Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 681-683

 Chapter 681



      The purpose was accomplished?


      Hearing these words, the corners of Bai Yi's mouth emerged with a thick bitter smile. They had come to Yunhai this time to purchase the Blue Sea Mansion, but now they had not only formed a deep hatred with the Cai Guofu brothers, but had even almost died at their hands.


      There was no hope of buying the Blue Sea Mansion.


      But although Bai Yi was disappointed at heart, he knew that things had come to this, and there was not the slightest use in staying in Yunhai City.


      "Well, although the Blue Sea Mansion has not been bought, we can go back and look for other addresses!"


      Bai Yi said, and pulled Lin Fan towards the stairs.


      Only she didn't notice that after hearing this, the corners of the mouths of all the giants of Yunhai City, such as Elder Fei, twitched.


      It was true that the Blue Sea Mansion hadn't been bought.


      It was a damn good thing that you didn't spend a single penny and got it for nothing.


      And not just a blue sea, your husband even took all the assets of the two brothers and put them under his name, and even sent the brothers to hell.


      At this moment, although the many giants of Yunhai City, quite speechless, but still obediently prepared to send off.




      Just as Lin Fan and Bai Yi walked down the restaurant, they instantly saw that one Rolls-Royce after another had been parked outside the hotel's entrance.


      There were as many as twenty of them, parked densely in the car park in front of the hotel, making the place look as if it was a Rolls-Royce show, which was shocking.


      "This is ......"


      Bai Yi was confused, but she remembered that when she came to the restaurant just now, where was a Rolls-Royce in this car park, and now ......


      "Miss Bai Yi, we have frightened you this time! So tonight, we have decided to personally escort you out of Yunhai City!"


      Fei Lao said to Bai Yi with a face full of respect.




      The moment these words came out, they startled Bai Yi.


      She knew that the dozens of people in front of her included almost all of the upper class people in Yunhai City.


      Any one of them was a big shot, and now, all of them wanted to escort her and Lin Fan out of Yunhai?


      This made Bai Yi feel like he was dreaming.


      However, before Bai Yi could say anything, he was pulled by Lin Fan and got into the Mercedes Benz sedan that the two of them had driven.


      Seeing this scene.


      Fei Lao and the others, also got into the car in unison.


      At this moment, a shocking scene appeared.


      From the car park of the Hong Luck Restaurant, ten Rolls-Royces opened the way in front of them, and a Mercedes-Benz car in the middle, slowly moving along.


      Behind the Mercedes-Benz, the same ten Rolls-Royces were followed by an escort.


      The scene was extremely shocking.


      Everyone had never seen such a heavenly Mercedes before, a Mercedes that needed twenty Rolls-Royces to escort it, the high level of sophistication made every passer-by's skin tingle when they saw this scene.

Chapter 682

And that's not all.


      One call after another, from the phones of those giants. , , and


      At once, traffic control appeared.


      One by one, this main road leading from Yunhai to Jiang City was blocked off, and one by one, private cars were banned from passing.


      The entire city of Yunhai seemed to be escorting Lin Fan and Bai Yi's departure with an incredibly high specification.


      At the same time!


      On the main road to Jiang City, there was likewise a BMW X5, driving slowly.


      Inside the car, it was none other than Grand Master Bai Hai and Bai Yifan.


      The father and son were preparing to return to Jiang City tonight after taking care of the affairs in Yunhai City.


      Only, when they had just turned around a junction, they suddenly noticed that a police car was opening up and dispersing the traffic on the road.


      "Hmm? The road is closed with traffic restrictions?" Bai Yifan, who was driving, frowned.


      He saw at the moment that a car, dispersed by the traffic restriction, had made the entire main road, start to become empty.


      That was not all.


      A traffic police officer, began to pull up a barrier at the edge of the road, a scene as if a big shot was about to travel.


      "Oh my God, a road has been blocked off! I wonder what kind of big shot is leaving Yunhai City?" Grand Master Bai Hai was also shaken in his heart.


      He was aware that even the No. 1 big shot in Yunhai definitely didn't have this kind of treatment.


      This was at least the highest level of the province, or the national level giants, who could only enjoy this kind of treatment.




      The shock had only just begun.


      The father and son saw at this moment that from the front of that empty road, there was a Rolls-Royce, driving ahead.


      "Ten Rolls-Royces, opening up the road!"


      The father and son looked at each other, clearly terrified.


      Yet that was not all.


      When they saw clearly, the license plate of that one Rolls Royce, their hearts set off even more shocking waves.


      "Dad! That license plate, isn't it the exclusive license plate of Master Fei of Yunhai? Could it be that Master Fei personally drove the road? That, how is that possible?"


      Grand Master Bai Hai's eyes almost fell out at this moment.


      With one pair of eyes, he stared deadly at that Old Master Fei's Rolls Royce, and after he saw, a pale figure in the back seat of that car, Bai Hai couldn't help but shudder with excitement.


      "It's ...... Master Fei, it's actually true!"




      Bai Hai simply couldn't imagine that the person who could make a big shot like Elder Fei personally drive the road, what kind of terrifying identity was this escort.


      And to the side, Bai Yifan was also frightened to the point of exclaiming.


      "Dad! And the one next to it, it's the Qi family's old man's limousine! There's Elder Qi sitting inside too!"


      "The third one is the Zhou family, the third most powerful family at the helm of Yunhai!"




      One after another!


      And Bai Hai's father and son were stunned to find that these ten Rolls-Royces driving the road had gathered the helmsmen of all the top luxury families within Yunhai City.


      This was simply appalling to the point of death.

Chapter 683

Only, a scene that made their eyes drop in shock even more appeared.


      As ten Rolls-Royces, slowly driving past, within that convoy of cars, they actually faintly saw a ...... Mercedes Benz sedan in the middle!


      Wow ......


      The Bai Hai father and son almost suspected at this moment that they had lost their eyesight.


      A terrifying opening lineup of ten Rolls-Royces escorting a Mercedes-Benz?


      Wasn't this a fucking international joke?


      However, next to him, Bai Yifan's voice was even more as if he had seen a ghost:.


      "Dad ...... Dad! Why do I see that the Mercedes that is being escorted within the Rolls-Royce convoy seems to be Bai Yi's family's?"




      Hearing Bai Yifan's words, Bai Hai's head was even more confused.


      He immediately looked towards the convoy in front of him again, but the Mercedes, which was almost sandwiched by a Rolls-Royce, could not see the license plate of the Mercedes clearly.


      "Yifan, what are you babbling about! What are Bai Yi and Lin Fan? Cai Guofu alone is enough to break Lin Fan's legs and make Bai Yi return home forlorn!"


      "What qualifications do they have to have all the top bigwigs in the whole of Yunhai City, personally escorting them! Isn't this bullshit!"


      The grandfather, Bai Hai, was currently turning to his son and sternly reprimanding him.


      And hearing these words.


      Bai Yifan couldn't help but nod his head as well.


      That's right!


      If it was said that Bai Yi and Lin Fan were being personally escorted by the entire giant bigwigs of the Cloud Sea, even if it killed him, he wouldn't believe it.


      "Maybe I'm just blurry-eyed!"


      Bai Yifan shook his head, instantly shaking this ridiculous thought out of his mind.


      And at this moment, the father and son duo then saw once again that after the ten open Rolls-Royces and the Mercedes that was being escorted forward, there were surprisingly still ten Rolls-Royces breaking behind.


      In particular, these ten Rolls-Royces actually all belonged to the underground giants of Yunhai City.


      King Kong ......


      Tiger Head ......


      The cars of one underground big shot after another, this was even more so for Bai Hai's father and son, who were almost shocked to the point of suffocation.


      "Incredible! It's simply too unbelievable!"


      At this moment, Grand Master Bai Hai looked at the ten Rolls-Royces that broke off his back, his entire person was simply shocked to the extreme.


      "It's unimaginable, which big brother is in that Mercedes? How dare they let Fei Lao and the others drive the road and let King Kong and the others break the rear!"


      "This is afraid to be at the provincial number one level!"


      In Grand Master Bai Hai's eyes, perhaps only the topmost giants at the provincial level would have the opportunity to enjoy this kind of treatment.


      And on the side.


      Bai Yifan was also full of lamentation and excitement:.


      "Dad! This road is the main road to Jiang City, Elder Fei and the others are escorting, it's likely that this big shot is heading to Jiang City, should we inform Grandpa and the others!"


      "Perhaps, there's a chance to hook up with this big shot!"