Dish Best Served Cold 371-376


Chapter 371

Before this, Autumn Mu Orange had been wondering if this kind of vanity, obtained by weaving lies, was really what she wanted?

  Or rather, from the beginning, she was wrong to insist on it.

  She cared too much about some vanity.

  She cared too much about what the Autumn family thought of her.

  Perhaps she shouldn't have been, so obsessed with the opening ceremony's rowdy atmosphere.

  Even if a lot of people came, it would only be a temporary glory, a moment of glory.

  What really determines the height of one's life is the future success of Mufan Real Estate!

  Suddenly, Autumn Mu Orange came to her senses.

  She decided to confess to the crowd here, to confess to Suzy's unbounded bragging before.

  Life is one's own, why should one care about others' opinions?

  If you really want to be looked up to, you should rely on your real skills and accomplishments, not on lies and bragging.

  Let's make a fool of herself at the opening ceremony, she doesn't care anymore.

  After she truly made Mu Fan bigger and stronger in the future, the mockery and ridicule would naturally be gone.

  However, just as Qiu Mu Orange was about to confess everything with an apology to the crowd present after thinking it through, who would have thought that a ridiculously sharp sneer would quietly explode from within the crowd.


  "Everyone has been deceived by her."

  "What hundred billion group, what decades of spring and autumn, it's all bullshit."

  "A few dozen employees of their company are not enough, how can they have five thousand?"

  "All along, they've been lying!"

  "We've all been fooled by him~"

  The cold laughter, only like thunder, then exploded throughout the hall.


  These sudden words were as if boulders were like the sea, and undoubtedly in an instant, they set off a monstrous wave in the hearts of the crowd.

  Many people were all shocked and trembled.

  For a moment, the eyes of the entire audience, however, were all looking towards the place where the voice came from.

  A woman with heavy makeup and a cold smile was seen, and she immediately got up.

  "Not good!"

  "It's going to be bad!"

  Seeing this person, Suzy's delicate body immediately trembled and her face then went white, her heart saying badly.

  "Miss Su, what's wrong?"Zhang Zhengfu was filled with confusion, and it was obvious that he did not know Qiu Mu Ying.

  Suzy, however, furrowed her brows and said anxiously, "This person's name is Autumn Muyoung, and she's Mu Orange's cousin."

  "And even more so, she is Mu Orange's sworn enemy!"

  "She knows Mu Orange's background, she's definitely going to expose us if she comes out now."

  "It's just that, why are the Autumn Family here too?"

  "But that's not right, with that volume of Autumn Water Logistics, why is it qualified to enter these occasions and attend the annual corporate meeting?"

  Suzy was clearly a little panicked and guilty.

  She had counted a thousand times, but she had never expected that the Qiu family would be at this exhibition center.

  Wouldn't that mean that everything they had just done would be exposed?

  At this time, Autumn Muying had already stood up from her seat and walked towards the stage with a wantonly gloomy smile.

  "Autumn Muying, what are you doing?"

  "She's your sister!"

  "Are you going to leave him in ruins?"

  Anxiously, Suzy rushed over and stopped Autumn Muying, hoping to stop her.

  However, Autumn Muyoung looked at Suzy, but sneered and laughed, "What, Miss Su?You just spoke freely in front of the crowd, weren't you awe-inspiring?"

  "Are you scared and wimpy now?Afraid that your deeds will be revealed, afraid that the lies won't be exposed?"

  "You've done it all, are you still afraid to let me talk?"

  "Get out of my way!"

  Qiu Mu Ying did not show any mercy to Suzy and directly told her to get out of the way.

  But how could Suzy let: "Qiu Mu Ying, Mu Orange is your sister no matter what, if you two have a conflict again, you go home and talk.There are so many people now, do you know that what you do next will ruin Mu Orange."

  "Count me in for begging you, okay?"

  "Mu Orange is your cousin after all~"

  After all, it was Susie who started this matter.

  If this ruined her reputation, how could she feel at ease?

  Naturally, they prevented Qiu Mu Ying from taking the stage in a thousand ways.

  "Cousin?"But Qiu Mu Ying was laughing at herself, "Now she knows she's my sister, did she ever know she was my sister when I was in danger in the Daughter's Kingdom and asked her to help me out?"

  "She's the one who was heartless in the first place, so don't blame me for being heartless!"

  "Get out of my way yet!"

  "Doing something shameful and you won't let me talk about it?"

  "In your dreams!"

  Qiu Mu Ying had no more patience and directly pushed away Suzy, when she walked up to the high platform, snatched the microphone from Qiu Mu Orange's hands and pointed at Qiu Mu Orange in a cold voice.

  "Mr. Su's speech just now was wonderful."

  "I'm sure that everyone, after listening to what General Manager Su just said, they all think that Mufan Group is a big group, and this Qiu Mu Orange Qiu, the CEO of the company in front of you, is also a big company, right?"

  "But now, I just want to say this."

  "All of us, all of us, have been deceived by them!"

  "She, Autumn Mu Orange, is a lost dog."

  "As for the so-called Mu Fan Group, it's even more just nonsense."

  "Her company, called Mufan Real Estate, is just a small shabby company with no background!"

  "What Dorking president?"

  "What beauty elite?"

  "It's all a joke!"

  "As for the Goddess of Cloud State, she's even more unworthy!"

  "She's more than a frail woman who sells her reputation, she's a hick's wife."

  "The man she married is still a wimpy door-to-door son-in-law!"


  A small company?

  A lost dog?

  Husband or a redneck?

  A wimp son-in-law?

  After Qiu Mu Ying's words fell, the entire venue immediately exploded.

  It was as if a single stone had set off a thousand waves!

  After all, what Qiu Mu Ying had said was too shocking.

  One had to know, but many people had already secretly identified Autumn Muyoung Orange as the first goddess of Yunzhou City.

  In the future, she might be the second Xu Lei.

  But who would have thought that only a short while ago, Qiu Mu Orange's persona was about to collapse?

  "The lady!"

  "Food can be messy, but words can't be messy, right?"

  "Mr. Autumn is so beautiful and has a sunken posture."

  "How does it look, it doesn't even look like a vain woman who cheats?"

  "You're not mistaken, are you?"

  At this time, many people still didn't believe what Qiu Mu Ying said.

  It was hard for them to imagine that such a beautiful CEO could be a vain liar?

  In response to the crowd's inquiry, Qiu Mu Ying was not in the least bit anxious, and instead, she said with confidence, "Don't worry, if I dare to come forward and identify him, I will naturally not make a mistake."

  "This person, her name is Autumn Muyoung Orange.According to her generation, she should be my cousin."

  "So, I'm naturally clear about her background."

  "A few months ago, Qiu Mu Orange colluded with her wimp husband and did something that corrupted my Qiu family's family culture, and has been removed from the family by my grandfather."

  "Later on, he opened a fur company, called Mufan Real Estate."

  "Recently, this little shabby company is having an opening ceremony, so I guess she's afraid that no one will go to the ceremony and embarrass herself.So, in order to satisfy her own vanity, she did such a shameless thing to deceive everyone."

  "What I have said above is true."

  "If you all don't believe me, my grandfather, my uncle, are also here now."

  "We could have invited my grandfather to come up here and confront Qiu Mu Orange, on stage!"


"What, Qiu Mu Orange, are you going to admit it yourself of your own accord, or are you going to invite grandpa up here so he can confront you personally?"

  In the meeting hall, Qiu Mu Ying looked at the pale and unsightly Qiu Mu Orange in front of her with a sneer on her face.

  It was as if a victorious general was wantonly mocking his own defeated men.

  In the end, as if she was afraid that Qiu Mu Orange wouldn't admit it, Qiu Mu Ying even brought out the name of the old master Qiu.

  She didn't believe that when things came to this point, Autumn Mu Orange would still dare to die with a duck's mouth?

  Qiu Mu Orange did not speak, but raised her head and looked down at the stage.

  Her gaze looked around until finally, it landed on a spot in the crowd.

  Old Master Qiu and Qiu Guang were sitting there.

  After feeling Qiu Mu Orange's looking gaze, Old Master Qiu snorted, "Disgraceful thing, how can I, Qiu Zhenglun, have a granddaughter like you?"

  "It's simply a strange disgrace to my Autumn Family!"

  Old Master Qiu was filled with rage and didn't even want to look at Qiu Mu Orange anymore, directly turning his head away.

  As for Qiu Guang, he looked at Qiu Mu Orange and also scolded in a furious voice, "Bastard, how could you do such a shameless thing?"

  "Wait till you're dead!"

  This voice of Qiu Guang was not loud, but in the now trembling and silent hall, it was so piercing.

  Qiu Mu-Orange's pretty face was even paler then.

  "Qiu Mu-Orange, do you still not admit it?"

  "After all that's happened, are you going to pretend anymore?"

  "Are you seriously going to let me invite my grandfather up here and confront you in public?"

  Qiu Mu Ying was aggressive, but she didn't leave any face for Qiu Mu Orange at all.

  For a while, the entire venue had gone quiet, and everyone, was waiting for Qiu Mu Orange's own answer.

  "Mu-Orange, don't~"

  Suzy couldn't stop shaking her head at her, telling her not to admit it.

  After all, once this kind of thing was revealed, Qiu Mu Orange's reputation in the entire Yunzhou business world would undoubtedly be completely gone.

  She would be ruined!

  Zhang Zhengfu likewise tried his best to persuade Qiu Mu Orange not to admit it.

  However, in the face of the persuasion of Suzy and the others, as well as the aggressiveness of Qiu Mu Ying, Qiu Mu Orange was smiling.

  That smile was miserable, with bitterness and sorrow.

  "Qiu Mu Ying, congratulations, you won."

  Autumn Muyoung Orange smiled sadly, and after saying that, she turned around, bowed deeply to everyone present, and said with a heart full of apologies.

  "I'm sorry, everyone."

  "She's right."

  "We, Mufan Real Estate, are just a small company."

  "We don't have thousands of employees, nor do we have an industry spread across the country."

  "We're just, a local, Yunzhou-based, small company that's just starting out."

  "We're the ones who, cheated everyone."


  "It's actually true!"

  "Oh my god~"

  "So it's really a fur company!"

  "And I thought of her as a model for life, Goddess Yunzhou, after all that messing around, she's a vain liar, huh?"

  "What a human face!"

  "White grows a good skin and is so dark inside?"

  "Married to a loser husband?"

  "How dare a redneck woman come out here and woo you?"

  "Who gave her the dog face?"

  The crowd undoubtedly exploded in an instant after hearing to Autumn Mu Orange's admission.

  The crowd only felt that there was an anger in their hearts that they had been cheated.

  Who would have thought that the beautiful CEO, who they had just regarded as a goddess, was a vain liar or a wimp's wife after half a day of screwing around?

  Qiu Mu Orange's previous glorious image had undoubtedly collapsed in an instant.

  With righteous indignation, the crowd was all verbally abusive towards Qiu Muxiang.

  When Suzy and Zhang Zhengfu saw that things had gotten out of hand, they panicked and told Qiu Mu Orange to get off the stage.

  They were now worried that some people would do something drastic in anger.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange didn't listen to Suzy's words, she was still standing there.

  Even though, many people were insulting her and calling her names, there were some things that she still had to say.

  "I'm sorry for deceiving everyone."

  "However, there is one thing that I want to tell everyone."

  "My husband, Ye Fan, he comes from a humble background, and he is indeed a son-in-law."

  "However, he is not the wimp that Autumn Mu Ying talks about."

  "In my heart, he is a man who stands up to the sky."

  "I won't allow you, to insult him!"

  In the face of the crowd's rebuke and abuse, Qiu Mu Orange's pretty face paled.However, as she said this, she looked determined, and an inexplicable light blossomed in her brows and eyes.

  The words were resonant and resounding.

  However, Qiu Mu Orange's persona had collapsed, and now she was just a hypocritical liar in the eyes of the crowd, so who would care about her words.

  Soon, it was drowned out by the overwhelming sound of rebuke.

  "A country bumpkin, a wimpy son-in-law, or a man with a roof over his head?"

  "I'll fuck off, right?"

  "Don't insult us men!"

  "That flesh-and-blood man will enter the family as a son-in-law?"

  "It's just full of crap!"

  "You're a wimp of a woman, and you have the nerve to invite us to the opening?"

  "You fucking deserve it!"

  For a time, a thousand men were accused.

  In the midst of the anger of the crowd, but all of those invitations just now were being smashed towards Qiu Mu Orange.


  "How can such scum deserve to be with us?"

  "What do security guards do for a living?"

  "What kind of people put in there too?"

  "Why should a fur company have the right to come to the annual Entrepreneur's Conference?"

  "Get out of here yet!"

  Countless people cursed angrily, and in the end, they even directly shouted for Qiu Mu Orange and the others to get lost.

  "How dare you!"

  "Han City invited us here, and you dare tell us to roll?"

  "Besides, you don't own the convention center, so why should you let us go?"

  "We have an invitation, though!"

  In the face of the crowd's verbal assault, Suzy was colorfully retorting.

  The commotion here had undoubtedly attracted the attention of the organizers of this convention center.

  Soon, Manager Xu, who was responsible for maintaining order at the convention center, came over and said coldly to Suzy and the others, "I am the head of security here, we now doubt the authenticity of your invitation letter, please bring it out for us to verify and inspect!"

  Hearing this, Suzy and Zhang Zhengfu both became even more furious, "Why do you suspect us alone?There are so many people here, why don't you check them?"

  "I repeat, please cooperate with the inspection!Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude."Right now Manager Xu had run out of patience and gave an ultimatum to Suzy and the others.

  With no choice, Zhang Zhengfu had no choice but to take out the invitation.

  "Fine, aren't you guys inspecting, let you guys inspect!"

  "The invitation from Han City, could this invitation still be fake?"Suzy said in a cold voice.

  Zhang Zhengfu also swore by the invitation.

  Manager Xu ignored them and handed the invitation to the staff behind him.

  "How is it?Is this invitation real?"Manager Xu asked in a cold voice.

  "Manager, it's true."

  Zhang Zhengfu laughed as soon as he heard it, "How about it, dog-eyed thing, you still won't apologize to us.We certainly made mistakes before, but we have an invitation, so you can't kick us out."

  However, the staff then added."But manager, the people invited by this invitation letter are not them, according to the comparison of information.So, there is reason to suspect that this invitation, they stole it."



  Not only that Manager Xu, but even Suzy was shocked as her beautiful eyes widened and turned her head to look at Zhang Zhengfu.

  It seemed to be questioning him as to what was going on!



  "That's not possible, is it?"

  "I brought it from home myself, how could it be stolen?"

  Zhang Zhengfu's old face smacked, and he was confused at the time .

  He did not expect this to be the result?

  At that time, Zhang Zhengfu told his dad, and then Han Dongmin called and asked them to go to the Entrepreneurs' Annual Meeting together.

  It was obvious that his dad had helped them to get this opportunity, so Zhang Zhengfu went home to get the invitation without even thinking about it.

  Zhang Xiaosong wasn't home at that time, so Zhang Zhengfu saw the invitation on his father's desk and thought that Zhang Xiaosong had prepared it for them, so he brought it over without thinking.

  But now, they actually said that the person invited by this invitation was not them.

  "How is that possible?"

  "You guys double check, is it Zhang Zhengfu?"

  "Or isn't it Autumn Mu Orange?Is it Susie?"

  Zhang Zhengfu did not give up and still asked the question.

  After all, this was a matter of his face.

  Previously, he had vouched for it with his chest and swore to Qiu Mu Orange that he would take care of the invitation.

  Now the other party was saying that he stole it?

  How does this make Autumn Mug Orange and Susie look at him?

  You think he's a thief, don't you?

  "You must have made a mistake."

  "Han City called us personally to place the invitation, how can there be a mistake?"Zhang Zhengfu shook his head and couldn't stop talking, even asking Manager Xu and the others to look at it carefully again.

  "I'll go to Nima!"In annoyance, Manager Xu smacked Zhang Zhengfu directly in the face with a slap and smacked him to the ground.

  "Die to the point of death and still talk tough?"

  "How dare you involve Han City now?"

  "You bunch of scum, who gave you the guts to be dogs?"

  "Get out of here yet!"

  Manager Xu didn't drive them directly before because he was worried that they really had an invitation letter.

  After all, according to the rules, as long as they had an invitation letter, they could enter the convention center to attend the annual meeting.

  But now, after learning that their invitations were stolen, naturally, he had no more scruples, and after slapping Zhang Zhengfu silly, he immediately ordered the security guards to drive all three of them out.

  Looking at the three of them who were driven out of the clubhouse by the security guards like dogs from a lost family, the crowd only felt a sense of relief and rebuked and scolded them.

  "It's really deserved~"

  "How dare a couple of turtles come to this hazing?"

  "It's so hard to live with!"

  "These poor bastards are really getting bolder now.How dare they mess up to such an occasion?"

  "How can you even start a company with such corrupt quality scum?"

  "Mufan Real Estate, everyone, this business.It doesn't even have a minimum of integrity."

  "This kind of company, isolate it all and let them go bankrupt~"

  Up until this point, the crowd was still cursing.

  That Mufan Real Estate's opening invitation was even more disdainfully trampled under their feet and crushed.

  But while this was happening, Autumn Mu Ying was striking while the iron was hot, just like Suzy before, grandly inviting the crowd present to attend the ribbon cutting celebration of their Qiushui Logistics.

  "This celebration is jointly held by Qiushui Logistics and Red Flag Group."

  "At that time, not only the general manager of Red Flag Group will be present."

  "There's also Wu City's grand son, Mr. Wu Yong, who has been invited to go."

  "I, Qiu Mu Ying, look forward to your visit!"

  Qiu Muying's timing was undoubtedly extremely well chosen, as she first exposed Qiu Muying's lies to leave a jealous good impression on the crowd, and then used the reputation of the Red Flag Group and Wu Yong to strengthen Qiushui Logistics' momentum.

  At one time, a full ten entrepreneurial leaders responded, expressing their willingness to visit when the time came.

  Looking at the thunderous applause under the stage, as well as the congratulatory voices of the crowd, Qiu Mu Ying was even more proud of herself.

  "Qiu Mu Orange ah Qiu Mu Orange, I guess you would never have thought that you originally wanted to use this opportunity to give yourself a strong opening ceremony, but in the end, instead, you have fulfilled me, Qiu Mu Ying, and the Qiu family, right~"

  Qiu Muying was full of wanton smiles.

  Old Master Qiu, along with Qiu Guang and the others, looked at Qiu Mu Ying with praise as well.

  "Old Master, Ying Ying has given our Qiu family another great achievement."

  "Successfully inviting so many entrepreneurial CEOs at once, you're just waiting to make a big splash on November 11, right?"


  Old Master Qiu and Qiu Guang and the others were smiling from ear to ear, their hearts blossoming with joy.

  It seemed that they had already seen, the day of their Qiushui Logistics ribbon-cutting celebration, the boundless spectacle of the rich and powerful gathering together and the group of heroes coming to celebrate.At that time, who in the entire Yunzhou City would still not know about their Qiu family?Who doesn't know he's Chiu Ching Lun?

  Perhaps, with this opportunity, their Yunzhou Qiu Family will no longer be an unknown third-rate family, but will leap to become a first-rate family in Yunzhou City, completely glorifying their ancestors~!



  Inside the convention center, there was a bustling and prosperous scene.

  In contrast to the bustling inside, the three people who were driven out of the convention center, Zhang Zhengfu, were in such a mess.


  "Let go of me!"

  "I can walk on my own!"

  "My father won't leave you alone, you dog-eyed things~"

  Susie roared in anger, and in the end was still mercilessly racked out and thrown to the ground.

  Susie had never been humiliated so much in her life, and was now extremely angry, roaring harshly at these security guards.

  "A few beckoning social scum, what a mouthful!"

  "By not arresting you and sending you to the police station, this manager is showing you the utmost mercy."

  "And you dare to yell at me here?"

  Between Manager Xu's sneer, but a hand pushed Qiu Mu Orange, who was closest to her, to the ground, while shouting angrily: "Get lost!"

  How strong Manager Xu's strength was, Autumn Mu Orange fell to the ground, her white jade hand scratching out a few blood marks on the hard ground.

  "Mu Orange, Mu Orange, are you alright?"

  Seeing that her best friend was injured, Suzy was anxious and hurried over to assist, while roaring at that Manager Xu.

  "You actually dared to push Mu Orange?"

  "I'm going to sue you for personal injury!"

  Manager Xu laughed as if hearing the best joke, "Pushing you guys is considered light."

  "If it wasn't for the fact that you're women, this manager would have kicked you long ago."

  "Bunch of things that don't know how to live, why don't you get out?"

  Cursing, Manager Xu no longer bothered to pay attention to them and turned around to walk into the convention center.

  As for Qiu Mu Orange and the others, a few jumping clowns were just a few clowns, and he hadn't cared about them until the very beginning.

  After Manager Xu and the others left, Qiu Mu Orange was still spread out on the ground, and today's events had undoubtedly dealt a huge blow to her.

  Not only was she insulted by Qiu Mu Ying in public, but now she was even driven out of the Exhibition Center.

  All of it, all of it was screwed up.No one knew how lost and sorrowful Autumn Muyoung was in her heart at this time.

  "Mr. Qiu, you...Are you alright?"At this time, Zhang Zhengfu also got up from the ground and walked forward with a bit of a guilty conscience.

  "You roll!"When she saw Zhang Zhengfu, Suzy was on fire, so she just pushed Zhang Zhengfu aside.

  "You still have the nerve to ask?"

  "If it wasn't for you, Mu Orange and I would have been kicked out?"

  "What are you trying to do if you can't?"

  "Stealing invitations, that's the kind of thing you do?"

  "Both of our sisters have been killed by your stupidity!"

  "How good did I think you were?How much face?"

  "It's a crap shoot even after all that fiddling!"


Su Xi was simply going to be mad at this fool Zhang Zhengfu.

  He had previously thought that this Zhang Zhengfu was also a capable and capable man, and even thought of introducing his good lady friend Qiu Mu Orange to him to form a marriage relationship.But who would have thought that this guy had engaged in a half-dozen invitations and had stolen them?

  In the end, it caused them to lose face not to mention that Qiu Mu Orange was also injured as a result.

  "Without this diamond, what kind of porcelain work are you taking on?"

  "You've made us lose face with you!"

  "What's the big tail wolf pretending to be, a loser?"

  The more Su Xi thought about it, the angrier she became, she had never been humiliated like this in her life.

  The Su family had never been humiliated like this before in her life. She was the daughter of the Su family's daughter, and she was swept out of the house like a dog, if word got out, the Su family would lose face.

  Facing Su Xi's rebuke, at first Zhang Zhengfu was also filled with guilt and couldn't stop apologizing.

  His old face reddened, and he obviously felt ashamed to face Qiu Mu orange.

  But Na Na, the more Suzy scolded, the worse it became, and finally Zhang Zhengfu was annoyed by the scolding as well.

  "Sub-O, it's endless, isn't it?"

  "And you have the nerve to talk about me?"

  "If you hadn't taken it upon yourself to talk nonsense in front of everyone and ended up being exposed, how would we have been spoken to and accused by a thousand people?"

  Seeing that Suzy and Zhang Zhengfu had already quarreled, piercing sounds echoed here.

  Qiu Mu Orange on the side, however, did not want to listen anymore.

  She slowly stood up and turned towards the way she had come and slowly walked away.

  What annual meeting of entrepreneurs, what opening ceremony, she didn't care anymore.

  She was tired, she was bruised and battered, and all she wanted now was, to go home.

  The night was heavy, and the air was so heavy it was almost breathless.

  By the looks of it, it seemed like it was going to rain.

  By the side of the road, the dim light faintly sprinkled down.It fell on Autumn Mu Orange's body, but it sprinkled a shadow on the ground.

  The cold wind of late autumn has blown up endless fallen leaves.But what can't be blown away is the scarred heart of the beauty in front of you.


  Not long after, a bolt of lightning suddenly streaked across the sky.

  This was followed by a thunderclap.

  It was as if the sky had split open, and with a loud sound, the long-accumulated autumn rain finally came down.

  As the curtain of rain fell, the entire Yunzhou seemed to be in chaos.

  The pedestrians without umbrellas quickly went away with their bags on top of them, and the cars on the road were clogged up, with the sound of horns mixed with curses wreaking havoc on the entire world.

  When Ye Fan saw her, Autumn Mu Orange was still walking slowly in the rainy night by herself.The street lamps on either side of her emitted a faint but cold light.

  Through the iron-like curtain of condensed rain, Ye Fan only saw that Autumn Mu Orange's body was like that faint spark in the night, so small, so weak and helpless, as if she was an outcast in this world.

  "Mu-Orange, why are you here?"

  "What the hell happened?"

  Ye Fan immediately got down from Han Dongmin's car and ran over without any hesitation.

  Only when he got closer, did Ye Fan Fang discover that her hands had blood marks and spots, and were even a little swollen, her originally delicate long skirt had been stained with mud and dirt, and her delicate body was cold, like a dusty pearl, or a fallen hibiscus.

  Losing her soul, she was actually in such a wretched state.

  No one knew how much pity and heartache Ye Fan felt when he saw Qiu Mu Orange's face like this.

  What exactly had happened?

  How could he let his woman lose her mind like that?

  "Evan, woo-hoo~"

  The moment she saw Ye Fan, Qiu Mu Orange could no longer contain the sadness and loss in her heart, and the still suppressed emotions in her heart finally found an outlet, directly jumping into Ye Fan's arms and bawling.

  "Ye Fan, I messed up~"

  "Everything's screwed up~"


  Autumn Mu Orange hugged Ye Fan, letting the rain fall wildly, letting the tears pour down.

  Sad, like a child.

  Qiu Mu Orange knew very well what today's matter, to her, begging Mu Fan Real Estate, what it actually meant.

  Not only did it make it difficult for them Mufan Real Estate to make an inch in Yunzhou, it also made her Qiu Mu Orange fall into disrepute.

  A cheating enterprise, a person who had lost his integrity, would definitely be boycotted by the combined efforts of the Yunzhou business community.

  In the future, it was feared that there wouldn't be any business or individual who would cooperate with Mu Fan Real Estate.

  Even, the entire Yunzhou would have no place for Autumn Mu Orange to stand.

  This was also why, Qiu Mu Orange was so desperate.

  At this time, Zhang Zhengfu and Suzy both chased after each other, and after seeing that Qiu Mu Orange was fine, they let out a long sigh of relief.

  "Han...Han City?You...What are you doing here?"

  Seeing that Qiu Mu Orange was unharmed, Zhang Zhengfu had just breathed a sigh of relief, but after he realized that the person who had given Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan an umbrella was Han Dongmin, Zhang Zhengfu's eyes were close to popping out.

  "What, Han City?"

  "You mean, he...He's Han Dongmin?"

  "Misreading it?"

  Su Xi also lost her voice and shouted out, her pretty face filled with dismay and disbelief at the scene before her.

  It was hard for them to imagine that the head of a city, Han Dongmin, would condescend and give an umbrella to Ye Fan and the others?

  It's unbelievable!

  Suzy had never seen Han Dongmin, but Zhang Zhengfu had.He was convinced that the middle-aged man in front of him was Han Dongmin!

  "What's going on?"

  "What the hell happened?"

  "Why is Miss Autumn so sad?"

  "Why don't you say it now?!"

  Han Dongmin was coldly rebuked after seeing the two.

  Naturally, Zhang Zhengfu did not dare to conceal anything, and whirled around to tell Han Dongmin exactly what had happened in the clubhouse.

  "You two bastards, Miss Qiu was simply killed by you."

  "Opening a company to do business when the integrity-based, how can you guys..."

  Han Dongmin was also trembling with anger after hearing what Suzy had done those things.In the future, Qiu Mu Orange's company was afraid that it would not be easy to establish itself in Yunzhou.

  Su Xi also knew that she was at fault and lowered her head in a low voice to defend herself, "Didn't I also want to help Mu Orange..."

  "That can't be without principles!"Han Dongmin raged.

  "Tell me, who caused the injuries on Mu Orange's body?"At this time, however, Ye Fan's voice quietly sounded.

  What kind of coldness was contained within those low words, causing Han Dongmin to tremble unconsciously when he heard it.

  "It's Manager Xu from the Exhibition Center.He's too damned to have us thrown out, not to mention pushing Mu Orange.The injury on Mu Orange's hand was from the fall after he pushed her."Suzy said angrily at that time.

  When Ye Fan heard that, he didn't reply, but instead, he took Autumn Mu Orange, and carried her into the car.

  "Han City, please, take care of Mu Orange for me."Ye Fan's words were low, and to Han Dongmin, he slowly instructed.

  At that time, Han Dongmin was in awe, "Ye...Master Ye, what do you want?"

  "You mustn't be impulsive!"

  "Let me take care of this matter, and I promise to give you a satisfactory result."

  "But don't you dare, don't take personal revenge yourself."

  "That's the Entrepreneur's Annual Meeting, there are reporters in there, if you don't get it right, there will be a big impact."

  "Moreover, that Xu Lin has a big background, you must be calm, Ye Fan."

  Han Dongmin guessed almost instantly what Ye Fan was going to do, and at that time, he was so frightened that his old face was pale, and he was busy moving forward to discourage him.

  He had seen Ye Fan's skills, the man in front of him was in the BBQ City, but he had repeatedly beaten dozens of people under Zhou Sheng.

  Twenty-eight strong men were all seriously injured by Ye Fan, and there were still those who hadn't woken up yet.

  Now if Ye Fan really went to the scene of the annual meeting, Han Dongmin was afraid that Xu Jingli would be killed by Ye Fan.


On an occasion like this, if someone was killed, then the impact would be huge.

  What's more, that Xu Lin's background was not small.The family behind him didn't even dare to offend Han Dongmin.When Xu Lin's uncle had left Yunzhou, he had specifically greeted him and asked Han Dongmin to take care of Xu Lin more.

  Now, seeing Ye Fan acting like this, Han Dongmin was naturally terrified and worried, stopping him bitterly and saying that he would definitely deal with it properly.

  However, how could Ye Fan pay attention?

  "No need."

  Ye Fan whispered and left, quickly disappearing into the long, rainy night.

  The convention center.

  Thunderstorms were raging outside, but there was still a lively and joyful scene in the convention hall.

  Qiu Muying had undoubtedly made a name for herself before, relying on the reputation of the Red Flag Group and Wu Yong.

  Subsequently, she was even elected by the crowd as the representative of the new generation of entrepreneurs, and made a speech on stage to introduce her successful experience.

  Not far away, Xu Lin was dressed in a suit and carrying red wine, but he was laughing with Chu Wenfei and Wu Yi.

  "Manager Xu, thank you for helping.This glass of wine is from me, Chu Wenfei, to you."Chu Wenfei faced Xu Lin and thanked him.

  Xu Lin waved his hand, "Young Master Chu is Wu Yong's friend, that's my friend, helping my friend deal with a few jumping clowns, that's the right thing to do."

  Yes, why did Xu Lin suddenly check Zhang Zhengfu and the others' invitations, it was Chu Wenfei's authorization.

  Actually, the so-called inspection was just for show, but Xu Lin was just doing it.

  Regardless of whether their invitations were real or fake, Xu Lin was obviously going to tell them all to get lost.

  "This Qiu Mu Orange and her wimpy husband have repeatedly messed with me and Ying Ying, this time, let's teach them a lesson."

  "Let them know who to mess with and who not to mess with?"Chu Wenfei laughed in a sardonic voice.

  Xu Lin echoed, "Indeed, this kind of social scum can't be spoiled, it should be taught a lesson when it's time!Brother Wen Fei, if need be, I can help you teach that hillbilly, the wimpy door-to-door son-in-law as you call him, another lesson."

  A few people joked and then clinked a cup.A drink was consumed.

  At this time, Xu Lin's phone, however, suddenly rang.

  Xu Lin looked down and saw that it was actually Han Dongmin calling.

  He didn't dare to slow down and immediately answered the phone, respectfully saying, "Uncle Min, why aren't you here yet?Is this annual meeting all started?You..."

  However, before Xu Lin could finish his sentence, a stinky curse came from Han Dongmin splitting his head on the other end of the phone.

  "Bastard, who told you to touch Master Ye's woman?"

  "Are you too fucking long for your own good?"

  "Hurry up."

  "If you don't want to die, run."

  "Run as fast as you can!"

  Han Dongmin shouted anxiously at Xu Lin.

  Xu Lin, however, was in the clouds, completely unaware of what was happening?

  "Uncle Min, what's wrong?"

  "I've been honest lately and haven't caused you any trouble, huh?"Xu Lin was full of doubts.

  "No your grandmother's head!"

  "Where's all this nonsense, why don't you run away?"

  "You ungrateful thing, you dare to touch even Autumn Mu Orange?"

  Han Dongmin was still yelling angrily, and only then did Xu Lin understand what was going on.

  "Oh, you mean those turtles."

  "They'll be messing with the next year, and I kicked them out."

  "What? Could it be that Qiu Mu Orange's wimpy husband, in a fit of rage, is coming to beat me up?"

  "Uncle Min you only have to worry."

  "A dozen of my men, a son-in-law on the doorstep, and I can't get him?"

  "Uncle Min, let's leave it at that, where are people speaking over here?"

  "Hang up first."

  Xu Lin quickly hung up the phone, and together with Chu Wenfei and the others, he watched Qiu Mu Ying's speech with great interest, but Xu Lin didn't mind Han Dongmin's words in the slightest.

  Just kidding, a door-to-door son-in-law was just a son-in-law, why should he be afraid of him?


  "No man can stand without trust."

  "I think that the most basic quality of an entrepreneur is honesty."

  "To be successful, when honesty is the basis!"

  "If she lost her integrity, then her life would be extremely miserable."

  "Just like my third sister, Qiu Mu Orange, who lost her integrity instead because of her love of vanity."

  "This kind of woman is doomed to a life of poverty."

  "Just like her wimpy husband, she will surely become the laughingstock of the world and be disgraced by the world."

  Qiu Muying proudly said, and between her generous words, the applause thundered off the stage.

  Feeling the esteemed and respectful gazes of the crowd, Qiu Mu Orange only felt that her vanity had been greatly satisfied.At this moment, she was in the limelight, as if she was on the pinnacle of her life.


  However, it was at this moment.

  Suddenly, there was a loud bang, and the closed door of the clubhouse immediately split apart.

  Between the doors and windows shattering, only a thin figure, as if it was a ghost, appeared in front of the crowd.

  Outside, it was raining gloomily, and a chilling wind was blowing through.

  Behind him, there was darkness as heavy as iron.In front of him, this was the palace that was bright into the day.

  And that skinny figure was like a messenger from hell, connecting light and darkness, penetrating hell and heaven.


  Many people were stall scared then.

  Thought that the criminals were going to wipe out their entire pot.

  After all, the people here could be wealthy men of high worth, and it wasn't unimaginable for someone to come with evil intentions to rob them.

  When Xu Lin saw this, he quickly mobilized his men, and a dozen or so men with electric batons then ran forward to surround the man.

  "Who are you?"

  "How dare you, even on such an occasion, you dare to come and make trouble?"Manager Xu shouted angrily.

  Qiu Mu Ying had already seen Ye Fan's face clearly at this time, and screamed, "Manager Xu, he's Ye Fan, he's Qiu Mu Orange's nesting husband."

  "He's definitely here to make trouble, you must not let him go."


  "He's the country door-to-door son-in-law?"

  "That liar's husband just now?"

  "He's got the nerve to come!"

  "It's just asking for death!"

  When the crowd heard this, they became angry and cursed in anger.

  Qiu Mu Ying's face smiled even more at this point and thought to herself that this Ye Fan was really an idiot.

  What kind of occasion is this?

  The official organization's annual meeting.

  You're here to cause trouble, you're here to die!

  "Not bad for a couple, they're both idiots."

  "Let's see how you die later."Qiu Mu Ying smiled proudly.

  Master Qiu and Qiu Guang saw it was Ye Fan and also snorted in disdain, "This wimp still has the face to come?"

  "And no shame!"

  After hearing Qiu Mu Ying's words, Xu Lin looked at the Ye Fan in front of him and laughed, "So, you're that wimp son-in-law."

  "What? Come to stand up for your wife?"

  Xu Lin's disdainful laughter quietly rang out.

  Ye Fan lifted his eyelids, his icy eyes looking at him as beads of rain slowly dripped down the tips of his hair, falling to the ground and shattering.

  "Mu Orange, were you the one who hurt him?"The icy voice, like the sound of a boulder crushing, was actually so harsh.

  "Yes, it is me.What can you do to me?Do you, you wimp, still want to do something to me?"Looking at Ye Fan, Xu Lin only felt funny.

  A son-in-law on the doorstep, or a country bumpkin, pretending to be tough at him here?

  He deserves it?

  Just when Xu Lin was about to give the order to have Ye Fan beaten up and thrown out.

  Who would have thought that Ye Fan's energetic words were the first to ring out, "You guessed right."


  "Bastard, how dare you?!"

  Xu Lin's face immediately changed and his pupils shrank.

  However, it was already too late.


  Only a low roar was heard.

  In the midst of everyone's shocked and violent gaze, only Ye Fan kicked out, and Xu Lin's body of several hundred pounds flew out right away.

  Like a kite with a broken string, he sliced through the sky and flew a few tens of meters out of his face, finally crashing to the ground and falling at the feet of Qiu Mu Ying.


  Xu Lin's body trembled, and he spat out blood in a series of mouths, but all of them spat on Qiu Mu Ying's face, and then dripped down on her skirt.

  The long skirt was stained with blood, and her pretty face was terrified.

  Qiu Muying was so frightened that her soul was almost scattered, and finally staggered, actually sprawled on the ground.




  Dead silence, a dead silence.

  The whole place was silent, only the cold wind from outside, blowing through the doors and windows, whistling.

  Everyone was deeply shaken as they looked at Xu Lin, who was spitting blood and collapsing to the ground.

  One kick, just one kick!

  Xu Lin's nearly two hundred kilograms body was actually kicked from the entrance of the clubhouse all the way to the center of the arena, flying more than ten meters raw.

  With broken ribs and blood flying everywhere.

  Ye Fan's ruthless methods, however, shocked everyone in the arena.

  "I'll go fucking ah~"

  "This guy, is he Superman or what?"

  "So cruel~"

  Many of them were filled with shock, only feeling numb, as they were terrified and horrified, and even more frantic as they drew cold air.

  It was too strong!

  Ye Fan's momentum was too strong.

  It felt as if the one appearing in front of everyone at this moment was not a young man in his early twenties at all, but a demon that had emerged from the abyss.

  That kind of fierceness, that kind of majesty, was simply chilling!

  So much so, that those security guards around them were so scared to even move in front of Ye Fan, their legs were swinging.

  In the end, they were just like this, watching Ye Fan, walking past them.

  Until, towards the direction of Autumn Muying, he slowly walked away.

  "Ying Ying, Ying Ying, are you alright?"

  At this time, Chu Wenfei and Qiu Guang and the others had run to the stage to comfort Qiu Mu Ying because of their worries.


  Suddenly, a cold wind swept past.

  When Chu Wenfei, Qiu Guang and the others looked up, they saw Ye Fan's morbidly cold eyes, just like that, sweeping them.

  What kind of gaze it was, it was as if a king was looking down on a molehill ant.

  It seemed that if Ye Fan was willing, he could crush them to death with a single kick.

  "You...What are you doing?"

  Seeing that Ye Fan had arrived in front of them, Chu Wenfei and the others were already paralyzed with fear, scuffling and jumping up, taking a few steps backwards.

  Not only him, even Qiu Muying was filled with fear, looking at Ye Fan as if she was looking at the devil.

  Xu Lin's end just now was still vivid in her mind, and of course, Qiu Mu Ying and her husband were terrified and horrified, afraid that they would also end up like Xu Lin's miserable end.

  "Evil bastard, what are you doing?"

  "You're not going to commit murder in public, are you?"

  "How dare you, you wimp?"

  There was an angry roar from Master Qiu under the stage.

  Ye Fan ignored it, his cold gaze was always on Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife.Just when Qiu Mu Ying and her husband and wife were near despair, Ye Fan's gaze finally lifted, and then he looked around at everyone around him.

  A ghastly voice, only like the devil's low roar, echoed throughout the hall.

  "He hurt Mu Orange, so I did it to him."

  "As for you guys, don't worry, I don't mind bullying some ants yet."

  "If you guys don't come for the opening ceremony, someone else will."

  "When the time comes, you will know.What kind of existence are you guys insulting today?"

  "You will more than understand that what you disdain at this time, you will be too high to reach in another day!!!"


  The words were resounding, only like a golden stone falling to the ground.

  Under Ye Fan's majesty, the entire hall only felt a gale sweeping across it.

  The hall was filled with people who changed color.

  In their ears, there was actually only Ye Fan's eloquent and furious words that echoed.

  After speaking, Ye Fan did not stay long and left immediately.

  All that was left to the crowd was that majestic back, and behind it, the silence that filled the hall!

  It was only after an unknown amount of time had passed that the crowd had regained consciousness from the tremors and fears they had just experienced.

  Recalling the scene just now, many of them still had palpitations in their hearts.

  "Old Master Qiu, this person, is he really a countryman?"

  "But how can a countryman be so imposing?"

  "Even our Yunzhou's Li Er is afraid that he's not as good as us, right?"

  "He's not really a big shot, is he?"

  Many people were overcome with emotion and panic, turning their heads to look at Old Master Qiu who was on the side.

  But Old Master Qiu snorted, "What kind of bullshit big man?"

  "This wimp has been eating and drinking for nothing in my Autumn family for three years, what can he do that I wouldn't know?"

  "This kind of hillbilly has nothing more to offer than brute strength.It was just a bluff just now, no need to be concerned."

  "But he doesn't know whether he's dead or alive today and came to the annual meeting to cause trouble, so when Han City comes, we'll report him together and send him to the police station tomorrow."

  With these words from Master Qiu, the crowd's original trepidation was calmed down by three points.

  Seeing Ye Fan leave, Qiu Mu Ying and Chu Wen Fei, both of them, also let out a long sigh of relief.

  Although Ye Fan had only been here for a short while, to the couple, it was as long as a century, and they only felt as if they were walking through the gates of hell.

  "It seems that in the future, I'll have to hire some bodyguards."

  "Otherwise, I might be killed by this countryside loser someday."Until now, Chu Wenfei still had palpitations in his heart and said darkly.

  Qiu Mu Ying's mood gradually calmed down, looking at the blood stained on her long skirt, she undoubtedly hated Ye Fan even more.

  "This damned Ye Fan!"

  "It's surprising that he did such a harsh hand."

  "However, he wounded Xu Lin without knowing what he was doing, he's dead."

  "Seo Lin is very close to Han City, Han City will definitely not let him go."

  "Wait for death you guys~"

  Qiu Muying said angrily, her words filled with gloom.

  And at that moment, Han Dongmin finally arrived, but it was already late.

  Seeing the twitching Xu Lin who had fallen in a pool of blood, Han Dongmin let out a long sigh.

  He was, after all, too late.

  "Han City, you've finally come."

  "Manager Xu was seriously injured by a mugger, so you quickly send someone to arrest him ah."

  "I know the mugger is there, I can lead you there."

  Seeing Han Dongmin, Qiu Mu Ying hurriedly ran up to him and said urgently.

  Master Qiu also went up and greeted Han Dongmin, while concurring, "Yes, Han-shi.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.Please, Han Shi, lead someone to arrest him immediately!"

  However, once Han Dongmin heard this, he became annoyed then.

  A slap smacked on Qiu Mu Ying's face, directly smacking her silly: "Bastards, Little Lin suffered this calamity, he must have been compelled by you."

  "It's not enough that you've harmed Little Lin so badly, you also want to harm me?"

  "Get out of here yet?!"

  After Han Dongmin smacked Qiu Mu Ying, he turned and glared at the old man on the side, and likewise snapped, "And you old thing, the younger one is just as guilty of being stupid, but you're even adding to the mess?"

  "A big old man, is it all gone on a live dog?"

  "Get out of here, all of you!"

  Han Dongmin cursed angrily and then paid no more attention to them, while he quickly had someone take Xu Lin and drive to the hospital.Han Dongmin also went over with them.

  A good annual meeting, this kind of chaos, undoubtedly can not continue to run.The people also drove away.

  However, Qiu Muying and the others were still terrified, standing there, but couldn't figure it out.

  Han Dongmin, why was he so angry with the Qiu family?

  "Ying Ying, could it be that you've offended Han City?"

  "No grandpa, I've never even met Han City before, how could I have offended him?"Autumn Muyoung was suddenly terrified and covered her face in aggravation.

  After that, the Qiu family thought about it for a while and couldn't figure out why Han Dongmin was furious.

  "I guess he was angered by that wimp, right?"

  "Never mind, don't want to worry about it.Let's also hurry back and start preparing for the ribbon cutting celebration the day after tomorrow."

  "So many CEOs have agreed to attend today, so we must hold this celebration in a grand manner to properly strengthen the reputation of my Autumn Family!"

  Master Qiu said proudly, clearly looking forward to the ribbon-cutting celebration the day after tomorrow with particular anticipation.


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