The Unknown Heir 216, 217, 218, 219

Chapter 216

"Chen Hao, are you here to eat?"

Li Mingxue looked at Chen Hao at this time and asked as if she was quite surprised.

This group of people, isn't it Li Mingxue and her boyfriend as well as Li Chao and the others.

At this moment, they were all smiling at Chen Hao.

To be honest, the grade of Maidu was very high and it was based on the per capita price.

The minimum to eat here was 188 to start.

Counting drinks and such, it was at least a couple of thousand to spend.

Everyone knew that Chen Hao was quite poor, so they felt strange.

"Yeah, a few of my friends are coming over and I'm buying them a meal here! I didn't know it was such a coincidence that you guys were eating here!"

Chen Hao chuckled.

"Pfft, it's normal for us to eat here alright!" 

"Ugh, Chen Hao, you said you'd invite your classmates, so do you know that the per capita standard here starts at 188! And you're here to please!"

A girl sitting next to Li Mingxue was also Chen Hao's high school classmate.

Called Su Li, she was not bad looking.

At this moment, she couldn't help but leave her mouth open and say something.

That's right, the grade here is quite high, and the people who come are also like them who already have a certain status in the society.

There wasn't any sense of superiority.

But one thought, you Chen Hao, a poor man also came here to eat, it makes one feel quite uncomfortable.

A guy like Chen Hao, it's only right to find a random dumpling house or fast food restaurant.

So I felt ashamed, so Chen Hao was equal to them, right?

The current speech is also a little bit sharp.

"Hey Suri, don't you say that people Chen Hao it, people are good face, Chen Hao eat here also eat here, just to introduce her friends to the Let's get acquainted! Hahaha!"

Li Chao smiled bitterly at this time.

He was considered the most successful in this group of people, whether it was his family or his career.

Therefore, he was also the main backbone of the crowd.

Su Li laughed, "Hey Chao, what kind of friends are Chen Hao's friends, you are so good to know?"

"Besides, I'm just doing it for his sake, not to see what conditions he has, just some random place to eat, face is important? People who puff up their faces are the most despicable!"

Su Li it, from high school is quite annoying quite look down on Chen Hao.

Feeling a poor pimp in front of her, old disgusting.

So she would never consider Chen Hao's feelings.

Moreover, the fact that Chen Hao was able to eat at the same restaurant as her had severely trampled on her self-esteem.

"Alright, Chen Hao's friends should be here in a while, so you should all cut the crap!"

Li Mingxue was more or less unable to see it, so she said.

Chen Hao looked at her and smiled at her and nodded his head.

"Brother Chao, who is this person? Did you guys go to high school together?"

At this time, a very pretty girl dressed next to Li Chao asked curiously.

"Yeah hahaha, handsome or not, if you look handsome, Chen Hao doesn't have a girlfriend yet, you can be his girlfriend!"

Li Chao laughed.

"Oh my, Chao you're bad, if you keep this up, I'll ignore you!"

The girl was very angry and pinched Li Chao's soft flesh.

The group of people giggled.

Chen Hao didn't say anything, just nodded silently.

"Hmph, you guys look, Chen Hao is actually blushing, I know, he must want Mei Mei to be his girlfriend, or else how would Where's the blush? Haha!"

A boy also teased.

"Whew! That really Chen Hao, if you like it, this beauty will be your girlfriend, I'm in charge!"

Li Chao laughed.

"No, I've got a girlfriend!"

Chen Hao laughed bitterly.

Although he knew that this group of people were deliberately using themselves to bully.

It used to be like this in high school.

But Chen Hao didn't have anything to say.

Can't be like a rich man, telling people that I'm fucking rich and smashing your faces, right?

Oh, what's that into, ah!

"Oh my god, Chen Hao actually has a girlfriend? Fuck, this is fucking simply big news, in a few days our high school reunion, when we mention it, absolutely explosive news ah!"

One boy was horrified.

"Fuck, I wonder which girl is going to be interested in him, geez, it's not a dinosaur, is it?"

Suri sipped her juice and shook her head wordlessly.

It made the group of people laugh again.

When Li Mingxue looked at Chen Hao, she felt quite embarrassed.

Now smiling, she said: "Chen Hao, today is because I've been transferred and promoted and have become a reserve cadre, so I've come to specially invite Li Chao for dinner! The, how many friends have you come, or a piece?"

"Never mind no, it might have to come to seven or eight!"

Chen Hao laughed.

So that Li Mingxue thing was finally resolved.

I remembered that it was myself who had greeted Li Zhenguo once.

But Li Zhenguo didn't give feedback to himself either, probably because he thought the matter was too small.

But right now, Chen Hao didn't know if it was his own effort or Li's.

It was hard to say anything, so he nodded his head, then sat at the table next to them.

To be honest, Chen Hao himself felt embarrassed.

But this shop's business was very good, there was no seat next to it, there was a seat Chen Hao was embarrassed to transfer ah.

Besides, it wasn't too convenient for him to leave even if he did!

In short, it was just embarrassing in all caps.

And just at this time, Qin Ya came in with Zhao Tongtong and the others.

Following behind Zhao Tong Tong, in addition to her little cousin, two boys and two girls also came, presumably those distant relatives of Zhao Tong Tong.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Beautiful woman, beautiful woman!"

And at this time, Li Chao and the boys just saw Qin Ya Zhao Tong Tong and the others.

At the moment shocked were almost dumbfounded.

Because it was just too beautiful!

"Who are they? So beautiful, an absolute goddess of temperament!"

The boy next to Li Chao.

"Hmph, what's wrong with being pretty, it's just being tall and stylish, hmph!"

Su Li saw that Qin Ya and Zhao Tong Tong were really pretty and star-like, and she was also jealous of what she said.

The girl with heavy makeup next to Li Chao was even more mentioned, she was like a clown compared to the other two beauties.

"Which one of you dares to go ask for WeChat ah? Anyone who dares to ask for a microchip, I'll claim him as my father!"

A boy was drooling.

Then a few people glanced at Li Chao.

After all, in this, it was Li Chao's family that was the best and most privileged!

Li Chao was no less.

Now he coughed and stood up, and straightened his clothes again.

"Wait, I'm going to ask for it!"

"Wow, Chao's the coolest!"

"Chao's horse is a success O!"

But Li Chao had already come over.

"Beautiful ladies, come eat, have you found a place? Do you want me to help you, I know this place!"

Looking at the two big beauties, Li Chao was also a little excited.

"Thanks, no thanks!"

And in the face of boys hitting on her, Qin Ya and Zhao Tong Tong both responded indifferently.

Both were disgusted.

"Ahem, is it convenient to leave a message ah, my name is Li Chao, my family is..."

Li Chao took out his phone.

"He's there, let's go over!"

Zhao Tong Tong saw Chen Ge at this time, but now brought the crowd and didn't even shake Li Chao straight over towards Chen Ge....

Chapter 217

"Hmph, Chen Hao you didn't even know to go wait for us at the door when you found a seat!"

Zhao Tong Tong and Qin Ya came to Chen Hao's side, that is, whining.

Chen Hao put down his phone and smiled faintly, just now he was only busy reading some of the investment reports in Pingan County that Li Zhengguo had just sent over to him.

And next to him, Su Li and the others were dumbfounded.

"What what? These people are actually Chen Hao's friends?"

Especially Li Chao, standing on the side with his phone, his face is almost green.

Just now these people are not taking care of themselves, did not expect people to be so cordial with Chen Hao, by the way, this indirect hit to the face is really a little unbearable for Li Chao.

"Eh? Chen Hao, do you know the people at the table next to you?"

Qin Ya naturally sat next to Chen Hao, at this moment, Qin Ya looked at the table next to the people all staring at Chen Ge startled, when not curious asked.

"I'm not sure if you'll be able to do that, but I'm sure you can. !"

Li Chao came at this time with a cold smile.  A second to remember to read the book.

He just realized, could it be that Chen Hao and had just deliberately ignored them so that he could make a fool of himself?

When you're angry, "Hello, a few beauties, we're Chen Hao's high school classmates! It's a coincidence that I can be next to a few beauties today, hehe, Chen Hao, that's your fault, you see the extremely beautiful woman has arrived, you Why aren't you ordering? Don't you feel bad about letting the pretty girls starve?"

In order to get his face back, Li Chao now directly made his way to the side of Chen Hao and their table.

Deliberately making him appear to be quite good at coming up with things, trying to act in front of the pretty girls.

"Yeah, they're my high school classmates, it's quite a coincidence today!"

Chen Hao just smiled bitterly.

"That's fine, since it's your classmate, you have to introduce me to well, as your girlfriend, not even your high school classmates' How bad to know, how bad!"

Qin Ya smiled.

What she was thinking was simple, Chen Hao's classmate was her classmate.

Although the relationship with Chen Hao was fake, but Qin Ya took it as real.

And Qin Ya's words.

It made the person next to her froze again.

What the what? This beauty is actually Chen Hao's girlfriend?

A few of the boys already had flames of jealousy in their eyes.

Who were they?

They are all city enterprises, five insurance, a car and a house.

And Chen Hao?

But a poor loser.

Now some of their girlfriends are still unsettled.

As a result, Chen Hao actually has such a beautiful girlfriend.

Who wouldn't be jealous ah.

Especially Li Chao, whose face was almost purple with jealousy.

"So it's Chen Hao's girlfriend, hello, my name is Li Chao, my parents are from the health bureau, I'm working in the hospital now, huh?"

Li Chao stretched out his hand wanting to shake hands with Qin Ya.

It also showed his super advantage.

A shake of the wrist, a full piece of more than nine thousand needed to buy the hand revealed.

And Qin Ya, look at this person a little stupid like, introduced on the introduction of it, said his parents do?

So just thought he was a little weird.

Just didn't shake hands.

Chen Hao was also afraid of Li Chao's embarrassment, so he shook his hand with him, so as not to hit his face too much.

"Oh, unexpectedly, when we used to go to high school, Chen Hao was known as a big poor pusher in our school, and everywhere we went, we were not being I didn't expect to find such a beautiful girlfriend!"

Li Chao said again.

At the same time, he also looked at his own little brother next to him.

A boy immediately slapped the table and shouted.

"Yeah, Chen Hao is really blessed, do you guys remember, Chen Hao one time didn't pay enough tuition, he was six dollars or a few dollars short. My mother, I got blown out by our teacher, haha, it seems like it was raining hard that day!"

Su Li is also despicable: "Of course I remember, Chen Hao braved the rain to pick up bottles, only to sell them for six dollars and pay the tuition, haha, at that time The class no one to help him, did not expect ah, really is not the same, now can actually have money to rice are invited to dinner, there is so Beautiful girlfriend, awesome!"

A bunch of people were being weird with you and me.

All of Chen Hao's previous awkwardness was said out.

It was deliberately said to Qin Ya and the others.

As expected, Zhao Tongtong's little cousin, and a few of Zhao Tongtong's friends, all looked at Chen Hao with some contempt.

I thought to myself what kind of person is this!

"It's okay Chen Hao, this meal is your girlfriend's first time in Pingan County, how come you have to set a standard of 388, right?"

A boy laughed.

Li Chao's eyebrows furrowed: "What are you kid talking nonsense, these two beauties are worth 388 standard? Chen Hao if you don't set the highest standard of 688 today, you'll be sorry for the two beauties!"

"Haha, but don't worry Chen Hao, if you don't have any money, I'll lend it to you, so this face will have to hold up!"

The waiter came over just then to request the order.

"Sir, what standard would you like to order?"

Both tables were now looking at Chen Hao.

"Then let's go with the highest standard of 688!"

It was nothing, Chen Hao just wanted to order the 688.


Li Chao and the others laughed directly.

Thinking this idiot, 688, plus drinks, will check out five or six thousand dollars later!

And of course Zhao Tongtong and the others were speechless, just feeling that Chen Hao was too clueless.

Obviously that person is just unkind and deliberately provoking you!

And you really fell for it.


Zhao Tong Tong knew that Chen Hao's financial condition was very bad, so for this meal, Zhao Tong Tong discussed with Qin Ya, and didn't really plan to let Chen Hao pay the bill.

As a result, Chen Hao was brainless enough to set such an expensive standard.

Alas, what a rush!

"Sorry, we don't want something so expensive, just give us a normal standard!"

Zhenya was busy saying at this point.

"Forget it, it's just 688's, go ahead!"

Chen Hao was also helpless.

Some of his brain was about to explode from being mocked by Li Chao and the others.

"Hmph, let him book it, what will we do when we see him check out later?"

Little cousin said coldly at this time.

Just like that, the 688 standard dishes per person came up, next to Li Chao and the others, they deliberately ate very slowly.

When finally Chen Hao and the others finished eating to pay the bill, they also went to pay the bill.

"Whew Chao, finished eating so quickly ah?"

As soon as the waiter saw Li Chao, he immediately greeted with a smile.

Li Chao shook the watch on his hand and pointed at Li Mingxue: "That what, this my good friend, give some discount!"

"No problem it super brother, I give you 30% discount, in addition to send you a set of exquisite tea set, worth more than a hundred set of it, we are engaged in shop! Activity!"

The cashier who was obviously bigger than Li Chao was smiling at the moment.

"Rub, to follow Chao is to have face!"

A boy began to tout.

Li Mingxue's side finished the checkout.

But Li Chao didn't leave, and at the moment looked at Chen Hao who was waiting behind to check out.

"Brother Chao, this is also your friend!?"

The cashier could see that they knew each other, and if they did know each other naturally they would have to take care of it.

Li Chao pretended not to hear and looked at his watch.

And the cashier will immediately.

"Hello sir, a total consumption of 5,911 yuan, you swipe card or cash?"

The cashier faded.

"Wipe out the change for eleven bucks!?" Chen Hao smiled, Li Chao pretended not to know, and besides, it was just a meal, so it was not serious.

"I'm sorry sir, the price in our shop is fixed, don't say 11 yuan, 1 yuan can't be erased!"

The cashier said listlessly while holding her gills.

She just saw clearly on this side of the counter, it was Li Chao who deliberately provoked this kid to set such a high standard, and this person, at a glance, is a poor kid, so his heart can't help but look down on it.

"Hey! Why should they be given a cheap 30% discount on their meals, and we can't even get a dollar for it?"

Qin Ya saw them all bullying Chen Hao, and she was really pissed off too.

"Forget it Qin Ya, let's go back after the check!" Chen Ge shook his head.

"Hmph, it's always okay to bring us a set of cutlery, right? After all, we spent almost six thousand!"

Qin Ya's cold face.

"Indeed you can, but Miss I'm really sorry, we have a rule in our shop that we just give away fifty sets a day, and that one just now was the fiftieth set . It's already been given to Mr. Li Chao, so why don't you guys come back tomorrow and eat it, I'll save it for you!"

The cashier smiled faintly.

Indeed, with this kind of disposable customers, of course, not as good as befriending a great young man like Li Chao ah.

And his sister is studying nursing school, she is not silly, and so on later, his sister's work will not have a solution?

"Boss! Check out!"

And at that moment, a voice rang out rudely.

It walked directly to the counter and pounded the table.

It was a young man.

And seeing this young man, the faces of the cashier and even Li Chao and the others all changed....

Chapter 218

"Liu Shao..."

Li Chao at the side could not help but murmur, just now he was shaking the watch in his hand to pretend, as a result, now, all of a sudden stand upright.

It was as if a naughty student suddenly saw the teacher.

"Brother Chao, which Liu Shao are you talking about?"

At this time, the girl next to Li Chao asked curiously.

"Who else could it be, Liu Li, the son of the Liu Mining of Pingan County, the son of a real giant crocodile!"

"So that's him!"

"I can't believe I'm quite handsome in person!"

At this moment, Li Mingxue as well as Su Li and the other girls were all gazing at the popular figure, Young Master Liu Li, with adoration on their faces.

The rest of the boys, but also the atmosphere is a little afraid to breathe.

The other is the cashier, the cashier, the cashier, the cashier, the cashier, the cashier, the cashier.  

Liu Li, with four or five people, wandered around without looking at Chen Hao and the others, and directly cut in line to the counter.

"Check out the bill!"

Liu Li coldly said.

"Okay Liu Shao, this time a total consumption of 7888, the shop gives you a 30% discount, Liu Shao!"

The cashier smiled slightly.

While speaking, she did not forget to show her career line.

What if their proud posture could attract Liu Shao's attention?

"Oh, what a discount, the original checkout price!"

After Liu Li finished speaking, he directly threw a dozen bills on the counter.

"Yes Liu, may I ask what kind of welfare gift you want, we can give it all to you here!"

The cashier was respectful.

"Cut the fucking crap, hurry up and invoice!"

"I go, that's Liu Shao, that's too domineering!"

The eyes of the girls narrated by Li Chao were all looking straight.

Even the two girls, Li Mingxue and Su Li, were looking sideways.

Heart straight sigh, wait when their boyfriend can be so domineering also good, alas!

"Hey, hey, hey, I said you have to have a first come, first served basis, we're still waiting for the check, why should you be the first to pay?"

Zhao Tong Tong was already upset by Chen Ge and these high school classmates of Chen Ge.

When she saw someone directly coming over to cut in, her heart was extremely unhappy.

"Yeah brother, there has to be a first come first serve, look, I've been waiting here for half a day!"

Chen Hao didn't expect to run into Liu Li here, and you could still tell that the scars on his face were still there.

He was really hammered that day.

But it's only been a day or two, and you dare to come out drinking again.

Laughing bitterly now.

"Hmph, you guys shut up, what's it to you? Liu Shao is here, go aside and wait for me!"

The cashier's violent temper came up at this time.

Now he gave Chen Hao a blank look.

"Damn, this unenlightened one, doesn't he know Liu Shao? And Liu Shao is in the wrong mood at a glance, this Chen Hao, isn't this touching bad luck!"

Li Chao sneered at the side.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, saw the cashier mocking himself, and this Liu Li, as if he did not hear himself speak.

At the moment also fire up.

Raised his leg and kicked on Liu Li's buttocks, bang!


Liu Li screamed out, his injuries directly hurt again.

"Fuck, looking for death!"

Liu Li slapped the table.

As for Li Chao and the others, they were all dumbfounded, this Chen Hao actually dared to beat Liu Shao?

Just when Li Chao thought that Chen Hao would be crippled.

Unexpectedly, Liu Li, who was about to do it, suddenly stopped his fist in mid-air.

"Chen...Chen Hao?"

Liu Li was confused.

The person in front of him, isn't that the day before yesterday in KTV with someone to hammer himself Chen Hao Young Master Chen.

And that group of people were very skillful in beating people.

The pads of things that smashed themselves are almost useless, but there are not many wounds on the body.

And he was beaten, this matter is not over, that is the same night, his dad was taken out by a group of people to talk.

I was expecting my dad to take revenge.

In the end, Dad was like a good boy, jumping and jumping for joy when he returned from the conversation.

And said that the beating he took was worth it.

He also told himself that the person who beat him up was not anyone else, but the super rich second generation, Jinling Young master Chen .

Liu Li also sucked in a breath of cold air after hearing this.

He had almost caused a big trouble himself.

I thought that the beating was really worth it, after all, the enterprise got a part of the investment.

So right now, seeing Chen Hao, of course he was surprised, delighted and scared!

"Brother Chen, so you're eating here too!"

Liu Li covered his buttocks and he laughed.


Li Chao and the others who were ready to watch the fun were instantly confused.

What? Liu Li actually knows Chen Hao, and he bites into one Chen Hao's mouth, he looks familiar?

How is this possible!

"Yeah, how did I run into you cutting in line when I'm not eating here!"

Chen Hao smiled faintly.

I thought to myself that the beating that night was still too light.

"Where where where! Mostly because my dad has a small investment in the store, so I'm usually used to it, hehe! Don't worry, your meal is on me. It's on me. And from now on, when you come for dinner, it's all free, I'll cover it all!"

Liu Li rubbed his hands.

"I think it's better to forget about it, this lady won't even allow a dollar, and some discount gifts are not given, this shop, I guess I It's just this once!"

Chen Hao chuckled.

"What? Okay, Chen wait a minute!"

Liu Li fiercely glanced at the cashier who was already somewhat blinded at the side.

Where did he not hear that it was this cashier who had offended Chen Hao.

"Liu Shao, so he's your friend, huh?"

The cashier just knew to be afraid, yeah, just now Li Chao instructed himself to make things difficult for Chen Hao, and he did.

Because Li Chao's family was the health bureau.

And that brat, at a glance, was a loser, so he had no scruples at all.

But now, this guy actually knew Young Master Liu!


And Liu Li raised his hand is a mouth smack in the face of the cashier: "dog eyes to see the low things, Chen brother to eat, is not a guest! ? How dare you bully! Go back and resign directly to your manager!"


The cashier covered his blushing face and looked at Li Chao.

Li Chao immediately panicked, acted like nothing happened and then hurried out of the store.

Now only have to be broken teeth into the stomach.

Regret is simply too much.

As for Chen Hao, with Liu Li just a few words of courtesy, also left with Qin Ya and the others.

After all, this Liu Li is a dude, and not a good person, Chen Hao also does not want to get too close to him.

After coming out, not far away, Li Chao and the others were still standing.

They had wanted to watch someone else's hilarious Chen Hao, but they were hit in the face.

Especially Li Chao, his face was ugly.

"Chen Hao actually knows Liu Li!"

Suri was a little surprised.

Instantly scratching her eyes.

"Hmph, people are just giving him a little face, you see, didn't Chen Hao pay all the money just now, it's just a matter of saving face , who is someone Liu Shao, how could he look at such a person!"

Li Chao is very jealous.

And back to Chen Hao, after stalling with Qin Ya and the others to get past the incident with Liu Li.

The group of people also went back.

"I go, Chen Hao he actually lives in such a nice hotel ah?"

As a result of before Zhao Tongtong they did not go into the hotel, so when they came back, the little cousin was immediately a little surprised.

And just now, Chen Hao took so much money to buy dinner, and know many people, also let's Zhao Tongtong's distant cousins quite surprised.

Originally, there were a few boys who tried to pursue Qin Ya.

But in relative comparison, it seemed like they were not even as good as Chen Hao ah!

As for Chen Hao, he put his phone down and went to wash some fruit for them.

"Wow Tong Tong, look at this phone that Chen Hao is using!"

The little cousin at this time startled from the coffee table took Chen Hao's mobile phone to look at.

The actual reason for this is that it's not just a matter of time, but also a matter of time.

And at this moment, Chen Hao's phone suddenly rang.

"Favourite Su Tongxin? Who is she?" My younger cousin was a little blinded by the caller ID.

 Chapter 219

"Hmph, and most beloved Su Mu Han, shouldn't his most beloved be Sister Qin Ya! Just look at who she is!"

The little cousin directly connected at this time.

When Qin Ya on the side hadn't yet reacted, her little cousin had already started to speak.

"What are doing? Who are you?"

The younger cousin.

"What what? You're Chen Hao's girlfriend, what nonsense are you talking!"

The little cousin was confused.

Looking towards Qin Ya, "Sister Qin Ya, this girl said that she is Chen Hao's girlfriend!"

"Okay Ling Fei, give me the phone now!"

Qin Ya directly snatched the phone over and hung up without saying a word.

Of course Qin Ya knew who Su Tongxin was, the girlfriend who was in a long-distance relationship with Chen Hao.  

Qin Ya was also quite curious about her.

But this was definitely not the right time to say anything!

"Ling Fei, what did she say about this girl on the phone just now?"

Zhao Tong Tong said with a frown on her brow at this time.

"Hmph, when I asked her who she was, she said she was Chen Hao's girlfriend, and asked me about Chen Hao!"

Ling Fei said as if she had discovered some big gossip secret.

"Then Qin Ya, do you know this girl?"

Zhao Tong Tong asked again.

I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," she said.

"What are you guys discussing? Come on, let's eat the fruit!"

And at this time, Chen Hao came over with the fruit.

"Hmph, eat my ass, Chen Hao, who is Su Tongxin, you better explain this clearly!"

Zhao Tong Tong snatched the phone from her little cousin's hand and stared at Chen Hao furiously.

Chen Hao didn't know how to explain it for a moment.

Of course she was his girlfriend.

"I didn't think you'd be such a scum, sister Qin Ya is really blind!"

Ling Fei scolded.

"Alright, don't yell at him, I know about this, geez, I'll be honest with you guys, I'm not done with Chen Hao!"

Zhenya knew she couldn't pretend anymore and simply said it straight.

"What? Didn't work? Fuck, no Sing Sia you live with him?"

Zhao Tong Tong was surprised.

"Oh my, that's not why I'm not suspected, and I want to get Chen Hao to cooperate with me and trick my father, otherwise My father will definitely continue to push me!"

Qin Ya simply said everything clearly.

"Ugh, that really scared me to death, I thought you were really with Chen Hao, let's just say, no way! And this Chen Hao, I just got a good look at his face today. If he has a girlfriend, why is he treating you so well? Sending you something so valuable?"

Zhao Tong Tong looked at Chen Hao with a cold face.

Girls, well, to say that the only thing they had in common was that they were quite hateful towards scum.

And obviously, now Chen Hao has been classified as a scum.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to get the best out of it," she said. The!"

Qin Ya persuaded Zhao Tong Tong.

At any rate, they were persuaded away.

Next, only Chen Hao and Qin Ya were left in the room.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, was busy explaining to Su Tongxin.

After a good explanation, Su Mu Han's side was not so angry.

After all, Chen Hao himself did not expect that crazy girl Ling Fei would actually dare to get on the phone.

This was really embarrassing.

"Chen Hao, sit down, I want to ask you something!"

Qin Ya, however, was now looking at Chen Hao with a very peculiar smile.

"You ask!"

"Do you really like Su Tongxin?"

Zhenya asked.

"Uh-huh! Sure!"

Chen Hao returned.

Qin Ya took a deep breath and said, "Then in that case, why did you give me such an expensive gift in the first place? You know, when I found out about your family's most expensive gift, my heart was already touched!"

"Because I've never been in a relationship, although I've had a lot of guys who have also given me a lot of expensive gifts, but in my heart, their gifts It's not the same meaning as the one you have, and, in my heart, you're not the same as the other boys either."

Qin Ya was tempted to try chasing after Chen Hao.

I don't know why, but it was just a case of falling in love anyway.

She felt that his long-distance girlfriend was not a threat to him, but now Qin Ya could also see that Chen Hao really cared about that girl.

Chen Hao, on the other hand, also had some self-loathing inside.

Actually, to be frank, that jade bracelet was clear to everyone, it wasn't even Chen Hao's most valuable gift.

It was just that it was in the way at school, and Chen Hao couldn't say anything for fear of exposing his identity, so he made it up haphazardly.

This is the reason why you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

How could they look at themselves?

It's also felt that after that incident, the future will not be contacted again.

But I didn't expect that so much has happened afterwards.

It had already caused Qin Ya to have misunderstandings by now.

Chen Hao can't hide it any longer, because it's useless to hide his identity from Qin Ya.

Chen Hao then took a deep breath and said.

"Actually Qin Ya, the thing is, I lied to you, the 200,000 Long Yun jade bracelet I gave you wasn't Zhao Tong Tong at all As they suspected, it's a family heirloom, but I bought it, and I didn't intend to give you that one either. Pay you back your original payment!"

"Only I took the wrong one at the time!"

After Chen Hao finished speaking, he went to his room and took out two jade bracelets and placed them in front of Qin Ya.

To prove that what he said was true.

Qin Ya, on the other hand, gently bit her lips, then nodded with a bitter smile .

"Oh, I say, what boy would be stupid enough to do that, even if he liked a girl, he wouldn't bring out the most valuable things in the house ! I guess I really thought too much!"

Chen Hao lowered his head, it still felt extremely good to make this matter clear.

"That's fine Chen Hao, I won't bother you anymore, I just thought about it, I've caused you too much trouble by continuing to pester you here, and again I really can't let my dad worry too much. Although Li Yue has a lot of problems, one thing I can prove is that he really cares about me. ! I've decided to go back!"

After saying that, Qin Ya directly stood up and went to pack her things.

It looked like Qin Ya wanted to go back and set up a marriage with Li Yue.

Although her heart was a bit unpleasant.

But what could she say? Why should I bother with other girls when I have Su Mu Han? So there was no stopping it.

Just like that, Chen Hao sent Qin Ya away.

Also felt that this matter was over here.

So devote yourself to the investment matter in Pingan County.

On this day, Chen Hao  suddenly received a phone call....


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