The Unknown Heir 220,221,222,223,224

Chapter 220

The call was from Li Mingxue.

It was talking about the high school reunion to be held today at noon.

Let Chen Hao go over early, don't forget.

It had been three days since that day at Mi Du's lunch until now.

Qin Ya has also been gone for three days.

The gathering was something that Li Mingxue said yesterday, in the future, the students should intern and work.

While we can still gather some of them, let's have a party.

Originally Chen Hao didn't want to go, but Nay bar, yesterday Chen Hao went to cut the ribbon at the newly opened investment company, and when he was ready to leave after the cutting, he ran into Li Mingxue and the others who came to play at the celebration.

In addition, there was another high school girl classmate, named Jiang Xueqing.

Jiang Xueqing was the vice-president of her class, definitely considered the flower of the class, with excellent academic performance, just like Li Shihan, and has been on good terms with Chen Hao who is also a good student.

Now it is said that Jiang Xueqing has returned to Pingan County to develop, and has even found a good job.

When she saw Chen Hao, she felt quite friendly with him, so she invited him to join her.

Chen Hao was too embarrassed to refuse, so he agreed to go.

After hanging up the phone.

Chen Hao saw a message come up on his phone's qq, and it was from Jiang Xueqing.

"Hey, Chen Hao, when are you leaving?"

Chen Hao knew that Jiang Xueqing's home was in the city of Pingan County, not too far from the hotel where Chen Hao was currently staying.

When we met yesterday, Chen Hao ridiculed, wait until tomorrow to go together.

Jiang Xueqing just smiled and agreed.

"I'll be right there!"

Chen Hao returned.

"Okay, I've got forty more minutes to wash my hair, we'll meet at the Xiaoping Street bus stop later ah!"

"No problem!"

When Jiang Xueqing used to be the class president, she was still one of those girls who were quite quiet and quiet, and seldom spoke.

Just love to study, and only love to play with students who study well.

For example, the influential Li Chao, and the richest man in the class, Li Wenyang, because they were mischievous, so Jiang Xueqing especially did not like to talk with them.

But yesterday, Chen Hao felt that he had changed quite a bit.

The whole person was a lot more cheerful and competent, and also very fond of joking with people now.

Alas! Maybe the girls who have been baptized by the society will become different.

Also I have to mention one more thing, remember when the second year of high school just started, Chen Hao also had an ambiguous relationship with Jiang Xueqing for a while.

It's not that Chen Hao is charming!

It's because Chen Hao at that time, his looks are quite pretty, mainly because people are also honest and study well, like to listen to this group of girls talk, as time passes, there will be some small ambiguous.

But the ambiguity with Jiang Xueqing, just a small period of time, and then long ago disappeared.

Chen Hao now also cleaned up well.

So just take the car keys and drive the big G to the small Ping Street bus station that!

Because there was no need to be too low-key now, after all, this wasn't a school.

And Chen Hao wasn't driving there to pretend, he had to have a means of transportation.

Besides, this party Li Shihan and Chen Lin might go, and although they didn't know their identities, they knew they had money, so Chen Hao didn't think much of it.

After arriving, there was still half an hour from the appointed time.

So Chen Hao drove the car to a nearby parking lot.

He went to the milk tea shop himself and bought two cups of milk tea and walked to the bus stop here to wait for Jiang Xueqing.

"Chen Hao?"

Right at this moment, a female voice suddenly sounded next to the station and called out to Chen Hao.

Chen Hao turned his head to look.

Just see a girl is affectionately holding a guy's arm, both of them are wearing sunglasses, quite trendy dress up.

Only the girl, looks exquisite and beautiful body, the boy is a little short and fat! And pockmarked with pockmarks.

But it looked pretty loving.

"Chen Hao, it's only been a few years, don't you know each other?"

The girl took off her sunglasses and said.

"You're Wang Rui!" Chen Hao also recognized it at once.

At the same time, her boyfriend was now taking off his glasses, and Chen Hao also recognized him.

He was called Xin Heng, nicknamed Tycoon, that is, he looked like a tycoon, he was quite rich when he was in school, but to be honest, he had to be rejected by fifteen out of ten girls in school.

Why? Half of these girls have to say no twice!

Because he had too many pits on his face.

And as a child, he had a high fever that was quite severe, and his reaction was always half a beat slower than others.

Anyway, at that time the students in his class were either bullying Chen Hao or bullying him, and they were considered difficult brothers.

As for Wang Rui.

The little model was naturally handsome.

She was on the school's literary team, and she and Chen Lin were both Latin dancers.

And even in the degree of charm, Wang Rui is a few points better than Chen Lin.

I remember when Wang Rui played quite open, there were many people chasing after her, and she had been in love many times.

Either the family is rich, and also famous boys in the school.

Or the school sports team, with the star aura of the boys.

And then there were the gangly handsome guys who hung out outside the school.

The kind that had several Ghostfire motorcycles blocking the school gates to pick her up on weekends.

She's a real piece of work.

But to Chen Hao's surprise, after high school graduation, she ended up with a mogul!

This caused Chen Hao's eyes to glaze over.

"What are you looking at, I didn't expect you to go to this class reunion! Talk about years since we've seen each other!"

Wang Rui hugged her shoulders and gave Chen Hao a blank look.

"Yeah, it's been a few years, you two are getting along!?" Chen Hao laughed.

"Hmph, what's wrong with the two of us getting along? The tycoon doesn't know how much he loves me, and the tycoon's family has a few more shops in the county now!"

I don't know if it was showing off or not, but Wang Rui said a whole lot.

And looking at Chen Hao's silent appearance.

Wang Rui held her shoulders even more proudly.

She could tell that Chen Hao was surprised that she was with the tycoon.

And there was a little jealousy in Chen Hao's heart.

It wasn't a matter of liking or disliking, but the same two losers, one of them had a beautiful girlfriend, while the other was still the status quo.

Anyone's heart is uncomfortable!

And Wang Rui liked seeing Chen Hao this uncomfortable.

"Later, Jiang Xueqing will also come over, let's go over together!"

Chen Hao shook his head with a bitter smile and said.

"Hmph, we're not doing the bus, we're waiting for someone here, Yang Jian and the others will come pick us up later! That is, the mogul's driver's license hasn't come out yet, or we'd have bought a car by now!"

Wang Rui Dao.

"That's okay!"

Chen Hao didn't know what to say anymore, so he chatted with Tycoon and Wang Rui one sentence at a time.

Time passed by minute by minute.

"Chen Hao!"

At this moment, another girl called out Chen Hao's name.

When Chen Hao looked up, he saw a girl with a sun umbrella, a tall figure, and permed long, naturally curly red shawl hair walking over by the roadside.

The actual time of the day, you will be able to find a lot of people who are going to be able to get the most out of their time.

This appearance body temperament, enough to attract the attention of a hundred percent of the boys.

Many men's eyes are staring at her up and down.

And this girl was not a bystander, naturally it was Jiang Xueqing....

Chapter 221

"Yukari, you're here too!"

Wang Rui and the others also greeted Jiang Xueqing with a smile.

"Chen Hao, how long have you been waiting?"

Jiang Xueqing then looked at Chen Hao again and smiled.

"Not long!" Chen Hao said.

Jiang Xueqing had dressed up quite beautifully today, indeed she was the kind of girl that people would be quite impressed by at a glance.

But Chen Hao was just looking at it, there were no more unnecessary thoughts in his heart.

"Right Xueqing, yesterday in the party group, I saw them all discussing that you found a good job, how did you get into that Dreamer Investment Group? Oh, yeah? I heard that the registered capital alone is directly 10 billion!"

Wang Rui was envious at this time.

Originally, she had been dating a tycoon with a shop in her family, and was considered to have entered the standard well-off life.

The good life didn't run.  

So Wang Rui is still quite superior in front of a group of classmates.

But compared to Jiang Xueqing, it's a little ashamed of herself.

The Dreamer Investment Group, who doesn't know that it's but the Jinling Chen Shao funded the establishment, is a giant blade of the future development of Pingan County, who is into the group, that a year to one or two million are not changed.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

Everyone knows that it won't be long before Pingan County will be turned upside down.

"I've only just joined the company, and I still don't know how the future will develop in the company, and to be honest, I'm quite unsure! And where I am, it's not the headquarters of Dreamer Investments, it's just a small company below Dreamer Investments Holdings, no they say The so meta!"

Jiang Xueqing laughed bitterly.

"That's also awesome, so don't be modest, Xueqing!"

Wang Rui said with a bit of jealousy.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was a bit surprised.

It turned out that Jiang Xueqing had joined a company under the Dreamer Investment Group.

And who owned this Dreamer Group?

It must be Chen Hao's!

It's no wonder, yesterday when I was ready to ride my bicycle after cutting the ribbon myself, as soon as I left the venue, I ran into Jiang Xueqing and the others in the big square outside the venue.

Yesterday's festivities, there were quite a few stars here, so there were naturally a lot of people.

And as a member of the Dreamer's company, Jiang Xueqing had no problem bringing a few people in to play together.

Chen Hao couldn't help but think to himself, what a coincidence!

"Exactly, let's go together later!"

Jiang Xueqing was talking about going to the party together.

Wang Rui said, "No need, Xueqing, why don't you take our car and go later? Someone's coming to get us!"

Jiang Xueqing was about to say something.

Her phone suddenly rang.

After picking it up, her face was a little shy and she stepped aside, mmming twice before hanging up.

"Your boyfriend, huh?"

Chen Hao looked at Jiang Xueqing's shy and blushing face and asked with a smile.

"What are you talking about, I don't have a boyfriend yet, just a friend of mine!"

Jiang Xueqing smiled somewhat awkwardly.

And Chen Hao also pulled out his car keys and prepared to go and pick up Jiang Xueqing along with his car.

Just at this moment.

A brand new white Audi A4L suddenly came rushing down the road like a fierce tiger.

Another sharp braking directly stopped in front of the station.

The car window rolled down, a boy wearing sunglasses revealed his face.

"Let's go ah Xueqing, the students will be there later, we'll go over early!"

The boy said to Jiang Xueqing.

And this car, naturally, attracted a lot of people waiting at the bus stop.

Alas, as expected, all the beautiful girls have rich young men to pick them up!

Some of the boys' hearts were humble.

"Li Wenyang, Brother Yang, is it you, did you just buy the car?"

Wang Rui recognized the boys, and was now somewhat surprised.

Li Wenyang saw that Wang Rui and the tycoon were also there, and was now somewhat surprised.

Also walked off the car.

One hand in the pocket leaning on the car laughing: "Half a month ago, now just practice smooth!"

Li Wenyang, naturally, was also in Chen Hao's class.

At first in the class, there were only two boys who were rich and powerful.

One was Li Chao who had Health Bureau connections at home, and the other one who was rich was Li Wenyang.

Li Wenyang played with the two of them together with Li Chao, making trouble in the class and so on.

But people have capital ah, after graduation, the mix is quite open.

The only thing that surprised Chen Hao was that Li Wenyang's relationship with Jiang Xueqing at that time was extremely poor, and also quarreled a few times, but now it seems that the relationship is good ah.

They chatted for a while, when Wang Rui pointed at Chen Hao: "Brother Yang, Chen Hao is also there, look at how you don't even talk to people!"

Only then did Li Wenyang look at Chen Hao who was standing on the side.

"Whew! Fuck, Rui Rui, if you didn't remind me, I wouldn't have recognized it, Chen Hao is here too!"

Li Wenyang smiled faintly.

"Hmph, really, have you forgotten, the time we were in high school, the time you asked Chen Hao to copy your homework, Chen Hao didn't copy it for you, you Just take a stool and smash Chen Hao from the podium all the way to the back of the classroom, when the beating was so severe, it scared people to death!"

Wang Rui smiled.

These words were unintentional.

But it made Chen Hao extremely embarrassed.

Of course Chen Hao remembered this incident clearly ah, even at that time, Li Wenyang was the shadow on Chen Hao's heart, he always mocked himself in public, and he also beat him from time to time.

As soon as Chen Hao heard his name, he was scared in his heart.

It was that same beating, Jiang Xueqing and Li Shihan quarreled with Li Wen Yang in order to help themselves, and the quarrel was quite intense.

In particular, Jiang Xueqing, in order to stand up for herself, took the textbook and smashed Li Wenyang.

It was quite unpleasant anyway.

Chen Hao just laughed bitterly.

And Li Wenyang also changed the topic: "Okay, don't wait, let's go, just now when I called Xueqing, I thought that just She's on her own, it's just as well you're all waiting for the bus, take my car and go together!"

Feelings just now the phone call, is Li Wenyang to Jiang Xueqing.

And Jiang Xueqing probably had herself in fear of thinking too much about it, so that was why it was secret.

Chen Hao thought to himself.

Hehe, actually there was really no need, Chen Hao didn't think it was anything.

It was just that he had originally agreed to go with Jiang Xueqing, but as a result, Jiang Xueqing had not only asked for a date with himself, but also with Li Wenyang, making Chen Hao feel just a little frustrated in his heart.

"Fine, then Chen Hao let's go in Wen Yang's car together, you don't have to take the bus either!"

Jiang Xueqing was blushing a bit at this time and looked at Chen Hao.

And the tycoon and Wang Rui naturally a hundred promises, riding in an Audi, there's face! It's also possible to pull in with Yang Shao, how nice.

"I'm afraid that won't work, I'll have to pick up one of our classmates later, plus him, it's overloaded ah!"

Li Wenyang sat in the car at this time, while Jiang Xueqing himself sat on the passenger side.

Li Wenyang had a bitter face at this time.

Making Jiang Xueqing even more embarrassed: "Ah? What then?"

"I see how about this, Chen Hao you take a cab, the cab fare is only ten dollars anyway!" Li Wenyang said with an apologetic face.

"What kind of car to hit, isn't there a little yellow car on the side of the road, Chen Hao you go scan the code and ride it!" Wang Rui said.

"Hahahaha, fuck this is too violent!" Li Wenyang laughed loudly.

Then said: "That's okay Chen Hao, we'll see you at the hotel later!"

After saying that Li Wenyang directly drove away.

And Jiang Xueqing wanted to say something to Chen Hao, the words did not come out of his mouth, just raised the car window glass up!

Ugh, what else can I say....

After they left, quite a few people at the bus stop looked at Chen Hao pitifully, some of them even smiling.

What had just happened couldn't have been more obvious, this kid was clearly a despised guy. Alas, how pitiful!

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was oblivious and smiled helplessly.

Then he walked to the next parking lot, drove his big G and came out....


By the time Chen Hao finished parking in the parking lot and arrived at the box, most of his classmates were already here.

There were about twenty people present today, and the men and women were quite lively.

The tables booked were also very large.

Most of the students just briefly greeted Chen Hao and then chatted with each other.

After all, Chen Hao was just a poor pimp in their eyes, so he was naturally ignored and despised by the crowd.

Only to Chen Hao's surprise.

The two of them, Chen Lin and Li Shihan, did not come to this class reunion.

"Hey right Brother Wen Yang, why didn't Chen Lin and Li Shih-Han come? Didn't you say it was coming?"

Someone also wondered like Chen Hao and asked.

Li Wenyang laughed: "The two of them can't come, hehe, now people are not what they used to be, climbing up the high branch, it's our group of The one with the most stamina among his classmates, alas, I guess I won't be attending this small occasion!"

"Huh? Fuck, no? Tell me about Yang, what's wrong?"  Remember the URL

Someone was curious.

Jiang Xueqing, who was naturally sitting next to Li Wenyang at this time, was also wondering and asked.

"Now Li Shihan has found a particularly awesome boyfriend in Jinling, you guys know about the Yunmeng Mountain Tourism Entertainment and Dining City online, right?"

Li Wenyang lit a cigarette and said.

"Of course I know, fuck, Yunmeng Mountain will be made into a tourist restaurant culture city in the future, who doesn't know!"

"Oh, people's Shihan's boyfriend is from Yunmeng Mountain Village, now it's been demolished and several houses have been demolished, and his family is in Yunmeng Mountain With the commercial street of the Cultural Travel City and the shops, it's almost impossible to calculate how much money you'll make in the future!"

"Oh my God, so powerful!"

The crowd was all shocked as they heard Li Wenyang say.

"His boyfriend's name is Ding Hao, he's very famous in Jinling now, last month right, when I went to Jinling for fun, I called Shih Hsin directly. I met his boyfriend and had dinner together, all with WeChat!"

Li Wenyang with a proud face.

"I go, Brother Yang is just awesome!"

"Used to be in school, Brother Yang and Brother Li Chao are very good in our class, Chao, you see, Brother Yang is so cool, you also have to hold on tight ah !"

Some of the girls casually ridiculed Li Chao who was sitting next to them.

Make Li Chao quite jealous.

Indeed, swung up, he was worse than Li Wenyang.

Especially now, Li Wenyang knows so many Jinling people, he is also those relations of the Health Bureau.

Made Li Chao like sitting on pins and needles.

It feels like there's no face at all.

"But don't say that, Li Chao also cattle, your family relatives in the hospital to do related work, you can find Chaozi, haha, come on Superman, you take the guest of honor seat!"

Li Wenyang sat in the main escort position, while Jiang Xueqing sat on his left hand side as the deputy guest of honor, this guest of honor position, naturally, must be given to Li Chao.

"No Brother Yang, I think it's better for you to sit in the main guest position, after all, you are the most powerful now, and here I say one thing, Brother Yang's family's The company, this time, has also gotten financing from Dreamer Group!"

A boy smiled and looked at Li Wenyang.

Someone announced like this, Li Wenyang this pushy act is quite cool.

Because after the crowd heard about it, the eyes that looked at Li Wenyang all stared at him.

"Oh, it's all a family company, it's none of my business, and now I'm starting a company of my own, and it's pretty useless! And nothing accomplished!" Li Wenyang smiled bitterly.

The crowd was another wave of envious worship.

Letting Li Chao on the side lose a bit of the limelight. Quite decadent.

Now with an embarrassed smile, he suddenly looked at Chen Hao, who was sitting at the seat, and sneered.

"Right Brother Yang, I say this guest of honor seat ah, we shouldn't let either of us give it up, we should let Chen Hao sit here!"

Seeing everyone comparing themselves to Li Wenyang, of course Li Chao's heart was unhappy, and soon he diverged from the topic to think of Chen Hao.

"Pfft! What, let Chen Hao do it?"

Some people laughed.

"Humph, of course it has to be Chen Ge to do it, you may not know it, Chen Hao and our Pingan County Liu Li is very familiar with it, two days ago dinner we When you come across it, Liu Li will pay the bill directly to Chen Hao!"

Li Chao sneered.

"What? Chao are you kidding me, how could Liu Shao know him?"

"That's right, what is Liu's status, what is Chen Hao's status?"

"Don't believe me, if you don't believe me, ask Ming Xue, she saw it too!"

Li Mingxue nodded.

"Holy shit!"

This time, the eyes of the crowd looked at Chen Hao changed a bit.

Including Jiang Xueqing, who also unexpectedly looked at Chen Hao.

At the same time, some people also looked at Li Wenyang.

After all, everyone knew about the incident where Li Wenyang had poisoned Chen Hao in high school.

Now that Chen Hao has developed and actually knows the black and white Liu Li, what kind of expression must Li Wenyang have?

And Li Wenyang just laughed bitterly with disdain.

"What happened to Liu Li? By the way, there's one thing you may not know, right? Liu Li was beaten up in KTV a few days ago, and his dad was warned, Liu's mining group is already owned by someone else, and you guys are still as How awesome is Liu Li!"

Li Wenyang said.

Next, he told everyone what he had heard about what happened in Liu Li's house.

Only then did it dawn on the crowd.

"Unexpectedly ah Chen Hao, looking at you quite honestly, I didn't expect that you would go sticking up for such a person!"

Li Wenyang looked at Chen Hao at this time and smiled.

"Chen Hao, you know how I know about these things, and I'm not afraid to tell everyone, this time the one who fixes the Liu family is Jinling Li Zhenguo big brother whole, one time on the whole honest, Oh, my father and Li Zhenguo boss driver Jin brother had dinner, that are my Jin brother drink After more to tell my dad, when I accompanied, Jin also kept patting my shoulder and said, let me mix well, anything, anytime. Call him!"

Li Wenyang faintly smiled.

And the crowd was even more confused.

"Li Zhenguo old man's driver? Brother Yang, does your father still know the driver from Li?"

Li Zhenguo's name is well-known to everyone in Jinling.

He is an absolute business magnate and a ruthless man.

Of course his driver is also bullish ah.

"Well well, ate a few offenses, Jin brother is quite overbearing, so in the future we students get together more, there is anything I can do to do for everyone! I did! And don't you believe it, this is a picture of me having dinner with Jin!"

Li Wenyang took the phone and let the crowd look at it.

Chen Hao was on the side and also took a glance.

In the photo, it was indeed Jin Xiaoshan, Li Zhenguo's driver.

It was well dressed and the watch on his hand was also expensive.

It really surprised Chen Hao that there was such a side to Little Jin.

In the past, when Chen Hao went to and from Hot Spring Villa, Li Zhen Guo didn't hesitate to send Jin to pick up and drop off Chen Hao.

Chen Hao was quite familiar with him.

He thought that Jin was honest and even simple. He was also quite plain in front of him.

I didn't expect that behind his back, he was also quite a domineering person.

But thinking about it, who can't have a little privacy.

"So, don't take that Liu Li too seriously in the future, and as for some of the dogs around him, don't look too much into his eyes, if you need anything, look for me Just do it!"

Li Wenyang glanced at Chen Hao.

Then he looked at Jiang Xueqing who was on the side.

"Don't worry, Xueqing, I can take care of that guy from your company today and fix your problem!"

"Huh? Yukari, what are you doing at the office?"

Wang Rui asked.

Chen Hao also lifted his face and looked at Jiang Xueqing.



"Yeah Yukiharu tell me what's going on?"

Someone asked curiously.

Jiang Xueqing nodded, and was able to tell the story in detail.

Chen Hao could understand.

It turned out that shortly after Jiang Xueqing entered the company, her boss, that is, an assistant department manager, harassed Jiang Xueqing on a regular basis.

At the beginning, he was a bit restrained, that is, he wanted to invite Jiang Xueqing out for dinner or something.

After refusing several times, Jiang Xueqing was too embarrassed to refuse, so she went out for dinner with him once.

That is to say, after that fight, the pervert became even more aggressive.

Often shouted Jiang Xueqing to the office, before the mouth, now the hands and feet.

It's probably two days before the celebration, the department manager called Jiang Xueqing again, this time directly touch her thighs.

Jiang Xueqing was anxious, and took up water to splash the deputy manager of that department.  A second to remember to read the book.

Because of this, the assistant manager blackmailed her by saying that she would be kicked out of the company and either behave herself or leave from the company and let her see what happened.

As you may not know, according to Jiang Xueqing's description, the assistant manager of that department was a balding Mediterranean, old fucking creep!

Later Jiang Xueqing told this to Li Wenyang.

In the whole class, it was only Li Wenyang who had the energy to fight against this assistant manager.

"Damn, it's so damn infuriating, I really want to beat that old turtle up, daring to bully Goddess Xueqing like this!"

Some boys were indignant.

"That's right, ugh, but we girls really have to learn how to protect ourselves, and outside, we're often the target of bullying, like when I first entered the At the hospital, someone who didn't know about my relationship and wanted to make any demands on me was honest when he found out who my boyfriend was. Up!"

Li Mingxue also said.

"Mingxue is right, Xueqing, honestly, you and Shih-Han were the prettiest in our class at the time, and look now Shih-Han has found such a The boyfriend of this matter, you should also find one who loves you and loves you, ahem, you can have a ready-made one next to you, you must cherish ah!"

Wang Rui said.

Jiang Xueqing slightly blushed and lowered her head.

"Don't worry, Xueqing, I'll give you a result after this matter is gathered today, I don't believe it, a department assistant manager only!"

Li Wenyang said overbearingly.

"Wen Yang, I just want you to scare him! You don't do anything else!" Jiang Xueqing was still a little worried.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing!"

"Hahaha, to scare people, Xueqing I'll give you a candidate, find us Chen Hao ah, this guy, but he knows Liu Li very well! "

Li Chao looked at Chen Hao at this time and sneered.

Everyone also laughed.

You said Chen Hao, it was hard to meet a good play capable, but the result of that person also pulled.

As for Jiang Xueqing, one look at Chen Hao is to turn her head and speak to Li Wenyang.

This is already very obvious.

Although in the school, Jiang Xueqing and Chen Hao have a good relationship, even because Chen Hao and Li Wenyang quarrel especially fierce.

But now, it was obvious that Jiang Xueqing was very close to Li Wenyang.

Because after all, Li Wenyang was the most successful among his classmates, and he had more resources than the others, not to mention Chen Hao.

Chen Hao this is understandable.

After all, after going through the baptism of the society, one will find that money and resources are far more important than friendship.

Although it was a bit uncomfortable for a good friend to suddenly get so close to someone who bullied him.

But Chen Hao didn't say anything.

Seeing that everyone had all drawn the topic to themselves to mock them.

Chen Hao then made an excuse and went to the bathroom.

While washing her hands after going to the bathroom, Jiang Xueqing also happened to come out of the ladies' room to use the bathroom.

Obviously, Chen Hao and Chen Hao came over together not long after each other.

This bump into each other, both Chen Hao and Jiang Xueqing's faces were a little awkward.

"Chen Hao, I haven't had a chance to have a proper chat with you yet, how are you getting along now?"

Jiang Xueqing smiled cheerfully in order to hide her embarrassment.

After all, she also knew her previous relationship with Chen Hao, and she was naturally aware of Chen Hao's conflict with Li Wenyang.

Now, she had turned to get closer to Li Wenyang, and anyone would feel uncomfortable.

"It's okay!" Chen Hao drew funds to wipe his hands.

"I heard you haven't found a job yet? What are your future plans?"

Jiang Xueqing asked.

"I want to make my own way!"

Chen Hao said truthfully.

Jiang Xueqing frowned slightly and at the same time smiled faintly, shook her head and said, "Chen Hao, my advice is that you'd better find a job, no matter what! The jobs are all right, and you know it, you're not like the others!"

"Or, you could show Wen Yang some kindness, he's starting his own company now, and the company is just short of people, so if you have an idea, I'll I can think of Wen Yang for you and tell you to work in his company!"

"It's nice to pay you two thousand a month."

Jiang Xueqing advised.

"Thank you, but I don't want to go!" Chen Hao smiled.

"Ugh, Chen Hao, I know Wen Yang poisoned you in high school, but Wen Yang was also too impulsive at that time, so it's understandable ! And just think, if you had listened to Wen Yang and copied his homework, he wouldn't have beaten you up. And will pull you in!"

Jiang Xueqing said.

"Ummm, I actually didn't care about that incident! And by the way, don't take that your department manager thing too seriously, you can either respond to your manager directly, or be posted to your The company's executives reacted and they'll take it seriously!"

The managerial level, and even the company's executives, were all the original members of the original Jinling Business Group, so their abilities and qualities were clear to Chen Hao.

It would never allow such a thing to happen.

Chen Hao thought about it and told Jiang Xueqing.

But Jiang Xueqing looked at Chen Hao with a bitter smile and shook his head: "These things in the workplace, you don't understand, alas, you don't have to be in charge of this matter, thank you! You, Chen Hao"

Jiang Xueqing finished waving her hand at Chen Hao, then turned around and walked away.

It made Chen Hao feel that Jiang Xueqing was all a bit strange.

It was as strange as when he first met Li Shihan.

Alas, somewhat cold-hearted at the same time, Chen Hao went out.

But as soon as he went out.

He saw that Jiang Xueqing was being blocked by a middle-aged man, and that middle-aged man even tried to pull Jiang Xueqing's hand.

"What are you doing, Manager Zhao!"

Jiang Xueqing said while hiding.

"Haha, Xiao Qing, I didn't expect to run into you even at a meal here, you're eating here too ah, come, come, go have a few drinks with me . Just in time to introduce you to a few colleagues from the company!"

Manager Zhao stared lustfully at Qing.

"Come on come on, don't be naughty, if you're naughty I'll be angry ah!"

Manager Zhao said.

"Let her go!"

And at this moment, there was a sudden outburst of anger....


This angry voice was from Li Wenyang who had just walked out of the box.

Because there was a little girl who also had to go to the bathroom just now, and as a result, she just came out of the box and saw a man blocking Jiang Xueqing.

So Li Wenyang walked out directly after hearing the news.

Bringing a group of people around.

"What's up? Bunch of little-armed sons of bitches! Who were you shouting at?"

Obviously, Manager Zhao was not raised on dry food, and now his face was directly cold as he asked.

"This is my classmate, what's the matter with you blocking my classmate ah?"

Li Wenyang took the brunt of the question.

Jiang Xueqing was afraid and hid directly behind Li Wenyang's back.

"Xiao Qing, I tell you ah, it's not easy to let you accompany your colleagues and leaders of the company this time, if you know what you're doing, follow me in! Besides, you tell these little arm pups who I am."

The manager of Zhao said with his hand behind his back.  

"Wen Yang, his name is Zhao Tai, he's the assistant manager of our department!" Jiang Xueqing said.

"Oh shit, is that him?"

Li Wenyang was thinking of going to find this Zhao Tai's trouble this afternoon, but he ended up stepping on iron shoes with no place to look.

And Jiang Xueqing also obviously did not expect to meet this old pervert here.

"Hmph, I was just about to talk to you, Manager Zhao, do you know who I am? My father is Lee Shing Wah! The largest kitchen and bath city in Pinnacle County is our home!"

Li Wenyang directly reported his own history.

And when he heard this, Zhao Tai's heart thumped.

Of course he had heard of the Li Family Kitchen and Guard City.

In the past, right, it was considered a second-rate company in Pingan County.

But it was different now, because their Kitchen and Sanitation City made high environmental standards, so it had already received investment from the Dreamer Investment Management Group.

It's one of the group's development projects.

And the status of their departure kitchen and bath city has also risen, and can now be said to be the first-class in Pingan County.

He, who also received the investment, was but a departmental deputy manager, so of course he had to weigh up the situation.

"Oooo, so you're the son of the Li family, but Li Shao, I'm looking for Xiao Qing now, it's our company's business, it's not your turn to interfere, right? "

Zhao Tai was cold.

Their company's investment percentage was much higher than the Kitchen City's factory companies these can be, and it was the dreamer's half son, in terms of strength background, Zhao Tai wasn't too wimpy.

"I'm still nonchalantly in charge today!"

Li Wenyang behaved in a very dominating manner.

Then the two of them twisted up, after all, no one wanted to lose face.

And the result of this matter is that Li Wenyang impulsively and directly did it, and the two of them twisted together.

Li Chao and the others took a look and also did it.

Just feel that this assistant manager, how no Li Wenyang family has the power.

A group fight, beat Zhao Tai up quite lightly.

Jiang Xueqing who was on the side wanted to stop it also didn't stop it.

"Fuck, how dare you hit me, give me the


Zhao Tai covered his face and ran straight away in a mess.

It wasn't long before a whole bunch of people came straight out of that compartment of Zhao Tai's.

And the one who headed it was a middle-aged man in a suit.

"Manager Zhao, who did the beating?"

That middle-aged man coldly said.

Zhao Tai naturally pointed at Li Wenyang Li Chao, and also leaned in to his ear and said something.

"Hmph, I don't care whose son he is, anyway I just arrived at your company today as an executive, and now someone is looking for trouble, fuck . Or else these boys will think I'm easy to mess with, give me a fight!"

Chen Hao was watching from the side, not even knowing which side to help.

As for this Li Wenyang, he was also quite a dude, a handful of good fighters.

But, encountering the people brought by the middle-aged man, it was clear that none of them were one.

As for Li Wenyang, he was directly blown up by a youth with a bottle, and blood flowed all over his face.

"Don't fight! Don't even fight!"

Chen Hao saw that it was not good to be in trouble, and quickly went up to start a fight with the other boys.

After all, the person who beat up the person is his own person, and the person who was beaten up by Li Wenyang, although he is half of his enemy, but today's class reunion, it is not good to make things worse.

At any rate, it can't be today.

Together with the cooperation of the hotel staff, only then did Zhao Tai's side stop, and then he was surrounded by a group of people, checked out and left.

"What should we do? What are we going to do? Yang you're bleeding!"

Wang Rui was so scared that she was busy asking.

"Shit, since I was a kid, the first time someone dared to hit me, I'll call my dad and tell someone to cut him down!"

Li Wenyang shouted with red eyes.

From the fact that he had just hit Chen Hao, he could see that he was the master of not taking any loss.

And he thought that with his dad's strength, he could pretend to be a tough guy in front of his classmates.

As a result, he didn't expect that Zhao Tai's side was even more rampant, not giving any face at all, and beating himself up!

Because Li Wenyang was directly emotional out of control.

"It's better to call an ambulance first!" Li Mingxue said busy, quickly took out his cell phone to make a call.

Not long after, the ambulance came, Li Mingxue is a clinician, of course the first time to get on the bus to help bandage.

"Yang Shao has been beaten to the hospital, what do we do now?"

"Why don't we leave too, what if the gang calls someone back later?"

"Yeah, that group looks like it's not easy, either."

Wang Rui had no idea.

Everyone was looking at Li Chao at the moment.

Li Chao was actually a bit dumbfounded.

Because of the second wave of the fight, as soon as he heard that the other party seemed to be some kind of executive, he wimped out and didn't dare to fight back after being kicked down.

The second half of the fight was just Li Wenyang taking a beating.

Now seeing the crowd all looking at him, the compulsion instantly came up again.

"Everyone don't worry, let's drive to the hospital first, Wen Yang's father will definitely go!"

Li Chao said.

Then everyone all forgot the hotel's underground parking lot to go.

Chen Hao was startled in the same place, and also went down to drive.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car.

Either you can't do it yourself to make a phone call, this matter will be finished.

I didn't expect the pick to be so big all at once.

The crowd had arrived at the parking lot.

"We have a total of four cars left now, who still drives here ah?"

In the underground parking lot, Li Chao was busy asking.

And Jiang Xueqing was crying.

"It's all my fault! I'm to blame!"

Still in deep self-loathing.

"Hmph, Yukari, how can I blame you for this? I saw it all when I went out just now, when you were blocked by that old pervert, Chen Hao was right there, he didn't care, if he did. Maybe there won't be any more to come, and it's all his fault!"

"Right Xueqing, if you want to blame it, it's Chen Hao, don't blame yourself! Let's just get in the car and go to the hospital."

Wang Rui said.

After saying that, someone had already started to get on the car.

Jiang Xueqing also sat on Li Chao's car.

"I'm going, you guys look, Chen Hao is actually going down the underground parking lot too!"

It was then that the crowd saw Chen Hao.

"This Er Pen, what is he doing down here? We have all these cars arranged for nice people, didn't he come in a taxi?"

A female student snorted.

"That's right, didn't you take a cab here? What? Still want to come down and ride with us? Really, it's like, where's the thing, but it's not useful at all!"

"Get up there and get a cab, don't block us in there!"

Wang Rui snorted coldly.

And this time, when Jiang Xueqing looked at Chen Hao, she didn't say anything else.

"Chao don't mind him just drive, who's faster in this car of yours or Brother Yang's car?"

Wang Rui gave Chen Hao a blank look.

"Haha, almost! Let's go ahead and sit tight!"

Li Chao yelled, and the car went straight out with a kick of the throttle down.

Suddenly there was a thump.

Because the steering wheel was time to steady, the car directly on top of a parked white car in front of the butt.

Just saw the hood of the front car of Li Chao all up.


Li Chao was shocked.

And all the people in the car also came down.


Suddenly Wang Rui covered her mouth and screamed.

"Brother Chao, look at that, this one you hit, it looks like a Mercedes G500!"

"What? A Mercedes G500?"

People didn't even think elsewhere, they just felt that in the entire Pingan County, where could there be such a luxury car.

But when they now looked closer, what else could it be if it wasn't a big G....


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