Dish Best Served Cold 561-566


Chapter 561

"I'm a turtle?"

    "I'm poor pretending?"

    Ye Fan raised his eyebrows, and there was already a bit more coldness in his face: "I see you don't want to work here anymore?"

    "Fuck, you're firing me?I'm so scared."When Zheng Haifeng heard Ye Fan's words, he put on a show of trepidation, amusing the people on the side.

    Any fool could tell that this manager was teasing Ye Fan.

    But soon, Zheng Haifeng scoffed and laughed, looking at Ye Fan like he was an idiot, "Originally, I thought you were just a turtle, but now you still look like a fool."

    "And you won't let me do it?"

    "Who do you think you are, the owner of a car dealership?"

    "Simply an idiot."

    "Where's security, why don't you get rid of this turd?"

    "In the future, all of them will be long enough to stop people like this, who look like poor pussies, outside."

    "Our car dealership buys luxury cars, not some pigs and dogs and cows and sheep can just come in."

    With a wave of his hand, Zheng Haifeng already had the security guards ready to drive people away.

    "Manager, there's no need to drive people away, right?"

    "Even if this gentleman can't afford it, but he likes our car, that's our honor ah."But Wang Li Li was somewhat sympathetic to Ye Fan, whispering good words to Ye Fan from the side.

    However, at this time, the fat woman who just came over, once she heard Wang Lili's words, she suddenly scolded, "What do you yellow-haired girl know?"

    "Why do customers buy our cars?Buy with dignity, taste, and style!"

    "A poor bastard like this, liking our car, that's a disgrace to our brand, it's tarnishing our brand image."

    The fat woman harshly lectured, and then she looked in the direction of Ye Fan and cursed in disgust, "You bastard, why don't you get lost?"

    "Do we have to throw you out?"


    However, at this moment, there was a rich and bloated man upstairs who hurriedly walked down.

    Upon seeing this person, Zheng Haifeng as well as Wang Lili and the others were shocked and rushed forward to greet him.

    "Boss, it's just a little thing, how did you get alarmed down here?"

    "Don't worry, I'll quickly have someone drive the turtle out, it will never delay our shop's business."

    Zheng Haifeng was full of respect and said with a smile.

    This man waved his hand, "Let's put this matter aside for a while, I'm asking you, is there a young man surnamed Ye, coming over to buy a car?"

    "This person is a friend of the head of Red Flag Group, Mr. Xiao just called and asked us to take care of him, if this gentleman arrives later, we must entertain him well and give him some preferential treatment."

    Zheng Haifeng whirled around and nodded, "Boss, don't worry, I will definitely keep this matter in mind and will entertain this Mr. Ye well."

    "Are you guys talking about me?"Ye Fan's voice came quietly.

    Zheng Haifeng became even angrier when he heard it, "Say your sister, say?"

    "Get out of here yet!"

    "You look like you're poor and would know someone big?"

    "Exactly.A mere turtle, do you still want to say that you are that Mr. Ye?"The fat woman also echoed the scolding from the side.

    But Ye Fan snorted, "You're right."

    "I really am the Mr. Ye you guys are talking about."

    "It's the Red Flag Group's CEO, Sean, who called you guys, right?"

    "He was the one who sent me over just now."

    "This Sean, he's kind enough to know that I came to buy a car and remembered to give you guys a greeting."

    Ye Fan was expressionless and said indifferently.

    Zheng Haifeng and the others, however, were stunned.

    They stared at the ordinary dressed man in front of them, incredulous, "You know Shawn Xiao?"

    "Could it be that you're really the Mr. Ye that Mr. Xiao was talking about?"

    Ye Fan frowned, "What? Is it hard to believe that I've swindled you guys?"

    Seeing Ye Fan's calm demeanor, which didn't look like he was lying, this car dealership owner reluctantly believed it.

    Then he stepped forward and smiled politely, "Mr. Ye is joking.Since you are a friend of Mr. Xiao, then naturally you are our valued customer, don't worry, since Mr. Xiao has already greeted you, we will uniformly give you a 10% discount when you buy a car."

    The owner of the car dealership said politely.

    The side of Zheng Haifeng and the fat woman, but undoubtedly sitting waxed.

    Their faces were only as pale as a sheet of white paper.

    I thought, could it be that this young man is really a friend of Mr. Xiao?

    For a moment, Zheng Haifeng and the fat woman were both a little terrified and guilty.

    This Ye Fan in front of them, they could not be afraid.But Shawn, they had to be afraid.

    That was the newly promoted CEO of the Red Flag Group, who had just ordered a dozen cars from their car dealership a few days ago.

    If Ye Fan gave Xiao En a complaint against them, and Xiao En blamed them, their car dealership wouldn't really be able to protect them.

    While Zheng Haifeng and the others were terrified, Ye Fan had no leisure to pay attention to them.

    He looked at the owner of this car dealership and said indifferently, "Preferential or not, it doesn't matter."

    "I'm in a hurry to use the car."

    "Since Mr. Xiao has greeted you, then hurry up and do the formalities, I want to buy this car."

    Ye Fan pointed at the luxury car in the middle of the showroom, then said, "Mr. Ye, the other cars are fine, but this car is really no good."

    "This car has already been reserved."

    "If you want to buy it, you'll have to wait in line first."

    "Yeah?"Ye Fan raised his eyebrows, "In that case, let's buy it."

    "Huh?"The owner of the car dealership was stunned, somewhat unable to understand Ye Fan's meaning.

    Ye Fan repeated, "I mean, buy your car dealership out."

    Dead silence.

    Inside the entire car dealership, there was dead silence at this time.

    There was only the biting wind outside, whistling past.

    After a long silence, Zheng Haifeng didn't hold back, so he just cursed out.


    "To buy the whole dealership?"

    "I'll fuck it up!"

    "Do you know what you're talking about, you son of a bitch?"

    "Do you know how much it would cost to buy this dealership?"

    "You're even getting Shaw to come out and give you a discount on a car."

    "Someone who has to save tens of thousands of dollars and still wants to buy a car dealership?"

    "It's bullshit!"

    "Boss, this guy either thinks we're idiots, or he's an idiot himself."

    "This kind of idiot is just here to trick us."

    "Boss, don't bullshit with him, just let the security guard beat him up and drive him out."

    Zheng Haifeng said disdainfully.

    The owner of the car dealership was equally old and sunken, his eyes full of displeasure, "Mr. Ye, are you playing a trick on me?"

    Ye Fan's face was expressionless and he sneered, "To play or not to play for the time being."

    "Let's quote a price first."

    "One hundred million, two hundred million?Or a billion?"

    "Boss, ignore him, this guy is just crazy."Zheng Haifeng and the fat woman were still yelling there.

    The owner of the car dealership waved his hand, gesturing for Zheng Haifeng to shut up first: "One billion."

    "As long as you give me one billion, I'll leave immediately without saying a word, and all the personnel and supplies in the car dealership as well as the venue will be given to you!"

    "Okay, give me the bank account number."Ye Fan glanced at the corner of his mouth and readily agreed.

    After asking for the card number, he immediately made a phone call out.

    "I'll go, he really dares to play?"

    "Act like it!"

    "If the money doesn't pass later, I'll see how this idiot ends up."Zheng Haifeng held his hands and looked like he was waiting for a good show.


    Not long after, the car dealership owner's phone vibrated.

    It was a text message.


"Your bank account, tail number 7547, has received $1,000,000!"

    Oh, yeah.


    Looking at the large string of zeros behind the 1, the owner of this car dealership's eyes almost popped out.

    He just said that casually, originally thinking of dismantling Ye Fan's true face.

    But this car dealership owner never thought to death that this young man in front of him, with one phone call, he really arrived at one billion?


    "Mr. Yeh, the dealership belongs to you now."

    "The transfer procedure will be handled by my assistant with your people."

    "If you need anything, call me, I'll be off."

    The owner of the car dealership was visibly excited, and his mouth was nearly rotten with laughter.

    After saying that, he ran out of the car dealership without looking back.

    "Boss, where are you going?"

    "You really don't want a car dealership?"

    Zheng Haifeng was undoubtedly starting to panic, he was able to get this far in the car dealership, but it was all thanks to the trust of this boss.

    Now that the boss has patted his butt and left, what can he do?

    "I'm a billionaire and I need a fucking car dealership?"

    "Get out of my way!"

    "Get out of my way."

    The owner of the car dealership kicked Zheng Haifeng and ran out the door with a big smile on his back.

    This car dealership is worth two hundred million, Ye Fan gave him one billion all of a sudden, this boss is not mad with joy.

    However, this boss is cool, Zheng Haifeng and the fat woman, but the heart is almost desperate.

    "Ye...Mr. Ye, no, Boss Ye, please listen to my explanation, I just..."

    Zheng Haifeng turned his head and begged to Ye Fan with bitterness in his eyes.

    Ye Fan's face was expressionless as he coldly returned, "No need to explain.This car dealership belongs to me, you can roll away."

    "And you, you can also get out."Ye Fan looked at the fat woman next to him again, a few words, but directly sentenced them to death.

    Finally, Ye Fan's gaze, landed in the direction of Wang Lili: "From today onwards, you are the manager of the car dealership."

    "Ah, I...Me?"Wang Li Li was flabbergasted and filled with panic.

    She was only a newcomer who had just joined the company, and it would take at least ten years for her to go from the lowest level employee to the manager of a car dealership.

    But now, he had only joined the company for half a year, and he had completed ten years of Zheng Haifeng's journey.

    Happiness, undoubtedly, had come too suddenly!

    But some people are happy and some are sad.

    Wang Lili relied on her kindness and politeness to gain Ye Fan's favor, and rose to the top management of the car dealership in one fell swoop.

    And Zheng Haifeng and that fat woman ended up miserable.

    They had been working in this car dealership for more than ten years, spending half of their lives to get to this position today, with a huge salary.

    But now, with one word from Ye Fan, he had undoubtedly cut off their future livelihood and ruined half of their life's accumulation.

    Moreover, Zheng Haifeng and that fat woman were both approaching fifty.At this age, even if they find another job, there are hardly any companies willing to take them.

    Therefore, Zheng Haifeng and the fat woman were naturally terrified and begged for leniency from Ye Fan, even making up all sorts of bitter stories to beg him to let them go.

    In the past many years, Ye Fan has experienced too many things, and his heart is far from being able to compare with his peers.Naturally, he would not change his orders just because Zheng Haifeng and the two of them performed a few bitter stories.

    "Where are the security guards, kick them out!"

    With a wave of his hand, Ye Fan followed Zheng Haifeng's example just now and summoned security guards to directly throw them out.

    A few minutes later, Ye Fan had driven away.

    Behind him were all the staff of the car dealership, standing on both sides, respectfully seeing him off.

    Now that Ye Fan has become the owner of the dealership, the Maybach S680 is naturally at Ye Fan's disposal.

    As for the so-called reservation, Ye Fan does not care at all.

    The entire shop is his, and he can sell this car to whomever he wants.

    At most, it was just a little compensation.

    In Ye Fan's hands right now, the thing he cared about the most was money.


    The car roared, and Ye Fan drove the black luxurious Maybach sedan, speeding towards the agreed upon Genting Mountain Hotel.

    "I go, this car is so handsome!"

    "Mercedes S-Class?"

    "This could be, like, a Maybach S680!"

    "My God, this car is millions, isn't it?"

    "Back then, the richest man in Yunzhou, the beautiful CEO of the Red Flag Group, Xu Lei, drove nothing more than an S600, right?"

    "This car is better than the richest man's car."

    "How rich does it have to be to be able to afford this car?"


    "I'm afraid that Yunzhou Li Er's car isn't even this good, right?"

    "I didn't expect that ah, our Yunzhou City is a small ass town, but you can see this kind of luxury car?"

    With the cold wind blowing, Ye Fan drove at a gallop.

    Along the way, there was no telling how much trembling and envy would fall behind him!

    However, Ye Fan did not drive for long, in front of the intersection, a car flashing police lights, but stopped in front of Ye Fan's car.

    When he saw the sexy and slender woman in uniform at the side of the road, his face immediately turned black!


    "This woman was born to gram me, right?"

    Ye Fan was so angry that he cursed.

    But in the end, he had no choice but to stop the car and be inspected by Ren Han.

    After all, Ye Fan was suspected of driving a car without a license plate, and additionally, more seriously, driving without a license!

    Yes, Ye Fan doesn't have a driver's license yet.

    It's not that Ye Fan knows the law, it's mainly because he thought that the traffic police would not dare to stop him if he drove such a luxury car.

    But Ye Fan had never thought to death that he had run into Ren Han.

    "Damn, it's you again?"

    The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the development of the new product for a long time.

    The company has been dealing with Ye Fan for quite a while now, but this man is always a mystery in Ren Han's eyes.

    He is a son-in-law who has been humiliated.

    He said that he was a waste of time, but that he was in jail and that many big shots came to get him.

    But Ren Han has always been righteous, Ye Fan what identity she does not care, as long as he violated the rules, Ren Han will have to do him.

    "Ren Han, you fucking have a grudge against me, right?"

    "I'd run into you anywhere!"

    "None of the keys are good yet."

    "It's simply bad luck."

    "And do you live by the sea?"Ye Fan asked with a black face and no good temper.

    Ren Han was stunned, not knowing what Ye Fan meant by that.

    Ye Fan gave her a blank look, "Living by the sea, the regulation is wide!"

    "You're in charge of murder and arson, and you're in charge of my driving a car?"

    "What department are you in anyway?"

    "I'm on temporary secondment to the traffic police, no?"Ren Han returned with a cold voice, then looked at the luxury car behind him, then at the plainly dressed Ye Fan in front of him, "Okay, nice car?"

    "Maybach 680, a few million, right?"

    "The last time you rode a two-wheeled electric bike, you're driving a million luxury cars now?"

    "Is Mr. Ye a rich man?"Ren Han said inexplicably, but the laughter was a goosebump.


"Come on, take a walk with me to the station."

    "You are on the road without a license, not to mention the origin of this huge property, I have to check it out."

    Between the words, Ren Han was ready to take Ye Fan away.

    "Go you sister!"

    "I still have to accompany my wife to the reunion, so I don't have time to waste here with you."


    However, Ye Fan where to listen to Ren Han that set, over the railing turned and ran, but even the car do not want.

    Ye Fan what skills, in a short while they ran away from the shadow.

    Ren Han and other people a twitch of the corner of the eye.

    Millions of cars, just throw it away?



    "Lili, that car was impounded by the traffic police."

    "You'll come over later with the paperwork and help me with it."

    "Then drive back to the Genting Mountain Hotel and meet me."

    After leaving the scene, Ye Fan called the car dealership.

    Just now, he hadn't even completed the vehicle procedures because he was in a hurry.Now that it had been detained by Ren Han and the others, if he went with them to solve the problem, he didn't know how long it would take.

    Now that it was getting late, Qiu Mu Orange and the others' reunion would be held soon, and yesterday he had promised to accompany Qiu Mu Orange to attend it together, so naturally he didn't have time to delay.

    "Okay, boss."

    "After processing, I'll immediately go outside the hotel and wait for you."

    Wang Lili readily agreed.

    And when Ye Fan hung up the phone, he then rushed to the Genting Mountain Hotel.

    Genting Mountain was a scenic area in the center of Yunzhou.

    There were mountains and water, and the scenery was beautiful.

    The villa with Genting Mountain that Ye Fan asked Li Er to buy was here.

    Since it was a scenic area, apart from the villa, the rest of the amenities were naturally complete.

    "Ye Fan, where have you been?"

    "Why so slow?"

    "I won't wait for you, just come straight here when you arrive."

    "The place is, Genting Mountain Hotel, Tarzan Hall!"

    In front of the hotel, Qiu Mu Orange hung up the phone with some anger.

    Yesterday, he had agreed with Ye Fan that he would come with her to the class reunion today.

    But he's been here for half an hour, and that bastard Ye Fan is still on his way.

    In anger, Qiu Mu Orange simply didn't wait for Ye Fan anymore and turned around and walked into the hotel.

    "Strange, didn't Xi Xi say she had already arrived?"

    "Where is this woman running off to without even waiting for me?"

    Su Xi and Qiu Mu Orange are also college classmates, so naturally, there was also Su Xi at this class reunion.

    Originally, Qiu Mu Orange was going to come with Su Xi, but Su Xi said she had something to do and came early.

    Just when she was confused, Autumn Mu Orange's phone rang, it was from Suzy.

    "Mu Orange, where are you?"

    "I'll be at the door in a minute."Autumn Mu Orange replied.

    "What, so soon?Wait here, I'm going out~" on the other end of the phone, Suzy was clearly surprised, while holding the phone, scuffling and quickly running back.

    As soon as she opened the door, she saw Qiu Mu Orange who had just walked to the door.

    "Has everyone arrived?"Autumn Mu Orange was a little nervous, after all, she hadn't seen her old classmate for years, and was about to walk into the room to check it out, but Suzy stopped her.

    "Mu Orange, the dinner hasn't started yet, go out and buy something with me first, I'll be back soon."Suzy hurriedly pulled Qiu Mu Orange along and headed downstairs.

    Qiu Mu Orange felt baffled and only felt that Suzy was hiding something from her.

    "Oh my, Mu Orange, can I still trap you?"

    "Just let a hundred things go."

    "Tonight is definitely a night that you will remember for the rest of your life."

    Suzy pulled Qiu Mu Orange and quickly went far away.

    Taishan Hall.

    Yuan Yuan pushed the door open and was relieved when she saw that the two of them, Qiu Mu Orange, had already gone downstairs, "Gone gone, Mu Orange has been detached."



    "Everyone continue to set up."

    "When this young master embraces me, everyone present today will receive ten thousand red envelopes each."In the private room, a rich young master with bright clothes and hot texture, said boldly.

    Yes, this person was yesterday, the one Yuan Yuan had specifically told Qiu Mu Orange about, Class Leader Fan Zhongxiong.

    Suddenly, there was a ruckus!

    "I go, ten thousand dollar bonus?"

    "Class leader is really generous."

    "If my kids wouldn't have run away, otherwise I would have gone backwards to catch up with the class president?"



    "Ying, you're just dreaming, aren't you?"

    "If you want to chase Brother Idle, you first have to be as pretty as Mu Orange, huh?"

    "Otherwise, how could Idle Brother be interested in you?"Situ Feng smiled.

    Within the Taishan Hall, there was a loud laughter.

    Fan Zhongxing waved his hand, "Alright all of you, the jokes will come later, now everyone help me set up first."

    "The colored lights are hung, and the kaleidoscope, and the red carpet is pounced on as well~"

    "The music is ready too~"

    "And the audio mics, all to make sure there are no accidents."


    After a flurry of work, the entire showroom had undoubtedly been decorated.

    "Feng, it's ready.Tell your wife Yuan Yuan to give Suzy a call and tell her to bring Mu Orange over."Fan Zhongxiong said to Situ Feng after fixing his hairstyle.


    "Haha, wait a little while, Brother Idle is waiting for our class flower to be moved to throw her arms around, right?"

    Situ Feng flattered, and then he asked his wife Yuan Yuan to call Suzy.

    "Brother Idle, it's been notified."

    "Suzy said that in almost five minutes, Mu Orange will be here."

    "Let's get ready first."Situ Feng said to Fan Zhongxiong.

    Fan Zhongxing nodded.

    Once again, he fixed his hairstyle, straightened his extravagant suit, and finally held up a bouquet of flowers.

    "Feng, how's it going?"

    "Am I okay with this image?"Fan Zhongxiong asked a narcissistic question.

    Situ Feng and the others gave a straight thumbs up.


    "Brother Idle was the class president of our class plus the school grass back then, so naturally he was a talented man, and now he has more of a man's steadiness and charm."

    "A man looking at me, I can't help but want to give Brother Idle a monkey."

    Situ Feng's words, naturally, had the tendency to draw laughter from the room.

    Fan Zhongxiong was very happy to hear it and appeared extremely amused.

    "In that case, everything is ready, let's turn off the lights and wait for Mu Orange to arrive."


    All the lights were extinguished, the moon outside was cool as water, and inside the Tarzan Hall was dark.

    Time, gradually passed.

    Fan Zhongxing was slightly nervous, his heart thumping.

    Finally, a few minutes later, the sound of footsteps came from outside.

    Immediately afterwards, the door was pushed open.

    In the dim moonlight, the crowd only saw, a thin figure, pushing the door in.

    "It's now!"

    I don't know who shouted.

    Followed by~


    The colorful lights instantly lit up, and there were neon flashes in the dim room.

    It was not bright, but it made the room, look extremely romantic and dreamy.

    Fan Zhongxiong held flowers in his hands, standing under the dreamy lights, there was slow music flowing behind him, while he gazed forward with deep affection, the emotional words, quietly sounding.

    "Over the years, I've seen spring and summer winds, autumn leaves and winter snow."

    "And I've also trod the south water, the north mountain, the east foothills and the west ridge."

    "Can this four seasons, spring and autumn, the vicissitudes of the mountains and rivers, are not as good as you, flush my eyebrows."

    Emotional words flowed, and Fan's pupils seemed like a starry sky, reflecting the colorful starlight.

    He knelt down on one knee, holding flowers in his hand as if he was an infatuated son, and reached out to the figure in the darkness in front of him.

    "Mu Orange, I have sailed through a thousand sails, traveled the world, but in the end, I found,"

    "I like it, or you!"



    The moment Fan Zhongxiong's words fell, the entire Tarzan Hall boomed.

    "Together, together~"


    Situ Feng and Yuan Yuan's husband and wife were the first to shout out, frantically carrying the rhythm.

    The shouting was as hard as it was going to get, but it was as hard as it was going to get.

    After all, last night, because of Ye Fan, Situ Feng had lost his job at Shen's group.And with Fan Zhongxiong's family having money, it was all up to Fan Zhongxiong whether Situ Feng could find a job or not.

    Now that Fan Zhongxiong was interested in Qiu Mu Orange, it was natural for the couple to set him up in every possible way in order to gain Fan Zhongxiong's favor.

    "Promise him~"



    In the room, shouts were pouring out.

    Everyone was up in arms.

    Although many of them knew that Qiu Mu Orange was already married, but the Ye Fan she married was just a wimp, a worthless thing, who would care?

    As long as we take care of Qiu Mu Orange, then Ye Fan can tell him to fuck off!

    Dim lights flickered, but illuminated only the four corners of the wall.Coupled with the shade of the crowd, when it fell to the doorway, there was only a shadow.

    Everyone was waiting for Qiu Mu Orange's answer, and Fan Zhongxiong was full of tension and excitement with flowers in hand.

    However, after a long time, a faint voice, but quietly sounded.

    "Sorry, I'm not gay~"

    Dead silence.

    Deadly silence.

    The moment the voice fell, the air in this room seemed to freeze.

    The thousands of romances all crumbled within an inch of their lives.


    "Turn on the lights~"

    Still, Sturmfon was the first to react, shouted and quickly turned on the lights.


    The moment the lights were restored, everyone only saw, at the doorway, the figure of a man standing there just like that.


    "Is that you?"

    "Who put you up to this, you piece of shit?"

    "Brazen thing, you've ruined a good thing!"After seeing that the person at the door was Ye Fan, Situ Feng and Yuan Yuan's old faces darkened and they cursed in anger.

    Situ Feng even explained to Fan Zhongxiong afterwards, "Brother Yin, this man is the trash husband that Mu Orange married, Ye Fan!"


    "He's the wimp?"

    The first time I saw him, he was so angry that he almost spewed out a mouthful of blood, and his whole body felt like a fly, and he wanted to kill Ye Fan.

    I have been planning for a long time, plotting for half a day, brewing for many hours, I dare to finally give all of my true feelings to a waste?


    "Did I fucking invite you?"

    "Get out of here yet!"

    "A soft-serve loser, what is this occasion, the Genting Mountain Hotel, is this a place you deserve to be?"

    Fan Zhongxing was so furious that he cursed harshly at Ye Fan and just told Ye Fan to get lost.

    But Ye Fan was indifferent, and didn't have any intention of leaving.

    "Fine, you're not leaving are you?"

    "Then don't blame this young master for being rude to you!"

    "Where's security, get this turd out of here right now?"Fan Zhongxiong gave an order and immediately summoned the hotel's security guards.

    However, just as these security guards were about to take action against Ye Fan, a cold voice outside the door, then came.


    "I shouted for him, I'll see who dares touch him."

    Qiu Mu Orange's face was clear and cold, with a few indignation, and swirled in through the door.

    Su Xi soon followed.

    After seeing Ye Fan, there was some displeasure swirling on her pretty face.

    "This bastard, what a gloomy soul."

    "Wherever Mu Orange goes, he will follow."Su Xi was secretly furious in her heart.

    Su Xi had always thought about her best friend getting rid of Ye Fan, a burden, and finding a good home.Now Fan Zhongxiong was undoubtedly this good candidate.

    The reason why she just sent Qiu Mu Orange away was to cooperate with Fan Zhongxiong in the "Romantic Confessions" drama.

    But now, it seems that Ye Fan has been stirred up by this wimp son-in-law.

    "Mu Orange, that's a bit too much for you to say."

    "What do you mean who dares to touch him?"

    "Today's sub was put on by the class president, and all those invited are our old classmates.Is this wimp our classmate? Did the class monitor invite him?"

    "He came uninvited and our squad leader kicked him out, what's wrong with that?"

    "It's you, Mu Orange, who needs to get your position right.We're all guests, and it's the squad leader who's the host."

    "It's the squad leader's right to pay for the guests, who he wants to invite and who he doesn't want to invite."

    "Not to mention chasing away an irrelevant loser, even if you and I were to leave, then we can't rely on this, can we?"

    Yuan Yuan said in a yin and yang manner.

    But that clearly meant that she was blaming Qiu Mu Orange for being a bit backstabbing.

    "Yuan Yuan, you're right.The field is set up by the squad leader, and it's the squad leader's freedom to drive whoever away or not.But it's also my freedom to eat this meal or not."

    "Ye Fan is my husband, if he leaves, I naturally won't stay."

    Qiu Mu Orange coldly returned, while looking at Fan Zhongxiong, "Class Leader, I'm sorry, we're insignificant, we can't afford this meal from you."

    "Ye Fan, let's go, let's go home and eat."

    Qiu Mu Orange was also a virile nature, she had already treated Ye Fan as her husband.Now that Fan Zhongxiong and the others were embarrassing Ye Fan, they were undoubtedly hitting her face as well.

    Naturally angry, Qiu Mu Orange pulled up Ye Fan and turned around to leave.

    "Mu Orange, don't."

    "You've misunderstood Yuan Yuan's words."When Fan Zhongxiong saw that Qiu Mu Orange was leaving, he became anxious and hurried forward to stop her.

    At the same time, he glared at Yuan Yuan again, "Yuan Yuan, your words just now were truly unpleasant, so why don't you apologize to Mu Orange?"

    "Squad Leader, I..."Yuan Yuan felt aggrieved at that time, she was obviously speaking for the class leader, but now Fan Zhongxiong came to accuse her instead.

    "You what you, quickly apologize to Mu Orange.A good class banquet, are you going to spoil it for me?"Fan Zhongxiong said unhappily.

    When Yuan Yuan saw this, she naturally didn't dare to say anything anymore and only apologized to Qiu Mu Orange reluctantly.

    "Mu Orange, Yuan Yuan has apologized, you can forgive her."

    "We're all classmates, it's not easy to get together, do you really want to leave?"

    "Worst case, we'll just let Evan take his seat."Suzy also came forward to advise at this time.

    The rest of the students also said good things.

    "Mu Orange, it's fine, just take a seat."Ye Fan also acted like nothing was wrong and pulled Qiu Mu Orange and took his seat.

    "Sub-O, this wimp, he's really shameless."

    Seeing Ye Fan unceremoniously sit down, but Fan Zhongxiong's eyes twitched, and his entire liver ached with anger.

    To Ye Fan, Fan Zhongxiong undoubtedly hated him to the bone.

    A good plan was all messed up by this trash, not to mention, Fan Zhongxiong discovered that Qiu Mu Orange seemed to really have some affection for Ye Fan.

    This undoubtedly made it even more intolerable for Fan Zhongxiong.

    He had decided that since Ye Fan was staying, then tonight, he had to disgrace him!

    Let Autumn Mu Orange see how bad this wimp is.


Soon, everyone was seated and the banquet had already begun.

    The old classmates had been apart for many years, and they had met again, and everyone was quite chatty.

    "Mu Orange, come try this fish."

    "I remember, you love to eat Yellow River Carp."

    "This fish is exactly the Yellow River Carp, I specially went to the Yellow River yesterday to buy it from the fishermen, it's absolutely authentic."

    In between his words, Fan Zhongxing turned the table and transferred the plate of fish to Qiu Mu Orange.

    Su Xi, seeing this, quickly took the opportunity to set it up, "Class President, you're too eccentric, aren't you?There are so many girls in our class, how come you only remember Mu Orange."


    "We can be jealous oh."

    The surrounding students were in an uproar.

    Situ Feng also silently encouraged Autumn Mu Orange, who should give Fan Zhongxiong a toast.

    "Mu Orange, look how good Brother Idle is to you."

    "After so many years, he still remembers your tastes, and now he's even traveling thousands of miles to buy fish for you."

    "As the saying goes, sending goose feathers from a thousand miles is a light gift."

    "This friendship must be worth at least three glasses of wine."Situ Feng laughed.

    Suzy also quickly echoed, "Situ Feng is right, Mu Orange, you should indeed toast a few cups of wine to the class leader."

    Qiu Mu Orange, however, secretly glared at Suzy: "Xixi, don't make nonsense."

    "If you keep talking nonsense, be careful I'll deduct your salary!"

    Qiu Mu Orange whispered a warning to Suzy.

    But Suzy didn't think so: "If my sacrifice can be exchanged for a beautiful story of a boy and girl on earth, you'll be worth it even if you resign me."

    "You~" hearing Suzy's words, Autumn Mu Orange was filled with speechlessness.

    "Mu Orange, don't be embarrassed."

    "Class leader's good intentions, you have to show a little bit, don't you?"

    "Even if you can't drink white wine, you can still drink red wine."


    "Yeah, Mu Orange, just follow the class president."

    The people at the table full of people were all persuaded by you and me.

    However, just as everyone was advising Qiu Mu Orange, a pair of chopsticks quietly peeked out among the crowd, and on top of the intact fish belly, they then grabbed a piece of fish meat and put it in their mouths to chew.


    "You're a wimp and I'm letting you eat it?"

    At that time, Fan Zhongxiong's eyes were red and his heart was so angry that a ball of fire was almost ready to spurt out.

    This Yellow River Carp was specially prepared by him for Qiu Mu Orange, and as a result, Qiu Mu Orange didn't even eat it, but the first bite was actually eaten by that trash Ye Fan.

    Fan Zhongxiong only felt like he was going to be pissed off!

    "Scrounging for something to eat and drink."

    "Do you have any idea how expensive this Yellow River carp is?"

    "You're a wimp and you deserve to eat?"Fan Zhongxing cursed angrily.

    Yuan Yuan and the others were also verbally abusive to Ye Fan.

    "Mu Orange, you're really shameless as a door husband."

    "This kind of shameless wimp, don't kick it out, save it for the New Year?"

    "If you ask me, go to the civil office today and get your marriage divorced!"

    However, in the face of the crowd's rebuke, Ye Fan's face was not red and his heart was not pounding, chewing the fish in his mouth very calmly.

    In the end, he shook his head and smiled, looking at Fan Zhongxiong, who had a furious look on his face, and said indifferently: "Squad Leader Fan, if you can't afford the Yellow River carp, just say you can't afford it, and we won't laugh at you.But why do you need to take a home-raised fish and fool my wife with a substandard one?"


    A domestic fish?

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, many people were shocked.

    "Ye Fan, what are you talking nonsense about?"

    "Keep you for dinner, just eat well and stay out of trouble."Su Xi glared at Ye Fan, unhappy.

    Situ Feng and his wife were also full of contempt, looking at Ye Fan like an idiot, "You're a wimp, I'm afraid you've never eaten Yellow River Carp in your life.What, are you now going to tell us that you just tasted one bite and you know it's not Yellow River Carp?"

    "What a joke!"

    "Mu Orange, your husband at the door is really bad, it's just as well that your talent is no match for our class leader, but now you're using these conspiracy tactics to frame him."Yuan Yuan said with disdain.

    And Fan Zhongxiong was in no hurry at all, he waved his hand and pretended to be generous: "It's fine, let him speak."

    "I'd like to hear what he can say,"

    "Good, then it's as you wish."Ye Fan nodded and smiled, while slowly saying, "The Yellow River Carp is one of the four famous fish of our country, with a fat body, tender and tasty flesh, and a soft and smooth mouth.This fish of yours, I just tasted a bite, and I don't know how much worse it is in taste."

    "What's more, the Yellowtail Carp is known as 'Dragon Fish' in the folklore, with red tail and golden scales.The body shape is long."

    "And the one in front of me has a dull tail!"

    "Shape bloat!"

    "The texture is sticky!"

    "In that respect, it's a far cry from the Yellow River Carp!"

    "If this isn't a fake fish, what is it?"

    Ye Fan's voice was fierce and stern, and every word was like a slap on Fan Zhongxiong's face.

    After all, he had just vowed that this fish was a Yellow River Carp, or he had personally gone to the Yellow River to buy it, and if it really was a fake fish, then the embarrassment would be great.

    "You're talking nonsense..."

    With his old face livid, Fan Zhongxiong was undoubtedly about to scold Ye Fan for talking nonsense.

    However, before Fan Zhongxiong could say this, Ye Fan's words, however, disguised him back.

    "Yes, I'm a man of small words, I know that no matter how much I say, you won't believe me."

    "It will definitely say that I am talking nonsense and confusing right and wrong."

    "In that case, why don't we call over the head chef of the back kitchen."

    "The Genting Mountain Hotel is also one of the few luxury hotels in Yunzhou, whether it's Yellow River Carp or not, someone in the back kitchen will definitely be able to taste it."

    "How about it, squad leader Fan, in front of everyone, do you dare to call out the back kitchen to check it out?"

    "If you're feeling guilty, just take my word for it."

    Ye Fan smiled faintly and drank a cup of strong tea to himself as he spoke.

    Ye Fan's words were tantamount to cuffing Fan Zhongxiong to the fire, and there was no room for Fan Zhongxiong to retreat.


    "True gold is not afraid of fire, today this young master will play with you."

    "If this fish is real, you will kneel down and apologize to me."Fan Zhongxiong was vicious.

    "And what if it's fake?"Ye Fan asked back.

    "If it's fake I'll kneel down and apologize to Mu Orange!"Fan Zhongxiong gritted his teeth, "This young master personally bought it by the Yellow River, can it still be fake?"

    "Yes!"Ye Fan readily complied.

    "Ye Fan, don't you..."Qiu Mu Orange looked at the scene in front of her, but she was a little worried.

    "Mu Orange, don't mind him.Let him be heroic, there's no one else to blame for his self-inflicted humiliation."Suzy pulled Qiu Mu-Orange.

    At this time, the hotel's head chef, however, had already been called over.

    In front of everyone, he sandwiched a piece of fish.

    "How is it?"

    "But real yellow carp?"

    Fan Zhongxiang and the others all asked the head chef.

    The head chef didn't speak, but tasted another bite.

    "Speak, huh?"Van Chung was anxious.



    "You call this a yellow carp?"

    "Then you've been tricked!"

    "This is a captive-bred fish."The hotel chef said with certainty.



    At that time, Fan Zhongxiang's face turned black.

    The crowd who had just been verbally abusive to Ye Fan also lost their voices.

    They didn't expect that they would really let Ye Fan get it right.

    Qiu Mu Orange and Su Xi were even more filled with consternation, and they suddenly looked up to Ye Fan a few points higher.

    This guy, not only was he good at kung fu, could it be that he still had research on the dishes?

    "Squad Leader Van, I don't know if you still remember what I just said."At this moment, the sound of Ye Fan's soft laughter came.

    Fan Zhongxiong's old face was gloomy and ugly, but he couldn't say a word.

    But Yuan Yuan and Situ Feng's husband and wife took this opportunity to attack Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, you're really a white-eyed wolf."

    "Our squad leader kindly left you here to scrounge for food and drink, so it's just that you don't know how to be grateful.Now that the squad leader has been cheated, you're still here to rub it in?"

    "Simply shameless!"

    "How could Mu Orange marry this kind of person."

    Yuan Yuan said angrily there.

    Fan Zhongxiong waved his hand, "Forget it, I wish I could lose."

    "Mu Orange, I'm going to apologize to you."

    In between words, Fan Zhongxiong was about to kneel down and apologize to Qiu Mu Orange.

    Su Xi, seeing this, hurriedly blocked it while advising to Qiu Mu Orange, "Mu Orange, why don't you say a few words?"

    Qiu Mu Orange also whirled around to pull Fan Zhongxiong, "Class President, it's all just a joke, you don't have to take it seriously."

    "Everyone, hurry up and eat."

    Qiu Mu Orange said peacefully.

    Ye Fan looked on from the side, but sighed, "Mu Orange, you're just too gullible."

    "People put up an act, and you took the bait."

    "Did you still think that your squad leader would actually apologize to you on his knees?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and said.

    How could Ye Fan fail to see through that bit of Fan Zhongxing's mind?

    If he was really willing to accept defeat, he would just kneel down, and he even deliberately reminded Qiu Mu Orange, obviously still expecting that Qiu Mu Orange would definitely stop him.

    That way, he would save face and wouldn't end up with a reputation for not keeping his word.

    It must be said that this plan of Fan Zhongxiong's was extremely well thought out.

    However, there were some things that everyone knew in their hearts, but once they were brought out in the open, it would undoubtedly make people extremely embarrassed.

    As expected, Fan Zhongxiong's face was completely cold.

    "Stinker, you're looking for a fight, aren't you?"

    "Before, for the sake of Mu Orange, I took pity on you and kept you here to eat."

    "But if you give face and shame, you'll be blamed for my Fan Zhongxiong's ruthlessness."

    "Now, you get out of here right now!"

    "I'm just not going to treat you to this meal today."

    Fan Zhongxiong was completely furious.

    This Ye Fan repeatedly embarrassed him, and even if Fan Zhongxiong had a good temper, he undoubtedly couldn't help it.

    "I'm finding fault?"

    Ye Fan burst out laughing, as if he had heard the world's funniest joke.

    "According to you, if your own wife is confessed, I, as a husband, should be indifferent?"

    "My own wife is being missed and I, Ye Fan, should just watch?"

    "You're damn right!"Fan Zhonglian smiled fiercely.

    "Mu Orange's natural beauty, marrying you would have been a mistake!"

    "And I'm the one who can truly deserve her and take care of her for the rest of her life."

    "You're a poor country bumpkin and a wimp, you don't deserve it!"

    "Now that Mu Orange has met the right person, if you're sensible, you should quit on your own, lest you humiliate yourself."

    "I'm poor?I'm not worthy?"Ye Fan looked cold and asked a rhetorical question.

    Fan Zhongxiong smiled arrogantly and condescendingly, "What, you're still not convinced?"

    "Fine, since you're not convinced, Mu Orange is here, let's compete in front of her and see who is more qualified to take care of Mu Orange."

    "How, do you dare?"

    Fan Zhongxiong asked contemptuously, the gaze that looked at Ye Fan was only like looking at an ant.

    Fan Zhongxiong's family was rich, and his father, even if he wasn't a billionaire, had tens of millions in assets.

    As for Ye Fan, as far as he knew, he was just a poor country boy who came from the countryside and got lucky before he joined the Qiu family and married Qiu Mu Orange, a flowery wife.

    This country bumpkin, in his eyes, was naturally an ant.

    "How do you compare?"

    "More than power, or wealth?Or maybe, power?"Ye Fan's face was expressionless, and his words were already more than a little cold.

    "I'm going!"

    "A door-to-door son-in-law, what a mouthful?"

    "If you don't know, you think you're Mr. Chu from Jiangdong?"

    Hearing Ye Fan's somewhat arrogant words, the surrounding people snickered with laughter.

    Obviously, they did not expect that this Ye Fan had the strength to say this.

    Fan Zhongxiong sneered, "Power and wealth are too troublesome.Let's keep it simple, since we are treating guests to dinner today, let's compare, who is in this hotel, ordering more food and spending more money."

    "It's also considered a competition of wealth."

    "How's that?Dare you play?"

    Fan Zhongxing said teasingly.

    Ye Fan, however, was stunned and looked a bit odd.

    Obviously, he was not expecting this Fan Zhongxiong's brain circuit to be so clear and choose such a method.

    "Squad Leader, I'll let it go, how could Ye Fan he..."

    At this time, Qiu Mu Orange on the side was ready to stop this ridiculous sparring.

    Ye Fan's voice, however, had already been heard.

    "Young Master Fan's elegance, then I, Ye Fan, will sacrifice my life to accompany the gentleman!"


    "Does this loser really want to compete?"

    "Does he have money?"The rest of them were all shocked.

    Qiu Mu Orange was even more furious, "Ye Fan, are you crazy?What are you comparing him to?"

    However, Ye Fan ignored the words of Qiu Mu Orange and the others, his eyebrows still firm.


    "That's some gumption."

    "In that case, let's get started."

    "By the way, a word of warning in advance, the dishes here are non-refundable once you order them."

    "And this hotel, no credit."

    "If you buy it, if you don't have the money to pay for it, you'll end up being sent to the police station."

    Fan Zhongli laughed wantonly.

    And then, he asked Situ Feng to bring the hotel manager to testify against the manager.

    However, this hotel manager had just entered the door, and after seeing Ye Fan, he got all riled up and lost his voice and shouted, "Chu..."

    Ye Fan then interrupted him, "Don't say unnecessary words, a business sent to your door, you just say do it or don't do it?"

    The manager was stunned, while falling backwards like a garlic, "Do it, of course!"


    Ye Fan lightly laughed and whirled around to tell this Genting Mountain Hotel's manager about his contest with Fan Zhongxiong, so that he could be a witness.

    At that time, this manager then turned his head full of odd eyes to look at Fan Zhongxiong at the side, that gaze, it was vividly like looking at a smithy.

    However, in fact, the reason why Fan Zhongxiong chose such a way, also has its own considerations.

    Today's banquet was originally invited by him, and even without this competition, the dishes were all ordered.

    And now, by doing so, not only could he show off his heroism, he could also take the opportunity to suppress Ye Fan to make him look bad, killing two birds with one stone, why wouldn't Fan Zhongxiong be happy?

    "Alright, you can start now."

    Fan Zhongxiong was out of patience, and after saying that, he took the menu and read it.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, then began to order the food.

    "A plate of this king crab."

    "And the abalone, have one too."

    "Three bottles of red wine please."


    Ye Fan was there ordering one after another.

    "A turtle is a turtle!"

    Fan Zhongxing saw the situation, but he smiled contemptuously while waving his hand at the menu, "This page, and this page, all the dishes again."

    "I'll go!"

    "How heroic of Idle~"

    "People are ordering them one by one, and Idle is ordering them directly on the page!"


    Stuart Maple began to blow up.


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