Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 54-56

 Chapter 54


        Seeing Liu Zhen appear in front of them, Zhong Bin, Huang Guosheng and others shivered with excitement and had a numbing feeling.

        What's going on?

        What's happening!

        How could a small Lin Fan attract the richest man in Jiangnan, a young general in the military district, and the number one man in Jiangnan!

        My God ......

        Zhong Bin's body trembled as if he were sifting chaff, and he completely peed himself.

        In particular, he found that the eyes of this big brother looking at himself were filled with ruthlessness and disgust, as if he had done something treacherous.

        "Liu ...... President Liu ......"

        Zhong Bin swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said with a trembling voice.

        Just after his words were spoken, Liu Zhen's eyes went cold.

        "Zhong Bin, you have the audacity to take advantage of your position to take personal revenge!"

        "Do you know who Mr. Lin is?"

        What people?

        Zhong Bin was confused, while Huang Guosheng and others in the video were even more blank.

        Wasn't Lin Fan just a son-in-law at the door?

        What other background could he have.

        "Hmph! I'll tell you what!" President Liu Zhen's face was livid, and his voice was filled with supreme authority.

        "The Mr. Lin Fan you arrested is one of my four great military seats in China! The new owner of Universal Group!"


        When this sentence was uttered, Zhong Bin's entire body seemed to be drained of all strength and completely paralyzed on the ground.

        In the video, it was pinging and noisy.

        Huang Guosheng was also paralyzed with fear.

        What followed was silence and depression!

        Dripping sweat, from Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng's foreheads, flowed down in torrents.

        The two of them only felt as if they were dreaming.

        One of the four military seats, the Lin Seat!

        The new owner of the world, Lin Fan!

        How is this possible!

        How the hell is this possible? ......

        Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng only felt at this moment that the whole world had gone crazy.

        Just at this moment.

        Liu Zhen didn't care about their fear, he took out a pile of documents from the back, and then indifferently swept a glance at Zhong Bin and said.

        "Zhong Bin, we have investigated clearly, you are suspected of embezzlement, as well as taking advantage of your position to extort and blackmail! The life of a human being!"

        "In the sixteen years of Huaxia, you joined forces with Huang Guosheng and used improper means to have your competitor Wang Long jailed, and in prison you bought murder and harmed people's lives!"

        "Warsaw 18 Years ......"

        At this moment, Liu Zhen's majestic voice reads the sins of Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng paragraph after paragraph.

        However, Zhong Bin was already confused and couldn't hear a word of it.

        It's over!

        He just knew that he was finished.

        The arrest of the Sahara Woodstock, the Universal Master?

        You fucking ...... are a real psychopath yourself.


        At this moment, another scream was heard from within the video.

        It was Xu Yanhong, her beautiful face screaming madly as if she had seen a ghost.

        "I ...... I know! In the Hundred Worlds shopping mall, the Mr. Lin you ...... are going to meet is actually Lin Fan!"

        "The military seat is Lin Fan, the new owner of Universal is Lin Fan! How, how did this happen! Baiy, how can your loser husband be such a powerful figure!"

        Xu Yanhong's entire body, as if she were crazy.

        Her eyes were dumbfounded.

        Huang Tao, on the other hand, was even more frightened out of his wits.

        The couple had never dreamed of this.

        The person they had worshipped and could not befriend in the Hundred World Mall was the one they had suppressed and murdered with all their heart.

Chapter 55

I hope you can bear the consequences.

        At this moment, Zhong Bin's ears kept echoing Lin Fan's words when he went to the prison.

        When he first heard the words, he sneered and disdained them, thinking that he was just going to twist a small bedbug to death.

        But now he realized that he was the bedbug all along, and that the person he was trying to twist to death was a giant dragon.

        Ding ding ding ding!

        Just when the atmosphere was depressing and dreary to the extreme, there was a phone ringing in the middle of the video.

        There was a phone ringing in the video, but it was Huang Guosheng's other phone.

        Huang Guosheng picked up the phone as if he was demented, and answered the call.

        Suddenly, a shriek came from within the phone.

        "Mr. Huang! It's bad, our Huang's Group building has been seized!"

        "Mr. Huang, and all of your assets, have been frozen by the bank!"

        "Mr. Huang, we're finished, completely finished ......"

        The voice inside the phone was filled with boundless fear.

        And after hearing it, Huang Guosheng hung up the phone as if he didn't feel anything.

        It's over!

        After he really knew Lin Fan's identity, he had already predicted the outcome, and it was too late to regret it.

        As expected!


        Another sound of explosion was heard.

        The door of Huang Guosheng's house was ruthlessly kicked open, and then a heavily armed police officer rushed in.

        In the blink of an eye, all of Huang Guosheng's family were subdued and escorted away.

        This scene really fell in Zhong Bin's eyes, and it made his soul go up in flames.


        He knelt down in front of Liu Zhen, weeping in despair.

        "President Liu, please have mercy! Huang Guosheng made me do all of this! I'm just an accessory. I don't want to embarrass Mr. Lin, and I don't want to deal with him."

        "Please, Chairman Liu, help me say something nice in front of Mr. Lin, I can be a horse for Mr. Lin ......"

        Zhong Bin knew that after his story was revealed, there was only one way to die.

        Now, he only hoped to live.

        Only, Liu Zhen's eyes were filled with indifference.

        "Take me to Mr. Lin!"


        Hearing this, Zhong Bin's body trembled, and he didn't react until this moment.

        Lin Fan is in S Prison, and there is still ...... Master Knife inside!


        In an instant, Zhong Bin's face was as white as paper, and beads of sweat were pouring down his face.

        "Mr. Lin ...... is afraid that Mr. Lin has been killed! He, he shares a prison with Master Knife, which ......"


        When he heard these two words, Niu Yunkui, the director next to him, turned green with fear.

        If Lin Fan was killed, there was no telling how many people would have to bury him.

        However, when Liu Zhen, Dong Jun and the others heard this, a strong scowl appeared on their lips one by one.

        Mr. Lin was killed?

        What a joke!

        "Cut the crap! When I tell you to lead the way, hurry!" Liu Zhen's eyes were cold.

        Zhong Bin was so frightened that he could only obediently crawl up from the ground, and then lead the way for everyone in front with fear and trepidation.

        The prison in Jiangcheng is located at the back of the police station.

        Zhong Bin now took many big bosses with him, and brushed them off towards the prison.



        The smell in the prison was extremely pungent, especially with a hint of thick, bloody air.

        In particular, the closer we got to S-prison, the thicker the smell of blood, the more sickening it was.

        End ......

        Zhong Bin's heart completely sank to the bottom of the valley.

        When he thought of Lin Zhai's murder, he felt his scalp explode and his soul fly away.

        It was only when he led the crowd to the front of the S prison, and the scene in front of him, he could hardly believe his eyes.

Chapter 56

 "No ...... don't kill me! The Devil! You, you're the fucking devil!"

        The sound of a scream resounded from inside the prison.

        Zhong Bin, however, saw a middle-aged man with a long scar on his face, his face as pale as dirt, looking terrified to the extreme.

        He was huddled in the corner of the prison, trembling as if he was sifting chaff.

        It was as if he had really met the devil.

        This person is actually ...... knife master!

        Zhong Bin was confused.

        Master Blade was the bearer in the north of Jiang City, no one dared to provoke, no one was afraid.

        And now, he couldn't even imagine what it was that made him so afraid.

        That's not all.

        Zhong Bin then discovered that in the dim light, there were even one figure after another lying on the ground.

        These people were dripping blood all over their bodies, as if they had been attacked by some terrifying monster.

        Their bodies were covered with wounds and they were unconscious.

        Scarlet blood almost stained the ground with blood red.

        It looked as if it were a slaughterhouse.

        Beyond this pool of blood stood a young man.

        Strangely enough, his clothes were not stained with the slightest bit of blood, and he was untouched, with an indescribable supreme majesty all over his body.

        And seeing his face.


        Zhong Bin could no longer conceal the fear in his heart and was completely paralyzed with fear.

        Because this young man was Lin Fan.

        "Zhong Bin! Get me the fuck out of here! I don't want to be with this devil in everything! Come on, let me go! Ahhhhh!"

        When he saw Zhong Bin appear, he jumped in front of the iron door like a madman, shouting and screaming.


        Master Dagger swore that he had never seen such a devilish man in his life.

        The methods were vicious and cruel.

        Dozens of his brothers, in the hands of this monster, Lin Fan, were like a bunch of little chickens, and they fainted to death one by one.

        Even Master Blade was sure that if Lin Fan wanted to kill someone.

        I'm afraid that they wouldn't last more than ten seconds before they would become a pile of corpses.


        However, just as Master Blade was shouting, his pupils suddenly shrank.

        Because he saw that behind Zhong Bin's back, he was followed by one figure after another.

        "That's ...... Zhang Guohao, Dong Jun, Ma Yong, and ...... Liu Zhen!"

        Master Dagger suspected that he was hallucinating.

        These were the top leaders of Jiangnan Province, so how could they appear here.

        Intense incredulity surfaced in Master Dagger's eyes.

        That wasn't all!

        He found that after they came in, one by one they rushed to the iron door, and then faced Lin Fan, hailed him and bowed as much as they could.

        "Mr. Lin!"


        This scene scared the knife master even more.

        He had never seen such a shocking scene where so many big bosses bowed together to one person.

        Master Blade looked at Lin Fan, and a hint of creepiness surfaced in his every pore.

        Big shot!

        He realized that not only was Lin Fan's skill perverted, but his identity was even more terrifying.

        But at this moment, Lin Fan didn't even look at Master Blade.

        He indifferently swept a glance at Liu Zhen and the others and slowly said.

        "Is it done yet?"

        "Back to Mr. Lin, Huang Guosheng's family has been arrested and all the assets under his name have been seized and frozen."

        Liu Zhen said respectfully, and then swept a glance at Zhong Bin, who was sitting on the ground.

        "As for this man, he carries several murders! Death is certain!"

        Until this moment.

        Only then did Lin Fan nod his head in satisfaction, and then he stretched out his palm to the iron door in front of him and gave it a little pick!

        Cut Cut Cut!

        The entire fence of the iron gate, as if it were paper mache, instantly deformed, and Lin Fan stepped out from inside.

        He indifferently swept a glance at Zhong Bin, who was stunned on the ground, and the smile on his lips was cold and gloomy.

        "I warned you that you couldn't afford the consequences!"


        Lin Fan took a group of big shots and walked outside.

        Only Zhong Bin, with a face ashen, and Master Dagger, with a face like a god, were left behind. ......