Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 7-8

 Chapter 7

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        Thank you for saving my life ten years ago!

        When Manager Wang's words fell, it was as if a mute switch had been turned on in the entire compartment, plunging it into dead silence.

        Everyone felt their breath stagnate, as if they had heard something incredible.

        Lin Guangyao was the savior of the Blood Rose?


        The hearts of Wen Qian and the others, one by one, felt that they had reached their throats and were horrified.

        It was a blood rose!

        Lin Guangyao saved her life, and with the deep relationship between Lin Guangyao and the youngest Xu Ziheng, his status simply soared to be among the top leaders of Jiang City.

        Swish, swish, swish!

        At this moment, the crowd all looked at Lin Guangyao with reverence.

        In particular, Manager Wang, with a group of waiters, respectfully left the box.


        All the old classmates in the box boiled up and surrounded Lin Guangyao one by one, as if the stars were alighting on the moon.

        "Brother Guangyao! You're so awesome that you're the savior of the Blood Rose!"

        "My God, these wines are all precious brews of the Blood Rose, even the top big shots in Jiang City can't enjoy them, and now they're all given to you.

        "Sarge, we'll be relying on you to cover us from now on!"


        Wen Qian and others, looking at Lin Guangyao's eyes, filled with small stars, and even some daring girls, began to use their bodies to constantly rub against Lin Guangyao's arm.

        The attitude was flattering to the extreme.

        It wasn't just them!

        Even Bai Yi, at this moment, could not help but look at Lin Guangyao in a different light, with a strong sense of amazement.

        In particular, when she compared it to Lin Fan, who was silent beside her, the sense of loss in her heart became even stronger.

        Why was the other man, so dazzling!

        Why Lin Fan, so bad!

        At this moment, unlike the crazy boasts of the crowd, Lin Guangyao's heart was filled with doubts and anxiety, because he could not remember when he had saved the Blood Rose.

        Because he himself could not remember when he had saved the Blood Rose.

        Especially ten years ago?

        He was still a student at the time and had never saved anyone!

        "Perhaps, I accidentally saved her?"

        Lin Guangyao shook his head and shook his anxiety out of his mind, especially after facing the bragging of the crowd, he even really felt that he was the savior of the Blood Rose.

        For a while, the scenery was boundless.

        In particular, after he noticed that Bai Yi was looking at himself with a different color, his heart's vanity soared even more.

        "Fellow students, since Lin Fan can't come up with the money, I'll buy today's bill."


        As soon as the words fell, the box boiled up.

        In everyone's eyes, Lin Guangyao's figure became even more infinitely taller.

        "Haha ...... class president is so awesome! It's not like someone who puffs up his face and pretends to be pushy even though he doesn't have the money to pay the bill!"

        "Yes! I think Bai Yi should have married our class president in the first place!"

        "Hey! Goddess Bhai, why don't you kick the crap out of your side now! You and Ben definitely make a great couple!"


        The crowd was noisy.

        The voices were filled with contempt and disdain for Lin Fan, all of which were meant to set Bai Yi and Lin Guangyao up.

        Hearing these words, Bai Yi's pretty face was red and white.

        That's not all!

        At this moment, Wen Qian said to Lin Fan with a face full of sarcasm.

        "Lin Fan, did you see that? What a character our class president is, and what a loser you are! What right do you have, to be with Bai!"

        "I advise you to get away from Baek! Don't make a fool of yourself!"

        Wen Qian's words were like the heartbeat of the crowd.

        Everyone's eyes, brushing against Lin Fan, as if they were looking at a clown, a joke.


        Not only was Lin Fan not annoyed at all, but the corner of his mouth revealed a meaningful smile.


        Afterwards, he slowly stood up, his eyes sweeping over everyone present.

        "I hope you'll still be laughing so hard later!"


        What does this guy mean?

        The people frowned, and just as they wanted to continue berating and laughing at Lin Fan, they saw that Lin Fan said directly to Bai Yi.

        "I'll see you outside!"

        After saying that, Lin Fan didn't even look at the crowd anymore and left the box straight away.

        "Cut! This guy's got no manners! Are you a joke yourself, and you won't let anyone else tell you?" Wen Qian's face was so ugly and full of disgust and contempt.

        The rest of the crowd also thought that Lin Fan brushed off his sleeves, which was a disgrace and a laughing stock.

        "Don't mind him! He must have been ashamed to stay here, so he got the hell out of here!"

        "Exactly! What right does he have to compare himself to our class president!"

        "Haha ...... go away better! Just a punk who eats free food! We'll eat it ourselves!"


        The crowd was laughing and laughing, not caring at all about Lin Fan's departure.

        Only Bai Yi!

        She looked at the door of the empty box, her disappointment, simply thick to the extreme.

        Fake it and become a laughing stock!

        And now it is even more unseemly to brush off the sleeves!

        A hint of bitterness appeared in the corner of Bai Yi's mouth, making her feel like death.


        A plate of exquisite dishes was respectfully brought in by the waiter.

        Wen Qian, Lin Guangyao and the others, tasted and drank at the same time, to the utmost pleasure.

        Among them, almost everyone was praising Lin Guangyao, who seemed to be the idol of the crowd, revered and respected.

        Just quickly!


        The sound of footsteps sounded, and the previous manager, Mr. Wang, walked in once again.

        "Mr. Lin, our big sister has come to make a toast!"


        As soon as this was said, everyone in the box put down their chopsticks and stood up in unison.

        Big sister?

        Naturally, it says Blood Rose!

        They never dreamed that they would witness the Blood Rose toast, and for a moment, they were excited and thrilled to the extreme.

        Lin Guangyao, on the other hand, was equally aroused himself and flushed red.

        "Yes! Please ask your sister to come in!"

        Lin Guangyao's graceful demeanor drew sideways glances from Wen Qian and Bai Yi and others.

        At this moment, everyone's eyes were focused on the doorway.

        And under their gaze!


        The sound of footsteps resounded, but a beautiful woman in a fiery red dress slowly appeared in everyone's sight.

        She was the Blood Rose!

        Not only that!

        Behind the Blood Rose, a group of men in suits such as Black Tiger were following her, and the pressure was terrifying.

        But when the Blood Rose just walked into the box, after sweeping a circle of people, her eyebrows furrowed slightly.

        "Where is Mr. Lin?"


        As soon as the words came out, Manager Wang and Lin Guangyao were dumbfounded.

        A hint of bad foreboding surfaced in their hearts.

        Manager Wang hurriedly and cautiously said.

        "Sister, is this Mr. Lin?"

        Said Manager Wang, pointing to Lin Guangyao, who stood up.

        Lin Guangyao also quickly lifted his glass and said respectfully.

        "Hello Big Sister, I am Lin Guangyao, the Mr. Lin you mentioned! It was only a handful to save you back then! Don't worry about it!"


        When she heard this, a flash of cold aura appeared in the beautiful eyes of the Blood Rose.

        In particular, after she saw that empty seat next to Bai Yi, it was as if she instantly understood something!




        The Blood Rose walked towards Lin Guangyao step by step.

        As the Blood Rose walked in, Bai Yi, Wen Qian and the others' excitement grew stronger and stronger, and their reverence for Lin Guangyao almost reached an extreme.

        It was as if everyone had seen the picture of the Blood Rose respectfully toasting Lin Guangyao.

        Lin Guangyao, who was also breathing rapidly, looked at the Blood Rose who was getting closer and closer, his vanity thickened to the extreme.

        Just as the Blood Rose walked up to him, Lin Guangyao quickly raised his wine cup.

        Lin Guangyao hurriedly raised his wine glass, and then he wanted to say something.

        However, his words had yet to be spoken!


        A resounding slap to the face slapped him so hard that he stumbled and almost fell over.

        At the same time!

        The cold voice of the blood rose, then came.

        "What are you! How dare you impersonate Mr. Lin!!!"

Chapter 8

What are you!

        How dare you impersonate Mr. Lin!

        When the cold and gloomy words of the Blood Rose resounded in the box, everyone was struck by lightning and completely confused.

        The ...... impersonation?

        Is it possible that the savior of the Blood Rose was not Lin Guangyao?


        In an instant, Wen Qian, Bai Yi, and others, only felt a cold air running down the soles of their feet and straight to their brains.

        "No! Sister Blood Rose, my last name is Lin ......! I didn't pretend to be your savior, I didn't ......" Lin Guangyao's face was ashen, he covered his face, filled with intense panic.

        His eyes, involuntarily, looked at Manager Wang.

        Before, but Manager Wang said that he was the savior of the blood rose.

        And this gaze suddenly caused Manager Wang's scalp to go numb.


        He even misidentified a person, and took an impostor as his elder sister's savior.

        When he thought of this, Manager Wang turned white as paper, his legs went limp, and poof, he knelt in front of the Blood Rose.

        "Big ...... sister, I admit my mistake! It's a small mistake! I'm guilty, I didn't recognize which one was Mr. Lin, I deserve to die!"

        Manager Wang said in horror as he raised his palm to his cheek and kept slapping it down!

        Snap! Snap! Snap!

        This slap was extremely loud and clear.

        The sound that fell on Lin Guangyao's ears was like a slap on their face, causing them hot pain, shame and shame.

        That's not all!

        The Blood Rose's gaze swept over the crowd until it landed on Bai Yi's pretty face.

        "Hmph! If Mr. Lin hadn't been here today, you impostor, and all of you, wouldn't have been able to walk out of this world standing!"


        Only then did the Blood Rose turn and leave, leaving only the cold voice in the box.

        "Manager Wang, let them spit out as much money as they drink!"

        "Otherwise, you're the only one asking!"


        As the words fell, Blood Rose walked out of the box with a group of men in suits.

        It was only then that the manager stopped slapping himself.

        His face was covered with a bright red slap mark, and blood stains even flowed out of the corner of his mouth.

        The whole man seemed to have walked around from the gate of ghosts, and breathed a long sigh of relief.

        "Wang ...... Manager Wang, I ......"

        Lin Guangyao was about to say something right then and there!

        Only, his words just left his mouth!


        Manager Wang slapped him in the face, and then slapped him hard.

        It knocked Lin Guangyao to the ground, his eyes starry.

        "Ma! It's all because of you, the impostor, who almost killed me!"

        "Someone, give me a fight!!!"

        Manager Wang was furious, and his face was full of gloom and resentment.

        When he heard this, a group of waiters frantically pounced on Lin Guangyao, punching and kicking him.

        The miserable screams, which resounded unceasingly in the box, made Wen Qian and everyone else pale like paper.

        For more than ten minutes, Lin Guangyao's entire body had been completely destroyed.

        Lin Guangyao's entire body had been completely beaten into a pig's head, with bruises all over his face and flesh splitting open.

        Until this moment!

        Manager Wang waved his hand, and all the waiters, that's when the beating stopped.

        "Surname Lin, you heard what big sister said! You're impersonating Mr. Lin and spoiling her private wine collection, so pay for it!

        Hear that!

        Where did Lin Guangyao dare to retort, nodding his head as if pounding garlic, and hurriedly replied.

        "Yes! Wang ...... Manager Wang, I'll pay the bill! I'll pay for it all!"

        Finish by asking cautiously.

        "Approximately how much is ......?"

        Lin Guangyao was ready to hemorrhage money, after all, for him now, where money is more important than life, if he did not pay the bill, I'm afraid he would not be able to leave the Sheng Shi Clubhouse alive.

        "These drinks are all rare brews flown in from various countries! All together, seven million!"

        "Plus, you ordered a menu! It's worth three million!"

        At this point, Manager Wang stared at Lin Guangyao and said.

        "Ten million dollars total!!!"


        Not only was Lin Guangyao confused, but everyone else was also struck by lightning one by one.

        Ten, ten million?

        My God, that's astronomical amounts of money that ordinary people can't earn in a few lifetimes!

        And now ......

        "Wang ...... Manager Wang, I don't have that much money! I only have three million dollars in savings, I'll give it all to you, please let me go! Let me go!" Lin Guangyao's face was ashen.

        He was a department manager, and it was only tens of thousands of dollars a month!

        These three million dollars were all he had saved up over the years!

        Ten million?

        Even if I kill him, I won't be able to get it out.

        Seemingly thinking of something, Lin Guangyao quickly turned his head and said to Wen Qian and the others.

        "You've also been drinking and you've been eating food! You have to pay too!"

        "Quick! Give us all your money, or none of us will survive!"

        This sentence suddenly made Wen Qian and others, one by one, look as if they were dead mothers, and it was extremely difficult to see.

        Especially after sensing that Manager Wang's unkind eyes, the crowd was even more numb, and one by one, they quickly paid out money.

        "I have fifty thousand ......"

        "I'm forty thousand!"

        "I ...... only have 20,000!"

        At this moment, Wen Qian and the others, one by one, took out all the bank cards and cash they had.

        But even so, it was only a drop in the bucket, and they were only able to gather half a million.

        "What a bunch of poor devils!"

        Manager Wang's eyes flashed with a ruthless luster, like a tiger that wanted to devour someone, with a strong and ferocious meaning.

        "If you can't get it out, fine! Everyone, break their hands and feet! Throw out the clubhouse!"


        This sentence, like a thunderbolt from the clear sky, made Wen Qian and all the others, the soul of the dead.

        In particular, when they saw the waiters, who were fiercely approaching them, they puffed, puffed, and fell to the ground in fear, urinating all over the place.

        It's over!

        Lin Guangyao, Wen Qian and all the others were all ashen and filled with despair!

        And just as the waiters, just about to do it!


        A rebuke, suddenly resounding.


        Manager Wang was stunned, then turned his eyes to the person who heard the voice, but found that the person who stopped the exit was Bai Yi!

        "Bai Yi, you ......" Wen Qian and the others, one by one, were numb, full of panic and despair.

        And seeing this!

        Bai Yi's jade hand, which was clutching a card, handed it over.

        "Manager Wang, try this card and see if you can pay the bill!"


        At this moment, all eyes brushed and focused on that card, and then Wen Qian and the others, recognized it!

        This is the same skull pattern card that Lin Fan left behind earlier!

        Only, it's not a bank card, it's more like a game card, so how can you pay for it?

        Wen Qian does not believe!

        Lin Guangyao and others, also did not believe!

        [PENNY ISLAND]"BAY, don't be silly! How can you take the game card left by this punk Lin Fan seriously?"

        "Yes! Baek, don't get us killed! Your husband is nothing but a loser who eats soft food! His words are simply lies!"


        Wen Qian and others, constantly persuaded.

        Only, Manager Wang paid no attention to them.

        He glared at Bai Yi in a bad way, before he took the card, and then swiped it towards the special card reader of the Sheng Shi Club.

        This scene made Bai Yi's jade hand clench a little tighter.

        A bead of sweat emerged from her forehead.


        She also had no hope for Lin Fan!

        But for some reason, the way the Blood Rose looked at herself before she left, gave her an extra sense of inexplicability.

        "Lin Fan, you ...... your card, is it really okay?"

        Bai's heart was in his throat!

        And right on cue!

        An electronic tone, from the special credit card reader of the Clubhouse, beeps.

        "Drop! Drip! Drip! Warning! Warning! Scan to Skeleton Emperor Card!"

        "Universal Group BOSS Exclusive Card! Under Universal, all purchases are free! Supreme Imperial Treatment!"