Dish Best Served Cold 551-556


Chapter 551


This sudden sound caused Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy to be startled.

They whirled around and looked, only to see that Ye Fan, at some point, had appeared here.

Seeing that it was this door-to-door husband of Qiu Mu Orange, Suzy's face turned black then.

"And peat, ah!"

"If you can't help, don't make trouble here."

"If you weren't capable of earning no money, why would my Mu Orange suffer this?"

"Stay where you are!"

Although in the Sea Source Pavilion before, Ye Fan was so powerful that he saved them once.

But years of prejudice, how could one or two things make Autumn Mu Orange change her opinion of Ye Fan.

In Suzy's eyes, Ye Fan was still useless except for his strength.

Qiu Mu Orange pulled Suzy's foot, signaling her to say less.

"Ye Fan, what are you doing here?"Qiu Mu Orange looked towards Ye Fan and tried to suppress her previous disposition and whispered to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan smiled, "Coming over to see you."

"What's wrong, did something happen with the company?"

Autumn Mu Orange shook her head, "It's just a small matter, I can fix it."

"What small matter, Mu Orange..."

Suzy was about to speak, but she was stopped by Autumn Mu Orange.

"If you're fine, go out and look for a house first."

"There's something else over at the company, I have to go back with Xi Xi first."After a short conversation, Autumn Mumu Orange took a phone call and returned to the company as well.

On the way back, Suzy kept complaining about Qiu Mu Orange: "Mu Orange, why didn't you tell him just now?"

"Let him also know how much bullying and aggravation you've suffered outside because of his incompetence."

"If you had married someone like me, Mr. Chu, who in this Jiangdong land would still dare to bully you like this and bully Mu Fan Real Estate?"

Listening to Suzy's words, however, Autumn Mu Orange shook her head and smiled, "And then what?"

"So what if we let him know, it's just one more person to worry about, it won't solve the problem at all.""What's more, Evan is, right now, already doing a good job."

"If it wasn't for him running the house and leaving me with no worries, I would never be here today."

"My God!Mu Orange, to this day you're still thinking of him and speaking for him, don't you think you're too good for that loser?"Su Xi toned her forehead, only feeling that this best friend of hers was really hopeless.

And in between the conversation between the two of them in Qiu Mu Orange, no one saw that, at this time, in Ye Fan's eyebrows, the ice cold.

"Shuntian Group?"

Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan stood proudly.

Face expressionless, talking to himself.

And then, Ye Fan immediately picked up the phone and broadcasted out.

"Find me all the information of the Shuntian Group and send it to my phone!"

"If I haven't sent it over before I get to the Shuntian Group of Companies, you can get lost."

Few sentences, but Mori was like ice.

The person on the other end of the phone, shivered for a moment, while then he hurriedly went to do it.



"Mu Qi, are you saying that your third sister has compromised?"

"You're going to sign the land transfer agreement at noon today?"



"I'm on my way over."

"Don't worry, when this land is in hand, there will be no less benefits for your Qiu family."

Shuntian Industry, Office Building.

Wang Sheng Tian was in a good mood after receiving a call from Qiu Mu Qi.

"A weak woman who still wants to fight us?"

"How did it turn out?"

"It's not like you've surrendered."

Wang Shengtian stood proudly in front of the window, took the red wine in his hand and drank it all.

And then, immediately instructed his men to prepare the car and head to Mu Fan property!

However, it was then that someone at the company's front desk suddenly sent a message over, "Mr. Wang, there is someone outside who wants to see you."

"Do you have an appointment?"

"No appointment to get him out of here!"

"If you have an appointment, let him wait."

"Wait until I return."

Wang Shengtian waved his hand, obviously not having time to see his guest.

"But Mr. Wang, that man said that you will have to see him today as well as not."

"Huh?"Wang Sheng Tian frowned, "What a mouthful!"

"This Noble Cloud State, and he's the first person to come to visit and dare to speak so loudly?"

"In that case, I won't see him today!"

"I don't believe it, is it hard for that man to come through?"Wang Shengtian gave a cold laugh.

However, as soon as his words fell, a low, muffled sound immediately followed, exploding.

Only the mahogany door in front of him was actually kicked open and split apart.

"You're right!"

In the midst of the cold laughter, a thin figure, as if it were a ghost, appeared quietly from outside just like this.


The cold, chilly wind whistled in through the broken doors and windows.

It blew the curtains swaying, and even more so, the sleeves, hunting.

"It's...It's you!"

Ye Fan's sudden intrusion caused Wang Shengtian to be startled.

Between his pupils crinkling, he was undoubtedly shocked.

Ye Fan's skill was naturally something he had seen before, and although this wimp didn't have much skill, he was a brute force, and at first, more than a dozen men had been put down by him.

Now that Ye Fan appeared here, although it was unexpected, it was also within reason.

After a brief moment of panic, Wang Sheng Tianton asked in an angry voice.

"You wimp, what are you doing here?"

"This is where you can come?"

"Oh, I see, you're sticking up for that pretty wife of yours, aren't you."

"A country bumpkin, but he's quite fond of his wife."

Wang Shengtian quickly guessed the purpose of Ye Fan's trip, sneered and said with a sudden interest, "But do you really think you can be lawless just because you have a brute strength?"

"I'm warning you, it's a law-and-order society nowadays.If you don't get out of here, I'll call the police."

"When the time comes, no matter how strong you are, won't you be able to stop a gun?"

"Get out of here yet!"

"Go back and tell that wife of yours to set up a feast, and I'll go over there and sign the contract with her."

"I know you are very displeased."

"Even humiliated in your hearts."

"But that's the reality."

"People like you who want family and no background, fighting me, you'll only have to submit to me."

Wang Shengtian was condescending and laughed indiscriminately.

The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was full of disdain and contempt.

Throughout all this, Ye Fan had never entered Wang Sheng Tian's eyes.

A mere country bumpkin, even if he had brute strength, how great could he be.

Like this kind of thugs, their Wang family had raised a bunch of them.

"Oh, yeah?"

However, in the face of Wang Shengtian's defiance, Ye Fan was not anxious in the slightest, and instead sat down against the sofa with his legs crossed, and finally calmly poured himself a cup of tea: "Wang Shengtian, I'm curious, what exactly is it that gives you such great confidence?"

Wang Shengtian laughed and looked at the Ye Fan in front of him like an idiot, "What do you think?"

"I, Shuntian Industry, am the Middle Sea City Group, a hundred billion dollar enterprise!"

"Our company's stock price, even if you look at the entire Huaxia, is definitely at the forefront."

"And my father, who is the head of the Shuntian Group, is a good friend of both politics and business."

"I have power, wealth, background, and connections."

"Compared to me, you are just ants."

"A small Mu Fan property, I'll let it live as it lives and die as it dies!"

"That's how confident I am!"


Ye Fan listened and laughed, as if he had heard the biggest joke in the whole world.

"Stinker, what are you laughing at?"

Ye Fan's laughter made Wang Shengtian very unhappy.

It made him have a kind of, anger of being defied.

A wimp who dared to laugh at him too?

Where did he get that face?


"Why don't you say something?"

"I'm asking you something!"

Faced with his question, Ye Fan even ignored it.This undoubtedly made Wang Shengtian even angrier.

But Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, "What I wanted to say was just said by you."

"I naturally have nothing to say."

Hearing this, Wang Sheng Tian's brows furrowed, "Bastard, what do you mean?"

"It means nothing.It's just to tell you that the ones you're so proud of nowadays are worthless in my eyes!"

"Just like you said, a small Shuntian Group, I'll let it live as it is and let it die as it is."

In the room, Ye Fan's faint laughter echoed.

Even as he said this, Ye Fan didn't even look at Wang Shengtian, just sitting on the sofa, drinking tea.

Throughout, Ye Fan was as calm as that.

It was as if, this huge group's CEO in front of him had never entered Ye Fan's eyes at all.

Even the tone in which he spoke at this time carried a bit of playfulness and banter.


"Just you?"

"A wimp who also dares to speak out and say that he can control the life and death of my Shuntian Group?"

"You're not fucking brain-dead, are you?"

Wang Shengtian laughed at once.

The smile was filled with ridicule.

Looking at Ye Fan was like looking at an oddball and an idiot.

Several of Wang Shengtian's assistant men were also laughing so hard that they couldn't straighten up.

It was as if they were hearing a mole that was threatening to trample an ant to death.


"I say brother, you're afraid you don't know what you're talking about, aren't you?"

"Or don't you, you piece of shit, know what a listed group, a multi-billion dollar corporation, stands for?"

"The company has opened up to the point where our Shuntian Group has long since built a business empire of our own."

"Even the mayor wouldn't dare to boast of such a thing."

"You, a door-to-door son-in-law, really dare to talk!"

The room was filled with ear-piercing snickers.

A few assistants, even pointed at Ye Fan and laughed loudly.

"Mr. Wang, is he that door-to-door son-in-law of Mu Fan's real estate boss?"

"It's just as the outsiders said, this guy is a fool."



"It's also normal."

"After all, he's from the countryside, hasn't seen the world, and doesn't know how powerful our group is."

"I guess, he thinks that our listed group is just like those chicken and pig farms they run in the village, and it's just ordinary to say down."

The room was full of contempt and mockery towards Ye Fan.

At this time, in the eyes of the crowd, Ye Fan was just a joke.

But Ye Fan was in no hurry at all, shaking his head and laughing, "What, you don't believe it?"

"I'll go!"

"Are you still coming on?"

"Fine, I'll play with you."

"Let's not talk about anything else, as long as you make our Shuntian Group's stock price plummet by five percent within seven days, I'll believe that you're capable of it."

Wang Shengtian sneered and said casually.

Ye Fan didn't say anything, but looked at the time.

Then, he took a sip from his teacup and smiled faintly, "No need for seven days, five minutes will suffice!"

"Trust me, in five minutes, you'll be on your knees begging me."

Evan held his teacup and smiled wanly.

"Five minutes?"

"And kneel?"

"I'll fuck off!"

"You're a wimp, you dare to provoke me like this, I think you're looking for death!"

"A complete idiot."

"A complete idiot."

"Someone, throw this loser down for me."

Wang Shengtian had completely lost patience to waste time with an idiot here.

After giving a command, he then called for someone to come in.

Ye Fan was unmoved, and after taking a light sip of tea, he looked at the time, while saying in a low voice, "Good show, let's begin."

Knock knock~.

Sure enough, the moment Ye Fan's words fell, a staff member outside ran in in panic.

"Mr. Wang, it's not good."

"Shuntian Group's share price suffered an international short attack, and just now, it plummeted by three percent."


Wang Shengtian's eyes jumped as he heard this and turned his head to look at Ye Fan, but he quickly suppressed the suspicion in his heart as well.

Feeling that it should be a coincidence.

"Why are you panicking?"

"It's only three percentage points, a technical adjustment that will go up in a moment."Wang Shengtian waved his hand and said in a light-hearted manner.

However, as soon as Wang Shengtian finished speaking, someone else came running outside in a panic.

"Mr. Wang, it's bad~"

"In just a few minutes, the share price of Shuntian Industries has fallen by nine percent."

"Immediately, it's going to fall off."


Knock knock~.

As soon as this side finished reporting, another person came in fear.

"Wang...Head Wang, Shuntian Group's stock has been subject to panic selling, within just one minute, thirty billion assets have instantly evaporated and the stock has fallen to a halt!"



Wang Shengtian's face went white with a brush, and his entire body jumped straight out of his seat.

However, this was only the beginning.

Soon, the company was passing on one disappearance after another .


"Mr. Wang, there's news from the headquarters that the bank has cut off loans and the partners are preparing to withdraw their capital."

"The headquarters cash flow can only last three days!"

"Let our various branches stand on their own~"


"Mr. Wang, the Jinling branch has been shut down for allegedly operating illegally!"

"Funds have been frozen~"


"Wang...Mr. Wang, we just got the news that our Yunzhou branch has been reported, and you yourself are suspected of a murder, the Zhonghai police are on their way here immediately, and are on a cross-provincial manhunt for you!"

"Mr. Wang, you should run, right?"

"If you don't leave, you'll be too late?"


A piece of news was only like a handful of sharp knives, plunging into Wang Sheng Tian's heart one by one.

It was as if a muffled thunderstorm had exploded in Wang Sheng Tian's heart one after another.

The stormy attack was hard for Wang Shengtian to fight, and his entire body became confused.

He couldn't believe it, his brain was buzzing.

His old face was livid, and his eyes were staring.

Until now, he still hadn't recovered from this endless shock.

He simply found it hard to believe that in just a few minutes, their Wang Family's business empire had been crumbling?

At that moment, another person came in panic.

"Wang...Mr. Wang, you...Your call?"

After Wang Sheng Tian mechanically took the phone, and found that it was his father, Wang Sheng Tian was as if a man overboard had grasped the last straw, asking in panic, "Dad, to...What's going on, how...How did this happen?It was fine yesterday~"


"Son, eat something good and run for your life."

"Our group, it's hopeless."

"In just a few minutes, Yanjing, Jinling, Hong Kong Island and other rich merchants from all over China have all made a move against my group."

"Even international consortiums, business oligarchs, have made a move against my Shuntian Group!"

"Everyone's too busy skimming us."

"It's over~"

"It's completely over."

"Our Wang family's ancestral foundation has fallen apart."

"After I'm imprisoned, you go incognito and never say that you have anything to do with the Shuntian Group, ever again."

On the other end of the phone, came the words of his own father who was close to life and death.

A few minutes ago, Wang Sheng Tian was still heroic and smiling in Cloud State.

Now that the nightmare news had fallen from the sky and the family was about to fall, in just a few minutes, everything that Wang Sheng Tian was proud of was nearly in pieces.

With such a disparity between the world and the land, how could Wang Shengtian accept it in a short time?

After hearing his father's words that were almost like his last words, the almost-aged Wang Shengtian actually burst into tears in an instant.

"Dad, what's wrong, what's going on?"

"Yesterday was fine, I just celebrated your birthday last night."

"Why are you letting the child run for his life today?"

"Dad, Mom, what about you guys?"

"Where are you going when you let my son go incognito?"

"If you don't go with your son, he won't go even if he dies."

Wang Shengtian wept in fear.

The man on the other end of the phone, however, was still furious.


"Sheng Tian, the ancestral foundation can fall, and my Shun Tian Group can also be destroyed."

"But you, you must go!"

"If you still think I'm your father, run for your life right now."

"There are already people in Zhonghai who have crossed over to catch you, if you don't leave, our Wang family is really completely finished."

"After you leave, change your name and don't take the surname Wang anymore~"


On the other end of the phone, there was a sudden harsh murmur of voices.

Immediately after that, everything went silent.

"Dad, Dad~"

In this room, Wang Sheng Tian was shouting hysterically.

Perhaps because of fear and trepidation, Wang Shengtian's entire body was trembling.

However, let him scream his throat out.

There was still no one to respond.

On the other end of the phone, there was only a dull beeping sound that couldn't stop coming.

Until now, Wang Sheng Tian could not figure it out.

Why, exactly why?

What exactly happened to the Shuntian Group that caused it to topple overnight.

Not only the rich Chinese merchants, but even the international business oligarchs were also taking action against the Shuntian Group, falling to the ground.

It felt as if the power of the entire world was against them, Shuntian Industries.

"Mr. Wang, I...Let's run away, shall we?"

"It goes without saying, it's designated to offend a big person."

"The headquarters over there are desperate, and a branch like ours would just be shooting itself in the foot if it persists~"

At this time, many of the employees in the office were also all scared to death and urged Wang Sheng Tian to run away.

But after hearing the words of his staff, Wang Sheng Tian was all in awe.

Finally, he abruptly turned around and turned his head to look forward.

There, he saw a clear and beautiful figure, but with a smiling face.

Sitting there, lightly drinking tea.

The entire person, as if the water was stilling in a peaceful lake.

A calm appearance, but it was out of place with this place.

"It's you!"

"Son of a bitch, it's all you!"

"All of this, you've done."

"What the hell are you doing?"

Wang Sheng Tian's eyes were crimson red, and his entire body was completely disoriented.

At this time, he was even roaring miserably at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan didn't pay any attention to him and ignored him.

He was still sitting on the sofa, drinking tea with a light breeze.

It was as comfortable as if he was watching a play.


Seeing such an expression on Ye Fan's face, Wang Shengtian clenched his palm.The eyes and brows that looked at Ye Fan were filled with endless hatred.

But after a long time, these dense hatred, in the end, merely turned into a monstrous fear.


Wang Shengtian, in the end, knelt down to Ye Fan.

After calming down, Wang Shengtian finally realized that the man in front of him was terrifying.

In just a few short breaths of time, the entire Shuntian Group, really just because of this man's words, the building would fall and crumble.

Several generations of their Wang family's foundation, and in his hands, it was so fragile?

Wang Sheng Tian already didn't dare to imagine at all, this man in front of him, what kind of terrifying power did he have in his hands?

He looked at Evan and smiled sadly.

"Country bumpkin?"

"Wimpy son-in-law?"

"Now it's all just a superficial illusion."

"Deceived, everyone has been deceived."

"A casual word can cause the Shuntian Group to crumble and the building to fall."

"A faint word can destroy my several generations of foundation and hundred billion empire."

"Without a heavenly background, without monstrous power, it's impossible to do!"

"You're not a nest egg, you, who the hell are you?"

Wang Shengtian mocked himself.

With a heart full of loss, he asked a miserable question to Ye Fan.

In the midst of the heaviness, there was trepidation and doubt, but more than that, it was the fear of the unknown of the man in his eyes.

Ye Fan lightly took a sip of tea, while looking up at Wang Shengtian, the playfulness at the corner of his mouth, but the more intense, "Mr. Wang, instead of caring about my identity now, you should think of a way to save your parents, and the one you are proud of, the Shuntian Group."

After Wang Sheng Tian heard this, he looked in awe.

He kneeled on the ground, looked at Ye Fan, and asked anxiously, "Ye .Mr. Ye, my father and the others are still saved?My Shuntian Group, is there still salvation?"

Just now, Wang Shengtian had despaired.

He thought that he had thoroughly angered Ye Fan before and that their Shuntian Group was hopeless.But hearing Ye Fan's words, it was like making Wang Shengtian, see hope again.

"I said it."

"Your Shuntian Group, in my eyes, is nothing more than an insect."

"I'll let him die if I let him die, and live if I let him live."

"A District Gryphon, life or death is still not a matter of my thoughts."

The words were calm, but the weight of Ye Fan's words was heavier than a thousand.

After Wang Shengtian heard it, he kneeled down and begged for mercy.

His forehead couldn't help but smash the ground and soon he was bleeding.

"Ye...Mr. Ye, whatever you want me to do, I'll promise you."

"I only beg you, hold your hand high and spare my father, spare our Shuntian Group~"

"Mr. Ye, it's me, Wang Sheng Tian, who has eyes but no pearls, please, sir, give me a hand~"

Wang Shengtian couldn't stop crying, tears mixed with blood flowing down.

Behind him, his assistants had been dumbfounded and stunned, looking at their boss, kneeling at Ye Fan's feet, begging for mercy.

Just a moment ago, Wang Sheng Tian in front of Ye Fan was a condescending look, but now, but panicked as a defeated dog.

Ye Fan looked and listened, and also smiled, "Mr. Wang, just now I said five minutes, I'll make you kneel down and beg for forgiveness."

"Before, you didn't believe me and thought it was a joke."

"Now, how?"

In the midst of a faint laughter, Ye Fan raised his cup and toasted the frightened man before him.

And then, raising his head, he drank it all!


"Actually, you and I have no grudge."

"I'm giving you a lesson today, but only because you were ungrateful for messing with my wife's head."

"However, considering that you were compelled by someone, I won't make it difficult for you."

"As long as you promise me that after today, you will take your Shuntian Industry and get out of Yunzhou.And in the future, none of the Shuntian Group's generations will be allowed to take a single step into Jiangdong!"

"So, I'll spare you and your Shuntian Group."

"How, can you promise?"

Ye Fan said with a smile, but his faint laughter contained an endless coldness.

It seemed that as long as Wang Sheng Tian said one word of no, the next moment, the entire Shun Tian Group, under Ye Fan, would be ashes and smoke.

Wang Shengtian was not a fool.

He knew he had no choice!

Just like he had said before, in front of the truly powerful bigwigs, the weak could only choose to submit and compromise.

Earlier, Qiu Mu Orange had compromised.

Now, it was him who had yielded!

Without any hesitation at all, Wang Sheng Tian then agreed to all of Ye Fan's demands.

Stating that tonight, they would start to get the Shuntian Group to withdraw from Yunzhou and would never leave another person here.

And in the future, none of them would ever take another step into Jiangdong.

"Very well."

"Mr. Wang, remember what you said today."

"But let me find out that your Shuntian Group has any transgressed the agreement in the future."

"When the time comes, if I, Ye Fan, can make your group die once, I will naturally be able to make you die a second time."


The wind was bitterly cold.

The cold gale outside swept wildly through the broken doors and windows.

However, no matter how cold the wind was, it was not as cold as Ye Fan's words.

Then, under the terrified gaze of Wang Shengtian and the others, Ye Fan immediately made a phone call.

A few minutes later, news came from the headquarters.

The stock price began to rise again and investors stopped withdrawing their capital.

Contracts that had been torn up were also being reinstated.

Even those company executives who were taken away were all released.

Say it was a misunderstanding.

All the frozen funds in the company were also unfrozen.

In the end, Wang Shengtian's father made a call.

After life's ups and downs, even a weather-beaten shopping mall old man like Wang Shengtian's father actually burst into tears and said in the middle of the phone, trembling with excitement.


"A false alarm, a false alarm."

"You don't need to run for your life, and my Wang family's foundation of several generations won't fall."

"Shuntian Group, it's still the same Shuntian Group from yesterday!"

"Son, our Shuntian Group will be blessed after our great misfortune~"

"But son, today is a false alarm, but the lesson of the past is that in the future, no matter how big our careers are, we have to be careful and prudent in what we do, otherwise in the future, we will make the same mistake~"

After the great disaster, Wang Sheng Tian's father began to teach his son.

By now, it was estimated that the group headquarters over there, hadn't figured out the situation.

Only Wang Sheng Tian knew whose hand was responsible for this life and death of their Shuntian Group.

However, of course, Wang Sheng Tian didn't dare to tell his own father about Ye Fan's matter.

Otherwise, if his own father knew that he had almost made a mortal disaster, he would have to go back and kill his son.

The storm, which came and went quickly.

After a few minutes, everything had calmed down.

It was as if it had never happened.

But today's shock and experience was destined for Wang Sheng Tian, who would never forget it for the rest of his life.

It was also destined that the name Ye Fan would be engraved in Wang Sheng Tian's life, and would be dominated by the fear of Ye Fan for the rest of his life.

"Send...Sending Mr. Ye~"

"Ye...Mr. Yeh take care~"

Downstairs of the company, Wang Shengtian carried all the employees of the company to give Ye Fan a farewell.

When he came, Ye Fan was still nobody's silence.

But by the time he left, he had already terrorized the Shuntian Group and made everyone in the company bid farewell in fear.

After Ye Fan left, Wang Shengtian immediately ordered.

"Pass my orders, all departments of the company, disband immediately!"

"Employees below the top management, issue severance pay and let them find another place."

"The rest of the top brass, return with me to headquarters!"

"In this life, no one is allowed to set foot in, half a step in Jiangdong."


Hearing Wang Sheng Tian's order, the entire company trembled.

"Mr. Wang, are you really leaving?"

"We've just arrived in Yunzhou, the branch was built less than a month ah."

"We've just paid five years' rent on this company building."

"And several projects just broke ground."

"The stalls have just been spread out and you're leaving?"

"The damage from this walk is in the hundreds of millions!"

Behind him, some of his men advised him bitterly.

"I repeat, pack your things and evacuate Yunzhou immediately!"

"Also, remember the name Ye Fan."

"From now on, if you guys provoke the Heavenly King, I, Wang Sheng Tian, can still protect you.But if you provoke this man, you will be on your own, and I, King Sheng Tian, will not care."

"This man, is a devil~"


Although with Ye Fan, there was only a brief contact.

But in Wang Shengtian's heart, that figure, had become a devilish figure.

If you mess with it, it's an endless nightmare~.



Mufan Real Estate.

In the parlor, Qiu Mu Qi had arrived early.

Sitting on the sofa, with his legs crossed, he was waiting very leisurely.

And Qiu Mu Orange and Susie were sitting on the side.

A few people didn't say a word, they just waited dryly.

They had made an appointment and would meet here and sign the transfer contract.Now they were just waiting for Wang Shengtian to arrive.

"Third sister, although you've been expelled from the Qiu family, but no matter what, I'm still your brother."

"Now that you're here, you won't even give me a cup of tea?"Qiu Mucchi smiled proudly.

Qiu Mu Orange ignored him.

But Suzy was so angry that her pretty face turned red: "Qiu Muqi, don't be proud of yourself either."

"If it wasn't for you relying on the Shuntian Group, your Qiu Shui Logistics would have been finished by now."

"Don't forget, your uncle, and that Qiu Mu Ying, who was fighting with Mu Orange before, but how it turned out, it's still Mu Fan Real Estate that opened smoothly, and they, they ended up in jail!"

"Sooner or later, you will also step into their footsteps."

Hearing Suzy's vicious words, Qiu Muqi, however, was not angry in the slightest.

"Miss Su, I don't like to hear that from you."

"I, Qiu Mu Qi, am a sea elite no matter what, how can I be compared to them?"

"What's more, Uncle and the others are old and somewhat ambitious on top of their work, so losing to my third sister is nothing surprising."

"As for my fourth sister, Autumn Muying, people didn't lose either."

"Although she spent a few days in jail, wasn't she released soon?"

"Speaking of which, Fourth Sister also asked me to say thank you to Third Sister?"

"If it wasn't for Third Sister's fulfillment, my Fourth Sister Qiu Mu Ying wouldn't be as idle as she is now, devoted to being a rich wife of a rich family."

"By the way, you're afraid you don't know."

"No surprise, this month, third sister will be married to third brother-in-law."

"Although Third Sister lost her career, she won her relationship.Wouldn't inheriting the Chu family's billion dollar fortune in the future be much happier than Fourth Sister?"


"Just pity Third Sister, who married a wimp in the first place."

"I'm afraid I won't be able to hold my head up for the rest of my life."

Qiu Mukki smiled to himself.

Su Xi gritted her teeth in anger, she just couldn't stand this villainous face of Qiu Mu Qi.

But she had no way to refute it, after all, everything Autumn Mu Qi said was the truth.

As long as Qiu Mu Orange didn't divorce Ye Fan, this would be a stain that Qiu Mu Orange couldn't avoid.

Instead, Qiu Mu Orange was unusually calm and didn't speak.

But Qiu Mu Qi clearly wanted to deliberately embarrass Qiu Mu Orange, and after talking to Suzy, she didn't forget to ridicule Qiu Mu Orange a few times.

"Third sister, when I was at Haiyuan Pavilion, my younger brother kindly advised you to let this piece out for a look, but you didn't listen, how about now?"

"And in the end, they were still good enough to restrain themselves?"

"So Third Sister, this is for people, you have to see the situation clearly, don't toast the situation."

"This incident, let this be a lesson to you."

"It'll also let you know what happens when you make enemies with us."Qiu Muqi smiled coldly.

At this time, there was already the sound of a car coming from outside the door.

Qiu Mukki was delighted: "It looks like it's Mr. Wang arriving."

"Third sister, get ready to sign the transfer agreement with a paper and pen seal."


Autumn Mukki laughed indiscriminately before getting up to greet Suzy and the others amidst their indignant gazes.

"Sheng Tian, over here."

"Come over quickly."

"My third sister and the others, they were already waiting here, just waiting to give you that piece of land."

Qiu Muqi greeted with a smile, walking forward and pulling up Wang Shengtian to sign the contract.

However, what Qiu Muqi didn't expect was that Wang Shengtian ignored Qiu Muqi and instead gave him a vicious stare, while pushing him aside.

"Sheng Tian, what are you?"Qiu Mu Qi was just confused, not knowing why Wang Sheng Tian suddenly pushed him.

"Get out of the way, get out of the way!"

Wang Sheng Tian gave a low cry, while he stepped forward and paid respectful homage to Qiu Mu Orange.

"General Manager Qiu, it's our Shuntian Group that has eyes but no pearls."

"Today, on behalf of the Shuntian Group, I, Wang Shengtian, offer a sincere apology to General Manager Qiu!"

"I hope that Mr. Qiu, is more than generous."

"These gifts can be considered as our reparation to Mr. Qiu."

In between the words, Wang Shengtian then had his men present a bunch of gifts.

This astonishing move caused everyone present to be dumbfounded.

Qiu Mu Orange and Suzy were flabbergasted, completely confused by the situation.

Before this, Wang Shengtian was still arrogant and rude, but now why, with his posture so low, he even bowed his head to make amends.

"Mr. Wang, what are you singing about?"Suzy felt unimaginable and asked suspiciously.

Qiu Mu Orange also suspected that this Wang Sheng Tian and Qiu Mu Qi were acting again, on the surface terrified and apologizing, but who knows what they were plotting with Qiu Mu Qi again in private.

In fact, they weren't the only ones, Qiu Muqi who was on the side was undoubtedly surprised.

"Sheng Tian, what are you doing?"

"They're the ones who gave in softly, so why are you apologizing?"

"How can a woman who's just a wimp have the right to make you pay for your sins?"

"Listen to me, don't compensate them to play, hurry up and sign the contract, it's only right to hold that land in your hands first."

"Take the land, and this Mufan property is half dead to us."

"According to our previous planning, in another month, we'll be able to completely fuck them over."Qiu Mukki said anxiously.

"I'll roll Nima!"

However, as soon as Qiu Muqi finished saying this, Wang Shengtian cursed angrily and directly kicked over.

"I don't know what's going on, and still fucking talking nonsense here, I was almost killed by you, you stupid bastard."

Wang Shengtian cursed furiously.

Nowadays, he had the heart to kick Qiu Mu Qi to death.

The reason he had dealt with Mu Fan Real Estate before was because he had completely listened to Qiu Mu Qi's bullshit.

Saying that Qiu Mu Orange's family was wimps, it wouldn't even take much effort to deal with them.

But what was the result?

It's the wimp that Qiu Muqi was talking about that almost became the gravedigger of their Shuntian Group.

In a matter of seconds, he made a listed group crumble.

Let them live as they wish, let them die as they wish.

Life or death, it was just a matter of their words.

Wang Shengtian didn't even dare to imagine how majestic Ye Fan's energy should be.

Offending such a person was simply a nightmare for him.

The reason why Wang Sheng Tian personally came over to apologize today was to make up for the previous offense against Mu Fan's property.

But now, this fool Qiu Mu Qi was even encouraging him to deal with Ye Fan's woman.

Fortunately, Ye Fan was not here, otherwise, Wang Sheng Tian was really afraid that Ye Fan would get angry again.

"Mr. Wang, you...You this?"

Looking at the scene in front of him, not only was Qiu Mu Qi confused, but Suzy and Qiu Mu Orange were also stupefied and filled with dismay.

I thought to myself, did this Wang Sheng Tian, really come to apologize?

"Mr. Qiu, everything was planned by Qiu Mu Qi from it."

"On that day at Haiyuan Pavilion, it was Qiu Mukki who brought in people to deal with you."

"The subsequent trouble at the construction site was also all plotted by Qiu Mucki."

"I, Wang Shengtian, was compelled by a villain to do something foolish."

"But a big mistake has been made, and no matter how much I say, I, Wang Shengtian, have ultimately offended you, General Manager Qiu."

"I know that I have made a mistake.After today, I will lead my staff and withdraw from Yunzhou.Our Shuntian Group, for generations, will never take a step into Jiangdong."

"Nor will I ever, in the future, make an enemy of General Manager Qiu again."

"This cup of tea, I'll toast to General Manager Qiu as a wine of forgiveness from me, Wang Sheng Tian."

Wang Sheng Tian lifted the cup, while tilting his head back, he drank the full cup of strong tea.

"The mountains are high and the road is far away, in the future, I wish to not see you again."

"Chief Qiu, farewell!"

As the words fell out, Wang Shengtian immediately turned around and then left in his car.

"Sheng Tian, Sheng Tian~"

"Victory, what are you doing?Are you crazy, you've just entered Yunzhou, the stalls have just been laid out, you can't leave?"

"If you leave, what about me, what about Autumn Water Logistics?I'm your brother, and you're just going to ignore me?"Qiu Mu Qi still couldn't believe the scene in front of him and got up from the ground to pull Wang Sheng Tian.

The Shuntian Group, however, was Qiu Mucqi's biggest dependency in Yunzhou today.

If Wang Shengtian left with the Shuntian Group, who else could Qiushui Logistics rely on if it wanted to soar to great heights in the future?

"Get out of my way, you stupid bitch!"

Wang Sheng Tian became annoyed and kicked Qiu Mu Qi once again, his anger raging.

"Qiu Mu Qi, I can't control your own death, but I hope that in the future, you won't get me into trouble."

"After today, you and I will cut our robes and have no more to do with each other."

In the midst of his anger, Wang Sheng Tian shrugged off Qiu Mu Qi and strode away.

And then, amidst a roar of engines, a number of luxury cars, towards the outside of Yunzhou City, galloped away.

So far, Wang Shengtian and Shuntian Group, evacuated Yunzhou.

For the rest of his life, he had never taken another step into Jiangdong!


"Sissy, how's it going?"

"Over at the Shuntian Group, are people really gone?"

A few minutes later, Suzy took a phone call from outside, while she hurriedly walked in.

Qiu Mu Orange had doubts and then asked to Susie.

But Suzy was delighted and said, "Mu Orange, I called and asked, it's true!"

"This morning, the employees over at the Shuntian Group of Companies have been dismissed."

"Many of the computers, desks and chairs were simply sold at a low price."

"The entire company building has been emptied."

"None of its projects are being done either."

"People in the neighborhood say that the Shuntian Group has hurriedly evacuated, panicking like they're running for their lives."

Susie said happily there.

Just now, Suzy thought that today they, Mu Fan Real Estate, were afraid that they would really have to sign this humiliating transfer agreement with the Shun Tian Group.

But who would have thought that in the end, there was a twist in the peak.

The Shuntian Group had actually directly evacuated Yunzhou.

It's as if it's deserting the army.

When Qiu Mu Orange heard this, after confirming that the Shuntian Group was indeed complete, the nerves that had been taut were relieved a lot.

However, it was still a bit weird to think about this matter.

"Xi Xi, what do you think is going on here."

"The Shuntian Group has just come to Yunzhou, and this month that Wang Shengtian has been making a lot of noise in Yunzhou."

"Today, our Mufan property even admitted to being soft and agreed to transfer this land."

"But why did they suddenly and hastily withdraw?"

"This withdrawal, together with the various project defaults, I'm afraid the losses will be several hundred million."Qiu Mu Orange asked in confusion.

"Who knows about that?"

"I guess something happened to their headquarters."

"This Wang Shengtian is so arrogant and domineering as the CEO of a branch.Over at the headquarters, there's no telling how arrogant he might have to be."

"With so many people offended, it's inevitable that they will fall into someone's hands one day."

"This Wang Shengtian has hurriedly withdrawn, so I guess he's also returning to reinforce the headquarters."Suzy guessed haphazardly.

But the suspicion in Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows and eyes still lingered, "Really, is that so?"

For some reason, Qiu Mu Orange always felt that there was a big hand behind this matter today, afraid that it was manipulated.

Could it be that Ye Fan, was helping her?

Thinking of this, however, Qiu Mu Orange quickly shook her head.

In Qiu Mu Orange's opinion, the greatest skill on Ye Fan's body was just that strength.

This kind of skill might be useful in a fight.

But forcing back a large company with a strong background with this was undoubtedly not enough.

"I guess, it really is a problem within the Shuntian Group."

Qiu Mu Orange thought so.

In her ears, however, Suzy's smug laughter came out.


"Young Master Autumn, it looks like we're going to disappoint you again."

"This time, it's us who will have the last laugh."

"Iron sharpens iron, your Qiu family is rotten mud that can't be helped by a wall, even if you hug the Shuntian Group's thigh, but fighting to the end, Young Master Qiu will still accomplish nothing ah."

As the saying goes, thirty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river.

Just now, the complacent Qiu Muqi was full of wretchedness, but now he was as if he was a dog without a family.

Suzy was full of laughter and laughed mockingly from the side.

"Hmph, Suzy, Qiu Mu Orange, don't be proud of yourselves either!"

"My Autumn Mukki's reliance is not just on the Shuntian Group."

"Qiu Mu Orange, I remember, you previously Mu Fan Real Estate reached a loan contract with Red Flag Bank for up to 200 million, right?"

"The first batch of Red Flag Bank lent fifty million before, and now it's about time for the second batch to be lent."

"You said, if this second batch of loans, is not credited in time, that is, I don't know if your Mu Fan Property's capital, will still hold up?"

Qiu Mucqi's eyebrows and eyes were cold, and he smiled coldly.

But Autumn Mu Orange's pretty face changed slightly as she listened.

"Mu Orange, don't listen to his nonsense, sensationalizing things here."

"We have no quarrel with Red Flag Bank, so how could people target a small company like us?"

"Could it be that you, Qiu Mu Qi, are still the controller behind the Red Flag Bank and can decide the bank's cooperation with our Mufan Group?"

Suzy, however, didn't care about Qiu Muqi's words and sneered and laughed.

She only thought that it was just nonsense from Qiu Muqi's dog jumping over the wall.

Red Flag Bank had the backing of the Red Flag Group, and its background was even more powerful than Shuntian Industry.

It was said that this enterprise was inextricably linked to the Yanjing gentry, and the previous head of the Red Flag Group, Xu Lei, the richest man in Yunzhou, had left Yunzhou for Yanjing.

How could a company like this be in the same boat as someone as small as Qiu Muqi?


"Suzy, you think you're smart, but in reality, you're just an idiot."

"Liu Bin, the manager of the Red Flag Group who worked with my Autumn family before, third sister, you should know about it."

"When Qiu Muying snatched the cooperation with Red Flag Bank from your hands, what she relied on was this person."

"And now, this manager, Lin Bin, has also shared the business of Red Flag Bank.This loan with Mu Fan's property is Manager Liu Bin's responsibility."

"Third sister, I've said it all here.Whether I'm sensationalizing or not, I believe that you have an idea in your heart, right?"

Qiu Mucqi laughed coldly.

Qiu Mu Orange's face, however, had gone completely white.

From the moment she heard the name Liu Bin, Qiu Mu Orange's heart had actually gone halfway cold.

One of the main reasons why Qiu Mu Orange had lost power in the Qiu family previously and was kicked out of the Qiu family by Qiu Mu Ying was because of this Liu Bin!

After Xu Lei left Yunzhou in the beginning, Liu Bin gained power in the Red Flag Group.

Liu Bin was a good friend of Chu Wenfei's father, and he was also extremely close to Chu Wenfei.

It was through this relationship that Qiu Mu Ying joined forces with Liu Bin and kicked Qiu Mu Orange out of the joint project between Qiushui Logistics and Red Flag Group.

At that time, this matter was a big blow to Autumn Muyoung Orange, after all, this cooperation was brokered by her and Ye Fan, but in the end, it was a graft for others, allowing Autumn Muyoung to get into the advantage.

"So, the Red Flag Bank that took the initiative to give me a loan for my Mu Fan property before was also a plot by you and that Liu Bin?"After hearing this, Qiu Mu Orange remembered a lot of things from before and suddenly realized that as early as many days ago, she seemed to have fallen for Qiu Mu Qi's trap.


"Third sister, you're pretty smart too."

"But unfortunately, it's too late for you to understand now."

"If what I expected was right, that piece of land before then cost you almost all the cash flow of Mufan Real Estate.Now your company is counting on this loan from Red Flag Bank if you want to continue to function."

"But now, I've broken your financial chain."

"Next, I'll see how you're still playing, Third Sister."

Qiu Mucqi smiled proudly.

But Qiu Mu Orange's eyebrows were gloomy and clenched her palms, her fingertips nearly penetrating into her flesh.

She didn't expect this Qiu Muqi's methods to be so vicious.

One link after another, one trick after another.

He was, not going to stop until he played her Mu Fan real estate to death ah.

"Qiu Mu Orange ah Qiu Mu Orange, you're just a woman after all."

"Still wanting to do business, dream on, right?"

"I, Qiu Mu Qi, can go halfway to your Mu Fan Real Estate with just a few tricks!"

"Haha~" Autumn Mukki laughed wantonly.

"Oh, yeah?"

However, it was at this time that a sneering voice came from outside the company.


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