Dish Best Served Cold 377-380


Chapter 377

At this point, there was only one day left until tomorrow's opening ceremony.

  It should have been a joyous day, but the employees of Mufan Real Estate couldn't be happier.

  Just because, the matter of last night's annual meeting even made the news.

  Even on the internet, there was a video related to last night's annual meeting of entrepreneurs.

  The title was: "Shame on the industry!The CEO of Mufan Real Estate is morally corrupt, posing as a big shot to mix in the annual meeting of entrepreneurs."

  For a time, Mufan Real Estate was tantamount to being pushed into the limelight, and was despised and questioned by those in the industry.

  Even the few small companies that had been sure to come to the opening ceremony had returned their invitations.

  Overnight, Mufan Real Estate rebelled, and was isolated and boycotted by the industry.

  The president of Mufan Real Estate, Qiu Mu Orange, had undoubtedly also completely become a disgrace to the entrepreneurs of Yunzhou City.


  "A small shabby company, and still posing as a large group?"

  "Really deadly shameless?"

  "And their CEO, who is also said to be a hypocritical villain."

  "And married to a wimp?"

  "And such unscrupulous people want to start a company?"

  "I can go to the fucking bar!"

  "They open tomorrow, so none of us should go."

  "Let them embarrass themselves there~"


  Many people in the Yunzhou City business circles were full of contempt and disdain when they talked about Mufan Real Estate.

  It was as if they had treated Mu Fan Real Estate as a disgrace to their Yunzhou City enterprises, and had been boycotted by a group of enterprise CEOs.

  Under such circumstances, people were naturally on tenterhooks in Mufan Real Estate.It only felt a heavy haze that enveloped this company that had only been established for a few months.

  The most important thing for an enterprise is its reputation.

  Now Mufan Real Estate's reputation has been stinky, so in the opinion of many employees, Mufan Real Estate is not far from closing down.

  Many people have already started looking for a way out for themselves, secretly contacting other companies.

  Qiu Mucheng didn't go to work today, she was drenched in rain last night and had a bit of a cold, so Ye Fan insisted that she should rest at home for a day.Qiu Mu Orange then agreed.

  Although the opening ceremony was tomorrow, but before that, Qiu Mu Orange had worked overtime and had already arranged everything completely, so even if she didn't go to the company today, it would basically have no effect.

  Even if something did happen, Qiu Mu Orange could still be remotely controlled and contacted by phone.

  "Mu Orange, how about some fruit?"

  "Don't work so hard today, just think of it as a day off for yourself."

  Ye Fan pushed the door in and placed a plate of fruit in front of Qiu Mu Orange.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange shook her head, her mood was very low.

  Just a moment ago, her assistant, Du Cuckoo, called to tell him that there were already seven employees today, who had submitted their resignations to the HR department.

  Was this still a new enterprise that had just started?

  Before it had even opened, it looked like it was going out of business.

  Thinking of this, the heart that Qiu Mu Orange had been steadfast in, also undoubtedly began to waver.

  She lifted her pretty face and looked at Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, do you think that there is still a need for us to persevere?"

  "Tomorrow's opening ceremony, a quarter of the company will resign today."

  "I'm afraid that the entire Yunzhou business community, we, Mufan Real Estate, have become a complete joke, right?"

  Autumn Mu Orange was full of loss.

  In the beginning, she was in charge of the situation with high morale, striving to make a success for all to see.

  But after experiencing so many things, Qiu Mu Orange finally understands how difficult it is to do one thing well, to run a business?

  "Moreover, because of yesterday's incident, Mufan Real Estate's reputation has been completely lost."

  "Even if it opens tomorrow as scheduled, but in the future, it's unlikely that there will be any companies, any individuals, who will work with a company that has lost its integrity like ours."

  Qiu Mu Orange shook her head and sighed, last night's incident, although everything was Suzy's own doing, and in no way was it Qiu Mu Orange's intention.

  But that was no longer important, what was important was that she, Autumn Mu Orange, and Mu Fan Real Estate, had been completely nailed to the pillar of shame in the Yunzhou business community.

  Qiu Mu Orange reckoned that no one would come to tomorrow's opening ceremony, right?

  "Ye Fan, do you think there's still a need for Mu Fan Real Estate to open?"

  Autumn Mu Orange was in a low mood, and as she said this, she was actually ready to give up.

  One always had to accept reality, and insisting without reason would often end up crashing to the ground.

  "Of course it's necessary!"

  "Why not open?"

  "Mu Orange, you've worked so hard for so long, and you're really willing to give up at this point?"Evan spoke with a firm tone, speaking with a cutting edge.

  "But our corporate image, already..."

  "Mu Orange, don't care what others think.Time will naturally change everything.When the time comes, the world will know whether Mufan Real Estate is an honest company, and whether you, Autumn Mu Orange, are a person worth trusting."

  "Mu Orange, if you believe me, the opening ceremony will be held tomorrow, as scheduled!"

  Ye Fan's words were low and deep, just like gold and stone falling to the ground, but they were so sonorous and powerful.

  It was as if Ye Fan's words had a special magical power, and Qiu Mu Orange's originally shaken heart actually somehow emerged with strength.

  She looked at Ye Fan and lightly smiled, "Good, Ye Fan, I believe in you."

  "Trust in what?~"

  However, as soon as Qiu Mu Orange's words fell, an angry voice came from behind her.

  The two couples, Han Li and Qiu Lei, were the only ones who walked in from outside with ugly faces.

  Apparently, this couple was afraid that they had also seen the situation of Mu Fan's property nowadays from the internet.

  "Mu Orange, you're really confused, you actually did that kind of confusing thing last night?"

  "You're all over the news you know that?"

  "There are reports of your company all over the internet!"

  "Your company is kind of ruined."

  "It's completely ruined!"

  "Listen to mom's words, resign and leave immediately."

  "Then mom will find you a good man to marry and let your husband raise you, and we won't have to work so hard and suffer such insults."

  Han Li advised to Qiu Mu Orange.

  "Mom, you don't need to worry about this matter, I'll take care of it myself."

  "What?You're not really going to listen to this wimp's bullshit and think about having an opening ceremony, are you?"Han Li glared at Qiu Mu Orange's tone of voice and became anxious then.

  "This wimp is committing stupidity, and you're following suit ah?"

  "Your company's in ruins."

  "You're having an opening ceremony in this situation?"

  "What other idiot would come?"

  "Now that group of heartless people in the Autumn family are just waiting to see our joke?"

  "And you're having an opening ceremony, aren't you just humiliating yourself by putting your face up and actively letting people beat you?"

  "We can't afford to embarrass this guy!"

  Han Li cursed, and couldn't stop telling Qiu Mu Orange what to do.

  Qiu Mu Orange, however, was a little impatient, then said, "Mom, I know, you guys go out first, I want to rest for a while."

  Qiu Mu Orange didn't want to listen to Han Li and the others' nagging anymore and pushed them all out.

  Ye Fan was also afraid of disturbing Qiu Mu Orange's rest, so he took the initiative to leave as well.

  After arriving at the study, Ye Fan received a phone call.

  "Little Lord, do you need me to come out and inform?"On the other end of the phone, an old man's deep voice came out.

  Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, "Old man Han, there's no need.Since someone helped us get on the news.I guess they'll all see it too."

  "Mm, that's right.Then, Old Slave is here to wish the young master and his wife, Wanbang, an auspicious opening in advance."Respectful laughter, from the phone, slowly came out.

  Ye Fan was silent with a smile, just picked up the strong tea in front of the table, tilted his head, and drank it all!

  Outside the window, there is a gentle breeze and the sky is clear.


While the Mufan property is under a cloud of gloom, the Qiu family is in a different scene.

  There were still dozens of hours until tomorrow's ribbon cutting ceremony, but the Qiu family couldn't hold back their excitement and thrill.

  Master Qiu even had the red carpet specially bought, as well as a large number of flowers.

  The old man even instructed to invite a band over.

  A joyous occasion, how could music be missing?

  Not only that, but Master Qiu also personally ordered everyone to put on a new outfit, otherwise, they are not allowed to attend tomorrow's ribbon cutting ceremony.

  This also showed how much importance the old man attached to this opening ceremony tomorrow.

  After all, done properly, it was a matter of glorifying the ancestors!

  Perhaps in the future, his name Qiu Zhenglun would also leave a heavy mark in the history of Yunzhou's business community.

  In the hall.

  Several of the old master's children and grandchildren were present, and at this time, Qiu Mu Ying and Qiu Guang were reporting on the preparations for the celebration.

  "Qiuguang, over at the hotel, have you made all the connections?"

  "And the reception hostesses, and the table menus, can you check them all carefully?"Master Qiu is sitting upright, people are in good spirits at happy events, now Master Qiu, can be said to be radiant, this sitting on top of the high seat, the majesty and momentum of his body, are much heavier than usual.

  Qiu Guang then replied, "Dad, it's all done."

  "Tomorrow, the Yulong Hotel has been booked by us."

  "I've also carefully looked over the menu, it's luxurious and atmospheric, so it won't drop the price for us."

  "And the Miss Manners, too, are all the carefully chosen kind, and their image is definitely first-rate."

  "I've also contacted the band.Come over tomorrow at seven, sharp."

  "Mm."Master Qiu nodded in satisfaction, then looked at Qiu Mu Ying, "Ying Ying, what about your side?The invitations can be sent out and the general manager of Red Flag has been chatted up?"

  Qiu Muying smiled, "Grandpa, I do things, just let a hundred hearts go."

  "Dozens of invitations, I've already sent them all out."

  "There is no lack of top-notch tycoons with hundreds of millions of dollars."

  "Liu Bin, the vice president of the Red Flag Group, has promised to represent the Red Flag Group and attend together."

  "Grandpa, just wait to cut the ribbon together with General Manager Liu and be respected by everyone."

  "When the time comes, the bigwigs will gather, the celebrities will gather, and the dignitaries will congratulate."

  "Grandpa, after tomorrow, the name of our Qiu Family will definitely be famous in Yunzhou, completely among the top-ranking powers in Yunzhou."

  "And you, Master Qiu, will also be honored by a hundred people, becoming a highly respected and famous figure in our Yunzhou city."

  Qiu Muying was smiling with a smile full of pride, and she was also full of pride when it came to tomorrow's events.

  One had to know that at tomorrow's celebration, although Master Qiu represented the Qiu family on stage to cut the ribbon, she, Qiu Mu Ying, was bound to make a splash as well.

  After all, there were quite a few people tomorrow, all of whom were coming for her husband Chu Wenfei's name.

  Her husband's face was big, and her Autumn Muying would follow the scenery.

  "Yeah, Dad."

  "Tomorrow your husband will just wait for the scenery, right?"

  "You've waited your whole life for this day, haven't you, for a big row like that?"

  "Now, the chance to glorify our ancestors will come soon."Wang Qiaoyu was also laughing.

  "And it's not even a glorious event, when those rich and powerful CEOs come to congratulate us, they will definitely bring heavy gifts as well.Our Qiu family, we can also make a fortune ah."Jiang Hong and the others also echoed, smiling and closing their mouths.

  For a while, the full house of the Qiu family was all looking forward to tomorrow, incomparably.

  Old Master Qiu also seemed to have seen the scene of tomorrow's respectful congratulations from everyone, and his old face was close to smiling out, "Haha, when it comes to this, we, the Qiu Family, should be most grateful to Ying Ying and Wen Fei."

  "If it wasn't for Wen Fei's great face and Ying Ying's eloquence, we wouldn't have had so many corporate veterans come to this ribbon cutting celebration."

  "This time, if our Qiu Family can really prosper and step into the circle of top-tier families in Yunzhou in one fell swoop, then the biggest contributors are none other than Ying Ying and Wen Fei."

  "Yes, we're all in Ying Ying's good graces, her fourth aunt, you've raised a good daughter."

  "Our Ying Ying, she's much better than that third family's Qiu Mu Orange."

  "That family, they're all a wimp.Look at how poor they are now, they can only rely on lies to maintain that mere face."

  "How about now, making a mess of things, right?"

  "Not to mention that Qiu Mu Orange herself is ruined, I'm afraid that company of theirs is also ruined!"

  "When the time comes, we'll have a full house of guests on our side and no fart on their side, and I reckon the third family will be embarrassed to the point of no return, right?"

  "And you're sending us invitations and trying to flaunt them at us?"

  "A family of wimps, and they deserve it?"

  "That's right, I also heard that they open tomorrow and half the company left today.The whole company is empty."

  "Haha, and that?"

  "I guess in the future, this Qiu Mu Orange and Mu Fan property will become the biggest joke and shame of our Yunzhou City, right?"

  "It's a good thing we swept such scum away, otherwise I'm afraid we'd have to implicate our Autumn Family this time."

  For a while, the people of the Qiu family laughed unrestrainedly as you and I spoke one to another.While praising Qiu Mu Ying, they also did not forget to belittle the Qiu Mu Orange family.

  Now Qiu Mu Orange and the others had undoubtedly been completely reduced to a laughingstock in the eyes of the Qiu family, and anyone would love to step on them.

  Listening to the words of the surrounding uncles, Qiu Mu Ying was full of pride.

  "Qiu Mu Orange, this is what happens when you fight me!"

  "You make me look bad in public and I'll ruin your reputation!"

  "So what if you're good-looking, so what if you're gifted, so what if you're married to a wimp, you're doomed to be trampled under my feet for the rest of your life."

  "After tomorrow, you won't even have the qualifications to be my rival."

  Qiu Mu-ying smiled, and within that smile was all wantonness and arrogance.

  Yes, the news along with the video about last night's real estate between Qiu Mu Orange and Mu Fan were all released by Qiu Mu Ying.

  Originally, the matter of last night's annual meeting, Han Dongmin specifically instructed to block all news.

  Reporters on the scene were not allowed to report, nor were the attendees allowed to release relevant news.

  Although I don't know what Han Dongmin's intentions were, no one disobeyed the orders given by Han City.

  This morning, she quietly revealed last night's matter to one of her journalist classmates, and also sent the video saved in her cell phone to the Internet.

  This completely exposed the "hypocritical" side of Qiu Mu-xiong to the public, leaving her in disrepute and the Mufan property in disrepute.

  But unfortunately, she didn't film the scene where Ye Fan hit Xu Lin.

  At that time, Qiu Mu Ying was scared silly, thinking that she was going to be killed by Ye Fan, and her six mortalities were scared off three, so naturally, she didn't have the heart to make a video.

  Otherwise, if she recorded the video of Ye Fan's impact on the Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting, yet then asked the navy to lead the rhythm on the internet, causing the public opinion to ferment, she estimated that she could directly send Ye Fan to jail.


While the Qiu family was preparing for tomorrow's ribbon-cutting celebration with twelve minutes of enthusiasm.

  In the Han family villa, Han Dongmin looked at the full-screen news and was undoubtedly extremely angry.

  "Damn it!"

  "How do you do things?"

  "Didn't I say to block out everything that happened at the annual meeting last night?"

  "How do you spread these things out?"

  "What do I need you for if you can't do a little bit of work?"

  Han Dongmin's face was livid with rage, and he chopped his head off at the two men in front of him and scolded them.

  These things, he personally instructed them last night to make sure to get it done.

  After all, that Qiu Mu Orange was Ye Fan's wife, and Ye Fan was even more of a wife-protecting fiend.

  If Qiu Mu Orange was ruined as a result, Ye Fan was afraid that he would take his anger out on Han Dongmin.

  This annual meeting of entrepreneurs was always held by Han Dongmin.

  Now that this stall has occurred, Han Dongmin naturally has to find a way to minimize the impact of the annual meeting on Mu Fan's real estate.

  But Han Dongmin had never thought that the thing he was most worried about would still happen.

  Once last night's matter was exposed, it was feared that both Qiu Mu Orange and Mu Fan Real Estate would be unable to establish themselves in Yunzhou.

  How would this make Han Dongmin, how would he explain to Ye Fan?

  "Han City, we all followed your instructions and notified all those in attendance one by one, and they all promised not to tell anyone."

  "We didn't expect that someone would still reveal it to the media reporters."

  In front of Han Dongmin, the two subordinates were also extremely terrified, lowering their heads and explaining in a bitter voice.

  "Alright, it's already happened, it's too late to scold you guys."

  "You two give me an investigation, who has the audacity to disobey my orders even in a positive manner?"

  Han Dongmin then screened the two, but was pacing back and forth in the room by himself, thinking about how to explain to Ye Fan.

  Although the matter of Qiu Mu Orange making a fool of himself had little to do with him, but it was always in his venue, and now that it was reported by the media, Han Dongmin reckoned that his impression in Ye Fan's heart would be even worse.

  While Han Dongmin was sad, Han Shaojie came to Han Dongmin just in time.

  Han Dongmin was worried that no one would relieve his sorrow, and when he saw his son coming, he told Han Shaojie about it.

  "Shao Jie, you've known Master Ye for a long time, what do you think, what should I do now to pull a few points of goodwill in front of Master Ye?We can't, again, go to the door to thank them, can we?"Han Dongmin has offended Ye Fan quite a few times, and now that Ye Fan's wife has made a fool of herself in his own venue, Han Dongmin is naturally anxious.

  This Ye Fan is a big man tomorrow, this relationship naturally has to be good ah.

  Han Shaojie thought about it, then said, "Dad, crises always coexist with opportunities."

  "The situation in front of you may be a bit of a dilemma for you, but how is it not an opportunity?"

  "Well?How do you say that?"Han Dongmin was suddenly confused.

  "Dad, think about it.After what happened last night, not many people are likely to go to the opening ceremony of Master Ye's company tomorrow.And at this time, how would Master Ye feel if we bring a heavy gift to hold the ceremony?"

  "It's a snowflake's favor!"

  "Even if Master Ye isn't grateful to us, he will surely be doubly fond of our Han family."

  Han Shao Jie said slowly.

  When Han Dongmin heard this, he immediately slapped his thigh, causing Han Shaojie to cry out in pain.

  Obviously, Han Dongmin slapped Han Shaojie's thigh with this slap.

  "Son, you've got a good idea!"

  "What an authority, why didn't I think of that?"

  "Hurry, there are only ten hours left until tomorrow."

  "Even if we don't do anything in these ten hours, we still have to prepare the gifts for Master Ye."

  Han Shaojie's words suddenly made Han Dongmin open-minded.

  Then, Han Dongmin did not delay any longer and hurriedly took his son down to prepare.

  At the same time.

  Yunzhou City, the Li Family Manor.

  After finishing his lunch, Li Er was slowly pacing in the courtyard.Behind him, Jinbao and Yinbao, one on the left and one on the right, read today's news to him.

  This was Li Er's habit for many years.

  Every time after lunch, he would take a walk while listening to the news of the day.

  When the world is important, a man is responsible.

  The higher one's status, the more one would understand how important the current situation was to one's personal development.

  Sometimes, an insignificant sentence inside the news, but the potential business opportunities hidden in the tens of billions of dollars.

  "Is pork all so expensive?"

  "Hey, prices are soaring, it's the poor people who are suffering."

  "Jinbao, later you go buy a few thousand pounds of pork, then go to my home in Xikou and sell it at half price."

  "Do you hear me?"

  The rich don't forget their poor friends, and the poor don't abandon their disgraced wives.

  Li Er has risen to prominence, but he has never forgotten his old friends from his hometown.

  In his spare time, he would return home to Xikou every year to visit the matchmakers there.

  "Yes, Second Master."Jin Bao respectfully responded.

  After Jin Bao read the national events, Yin Bao began to read the local news of Yunzhou to Li Er again.

  However, when he heard about Mu Fan real estate, Li Er frowned.


  "Mufan Real Estate, isn't that the enterprise that Mr. Chu entrusted Xu Lei to acquire?"

  Li Er also still knew about Mu Fan's property, after all, it was not like Ye Fan was deliberately hiding it.

  At this time, Silver Treasure was still reading.

  "Mufan Real Estate will hold its opening ceremony on the eleventh of this month, and to satisfy his own vanity, the group president..."

  "Slow down?"

  "What did you say?"

  "Mufan Real Estate is having an opening ceremony?"Silver Treasure hadn't finished reading, but Li Er was already nonchalant, and turned his head openly, asking Silver Treasure.

  "Yes, Second Master.It says it's the eleventh of the month."Yinbao returned honestly.

  Only then did Li Er nodded, "Eleventh day, that's still early."

  "Second Master, it's not early, it's the tenth today, which means it's tomorrow."Yinbao reminded.

  "What?Tomorrow?Isn't it only the first of the day?"Li Er was so shocked that he nearly jumped up.

  Then he realized that he was the one who had gotten it mixed up, and that today was Monday, not the first.

  So, Li Er was no longer calm.

  "Quick, hurry up."

  "Call Yukie, Little Five and the others over for a family meeting."Li Er couldn't care less about loitering here, and orders were then given out.

  "But Second Master, you still have to attend the company's board meeting later, the timing of this..."

  "Dong your grandmother's head!Push it, all of it."

  "Not just today, but all of tomorrow's trips, all of them, push me."

  "The heavens are not as important as this matter."

  "Also, tell Little Five and the others that if they can't get to the Family Council Hall within half an hour, they won't come for the rest of their lives."

  Li Er drank in a deep voice, and after that, he hurried to the family hall in a fiery hurry.

  No wonder Li Er was so anxious, it was Mu Fan Real Estate, Mr. Chu's venue.

  The opening ceremony was such a big event, how could Li Er dare to slow down?


While the entire Li Clan was agitated over it, similar things were also being played out all over Yunzhou.

  In the room.

  A middle-aged man was working in ambush.

  At this time, his secretary, however, walked in and placed one of today's news reports in front of him.

  The man looked at it, but on his originally easy-going face, but rare, there were a few fluctuations.

  "Mufan Real Estate?"


  Thinking of this, the man shook his head and smiled.

  Then, to the secretary behind him, he instructed, "Help me prepare the gift.Tomorrow, let's go over to hold a party as well."

  "Eh?"The secretary heard it, but her face then changed, "It's just a small company, do you want to go over there yourself?"

  The middle-aged man shook his head, "This company is small, but what is entrenched behind it is a true dragon."

  "That person, even I would categorically not dare to offend it."

  The man's ghostly voice slowly echoed in the room.

  After hearing him, the pretty face of the female secretary in front of her became even paler.

  With the power and status of the man in front of her in Yunzhou, what kind of person would it have to be to even dare to offend him?

  Thinking of this, the female secretary couldn't help but draw a deep breath of cold air.

  Then, the female secretary did not dare to linger any longer and immediately went to do the manipulation.

  In the room, the previous calm was restored once again.

  Only the middle-aged man was sitting alone in the large office.

  A moment later, but he got up and walked to the front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

  Outside, there was wind and clouds, four-sided cloud movement.

  But inside the middle-aged man's heart, there were inexplicable emotions stirring.

  He knew that tomorrow's Yunzhou would not be calm.

  It was just that there was such a true dragon lurking in the land of Yunzhou.He didn't know, as the Lord of this Cloud Prefecture, should he be happy, or should he be worried?

  At the same time, at the shore of Cloud Mist Lake.

  There was a thin man, looking away with a negative hand, standing proudly.

  Behind him, the sea of clouds swirled.

  In front of him, the sea of tides was surging.

  What was reflected in his deep brows and eyes was the sea of stars.

  "Mu Orange, you once said that you don't want to be looked down upon or ridiculed anymore, you want to make all those who have humiliated you regret it!"

  "Now, I am as you wish."

  "After tomorrow, you will be completely, famous in the East!"


  The wind was bitterly cold, wrapped around the man's ghostly words, but in a moment, it swept, the whole world!

  November 11, Tuesday.

  Yunzhou City, Jiangdong Province, a clear sky.

  On this day, the dignitaries gathered.

  A grand celebration was held, today, officially!



  When the first rays of morning light illuminated the earth, the autumn family could not hold back the excitement and joy in their hearts.

  The Qiu family couldn't hold back their excitement and joy and woke up early to freshen up.

  Wang Qiaoyu, Jiang Hong and the others groomed and dressed up, wearing the most expensive jewelry.

  Qiaguang, Qiuluo and the others cut their hair and wore the most extravagant suits.

  The Qiu family, all glowing, delighted smiles permeated everyone's faces.

  "Her fourth aunt, you have to dress up beautifully today."

  "I heard that a lot of rich and powerful big men are coming for your son-in-law today."

  "You, as a mother-in-law, can't lose face to someone Wen Fei."

  As soon as Wang Qiaoyu went out, she heard the congratulatory voices from the Qiu family.

  Today's ribbon-cutting celebration, although it was the entire Qiu family who was making a fool of themselves.

  But in the eyes of the Qiu family, I'm afraid that the one who made the most of it was Qiu's fourth family.

  It couldn't be helped, who let other people's daughters find a good and powerful husband?


  "That's for sure."

  "But sister-in-law, your family is expected to have quite a few people here this time."

  "Big brother has been in charge of Qiushui Logistics for so many years, our entire Qiu family, in terms of connections, I'm afraid no one can compare to big brother, right?"

  "Maybe the most people coming after your family this time?"

  Wang Qiaoyu also laughed and likewise complimented Qiu Guang's wife, Qiu Mu Ying's great aunt.

  Big Boss Qiu's daughter-in-law shook her head repeatedly, "Our family is no good, although we know quite a few people, but none of them are big shots.How can we compare to Wen Fei?"

  The old man's five sons, the eldest son, Qiu Guang, has been in charge of the autumn water logistics after the old man retired.

  The second son, Qiu Ming, was enlisted in the army as a soldier and rarely came back.

  The third son, Qiu Lei, is the father of Qiu Mu Orange, who is a loser and has been idle at home.

  The fourth son, Qiu Luo, also held an important position in Qiushui Logistics, supporting Qiu Guang.

  As for the fifth son, Qiu Yuan, he was also away all year round, and would only return during the New Year.

  Therefore, for today's ribbon-cutting celebration, apart from those who came to congratulate the Red Flag Group's reputation, most of the remaining people came to congratulate the face of the old family with the fourth son.

  "Alright, you two don't blow each other's business here."

  "The convoy will be coming over later, you guys hurry up and get ready, and go over there together later."

  "When we wait until the Yulong Hotel, it's not too late for you two to enjoy yourselves."

  Seeing that Wang Qiaoyu was endlessly exchanging pleasantries with the old family's daughter-in-law, the second aunt Jiang Hong, however, rolled her eyes and urged the two of them.

  In order to suppress Mu Fan Real Estate, at first, Qiu Mu Ying had set the location of the ribbon cutting celebration specifically at the Yulong Hotel opposite Mu Fan Real Estate.

  Now, the Qiu family naturally had to go to the hotel and wait first.When the guests came to the door later, they could then go to entertain them.

  Soon, the scheduled convoy stopped in front of the old mansion.

  Dozens of people from all walks of life in Qiu Ji got into the car and rushed to the Yulong Hotel.

  At the same time, Willow Garden District.

  Autumn Mu Orange's family also finished their meal early, changed their clothes, and then prepared to go to the office.

  "Mu Orange, you're really doing this opening ceremony?"

  "Why don't you listen, you child?"

  "If there's no one to support us, we're the only ones who are dry, aren't you ashamed?"Seeing Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan changing into formal dress ceremonial dresses early in the morning, Han Li naturally instantly guessed what was going on and was so angry that her liver hurt at the time.

  "Mom, you don't need to persuade me, my mind is made up."

  "I'll hold this opening ceremony regardless of whether or not anyone comes to visit."

  "And it's nothing to be ashamed of.I'm not hosting the opening for anyone else, it's for my own company.There are no outsiders celebrating, so we'll celebrate it ourselves."

  "I created Mufan Real Estate, it's my child, and I won't be lacking in the ceremonies that should be held."

  "If you two want to go, I'm more than welcome."

  "If you don't want to go, I won't force you."

  "It's getting late, we'll go over first."

  Qiu Mu Orange said faintly.

  By now, she had figured out that she didn't care about these so-called faces and false names.

  Yes, why bother to deliberately pursue these so-called false fame.

  The peach and the plum are self-evident.

  As long as one is good enough, these things will naturally come uninvited.

  If you're too obsessed with these things, you're only adding to the joke by giving up your roots and puffing up your face.

  After saying that, Qiu Mu Orange also went downstairs with Ye Fan.

  "This dead ninny is simply blinded by lard ah."

  "That wimp told her to do it, and she actually did it?"

  "It's really pissing me off!"

  "These two old faces of ours will be disgraced by them sooner or later!"Behind him came Han Li's indignant curses.


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