Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 67-68

 Chapter 67

The big man was coming.

        When the scream was heard, the entire first floor was completely stirred.

        Duke Shen and the others, as well as the surrounding guests, walked over to the window, each with a face full of curiosity and reverence.

        All of them were filled with curiosity and reverence.

        The scene, like the arrival of a certain national leader, made them expectant and excited.

        When they saw this scene, the three Baiyans were stunned.

        They simply could not imagine who it was that could cause such a huge stir.

        "What kind of big shot? What does everyone go to see?" Shen Yumei was not curious and asked.

        And when she heard this, her great aunt, who was next to her, looked at Shen Yumei with contempt, and then said.

        "Second sister, you probably don't know, do you? Caesar's Hotel, today was booked by Province No. 1 Liu Zhen and several big shots, in order to invite a mysterious big man."

        "Just now, Provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen, Military District Major General Dong Jun, Jiangnan's richest man Ma Yong, and a few big shots from our Jiang City have been standing at the entrance for half an hour in advance, just to wait for that big shot."


        This sentence, the Shen Yumei three mouths shocked.

        Waiting for a big shot in Province 1, waiting at the door for half an hour?

        They couldn't even imagine what kind of people could be so bullish.

        Now, even the three Bai Yi families could not help but squeeze to the window and stare at the opposite Caesar Hotel.

        And just under the excited gaze of the crowd.


        I saw a Rolls-Royce, a large number of them, driving over from the east side of the road.

        There were as many as ten of them.


        When the ten Rolls-Royces parked in front of the Caesars Hotel, a man in a suit walked down from one of the limousines.

        Each of these men, with their waists bulging high, was carrying a pistol.

        After they got out of the car, they gathered in front of a car in the middle and formed a wall of people, separating a road.

        One by one, the men in suits looked around to prevent any accidents from happening.


        When the car door opened, a young man in casual clothes stepped out from the back seat of the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

        When the young man just walked out of the door, a shocking scene appeared.

        A scene that shocked everyone appeared.

        The provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen, along with Major General Dong Jun, Jiangnan's richest man Ma Yong, as well as Jiangcheng No. 1 Zhang Guohao, Jiangcheng's director Niu Yunkui and other bigwigs, hailed and bowed 90 degrees to the youth.

        "Mr. Lin!"

        "Mr. Lin!"


        The voice was filled with reverence and fervor.

        It was shocking.

        This scene fell upon the eyes of the crowd at the Hongbin Restaurant, making their scalp numb with shock.

        After all, who had ever seen Provincial No. 1 bow to someone with such respect.

        This was simply an unbelievable thing.

        "Gosh, I don't know what kind of terrifying status this Mr. Lin has, to make these big brothers, so respectful."

        "Yes, this Mr. Lin doesn't look very old, he should be a young man, I really don't know what kind of background he has that's so scary."


        At this moment, all the surrounding Shen family members were filled with sighs and sighs.

        Especially Grand Duke Shen.

        His old, wrinkle-filled face was filled with an intense shock, and his eyes flashed with awe.

        "Alas ...... my Shen family is poorly blessed, if one of you can compete for breath and know this kind of big man, then why should my Shen family worry about not prospering?"

        Grand Duke Shen sighed somewhat, and was despondent.

        After all, that Mr. Lin was so young, yet he had already made a big shot like Liu Zhen bow and salute.

        And yet, he was not even qualified to meet such a big man.

        How could his heart not be complicated.

Chapter 68

The old master's words were filled with anger at the children of the Shen family.

        And when they heard these words, Shen Jian and the others were filled with shame.

        Shen Jian and the others, one by one, were also filled with shame.

        After all, compared to that Mr. Lin, they were simply like ants, trash to the core.

        "Old Master, doesn't our Shen family also have a Mr. Lin inside?" The second aunt could not help but answer.


        Grand Duke Shen was slightly stunned, and he could not help but ask curiously.

        "Where in the Shen family do we have a surname Lin?"

        "O Lin Fan! Bai's husband!" When the second aunt said this, the sarcastic smile on her face became stronger and stronger.

        And this sentence suddenly made all the surrounding Shen family members, laugh.

        "Hahaha ...... Second Aunt, you really know how to joke, who doesn't know that Lin Fan is the most useless door-to-door son-in-law in Jiang City?"

        "Yes, Second Aunt, if this Mr. Lin is the white moon in the sky, then Lin Fan is just an ant on the ground at best, how can we compare?"

        "Hey, don't tell me, if Lin Fan is Mr. Lin, then we're going to get punched in the face!"

        "Is that loser Mr. Lin? Cut! Are you kidding? If he really is, then I can eat s three tons!"


        The Shen family laughed and laughed one by one.

        Only their words were filled with admiration for Mr. Lin and disdain for Lin Fan.

        However, at this moment, the three members of Bai Yi's family were all stunned.

        The three members of Bai Yi's family were all stunned.

        "That person seems ...... to be Lin Fan?" Baii covered her small mouth and screamed out.


        As soon as she said this, all the mocking and ridicule around her came to an abrupt end.

        Many Shen family members, one by one, turned to look at Bai Yi in shock.

        "Bai Yi, you can't be saying that Mr. Lin is your husband?"

        The people looked at Bai with faces like they had seen a ghost.

        And when they heard this, Bai Yi's eyebrows furrowed.

        Bai Yi's eyebrows furrowed tightly, she was too far away from the Caesar's Hotel, and just saw that Mr. Lin, but only a blurred back shadow.

        It was just a back figure that resembled Lin Fan, but she couldn't be sure.

        "I ...... I'm not sure, but just looking at that Mr. Lin's back, it resembles my husband ......"

        Bai said to the crowd in a bit of a panic.

        Very similar?

        After the people were stunned, a strong scowl appeared on each face.

        "Cut! Baek, don't dream about it, don't you know what kind of person your husband is?"

        "Yeah, if he's that awesome, how could he be in your family and be a son-in-law at your door for three years!"

        "Hahahaha ...... laughing to death, Lin Fan is very much like Mr. Lin, this is definitely the funniest joke I've ever heard."

        Many Shen family members, coaxing laughter.

        And this sentence of mockery, falling on Bai Yi's ears, suddenly made her ashamed and embarrassed.


        How could Lin Fan be that Mr. Lin?

        After all, so many Rolls Royces, so many tough bodyguards.

        When he thought of this, Bai Yi shook his head with a bitter smile, shaking the thought that Lin Fan was Mr. Lin out of his mind.


        Under the excited gaze of the crowd, the Mr. Lin was welcomed by Liu Zhen and a group of other big shots, like the stars and the moon, into Caesar's Hotel.

        When the Shen family saw that there was nothing left to see, they walked back to their seats one by one.

        When many guests had just taken their seats, the voice of the second aunt was heard.

        The voice of the second aunt, however, came over.

        "Huh? Baiy, look at that guy on the electric bicycle, coming from the entrance of the Caesars Hotel, is that your husband, Lin Fan?"