Today I Give Up Tryng 667-668

Chapter 667
Only he didn't know it.


      As his voice came out, as his fear spread.


      The scene fell on the eyes of those four killers, and it was like an explosive thunderbolt, making the four killers horrified to death.


      "Is Blood ...... Blood Wolf in fear?"


      "Oh my god, how is that possible! The blood wolf's body was trembling, and said that this surnamed Lin, was here to kill him? Could it be that this Lin surnamed has the ability to kill the blood wolf?"


      "No ...... it can't be! Even if Blood Wolf has lost his dantian, he is simply not something that ordinary people can deal with, even the Ten Great Jiangnan State Magicians may not be Blood Wolf's enemy! How could he be afraid of this door-to-door son-in-law surnamed Lin?"




      Unable to understand!


      The four assassins looked at Blood Wolf and Lin Fan at this moment, only feeling as if they were dreaming.






      A cracking sound resounded, and the four assassins saw with horror that the cracking sound came from the steel ...... wolf claw that Lin Fan had grabbed!


      A crack emerged above the wolf claw, but it was crushed alive.


      This is not all!


      Click click click ......


      Another cracking sound resounded densely.


      Until finally!


      Boom ......


      The Blood Wolf's steel wolf claw, in Lin Fan's hands, was like a child's fragile toy, completely bursting into pieces.




      This scene caused the four assassins' bodies to tremble in unison.


      It was familiar!


      Each and every one of them had an extremely familiar feeling about this scene, especially when they thought back carefully, a terrifying thought surfaced in the minds of the four assassins.


      "The assassination of Zhang Yichen! I ...... seem to remember that that one Grand Master Lin had then grabbed the blood wolf's wolf claw and then ...... crushed it?"


      "No ...... that's right! I also remember that the Great Master Lin crushed a wolf's paw! No ...... you, you guys, look at this figure surnamed Lin, doesn't it look familiar?"




      The four assassins hurriedly looked towards Lin Fan again.


      After seeing Lin Fan's slim figure and the scene where he faced the blood wolf in a confrontation.


      His figure, surprisingly, was slowly fusing together with the Grand Master Lin that the four assassins remembered.


      Exactly ...... the same!




      One of the assassins, after realizing this, his entire body felt as if all his strength had been drained away as he fell to the ground on his buttocks, completely paralyzed with fear.


      "Lin ...... Grand Master Lin!"


      "He's Grand Master Lin! We're actually going to kill ...... Grand Master for fuck's sake?"




      The four assassins only felt their scalps tingle at this moment, sending chills down their spines.

Chapter 668
However, at this moment, Lin Fan didn't care about these four tiny mole crawlers at all, instead he looked straight at the Blood Wolf and said playfully.


      "This time, I won't kill you!"




      Lin Fan's words fell on Blood Wolf's ears, causing his eyes to instantly widen.


      "You ...... didn't come to Yunhai, specifically to kill me?"


      Blood Wolf couldn't believe it.


      After all, the last time they met in Jiang City, while this time it was in Yunhai, if Lin Fan hadn't come to kill himself, then what was he doing here in Yunhai?


      And how could he appear in front of himself.


      "Specifically to kill you?"


      Hearing these words, a hint of thick disdain instantly surfaced at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.


      "Sorry, you are not qualified to die by my hand!"




      These words fell on Blood Wolf's ears, instantly causing his breath to stutter.




      This was simply a great humiliation.


      He was once one of the top ten assassins in East Asia, a super genius who was invincible in the clan.


      This man in front of him, to say that he was not even qualified to die at his hands, was simply worse than killing him.


      However, even though Blood Wolf was angry in his heart, he had to admit it.


      This was ...... the truth.


      He sadly realized that he really didn't even have the qualifications to die at Lin Fan's hands.


      A thick bitterness and loss surfaced at the corners of Blood Wolf's mouth as he gave Lin Fan a complicated glance before saying.


      "Surnamed Lin, you are very strong! I admit that I am inferior to you, and I might not even be able to catch up to you in this lifetime!"




      For someone as high-minded and arrogant as Blood Wolf, admitting that he was inferior to others was definitely an exceptionally difficult thing to do.


      And now, he had to admit it.


      Just immediately afterwards, Blood Wolf's words changed.


      "But you don't have to be arrogant! Someone will soon help me take revenge!"


      The Blood Wolf stared at Lin Fan with a deadly stare, and a morose, bloody smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.


      "My master, is the Grand Master Blood Faust! He will soon receive the news, and when he does, I expect you and my master to fight!"


      After saying that!


      The Blood Wolf turned around and slowly walked towards the other side of the alley.


      Blood Fudo?


      When Lin Fan heard this name, his eyes couldn't help but narrow slightly.


      For some reason, he seemed to be extremely familiar with this name, but for a moment, he couldn't recall where he had heard it before.


      "A Grand Master?"


      "Nothing more than that!"


      After saying that, Lin Fan no longer bothered to pay any attention to the Blood Wolf as his gaze flicked.




      Those sharp eyes were like two sharp blades as they viciously stabbed at where the four assassins were.


      A fierce arc that was permeated with ferocity surfaced at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth.