The King of Kungfu in school 2141-2145


Chapter 2141

"No, I must defeat him, it's my best Eternal Pill, I can practice it with my eyes closed, I can do it."Rocco forced himself to calm down and not be affected by the other side.

After about another twenty minutes, Master Rocco's fire died down.

"Master Luo Ke has also finished refining!"

Luo Ke placed the Eternal Pill in front of him.

Tang Zichen said, "Very good, here is the time for the results, Master Luo Ke, before testing the results, I would like to ask you, how many levels and tiers of quality is your Immortal Pill."

Luo Ke snorted, "Nonsense, of course it's a fourth-grade Immortal Pill."

"Then, how many tiers of quality is it fourth tier?"

Luo Ke was upset, "Why are you asking this, it's always a Grade 4 Immortal Pill that is, do you think that you can train into a Grade 4 more than one layer quality Immortal Pill."

Tang Zichen said coldly, "I'm sorry, the Immortal Pill I'm refining at the moment is exactly a fourth-grade, second-tier quality."

"What? Fourth-grade, second-tier quality?"

"Master Luo Ke's Immortal Pill is only a fourth grade, and it's not even of any quality yet." First URL

Rocco scoffed, "Just you?I've studied all my life, but I still can't train a quality Level 4 Eternal Pill, I pooh."

Tang Zichen said, "You are you and I am me, your level is not even in front of me, you can't even train an Eternal Pill without the White Fox Grass just now, what qualifications do you have to compare with me."

Luo Ke's heart was in turmoil at the moment, shouting, "I don't believe that your Eternal Pill is a fourth level, second level quality."

"It doesn't matter, there are so many Upper Immortals present, just for you and me to be the judges."

Luo Ke shouted, "Hmph, they are only Upper Immortals, how can they tell the difference, all the Upper Immortals at the scene, no one has ever seen a fourth grade, second layer quality Immortal Pill, you let them be the judge, what if they are all the trusts you invited."

When Luo Ke said that, a late Upper Immortal man at the scene became upset and snorted, "Master Luo Ke, you're disrespecting us by saying that, we'd be the ones he invited to be the trust?You don't use your brain to think about it, Zhou Mi was still being hunted before this, and also doesn't have your fame at all, how can you invite us to be his trust."

"That's right, besides, although we don't know anything about immortal pills, but we haven't eaten less immortal pills in our lives, can't we all be blind one by one, we can't even tell if the pills are good or bad, you're underestimating us."

Luo Ke was depressed and didn't say anything.

Tang Zichen said, "Fellow seniors, I expect you to personally come up here and judge who's good and who's bad in my Immortal Pill and slut Luo's."


After saying that, several Late Upper Immortal powerhouses immediately came out and tested them in front of Tang Zichen and Luo Ke respectively.

After the testing, those few late Upper Immortal powerhouses said loudly, "Alright, we've already tested it, we really don't know anything about Immortal Pills, so we can't be sure that Zhou Mi's Immortal Pill is a fourth level two, but we can clearly tell you that if Zhou Mi's Immortal Pill is a plate of cabbage, then Luo Ke's Immortal Pill, is a plate of shit."

"Ah."The crowd was shocked, not expecting that their Immortal Pills differed so much.

Another late Upper Immortal said, "Yes, I can prove that Immortal Hu De is telling the truth, Luo Ke's Immortal Pill is a piece of shit compared to Zhou Mi's."

"Wow."Everyone at the scene was shocked, never expecting that two late Upper Immortals would come up with the same assessment.

At this moment, Luo Ke was filled with anger, pointing at the Upper Immortal called Hu De and roared, "Hu De, you even asked me to help you refine your pills last month, but I didn't expect you to blacken me like this."


nbsp; Immortal Hu De laughed, "In the past, when there was only you, a rank four Immortal, I definitely had to look for you, but in the future, I won't look for you anymore, it's simply a waste of my materials."


At this time, Tang Zichen smiled, "Senior Immortal Hu De, in the future, if you have any immortal pills, I'll bring them and I'll refine them for you, you'll be my number one guest from now on, and I'll make them for you first."

"Good, hahaha."Hu De was delighted.

The other late Upper Immortal was busy saying, "Master Zhou Mi, what about me?I also clearly told everyone that your Immortal Pill far surpasses Luo Bitch."

Luo Ke was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, these bastards, when they were begging her for alchemy, one and all of them seemed to be on good terms with her, but now, in order to please Zhou Mi, they followed Zhou Mi and called her Luo Bitch.

Tang Zichen smiled, "This senior, you are my number two guest."

"Hahaha."That late Upper Immortal laughed and said, "Master Zhou, my name is Luoyun."

"Good, Senior Lu Yun, I'll remember you."

The rest of the Upper Immortals on the scene also wanted to get close to Zhou Mi.

At this time, Luo Ke shouted, "Everyone, wait."

"What, what else do you have to say?"

Luo Ke snorted, "Gentlemen, I have reason to believe that Hu De and Lu Yun, who are Zhou Mi's prop, are not able to tell if they are Level 4 Level 2 or not, are we going to let them say that they are?"

Tang Zichen said, "In that case, let's pretend that the immortal pills I refined are also of no quality, and let's go back to a starting point, now we don't care about quality, how about just comparing effectiveness?"

"Hmph, that's exactly what I was thinking."Luo Ke snorted, she just wanted to compare effectiveness with Tang Zichen.

"Good, then please move to the Great Hall of Immortal Pills."

At that moment, a person said, "No need, we have already brought the potency detection artifact from the Great Hall of Immortal Pills."

"Exactly, then, Luo Ke, please take your Immortal Pill and put it on the potency detection magic device first, so that everyone can see how much your Immortal Pill potency glow is."

"Hmph, then open your dog eyes and see."After saying that, Luo Ke placed her Immortal Pill on the Dharma Device.

More or less, the light on the magic weapon emitted and shone four to five meters away.

The people from the Immortal Pill Palace immediately went forward to measure it.

Then shouted, "Master Luo Ke Immortal Pill, potency light 5.6 meters."

"Wow, that's awesome."There were also some people on the scene who shouted awesome.

Luo Ke had a smile on her face, she didn't expect that she still overperformed today, normally she could only practice a radiance potency of around 4.8 meters.

Next, it was Tang Zichen's turn, and Tang Zichen placed his Immortal Pill on the detecting magic tool.

It was direct, and the light shone out far and wide.

"Ah."Luo Ke's face changed, is this still a quantity?You can tell who's good with your toes.

"This."Everyone in the arena was dumbstruck, was this a dream?Tang Zichen's elixir is so potent?

The people from the Great Hall of Immortal Pills went up to measure, and a moment later, the person who measured shouted, "Master Zhou Mi Immortal Pill, potency light, 39 meters."



Although many people already saw a very long radiance, everyone was still shocked and couldn't help but shout in awe when they heard the specific value of 39 meters.

39 meters versus 5.6 meters, was this a level?


At this moment, Luo Ke herself was dumbstruck.

She couldn't believe what her eyes saw, she thought that, at most, ten meters at most, ten meters was a perfect score, but as it turned out, there were thirty-nine meters, was this still a human being?

Hood laughed, "What else do you have to say, Lo Bitch?"

"That's right, Bitch Luo, Zhou Mi's level is so much higher than yours, hahaha."

Suddenly, dozens of Upper Immortals flocked to Tang Zichen to show their support.

Luo Ke stood there with a livid face, beside her, Tang Ju, Gao Pi, Blue Moon and the other six Upper Immortals all looked a bit silly.

Gao Pi was busy saying, "Master Luo Ke, what should we do now, the Upper Immortals who used to have a personal friendship with you have now all gone to Zhou Mi's place."

Luo Ke snorted, "Where so what, I'm still going to kill him."

Gao Pi was depressed, "It's too late now, how can you kill him."

Luo Ke scowled, "Do you think of the soup as transparent?With Tang Ju's strength, it's not easy to kill Zhou Mi."

After saying that, Luo Ke said to Tang Ju beside him, "Tang Ju, trouble you, exterminate Zhou Mi.You're the only Late Upper Immortal ranked in the top five at the scene, and the strongest Late Upper Immortals beside Tang Zichen are Hu De and Lu Yun, the two of them, ranked sixth and seventh among all Late Upper Immortals in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, are no match for you, and even if they were, they couldn't stop you from killing Zhou Mi." Remember the website

Next to him, Tangju said, "Of course, no matter how many Upper Immortals Zhou Mi has around him, it would be easy for me to kill him."

After saying that, Tang Jutun rushed towards Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen, who was now on the opposite side of the street, felt the killing aura, and Hu De and Lu Yun, who were standing beside Tang Zichen, panicked and blocked Tang Jiu.

Hu De roared, "Tang Ju, what are you doing?"

Tang Zichen was being protected by Hu De and Lu Yun, two late Upper Immortals.

Tang Ju snorted, "I want to kill Zhou Mi, Hu De, Lu Yun, are you two trying to stop me?"

Hu De was furious, "Tang Ju, you're too shameless, it's come to this point, and you still want to kill Zhou Mi."

"Hmph, to this point?At what point?It's nothing more than an assassination before, but now it's an open kill.I'll ask you again, Hood, Luwin, are you going to stop me?"

Lu Yun said angrily, "Nonsense, I was expecting the future Zhou Mi to help us with the alchemy, of course I'm going to stop you."

Tang Ju sneered, "Very well, but unfortunately, with you two, can you stop it?"

Hood said, "You're not going to think that you can win us over to join forces?"

Tang Ju laughed and said disdainfully, "Even if I can't defeat you all together, it's still enough to kill Zhou Mi with ease, isn't it?"

"You."Hu De and Lu Yun were both a bit cold and sweaty, busy saying to Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, what should we do now?Together, the two of us are at most even with him, he has too many chances to kill you."

Tang Zichen was a bit surprised, how was this Tang Jiu beside Luo Bitch so strong.

"How come he's so strong?"

"Zhou Mi, this Tang Ju is the fourth ranked among the more than ten Late Ascended Immortals in the Upper Fellows Continent, while Lu Yun and I, one sixth and one seventh, we're no match for him alone."

"Oh."Tang Zichen's heart was in awe, he didn't expect that he would be unable to stop Luo Ke even though he had gained victory.

Tang Ju said to Tang Zichen with a sneer, "Zhou Mi, do you think that if you win, these people will be able to keep you alive?You're really wrong, the two strongest people around you combined are just even with me."

/> Tang Zichen said, "Tang Ju isn't it, I'm asking you now, are you sure you want to kill me?"

"Or else what."

"Well, then, I'll tell you now that the Upper Fellows of Yama, the Celestine, are my brothers."

"Hahaha, hahaha," Tang Ju laughed coldly and spat out a waterway, "I'm still the brother of the Heavenly King, alright, I don't have time to talk nonsense with you, even if your Immortal Pill is strong, go to hell."

Hu De and Lu Yun said, "Zhou Mi, you run away, we can only try our best to help you delay."

At this moment, a voice sounded from the distant sky, "It's not necessary."

Everyone suddenly looked into the distant sky and saw a young man with no expression and an indifferent appearance.

"Ah, yes, it's Qing Shi."Everyone's body shook when they saw that youth, could it be that Tang Zichen was really Qing Shi's brother?

Luo Ke now saw Qing Shi coming and also shivered in fear.

Flying from afar, Qing Shi said indifferently, "Whoever dares to touch my brother Zhou Mi, let me see your guts."

"Ah."Hearing Qing Shi personally say that Zhou Mi was his brother, all of them were foolish.

When Tang Zichen saw Qing Shi coming, he laughed inside and shouted, "Brother Qing Shi, you're back."

Qing Shi flew to Tang Zichen's side and apologized, "Brother Zhou Mi, I'm sorry I'm late, I didn't expect that you're a fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master."

"Hehe, brother is polite."

Qing Shi said, "Who tried to kill him, tell me and I'll let him go to hell."

Tang Zichen busily said, "Big Brother Qing Shi, this person called Tang Ju wants to kill me, but, I heard that he is in the top five, you?"

The Hu De beside him was busy saying, "Brother Zhou Mi, Qing Shi is the number one person in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, under the Heavenly Immortals, not to mention one Tang Ju, even ten Tang Ju combined would not be a match for Qing Shi."

Just at this moment, Qing Shi looked at Tang Ju with cold eyes and asked, "You want to kill my brother?"

"Me."Tang Ju was shocked and panicked, "Brother Qingshi, you misunderstood, I, I was just joking."

Alabaster raged, "Try calling me brother again."

"Yes, yes, I don't dare, and I hope that senior Qing Shi will spare me, I swear that I will never touch a cold hair of Zhou Mi again."Tang Ju panicked and said.

Qing Shi snorted, "Unfortunately, life doesn't have so many ifs, go to hell, Tang Ju."

"Don't."Before Tangju could finish his sentence, his body suddenly split into countless pieces.

This was Qing Shi's spell, Xian, immensely powerful, intangible matter, it couldn't find an opponent.

Tang Zichen was also shocked when he saw how powerful the blue stone was.

At this moment, Hu De and Lu Yun, both of them were secretly celebrating in their hearts, they didn't expect that Zhou Mi was really Qing Shi's brother, if they had known that Zhou Mi was Qing Shi's brother, not to mention Tang Ju, I'm afraid that Luo Ke wouldn't dare to be arrogant in front of Tang Zichen.

Qing Shi looked at Luo Ke again and asked, "You want to kill my brother?"

"No no, nothing of the sort."Luo Ke shook his head in panic, looking like he was dying to admit it.

Qing Shi asked Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, tell me, did she try to kill you?"

Before Tang Zichen spoke, Luo Ke panicked, "Zhou Mi, please, I'm really begging you, okay, I'm kowtowing to you."Luo Ke immediately knelt down.

Tang Zichen said, "Not only this Luo Bitch, these few beside Luo Bitch, including the one called Gao Pi, Blue Moon, all of them are fucking trying to kill me."


"Well then, I'll destroy them all."

When Gao Pi, Blue Moon and the other few Upper Immortals saw this, they immediately scattered and fled.

However, they hadn't even escaped fifty meters before their bodies were in mid-air, splitting into countless pieces, dead beyond death.

Of course, Luo Ke didn't flee, so he was still standing there at the moment, Luo Ke looked at his friend, who died horribly in an instant, and his entire body was stupid.

Tang Zichen sneered, "Bitch Luo, see, what happens to them is what happens to you."

Luo Ke repeatedly kowtowed to Tang Zichen, "Zhou Mi, please forgive me, I was wrong, I was really wrong."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Since you know you're wrong, then why don't you hurry up and thank me with your death."


Qing Shi said, "Zhou Mi, no need to talk nonsense with her, let her die."

After saying that, Master Luo Ke's body also split into countless pieces, it was completely impossible to see how he had been hit, the spell was too strong.

No wonder Qing Shi was the first person under the Heavenly Immortals. One second to remember to read the book

The scene was silent, the group of Luo Ke who were just arrogant and incomparable were now all dead.

The rest, who still dared to mess with Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen busily said gratefully, "Big Brother Qing Shi, thank you for saving me."

"We are all brothers, why are you so polite, alright, from now on, no one will dare to touch you in Upper Feyama, under the Heavenly Immortals."

"Thank you, big brother."

Tang Zichen said in his heart, under the Heavenly Immortals, then what if it's above the Heavenly Immortals?

Forget it, after all, Aoshi himself was only the first person below the Heavenly Immortals.

However, there were only four people above the Heavenly Immortals in the entire Upper Fellows Yan Continent.

In other words, there were only four strong people who had reached the Heavenly Immortal in the Upper Fey Yan Continent.

"Zhou Mi, I don't like the occasion of so many people, I'll go back to the Immortal Palace first, come when you're done, I'll wait for you."

"Okay, big brother, take care."

Qing Shi instantly flew away, his personality was a bit strange, he probably didn't like being watched by so many people.

After Qing Shi left, all the Immortals at the scene looked at Tang Zichen in a completely different way.

Even Hu De and Lu Yun, looked at Tang Zichen with a bit of a lower status, before Qing Shi didn't appear, they were all one level more noble than Tang Zichen, treating him as their partner, but now, it was clear that they weren't.

Hu De smiled, "Master Zhou Mi, how should I address you now?Or, I can just call you Boss."

Tang Zichen smiled, "No need, thank you for protecting me today, if you need to refine any immortal pills in the future, you can always come to me, the price is excellent."

"Thank you, Master Zhou."Hu De looked a little regretful inside, if he called Tang Zichen Boss and Tang Zichen didn't refuse, then it would be logical to become Tang Zichen's subordinate, and in the future, Tang Zichen could hang out with Qing Shi, and indirectly, he would be able to get in touch with Qing Shi more, so maybe the future chances would be different.Qing Shi was someone who was able to travel freely to the Upper Four Continents, while they, on the other hand, could only hang out in the Lower Four Continents.The Upper Four Continents, and the Lower Four Continents, that was too different.

The lower four continents, respectively, were: the Upper Feyan Continent, the Lower Tingguo Continent, the Left Shanta Continent, and the Right Shimpan Continent.

The upper four continents, on the other hand, were: the Eastern Sheng Shen Continent, the Southern Zhanbu Continent, the Western Niu He Continent, and the Northern Ju Lu Continent.

Tang Zichen shouted to everyone, "Everyone, there is nothing to disperse."

Only then did everyone disperse.

Tang Zichen had no time to procrastinate, Tang Zichen immediately went to Luo Ke's house to search for Star Luo.

In Luo Ke's house, Tang Zichen managed to find Star Luo, who was locked up and beaten all over the place


"Star Luo, Star Luo."Tang Zichen called out for a long time before Xing Luo opened his eyes.

"Tzu-Chen, you, how are you."

"Xing Luo, I'm sorry you suffered, it's okay now, Bitch Luo is dead, Gao Pi is dead, the people sluts that followed Bitch Luo, Tang Ju, Blue Moon, etc. are all dead."

"Ah."Xing Luo was startled.

Tang Zichen said, "Didn't I tell you before, Qing Shi is my brother, he came back and easily killed these scum, of course, I also competed with Luo Bitch for the Immortal Pill, she failed miserably, I'm now in Upper Feyama, I've achieved fame and success, let's go, I'll take you out of here."

"Mmhmm."Star Luo nodded happily.

Tang Zichen hugged Star Luo and went straight to the Greenstone Immortal Palace.

"Brother Zhou Mi, you're here, she is?"

"Brother Qing Shi, she's my woman, she was injured by Luo Ke's group, wait for me, I'll save her first."

"Do you need my help?"

"No need, I'm an Immortal Pill Master, this is what I'm good at."

Qing Shi took out a few Immortal Grasses and said, "This is some healing Immortal Grasses, take it and see if you can use it."

"Brother, this is too polite."

"No need to be polite, I don't like to be polite."

"Good, then I'll take it."Tang Zichen took in the Immortal Grass and went to a room to clean up Mu Qianji's external injuries before refining some Immortal Pills, and a few hours later, Xing Luo had recovered as before.

"Thank you, Zichen, I'm completely well."

"Look at what you're saying, I'm the one who wants to thank you, the reason you were so badly injured and even almost died was because of me."

"Isn't it all right now, you're completely out of danger, let's not talk about those unhappy things, let's go, Senior Qing Shi is still waiting for you."


Tang Zichen arrived at the main hall of the Qing Shi Immortal Mansion, and sure enough, Qing Shi was looking at a book on the side.

"Zhou Mi, you're here, how's your mother-in-law."Alabaster asked.

Star Luo was busy saying, "Thank you, Brother Qing Shi, I'm fine."

"Well, that's good, you guys don't have to be polite, feel free to sit down."

Tang Zichen and Star Luo sat down, and the servants from the Qing Shi Immortal Mansion came to serve them in a panic.

Tang Zichen asked, "Brother, where have you been this time, fortunately you rushed back in time, otherwise I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to see you."

"I took a casual walk outside, by the way, this is a meeting gift I gave you."Saying that, Aoshi took out a bundle of Immortal Grass.

"Ah, brother, just now you've bestowed Star Luo with the Healing Immortal Grass."

"It's two different things, this meeting gift, I specially prepared it for you, these are ten 800 million year old Immortal Grasses respectively, and you yourself happen to be a rank 4 Immortal Pill Master, so it's just right."Qing Shi said.

"Brother, I can't accept this great gift of yours."

"Brother Zhou Mi, please don't be sentimental, I don't like sentimentality."

"This, well, sluts are all preposterous, so I'll take it, but let me do something for you as well, or I can't do anything for you."Tang Zichen said.

Qing Shi smiled bitterly, "There's nothing I need you to do for me at the moment."

"Then if big brother needs anything from me, he must tell me."

"Of course, if I need anything, I will definitely say it, I won't be polite."

"Hehe, me too."Tang Zichen said in his heart, he also liked people who were so bold.


Star Luo looked at Tang Zichen and said inwardly, "Zichen is truly a wonder person, always meeting so many noble people.Of course, she always meets many enemies as well."

After Tang Zichen accepted the Immortal Pill, Qing Shi didn't have anything to say to Tang Zichen, Qing Shi seemed to be a rather boring person.

So, Aoshi then said, "Zhou Mi, there's nothing else to say, so you should go back first."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was so startled that he gave an eviction order, if Tang Zichen didn't know him as a person, he would still wonder if he had offended him somewhere.

"Brother, in that case, I won't bother you any further."


Tang Zichen pulled Star Luo and was about to leave, when Star Luo panicked and gave Tang Zichen a wink.

Tang Zichen hadn't reacted yet.

"What's wrong?Starro, not feeling well in the eyes, huh?"

Star Luo was really going to be pissed off.

"You're the one with the eye discomfort, didn't you say that there's one more thing you need to ask big brother for."Star Luo said depressedly. The first website

Tang Zichen remembered at once, hehehe smiled, "Look at my memory."

Tang Zichen busily said, "Brother Qing Shi, can you do me another favor."


Star Luo was set up with a restriction, can you help me remove it.

"Who set it up?"

"A mid Upper Immortal."

"That's easy."Qing Shi waved his hand and a strong stream of air struck Star Luo's body.

Suddenly, the restriction on Star Luo's body broke.

At this moment, in a distant place, in a stone cave, an old man who was in seclusion suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood.

"Ah, what's wrong with you?"The other old man beside him was busy asking.

The old man who vomited blood said in shock, "No good, my family's descendant's Star Luo, the restriction I set up was squeezed through."

"What? Who dares to squeeze through my wife's restraint?"The old man next to him was furious.

These two people were the Star Clan's ancestor, as well as Yan Qinggang.

The ancestor of the Xing Clan said, "I don't know, strange, is someone strong Xing Luo?My restraint, which only protects Star Luo from being violated ah, to ensure her purity ah, is being squeezed through right now, and nine times out of ten, she's being strong."

"What? Who dares to force my fiancée."Next to him, Yan Qinggang yelled.

Xing's ancestor said, "Old Yan, let's go back first."

"Let's go, I'll tear that person who dared to force my wife."Yan Qinggang roared in anger, so the two of them swiftly headed back to Upper Feyan Continent.

Both of them were mid Upper Fairy.

Only, they were no longer qualified enough to be Tang Zichen's opponents.

Outside of Qing Shi's Immortal Palace, Tang Zichen and Xing Luo had already left.

Tang Zichen smiled heedlessly and said, "Star Luo, it's still you who's on top, I forgot about that incident."


"It seems that you want that more than I even do, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed.

Star Luo was red in the face and punched Tang Zichen's chest.

"You're so annoying, you're making me ashamed to live."

"Alright, just kidding with you, besides, what's there to be shy about between us, really."

"I don't want to talk to you."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen was happy to see Star Luo pretending to be angry, Star Luo wouldn't be fit to put on a soft girl face.

Star Luo changed the subject and asked, "Why did big brother Qing Shi drive us away?"

"Don't think too much about that, he's probably not good at talking to people and doesn't know what to say to us, so he let us go."


nbsp; "No wonder he doesn't have a single friend, thanks to him being such a genius, he doesn't even have a wife."

"This is someone's private matter, it's not like everyone is interested in women."

"That's right, which is like you, lecher."Star Luo a grouch.

"A man's true colors."


Tang Zichen returned to the Star Clan, but before he arrived at his residence, Tang Zichen saw Star Yao and the others, waiting at the entrance of Star Luo's residence.

"Er, what are you guys doing?"

Xingyao smiled, "Master Zhou, I am courteous in this room."

The rest of them also bowed to Tang Zichen.

"Elders, why are you so courteous."

"Yes, yes."Star Yao and the others said with a bitter smile.

At this moment, two late Upper Immortals flew in.

"Boss, you're back."

Tang Zichen saw that it was Lu Yun and Hu De.

"How come it's you guys, what are you guys doing here?"

"Boss, first of all, please forgive us, we really admire you too much, so, we couldn't help but want to come to you and call you boss."Lu Yun said.

The elders of the Xing Clan next to them were speechless, even the late Upper Immortal called Tang Zichen Boss, then their family's ancestor didn't know what to call Tang Zichen, their family's ancestor was only in the middle Upper Immortal stage, far from Hu De and Lu Yun.

Tang Zichen said, "Sorry, don't call me any boss from now on, call me Master Zhou."

Lu Yun looked like a spoiled child and said repeatedly, "I want, I want, I want well."

Suddenly, everyone got goose bumps.

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, I really don't want you guys to call me Boss, it's really not possible, you guys can always call me by my name."

"Boss."Lu Yun still wanted to say something, but Hu De stopped him.

Hu De was busy saying, "Master Zhou, although Lu Yun is a bit of a pervert, he really does want to worship you as his boss, so why don't you be kind and accept the two of us."

Tang Zichen broke out in cold sweat, how could there be such a person.

"I'm going to be busy, so don't disturb me."Tang Zichen was going to refine the ten 800 million year old Immortal Grasses that Qing Shi had given him, Tang Zichen was going to refine them into Immortal Pills and then try to take them to see if he could raise them to mid Earth Immortal.

"Fine, fine, then we won't bother."

Hu De and Lu Yun, the two of them remained at the entrance of the Star Clan, as if they wanted to move Tang Zichen.

Hu De sighed, "Lu Yun, do you think it's really worth it for us to trample on ourselves like this?"

Lu Yun said firmly, "I think it's worth it, as long as Zhou Mi can take us, I believe that this is definitely our immortal destiny, you and I are not young, staying in the upper immortal for a long time, we need someone with a strong immortal destiny to lead us, so we have a chance to continue to move up, I think so.Anyway, I'm going to wait here until I move him."

Hu De said, "I think it would be more stable to give our entire possessions to Zhou Mi."

Lu Yun said, "Don't insult Zhou Mi, Zhou Mi is not this kind of person, if you buy him with fairy grass, wouldn't you be looking down on him, we should still use sincerity."

"I think it's better to smash with fairy grass."

"I think use sincerity."

The two of them argued at the entrance of the Xing Clan.

If Tang Zichen heard them, Tang Zichen would raise his hands in favor of Hu De's opinion, and smashing with fairy grass would definitely be able to smash Tang Zichen until he was willing to accept them.

As for sincerity, Tang Zichen didn't care.

Tang Zichen entered his immortal palace and began to refine the immortal pills.

At this moment, the two middle stage Immortals were on their way back to Upper Fey Yan Continent.


Five days later, Xing Luo's ancestor and Yan Qinggang returned to the family.

Yan Qinggang didn't go anywhere and immediately rushed to Xing Luo's place.

The Xing Clan Ancestor had no choice but to go to Xing Luo's place first.

When they arrived at Star Luo's residence, they just happened to see, on a penthouse, Tang Zichen and Star Luo behaving intimately.

"I'll kill you."Yan Qinggang roared in anger and killed that attic.

Tang Zichen was shocked, and in an instant, an old man killed him.

In this situation, it was definitely too late for Tang Zichen to escape.

So, helplessly, Tang Zichen quickly chose to enter the Immortal Mansion.

After entering the Immortal Mansion, Tang Zichen's Immortal Mansion fell to the ground.

"Boom!"It just so happened that the loft had been reduced to powder by Yan Qinggang in one fell swoop.

Of course, Xing Luo stood unharmed in the ruins. Remember the website

Tang Zichen would have been finished if he didn't have a fairy house on his body to hide from it.

"Grass."Tang Zichen cursed in a fiery voice.

Because the attic had turned into powder, his Immortal Mansion had been strongly shaken, and Tang Zichen's Immortal Mansion was like an earthquake had happened.

"Tzichen, what's wrong?"

"What's happening."

Tang Zichen's relatives ran out of the house inside the Immortal Palace in a panic.

"Someone killed me, luckily I ran fast and hid inside the immortal house, the immortal house fell outside, it must have been violently shaken, that's why the inside of the immortal house was like an earthquake." Tang Zichen said furiously.

"Who was trying to kill you?"

"I don't know, a very ugly old man, I'm going out to see."

"You be careful."

"I know."

Outside now, Yan Qinggang waved his hand and all the dust dissipated, leaving Star Luo standing in the ruins.

Star Luo looked at Yan Qinggang, then ignored him and looked around, shouting, "Husband."

Yan Qinggang said angrily, "Who are you calling Sage-Gong?"

Star Luo said angrily, "Yan Qinggang, how dare you hurt my husband."

"You, you dare to say that again?I'm the one who's your husband."Yan Qinggang yelled in anger.

At this time, the Xing Clan Ancestor flew up as well.

The Xing Clan Ancestor said, "Xing Luo, Yan Qinggang is your fiancé, and I'll arrange for you to get married tonight.By the way, who was the one who was just killed by Yan Qinggang?"

They thought that Tang Zichen had been killed and didn't know that Tang Zichen had gone to hide in the Immortal Palace.

Not knowing the real situation, Star Luo also thought that Tang Zichen had been killed, and cried out, "Husband."

Xing Clan's ancestor was furious, "Xing Luo, you've turned against him, say, what's going on?"

Star Luo looked at Yan Qinggang with anger, pointed at Yan Qinggang and said, "You killed my man, I'm not done with you."

"Pah."The ancestor of the Star Clan slapped Star Luo across the face.

"Xing Luo, have you rebelled, how dare you speak to your fiancé like that."

Star Luo's eyes looked at the old man of the Star Clan and Yan Qinggang with hatred.

Yan Qinggang asked angrily, "Star Luo, I ask you, what happened between you and that little white face just now?Are you still pure?Say it quickly."

"Hahaha, hahaha."Star Luo laughed, "Yan Qinggang, you're waiting to die."

"Slap."The Xing Clan Ancestor slapped Xing Luo across the air again, causing the corners of his mouth to bleed.

The Xing Clan Ancestor said to Yan Qinggang, "Qinggang, there's no need to ask, they've, alas, I'm sorry."After saying that, the Xing Clan Ancestor looked angrily at Xing Luo, raised his palm and tried to slap Xing


Sing's ancestor said, "Sing Luo, you have disappointed me too much, and now that you have cheated on Yan Qinggang behind his back, there is no room for you in this world."

Just at this moment, Tang Zichen suddenly appeared.

"Ah, Xing Luo, what's wrong with you?"Tang Zichen was shocked when he saw Star Luo fall to the ground with blood at the corner of his mouth.

Star Luo saw that Tang Zichen wasn't dead and was delighted.

"Tzichen, you're not dead?I thought you were dead."

"How could I die so easily, I didn't die before when Luo Bitch sent so many people to kill me, how could two little bugs in the district kill me now."Tang Zichen said.

Yan Qinggang and Xing's ancestor were startled, Yan Qinggang said angrily, "You didn't even die, who are you calling a little worm?"

Tang Zichen turned his head and said, "Did you beat my woman?Say, what's your name?"

"You're looking for death."

Tang Zichen yelled, "Answer me, what's your name?"

Star Luo was busy saying, "Zichen, he is Yan Qinggang, that one is my family's ancestor."

"Hmph, who did I think it was, so it's you two, back just in time, I happen to have a score to settle with you."

Yan Qinggang said angrily, "Kid, you're an Earth Immortal, how dare you steal my woman, you're tired of living."

As he was about to do so, the Xing Clan Ancestor said, "Wait, Qing Gang, he's just an Earth Immortal, he's not even capable of breaking the restriction on Xing Luo, so there's someone behind him."

Yan Qinggang said, ", who is the person behind him?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "The person behind me is someone you can't afford to offend."

"How ridiculous, I can't afford to be offended?I'd like to know who dared to condone you stealing someone else's fiancée."Yan Qinggang raged.

At this moment, not far away, Hu De and Lu Yun who heard the commotion flew here.

The Xing Clan Ancestor immediately noticed and turned back in a panic, seeing that it was Hu De and Lu Yun, the Xing Clan Ancestor turned white with fright and was busy saying, "Qinggang, turn back quickly."

When Yan Qinggang turned back, he saw Hu De and Lu Yun flying in the distance, and also turned pale with shock.

Yan Qinggang said, "Don't tell me that they're the ones behind this kid."

Xing Clan's ancestor said, "It's very possible."

"Oh my god, this."Yan Qinggang was silly, no wonder Tang Zichen dared to arrogantly say that he really couldn't afford to offend.

Hu De and Lu Yun soon flew up, Hu De looked at Xing Clan's ancestor and Yan Qinggang and smiled, "I thought who is it, it's Xing Xi and Yan Qinggang."

The Star's ancestor and Yan Qinggang paid homage to Hu De and Lu Yun, "See Senior Hu De, see Senior Lu Yun."

Cold sweat broke out on Yan Qinggang's forehead, Hu De and Lu Yun's reputation, they were well aware of the fact that they were the sixth and seventh ranked in strength among the Late Immortal powerhouses of the Upper Fertilization Yan Continent, ah.

"Hmph."Hu De and Lu Yun, however, didn't give them any face at all, and with a snort, they walked past them and came before Tang Zichen.

Hu De and Lu Yun were delighted inside, and were worried about doing something for their boss.

Hu De said, "Boss, are you alright?"

Lu Yun was also busy saying, "Boss, is there anything I need to do?Whether it's beating or killing, I'm more than willing to serve."

Hood added, "Yeah, Boss, did Xing Xi and Yan Qing Gang, did they hurt you?Do you need me to do something to kill them?"

At this moment, Xing Clan's ancestor and Yan Qinggang's bodies were shaken and silly there.

"What is this situation?Boss?"

They thought that Tang Zichen was their grandson, or apprentice or something, but they actually called the boss with a pleasing face.

Tang Zichen helped Star Luo on the ground up, wiped the blood from the corner of Star Luo's mouth, and asked, "Who beat you?"


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