Dish Best Served Cold 567-570


Chapter 567

Fan Zhongxiong page after page of points, bold and domineering words, but attracted the crowd burst of applause.

    He was still flipping through the menus, and the waiter was allowed to write down a dish he saw of interest.

    Over there, Fan Zhongxiong had already ordered dozens of dishes, and Ye Fan's side had only just broken ten.

    "More than what?"

    "Isn't that the high and low?"

    "Brother Idle orders food on page point, but that turtle, he still has to look at the price, and specializes in picking the cheaper point."

    "I don't know if this Ye Fan's brains have been kicked by a donkey, comparing his wealth with Brother Idle, isn't he making a fool of himself?"

    Looking at that Ye Fan who was still picking out his food order, Situ Feng, however, scolded with disdain.

    However, if Qiu Mu Orange listened carefully, she would definitely find that the dishes that Ye Fan ordered were the ones that she loved to eat.


    "Feng, you don't know our squad leader's plan for this."

    "The squad leader is deliberately provoking him to get him to take the bait."

    "He won't be able to pay later, and he'll be detained by the hotel or even sent to the police station, so he'll naturally lose face then."

    "Mu Orange will naturally be even more disgusted with this wimp."

    "Such a contest will give us an order and also make that Ye Fan fall into disrepute."

    "A plan to kill two birds with one stone, worthy of being our big squad leader."

    Yuan Yuan whispered at the side, her eyes full of gloom and doom.

    With such an obvious scheme, Yuan Yuan could see it clearly, and naturally Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy could see it clearly as well.

    At this time, Qiu Mu-Orange was undoubtedly going mad.

    "Squad Leader, no more competition, we admit defeat."

    "We can't match you."

    Qiu Mu Orange got up and walked over as she said, snatching the menu from Ye Fan's hand and throwing it on the ground.

    Now that Ye Fan didn't order much food, she bit her teeth and took out her savings, but she could still help Ye Fan pay for it.

    "Let's go!"

    "Don't be embarrassed here, okay?"Qiu Mu Orange was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

    With such an obviously inferior trick, Autumn Mucus Orange had never expected that Ye Fan would even take the bait.

    If she had known that, she wouldn't have called out to Ye Fan today.

    Yet Ye Fan remained calm, he picked up the menu from the ground, patted the dust on it and smiled faintly, "Mu Orange, it's fine."

    "This is between me and him, you don't need to care, just watch."

    "The food will be up later, so feel free to eat."

    "I'll order a few more."

    "We agreed to compete with him, we can't go back on our word, can we?"

    Evan reassured softly.

    "Bibi, than you, you big-headed ghost."

    "Fan Zhongxing has a family and a background of money and power."

    "And you, what do you have besides a body of brute strength?"

    "What are you comparing it to?"

    Seeing that Ye Fan hadn't woken up by now, Qiu Mu Orange's pair of beautiful eyes had turned red and roared angrily at Ye Fan, miserable tears rolling in her eyes.

    "Ye Fan, you've disappointed me too much."

    "I hate you, I don't want to see you again."

    With a heart full of misery, Autumn Mu Orange tearfully snatched out the door.

    "Mu Orange~"

    "Mu Orange, don't go~" called Suzy anxiously from behind.

    "Evan, it's all you."

    "Look what you've done."

    "Mu Orange has let you bastard get away with it all~"

    Suzy cursed at Ye Fan fiercely, while she hurriedly chased after him.

    Ye Fan was worried and had to chase after her as well.

    "Hey hey~"

    "Brother Ye, don't leave."

    "So many people are watching, the manager is still here, we haven't gotten any results from this contest, how can you leave?"

    Fan Zhongxin laughed wantonly.

    In fact, by now, he had achieved his goal.

    He was to make Qiu Mu Orange extremely disappointed in Ye Fan.

    Aren't you husband and wife affectionate, today is the day to break up your emotions.

    Only then could he take advantage of the opportunity!

    However, even so, Fan Zhongxiong didn't have any intention of bypassing Ye Fan.

    In order to stop the problem forever, he had to make Ye Fan take on a huge debt today.

    "Fine, want to play, right?"

    "I'll play with you."

    Ye Fan's heart was also angry at this point.

    Then, he continued to sit back in his seat, picked up the menu, and ordered again.

    "This row of dishes, give me all of them again."

    "Do you have any Maotai wine, have two bottles."

    "And this page, too!"

    Ye Fan was obviously much rougher than before this time, and no longer ordered one by one.

    Like Fan Zhongxing, he let the waiter serve the food one page at a time.

    "I'll go!"

    "Is this guy crazy?"

    "Ben has only so much money, and he's a poor bastard who dares to play like this?"

    "Could it be that he thinks he owns the hotel and can do whatever he wants with it?"

    The crowd stared and trembled as they saw Ye Fan ordering frantically like chicken blood.


    The smile in Fan Zhongxiong's eyebrows became even greater.

    And then he did not give in, and waved his palm once again in a domineering manner.

    "This page~"

    "No. Two pages."

    "Give it all up again."

    "And Maotai, let's have ten bottles."

    "One bottle each anyhow, no."


    Seeing Ye Fan and Fan Zhongxing you and me, it was as if the gods were fighting.

    There was already silence in the private room.

    Only the voices of Ye Fan and Fan Zhongxiong echoed.


    "How does this turtle hold up so well?"

    "Still on point?"

    Fan Zhongxiong pretended to be light-hearted, but in reality, there was already cold sweat behind him.

    Clearly, by now, even with Fan Zhongxiong's financial resources, he was somewhat unable to hold on.

    The speed of ordering food had all been much slower than before.

    In the end, Fan Zhongxiong couldn't stand it any longer and looked at Ye Fan, "Stinker, do you want to order more?"

    "I'm okay with that."

    "I'm just afraid of you, the sale of the house won't be enough to pay for food."

    When Ye Fan heard this, he smiled, "Alright then, since Grand Squad Leader Fan is kind enough to remind me, then this is it."

    "You win, I, Ye Fan, am a small person, no match for the wealthy and generous squad leader Fan."

    "Hmph, it's good to know."Fan Zhongxiong laughed disdainfully.

    And then, he looked at the manager who had been waiting beside him and spoke out, "Manager, calculate how much it is, let's settle the money first, so that someone doesn't sneak away later when he's not expecting it."

    Ye Fan also smiled, "That's right, let's calculate the money first."

    The hotel experience then agreed, while quickly calling for his assistant to start calculating Fan Zhongxiong's meal money.

    "This gentleman, the total amount you spent today is one million and eighty thousand."

    "May I ask if it's a credit card, or cash?"

    The manager's voice came out, and even Van Zhong was nonchalant.

    "What...What?Over a million?"The corners of Fan Zhong's eyes smacked hard.

    He had given himself a budget of half a million this time, but he didn't expect to directly exceed it by double.

    "Yes, sir.Did you exceed the budget?Then I'm afraid I'm sorry, but this side of the order is not refundable."The manager reminded.

    Fan Zhongxing's face darkened into a shang.


Although Fan Zhongxiong knew that this Cloud Peak Mountain Hotel was a well-known star hotel in Yunzhou.

    Thus, the price of the food here was already prepared in his heart.

    But when the money for the meal actually came out, Fan Zhongxiong's heart was still bleeding.

    It was over a million.

    This was difficult to do?

    "I'm afraid I'll have to borrow some money."Fan Zhongxiong's eyebrows were gloomy and his heart was dripping blood.

    It was all because of this damned Ye Fan!

    But it's good, I'm a million, he's afraid it's not much less.

    When the time comes, let's see how Ye Fan will die.

    Thinking of Ye Fan's miserable end, Fan Zhongxiong felt much better.

    Faced with the manager's question, Fan Zhongxiong waved his hand and boldly said, "Just kidding, isn't it just over a million?"

    "Wait, I'll make a phone call and turn it over to you right away."

    "In the meantime, you'll count him out first."

    Fan Zhongxiong laughed sardonically.

    The rest of the people were also gloating at Ye Fan, as if they were waiting to see Ye Fan lose his temper and become frightened.

    In everyone's opinion, Fan Zhongxiong had spent a million, and even if Ye Fan was less, half a million was definitely there.

    A half million for a turtle was tantamount to an astronomical price for him.

    "Sir, are you referring to him?"

    "I'm so sorry, he's our boss, he owns the whole hotel, and he doesn't pay for food."


    The hotel manager's words were just like a bolt from the blue.

    It was like a thunderstorm, exploding in my heart.

    At that time, Fan Zhongxiong was confused on the spot.

    The others also looked as if they had seen a ghost.

    "You...What did you say?"

    "He's your boss?"


    "This brat is just a turtle, our famous wasteful superfluous son-in-law from Yunzhou."

    "He's the boss?"

    "I'm still the fucking mayor?"

    "Simply ridiculous!It's ridiculous!"

    Fan Zhongxiong, Situ Feng, and the others all sneered and laughed.

    Clearly, they did not believe this manager's bullshit at all.


    "How dare you speak to the boss like that?"

    "Don't apologize to the boss yet!"This experience was furious and cursed harshly.

    The angry voice frightened Fan Zhongxing and the others.

    Could it be that this Ye Fan, was really the owner of the Genting Mountain Hotel?

    "But...But how is that possible?"

    In the midst of the crowd's horror, Ye Fan instead waved his hand, "Just a bunch of jumping clowns, I'm not going to get along with them."

    "I have something to do, so I'll leave first."

    "But don't forget, before you let this Young Master Fan go, pay for your meal first."

    "If you don't take the bill, just call the police."

    "One million is enough to put him in jail for a few years."

    Ye Fan breezily instructed a few words, while turning around and walking away.

    But he didn't even look at the group of people in front of him again.

    "Compliments of the boss!"


    "Kudos to the boss~"

    Behind them, the employees of the Genting Mountain Hotel all stood on either side, all of them saluting Ye Fan and sending him off respectfully.

    Seeing the scene in front of him, Yuan Yuan was dumbfounded and Situ Feng was dumbfounded.

    Everyone was muddled in place.

    Especially Fan Zhongxiong, the whole person was depressed and close to vomiting blood ah.

    It was only now that he understood why Ye Fan had agreed to him so easily earlier.

    I dare say, he had been playing the other party as a fury ah?

    He threw away millions of dollars, and it all went into Ye Fan's pocket.

    No one can feel Fan Zhongxiong's feelings at this time, and the feeling of being killed is just like this.

    He had never expected that fate would play such a big joke on him.



    Fan Zhongyan wailed twice, and finally his body shook, but he fell right back on his seat.

    Heart like, dead ashes!

    "Mr. Fan, don't cry in a hurry yet, let's settle the meal bill."The hotel manager smiled faintly, the gaze was like looking at an idiot.

    Fan Zhongxun was ready to die.



    At this time, Ye Fan had already left the Genting Mountain Hotel.

    On the way back, the more Ye Fan thought about it, the more amused he felt.

    He reckoned that Fan Zhongxiong was afraid that he was going to die at this time.

    Yes, from the very beginning, Ye Fan was just going to trap Fan Zhongxiong again.

    This Genting Mountain Hotel was part of the Genting Mountain Villa.

    Not only this hotel, but all the leisure and entertainment facilities in the entire Genting Mountain, and even the adjacent shopping malls, all belonged to the radiation range of the Genting Mountain Villa.

    These, when Ye Fan bought the Genting Mountain Villa with fifty billion, Li Er had already informed him.

    After all, if it was just a single villa, even if it was covered in gold, it would definitely not be worth fifty billion.

    The reason why this place was sold so expensive was solely because it was also attached to other properties.

    The fifty billion that Ye Fan bought was almost the entire Genting Mountain Villa Scenic Area.

    That Genting Mountain Hotel, naturally, also belonged to Ye Fan.

    And now the person in charge of the hotel, that is, the manager just now, who is also known to Ye Fan, is precisely Li Er's right-hand man, Jin Bao.

    After buying this villa area, Li Er temporarily transferred Jin Bao over to help Ye Fan take over this place.

    That's why, after seeing Ye Fan for the first time just now, Jin Bao was so respectful.

    "It's just that, Mu Orange's side, I'm afraid he's really angry."

    Ye Fan shook his head and gave a bitter laugh.

    In his mind, he was considering how to explain to Qiu Mu Orange.

    Willow Garden District.

    Qiu Mu-Orange had returned home.

    "Mu Orange, you're finally back."

    "You look into the kitchen to see if we actually lied to you."

    "Look to see if that wimp Ye Fan has smashed the pot."

    As soon as Autumn Mu Orange entered the door, Han Li's angry, piercing curses came out.

    "That's enough!"

    "Can we cut to the chase?"

    "Your daughter is also a human being, she fights to the death during the day and comes off work at night to rest, not to listen to you scream and scold."

    As soon as Han Li finished speaking, the still repressed Qiu Mu Orange then exploded.

    Screaming angrily at Han Li.

    Today, because of Ye Fan's matter, Qiu Mu Orange was already in a bad mood, and as soon as she entered the door, she heard Han Li's curses again.

    No matter how calm a person was, I'm afraid it would be hard for them to control their emotions.

    After yelling, Qiu Mu Orange ran back to her room with red eyes, and didn't even eat all night.

    The two Han Li couples in the living room were confused for a while.

    "Who's this messing with her again?"


    "This dead ninny, she's simply ungrateful, she was frustrated outside, but she came to get angry at us."


    "Okay, just cut the crap~"

    "It's the 24th in two days, and our daughter's birthday is coming up soon."

    "These days, you're just a little more responsible."

    In the living room, Mr. and Mrs. Han Li were still talking to each other.

    Qiu Mu Orange, on the other hand, was sitting alone on the bed, her heart in turmoil.

    She knew that Ye Fan's impulsiveness today was also because of her.

    However, she was just angry at Ye Fan's irrationality.

    He's such an adult and still acting like a child.

    When others get excited, they take the bait.

    After so many years, it never changed.

    Doesn't he know that those people are just waiting to see the couple laugh at them.

    It would be just as well if he should not, but he didn't take it upon himself to still compare with Fan Zhongxiong, which undoubtedly made them even more unbearable.


But anger is anger.

    It's inevitable for a couple to bump into each other.

    Moreover, Ye Fan had done a lot for himself, and she, Qiu Mu Orange, couldn't really ignore Ye Fan's matter.

    Therefore, after returning home and sulking for a while, Qiu Mu Orange also started looking for her bankbook.


    "It's all because of this bastard, I'm afraid that the date of buying the house will be pushed back again."

    Over the years, Autumn Mucheng naturally had a little savings in her hands.

    With accumulation, the amount was quite a lot.

    With a few more months of effort, it was basically enough to pay a down payment for a house, and if one was lucky, to buy an inexpensive car.

    But now, because of this stall of Ye Fan's, the house and car purchase that Qiu Mu Orange had been longing for would naturally have to be postponed indefinitely again.

    It would be impossible to say that Qiu Mu Orange was not distressed.

    However, she had no choice.

    Ye Fan was her husband, and it was impossible for her to disregard Ye Fan, both emotionally and reasonably.

    However, after the money was ready, Qiu Mu Orange didn't take the initiative to call Ye Fan.

    She wouldn't take the initiative to help this bastard after he had caused a big trouble, she just wanted to wait for Ye Fan to call her personally to ask for help, and then scold him severely herself, so that she could relieve her anger.

    Also, it would make that bastard remember!

    However, Qiu Mu Orange was disappointed after all.

    She had waited all night and was stunned that she hadn't received a call from Ye Fan.

    This undoubtedly made Qiu Mu Orange even angrier.

    "Fine, gambling with me, right?"

    "I'll see how long you last!"

    Qiu Mu Orange said angrily.

    She was a proud person, originally, Qiu Mu Orange would have thought that she was so angry last night, Ye Fan would have to call and coax her anyway.

    But she had never thought that that bastard would just leave her alone at night and not even give her a phone call.

    Just like that, with a heart full of anger, Qiu Mu Orange went out to work without eating breakfast.

    "Mu Orange, Ye Fan he~"

    When she arrived at the company, Suzy saw Qiu Mu Orange and was about to say something about Ye Fan.

    But Qiu Mu Orange was vicious: "Don't mention him to me!"

    "I don't want to hear anything about him right now."

    "He's not being a hero, so let him be."

    "Don't ever call me if you can!"

    Autumn Mu Orange was full of anger.

    Suzy saw the situation and quickly pushed for more as well.

    "Mu Orange, you've finally gotten the hang of it."

    "That guy is just a jerk, it's not even worth staying with him for the rest of your life."

    "Better take this opportunity to just kick him out."

    "Now that the squad leader has affection for you, and you saw it in his eyes last night, Mu Orange you should take advantage of it."

    "Tonight, the class leader is going to treat you to dinner, after all, you left the field midway last night, the class leader was sorry, so he thought to treat you alone once, you must come ah.And in a few days for your birthday, the class leader is planning to hold a birthday party."

    "Put it off for me, I don't have the time or the mood, you have to go."Qiu Mu Orange was in no mood to care about this now, and refused in one breath.

    The delicate high heels da da knocked on the floor and wiggled away.

    "Mu Orange, don't."

    "What a great opportunity."

    "Class president is multi-talented and handsome.Maybe not as good as Mr. Chu, but definitely on the same level as my harmonica prince ah."

    "You have to take advantage of it~"

    Susie was advising hard behind the scenes.

    It seemed that even to this day, Suzy still hadn't forgotten her harmonica prince.

    After all, to Suzy, the man who played the harmonica was, in a sense, considered her first love.

    Even though she now fell in love with Mr. Chu, it wasn't so much that she liked him, but rather that she admired him.

    Mr. Chu was high above the world, ethereal.

    But the man who played the harmonica was so real.

    Perhaps, for Suzy, no matter what happens in the future, the thin figure of the harmonica-playing man in the villa will be engraved in her heart for the rest of her life.

    It would become an eternal white moonlight in Su Xi's life.

    For a few days afterwards, Autumn Mu Orange's mood was never high.

    It was even said that it was somewhat depressed.

    It was because since that night, Ye Fan hadn't even contacted her again.

    At first, Qiu Mu Orange thought that Ye Fan had really been detained and was unable to get in touch with her, but after asking Suzy, she realized that Ye Fan hadn't been detained at all that night and had left in style.

    "Instead, it made our squad leader angry!"

    "I guess it was your door-to-door husband who called for help from Young Master Shen again at the last moment."

    "It was only through Young Master Shen Fei's hand that he was helped through this, I guess."

    That night Suzy chased Qiu Mu Orange away, and what followed was not entirely known.

    It was only after asking Yuan Yuan that she learned about it.

    At that time, Yuan Yuan said that Ye Fan was the owner of the Genting Mountain Hotel and didn't spend a dime on the food he ordered.

    Upon hearing this, Suzy burst out laughing directly.

    She naturally didn't believe this nonsense.

    That Genting Mountain Hotel was a star hotel, also opened in the Genting Mountain scenic area, every inch of land, less said to be worth several hundred million.

    If this was Ye Fan's, then wouldn't Ye Fan be a billionaire?

    This was definitely not possible.

    Therefore, Suzy straight away concluded that it was the young master of the Shen family, Shen Fei, who helped Ye Fan put on a good show.

    Otherwise, how could a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law have such financial power?

    "Honestly, I really underestimated him, but he's so close to Shen Fei?"

    "But it's not a good thing."

    "You know, there are two things in this world that should not be messed with the most, one is a wife and the other is a human favor."

    "But this husband of yours has asked someone Shen Fei to help him out three times, right, I see how he should repay this favor in the future?"

    Suzy lamented at the time.

    Ye Fan's relationship with Shen Fei, of course she had heard Qiu Mu Orange mention it too.There was a million dollar ring on Qiu Mu Orange's hand, or a gift from Shen Fei.

    Because it was too big of a favor, Qiu Mu Orange hadn't dared to wear it.

    Now, Ye Fan had even asked Shen Fei for help again, so Autumn Mu Orange was naturally even more furious.

    She had always thought that she and Ye Fan, even if they were not husband and wife, but after so much experience, they should be someone worth trusting and relying on each other.

    But Qiu Mu Orange didn't expect that Ye Fan wouldn't seek help from her, his wife, even if he went to seek help from an outsider.

    What did he take her for?

    Did he really think that he was such a heartless, selfish woman?

    Or had she never seen herself as her sustenance and leaning?

    Thinking of this, of course Autumn Mu Orange was lost.

    Even, to Ye Fan, the more disappointed.

    Just like that, the couple somehow fell into a cold war.

    Ye Fan didn't contact Autumn Mu Orange, and Autumn Mu Orange didn't call Ye Fan.

    Until, the time came to the 26th.

    This day was Qiu Mu Orange's birthday.

    The night before, Qiu Mu Orange hadn't slept the night before.

    It was always waiting for a text message, a call, a blessing, a person.

    But, she was disappointed.

    That man, after all, had forgotten her birthday.

    The only thing she waited for was a birthday greeting from Fan Zhongxiong.

    No one knows how lost and sore Qiu Mu Orange was inside that night, and there were nearly tears glistening in her beautiful eyes.

    On the other side, the eastern suburban villa.

    "Brother Fan, I found out, the location is at the Haitian Club."

    "At that time, Fan Zhongxiong will be there, holding a birthday party for his sister-in-law."From the phone, came Shen Fei's respectful voice.

    When Ye Fan heard it, he only returned, one word, "Yes!"

    It was all wryness and coldness.


"And I've got you ready for the last few days, right?"

    In the room, Ye Fan was sitting on the sofa, faintly talking to Shen Fei on the phone.

    "Brother Fan, don't worry."

    "Everything has been prepared."

    "Tonight, I'm set to give my sister-in-law a splendid birthday dinner!"Shen Fei patted his chest and vouched for it.

    "What about the Haitian Club over there?"Evan asked again.

    "It's also properly taken care of.The staff over there, I've already taken care of them."


    "Since everything is ready, send me over there in a little while."Ye Fan nodded and said.

    "Brother Fan, where are you going, it's not even time yet?"Shen Fei was suddenly confused.

    "Go to the Haitian Club."

    "Eh?What are you doing there?"Shen Fei asked.

    Ye Fan lifted his cup of tea and smiled wanly, "Smash the scene."



    Ye Fan's side of things, Autumn Mu Orange naturally didn't know.

    At this time, outside the Willow Garden community, Suzy had already driven in.

    "Squad Leader, don't worry."

    "Tonight's matter is covered on me."

    "I'm even willing to risk my life to bring Mu Orange there."

    "I'll leave my Suzy's words here, Mu Orange will definitely go to the birthday banquet tonight."

    "But that's all I can do to help."

    "This time, you have things to do Rau."

    "With Ye Fan gone, there's no one to mess things up for you.Whether or not you can take down Mu Orange, it all depends on tonight's battle."

    "I wish you success!"

    "And to Mu Orange, I wish you an early release from your misery~"

    In the car, after finishing her phone call with Fan Zhongxiong, Suzy immediately went upstairs.

    However, the first thing she did when she saw Qiu Mu Orange, Suzy didn't talk about the evening's birthday banquet, but instead talked about her "Harmonica Prince".

    "Mu Orange, do you know?"

    "In the last few days, I've noticed the lights on again in the villa next to mine."

    "I suspect that it's him coming back."

    Suzy was so excited that she grabbed Autumn Mu Orange's arm and said evenly.

    Qiu Mu Orange was not in high spirits these days, and only said "Oh" in the face of Suzy's excitement.

    Suzy was suddenly furious: "Mu Orange, what kind of attitude is that."

    "Aren't you excited?"

    "I think it's my "first love" that's back."

    "Although I haven't heard the harmonica from before in the past few days, I really feel that it must be him."

    "Do you think I should go find him again and show him my heart."

    "I thought that after meeting Mr. Chu, I would forget him.But I never expected that when he lived next door to me again, my heart would be thumping like a wild horse out of control, close to jumping out."

    Susie was so excited that one of her pretty faces was flushed and shy as she spoke of her harmonica prince.

    "If you want to go, go."Qiu Mu Orange replied back carelessly, while she continued to sit on the sofa and watch TV.

    Today happened to be the weekend, and it was rare for Autumn Mucheng Orange to have a day off.

    Previously, she had planned to go out to the movies with Ye Fan on her birthday today, but now it seemed that it was undoubtedly impossible.

    She had been completely disappointed in that man.

    Her own husband was not even as good as an outsider.

    He doesn't even remember her birthday.

    "Mu Orange, what's wrong with you?"

    "You're not still thinking about your house husband, are you?"

    "That guy even forgot your birthday, he's obviously annoyed that he didn't contact you these past few days."

    "This Ye Fan, he's not much of an expert, but he has a temper."

    "This kind of person is not even worth your thoughts."

    "Right, I almost forgot about the main matter.Today, the class leader has hired the Haitian Club for you, and is throwing a lot of money, only for you to celebrate your birthday."

    "I'm telling you, you're not allowed to refuse this time."

    "The scenery outside is unique, do you really want to hang yourself on a crooked neck of Ye Fan?"


    Before coming here, Suzy had already thought of ten thousand reasons to convince Qiu Mu Orange.

    Suzy didn't believe it, with her three-inch tongue, she still couldn't convince her best friend?

    However, as soon as Susie got up, Autumn Mu Orange got up, put on her jacket and shoes, and was ready to leave with her bag.

    "Well, Mu-Orange, where are you going?"Susie wondered.

    "Go to the Haitian Club ah."Qiu Mu Orange faintly returned.

    Suzy was stunned, "That's a yes?"

    "What, you don't want me to go?In that case, let it go."Autumn Mu Orange was going to sit back on the sofa.

    Suzy hurried forward, "Don't, Mu Orange."

    "Let's go, let's go."


    "Our squad leader has worked so hard for your birthday this time, there's bound to be a surprise tonight."

    "You're just waiting to make a big splash, aren't you, Nee-chan?"

    Susie smiled as she drove Qiu Mu Orange to the Haitian Club.

    But compared to Suzy's joy, Qiu Mu Orange was always sullen and didn't have any expectations at all.

    The reason he had agreed to go was just to gamble with Ye Fan.

    She had already decided that tonight WeChat would live stream the birthday party that Fan Zhongxiong had prepared for him.

    She just wanted to be angry with Ye Fan.

    Let's see how much longer this bastard can hold out.

    Sure enough, within a short while, Ye Fan had brushed up on Qiu Mu Orange's developments in his circle of friends.


    "Departing for the birthday banquet!Thank you class leader, happy~"


    "I forgot to do my makeup in a hurry to get out of the house, so I'll have to fix it later!"


    "The Haitian Club, how imposing, excitement!"


    In a short while, Qiu Mu Orange had posted several days in a row to her friend circle, even with pictures she had taken.

    As Ye Fan looked at it, not only was he not angry in the slightest, he even shook his head and laughed.

    "This ninny, she's deliberately angry with me~"

    After spending three years together in the morning and evening, Ye Fan couldn't know Qiu Mu Orange any better.

    She was someone who rarely sent out friends, but now she was suddenly unnatural and was obviously making a show of it to Ye Fan.

    Deliberately angry at Ye Fan, complaining that Ye Fan had forgotten her birthday.

    But, would Ye Fan really forget?

    Of course not!

    As early as a few months ago, Ye Fan had begun to plan and prepare for today.

    "Mu Orange, I have promised you ten thousand feet of glory!"

    "Tonight, it's time."


    The wheels sped.

    On the streets of Yunzhou, several luxury cars, speeding away.

    It was as if they were swords, tearing apart the vast canopy.

    A low roar echoed throughout the entire world!

    The Haitian Club.

    Outside, it was already filled with vehicles of all kinds.

    It could even be seen that people were entering the clubhouse with the blessing of the security guards.

    "Mu Orange, see, these people are all coming for you."

    "The squad leader has put a lot of thought into celebrating this birthday banquet for you."

    "It's said that they've specially invited our little-known artists, orchestras and the like from Yunzhou to perform for you."

    "I'm afraid that the cost of today alone is no less than a million."

    "If you were with Ye Fan, he would never be able to give you such a big show in his life?"

    "Now you know, our squad leader is good, right?"Su Xi smiled heedlessly and tried her best to set up the two of them, Qiu Mu Orange and Fan Zhongxiong.

    But Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face went a little white: "Cee Cee, I think it's better to forget it, right?"

    "I'm not close enough to Ben to stand for this."

    "You tell him, no need to break the bank."


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