The Unknown Heir 526


Only now did Liu Jiu know why this kid, his first reaction to seeing himself was not fear, but a bit of joy.

It turned out that he was extremely strong, even strong to an inscrutable point.

And he thanked himself because he already knew that he would die.

Liu Jiu was now very remorseful.

If he didn't come after me, I'm afraid he wouldn't have died, and if he didn't come after me and go back to refining medicine properly, he might be able to step into the mysterious The Inner Strength Realm.

However, it was too late.

"You... what do you want?"

Liu Jiu at the moment has more in and less out.

"Borrowing your blood, don't worry, I'll keep my promise and give you a whole corpse, you can go in peace!"

Saying that, Chen Hao pinched Liu Jiu's neck and twisted gently.

Liu Jiu's eyes were wide open, already dead....

Chen Hao used some nearby medicinal herbs to refine the blood essence.

After that, it was the puppy that was brought along and ambushed.

Chen Hao's appearance was highly tense, and the black blade in his hand was held tightly.

Spirit Foxes were greedy by nature, if not for this, it would not have led to the near extinction of the Spirit Fox.

Right at this moment, the puppy stared at him.

Chen Hao even held his breath.

Because, that Spirit Fox had appeared!

It was cautious, but the gleam in its eyes betrayed its greedy heart.

After making sure there was nothing else going on around it.

This spirit fox decided to take a risk.


With a shout, the Spirit Fox jumped right on it.


Chen Hao would no longer give it any possibility of escape.

The hand rose and fell.

The black blade was quickly sacrificed.

It directly hit the Spirit Fox's death point.


Chen Hao rushed over and picked up the Spirit Fox that had broken his breath.

It couldn't help but be overjoyed.

"Liu Jiu, you've done me a great favor today, your blood, the temptation to the spirit fox, is indeed great!"

Chen Hao smiled.


The puppy was now wagging his tail happily too.

"Of course, and you too, I'll take you out and eat whatever you want!"

Chen Hao said with a smile.

He then carried the puppy and found a nearby cave.

Since he had obtained the Spirit Fox, it was now time to grab and drink its spirit blood.

According to the record above the Hundred Beasts Scripture.

The existence time of spirit blood was very low, and once it was delayed for too long, the aura of the spirit blood would quickly evaporate.

Of course, Chen Hao had heard about it from his grandfather.

Spiritual Blood, which gathered the spiritual energy of the world.

It contained a great amount of energy.

Not only could it nourish one's mind, it could also improve one's current inner strength.

Therefore, after drinking the Spirit Blood, he needed to use a special breathing method to blend this power.

According to his current cultivation, I'm afraid, it would take three days to completely blend it.

"Come here dog, I'll block the hole later, after I drink the spirit blood, I'll fall into a three-day slumber, during these three days, you only need to Promise, just don't let some small insect beast near me?"

Chen Hao stroked the puppy's head.


The little dog threw out his tongue, indicating that he agreed.

One man and one dog went inside the cave.

At the same time.

There was a group of people within the An Ling dense forest.

There was also a group of people, who were searching hard.

This group of people, with equipment around them.

And, there were no less than a hundred of them.

Among them, a young man in his twenties was standing with his hands in the air, and several older people were accompanying him.

"Still haven't found it?"

The youth asked with a frown on his brow.

"There's no clue yet!"

Hands answered.

"Bring the landlubbers!"

The youth's frown deepened.

It was seen that the bruised Lu Zongyuan, as well as Meng Kang, who was obviously seriously injured, were being pressed over.

"Are you guys sure that he won't lie to me when he enters An Ling?"

The youth asked.

"Mo Shao, how could he dare to lie to you, he really came to An Ling, and the killing of the eight people of the Mo family was definitely not the work of our Lu family . I hope Mo Shao will understand!"

Lu Zongyuan said with a fearful face.

The person in front of him was named Mo Yu, the second son of the Mo family's master.

Lu Zongyuan had heard of this person long ago.

He was very cold and extremely ruthless in his actions.

Now, eight people from the Mo family perished in the Lu family, the Mo family naturally sent people to track him down, Lu Zongyuan was a local rich businessman, Chen Hao Mo family, he kind of understood, which one was also not something he could offend.

It was then truthfully told the whereabouts of Chen Hao.

Mo Yu, that is, he brought people to search.

"Our Longjiang Mo family, with this Chen Hao has deep roots, with their Chen family, it's not just one or two years, I hope that Mr. Lu can Honestly, try not to wade through this muddy water!"

Mo Yu said indifferently.

"It's natural!"

"It's natural!"

Lu Zongyuan was busy.

"Second Young Master, there's a clue!"

At that moment, some men ran over to report.

Just a short distance ahead, two bodies were found on the ground, dressed like villagers at the bottom of a hill, and they had just died, and there were signs of struggle.

Traces of trampling the grass and trees away were also found.

"Woof woof!"

Even more at this time, the search dogs brought by the Mo family began to bark in a direction!


Mo Yu frowned slightly, "There's someone around, it looks like it's not far away, start searching immediately!"

Mo Yu commanded down.

The hands were in full gear, speeding up the search.

"I remember a year ago, I had gone to the Chen family with my master and had seen that Chen Hao, at that time, he was just a wiry boy with a physical Feeble!"

"What has he gone through this year, why is he so powerful, Mo Yunhai and the eight of them, who are also considered Mo Family experts, would actually be Chen Hao It's a bit unbelievable to kill in one hit!"

Next to Mo Yu, an old man was frowning at the moment.

"So what, what's the point of meeting a true Mo Family expert, a mere Chen Hao?"

Mo Yu laughed bitterly.

"Found it!"

At this moment, in the valley ahead, someone shouted.

Mo Yu quickly walked over.

Outside a stone cave, the boulder blocking the entrance to the cave had been moved away.

At this moment, one of his men was lying on the ground with his neck covered, blood flowing all over his body.

And inside the cave, there was still a pale youth lying, as if he was lifeless.

"Chen Hao? Finally, I've got you!"

At a glance, Mo Yu's eyebrows were stretched.

Attention, then, went to his men.

"What's wrong with him?"

"Second young master, it was attacked by this ferocious dog, this ferocious dog, and it's really protecting its master, little one will slaughter it!"

One of the men.


The puppy was nipped in the neck.

At the moment, but it looks like it's attacking, and all the hair on its body is standing upright.

And when it growled.

It actually made the Mo family's search dogs, all backwards a few steps.

What's more, a few of them were scared to pee on the spot.

"Eh? Kind of interesting..."

Mo Yu saw it in his eyes, "Don't kill it yet, take it with Chen Hao and withdraw to the Mo family!"

"This kid, wasn't he rumored to be extremely powerful, why is he half dead? But that's good, it saves him from running away again!"

As he carried Chen Hao out, the old man beside Mo Yu tested Chen Hao's heart pulse and found it to be very faint.

But this problem was clearly not the key.

He just questioned and didn't say much.

"Run? In the hands of me, Mo Yu, can you escape?"

Mo Yu coldly looked at the old man.

"Second Young Master said so!" The old man nodded his head .

However, as the old man bowed his head, he suddenly noticed that Chen Hao, who was being carried away, his pale face, just a moment ago, actually flickered with a flash of red mane....


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