Dish Best Served Cold 381-386


Chapter 381

However, anger was anger.

  Han Li and Qiu Lei, both of them, still went to the company, to the opening ceremony of Mu Fan Real Estate.

  After all, it was always their own daughter who opened the company.

  What's more, they would have to rely on Qiu Mu Orange to retire in the future?

  If even these parents didn't go to the opening ceremony, then Qiu Mu Orange would really be a rebel.

  So, Han Li and Qiu Lei and his wife were forced to go to the opening ceremony after all.

  Even though it was still seven or eight o'clock in the morning, there was already a lot of noise and bustle in front of the company.

  Of course, this bustle didn't belong to Qiu Mu Orange's company, but to the Qiu family.

  The Yulong Hotel was right opposite the Mufan Real Estate Company, all less than ten meters away from each other.

  Early in the morning, everyone from the Qiu family had arrived at the entrance of the hotel by car.

  Outside of the hotel, a brand new red carpet was laid all the way down the hundred meters, and there were even flowers on both sides.Well-trained etiquette ladies, dressed in a festive outfit, stood on both sides of the stairs, ready to welcome the guests.

  Not only that, but there was also a band waiting, and a cannon carriage that had arrived earlier was parked on the road, ready to play music and fire cannons at the start of the celebration.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the new product.


  What's worse, the CEO of Mufan Real Estate, Qiu Mu Orange, was actually carried by Ye Fan on an electric car.

  Because of the economic situation, Qiu Mucheng's family has never bought a car.

  In the past, Mufan Real Estate did give Qiu Mucheng a million luxury car.But then it wasn't an accident in the approval of Mufan Real Estate that caused the company's funds to be tight.In order to recoup the funds, Qiu Mucheng had to sell that car.

  Usually to and from work, Qiu Mu Orange has always traveled by bus.

  As for today, in order to travel conveniently, Ye Fan and the others also rode electric bikes over.


  "Ying Ying, look quickly."

  "Isn't that Autumn Mu Orange?An opening celebration, a company CEO, and he comes in a motorized car?"


  "What a laugh."

  "A poor bastard is a poor bastard~"


  Seeing Autumn Mu Orange and Ye Fan arrive, the Autumn family looked on from afar, full of sneers.

  The gaze that was directed at the couple of Autumn Mu Orange was like looking at idiots.

  "Mom, husband, let's go.Let's go over and say a few words to third sister and the others."

  "Are they always relatives?What about the last engagement where someone's family of four even came with a few hundred shares?"

  "Now that we've met, we can't ignore it, can we?"

  Qiu Mu Ying obviously noticed the entrance to Mu Fan's property as well, and the corners of her mouth then surged into a sneering smile.

  And then, Qiu Mu Ying's family walked towards the opposite side with no good intentions.

  "Third sister, what a surprise, you still have the good sense to come over today?"

  "When you did that shameless thing at the annual meeting last night, I thought you, the CEO, would just take the blame and resign?"

  Across the distance, Qiu Mu Ying's wantonly cold laughter was then heard.

  Qiu Mu Orange was expressionless and looked at them coldly, "Why can't I come over?"

  "I'm the president of this company, and isn't it only right that I attend the opening of my business, as the founder of the company?Why do we need you outsiders to tell us what to do?"

  "Huh?Niece Mu Orange is really a great niece, isn't she?"When Wang Qiaoyu heard Qiu Mu orange's words, she burst out laughing, the disdain in her eyebrows was so sharp that she ridiculed and said, "Still CEO?And the founder of the company?"

  "You're a wimp of a woman, do you deserve it?"

  "Want to start a company as a business to get ahead in Cloud State?Wait for the next life."

  "From the moment you married a wimp, you were destined to be trampled underfoot by my family's Ying Ying forever!"

  Wang Qiaoyu's eyes were full of contempt, and harsh laughter echoed here.

  Qiu Mu Orange's face whitened a little, and with a cold snort, she turned around and entered the company without paying any more attention to them.

  Han Li and her husband and wife also had no bottom in their hearts for fear of humiliation, and followed Qiu Mu Orange into the company as well.

  Only Ye Fan looked at them expressionlessly and calmly, smiling faintly, "You guys are the only ones who still want to trample Mu Orange underfoot?"

  "As long as Mu Orange is willing, the entire Jiangdong is within her reach, not to mention you clowns?"

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Chu Wenfei beside him didn't hold back, and immediately snorted, "Heh, you wimp, what a mouthful!"

  "I'll see if you still have that kind of tone when we have a ribbon-cutting celebration full of guests and a high hall and no one is interested in your opening ceremony."

  When Ye Fan heard this, he shook his head and laughed, "So what?"

  "How about a hundred people from your Autumn family, how about a thousand?So what if ten thousand people come?"

  "My wife's opening ceremony, with just me in attendance, is worth the congratulations of millions of you!"


  Fuck me, right?

  "Brakes, huh?"

  "Simply idiotic in general?"

  Hearing Ye Fan's words, Chu Wenfei's face turned black at that time and didn't hold back from directly cursing out.

  "And one person can stand up to millions of us?"

  "You're a country loser, an incompetent, useless wimp?"

  "What do you top it with?By mouth?"

  "Qiu Mu Orange married an idiot like you, and deserves to hold her head up for the rest of her life."

  Qiu Mu Ying and Wang Qiaoyu's mother and daughter were also enraged and full of anger and contempt, looking at Ye Fan as if they were only looking at idiots.

  "Alright, Ying Ying, why do you need to be common knowledge with this kind of turtle?"

  "When the family is disgraced later, they will naturally have something to cry about!"

  Chu Wenfei cursed disdainfully, and the family of three turned to leave.

  "Ying Ying, what have you guys been doing?"

  Back at the entrance of the hotel, Qiu Guang saw Qiu Mu Ying's family coming from outside and was puzzled.

  Qiu Mu Ying said angrily, "Uncle, forget about it, I just kindly invited Qiu Mu Orange to our ribbon cutting celebration, who knew that other people's family didn't care at all."

  "Calling us jumping clowns, that wimp Ye Fan even said that he alone is worth millions of us?"

  "It's simply laughable."

  Qiu Mu Ying said with anger and rage.

  She had thought that after last night's incident, Qiu Mu Orange's family would be much more honest and know how to behave with their tails between their legs, but she had never thought that family would still be so arrogant.

  A family of wimps, with a stronger tone than one.

  Qiu Guang heard, but shook his head and laughed, "What's the point of caring about them?"

  "That family, Old Three, can only show off their tongue now."

  Qiu Guang sneered and laughed.

  "Alright, you guys hurry up and get ready, the guests are expected to arrive in a little while."

  "That's right, find a junior in our Autumn family to be a singing child."

  "When which big person arrives later, have him ask for his identity and shout out the other person's name."

  "Tell him to shout louder."

  "Let the third family next door hear."

  "Let them know how prosperous the Qiu family is nowadays."


It was nearly nine o'clock in the morning.

  Everyone in the Qiu family was already sitting in the hall, waiting for the first guests to come to the door.

  The first time I was in the room, I was in the room with my wife, and the second time I was in the room with my husband.

  Today's Old Master Qiu wore a rare outfit and a tie on his chest, thus also showing how much importance he attached to today's celebration.

  "Qiu Guang, at this point, the guests who are coming should almost be here, right?"After taking a light sip of tea, Master Qiu whirled around to look at Qiu Guang and said slowly in a deep voice.

  Qiu Guang looked at his watch, "Well, it's nine o'clock, almost."

  As expected~.

  As soon as Qiu Guang's voice fell, outside the hotel, a black Honda car drove up and stopped slowly.

  The door of the car opened, only to see a young and gorgeous woman, holding a short and fat man with a big belly, get out of the car.

  The man looked up in front of him and whirled around, taking his wife on his arm and handing over his business card to the singing child in front of him.

  Immediately afterwards, a young and resonant voice resounded through the autumn sky.

  "Director of the Time Wind Factory, Boss Wei is here!"

  When the child's singing fame was heard, the quiet atmosphere within the hotel hall, which had been quiet, immediately broke.


  "Here they come."

  "Brother and sister-in-law, why don't you go and greet your people when they arrive?"

  Time Wind Factory is no stranger to the Autumn family.It was a partner with Qiushui Logistics for many years.In particular, that factory director, Boss Wei, had a very good personal relationship with Qiuguang and went out for dinner dates every three days or so.

  Now, after hearing Boss Wei's name, everyone immediately understood that the guests who came for Qiuguang had arrived.

  "Haha, Qiuguang, go out and welcome."

  "People are holding our place, we can't lose our manners."

  After hearing that the first batch of guests had arrived, Master Qiu smiled the more excitedly and even urged his eldest son, Qiu Guang, to go out and greet them.


  "Come on, wife, follow me out to welcome the guests."


  Qiu Guang straightened his suit and with a proud smile on his face, he also went out to greet his wife along with his own wife.

  "Mr. Autumn, I'm not late, am I?"

  "Congratulations, Mr. Qiu.I, Wei Longxian, am here with my wife, wishing the Qiu family's business prosperity and the ribbon-cutting celebration a smooth one."

  "A little thin gift, not a token of respect."


  "Boss Wei is polite."

  "Quickly, Boss Wei, Madam Wei, please come inside."

  Qiu Guang smiled and shook hands with Boss Wei warmly, while letting the etiquette lady at the side lead Boss Wei to the hall.

  And at this time, a number of cars stopped outside the hotel again.

  Immediately afterwards, the voices of the singing name children resounded throughout the entire street.


  "Golden Phoenix King Food Factory Boss Wang has arrived!"


  "Boss Lin of Gale Machinery Factory has arrived!"


  "...Lumber mill manager Meng to~"


  As car after car arrived, the tender and resonant voice of the singing name child resounded through the clouds.

  In the blink of an eye, there were dozens of factory directors of all sizes, with their wives, walking up the red carpet and being introduced into the hotel lobby under the welcome of Qiu Guang and the others.

  "Old Master, how is your health?"


  "A little gift, please accept it as well~"



  "Thank you, thank you~"

  In a short while, the hall was already full of guests, with countless people coming forward to congratulate, and a lively and festive atmosphere spread throughout the hall.

  The lively and festive atmosphere spread throughout the hall. Even within a ten meter radius, the lively and noisy sounds of the Qiu family could be heard.

  One morning, there was an endless stream of guests from the Qiu Family, and in contrast, the front of Mu Fan Real Estate Company was empty.

  Apart from a few pedestrians passing by, there really wasn't a single guest at the door.

  In the entire company hall, apart from the dejected staff, how could there have been a single guest who came to pay their respects?


  "Ying Ying, you really got me."

  "The Mufan property across the street, no fart people?"

  "I would have thought that at least a few idiots would have gone to the show for them, right?"

  "Now it seems that I was the one who overestimated them."

  "It's been a whole morning and not a single customer."


  "That Qiu Mu Orange, she's also out of her depth."

  "Married to a door-to-door son-in-law not to mention that she doesn't have much ability herself?"

  "And start a company?"

  "And an opening ceremony?"

  "And send us invitations?"

  "Isn't that like putting your own face up for us to hit?"



  In the hotel, Wang Qiaoyu and the other Qiu family members all smiled proudly as they looked at the empty Mu Fan property across the street.

  The words were filled with mockery and ridicule .

  At this moment, the Mu Fan property had become a joke to the entire Qiu family.

  Master Qiu also looked at it from afar while snorting coldly, "Disgraceful thing."

  While the Qiu family was in the springtime, the atmosphere within the Mu Fan property was extraordinarily condensed and downcast.Looking at the empty hall, and looking at the guest-filled Qiu family not too far away, many people, however, felt sorrow in their hearts.

  In addition, as if to deliberately mock them, the Qiu family even asked the waiter to buy a piece of pig's face from the butcher's shop and send it over.

  When they saw this "pig face", Han Li and the others nearly went mad.

  "What does this mean?"

  "This is clearly mocking us, saying that our faces have been beaten into a pig's face."

  Han Li was angry and furious, originally the opening ceremony without a single person came, Han Li felt humiliated, now that she was humiliated by the Qiu family, she was naturally even angrier.

  All of her anger was poured out on the two of them, Ye Fan and Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Mu Orange, you dead ninny."

  "I've advised you earlier, don't do this opening ceremony."

  "Don't we have any compulsion in our hearts as to how much we can do?"

  "Had to listen to that wimp!"

  "How about now?"

  "The face is about to get smashed, isn't it?"

  "It's a shame that we've caused the old couple to join you."

  "I've never been humiliated like this in my life."

  Han Li cursed, and her angry voice spread throughout the hall.

  However, it was at this moment that the voice of the singing name child was once again heard outside the company.

  "Vice President of the Shen Group, Shen Jiuwan has arrived!"


  Shen's group?

  Shen Jiuzwan?

  The younger brother of the Shen family's owner, Shen Jiuyi?

  Hearing the name of the Shen Clan, many people present were stunned, shocked.

  The Shen Clan was a hundred billion dollar group, the number one local enterprise in Yunzhou.

  The Shen Family was even the premier gentry family in Yunzhou City.

  The crowd did not expect that a ribbon cutting celebration of the Qiu family would even attract the Shen family's second in command.

  "Chief Qiu, you can ah."

  "Deeply hidden, ah!"

  "The second head of the Shen family has come to congratulate you."

  "This face, there aren't many of them in the entire Yunzhou, ah?"

  In a split second, many people were looking at Qiu Guang, full of envy and appreciation.

  But Qiu Guang's heart was a bit drummed.

  He didn't remember inviting the Shen Clan to come ah.

  What's more, this kind of multi-billion dollar enterprise, the giants of Yunzhou, their Qiu family couldn't afford to reach ah.


Therefore, upon hearing the arrival of Shen Jiuwan, Qiu Guang did not rush to greet him, but looked slightly suspiciously at Chu Wenfei and Qiu Mu Ying.

  "Wenfei, this Shen Jiuyan, did you invite him?"

  "No, Uncle.I don't get along with the Shen family anymore."Chu Wenfei just shook his head straight away.

  If it was before, Chu Wenfei would have thought that this Shen family was after his face.

  But after so many events, Chu Wenfei had undoubtedly seen clearly long ago that this Shen family didn't take him seriously at all.

  Otherwise, then why did Shen Jiuyi send him a fake painting?

  Later, Yunjing Hotel dinner, but even more directly to the police to send them to the police station.

  Before the daughter country, Shen Meng is even not even a little bit merciful.

  So, after all sorts of things, Chu Wenfei and his wife both understood that this Shen family is a hypocrite.

  On the surface Mr. Chu, Mr. Chu's shouted affectionate, toast is also toast enthusiasm, but in fact pretend to pit him money.

  Before and after, Chu Wenfei and his wife don't know how much money was pitched to them by the Shen family.Now they still owe them four million?

  After hearing Chu Wenfei's reply, only then did Qiu Guang nodded, and he felt much more confident.

  "In that case, it must have been directed at me."

  "Let's go, wife, go out and greet Mr. Shen."

  Qiuguang whirled and laughed, full of pride and excitement.

  At this time, Qiuguang's heart was almost mad with pride.

  Thinking to himself that he was so awesome?

  Even the Shen Group had come to give him a show.

  Although Shen Jiuwan was only the second-in-command of the Shen Group, but compared with the surrounding this factory director that factory director, undoubtedly bullish a thousand times, this compelling status suddenly went up.

  So, Qiuguang could no longer hold back his excitement, and immediately brought his wife to greet him outside the hotel amidst the envious and esteemed gazes of the crowd.

  "Mr. Shen, what are you doing here?"

  "We're a small business, but we didn't dare to send you an invitation before for fear of disturbing you, General Manager Shen."

  "This is unexpected, you have personally arrived today, Mr. Shen."



  Qiuguang was so excited that the hand that was holding Shen Jiewan was trembling.

  Seeing Qiuguang, Shen Jiuyan also smiled along with him and asked respectfully, "May I ask, are you, Mr. Chu?"

  "Yes, yes, I'm Chu Xian..."Perhaps because of excitement, a few words came out without thinking, but only after the words came out did Qiu Guang realize something was wrong, and his old face immediately smacked, "What...What... What?What did you say?"

  "I say, are you Mr. Chu?I came with a generous gift to congratulate Mr. Chu."Shen Jiuyan said respectfully.

  But when he heard this, Qiu Guang's mood was immediately lowered.

  So it was looking for Wen Fei.

  He just said? how could he be so proud to have the Shen family personally send congratulations.

  With a hidden loss, Qiu Guang whirled around and shouted, "Wen Fei, Ying Ying, come out, right?Shen is always coming for you."


  Chu Wenfei and Qiu Mu Ying were truly shocked and were flabbergasted at the time.

  "Punch...Coming at us?"

  Chu Wenfei and Qiu Mu Ying looked at each other, clearly surprised.

  They were a little confused as to what this Shen family was up to.

  "Ying Ying, what are you guys waiting for?"

  "Why don't you go out and meet them?"

  "Is Mr. Shen waiting outside?"

  Wang Qiaoyuton smiled and urged.

  Master Qiu also urged, telling them to hurry up and don't lose their manners.

  Just like that, the couple drove the ducks to the outside and met Shen Jiowan.

  "You are Mr. Chu?"Shen Jiuyan asked politely.

  Chu Wenfei nodded, "I am.Are you really here to congratulate me?"

  Chu Wenfei still seemed to have some doubts and confirmed again.

  Shen Jiewan bowed and curtsied, paying respectful homage, "Mr. Chu is indeed as my brother said, heroic young ah."

  "Today, on behalf of the Shen Clan, I, Shen Jiuwan, have come to offer my congratulations to Mr. Chu."

  "Ha~ Ying Ying, it's really for us."Once Chu Wenfei heard this, he was happy then.

  Regardless of whether the other party was sincere or not, but coming here, that was giving him Chu Wenfei's face and pretending to be something else by the way, of course Chu Wenfei welcomed it.

  So, the couple's suspicions were swept away, and then they smiled and said, "Quickly, Shen, let's invite inside first."

  Jokingly, Qiu Mu Ying and his wife introduced Shen Jiowan into the hall.

  "This is my mother, this is my father, the one above is my grandfather., which is the old man of the Qiu family."

  Once they reached the hall, Chu Wenfei and his wife introduced them one by one like Shen Jiowan.

  With each person introduced, Shen Jiowan came forward to shake hands respectfully, his posture very low.

  The other guests on the side were shocked and tsked in admiration at the sight of this.

  "This Qiu family's fourth son-in-law, what a great face."

  "Young age, let's not say that the Shen Clan personally sent congratulations.In front of him, the posture is so low?"

  "Autumn family, you've found a good grandson-in-law~"

  The crowd was sighing with envy.

  As for Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei, they felt the envious and esteemed gazes of the crowd, and were even more proud of themselves.

  At this time, Shen Jiowan stepped forward and gave a brand new watch to Chu Wenfei in front of the crowd.

  "Mr. Chu, this is a hasty arrival, a little thin gift, please smile."

  Seeing this watch, the eyes of many people present straightened.

  "I go, this is a Rolex gold watch."

  "At worst, it's ten thousand yuan to start."

  "With the Shen family's background, this watch must be at least several hundred thousand, right?"

  "Worthy of being a grand family in Yunzhou, so generous!"

  The crowd trembled once again.

  When Qiu Mu Ying saw this, she even more immediately took over that watch, as if she was afraid that Shen Jiowan would go back on his word, and took it apart and put it on Chu Wenfei in front of her.

  "Haha, it's quite suitable, thank you Shen."Qiu Mu Ying thanked.

  "It's good that Mr. Chu likes it."

  Shen Jiowan smiled respectfully, and after presenting the gift, out of courtesy, Shen Jiowan turned around to pay his respects to Master Qiu.

  "Master Qiu, you have a good granddaughter-in-law, ah."

  "With Mr. Chu here, the Qiu family will be the number one gentry in Jiangdong in the future."

  "Today I'll make a start, later on my brother will bring along a kind of powerful and rich man from Yunzhou to congratulate all of them."


  "Lord Shen will come too?"


  "Yes, yes, yes!"

  "When the time comes, my entire Qiu family will definitely sweep the couch to welcome Master Shen to the house, ah."Hearing Shen Jiowan's words, Master Qiu and the others trembled once again, and the smile on his face became even greater.

  "Master Qiu's words are important, Mr. Chu's grand opening ceremony is bound to be congratulated by ten thousand states.Compared to a truly powerful big man, our Shen family is just a small role."

  "But before that, I, Shen Jiuwan, will drink this toast to Mufan Real Estate, for its auspicious opening!"

  "May the business of Mufan Real Estate flourish!"

  In the respectful and respectful voice, Shen Jiuyan end table a cup of wine, but a drink.

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  The smile on Master Qiu's old face instantly stagnated.

  Qiu Guang and the others even more so, their old faces were drawn.

  The looks of the guests present also changed.


Mufan Properties?

  What the hell?

  Shen Jiowan's words caused everyone present to be stunned.

  In particular, the full house of guests subconsciously asked Qiu Guang.

  "Mr. Qiu, isn't it Qiushui Logistics?"

  "Have you changed your name?"

  "When did you get into real estate?"


  "And no, Mufan Real Estate, wasn't that the one on the news yesterday?"

  "Is Shen confused?"

  The crowd of guests looked confused, clearly somewhat unable to understand the situation in front of them.

  Old Master Qiu also looked a little ugly, his original smile immediately dissipated.

  Now the four words Mu Fan real estate, to the Qiu family, that was undoubtedly a disgrace, an existence that everyone in the Qiu family loathed and despised.

  But now at the ribbon-cutting celebration of their Qiushui Logistics, Shen Jiowan was here to congratulate Mu Fan Real Estate.

  What did this mean?

  Isn't this a slap in the face of their Autumn family?

  "Mr. Shen, you're remembering wrong, right?"

  "We are Qiu Shui Logistics, not Mufan Real Estate."Master Qiu said in a deep voice, his tone already somewhat unhappy.

  Qiu Guang and the others were also somewhat livid and ugly, thinking to themselves that this Shen Jiowan was not old and confused?

  Can Autumn Water Logistics also be described as Mufan Real Estate?

  Do the two names look alike?

  It's not even a word!



  "Grandpa, Shen must have been too excited to see you.Fang shouted the wrong name."

  "Don't mind, just forget about it, I'll ask Shen to overrule and say it again."

  Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei were also a bit embarrassed and quickly came out to round things up.

  Only then did Master Qiu's face look a lot better, and the mustiness in his heart dissipated quite a bit right away.

  "Well, I'm not angry either."

  "It's just that today is the ribbon-cutting celebration of our Qiushui Logistics, and on the big happy day, Mr. Shen saying it as the name of a jerk enterprise is always bad for our Qiu family's image."

  "Let's do it this way, Mr. Shen, you say it again, and toast us again, and I'll leave this matter alone."

  Master Qiu leaned on his old man, and his posture was very high.

  It looked like the respect and deference that Shen Jiowan had just shown to their Qiu family had already swelled a bit, and the tone in which he spoke to Shen Jiowan was a bit commanding.

  However, listening to the crowd's words, Shen Jiowan was yet also stunned at once: "What did you say?"

  "Is this the ribbon cutting celebration for Autumn Water Logistics?"

  "Wasn't it the opening of the Mufan property?"

  Shen Jiuyan was a bit confused, his old eyes staring, when he asked the question, he only felt that it was serious.

  "Of course not.Mufan Real Estate is that kind of trash enterprise, how can it have the row and prestige of our Qiushui Logistics?"

  "It's not even qualified to be compared to us."Wang Qiaoyu said proudly.

  But after Shen Jiowan heard this, he immediately snapped, "Shut up!"

  "How noble is Mufan's real estate, how can it be insulted by a stupid idiot woman like you?"

  "It's fortunate that Second Master isn't here, or else you alone would be enough to kill you!"

  Shen Jiuyan's words were too cruel, when scared Wang Qiaoyu was nearly spread out.Her face was as white as paper, and her body shrank back, as if she was truly afraid that this Shen Jiowan would take her life.


  "Shen, what do you mean by that?"

  "Today, aren't you here to congratulate me on Autumn Water Logistics?"Master Qiu frowned and asked in confusion.

  "Autumn Water Logistics?What's that?"

  "I'm here today to attend the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate and give Mufan Real Estate congratulations."Shen Jiuyan spoke low and unceremoniously.

  "Mufan Real Estate?"

  "Isn't that the little company across the street?"Among the crowd, a guest whispered.

  Hearing this, Shen Jiuyan Fang understood.

  I dare say that I'm in the wrong place?

  Thinking of this, Shen Jiowan was also depressed, and his old face immediately sank.


  "It's not Mufan Real Estate, what the fuck are you guys leading me astray for?"

  "Bunch of turds!"

  "You almost ruined the whole thing!"

  "Why don't you get me my watch yet?"

  Shen Jiuyan's old face was livid and he was so angry that he just cursed out, and without saying a word, he took the Rolex gold watch from Chu Wenfei's hand and turned his head and walked away.

  "Qiushui Logistics?"

  "What kind of bullshit company?"

  "You've never even heard of it and have the face to be congratulated by our Shen?"

  "Bunch of turtles, you guys deserve that too?"

  The more he thought about the wrong door, the angrier Shen Jiowan undoubtedly became.

  If this got out, he Shen Jiovan would be laughed at?

  If his brother finds out, he'll probably scold him for entering the wrong house for a celebration.

  Thinking of this, Shen Jiowan was undoubtedly even angrier.

  Cursing as he walked out, he vented his full fury on the Qiu family.

  And then, amidst the startled gazes of the room full of people, they only saw that Shen Jiowan, after walking out of the Yulong Hotel, went straight into the Mu Fan property across the street.

  Mu Fan Real Estate.

  There were only a handful of people in the Noda Company.Without exception, all of them were employees of the company.

  But everyone was in a low mood, and their faces were ugly and uncomfortable standing there.

  The company's opening ceremony was not attended by anyone, they, the company employees, naturally also felt humiliated.

  Qiu Mu Orange was silent, although she tried to appear calm, the embarrassment and heartache in her heart was still so vivid.

  Today's ending, although she had expected it.

  However, when she saw the empty hall and the unattended opening ceremony, Qiu Mu Orange still felt desolate and aggrieved in her heart.

  After working so hard for so long, what she got in return was such an ending.

  No matter how strong one's heart was, it would still hurt at this point, right?


  "You're a wimp."

  "The stuff that succeeds and fails."

  "Haven't you screwed our family badly enough?"

  "And now you're compelling our family to host the opening ceremony of Mu Orange."

  "I see that you're just saving your life to embarrass our family."

  At this time, Han Li was still chopping her head at Ye Fan and scolding her.The piercing voice echoed throughout the hall.

  "Mom, have you cursed enough?"

  "It's not Ye Fan's fault, I brought this on myself."Qiu Mu Orange couldn't hear any more, but she was defending Ye Fan.

  At a time like this, when Qiu Mu Orange still spoke for Ye Fan, Han Li was undoubtedly even angrier: "Why don't you blame him?"

  "If this wimp hadn't encouraged you, would we be so humiliated today?"

  "He's a loser, he wants money and no connections, and he's still making noises about having an opening ceremony."

  "If he's really capable, he shouldn't just fart here.If you can, just invite a few multi-millionaires to townhall your wife, huh?"

  As soon as Han Li said that, the door to the office was pushed open.

  "Excuse me, is this Mufan Real Estate?"


  The entire hall was stunned as they looked at the middle-aged man in front of them who was wearing a suit with a flattering and respectful smile.

  "You are?"Autumn Mu Orange was confused.


  "I am Shen Jiuwan, Vice President of the Shen Group."

  "Today, on behalf of the Shen Group, I have come to congratulate you."

  "I wish Mufan Real Estate, good luck and prosperity in its opening!"

  Shen Jiuwan's respectful voice echoed for a long time.

  But Mu Fan real estate full of people, but all of them trembled, and Qiu Mu Orange was so shocked that she stood up from her seat.

  Shen's group?

  Shen...Shum Jiu-man?

  The Shen family, a powerful family in Yunzhou?

  Shen Jiewan's arrival undoubtedly set off monstrous waves in the otherwise cold and calm Mu Fan real estate.

  While Qiu Mu Orange, Han Li, and the others were still in tremors and lost their minds for a long time, Ye Fan's faint voice, however, quietly sounded, "Well, the Shen family, it's also downright heartfelt."

  "Since you're here, find yourself a place to sit."


Shen Jiewan's arrival, the Mufan property was no longer calm.

  At the entrance of the Yulong Hotel, Wang Qiaoyu, Jiang Hong, and other members of the Qiu family were dumbfounded while looking at the smiling and respectful Shen Jiowan in front of Qiu Mu Orange's family from afar.

  "This...This is really the second head of the Shen family?"

  "Is it really the vice president of the Shen Group?"

  "Bowing and scraping to a family of wimps, is there such a thing as a CEO?"Jiang Hong watched from afar, so full of astonishment that it was hard to believe her eyes.

  "Fake, right?That's a hired actor, I'm afraid, isn't it?"Wang Qiaoyu was equally trembling and incredulous.


  "This must be the actors Qiu Mu Orange and the others hired."

  "Otherwise, a family of wimps and a poor country bumpkin, how could the vice president of the Shen Clan give them a congratulatory speech?"

  "And that's respectful?"

  For a time, everyone nodded, all believing that this Shen Jiuwan was an actor hired by Autumn Mu Orange.

  "Scum like Qiu Mu Orange, for the sake of vanity, even dared to make up nonsense to deceive the crowd at an occasion like the annual meeting.Nowadays, it's not a strange thing to invite a few actors in order to satisfy one's vanity."

  Qiu Mu Ying sneered coldly at the Qiu Mu Orange family, she was still full of contempt and despised them with all her heart.Even less would she believe that they were capable of having the vice president of the Shen Clan personally congratulate them.

  "But, what about the Rolex gold watch?Actors can be hired, but hundreds of thousands of watches are never hired, right?"Someone among the crowd questioned.

  Wang Qiaoyu sneered, "Heh, a fake one.A fake watch is only a few dozen dollars."

  "Also right."The crowd nodded, obviously agreeing with what Wang Qiaoyu said.

  "Alright, it's just a jokester, so don't mind everyone.Quickly take your seats and prepare for the banquet."At this time, but Qiu Guang greeted the crowd back to take their seats.

  However, at this time, in front of the road, a pink Maserati, with a low roar, crossed the sky and swirled around to stop in front of the hotel.

  A moment later, the childish voice of the singing name child once again resounded through the heavens.

  "Yunzhou Li family's daughter, Li Xueqi has arrived!"


  It was as if a boulder was like a sea, creating a monstrous wave.

  After the fame of the Yunzhou Li Family was spread out, the crowd present, looked tremendously shaken.

  The Yunzhou Li Family?

  Li...Master Lee's family?

  Just as the crowd was confused, a shout came from the crowd once again.

  "Li Xueqi?"

  "Could it be the second master's sister, Princess Li's family, Li Xueqi?"


  Princess Lee?

  Qiu Guang's old face twitched.

  Chu Wenfei's body also trembled.

  As the saying goes, before a wave subsides, a wave rises again.

  The crowd had thought that this Li Xueqi in front of them, even if she was really a member of the Yunzhou Li family, I'm afraid she was still a minor character of no importance.

  But Qiu Guang and the others had never thought that this time, the one who came was the eldest princess of the Qiu family, the second son of Li's own sister, Li Xueqi?


  What's she doing here?

  In a split second, the faces of the Qiu family all went white.

  Qiu Guang, Qiu Fei, and the others looked at each other, and Chu Wenfei was also terrified.

  For quite a few minutes, none of the people in the full hall dared to go down to greet them.

  "Brother, you...You invited?"Jiang Hong's words trembled.

  "What about the noise?How is that possible?No matter how awesome I am, Qiu Guang can't invite the Qiu family's eldest princess ah?"The last time that Shen Jiuwan, Qiu Guang hardened his scalp and dared to greet him, but this one, he really didn't dare to.

  After all, the difference in status was too great.

  That was Second Master Li's own sister.

  This kind of person was completely an existence that he, Qiuguang, couldn't afford to reach.

  "Fourth Brother, could it be you?"Autumn Light looked to the side again.

  Autumnfall's old face twitched and shook her head in a row, "No...Impossible.My prestige in Yunzhou is not as good as you, big brother?"

  "You don't even dare to invite the big man, how dare I?"

  "It wasn't Big Brother's or yours, who would it be against?"

  "Could it be..."

  Thinking of this, the gazes of the people in the full hall all turned to Chu Wenfei in the center of the hall.

  "Wenfei, Miss Li, is that for you?"

  Among the people of the Qiu Family, the only one who might be able to invite the Li Family would probably be Chu Wenfei.

  The Yunzhou Chu family, although it was not considered a noble family like the Shen family, its power and status in Yunzhou was undoubtedly much higher than the Qiu family.

  What's more, the Chu Wenfei family, it was said, still had a few ties with Wu City.

  Thus, relatively speaking, the possibility that this Li Xueqi was coming for Chu Wenfei was undoubtedly the greatest.

  But Chu Wenfei was also a bit confused at this point.

  He didn't remember that his family had any dealings with the Yunzhou Li family.

  After all, the Second Li had an irreplaceable position in Yunzhou City, and was the leading big man of the entire Yunzhou.

  And their Chu family was only seven or eight years old when they first came to Yunzhou, and even though they had accumulated a lot of wealth through their real estate business, their heritage was far too poor.

  Even though they had accumulated a lot of wealth from their real estate business, their heritage was far too poor. With the disparity in status too great, the Chu family naturally couldn't talk to the Li family.

  Chu Wenfei remembered that the only time his own father had contact with the second son of Li in all these years was at a dinner party set up by his father, borrowing the light of Wu City.

  Even his own father couldn't climb this high branch of the Li family, let alone him, a junior?

  Therefore, Chu Wenfei, who was always high-profile, undoubtedly also wimped out when faced with the Li family, not daring to admit it at all.

  Shaking his head repeatedly, he trembled, "Should...Shouldn't be."

  Seeing Chu Wenfei shaking his head, for a moment, the Qiu family was strangely surprised.

  "Could it be that she's also after Qiu Mu Orange and his family?"Jiang Hong made a wild guess.

  Wang Qiaoyu exploded at the sound of it and directly scolded, "Nonsense!"

  "That family of wimps, Princess Li was blind to go congratulate them."

  "Come on, whether or not it matters who it's directed at.Let's just go out and greet them first, after meeting them, we'll naturally know who it's for."When Qiu Guang saw that no one dared to receive this guest, he suggested that the various members of the Qiu family should go together to greet him.

  Chu Wenfei didn't follow, but stayed in the hall to greet the guest.Master Qiu was also sitting in the middle hall, waiting for Princess Li's family to come to the hall to congratulate them.

  As soon as they left the hotel, Qiu Guang and Qiu Mu Ying and the others saw a clear and beautiful silhouette walking over.

  Seeing Li Xueqi dressed in a white ceremonial skirt, her temperament was dusty and stunning, and a rare smile appeared on her clear and cold pretty face at this time, also walking towards the direction of the Qiu family.


  "Miss Li, you're a thousand gold, to descend on our secluded land, my Qiu family, I'm flattered."

  Qiu Guang and the others smiled excitedly, full of respect and flattery, and shook hands with Li Xueqi in succession.

  Li Xueqi smiled politely and said, "All uncles and uncles are polite.It is also an honor for Xueqi to participate in Mr. Chu's celebration."

  "I wonder if Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu are here?"

  Li Xueqi's words, however, shocked everyone in the Qiu Family.

  "I go, but it's really for Wen Fei?"

  "Wenfei's family, is it already so powerful?You've got the Li family here in person?"

  Qiu Guang and the others trembled, and their hearts undoubtedly thought three points higher of Chu Wenfei once again.

  Then, Qiu Guang and the others looked at Qiu Mu Ying at the side in unison.

  "Looking for...Looking for me?"Qiu Mu Orange was flabbergasted and somewhat flattered at that time, her pretty face terrified.

  Apparently, even she hadn't expected that this eldest princess of the Li family would actually be after her husband's reputation!

  Her husband, he's already so cool?


  "Ying Ying, what are you waiting for, people Miss Li came all the way here to give you a show, why don't you go and thank her?"

  While Qiu Muying was terrified, Wang Qiaoyu, who was on the other side, was overjoyed and only felt that she was making a fool of herself.

  The eldest princess of the Li family in Yunzhou has come to support her own daughter and son-in-law, this forced to play big.



  Being so reminded by Wang Qiaoyu, Qiu Muying was only awakened from her endless ecstasy.

  Whirling forward hurriedly, with a heart full of excitement, smiling and shaking hands, she couldn't stop thanking the exuberant woman in front of her, "Haha, Miss Li has come from afar, my husband Mr. Chu and I are doubly honored and grateful."

  "We didn't know beforehand, so please forgive us for being distant."

  Qiu Muying was a proud nature, but in front of this Li Parent Princess in front of her, she naturally didn't dare to put up any kind of fight.

  After all, the difference in status and position could be on display right here?

  Li Xueqi came to congratulate them today, and Autumn Muying didn't think that the Li family was here to suck up to them, but probably just to hold a party and give her husband face.

  People so give face, Qiu Mu Ying naturally dare not slow down, with a heart full of honor and enthusiasm, pulling Li Xueqi's hand is not loose at all ah.

  "You are, Madam Chu?"

  "Mr. Chu's wife?"

  Qiu Mu Ying's enthusiasm made Li Xue Qi a little flattered as well.

  She arrived early this time as the Li family's spearhead, one purpose was to help her brother to find out what was going on, and the other purpose was to get closer to Mr. Chu's family's personal relationship.

  It must be known that after the Taishan martial battle, Mr. Chu became famous, sweeping away the six rivers, leaping to become the esteem of Jiangdong, and all the 18 prefecture-level cities in the province served him as their master, and even big shots like Chen Ao were subservient to him.

  With such majesty and status, the Yunzhou Li family could naturally strenuously befriend him.

  Li Xueqi had offended Mr. Chu last time because of her ignorance, she thought that this time she would be a cold bench and Mr. and Mrs. Chu would not treat her well, but she did not expect that Mrs. Chu was so friendly and approachable.

  For a moment, Li Xueqi was also sincerely terrified, and in the face of Qiu Mu Ying's enthusiasm, she only felt that she could not take it, and thanked her repeatedly.

  "Madame Chu is really polite."

  "Your jade body and golden body, it's already a great honor for Xueqi to go out and welcome me personally."

  "In fact, many days ago, Xueqi had thought of coming to pay a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Chu, but I have been afraid of intruding, so today I took this opportunity to come along to visit and congratulate them."

  "This necklace is a gift from me to Madame to meet her.I wish Madame eternal youth and beauty."

  In between her words, Li Xueqi gave a Jing Mei gift box in her hand to Qiu Mu Ying.

  After receiving the gift box, Qiu Muying immediately opened it and looked at it.

  In that instant, one could only feel a pearly light coming to the surface.

  "This...This is..."

  "This is, Jin Manchu!"

  "Lao Fengxiang's town treasure."

  "The market price is at least six hundred thousand!"

  In the split second that Li Xueqi's gift was opened, Qiu Guang and the others all gathered around.

  And after seeing it, the second aunt, Jiang Hong, directly called out in surprise.

  "I haven't been willing to buy this necklace."

  "I didn't expect it, Ying Ying, you got it today without spending a dime."

  "Second aunt envies you to death?"

  "You're so happy!"

  Looking at the shining gold necklace in front of her, Jiang Hong herself was nearly mad with envy, her eyes were red.If it wasn't for Qiu Guang pulling from behind, Jiang Hong would probably have already put her face on it.

  Six...Six hundred thousand?

  Or at least?

  Qiu Muying also drew a breath of cold air after learning the value of the necklace, but her heart was simply mad with joy.

  Worthy of being the Li family's eldest princess, this mere meeting gift was a gift of six hundred thousand.

  "It's too valuable, Miss Li.This first meeting and you're giving such a gift, how can I accept it?"Qiu Muying pretended to be excused, her mouth shouted embarrassment, but her hand was very honestly put the necklace into her bosom.

  After a few more pleasantries, Li Xueqi asked: "Madam, where is Mr. Chu?Not today?"

  After chattering outside for half a day, Li Xueqi hadn't seen Mr. Chu's face, and was suddenly a little curious.

  "Haha, Miss Li, you see I'm happy and confused."

  "Quick, inside please, my husband is waiting for you in the hall?"

  Qiu Muying took the gift and smiled proudly as she took Li Xueqi and headed down the hall.

  "Quick, Wen Fei."

  "Miss Li rushed our family and gave me a necklace worth six hundred thousand dollars?"

  "Come out and greet it."

  Qiu Mu Ying shouted loudly as she shook the necklace in her hand.

  It seemed as if she was afraid that others didn't know that the Li family was coming for his family's face.

  Sure enough, after hearing these words, the hall full of guests were once again shocked.

  "This Old Fourth Family is awesome!"

  "You can even invite the Li Parent Princess?"

  "Old man, your Qiu family, you've climbed a real dragon!"

  Many people were surprised and sighed, their words filled with envy.


  "It's my family Ying Ying who strives to find a good granddaughter-in-law for this old man of mine."

  Li Xueqi's arrival had undoubtedly wiped away the displeasure that Master Qiu had just felt.

  Originally, Master Qiu also wanted to personally go over to greet him, but on second thought, as the head of the Qiu family, this gesture naturally had to be higher, no matter how powerful Li Xueqi was, she was just a junior, so why did he need to personally go over to greet her?

  So, Master Qiu waved his hand and commanded, "Wen Fei, you go quickly.Miss Li personally came to congratulate us, we can't fall short of our manners, so you quickly bring Miss Li over."

  "Ha~ Okay, grandpa."

  Chu Wenfei was undoubtedly excited at this point as well.

  At first, he didn't dare to go to greet her, but he didn't expect that it was really for himself?

  Is your own dad, already so awesome?

  Even the Li family in Yunzhou is involved?

  If that was the case, he was afraid that he would have to pretend big today!

  So Chu Wenfei laughed, no longer hesitated, in the midst of the respect and envy of the crowd, welcomed the direction that Li Xueqi came from, and strode over with his head held high.

  That arrogant look, how windy.

  Just like this, Chu Wenfei immediately extended his hand towards Li Xueqi in full view of everyone.

  "Miss Li, hello."

  "It's just a celebration, I didn't expect to have you come over personally?"

  "However, I remember this favor.When the day comes, my wife and I, will come to the house and pay a personal visit."Chu Wenfei smiled proudly, a grin that could nearly fit into an apple, and leaned up to shake hands with Li Xueqi.

  However, looking at the young man who appeared from nowhere in front of her, Li Xueqi couldn't help but frown, confused, "You are?"


  Li Xueqi's words stunned the crowd.

  What was this?

  Especially Chu Wenfei himself, his face turned black at that time.

  In his heart, he cursed.

  Peat ah?

  You've come to worship me. Don't you know me?

  What's wrong with you?

  "Miss Li, he is Chu Wenfei, didn't you come for him, to congratulate him?"Autumn Light was beside himself with confusion.

  "Chu Wenfei?"Lu Xueqi raised her eyebrows, "What Chu Wenfei, don't know."

  "I'm here to congratulate Mr. Chu."

  "Isn't this the site of the opening ceremony held by Mufan Real Estate?"


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