The King of Kungfu in school 2136-2140


Chapter 2136

In the blink of an eye, another ten days passed.

In Tang Zichen's immortal palace.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen suddenly let out a loud laugh.

Tian Xiang heard Tang Zichen's laughter and ran over in a panic because Tang Zichen had been studying immortal pills every day and must have succeeded in training a fourth level one layer of immortal pills.

"Zichen, have you trained into a fourth level first layer of Immortal Pill?"Tian Xiang asked in surprise.

Tang Zichen said, "Wrong."

"Ah, wrong?You haven't practiced yet, so why are you laughing."Tian Xiang rolled her eyes.

"That's even more wrong, I've gone above and beyond and practiced into a fourth-grade, second-layer Immortal Pill, so, not a first layer."

"What? Four levels and two tiers."Tian Xiang was shocked, no wonder Tang Zichen said she was wrong.

"Hehe, this time, my level is far beyond that what's called Luo Ke."Tang Zichen gave a loud laugh.

"Congratulations, Husband."Tian Xiang was busy congratulating. Remember the website

"You're welcome, and I don't know how well Xing Luo has done with things outside."

At this moment, outside, everyone in the entire Upper Fellowship Continent knew about Tang Zichen becoming a rank four Immortal Pill Master, but where Tang Zichen was, no one could find him.

In the Star Luo family.

A servant girl reported, "Miss Xing Luo, an Upper Immortal named Blue Moon is looking for you, wanting to ask you about Zhou Mi, and is waiting for you in the main hall."

"Okay, I'll be right there."Star Luo smiled inwardly as he said, "Since spreading the news that Tang Zichen is a fourth-grade Immortal, this is the eighteenth one to come to me to ask for news about Tang Zichen, hehehe."

Star Luo immediately came to the main hall.

"Miss Star Luo."That Upper Immortal called Blue Moon was busy calling out in a friendly manner.

"Star Luo pays her respects to Senior Blue Moon."

"You're welcome, you're welcome, ah Star Luo, I came to find you today to confirm something to you."

"Please speak, Senior."

"That, is it true that Zhou Mi has become a rank four Immortal Pill Master ah?"

"Sure, I can promise you with my life."

"That would be great, can you tell me where he is, I really want to be friends with him."Blue Moon said excitedly.

"This, Senior Blue Moon, I don't know where he is either."

Blue Moon smiled, "Xing Luo, I know what you're worried about, you must be afraid that the Gao family will find Zhou Mi and kill him, right?Don't worry, I'll be responsible for Zhou Mi's safety to the end."

"Senior, I am."

"What? You doubt my strength?I'm a middle stage Upper Immortal, and that Gao Pi, who is just a middle stage Upper Immortal, may not be my opponent if I really want to compete with Gao Pi... To be honest, ten million years ago, Gao Pi asked me if I would date him, and I dumped him on the spot.If you don't believe me, I'll take you to Gao Pi right now and let you see how powerful I am.Miss Star Luo, please, I really want to be friends with Zhou Mi."

Star Luo said, "Senior Blue Moon, are you sure you can guarantee Zhou Mi's safety?"

"Of course."

"Okay, I'm willing to take you to him, but it will take a few hours, and also, you must stay with my family at all times now, in case the Gopi kidnap me."

"It is necessary, I know that Gopi is sweeping you with his immortal mind right now, and I guess he already knows about the conversation we just had."

/> At this moment, in Gopi's house.

"Bang, Xing Luo, that bitch, really knows where Zhou Mi is, and lied to me about it."Gao Pi slapped the table in anger.

A Gao family elder said, "Old ancestor, I'll go and arrest Xing Luo, I'll see if she dares not to give an account of Zhou Mi's whereabouts, if not, I'll find ten beggars and wheel her."

The Gao Family Ancestor said, "You think I haven't thought about it, Star Luo has been waiting for an opportunity, I told you why she would announce Zhou Mi's fourth level Immortal Master, so she was waiting.Now, that Blue Moon Upper Immortal attempted to get Zhou Mi to help with the alchemy, promising to keep Zhou Mi safe, and that's why Star Luo told the truth."

"Ah, the Blue Moon Upper Immortal."Gao family elder was startled, this Blue Moon Upper Immortal, ten million years ago, Gao Pi had pursued her and was slapped by her at that time, of course, Gao Pi didn't return the favor, whether it was a Blue Moon opponent or not was still uncertain.

Just at this moment, a servant came in to report, "Old Ancestor, Master Luo Ke is asking for an audience."

"Ah, Master Luo Ke?The only fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master in the Upper Fey Yan Continent?"

"Yes, it's waiting in the receiving hall, along with Master Rocco, and five Upper Immortals."

"What? How."

Gao Pi panicked and went to meet the guests, Master Luo Ke had brought five Upper Immortals to visit him, what a trip for Gao Pi.

In the receiving hall, Gao Pi immediately saw Master Luo Ke, and the five strong Upper Immortals.

"Meet Master Luo Ke, I don't know what Master Luo Ke wants with his visit."

An old woman smiled, "Senior Gao Pi, you're welcome, I heard that you've recently been hunting down a man named Zhou Mi, this man is a disciple of the Green King."

"Exactly, could it be that Master Luo Ke, has come to plead for Zhou Mi?"Gao Pi was startled, if that was the case, he really couldn't kill Zhou Mi.Of the five Upper Immortals brought on the scene, one of them is a late Upper Immortal, and the other four are all mid Upper Immortals.It shows Master Luo Ke's power."

Master Luo Ke smiled, "Just the opposite, I also want to kill Zhou Mi."

"Er, why?"Gopi was startled, Master Rocco also had a grudge against Zhou Mi?

Master Luo Ke said, "I heard that Zhou Mi has become a fourth level Immortal."

"That Star Luo bitch said so, it seems to be true, I'm worried about that, I'm afraid that Zhou Mi Luo a group of Upper Immortals, confronted me, so that I can't kill him."

Luo Ke's face turned cold and said, "Once upon a time, there were two fourth-grade Immortal Pill masters in the Upper Fellows' Yama Continent, me and Green King, and my level surpassed Green King's, so most of the Late and Middle Upper Immortals in the Upper Fellows' Yama Continent came to me to concoct pills and make deals with me.The Green King, on the other hand, is mainly from the early stages of Upper Immortality, and only those with little ability seek him out.Since the Green King died, the entire Upper Fertilized Yama Continent's Upper Immortals, no matter if they're pre-middle or late-stage, have all come to me, and I've become the only fourth-grade Immortal Pill Master, and I'm enjoying it, I don't like anyone sharing with me, do you know what I'm trying to say?"

Gao Pi smiled heedlessly, "I know, so you want to kill Zhou Mi so that the Upper Fey Yan Continent will continue to have only one fourth-ranked Xian Dan Master."

"That's right."

"Master Luo Ke is doing the right thing, I'll raise my hands to support you, and I'm also going to kill Zhou Mi."Gao Pi smiled proudly in his heart, I didn't expect that in killing Zhou Mi, I didn't know he was the one ah, this Zhou Mi, let's see how he can still live.

Gao Pi blindly said, "Master Luo Ke, I have a message I want to report to you."


"Not long ago, I overheard that the Blue Moon Immortal went to Star Luo and promised Star Luo that she would guarantee Zhou Mi's safety, Star Luo finally told the truth, Star Luo said that she would take the Blue Moon Immortal to Zhou Mi."


However, when Master Luo Ke heard this news, he didn't feel any excitement and said indifferently, "Blue Moon is my person, I'm the one who told her to find Star Luo."

"What."Gao Pi was shocked, this old woman, too cruel, screwed up, Blue Moon was sent by her.

"Oh, surprised?There is no need to be surprised, the Blue Moon Fairy and I are inseparable friends, considered my best friend, this time I asked her to find Star Luo, to get Zhou Mi's whereabouts.Gao Pi, I came here today to tell you not to interfere with this matter and let Blue Moon find out Zhou Mi smoothly."

"Of course, of course, I definitely won't, hehe."Gao Pi laughed happily.

Master Luo Ke said, "Then I'll leave first, now I'm just waiting for Star Luo to bring Blue Moon to find out Zhou Mi."


Master Luo Ke, left with the five Upper Immortals, who were Master Luo Ke's best friends, otherwise, they wouldn't have participated in the operation to kill Zhou Mi together.

Since the Green King's death, Master Luo Ke deeply felt what it was like to be the only rank 4 Immortal, so she enjoyed it very much, she didn't want another rank 4 Immortal to appear to share this only with her.Moreover, Zhou Mi had become a rank four Immortal Pill Master at such a young age, his future might be better than hers, which made Master Luo Ke feel even more insecure, once Zhou Mi surpassed her in the future, then Zhou Mi would definitely take away the position she originally had, she would never let that happen, so Master Luo Ke brought in a few of her friends to discuss, and formulated such a meticulous plan to kill her.

Right now, at Star Luo's home, Star Luo was happy to finally have a strong man who could stand up to Gopi.

So, Star Luo immediately ordered his servant to send out seventeen letters, before there were eighteen Pre- Immortals, who also wanted to find Tang Zichen, at that time, Star Luo said that he would notify them as soon as he knew the whereabouts of Zhou Mi.

Now, it was finally possible to notify. One second to remember to read the book

Within a few hours, all of those seventeen Pre-Superior Immortals came to Star Luo's house.These seventeen Pre-immortals were not Master Luo Ke's people, they used to look for the Green King to concoct pills, since the Green King died, they had nowhere to concoct pills, they had to go to Master Luo Ke, unfortunately, Master Luo Ke was very shady and charged very high fees.They were excited to hear that Zhou Mi was also a rank 4 Immortal Pill Master, and immediately wanted to find Zhou Mi and never suffer from Master Luo Ke's bird anger again.

"Xing Luo, where is Master Zhou Mi?"A pre Immortal asked anxiously, with anticipation on his face.

Star Luo said, "Don't be anxious, I'll take you there right away, this Blue Moon Senior also wants to find Zhou Mi."

The Blue Moon Upper Immortal smiled, "Yes, I also want to find Zhou Mi, I want to be friends with him."

"Pay your respects to Senior Blue Moon."The seventeen Upper Immortals were busy paying their respects.

"You're welcome."Blue Moon smiled, but unfortunately, everyone didn't know that she was sent by Master Luo Ke.

Star Luo said, "From this moment on, you must guarantee Zhou Mi's safety, so that I can take you to Zhou Mi."

"Of course, we will swear to guarantee Master Zhou Mi's safety."Everyone was busy saying.

"Yes, with Senior Blue Moon here, what is that Gopi."

"Right, if Gopi dares to kill Zhou Mi, we will definitely fight Gopi."

"Well then, let's go find Zhou Mi now."Star Luo said, Star Luo thought to himself that with so many Upper Immortals, he shouldn't be afraid of Gao Pi anymore.

So, that's when Star Luo took the eighteen Upper Immortals and headed to Zhou Mi's hiding place.

However, Star Luo didn't go as fast as he could, but rather slowly, because Star Luo always felt uncomfortable inside.

What Star Luo didn't know was that at the moment, at the

In the dark, Gao Pi, Master Luo Ke, and the five strong Upper Immortals, quietly followed.Once they found Zhou Mi, they were bound to die, the strongest one on the scene was a late Upper Immortal, called Tang Ju, so Tang Zichen had no chance of surviving.

Star Luo suddenly stopped, his heart was always a little uneasy.

Blue Moon said, "Miss Star Luo, go, don't worry, I'll protect the circumstance, go."

Star Luo said, "It's too easy for a mid Upper Immortal to kill Zhou Mi, a random strike is all it takes, it's impossible to defend against it, you take a nap and Zhou Mi will die hundreds of times.Senior Blue Moon, I have to be more cautious ah."

"Then I'll eat and sleep with Zhou Mi, that's always fine."

Star Luo asked, "Senior, that's a bit too big of a payoff for you, then."

"Oh, to acquire, there is always a price to pay.Hurry up and go."

"Senior, I."Star Luo hesitated.

The Blue Moon Immortal was a bit impatient, I really wanted to squeeze her to death, granny.

"If you don't want to, then say so early, don't waste everyone's time."

Star Luo said, "Alright, then everyone follow me."

Star Luo flew towards the immortal's tomb outside the city.

Eighteen people immediately followed.

Star Luo suddenly changed his mind and wanted to test it out.

So, instead, they went to the Immortal Graveyard.

Soon, arriving at the Immortal Graveyard, Star Luo arrived at an Immortal's grave and knocked on the grave's tombstone in a fanciful manner, whispering, "Zhou Mi, come out, Zhou Mi, it's me, Star Luo."

For a moment, there was no response, and Star Luo said, "I'm sorry ah, Zhou Mi is not coming out."

"You mean, he's really hiding in there?"

"Yes."Starro had to lie.

"Then why didn't he come out?"

"I don't know, it's so weird."

Just at that moment, Blue Moon snorted, "Then dig the grave."

Star Luo was startled when she saw Blue Moon's face, and it turned out that her hunch was right, if she really wanted to beg for a weekly alchemy, she would have said something like that.

In the next second, Gao Pi, Master Luo Ke, and the others, came running out.

They had all fallen for it.

"Hahaha, Zhou Mi, I thought you were much better at hiding, but it turns out that you're hiding in this tomb, before I didn't know which one you were hiding in, so I didn't dare to dig them all, now that I know you're hiding in this tomb, so what if I dig it one."Gopi let out a loud laugh.

Star Luo's face turned pale, seeing so many strong people pop up, her back was covered in cold sweat, luckily she changed her mind before she died, otherwise she would have really killed Tang Zichen.

Blue Moon went to Master Luo Ke's front, smiled: "Luo Ke, find that son of a bitch, Star Luo said, just this one grave, I see should not be false, after all, before Gao Pi searched the whole city did not, then there is a very likely hidden in one of the graves, week use no one dares one grave to find him, so hidden here is the safest."

"Well, Blue Moon, hard work."

"Oh, you and I are girlfriends, I'll be angry if I say such words again."Blue Moon said as Rocco Blue Moon and the two of them smiled at each other.

"You guys."Star Luo was filled with shock.

Rocco snorted, "Right, I forgot to thank Miss Star Luo for leading us to the circumstantial hideout."


"Senior Blue Moon, you, you lied to me."Star Luo raged.

Blue Moon snorted, "So what if I lied to you, dead girl, you think I really want to find Zhou Mi alchemy ah, hahaha."

Xing Luo had really seen how evil people's hearts were today, thanks to her trusting her so much, but fortunately, Xing Luo changed his mind in time.

Luo Ke said to Gao Pi, "Gao Pi, since we found it, why don't we start digging, don't worry, we have so many Upper Immortals here today, and there is also a late Upper Immortal, digging a tomb is no big deal, there may not be a few Immortals buried here, so what are you afraid of.As for being cursed by immortal spirits and affecting immortal fate, hehe, I'll gift you a few immortal pills later, if it does affect you, it's time to make up for it by affecting your immortal fate."

"Good, then I'll do it."After saying that, Gao Pi flipped his hand and slapped the tomb over, and the entire tomb rolled up.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anything inside the tomb.

"Where are the people?"

"Why isn't anyone here?"

"Everyone turned pale and looked at Starro.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Star Luo let out a loud laugh knowing that she was going to be finished today, right now, she put her own life and death at risk, at least, she didn't harm Tang Zichen.

Star Luo said, "You've all been deceived by me, Zhou Mi is not even in this tomb, hahaha." First URL

"Star Luo, you dare to lie to me."Blue Moon instantly rushed up and strangled Star Luo's neck and hung up.

Star Luo couldn't struggle at all.

Blue Moon was very angry because Star Luo had lied to her.However, she didn't think about how she herself had lied to Star Luo, was it okay for her to lie to others and not okay for others to lie to her, but she was so angry.

"I pooh."The struggling Star Luo, a mouthful of water sprayed down, spraying Blue Moon's face.

"You, you spluttering hoof, I'll kill you."Blue Moon was about to kill Star Luo.

At that moment, Master Rocco said, "Blue Moon, don't do it yet."

Blue Moon held up Star Luo and turned his head, "Luo Ke, I am sorry that I didn't help you find out Zhou Mi, but I was fooled by this prodigal hoof."

Star Luo looked at Master Luo Ke, and all of the Upper Immortals and said, "You all shall not die in peace, one day, Zhou Mi will take revenge for me and kill all of you."

Blue Moon snorted, "Bitch, I'm going to pull your skin off, I'll see how you still talk tough."

Luo Ke said, "Xing Luo, I believe you are a smart person, tell me, which tomb is Zhou Mi hiding in?"

"I won't tell you, kill me if you dare."Star Luo gritted his teeth and said with tough eyes.

"Star Luo, you better not challenge my boundaries."Master Rocco's face went cold, and she had a temper.

"I pooh."Star Luo spat and a mouthful of blood spurted out, which was due to being strangled by Blue Moon.

That late Upper Immortal, Tang Ju, waved away the blood spurting out of Xing Luo and said, "Little bitch, you better not be ungrateful, do you believe that I will exterminate your Xing Clan?I am a late stage Upper Immortal, you should know that I can easily do that, as long as you tell me where Zhou Mi is, I can bypass you."

Star Luo coldly snorted, "I pooh, a late Upper Immortal, but instead of being a human, you want to be a dog."


"Bang."That Soup Lift waved his hand and a slap across the air flew at Star Luo's face.

Star Luo suddenly flew away, his entire face collapsed and his face turned blurry, but he didn't die.

Right now, the most depressed was Gao Pi, Tang Zichen didn't find it, but he dug a grave first, digging an immortal's grave is cursed by immortal spirits, it will definitely affect the fate of immortality, now that Zhou Mi didn't find it, Master Luo Ke definitely won't gift him immortal pills, what a loss.

"Bitch, it's all your fault."Gao Pi exhaled with a roar.


Luo fell miserably to the ground, unable to move but looking at them with cold eyes, as if he was mocking the group.

Even if Star Luo died, there was nothing anyone could do about it.

"Luo Ke, what should we do?We can't dig up all the graves if she's dead and won't talk."A Shang Xian said.

Luo Ke was filled with anger, he really wanted to shoot Star Luo to death, but after shooting her to death, not to mention which tomb Zhou Mi was hiding in.

"Take her away first, if she doesn't reveal Zhou Mi's whereabouts within three days, die."Luo Ke's old face was fierce, and he said viciously.

"Good."Suddenly, Star Luo was arrested by one of the Upper Immortals.

Master Luo Ke and the others, all of them were incomparably depressed and left.

There were only those seventeen Pre-Superior Immortals left on the scene, and they weren't from Luo Ke's group.

"Damn it, what is this."

"Master Luo Ke, it might not be too cruel, she even tried to kill Zhou Mi."

"My God, I was wondering if I could get a little discount for finding Zhou Mi for alchemy in the future, for the sake of the once Green King, but now it seems that Zhou Mi is in trouble on his own."

"What self-preservation is inevitable, it's certain death, not to mention looking at Luo Ke's energy, the entire Upper Fey Yan Continent, in addition to strong people with other channels, the vast majority of Upper Immortals are looking for her to refine immortal pills."

"Alas, this is fate."

Those seventeen Pre-Supernatural Immortals sighed.

One of them said, "The grave that was just dug by Gao Pi, let's work together to bury it back, perhaps we can be blessed by the immortal spirits, allowing us to increase our immortal fate a little."

"Good."So, those seventeen people, put the grave back together again.

This is where the graves here could remain undiminished for countless years, as some people would go and re-bury some graves after seeing them destroyed, with the purpose of, expecting to be blessed with an increase in immortal fortunes.

Right now, Tang Zichen was in the Immortal Palace, restless.

"Don't worry about it, Star Luo can't be alright, she's a member of the Star Clan, who dares to touch her."

"But why hasn't she been heard from for so long?She's been out for a long time, it's been more than half a month, why haven't we heard anything at all now.Before she went out, I told her that I could sense it by tapping on the Immortal Palace three times, then let her in."

"Then what do you want, to go out?You don't want your life."

"I'll go out even if I don't want my life, I won't be a shrinking turtle."

"Zichen, really don't be so adventurous, Starlot will come in when she should."

"I have a hunch she's running into trouble, alright, I'm going out."After saying that, Tang Zichen disappeared into the Immortal Palace.

Tang Zichen appeared in that remote house, Tang Zichen put the fairy house in his arms, then disguised himself and went out onto the street.

Although his bit of disguise was almost ineffective, he was able to protect for a moment.

However, Tang Zichen found that no one was looking for him.

Tang Zichen had thought that once he came out, the entire sky was filled with people looking for him everywhere.

In fact there was none.

"Strange, aren't the people of the Gao family looking for me?"

What Tang Zichen didn't know was that the Gao family had already searched all over the city, and since Xing Luo had lied to them that Tang Zichen was hiding in the Immortal Graveyard, no one was looking for him in the city, instead, many people were searching to see if they could find any traces of him, and the Immortal Graveyard had already been sent by Gao Pi to guard it in case Tang Zichen escaped.

Since no one was looking for Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen strutted up the street, he was disguised, as long as he wasn't specifically looking for him, no immortal mind sweeping him, no one would find out he was Zhou Mi just by looking at his face.

Tang Zichen entered an inn, he wanted to get information about the city as quickly as possible, coming to such a crowded place was the right thing to do.


"You know what? Half a day ago, Star Luo brought a group of people up to the Immortals and went to find Zhou Mi."

"Yeah, I saw that too, it seems like Blue Moon Upper Immortal, and the rest of the ten or so, went to the Immortal Graveyard, I don't know if they saw Zhou Mi or not."

As soon as Tang Zichen entered the inn, he heard the sounds of discussion, Tang Zichen immediately made his way over to the table.

"Found a fart, I heard, only when they arrived at the Immortal Graveyard did they find out that Xing Luo lied to them.Also, the one who wanted to kill Zhou Mi turned out to be not only Gao Pi, but also Master Luo Ke."

"What? Why would Master Luo Ke want to kill Zhou Mi?"

"I don't know about that, that Master Luo Ke is even more ruthless than Gao Pi, she called a few Upper Immortals who were close to her, two of them were still late Upper Immortals, namely Blue Moon and Tang Ju, so that Blue Moon deliberately went to deceive Xing Luo, saying that she wanted to find Zhou Mi alchemy, then Xing Luo told Zhou Mi without knowing, and finally killed them in one move.It's a pity that Xing Luo stayed alert at the crucial moment and uncovered their conspiracy with him."

"No way, how do you know in such detail?"

"Hehe, my grandfather is a Pre-Supernatural Immortal, he was also there, my grandfather really wanted to go to Zhou Mi Alchemy, he's not on the same page as them, my grandfather looked very badly at this matter, he was still chattering and scolding that Master Luo Ke when he got home."

"So that's it, that Master Luo Ke is too abominable."

"It can't be helped, Master Luo Ke wants to make sure that she's the only fourth-ranked Xiantian in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, just a fourth-ranked Xiantian."

Tang Zichen sat at the side table, his fists clenched. Remember the URL

Tang Zichen never expected that Luo Ke, who was also a fourth-grade Immortal Pillar Master, would do such a thing.

Tang Zichen scrambled up and asked, "Excuse me, how is that Star Luo now?"

Those men looked at Tang Zichen, and one of them said, "My grandfather said that Xing Luo was captured by Master Luo Ke's men, and if Xing Luo doesn't reveal your exact whereabouts within three days, he will kill her."

"Luo Ke, she dares."Tang Zichen yelled with red eyes.

Everyone at that table was shocked by this reaction from Tang Zichen.

"Hey, what's your relationship with Xing Luo?Why so angry?Are you Chow Mi?"

Tang Zichen said, "Yes, I am exactly Zhou Mi."

Tang Zichen was open-minded.

"Ah, you really are Master Zhou Mi?"

"I don't have time to waste time with you guys right now, I'm going to save Star Luo."

One of them was busy saying, "Master Zhou, don't be impulsive ah, you're not even a match for Luo Ke now, you rashly go to the door and just happen to send it to the door.If I were you, I'd better calm down first and think about how to properly save Miss Xing Luo."

"Yes, yes, Master Zhou, let's help you think of a way together."

Tang Zichen stopped in his tracks, right, rashly coming to the door was nothing more than shooting oneself in the foot.

One of them cursed, "That Luo Ke bitch is just relying on the fact that she knows fourth-grade Immortal Pill, otherwise, she's simply trash."

Tang Zichen said, "A few of you, could you do me a favor?"

"Sure, you say."

"I will send a challenge letter to Luo Ke now, one of you will help me send it to Luo Ke, and the rest of you, help me spread the word around, and say that tomorrow at noon, I will be at the Ruyue House to compete with her, and at the same time, you will also help me send a letter to every Immortal in the Upper Fellows Island, asking them to come tomorrow at noon for me and the

Rocco's contest to judge."

"Of course, we beg to differ."Those people were ecstatic and very willing to help Tang Zichen with this favor.

So, Tang Zichen immediately placed a challenge letter, and at the same time, Tang Zichen divided the challenge letter into dozens of copies, one of which was given to Luo Ke, and the rest were sent to all the Upper Fellows of Yan Continent, so that they could see the challenge letter with their own eyes, believe that it was true, and be able to rush to be the judge tomorrow.

Tang Zichen had already refined a fourth level two layer Immortal Pill, and that Luo Ke, bracing for death was only one level, and might not even be there yet, so Tang Zichen could definitely defeat her in front of all the Upper Fey Yan Immortals.

"Alright, I'm counting on you all to help me with this."


The group of people went off to do their jobs, and Tang Zichen inwardly said, "Luo Ke, you wait for me."

After saying that, Tang Zichen left the restaurant, Tang Zichen went to Qing Shi's Immortal Palace as fast as he could to see if he had returned.

Unfortunately, Qing Shi hadn't returned yet.

Reluctantly, Tang Zichen took out his immortal residence at the entrance of Qing Shi's immortal residence, posing as a stone and hiding it in place.

Tang Zichen's most important thing was to ensure that he survived until noon tomorrow.

Next, after Luo Ke received the challenge, he would definitely search the entire city to catch and kill Tang Zichen before noon tomorrow.

Half an hour later, at Master Luo Ke's house.

"Report, I received a challenge called Zhou Mi, asking you to fight at Ruyue House tomorrow at noon."

"What? A challenge to me."Rocco was trembling with anger.


"Where is he?"

"I don't know about that, it's said that he just showed up at the Ruyue House, and this challenge was issued at the Ruyue House as well."

"Kill, go kill, be sure to kill him before noon tomorrow.I don't want to waste my time competing with him for the Immortal Pill, he wants to borrow me to get to the top, don't even think about it."


Next, it was time for a mad search throughout the city, and Gao Pi and the others at the Immortal Graveyard were urgently summoned back to help with the search throughout the city.

Of course, what Luo Ke and the others didn't know was that the challenge letter was also sent to all the Immortals in the Upper Fey Yan Continent, beautifully named, inviting them to be judges, and those invited Immortals were naturally interested, after all, it was two fourth-grade Immortal Pillars fighting it out.

Time passed bit by bit.

Master Luo Ke sent out all the people to search inch by inch.Although they also searched for the Greenstone Immortal Mansion, they couldn't enter at all, so they could only look outside and leave if they didn't have any, and they didn't even dare to step on the turf in front of the Greenstone Immortal Mansion.

Soon, it was noon the next day.

The Lunar Mansion was crowded with people, not only countless onlookers, but also hundreds of strong Upper Immortals.

These hundreds of Upper Immortals were almost all the Upper Immortals of the Upper Fellows Continent, among them, there were more than ten Late Upper Immortals, more than twenty Middle Upper Immortals, and the rest were all Pre-Senior Immortals.

At this moment, not far from the Ruyue Building, Luo Ke and the others were standing on the roof with frustrated faces.

"Master Luo Ke, since yesterday, until now we've searched without blinking an eye, but still, we haven't found it, what should we do?It's now noon, and everyone in Ruyue House is waiting for you.Looks like you'll have to go ahead and fight Zhou Mi."Tang Ju said.


Master Luo Ke's face was ugly, since yesterday, she had also searched and searched moment after moment, but in the end, she couldn't find it before noon.

Gao Pi said, "Master Luo Ke, you're not afraid to compete with Zhou Mi for the Immortal Pill, are you."

"Bullshit, I would lose to a hairy boy?Even if his master jumps out of his coffin, he's no match for me, otherwise, why do almost all the Upper Fey Yan Continent's Upper Immortals look for me."

"Then go and compete with him, when Zhou Mi loses, you can just grab him and shoot him to death."Gao Pi said.

Luo Ke snorted, "You guys just pray that I can win against him, otherwise, I'm afraid it's going to be a disaster today."

Gao Pi and the others all turned pale, but they weren't weak, they were also late Upper Immortals, and it wasn't that easy to kill him.

"Go."In the next second, Luo Ke flew directly to the Ru Yue House.

"Master Luo Ke is here."

Everyone looked towards Luo Ke.

"Pay your respects to Master Luo Ke."

"Pay your respects to Master." One second to remember to read the book

Many Upper Immortals were busy greeting each other, now Zhou Mi still didn't know if he could win, they naturally still had to respect Luo Ke, in case Luo Ke defeated Zhou Mi, they would still have to deal with each other in the future.

"Well, you're welcome."Luo Ke's face wasn't good as he nodded.

Luo Ke swept a glance and said, "Has Zhou Mi not come yet?"

"It's not there yet."The crowd said.

At this moment, outside the Greenstone Immortal Mansion, Tang Zichen suddenly appeared in place.

Tang Zichen had just come out of the Immortal Palace, and Tang Zichen put away a stone on the ground, which was his Immortal Palace disguise, and couldn't even recognize the upper immortals who had barely seen the Immortal Palace.

"Almost there."Tang Zichen swiftly rushed to the Ruyue House, fortunately, the Ruyue House was not far away, and in less than five minutes, the full speed impacted Tang Zichen reached the Ruyue House.

Luo Ke was about to order her people to look around the Ruyue Building and slaughter them if they saw Zhou Mi.

However, before Luo Ke had finished ordering, someone yelled, "Zhou Mi is here."

Everyone's eyes looked and saw Zhou Mi flying in from the distant sky.

In full view of such a crowd, of course Luo Ke couldn't rush up to kill Zhou Mi.

It was just a matter of time, but now, she had missed her chance to kill Zhou Mi and could only fight with him.

Tang Zichen landed at the Sun and Moon Tower, just in front of Master Luo Ke's body.

Tang Zichen's gaze was chilly as he said, "Luo Ke, you dare to kill me."

"Hmph, I don't know what you're talking about."Of course Luo Ke would not admit it.

"It's fine if you don't admit it, it's good that I know it in my heart, come on, if you don't defeat me today, I will definitely make you suffer greatly."Tang Zichen said.

"Talking out of your mouth, even your master, Green King, is no match for me."

"Master is Master, I am me, come on, what do you want to compete with?Take your pick, with hundreds of Upper Immortal seniors as judges now, I don't think you'll be able to shake off any tricks."

"Who wants to shake off tricks, do you deserve it."

"There's no point in saying such words, it's better to see what's under your hand."

After saying that, Tang Zichen instantly took out a few of the most common and common billion-year-old immortal grasses, Tang Zichen said, "I believe you also have these most common immortal grasses, we'll refine them with exactly the same ones, what kind of effectiveness we want to make, it's up to you to say, you're good at that kind, refine that kind, I'll compare you with the one you're best at."


"Wow."Everyone was shocked at this statement, Tang Zichen's words were really crazy, and of course, it showed that Tang Zichen's bottom line was so strong that she was directly comparing her best with Luo Ke.

Luo Ke's face chilled and said angrily, "Are you insulting me?You think I'm going to lose to you?Fine, I'll directly compete with you on what you're best at."

Tang Zichen sneered, "Are you really asking for embarrassment?"

"You."Luo Ke was furious in his heart, saying that she was asking for embarrassment, making it sound like her level stunk.

At this time, a superior immortal on the scene said, "I remember the immortal pill that Master Luo Ke is best at is the Eternity Pill, this pill can beautify your face and prolong your life, and of course, it can also increase your immortal fate and mana."

Tang Zichen said, "Good, then refine the Eternal Pill."

Tang Zichen immediately started refining it.

At that moment, Luo Ke's face changed and he was busy saying, "Wait."

"What?You still have questions?"

Luo Ke said, "To refine the Eternal Pill, you need at least the White Fox Immortal Grass, how can you refine the Eternal Pill when you're only using these common immortal grasses?"

Tang Zichen snorted, "So, your brain is dead, you only know what materials are needed to refine what kind of dan, but you don't know that even if you don't have such materials, you can still achieve the purpose of what kind of dan you want to refine by changing the potency of an existing material to the potency of another needed material through a modification of the Immortal Pill Technique.Luo Ke, I'll use these ordinary immortal grasses right now to refine the Eternal Pill with you, if you can't refine it, you'll lose, and if you do, then we'll compare the quality and then the potency of whoever has the highest quality."

"You."Luo Ke looked nervous, because what Tang Zichen said, using ordinary materials and steering through the Immortal Pill technique, this she didn't understand at all ah, now without the main material needed for the Eternal Pill, White Fox Grass, she couldn't practice at all.

At this time, Tang Zichen was busy saying, "Zhou Mi, you're simply using strong words, I suggest that another White Fox Grass be added, so that it is an authentic Eternal Pill."

"Yes, I also suggest adding another strain of White Fox Grass."Blue Moon said.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Fine, since someone must have White Fox Grass to train an Eternal Pill, I'll add it."

After saying that, Tang Zichen took out a White Fox Grass, fortunately, Tang Zichen had this immortal grass.

Luo Ke was also relieved, with the addition of a White Fox Immortal Grass, she could finally train the Eternal Pill.Luo Ke was still very confident in herself, the Eternal Pill was what she was best at, she would definitely be able to defeat Zhou Mi.

It started to refine, and everyone around her didn't make a single sound.

Tang Zichen and Luo Ke stood on opposite sides, each of them manipulating the virtual fire, that image, it was like two cooks frying vegetables.

After about five minutes, the fire in Tang Zichen's hand suddenly went out, and in the next second, an immortal pellet appeared in Tang Zichen's hand, and the aroma of the pellet was emitted, and everyone standing hundreds of meters away could smell it.

"Wow."Everyone wowed and sucked their noses hard, not everyone had the chance to eat a Grade 4 Immortal Pill, and now it was rare to smell a bit of a Grade 4 Immortal Pill.

Tang Zichen put his refined Immortal Pill in front of him and let everyone look at it, Tang Zichen didn't put it away for fear that afterwards Luo Ke's people would say that he cheated somehow.

Luo Ke on the other side was startled when he saw that Tang Zichen had finished refining it, "How did he do it so fast?Gosh, I haven't finished refining it just yet."

When Luo Ke saw Tang Zichen so quickly, he was a bit anxious.

Luo Ke didn't want to compete with Tang Zichen at all inside, she originally just wanted to kill Tang Zichen and be the only one in peace.So at this moment of the competition, Luo Ke was under a lot of pressure inside, it was hard for her to overperform, and she might not be able to maintain her average level.


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