The King of Kungfu in school 321-350

Chapter 321

Everyone froze, who was it.

Liao refueling was also stunned, who was shouting his name.

A few seconds later, Zhu Dan came in with a fire, losing his mind and yelling, "Liao Goi, come out, you compensate me for my life, I'm not finished with you."

Tang Zichen saw Zhu Dan appear, also suddenly yelled: "Pig organ, you heck, I've been looking for you for a long time, good, you appeared today, I want to settle scores with you."Zhu Dan impersonated Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen would definitely have to settle the score with him, but Zhu Dan didn't go to school these past few days, Tang Zichen couldn't find him and thought he was hiding, but he finally saw him here today.

Zhu Dan saw Tang Zichen and was on fire, if he hadn't impersonated Tang Zichen, how would he have turned out so miserable today.Zhu Dan yelled at Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, fuck you, the score between me and you will be settled later.Liao Jianwei, you come out here, you compensate me for my lifeblood."

Liao Jianwei's own lifeblood was ruined, and now he heard someone shouting for him to compensate, and he was on fire: "Your grandfather Liao Jianwei is here."

Zhu Dan was furious: "Liao Jie Jie, you kicked my life-root, I, Zhu Dan, will never let you go."

Just at this time, four more people came in at the door, Song Dai Tian and Song Yu'er, as well as Liu Yue, and a stranger.

Song Daitian was busy, "Captain Xu, we're here, what's the matter."It turned out that they were also called by Xu Mei Qian.

Liao Goi suddenly shouted, "You're Song Yu'er?Fine, I'm not done with you."Liao Goi was furious, his dad was ordered by Song Yu'er's bodyguard to cut his lifeblood, the debt wasn't over.

Hua Tianfeng said, "I'm dizzy, this is too complicated, what's going on?Uncle and nephew of Lin Explosive Tian want to settle accounts with Liao Jiejing, Liao Jiejing's father and son and Lin Explosive Tian want to settle accounts with Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen wants to settle accounts with this newcomer, this newcomer wants to settle accounts with Liao Jiejing, and Liao Jiejing wants to settle accounts with Song Yu'er.What kind of case is this, it involves so many people." One second to remember to read the book

Xu Mei Qian said, "I'm also dizzy."

Xu Mei Qian went up and said, "Alright, stop it, let's make things clear, what kind of grudge do we have, let's settle it today, if this kind of mass firefight happens again in the future, the police will not tolerate it.One by one, make a good statement, Lin Exploding Tian, you first, don't have any bullying, or else put all of today's crime on your head."

Lin exploded Tian huffed, "Tang Zichen cut my nephew, of course I will not let him go, a few days ago, went to the school to arrest Tang Zichen, cut Tang Zichen's lifeblood to my nephew to make up, but I did not expect, today was kicked by Liao Jianliang, Liao Jianliang, I will also never let go."

Liao Go Oil said: "Tang Zichen bully my brother, I went to Tang Zichen today to find a theory, I did not expect Tang Zichen to be quite cruel and unreasonable, so I came to the hospital to get some air, I did not expect Lin Dongfang to yell at me, so I kicked over, who knew that Lin Dongfang had just mended a few days.Then, Lin Yuntian even let someone kick my father, huh, Lin Yuntian, I will never let go."

I was so angry that Tang Zichen openly played me at school, but I couldn't beat him for the time being, so I wanted to take revenge on him, wearing Tang Zichen's human skin mask to do something bad, but who knew that before the bad was done, he was caught in the hospital by Lin Bangtian as Tang Zichen and transplanted my lifeblood to Lin Dongfang.Hmph, Lin Bo Tian, I will never let go.But who knows, today, I suddenly heard the news that my lifeblood temporarily stored in Lin Dongfang's body was kicked by Liao Goi.Hmph, Liao Goi, Lin Exploding Tian, and Tang Zichen, I will never let go, wait for me, my family will send someone down soon."

Tang Zichen said, "Zhu Dan is despicable and shameless, got a human skin mask that looks exactly like mine to impersonate me, and almost tricked Li Xuan'er into going to the hotel, this bastard, if not for the fact that he just happened to be captured by Lin Explosive Tian, poor Li

Xuan'er was defiled by him, and he also went to hook up with Shangguan Rou and caused a lot of harassment to me, Zhu Dan, I will never let go."

Song Yu'er said, "I didn't do anything, that day a masked pervert, who was lusting after girls at Baiyun Middle School, I let Liu Yue cut his lifeblood, who knew that pervert was Liao Xuan's father, it's not even my business, right, I'm just doing a good thing."

Everyone's statements were done, but the enmity was too complicated, and it was impossible to resolve everyone's conflicts at the moment.

Xu Mei Qian was also helpless, it was not easy to arrest so many people, and everyone was very connected in the background, so it was useless to arrest them.

Xu Mei Qian said, "Alright, I won't arrest you to the Public Security Bureau today, I'll let you go, but none of you are allowed to make trouble again today, do you hear me?"

Lin Yuntian walked up to Tang Zichen and said with fierce eyes, "You're the Tang Zichen who cut off my cousin's lifeblood?"

"Yes, I'm Don Zichen, who are you?"

Lin Yuntian huffed, "Tang Zichen, wait for me."After saying that, Lin Yuntian walked out of the hospital lobby, his dad, Lin Explosion, also left with more than 50 men.

Song Yu'er: "Tang Zichen, I know who he is, he's Lin Yuntian, the eighth of the ten outstanding young men."

Tang Zichen snickered, "So it's that chicken-haired youth again, speechless."The ninth place of the chicken-haired youth, Liao Goi, had been blown away, the ninth place, didn't he know?Tang Zichen's face was disdainful.

Tang Zichen's disdainful tone made Xu Mei Qian and Hua Tianfeng both startled, Tang Zichen was so tuggy, the Ten Outstanding Youths actually looked down on him so much.

Xu Mei Qian huffed, "Tang Zichen, don't talk like that, the Ten Outstanding Youths, although not very strong, but not as bad as you think, I won't lie to you, I'm also one of the Ten Outstanding Youths, and I'm seventh.What you just said about the chicken-haired youth, you're calling me out along with it."

Tang Zichen was stunned: "Captain Xu, so you're also one of the ten outstanding youths, huh, disrespectful and disrespectful."

Xu Mei Qian snorted, "Alright, you can go back now."

Hua Tianfeng came up and said, "Mei Qian, do you know this kid?It looks like you're familiar with him."

Xu Mei Qian said, "My sister's ex-boyfriend."

"What? Your sister's ex-boyfriend."

Hua Tianfeng looked at Tang Zichen and laughed, "Your sister is blind to find such an ex-boyfriend."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Hua Tianfeng and said, "As a police officer, don't you think the quality is low for cursing like that?Aren't you afraid of my anger?"

Hua Tianfeng snorted, "Tang Zichen, if you're arrogant I'll catch you and lock you up, don't think I don't know, you're the dregs of the school."

Xu Mei Qian is afraid that Hua Tianfeng really shot, after all, is her sister's ex-boyfriend, her sister went back to instruct her to take care of Tang Zichen, Xu Mei Qian busy: "All right, all right, Tang Zichen, you go back.Captain Hua, let's also hurry to the hotel, our colleagues are waiting anxiously."After saying that, Xu Mei Qian and Hua Tianfeng both hurriedly got into the police car and rushed to the hotel party.

Tang Zichen didn't know why, looking at Hua Tianfeng was very unpleasant, just now if he hadn't left quickly, Tang Zichen really couldn't help but teach him a lesson.

However, no lesson today, some other day Tang Zichen would have to teach him a lesson.Anyone who dared to upset Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen would not give him a good meal.


Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun walked out of the hospital together, it was late and neither of them had eaten dinner yet.

Liu Xiangyun suddenly said, "Why don't we go out to eat."

"Miss, the house is already cooked, we were about to eat dinner when we came out, now we can go back and eat right away, why do we have to go out to eat, shameful waste ah."

Liu Xiangyun pouted in frustration, she had wanted to be outside with Tang Zichen, the two of them romantic, where to eat a Valentine's set or something, poor Tang Zichen didn't understand women's minds and was scolded by him.

"Alright, let's go back then, I don't know if my dad is home yet, I'll make a phone call."Liu Xiangyun took out her phone and called Liu Chen Ming.

"Dad, have you come home yet?"

"Xiang'er, I'm not coming back for dinner tonight, I'm going to a lecture."

"Uh, what lecture?"

"Oh, Linjiang City's ten outstanding young people, the sixth place Huang Qu, is holding a lecture in the conference room of the Blue Sea Hotel, I'm going to listen to it."


"Right, you talk to Zichen and ask him if he would like to come over to listen to the lecture, Zichen is also a martial arts practitioner, that Huang Qui is the sixth of the top ten outstanding youths, it would be good for Zichen to listen to his lecture." First published at

"Okay, I'll ask him about it."

Hanging up the phone, Liu Xiangyun asked, "My father said, would you like to go to the lecture, the speaker is the sixth of the ten outstanding young people, my father said, it would be good for you to listen to the lecture."

Tang Zichen huffed, "Not interested, what's there to listen to a lecture by a chicken-haired young man, what a waste of time."

But Liu Xiangyun said, "Oh my, come on, let's go have some fun."Liu Xiangyun didn't want to go home at all now, making a scene to listen to a lecture with, even though we can't have a Valentine's Package, it's good to listen to a lecture together.

"Not interested."

"Come on, I want to go, the sixth strongest of the ten outstanding young people ah, it won't hurt to listen to it, it might really help you improve your strength."

"Alright, alright, go go go go."Tang Zichen was helpless, since Liu Xiangyun wanted to go, he had no choice, after all, he was Liu Xiangyun's personal bodyguard.

Liu Xiangyun's plan worked and smiled, "Then let's go for a meal before we go to the lecture, shall we?You don't have to go home for dinner this time."

"You arrange it."Tang Zichen said, "Since we have to listen to the lecture, it will definitely be too late to go home and eat out.

Liu Xiangyun was happy to take Tang Zichen with her, and it felt great to eat at a street, a special food stall.A small table, sitting face to face with Tang Zichen, this feeling made her feel very enjoyable, and she really wanted to be able to do this every day.

After eating, the two of them immediately rushed to the Blue Sea Hotel and arrived at the large conference room on the sixth floor of the hotel.

"Zichen, Xiang'er, over here."Liu Chenming had already arrived and the lecture had already started, Liu Chenming saw Tang Zichen uh Liu Xiangyun coming and called out softly.

Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun slipped in through the back door of the conference room and sat down next to Liu Chen Ming.

At that moment, on the conference room stage, a man with a microphone said, "Hey, who then, could you please be quiet?If you don't want to hear it you can go out and don't disturb the others."This man who spoke with a microphone was the sixth ranked Huang Qui of the Ten Outstanding Youths.Moreover, it was Liu Chenming he was looking at with his eyes, because just now, Liu Chenming was greeting Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun.

Willow Chenming was busy standing up

Compensating with a smile, "I'm sorry, Senior Huang, my daughter also wanted to come to your lecture, but she's just late, sorry."

Huang Quan looked at Liu Xiangyun beside Liu Chenming and suddenly his eyes lit up, as if he had discovered a new continent, he didn't expect such a beautiful woman.

Huang Quan changed his tone and said with a smile, "It's fine, it's my honor that your daughter is able to come and listen to someone Huang's martial arts lecture, welcome.What is your name?"

Willow Chenming was touched, not expecting Huang Qu to be such a good tempered person.

"My name is Liu Chenming."

Huang Duc looked at Liu Xiangyun and smiled, "Little sister, how old are you?Called what?"

Liu Xiangyun felt a little uncomfortable, but out of politeness, she replied, "18 years old, Liu Xiangyun."

"Liu Xiangyun, good name, I didn't expect there to be an 18 year old little sister coming to my lecture, hahaha.Alright, I'll continue with my lecture first."Huang Quan took one last look at Liu Xiangyun, then his eyes moved away a bit reluctantly.

Huang Duc said to the crowd, "Where was I?"I just saw a beautiful woman that made Yellow Drain forget where he was talking about.

An audience member said, "You were talking about punching."

"Oh, yes, punching in my opinion, there are three ways, the first one, punching first and then punching; the second one, punching first and then punching, and the third one, punching and then punching.So, what's the difference between these three ways?Actually, there's no difference."

"Now, let's focus on how to defend, and we all know that the strongest thing is not to attack, but to take a beating, and yes, the stronger you are, the more you can take a beating.What's the point of punching someone 10 times when you're fine and they punch you once and you go down."

"Elder Huang, I don't understand."An audience member said.

Huang Quan smiled, "How about this, I'll find a spectator to come up and demonstrate, I wonder which spectator would like to volunteer to come up and practice with me?"

Unfortunately, no one raised their hand in the room.

"Since no one raised their hands, I'll just call out randomly."

With a sweep of his gaze, Huang Quan looked subconsciously at Liu Xiangyun and smiled, "Liu Xiangyun, come up here and we'll show you how to do it."

Liu Xiangyun was bored.

Tang Zichen knew at a glance that this chicken-haired young man, the sixth-place finisher, Huang Qu, must have called Liu Xiangyun on purpose, and I guess the others raised their hands and would end up calling Liu Xiangyun as well.

Liu Xiangyun said, "I'm sorry, I don't know martial arts."

Huang Kuo smiled, "It's okay, you can demonstrate even if you don't know martial arts."

Liu Xiangyun still shook her head and said, "I don't want to, you've invited someone else."

There was a bit of fire in Huang Kuo's heart, what are you doing, coming to my lecture and not giving face.

Huang Kuo saw that Liu Xiangyun was dead set against giving face, so he could only look towards Tang Zichen, who was sitting next to Liu Xiangyun, and beckoned, "Then you come."

Without hesitation, Tang Zichen stood up and walked up to the stage.

There were almost three hundred people who had come to listen to the lecture today, and their eyes were all looking at the stage at the moment.

Huang Canal said to everyone, "Next, I'll demonstrate how to dodge the enemy's attack when we encounter them.I will teach you all three methods, the first method, side dodge method, the second, sitting on the ground dodge method, the third, hand gesture dodge method.We'll be the first to test the sideways dodge method."

After saying that, Huang Gui said to Tang Zichen without good temper, "You, try attacking me."


Don asked, "How do you attack?There are many ways to attack."

"Yo-ho."Huang Qui laughed in shame at Tang Zichen, who felt that a bird hair was still telling him about attack methods.

"Punch me straight away and take out your maximum strength."Huang Duc said.

"Oh."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Huang Canal stood in the middle of the stage and said to everyone, "Everyone look here, now the other side how I use the side dodge method to dodge the attack."After saying that, Huang Canal said to Tang Zichen, "Begin, attack me, with all your might."

Tang Zichen wasn't rude and attacked Huang Ducui with a fierce punch.

"Bang."Tang Zichen's punch solidly struck Huang Duc's abdomen, and also let out a muffled sound, Huang Duc's eyes widened and his back was supplied by Tang Zichen's punch.

"You you you."Huang Duc looked at the feeling of Tang Zichen's eyes going silly, he did not expect that he actually did not dodge Tang Zichen's punch.

Everyone was busy asking, "Senior Huang Duc, what's wrong?Didn't you say you'd show me how to duck?How come you didn't duck?"

Huang Kui's face was white, even his feet were a bit weak, Huang Kui endured the pain in his abdomen and said to everyone, "See, just now I didn't make a dodge and was instantly hit by the enemy, this is the performance of not being able to dodge the enemy's attack."

One person said, "Senior yellow canal, we how you dodge la, not to be hit after the performance of la." Remember the website

Huang channel nodded, "Of course, I just demonstrated with you how to be hit, and now, I'll demonstrate how to dodge the attack."

Afterwards, Huang Channel said, "You actually have two strikes."

"Usually."Tang Zichen said.

"Don't take out your full strength, just take half of it out."Huang Channel said with a bit of depression in his heart.

"Oh."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Huang Canal said to everyone, "Everyone look here, the enemy is going to attack me."

"Begin, attack."This time, Huang Duc was fully prepared and would never let what had just happened happen again.

"Bang."In the next moment, Tang Zichen struck another solid punch at Huang Qu's abdomen, and Huang Qu cursed inwardly, "Nima."

Huang Kul was really fucking depressed at the moment, he had prepared his whole body and soul, but he still hadn't dodged Tang Zichen's punch.

The pain from his abdomen made Huang Kul's teeth chatter in pain, what was this kid's origin, how come he had so much power?

When the crowd saw that Huang Qu did not dodge again, they asked, "Senior Huang Qu, didn't you say you were going to demonstrate the sideways dodge method?Why haven't you dodged yet."

Huang Duc once again endured the pain and laughed, "Did everyone just see it clearly?"

"No."Everyone shouted together.

Huang Channel: "Just now the enemy attacked me with a punch, I deliberately reacted half a beat slower, and as a result, I was attacked by the enemy, and this demonstration I just gave is to tell everyone that when facing the enemy, you must react quickly and not the slightest bit slow.Otherwise, just like what I just demonstrated, a punch is struck."

"Oh."Everyone was helplessly oh, and said in their hearts, "Nima, we're watching you demonstrate the side dodge method, not to see you get hit, okay.How to dodge without demonstrating it once, always demonstrating getting hit, something's wrong."


br /> Huang Qu said to Tang Zichen, "Kid, thank you for your cooperation, you can go down now, next let the rest of the audience participate."

Huang canal has now understood that this kid Tang Zichen is very strong, it's better to find someone who doesn't know martial arts to demonstrate.

The crowd shouted, "Senior Huang, up all up, hurry up and demonstrate, don't change anyone, it doesn't matter if we participate or not, we all came here specifically to listen to your lecture, not to participate in the demonstration, you hurry ah."

"Yeah, if you don't hurry up and demonstrate, I'm going to leave, I came here because of your sixth place status as an outstanding youth, otherwise I wouldn't have come to listen to any lecture, you hurry up and demonstrate, well change what people ah."

Huang Kuo was helpless, everyone had said so, he couldn't forcefully replace another one who couldn't do martial arts.

Huang Quan's eyes glared angrily at Tang Zichen, a burst of fire, and whispered, "Kid, who the hell are you, are you intent on tearing down my stage?You don't fucking believe I'm going to maim you."

"You're the one who told me to come up here and demonstrate."

Huang Kuo thought that Tang Zichen was some kind of enemy who had deliberately arranged to tear down the stage.

Huang Kuo had no choice but to say, "Since you didn't deliberately come to tear me down, then don't take out another fifty percent of your strength, you take out any twenty percent of your strength."

"Good."Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Only then did Huang Canal smiled at the crowd, "Everyone, now I'm really going to start demonstrating, below, you can see how the Come Sideways Dodge method is performed."

"Begin, attack."Huang Duche motioned to Tang Zichen's eyes, this time Huang Duche wasn't distracted in the slightest, watching Tang Zichen's movements wholeheartedly.

"Bang."In the next second, Huang Duc's eyes blinked, before he could react, Tang Zichen punched him in the abdomen, Huang Duc's whole body trembled, Tang Zichen's punch was too fast for him to react.

The crowd was really upset when they saw that Huang Duc wasn't dodging again, they all shouted, "Senior Huang Duc, what's wrong with you, don't tell us you're trying to show us all how to react to being hit again, honestly, we don't want to see how to react to being hit, we want to see how to dodge."

Huang Qiu was now so depressed that he couldn't even speak out of pain.Faced with the accusations of the crowd, Huang Kou was angry and furious, and really wanted to shout, "You fucking think I don't want to dodge ah, this brat is punching so fast I can't dodge."

"Senior Huang Qu, if you don't dodge, we're going to leave, we won't listen to your lecture, it's not interesting at all, you only know how to talk about theory, it's hard to come up with a demonstration, and you deliberately pretend to compare, you just don't show us how to dodge, you're afraid that we'll learn away your skills, if you're afraid that we'll learn away your skills, then what lecture are you still holding."

Everyone was accusing Huang Qu, saying that he was pretending, not wanting to demonstrate and what lecture was he going to give.

However, Huang Qu didn't say a word in defense, not that he didn't want to defend himself, but his whole body was falling apart and he couldn't speak out of pain.He had received three punches in a row from Tang Zichen, the first two punches were more powerful but at least he could still grit his teeth and hold on, but the third one and then another, his body had reached the limit of what it could endure and couldn't hold back any longer.

"Senior Huang Qu, you will give us a word right now, whether to demonstrate your side dodge method or not, if not, we'll leave."

"Right, we'll leave if we don't demonstrate it."

While everyone was arguing, a sudden 'poof' sound was heard, and a mouthful of blood spurted out wildly from Huang Qu.


"Ah."The people sitting in the front rows of the conference room were suddenly sprayed with blood by Huang Dui and couldn't help but scream.

Huang Duc really couldn't help it, a mouthful of blood was already coming up to his throat when he received the third punch from Tang Zichen, he was strong enough to hold it back, but, in the end, it was still held back and a large mouthful of blood spurted out wildly.

After spraying blood, Huang Duche felt a huge amount of emptiness in his body, and his legs were trembling.

The entire noisy conference room was quiet, and everyone looked at Huang Duc without blinking, not knowing what was happening, including Liu Xiangyun and Liu Chenming.

Huang Duc said with trembling lips, "Everyone, I'm sorry, a little on fire, don't panic, let's continue."

Everyone was speechless for a while, can you spew so much blood when you're on fire?Who spilled so much blood on fire?

Huang Canal: "Let's continue, we just talked about how to dodge the enemy's attacks, now let's talk about it again, when we face... face..." at this point, Huang Canal felt like his legs couldn't stand any longer and he was stumbling on the platform, about to fall down.

"Senior Yellow Drain, what's wrong with you?"

Before the words were finished, there was a bang and Huang Drain fell down, his body unable to support him anymore.

"Ah!"Everyone screamed and rushed to the stage in a panic, only to see Huang Dulu's face turning blue, his lips white, and his body twitching, then he started foaming at the mouth, then his eyes turned white, and he didn't move.The incomparably powerful posterior force caused Huang Qu quicksilver to faint to death.

"Ah, Senior Huang Qu, what's wrong with you?"Everyone is shouting. One second to remember to read the book

At that moment, a woman on the scene with a martial arts level of over 60 said, "Don't move him, Huang Duan has fainted."

"Suddenly, why did he faint?"

That level 60+ woman looked towards Tang Zichen, now she had understood that it wasn't that Huang Qui didn't dodge, but that he couldn't dodge at all, because, Huang Qui had sadly found a demonstrator who was stronger than him.This level 60+ woman was precisely Huang Qu's senior sister, just now she hadn't thought about it that much, she thought that Huang Qu really deliberately didn't demonstrate the dodge method, but it turned out that she also misunderstood, the real reason was this, only, what she couldn't believe was, how could someone as young as Tang Zichen be stronger than her junior brother.

At this moment, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun's father and daughter were preparing to withdraw, and Liu Chenming also said while grumbling, "It's so boring, not demonstrating how to dodge attacks, and playing dead."

Tang Zichen heard it funny and said in his heart, "Uncle Liu, you really wronged people, they really didn't play dead, he was unable to withstand my power, all the cells of his body had shock reactions, it was estimated that it would take a day to get up."However, Tang Zichen didn't explain anything to Liu Chenming.

Liu Xiangyun also said, "I should have known not to come, this Huang Qui is very annoying, the way he looks at me with lustful eyes, he is not a good person at a glance, this kind of person even if he is now the sixth of the ten outstanding young people, he will definitely have no great achievements in the future."

Tang Zichen's three men walked out of the conference room and soon arrived at the first floor of the Blue Sea Hotel.

At that moment, a woman around 35 years old stood at the entrance of the hotel, it was the 60-odd level expert who was just in the conference room, Huang Qu's senior sister.

Seeing Tang Zichen's three people walk out, the woman's face was a bit cold and said, "Wait a moment."

"Uh, are you calling me?"Tang Zichen asked.

The woman grunted, "After beating someone up, are you just going to leave without saying a word?"

Tang Zichen smiled and said in his heart, "It seems that there is still one person who understands so many people in the conference room, and the others don't

Knowing that it was Tang Zichen who hit him, I still don't know what happened."

Tang Zichen said, "This lady, I don't understand what you mean."

"Still pretending?"

Willow Chenming was busy saying, "What's wrong, Tzu-Chen?"

Liu Xiangyun looked at the woman and said, "It's not as if we haven't offended you, why did you stop us."

The woman snorted, "Beating up my junior brother like this, and still saying you didn't offend?"

"Who is your brother-in-law?"Liu Xiangyun was confused.

"My senior brother is Huang Qu, he just asked this kid next to you to go up and do a demonstration, and as a result, my senior brother is injured like this, and you guys still want to just walk away from it?"

Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun's bodies trembled, looking at Tang Zichen incredulously.

That woman said, "Kid, even if you are stronger than my junior brother, but you don't have to hit so hard, he asked you to go up to demonstrate, didn't expect you to be stronger than him, it's his bad luck, I won't say anything.But you, you have to hit so hard, my junior brother took three punches from you, not one of them dodged, and now even the cells are in shock, why do you have to hit so hard?"

At this moment, Liu Xiangyun and Liu Chenming fully understood, no wonder that yellow canal didn't dodge, always demonstrating how to behave after being hit, it wasn't that yellow canal didn't dodge, it was that he couldn't dodge ah, Tang Zichen was stronger than him ah.

Tang Zichen snorted, "This big sister, which eye of yours saw me strike so hard?"

"My brother is still lying on top of it, and you're saying that you didn't do it hard?"The woman was furious.

Tang Zichen said, "If I had really hit hard, your junior brother would have been dead long ago."

"How arrogant."

"Oh, the first time your junior brother asked me to take out my full strength, but I only took out 0.10% of my strength, the second time your junior brother asked me to take out 50% of my strength, but I only took out 0.05% of my strength, and the third time, your junior brother asked me to take out 20% of my strength, but I only took out 0.01% of my strength.Now you still say that I hit him hard, you really don't know how kind people are, I was so understanding of your senior brother, I didn't expect you to blame me for injuring him, why don't you go blame your senior brother for being useless himself?"

The woman was furious, of course she wouldn't believe Tang Zichen's bullshit that he only took out 0.1 percent of his strength, 0.1 percent of his strength to beat up her junior brother like this, then Tang Zichen already didn't know what level to go to, so she felt that Tang Zichen had injured her junior brother and still didn't have any shame, he was still pretending and bragging in front of her, she was very angry.

"Kid, since you still have such an attitude, let me learn about your 0.10% power."Huang Qu's senior sister said furiously.

"Fine, then I'll take out the same power and let you taste it."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Buzz."Yellow Drain's senior sister didn't bother to listen to Tang Zichen's bullshit and came flying up with a punch.

Tang Zichen greeted it with a light palm against the Yellow Drain's senior sister's punches.

"Swoosh."Sister Huang Qu's body flew backwards, and with a swoosh flew into the rocky mountain fountain pond 20 meters outside the hotel.

"Wow." also splashed the water in the pool.

Liu Xiangyun and Liu Chenming were dumbfounded at Tang Zichen.

Xiangyun Liu turned back and said, "Go."

A few minutes later, Huang Canal's senior sister climbed out of the fountain pool and said with a pale face, "Oh my god, this Linjiang City Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has someone so strong, at least at level 90, it seems that my senior brother was beaten up like this, it's really not an injustice."


The previous chapter talked about Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun going to a lecture on Huang Duc.

Huang Qu fainted, and this incident was spread to the Linjiang Window Forum.

In the Linjiang Window Forum, there were many experts, so the reason for Huang Duc's fainting was revealed right away.

And at this moment, Tang Zichen was still on his way home.

"Zichen, I'm not dreaming, am I?You're that strong?At least it's almost level 70, right?"Willow Chenming said incredulously.

"Oh, Uncle Liu, go home, you should listen to fewer such lectures in the future."

Tang Zichen didn't feel any excitement, after all, Huang Qu was too lowly, often beating up such lowly people, Tang Zichen himself felt tired of it.

Liu Chenming said again, "Zichen, if you go to register for the Outstanding Youth Selection, you will definitely rate third in the Top Ten Outstanding Youths."

Tang Zichen asked, "Why not first and second place?"With Tang Zichen's strength, if you really want to judge it, first place is a sure thing.

Liu Chenming smiled, "Zichen, first and second place are impossible la."

"Why is it impossible?"Tang Zichen was confused. First URL

"Because the first and second place of the ten outstanding youths have already received an admission notice from the Martial Academy, and it's also an invitation to enroll, just like my other daughter Chu Yiyun.To be able to be invited by the Martial Academy for admission, that's a remarkable genius, the first time in our Linjiang City in ten years that such a genius has appeared, don't you know that the entire news media in Linjiang City is now broadcasting this matter?This is a great joy for the entire Linjiang City."

"Uh, the first time it's happened in ten years."Tang Zichen was really a bit surprised that Linjiang City had two other people besides him who had received notices inviting admission.

"Yeah, so the first and second place will definitely be them, they're the pride of the entire Linjiang City, the most talented youths in Linjiang City in ten years.When they go to the Martial Academy in the future, that future, it's really a bar."

"Oh, huh."Tang Zichen just smiled.

Tang Zichen didn't know if he should tell them that he had, in fact, received an admission notice.

Tang Zichen thought about it, it's better not to tell them for now, lest they get sentimental because they have to leave, let's wait until after the New Year.

The three of them went back home.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Tang Zichen was lying in bed.

Tang Zichen hadn't entered the Linjiang Window forum for some days, so he lay on his bed and used his phone to enter the forum to take a look.

Sure enough, the entire Linjiang Window forum was about the first and second place of the ten outstanding youths, because, they received the notice from the Martial Arts Academy, two of the most talented youths in Linjiang in the past ten years, and they had almost become the pride and idol of the city's people.Even Liu Chenming had become a fan of those two geniuses.

Tang Zichen was really speechless, it was just receiving a notice, so how could the city's people worship them like this?

At this moment, at Song Yu'er's home, Song Daitian was lying on his bed, looking at his phone and laughing, "The first and second place of the ten outstanding youths, too powerful, I didn't think there were such outstanding geniuses in tiny Linjiang City, even if it's a big family, there aren't many who can be invited to school, tsk tsk, admiration ah."Needless to say, even Song Daitian had become a fan of those two geniuses.

Tang Zichen tossed his phone to his bed and said, "I'm also leaving Linjiang City after the New Year to go to the Martial Academy, I don't have much time left.It seems that I can't keep a low profile anymore, it's time to get high profile.Those two so-called most talented and outstanding youths of the past ten years are worshipped like this by the city's people just because they received an acceptance letter, while I, the true

The more I think about it, the more I feel unfair.The more I think about it, the more I feel unfair, why is it that no one admires me when I'm better than him, and I'm often despised by people who are a mess and trash, is this still the world's best young man?Back then, I was the number one young man in the world, from the 100-year-old woman down to the three little girls, all of them worshipped me day and night, and countless young girls wanted to sleep with me for one night but couldn't."

"Wind Lightning, Wind Lightning, you've come to this world and kept a low profile for so long, it's time for you to explode.You'll have to leave here after the New Year, if you don't explode, after I leave, everyone will dare to bully Liu Chenming's father and daughter."

Tang Zichen lay on the bed, thinking in his mind.Seeing that the first and second of the ten outstanding youths, receiving a broken notice, was worshipped by the city's people, while he, the real bull, was hiding in his den and no one knew about it, and then remembering that once, he was the first youngest in the world in the wind and light clouds, making countless people worship him.So, Tang Zichen was deeply irritated.Found that he really is a bit low-key, once he seemed to be not such a character ah, I don't know if it's because of this body, the personality are a bit changed, a bit not tough enough, a bit cowardly feeling now.

Wind Light Cloud, is the name of Tang Zichen's former life, this name, in that world of his, very loudly.

At this moment, in a certain hotel.

Xu Mei Qian drank a lot of wine with her colleagues.

"Captain Xu, I'd like to toast you and congratulate you on becoming one of the ten outstanding young men."

"Thank you."Xu Mei Qian said with a red face, she had already drunk a lot of wine and was about to raise her glass when Hua Tianfeng was busy saying, "Mei Qian, don't drink so much, let me drink for you."

Hua Tianfeng wanted to block the wine for Xu Mei Qian, this was also a technique for picking up girls.

Unfortunately, although Xu Mei Qian was dizzy from drinking, her brain wasn't confused yet, she didn't have feelings for Hua Tianfeng, so she didn't want Hua Tianfeng to block the wine for her.Otherwise, the relationship would get more and more complicated.

"No, I can still drink."Xu Mei Qian drank it all in one go, not giving Hua Tianfeng the chance to shield her from the wine, she didn't want to get as close as she was with Hua Tianfeng.

The other colleagues came up to make a toast, Xu Mei Qian's drinking capacity wasn't very good, even though she was a martial arts practitioner.

Xu Mei Qian didn't want to give Hua Tianfeng a chance to block the wine, so she drank it all by herself.

By 11pm, everyone had left, and Xu Mei Qian was already drunk and lying on the table.

"Captain Hua, we'll be leaving first then."Colleagues left in droves.

"Okay, take care, leave Captain Xu to me, I'll take her home."Hua Tianfeng said.

Soon, only Hua Tianfeng was left, along with Xu Mei Qian who was lying down.

Hua Tianfeng huffed, "Xu Mei Qian, tonight we'll cook raw rice, you'll naturally like me, hahaha."

"Waiter, go get me a room."


This hotel wasn't just for eating, there was also accommodation, so Hua Tianfeng directly asked the waiter to get a room in the guest room department.

Hua Tianfeng asked the waiter to help Xu Mei Qian to the room.

At this time, Tang Zichen was preparing to sleep.

At that moment, the call from Hacker Little Beauty came.

"Hey, what's going on in the middle of the night?"Don Zichen asked.

"Have you slept, Brother Tzu-Chen?"

"Just about to sleep."

"Brother Zichen, you've been inactive for a long time as a loser, and now someone is about to rape you, do you care?"


"Uh."Don was startled.

"Who's going to rape who?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Xu Mei Qian is going to be raped, my software just monitored the information, Xu Mei Qian was drunk, and his boss opened a room without consent, seemingly trying to rape her.".

Tang Zichen immediately sat up from the bed and hummed, "How bold, daring to rape my ex-girlfriend's sister, I'll be in charge of this one defeat."Tang Zichen had already admitted in his heart that Xu Yan was his ex-girlfriend, so, Xu Mei Qian he would take care of her a little more from the inside, hearing that Xu Mei Qian's boss wanted to rape her, Tang Zichen immediately got up.

"Not far from your home, Lightspeed Hotel, room 1506, hurry up and go oh."

Tang Zichen flamboyantly put on his black clothes, then ran to the Lightspeed Hotel.

At this time, in this hotel room, Hua Tianfeng quietly opened the door and entered, only to see Xu Mei Qian being helped to lie on the bed by the attendant.

"Hehe, Mei Qian, after we have sex, you will naturally like me."Hua Tianfeng smiled, he didn't want to waste so much time chasing after her, now that he had the chance to fuck first, and his family wasn't weak, so it wouldn't be a disadvantage at all for Xu Mei Qian to fall in love with him.

Hua Tianfeng immediately went to the bed.

At that moment, Xu Mei Qian seemed to sense something and climbed up.

"Captain Hua, where is this?"Xu Mei Qian busy asking. Remember the website

"Michelle, you're drunk and I've booked you a room."


Hua Tianfeng smiled as he sat on the bed, his eyes a bit ambiguous.

"Captain Hua, thank you for arranging a room for me, but it's getting late, you should go back, I need to rest."Xu Mei Qian said.

"Mei Qian, tonight, I have no plans to go back, I also want to sleep here."Hua Tianfeng said brazenly.

"What."Xu Mei Qian was shocked.

"Captain Hua, how can you say such words, you're my superior and a police officer."

Hua Tianfeng smiled, "Mei Qian, being a police officer is just to pass the time, besides, you should be able to tell that I like you these days."

"Sorry, Captain Hua, I don't have feelings for you, if you don't mind, we can be good friends."

Hua Tianfeng was a bit angry when he heard Xu Mei Qian's words, he Hua Tianfeng at least received an admission notice from the Martial Arts Academy, but he was actually rejected by someone.

Hua Tianfeng said, "Mei Qian, what's so good about being good friends, if we're going to be lovers, we're similar in age, and my family isn't weak, I also received an admission notice from the Martial Arts Academy, am I so good that you're not moved at all?If I'm not even tempted, hehe, I really don't know who can make you tempted.Don't tell me that those two so-called most talented youths of the decade in Linjiang City have moved you.You should know that my strength spiked those two outstanding youths."

Xu Mei Qian didn't listen to Hua Tianfeng's words at all and said, "Sorry, Captain Hua, I really haven't thought about feelings yet, you're an outstanding man, you'll find a girl ten thousand times better than me."

Hua Tianfeng was irritated and initiated a good man card for him.

Hua Tianfeng said, "Mei Qian, be my woman."

"Sorry, I don't have feelings for you."Xu Mei Qian sternly refused, if she really had feelings for Hua Tian Feng, she would have been happy to let Hua Tian Feng block her drink for her when she drank tonight, but Xu Mei Qian didn't let him block a single glass of wine, Xu Mei Qian thought that Hua Tian Feng should be able to see what she meant.

Hua Tianfeng did see what she meant, and that's why he was

Thinking of having sex first, it's natural to fall in love with him.

"Oh, Mei Qian, don't define it so early, where am I not good enough for you, Hua Tianfeng?I've already received the admission notice from the Martial Arts Academy, and now that my martial arts skills are much higher than yours, you should have taken advantage of the fact that I was single to get me.In the entire Linjiang City, is there a more outstanding young man than me, Hua Tianfeng?Is there anyone better for you than me?"

"Captain Hua, if you don't leave, I'm going to call the police."

Hua Tianfeng smiled, "Mei Qian, you're drunk, we're the police."

"Hua Tianfeng, what do you want?"Xu Mei Qian was a bit angry.

"Mei Qian, let's sleep together tonight, I'm sure you'll have feelings for me after sleeping together."

"You're shameless."Xu Mei Qian was impolite.

Hua Tianfeng was also impatient and grunted, "Xu Mei Qian, are you interesting like this?What if I'm forced to sleep with you tonight?Can you resist?"

"If you dare to do that, my family will not let you go."

"Mei Qian, don't forget that my family, as a whole, is estimated to be stronger than your family, and besides, we were drunk and unconscious tonight before we had sex."

"You."Xu Mei Qian retreated backwards.

Hua Tianfeng said, "You want to jump out of the window and escape?I, Hua Tianfeng, have such high martial arts skills, you don't stand a chance of jumping."

"Hua Tianfeng, don't force me, you don't deserve to be a policeman."

"I don't care about being a policeman, being a policeman is just to do something for the country and to train myself in the meantime."

Hua Tianfeng walked towards Xu Mei Qian.

Xu Mei Qian immediately wanted to jump out of the window.

However, in the next moment, Hua Tianfeng grabbed Xu Mei Qian's ankle with one hand and pulled hard, throwing Xu Mei Qian back on the bed.

"Mei Qian, don't do anything useless, since I dared to do it, I've naturally taken all the consequences into consideration."

At this moment, Xu Mei Qian was thrown helplessly on the bed, Hua Tianfeng was so much stronger than her, she couldn't resist at all.

"Don't you come over."Xu Mei Qian roared, no one would ever know that Xu Mei Qian, the thunderous and fiery police captain of Linjiang City, had such a powerless moment.

"Oh, Mei Qian, don't pretend, I don't believe you're still a virgin, pretend to be pure."Hua Tianfeng snorted, finally, he showed his beastly side.

Hua Tianfeng pulled out his belt, threw it to the ground, and pounced on it.

"Ah."Xu Mei Qian screamed and tried to escape, but there was no way to escape from Hua Tian Feng's grasp.

Just when Xu Mei Qian was so helpless that she thought she was really going to lose her virginity, a dark shadow stood at the head of the bed, and that shadow said, "Rape, is it really that interesting?"

Hua Tianfeng snapped back as he didn't even notice when there was an extra person in the room.

"Who is it?"Hua Tianfeng looked at the man in black and yelled.

Tang Zichen said, "One defeat of red dust."

"What? You're One Defeat Red Dust."Hua Tianfeng was shocked, he came here to assist Xu Mei Qian in arresting One Defeat Red Dust, he didn't expect One Defeat Red Dust to suddenly appear in front of him.

"Hua Tianfeng, as a police officer, you raped a subordinate, you know the law and broke the law, your crime is much worse."

"Hmph, One Defeat Red Dust, you're just in time."Hua Tianfeng snorted angrily.


When Xu Mei Qian saw the sudden appearance of One Defeat Red Dust, she cried with joy and felt like pouncing inside.The first time Xu Mei Qian's upper body was seen by a man, it was One Defeat Red Dust.At this time, seeing One Defeat Red Dust again, Xu Mei Qian's inner feelings were indescribable.

Xu Mei Qian immediately warned, "One Defeat Red Dust, you have to be careful, Hua Tianfeng is a level 75 expert."

Tang Zichen's voice was cold as he said, "Thank you, Captain Xu for reminding me."

Hua Tianfeng made a move and roared, "One Defeat Red Dust, I'll arrest you today."

After saying that, Hua Tianfeng pounced on Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen's figure moved as if he was a ghost, and in the next moment, Hua Tianfeng was strangled by one of Tang Zichen's hands and hung up by his neck.

"Ah."Xu Mei Qian's body trembled, God, she also warned One Defeat Red Dust to be careful, but who knew that One Defeat Red Dust was so powerful that Hua Tianfeng, a level 75, couldn't even block a single move, and was now being strangled by One Defeat Red Dust, hanging from the ceiling like a crab.

Xu Mei Qian looked at One Defeat Red Dust, didn't know what to say, suddenly felt, One Defeat Red Dust was so powerful, the strong air emanating from his body made Xu Mei Qian's heartbeat quicken, moreover, haven't seen him for so long, missed feeling.

"Let go of me."Hua Tianfeng stirred his legs as hard as he could, but unfortunately, he just couldn't get rid of Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said indifferently, "Hua Tianfeng, you knew the law and broke the law by raping your subordinates, today I won't take your life, I'll only waste your lifeblood, I hope you'll change your ways in the future."

Hua Tianfeng's body trembled and roared, "You dare." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen was about to do it when Xu Mei Qian was busy saying, "A defeat of red dust, can you let me handle it this time?Okay?"Xu Mei Qian looked pleadingly at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "He almost raped you, don't you wish to castrate him?"

Xu Mei Qian said, "Although he doesn't deserve to be a police officer and is scum, I'm still a police officer, so I won't abuse the lynching.I'll call the police now and let them handle it, okay?"

Tang Zichen slammed Hua Tianfeng into the ground, directly injuring him internally and causing him to lose his battle strength.

Xu Mei Qian immediately called the director.

"Hey, Director, hurry over here, Hua Tianfeng tried to rape me, I'm in the hotel now, it was a defeat of red dust that showed up to save me."

Hua Tianfeng's anger yelled.

Hanging up the phone, Xu Mei Qian said, "The chief will come over soon, Hua Tianfeng will be cleared out of the police force."

"Do you just want to let him go like this?Clearing out the team, this isn't punishment for him."

Xu Mei Qian's eyebrows furrowed straight, if she really abolished Hua Tianfeng, Hua Tianfeng's family would definitely not stop, and then if she got angry at her family, things would be even bigger.

Tang Zichen said, "Captain Xu, cowardice is useless, you're a police officer who would encounter this kind of thing, let alone an ordinary person, let me take the place of Heaven."

"Don't."Xu Mei Qian shouted.

However, it was already too late, Hua Tianfeng's crotch was a blur of blood and flesh.

"Ah."Hua Tianfeng shouted in pain.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked him and knocked him out.

"Ugh."Xu Mei Qian sighed helplessly, but it was already castrated, so there was no point in saying anything.


; "A defeat of red dust, anyway, I want to thank you, you saved me for the second time, and I, however, have been trying to catch you.

"No harm, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first."Tang Zichen was going to withdraw.

"Wait."Xu Mei Qian shouted.

"What else is there?"Don's voice was lonely and cold.

"Me."Xu Mei Qian didn't know what else was going on, but once the defeated red dust was leaving, her heart was suddenly nervous because she didn't know when she would see it again next time.

Xu Mei Qian whispered, "It's fine, you can go."

Tang Zichen jumped out of the window and disappeared into the night.

Xu Mei Qian stood in front of the window, looking at the night sky outside, her heart had an unexplainable feeling, this goodbye, and next time, I don't know when I will see it again.

Tang Zichen returned home, and then went to sleep.

This one night, Xu Mei Qian lay in bed, no sleep at all, one night was thinking about a defeat of the red dust.For so long, every encounter, every encounter, vivid in her mind.Thinking of the time when One Defeat Red Dust had cut her pants, she couldn't help but smile, seemingly without any hatred.When she thought of that time, she saw the top half of her body and flew with her in her arms, she blushed unconsciously.

Especially tonight, when One Defeat Red Dust suddenly appeared, that powerful figure and scent made Xu Mei Qian unable to forget it, lingering in her mind.

"Could it be that I really like One Defeat Red Dust?"Xu Mei Qian was inwardly shocked, she had never thought of it this way before, and was suddenly so shocked.

"Oh my god, how can I be like this, I actually, really have special feelings for him.No wonder Hua Tianfeng chased me, I would be so resistant, no wonder I would be very mindful every time someone stares at my boobs, it turns out that I actually have unexplainable feelings for One Defeat Red Dust inside me."

Xu Mei Qian was already very sure that inside her heart, she really did like One Defeat Red Dust a bit.During this period of time, she had been praying every day for One Defeat Red Dust to show up, hoping that One Defeat Red Dust would come out to commit a crime, but unfortunately, in every day's case, there was nothing about One Defeat Red Dust, so she always felt a bit lost inside.She had thought that she was just desperate to catch One Defeat Red Dust, but now she thought that she wasn't, but she wanted to see One Defeat Red Dust.

"Oh God, no, I'm a police officer, how could I have those feelings for him, absolutely impossible."Xu Mei Qian shook her head incessantly.

However, Xu Mei Qian couldn't deny the fact within her heart, if One Defeat Red Dust hugged her, she wouldn't have any resistance, whereas if Hua Tianfeng hugged her, she would be very resistant.This assumption made her feel scared.

The next day, Xu Mei Qian did not sleep all night, Xu Mei Qian looked at herself in the mirror and said with a haggard look, "I actually developed a love for him, I'm sorry to the country, I failed the people."

The next day, Tang Zichen drove Liu Xiangyun to school.

Tang Zichen thought to himself as he drove, "I don't want to keep a low profile anymore, I want to explode myself, otherwise people won't know how powerful I am, and when I leave Linjiang, won't Liu Chenming be bullied to death.It's time to explode, let everyone in Linjiang City tremble, let the people of the city know that I, Tang Zichen, am a figure that can't be messed with, so that in the future, people won't dare to bully Liu Chenming's father and daughter anymore, and I can go to the Martial Arts Academy after the New Year without any worries."

At this moment, on the Linjiang Window Forum, that post yesterday, 'Huang Qu, the sixth of the ten outstanding youths, was beaten up' was completely on fire, and also, Tang Zichen's identity had been investigated, and it turned out to be the number one evil youngster of Baiyun High School, Tang Zichen.

It seemed like Tang Zichen was going to be in big trouble because, the first and second place geniuses of the Ten Outstanding Youths seemed to be very upset about this.


At nine o'clock in the morning, Linjiang City TV was doing an interview program.

The interview is with Lin Chaofeng, the first place winner of the Ten Outstanding Youths, and Bai Yijun, the second place winner.

The host asked, "Chaofeng, Yijun, as the two most talented youths in Linjiang in the past ten years, do you feel pressure?"

Lin Chaofeng replied, "To be honest, as the most talented young man in Linjiang City, I'm really a bit stressed."

"Bai Yijun, what about you?"

Bai Yijun smiled, "Fine, just work hard anyway."

The host asked, "Can you describe to us how you felt when you received the notice from Martial Arts Academy inviting you to enroll?"

Lin Chaofeng said, "When I received the notice from the Martial Arts Academy, I was shocked, but I wasn't surprised because I deeply knew that it was only a matter of time."

Bai Yijun said, "I am still a bit incredulous that the sacred Martial Academy would take the initiative to invite me to school."

The host asked, "Now that the entire Linjiang City is proud of you, what do you want to say to the people of the city?"

Lin Chaofeng said, "Thank you for the love of the city's people, I will not disappoint the city's people." First URL

Bai Yijun said, "Me too, when I go to the Martial Arts Academy, I'll practice martial arts well."

The host asked again, "By the way, last night in the Linjiang Window Forum, someone broke the news that Huang Qu was beaten up, the person who beat him up was also a high school student, called Tang Zichen, do you know about this?"

Lin Chaofeng snorted, "I already know, as the sixth place of the ten outstanding youths, Huang Qui was beaten up by a high school student, I am deeply disappointed in Huang Qui."

Bai Yijun smiled and didn't comment.

The moderator asked, "Chaofeng, as the first place of the ten outstanding youths, what do you think of this person Tang Zichen?A lot of people say he'd be at least third if he went to the judging, don't you think?"

Lin Chaofeng wanted to explode, but he held back.

Lin Chaofeng: "Tang Zichen beat up Huang Qu, I'll definitely step in for a bit on this, after all, as the first of the ten outstanding youths, I'm obligated to defend the name of the ten outstanding youths."

"Are you saying that you want to go to Baiyun High School and beat up Tang Zichen?"The host asked.

Lin Chaofeng said, "As one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men, I can't beat people up, besides, that Tang Zichen would definitely not dare to fight me."

The host said, "Let's link up with Tang Zichen live on our show, what do you think?"

Lin Chaofeng nodded and said, "Good, let's connect him live then."

At this moment, the entire Linjiang City's people were watching the interview, some were watching it on TV, some were watching it on the forum, and some were watching it on their mobile phones.

In one office, Liu Chenming sat at his desk, watching the interview on his computer, and smiled when he heard the host say that he wanted to connect with Tang Zichen.

In another upscale office, Song Daitian was holding a cell phone and watching this interview on his phone.

At this moment in a car, a beautiful CEO is driving the car, the radio in the car is also playing the radio version of this interview program, and when she heard the radio say that the live link to Tang Zichen, she secretly said, "It's been a long time since I've seen this kid Tang Zichen."This beautiful CEO was none other than Meng Wenqi.

In one of the offices of the Public Security Bureau, Xu Mei Qian also watched this program, Xu Mei Qian also quite admired Lin Chaofeng and Bai Yijun, if not for the selection of the

Ten Outstanding Youths, Xu Mei Qian didn't even know that there were two other people in Linjiang City besides her who had received a notice from the Martial Arts Academy.Of course, the fact that Xu Mei Qian had received a notice from the Martial Arts Academy was unknown to everyone except Hua Tianfeng, otherwise, Xu Mei Qian would definitely be third in the Top Ten Outstanding Youths.

Tang Zichen was sitting in class, when his phone rang.

"Hello."Tang Zichen picked it up.

"Hello, are you Tang Zichen?"The host of the show asked.

Don said, "What do you want from me?I'm in class, don't harass me if you have nothing to do."

Many viewers despised Tang Zichen when they heard his words, this Tang Zichen, and his tone dragged.

The host of the program said, "Hello, Tang Zichen, I'm Xiao Ma, the host of Linjiang City TV's 'Today's Matters' interview program."

Tang Zichen said, "Oh, sorry, I've never heard of you."

"Uh."That host was a bit depressed, so many viewers were watching, but he actually said he had never heard of him, making him a bit embarrassed.

"Oh, Tang Zichen, it's like this, we're doing an interview program right now."

Tang Zichen said directly before the host could finish, "Sorry, I'm not interested in being your interviewer, you can find someone else."

The host was suddenly scolded in his heart, "Who's looking for you to be a guest, just because you're also worthy of being our guest?"

"Tang Zichen, you've misunderstood, we're not looking for you to be our guest, we're doing this program right now, and our guests are Lin Chaofeng, the first place winner of the Ten Outstanding Youths, and Bai Yijun, the second place winner.We're connecting you live right now, got it?"

"Oh, link me up for what?Can I help you?"

"Here's the thing, you hit the yellow channel last night, and many of our viewers are eager to connect and we'd like to take advantage of the connection to interview you online.Do you have time?"

Tang Zichen originally wanted to say that he didn't have time, he wasn't interested.However, Tang Zichen thought that it was time for him to be high profile and not low profile, so Tang Zichen nodded and said, "There is time."

"Okay, thank you for your cooperation, then let's begin.Fellow Tang Zichen, is it true about the fact that the sixth ranked Huang Qu, the ten outstanding young man last night, was beaten by you?What do you think about this?"

Tang Zichen said, "It's true, Huang Duan that stupid, just his stupid strength, but also dare to hold any lecture, stupid and asked me to go up to demonstrate, then I three punches until he fainted."

At this moment, somewhere, Huang Duc was lying on his bed, and when he saw Tang Zichen's voice on the show, he was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, Huang Duc had just woken up last night after being unconscious.

The host asked again, "Tang Zichen, it seems that you are really strong, many people say that if you also participate in the selection, you can become the third place of outstanding youth, what do you think about this yourself?Do you think you can rate yourself third?"

Tang Zichen said, "Who said I could only get third place, call him out and I promise not to kill him."

"Ah, so what do you mean?You want first place?"The host was shocked.

At the show, Lin Chaofeng was very upset when he heard Tang Zichen's arrogant tone, and he really wanted to grab the host's phone and have a word with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "What's wrong with first place, who else is qualified to be first besides me."

The host laughed and asked, "Tang Zichen, if you want to be number one, what do you want the current number one, Lin Chaofeng, to do?"The host was trying to be sarcastic inside, but didn't make it that obvious, after all, it was a live show and so many viewers were watching.


Tang Zichen said, "He can do what he likes, he's not a big shot."

At this moment, at the show, Lin Chaofeng who was sitting on the side was green, Tang Zichen's words were so disrespectful to him, didn't he know that the city's people were proud of him?

At this moment, many viewers were scolding Tang Zichen for being so arrogant, even Xu Mei Qian and others who knew Tang Zichen felt that Tang Zichen was a bit too arrogant.

The host asked again, "Tang Zichen, Lin Chaofeng and Bai Yijun, both of them received notices from the Martial Arts Academy and are the most talented youths in Linjiang City in the past ten years, becoming the pride of the city's people, what do you think about this?"

Tang Zichen grunted, "Receiving a broken notice, but actually sensationalizing the city, also the most genius in ten years, also the pride of the city's people.Moderator, do you really want me to tell the truth?"

"Sure, tell the truth."

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, then I'll say what's in my heart, don't blame me after that.In my heart, that what Lin Chaofeng ah, what Bai Yijun ah, what ten outstanding young people ah, all of them are scum.The people of Linjiang worship these scum like treasures, Tzu-Chen I think about it, I'm really drunk, I really feel sad for the people of the city inside."

The host was furious, "Tang Zichen, do you know what you're talking about?It's fine to insult the people of the city, but don't insult Lin Chaofeng and Bai Yijun, do you know what it means that they received a notice of invitation to enroll in the Wulin Academy?Representing that they are geniuses certified by the Martial Arts Academy, you, a high school scum student, you dare to comment on them."The host couldn't control himself and became angry.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Look, you told me to tell the truth, and you scolded me even after I said it, alas, it seems that you're a scum host as well.This interview program of yours is probably a slippery, flattering program as well."

At this point, Lin Chaofeng couldn't hear any more and roared angrily, "Tang Zichen, I'm Lin Chaofeng."

"Oh, you're Lin Chaofeng, what, you want to interview me too?"Don Zichen asked. Remember the URL

Lin Chaofeng that gas is, angry, "Tang Zichen, what are you, I interview you?Do you deserve it?"

"Oh, indeed, you really don't deserve to interview me."

"Tang Zichen, you have the guts to say that again."Lin Chaofeng roared.

The host was busy reminding, "Chaofeng, you're recording a show, pay attention to your image."

Lin Chaofeng roared, "I image him?"

The host was helpless.

Tang Zichen said, "Hey, that, Lin Burning Feng, your quality seems to be a bit low ah, as far as I know, the Martial Arts Academy does not accept students with low quality ah, you go home and quickly take out the gold medal to see if it is fake."

"Grass you, I'm called Lin Chaofeng, do you fucking know who you're talking to?"

Lin Chaofeng was on fire.

"Oh, forget it, talking to someone of such poor quality brings my image down, that's all."Tang Zichen hung up the phone.

"Ahhhh."Lin Chaofeng was furious at the show site, roaring wildly, he don't city people worship, did not expect to be humiliated by Tang Zichen in front of so many viewers.

The hosts were also quite speechless, a good live connection made into this.However, this could only be blamed on Tang Zichen's arrogance, he was so mad in front of so many viewers, and said the pride of the city's people into slag, at the moment, not only Lin Chaofeng was furious, the city's people were furious.

Right now in thousands of homes, many people were staring at the screen, watching Lin Chaofeng's reaction, while cursing Tang Zichen for being an idiot.

Liu Chenming was quite incredulous at the moment, Tang Zichen was actually so crazy, this was to make the city's people curse Tang Zichen ah.

Xu Mei Qian and the others were also speechless, of course, everyone thought that Tang Zichen was ignorant, no one thought that Tang Zichen really had the strength to play with Lin Chaofeng, it was just that Tang Zichen was ignorant and didn't have the strength, if Tang Zichen was there Tang Zichen wouldn't dare to be so crazy.

The host said to the exasperated Lin Chaofeng, "Chaofeng, don't be angry, there's no need to be angry over an ignorant student."

Lin Chaofeng raged, "That ignorant grifter Tang Zichen called me a scum, do you think I can't get angry?Ask the city if they're angry.He says I'm scum, ask the people of the city if I'm scum."

"Ugh."The host sighed, the interview had only just started, how do you record it with an hour or so to go?

Lin Chaofeng suddenly stood up and said, "I'm sorry, I'm not recording the show, I'm going to Baiyun Middle School to look for Tang Zichen."

The host was shocked, busy pulling Lin Chaofeng, persuaded: "Chaofeng, egg settling, egg settling ah, the program was only recorded more than ten minutes, there is still an hour before the end, you can not suddenly leave ah."

The host is also depressed ah, the first recorded program is not half of the guests to run, and also live interviews.

Lin Chaofeng said, "I'm sorry, I have to go to Baiyun Middle School now."

After saying that, Lin Chaofeng walked away no matter how the host pulled, leaving Bai Yijun alone.

Bai Yijun looked at the departing Lin Chaofeng and said, "I'm sorry, host, I'm not recording this either."After saying that, Bai Yijun also ran away.

That host sadly exclaimed, "God, two guests have run away, I interview a chicken hair ah, Tang Zichen, I hate you."If there are regrets, the host will never connect Tang Zichen live, and not connect Tang Zichen, so the guests will not be angry and run away.

At this moment, many of the viewers who were watching the live broadcast immediately turned off their TVs and rushed to Baiyun Middle School in flames.Lin Chaofeng ran off to White Cloud High School, so hurry up and go to White Cloud High School.

Liu Chenming also went to drive to Baiyun Middle School first thing.

The TV station had no choice but to let the host carry the camera and follow Lin Chaofeng.

"Viewers, we're doing a special interview for this episode, we're on our way to Baiyun Middle School, the car in front of us is Lin Chaofeng's, driver, hurry up and don't lose him."

So many people who couldn't walk away could see what was happening behind them on TV again, and were very much looking forward to it.

Tang Zichen was playing a game when a call came from Liu Chenming.

"Hello, Uncle Willow."

"Zichen, something big has happened."Willow Chenming said.

"Uncle Willow, what's the big deal?"Tang Zichen asked somehow, Tang Zichen didn't know that so many people would know about that interview show connection just now, to Tang Zichen it was just answering the phone.

"Zichen, what you just said, I saw it on the show."

"Uh, that interview show just now?"

"Yeah, a lot of people in Linjiang City are watching this show ah, we all saw what you just said, Lin Chaofeng was so angry with you that he threw the interview on the spot and was so angry that he wanted to come and settle the score with you, he's on his way to Baiyun High School at the moment."

"Oh."Tang Zichen laughed.

"Zichen, why are you still laughing so calmly."

"Uncle Liu, it's better to come find me, I don't want to keep a low profile lately anyway."


Hanging up the phone, Tang Zichen continued to play with his phone, not taking it seriously at all.That Lin Chaofeng, really think of himself as an onion, but also left the interview to come to him, Tang Zichen will make him regret coming, just as Tang Zichen does not want to low-key.

At that moment, Tang Zichen's phone rang again, it was from Xu Mei Qian.

"Captain Xu, what is it?"Tang Zichen asked.

"Tang Zichen, you've offended Lin Chaofeng."

"Captain Xu, did you specifically call just to tell me that?"

"Tang Zichen, I'm calling to care about you because you're my sister's ex-boyfriend, and my sister told me to take care of you more before she left, and that's why I'm calling to care about you, and you're still talking like this."

"Alright, thanks, I really don't need you to care."

"I'm not talking to you, I'm almost at school, Lin Chaofeng's car is not far in front of me."


Sure enough, it wasn't long before Lin Chaofeng's car drove into Baiyun Middle School.

While the whole school was in class, there was a yell from below the building, "Tang Zichen, come out here." One second to remember to read the book

The students and teachers who were in class were shocked as the students didn't watch this interview show so they didn't know what was going on.

All the students came out of their classes and stood in the corridor to find that the school was suddenly so crowded and there were so many people from the community.

A young man was standing in the open space below the school building, followed by a man carrying a camera.

This young man was the same Lin Chaofeng who had just angrily thrown down the interview and come to Baiyun High School to settle the score with Tang Zichen, even the TV station had followed him.

Lin Chaofeng stood in front of the school building and yelled, "Who is Tang Zichen, come out, heck, come out, I promise not to kill him."

Tang Zichen was standing in the corridor of the school building.

The students were all talking, not knowing what was happening.

Liu Xiangyun was busy, "What's wrong, Tzichen?Why is someone bothering you again, and there are cameras following you, what the hell happened?"

Tang Zichen laughed and explained, "The idiot who called me out below, the first of the ten outstanding young people, just seemed to be doing some kind of talk show, and the host connected me live, and I said something that looked down on him, and then he left the show and came to settle the score with me.Oh, it came pretty fast."

"Ah."Both Liu Xiangyun and Wang Qiang were speechless, so that was what happened.

At this moment, the viewers in front of the TV were staring at the screen, which had Baiyun Middle School in the background, and Lin Chaofeng was shouting at a school building, "Tang Zichen, come out."

At that moment, in the TV picture, a person suddenly jumped from the fifth floor of the teaching building, and many people in the audience wowed.

The camera immediately focused on the person who jumped down, he was precisely Tang Zichen.

Lin Chaofeng saw Tang Zichen and gritted his teeth in anger, "You're the Tang Zichen who was just connected live?"

"Exactly, cockney youth, and you've found your way to my school,"Don Zichen said.

"Who the fuck are you calling a cock-haired youth?"Lin Chaofeng was furious.

"Oh, are there any other chicken-haired youths here?"Tang Zichen said, but Tang Zichen saw Xu Mei Qian not far away as soon as his eyes were opened, Tang Zichen was really speechless.

Not far away, Xu Mei Qian was depressed, Tang Zichen even scolded her, Xu Mei Qian was named Outstanding Young Man, she didn't sign up for herself, don't even know who signed up for her.

At this time, a woman next to Lin Chaofeng snorted, "Tang Zichen, don't be too arrogant, please respect the Outstanding Youth, okay?"

Don Zichen watches

Turning to the woman, "Who are you again?Don't tell me you're a cockney youth, too."

"You."The woman was furious and just said to let him respect the distinguished youth, and he shouted chicken-haired youth again.

At that moment, the camera brother carrying the camera on his side said, "She's Bai Yijun."

"Don't know her."Tang Zichen really didn't know, he didn't pay attention to the chicken-haired youth, where would he know.

The camera big brother was speechless, "You don't even know Bai Yijun, the second place of the ten outstanding youths, I really don't know if you're from Linjiang City."

"Does someone from Linjiang City have to know the second place of the chicken-haired youth?"Tang Zichen rolled his eyes at that camera big brother.

At this point, the city's audience was speechless, Tang Zichen one mouthful of chicken feather youth, really very much despised the outstanding youth ah.

Lin Chaofeng looked at Tang Zichen with cold eyes, at this moment, seeing Tang Zichen so arrogant on the spot, he calmed down instead.

"Tang Zichen, you really are arrogant, good, then I, the first place chicken-haired youth, will let you experience it."

Tang Zichen said, "How to experience it?"

Lin Chaofeng gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen, since you despise outstanding youths so much, I'm asking you right now, do you dare to accept my challenge?"

"Uh, you're challenging me."

"Yes, I didn't want to duel with someone like you, but you're too arrogant, so I had to put down my dignity and take the initiative to challenge you.I want you, as well as the people of the city, to know if I, Lin Chaofeng, am the pride of Linjiang City."

Tang Zichen chuckled, "Yes, Zichen I'm very interested."

Lin Chaofeng grunted and told everyone to back off ten meters.

Soon, the open space in front of the school building was vacant with a ten meter radius.

Tang Zichen and Lin Chaofeng stood in the circle, surrounded by a dense crowd of onlookers.

Lin Chaofeng said coldly, "Tang Zichen, in front of the city's audience, don't say that I, the First Outstanding Youth, bullied you, I'll let you do three moves."

Tang Zichen said disdainfully, "Lin Chaofeng, if I were you, just rush over here, don't pretend to compare, save the bad ending later."

"Very well, Tang Zichen, today I'll fight to lose my image to bust you, you arrogant and ignorant grifter."

"Chicken-haired youth, indeed one is more than a silly comparison."

"Silly you?, I'll fuck you to death."Lin Chaofeng shouted, his feet bounced and blasted towards Tang Zichen, the sword in his hand ejected with a swoosh as he bounced in the air.

At this moment, the city's viewers watching the show were holding their breath, not blinking their eyes for fear of missing any details.

Tang Zichen also didn't want to keep a low profile today, so he also leapt in mid-air with a little bit of both feet.

"Tang Zichen, go die."Lin Chaofeng stabbed his sword at Tang Zichen's chest.

Tang Zichen grunted disdainfully and didn't use his sword, instantly blasting Lin Chaofeng's sword with a fist, the tremendous force, the shock broke Lin Chaofeng's sword into a dozen pieces.

"Ah."Lin Chaofeng was stunned.

"Bang."At this time, Tang Zichen struck down at Lin Chaofeng's chest with his palm.

Lin Chaofeng tried to dodge, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen was too strong.

"Ah."Lin Chaofeng screamed as he fell from midair to the ground, smashing a hole in the stone slab of the ground.

"Drink."Tang Zichen shouted and swept down from mid-air with another kick.

"Bang."The kick swept down hard on Lin Chaofeng's body.

"Poof."Lin Chaofeng spurted out a mouthful of blood wildly.


"Ah."Everyone saw Lin Chaofeng vomit blood, shocked and stunned, Lin Chaofeng but Linjiang City in the past ten years the most talented youth ah, received the Martial Arts Academy to invite the admission notice youth ah, in the hands of Tang Zichen, a move without blocking and vomited blood.

At this moment, even Xu Mei Qian are dumbfounded, Xu Mei Qian before admiring Lin Chaofeng, also received the admission notice, and Lin Chaofeng martial arts level has been 70, but at this time, Tang Zichen a second hit to him spit blood.

While everyone was stunned and incredulous, Tang Zichen grabbed Lin Chaofeng again.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped down hard.

"Say, can I rate you as scum?"Tang Zichen grabbed Lin Chaofeng's collar and asked.

Lin Chaofeng's face swelled up and roared, "I don't believe it, this must be a dream."At this moment Lin Chaofeng was blinded, he couldn't believe that this was real.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped again.

"Say, can I rate you as scum?"Donzie asked again.

"This must be a dream, ooooh, dream, please wake up soon, dream, ooooh."Lin Chaofeng cried and yelled, pleading with the dream to wake up soon, how hard it was to accept reality.

Lin Chaofeng's face was already swollen, Tang Zichen grabbed another handful of mud on the grass and stuffed it into Lin Chaofeng's mouth.

Lin Chaofeng coughed desperately, Tang Zichen asked, "Is the dream awake now?That camera, come over here and give the first youth a close-up, so the city can see what the most talented youth of the decade is like." First URL

"Oh."The cameraman put the camera on Lin Chaofeng's face.

Tang Zichen grabbed Lin Chaofeng's hair, leaned in front of the camera and said, "People of the city, see, this is the number one outstanding young man you are proud of, everyone open your eyes and look a little closer."

Lin Chaofeng cried and yelled, "Tang Zichen, you mother than, let go of me."

"Damn it, and you dare to curse me."

Tang Zichen punched Lin Chaofeng's abdomen again.

"Poof."Lin Chaofeng spurted out another mouthful of blood.

Tang Zichen hoisted Lin Chaofeng up and said to the camera lens, "People of the city, do you see what's going on?Am I in a position to call him scum?Does the whole city agree with my assessment of him as scum?If you disagree, I'll keep fighting."

"Bang."Tang Zichen punched again, and Lin Chaofeng spurted out another mouthful of blood.





With every punch Tang Zichen threw, Lin Chaofeng spat out a mouthful of blood.

After about three minutes, Lin Chaofeng cried out, "Stop fighting."

Tang Zichen said, "The people of the city haven't agreed yet, so I still have to fight."

"Don't fight, I've agreed, woohoo."Lin Chaofeng cried.

"What? You've agreed to it yourself?But I asked the people of the city if they agreed with it, not you,"Don Zichen said.

At that moment, the show's host said, "Don Zichen, don't fight it, I agree with it too."

"I agree too."The photographer said.

"I agree, too."Many citizens in the audience agreed.

"OK, since the people of the city agree with me that he's scum, I'll stop fighting."Tang Zichen threw Lin Chaofeng away.

Tang Zichen suddenly remembered that he had just said 'ok', and Tang Zichen's heart burst with joy: "Haha, I can actually speak English now, I'm so cool!

Than ah."

Tang Zichen was feeling so good about himself because he spoke English.

Lin Chaofeng was helped away and the live camera was still filming Tang Zichen.

The host handed over the microphone and asked, "Tang Zichen, you just defeated Lin Chaofeng in one move, why are you this awesome?"

Tang Zichen smiled at the camera, "Because I'm Tang Zichen."

"Then you didn't worry at all that something would happen if you just hit Lin Chaofeng like that?As far as I know, Lin Chaofeng's grandfather is one of Linjiang City's eight masters, oh, and his martial arts level has already exceeded 80."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Lin Chaofeng's grandfather is an eight master, huh?"

"Aren't you afraid that his grandfather will get angry?"The host asked.

Tang Zichen picked up a stone on the ground and said to the camera, "Look, everyone, this stone is like Lin Chaofeng's grandfather, Zichen my two fingers in one."

"Pah."The rock was exploded by Tang Zichen's two fingers.

Tang Zichen said, "Alright, I've clipped Lin Chaofeng's grandfather to burst."

Everyone at the scene saw this scene and had only one word to describe Tang Zichen, arrogant.He went so far as to analogize Lin Chaofeng's grandfather with a rock in public, and then said that he had pinched him to burst.Lin Chaofeng's grandfather to, definitely to burst with anger, at any rate is Linjiang City's famous eight masters, martial arts level of 85, such a high level, that is the existence of ordinary people do not dare to look up to.

The host asked, "Tang Zichen, if you are so powerful, then why weren't you accepted into the Martial Arts Academy?"

"The Martial Arts Academy?"

"Yes, but Lin Chaofeng was accepted by the Martial Arts Academy, and it was a notice of invitation to enroll, which means that Lin Chaofeng has great potential in the future, even if he's not as good as you now, he has great potential in the future, you weren't accepted by the Martial Arts Academy, he'll surpass you sooner or later."

Tang Zichen bent down, pulled out a gold medal from his shoe and said, "Are you guys talking about this gold medal?"

"What? You you you also received a notice inviting admission?"Everyone was shocked when they saw the gold medal that Tang Zichen took out.

When Xu Mei Qian saw Tang Zichen take out the gold medal, her body trembled, she never thought that Tang Zichen had received it as well.

The host said excitedly, "Tang Zichen, you actually received the gold medal from the Martial Arts Academy, oh my god.But, why did you put the gold medal in your shoe?"

"Oh, the heel of this shoe knocked a layer, with the other shoe a high and a low, just happened to see this gold medal is quite similar to the insole, so I stuffed it into the shoe for a cushion."

"No way, other people receive gold medals as ancestors to be offered up, why are you using it as a shoe insole?"

"Oh, it's just a broken gold medal, the really strong ones don't enter the Martial Arts Academy with a gold medal, they just walk right in."

"So, you think you're a strong man, huh?"

Don Zichen said, "What, host, do you have a problem with that?Come on, let's have a fight in front of the city too."

"No no no."The host was scared and backed away.

Tang Zichen also felt that the arrogance was almost over, and stopped at an appropriate time, waving his hand, "Alright, that's almost enough, school is still in session, everyone hurry up and leave, nothing to see here."

All the people society came up with this just left, what just happened is really incredible, just don't know how Lin Chaofeng that grandfather will react after seeing the TV.

Liu Chenming wasn't in a hurry to leave, right now he was both happy and lost inside.Happy that Tang Zichen had received the notice from the Martial Arts Academy, and lost that Tang Zichen was going to leave their home after all.


Xu Mei Qian was also very shaken inside at the moment, a bit incredulous, all along, in her impression, Tang Zichen was weaker than her, all of a sudden, Tang Zichen became much stronger than her, and also received a notice from the Martial Arts Academy.Xu Mei Qian now regretted letting her sister go home a bit, Tang Zichen was so promising, she should have let her sister continue to fall in love with Tang Zichen.

However, Tang Zichen had already entered the Martial Arts Academy, and her sister wouldn't be worthy of Tang Zichen if she didn't work hard to discover the Rendui Vessel, so it was good to go home early and work hard to discover the Rendui Vessel.Moreover, her sister was already engaged to be married, no matter how much she talked, it would be fruitless.

Willow Chenming walked up to Tang Zichen and smiled, "Zichen, when did you receive your admission notice from the Martial Arts Academy?"

"Uncle Willow, I'm sorry I never told you."

"It's okay, I'm happy that you received the acceptance letter, and I know that someone as good as you can't be a bodyguard in my house for the rest of your life."

"Uncle Willow, don't say that, in my heart, you and Miss are my family."

Willow Chenming was touched and said, "I'm really touched that you can say that."

"Alright, Uncle Willow, you go home first, we'll talk about anything else at home."

"Okay, then you go to class."

Tang Zichen returned to his class and the school gradually quieted down.

Tang Zichen looked up and saw that Liu Xiangyun, who was sitting in the first row, was not in the class. Remember the URL

"Hey, where did the lady go?"Tang Zichen's heart was puzzled.

Wang Qiang said, "Liu Xiangyun has just gone upstairs, I think it should be on the roof."

Tang Zichen arrived at the top of the stairs and indeed saw Liu Xiangyun alone, looking lonely, sitting in a corner, not knowing what she was contemplating.

"Miss."Tang Zichen walked up, seeing Miss looking so lonely, Tang Zichen felt a pity for her, she must have felt sad because Tang Zichen had received the gold medal from the Martial Arts Academy and would soon be leaving her home.

Liu Xiangyun looked back at Tang Zichen and said angrily, "Why did you come up here, you go down."

"Miss, you're hiding on the roof by yourself, what are you sad about?"

"It's up to you."

"Is it because I'm quitting, Miss?So in a bad mood?"

"No it's not, I'm happy that you received the notice from the Martial Arts Academy."

"Then you're still so sad."

"Where am I sad, I'm just happy."

"Glad why are you hiding on the roof to come."

"Don't mind me, I want to be alone for a while, you go down."Xiangyun Liu pushed Tang Zichen down.

Tang Zichen sighed and suddenly saw that Liu Xiangyun's eyes were wet.


"Go down, okay, I want to be alone."Liu Xiangyun pleaded, perhaps because she was afraid of tears and didn't want Tang Zichen to see it, after saying that, she quickly turned her head.

Tang Zichen did not go down and hugged Liu Xiangyun.

Liu Xiangyun's body trembled and whimpered as she cried out, "Don't misunderstand, I'm really happy for you."

Tang Zichen chuckled, happy and still crying, but Tang Zichen understood that she was leaving because she couldn't bear to leave.This was Tang.

The reason why Zichen didn't want to say this so early before, so that the whole New Year is probably not very happy, Tang Zichen regretted that he just took out the gold medal.

"Miss, even if I leave later, I'll still come back, it's not like I'm saying goodbye forever, besides, the year hasn't even passed yet, it's still early, you start crying now, but I'll think you want to drive me away now."

"It's not."Liu Xiangyun gushed.

"Oh, then don't cry, let's talk about it after the New Year happily."

Only then did Liu Xiangyun stop crying and Tang Zichen wiped her tears away.

Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun so closely, and suddenly, a thought flashed through Tang Zichen's mind.

"Miss shouldn't have fallen in love with me, right?"Tang Zichen said internally.

Thank goodness, Tang Zichen, the big dumb ass, finally realized it.

"Miss, go back to your class."

"Mm."When Liu Xiangyun and Tang Zichen returned to class together, Tang Zichen's mood turned complicated when he realized that Liu Xiangyun was likely to like him.

"What if Miss really likes me?"

"I, Tang Zichen, am famous for my pure love, only my sister doesn't love ah."

"Miss actually she is really beautiful, if I really have to leave her after years, perhaps, I will really be quite sad to leave them, I already consider them as family."

Once upon a time, in Tang Zichen's world, there were so many beautiful women chasing Tang Zichen in the Jianghu world, but Tang Zichen was unmoved, and there was even a beautiful woman who turned against him because she couldn't have him.Even so, Tang Zichen still only liked his senior sister, he was famous for his pure love ah.

"If Miss really likes me, what should Zichen do, alas, I really don't want to hurt her."

"Currently, I've never thought about my own feelings because I still love my senior sister inside.In my previous life, I wouldn't have moved on even if I had turned against the Demon Princess.But now, it's no longer my past life, and it's still unknown whether I can really go back in time in the future, and I'm afraid that even if I do, it will be decades from now, and my sister will have married long ago.I can't keep holding on to my past feelings either, I should really start my own life too."

"Is that so?Should I be completely integrated into the world?To marry and have children here?"Tang Zichen muttered to himself, looking for all kinds of reasons to completely forget his senior sister, completely forget the past, but he could never make up his mind.There were eighteen years of memories from the past in his mind, and this era was only a little over a month old, how could it replace the past.

"Don't think so much about it for now, just take one step at a time, besides, it's still not certain if Miss really likes me or not, it's just my assumption."Tang Zichen forced himself not to think about it so much.

Tang Zichen wasn't a person who was so easily moved, otherwise, in his previous life, he and the Demon Princess, how could they have turned against each other.That Demonic Princess, at first, really liked Tang Zichen very much, sending flowers, wine, clothes, anything that moved people, but Tang Zichen still had no feelings for her.But Tang Zichen still had no feelings for her. Later, the evil princess grew to hate Tang Zichen and turned against him because of her love.That Devil Princess, her beauty in the Jianghu, was on par with his little sister, who was named 'the first beauty of the Jianghu', while the Devil Princess, was 'the first beauty of the Devil's Way', one good and one evil.One of the reasons Tang Zichen didn't like the Devil Princess was because good and evil didn't go hand in hand, and no matter how many touching things she did, Tang Zichen only had his junior sister in mind.

After turning against the Devil Princess, she started to want to kill Tang Zichen, and since she couldn't get it, no one else could either..


That demonic princess was very skilled in martial arts, no less talented than Tang Zichen, and was one of Tang Zichen's most feared enemies in his previous life, Tang Zichen could only fight her to a draw every time, and almost died several times from her evil methods.Tang Zichen was a righteous person who would not use evil means, and it was quite depressing to be killed by such a strong enemy who wanted to kill him at all times.No matter what, Tang Zichen always had guilt in his heart for her love.

All of these things were in the past, and Tang Zichen didn't want to think about it anymore.

If Liu Xiangyun really liked him, Tang Zichen would have a hard time.Tang Zichen summed up a truth of life in his previous life: people, really can't be too good, if they are too good, they will be haunted by too many beautiful women, if there is a next life, he doesn't want to be so good anymore.

Unexpectedly, Tang Zichen's words really came true, he really had a next life, crossing over here, Tang Zichen really worried about going on the old path of his previous life again, because he was too good and was pestered by too many beautiful women.

At this moment, in a certain large manor on the outskirts of Linjiang City, an old man around sixty years old, his eyes watching the television.

On the TV, Tang Zichen was holding a rock and said that he had already crushed Lin Chaofeng's grandfather to burst.

This sixty year old man was the eighth ranked expert in this Linjiang City, called Lin Changbing, with a martial arts rank of 85.

"Grandpa, Tang Zichen has insulted you like this, what are you going to do now?"Next to him, Lin Chaofeng, whose face was swollen into a pig's head, asked.

Lin Chang Bing's gaze revealed a hint of gloom.

"Tang Zichen, a yellow-haired brat who doesn't even take old man so seriously."

"Grandpa, when Tang Zichen beat me, his strength was inscrutable, will he be stronger than you?"Lin Chaofeng asked. A second to remember to read the book.

"A high school student, I don't believe he's really against the world."

"Grandpa, what are your plans?"Lin Chaofeng asked.

"What do you want me to do?"

Lin Chaofeng said, "I'm so disgraced today, there's no way I'm going to let him off the hook, grandpa, I hope you'll also let him make a fool of himself and eat mud in public, hit him hard."

"Good, then grandpa I'll challenge him publicly, and since he made me sound so disdainful, it's just what the people of the city want for me to challenge him."

"Grandpa, I'll help you post at the Linjiang Window."

"No, just call the TV station and ask them to arrange it."

In the afternoon, Tang Zichen was in class when he received an unfamiliar phone call.

"Hello, Tang Zichen, I'm the director of Linjiang TV station, it's like this, you provoked Lin Changbing in front of the program in the morning, Lin Changbing was very unhappy about it and he wanted to ask you to fight."

Tang Zichen asked, "Who is Lin Changbing?"

"Lin Chaofeng's grandfather, in our entire Linjiang City, the eighth ranked expert in martial arts, his strength is about level 85."

Tang Zichen Oh, although 85 was not bad, a bit strong, Tang Zichen had little interest.However, Tang Zichen said that he would no longer be high profile, so he should only agree.

"Okay, but there's one condition to add."

"What condition?"

"Lin Changbing must slap himself ten times in public before challenging me, just as punishment for challenging me.After all, you know that it's damaging to my name to have someone who is too lowly to fight with me.If that Lin Chang Bing agrees to this punishment, I'll accept his challenge, otherwise, it's hard."

"This."The TV station's director cursed in his heart, "Tang Zichen, you're too crazy to want to fight you in a duel, but you still have to slap yourself in public first, or else you won't accept it.


; "I'll talk to Lin Changbing about this, you wait for my reply."

The TV stage immediately called Lin Changbing, "Senior Lin, I've already called Tang Zichen."

"Has he accepted my challenge?When and where is the time and place?"Lin Chang Bing asked.

"This, Senior Lin, Tang Zichen said that you're too low level and it's a bit difficult for him to accept your challenge."

"What?"Lin Chang Bing's body trembled with anger, it was so insulting, he was the eighth best expert in the city, if it wasn't for the bullying of his grandson, he would never have humiliated himself to challenge a high school student.However, the other party actually considered him too lowly... God, Lin Chang Bing had lived for so many years, and this was the first time he was so angry.

At that moment, the stage manager said, "However, Tang Zichen said that it's not impossible for him to accept your challenge, one condition must be added, that is, before challenging him, you must slap yourself 10 times in public, then he will reluctantly accept your challenge, otherwise, with his status, he might not be able to accept it."

"I pooh, he has a fart status, he's really pissed off at me."Lin Chang Bing was so angry that he almost didn't spit blood.

Hesitantly, Lin Chang Bing roared, "Fine, go tell that son of a bitch that I accept it."

"That's fine, I'll go and tell him."

A moment later, Tang Zichen received another call from the station manager.

"Tang Zichen, Lin Changbing has accepted your terms."

"Oh, okay, then I'll reluctantly fight him."Tang Zichen said.

That station cursed in his heart, "Still reluctantly, I pooh, even I can't see past that, I really hope Lin Changbing, senior, blows up this arrogant Tang Zichen ah, this kind of person, if you don't give him a little bit of credit, he will really be lawless.In the evening, I want to broadcast this news in its original form, so that all the people in the city will know this arrogant and arrogant face of Tang Zichen."

The station manager said, "Then let's set a time for it."

"Oh, let me indeed time ah, then tomorrow at noon."

"The location?"The station manager asked again.

"Location, ah, whatever, all at once anyway, it takes more time to take a piss than a fight,"Tang Zichen said.

The station manager was upset, "Tang Zichen, what do you mean, it takes more time to take a piss."

"It was already ah, it would take me at least half a minute to take a pee, but a fight with Lin Chang Bing can be over in a few seconds.So, it's only a few seconds, no need to make it too complicated la, just find a random street corner."

"Tang Zichen, since Senior Lin Changbing entrusted our TV station to handle this matter, how can we be so casual."

"Oh, so, then let's do it on the Linjiang River."


Hanging up the phone, the TV station director prayed, "This kid's tone is really crazy, God must bless, let senior Lin Changbing beat Tang Zichen to a pulp tomorrow."

Tang Zichen hung up the phone and laughed.

After school in the afternoon, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun still went home together, and Liu Xiangyun cherished every minute and second of coming home from school with Tang Zichen.Liu Xiangyun took out her phone to take a video.

"Miss, what are you doing?"

Xiangyun Liu said, "I'm going to take more videos up and use them as memories later."

In the future, when Tang Zichen is gone, if she misses him, she'll take videos out to watch.

Tang Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly and allowed Liu Xiangyun to film him.


At night, Linjiang City was broadcasting a news story.

"Yesterday morning, Linjiang City's number one outstanding young man, Lin Chaofeng, was severely beaten by a student from Baiyun Middle School, named Tang Zichen... It turns out that Tang Zichen, who is only eighteen years old, has already received an admission notice from the Martial Arts Academy, and he is far stronger than Lin Chaofeng.However, this was supposed to be a good thing, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen was too ignorant.Lin Chaofeng's grandfather, Lin Changbing, made an expression about his grandson being beaten, but unfortunately, Tang Zichen is too crazy, so Lin Changbing is going to challenge Tang Zichen to a duel at Linjiang River tomorrow at noon."

"Many citizens doubt that Tang Zichen will be stronger than Lin Changbing, after all, Tang Zichen is able to spike Lin Chaofeng.For this, our reporter interviewed Lin Changbing himself."

The camera on the TV immediately switched and a reporter asked Lin Changbing.

"Senior Lin, many citizens now suspect that Tang Zichen's strength might be above yours, Tang Zichen is able to spike your grandson, would it be too risky for you to rashly challenge Tang Zichen now that you don't know his details?"

Lin Changbing said angrily, "My grandson was beaten, should I remain silent?Even if I wasn't a match for Tang Zichen, I would still go to fight for my life, that's the basics of being human.Do I pretend not to know and let my grandson get beaten for nothing because I'm afraid that Tang Zichen is stronger than me?"

The TV camera switched back to the host, who said, "Regarding Tang Zichen's strength, the reporter also went to visit the number one expert in Linjiang City, Fang Zhengjun.Let's see what Fang Zhengjun says about Tang Zichen."

The TV screen switched again.

A reporter handed over the microphone and said, "Senior Fang Zhengjun, everyone knows that you are an outer-door level expert, the resident number one expert in Linjiang City, have you heard of Tang Zichen as a student?"

"I've heard that Tang Zichen is indeed a genius, far more powerful than that grandson of Lin Changbing."An old man said, this old man was about seventy years old.

The reporter asked, "Then who do you think, Tang Zichen or Lin Changbing, is more powerful?" First web site

Fang Zhengjun smiled, "No matter how powerful Tang Zichen is, he is still a high school student after all, Lin Changbing is already over sixty, even if his martial arts level is lower than Tang Zichen, his combat experience is enough to spike Tang Zichen.However, I quite admire this kid, hopefully he will be in Lin Changbing's hands tomorrow, let's hope he can last a little longer undefeated, but no matter what, the fact that he can fight Lin Changbing, an old guy, is enough to show that Tang Zichen is the first day genius in Linjiang City for thirty years."

"Wow, Senior Fang Zhengjun, I didn't expect you to have such a high opinion of Tang Zichen, how can you be so sure?"

"Oh, I, Fang Zhengjun, at any rate, am an outer door realm expert, the only one in Linjiang City who has reached the outer door realm, if I can't even tell a person's approximate strength, what am I still hanging around for."

At this moment, at Liu Chenming's house, Tang Zichen was watching TV.

In his heart, Tang Zichen said, "I didn't expect that Linjiang City has an expert above the outer gate realm, and I don't know what outer gate realm it is."

Liu Chenming walked over and smiled, "This is Senior Fang Zhengjun, the highest ranking person in the entire Linjiang City, and the head of the Zhan Long Hall of Linjiang City."

"Uh, the Hall Master of the Zhan Long Hall?"

"Yes, the three strongest experts in Linjiang City, Fang Zhengjun, Gu Tianhe, and Liu Qiyun, are the owners of the Zhan Long Hall, the Transformation Dragon Hall, and the Wind Cloud Hall respectively.However, only Fang Zhengjun has stepped into the Outer Gate, so the three irregular forces in Linjiang City, Zhangyu Dragon Hall is the strongest."

"Oh."Tang Zichen casually oh, although to the entire Linjiang City, Fang Zhengjun was very, very strong, the only one to step into the Outer Gate realm, but to Ximen Yu, it was just average, not

Over, it's good to be able to step into the outer gate."

The next day at noon, Tang Zichen was standing on the surface of the Linjiang River.

At this time, many people were watching on both sides of the Linjiang River.

Tang Zichen had come half an hour earlier and had been standing on the river surface.

That Lin Chang Bing, however, was in no hurry to go out.

Lin Chaofeng was busy saying, "Grandpa, it's almost twelve o'clock, you fly out ah, you also stand on the river surface, and then blow up Tang Zichen."

Lin Chang Bing snorted, "Tang Zichen is standing on the river right now, he just wants to pretend to be a match, so that the city's people can boast of his good light power, okay, if he wants to pretend to be a match, I'll let him pretend to be a match.He's extremely consumed by his internal energy when he's standing on the river using his light power, so when he's exhausted his internal energy, I'll see what else he can fight me with."

Lin Chaofeng suddenly realized, "So Tang Zichen is pretending to be a match, in that case, let him pretend until he runs out of internal strength and falls into the water, let's see if he is embarrassed."

If Tang Zichen heard the conversation between Lin Chaofeng and his grandson at the moment, he would have to die laughing.

With Tang Zichen's light strength, he was still afraid of exhausting his inner strength?Ridiculous, Tang Zichen had no problem standing for a day and a night.

Tang Zichen had been standing on the river, and the onlookers on both sides of the river were talking.

"Tang Zichen has been standing for a long time, hasn't he?"

"Yeah, over half an hour."

"Wow, Tang Zichen's lightness is amazing, it's really not something ordinary people can do."

"Why hasn't that Lin Changbing come out yet, people have been waiting for Tang Zichen on the river for so long for him."

The entire city was admiring Tang Zichen's lightness of power.

Tang Zichen looked at the time, it was already ten minutes past twelve.

"Nima, that Lin Changbing isn't coming out yet?How much does he mean?"Tang Zichen's heart was dark.

Tang Zichen shouted, "Lin Changbing, if you don't come out, I'll have to go back."

After saying that, Tang Zichen pretended to fly away.

In the distance, Lin Chaofeng was busy saying, "Grandpa, get out quickly, Tang Zichen is definitely running out of lightness and wants to find an excuse to go ashore and rest, don't give him a chance ah."

Lin Chang Bing also thought of this and immediately flew out.

"Tang Zichen, want to leave?No way."Lin Changbing shouted and flew at fire speed a few meters in front of Tang Zichen, also standing on the river.

Tang Zichen looked at Lin Changbing's lightness and said in his heart, "His lightness is so third-rate, fine, I'll let him make a fool of himself."

Lin Changbing said, "Tang Zichen, enough of pretending to be a match?If you've pretended enough, we'll start the duel, and if you still want to continue pretending, I'll let you have enough time to pretend."

Tang Zichen was disgusted by Lin Changbing's sarcasm and said, "Lin Changbing, what if I say that I haven't pretended enough?"

"Then you continue to pretend."

"Lin Chang Bing, if I continue to stand on the water and pretend to compare, will you fly back to shore to rest, or will you stand aside?"

"Joke, you're standing on the river pretending to compare your lightness, why should I accompany you."

"Lin Changbing, are you afraid that your lightness is not as good as mine?"

"Joke, you're nothing."Lin Chang Bing was furious.

"In that case, before the duel, do you dare to compete with me in a contest of lightness?"



"Alright, don't make so many jokes, let's start by having a light-skill contest with me."Tang Zichen shouted to the crowd, "Fellow citizens, Lin Changbing is going to have a contest with me on light skills, we'll both stand on the river and see who falls into the water first."

"Ohhhhh."The onlookers screamed and shouted at the top of their lungs.

"You."Lin Changbing was annoyed, he wasn't that bored in his heart to compete with Tang Zichen in a light kung fu contest, but Tang Zichen had already shouted out, he was afraid that if he said no now, he would make the city's people despise him, after all, he was the eighth strongest expert in Linjiang City.

Lin Changbing snorted inside, "I don't believe that Tang Zichen has been standing on the river for so long, he still has extra internal strength to consume with me, let's compare, who's afraid of who."

Lin Chang Bing was on fire, so he and Tang Zichen both stood on the river surface without moving.

Tang Zichen laughed inside and said, "Compete with me for lightness and I'll let you fall into the water in public."

Ten minutes later, Tang Zichen and Lin Changbing were still motionless.

The audience began to talk.

"Who do you guys think is more powerful in lightness?"

"Nonsense, of course it's Lin Changbing." Remember the URL

"Tang Zichen has been standing for forty or fifty minutes, and Lin Changbing will lose no matter how much he competes, unless after Tang Zichen falls into the water, Lin Changbing continues to stand for more than forty or fifty minutes."

Fifteen minutes later, Tang Zichen saw that Lin Changbing's legs were shaking a bit.

At this moment, Lin Changbing said inwardly, "Mom, how much longer can Tang Zichen stand?If he doesn't fall into the water, I'm about to lose it."

Tang Zichen saw Lin Changbing's legs trembling and knew right away that Lin Changbing was about to lose his footing.

"This old man, his lightness is so bad, he's about to fail to hold on after only fifteen minutes."Tang Zichen cursed inwardly.

After another five minutes, Lin Changbing's legs trembled even more, as if he was trying to control himself.

Lin Changbing said internally, "No way, I really can't hold on any longer, I'd better find a reason to withdraw first, or else it would be he shame to fall into the water."

So, Lin Changbing had no choice but to say, "Tang Zichen, I'm a little anxious to pee."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Old man, I don't think you can do it, and you're still peeing urgently, why don't you call it a shit urgency."

"Tang Zichen, I'm not bothering to get acquainted with you, you turtle bastard, I'm going to use the toilet first."After saying that, Lin Chang Bing wanted to fly away.

"Where to go?"Tang Zichen stopped Lin Changbing at once.

Lin Changbing was anxious inside, he really couldn't hold on much longer now, if he didn't go ashore and take a break, he would have to fall into the water.

"Tang Zichen, can't I even go to the toilet?"Lin Chang Bing roared.

Tang Zichen huffed, "I'm an 18 year old bancho who hasn't even gone to the toilet yet, what's a 60 year old man like you doing in the toilet."Tang Zichen deliberately stalled for time, letting Lin Changbing fall into the water himself.

"You, Tang Zichen, I don't have time to bullshit with you, I need to go to the toilet first, I'll come back to fix you afterwards."Lin Changbing said and then bypassed Tang Zichen and flew off in one direction to the shore.

Tang Zichen stopped Lin Changbing again.

"Lin Changbing, why bother, finish the fight first then go to the toilet, I don't believe that you, an expert, will still be suffocated by a bird, don't you think so, everyone?"Tang Zichen shouted.

Many citizens said, "That's right, I don't believe in urinating to this extent, if you really urinated to this extent, you felt it half an hour ago, why didn't you go finish it half an hour ago."

Lin Chang Bing was very depressed at the moment, if he was given another chance, he would

Swore that he would never compete with Tang Zichen's lightness, but now it was good that he was about to fall into the water, Lin Changbing had never stood on the water all the time before, because no one would idly stand on the water all the time to test how long their lightness could last.Lin Changbing had thought that even Tang Zichen could do it, he was sure he could too, but he didn't expect to last less than twenty minutes and he was about to die.

Lin Changbing's legs were trembling, and he looked like he was about to lose his balance and couldn't stand, Tang Zichen knew that he was going to fall off soon.

Lin Chang Bing was furious, "Tang Zichen, what do you mean you repeatedly stopped me from going to the bathroom?"

"It's no fun, it's just not too late to hit the bathroom after you're done with me."

"You."Lin Changbing couldn't even stand up now, how could he fight.

"Irrational, I have to go to the toilet, I won't accompany you for now."Lin Changbing flew in the other direction of the shore again.

Tang Zichen immediately stopped in front of him again.

Lin Changbing switched directions again, and Tang Zichen stopped him again, just to keep him from going to shore.

Tang Zichen was going to let him fall into the water.

"Ahhhh."Lin Changbing was going mad, if he didn't get to shore, he was really going to fall into the water, he never expected that Tang Zichen's lightness was much stronger than him.

"Tang Zichen, if you don't let me go to the bathroom again, I'll kill you."Lin Chang Bing yelled in anger, and the audience said in their hearts, "Oh my god, how much does this Lin Chang Bing want to go to the toilet."Everyone wondered if Lin Chang Bing hadn't gone to the toilet in a year.

Tang Zichen said, "I won't let you go to the toilet even if you kill me."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Old Ghost, if you can't do light work you can just tell everyone and trick them into going to the toilet, hmm, I won't let you pretend this ratio."

Lin Changbing's body was getting lower and lower, standing on the water, his shoes were about to get into the water.

Inside Lin Changbing, he really had to kneel down to Tang Zichen.

Lin Chang Bing looked down, Nima, the water was halfway soaked into his shoes.

"Tang Zichen, I'll ask you one last time, will you let me go to the toilet?"Lin Chang Bing's red eyes yelled.

Tang Zichen saw that Lin Chang Bing's shoes were almost in the water, and he was afraid that even if he were to let him go to shore, he wouldn't be able to hold on to the shore.

"Alright, seeing as you're in such a hurry, I'll let you go to the bathroom first."Tang Zichen made his way out.

Lin Chang Bing was so happy, Tang Zichen finally didn't stop him, otherwise he really wouldn't have half a solution, he would have to fall into the water.

Lin Chang Bing immediately flew towards the shore, in his heart he said, "Can't fall into the water ah, must hold on to the shore ah, must ah."

Tang Zichen suddenly moved his hand, his inner force turned into a wind and blew towards Lin Changbing from behind.

"Pounce."Lin Chang Bing's body lost control and fell headlong into the river.

"Ahhhhh."Lin Chang Bing yelled in anger.

"Tang Zichen, I'll kill you."Lin Chang Bing was completely on fire, but, he didn't move as he stood in the water because he was resting, otherwise he wouldn't have any internal strength to support him.

Tang Zichen grunted, "Lin Changbing, no internal strength, and you killed me, wake up you."

Lin Chang Bing rested in the water and regained a bit of his strength, he suddenly slapped the surface of the water, leapt up and stabbed Tang Zichen with his sword.

"Go to hell."The rage in Lin Chang Bing's heart made him open-minded even if he killed someone.

Tang Zichen made a flip and leap on the water, jumping in midair before stepping down on Lin Chang Bing's back.

"Ah."Where Lin Chang Bing could support Tang Zichen's weight, he smashed into the river in one fell swoop.


"Tang Zichen, I'm not done with you."Lin Changbing once again tumbled out of the water and went to the sky to kill Tang Zichen.

But but but, Lin Chang Bing really didn't have the internal strength to support him, and before he could reach Tang Zichen, he fell headfirst into the water himself because he couldn't support himself.

"Hahaha."Many of the citizens on the shore couldn't help but laugh when they saw such a comical scene of Lin Changbing.

Lin Chang Bing himself was too embarrassed to get out of the water, but right now, Lin Chang Bing was hiding under the water and said in his heart, "What should we do?It's so humiliating, what should I do, I've really disgraced my old face, how can Tang Zichen's lightness be so strong."

Suddenly, Lin Changbing had a plan, secretly saying, "Things have come to this, I can only do this, I'll sneak under the water and dive under the bridge, rest under the bridge, then dive back under the water and kill Tang Zichen, so that the onlookers think that I've been holding my breath under the water, I can hold my breath for so long, and I can somewhat save face."

Lin Changbing did what he said he would do, immediately underwater, sneaking under the bridge dive, under the far bridge, he secretly climbed out, the general public would not see under the bridge, so the onlookers did not know, thought Lin Changbing had been underwater it.

Tang Zichen saw Lin Changbing didn't come out for so long, his heart thumped, "It can't be that Lin Changbing is dead, right?"

Ten minutes had passed and Lin Chang Bing still hadn't come out, the voices of the onlookers were getting louder and louder.

At this moment, Lin Chang Bing, who was hiding under the bridge, had rested for ten minutes and had recovered a lot of energy.

"Damn it, Tang Zichen, this time I've recovered, let's see how I'm going to break you."Lin Chang Bing was ready to enter the water, dive back to the center of the river just under the water, and then kill it.

But at that moment, the phone on Lin Chang Bing's body rang, his phone was waterproof. One second to remember to read the book

"Ding dong, ding dong."

The citizens who were standing on the bridge at this time and watching immediately looked under the bridge.

"Lin Chang Bing is under the bridge."

"Lin Chang Bing isn't dead, he's hiding under the bridge."

The citizens who saw it immediately shouted, seeing that Lin Changbing was still alive, they were relieved, they thought he was dead, he didn't come out under the water for so long, but it turned out that he had quietly dived under the bridge.

"Ahhhh."Lin Changbing that depressed ah, was preparing to dive back to the middle of the river, did not expect the plan to fail, was shouted by the citizens so, what old face is lost.

"Who the fuck is calling me."Lin Changbing yelled.

When Tang Zichen heard the shout, he immediately tread water and flew over.

"Lin Changbing, fuck you, I thought you were dead, but you're hiding here."Tang Zichen said.

Lin Changbing didn't care now, he jumped into the water again and killed Tang Zichen, this time he had rested for ten minutes, that was enough.Tang Zichen, I want your little life this time.Lin Chang Bing killed with a very strong anger, this life is probably the angriest today.


Tang Zichen didn't want to waste any more energy with Lin Changbing, let's end it.

Tang Zichen slapped Lin Changbing's chest.

"Bang."Lin Chang Bing's body flew to the shore and smashed down a billboard.

Tang Zichen flew up again in an instant, and Lin Chang Bing's mouth was bloody, but before he could get up, Tang Zichen stomped on him.

Tang Zichen said, "Lin Changbing, for the sake of you being an old man, I won't abuse you anymore.

Be smart, do you hear."

"Tang Zichen, you?."Lin Chang Bing gritted his teeth.

"Bang."Tang Zichen kicked him into a car twenty meters away, and the windshield of that car shattered, and Lin Chang Bing's entire body smashed into the cab.

Tang Zichen, meanwhile, came to his BMW and drifted away, having classes in the afternoon.

The onlookers on both sides of the river, hotly debated.

At this moment, in another place, an old man in his seventies was laughing and appreciating, "Tang Zichen, well, it really is a hero of the world."

A man around forty years old beside him said, "Elder Fang, you seem to be very happy with Tang Zichen."

This seventy year old man was the only strong man in Linjiang City who had stepped into the Outer Gate Realm, Fang Zhengjun.

Fang Zhengjun smiled and said, "Yes, I'm very satisfied."

The man beside him said in shock, "Senior Fang, ever since ten years ago, you've been saying that you wanted to accept a closed door disciple, but, you haven't been able to find a suitable one, could it be that you've found the right one today?"

"Hahaha."Fang Zhengjun laughed loudly, but didn't say anything.However, there was no need to say anything more, because from the expression on Fang Zhengjun's face, it could be seen that Fang Zhengjun was very satisfied with Tang Zichen, maybe, he would really take Tang Zichen as a closed door disciple.

The man around forty years old beside him was jealous inside, "Damn, I've been begging Fang Zhengjun for five years, he just doesn't like me enough to accept me as a closed door disciple, damn it."

Tang Zichen went back to school, and the lively Linjiang Riverfront soon subsided.

At Lin Changbing's house, Lin Changbing said to his grandson, "Sun son, when you go to the Martial Arts Academy, you must fight for your grandfather, break through to the outer gate and kill Tang Zichen, okay?"

"Good."Lin Chaofeng nodded heavily, Lin Chaofeng felt that Tang Zichen's violent beating of his grandfather today had deeply stimulated him.Lin Chaofeng felt that he must be the protagonist in it, who was beaten and bullied at the beginning, then the protagonist was greatly stimulated, giving him a strong heart to become stronger, and finally, the protagonist trampled everyone who bullied him underfoot.Lin Chaofeng felt that he must be the protagonist, today he was bullied just to inspire his determination to become stronger, he would definitely beat up Tang Zichen, the runner.

In the evening, in one of the most noble manors of Zhan Long Hall.

An old man was squinting his eyes and tasting a cup of tea.

A young woman beside him said, "Are you really going to accept Tang Zichen as your closed door disciple?"


"If this matter were to be announced, I'm afraid it would cause a stir throughout Linjiang City ah.You said ten years ago that you wanted to take on a closed door disciple, but it's been ten years and you still haven't found a suitable one."

"Tang Zichen I think is very suitable, after waiting for so many years, I have finally found someone who I feel is qualified to be my closed door disciple."

The young woman smiled, "I'm afraid, you're not the only one who wants to take Tang Zichen as a disciple, the two old hall masters of the Wind Cloud Hall and the Dragon Transformation Hall probably also have the same idea ah."

Fang Zhengjun snorted, "The two of them, although their martial arts rank is 99.99, infinitely close to the outer gate, but after all, they are not the outer gate, how can they rob me.Little Flower, reveal the fact that I want to take Tang Zichen as a closed door disciple, of course, don't be too obvious, it's best to let Tang Zichen hear the news and come to pay homage to me on his own initiative, that's better in the end."

The young woman smiled, "I understand, I'll go and secretly reveal the news."


At Bai Yun Middle School, Liao Jia Yuan received a call from his dad: "Jia Yuan, stop any dissatisfaction with Tang Zichen from now on."

"Dad, why?"

"I've just heard the gossip that Senior Fang Zhengjun, may take Tang Zichen as a closed door disciple."

"What? How is that possible?"Liao Jia Yuan was horrified.

"Although the gossip hasn't been confirmed by Fang Zhengjun, it's not just empty talk, if Tang Zichen really becomes Fang Zhengjun's closed door disciple, his status in Linjiang City will soar to the sky in the future.It's simply not something we can afford to offend."

At the school, the five mad youngsters and the six evil youngsters all got a call from home, saying that Tang Zichen might be accepted as a closed disciple by Fang Zhengjun, and that they should not mess with Tang Zichen in the future, and that Tang Zichen could no longer be messed with.

In the evening, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun head to the school entrance after class and run into Zhao Ritian.

Tang Zichen thought Zhao Ritian would take a detour, but, surprisingly, Zhao Ritian did not take a detour, but walked towards Tang Zichen instead.Tang Zichen was puzzled, in the past Zhao Ritian always went around the road, today is he itchy?

Zhao Ritian nodded a salute to Tang Zichen as he passed by.

Tang Zichen touched his head, did Zhao Ritian take the wrong medicine today?

Even Liu Xiangyun was confused and said, "Didn't Zhao Ritian take a detour when he met you before?How do I greet you with a nod today?" First web site

Tang Zichen shouted, "Hey, Zhao Ritian."

Zhao Ritian turned back and looked at Tang Zichen, "Tang Shao, what is it."Zhao Ritian actually didn't want to call Tang Shao inside, but he was really helpless.

Tang Zichen asked, "Did you take the wrong medicine today?How dare you greet me."

Zhao Ritian snorted, "Tang Shao, can you stop pretending to be a match?"

"Yo-ho, what did I pretend to compare?"

"Tang Shao, pretend to be struck by lightning, sorry, I have something else to do, I'll leave first."Zhao Ritian turned around and walked away.

Tang Zichen was puzzled, was it because he had beaten up Lin Changbing?

After that, all the way to the school entrance, and sure enough, they ran into several madmen, all nodding their heads in salute to Tang Zichen.

Liu Xiangyun said, "It must be the reason why you defeated Lin Changbing."

"Even if I defeated Lin Changbing, they would at most never provoke me again, so they wouldn't suddenly be so polite to me."

Tang Zichen had just arrived at the school's entrance when the second hall master of the Dragon Hall of Transfiguration, Lin Bursting Heaven, walked up.

Tang Zichen saw Lin Explosive Sky and humbly said, "Lin Explosive Sky, coming to the school to arrest me again?"

However, Lin Explosion Tian brought a few of his men and bowed to Tang Zichen.

"One bow."

"Two bows."

"Hey, hey, hey, I'm not dead yet, what are you bowing for?"Tang Zichen was furious.

"Three bows."

Lin Explosive Sky finished bowing with his men and then said to Tang Zichen, "Tang Zichen, all the grudges I had with you in the past, I wish to wipe out all of them, if you still feel unsatisfied, I can kowtow and bow to you, if you can spare me from this, I Explosive Sky will be grateful."

Holy crap, did the collective take the wrong medication today?Tang Zichen wiped his head, didn't Lin Bursting Heaven hate him, why did he bring his men to bow today and beg for forgiveness.

"Lin Explosive Sky, what are you doing?Why did you suddenly come begging me to spare you."

Lin Exploded Tian snorted, "Tang Zichen, give me some dignity and stop pretending to be a match, okay?"


"Tang Zichen, I'll be leaving then, I hope you'll let me go from here."


p; After saying that, Lin Exploded Tian took his men and left.

Liu Xiangyun said incredulously, "Zichen, something is wrong, why does it feel like you've suddenly become awe-inspiring Linjiang City?Even if you beat up Lin Changbing, you still haven't achieved the effect of shaking the city, ah?"

"I'm drunk, too,"Don Zichen said.

Just then, Tang Zichen's phone rang.

"Hello, who's there?"

The voice on the phone said, "It's me, Calf."

"Calf?Sorry, I don't know any calves?"

"Tang Shao, I'm Liao Buffalo."

"What?Liao Buffalo?"Tang Zichen's jaw stunned, Liao Buffalo suddenly called him, but also affectionately called himself Xiao Niu, making the same as Tang Zichen's very good relationship, Tang Zichen to vomit.

"Liao Buffalo, what are you looking for me for?Is the skin itching again?"

Liao Buffalo smiled, "Tang Shao, you don't need to do it, I'll do it myself."

"Snap."A popping sound came from the phone.


"Liao Shui Niu, you're not sick, are you?"

"Tang Shao, I was wrong in the past, I hope Tang Shao will be kind enough to spare Little Bull in the future, Little Bull has an 80-year-old mother on top and a three-year-old baby underneath, the family really can't live without me.I hope that Tang Shao, for the sake of Calf's 80 year old mother and 3 year old baby, will not treat Calf as a normal person."

Tang Zichen was simply going to be silly after hearing this, this little bull, is it sick?

"Buffalo Liao, did you forget to take your medication today?"

"Tang Shao taught me a lesson, I'm going to take my medicine, in the future, Little Bull will never be so blind again.Tang Shao, then I'm going to take my medicine first ah, you're busy."

After saying that, Liao Buffalo hung up the phone, and Liu Xiangyun was stupidly unable to believe it.

"What the hell happened here?Why do so many evil forces in Linjiang City suddenly look so scrupulous about me?"

Tang Zichen returned home with his doubts, and before he entered his house, Tang Zichen saw several people standing in front of his house.

As soon as Tang Zichen's car stopped, one of them ran up to open the car door for Tang Zichen.

"Tang Shao, you're back."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, the person who gave him the car door was Yu Wei, the First Vice Hall Master of the Hua Long Hall, Yu Wei was followed by two other people, Yu Hu and Yu Long.

Tang Zichen snorted, "What for, want to come to my house and make trouble?Don't blame me for warning you, I'm not afraid of you."

"Tang Shao, look at what you're saying, I don't have the guts to do that."Yu Wei was busy laughing.

The two sons behind Yu Wei were also busy laughing with him, "Tang Shao, is there any work you want me to help you with at home."

"Uh."Tang Zichen looked at the two pleasing Yu Hu and Yu Long, somewhat incredulous.

"What for?"

"Don, I'd like to do some work for you, don't worry, I love to work.If you really can't, you can see if the garbage has been taken out of the house, I'll go take out the garbage for you."

Tang Zichen grunted, "How do I know if the trash is taken out, you won't go see for yourself."

"Yes, Tang Shao, I'll go immediately to see if the garbage is taken out."So, the two brothers, Yu Hu and Yu Long, immediately ran into the house and went to take out the trash.

Tang Zichen walked inside the villa and was suddenly shocked, two people were cleaning the glass inside the villa.

"Uh, who are you guys?Who told you to clean the glass over here?"Tang Zichen asked angrily.

"Tang Shao, you're back, we saw that your glass is a bit dirty, so we quickly cleaned it for you, so that Tang Shao won't be in a bad mood when he comes back and sees dirty glass."


Liu Xiangyun also had a frown on her brow, she instantly recognized that the two people who cleaned the glass for her house were Lu Guan and Lu Bing, the father and son, the third deputy head of the Feng Yun Hall, Tang Zichen had a conflict with Lu Guan and Lu Bing when he first became her bodyguard, Lu Guan wanted to be her bodyguard at the time and threatened her father, and he was beaten up by Tang Zichen as a result.

"Something's wrong."Tang Zichen snorted and walked upstairs, just arrived at the stairway, saw an old man wiping the stair railing with a rag, saw Tang Zichen back, busy smiling, "Tang Shao, back from school."

Tang Zichen said with a deep frown on his brow, "Lanhe King?"

"Oh, it's really an honor that Tang still remembers my husband."

"Who told you to clean the stairs in my house?"

"Tang Shao, I saw that your stairs aren't very clean, so I'm just cleaning them for you, I hope Tang Shao won't blame you for that."

Liu Xiangyun was also dumbfounded when she saw Lan He Wang cleaning her staircase railings.

Just at this moment, suddenly a 'boom' sound came from the grass behind the villa.

"Who's behind."Tang Zichen immediately ran to the window to see, and this time, he only saw that Bai Maoquan was using a weed whacker, removing the weeds behind the villa, and the booming sound just now was from the weed whacker.

"Hey, Tang Shao."Bai Maoquan greeted with a smile at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen wiped a cold sweat? Remember the URL

Just at this moment, a voice came from the outer wall outside the window, "Tang Shao, go away a bit, don't get dirty."

Tang Zichen looked up and saw Lin Dongfang with a rope tied to his body, hanging down from the villa roof, brushing the dirt from the villa's exterior wall.

Tang Zichen looked at Lin Dongfang dumbfounded, his bottom was better?

Suddenly, a man on the roof shouted, "East of Forest, ready?"

Tang Zichen immediately leapt to the roof, only to see a sixty year old man with a rope under his arm pulling a little bit to lower Lin Dongfang down and rub the dirty outer wall.

"You're that grandfather of Ling Long Yu?The Second Master of Zhan Long Hall?Why are you here?"Tang Zichen silly question, even that singer Ling Long Yu's grandfather came, Tang Zichen really had to vomit.

"Tang Shao, back from school, my house is nearby, I just happened to pass by here, I saw your house needed help, I came over to give a hand."

"Give a hand."

"Yes, Tang Shao, go down and have some tea, just leave these little things to us, it's windy here, don't catch cold."Ling Long Yu's grandfather said with concern.

"Oh, then you're busy."Tang Zichen jumped down from the villa and stood in front of the villa, looking at the entire villa, there were people working everywhere, Tang Zichen was really speechless.

About twenty minutes later, Liu Chen Ming drove back, as soon as Liu Chen Ming got out of the car, he saw the entire villa inside and outside, all the people who were helping him clean, and he almost fell over in shock.

"No kidding?Wasn't that glass cleaner Lu Bing, the third vice-master of Fengyun Hall?Isn't that guy taking out the garbage the First Vice Chairman of the Dragon Hall, Yu Wei?Isn't that the one pulling the rope upstairs the second master of Zhan Long Hall, Ling Nongji?What the hell is going on today?Did I cross over?"For a moment, Liu Chen Ming felt his brain short-circuit, because such a thing would never happen.

Just when Liu Chen Ming was still dumbfounded, Bai Maoquan, who was carrying a lawnmower in his hands, came out from behind the villa and smiled, "Mr. Liu, back from work, back just in time, I have a 100 million order contract here, you come sign it."

Liu Chenmington snorted, "Bai Maoquan, it's you, what are you doing in my house?"

Bai Maoquan put down the lawnmower and smiled, "Mr. Liu, I just

Well came over to see you to sign the contract, and saw that the weeds were getting a bit long on the grass behind your house, so I simply helped you hoe it.Willow, I don't think you'll mind if I hoe your house without your permission."

"You you you."Willow Chen was going to feel scared silly.

"Mr. Willow, come on, let's sign the contract first, there's another batch of goods next month, also a hundred million order."

Willow Chenming saw Bai Maoquan actually take out the contract documents, not even knowing that the briefcase he was carrying had fallen off.

Tang Zichen came over, and Willow Chen Ming was busy grabbing Tang Zichen's arm and asked, "Zichen, what's going on here?"

Tang Zichen smiled, "Uncle Liu, don't ask me, I don't know, anyway, people send contracts to you, don't sign them for nothing, I'll sign them for you."

Tang Zichen signed Bai Maoquan's 100 million order contract for Liu Chenming.

"Thank you Tang, thank you Liu, good cooperation."Bai Maoquan chuckled.

After another ten minutes, it was almost all cleared out.

Yu Wei father and son smiled, "Tang Shao, Mr. Liu, we'll leave first then, call if you have anything to do in the future, even if I'm busy, I'll immediately send my two sons over to deal with it.A leaky pipe or a clogged toilet, my two sons can handle it."

Ling Longyu's grandfather, Ling弄鸡, also took his leave, "I'm also leaving, if you need a hand in the future, feel free to squeak."

Lin Dongfang also limped out and said, "Tang Shao, then I'll go back to the hospital first, my bottom is not yet complete, I still have to go back to the hospital to get a sling.In the future, if you want clothes and shoes or whatever, feel free to go to my mall and get them, don't be polite ha."

Just like that, one by one, they all took their leave, Tang Zichen and Liu Chenming's father and daughter, stupidly stunned to see them go.

"Zichen, it's not a prelude to a storm, is it?That's a bit perverse, isn't it?Lin Dongfang is still coming over from his hospital bed."

"Uncle Liu, maybe it's because I blew up Lin Changbing, these people seem to be very powerful, but compared to Lin Changbing's level, they are too low, I even blew up Lin Changbing, they are afraid."

"That's not so exaggerated ah, even if you burst Lin Chang Bing, the most they can do is never mess with you again, there's no reason why they seem to be so afraid of you like today."

"Oh, I don't know about that."

"I'm really worried that it's a prelude to a storm, that's why it's so abnormal."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Uncle Willow, don't think nonsense, what storm, it's just a little rain with me here anyway."

Tang Zichen and Liu Chenming walked into the villa lobby, it was tidied up and organized, the glass windows, the staircase ceiling, all cleaned up like anything.

At this time, Tang Zichen's phone rang, Tang Zichen thought it was that powerful hall master calling again, but to his surprise, it was Xu Mei Qian calling.

"Hello, Captain Xu."

"Don't call me captain."

"Uh, what's going on?"Tang Zichen was puzzled.

"Tang Zichen, are you free to come out for a bit and have dinner with us tonight."

"Sure."Tang Zichen felt that Xu Mei Qian had something to do, so he agreed.

"Uncle Liu, Miss, I have something to go out for a bit, so I won't be back for dinner tonight."


Liu Xiangyun didn't say anything.

Tang Zichen met Xu Mei Qian at the agreed place.


Xu Mei Qian didn't wear a police uniform, but a normal outfit, wearing a white down jacket with a pair of black bottoms underneath, with a pair of khaki shoes, and her stunningly beautiful face, looking charmingly charming, making Tang Zichen fall a little bit for her beauty.

"Captain Xu, why are you suddenly asking me out to dinner again."Tang Zichen walked up and asked, wondering if Xu Mei Qian was too lonely to be single by herself.

But Tang Zichen was clearly overthinking it.

"Tang Zichen, don't call me captain anymore, I'm not a captain anymore."


"I resigned,"Xu Mei Qian said.

"Ah, resigning so soon."

"Yes. I'll be leaving Linjiang City after tonight, and I don't think I'll be returning to this small city, so I asked you to come out and have a meal with me."


"Tang Zichen, I didn't expect you to have received an admission notice from the Martial Arts Academy as well, so it looks like we'll meet again at the Martial Arts Academy."

"Oh, it's an honor."Tang Zichen smiled. One second to remember to read the book

"Order the food."

As we ate, Don Zichen asked, "Why did you suddenly resign early?Didn't you say you'd try to catch a hundred red dusts before leaving a year ago?Not catching a defeat now?"

Xu Mei Qian smiled bitterly, "I'm not going to lie to you, I had some ambiguous things happen with One Defeat Red Dust."

"Uh, ambiguous things."

"I'm no longer worthy of being a policeman, because my attitude towards One Defeat Red Dust has changed a bit, I suddenly feel that he's quite good, although it's not that I'm in love with him, but at least, I like him a little bit in my heart."

"What."Tang Zichen was shocked and said inwardly, "No way, Xu Mei Qian has a little bit of liking for me?"

"You're laughing at me too aren't you, it's okay."

Don Zichen asked, "Did a defeat show love to you?"

"That's not true, he's a decent guy and that's what attracted me to him.My body has been seen by him, so psychologically, it affects me a lot, I guess.But that's okay, when I leave Linjiang City, I'll forget about it, after all, if I go to the Martial Academy, there are too many excellent young talents there, a defeat of red dust is nothing at all, I'll soon be able to forget about everything that happened here."

"Oh, I hope so."

Xu Mei Qian smiled, "I'm going home, don't you have anything you want me to tell Xu Yan?"

"No need."

"Fine, after all, my sister is engaged to be married, it's not advisable to get entangled with another man."

After dinner, Tang Zichen and Xu Mei Qian went home separately, and didn't talk much, Tang Zichen didn't tell her that he was actually a failure.

However, when Tang Zichen returned home, his mood was a bit complicated, and Tang Zichen felt that Xu Mei Qian was a nice girl.

So, when it was around eleven o'clock at night, Tang Zichen put on his night clothes again.

This time, Tang Zichen went out not to stand in for heaven, but to say goodbye to Xu Mei Qian, and Tang Zichen didn't know why he did so.

Xu Mei Qian has fallen asleep and has an early morning flight tomorrow.

Suddenly, Xu Mei Qian felt someone tuck her in.

"Who is it?"Xu Mei Qian suddenly rolled over and popped on the light in her room, only to see a defeated red dust standing in her room.

"It's you."Xu Mei Qian's body trembled.

"I heard that you've resigned."One Defeat Red Dust's lonely and cold voice said.

"You're surprisingly so well-informed."Xu Mei Qian huffed, but didn't feel cared for

Outside, after all, she resigned the entire Public Security Bureau is known, I'm afraid the Linjiang Window Forum has also long been blasted.

Tang Zichen turned to the window, ready to withdraw, in fact, there is nothing to say.

"Wait."Xu Mei Qian suddenly shouted.

"Captain Xu still has business?"Tang Zichen asked.

Xu Mei Qian said, "One Defeat Red Dust, do you know that I resigned so quickly because of you."

"Because of me?"

"Yeah, because I kind of like you, and that's why I don't think I'm worthy of being a cop, and that's why I'm so eager to quit."

"You want to be with me?"Tang Zichen said.

Xu Mei Qian shook her head, "No, just a little bit like it, we can't talk about being together yet."

"Then what are you trying to say?"

Xu Mei Qian asked, "I want to know a little bit of information about you, and I want to see what kind of man the man who made me feel something for the first time is."

"What do you want to know?I'll give you three chances to ask questions."

"Well, I want to know how old you are, whether you're an old man or not, whether you have a wife, that counts as one question."

Tang Zichen didn't argue with her, it was clearly three questions.

"I'm about the same age as you, no wife."Tang Zichen said.

Xu Mei Qian was shocked, "How is that possible, about the same age as me?"

"You may ask your second question."A defeated Red Dust said in a lonely voice.

"What exactly is your strength?"Xu Mei Qian asked, a question she was very curious about.

Tang Zichen hesitated for a moment, how much should he say?

A few seconds later, Tang Zichen replied, "Inner level."

"What?You're about the same age as me, reaching the inner level?"Xu Mei Qian jumped up from the bed in surprise.

Tang Zichen took a glance at Xu Mei Qian and suddenly felt bloodthirsty, he was a man after all.

Xu Mei Qian saw a defeat of red dust as her eyes swept over her breasts and bottom, only then did she realize that she was naked, as she was used to sleeping naked, and had just heard that Tang Zichen had reached the inner stage, and was surprised to forget that she was naked.

"Ah."Xu Mei Qian immediately went into the blanket, her face red.

The room felt a chill, but the way Xu Mei Qian looked at Tang Zichen didn't seem to have that kind of aggression in her eyes, and she still looked like a decent gentleman.

"You can ask the third question now."A defeated red dust remained lonely and cold, saying.

"Are you ugly-looking?Do you have a crush on anyone?"Xu Mei Qian blushed and asked.

"I'm moderately long and have a favorite.Well, I should go now, have a safe trip."

After saying that, Tang Zichen jumped out of the window and disappeared into the night.

Xu Mei Qian sighed deeply, a defeat of red dust with a favorite woman made her feel uncomfortable.

"Forget it, it's impossible for me and him anyway, alas."Xu Mei Qian turned off the lights and lay down, only, she just appeared naked in front of One Defeat Red Dust, making her feel so embarrassed, but it was as if there was a hint of titillation and excitement inside.

Tang Zichen leapt between buildings, his mind was full of images of Xu Mei Qian's nakedness, the impact was too great, making Tang Zichen feel a bit out of control, Tang Zichen had felt it.

Tang Zichen couldn't leap any further and stopped at the top of a building.

"What's going on, I wasn't so out of control in the past, why do I feel so strongly when I see Xu Mei Qian's body now?Gosh, it's still not me Wind Lightning."Tang Zichen was helpless inside, he felt that some aspects had changed compared to his previous life.


"Is it because, the longer my soul merges with the original Tang Zichen's body, the more obvious some of the original Tang Zichen's things will become?"

"The original Tang Zichen was lazy and horny, was I really influenced by the original Tang Zichen?The longer the fusion, the greater the impact."

"No, don't, I, Wind Lightning, am a pure, devoted, and dashing man, how can I become a lustful man."

Tang Zichen tried his best to control himself and keep the swollen area down, but Xu Mei Qian's body lingered in his mind, as if he had an urge to jump on Xu Mei Qian's body.

"Phew."Tang Zichen took a deep breath, took out a silver needle and inserted it somewhere in his brain, since he couldn't control it with his mind, he could only control it with external force.Tang Zichen found it ironic that he, Wind Lightning, actually needed to use external force to control himself, it must not be his nature, it must be the nature of this body that affected him.

Tang Zichen returned home, then went to sleep.

The next morning, Xu Mei Qian left Linjiang City, her home was very far away, I heard that it took twelve hours by plane, and of course, the entire Yanhuang Empire was very large, I heard that it was over 96 million square kilometers.

Early in the morning, Tang Zichen got up and stood on the balcony, when a pair of panties floated down from upstairs, Tang Zichen immediately saw that they were Liu Xiangyun's panties, Tang Zichen had seen her wear them when she gave Liu Xiangyun a needle.Tang Zichen then reached out and grabbed the panties to prevent them from floating downstairs.

Tang Zichen grabbed Liu Xiangyun's panties and wanted to throw them to the balcony outside Liu Xiangyun's room next door.However, Tang Zichen ghostly took the panties and sniffed them on his nose.

Just then, Liu Xiangyun got up and walked out from the balcony next door and saw Tang Zichen sniffing her panties and said in shock, "What are you doing?"

"Ah, me."Tang Zichen was stunned and panicked, throwing his panties across the room. First URL

Xiangyun Liu blushed and said, "You even stole my panties and held them to your nose."

"I didn't."

"I saw it all."Rather, Liu Xiangyun felt joyful inside.

"Miss, what a misunderstanding, alright, I'm going to brush my teeth, I don't want to explain that much."

Tang Zichen walked to the washroom in his room.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "How could I have done such a thing?Why is it that I can't help but smell the lady's panties?Oh God, it's still not me Wind Lightning, it's all the hidden lustful heart in this body that's affecting me.What's wrong with me lately, why am I being disturbed by the lustful heart hidden in this body?"

Tang Zixin rinsed himself with cold water and woke up early in the morning to take a cold shower.

"Knock knock."At this time, there was a knock on the door, Tang Zichen put on a towel and opened the door, only to see Liu Xiangyun standing outside with a blushing face, Liu Xiangyun had finished brushing her teeth and washing her face, also changed into the clean clothes she was wearing today.

"Miss, what is it?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Why are you showering early in the morning?"Xiangyun Liu was a little too shy to look when she saw that Tang Zichen had no clothes on, just a towel wrapped around his ass.

"Calm yourself."Tang Zichen said.

Xiangyun Liu handed a box in her hand to Tang Zichen.


Xiangyun Liu said, "I didn't know you had this fetish, so I'll give these to you.However, these are all washed, so if you like the unwashed ones, I'll give them to you tonight."After saying that, Liu Xiangyun shoved the box into Tang Zichen's hand, and then quickly walked down the stairs.


Tang Zichen inexplicably opened the box, only to find a pair of cleaned and tidied underpants inside.

Tang Zichen understood at once, just now Liu Xiangyun also said, did not know he had this hobby.

Tang Zichen was extremely depressed, Tang Zichen temporarily put the box on his bedside.

Tang Zichen didn't move, didn't talk about this issue with Liu Xiangyun again after going downstairs, it's better to explain to Liu Xiangyun in the car when it's time to go to school.

On the way to school.

"Miss, you've misunderstood."

"It's okay, you're so good, it's normal to have a little flaw.I also know that the more excellent people are, the more there are things that are different from normal people.For example, some people like to be gay, and some people like to collect women's socks, and some people like to collect women's bras.So, it's normal that you like women's panties."Xiangyun Liu consoled.

"I'm dizzy, forget it, there's nothing I can say to explain it anyway, I'm not the person you think I am."

"Then why did you sniff my panties this morning."Liu Xiangyun said shyly, Tang Zichen was able to sniff her panties, she felt very happy, of course, if she sniffed another woman's, she would not be happy.

Tang Zichen had to lie and said, "Since I've been unable to determine how to treat you for cold illness, I thought that smelling the scent of your most mysterious place might give me some inspiration to treat you.However, that place isn't an ordinary place after all, and I can't possibly make such a request of you, so I'll have to smell your panties."

"Ah, so that's how it is."

"Oh."Tang Zichen smiled awkwardly, but at that moment, something flashed in his mind.

"Huh, right."Tang Zichen suddenly slapped his head.

Tang Zichen rejoiced within, was it really the will of God?Tang Zichen had just said that it was nonsense to smell Liu Xiangyun's bottom, but it was a big surprise to him.Tang Zichen suddenly felt that if he really gave it a try, he might actually be able to find out some way to cure cold diseases.

Tang Zichen had never thought of it this way before, maybe it would help if he really tried it this way.I didn't expect that after talking nonsense for a bit, it actually made him have an epiphany.

Liu Xiangyun blushed and said, "Then why didn't you say so earlier."

"Oh, Miss, even though I'm treating you, you're a girl after all."

"It's okay, for the sake of healing, it's something."

"Miss."Tang Zichen was torn inside, did he really have to smell it?This was too bullshit.However, within Tang Zichen, it could be clearly said that it would definitely help a lot.

"I want to be cured earlier, so don't worry so much."Liu Xiangyun lowered her head and said, in fact, Liu Xiangyun herself didn't know whether she really wanted to be cured earlier or whether she wanted Tang Zichen to smell it, after all, she didn't resist any of Tang Zichen's actions.

"Alright."Tang Zichen nodded his head, and he was willing to do anything to be able to cure the lady.

Tang Zichen immediately turned around.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm not going to class today, and while I'm inspired to smell you now, we're not going home to the pinto neighborhood."


Tang Zichen drove straight to the Songtao neighborhood, here Tang Zichen had a house, although no one lived there for a while, but Xiaohuan came once a week to clean it, it was pretty clean.


Tang Zichen opened the door and said, "Hurry."

Liu Xiangyun stood in a room, and although she said it was okay, she struggled when she really faced it.

"Miss, hurry up."

"What do I have to do?"Shannon Liu asked.

"No need for you to do anything, just the same as when you were researching the treatment."

"Oh."Since it was nothing like before, Tang Zichen turned on the room's air conditioner, it was winter after all, so that Liu Xiangyun wouldn't be so cold.

Tang Zichen immediately squatted down in front of Liu Xiangyun, and a few seconds later, Tang Zichen was recording something on a piece of paper.

Tang Zichen inwardly said, "As expected, I didn't think about this aspect before, no wonder I haven't been able to find a way to treat her."In the past, when Tang Zichen treated Liu Xiangyun, he only looked to other aspects, so he always felt that information on which aspect was missing, this time, an unexpected event gave Tang Zichen a lot of new inspiration to treat Miss.

Liu Xiangyun was tickled by Tang Zichen.

Liu Xiangyun said, "Zichen, if this continues, my cold illness will strike again."

Tang Zichen smiled and said, "It's okay, an attack isn't a big deal, it's a big deal if you can't cure it." Remember the website

Tang Zichen wrote down a lot of information on the paper, all of which was closely related to Liu Xiangyun's cold illness.Liu Xiangyun had a cold illness, couldn't have children, and didn't necessarily have her period once a year, so it was closely related to some aspect of Liu Xiangyun's condition.Tang Zichen felt that he was too stupid, he should have thought of it earlier, but it was not his fault, after all, normal men would not think in that direction.

Two hours later, Tang Zichen smiled and said, "Miss."

Liu Xiangyun was busy asking, "How was it?"

"Miss, I think I'm already ninety percent sure of curing your cold illness."

"What? You weren't only thirty percent before."

"Yes, now I'm already ninety percent sure, in fact, I should have thought of that earlier, I was really too stupid, huh?"Tang Zichen chuckled, but it wasn't too late after all.

"Really, great."

"Miss, don't say anything, let's start the treatment now, it might take a day."


Tang Zichen immediately began the treatment, Tang Zichen focused on treating the cold disease under the woman's abdomen.Tang Zichen now knew that the root cause of a woman's cold disease was in the woman's ovaries.Tang Zichen used to stick needles all over the body, but it turned out to be a mistake.

Half an hour later, Liu Xiangyun smiled, "I feel warm all over, so comfortable."

"Miss, I've found the cause of the cold illness, on your ovaries, that's why you must abstain from sex and your menstrual cycle is completely out of order.In fact, I should have thought of it earlier, it was so stupid of me to think of it today."Tang Zichen said as he stuck the needle.

Liu Xiangyun said, "But I've done a full body check before, and I haven't been able to check anything anywhere on my body, ah?"

"It's a body system problem, modern medical images can't detect it."

Soon it was noon, Liu Xiangyun's whole body was frozen into ice, it looked as if she was dead.

But Tang Zichen knew that he had found the right treatment, he had seen his uncle treating people with cold illnesses before, there had been cases like this, and so far, the clinical manifestations were exactly the same as what his uncle had once treated, which meant that it was right.

In the afternoon, Tang Zichen went out and bought a sack of herbs back, these herbs were all obtained from Meng Lun.

Tang Zichen decocted the herbs, poured them into a bathtub, and then put Liu Xiangyun, who was frozen into an ice cube

Put it in the bathtub to soak.

At this point, Tang Zichen's treatment was complete, the next step was to witness if a miracle could be born.

"Ding ding ding."Tang Zichen's phone rang, and at first glance, it was from Meng Lun.

"Meng Lao."

"Did you ask me to find so many medicines during the day to treat Xiang Ya?"Mellen asked.

"Keep it a secret for now, it's too early to tell."

"Okay, Zichen, do you have time now."

Tang Zichen thought about it, now that Liu Xiangyun was soaking in the potion and it was going to take a long time, Tang Zichen did have time.

"There is."

"Can you come over to my hospital, there is a patient who wants to bother you to help me save her."

"What patient?Alas, it's a medical emergency, and the patient's family is making a scene."

"Okay, I'll be right over."

Tang Zichen temporarily left the Songtai District, while Liu Xiangyun was soaking in the medicinal solution in the bathroom, Liu Xiangyun was also in a comatose state, Tang Zichen didn't need to stay on the side, just wait for the evening to pass by.

Tang Zichen arrives at the hospital to help save a patient who wasn't originally such a serious problem, but after the doctor performed a craniotomy on him, the patient suddenly woke up a bit silly, as if he had become mentally retarded.So, the patient's family is disgruntled and starts a riot, and Meng Lun is helpless to do anything about it.

Then he turned to Tang Zichen, who restored the patient's consciousness, and the patient's family stopped making trouble.

For Tang Zichen, naturally, it was the small end of the spectrum.

It was almost four or five hours after the work was done.

"Thank you, Doctor Tang Zichen."

"Oh, you're welcome, I'll leave first if that's fine."

It was already past six in the evening, Tang Zichen rushed back to the Songtao district.

Tang Zichen walked into the bathroom, the color of the bathtub's potion faded, the skin on Liu Xiangyun's body was tender and white, and her breathing was even.

Tang Zichen took out a silver needle and stuck it down on top of Liu Xiangyun's head, a few seconds later, Liu Xiangyun woke up.

"Miss, congratulations, you're already a normal person."Tang Zichen smiled.

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun was still a bit silly.

"Miss, what's so silly, you're completely healed, the fact that you were able to wake up just now says it all."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Xiangyun burst into tears and threw her whole body onto Tang Zichen's body.

Tang Zichen laughed and hugged her backhandedly.

Liu Xiangyun cried, "Am I really completely well?"

"It's really completely fine."Tang Zichen wanted to let go of Liu Xiangyun, but she held on tightly and it was useless for Tang Zichen to let go on his own.

"Ooooh."Liu Xiangyun cried incredulously, the terminal illness that had tormented her for so many years suddenly disappeared from her body, the feeling could not be expressed in words.

"Miss, don't cry anymore, what will greet you in the future will be an incomparably glorious tomorrow.From now on, you can do all the things a woman can do, you can fall in love, you can have children, you can train in martial arts, anything."

"Thank you, really thank you, Tzu-Chen."Liu Xiangyun cried, while hugging Tang Zichen's hands even tighter.

"No need to thank you, you're cured now, and I can go in peace after the New Year."

Suddenly, Liu Xiangyun looked startled, she was still in a state of excitement, but Tang Zichen's sentence of being able to go with peace of mind woke her up.


Liu Xiangyun blushed and looked at Tang Zichen.

"Oh, sorry, I'll go out first."Tang Zichen walked out of the bathroom, very embarrassed.

Tang Zichen patted himself on the head and said in his heart, "I can't believe I'm so out of control, what should I do."

A few minutes later, Liu Xiangyun came out of the room, having changed into her clothes, but Liu Xiangyun's face was still red, and inwardly, Liu Xiangyun did not resist the embarrassing things that had just happened.

Tang Zichen said, "Next time, it won't happen again."

Liu Xiangyun smiled shyly, "It's okay, I don't have anything to lose anyway."

Tang Zichen didn't want to talk about this topic anymore, he got up and said, "Let's go back then, your dad doesn't know you've been completely treated yet."

"Well, I'm sure my dad will be very happy if he knows."Liu Xiangyun smiled.

After going back, when Tang Zichen told Liu Xiangyun that she was completely cured of her cold disease, Liu Chen Ming really did cry with excitement and knelt down to Tang Zichen to thank him, but Tang Zichen held him back in time.

Willow Chenming's heart was as grateful to Tang Zichen as if he were a new parent.

"Alright, Uncle Liu, there's no need to be so excited, it's just that you think it's a terminal illness, but in my opinion it's not a terminal illness, and it's only a matter of time before Miss is cured.Now it's better, Miss is just like a normal woman, she can do anything.I've been hungry all day, let's eat." A second to remember to read the book

Willow Chenming immediately asked Wu Ma to cook more food and celebrate tonight.

At that moment, a news was playing on the TV.

A reporter was holding a microphone to interview Fang Zhengjun.

"Elder Fang, now the entire Linjiang City has heard a story about you wanting to take Tang Zichen as your closed door disciple, is this true?"The reporter asked.

Fang Zhengjun smiled, "This kid, Tang Zichen, has very good talent and comprehension."Fang Zhengjun didn't answer yes or no, his purpose was that he wanted Tang Zichen to come to pay homage to his master after hearing the news and bringing gifts on his own initiative, not that he took the initiative to ask for it, he was Fang Zhengjun after all.

The reporter asked again, "So then, it's not just empty talk that you want to take Tang Zichen as your closed door disciple."

"Heh heh."Fang Zhengjun just laughed, still not saying much.

After seeing the TV, Liu Chenming was busy saying, "Right, Zichen, I haven't congratulated you yet."

"Uncle Liu, congratulate me for what?"

"It's a good thing that Fang Zhengjun wants to take you as a closed door disciple, no wonder so many hall masters and deputy hall masters of irregular forces came to our house yesterday evening to help us out, so it's because they had already gotten this news.Fang Zhengjun is definitely a transcendent existence in Linjiang City, no one dares to offend him.Zichen, congratulations, when are you going to pay homage to your master ah."

Tang Zichen smiled, of course, it was a sneer.

What kind of trash Fang Zhengjun, who still wanted to be Tang Zichen's master, Tang Zichen really didn't know how to describe his feelings, he felt insulted.In his previous life, someone of Fang Zhengjun's strength wouldn't be qualified to be Tang Zichen's disciple.

Just then, Wu Ma said, "Master Liu, there are a few reporters outside, saying that they want to interview Young Master Tang."

"Uh."Liu Chenming was stunned, coming to interview at night.

"Let them in."


A minute later, two reporters entered the living room and greeted Tang Zichen with a respectful greeting when they saw him, "Young Master Tang, we are reporters from Linjiang TV, I wonder if it's convenient for you to be interviewed by us?Don't worry, it'll only take a few minutes.


Tang Zichen said indifferently, "Yes, ask."

The reporter immediately prepared for the interview.

"Tang Shao, now the entire Linjiang City has heard that Senior Fang Zhengjun wants to take you as a closed door disciple, do you know about this?"

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, I know."

"Then how did you feel when you learned of this happy event?Are you ever happy."

Tang Zichen smiled, "Why should I be happy?"

"Ah, aren't you glad?Senior Fang Zhengjun said ten years ago that he wanted to accept a closed door disciple, but there has never been a suitable candidate, I don't know how many young talents want to worship him, but he is not satisfied, aren't you happy?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "I'm glad he's chicken-haired, what an old dog, wants to take me as a disciple, don't you all think it's ridiculous?"

The two reporters' bodies trembled, Tang Zichen actually said old dog, they both wondered if Tang Zichen had said the wrong thing.

"Tang Shao, what did you just say?I'm a little unsure if I heard wrong."

Tang Zichen said, "That old dog, Fang Zhengjun, also wants to take me as a disciple?Funny, I didn't want to toss this out, but now that it's getting so big, I have to say something.That, Fang Zhengjun is it, you fucking want to be my master too?Are you sure you're worthy to carry my shoes?Alright, for the sake of you being an old man, I won't say anything unnecessary, so behave yourself."

The reporter asked, "Tang Shao, are you sure you're not drinking right now?Fang Zhengjun is the perennial resident of Linjiang City and the only senior who has reached the Outer Gate Realm ah."

Tang Zichen waved his hand and said, "You guys can go out now, I'm going to eat dinner."

"Good."The two reporters hurried away and when they arrived outside the gate, one of them snorted, "This Tang Zichen is too arrogant."

"Young people are inevitably inflated and thus unaware of the sky."

"Are we going to report it as it is?"

"Why not report it?Senior Fang Zhengjun is a senior that I respect a lot, Tang Zichen is young and reckless and doesn't know the sky's the limit, I definitely want to report it as it is."

Liu Chenming asked, "Zichen, you just said that in front of the reporters, will it upset senior Fang Zhengjun."

"Oh, Uncle Liu, the person who is upset is not Fang Zhengjun, but me ah.Alright, I'm starving, tell Wu Ma to serve the food."

After Wu Ma served the food, Tang Zichen and Liu Chenming, father and daughter, began to eat dinner, tonight's meal was sumptuous, celebrating the complete recovery of Liu Xiangyun's cold illness.Tang Zichen and Liu Chenming drank and drank happily.

At nine o'clock in the evening, Linjiang TV began to broadcast the evening news, and the evening news was all about what was happening in Linjiang City today.

"Dear viewers, news from this station, this evening, the reporter went to interview Tang Zichen himself regarding Fang Zhengjun's desire to take Tang Zichen as a closed door disciple, let's see how Tang Zichen responds to this."

At this time, in another large manor, Fang Zhengjun was laughing and watching the news.

On the TV, the picture of Liu Chen Ming's house immediately appeared, and the reporter was interviewing Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said into the microphone, "I'm glad he's chicken-hair ah, what old dog, wants to take me as a disciple, don't you all think it's ridiculous?"

"That old dog, Fang Zhengjun, wants to take me as a flute too?Ridiculous..."

Suddenly, Fang Zhengjun, who was watching the TV, turned pale, what he had wanted to see was Tang Zichen excitedly saying that he would pay homage to his master tomorrow and thanking senior Fang Zhengjun for looking up to him or something like that.But to his surprise, what he saw was Fang Zhengjun, the old dog.


The few family members sitting next to Fang Zhengjun were furious, "Dad, look, what does Tang Zichen mean?"

"Grandpa, Tang Zichen scolded your old dog."

The muscles on Fang Zhengjun's face were trembling, and he never expected this to be the result.

At this time, in thousands of households, anyone who was watching this news was trembling.

Especially in those Hall Masters and Vice Hall Masters, they were very horrified to see that Tang Zichen actually disdained to worship Fang Zhengjun as his master.

"Uncle Liu, cheers, one last drink."

"Zichen, cheers."

Tang Zichen finished his drink, when his phone rang.

"Hello, who's there."Tang Zichen said with the smell of alcohol.

"It's me, Fang Zhengjun."The other party said with a cold voice.

Tang Zichen was startled, not expecting Fang Zhengjun to suddenly call him, and didn't know where he got the phone number. The first website

"Fang Zhengjun, oh, what do you want with me?"Don Zichen asked.

"Tang Zichen, I saw everything the reporter said when he interviewed you in the evening."

"Oh, that's good, I hope you won't get cocky in the future, or it won't be so simple to deal with."Tang Zichen said.

"Tang Zichen, I give you one hour to come to my house and kowtow to me to make amends, otherwise, you know the consequences."

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, thinking that Fang Zhengjun had seen the TV and apologized to him, but he didn't expect to come to threaten him.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Fang Zhengjun, I'm afraid I heard you wrong, you say it again."

Tang Zichen, I limit you to come to my house within one hour to kowtow to me and make amends, otherwise, you know the consequences."

Tang Zichen gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, I heard you clearly, I will definitely be at your home within an hour."

When Fang Zhengjun saw how cooperative Tang Zichen was, he snorted, "Come empty-handed, don't bring fruit, I don't care, remember, you only have one hour."

After saying that, Fang Zhengjun hung up.

Putting down the phone, Liu Chenming was busy asking, "What did Fang Zhengjun say?"

"He told me to kowtow to his house to make amends."

"Ugh, I knew this would happen."Willow Chenming sighed.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Looks like it's time."

"Zichen, what do you want?"Xiangyun Liu was too busy to ask what Don Zichen meant when he said it was time.

"It's time to end everything,"Tang Zichen said.

"What do you mean."

"Alright, you'll know what it means when I come back."

After saying that, Tang Zichen left the villa and went to Fang Zhengjun's house.

Tang Zichen saw Fang Zhengjun so grizzled, Tang Zichen vowed to go and break his legs and then take the so-called Zhan Long Hall for himself.

Anyway, after Tang Zichen left here, he needed a force to protect Liu Chenming and his daughter, so he simply took over the Zhan Long Hall tonight and made it his own.

At this moment, outside of Fang Zhengjun's large manor, there were many citizens watching the fun, as well as reporters and whatnot.

The reason why so many citizens ran to watch the fun was because someone had already posted a blurb in the Linjiang Window, saying that Tang Zichen would personally go to Fang Zhengjun's house before ten o'clock to kowtow and make amends.

Therefore, the nearest citizens came running.

At the moment, everyone was talking about it.

"Tang Zichen is really asking for it, look, now Fang Zhengjun is angry, let him be good and come to kowtow and apologize for his mistake."

"Tang Zichen is really young and reckless ah, there is a little bit of achievement, arrogant, think of himself as anything like that."

At Fang Zhengjun's house, a man said, "Dad, there are a lot of spectators outside the manor, should we chase them away."

Fang Zhengjun snorted, "What to drive away, let everyone watch, when Tang Zichen comes, I will also make Tang Zichen kowtow to me in front of everyone to make amends."

"Dad, thanks to you admiring this kid so much, you even wanted to take him as a closed door disciple, but I didn't expect that this kid is so defiant.So, just kowtowing to make amends won't work."

Fang Zhengjun said with a gloomy face, "Of course not, I, Fang Zhengjun, am the head of Zhan Long Hall, I have been dominating Linjiang City for many years, and my position in Linjiang City is untouchable, what is Tang Zichen, today I let him come and kowtow to make amends, it is only one of them."

"What about the second part?"

Fang Zhengjun gritted his teeth and said, "Tang Zichen is only arrogant because he received the notice from the Martial Arts Academy and thinks that his future is bright, and doesn't care to worship me as his master.So, the second part of it is, when he goes to the Martial Forest Academy next year, I'll have my two disciples, quietly do away with him."

"Ah, Dad, just do away with Tang Zichen at the Martial Arts Academy, isn't murder not allowed at the Martial Arts Academy?"

"It's not allowed in the open, won't it come in secret."

"Also, Tang Zichen what grizzled hair, everyone knows, you Fang Zhengjun, have two disciples, now two disciples are in the Martial Arts Academy, and, one of the eldest disciples is still an expert in the inner realm, the entire Linjiang City, which person is not eliminating the tip of his head to want to be your closed door disciple, but Tang Zichen actually does not care.Don't he know that becoming your closed disciple means future glory in Linjiang City?What an ignorant and ridiculous junior."

Fang Zhengjun, as the head of the Zhan Long Hall, the most powerful landlord in Linjiang City, was ruthless and small-minded, and actually planned to have his two disciples quietly exterminate Tang Zichen after he went to the Martial Arts Academy.

Unfortunately, Tang Zichen wasn't even here to kowtow and make amends, but had a bigger goal, to completely uproot the Fang Zhengjun family and make the Zhan Long Hall surnamed Tang from now on.

About half an hour later, someone in the crowd of onlookers outside the Fang Manor shouted, "Tang Zichen is here."

Everyone made way for him.

Tang Zichen walked all the way into the Fang Manor, and many of the onlookers took out their cell phones to take pictures.

Tang Zichen sized up the Fang manor, and said in his heart, "This Fang Zhengjun, is truly worthy of being the overlord of Linjiang City, a manor made so big and so beautiful, look at Zichen I want to take it for myself.Hehehehe, tonight, Zhan Long Hall will have a new master."

Tang Zichen walked into the gate of the Fang manor and headed to the large villa a few hundred meters ahead, at the moment, in front of the large villa, a seventy-year-old man sat on a tai master's chair, there were ten to twenty people standing around him, all of them were the sons and grandsons of Fang Zhengjun, everyone's gaze was cold as they watched Tang Zichen walk in step by step.

Tang Zichen stopped in front of this group of people.

That old man grunted, "Tang Zichen, you really have come, and, as expected, you didn't bring anything with you."Fang Zhengjun thought that Tang Zichen would definitely bring gifts if he came over to kowtow and make amends, and wouldn't really be empty-handed, or else he would be too insincere, but he didn't expect that Tang Zichen would really be empty-handed.

Tang Zichen looked at this old man and asked, "Are you Fang Zhengjun, the owner of the largest power in Linjiang City, Zhan Long Hall, who has dominated Linjiang City for decades?"

"Old man is."Fang Zhengjun's gaze was cold.


"Old man, huh."Tang Zichen gave a cold laugh.

A middle-aged man standing behind Fang Zhengjun snorted, "Tang Zichen, why don't you kneel down and kowtow to my father to make amends?"

Don asked, "Do you think I'm really here to make amends?Naive."

Fang Zhengjun's face was fierce, he had misjudged Tang Zichen, originally Fang Zhengjun saw Tang Zichen's talent as superb, and accepted him as his disciple today, in the future, Tang Zichen's martial arts skills would progress, then he would have three disciples, all three disciples would enter the Martial Arts Academy, and his Fang family would continue to dominate in Linjiang City.But unexpectedly, Tang Zichen broke his wishful plan in one go.

In fact, inside Fang Zhengjun, it was depressing not to receive Tang Zichen as a disciple, because Tang Zichen was far more talented than his eldest and second disciple, and if he entered the Martial Arts Academy, he might achieve more than his eldest disciple in the future.Pity, pity.

"Tang Zichen, if you change your mind now, it's not too late."Fang Zhengjun said.

"What idea?"

"If you are now willing to take another test with me as your master, I, Fang Zhengjun, will never harm you, I am a man who cherishes talent..."

"Bah!"Before Fang Zhengjun finished his sentence, Tang Zichen spat water on Fang Zhengjun's face.

"Grandpa, Tang Zichen spit on you."

"Dad, don't give him a chance, people don't want to worship you at all, Dad, burst it." Remember the website

"Father-in-law, on behalf of the people of Linjiang City, I request you, burst it."

Suddenly, all the families around Fang Zhengjun requested to burst.

"Blow up?Hahaha."

Tang Zichen let out a disdainful laugh.

Fang Zhengjun completely lost patience with Tang Zichen.

"Tang Zichen, you're the one who doesn't appreciate the opportunity."Fang Zhengjun's old face was cold, although he was sorry that he had not received Tang Zichen as a disciple, but a person who was so arrogant towards him, he would never let go.

"Old dog."Tang Zichen was also impatient.

"Tang Zichen, lie down for me."Saying that, Fang Zhengjun smacked the side of the Imperial Master's chair and a sharp sword was drawn out.

"Swoosh."As soon as Fang Zhengjun's voice fell, the sword had already reached Tang Zichen's heel, truly worthy of the outer door realm.

It was just that Fang Zhengjun, an early Outer Gate, was too lowly in Tang Zichen's eyes.

Faced with Fang Zhengjun's sword stabbing at him, Tang Zichen didn't dodge at all, as Tang Zichen was confident that he could avoid his sword when it was 0.1cm away from him.

However, Fang Zhengjun's sword did not pierce directly into Tang Zichen's throat and stopped when it was one centimeter away from Tang Zichen's throat, Fang Zhengjun sword pointed at Tang Zichen's throat and said, "Tang Zichen, do you know that I have two disciples, my eldest disciple is already in the Martial Arts Academy and has already reached the inner level.Tang Zichen, you've only just received the notice from the Martial Academy, and you act like you're the best in the world.What are you crazy about?Who are you to be arrogant in front of me?Not to mention me, my two disciples, any one of them can kill you in seconds, what exactly are you crazy about in Laofu?"

Fang Zhengjun looked arrogant, because he had two powerful disciples, although his sons were not competitive.

Tang Zichen moved Fang Zhengjun's sword away and left his mouth, "Fang Zhengjun, whether your disciples are powerful or not, I don't know and don't want to know, I came to find you tonight for two purposes, first, to break your legs, I'm sure you've done a lot of bad things over the years, breaking your legs is not wrong; second, the position of the head of Zhangsaurus Hall belongs to me from now on, Zhangsaurus Hall is no longer yourThe Fang family now."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Fang Zhengjun let out a big laugh at that.

"Pah."Fang Zhengjun hadn't finished laughing.

Suddenly Tang Zichen slapped Fang Zhengjun's face, hard enough to cut off Fang Zhengjun's laugh.

"You."Fang Zhengjun's lungs were about to explode, he had just been spat on by Tang Zichen's face, and now he was slapped again.

"Tang Zichen, I want you to die."Fang Zhengjun stabbed his sword at Tang Zichen's throat, his anger had made him uncontrollable to kill.

However, in the next moment, Fang Zhengjun felt that the sword in his hand was caught by something, unable to move, his eyes looked, it was Tang Zichen's fingers.

Tang Zichen's two fingers clamped Fang Zhengjun's sword.

"Clack."In the next second, Fang Zhengjun's sword broke into several pieces.

"You."Fang Zhengjun seemed to be a little unbelieving what his eyes saw, Tang Zichen was actually able to clip his sword.

Before Fang Zhengjun could react.

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped again, directly slapping Fang Zhengjun to the ground.



"Father-in-law."A group of Fang Zhengjun's family members shouted in panic, their dad had actually been beaten by Tang Zichen.

Outside the manor, many people were also in shock.

"Dad, catch the sword."A son threw a sword at Fang Zhengjun.

Fang Zhengjun instantly caught it and killed Tang Zichen again, this time he put out his full strength.

"Tang Zichen, I'll kill you."Fang Zhengjun shouted.

Tang Zichen's body seemed to flash, and he flashed in front of Fang Zhengjun, directly hoisting Fang Zhengjun up by one arm.

"Fang Zhengjun, do you still think you're my opponent?"

"That's impossible."Fang Zhengjun shouted.

"Slap."Tang Zichen slapped again.

"You let go of me."Fang Zhengjun yelled.

Tang Zichen really let go of him and threw him on the ground.

With an old face, Fang Zhengjun flipped over on the ground and uprighted himself, stabbing a sword at Tang Zichen's lower yin while yelling, "I don't believe I can't beat you."

In another instant, Tang Zichen went up and kicked Fang Zhengjun's thigh.

"Ah."Fang Zhengjun's leg bone was instantly crushed by Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Fang Zhengjun, you have been the overlord of Linjiang City for so many years, you must have enjoyed the glory and wealth that ordinary people can't enjoy, and you must have done many unspeakable things, you didn't lose anything by stepping on your legs today."

After saying that, Tang Zichen stepped on Fang Zhengjun's other leg again.


So far, both of Fang Zhengjun's legs were crushed by Tang Zichen, the reason why they were crushed was because he didn't want him to recover through surgery.

"Bang."Then, Tang Zichen kicked, and Fang Zhengjun flew directly outside the walls of the manor, and many of the citizens who were watching outside, were collectively scared silly, looking at the flying Fang Zhengjun, not knowing what to say.

Right at this moment, Tang Zichen shouted, "Fellow citizens, you help me bear witness that from this moment on, the Fang family is completely declined in Linjiang City.The Zhan Long Hall will be taken over by me, Tang Zichen, please, all the Hall Masters and Vice Hall Masters of the Zhan Long Hall, go to my house early tomorrow morning to meet me and discuss important matters, alright, everything else is fine, let's disperse."

However, everyone didn't disperse.

Fang Zhengjun's family members were in a ball of tears, Fang Zhengjun was their dependency, when he fell, they were nothing.

Tang Zichen looked at the dozens of family members of Fang Zhengjun and laughed.


"Everyone, Fang Zhengjun is already dying, it's useless for you to cry, it's better to accept the reality, from today onwards, the head of Zhan Long Hall is me, hahaha."

Fang Zhengjun's son cried, "Tang Zichen, you don't deserve a good death, my father's two disciples, will kill you, if you know what's good for you, I advise you to be good and apologize to my father."

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped that son of Fang Zhengjun away.

"Idiot."Tang Zichen scolded and then said, "Alright, it's getting late, it's time for me to go back."

Only then did Tang Zichen go home, Tang Zichen came here by taxi, so when he went back, Tang Zichen directly applied his light power to go back.

At Liu Chenming's house, Liu Chenming and Liu Xiangyun were anxiously waiting for Tang Zichen to return in the living room, and Liu Chenming kept refreshing the posts on the Linjiang Window Forum.

Soon, the video and pictures of Tang Zichen brutally beating Fang Zhengjun were exploded one after another in the Linjiang Window.

Liu Chenming shuddered, "Zichen's strength has reached such a terrifying level."

Liu Xiangyun said, "I didn't expect that he would be able to completely dominate Linjiang City, how lucky are we to have recruited such a powerful bodyguard.I feel that he must be my lucky god.He said that he would definitely plan for us before he left us, and now that he has robbed the Zhan Long Hall, it seems that he is really about to leave us."Liu Xiangyun said with sadness.

"Yeah, I didn't expect it to be this soon."Liu Chen Ming sighed for a while.

Liu Xiang said, "I don't know how I'll live without him at home in the future." One second to remember to read the book

Liu Chen Ming suddenly asked, "Xiang'er, do you like Zichen now?"

Liu Xiangyun didn't want to hide it anymore, nodding her head and saying, "Yes."

"Alas, Xiang'er, you don't deserve someone, it's better to recognize reality before you break yourself in pieces."Liu Chenming advised.

"I know, I'm an ordinary woman, how can I be worthy of him, I'm just imagining fantasies."Liu Xiangyun said with sadness inside.

"It's good that you can think like that, in the future, dad will find you an excellent boy who will inherit my company and not worry about food and clothing, we will live happily ever after.An outstanding man like Zichen will naturally have a woman worthy of him with him.It's already enough that he can be your bodyguard for once and cure you, so let's not get carried away."Liu Chen Ming was afraid that his daughter would be confused, so he had to remind Liu Xiangyun that she was not from the same world as Tang Zichen, and it was obvious that someone of Tang Zichen's level would not be able to come and inherit his company and be any kind of boss in the future.

"I know, I'm going back to my room to sleep."Liu Xiangyun got up and went back to her room, her father's words were realistic, but they also made her sad.

Liu Chen Ming sighed.

Not long after, Tang Zichen came back.

"Uncle Liu, why are you still up."

"Zichen, I saw you defeating Fang Zhengjun, I'm afraid the entire Linjiang City's martial arts practitioners are now aware of it."

"Oh, Uncle Liu, I will take over the Zhan Long Hall, and when the New Year is over, I will hand over the management of Zhan Long Hall to a trustworthy person, then no one in Linjiang City will dare to touch you."Tang Zichen said.

"Thank you, for being so considerate for us."Liu Chenming smiled.

"This is all I should do, well, Uncle Liu, I'm going back to my room to take a shower, you should also get some rest early."


Tang Zichen was taking a shower in his room.

, looking at the large mirror in the bathroom, the large mirror reflected his lean and strong body inside.Tang Zichen smiled, "When I first crossed over here, this body was incredibly thin and weak with no muscles, now, after my constant practice of darkness, it's finally starting to get stronger."

Satisfied with his body, Tang Zichen took another look at his baby in the mirror and smiled, "The only thing I'm satisfied with about this body is this, huh?"At that moment, Tang Zichen was stunned and said under his breath, "Hey, why am I paying attention to my own one?Something's wrong, big or small, I don't care at all, strange, why am I suddenly concerned about this."

Tang Zichen let the hot water drench his body, Tang Zichen felt more and more that his personality in that aspect of women had changed a bit, quietly changed, in his previous life he wouldn't have cared about this at all, he only loved one woman, even if he didn't want a woman in his life it didn't matter, as long as there was love in his heart.But now, he sometimes flashes several women's faces in his mind, Liu Xiangyun, Xu Mei Qian, Xu Yan, Li Xuan'er.

Tang Zichen knew that this must be the influence of the original Tang Zichen's body.

It seemed that the previous Tang Zichen was a lustful man, no wonder he would write such a revealing love letter to Shangguan Rou, now, the lustful body had affected Tang Zichen, and it seemed that Tang Zichen couldn't change it at all, unless he had changed his body, and changed this body full of lust.But changing his body, this was simply impossible.

After taking a shower, Tang Zichen stood on the balcony, looking out at the stars.

At this time, the sound of crying came from Liu Xiangyun's room.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed, what is Miss crying for?

Tang Zichen immediately climbed over the balcony to the balcony outside of Liu Xiangyun's room.

"Miss."Tang Zichen knocked on the glass.

A few seconds later, Liu Xiangyun opened the door.

"Miss, are you crying?"

"No?"Liu Xiangyun slyly argued, but Tang Zichen saw the marks on her face at a glance.

"Miss, there's no point in lying to me, I heard it all."

Actually, Tang Zichen knew why she was crying, because she couldn't bear to leave herself behind, Tang Zichen was regretting more and more that he had told her about getting the admission notice in advance, and now the year was going badly.

Liu Xiangyun changed the topic and said, "Didn't you used to say that I'm also suitable for martial arts training?"

Tang Zichen laughed, "Of course, you have excellent roots and are a martial arts genius, but it's a pity you missed it when you were young, otherwise you would be at least at the outer gate level now."

"Don't tease me, that sister of mine, Chu Yiyun, hasn't even reached the outer gate."Liu Xiangyun laughed.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, you can practice martial arts now, so I can start teaching you."

"Really?"Liu Xiangyun was overjoyed, but, immediately said sadly, "But I'm already 18 years old, I've missed the best time to practice martial arts, and I won't be able to achieve anything anymore."

Tang Zichen said, "Although you're missing the best time now, you're the one who taught you."

"What do you mean?"

Tang Zichen smiled slightly, if Tang Zichen taught her, I dare not say anything else, it would be no problem to reach level 80 or 90 within a month.Because, this body of Tang Zichen, when he first crossed over, he was also a waste, zero level, not even a single martial skill, Tang Zichen is not still very awesome now, of course, this is also related to Tang Zichen's soul, but, if Tang Zichen gives his all to create Liu Xiangyun, reaching level 70 or 80 in a month is not a problem at all.After all, a hundred levels below the outer gate wasn't even considered a realm, and in Tang Zichen's world there wasn't even this subdivision, it was just that the people in this world were too weak to have such a clear division.


"Miss, do you really want to practice martial arts?"Don asked seriously.

"Of course."Liu Xiangyun was busy nodding her head, she didn't really want to, but she just wanted to be a little closer to Tang Zichen and match him a little bit when he was so good at martial arts.

Tang Zichen said, "Well, you're the closest person I have here, so far, so if you want, I'll teach you."

"But you're leaving here after the New Year, what can I learn."Xiangyun Liu looked a bit confused.

"Miss, if you want a quick fix, I can give you everything I have to build you up, one month is enough time for you to become a level 80+ martial arts practitioner."Tang Zichen said.

"What?Training to level 80 in one month?"Xiang Yun Liu was taken aback.

"Yes, if it's quick, I can do it, just."

"Just what?"Xiang Yun Liu asked excitedly.

"It's just that I'm afraid you'll be reluctant, after all, I'll have to give it my all to do it, and a bit of that."

"Which one?If I can really be that powerful, no matter what I do."Liu Xiangyun was very excited and said, "A level 80 expert, this is simply a fantasy, you can enter the Martial Arts Academy, right?

Tang Zichen said, "First of all, I must guarantee more than 10 hours a day to unblock your meridians with internal energy all the time, and then help you run your internal energy, in other words, I'll help you cultivate your internal energy.Secondly, I must painstakingly teach you how to practice martial arts, and you must also work very hard, so that after a month, you will definitely be able to become a level 80 martial arts practitioner." Premiere URL


"Finished, I'm going to unblock your meridians and run your internal energy and work on your internal energy for you, then I have to be close to your body and I can't wear anything, do you understand?"

"Ah."Xiang Yun Liu's body trembled.

"So, that's what I mean when I say give it your all, but a man and a woman can't take advantage of each other, and I don't want to take advantage of you so much, even though it's for your own good."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Xiangyun didn't really mind, but since Tang Zichen had said so, she couldn't say anything else, so she could only sigh with regret.

Tang Zichen was helpless, occasionally accidentally ambiguous, he didn't mind, but to be close to her for more than ten hours a day, this was simply like a couple.

At this time, Liu Xiangyun: "What if, I say I don't mind?"

"Miss, although you don't mind, I can't take advantage of you like this, although I know that in this era, there are many unmarried people living together, not to mention being intimate, but at heart, I'm still a traditionalist."

After a few minutes of silence, Liu Xiangyun said, "What if, I'll be your girlfriend?Would that still bother you?"

"Ah, girlfriend."Tang Zichen's body trembled.

Liu Xiangyun said, "I know I'm not good enough for you, so I'll be your girlfriend for a month, between boyfriend and girlfriend, you can do anything, that way, you don't have to mind any more, you can be as close as you want, is that okay?"

Tang Zichen is hesitating, struggling inside.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, but inside my heart, I'm not thinking about finding a girlfriend at the moment, I can't accept another woman in my heart at the moment, even if it's you."

Liu Xiangyun was busy, "I know, so I'll only be your girlfriend for a month, so that you don't mind being close to me, and you can give your all to help me become an expert.After one month, I'll break up with you on my own accord whether I'm an expert or not, I won't be lazy, I know I'm not good enough for you.


Tang Zichen shook his head, "Miss, don't misunderstand, it's not a matter of whether you're worthy or not, I've never thought in my heart that you're not good enough for me, because I haven't thought about feelings."

"Alright, let's not talk about that, just talk about the fact that I'll be your girlfriend for a month, success or not."

"Miss, is this really worth it?In order to speed up to level 80 in a month, I don't think it's worth it at all, if you practice slowly on your own, you can reach level 80 in a year or two, sacrificing your innocence to speed up your martial arts skills is not worth it."Tang Zichen said.

Liu Xiangyun asked, "If I do reach level 80 in a month's time, then can I pass the Martial Arts Academy's admissions assessment?"

Tang Zichen nodded, "I think that's a small price to pay."

"Then what's there to consider, I want to become a level 80 expert quickly, will you help me, I don't care about a month of innocence.Alright, are you willing to help me."

Tang Zichen said, "Allow me to think about it."

"I'll give you five minutes to think about it."

Liu Xiangyun's heartbeat was also very fast, after all, this is intimate ah, naked body to hold together ah.

Tang Zichen's heart was filled with complexity, Tang Zichen was a pure person at heart and did not want to be sorry for his senior sister, with another woman like this was obviously betraying the person in his heart.However, Miss could practice martial arts now, Tang Zichen just needed to give it his all and she might be able to enter the Martial Arts Academy.

A few minutes later, Tang Zichen nodded, "Alright, then I agree."

"Really?Let's be boyfriend and girlfriend for a month?"

"All right."Tang Zichen nodded his head, helplessly accepting.

Liu Xiangyun was so excited, it wasn't really that important for her to be able to practice martial arts, but to be a girlfriend for a month.

Liu Xiangyun jumped on Tang Zichen's body, hugged him tightly and said, "From now until today of next month, I will be your girlfriend, isn't this a dream?"

"Oh."Don smiled wordlessly.

"So when are you going to start building me?How do you want to build me?"

Don asked, "Is it true that people in this world, boyfriend and girlfriend, can do anything?"

"Sure. Why do you keep stressing about the world?Are you not of this world?"Liu Xiangyun looked up at Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen said, "I don't know what to say."

"Zichen, I'm your girlfriend now, you can't hide anything from your girlfriend."Liu Xiangyun said.

"Okay, then I'll tell you truthfully, but you must keep a secret for me."

"I will keep the secret."

So, Tang Zichen told the truth about his crossing over to this world, including some of the things he had done in his previous life, especially about coming out.

"Tzu-Chen, you didn't lie to me?Crossing?"

"I'm not lying to you, as far as you're concerned."

"I believe it."Liu Xiangyun was busy nodding, Tang Zichen had no reason to lie to her, she now finally understood why Zichen despised the women of this world, so he had such an outstanding and beautiful senior sister in his previous life.

Inwardly, Liu Xiangyun said, "Now that I have the chance, I must become strong and become a woman like his senior sister."

Liu Xiangyun's heart was filled with purpose, busy asking, "When will you start building me?"


Don smiled, "Let's start tonight."


"Since you guys and gals of this world can do anything, I'll stop nagging and sleep at your place tonight."

"Er."Liu Xiangyun still felt incredibly shy inside, she was a girl after all.

"At night when I sleep, I will hold you, by the time the next day arrives, it will be almost ten hours, during these ten hours, we will be close to each other, I will use my internal force to unblock your meridians, the meaning of martial arts training since you were a child is also to unblock your meridians, after unblocking your meridians, I will then use my internal force to run inside you and create your dantian, so that you can cultivate internal force inside you.Then, during the day, I teach you internal heart techniques, as well as martial arts and so on.For the next month, we'll spend almost all of our time on martial arts, so be prepared."

"Okay, so are we still going to school?"

"You can go, but don't waste time going to school and attending classes, let's just practice martial arts in the back of the mountain, built by me with all my might, I don't think it will be hard for you to reach level 80."

"Thank you, Zichen."

"Don't mention it."

"Then let's do that now."Liu Xiangyun said with a blush.

"Oh."Tang Zichen was also doubly shy and embarrassed. Remember the URL

Slowly, Liu Xiangyun has no clothes left, Tang Zichen also, Liu Xiangyun was the first to lie down, and a few minutes later, Tang Zichen also got into Liu Xiangyun's nest.Tang Zichen bit his teeth, in the nest, Liu Xiangyun to hold tightly, only, both of them are naked, inevitably run into something, produce some physiological reaction is also inevitable.

Liu Xiangyun consoled: "I'm your girlfriend now la, between boyfriend and girlfriend, anything goes, it doesn't matter la."

"I know, I'll start unblocking your meridians with my internal energy now."Said Tang Zichen against every pore of Liu Xiangyun's body, every pore of Liu Xiangyun's body opened up, internal force gushed out from the pores and then infused into Liu Xiangyun's pores, unblocking the meridians in Liu Xiangyun's body.

"So comfortable."Liu Xiangyun said.

"Oh, that's for sure, when the meridians are unclogged, all body functions will be improved and people will live longer."

"That's not what I'm talking about."

"Uh, then what are you talking about?"

Liu Xiangyun pressed her face against Tang Zichen's chest and said, "Hold you so comfortably."

"Miss, don't be so horny, okay."Tang Zichen said speechlessly.

"I don't need to quit lusting now that my cold disease is better, right."Liu Xiangyun blushed.

"Oh."Tang Zichen chatted with Liu Xiangyun as he used his internal force to open her meridians for her.

At that moment, the sound of thumping up the stairs outside must have been Liu Chenming going upstairs to sleep.

"Shh, don't talk."Tang Zichen warned.

Liu Xiangyun also blushed, if her father knew that she and Tang Zichen were naked and clinging to each other in their nest at the moment, I don't know what he would think.

Liu Chen Ming's walk was soon gone and he had gone back to his room.

Liu Xiangyun blushed and said, "If my father finds out, it's so embarrassing."

"Oh, knowing that it's humiliating and still wanting me to do this with you so strongly, and letting me be boyfriend and girlfriend with you for a month."Tang Zichen laughed.

"I want to make it quick, isn't it great that I can go to the Martial Arts Academy with you, and I can practice martial arts too."

Tang Zichen nodded his head and instructed, "Don't let your father know about this matter, or it's not good."

"Which matter?"

"That's what we are, and don't even mention the fact that you were my girlfriend for a month."

"And what do I say if my dad asks me why I'm a martial artist anymore?"


; "Just tell me what I taught you, don't tell me I'm helping you pour your heart out to build this, your father's amateur doesn't know that much."

"Good."Xiangyun Liu nodded, and in her nest, hugging Tang Zichen tightly, both of them naked, Xiangyun Liu also produced some reactions.

And Tang Zichen was trying his best to suppress it, but still, he couldn't.

"Ugh."Tang Zichen sighed helplessly.

Liu Xiangyun blushed, "It's okay."

"Don't talk, it will affect me."


Tang Zichen turned off the bedside lamp, the two of them no longer spoke except for hugging each other tightly, Tang Zichen couldn't control his reactions but he could control his behavioral actions.Inwardly, Don Tzu-Chen told himself that he was only helping the lady, nothing more.

And so it was until seven o'clock the next morning.

Liu Xiangyun slept soundly, however, Tang Zichen had a sleepless night, Tang Zichen had to unblock her meridians, so naturally, she couldn't sleep.

When Liu Xiangyun opened her eyes, she was busy asking, "You shouldn't have slept all night, right?"

"Oh, it's okay."

Xiangyun Liu said sadly, "Is it that you couldn't sleep every day during the month that you poured your heart out to build me?"

"Yes."Tang Zichen didn't hold back.

"Ah, how's that."

"Miss, it's okay, it's only a month, and besides, I can find some opportunities during the day, and a deep sleep once won't affect me much."

"Alright."Liu Xiangyun saw that Tang Zichen actually had to work so hard, and somewhat regretted asking Tang Zichen to help her speed up.

Tang Zichen saw that it was almost time and said, "Get up."

"Mm."The two of them were busy getting up, Tang Zichen put on his clothes and a flip back to his room, without anyone seeing of course, after all, they all still had to save face and couldn't be known.

Tang Zichen walked down the stairs and saw a group of people sitting in the living room.

Willow Chenming was busy, "Zichen, you're up."

"Uncle Liu, who are they."

"Zichen, they're all the Hall Master and Vice Hall Master of Zhan Long Hall."

Tang Zichen nodded his head.

Tang Zichen said to those people, "From today onwards, I am the Hall Master of Zhan Long Hall, do you all know that?"

"Got it, Hall Master."Several people nodded busily.

"Let's all introduce ourselves."Tang Zichen said.

"My name is Ling Mischief Chicken, Second Hall Master of Zhan Long Hall."

"I'm Liu Shi Cui, Third Hall Master of Zhan Long Hall."

Each of them introduced themselves to Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen nodded his head and said, "From today onwards, all the properties and accounts of Zhan Long Hall will be managed by my Uncle Liu, I don't know anything about these things."

Liu Chenming was a little embarrassed and said, "Zichen, is this okay?"

"Uncle Willow, from now on, you are the acting hall master, if there is anything you don't understand, they will assist you, so go ahead and do it boldly."

Ling弄鸡 busily said, "Yes, Morningsong, don't worry, I will assist you."

Tang Zichen said to Ling Fiddling Chicken, "Ling Fiddling Chicken, you are the second hall master, you must assist Uncle Liu in handling the affairs of the hall, do you hear me, otherwise I will only ask you."

"Yes, Hall Master."Ling弄鸡 was delighted, Tang Zichen asked him to assist Liu Chenming, this was equivalent to involving him in all the matters of Zhan Long Hall, his power was greatly increased, he was happy.Although he was only assisting Liu Chenming, it was a world of difference compared to before, when all core matters were handled by Fang Zhengjun's relatives.They, the Hall Masters and Vice Hall Masters, were just thugs raised by others.


Tang Zichen nodded, there was no way he was going to get into this himself, and Tang Zichen wasn't worried in the slightest that Ling Ling got the chicken and the others weren't doing their best, because Tang Zichen was confident that he could pinch his ancestors for eight lifetimes, and they should understand that as well.

Liu Chenming smiled helplessly and laughed, "Alright, then I'll serve as Acting Hall Master for you."

"Thank you, Uncle Liu, you'll be the Acting Hall Master from now on, the entire Linjiang City can step on your feet without fearing anyone."

Liu Chenming was a bit excited thinking about it, how humble he used to be, now, those people he once felt were very awesome, like Liao Shui Niu and the like, couldn't even utter a word in front of him anymore.

After breakfast, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun went to school together.

Only, after going to school they no longer attended classes, but came to the back of the school, Tang Zichen would teach Liu Xiangyun to practice martial arts, for Liu Xiangyun, Tang Zichen would naturally not be stingy with his profound secrets.

"Xiangyun, I'm going to teach you a set of internal heart techniques that are very suitable for you, the Unbridled Heart Sutra, first learn the heart techniques, then practice body jujitsu, which is to stretch your muscles so that you can make any movement, and finally teach you the secrets of martial arts."

Liu Xiangyun smiled mischievously and said, "Everything is at Master's disposal."

"Oh, don't call me master from now on, because my dedication to you comes from the heart and I don't need anything from you in return, let's begin."

Tang Zichen immediately taught Liu Xiangyun the internal heart technique by hand, Liu Xiangyun did not disappoint Tang Zichen, she was such a great learner, her comprehension ability was naturally not bad, and with Tang Zichen's help so devotedly, Liu Xiangyun's skill was improving at rocket speed.

The day passed like this, both of them were in the back of the mountain, neither of them ate at noon, then went home in the evening, and then continued yesterday after nine o'clock at night.Liu Xiangyun enjoyed Tang Zichen's warmth and comfort, and Tang Zichen enjoyed Liu Xiangyun's tenderness, though nothing major was done.Only, so early in the morning certainly can not sleep, so Tang Zichen while watching TV, this feeling, Tang Zichen feel quite like. One second to remember to read the book

"Knock knock."There was a knock at the door.

"Xiang'er, why are you watching TV today."Outside, Liu Chenming said, he heard the sound of the TV, where would Xiangyun Liu watch TV before, all she was doing was studying, so abnormal today.

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun was startled, and Tang Zichen was a bit of a thief.

"Dad, I'm a bit tired today and don't want to study, so I'll watch TV."

"Oh, then you adjust yourself."

"Dad, you should rest early too."

"I know."Willow Chen Ming didn't suspect anything because he trusted Don Zichen.

"That was close."Xiangyun Liu said.

"There's no way your dad will come in, and even if he does, I'll have enough time to get back to my room, it's fine, don't worry."

Xiang Yun Liu laughed, "It feels like you're having an affair."

"Oh, speechless."

Thus, Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun spent a week, a week in which he taught Liu Xiangyun martial arts training during the day and helped Liu Xiangyun unblock her meridians at night in her bed.In one week's time, Tang Zichen taught Liu Xiangyun the internal martial art of Heart Sutra Without Delusion, and Liu Xiangyun's meridians had been unclogged for a week, as well as the same as someone who had started martial arts training at the age of fifteen or sixteen.

Meanwhile, the entire school

Students are also preparing for their final exams, and in one week, the semester will be over.

"What do we do when we have finals coming up?"

"How will you have time to take the test now, don't worry, I'll have the Director of Teaching fill in a score for you then, as much as you can probably take, you'll be going to the Martial Arts Academy next year, what's the point of taking the test."

"Mmhmm."Liu Xiangyun nodded repeatedly.

In the new week, Tang Zichen continued to do his best to build up Liu Xiangyun.

It was just that Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun's abnormality caused some people to come to the school and run to the back of the mountain every day, and they couldn't stop paying attention, especially those who paid a lot of attention to Tang Zichen every day.

Right now, at the entrance to the back mountain, Xuan'er Li and Liang Ying were walking into the back mountain.

"Xuan'er, hurry up, they enter the back mountain every day, there must be an affair."

Xuan'er Li said in a tangled voice, "Don't lah, it's really not good, Zichen must have his own private affairs, it's really not good for us to go peeking."

Liang Ying said, "Xuan'er, you like Tang Zichen so bitterly, these days, how many nights did you say you stayed up to sing that whatever song "Green Cloud River" for Tang Zichen, you even gave up reviewing your homework, just to sing "Green Cloud River" for him, but unfortunately, people follow Miss every day to the back mountain, they never think of you at all, to be honest, I can't even look past it."

"That's what I'd like to do."Xuan'er Li.

"Xuan'er, listen to me, you go to the back of the mountain now and sing the Green Cloud River you prepared, it will be winter break soon, if you don't sing it there will be even less chance to see him later, next year he will all go to the Martial Arts Academy, from then on you won't cross paths at all."

Li Xuan'er thought about it and agreed.

Tang Zichen was teaching Liu Xiangyun some physical techniques to stretch her muscles and make her body soft and boneless.

Just then, a singing sound drifted in.

Tang Zichen's body trembled and roared in disbelief, "Sister."

That's right, Tang Zichen heard his senior sister's self-penned song, Green Cloud River.

At this moment, Tang Zichen thought that his senior sister had appeared, and couldn't help himself.

Tang Zichen immediately ran towards the place where the sound came from, climbed over the small mounds in front of him, and suddenly saw Li Xuan'er standing there singing the Green Cloud River.

Tang Zichen rushed up and hugged Li Xuan'er, crying sadly, "Sister, I miss you so much."In a moment tears fell like rain.

Li Xuan'er was stunned, she just wanted to sing this song to Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen missed his senior sister and had requested her to sing this song, but unfortunately Li Xuan'er would not.The last New Year's Day competition, Tang Zichen played this song on his qin, and after playing it Li Xuan'er asked Tang Zichen for the lyrics of Green Cloud River.Afterwards, Li Xuan'er stayed up for many nights to write the lyrics for Tang Zichen's song "Luyun River".But Tang Zichen and Liu Xiangyun run to the back of the mountain every day, everyone suspects there is an affair, today Liang Ying for her injustice, she stayed up so many nights, but Tang Zichen did not even know, so he dragged her to the back of the mountain.

Unexpectedly, Li Xuan'er this singing, Tang Zichen sudden spirit is not good, eyes are flowery, hugging Li Xuan'er crying and shouting sister, thinking of him so bitter.

Tang Zichen hugged his senior sister tightly, at this moment, he seemed to forget where he was, the feelings of missing her for so long, instantly exploded.


Xiang Yun Liu also ran up.

"What's wrong?"Liu Xiangyun was busy asking.

Tang Zichen raised his head and realized that the person he was holding tightly was not his senior sister, but Li Xuan'er.

Tang Zichen was despondent for a moment.

"Where is my senior sister?"

Li Xuan'er said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know it would cause you such a big misunderstanding, if I had known, I wouldn't have sung that song."

"You were the one who just sang Green Cloud River?"

"Yeah."Kaylee Lee nodded.

"How did you?"Tang Zichen looked at Li Xuan'er incredulously.

Liang Ying immediately said, "Tang Zichen, Xuan'er knows that you miss your senior sister, so she wanted to sing your senior sister's song to you, how many nights she has stayed up these days and made it up based on the sound of your violin, Xuan'er's heart is so bitter in order to get a smile from you."

"Liang Ying, don't talk nonsense."Li Xuan'er was busy interrupting Liang Ying's words. The first website

Tang Zichen looked at Li Xuan'er and said gratefully, "Thank you, it's rare for you to have this heart, and I like your singing."

"Don't be polite, I only hope that it can ease the pain of you missing your senior sister.There's nothing else to do, then we'll leave first, you guys are busy."Li Xuan'er pulled Liang Ying away, no longer bothering Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen looked at Li Xuan'er's departing back and thanked her in his heart for going to such great lengths to sing that Green Cloud River song.

Tang Zichen was a bit sour inside, seeing what Li Xuan'er had done for him, he suddenly thought of his previous life.In his previous life, there were also many women who gave silently for him, but in the end, he failed all the women who gave for him.Seeing the current Li Xuan'er, Tang Zichen thought of the girls that he had let down one by one.

"In my previous life, I've been a negative person so many times, in this life, do I still have to be like this?"

"I don't chase anyone else though, so what am I supposed to do if someone else likes me?"

Li Xuan'er walked further and further away, disappearing into the distant woods.

But Tang Zichen was still stunned, wondering if he should live differently than in his previous life, living for his senior sister alone, but what about this life?

Liu Xiangyun said, "Fool, don't you know that Li Xuan'er likes you a lot?"

"I can see that."Tang Zichen nodded.

"Actually, she's more qualified to like you than I am, and she's done more for you than I have.If you don't mind that she's not good enough for you, just catch up."Liu Xiangyun said with a bit of complexity inside.

"Catch up?But what about my siblings?"

"You have been reborn here, why are you still attached to your past life, you yourself have said that you failed so many girls in your previous life, do you want to repeat your previous life in this life?In your previous life, you still had sisters by your side worth guarding, but not in this life."

Tang Zichen felt a string being touched within him, he had been holding onto the past, was it really good.

Tang Zichen leapt towards Li Xuan'er to catch up.

"Yes, in his previous life he has failed so many girls who have done so much for him, in this life, he doesn't want to live the exact same life anymore, he's already Tang Zichen, not Wind Lightning, it's time to let go of the past."

"Xuan'er."Tang Zichen raced to catch up.

Liu Xiangyun saw that Tang Zichen really went after Li Xuan'er, her mood was full of complexity, a sadness in her eyes, she secretly said: "Zichen, I wish you happiness, our month-long date as lovers is over today, I wish you happiness."

Liu Xiangyun walked away in a lost mood.

Tang Zichen caught up with Li Xuan'er.


"What's wrong?"When Li Xuan'er heard Tang Zichen call, she busily turned around with a smile on her face, because she sang about the Green Cloud River, Tang Zichen liked it very much, and she felt that all the hard work these days was worth it.Li Xuan'er didn't ask for anything inside, let alone want to be his girlfriend.

Tang Zichen looked at Li Xuan'er's face, exquisite, stunningly beautiful, examining her face so seriously for the first time.

"Xuan'er, thank you for singing Green Cloud River for me."Tang Zichen said.

"You've already said it, I'm happy that you can like it, just in case you don't."

Tang Zichen plucked up the courage to ask, "Xuan'er, do you like me?"

"Ah."Li Xuan Er was stunned, not expecting Tang Zichen to catch up and ask her something like that.

"Like, but I know I'm not good enough for someone as good as you, I know the score."Li Xuan'er smiled slightly.

Tang Zichen suddenly took Li Xuan'er's hand and said, "In my heart, I haven't thought about who is worthy of me or not.I, Tang Zichen, don't want to disappoint those girls who are good to me anymore, Xuan'er, simply be my girlfriend."

"What."Li Xuan'er was shocked, this was something that would never happen in her dreams.

Xuan'er Li shook her head, "I really don't deserve you, I only ever thought about silently liking you enough, I didn't want to get you."

"Alright, don't say anything, be my girlfriend."Tang Zichen said with a resolute attitude, since he had made up his mind not to repeat his previous life in this life, he would not hesitate to do so.

"How can this be, I'm not even ready for this."Li Xuan Er was at a loss for words, it happened too suddenly.

"No need to prepare, I'm a man, I'm in charge."

Li Xuan'er thought of Liu Xiangyun, busy, "But I don't want to upset Liu Xiangyun, Liu Xiangyun she likes you very much, I think, she is more qualified to be your girlfriend than me."

Tang Zichen was stunned, never thought that Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er, both said that the other was more qualified.

Tang Zichen bit his teeth and said, "Since you both like me, and I don't want to disappoint you, then just do one thing and be my girlfriend together, I don't mind having two girlfriends."

"Ah, two girlfriends."Li Xuan'er was stunned.

But Tang Zichen didn't feel bad inside, because in that world of his, men usually had three wives and four concubines, it was normal for Tang Zichen to have two girlfriends at the same time.

"Let's go, let's go find Xiang'er and see if she's willing, if she's not willing, I won't force her, I'll definitely introduce her to an outstanding man in the future."Tang Zichen said.

Before Tang Zichen could react, he took Li Xuan'er in his arms and leapt to the place where they had just been practicing martial arts, Tang Zichen was now at the internal level, so he could already fly through the air without the need to use the power of the trees to bounce back.

Li Xuan'er still looked like she was dreaming.

Tang Zichen carried Li Xuan'er back to her original spot, but found that Liu Xiangyun had left.

"She's gone."

"Ah, she was just here."Tang Zichen wondered why Liu Xiangyun had left.

Li Xuan'er said, "You have a really low EQ, Liu Xiangyun, as someone who also likes you, must have felt very lost when she saw that you went after me, and then left by herself.I'm sure she must be alone where she's sad and crying."

"Oh, I'll look for it then."

Tang Zichen did indeed see Liu Xiangyun under a tree not far away, Liu Xiangyun was leaning against the tree in a lost state of mind, full of thoughts about how Li Xuan'er had become Tang Zichen's girlfriend, where should she go from here, and would she still let Tang Zichen help her cultivate her inner strength in the future?


"Xiang'er," Tang Zichen suddenly descended from the sky, landing at the top of the tree that Liu Xiangyun was leaning against, holding Li Xuan'er in his hands.

"You, how did you float down from under the tree."Liu Xiangyun was shocked.

Tang Zichen said, "Miss, why did you go alone."

Liu Xiangyun looked at Tang Zichen hugging Li Xuan'er's waist and said bitterly, "I thought, you guys are already together, I don't want to be a light bulb."

Tang Zichen said, "Xiangyun, if you really want to, you can be my girlfriend with Xuan'er."

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun was also stunned.

"Of course, it's okay if you don't want to."

"You how?"Liu Xiangyun seemed to be a bit unable to see through Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen laughed, "You mean why am I suddenly so horny?So flirtatious?Dating two girlfriends at the same time and all this innocence before was an act?"

"Don't get me wrong, that's not what I meant."

"I failed so many women who were good to me in my previous life, and I don't want to repeat the same path in this life." Remember the URL

"What about your little sister?"

"My love for Little Sister hasn't disappeared, it's just that I'm not Wind Lightning anymore, I'm Tang Zichen, and even if I go back to my world, Sister may not accept the body I have now.It's just that it's time for me to let go of the past."

Li Xuan'er was dizzy from hearing this, busy asking, "What past life ah, why can't I understand."

"Xuan'er, my soul comes from another world."Tang Zichen also briefly told Li Xuan'er about his situation.

After that, Tang Zichen looked at Liu Xiangyun and smiled, "It's your turn to make a decision, are you willing to be my girlfriend with Xuan'er."

"Of course I'm willing."Liu Xiangyun nodded, but looked a bit strange, and Li Xuan'er both looked at each other, feeling very awkward with each other.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Well then, since I have accepted you as my women, I will do my best to help you improve your skills.Xiang Yun, your talent and bones are excellent, with me here, your future martial arts skills should not be far behind.As for Xuan'er, I can't judge yet, I need to touch the bones first."

Tang Zichen had never palpated Xuan'er Li's bones, so he didn't know about Xuan'er Li's root bones, which were considered the foundation of martial arts training.

Li Xuan'er was busy saying, "Then you can feel my bones now."

"Good."Tang Zichen wasn't polite, having become his girlfriend, what's the point of squirming, Tang Zichen was a responsible person, since he had chosen them, he would naturally do his best.

Tang Zichen started to feel the bones from Li Xuan'er's neck, touching the bones was considered a very rogue action, especially when touching the thighs, it was simply too rogue.

Tang Zichen finished touching the bones.

Liu Xiangyun was busy asking, "How is she doing Xuan'er?"

Tang Zichen shook his head with some regret and said, "Xuan'er's roots aren't good, and she won't be able to achieve much in martial arts training."

Li Xuan'er looked dejected, "That means that I can't become someone who can do martial arts at all, I really, am not worthy of you at all."Li Xuan'er's eyes were pained, if she would always be an ordinary person, then she herself would be embarrassed to be Tang Zichen's woman, it would be better to hide this love within her heart and bless him silently.

Tang Zichen smiled, "Why are you so depressed, Xuan'er, practicing martial arts doesn't have to rely on your fists and feet."

"If you don't need your hands and feet to practice martial arts, then what else can you use?"

Tang Zichen said, "Let me give you an example, my senior sister, she has a great skill, called the Qin Demon Technique, she doesn't need to do anything at all, she can spike her opponent by playing the violin."

"Play the qin?"

"Yes, using the sound of the zither, my sister has a talent for this aspect of the zither, combining her internal strength with the sound of the zither, thus achieving the goal of killing the enemy.There are also people who blow blow, drum, roar, all kinds of martial arts, who said that martial arts must be used in the hands and feet.Xuan'er, your talent doesn't lie in your hands and feet."

Li Xuan'er still said with a bitter face, "But I can't play the violin either."

"How silly, can't you hold up one thing against another, who told you that you have to play the violin, you're so talented at singing, you can totally develop in this area, combine your singing and martial arts, after being powerful, you can be just as powerful.After reaching the innate realm, you can use a person to a dozen or more are not a problem, fist and footwork, after all, a punch is difficult to beat four legs.Like my senior sister, who carries a violin with her, within the solemn range of her violin, dozens of people wouldn't dare to approach, that's what you call a truly strong person."

"Mmhmm."Li Xuan'er was thrilled to hear that, wishing to reach her senior sister's kind of stage.

Instead, Liu Xiangyun turned depressed.

"Xiang'er, what's wrong with you again?"

Liu Xiangyun said, "Xuan'er can develop so much in the future, while I, I can only rely on my fists and kicks to practice martial arts, I really, I'm not good enough for you at all."

Tang Zichen was about to collapse feeling, and laughed speechlessly, "Xiang'er, can you stop making a scene?"

"It was already, and I can't sing."

"The martial arts of fists and feet and swords are mainstream after all, the practitioners who can really attack on sound are very few, whether Xuan'er can make it in the future or not is still one thing, she's just forced to follow this path because of her poor roots in mainstream martial arts on her limbs.Alright, let's not talk about matching or not, I've already decided on you guys, even if you're bad, I won't let you down.Besides, with me here, there's no reason for you guys to be bad at all."Tang Zichen vowed to say.

Liu Xiangyun gushed, "I've never seen you so narcissistic."

"Hehehe."Tang Zichen hugged Li Xuan'er with his left hand and Liu Xiangyun with his right and laughed hehehehe.

Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er, who were hugged in their arms, looked at each other, both of them felt quite awkward, after all, they had a boyfriend together, so strange feeling.

Tang Zichen said, "Let's go, let's not do anything today and go back to school, I want to inform the whole school about this."

"Ah."Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er were both shocked.

Liu Xiangyun said, "This will be too sensational."

"Yeah, it's so high-profile."Xuan'er Li also said.

Tang Zichen laughed, "I've already decided, so why cover it up, I'll go back and inform the whole school."

Tang Zichen had a real girlfriend for the first time, including his previous life, so it was a bit exciting, not knowing what it felt like to have a girlfriend.

Both Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er nodded their heads.

Tang Zichen's left and right arms respectively embraced Liu Xiangyun and Li Xuan'er, then leaped, flew up a branch, hugged the two girls, flew to the school, and soon flew out of the back of the school to the back of the mountain that Ping Pengfei teacher's roof, Tang Zichen stood on the roof, Ping Pengfei was practicing martial arts in the courtyard, inside seems to take Tang Zichen as a transcendent goal, just then, Ping Pengfei saw Tang Zichen holding two beautiful women landed on his roof, Ping Pengfei stupidly looked at Tang Zichen as well as two beautiful women, don't know what's going on.


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