy is just over eighty in total, we've seen them all, why haven't we seen this person before?"

Andrew and the others shouted from above, "Senior Tang, go for it."

Andrew was excited, it was an honor to know someone who was already an Innate Great Perfection, and also, someone who had already been an Innate Great Perfection since he had just started school, this talent and opportunity, the future was truly unpredictable, and now he was still able to talk to him, while in the future, there was no qualification to talk to him.

Tang Zichen stood silently on the dueling stage.

A few minutes later, a huge, three-meter thick door next to the dueling stage struck open.

Amidst everyone's screams, a sea lion covered in silver-white armor came out.

"It's a white armored sea lion, oh my god, this white armored sea lion's defense is so strong that no one would dare to choose it, so far, it hasn't fought, it's an eleventh grade medium sea beast."

"Wow, this guy is so brave, isn't he afraid of dying if he can't win?"

"Roar."The white armored sea lion roared, the roar suddenly made the ears of the onlookers above deaf.

Tang Zichen held a knife and sword in his hand, which were of average grade, Tang Zichen had borrowed them from Andrew, Tang Zichen was currently very short of a handy, high grade weapon.The two short swords that Mu Qianji had were knives forged from very high grade meteor mines, which she had brought with her before she crossed over.Unfortunately, Tang Zichen couldn't bring that sword from her previous life, but instead, she had seen it once in the memories of the Forgotten City on Martial Island.

"Roar."The white-armored sea lion lunged at Tang Zichen, a huge creature with a height of six meters.

"Swoosh."Tang Zichen slashed with a blade and a sword at the same time.


The white-armored sea lion came to a standstill, and in the next second, the body of the white-armored sea lion was split in half from the middle.

The crowd was stunned, the eleventh grade medium white armored sea lion was cut into two pieces by this man with a single move, what a strong sword and saber technique.


"Who is this guy?"

"So powerful."

Tang Zichen looked at the white-armored sea lion that was split in two in front of him, and was a bit confused himself.

In fact, Tang Zichen himself didn't expect that his sword combination would be so powerful, and this white armored sea lion, which was known for its defense, was split into two pieces by him in one move.

At this moment, somewhere on the dueling platform, the strong man responsible for registration just now looked at Tang Zichen and secretly said, "This person is worthy of reaching the Innate Great Perfection as soon as he arrived, the sword and saber unification technique he just performed is at least a twelfth grade martial art, powerful, only in the Innate Realm, he was able to train into a twelfth grade martial art.Normally, only strong people in the Unity Realm, their minds are able to practice a twelfth-grade martial art."

After Tang Zichen killed the white armored sea lion, he flew up to the ground from the dueling platform.

Everyone was watching him and talking about him.

Tang Zichen felt that it wasn't enjoyable at all just now, a battle that was too easy to spike was not at all helpful to his strength and realm improvement.

Tang Zichen immediately walked back to the registration desk, Tang Zichen wanted to have another duel.

"Hello, Senior, I would like to have another duel, is there a limit to this?"Tang Zichen asked the strong man who had just been in charge of registration.

"Tang Zichen, you are truly worthy of being a genius, the white armored sea lion with the third level of strength of the Innate Great Perfection was actually split in half by your move."The strong man in charge of the registration praised, and because of Tang Zichen's strong talent, he spoke to Tang Zichen in a different tone than the others. One second to remember to read the book

"Oh, I didn't expect that myself."

"What kind of sword technique did you just perform?It's a twelfth grade martial art, right."

Tang Zichen shook his head and said, "No, the combined sword and saber I just performed is not a set of skills, it's just two sets of ninth grade martial arts."

"Two sets of ninth grade martial arts combined to produce the power of a twelfth grade martial art, you were able to use both in one mind to this extent, admire."The strong man said.

"Hehe."Tang Zichen smiled slightly, it wasn't easy to have a strong man from Star Ocean Academy who surpassed innate talent say admiration.

"Senior, I am."

"My name is Yi Tianxing."

"Uh, Senior Yi Tianxing, can I have another duel?"

"Yes, but if you lose, you'll still die at the dueling stage."

"Of course I understand that, so this time, I'll choose a stronger sea beast, then an eleventh-grade top-grade sea beast."

"Okay, which type?"

Tang Zichen took a look at it, decided on one of them, and said, "Just this Blackman Devil Snake."

"Are you sure?"

"Uh, what's the problem?"

"Tang Zichen, this Blackman Demon Snake, it's a sea beast with a highly poisonous nature, it's over ten meters long, are you sure?This Black Man Devil Snake, its strength has reached the peak level of human innate perfection, do you know what it means to reach the peak level?Meaning this Blackman Devil Snake, it has one foot that has stepped into the Unity Realm realm."

Tang Zichen shuddered a bit when he heard this Yi Tianxing's introduction, this wasn't an exercise ah, this was a duel ah, it was either you or me, if Tang Zichen couldn't win, he would have to die, there was no chance of escape, because the dueling platform was closed.

"This."Tang Zichen also had to hesitate, after all, it was a matter of life .

No child's play.

However, Tang Zichen liked to challenge himself.

"Fuck it, let's duel."Tang Zichen said with a bite.

"Fine, then get ready."

Tang Zichen flew back to the dueling platform number one, and those onlookers were very shocked to see that Tang Zichen wanted to have another fight.

Geniuses were different, if it was an ordinary international student, every month's dueling day would be the toughest, but geniuses were constantly challenging themselves.

About five minutes later, dueling stage number one was ready.

Tang Zichen held his sword and saber in his hand, Tang Zichen himself didn't know that his combined sword and saber was able to exert the power of the twelfth grade martial art, since the power of the twelfth grade martial art can only be practiced by a strong person of the unity realm, that means that Tang Zichen was not invincible against the Black Man Devil Snake.

At this moment, on the floor of this dueling platform, several people walked in through the entrance, and an innate woman said to a few newly recruited new international students behind her, "This is the dueling platform that is famous and will make you chill in the future.This dueling platform, with dozens of stages, is where foreign students duel with sea beasts every day."

Behind this Innate Perfection woman, one of the newly recruited international students was Shangguan Zuo.

Shangguan Rou had previously run to the Misty Forest, she was clever enough to avoid many people who abused them, and was lucky enough to run into the head of a group called the 'Goddess Organization' behind her, which was this innate perfect woman in front of her, the head of this Goddess Organization saw that Shangguan Rou was beautiful and immediately invited Shangguan Rou to join the Goddess Organization, and Shangguan Rou agreed without even thinking about it.Thus, Shangguan Rou found the organization and no longer worried about being abused or defiled or anything like that.

Then, the head of the Goddess Organization came to the dueling stage with a few of his newly recruited men to take a look.

At that moment, that head of the Goddess Organization saw that Dueling Stage No. 1 was being surrounded by many people, and immediately said, "Hey, it's surprising that Dueling Stage No. 1 was activated today, there doesn't seem to be any dueling of strong people of great perfection today."

Behind him, a new international student who was just like Shangguan Zou, also a new student, asked, "Head, what's so special about Dueling Stage No. 1?Why do you look so surprised?"

"Nonsense, Dueling Stage No. 1 is reserved for the strongest of the innate, let's go over and see the battle of the strongest of the innate."

A few people walked over and immediately saw Tang Zichen standing on the dueling stage, waiting for the Black Man Devil Snake to be released.

"Wow, so he's still a handsome guy, how awesome."The head of the Goddess Organization saw Tang Zichen with a nymphomaniacal look in his eyes, how attractive must it be to be an Innate Great Perfection powerhouse and a handsome man again.

"Huh."Shangguan Rou was shocked when she saw it was Tang Zichen.

"It's Tang Zichen."Shangguan Rou secretly said, she was looking at Tang Zichen right now, he was standing on the dueling stage number one, many many eyes were looking at him, even the head of their organization was looking at him with obsessive eyes right now, at this moment, Shangguan Rou couldn't help but feel her heart thumping, it felt like this moment, so charming.

The head of the goddess organization said to Shangguan Rou's several newly recruited subordinates, "This strong innate perfectionist is very handsome, I guarantee that he is the most handsome among the more than 80 innate perfectionists who haven't graduated from Star Ocean Academy yet, if I have a boyfriend like this, I'm really so happy."

Shangguan Rou wanted to say that she knew him, but she didn't say it when the words came to her mouth, because people definitely didn't believe that she was now an underling of someone else's organization, but Tang Zichen, who was an existence that even the head of their organization had to admire, felt that the gap was so big.


On dueling stage number one, Tang Zichen's eyes looked at the gate on the side of the dueling stage.

The gate was slowly opening.

Tang Zichen was organizing his battle thoughts in his mind, after all, it was an eleventh grade superior sea beast, the slightest thing would perish.

"Phew, my Vertigo attack will definitely be ineffective against this Black Man Devil Snake, so I'll use the Ghost Wheel Decision and then quickly perform the Sword Combination Attack."

It was just that Tang Zichen had yet to think of any way to deal with this Demonic Snake's highly poisonous defense.

Poison, Tang Zichen wasn't good at it.

But Tang Zichen wasn't overly worried, after all, it wasn't so easy to break through his Innate Abstruse Qi, Tang Zichen himself wasn't sure about the thickness of his Innate Abstruse Qi, and it was just as well to detect the thickness of his Innate Abstruse Qi.

"Wow."The gate opened.

Everyone held their breath and looked nervously at Tang Zichen.

The entire dueling stage number one was silent.

However, the Blackman Demon Snake didn't come out right away, as if it was watching, or maybe, the Blackman Demon Snake was also thinking about its fighting style, after all, a sea beast of this level also possessed primary intelligence. The first website

"Boom."Suddenly, a black shadow rushed out.

The Black Man Devil Snake was on the move, and it attacked Tang Zichen first at its fastest speed, attempting to give Tang Zichen a run for his money or burden his psyche with its first strike.

But unfortunately, this Blackman Demonic Snake misjudged Tang Zichen, and Tang Zichen's Ghost Wheel Dueling speed was far beyond it.

Tang Zichen suddenly made a flash and disappeared into the spot.

In the next moment, Tang Zichen appeared atop the Black Mann Devil Snake's head.

"Wow."Tang Zichen's saber and sword slashed at the Black Mann Devil Snake at the same time.

The peerless saber and sword qi tore into the Black Mann Devil Snake's head.

However, the Black Man Devil Snake was not so easy to deal with, and before Tang Zichen's saber attack was close enough, its head suddenly spewed out two streaks of pure black poisonous gas.

Tang Zichen immediately used the Ghost Wheel Resolve to dodge the Black Man Devil Snake's attack.

In this way, Tang Zichen and the Black Man Demon Snake fought a shocking life and death duel on the dueling platform.

Everyone in the stands held their breath as they watched the battle in the dueling stand.

Neither Tang Zichen nor the Black Man Devil Snake could kill the other so easily.

The Black Man Devil Snake could spew poisonous gas from its entire body, and its poisonous gas attack could actually neutralize Tang Zichen's sword attack, which made it much more difficult for Tang Zichen.

The Black Man Devil Snake's poisonous gas was also unable to hurt Tang Zichen because Tang Zichen's Ghost Wheel Resolutions were unpredictable with a flash of light.

Tang Zichen's energy was depleting as the battle went on, and the Black Man Devil Snake used its poisonous Qi so many times that it was also depleting just as quickly.

After about ten minutes, Tang Zichen suddenly said, "Almost, it's time to end."

At this moment, Tang Zichen had sensed that the Black Mann Devil Snake had consumed a lot of its power, this was Tang Zichen's intention to let it spray poisonous gas and consume itself, at this point, it was almost time.

"Buzz."Tang Zichen struck hard towards the Black Man Devil Snake's abdomen, likewise, the Black Man Devil Snake's abdomen spewed out poisonous gas.

However, Tang Zichen's real goal was not the abdomen, this was merely a diversion.

In the next moment, Tang Zichen's Ghost Wheel Decision flashed, appearing on the Black Man Devil Snake's skull, and it was close to its skull.

Tang Zichen pressed his palm on the Black Mann Devil Snake's skull and sucked.


The Great Law of Kung Fu."

"Wow."Black Manmos' internal power was being sucked away by Tang Zichen.

The first time Tang Zichen sucked the sea beast's power, he thought he couldn't succeed, so he fought the danger of being sprayed with poisonous gas, but he didn't expect that just like a human, he could suck its power as well.

"Roar."The Black Mann Devil Snake was being sucked by Tang Zichen and roared continuously, its body was losing its power in a steady stream.

At this moment, Tang Zichen said inwardly, "If the Devil Snake's power can be sucked, then its spiritual power, too?"

Suddenly, Tang Zichen converted into the Absorbing Spiritual Power.

Sure enough, the Black Mann Devil Snake's spiritual energy was sucked up by Tang Zichen, and in less than five seconds, the Black Mann Devil Snake's spiritual energy was sucked up by Tang Zichen.

The Black Man Devil Snake's head shriveled up.

"Boom."The Black Mann Devil Snake fell on the dueling stage with a loud bang.

Tang Zichen secretly said, "What a small amount of spiritual energy."

This Black Mann Devil Snake's mental strength was not even comparable to those Unity Realm powerhouses it had sucked up before, it was probably not even a tenth of that, after all, the Black Mann Devil Snake was still in the Innate Realm, even though it was already equal to the peak of the Innate Great Perfection.

Tang Zichen killed the Blackman Demon Snake because it had sucked in the Blackman Demon Snake's power, so it didn't consume much, and if it were someone else, it would definitely consume a lot, in this regard, Tang Zichen had a very strong ability to fight again.

"Wow, what kind of power technique did he use?The secret of absorbing power?"

Everyone watched Tang Zichen discussing, even that strong man called Yi Tianxing frowned and looked thoughtful.

As Tang Zichen flew up to the No. 1 dueling platform, Andrew wanted to excitedly go up and talk to Tang Zichen, but that Yi Tianxing shouted, "Tang Zichen, can I talk to you."


"Then let's go."

Tang Zichen left the dueling stage and followed Yi Tianxing to a quiet place.

"Senior Yi, don't you have to make a registration?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Today you're already in your last duel, Tang Zichen, what you just performed, was it the Sucking Power Technique?"

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, Yi Tianxing was able to name the Sucking Power Technique, but it was normal, a discerning person could see at a glance that it was Sucking Power.Only Tang Zichen himself knew that he had just not only absorbed power, but also God.

"Hehe, senior has good eyesight, yes, it is indeed the Sucking Power Great Law."

"Heavens, it really is the Sucking Power Great Method."Yi Tianxing was shocked, very shocked to hear Tang Zichen say this in person.

"Why does Senior have that expression?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Tang Zichen, this Sucking Power Technique has long been lost."

Tang Zichen asked, "Since it's long been lost, how do you know, but I look at you, you don't seem to be new to this Sucking Power Method, by the looks of you, you should have heard of it often."

"Yes, I've heard it often, well, I'll take you to meet someone."


"You'll know when you go there."

Yi immediately took Tang Zichen with him and flew to a certain place in the Star Ocean Academy, flying for about half an hour and arriving at a quiet cliff below.

"Senior Yi, where is this place?Are we there yet?"

"Tang Zichen, I suddenly don't know if I want to take you to meet him now, I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse."

Tang Zichen looked at this Yi Tianxing baffled, he said one moment he wanted to take Tang Zichen to meet someone, then later he said he didn't want to go for fear that he would harm Tang Zichen.


"Senior, I have a feeling you're a good person, so you might as well say what you have to say."Tang Zichen said.

"Alas, Tang Zichen, to tell you the truth, the person I was going to take you to meet is the President of Star Ocean Academy."

"Ah, the Dean of Star Ocean Academy."Tang Zichen was taken aback, it was only his first day at Star Ocean Academy today and he was meeting the dean, this was too speedy.

Yi Tianxing said, "Tang Zichen, forget it, I'd rather not take you to see the dean, I'm afraid that it will bring disaster to you."

"Senior Yi, I don't quite understand what you're trying to say."

"Tang Zichen, it's like this, the dean of our Star Ocean Academy, he has been searching for the same thing for over a hundred years."

"What kind of thing?"

"The Sucking Power Technique."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was shocked.

"That's why I know about the Sucking Power Great Law, because I learned about it from the dean, he has been searching for the Sucking Power Great Law for more than a hundred years, but unfortunately, he hasn't been able to get his wish, it's been lost, I didn't expect to see it on you today.I originally wanted to take you to see the dean, but, I suddenly felt that I couldn't take you so rashly."

"Why?" Remember the URL

"Think about it, the dean has searched for more than a hundred years for this Sucking Power Technique, which means he wants to obtain this very badly, so I don't know if this will bring you any calamities."

"I understand, but even if it brings me calamity, it's nothing more than forcing me to teach it to him ah, there shouldn't be any calamity, it wouldn't be a bad thing if I could get to know the dean over this."In his heart, Tang Zichen wanted to meet the dean, Tang Zichen knew deeply that he needed to know more strong people in this world, just sucking up the power great method, if he could get to know the dean, it would be worth it to impart it to him.Tang Zichen didn't really care about this Sucking Power Great Law, instead the Sucking God Great Law was what Tang Zichen would never reveal.

"No, Tang Zichen, I haven't finished yet."

"Please speak."

"Tang Zichen, I don't know if it's true or not, I heard that the president of the Star Ocean Academy, the reason why he went to such great lengths to find the Sucking Power Great Law is because he wanted to open a treasure, of course, I heard this, whether it's true or not, I can't be sure.That's why I can't bring you to the dean rashly, in case, this treasure is destined for you, but because of my move, I've given your destiny to someone else."Yi Tianxing said.

"Ah, no way, what kind of treasure could there be."Tang Zichen was a bit speechless.

"Oh, what the dean has been searching for a hundred years, it's not impossible, in fact, our dean is very ambitious, he's not willing to be the dean of an island, right, he also wants to be a king, anyway, I don't want to take you to see the dean, pardon me."

Tang Zichen nodded, if there really was some treasure that needed to be learned to absorb power in order to open, then Tang Zichen couldn't teach it to the dean, he might as well keep it for himself.

"Thank you, Senior Yi."

"Oh, there's nothing to be thanked for, Tang Zichen, you're a very talented person with immeasurable future potential, so let's go back first."


Tang Zichen and Yi Tianxing returned back to the Star Ocean Academy the way they came.

"Senior Yi, can you tell me about your martial arts realm ah?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Yes, my martial arts realm is Hop

The peak of the mid first realm."

"Wow, so strong."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Not much."

"Then what level is your dean?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Dean ah, he's around the peak of the late Unity Realm, or maybe he's reached the completion of the Unity Realm."

Tang Zichen smiled, "That's not much stronger than you."

"Tang Zichen, don't say that again, people will laugh at you if they hear you, the mid peak of the Unity Realm and the late peak of the Unity Realm, that's a huge difference ah."

"Oh, Senior, I thought that the Dean of Star Ocean Academy must have surpassed the Unity Realm,"Tang Zichen said.

Yi Tianxing, however, laughed, "Brother Tang, do you really not know, or are you fake not knowing, transcending the Unity Realm?You take the stairs.The entire world, I'm afraid, doesn't have an existence that transcends the realm of unity."

"Ah, no way, the entire world, there isn't an existence beyond the realm of unity?"Tang Zichen was shocked.

"Oh, it's normal that you don't know, after all, you're still too young, and you're still in the realm of Innate."

"My god, beyond the realm of unity, so hard?"

"Nonsense, transcending innate nature is already unattainable in many people's lives, and then transcending the realm of unity, do you really think it's that easy, at least I haven't heard of anyone's martial path, in this world, transcending the realm of unity."

"In the world, those emperors of various empires, they haven't transcended the unity realm either?"

"Of course not, those emperors of the more massive empires are basically in the realm of Unity Perfection, while the smaller kingdoms, their emperors are basically in the realm of Unity Perfection.Our Star Ocean Academy's dean, his inner desire is to become the emperor of a small empire, right?Ten years ago, our dean was at the peak of the Late Unity Realm, and now after ten years, I don't know if he has stepped into the Complete Unity Realm yet."

"Uh-oh."Tang Zichen couldn't help but think of the Emperor of the Yanhuang Empire, Tang Zichen was fortunate enough to have met him once last year, following the Forty Princes to the Royal Feast, at that time, the Emperor of the Yanhuang Empire, his strength deeply shocked Tang Zichen.At that time, the group of courtiers kneeled down and Tang Zichen only looked up at him curiously, Tang Zichen felt his eyes stinging, as bright as the sun, oppressing everyone, with the might of his body, causing everyone to submit.Tang Zichen thought that the Emperor of the Yanhuang Empire, so strong, must be beyond the Unity Realm.

Unexpectedly, Tang Zichen was ridiculed for thinking so, surpassing the unity realm, it was too hard, too difficult, how many people had tried to surpass the unity realm throughout the ages, but no one had ever surpassed it at all.No one knew what kind of realm was above the Unity Realm either.

Tang Zichen and Yi Tianxing returned to the Star Ocean Academy.

"Brother Tang, why don't we go to dinner at home tonight."Yi Tianxing invited.

"This, Senior Brother Yi, how can I say this, you're a strong man who transcends the innate, I'm just a District Innate Great Perfection, how can I call myself your brother, and let you invite me to dinner."Tang Zichen was ashamed.

Yi Tianxing, however, laughed, "You're so young to reach Innate Great Perfection, I don't believe you'll be worse than me in the future, besides, you know how to suck power, if this sucking power is really related to a certain kind of treasure, then I still have to have a good relationship with you all the more now, in case in the future, you become the ruler of a country, won't I be developed along with you, hahaha, brother Tang, you're welcome!Come on, let's go, you must not even have a place to stay on your first day at Star Ocean Academy."


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