Dish Best Served Cold 387-390


Chapter 387


  Mufan Properties?

  As if a slap was smacked on the face of Qiu Guang and the others, the Qiu family was shocked then.

  When they heard Li Xueqi's words, their eyes were almost staring out.

  "Miss Li, you've made a mistake, haven't you?"

  "Mufan Real Estate is just a small shabby company, is it worth making you pay your respects?"Wang Qiao Yu was incredulous.

  "Yeah, that family is just a bunch of wimps."

  "The company president even married a door-to-door son-in-law as her husband."

  "How is such a lowly and despicable person qualified to be congratulated by you?"Jiang Hong and the others were also old-eyed and round stool, unbelievable.

  Qiu Guang was equally surprised and full of wonder, and stepped forward to say, "Miss Li, are you sure that you are attending the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate, and not the ribbon cutting celebration of our Qiushui Logistics?"

  Looking at the crowd's unbelievable faces, Li Xueqi's heart also began to drum.

  Could it be that she had really made a mistake?

  Finally, she seemed to recall something and turned her head to look at Qiu Mu Ying who had just accepted her gift and asked suspiciously, "Excuse me, aren't you Qiu Mu Orange, Miss Qiu?"

  "Of course not!"

  "How could I be that wimp of a woman?"Qiu Mu Ying categorically vetoed it.

  She despised the couple most, but now that she was asked if she was Qiu Mu Orange, Qiu Mu Ying was like a kitten whose tail had been stepped on, she simply vetoed it.

  Hearing this, Li Xueqi felt embarrassed.

  This was embarrassing.

  "That, I don't know which Miss Autumn Mu Orange is?"Under the sweat of her face, Li Xueqi asked again.

  "Why is Miss Lee asking her?Autumn Mu Orange's family doesn't know how to progress, and has degraded themselves by doing such a humiliating thing.Now they're having their pathetic opening ceremony across the street?"Wang Qiao Yu scoffed and laughed.


  Across the street?

  Lu Xueqi was shocked.

  Hastily turning back to look across the street, only then did she notice the unremarkable four big words in front of the opposite door, Mu Fan Real Estate.

  "That's right."

  Li Xueqi smiled awkwardly for a moment, then apologized, "That, I'm sorry, I'm in the wrong place.If I'm intruding, please forgive me."


  "Going...Wrong place?"

  Qiu Guang and the others were confused.

  It just felt like they had been struck by lightning on their faces.

  What the hell was this situation?

  Shen Jiuyan made a mistake just now, and now there's Li Xueqi?


  What's wrong with you?

  The Qiu family was near mad at this time.

  I dare say they were just happy for half a day, all fucking unnecessary?

  The Qiu family's old faces twitched and were filled with consternation, while Li Xueqi stopped lingering and turned to leave as soon as she realized that she had come to the wrong place.

  However, before leaving, Li Xueqi naturally had to get that necklace back.

  It was a gift for Lady Chu, and this unknown woman in front of her, of course Li Xueqi would not take the necklace cheaply.

  In fact, Li Xueqi's heart was also a little angry.

  I thought this Qiu Mu Ying is also quite shameless, whether this gift is for you or not, there is no compulsion in your heart?

  Do you really think that just anyone can receive a gift from her Li family?

  Don't you know how many pounds you are?

  But these words Li Xueqi also just put them in her heart, after all, she was the one who made a mistake, no one else is to blame, it's just as well to get the necklace back.

  However, what made Li Xueqi extremely speechless was that she had just failed to get the Xiang Liang back from Qiu Mu Ying when she exerted herself.

  "This lady, please let go."Li Xueqi smiled gently, still maintaining a minimum of grace.

  "This is my necklace, why should I loosen my grip?"However, Qiu Mu Ying was simply not letting go.

  At that time, Li Xueqi was speechless, helplessly laughing, "Miss, this necklace, I bought it with my money, when did it become yours?"

  "But you just gave it to me, so it's mine."


  Hearing this, Lisette was lost in her entire body at that time.

  She was angry and felt amused at the same time.

  I thought to myself, how could there be such a brazen person in this world?

  Fortunately, I was mistaken.

  Otherwise, if she were Mr. Chu's woman, would there still be peace in this Jiangdong land?

  "This lady, I'll repeat it to you."

  "I gave this necklace to Miss Autumn Mu, not you?"

  "Now, do you understand?"

  Li Xueqi suppressed the anger in her heart and repeated again.

  However, where did Autumn Muyoung listen to this, no matter what Li Xueqi said, she still held onto the necklace tightly and wouldn't let go.

  "Miss, if you don't give it back, don't blame me for being rude."

  Li Xueqi was also enraged by Qiu Mu Ying's shamelessness, and finally her words were icy cold, directly giving Qiu Mu Ying an ultimatum.

  But still, Autumn Muyoung had no intention of letting go.

  In the end, Li Xueqi didn't bother to be polite with her, and directly went forward with a push and pull, a beautiful woman's escapement technique, not only snatching the necklace back intact, but also slamming Autumn Muyoung directly to the ground in front of everyone.

  In the past, the company's employees have been in the process of developing the company's products and services, and the company has also been working on the development of the company's products and services.

  By not making a move until now, Li Xueqi was actually polite enough.If this had been at home, Li Xueqi would have already hit her with her hands and beaten her.

  "A toast is not a toast, you're asking for trouble!"

  "How dare you be greedy for Lady Chu's things?"

  "You deserve it too?"

  Li Xueqi snorted coldly and took the necklace when she became angry, while she walked towards the opposite Mu Fan property without looking back.

  While Qiu Mu Ying was lying on the ground shouting and screaming in pain.


  "That hurt."

  "Bastard, don't you dare hit me!"

  "I declare, she's finished~"

  "Wenfei, you teach her a lesson for me, I'll make her regret it~"

  Having been humiliated in this way, Qiu Mu Ying was undoubtedly furious to the point of anger, shouting out in frustration and resentment.

  Chu Wenfei's face turned black then.

  This bastard woman actually asked him to teach the Li family's eldest princess a lesson?

  And you announced it?

  What did you announce?

  Don't want to live?!

  In anger, Chu Wenfei walked over to the present and immediately cursed in a low voice, "Shut up you!"

  "Isn't that embarrassing enough?"

  While Chu Wenfei was furious, Master Qiu at the back was watching from afar, but he was filled with confusion.

  "Wenfei, what's going on here?"

  "Miss Li didn't even toast this wine, so why did you leave so soon?"

  "It's not too rude, is it?"

  Not far away came Master Qiu's indignant voice.Their conversation just now was not heard by Master Qiu.

  But apparently, Li Xueqi's behavior made him extremely unhappy.

  He, Qiu Zhenglun, was in any case the head of the Qiu family, the founder of Qiushui Logistics, and to come here to congratulate him and not even give him a toast, this was too disrespectful of him.

  Of course Old Master Qiu was angry.

  But Qiu Guang and the others were twitching at the corners of their eyes, and their faces were ugly as they said back, "You can forget about the toast."

  "People aren't even here to toast you?"

  "She's going for the third family."

  "She's going to worship Mufan Properties and celebrate the opening for someone."


  The Three Stooges?


"The third family?"

  "Just them?"

  "That family of wimps?"

  Master Qiu trembled all over, his old eyes widening then, it was hard to believe.

  "Fake it!"

  "Definitely an actor too~" Wang Qiaoyu and the others were livid, still cursing with hard mouths.


  And at this time, a few more luxury cars drove by outside the hotel.

  The low buzzing sound came slowly.

  The crowd followed the sound and saw that outside the hotel, there were countless silhouettes that came together to directly pour in.

  Immediately afterwards, the resonant voice of the singing name child resounded through the clouds.

  "Chairman of Yunzhou Dongshan Industry, Hua Guoqing has arrived!"

  "The CEO of Yunzhou West Sea Industry, Hua Guo Guo has arrived!"


  "Chairman of Yunzhou Nangyuan Group, Guo Dong has arrived!"




  Hua Guoqing, who is third on the list of the richest people in Yunzhou?


  West Marine Industries?

  The No. 1 manufacturing SOE in the city of Cloud State?



  . this is all here to congratulate the Autumn family?

  "Holy shit~"

  "What's wrong with the Autumn family, can't the family have a dragon?"

  "How dare you provoke so many rich and powerful men to congratulate you?"

  Outside the hotel, the onlookers outside were near mad as they listened to the voices that rang out one after another, watched the big man lead the lady down, and heard the names that were louder than one.

  Full of shock and heartbreak, a pair of eyes were close to popping out.

  They even felt that it was afraid that half of the powerful bigwigs of Yunzhou City had arrived, right?

  "This Autumn family is remarkable~"


  "After today, I'm afraid it will be completely among the top powers in Yunzhou City~"

  Outside, there was endless emotion and envy.

  How could they have never imagined that a small and unknown Qiu Family, which was previously unknown, would host a ribbon cutting celebration today, but it would attract the powerful and influential of Yunzhou and the crowned clouds.

  I'm afraid that this was just the opening of Yunzhou's second son Li's business, right?

  While those passersby outside were all trembling in fear, inside the hotel, Qiu Guang, Master Qiu and the others were also already confused.

  "This...These, are all here to congratulate them?"

  Qiu Guang's old face was dumbfounded, and for some reason, after the two incidents just now, Qiu Guang always had a bad feeling in his heart.

  But Master Qiu didn't think so much about it, and after trembling, he then went crazy with joy.


  "I never thought that one day, I, Qiu Zhenglun, would be able to make the Cloud State dignitaries, gather in clouds to congratulate me."


  "Yeah, yeah~"

  "Qiuguang, Wenfei, quickly, regardless of whether Head Hua and the others are coming for you or Wenfei, you, bring them in immediately."

  "Bring them here, I want to personally drink with Chief Hua and the others!"

  Master Qiu smiled arrogantly, saying this with such aplomb.

  It was truly like the emperor who sat steadily in the middle hall, watching the ten thousand states come to congratulate him.


  "Master Qiu, there's no need to go out and greet him."

  "I, Hua Guoqing, came in by myself."

  "Congratulations, your old man has worked hard all his life, and has not been able to make the Qiu family among the first-class families in Yunzhou."

  "But now, you have a good granddaughter and a good son-in-law."

  "In the future, I'm afraid that your Qiu Family will be able to borrow the light of your granddaughter and son-in-law and leap up to be the number one noble family in Yunzhou!"

  While Master Qiu was excited and agitated, the head of Dongshan Industry, Hua Guoqing, the third richest man in Yunzhou, had already arrived.

  He brought his beautiful wife with him, and with a heart full of respect and esteem, he strode directly into the Yulong Hotel and walked into the hall.

  But when they heard Hua Guoqing's words, the hall full of guests were slightly stunned.

  In particular, the hearts of Qiu Guang and the rest of the Qiu family were also trembling.

  Good granddaughter?

  A good grandson-in-law?

  Could it be that it's for Man Fei and Ying Ying again?

  But, Chu Wenfei and Autumn Muyoung, when did they really have that much face?

  Not only Qiu Guang and the others, even the couple themselves, Chu Wenfei and Qiu Mu Ying, were stunned there.

  After the previous incident, the couple was now much more cautious, just quietly watching the situation.

  But Master Qiu didn't care about this, whether it was directed at anyone or not, they were all here to congratulate their Qiu family, just drink.

  So, in the face of Hua Guoqing's words, Old Master Qiu just laughed and said, "Take it from General Hua."


  "Come, Mr. Hua, please also take your seat and serve wine."

  In the midst of Mr. Chu's laughter, Hua Guoqing also stepped forward, lifted the turbid wine in front of him, and raised his glass to the old man in a respectful salute, "Thank you for serving the wine."

  "Yesterday I just learned that Mr. Chu's company held an opening ceremony, I, Hua Guoqing, came uninvited, please forgive me."

  "Now that your company is celebrating its opening ceremony, I, Hua Guoqing, have a thousand words in my heart, but they are all in this glass of wine."

  "Today, with this wine, I will wish Mufan Real Estate, a very auspicious opening!"

  The sound of Hua Guoqing's respectful congratulations quietly rang out.


  But upon hearing this, Master Qiu and the other Qiu family members, but their old faces were drawn and stunned once again.

  Within the entire Yulong Hotel, the crowd was also stunned.

  Again...Again, Mu Fan Property?

  In the midst of everyone's consternation and surprise, outside the hotel, Hua Guomin, the executive president of Yunzhou West Sea Industry, as well as the chairman of Yunzhou Nan Yuan Group and others, had already arrived.

  After stepping into the main hall, Hua Guomin and the others, full of smiles, sauntered up to old man Qiu.

  Without saying a word, they even joined Hua Guoqing in saluting the old man Qiu who was sitting high above them.

  "On behalf of Yunzhou West Sea Industrial Group, I, Hua Guomin, have come to congratulate Old Master Qiu!"

  "Congratulations old man, you've raised a good granddaughter and found a good grandson-in-law ah."

  "Today coincides with the opening celebration of your company, I, Hua Guomin and my wife, have come to congratulate you!"

  "Here's to Mufan Real Estate, opening for business and prosperity!"

  "I wish Mr. Chu and the Autumn family's business to flourish and prosper!"

  Hua Guomin's words were like a boulder like the sea, raising a thousand layers of waves.

  After his congratulations, the rest of the rich and powerful CEOs were all up in the thousands, paying their respects as well.

  "I, Guo Lin, represent the Southern Plains Group~"

  "I, Wang Haisheng, represent North Ice Heavy Industries~"

  "I, Du Mingli, represent~"


  "To Mufan Real Estate, we wish you a great business and prosperity!"

  "I wish Mr. Chu and the Autumn family's business to flourish and prosper!"


  "To Mufan Real Estate, we wish you a great business and prosperity!"

  "I wish Mr. Chu and the Autumn family's business to flourish and prosper!"


  Numerous rich and powerful tycoons all congratulated and worshipped.

  The voices that rose and fell, however, converged into a stream .

  Respectful voices and respectful words were only like waves of rivers and oceans, sweeping across the entire heaven and earth.

  In a split second, the room was silent!

  The entire Yulong Hotel hall, however, was silent and silent, leaving only the words of congratulations from Hua Guomin and others, which reverberated for a long time, shaking the heaven and earth here.

  Almost instantly, Qiu Guang was muddled, Wang Qiaoyu was muddled, Qiu Muying was muddled, and the old man was muddled as well.

  The entire Qiu family, however, were all confused.

  Dumbfounded, all their smiles, all stagnant!

  That one compliment was like a slap on the face of the entire Qiu family, one after another.


Yulong Hotel.

  In the hall, the respectful voices of Hua Guoqing and the others echoed for a long time.

  The Qiu family's crowd, however, was all staying in place.

  "Mufan Real Estate?"

  "All...All the Mufan properties?"

  "This...What the hell is going on here?"

  Qiu Guang and the others were filled with consternation, and the full house of guests were also confused.

  As for Master Qiu, his old face was even more livid and unsightly.

  Earlier, when Shen Jiuwan had congratulated Mu Fan Real Estate in their Qiushui Logistics venue, it had already made Old Master Qiu extremely unhappy.

  Now, this room full of guests were all congratulating Mu Fan Real Estate!

  What does that mean?

  It's an outright humiliation!

  It's no longer a punch in the face, it's a naked kick in the face.

  And it was still a 380-degree continuous kick to the face without any dead ends.

  This was a kick to the death to their Qiu family's old face!

  In just an instant, Master Qiu's old face was blue and red, nearly swollen into a pig's hoof.

  Qiu Muying and the others were also looking ugly at this point.

  They were shifty and hesitant.

  Apparently, they were also now somewhat confused, were these people in front of them remembering the wrong names, or had they gone to the wrong door?

  "Definitely when they got the name wrong."

  "It can't be for Mufan Real Estate."

  "Why does that family of wimps have such a big face to have so many rich and powerful bigwigs all come to worship?"

  "It's only my husband who has such a face!"

  "It must be that they've confused Autumn Water Logistics with Mufan's real estate name."

  "Yes, that must be it~"

  Qiu Muying was very certain and whispered in a low voice without ceasing.

  Wang Qiaoyu also echoed, "Ying Ying is right, the only one present is my family, Wen Fei, who has this face!"

  "Qiu Mu Orange and those two wimps Ye Fan, where can they hire Head Hua and the others?"

  Once they figured it out, the Qiu Mu Ying family hurried forward and smiled at Hua Guoqing and the others, "Mr. Hua, are you guys mistaken, we are Qiushui Logistics, it is Qiushui Logistics that you should be congratulating.Mufan Real Estate is that little shabby enterprise across the street, it can't even be compared to our Qiu family's enterprises."

  Wang Qiaoyu spoke respectfully, correcting these rich tycoon bigwigs in front of her.


  What's wrong?

  When Hua Guoqing and the others heard this, they were stunned.

  Apparently, they were also a bit confused.

  They didn't know what was going on.

  "Hold on a moment, I'll make a call and ask."

  Out of caution, the chairman of the Eastern Mountain Group, Hua Guoqing, hurriedly called to ask.

  A moment later, one of Hua Guoqing's old faces darkened, sweating profusely and apologizing to the person on the other end of the phone, "Yes, yes, Second Master, you're scolding."

  "It's us who were confused."

  "We'll be right over."

  Soon, Hua Guoqing hung up the phone, and in just a short while, his forehead was already covered in cold sweat.

  "Mr. Hua, what's going on?"

  "What the hell is going on?"

  Seeing Hua Guoqing hang up the phone, Hua Guoqing and the others then went forward and asked.

  Hua Guoqing sighed, "Hey, forget about it, it's a mistake."


  "I knew it, it must be a mistake."Hearing Hua Guoqing's words, Wang Qiaoyu's face blossomed with joy.

  "I told you, Mr. Hua and the others are designated to come for our family Wen Fei."

  "Other than my family Wenfei being Mr. Chu, who else here is surnamed Chu?"

  "As for Qiu Mu Orange's family, her husband is a wimp, and Qiu Mu Orange is also a social scum who has been cheated."

  "How are they qualified to have Head Hua and the others travel to congratulate ah~"

  Wang Qiaoyu laughed.

  When the Qiu family heard this, the stone in their hearts also fell to the ground.

  "It seems that the name was really mistaken."Qiu Guang was relieved.

  Fortunately, it was, otherwise, their Qiu family was afraid that they would have lost a lot of face this time.

  "Quickly, Wen Fei, Ying Ying, people are coming for you, hurry over and talk with Mr. Hua and the others."

  Wang Qiaoyu hurriedly urged at this time.

  Then, Chu Wenfei and his wife were in the front, followed by Qiu Guang and the others, they walked over and exchanged pleasantries with Hua Guoqing and the others.

  "Mr. Hua, it's okay if you say something wrong."

  "No need to be concerned."

  "The worst we can do is congratulate again."

  "I, Chu Wenfei, am already grateful that you all have come to give me congratulations for Qiushui Logistics in your busy schedules."

  "Come on, all the CEOs, let's fill up the wine and congratulate the old man again with this wine."

  Chu Wenfei laughed and said generously to Hua Guoqing and the others as he stepped forward.

  "Re-congratulate?And then congratulate the peat!"

  However, as soon as Chu Wenfei's words fell, Hua Guoqing kicked over, directly knocking Chu Wenfei to the ground and falling to the ground.

  "Mr. Hua, what are you..."

  Hua Guoqing's kick not only kicked Chu Wenfei silly, but also Qiu Guang, Wang Qiaoyu and the other Qiu family members were also stupefied in their old faces in fear.

  "Bunch of idiots, what's the random lead?"

  "Don't you have any idea how much you weigh?"

  "It's not like we're here to congratulate you?"

  "Blind leading the way!"

  "You almost got me killed by a bunch of you idiots!"

  Hua Guoqing was simply going mad at this point.

  The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.

  After cursing, Hua Guoqing naturally couldn't stay here any longer.

  Then, turning to look at Guo Lin, Wang Haisheng and the others who came with him, ironically even ashamedly said.

  "I'm sorry gentlemen."

  "My bad, I brought it to the wrong place."

  "Now, everyone hurry up and pick up your stuff and follow me."

  "Let's go across the street and give Mufan Real Estate congratulations!"

  Hua Guoqing's muffled words echoed in the hotel hall.

  Subsequently, the original hall full of dignitaries, after understanding the situation, undoubtedly also turned around with Hua Guoqing.The previous congratulatory gifts, the crowd had undoubtedly brought them back as well.


  "What's this about?"

  "Is this family idiotic?"

  "Are the guests in your own house, have you no compulsions?"

  "Messy fucking lead!"

  "And Autumn Water Logistics?I think it's idiot logistics!"

  Giving congratulations to Mr. Chu and walking through the wrong door, this matter was always a humiliating thing to Hua Guoqing and the others.

  At this time while they were walking, but they were all cursing and complaining at the same time.

  In this way, Qiu Mu Ying and others saw, Hua Guoqing, Guo Lin and other these rich and powerful dignitaries of Yunzhou, left the Yulong Hotel without turning back, and then full of respect into the opposite Mu Fan real estate.

  The full hall was silent.

  At this time the Qiu family members were all flabbergasted, startled at the scene in front of them.

  One by one, their old faces reddened and they only felt ashamed.

  Obviously, Qiu Mu Orange's family had not appeared in front of them throughout, but the Qiu family only felt that they had been fiercely slapped in the face by Qiu Mu Orange.

  Qiu Guang's face was livid, Qiu Mu Ying's eyes were red, and Master Qiu's old eyes were even more deadly.

  The full hall of guests was silent, and the Qiu family felt even more disgraced, unable to say a single word.

  "This is impossible?"

  "By no means!"

  "How is it possible to go to a worship property?"

  "What can she, Autumn Mu Orange, do?"

  Qiu Muying's eyebrows were blood red and her palms were clenched, but she was unwillingly roaring in a low voice!


Not only Qiu Mu Orange, the entire Qiu family couldn't figure it out.


  Why, exactly?

  She Qiu Mu Orange, it Mu Fan real estate, what exactly relies on, let Shen Jiu Wan personally come to congratulate, let Li Xueqi respectfully gift, let half of Yunzhou's rich and powerful, clouds gathered to worship?

  Could there be some hidden secret about that family of Autumn Mu Orange?

  Did they really have the eyes and ears to expel a true dragon from the Qiu family in the first place?

  At this moment, inside the Yulong Hotel, there was silence.

  All of them, with shock and consternation, watched from afar as the countless rich and powerful influxed towards Mufan Real Estate, paying respectful homage to the Qiu Mu orange family.

  Even from a distance, one could still hear the respectful and lively sounds of worship and congratulations from the opposite Mufan Real Estate Company.

  Master Qiu's old face was ugly, and Qiu Mu Ying and the others were even more filled with embarrassment.

  The entire Qiu family, looking at the fact that the Mufan real estate, which they had previously despised and despised, was full of guests, their hearts were undoubtedly as uncomfortable as eating flies.

  Especially the old man Qiu, his old face was burning with pain.

  Who would have thought that the scenery that originally belonged to them was now snatched away by the Qiu Mu Orange family.

  The Shen Group, the Yunzhou Li Family, as well as the Dongshan Group and the Beibing Heavy Industry, which ones who went to congratulate Qiu Mu Orange's family nowadays were not the most prominent enterprises in the city.

  Compared to these people, the Dafeng Factory and the Flour Factory that had come to give them the Qiu family's congratulations, that's fucking shit.

  The guests who rushed to Mufan Real Estate, whether it was in terms of pattern, or in terms of power and status, undoubtedly crushed these guests of the Qiu family on all fronts.

  Previously, Wang Qiaoyu, Qiu Mu Ying and the others had consoled themselves that those were all actors invited by Qiu Mu Orange.

  At first, they could still deceive themselves.

  But now, half of Yunzhou City's dignitaries had arrived.

  What Hua Guoqing, what Guo Lin, what Wang Haisheng's generation, were they also actors hired by Qiu Mu Orange?

  Fame can be faked, and status can be acted, but is the row of luxury cars outside, and the air of an instrumentalist, not also acting?

  What's more, there was no shortage of people in that full hall of guests of the Qiu family who recognized Hua Guoqing, the top tycoon in the Yunzhou business circle, and indeed had come in person.

  As much as the Qiu family was deceiving themselves and being incredulous, they wouldn't be so stupid as to think that half of the powerful people in Yunzhou had nothing to do to come here to accompany Qiu Mu Orange to put on a show.

  Therefore, the only explanation was that they were really here to hold a show for Mu Fan Real Estate.

  The ceremony had started so far, and it could be said that they, Qiushui Logistics, had, completely disgraced themselves!

  While the Qiu family's crowd was still in a silent state of embarrassment, not too far away, within the Mu Fan property.

  Qiu Mu Orange, as well as Han Li and the others, were undoubtedly confused as well.

  Looking at the influx of rich and powerful people, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face was terrified, her petite body trembling, her eyes full of incredulity.

  If the initial Shen Jiuwan could still be explained as because Ye Fan was on good terms with Shen Fei, so the Shen Clan looked at their young master's face and came down to give them Mu Fan real estate support.

  But then Li Xueqi's arrival, and then now when the old boss of Dongshan Group, the president of Beibing Heavy Industry, the chairman of West Sea Industry, Hua Guomin, and other these famous tycoons in Yunzhou City arrived one by one, Qiu Mu Orange was undoubtedly completely confused.

  At that time, Qiu Mu Orange only felt her brain buzz and instantly went blank!

  Before this, Qiu Mu Orange thought that her opening ceremony would be so desolate and embarrassing that it would become her company's own amusement, with no one attending, and would become a complete joke in the Yunzhou corporate circle.

  But who would have thought that in the midst of this twist and turn, the dignitaries of Yunzhou would suddenly come to congratulate the company with heavy gifts.

  For a while, the Mufan Group was so popular that it couldn't even lift its head to the opposite side of Qiushui Logistics.

  All of this came too suddenly.

  So much so that Qiu Mucheng is still not reacting, dumbfounded there, only to find that everything is like a dream.

  It had an unrealistic feel to it.

  Even Qiu Mu-Orange felt this way, let alone the two Han Li couples.

  This couple thought that they were afraid that they would be implicated by their daughter this time as well, and that they would make a big fool of themselves.

  But the two of them, however, had never thought that it was not only no disgrace, but also a big embarrassment.



  "Mu Orange, yes~"

  "I didn't know my daughter was that good~"

  "The CEOs of the big groups have all personally come to congratulate us."

  "Compared to them, the previous group of Qiu family's what flour mill directors and feed mill owners, that's fucking shit~"

  Han Li was simply mad with joy at the moment, saying at every turn that she was the mother of Qiu Mu Orange and the Empress Dowager of Qiushui Logistics.All without the slightest hint of embarrassment and anger before.

  At first when these big names came to congratulate her, Han Li thought they had gone the wrong way.

  Saying that Qiushui Logistics was on the opposite side, they were Mufan Real Estate.

  Later, Han Li and the others were sure that these people, indeed, had come to congratulate Mu Fan Real Estate.

  At one point, Han Li couple and the others found it hard to believe their ears.

  I thought to myself, when has my daughter been so awesome?

  How did you get to know so many great people?

  But where did Han Li and the others know that Qiu Mu Orange was in a state of confusion until the very end.

  She still hasn't figured out who these people, exactly, are coming for.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public, and to help them understand the market.

  So, before a deadbeat Qiushui real estate employees, then happily busy, and also to send tea and water, polite hospitality to these big bosses.

  In the end, the hall could not sit, and in desperation, they set up a few tables in front of the company to greet the people and take their seats.

  Looking at Mu Fan Real Estate that hot and lively and extraordinary, within the Yulong Hotel across the street, the Qiu family's heart was very unpleasant.

  "Are this Hua Guoqing and the others idiots?"

  "The rightful lord is over here, and instead of respectfully coming to pay his respects, he's gone to give a family of wimps a show of support?"

  "How does someone like that become a CEO?"Wang Qiaoyu was red-eyed and jealous, full of indignation.

  The old man was even more furious, reddening his old face: "Hmph, a bunch of dog-eyed things.It's fine if they don't come to congratulate, my Qiu family celebration, a few less of them, a few more of them, not more."

  "If they don't come, we have plenty of big people coming."

  "Wen Fei, when will your guests arrive."

  It should have been a moment of glory for their Qiu family, but now it was all stolen by Qiu Mu Orange's family, of course the old man was angry.

  Now, he could only put his final sustenance on Chu Wenfei.

  Hopefully, Chu Wenfei, would be able to give their Qiu family a face lift.


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