Dish Best Served Cold 557-560


Chapter 557



"It's you again, you wimp!"

"This young master has yet to settle accounts with you for the last incident at Haiyuan Pavilion.How dare you show up today, you trash?"

When he saw it was Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Qi was suddenly furious.

Yesterday at Haiyuan Pavilion, if it wasn't for this Ye Fan who confused right and wrong, why would he and Wang Sheng Tian be taken away by Ren Han?

In the end, it was only after entrusting the relationship that Fang came out of it.

But yesterday's incident had ultimately made him Qiu Mu Qi make a big fool of himself, it was a wonder he didn't hate Ye Fan.

"Mu Orange is my wife."

"Now that my wife is being bullied, this husband of mine should naturally show up."Ye Fan smiled faintly.

"Heh, you're a country bumpkin, incompetent waste, what's the use of coming here?"

"What Autumn Mu Orange is lacking right now is money, do you have it?"Qiu Muqi sneered.

When Suzy saw Ye Fan, she didn't have any good anger.

"Didn't Mu Orange just tell you to go out and rent an apartment, and what are you doing with it?"

"There's already enough chaos in the company, so it's just as well you can't solve Mu Orange's problems, but you're still here to add to it?"

Suzy despised it.

Ye Fan ignored Suzy and walked straight towards Qiu Mu Qi.

"Autumn Mukki, I originally thought that after the Shuntian Group left, you would retreat knowingly."

"But I didn't expect that you wouldn't know how to retreat."

"Do you seriously think that Shuntian Industry failed to do anything about me, and that you can bring down Mu Orange and Mu Fan Real Estate by relying on a small Liu Bin?"

Hearing Ye Fan's icy words, Qiu Muqi puffed out a laugh.

It was as if he had heard the best joke in the world.

"You wimp, I really don't know, where did you get the strength to say that?"

"But, you're really right."

"I'm relying on Manager Liu Bin Liu, and I can really bring down Qiu Mu Orange and your Mu Fan Real Estate!"

Qiu Mu Qi said in a sardonic voice.

Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "Oh, yeah?"

The moment Ye Fan's words fell, a vehicle drove up outside the company..

And then, only a middle-aged man full of panic was escorted by two strong men and thrown directly into the Mu Fan property, while lying down at Ye Fan's feet.

Ye Fan picked up a cup of tea from the table, took a sip, and said, "Young Master Qiu, you should know this man, right?"


"This is, Liu Bin!!!"


Upon seeing this person, Qiu Mu Qi was shocked.

The entire person was just like five thunderbolts.

Filled with horror, a pair of pupils, even more so, furrowed violently.

"This...How can this be?"

"Manager Wang, how did you end up in such a state?"

After Wang Sheng Tian left, Liu Bin was almost the last thing Qiu Mu Qi relied on.

But he had never thought to death that this general manager of the Red Flag Group would now be thrown at Ye Fan's feet like a dog.

"Ye Fan, how dare you?"

"In broad daylight, you dare to do violence to Manager Liu Bin."

"Just you wait, I'll have my lawyer file a lawsuit against you for bodily injury at night!"

"Waiting for jail time, are you?"

Qiu Muqi's eyes were red and roared in anger.

From the looks of it, Qiu Muqi completely believed that Liu Bin was beaten by Ye Fan for looking like this.

However, just as Qiu Muqi was angry, outside the door, a man dressed in a suit, whose words and actions exuded an air of nobility, but walked in with big strides.

After looking around, he immediately walked up to Ye Fan and paid respectful homage to him, "Mr. Ye, subordinate Sean, by the order of Miss Xu Lei, came to Yunzhou to take over the Red Flag Group."

"It is now ascertained that Liu Bin, the former general manager of Red Flag Group, colluded with outsiders to seek private gain with the public.Not only encroaching on the company's property, but also suspected of colluding with the villain, scourging Mu Fan's property, and designing to frame Mr. Ye's wife, Miss Qiu."

"By the decision of the company's board of directors, it has revoked all positions of Liu Bin within the group.And handed over to the public security authorities for the crime of official encroachment."

"Before that, bring this person here to apologize to Mr. Ye and Miss Qiu."

"It's me, Red Flag Group, who is illiterate, please punish Mr. Ye!"

The low voice, however, quietly exploded in the hall.

Su Xi and the others only saw that the dignified and majestic man in front of them, who was dressed unusually, actually bowed and apologized to Ye Fan regardless of his status.

Such a scene was only like a head-butt.

Su Xi and the others were flabbergasted in place.

As for Qiu Mukki, his eyes were even bigger.

Like looking at a ghost, they looked at the scene before them.

"You...You were sent by Yanjing to, take over the Red Flag Group?"

"Manager Liu...Manager Liu Bin, was...Removed?"


"That's impossible."

"It's never going to happen!"

"There's no way that could be such a coincidence?"

"Fake, you're sure it's fake."

"You're sure you're not someone sent by Xu?"

Qiu Mu Qi was filled with horror, and even more so because of the tremor, he couldn't stop shaking his head.

It was simply hard for him to believe the scene in front of him.

That same day, Wang Shengtian and the Shuntian Group hurriedly fled.And Liu Bin's power in the Red Flag Group also collapsed with a bang.

Nearly at the same time, the two major cards that Qiu Mucqi used to deal with Mufan Real Estate had collapsed one after another.

In the world, how could there be such a coincidence?

The feeling was as if behind it, there was a divine hand that was in control of it all.

And just as Qiu Muqi was losing his composure in fear, Liu Bin, who was being left on the ground like a dog, suddenly became violent and jumped up to directly rush towards Qiu Muqi, while viciously strangling Qiu Muqi's neck.

"Son of a bitch~"

"Son of a bitch~"

"Aki Mukki, you're hurting me~"

"You Qiu Family are harming me, you Qiu Family are harming me~"

"My Liu Bin's life's work is all ruined in the hands of you bastards."

"Go to hell~"

"You're going to die!"

As if Liu Bin was crazy, his eyes were red and he viciously strangled Qiu Mu Qi's neck.

It looked as if he really wanted to strangle Qiu Mu Qi to death.

After all, Liu Bin had spent his entire life to climb from a small clerk to his current position.

But now, just because of Qiu Mu Qi, because of the Qiu family, he had offended big people.Now, he had even ended up in the land of doom and gloom.

It could be imagined how much Liu Bin hated Qiu Mu Qi, and the Qiu family, in his heart.

Just half an hour ago, someone from the Xu family in Yanjing came and instantly relieved Liu Bin of all his duties and even took him under control, preparing to hand him over to the procuratorial authorities to be prosecuted for the crime of official encroachment.

At that time, Liu Bin, naturally, could not understand.

Why, Xu Lei, who had already left Yunzhou, suddenly intervened in Yunzhou affairs.As soon as he came back, he even used thunderbolts to take action against him.

Until Shawn told him that he had messed with someone he shouldn't have messed with.

And that person was Ye Fan!

"Even Xu Fengliang, the head of the Xu family, was defeated by this man and bowed down to Mr. Ye."

"You, a nobody, even dare to provoke his woman.If I don't send you to your death, then the one who dies will be the Red Flag Group!"

This was what Sean had said to him personally half an hour ago.

At that moment, Liu Bin only realized what kind of a big person this Qiu family superfluous son-in-law, country bumpkin, was?

Everyone thought he was a trash and no one looked up to him.

But in the end, Liu Bin only discovered that he was a true dragon.

A, the one that terrifies the capital of Yan, the one that reigns supreme in the eastern part of Jiangdong, the true dragon of the world!


At that time, Liu Bin was naturally filled with remorse.

    But, in the end, it was already too late!

    Red Flag Group abandoned the car to protect the marshal, the board of directors has decided to offer Liu Bin in exchange for Ye Fan's forgiveness.

    In his life, Liu Bin has been calculating, I don't know how much effort it took to get to this point.

    And now, one careless move and it's a total loss.

    Liu Bin, full of unwillingness.

    If he really had a life and death feud with Ye Fan, it would be just fine.

    Falling into the hands of his enemy, he was not unjust.

    But the truth was, he and Ye Fan, in fact, had no hatred or grudge.

    Before this, Liu Bin hadn't even said a word to Ye Fan.

    However, just because of the compulsions and stupidity of the Qiu family, the party had allowed him to provoke a big figure like Ye Fan.

    Therefore, this full of remorse eventually turned into an endless hatred towards the Qiu family.

    Seeing Qiu Mukki's old face redden and veins exposed, his breathing was already difficult.

    As Qiu Mukki immediately passed out due to lack of oxygen, Sean whirled around and had Liu Bin pulled down.

    "Send him away."

    Sean waved his hand, just as if he had already pronounced Liu Bin's death sentence.

    "Qiu Mukki, bastard~"

    "Harm me, you bastards of the Qiu family are harming me~"

    "Damn, and that Autumn Muying, you all deserve to die!"

    "I, Liu Bin, ended up where I am today thanks to you."

    "Even if I were a ghost, I wouldn't let you go~"

    "When I get out of prison, I'm going to bruise your Qiu family to the ground~"

    Liu Bin's eyes were red and roaring with rage, and he was quickly dragged down.


    And Autumn Mukki was sprawled out on the ground, his face still red, with bruises on his neck.

    At this time, his heart was palpitating and he was breathing heavily.

    The scene just now had undoubtedly scared Qiu Muqi to the point where his soul was nearly scattered.

    To this day, Qiu Mucqi still couldn't figure out what had happened.

    First, Wang Shengtian had punched and kicked him, and now Liu Bin hated him even more, and if someone hadn't pulled him just now, Liu Bin probably would have really strangled him to death.

    Last night, Qiu Muqi was still drinking with them, laughing and joking.

    But this night, it had all changed.

    Wang Shengtian and the Shuntian Group hurriedly evacuated, and Liu Bin was revoked from his position and ended up in jail.

    I thought that today was the day Mu Fan Real Estate bowed down to him, but in the end, Qiu Mukki only found out that he was the one who lost.

    "Young Master Qiu, how is it?"

    "The Shuntian Group has left Jiangdong and Liu Bin has even ended up in jail, I wonder if Young Master Qiu still has a card to play?"

    "If so, you can make your move, Mu Orange and I, just sit here, wait, and also continue."

    In his ears, Ye Fan's faint laughter suddenly came out.

    That laughter was loud and condescending, carrying contempt and disdain, and even more so, the majesty of a victor.

    "Could it be you?!"

    "Did you do all of this?"

    Hearing this, Autumn Mukki seemed to have realized something.

    He raised his head, his eyes red as he looked at Ye Fan and shrieked disorientedly.

    Qiu Mucqi was not a fool, his two major relies had fallen one after another, this was not a coincidence, there must be someone behind it to fuel it.

    And thinking about earlier, the Red Flag Group's people were respectful to Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Qi undoubtedly suspected Ye Fan in an instant.


    "It can't be you."

    "No one knows you better than our Autumn Family."

    "You, Ye Fan, came from a poor background, a country bumpkin, no family, no background, and later even married into the Qiu family as a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law."

    "Going against the grain and being looked down upon by everyone."

    "How can a wimp like you force away the Shuntian Group, and what ability do you have to bring down Manager Liu Bin Liu?"

    Qiu Mukki's veins bulged and he couldn't stop shaking his head, still finding it hard to believe that all of this could be Ye Fan's handiwork.

    There was nothing strange about it, after all, Ye Fan's background was right there.

    Ye Fan had been a member of the Autumn Family for three years, and his background was well known to everyone in the Autumn Family.

    It's like when a friend of yours who knows his background suddenly says one day that he's the richest man in a big family and controls the power and influence in the world, would you believe him?

    Must be disbelief.

    Because you know him so well, there's no reason for him to suddenly be so awesome?

    That's why, even though Ye Fan had repeatedly revealed his astonishing deeds, Autumn Mu Orange didn't think that Ye Fan was some great big shot.

    After all, which big figure would enter the family as a son-in-law?

    And besides, every big shot has his or her own outstanding qualities.

    Either they have a solid background, or they are excellent businessmen, or they are in politics and the military.

    And none of these, Ye Fan has.

    As such, the people around Ye Fan would naturally not associate that Ye Fan would be monstrously capable!

    This is thinking inertia.

    The more you know about a person, the more you solidify your impression of him.

    For three years, how could the prejudices of the Qiu family's crowd against Ye Fan be so easily, dissolved?

    In anger, but Autumn Mukki turned her head to look at Autumn Muk Orange again.

    "Qiu Mu Orange, tell me, what exactly have you done?"

    "What exactly did you rely on to force out the Shuntian Group, and how, to bring down Liu Bin?"

    If these, weren't Ye Fan's doing, then naturally it would be Autumn Mukki Orange.

    However, where did Autumn Mu Qi know that, in fact, throughout all of this, Autumn Mu Orange was just as clueless as he was.

    All of this, Qiu Mu Orange herself was actually ignorant of all of it.

    When Ye Fan asked her, she naturally couldn't ask any answers.

    In the end, Qiu Mu-ki left Mu Fan Property.

    When he came at noon, he was still in high spirits.

    But now, when he returned, he was already lost, as if he was a lost dog.

    Ye Fan did not make it difficult for him, but allowed him to leave.

    "Mr. Ye, this person framed Miss Qiu and scourged Mu Fan's property, and just let him leave like this?"Xiao En asked in a low voice.

    Ye Fan laughed coldly, "The Qiu family is just a third-rate family, without leaning on it, this Qiu Mukki naturally can't turn over any waves."

    "What's more, for someone like Qiu Muqi, to have him go back and see how Qiushui Logistics was destroyed by his own hands, this shock is heavier than any punishment."

    Ye Fan's eyebrows and eyes were gloomy, and he said in a low voice.

    Looking at the back of that wretched departing figure, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, while taking a cup of strong tea and drinking it down!



    Shortly after Qiu Mu Qi left, Red Flag Group announced the suspension of all cooperation with the Qiu family.

    All these years, Qiushui Logistics had already been on a downward spiral.

    Previously, if it wasn't for the cooperation with the Red Flag Group that Qiu Mucheng had pulled in, Qiushui Logistics would have been unable to make ends meet and would have gone bankrupt.

    It can be said that nowadays, Qiushui Logistics is able to linger on because of its business with the Red Flag Group.After Qiu Mucqi returned, he relied on his relationship with the Shuntian Group, allowing Qiushui Logistics to enjoy a period of prosperity.

    Now, the Shuntian Group withdrew, the Red Flag Group withdrew all its capital, all contracts were torn up and the cooperation was suspended.

    This was undoubtedly a blow to the Qiu family's seven-inch throat.

    Almost severed, the life of Qiushui Logistics!


"It's all your doing today, isn't it?"

    Suzy and the others had all left.

    At this time, only Ye Fan and his wife were left in Qiu Mu Orange's office.

    Ye Fan smiled back and said, "Or else what?"

    "Other than your husband me, who else can help you in this Nodal Cloud State?"

    "How are you going to thank me for helping you understand a heartbreaker?"

    Ye Fan said almost as a joke.

    And Qiu Mu Orange clearly didn't have the heart to joke with Ye Fan.

    She raised her head, looked at Ye Fan and said in a low voice, "From now on, you should stay out of the company's affairs."


    Ye Fan had thought that Autumn Mu Orange would ask after how he did it, but he didn't expect Autumn Mu Orange to suddenly say this.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Why do I get the feeling that you're a little upset?"Ye Fan was confused and asked.

    Autumn Mu Orange shook her head, "Nothing, have you found a house yet?If you don't find it, you can find it this afternoon."

    "I have things to do, you're not going with me."

    Qiu Mu Orange said coldly, turning her head to leave.

    But then, in the end, she stopped.

    "Ye Fan, in the future, don't bother Mr. Xu with such things.I can solve it myself."

    "Also, since Xu is married, you should have less contact with her in the future."


    When Ye Fan heard this, he just figured out the situation and puffed out a laugh.

    No wonder Qiu Mu Orange was not in a good mood, she was jealous, I dare say.

    "But Mu Orange, you're afraid you're thinking too much."

    "A mere Liu Bin and a Shuntian Group, two small roles, your husband I can crush them to death at will, why do you need to ask for help from others?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed.

    But Qiu Mu Orange gave him a fierce white look: "Yes?Is Mr. Yeh that powerful?"

    "Then it seems that the young lady has eyes but can't see the real person."

    "In that case, please trouble Mr. Ye to tell me how you brought down Liu Bin and forced the Shun Tian Group to retreat if you didn't seek help from Mr. Xu?"

    Qiu Mu Orange said in a bad mood, undoubtedly a little dissatisfied in her heart.

    This bastard, still hasn't told the truth by now.

    Aren't you able to make it up, I'll see how you'll make it up next?

    "This..."Evan was at a loss for words, and he didn't really know how to explain.

    "Heh~ There's nothing to say, right?"Qiu Mu Orange chuckled.

    Ye Fan's reaction like this was already expected by her.

    In Qiu Mu Orange's opinion, today's matter, with Ye Fan's own ability, he definitely couldn't do it.It must be Xu Lei who was behind it.

    Ye Fan naturally couldn't say anything.

    "Who says I have nothing to say?"Ye Fanton was unconvinced, "Actually, this matter is complicated and simple to say the least.Mu Orange, you should have heard of Mr. Chu, right?"

    Qiu Mu Orange nodded, "In the land of Jiangdong, no one knows Mr. Chu.Why are you mentioning Mr. Chu, could it be that you're going to say that Mr. Chu helped you?"

    Qiu Mu orange white eyes.

    Ye Fan shook his head, while he poured himself a cup of tea and smiled, "Actually, I am Mr. Chu."


    As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Autumn Mu Orange walked over and picked up the teacup from the coffee table and splashed it directly onto Ye Fan's face.

    "Bastard, go to hell!"

    "Are you Mr. Chu?"

    "You might as well say you're the oldest son in the sky!"

    After yelling at her, Autumn Mu Orange then turned around, her heels hitting the ground, and walked away in a huff.

    Qiu Mu Orange was really going to be pissed off at that time.

    This bastard, Ye Fan, had always been like this, full of nonsense and without a straight face.

    Hanging about, full of nonsense, deserves to be married for three years and still a virgin!

    Behind him, however, Ye Fan was sitting there with a face full of tea, but with a bitter smile.

    "What the hell, no one still believes in telling the truth?"

    Ye Fan cursed his mother as he wiped his face with a paper towel.

    "Fortunately, this tea isn't hot, otherwise I'm afraid I would have broken my face."

    Ye Fan shook his head for a while and smiled bitterly.

    However, where did Ye Fan know that it was because this tea wasn't hot that Qiu Mu Orange had splashed him.

    Although Ye Fan was indeed angry, Qiu Mu Orange knew the severity.

    It was impossible to splash him with hot tea, and she was not willing to.

    "Just, don't believe me."

    "But, it won't take long."

    "Mu Orange, when the time comes, you will naturally know, what kind of person is your husband?"


    The cold wind swept in quietly through the doors and windows.

    In the room, Ye Fan stood proudly.In his profound brows, however, there was infinite affection.



    After leaving Mu Fan property, Ye Fan went to a nearby 4S shop.

    Yesterday, Han Li scolded him for not having a house or a car, which reminded Ye Fan.

    Now that the house has been bought, it's time to buy a car for the family.

    In the past, Ye Fan needed to conceal his identity and keep a low profile due to his unsuccessful career.Therefore, Qiu Mu Orange suffered a lot with him.

    Now, ten years of hibernation has come to an end.

    Before leaving, Ye Fan would naturally make up for what he owed Qiu Mu Orange all these years.

    "Mr. Ye, you're looking for me?"

    Soon, Sean drove up, and after seeing Evan, he asked respectfully.

    "Did Regina ask you to come?"

    "Yeah."Sean nodded, "After Mr. Ye left, Mr. Xu has been keeping an eye on you.After learning that Liu Bin colluded with outsiders to disadvantage Mr. Ye's wife, he then sent me here to take over the Red Flag Group and deal with Liu Bin's matter."

    "Moreover, Mr. Xu has also said that I will only obey Mr. Ye's orders after I return to Yunzhou.If Mr. Ye has any inconvenience in the future, he can instruct his subordinates."

    Ye Fan was slightly moved as he listened, "This silly ninny, with so many things under her hands, she is thousands of miles away, yet she still remembers me."

    Ye Fan sighed.

    It's hardest to bear the grace of a beauty!

    The more Xu Lei was like this, the more Ye Fan felt indebted to Xu Lei.

    Ten years ago, Xu Lei left her hometown and traveled to Jiangdong, just to find her own tracks.

    Even now, she was still silently caring for her own safety.

    This friendship could not be called heavy.

    "Alright, let's put this matter aside for now.I called you here, and I do have one thing to ask you."

    "I'm going to buy a car for my wife, what kind of car do you think is suitable."Ye Fan asked in a low voice.

    Sean listened and smiled, "Mr. Ye is really all-consuming towards his wife.If Mr. Xu knew, he would definitely be envious."

    "But this matter, Mr. Ye is undoubtedly asking me the right person when he asks me."

    "I've had countless cars in my life, so I'm extremely knowledgeable about cars."

    "I wonder if Mr. Ye is buying a family car or a business car?"

    "It's about the driving experience, or comfortable space."

    "Do you like to be stable, or flamboyant?"


    Sean crackled a bunch of words, but Evan listened, but an old face grew darker and darker.


    "Where's all the bullshit?"

    "Just pick the expensive one and buy it!"

    "Go, drag me to the 4S shop.That's right, go to the highest grade and most expensive car dealership in Yunzhou."

    When Ye Fan drank in a domineering manner, Sean's eyes twitched and closed his mouth for a moment.

    I thought to myself Mr. Ye, he really is rich and generous!


"Well, send it here."

    "You go busy."

    Arriving outside the 4S shop, Ye Fan got out of the car and went into the shop alone.

    Sean was new to Yunzhou, and there was bound to be a lot of things to do in the company, so Ye Fan let him go back.

    "Hello sir, may I ask if you are here to buy a car?"

    "Is it for family use, or a business car?"

    As soon as she entered the entrance of the shop, a beautiful woman in an OL uniform also welcomed her.

    The fat woman on the side, at this time, obviously noticed Ye Fan as well.

    After taking a glance, she suddenly said contemptuously, "Lili, don't waste your breath."

    "We're a luxury brand, the worst cars are around 300,000."

    "This guy, looking at that outfit, he obviously didn't come to our house to buy a car."

    "I guess he's at the wrong door."

    "If you want to buy a cheap car, go out and turn left, two hundred meters.There's a used car market over there, and there are cars that cost thousands of dollars."

    At the front desk, the fat woman was knocking melon seeds as she looked disgusted with Ye Fan.

    "Sister Hong, is it really like this?"Wang Lili, who had just joined the company and was obviously inexperienced, asked suspiciously at this point.

    The fat woman sneered, "Isn't it, you'll know if you ask him?"

    "I've been in this line of work for ten years, and I've seen a lot of people who walk through the wrong door like this."

    Wang Li Li did not reply, but walked towards Ye Fan, "Sir, you are..."

    However, before Wang Li Li finished speaking, Ye Fan looked around with an expressionless face and said indifferently, "Which is the most expensive car in your shop?"

    "I'll buy two of them."

    "Don't worry, as long as the car is good, I'll buy it in full today!"


    "The most expensive car?"


    "Pay back the full amount?"

    This breath of Ye Fan's was not insignificant.

    For a moment, the entire car dealership looked over.

    Wang Lili's eyebrows trembled.

    The fat woman who was full of contempt just now was even more shocked and swallowed her melon skin.

    "Man, you're making a scene, right?"

    "Do you know what the hell you're talking about?"

    "The cars we sell here are Mercedes-Benzes, not the thousands of dollars worth of crap on the used car market?"The fat woman rolled her eyes.

    And Ye Fan didn't even bother to pay attention to her, still looking at Wang Li Li.


    "You're not going to do this business?"

    "No...No, sir please wait a moment, I'll ask the manager to come over."Wang Lili just did car sales not long ago, all of a sudden such a big list, she was naturally terrified.Returning, she went to call out to the manager of this 4S shop.

    Soon, a middle-aged man followed Wang Li Li hurriedly came over.

    "Manager Zheng, this is the gentleman who wants to pay the full price for our shop's two most expensive cars."Zhang Lili pointed at Ye Fan and reported to the manager of the car dealership.


    "You mean him?"

    Zheng Haifeng held his glasses and carefully looked at the man in front of him from head to toe.

    Whether it was the clothes he wore, or his age and temperament, he didn't look like someone who could take out tens of millions at once.

    "Are you sure he's not here to cause trouble?"Zheng Haifeng questioned.

    "This...This~" Wang Lili was also at a loss for words, not knowing how to answer, and finally whispered, "I don't think so."

    This answer of Wang Li Li's was so weak that even she didn't feel confident.

    "Manager Zheng, this looks like someone who has come to cause trouble."

    "If you ignore him, I'll have someone drive him out."The fat woman, however, took the initiative to come over at this time, looking obsequious and stammering to Zheng Haifeng.

    Zheng Haifeng waved his hand: "Always a guest, when doing business as a customer, not rude."

    "Manager Zheng teaches a lesson."The fat woman once again greeted him.

    "This gentleman, our shop's most expensive model today is the S-class Maybach sedan."

    "If you want to see it, please come with me."

    Zheng Haifeng was quite polite, after all, so many customers were looking at it, even if it was just for show, he couldn't lose his manners, otherwise it would be discrediting their car dealership.


    Ye Fan nodded, and then he followed Wang Lili as well as Zheng Haifeng to a huge exhibition hall in the innermost part of the car dealership, led by the two of them.

    "Lili, you take this gentleman around to look around."

    "Remember, you can only look, not touch.And no test drives."

    "There are millions of cars in here, and it's no joke if you break it."

    Zheng Haifeng obviously didn't have the heart to waste time here with Ye Fan.

    In his opinion, Ye Fan was probably just putting out a big lie, when he really was losing.

    This kind of people were basically poor people who had no money but wanted to test drive a luxury car, their buying a car was just a front, driving for fun was the goal.

    Of course, Zheng Haifeng won't let them have their wish.It's just a matter of kindness and righteousness to bring him over for a look, but as for test drives, don't even think about it.

    If it got dirty or damaged, these people couldn't afford to pay for it.

    "That car, how much is it?"

    Just as Zheng Haifeng was about to leave, Ye Fan pointed at a luxurious luxury car in the very middle of the showroom and asked in a deep voice.

    Zheng Haifeng was shocked, "Sir is quite discerning."

    "This car is the latest model launched this year, focusing on the business luxury sector."

    "Maybach S680."

    "You don't know much about it, but anyway you know it's expensive that is, it's our shop's town car."

    "It needs to be ordered in advance, and you usually don't see the car in stock."

    "Alright, I'll start..."

    Zheng Haifeng didn't seem to have much patience with Ye Fan's nonsense, and said that he was leaving.

    "Okay, this one then."

    "Give me two of them first."

    "Cash or credit card?"

    "You pay the money and you can drive away, right?I'm in a hurry to use it."Ye Fan faded.


    "You want to buy this?"

    "Two more?"

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, but Zheng Haifeng was so shocked that his eyes almost didn't jump out.

    Wang Lili was also trembling with shock, thinking that this gentleman, he can't be serious, right?

    Seeing Ye Fan's calm and pretentious look, the corner of Zheng Haifeng's eyes twitched while he said, "I'm afraid not."

    "This one has already been reserved."

    "Even if you really want to buy it, we need to report it and then allocate it over from headquarters.It's impossible to drive it off today."

    "How long will it take then?"Ye Fan asked.

    "It'll be ten days short, two or three months long."

    "No, it's too long, I can't wait.Just this one, sell it to me first.I can offer twice the price."Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

    "This~" Zheng Haifeng was flabbergasted.

    "What? You're not happy?"

    "Then triple the price, or quadruple it.As long as you sell this car to me, money is not a problem."Ye Fan faintly said.

    And when he heard this, Zheng Haifeng's face undoubtedly went completely black."Sub-O!"

    "Coming on strong, huh?"

    "A poor bastard, and he's learning how to act like a dirtbag here?"

    "Do you really take me, Zheng Haifeng, for a fool?"

    "And triple the price?Paying back the money is not a problem?"

    "I'll fuck it up!"

    "You're a turd, change your clothes before you come over here and pretend to be poor, right?"

    "Get the hell out of here!"

    Zheng Haifeng was completely furious.

    Bringing him here to see the world, Zheng Haifeng had already given him enough face.

    But who would have thought that this poor kid would stomp his nose and pretend endlessly, playing him Zheng Haifeng as an idiot.

    Zheng Haifeng had seen many rich people, but it was the first time that he had seen Ye Fan with such a big mouth.

    Now there was no doubt that there was only one answer, and that was that Ye Fan was an idiot, or that Ye Fan treated him like an idiot.


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