The King of Kungfu in school 701-705


Chapter 701

Seeing that Tang Zichen's strength had increased greatly, not at all mid innate, the two divine Constables both guessed that the 46 Princes must have some sort of relationship with Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, you're looking for death."The god-captain that surpassed innate, seeing Tang Zichen attack him, although powerful, he was not put in his eyes, his palm slapped, and an invisible force suddenly crushed Tang Zichen.


"Ka."Tang Zichen's saber and sword broke into pieces, simply unbearable.

This was within Tang Zichen's expectations, after all, he was only innate and the other party was a god-catcher beyond innate.

"Tang Zichen, stop resisting and follow me back."Saying that, that Godcatcher arrived in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen ran away with a Ghost Wheel Duel, but in the next moment, that God Catcher caught up with him again.

Tang Zichen knew that he couldn't avoid the two Godcatchers, and even if he didn't want to fight today, I'm afraid he had no choice.

As such, Tang Zichen attacked again with a palm up.

"Bang."Tang Zichen was knocked to the ground by a punch.

In the next second, before Tang Zichen could react, he was grabbed by that God Catcher and Tang Zichen could no longer resist. Remember the URL

Just then, Tang Zichen's eyes caught sight of the fact that Mu Qianji was rapidly approaching the other Godcatcher, and the other Godcatcher seemed to be losing his mind.

"No."Tang Zichen shouted.


Right under Tang Zichen's nose, Mu Qianji killed that god-captain with a single slash.

The Godcatcher who was holding onto Tang Zichen heard Tang Zichen's roar and also turned his head to look at the other Godcatcher, and at this look, his face was white with fear, and suddenly, his partner, the other Godcatcher, was dead.

Just as this godcatcher who was holding onto Tang Zichen was stunned, Mu Qianji's short blade reached the back of his head again.

"Puff."Mu Qianji killed this Godcatcher holding onto Tang Zichen again with a single slash, and blood splashed all over Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's entire body was stunned there, oh my god, blink yourself, two god captors who surpassed the innate were dead.

"Mu Qianji, you."When Tang Zichen looked at Mu Qianji, she was putting her short blade away, as if she wasn't surprised at all.

Only Mu Qianji said, "Wind Lightning, you're welcome."After saying that, Mu Qianji leaped and flew to the top of the ship.

Tang Zichen was dumbfounded as he looked at the bodies of the two God Constables at the scene.

Even the God Constable had killed them, this was the rhythm of the end.

However, on second thought, even the prince was killed, what else is a godcatcher, godcatchers are compared to princes, it must be the prince's identity with more noble.

These two Godcatchers could be killed so easily by Mu Qianji, they must have been at the early stage of the Unity Realm, and were also of a similar type to the people who died before, belonging to the weaker early stage of the Unity Realm.But no matter what, Mu Qianji was powerful, and she didn't know what extraordinary killer weapon she possessed.

Tang Zichen exhaled a deep breath, also don't know if the other foreign students on the ship saw, God catch, God catch death, if this is known by the Yanhuang Empire, Nima, really still how to mix, Mu Qianji is also in front of these weakest early Unity Realm a bit of fighting power, if a stronger Unity Realm, Mu Qianji is no match at all.

Tang Zichen also didn't care so much, since he was already dead, then mourn.

Tang Zichen walked up and dragged the two Godcatchers to a corner, the brains of the two Godcatchers were still alive!

The eyes were still moving and were looking at Tang Zichen.

One of the divine constables broke off and said, "Tang Zichen, you dare to collaborate with others and kill Yan Huang Empire court officials, you, you."

Tang Zichen immediately went up and pressed his hand on his skull.

Tang Zichen said, "You can't blame me, you are the ones who are coming to arrest me, in fact, I didn't kill the Forty-Six Princes at all.However, I just heard you guys say that the 46th prince promised the 42nd prince to kill me halfway, it seems that the 46th prince is not a good thing, so it's really good to die, or else I'll be in trouble on this journey to Star Ocean Academy, it's really good to die, you guys also go and accompany him."

Tang Zichen finished sucking one and looked at the other one.

Although the other one couldn't move, his eyes looked at them in horror.

These experts beyond innate, even if their heads were cut off, their brains would still be able to survive for just over five minutes, so it was quite painful to watch themselves being murdered, it would be better to die in one go.

Tang Zichen pressed his palm on the head of the other God Capture again, sucking him clean.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath.

Right now, Tang Zichen felt like his soul was going to explode.

Tang Zichen knew that he couldn't suck any more, he would really explode or become paralyzed if he sucked any more.

Tang Zichen let the God Catcher's corpse kick in the sea, then sat down in place and fused the spirit he had just sucked in.

About an hour later, Tang Zichen had completely fused the mental energy of the two Godcatchers.

Tang Zichen's soul felt a release and then, a sudden sublimation of his soul, followed by the creation of many, many insights.

Tang Zichen suddenly struck the realm of Innate Perfection.

However, Tang Zichen also felt that there was a layer of film on the Innate Great Perfection realm, and wondered what was going on, ask Mu Qianji later, she was more experienced in reaching the Innate Great Perfection first.

"Phew, mother fucker, in these few days, I actually went from mid innate, all the way up to innate great completion, this is other people, at least thirty years of struggle ah."

Other people's thirty years of struggle, Tang Zichen completed it in less than three days, and Tang Zichen's heart was very relaxed and smooth.

If this continued, Tang Zichen didn't even know how far he would soar.

Of course, this time, Tang Zichen was able to soar like this, it was not unrelated to Mu Qianji, it was considered that Tang Zichen had entrusted her to be a blessing, Mu Qianji was a person with a very great chance, which Tang Zichen had dared to determine in his previous life, otherwise how could she kill the weakest Unity Realm powerhouse.Those people who surpassed the innate, although they were the weakest in the Unity Realm, they were heavenly in front of Tang Zichen's innate realm, all of them didn't know how Mu Qianji did it, wait and ask her too, of course, she probably wouldn't tell the truth.

At that moment, Mu Qianji flew down from the top of the ship.

"Wind Lightning, congratulations, you've broken through to the Innate Great Perfection, I thought that it took me more than a year to break through from Late Innate to Innate Great Perfection, it's already very ungodly fast, but with you now a you, I'm really too slow."Mu Qianji looked at Tang Zichen with a smile full of demonic intent in his eyes, a smile that ordinary people felt creeped out when they saw it.

"Mu Qianji, you don't have to change your direction to sarcasm me."Tang Zichen said.

Mu Qianji said, "Wind Lightning, if we can still return to the original world, then you must join our Devil Sect, because, you are too qualified, hahaha."


"Mu Qianji, stop laughing, or think about it, if this matter of us killing the God Catcher gets back to the Yanhuang Empire, we're both finished."

"What Yanhuang Empire, I don't give a damn."Mu Qianji snorted.

Tang Zichen said, "Just because you don't put it in your eyes, doesn't mean you can resist others, there are so many people on the ship just now, are you sure no one saw you?International students from other countries are just fine, we Yanhuang Empire's international students see, if we return to our country later, then we're finished, killing the god catcher, it's against the Yanhuang Empire."

Mu Qianji said, "Then kill all the international students of the Yanhuang Empire."

"No, they didn't provoke us, it's too unkind to just kill people like that."

"Then use a mesmerizing technique to make them forget everything that just happened this time."

"This can be there, then you go and mesmerize them, my mesmerization technique probably can't compare to yours."

Mu Qianji was startled and asked, "Wind Lightning, you also know mesmerism?"

"Oh, am I so incapable of Wind Lightning.By the way, I have a question for you, I've just broken through to the Innate Perfection Realm, but I feel like I'm touching a membrane in this realm, what's going on?"

"It's not even a sign that you've touched the second level of the Innate Great Perfection."

"What does it mean?" One second to remember to read the book

"The gap in strength between each realm of martial cultivation has become so huge that it's only natural that there will be some highly distinct stratification.In other words, you have to cross four layers in order to step into the Celestial Perfection Realm.You're touching the second layer of the Innate Great Perfection now, and when you reach the peak of the fourth layer, you'll be not far from the Celestial Unity Realm.For example, I am now at the peak of the fourth level of Innate Great Perfection, I am one step away from the Unity Realm, which is equivalent to me stepping half a foot into the Unity Realm, which is why I am able to kill strong people of the Unity Realm.But unfortunately, with my Heavenly Devil Technique, the only Unity Realm powerhouses I've been able to kill are those at the first and second levels of the Early Unity Realm.Those who surpass the third level of the Early Unity Realm are no match for me at all."

"Understood, above the Innate Great Perfection, each small realm is split into four more layers."

"Yes, the first layer, the second layer, the third layer, and the pinnacle.So, all of them are also at the same level of innate greatness, but the strength of those at different levels are vastly different.The first level of Innate Great Perfection is definitely far inferior to the second level."

"Well, it seems that all I need to do is break through this membrane and I'll become the second level of the Innate Great Perfection."

Mu Qianji said, "Wind Lightning, your God Sucking Great Law is really powerful, not only allowing you to quickly break through to the Innate Great Perfection realm, but also almost rushing through to the second layer of the Great Perfection.If you charge through the second level, you'll have completed almost a third of the innate great perfection realm.You were able to create such an unorthodox technique on your own, worthy of being the number one youngest in the world that I liked back then, hahaha."

Tang Zichen said, "Mu Qianji, don't think too nicely, you have to think about it, all the people I'm sucking in are strong beyond the Innate Unity Realm, if I'm sucking in the Innate Realm, how many do you think I'll have to suck in to break through a realm?Twenty or thirty?So it's not as unorthodox as you think."

"Isn't that enough?I will learn, I will become the strongest person in this world, I will dominate this world, I will establish a magic cult in this world, hahaha."


Tzu-Chen broke out in a cold sweat.

"Master, what are you talking about?What magic cult?"Shangguan Rou suddenly walked out from the corner of the ship.

Shangguan Rou was already very confused, it felt as if her master and Tang Zichen were very familiar with each other, how did they know each other?

"Master, I thought you said you lost your memory, is it possible that Tang Zichen is someone you knew before you lost your memory?"Shangguan Rou asked.

Mu Qianji frowned, "Shangguan Rou, you should inquire less about my affairs."

Tang Zichen said, "Shangguan Rou, listen to her and pry less, or she will make you regret."

"Oh."Shangguan Rou nodded her head.

Tang Zichen knew that with Mu Qianji's personality, if Shangguan Rou broke the casserole and asked after everything, and bored her to death, she might just kill her.

Tang Zichen knew this witch very well in his previous life, so how could the Wind Lightning in his previous life accept such a witch, even if Tang Zichen accepted it, his master would not accept it, since ancient times good and evil could not be separated.If it was before, Tang Zichen would never have believed to death that he would be talking to Mu Qianji here today, who was also an enemy and a friend.

Mu Qianji went to those foreign students of the Yanhuang Empire one by one, asking them to forget what happened today, whether they saw it or not.

As for the foreign students from other empires, there was no need to pay attention to them, even if they had seen them, they would not know what had happened, much less go to the Yanhuang Empire to spread the news.

The ship gradually left the scope of the Yanhuang Empire's waters, and a few days later, it arrived at the port dock of a country called 'Changliu Country', and Changliu Country also came up with ten international students, all ten of which were early innate.This Changliu Country was also a small country, similar to the glazed country.

In this way, a month passed in a blink of an eye, and the ship arrived on a very distant island.

This island was considered large, far larger than Martial Island, and there were no other islands around this island, in short, it was a place that looked isolated from the rest of the world.

This was the Star Ocean Academy.

Tang Zichen looked at the many, many buildings of different forms in the Star Ocean Academy, and in his heart, he was secretly thinking that he had already reached the first level of the Innate Great Perfection, and it didn't seem like there was much point for him to come to this Star Ocean Academy.

The Star Ocean Academy was a place to cultivate innate realm experts, Tang Zichen had already reached the first level of the Innate Great Perfection, there was nothing left to cultivate.

However, since he was already here, let's just hang out here first.

Tang Zichen would first hide his realm to mid Innate Realm, don't be in such a hurry to let people know and produce any clues, after entering Star Ocean Academy, let's see if this place has any training or any opportunities.

"Everyone get off the ship and line up with your own country's team."A strong man flew up and shouted to the crowd.

All of the foreign students from each country of the Yellow Empire leaned close behind Tang Zichen, seeming to feel safer near him, because as soon as everyone landed on shore, they felt a signal of danger filling the air, but made it clear, so the foreign students from each country were close in a group.

The strong man said, "Bring out your international student tokens for verification."

Tang Zichen turned his head to see that Mu Qianji was standing alone, not standing with the international students of the Yan Huang Empire.


That strong man verified the tokens one by one, and finally walked towards Mu Qianji and asked, "Where's yours?"



"Yeah, it fell in the ocean by accident, I can take you back to retrieve it if you want."

"Which country are you from?"

"It's sort of the Yan Huang Empire."

That strong man looked at the foreign students of the Yanhuang Empire, there were only nine of them, plus Mu Qianji, there were only exactly ten, so he believed Mu Qianji's words.

"Okay, I believe you this time, but your martial arts realm is a bit high, the peak level of the Innate Great Perfection, what are you doing at such a high level, why are you still coming to Star Ocean Academy?"

Mu Qianji pointed at Tang Zichen, "He's also very high realm, why is he even allowed to come."

That strong man took a look, and sure enough, Tang Zichen hid his realm to mid Innate, and his true realm was the first level of the Innate Great Perfection.

"You come over here."That strong man waved his hand at Tang Zichen. First URL

Tang Zichen was a bit helpless, but the fact that a strong man of the Unity Realm could see his hidden realm at a glance meant that he was a bit strong.

"What's your name?"

"Tang Zichen."

"You're at the first level of Innate Perfection, why are you still here at Star Ocean Academy when you're at such a high level?"

"What? Does the Star Ocean Academy have a rule that innate ones can't come?"

"You're such a strong realm, it's going to disrupt the balance here, everyone else is in the early to mid innate stages, you guys are great, how do you let others mingle.You guys are in this realm, if it were anyone else, they would have to consider leaving."

"In that case, huh."Tang Zichen smiled.

"So are we going back now?"Tang Zichen asked.

That strong man hesitated for a moment and said, "Then how about this, you guys experience the life of training at the Star Ocean Academy first, and after a few months, we'll talk about everything."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head indifferently.

Tang Zichen returned to the line of Yanhuang Empire's international students, and Mu Qianji also walked to the end, his entire body full of languid posture.

That strong man shouted, "International students, your respective empires sent you here to study, and our Star Ocean Academy cannot let you come for nothing, from this moment on, you are all already international students of Star Ocean Academy."

An international student asked, "Where are the classrooms and dormitories?"

That strong man laughed, "Classroom?What's this stuff?We don't have it at Star Ocean Academy."

"What about the dormitory?"

"Dorms?Oh, the academy won't arrange dormitories for you, this entire Star Ocean Academy, you can live wherever you want, if you're not strong enough, you won't have dormitories to live in, you can only find a random bush to sleep in, only when you're strong will you have dormitories to live in, that's going to rob someone else."

"And what does it take to be strong?"A student asked.

"Going to the sea, ah, do you know why our Star Ocean Academy chose this place?Because, this sea has very powerful sea beasts, you can go down to the sea to duel with the sea beasts.Of course, it's too dangerous, so we've caught some sea beasts.Everyone, once a month, must arrange a duel, either with the sea beasts or with other foreign students.If

If you die in a duel, we will give you a thick burial, if you die in a private duel, we will pursue it, so everyone, if you look at anyone who is upset in the future, you must not fight in a private duel oh, a fair duel, and you can still be given a thick burial if you die.By the way, private dueling, if there is no life threatening situation, we don't care, which means that the weak ones can be beaten at any time in Star Sea Academy."

Another international student asked, "What about the food problem?"

"What?Food problems?Oh, we don't have this problem at Xinghai Academy, the food problem, of course, is solved by ourselves.I can only remind you, generally speaking, international students in the early innate stage can only eat raw.Our humid atmosphere is heavy, it's hard to start a fire, so we must have a methane stove, but there aren't many of these things in Star Ocean Academy, so don't even think about it, you new foreign students, you'd better be prepared to eat raw for eight to ten years.With the exception of those two among them, of course, I have nothing more to say to people like them."The strong man's eyes looked towards Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji.

Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were so strong as soon as they arrived that they were ineffective against all the newcomers' salutations.

A female international student asked, "Senior, then will something happen to us girls?"

"Hahaha, again, we don't care if you don't die in a private duel, so, you girls, you better grow some skills, or no one can guarantee that you won't be humiliated.However, you can also join the Star Ocean Academy Women's Organization, perhaps you can be sheltered.Alright, I won't say anything unnecessary, you guys have chosen Star Ocean Academy, whether you can protect yourselves, whether you can make yourselves suffer less here, all depends on your talent, and the speed of your growth."

Everyone looked blankly at the strong man.

"Alright, international students, happy studying at Star Ocean Academy, you're now officially international students, I'll be leaving first."That strong man took a few steps and suddenly turned back and smiled, "Right, I forgot to remind you guys, do you guys feel like there's a dangerous smell emitting from the air?"

"Everyone nodded."

"That's because, right now there are many eyes around here that are injecting you, if I were you, after I leave, you immediately run to the Misty Forest in the Northeast, otherwise, you know, especially those beautiful female foreign students.You know, those foreign students who came here before, they were inevitably subjected to a lot of inhuman abuse when they first arrived, so now that they're strong, you new ones, they'll definitely have to abuse them as well to balance their minds.Alright, I'm leaving, good luck to you guys, if anyone wants to duel, you can go to the Heavenly Star Pavilion and find me, my name is Wanderlust."After saying that, that strong man immediately flew away with incomparable speed, a speed that Tang Zichen had once seen Senior Qin Feng display in Martial Island.

All the foreign students, immediately ran to the northeast, advanced to the Misty Forest to hide.

Of course, Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji were indifferent.

The other international students from the Yanhuang Empire all looked at Tang Zichen, as if they wanted to ask Tang Zichen if they should run.

Tang Zichen said, "Run, I won't protect you."

Those few international students from the Yanhuang Empire were disappointed, then pulled out and ran towards the Misty Forest.

"Why won't you protect them?"Mu Qianji asked.

"Their purpose of coming to Star Ocean Academy is to be stronger, I protect them, how else are they strong.If they want to be strong, they must accept the rules here."Tang Zichen looked at Shangguan Rou, who was standing behind Mu Qianji, and said, "Why don't you run?Do you also want Mu Chien-chi to protect you?Then what's the point of you coming to Star Ocean Academy?"


Shangguan Rou looked at Tang Zichen depressedly, "What if I can't protect myself and get tainted, I don't want it."

"It's up to you, if you don't want to be tainted, you have to be able to do it, otherwise why come here?If you don't have the ability, you deserve to be defiled."Tang Zichen said.

Shangguan Rou looked pleadingly at Mu Qianji.

Mu Qianji nodded his head without pity, "That's right, Shangguan Rou, don't run yet."

"Me."Shangguan Rou stomped her foot and quickly ran towards the Misty Forest.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Shangguan Rou, for the sake of knowing each other, let me give you a gift."Tang Zichen tossed her a female human skin mask, which was extremely ugly, but I'm afraid that Shangguan Rou's figure, with her extremely ugly looks, would make some people hold on to it, so the worst case scenario is to cover up her face.What to do, depends on her fate.

At this time, many people from all sides rushed down, these people are like bandits, they are all foreign students, some are a few years ago, some are ten years ago, and even twenty years ago.The ones who came twenty years ago are still so badly mixed up, this kind of talent is probably going to be like this for the rest of their lives.

Everyone ran away, and those who rushed down went after them, chasing them into the mist forest.I don't know what they wanted to do when they caught up with them, perhaps, just to abuse the newcomers, as a way to balance out their mistreated psychology, or, if there was a pretty one, to have a little fun.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Xinghai Academy ah, this is living to force those bright and shiny foreign students, to become bandits, look, what's the difference between this group of people and bandits, hahaha."

Mu Qianji said, "It's quite interesting, in this closed island, if you don't grow in strength, you have to be oppressed by everything, here, it can indeed stimulate the potential of every international student who wants to turn over and become strong."

Tang Zichen nodded, "Fortunately, I broke through to the Innate Great Perfection before I came here, otherwise, with my mid Innate realm, I would have to start with raw food when I come here, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed out loud, but Tang Zichen just teased himself, even if Tang Zichen was still in the mid innate, with his strength, he wouldn't mix too badly, after all, he had defeated the Innate Perfection when he was in the mid innate, of course, it was on the premise of fighting to the death. Remember the URL

And now, Tang Zichen's Innate Great Perfection was completely able to walk across the board here, and that strong man Long Tian Ya had just said that they were so strong that coming here was breaking the rules.

At this moment, a group of people surrounded Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji.

"Yoho, everyone is dying to run to the Misty Forest, you two are down."An Innate Perfection man looked at Tang Zichen and Mu Qianji and said, this Innate Perfection man seemed to be the head of this group of people.

"Head, this new international student chick is so pretty."One of them said.

Tang Zichen had hidden her realm before, so now it looked like she was mid innate, while Mu Qianji, didn't hide her realm, but those weaker than her couldn't perceive her realm at all, so it was easy to treat her as someone with extremely poor strength.

That innate perfect man looked at Mu Qianji, licked his lips and said, "Beautiful, it seems like the first time I've seen such a beautiful foreign student in so many years, tsk tsk, excellent."

"Head, what's the nonsense, bring it back to our organization."

"Yes, head, let her be your organization's wife."


sp; The innate perfect man looked at Mu Qianji and said, "Beauty, I believe that just now that Long Tianya has already told you what kind of place this Star Ocean Academy is, then, go, don't let me force you, come back to the organization with me, I will protect you, how about it?Otherwise, with your beauty, I'm afraid that countless international students will be able to strong you."

Mu Qianji said indifferently, "Looking for death."

"Yoho, the newcomer is so tuggy."

"Bang."Mu Qianji slapped that innate man and flew away, his sternum cracking.

Tang Zichen, as a healer, could see right away that this man, who was completely and utterly useless, was so ruthless, Mu Qianji was so cruel, Tang Zichen was shocked to see it.

"Mu Qianji, you're so cruel."

"It's good that I didn't kill him, Wind Lightning, let's go our own way."Mu Qianji turned around and flew away.

Tang Zichen saw that she had no intention of staying with him, and for some reason, his heart was a little lost.Remembering that once upon a time in that world, she had given everything to chase herself, but now, she was neither cold nor hot, this made Tang Zichen feel quite lost inside.

"Alas, what am I thinking about, I failed her in the past, and we have turned against each other, am I still deluded that she came to this world and still treat me like before?Perhaps everything is already once."Tang Zichen shook his head, anyway, she was also a witch, ruthless, and everyone didn't fit in, it was nothing more than a strong contrast between before and after, and a big difference in heart.

Tang Zichen walked up and looked at the man who was crippled and said, "How are you?"

That crippled innate perfect man couldn't speak at all, he wasn't a little bit crippled anymore, his entire body meridians were shattered, without exaggeration, except for his heart still beating, everything else was useless.

Mu Qianji's hand was really ruthless to the extreme ah, maybe this man, he regretted his intestines, if he could choose, he was afraid that he would rather eat shit for a year than mess with Mu Qianji again, although he didn't kill him, but what's the difference with killing him.

"Alas, just, for the first time, I'll make a move to save you."Tang Zichen couldn't bear to see the man on the ground in pain, it wasn't easy for everyone to come here to study, no matter which country they came from.

Tang Zichen immediately performed a healing technique to rescue this innate and successful international student on the spot.

A group of people surrounded around, these people were all under this foreign student, there were strong and weak, strong late innate, weak early innate.

It took about forty minutes, and Tang Zichen was finally at the eighty percent level of saving this man.

"Sorry, I can only save you to this extent, that witch just now, the slap she gave you also included something in the area of poisoning, and it's a very evil poison, I'm not good at that."Tang Zichen said.


"No need to thank you, I was also kind the first day I came to study abroad, I'm afraid I won't be so kind the second time I run into this kind of thing."Tang Zichen said.

"You're so strong on your first day here studying abroad."The group of people were dumbfounded, what kind of person is this, what kind of bully is he coming to stay in school after being so strong.

"Oh, I don't want to explain anything to you."Tang Zichen said.

The innate perfect man climbed up and was busy saying, "Senior, my name is Anrud, I'm a foreign student from Snow Moon Country, thank you for just saving me, thank you."


"Alright, don't be polite."

"Senior, go to my organization for dinner, you must not be familiar with anything on your first day at Star Ocean Academy, much less have a place to eat, go to my organization and I'll buy you dinner."That foreign student called Andrew said.

Tang Zichen thought about it, fine, he was still unfamiliar with Star Ocean Academy, there were no restaurants, no hotels, no nothing.

"Then lead the way."

"Yes, senior please."

Tang Zichen was led to a small building, this small building had four floors.

"Senior, this is my organization, there are a total of eighteen people in my organization, I originally heard today that there was a group of new international students who wanted to go to the dock to abuse the new students, but alas."Andrew sighed.

Tang Zichen asked, "Andrew, how long have you been here?"

"Thirty years."

"That long."

"Yes. Thirty years ago, I was an early innate international student just like those new international students, and in these thirty years, I have been growing here to innate perfection, and I am planning to, once I reach innate perfection, leave here and return home." One second to remember to read the book

"In these thirty years, you haven't even left Star Ocean Academy?"

"No, I don't have any family or influence in my hometown, I think I'm over fifty years old now, I've only reached innate perfection at this age, my talent has already capped, there's definitely not much room for growth in this life, let's find a good influence to rely on when we return home, and then get married and have children.Senior, your talent is really outstanding, you've only just arrived, you're so strong at such a young age, your future is bound to be completely different from ours, I really envy you."Andrew said with envy in his eyes.

Tang Zichen said, "Are all the other innate perfection international students at Star Ocean Academy similar to you?Forty or fifty?"

Andrew laughed, "How is that possible, I'm here because I lack the strong man gene, but that doesn't mean that every international student lacks it ah.For example, I know someone who is a prince of the Windy Cloud Empire, his father is very powerful, and he has the strong man gene flowing through his body, he is now less than thirty years old, and he is already an innate success.So, it also depends on fate, people with strong genes, coupled with opportunities, quickly break through up there.Only people like me, who lack strong genes and have little opportunity, broke through to Innate Perfection only after thirty years."

"Oh, then tell me about Star Ocean Academy, is there really very many geniuses here?"

"Of course, those who can come here are all Imperial talents from all over the world.Senior, if you take the liberty to ask, what realm are you in now?"

Tang Zichen didn't hide anything and said, "Innate Great Perfection."

"Senior, I've heard that the realm of Innate Great Perfection is divided into four more levels, how many levels are you at?"

"First layer."

"Wow, Senior, you're so young to reach the first level of Innate Perfection, you're really amazing, not only that, even your healing technique is so powerful."

Tang Zichen looked at Andrew and kept saying things to worship him, making Tang Zichen a bit impatient.

This Andrew, although he was over fifty years old, perhaps he had broken through the innate realm early, so he looked quite young on the outside, just like an ordinary person of 28 or 29 years old.This Andrew was able to come to Star Ocean Academy.

, definitely before the age of 24 to break through to the innate, once he broke through to the innate, his physical life expectancy would also increase dramatically, less said he would be able to live to about 140 years old, which was equivalent to twice the life expectancy of an ordinary person.So, Andrew was in his fifties and looked quite young on the outside, he was now going back to get married and have children, which was just right.

Of course, not to mention Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen had broken through the innate at the age of 19, which meant that Tang Zichen would look even younger by the time he was 50.Furthermore, if Tang Zichen broke through to the celestial realm again, then the limit of his lifespan would be broken again and he would be able to live for at least 180 years, which meant that even if Tang Zichen reached 100 years old, he would still look quite young in appearance.

Who doesn't want to be young, who doesn't want to live longer, so every martial arts practitioner, who pursues the ultimate in martial arts, is also pursuing the ultimate in life.But unfortunately, the path of martial dao is not something that can be achieved with hard work, such as this Andrew, he only reached innate perfection in his fifties, which means that his subsequent potential is very small, his talent is about the same, and there is little chance for him to move up in the second half of his life, and the limit of his life expectancy will be at around 140.If Tang Zichen not only broke through to the unity realm, but also was able to move forward again, beyond the unity realm, then 140 years later, when the dying, dying Andrew met Tang Zichen again, Tang Zichen was still like a young boy, but he was about to enter the coffin, at that time, I don't know how desolate they were inside, perhaps they would lament that the gap between people was so great.

Of course, perhaps Tang Zichen's talent was capped after he reached the Unity Realm, something that who could say, but Tang Zichen was able to reach the Innate Great Perfection now at the age of 20, the future was very worth looking forward to.

"Senior, I'll immediately order down and have someone cook for you."Andrew said.

"Good, almost hungry."

"Okay, I'll tell you more about the people and events of Star Ocean Academy when we eat."

Tang Zichen nodded, and Andrew immediately went to order those men of his.

"Quick, take the best food and cook it, I want to invite Senior Tang Zichen to dinner."

"Okay, chief."

Quickly, a few dishes were brought up, looking a bit shabby.

"Didn't you say you wanted to entertain me?Why are there only a few dishes and it's all fish and stuff."Tang Zichen said that this Andrew wasn't sincere enough.

"Senior Tang, I'm already the highest standard la, you know, those weak international students, it's hard to eat a cooked meal."

"Oh, well, then sit down and eat together, and tell me about Star Ocean Academy by the way."

"Okay Le."

"Our Star Ocean Academy, the surrounding waters are full of many powerful sea beasts, and without a ship, it's impossible to leave, so it's a closed place.Every one of us international students, ever since we entered Star Ocean Academy, we must arrange a duel for ourselves once a month, the duel can be with a person or a sea beast, on the dueling platform, either you die or he dies.Therefore, the dueling platform is every international student's nightmare, of course, referring to the ones whose strength and talent aren't that strong."

Tang Zichen asked, "Are the dueling sea beasts all of the same strength?"

"Of course it's the same, Star Ocean Academy can choose which type of sea beast they want to duel with for the sake of each student's life, I can take you to the dueling stage later and you'll understand.It just so happens that I have two of them under me, and the date for this month's duel has arrived."


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