Today I Give Up Trying 99-100

 Chapter 99

He ...... he he he!

        At this moment, the entire atmosphere of the corridor was silent.

        All eyes, in unison, stared at the old man who came out of the Chinese medicine treatment room.

        Everyone was stunned and incredulous.

        "This old man seems to be the patient who went in earlier?"

        An herbalist swallowed a mouthful of spit and rubbed his eyes.

        At this moment, he even suspected that his eyes were blurry.

        It wasn't just him!

        Mike only felt that his worldview was about to be turned upside down.

        After all, before the game, he had personally examined the patients on the Chinese medicine side, and even he was unable to diagnose the opponent's illness.

        In particular, that face, Mike remembered that the other party had been as angry as if he were swimming, and would die at any moment.

        And now ...... was red and full of blood.

        How the fuck is that possible.

        "Gao Lao, this is ...... "Li Mingyi hurriedly stepped forward, while a frightened face asked.


        Seeing Li Mingyi and the others, Gao Lao snorted with anger.

        "Li Mingyi, you have the nerve to ask! Didn't you see it? Yes, he is Fei Zhong, our TCM patient!"


        It was true.

        After confirming that it was all true, the bodies of those Chinese medicine experts, one by one, shuddered with excitement, and then hailed the crowd.

        As they scrutinized the old man named 'Fei Zhong', they asked incredulously.

        "Gao Lao, my God, your old man is simply an immortal! When Fei came into the treatment room, he seemed to be dying, how did you cure him?"

        "Yes, Fei is now looking simply ten years younger, and even the age spots on his face have been removed for the most part.

        "Gao Lao, it turns out that you are the real doctor!"


        At this moment, Li Mingyi and the others, one by one, blushed with excitement.

        In their eyes, the old man named Fei Zhong must have been healed by Gao Zhiyuan.

        Not only did Li Mingyi, but even Mike, Bai Yifan and the others beside him thought the same.



        Gao Lao shouted furiously, instantly suppressing all the flattering words from Li Mingyi and the others.

        He stared at Li Mingyi and the others with deadly glare, and shouted angrily.

        "I didn't heal Fei at all!"

        "The one who healed him and pulled him out of Hades is the Doctor Lin!"


        As soon as the words were spoken, it was as if a mute switch had been turned on, making all the sounds in the entire hallway disappear.

        Doctor Lin?

        Li Mingyi and others were confused.

        Mike, Bai Yifan, and others were even more dumbfounded.

        The man they laughed at and despised as a liar, Doctor Lin, had cured such a dying man?

        How is this ...... possible?

        All of us felt our hearts thumping wildly at this moment, almost up to our throats.

        Especially Mike.


        This time, the Chinese and Western doctors ended up with a defeat, which made him unbelievable and unbelievable.

        "No! Impossible!"

        Mike jumped out with a blush on his face, his eyes on Gao and Fei, constantly checking them out, and said resentfully.

        "You cheat! It must have been cheating, I checked before, this man was about to die, immortals are hard to save, how could you Chinese medicine heal him and then recover so fast!"

        "That's impossible, it's definitely cheating!"

        "You must have used an unspeakable trick to make this old man in a near-death state to hide him from my inspection, and then helped him disarm the trick to make it look real! You're all liars! I want to see a video replay of the treatment, otherwise I will report this scandal to the Global Medical Association!"

Chapter 100



        Mike's words clearly spoke the minds of the rest of the Western medical team as well.

        Nearly all the Western doctors raised their voices.

        Even Li Mingyi and the others hesitated in their gaze.

        After all, if it was Gao Lao who cured them, they could still accept it, but if it was that nonsense-filled Doctor Lin, even if they were killed, they wouldn't be able to believe it.

        "Live replay? Yes! I'll show you all today!"

        A smirk appeared on the corner of Gao's mouth, and now, he called for someone to bring over a piece of cell phone.

        This time the live broadcast, not only can be seen on television, and even on the network, there is also a live video of the TV channel.

        Right now!

        It was in full view of everyone.

        Gao Lao had the live replay of this time turned on, and then placed it in front of Mike and others.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        Mike, Bai Yifan, Bai Hai, Li Mingyi and other eyes, at this moment all focused on this playback.

        From Li Mingyi and others, they whisked away.

        Then from Dr. Lin not caring and ordering Gao Lao to prepare the mace.

        And then after that!

        All heard, Lin Fan's words.

        "Wind pools in the sky, irrigation springs!"

        "Three Yin Destinies, go Guan Yuan!"

        "Taixi Tanzhong, Lockhegu!"

        "The Great Vertebrate Wind House, all open faces!"


        After hearing this phrase, Mike felt as if he had been struck by lightning.


        This recipe is very familiar to him, even though he is a foreigner.

        When he was studying at the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom, a major event happened, that is, the world-shaking Bone Sage came to England to treat a royal family of the Eagle Kingdom.

        That royal family member, his name was Flynn Locke!

        In the midst of that treatment, the White Bone Sage left behind a Chinese dictation.

        After that recipe was included in the Global Medical Association, it was sealed as a sacred text!

        Eventually, although the meaning of the recipe could be parsed out, the true trajectory of the needlework could not be deciphered at all.

        And this recipe, Mike had studied it back then.

        Until now!

        "He ...... how did he ......"

        Mike's eyes stared at Lin Fan's silhouette in the video replay, and cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

        I don't know why.

        An absurd thought appeared in his heart, could it be that this Dr. Lin was the ......


        Right here and now!

        Everyone saw Lin Fan in the video playback, his hands were like electricity, grabbing one needle after another and piercing down on one of old man Fei Zhong's acupuncture points.

        The whole set, flowing smoothly!

        Every stitch falls as steady as a star!

        When the dense needles pierced old man Fei Zhong's body, Li Mingyi and the other Chinese doctors who were watching the video almost dropped their eyes out!

        "How can it be so precise? Especially the strength of the needle he uses, it's totally textbook!"

        "Gosh, good acupuncture, it's unbelievable that someone could use acupuncture to such a subtle and magical degree!"


        All the TCM experts were confused.

        They also know acupuncture!

        But I can assure you that no one has ever been able to control the force so precisely, to feel the acupuncture points so precisely.

        This is simply a difficult thing to do.

        That's not all!

        As the video replay continued, they saw that Lin Fan left straight away after all the mallets fell.

        They saw that Lin Fan left straight away after all the needles were dropped.

        After that, from Gao Lao's worshipful and thankful send-off, to Gao Lao's needle up!

        And after!


        Fei Lao, who was on the hospital bed, opened his eyes suddenly, and then, with Gao Lao's assistance, slowly walked down from the hospital bed .......

        At this moment, when the video replay came to an abrupt end, the only thing left on the entire corridor was the heavy breathing of everyone.

        On the entire corridor, only the sound of everyone's heavy breathing and the thumping of heartbeats were left.

        "Divine Doctor! My God, this is a real miracle doctor!" It was as if Li Mingyi had lost his strength, and his whole body was swaying, and he could only hold on to the wall to keep from falling down.

        On the other side!


        Mike, as if he had lost his mind, fell on his ass.

        "It's that guy!"

        "Gosh ...... Gosh! The one who disappeared for several years is here, and it's ...... him!!!"