The Unknown Heir 527


"Am I mistaken?"

The old man was slightly suspicious.

Wanted to remind, but Young Master Mo was another arrogant person, and had already been somewhat unhappy with himself after the angry glance he had just given himself.

If he said more, I'm afraid it would make Young Master Mo even more unhappy.

It should be a misjudgment!

The old man secretly said to himself.

But no matter what, the Mo family had spent a year, and now, they had finally caught Chen Hao.

And Chen Hao, as the biggest bargaining chip to force the South Ocean Chen family, now got.

Since the entire Longjiang Mo Family was excited about it.

"This kid can really hide! Hiding for a year, making my Mo Family use so many relationships and financial resources, and only now catching him!"

"Haha, now, our Longjiang Mo family can completely be able to dominate in all of Asia, Chen Hao is the only direct descendant of the Chen family Heir, and that guy, Chen Nearing, loves his son, so watch, we'll get the Chen family assets in no time!"

The people of the Mo family were talking about it.

A bodyguard from the Dragon family, who was a guest at the Mo family, just happened to hear the group of people talking.

In a flash of wisdom, he hurriedly ran to a room.

"Miss, there is an important news!"

The bodyguard pushed open the door and said.

Inside the room, a woman was carefully dressing up, and she was naturally Yang Xue.

The Lu and Mo families had a big problem, so the negotiations were cancelled.

Yang Xue, on the other hand, has gone to the Mo family to stay temporarily.

Waiting for the opportunity.

"What important news?"

Yang Xue asked.

The bodyguard swallowed his saliva, "It's a message from the Chen family Chen Hao, the Mo family today, has captured Chen Ge who has been on the run for a year!"


Upon hearing that, Yang Xue's entire body shook, and the powder box in her hand, directly fell to the ground.

"What did you say? Chen Hao? The Chen Hao who is active in the Lu family these days?"

Yang Xia stood up sharply.

"Well, conclusively, the entire Mo Family, today, is discussing, it is said that Chen Hao is dying, half-dead!"

Bodyguard Way.

Yang Xia's fingernails clenched slightly, she was now in a very complicated mood.

To say that she hated Chen Hao?

Yang Xia naturally hated it.

If Chen Hao was willing to be with her, she wouldn't have to settle for the Long family.

Moreover, this man had money and dumped himself.

Regardless of the reason, Yang Xia just hated it.

But I heard that Chen Hao was caught and was dying.

Yang Xia was heartbroken again.

After all, this boy no matter what, he used to love himself so much and was 100% in love with himself.

Including the idea of letting Chen Hao go at first, Yang Xue also had the same thought.

"What to do? What to do? The Mo family will definitely kill Chen Hao!"

Yang Xia paced back and forth.

"Even if we don't kill him, he won't live much longer, he was almost out of breath when we caught him, and now he's being thrown in the Mo family's dungeon Mile!"

The bodyguard said again.

Yang Xia rushed a few laps.

Then took a deep breath, a fierce glint in her eyes.

"Hmph, I told you, when I let him go, he and I had broken up, now, whether he lives or dies, it has nothing to do with me Up!"

Yang Xia sat down.

Oh, what is the reason for all these years of effort, isn't it just to live a better life than him?

Now that he's dying, it should be a good thing!

"Miss, if you want to take one last look at him, my subordinate does have one last solution?"

"What's the solution?"

Yang Xia was busy asking.

Then realizing that she was out of her mind, she said, "Who wants to see him, but before dying, look at his miserable appearance, haha, I am still Interested!"

"The key to the dungeon has always been in charge of the Mo Family's steward, and my subordinate knows this steward's son, but he can help!"

The bouncer.

"Well, then, you'll be the liaison for me!"

Yang Xia said.

"No, Chen Hao is the number one person in the Mo family, not even my father is qualified to meet him, besides, the security there is tight, not to mention the Dragon family up, many of the Mo family still can't get in!"

The housekeeper's son, who was crooked-looking, was shaking his head like a rattle drum at this moment when he heard Yang Xue's request.

"I know you definitely have a way to let me in for a bit, what are the conditions, you mention it as soon as possible!"

Yang Xia was looking at him at the moment.

The butler's son, however, was now staring at Yang Xia with burning eyes.

A nasty look on his face.

And Yang Xia, seemed to have seen some of his thoughts.

He couldn't help but take a few steps backwards.

"I heard that Miss Yang, your husband is a mentally retarded child, I guess Miss Yang must be very lonely in general, right?"

Saying that, the housekeeper's son gently held Yang Xia's white wrist.

"To be honest, when I first met Miss Yang, I was overwhelmed by her beauty, and I swore at the time that if I had the chance to A kiss, I'd rather die for you!"

The butler's son.

"Young Master Mo please take care of yourself! If Young Master Mo really has a crush on Yang Xue, please give me a high hand and let me meet Chen o, I'll be grateful!"

Yang Xue drew her hand back.

The butler's son's eyebrows furrowed as he asked, "Why can't you leave Chen Hao left and right, Miss Yang what is your relationship with Chen Hao? Had to see him!"

"Young Master Mo Qiang, I'll be honest with you, Chen Hao is my boyfriend from college, he's about to die, I want to go meet him and at the same time, I'm I also want to get back at him, or I won't get the chance later!"

Yang Xia's eyes flickered slightly with resentment.

"Hahaha, so Miss Yang still has such a past with Chen Hao, I say! But Miss Yang, I can risk my life to agree to you on this matter, but after it's done, you have to give me Mo Qiang's sweetness, right?"

Mo Qiang was obscene.

Yang Xia, on the other hand, turned her face away and didn't say anything, "I'll be inconvenienced for a few days, I'll thank Mo Qiang later!"

Mo Qiang heard that there was a door to this, "I understand, I understand, girls, there are always a few days when it's inconvenient!"

He smiled nastily.

"Tonight, I can get the key from my dad, but you only have five minutes, or I'm screwed!"

Mo Qiang said.

"Okay, five minutes will do, thank you Mo!" After saying that, Yang Xue turned around and walked away quickly.


Mo Qiang was about to eat some tofu and saw that Yang Xia was running fast.

Now he couldn't help but smile coldly: "Little beautiful girl, I've been watching you for a long time, and in a few days, I'll eat you up! Hahahaha!"

It was night.

Yang Xia arrived in the dungeon wearing a sports sweatshirt and a hat.

"Only five minutes, so hurry up! I'll keep watch outside the door!"

Mo Qiang said.

Yang Xia, on the other hand, immediately saw Chen Hao lying in the dungeon.

"Chen Hao!"

It had been a year since I saw Chen Hao again, but this was what he looked like.

All the hatred in my heart was suddenly gone as well.

"Wake up Chen Hao, you're not really going to die, are you?"

Yang Xia ran to Chen Hao's side and shook him.

However, Chen Hao's face was pale and senseless....


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