Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 51-53

 Chapter 51


        Inside the Caesar's Hotel, a staff member is constantly busy.

        The entire Caesars Hotel, today, is completely cleared out, with only one box open, to welcome a big shot to dinner.

        At the entrance of the hotel.

        Niu Yunkui, the chief of the Jiang City Police Department, is waiting anxiously, along with Jiang City's No. 1 chairman Zhang Guohao.

        "Chairman, who exactly is that Mr. Lin?"

        Jiang City Director Niu Yunkui was shocked this time.

        Because he saw with his own eyes, Provincial No. 1 Liu Zhen was personally commanding, setting up the venue.

        And Major General Dong Jun of the military district was mobilizing his elite soldiers to set up the guards.

        The richest man, Ma Yong, was even busier, sweating profusely.

        Niu Yunkui couldn't even imagine what kind of power Mr. Lin had to let these three prominent figures in the province personally come down to the venue to set up the dining area.

        If this were to go out, it would be a sensation in the entire Jiangnan Province.

        Hearing this!

        The face of Jiang City No. 1, Zhang Guohao, could not help but appear with a strong sense of reverence.

        He faintly shook his head.

        "He's not qualified to know who he is, you, the director! Or rather, in the whole city of Jiang, there are only a handful of people who know his real identity."

        A handful!

        Director Niu Yunkui naturally knows that Zhang Guohao is not lying, after all, to have someone like Liu Zhen personally decorate the venue, one can imagine the horror of Mr. Lin's identity.


        While they were talking about Mr. Lin's deeds, Liu Zhen and the others were already busy and came over.

        Seeing this scene, Zhang Guohao hurriedly brought Niu Yunkui to welcome them and began to introduce them.

        "President Liu, General Dong, Mr. Ma, let me introduce you!"

        He said, pointing to Niu Yunkui, the director of Jiang City.

        "This is Niu Yunkui, the chief of our Jiang City Police Department."

        At that moment, Niu Yunkui hurriedly stepped forward and shook hands with Liu Zhen one by one.

        "Hello, President Liu! Greetings, General Dong! Hello Mr. Ma!"

        Niu Yunkui's hands, all sweat.



        After all, these three people in front of him were all top provincial bigwigs, and it would be extremely difficult for him, a small prefecture-level city director, to meet them in person in ordinary times.

        Seeing this scene, Liu Zhen's three men were also extremely enthusiastic.

        "Hahaha ...... Director Niu, don't be nervous! This time, the three of us have a lot of things to ask of you." Liu Zhen was all smiles.

        And General Dong nodded his head and said.

        "After all, Mr. Lin has been living in Jiang City, which is under the jurisdiction of Director Niu! In the future, if Mr. Lin needs anything, Chief Niu will have to take care of it."

        "Exactly! Mr. Lin's case is not a small one! Director Niu should take more trouble!" Ma Yong likewise answered.

        At this moment, looking at the enthusiastic looks of the three men, Niu Yunkui's body trembled with excitement.

        Naturally, he could see that the three big brothers were polite to him because of Mr. Lin.

        These three big brothers were polite to themselves solely because of Mr. Lin.

        After all, Mr. Lin was in Jiang City, and he would have to deal with him in the future.

        And with more friendships, he would become a popular person by Mr. Lin's side.


        Niu Yunkui knew that these three people had no need to take care of a small director like himself.

        "Three please rest assured! From now on, Mr. Lin's business is my business! In Jiang City, it is absolutely guaranteed that no one will dare to mess with Mr. Lin!"

        Niu Yunkui patted his chest and made a promise.

        At the same time, he secretly swore in his heart that he would definitely give up that Mr. Lin.

        This is the damned thigh.

        I'm afraid that I can't even enjoy a single hair of the leg.

        Seeing Niu Yunkui's assurance, the surrounding Liu Zhen and others, the enthusiasm on their faces couldn't help but intensify a bit.

        Just at this moment!

        Ding ding ding ding!

        A cell phone rang out.

        It was Dong Jun's phone.

        He took a glance at the number, his eyebrows were furrowed, and then he answered it.

        Only, after he listened to the call, the surrounding crowd found that Dong Jun's complexion was pale white.

Chapter 52

"General Dong, what's happening?" Liu Zhen's heart was pounding, and he had a bad feeling about it.

        Sure enough!

        After hearing these words, General Dong's eyes, brushing against Niu Yunkui's body, were cold as a knife, his voice piercing to the bone.

        "Niu Yunkui, how dare you Jiang City Police Department! How dare you arrest Mr. Lin! Are you tired of living?"


        When General Dong's shout rang out, the surrounding crowd was confused.

        The crowd around him was all confused.

        Niu Yunkui, in particular, felt as if five thunderbolts had struck him, making him dizzy and almost sitting on the ground in shock.

        "No ...... no ah! I didn't even give the order to arrest Mr. Lin! I don't even know who Mr. Lin is!"

        Niu Yunkui was almost in tears at this moment.

        This fucking ......

        Niu Yunkui, who just patted his chest and promised to do so, was slapped in the face in the blink of an eye, which drove him crazy.

        The faces of Liu Zhen and the others on the side were also incomparably gloomy.

        "General Dong, what's going on?"

        "Just now the news came in that three police officers went to the White Group to arrest Mr. Lin! And now, Mr. Lin has even been sent to Jiang City Prison!" General Dong only felt a numbness in his scalp.

        "The one who issued this order is the captain of the Jiang City Police Department - Zhong Bin!"


        This sentence made the faces of Liu Zhen and the others even whiter.

        "Go! Go to Kang City Prison! Quick!" Liu Zhen now waved his hand, and hailed the crowd, heading for the vehicle.

        Not only that!

        "Check! Investigate that Zhong guy hard! Investigate all of his ancestors and his eighteen generations!"

        Liu Zhen's words completely announced Zhong Bin's fate.


        At the moment, Zhong Bin is oblivious to what is about to happen.

        He was sitting in his office with his legs crossed and a big grin on his face, talking to his brother-in-law, Huang Guosheng, on a video call.

        "Zhong Bin, did you get that kid?" Huang Guosheng, in the video, can't hide the excitement on his face.

        It's not just him!

        In the video footage, Huang Tao and Yanhong Xu also squeeze in, urgently asking.

        "Uncle, did you get that dress yet? And, is the little beast dead?"

        "Uncle, you have to kill that little beast! And his prescription, it's a treasure, you must get it!"

        The three members of the Huang family were extremely excited.

        After all!

        The emperor's suit and the prescription, both represent unimaginable and astounding wealth.

        Looking at the three members of the Huang family, Zhong Bin became more and more relaxed and said with a big grin.

        "Don't worry! Isn't it just a little son-in-law? Your uncle and I can kill him in a minute!"

        Talk about that!

        Zhong Bin smugly sold the idea.

        "Do you know what I'm looking for to deal with this guy?"


        Hearing this, the three of them, Huang Guosheng, shook their heads as much as they could.

        "Hehe ...... Blade Master!"


        Hearing the word Master Blade, all three of Huang Guosheng was shocked.

        They never thought that Zhong Bin would be able to invite a person like Master Dagger to come and solve the problem.

        This matter is, to kill a chicken with a sledgehammer.

        Lin Fan was completely finished.

        "Hahaha ...... Uncle, you're so awesome! I worship you now!" Huang Tao's body trembled with excitement, as if he had seen Lin Fan being tortured to death by Master Dagger.

        And Xu Yanhong smiled sinisterly.

        "Giggle ...... I'd like to see how Baek looks now that she knows her useless husband is dead! What a delight!"

        Huang Tao and Xu Yanhong were extremely excited.

        Huang Guosheng, on the other hand, was more concerned about his emperor's suit and prescription.

        "Zhong Bin, I don't care how that kid dies! I want to see the emperor's suit and the prescription!"

        "Don't worry! Brother-in-law!" Zhong Bin smiled slightly and looked at his watch.

        "At this time, Master Knife and the others are almost done! I'll get my clothes and prescription right away!"


        Zhong Bin was about to get up at that moment.

        But just at that moment.


        The office door, with a loud explosion, was kicked open.

Chapter 53


        The loud kicking sound of the door startled Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng in the video.

        They had never expected that someone would dare to kick in the police station captain's office door.

        "Ma! Which asshole ......"

        Zhong Bin was furious, and turned around to yell at him.

        However, he just swallowed halfway through his sentence.

        Because he saw that the person who kicked in the door was the director, Niu Yunkui.

        "Bureau ...... Director!"

        Zhong Bin's neck was constricted, and the look on his face, as if he had changed his face, changed from anger to appeasement.

        "What are you doing here, old man?"

        "Sit! Director, please sit down."

        Zhong Bin immediately moved a chair, so he wanted to bring it to Director Niu Yunkui's body.

        Only [PENCIL] was, he just got close!


        A loud slap on the face slapped him hard in the face, and Zhong Bin's chair fell to the ground.

        He was confused.

        At this moment, not only Zhong Bin was confused, even the three people who were still on the video call, Huang Guosheng, also saw this scene, and suddenly they were all startled.

        This ...... what is going on?

        Huang Guosheng knew that Zhong Bin was extremely good at interpersonal relationships, especially impressing his superior Niu Yunkui, and even called him a brother.

        They never dreamed that Niu Yunkui would be so furious today, kicking in doors and slapping ears, which ......

        "Chief, why are you hitting me? Did I ...... do something wrong?" Zhong Bin covered his hot cheek with one hand.

        But for some reason, he actually had a bad feeling about it.

        Hearing this!

        Niu Yunkui just exhaled and breathed heavily, his face was dark and almost dripping with anger and resentment.

        "What have you done wrong?"

        "Hmph! Zhong Bin, you have the nerve to ask me what you did wrong!"

        Niu Yunkui's eyes almost burst into flames.

        He had never dreamed that his best man would stir up a huge basket case.

        This time, he almost got himself killed.

        "Zhong Bin, I'm asking you, did you arrest Mr. Lin?"

        Mr. Lin?

        Hearing this, Zhong Bin's heart thudded even more and his face went white.

        "Director, is the Mr. Lin you're referring to Mr. Lin Fan?"

        "That kid beat them up in public, I'm following the law!"

        It's not just Zhong Bin!

        After hearing Niu Yunkui say the three words 'Mr. Lin', the three people in the video, Huang Guosheng, were also shocked, and a slight feeling of inexplicable ominousness began to float to their hearts.

        And just as Zhong Bin continued to try to explain.

        An ice-cold voice came from outside the door.

        "In accordance with the law?"



        As the gloomy voice rang out, a middle-aged man in a suit slowly walked in.

        When he saw this person, Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng and the others even changed color.

        "Will ...... President!"

        The middle-aged man in front of him is Jiang City's No. 1 chairman, Zhang Guohao.

        Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng were completely confused, they would never have thought that such a small son-in-law as Lin Fan would be able to disturb such a big person as the chairman, Zhang Guohao.

        However, this was only the beginning!

        "What a law to follow! The quality of the police in Jiang City was a real eye-opener for us!"

        As another indifferent voice came in, one after another, under the incredulous eyes of Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng, stepped in!

        And then, under the incredulous eyes of Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng, one figure after another, stepped in!

        "That's ...... Jiangnan's richest man - Mr. Ma Yong!"

        "This is Major General Dong Jun of the Jiangnan Military Region!"


        At this moment, Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng only felt that their hearts were beating faster and faster, almost to their throats.

        They could not believe that this big man, who they usually only saw on TV, was actually appearing in front of them at this moment.

        That's not all!

        When the last middle-aged man with a dignified face walked in, Zhong Bin, Huang Guosheng and the others let out an exclamation of surprise.

        Zhong Bin, Huang Guosheng, and the others, all let out a scream.

        "Gangnam No. 1 Chairman - Liu Zhen!"