The King of Kungfu in school 351-360


Chapter 351

Tang Zichen lowered his head and smiled at Ping Pengfei and said, "Teacher Ping, practicing his stick."

When Ping Pengfei saw Tang Zichen, his heart burst with jealousy, originally Ping Pengfei was very proud of himself for being the tenth of the ten outstanding youths, but unfortunately at this time in front of Tang Zichen, he felt so low, he was practicing his stick like a madman these days, venting himself, hoping that his character would explode and his strength would soar.

"Tang Zichen, what are you doing standing on my roof."Ping Pengfei asked.

Tang Zichen said, "Teacher Ping, the stick is good, by the way, Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er, they are my girlfriends now, don't forget to congratulate me, I have something else to do, I'll leave first."After saying that, Tang Zichen carried the two girls and flew to the teachers' office building.

Ping Pengfei left his mouth, why did good things happen to him.

Then came to the broadcast room, it happened to be the second class of the morning at the moment, the whole school was in class.

"Hello."Tang Zichen took the microphone and fed it twice.

"Hello, everyone, I'm Tang Zichen, and today I'm announcing something, both Xuan'er Li and Xiangyun Liu are now my girlfriends.In order to celebrate Xuan'er and Xiangyun becoming my girlfriends, I am announcing that the whole school is on a day off."

Hearing Tang Zichen's announcement, the whole school roared, both Xiang Yun Liu and Xuan'er Li became Tang Zichen's girlfriend at the same time, and, to celebrate this, the whole school is on a day off.


Tang Zichen is not the principal, so who is he to say that the whole school has a day off? One second to remember to read the book

Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun both stood off to the side with helpless and shy faces, Tang Zichen was so high-profile, and they were girls after all, feeling shy as hell.

Tang Zichen said to Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun, "You guys should also say a few words to the whole school."

"Ah, we'll say it too."

"Aren't you guys happy about this?"

"Of course I'm happy, I'll go first then."Li Xuan'er was busy throwing away her shyness, took the microphone and said, "Fellow students, I'm Li Xuan'er, I'm very happy to be Zichen's girlfriend together with Xiangyun, I know that there will be people talking about us sluts behind our backs, but I want to say that I'm not afraid of what people say about me, I love Zichen, and of course, I love all of you in the school, thank you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Good point, Xiangyun, it's your turn."

Xiangyun Liu speechlessly picked up the microphone and said, "Fellow students, I am Xiangyun Liu, thank you all, I feel very surprised and touched to be Zichen's girlfriend today, thank you all."

After Liu Xiangyun put the microphone down, Tang Zichen added, "Fellow students, I'm sure you're happy for me too, so have a day off today and celebrate, don't forget to bless us."

Many boys in the school suddenly began to secretly curse Tang Zichen, although Tang Zichen was very powerful, but no boy would be happy in his heart to openly dominate two school flowers.

Of course, some of the grizzled boys who knew they weren't worthy of the school flower were secretly thinking, "If I were Tang Zichen, how great would it be."

"I really don't know how cool it would be for Tang Zichen to have two school flower girlfriends at night, alas, how there is such a big difference between life and life."

Tang Zichen said the whole school was off for a day, although Tang Zichen was not a teacher, let alone the principal, but some students really walked out of the classroom to play, the teachers who were in class just started to stop them, but those students immediately said, "Tang Zichen announced a day off, you can go to Tang Zichen if you're not cool."

So the teachers were helpless, and then they approached the principal, who was also helpless, so the whole school really did have a day off, and it was supposed to be final exams.However, some of the diligent students did not leave the classroom and remained in the classroom to study.

Tang Zichen.

Taking Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun away from the school, they went to play.

Tang Zichen was happy on the surface, but he was still a bit torn inside.

"Sister, I'm sorry, I'm already Tang Zichen, the once light wind, is getting farther and farther away from me, Sister, your brother Wind, will always love you."

Tang Zichen has to learn to let go of his inner baggage, so let go from today.

At school, Song Yu'er heard Tang Zichen's broadcast, so happy to announce his happy news, there was no reason for a sigh in her heart.

At this time, Liu Yue was busy saying, "Holiday, then let's go shopping."

"No go."Song Yu'er shook her head.

Liu Yue said, "Miss, also as a bodyguard, Tang Zichen has already caught up with his lady, while I, huh.Miss, actually, I like you too, how about together."

"Get lost."

Liu Yue was depressed.

Tang Zichen and his two girlfriends came to the street and strolled up unnoticed, Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er are both women, so it's quite a lot of topics, they came to a shoe shop, Tang Zichen sat outside and waited.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Xuan'er, have you really made up your mind?"

"Why no, haven't you made up your mind?"

"No, I'm just asking you, if you've really made up your mind, then we'll have to share a boyfriend from now on."

"Everything I have is already Tzu-Chen's."

"Me too."

The two of them looked into each other's eyes and then would smile, both blushing a bit, a sweetness in their shyness.Originally, Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er, didn't have much of a friendship, nor could they talk about friendship, but right now, they seemed to treat each other as best friends, and it was really hard to fathom what people thought of each other.

At this moment, Willow Chenming was really the headquarters of Zhan Long Hall, accepting some of the affairs of Zhan Long Hall, he would be the acting hall master of Zhan Long Hall in the future, he would definitely run Zhan Long Hall well.

At this moment, Liu Chen Ming received a call from a teacher.

After a few seconds, Liu Chen Ming was stunned there with an incredulous expression on his face, then, Liu Chen Ming immediately dialed his daughter's phone to verify if it was true.

Xiangyun Liu was trying on a pair of shoes with Xuan'er Li, and they were communicating very happily, in a good mood.

At that moment, Liu Xiangyun's phone rang.

"Hello, Dad."Liu Xiangyun picked it up.

"Xiang'er, someone just said that you and Li Xuan'er are both Zichen's girlfriends now, and it's still on the radio, is it true?"Willow Morning was busy asking.

"Uh."Xiangyun Liu was stunned, not expecting her father to know about this so soon.

"Dad, if I said it was true, would you object?Now that Kayleigh is next to me too, we're both going shopping with Tzu-Chen."

Liu Chen Ming smiled, "Although it sounds unbelievable, Zichen was able to announce so openly that you're both his girlfriends, so I'm sure he won't treat you badly."

"Dad, you don't object?"

"I can't find any reason to object, alright, I'll just verify if it's a rumor, you guys continue to play."Willow Chenming chuckled, the reason why Willow Chenming didn't object at all was that Tang Zichen was honest enough to openly admit that both of them were his girlfriends, and not like those rich and wealthy businessmen's streams, who were very innocent on the surface, but in fact secretly a whole bunch of lovers and second wives, Tang Zichen openly declared that he was completely different from those people, and he dared to be responsible.


Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun each bought a pair of shoes that they liked, and the money was paid for by Tang Zichen, who has now taken over Zhan Long Hall and is heard to be very rich.

The first thing you need to know is how to get the best out of your shoes, and how to get the best out of them.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a good relationship with your parents.

In the evening, Tang Zichen played with his two girlfriends for the day.

At this time, Tang Zichen was thinking about something in his mind.

"I've been applying internal force to unblock the meridians for Xiangyun every day, causing me to not rest well for a week, let alone my own cultivation, and the results aren't very good."

Tang Zichen had sensed that the plan was far from what he had imagined, far from it.

"Looks like I'm going to try a way, I'll simply sacrifice my internal strength and pour it directly into them, so that even though it's a huge drain on me, at least I'll be able to cultivate on my own and make up for what I've consumed, and the results will be much better."

Liu Xiangyun asked, "Where are we going for dinner tonight?"

Tang Zichen said, "Go straight home for dinner tonight, Xuan'er, you'll also go to Xiangyun's house tonight and sleep with Xiangyun."

"Oh, good."Li Xuan'er was a little shy but didn't object, Liu Xiangyun's expression was strange, did Tang Zichen want to hold the two of them at night? First web site

Xiangyun Liu asked in a low voice, "Are you also unblocking my meridians at night?"

"Of course we're going to continue, but I'm going to take a different, more direct and effective approach, and now the two of you, I'm afraid, won't be able to take care of it if you use the previous approach."

"What kind of way?"

"We'll find out tonight."

In the evening, Li Xuan'er came to Liu Xiangyun's house for the first time and ate dinner with Liu Chenming.

Liu Chenming smiled, "Xuan'er, don't be polite, feel free."

"I know, thank you Uncle Liu."Li Xuan'er said with a blush.

After finishing dinner, Tang Zichen said, "Come to my room right away."

Both Xiangyun Liu and Xuan'er Li stood up and prepared to go upstairs.

Willow Chenming's heart thudded and said under his breath, "No way, only starting to get along on the first day and you're in such a hurry?Two at a time?"

Willow Chenming was busy asking, "Zichen, Xiang'er has just recovered from her cold illness, so soon that one, will it be...?"

"Uncle Liu, you misunderstood, I wanted to instill my own internal energy to them, just to unblock their meridians."Tang Zichen said.

"Ah, I'm sorry, Zichen, I misunderstood.But, you're instilling your own internal energy to them, will this hurt you a lot?"

Tang Zichen didn't hide anything and nodded, "The damage to me is definite, but this is the simplest and most direct way to be effective.They unclogged their meridians, and they'll be twice as effective with half the effort if they cultivate their internal heart techniques, while I myself, it doesn't matter, I'll be able to recover with enough time."

"Good."Liu Chen Ming nodded gratefully.

Tang Zichen and the three of them went upstairs.

Previously, Tang Zichen was attached to Liu Xiangyun's body, unblocking her meridians through her pores, although this method wouldn't consume Tang Zichen's internal strength, however, the results were mediocre, and for a week straight, Tang Zichen himself had no chance to rest or cultivate, instead, he was falling

Fall.So, Don Zimmer simply ordered, and besides, it was two women now, and the previous way of being close was far from satisfying.

"You sit side by side on the bed with your legs crossed."Tang Zichen commanded.

Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun did as they were told and sat down cross-legged on the bed, with Tang Zichen behind them, each with a hand on their backs.

Then, Tang Zichen transferred the internal energy in his body to Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun through his arms, using the simplest and most direct way to completely unblock their meridians.

At about midnight, all of Liu Xiangyun's meridians were unblocked, but Li Xuan'er hadn't finished yet, as it was only the first time for her today.

By three o'clock in the morning, Li Xuan'er had also finished unblocking the meridians all over her body.

Tang Zichen exhausted his entire body's internal strength, and as soon as he finished, his entire body collapsed weakly.

By eight o'clock the next morning, Tang Zichen woke up, Tang Zichen immediately checked his body, and the depleted internal force had recovered 10%.

Tang Zichen was relieved, it seemed that it was still the best way to use this simple and direct method.

"Xuan'er, Xiangyun, now that your meridians are all unobstructed, you can now start cultivating your internal strength.I taught you the Undistinguished Heart Sutra, and the internal force you cultivate is very pure and powerful.Xuan'er's roots and bones are poor, so she doesn't practice swordsmanship and puts all of her mind into cultivating her inner heart.Whereas Xiangyun's roots and bones are excellent, practicing internal heart techniques while also practicing sword arts, I will teach you a set of sword arts suitable for you, called Ten Thousand Buddhas Offering Flowers."Tang Zichen said to the two.

Li Xuan'er said, "I don't practice swordsmanship, I only practice internal strength, so do I count as having martial arts?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Of course it counts, if your internal strength is profound, you don't need martial arts to be able to beat someone to death.If your internal strength is equal, you won't have any advantage, internal strength is the foundation of swordsmanship.Now, you all, however, have zero internal strength, and I have both unblocked your meridians and taught you the Unbridled Heart Sutra, so cultivating your internal strength is up to you.I will no longer be teaching you all every day next, I have now consumed my entire body's internal energy, and I need some time to recover myself."

"Mm."Both of them nodded.

Tang Zichen began to meditate, cultivating the Undistinguished Heart Sutra and the Great Pan Heart Sutra in his body.

Tang Zichen had only taught them the No Delusion Heart Sutra, this was because they had only just started, it was good to be able to cultivate it.

Tang Zichen's No Delusion Heart Sutra and Great Pan Heart Sutra were both very powerful internal heart methods, not inferior to that Yi Jin Sutra.

Liu Xiangyun and Xuan'er Li don't disturb Tang Zichen and go next door to Liu Xiangyun's room.

"Xuan'er, Tzichen must be rather weak right now, so he himself forgot that he hasn't taught you the Unbridled Heart Sutra yet.Let me teach you then, I've been practicing the Unbridled Heart Sutra for a week."

Li Xuan'er asked, "Will Tzu-Chen be alright like this?"

"Don't worry, he's strong, his name was Wind Lightning in his previous life, his skills are inscrutable, not something we can imagine, I never doubted his abilities."


"Xuan'er, I'll start teaching you the Unbridled Heart Sutra.There are a total of 18 layers of the Unbridled Heart Sutra, I've already cultivated the first layer, the recipe is..."

Liu Xiangyun began to teach Li Xuan'er.

Tang Zichen reckoned that he had consumed a bit too much, and he himself forgot that he hadn't taught the Unbridled Heart Sutra to Li Xuan'er yet, so he hurriedly went off to practice.

For the next three days, Tang Zichen spent the next three days working hard to cultivate his internal heart techniques, and after three days, Tang Zichen had recovered half of his consumed internal strength.


However, Tang Zichen is in trouble.

It turns out that Fang Zhengjun of Zhan Long Hall is upset that his Zhan Long Hall was taken away from him, so he went to Dongyang County to sue.

Linjiang City was geographically under the management of Dongyang County, and under the entire Dongyang County, there were about thirty cities, and Linjiang City was one of them.There were four very powerful forces on Dongyang County, and one of them was called Qing Yang Gate.

Fang Zhengjun had dominated Linjiang City for many years, and naturally had some acquaintances in the county, and the Zhan Long Hall relied on the Qingyang Gate in the county.Now that Zhan Long Hall was seized by Tang Zichen, Fang Zheng Jun couldn't call back his two disciples from the Martial Arts Academy in a short time, so he went to the county to contact the Qingyang Gate first.

The three masters of the Qingyang Gate saw that Fang Zhengjun had indeed been filial with his money over the years, so they sent one of his disciples to Linjiang City to help Fang Zhengjun retake the Zhan Long Hall.

At this moment, a car drove into the villa area where Liu Chen Ming's house was located.

"The one ahead is where Tang Zichen lives."Fang Zhengjun said to a young man.

In front of Liu Chen Ming's house, the car stopped and the young man stepped out of the car and looked at Liu Chen Ming's villa.

"Fang Zhengjun, you're also incompetent enough, how strong can someone who lives in such a small place be, but you were actually robbed of your hall, if it wasn't for you being very filial to my master all these years, how could my master send me to help you."That youth said.

"Yes yes yes, thank you to the Three Gate Masters and also to Brother Xiang Yun.If Brother Xiang Yun can help me take back the Zhan Long Hall, I, Fang Zhengjun, would be very grateful.It's just that, that person Tang Zichen is profound and inscrutable, Brother Xiang Yun should be careful."

"Profound and inscrutable, I'd like to see how profound and inscrutable it is." Remember the URL

"Dare I ask Brother Xiang Yun, what realm are you at now?"Fang Zhengjun asked.

Xiang Yun said with a proud look on his face, "Outer Gate Perfection Level, what, not enough?"

"Enough is enough, worthy of being a disciple of the three masters of the Green Sun Gate, strength is just strong."

"Nonsense, my master is already an inner door level expert, let's go, go in and find Tang Zichen."

At this moment, Tang Zichen was in the house, Tang Zichen had sensed that someone was coming, an outer door perfection level expert.Tang Zichen was a bit confused, Linjiang City rarely had strong people who came beyond the outer gate level.

Tang Zichen's internal strength had already recovered half of his strength, so it should be no problem to deal with this outer door perfection level expert.

"Tang Zichen, come out."That young man called Xiang Yun stood in front of the villa and bellowed.

Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er were busy running to the balcony to look.

At that moment, Xiang Yun thumped his heart as he looked at Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun.

"I didn't expect there to be two big beauties hidden in the house, very good."Xiang Yun immediately became lustful, people who cultivate have good bodies, so that aspect is also flourishing, it is normal to become lustful at the sight of beautiful women.

Tang Zichen also walked out of the balcony and looked at the two people standing downstairs.

Fang Zhengjun pointed at Tang Zichen and said, "Brother Xiang Yun, he is Tang Zichen, hurry up and beat him up."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Fang Zhengjun, so it's you, you brought another little brother over today, are you looking for death?You haven't even healed from the leg I broke, and you've forgotten the pain so quickly?"

Fang Zhengjun angrily said, "Tang Zichen, your end is coming, do you know who this senior is?"

"I don't know, and I'm not interested in knowing."Tang Zichen scowled.


Xiang Yun also became furious when he saw Tang Zichen looking so disdainful towards him.

Fang Zhengjun said, "Tang Zichen, since you don't know, I might as well tell you that he is a disciple of Pang Huan, the third master of the Qingyang Gate in Dongyang County, Brother Xiang Yun is also, Brother Xiang Yun has reached the outer gate perfection level, you are dead today."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, what was Dongyang County, Tang Zichen hadn't understood the geographical division of this world.

"Yeah."Tang Zichen looked at Xiang Yun and said, "Xiang Yun, I don't think you are a very small person to be able to train to Outer Gate Perfection, but Nai Nai is willing to be driven by someone like Fang Zhengjun, it really surprises me."

That Xiang Yun's mouth turned up and asked, "Who are those two beauties?"

"It's my girlfriend."

"Haha, I didn't expect there to be such a beautiful woman in tiny Linjiang City, not bad, I Xiang Yun quite like it."

When Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er saw Xiang Yun's face, their bodies trembled.

Tang Zichen's gaze chilled and said, "Xiang Yun, are you seeking death?"

"Alright, Tang Zichen, cut the crap, I'm going to get these two girls today.Also, I'm not exactly coming here to help Fang Zhengjun take back the Zhan Long Hall, but to persuade you to surrender to my master, it doesn't matter to us at all which one of you is in control of the Zhan Long Hall.If you're willing to surrender to my master, then I don't ask, if you're not willing, then I'll help Fang Zhengjun to take back Zhan Long Hall.Tang Zichen, do you hear me?"

"Xiang Yun, I'm going to count to three, and if you don't leave, don't blame me for being rude to you."Tang Zichen said, not mentioning a single word about surrendering, which annoyed Xiang Yun.

"One, two, three."

Xiang Yun did not walk away, instead he did not bother to look at Tang Zichen and cast his gaze towards Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er, his tongue still licking his lips.In this world, there are many women, but the real beauties are considered to be few compared to the huge base of women, but now that he saw two beauties in this place, Xiang Yun felt that it was not a waste of a trip, and already inwardly considered Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun to be in his bag.After all, in such a small city, it was impossible for anyone to compete with him.

Tang Zichen immediately jumped down from the building and headed straight for Xiang Yun.

"Disregard your own strength."Xiang Yun grunted and threw a super powerful punch at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's body flashed and arrived directly in front of Xiang Yun, who felt his eyes blur.

"Bang."Tang Zichen punched Xiang Yun's abdomen, then Tang Zichen hoisted him up.

"You don't want to challenge my limits."Tang Zichen said.

Xiang Yun's forehead broke out in cold sweat as he trembled and said, "You're actually an expert at the inner door level, how is that possible in this small city."

No matter how silly Xiang Yun was, he already knew that Tang Zichen was of the inner gate level, where was he an outer gate perfection level opponent, even if he was an inner gate beginner, he could still beat him up, not to mention he hadn't even reached the outer gate perfection yet.

At this time, Fang Zhengjun, who was on the side, shivered in fear, wondering if he had heard wrongly, and said with trepidation, "Inner, inner door?Tang Zichen is of the inner class?"

Xiang Yun also trembled all over, he was nothing in front of an inner door level expert, never expected that Linjiang City would actually have an inner door level expert.

Tang Zichen threw Xiang Yun away and said indifferently, "Get lost."

Xiang Yun threw down Fang Zhengjun, pulled his legs out and ran, what beauty couldn't care less, he quickly fled and went to contact his master, Tang Zichen didn't want to surrender to his master, and he was still an inner sect expert, it was better to let his master make the final decision on this matter.


"Fang Zhengjun, what is that Green Sun Gate?"

Fang Zhengjun replied honestly, "It's the most powerful force within the range of our Dongyang County, the irregular forces of our entire Dongyang County are under the control of the Qing Yang Gate, my Zhan Long Hall is subservient to the three masters of the Qing Yang Gate, that's why I went to request the three masters to help me reclaim the Zhan Long Hall."

Tang Zichen narrowed his eyes, this Qingyang Gate seemed to be very powerful.

"Get lost, and don't mess with me again."Tang Zichen bellowed.

"Yes, I won't dare again."Fang Zhengjun immediately rolled out of Liu Chenming's house, but inside Fang Zhengjun's heart, he was still expecting his big disciple to come back and clean up Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen stood in the same place and contemplated, he had wanted to live in peace and quiet, but now that he had crossed paths with the biggest power in Dongyang County, I'm afraid there would still be trouble.

Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er walked up.

Li Xuan'er asked, "What's wrong?See how your face is heavy."

Tang Zichen said, "That Qing Yang Gate, it doesn't seem weak."

"You can't beat them?"Liu Xiangyun was busy asking.

"That Xiang Yun just now is already at the outer door perfection level, while his master is the master of the three doors, there must be someone more powerful above the three doors, and I'm now at the middle stage of the inner door, I'm sure it's not that easy to deal with." One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Ah."Both Xiang-Yun Liu and Xuan-Li felt a little scared.

"Hopefully, they won't send anyone else."Tang Zichen said in his heart, if they really didn't stop, Tang Zichen would definitely not stop either, although Tang Zichen's realm was only at the middle level of the Inner Gate, he was by no means easy to provoke.

After that Xiang Yun ran away, he immediately called his master.

"Xiang Yun, is Linjiang City done yet?That Tang Zichen who took over the Dragon Hall, will he surrender to me?If you don't want to, then you'll have to help Fang Zhengjun take back the Zhan Long Hall and never give him the chance to return to the other disciple masters."Xiang Yun's master said that the seven or eight disciple masters of the Qingyang Gate and seven or eight disciple masters were also fighting each other openly and secretly.

Xiang Yun was busy saying, "Master, that Tang Zichen who snatched the Zhan Long Hall has already reached the inner gate in strength."

"What?It's actually an inner sect expert, why would an inner sect expert stay in a small Linjiang City."Xiang Yun's master, Pang Huan, was shocked.

"Master, what should we do now?"

"It's a bit difficult, I don't know what level that Tang Zichen is in the inner sect, if I can't beat him, wouldn't I be lifting a stone to smash my own feet."

"Master, then why don't we first reveal the news to the Five Gates Master, if he finds out, he will definitely send someone to find Tang Zichen at once, and then we can use the Five Gates Master to detect this Tang Zichen's strength.If the Five Gates Master has truly subdued Tang Zichen, then you can make another move to help Fang Zhengjun take back the Zhan Long Hall, in name only, and the Five Gates Master won't be able to say anything."

"Okay, let's do it."

At this time, at Liu Chenming's house, Tang Zichen checked on Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun's internal mind training and found that they were both good at practicing their internal skills.

Early the next morning, a man arrived at Liu Chenming's house.

"Where is Tang Zichen?"The man asked, and looked like he was dragging.

Before Liu Chen Ming spoke, Tang Zichen came down the stairs.

Tang Zichen saw that it was an expert from the late Outer Gate, Tang Zichen asked, "I am Tang Zichen, who are you and what do you want from me?"

That man from the late Outer Gate said, "Tang Zichen, I heard that you have seized the Vorpal Dragon Hall and become the Hall Master of the Vorpal Dragon Hall, is there a

This matter?"

"Yeah, you'd better answer my question before I blow you out of the room,"Tang Zichen said.

"Oh, no wonder you dared to seize the Zhan Long Hall, a bit arrogant.Does the Qingyang Gate know about it?Within dozens of cities in this area, the most powerful force, I am the son of the five masters of the Qingyang Gate, I have come to find you today, I am not trying to stop you from being the head of the Zhan Long Hall, we don't care who is the head of the Hall, what we care about is who it belongs to."

Tang Zichen laughed, "So it's the Green Sun Gate again, who did I take it to be, speak up, who do you want me to belong to again."

"Uh, again?Have you already been approached by people sent by other gatekeepers besides me?"

"Cut the crap."

"Okay, Tang Zichen, I'm only asking you one thing now, are you willing to take the Zhan Long Hall and return to my father, the Five Gates of the Qingyang Gate, Liu Yuan."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Not interested."

The man was stunned, then laughed, "Tang Zichen, before refusing, you'd better be clear about your situation, the irregular forces of the entire Dongyang County are under the command of the Qingyang Gate, even if you don't submit to my father, you must still submit to any of the gate masters of the Qingyang Gate, otherwise, the Qingyang Gate won't allow the existence of the Zhangyong Hall.Do you understand?Submit to my father, it's your wisest choice, don't force me to use force."

Tang Zichen's figure moved.

"Bang."Tang Zichen punched that man in the face.

That man fell at Tang Zichen's feet.

"I won't force you to use force, because you don't have the ability to do that."

"Ah, you..." the man looked at Tang Zichen in surprise.

Tang Zichen stepped on the man and asked, "What level is your father's realm?Tell me the truth or I'll step on you."

"I said, my father has already reached the Inner Elementary, you better not hurt me."

Tang Zichen's heart thudded, only Inner Elementary.

Junior level was too bad in Tang Zichen's hands, but intermediate Tang Zichen could also spike it.

So, the Qingyang Gate wasn't as strong as Tang Zichen imagined, the five gate masters were only inner gate beginners.

Tang Zichen asked again, "What is the strength of the three masters of your Qingyang Gate?"

"Beginning... level of the Inner Gate, but he practiced more advanced internal skills than my dad, so he's much stronger than my dad."

"Alright, you can get lost, go back and tell all the masters of your Qingyang Gate that I will personally visit them on another day."After saying that, Tang Zichen kicked the man out.

Tang Zichen had decided to personally go to the Qingyang Gate, otherwise, one by one, he would harass him, and Tang Zichen had had enough as the New Year came.Since the Qingyang Gate wasn't as strong as he thought, he simply gave it a go.Anyway, the Zhan Long Hall had already been a hall master, so he wasn't afraid of being a door master again.

The man who was kicked out was horrified, Tang Zichen was so arrogant, he would personally go to all their Qing Yang Gate door masters.

Willow Chenming asked, "Zichen, don't get carried away ah, the Qingyang Gate is one of the most powerful irregular forces in our entire Dongyang County, more than thirty cities ah, the Qingyang Gate has at least ten thousand men."

"Uncle Liu, don't worry for me, instead of them coming to trouble me over and over again, it's better that I take the initiative to go to them, I'm not afraid of being a door master again anyway."

"But, the Qingyang Gate is the most powerful force in more than thirty cities, and our Linjiang City is just one of them."Liu Chenming said with a trembling heart.

"Oh, so what."Tang Zichen smiled and went to his heart's content.


Early the next morning, Tang Zichen got on a plane to Dongyang County.

At the Qingyang Gate in Dongyang County, eight Gate Masters were sitting in the main hall discussing something.

"Gentlemen, you have been summoned here today because of something that happened under the door that annoyed me."A door master who looked the strongest said.

The eight Gate Masters all turned their attention to the Gate Master who spoke.

The Grand Gate Master said, "Fifth Gate Master, you were the first to know about this, so you should be the one to say it."

"Yes, Grand Gate Master."That Fifth Gate Master stood up and said to the other seven Gate Masters, "Gentlemen, under the irregular power territory of our Green Sun Gate, Linjiang City, there is a man named Tang Zichen who has seized the Zhan Long Hall.In the past, this Vorpal Dragon Hall was under the jurisdiction of the Three Grandmasters, but after it was seized by Tang Zichen, the Three Grandmasters and I sent our men to find Tang Zichen, hoping that Tang Zichen would return to us.But to my surprise, that Tang Zichen is an inner sect expert and very arrogant, and told the son I sent to find him that he would personally come to visit all of us sect masters on a different day."

"How outrageous."

"So damn arrogant, thinking he's an inner sect level."

"Today, we have summoned all the Gate Masters here to discuss this matter, what measures should be taken against this person, Tang Zichen, in order to maintain our Green Sun Gate's reputation."

"Gate Master, I suggest that we go to Linjiang City and chop this Tang Zichen up."The Third Gate Master said.

"Then, who should be sent there?" First web site

Just then, a voice came from the roof, "No need to send, I'm already here."Tang Zichen had arrived at Qingyang Gate, two hours away by plane.

This roof was a glazed tile roof, an antique building, so Tang Zichen stood on the roof and spoke, and the people in the house heard him at once.Tang Zichen flew right in after arriving at the Qingyang Gate and stood on a rooftop, not expecting that the eight Gate Masters were meeting in the main hall below this house.

"Who, who's talking on the roof?"The eight door masters stood up, and none of them actually felt anyone on the roof, and now that they suddenly heard someone on the roof talking, everyone felt awkward.

"It's me, Tang Zichen."Tang Zichen said.

Then, eight Gate Masters also suddenly flew up to the roof and surrounded Tang Zichen on the roof.

"You're that Tang Zichen from Linjiang City?"

"That's right, I am."Tang Zichen nodded his head and scanned the eight people in front of him, six of them were at the early stage of the Inner Gate, and only two of them were at the middle level of the Inner Gate.

Tang Zichen shook his head for a moment, thinking that the Green Sun Gate was a powerful gang, but it turned out to be just a rabble that was a little more advanced than the Zhan Long Hall.

"Tang Zichen, you still dare to take the initiative."One of the Gate Masters said.

"I came all the way here just to see you, and it made me feel very disappointed, I didn't expect that the biggest irregular force in the entire Dongyang County would be so weak."Tang Zichen looked as if he was looking down on you.

"Tang Zichen, how did you know that we were weak and vulnerable?Don't act as if you know us well, I see that the strength in you may not be stronger than us, and if you really want to fight, you are in no way a match for the eight of us."That middle stage inner gate master said.

That's right, Tang Zichen's realm was also the middle stage of the inner gate, so the momentum might not be stronger than them, they didn't know Tang Zichen's realm either, they could only judge the approximate power based on the momentum.Tang Zichen, on the other hand, possessed a unique secret method, so he was able to see through other people's realms.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to talk nonsense and said, "Come along, don't waste my time, I have a plane to catch."

The eight Gate Masters were annoyed when they saw how Tang Zichen looked down on them.


br /> "Joke, just you still need us to join forces?Tang Zichen, let me meet you first."After saying that, that Four Gate Master, took the lead, the other several Gate Masters did not make a move, allowing the Four Gate Masters to detect Tang Zichen's emptiness.

Tang Zichen left his mouth open and said, "You alone are far from enough."After saying that, Tang Zichen's sword swung and a sword qi struck the four door masters.

"I'll break."The Four Gate Masters raised their swords to block, but his body was instantly forced back by that sword qi, and all of his clothes were torn into cloth.

"Ah."The Four Gate Lords were horrified, and the rest of the Gate Lords were also horrified that Tang Zichen was so strong.

"Go together."The Grand Gate Master gave an order, and the remaining seven people killed towards Tang Zichen at the same time.

Tang Zichen made a 360-degree sword move in place and scattered in one swing.

"Ten Thousand Buddhas Offer Flowers."

"Swoosh Swoosh."The seven Gate Masters were all blown to the ground by Tang Zichen's move, the seven of them let out screams, and the swords in their hands had already come off and flew away, moreover, the hands holding the swords were also bloody.

"Ah."All the door masters were dumbfounded.

Tang Zichen stood on the rooftop and looked at those door masters who had fallen to the ground and sighed, "So weak."

Originally, Tang Zichen was thinking that he already became a hall master of Zhan Long Hall, and didn't care about being a door master of the Qingyang Gate again, but now that he saw how weak these door masters were, it suddenly made Tang Zichen think that the Qingyang Gate was so lowly, and going to be such a lowly door master was too humiliating to his identity.As for being a Hall Master, it was a last resort for the safety of Liu Xiangyun's father and daughter.

Tang Zichen jumped down from the roof.

"Senior, don't fight."

Those few hall masters thought that Tang Zichen wanted to fight again and panicked, begging for mercy.

Tang Zichen said, "Who are the Gate Masters?"

"Senior, I am."An expert from the middle stage of the inner sect was busy.

"I seized the Linjiang City Zhan Long Hall so that my relatives wouldn't be bullied, but you guys want me to submit to you.Now that you've pissed me off, do you know the consequences?"

"We know, and we hope that Senior will be gracious and not follow us."

Tang Zichen said, "You, the Gate Master, have the nerve to be the Gate Master even though your strength is so poor."

"Ah, Senior, what do you mean?"

"How about this, from today onwards, you'll be my little brother, will you?"

"Ah, to be your little brother."That gate master was shocked, he was in his forties, how could he be someone's junior brother.

"I'll ask you one last time, if you still don't answer, you will lose the qualification to be my junior brother, I will choose another one out of the eight of you gate masters to be my junior brother, I'll instruct him in any move and a half, and he will be enough to surpass you."

Hearing this, the other seven disciple masters grabbed and said, "I'm willing to be your junior brother."

"Senior brother, please let me be your junior brother."

"Brother above, please accept my youngest brother's worship."

The other seven Gate Masters heard Tang Zichen say that they could surpass the Gate Master by casually instructing one and a half moves, and panicked to beg to be a junior disciple.

That third gate master said with a look full of ambiguity, "My wife is beautiful oh."

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked him away and grunted, "I hate this kind of person, it's already this time, and you're still showing off in front of me that you have a beautiful wife."

That Third Gate Master was depressed, he meant that his wife was beautiful and could be offered to Tang Zichen, but he didn't expect Tang Zichen to misunderstand that he was showing off.


That Gate Master then said, "Senior, what proof do you have that instructing me in one and a half moves can increase my strength that much?If you can prove that instructing me in one and a half moves has really improved me that much, then I'd like to be your little brother, senior, please prove it."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped over.

"Prove it to your sister, Grand Gate Master, I've already given you the chance, alright, Second Gate Master, now I'm giving you the junior brother slot."Tang Zichen said.

"Pounce."The Second Gate Master immediately knelt down in front of Tang Zichen and worshipped, "Big brother above, please accept my little brother's worship, one day as big brother, one life as big brother."

"Bang bang."The Second Gate Master kowtowed three times.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Not bad, seeing that you're so sincere, I'll instruct you in one and a half moves, come inside the main hall with me."

"Thank you, brother."

Tang Zichen walked into the main hall, and the second gatekeeper scrambled to follow.

That gate master snorted, "I don't believe he, Han Ling, can beat me."

Entering the main hall, Tang Zichen's hand fluttered and gushed a gust of wind, closing the main hall's door, Tang Zichen wouldn't let what he was instructing be heard by the other gatekeeper.

"Your name is Han Ling?"Tang Zichen said to that second door master. Remember the URL

"Back to big brother, I'm Han Ling."

"Han Ling, one of the most important reasons I took you in as my little brother today is to protect my relatives in Linjiang City, do you understand?"

"Everything will be at big brother's command."

"Good, then I'll start instructing you in martial arts now and teach you a few moves."

Tang Zichen spent half an hour casually instructing Han Ling in one and a half moves, and as expected, Han Ling benefited greatly, immediately realizing a lot and soaring in strength, and Tang Zichen also taught him a set of sword techniques, although he hadn't practiced much yet, his strength was clearly not at the same level as it was just now.In addition, Tang Zichen also imparted some insights about the martial realm, and after hearing Tang Zichen's insights, Han Ling felt as if the realm he had been troubled by for years had suddenly come to his senses and was about to break through to the late Inner Gate.

And at this moment, outside the main hall.

That gate master hummed, "Gentlemen, don't you worry, I don't believe that a child, Tang Zichen, is really guiding a few moves to make Han Ling surpass me in strength.I'll bet that when Han Ling comes out later, he's still not my opponent."

"I hope so, when they come out, you, Daimon Master, will knock Han Ling down right in front of Tang Zichen and see if Tang Zichen still dares to speak out."

"Right, smash Han Ling in front of him."

Soon, the gate of the main hall opened and Tang Zichen and Han Ling walked out.

Tang Zichen said to the Grand Gate Master, "Grand Gate Master, you missed the chance to become my junior brother today because you couldn't let go of your dignity, so don't miss out when you get another opportunity like this in the future.Alright, from today onwards, Han Ling is the main gate master of the Green Sun Gate, and you, all of you, are the deputy gate masters."

The Grand Gate Master snorted, "Tang Zichen, are you trying to fight for Han Ling's position as Gate Master?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "Now, Han Ling is enough to kill you in seconds, do you still need me to help him?Han Ling, give them a little color."

"Yes, brother."Han Ling nodded and said to the gate master and the other six gate masters, "All seven of you, go together."

"What? It's only been instructing you for half an hour and you're so arrogant."The Gate Master jumped up in anger.

Han Ling knew very well that the Gate Master was no longer a match for him now, Han Ling shook his finger at the Gate Master and said, "Gate Master, you're too much of a vegetable."


nbsp; "Screw you, Han Ling, then I'll see if you've really surpassed me so quickly."

"Swoosh."The Grand Gate Master came flying up with a knife.

Han Ling was already well aware of the Gate Master's saber routine, and now he saw the Gate Master flying up with a sword strike.



At the third move, Han Ling stabbed the Daimon Master's armpit with his sword.

"Bang."Han Ling kicked the Great Gate Master away.

The rest of the six early Inner Gate Masters looked at Tang Zichen incredulously when they saw that the Second Gate Master had indeed defeated the Gate Master in three moves.

Just then, Han Ling laughed, "I've broken through to the late inner gate, oh my god, I've really broken through to the late inner gate, ahhh."

Han Ling had just kicked the Grand Gate Master away, and it was as if he had realized something, so the middle stage of the Inner Gate that had plagued him for years had broken through to the late stage of the Inner Gate in one fell swoop.

"What?He's broken through to the late Inner Gate?How is that possible."That gate master crawled up in shock.

When Han Ling finished being happy, he plopped down in front of Ximen Yu, knelt down, kowtowed three more times, and said, "Thank you big brother for your guidance, Han Ling will never forget it.If not for big brother's guidance, I wouldn't have been able to progress so much today, I wouldn't have been able to learn such a profound set of sword skills, and I wouldn't have been able to break through to the late Inner Gate, thank you big brother, big brother's kindness, Han Ling will never forget it."

The Grand Gate Master was busy asking, "Han Ling, you've suddenly changed so much, was it really him who guided you?"

"Nonsense, I don't have time to talk to a weakling like you right now, I still have to thank big brother for his kindness."Han Ling snapped at the gate master.

"You you you."The gatekeeper's face turned the color of pig's liver, and he actually called him a weakling.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, Han Ling, don't thank me endlessly, I guided you, but just a very shallow little bit.In the future, when you become the master of the Green Sun Gate, don't forget my instructions."

"Yes, brother, your relatives are my relatives."Han Ling busily nodded his head.

"Then I'm leaving."

"Big brother, I'll see you off."

"No need."Tang Zichen walked towards the gate, and as he passed by the gate master, that gate master was busy kneeling down and shouting, "Big brother, please take my knee?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Gate Master, no, once a Gate Master, in this life, opportunities don't always exist, if you miss them, they're gone, sorry, I'm not short of little brothers anymore, you'll be able to assist Han Ling, the main gate master.Of course, there's no need for me to say more, after all, you're already weak in Han Ling's eyes."

Tang Zichen headed out the door.

When the main gate master saw Han Ling's strength, he pounded his chest and regretted his guts.

Before Tang Zichen reached the gate, a strong man leapt in from the outside roof.

"Tang Zichen, please stay."The strong man who flew in shouted.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, but someone actually stopped him.

"Tang Zichen, stop."That man blocked in front of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at the strange man in front of him who had stopped him, his strength was the Outer Gate Great Perfection.

"Who are you, Your Excellency?An outside grand completion, actually daring to stop me."Tang Zichen said indifferently.

"Tang Zichen, what you came to do in Dongyang County is already known to the County Lord, don't you want to leave something behind?"


Tang Zichen said again, "Who is your Excellency, don't make me ask twice."

"I am the assistant of the County Lord, Tang Zichen, the County Lord has paid attention to you."

"Who is Your Excellency the County Mistress?Do I know it?"Tang Zichen snorted.

"Sheriff Lord is the biggest parent official in Dongyang County, even the mayor of your Linjiang City is just an underling of Sheriff Lord, Tang Zichen, don't pretend to be ignorant, Sheriff Lord wants to see you, you come with me to Sheriff Lord's residence now."

"I'm not free."

"Tang Zichen, you don't want to mix it up, how dare you be rude even to the County Mistress."

At that moment, Han Ling ran up and was busy stopping Tang Zichen's rude behavior.

"Big brother, the County Mistress must never be offended."

"Why?Is Sheriff-sama very good at martial arts?"Tang Zichen asked, in Tang Zichen's eyes, the lord of the county is just like the mayor, an official, what kind of martial power can this kind of official have, how could Tang Zichen visit these officials.

"What's scary about Lord County is not martial prowess, but a strong family background, being able to become a top official of a county is impossible without a strong background, even though Lord County itself is weak, he represents the interests of a certain family.To offend Lord County, is to offend the family behind him."

Tang Zichen seemed to understand that before, Xu Mei Qian also seemed to be from a certain big family, and also that Liu Chen Ming used to be a door-to-door son-in-law in a certain big family, in addition, that original Tang Zichen was also an outcast son of a certain big family.In this world, there seemed to be quite a few of these powerful families. One second to remember to read the book

However, Tang Zichen still wouldn't pay any attention to that particular County Lord.

"I'm sorry, I'm not free, but if the County Lord wants to see me, come to Linjiang City to find me."After saying that, Tang Zichen walked away.

The Sheriff's aide said angrily, "Tang Zichen, you dare to disrespect the Sheriff, you wait."

Tang Zichen went to the airport and got on a plane to Linjiang City and left.

At the Sheriff's residence.

A man of about 50 years old asked, "Is Tang Zichen here?"

The assistant shook his head and said, "Lord Sheriff, Tang Zichen didn't come."

The Sheriff's eyebrows furrowed and asked, "Didn't you tell him that I invited him to come?"

"My lord of the county, I've already said it, but Tang Zichen doesn't seem to have you in his sights at all, he said that if you want to find him, you can go to Linjiang City."

The county lord's eyebrows furrowed, he was the lord of a county (equivalent to the governor of a province), and Tang Zichen, a martial artist, was so dismissive of him as a county lord.

"My lord of the county, Tang Zichen is so disrespectful to you, but he's so powerful that he's defeated even the eight masters of the Qingyang Gate, no one here is a match for him ah, unless, you report the situation to the family and have the family send experts to deal with Tang Zichen, so that Tang Zichen will learn a lesson and see if he still dares to treat you so disrespectfully in the future."

The Sheriff closed his eyes, although Tang Zichen's disrespect made him upset.However, he also understood that Tang Zichen possessed the strength of the inner class and was not an equal martial artist, he could not do anything about it even if he was a parent official.

"Sheriff, do you want to apply to the family to send an expert?"

"Tang Zichen is so young and can reach this kind of strength, his future achievements are boundless, I invited him here originally to talk to him and find out where he comes from, if he comes from the bottom, then I will report the situation to the family and see if we can choose a marriageable child to be engaged to Tang Zichen, so that Tang Zichen can be our family's door-to-door son-in-law and also add a talent to the familyUnfortunately, Tang Zichen isn't coming, so let's go to Linjiang City yourself."

Tang Zichen returned to Linjiang City.

The next day, the mayor of Linjiang City, Vice Mayor

Several officials, large and small, were all waiting at the airport, and the County Lord would be coming to Linjiang City today.

At eight o'clock in the morning, Lord County walked out of the airport, and the mayor of Linjiang City, with several deputy mayors, hurriedly greeted him.

"Sheriff Chen, welcome to Linjiang City for guidance."

That Sheriff Chen said, "Mayor Wang, I came to Linjiang City this time for one person only."

"Uh, who?"

"Tang Zichen, send a car to take me to Tang Zichen right now, I want to talk to him in person."

"Yes, County Mistress Chen."

Tang Zichen went to Baiyun Middle School today, because the final exams were coming up, and although neither Liu Xiangyun nor Li Xuan'er had studied properly, they still wanted to come for the exams.

Tang Zichen also took the final exam.

"The basic representation of a quadratic function is?"

a: y = ax2 + bx + c (a ≠ 0); b: y = ax2 + bx (a ≠ 0); c: y = ax2 + c (a ≠ 0)

Tang Zichen touched his head.

After a few seconds, Tang Zichen said in his mind, "It looks like it should be b. Okay, then choose b."

Tang Zichen filled in the b, and then continued on to the next question.

Tang Zichen quickly finished all of the multiple choice questions, filling in the blanks and whatever else he wanted to do, so Tang Zichen was the first to hand in the paper.

After handing in the papers, Tang Zichen walked out of the classroom and saw Liao Jiayuan and the others sitting on the grass in front of the school building getting high on melon seeds, Tang Zichen said in his heart, "I didn't expect that there was anyone who could hand in the papers faster than me."

At this moment, the principal came to look for Tang Zichen.


"Headmaster, what are you looking for me for?"

"Zichen, there are big people here to see you."

"I am the big man of Linjiang City, is there any other big man besides me?"Tang Zichen asked.

"It was the Sheriff's lord who came to see you."

"Uh."Tang Zichen was stunned, he went to Dongyang County yesterday, that county lord sent his assistant to look for him, Tang Zichen didn't give a damn, he didn't expect that he would come to Linjiang City to look for him today on purpose.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, seeing as this county master is so sincere, then I'll agree to meet him, I'd like to see what he can do to find me."

"It's in my office, go quickly."

Tang Zichen quickly arrived at the headmaster's office, at the moment, outside the headmaster's office, the mayor of Linjiang City, the deputy mayor, and other big officials were standing outside.When the mayor and others saw Tang Zichen coming, they nodded to Tang Zichen, although Tang Zichen was not an official, he was a high martial artist, so even the mayor had to give some face.

The mayor said, "Tang Zichen, the Sheriff is waiting for you inside, go inside quickly."

Tang Zichen walked into the office and suddenly saw an old man of about fifty years old.

"You must be Tang Zichen."The old man smiled when he saw Tang Zichen.

"Yes, I am, Sheriff, what are you doing in my school if you're not being your parental officer in Dongyang County, between us, we don't seem to have a common language.Of course, if you want me to be some kind of official because I'm good at martial arts, that's not necessary, my interest is not in officialdom."Tang Zichen got straight to the point and said.

"Tang Zichen, come, sit down and have some tea, let's talk."

As Tang Zichen sat down, the Sheriff closed the office door and instructed the mayor and others in the corridor outside, "You go downstairs."

"Yes, Sheriff."The mayor and other unrelated personnel left.


"Tell me, Lord County, what is it that you have come from Dongyang County to find me on purpose?"Tang Zichen asked.

The Sheriff Lord smiled, "Tang Zichen, I didn't believe you were only eighteen, but now that I've seen you in person, I have to believe it."

"Why did you drag my age into this."

"Tang Zichen, I'd better introduce myself first, my name is Chen Rod, I'm from the Chen family in Binzhou.My Chen family's strength in the empire isn't bad either..."

"Alright, don't talk so much, just get to the point."

"Oh, okay, I'll get straight to the point then, Tang Zichen, you're only eighteen years old and you're able to reach the Inner Gate level, you're definitely a genius.May I ask, what is your realm?"

"Middle Inner Gate."Tang Zichen didn't hide it.

"So you're from one of the big families?"County Mistress Chen asked again.

Tang Zichen said, "I don't have a family."

Although Tang Zichen knew that the original Tang Zichen was from a large family, it was just that Tang Zichen didn't acknowledge that he was from that family, and the original Tang Zichen was also an outcast from the expelled family.

County Mistress Chen's heart was happy. The first website

"Tang Zichen, I wonder if you would like to come back to the family with me?"

"To your family?"


"What do you want?"

"Tang Zichen, if you go to my family, I guarantee that you will definitely have benefits, with the talent you show, you can definitely find a beautiful woman in my family to marry you, and you have never belonged to any family, coming from the bottom, if you can be a door-to-door son-in-law of my Chen family in the future, I think your future will be very bright."

The corner of Tang Zichen's mouth rose, "Joke, I need to be a door-to-door son-in-law?"

Tang Zichen was a little upset when he heard the words door-to-door son-in-law, and associated it with Liu Chen Ming, who had been someone else's door-to-door son-in-law before.

"Uh, our Chen family is definitely your biggest patron, why would you reject door-to-door sons-in-law?"County Mistress Chen looked at Tang Zichen in puzzlement.

"Alright, I thought you specifically came to find me, what's the big deal, I didn't think you were seeing that I'm good at martial arts and wanted to recruit me to be your door-to-door son-in-law, fuck you, had I known that, I wouldn't have seen you, don't bother me again in the future."

Tang Zichen walked out of the office, Tang Zichen already had two girlfriends, how could he go to be someone's door-to-door son-in-law in order to climb the power of the so-called big family, what a disgrace.

County Mistress Chen smiled, "Tang Zichen, I came here today mainly to meet you in person, not to propose to you.Now that I've seen you, you're really good, I'll report to my family next, whether the family will recruit you or not, it's not for me to decide.Much ado about nothing, I'll be going back first."

County Chen left White Cloud High School with a smile on his face, and while on the bus, he made a phone call.

"Hey, Elder, I found a talent from the bottom, his name is Tang Zichen, he's only eighteen years old and has already reached the middle stage of the Inner Gate."

"What? Reaching the middle of the inner gate at the age of eighteen?"The voice on the phone faltered, this belonged to a very superb category of genius.

"Yes, I've just met with him."

"Rod Chen, you've done well, this kind of genius reports to the family as soon as it's discovered, it's worth going to pull it together."

"But, Tang Zichen doesn't seem to care."

"Oh, that's because he doesn't understand our Chen family.I'll immediately send someone to test if what you say is true, after all, you're not a martial arts practitioner, it's normal to look away for a while."

Bai Yunzhong

The final exam of the school was finally over, and the marks were approved the next day.

Tang Zichen's results were very poor, with the highest score of thirty-two, all of which were blinded by multiple choice questions.

Of course, although Li Xuan'er and Liu Xiangyun didn't concentrate on studying at the end of the term, they still did well in the exams, both of them entered within the top 20 in the whole year, and both of them had perfect scores in two subjects.

After getting the report cards, Tang Zichen walked openly around the campus with one in his left hand and one in his right, Tang Zichen wasn't afraid of people pointing behind his back.

"Master."Wei Ming ran up with his report card.

"Wei Ming, how was the test?"

Wei Ming lowered his head in embarrassment, he was only a campus genius expert and was very poor at learning.

Tang Zichen hadn't tested Wei Ming's strength for a long time.

Tang Zichen asked, "How are you practicing the Tong Ming Sword Technique that I taught you before?You practice to show me."

"Yes, Master."Wei Ming was full of confidence and practiced the Tong Ming sword technique in front of Tang Zichen.

However, after Tang Zichen saw it, he was disappointed inside.

"Master, how was it?"

"Wei Ming, keep up the good work, Master leads you to the door, cultivation depends on the individual."

"Okay, I'll work hard."

Tang Zichen nodded and said, "Then, happy winter break."

"Master as well."

Then, Tang Zichen led his two girlfriends to his car and Tang Zichen drove away.

Li Xuan'er asked, "Zichen, you don't seem to be very happy with Wei Ming ah, he's calling you master, you haven't even guided him anymore."

Tang Zichen said, "Wei Ming's future is limited."

"Why do you say that?"Xiang Yun Liu asked.

"The set of Tong Ming Sword Technique I taught him isn't that profound, but it took him so long to get this far, alas, I'm quite disappointed in him.I originally wanted to teach him some more martial arts tips, but seeing how poor his comprehension is, I don't have any intention of doing so.Although he calls me Master, I'm only taking him as a registered disciple, so let's go with him from now on."Tang Zichen said.

Usually, if a notated disciple's talent didn't meet his master's expectations, gradually, his master would stop paying attention to him, and that was how notated disciples were treated.Wei Ming was sorry that Tang Zichen didn't have any desire to teach him anything else.

At this moment, at the Linjiang City Airport, two men walked out of the airport, one of them was in his thirties, with the strength of the middle stage of the Inner Gate, and the other was an old man, with ominous strength.

That old man said, "Chen Yang, the purpose of our visit is to see if that Tang Zichen, is a true genius.When we see Tang Zichen later, I'll be observing him in secret, so feel free to fake a reason to bully him.It is said that that Tang Zichen is also in the middle stage of the Inner Sect, let's see how many moves Tang Zichen can go through in your hands."

"Fine, but what if Tang Zichen loses within a few moves in my hands?"

That old man said, "Even if he loses, then he's still a genius, after all, to be able to reach the inner gate level before the age of twenty, he's worthy of our Chen family's extreme efforts to recruit him.If it were a child of a big family, this kind of talent would definitely be a priority for the family to cultivate."

The thirty-something year old man said, "I don't know who is more powerful, this Tang Zichen or our Chen family's key cultivator, Chen Huo Huo."

"Oh, Flame Chen is a genius that our Chen family focuses on cultivating, he is only nineteen years old and has reached the late Inner Gate, Tang Zichen is also considered to be able to be on the same level as the people our family focuses on cultivating, so our family takes this matter of Tang Zichen very seriously.Of course, Tang Zichen's character is also something to focus on."


The two men sent by the Chen family came to Liu Chenming's house, and it wasn't difficult to get the address where Tang Zichen lived.

That old man said, "Chen Yang, you go in and bully Tang Zichen, I will observe from the dark."


After saying that, the one called Chen Yang flew into Liu Chen Ming's house.

"Tang Zichen, you come out, you son of a bitch, come out."Chen Yang yelled.

Tang Zichen was instructing Liu Xiangyun to practice martial arts on the grass behind the villa, and Li Xuan'er was practicing together, even though her roots and bones were poor, she could still practice martial arts even if her roots and bones were poor, she just didn't achieve as much.

At this moment, someone outside shouted.

"Zichen, who's yelling at you son of a bitch?"Liu Xiangyun was busy stopping.

Tang Zichen leapt and flew to the roof of the villa, standing on the roof and saw a man in his thirties in front of the villa.

"Tang Zichen, you son of a bitch."The man saw Tang Zichen and cursed again.

Tang Zichen said, "This brother, you are no match for me, let's go." Remember the website

"Uh."The one called Chen Yang was stunned, but instead of getting angry, Tang Zichen said he wasn't his opponent and let him go.

"Tang Zichen, I'm going to beat you up today, come down."Chen Yang hooked his finger at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "I said, you're not my opponent, and whoever is hiding outside, don't hide, I've already found you."

At this moment, the old man who was lurking outside the villa looked stunned, somewhat unbelievable, he was at least a Houtian level family elder, Tang Zichen had actually discovered him, oh my god, this Tang Zichen was too ungodly.

That old man laughed and flew in, laughing, "Tang Zichen, you actually found out about my husband."

Tang Zichen left his mouth and said, "Concealment is so bad, and you're still learning to hide from others."

Although Tang Zichen's realm was only at the Inner Gate level, that old man's concealment skills were clearly very low in Tang Zichen's eyes.

That old man laughed, "Your tone is crazy enough, but I like it."

Tang Zichen said, "The two of you must have come to find me on purpose, if I'm not mistaken, you must be from some Chen family, to verify whether I'm worthy of your family's solicitation, right?"

The old man and the one called Chen Yang were both shocked, Tang Zichen was so good, he had guessed everything at once.

"Tang Zichen, how did you know."

"I'm not a fool, yesterday morning that certain County Chen came to me, so it's no surprise that I guessed your identities."

The old man nodded, "That's right, we are indeed from the Chen family from Binzhou, my name is Chen Xiangyun, I am an elder of the family.His name is Chen Yang, and he is a member of my clan.This time, on the orders of the family, I have come to look for you, firstly, to verify whether you are a genius or not, and secondly, if you pass the verification, we will definitely do our best to recruit you as a member of our family.I heard that you're at the middle stage of the Inner Gate, so I brought a Chen Yang who is also at the middle stage of the Inner Gate with me."

Tang Zichen looked at the man called Chen Yang and said, "You can leave now, he's no match for me."

That Chen Yang snorted, "Tang Zichen, just because you say it's not a rival doesn't mean it isn't?"

The old man chuckled and said, "Tang Zichen, I purposely brought Chen Yang, who is in the middle stage of the inner sect, to verify you, so naturally, you won't be a straw man.I think it's better for you not to define it yet, to be honest, Chen Yang is in our family, among all the inner sects

One of the strongest of the experts of the period.We've brought the most powerful mid-term inner sect to you, so you understand."

Tang Zichen said, "Since that's the case, I have no choice but to let you guys have your way, but don't blame me for being scandalous, I have no intention of becoming a part of a certain family, much less a door-to-door son-in-law."

"Oh, Tang Zichen, it's too hasty to talk about this now, let Chen Yang verify it before we talk about it."The old man said.


The old man gave a wink to Chen Yang, who understood, then leapt and flew towards the roof, drawing his sword with a swoosh in his hand while shouting, "Tang Zichen, please make your move."

Tang Zichen watched as Chen Yang leapt into the air and attacked with a sword, which came with an incomparably fierce sword whistle, a sharp intent locked onto Tang Zichen, worthy of being the Chen family's strongest mid-term inner door expert.

However, in Tang Zichen's eyes, his profound sword technique was ordinary, and Tang Zichen had a hundred ways to break this sword of his.

Just as Chen Yang's sword reached Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen's hand moved as if it was an afterimage.However, Chen Yang wasn't weak and foresaw in advance that Tang Zichen was actually able to break his sword and changed his sword technique, instantly pulling it up to its strongest.

"Swoosh."Chen Yang's ten swords in a row, there seemed to be no gap at all between each sword, leaving his opponent with no chance to hesitate, and if it were anyone else, he would have lost to his series of ten swords.

But Tang Zichen's several body shakes, and Chen Yang's dozen swords didn't even touch Tang Zichen's clothes once.

Chen Yang was shocked, not expecting that Tang Zichen really had strength.

Just when Chen Yang was about to use another dozen swords, suddenly, a huge force spread out from his chest, then his arm also became weak, and his body whistled and flew backwards, whistling wind sounds were heard in his ears.

"Bang."Chen Yang smashed straight down from the roof to the ground in front of the villa.

Tang Zichen, on the other hand, was still standing on the roof, and he hadn't even moved his position.

The difference in strength between the two of them was high and low.

That old man's face changed drastically, never expecting that the strongest middle stage Inner Gate of his family would be no match for Tang Zichen at all.

At this time, Chen Yang climbed up from the ground, Chen Yang felt very ashamed, and immediately shouted, "Tang Zichen, look at the sword."

Chen Yang still wanted to fight again, when the old man shouted, "Chen Yang, stop."

Chen Yang was unconvinced, "Elder Xiangyun, I can still fight again, I'm not injured at all, this doesn't count as me losing."

Tang Zichen only gave a slight snort, this Chen Yang, how uninteresting, if he hadn't been merciful, how could he not have been injured.

Chen Xiangyun glared at Chen Yang and said, "Chen Yang, if you lose, you lose, have some manners, the reason you're not injured is because people didn't even try to injure you."

"Me."Chen Yang felt ashamed of himself when the elder said that, and he was only thinking of fighting again because he was very frustrated inside.

Only then did Chen Xiangyun smiled and said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, your strength, which I admire, is indeed much higher than Chen Yang."

"I've already said that he's not my opponent, alright, now that you've finished verifying, you can leave, I still have to instruct my two girlfriends in martial arts practice, I don't have time to entertain you."Tang Zichen said.

Chen Xiangyun and Chen Yang both looked at Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er who were standing at the side of the villa, seeing that both of them were country-looking, their hearts thumped, no wonder Tang Zichen was so disdainful of being their family's door-to-door son-in-law.


Chen Xiangyun smiled and said, "Tang Zichen, I will report your situation to the family, don't worry, our Chen family will definitely show sincerity worthy of you, and I hope you will think twice."

"No need, I just want to be a beautiful man in peace and quiet."

"Oh, then we'll take our leave first."

Only then did Chen Xiangyun and Chen Yang leave, feeling like they hadn't come to verify Tang Zichen, but to be hit in the face by him.At first, Chen Xiangyun was hidden outside the villa and was discovered by Tang Zichen, making Chen Xiangyun lose face, and then Chen Yang was defeated straight away in seconds.

However, they were excited, and the more they did so, the more it indicated that Tang Zichen was a genius and strong man.

"Elder Xiangyun, Tang Zichen is really strong, this kind of strength of his, in any family, that would be a priority to cultivate, it's hard to believe that there is such a talented martial arts practitioner in the lower class citizens."Chen Yang said.

Chen Xiangyun nodded, "Tang Zichen has greatly surpassed my expectations, when I go back and report to the family, I will definitely win him over."

"However, Tang Zichen already has two such beautiful girlfriends, I'm afraid it won't work if the marriage is made, Tang Zichen is not someone who is willing to climb the ranks of the powerful at a glance."

Chen Xiangyun sighed, "Most of the women in our family who are about the same age as Tang Zichen are already engaged to be married.We can only go to the younger ones, but I don't know if there are any pretty ones at younger ages."

Tang Zichen didn't take the Chen family seriously and continued to teach Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er to practice martial arts, they were already Tang Zichen's girlfriends, and Tang Zichen would do his best.

In the blink of an eye, another week passed, and since it was already winter break, Tang Zichen had nothing else to do but teach his girlfriends how to practice martial arts. One second to remember to read the book

"Swoosh."On the grass at the back of the villa, Liu Xiangyun was wielding her sword, the sword flowers flying, unusually eye-catching.Li Xuan'er was practicing her pronunciation on the other side, finding her breakthrough point from her voice, but she wasn't having much success at the moment.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun and smiled, "Not bad, Xiang'er, your current martial arts level, I think, is at least 60+ levels."

"Ah, no way."Liu Xiangyun was shocked, unknowingly, she had gone from being a martial artist who couldn't practice martial arts to over sixty levels.

"There's nothing strange about it, level sixty plus is only something people in your small place find powerful, Xiang Yun, I think it's time for you to challenge the ten outstanding youths."Tang Zichen said.

"What, for me to challenge the Ten Outstanding Youths?"Liu Xiangyun was shocked, and Li Xuan'er was also greatly shocked.

"Right, you're already considered an expert now, so why don't you go and challenge the first place of the Ten Outstanding Youths, practicing by yourself every day is not suitable for growth."

Liu Xiangyun didn't say anything, she just felt unbelievable, she could actually go and challenge the top ten outstanding youths, in her own impression, she was still that rich second generation lady who didn't know martial arts ah.

Li Xuan'er encouraged, "Xiang Yun, listen to Zichen, he thinks you have the strength to challenge the outstanding youths, so he must have his reasons, you've already practiced so much, your thinking will have to change from the weak you of the past."

Liu Xiangyun nodded, "Good."

"Well, then I'll go and help you with the battle."

"But what if I'm not Lin Chaofeng's opponent?"Liu Xiangyun said.

"If you really aren't his opponent, that's fine because you were a person who couldn't do martial arts half a month ago and no one dared to laugh at you.Of course, if you can defeat Lin Chaofeng, that would be very honorable."Tang Zichen encouraged.


Liu Xiangyun nodded with some excitement.

And Li Xuan'er was very envious of Liu Xiangyun, Li Xuan'er hadn't accomplished much yet, although she had learned some, however, Li Xuan'er was better at practicing her internal mind, because her roots were poor, so she spent most of her time on practicing her internal skills.

Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen, she couldn't say how moved she was, Tang Zichen had completely changed her fate, originally she was not only a person without martial arts, but also a person who couldn't live to be 20 years old.But now, she was actually able to challenge the Ten Outstanding Young Men.

Liu Xiangyun threw herself into Tang Zichen's arms and said gratefully, "Thank you, Zichen, everything I have now is because of you."

Tang Zichen saw that Liu Xiangyun was so fleshy, so he couldn't stand it a bit and laughed, "Don't say it so fleshy, you are my girlfriend, my woman, I should do everything."

Liu Xiangyun's face buried in Tang Zichen's bosom, blushing, "I'll be your woman for the rest of my life, and in my next life too."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed, looked at Li Xuan'er who was standing to the side, and busily said, "Xuan'er, come here."

Tang Zichen also hugged Xuan'er in his arms, he couldn't be thick, he had to love together.

Tang Zichen said to Li Xuan'er: "Xuan'er, although you have not achieved anything yet, but you should not be discouraged, you have to trust me, sooner or later you will also be a master.You have to keep going to practice your internal skills, don't slack off."


Just at this moment, a coughing sound came from behind, "Cough cough."

Tang Zichen busily turned around and saw that it was Liu Chenming.

When Liu Xiangyun saw her father coming, she became ashamed of herself, and Li Xuan'er also felt a blush, and they suddenly ran into the villa holding hands.

But Tang Zichen didn't feel any embarrassment.

"Uncle Liu, you're back, how's it going, are you tired from serving as the acting head of Zhan Long Hall these days?"Don Tzu-Chen asked with a smile.

"Zichen, talk about tired, I feel very passionate and my men are very obedient."Liu Chenming said.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Uncle Liu, just feel free to do your work, not to mention Linjiang City, even the Dongyang County's Qingyang Gate, that gatekeeper is my little brother, even the Dongyang County's County Master, is also respectful to me, so the entire Dongyang County, the black and white have already eaten it up, you don't need to please anyone, you can do whatever you want."

Liu Chenming hehely smiled, "Yeah, you've already set the entire black and white of Dongyang County, not to mention Linjiang City.Now I feel happy living every day, Xiang'er as your girlfriend, I don't need to worry about her anymore, this day, it's so nourishing, sometimes I'm afraid of waking up and finding out that I'm dreaming."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed and said, "Uncle Liu, I'll tell you one thing, I'm going to place a challenge letter for Xiangyun to challenge Lin Chaofeng, the first of Linjiang's ten outstanding young men."

"What?Challenging Lin Chaofeng?"Liu Chen Ming looked at Tang Zichen incredulously.

"Yes, Uncle Liu, I'm afraid you don't know yet, Xiang Yun is no longer the lady who once knew no martial arts, she is now, at least, a level sixty martial arts practitioner, I've asked her to challenge Lin Chaofeng, it's considered her first real battle, she must fight more real battles in order to improve faster.I'll take her to the Martial Academy next year, and it's a good bet that she'll enter the Martial Academy."

"Thank you, Zichen."Liu Chen Ming excitedly shook Tang Zichen's hand.

"No need, she's not just your daughter, she's also my girlfriend."

"Uh-huh."Willow Chen Ming was so excited that she was about to cry.


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