Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 49-50

 Chapter 49

I heard that you were looking for me?

        When the cold words came, Captain Zhong Bin was completely confused.

        He looked at Lin Fan, who came out of the car, and could hardly believe his eyes.

        What? What happened?

        Didn't the bald man go to arrest Lin Fan? Why did the bald man faint and die?

        And the young man in front of me, could it be ......?

        "Are you Lin Fan?" Zhong Bin's pupils suddenly shrank, and he involuntarily took a few steps backwards.

        Hearing this, Lin Fan smiled and nodded his head.

        That look looked harmless, but somehow it gave Zhong Bin a creepy illusion.

        "Damn! Lin Fan, how dare you attack the police!"

        Zhong Bin turned pale and shouted to the police station behind him.

        "Someone! Somebody! Catch the murderer!"


        As the shouts rang out, a police officer rushed out from the police station, fully armed.

        As soon as they rushed out, they saw the unconscious bald head on the ground, and all their faces changed, and they wanted to go forward and arrest Lin Fan.

        "Stop! Quickly ...... stop!"

        The two policemen beside him were almost scared to death.

        They had seen Lin Fan's skill with their own eyes, grabbing the gun with their bare hands and hitting it with two shots.

        Lin Fan's perverted skills and brutal methods were beyond their imagination.

        The two were certain that if their colleague rashly attacked, then Bald would be the end of them all.


        When they heard the two policemen's drink, the police officers who rushed up around them, that's when they stopped one by one.

        "Xiaoliu, your hand!"

        "Gosh! Wang, did your hand get shot too?"

        Until then, Zhong Bin and those police officers only then saw that the two policemen who followed the bald man to the front, even though their wrists were dripping with blood, but all of them were shot.

        And then look at the two shots on the bald knee, as well as the deformed broken wrist.

        A wave of cold air, along with the soles of Zhong Bin and all the police officers, went straight to the brain, making them numb one after another.


        Is this all the work of this madman?

        Boundless fear surfaced in everyone's heart, and dripping sweat flowed down from everyone's foreheads, and they looked at Lin Fan like he was an enemy.

        "No need to be so troublesome!" Lin Fan smiled slightly, looked at Zhong Bin faintly and said.

        "Don't you want to take revenge for Huang Tao?"

        "Today, I'll give you that chance!"


        Zhong Bin was stunned, and when he reacted, he couldn't help but feel relieved.

        He was afraid that he and his men would not be able to subdue Lin Fan, and if that happened, he and his men would fall into Lin Fan's hands, and the bald man's miserable appearance would be the end of him and his men.

        "Good! Lin Fan, since you surrendered voluntarily, we will definitely investigate it!" Zhong Bin was afraid that Lin Fan would go back on his word and quickly said to the police officer behind him.

        "You two, take him to prison S! Quick!"

        Prison S!

        When they heard this word, the two police officers behind them involuntarily shuddered.

        They just understood their captain's intention.

        "Kid, come with us!" The two police officers looked at Lin Fan with compassion, and then led the way.

        Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders and followed straight on.

        But, as he passed by Zhong Bin's side, he made a slight pause in his steps, and then said with a smile on his face.

        "Remember! I hope you can live with all the consequences!"

        After saying that, Lin Fan patted Zhong Bin's shoulder, before he swaggered away, following the two police officers.

Chapter 50


        This scene caused Zhong Bin's face to instantly become gloomy and almost dripping with water.

        After so many years as a police officer, Lin Fan was the most arrogant guy he had ever seen.

        Take the consequences?

        You're a little son-in-law, what consequences can I take.

        Zhong Bin sneered disdainfully, and then asked the two injured police officers.

        "Tell me, what's going on?"

        Immediately, the two police officers told the whole story.

        When Zhong Bin heard that Lin Fan had broken his wrist with his bare hands and grabbed the gun with his bare hands, everyone was shocked.

        "Captain! This Lin Fan is simply a madman, and his methods are beyond our imagination! I advise you not to deal with him, or ...... will have unpredictable consequences!" The two injured police officers, bitterly persuaded Zhong Bin.

        Just hearing this, the sneer at the corner of Zhong Bin's mouth became more and more intense.

        "Hmph! What a shitty means of mastery! All I know is that you can't beat four hands with two fists!"

        "Even if this kid, who is a trainer, is going to be folded in the S prison this time!"

        At this point, Zhong Bin said proudly to the two men.

        "Do you know who I transferred to S-max?"


        The two were slightly stunned, while shaking their heads.

        "Master Blade!" Zhong Bin smiled slightly.

        And hearing that name, the two police officers were shocked.

        In the underground world of Jiang City, two characters, the most famous!

        North Blade, South Black Tiger!

        The Black Tiger, the number one warrior of the Sheng Shi Club, was also known as Master Tiger, the underground boxing champion that shocked the world.

        As for Master Blade, he is even more legendary.

        He was born as a beggar, but with his ruthless methods and ferocious personality, he made a name for himself in the underground world of Jiang City.

        It is rumored that he carried more than twenty lives on his back, and is a complete murderous devil.

        Unfortunately, there was not enough evidence to put him in jail for brawling and extortion.

        This is an absolute underground tyrant!

        No wonder!

        At this moment, the two police officers finally understood why Zhong Bin had so much confidence.



        Before Prison S.

        "Get in!" Two police officers opened the prison door and then said to Lin Fan with a face full of pity.

        Hearing this, Lin Fan stepped inside.


        When the cell door was closed and locked again, the two policemen left in a hurry, as if there was a demon living in this prison, so they didn't dare to stay a second longer.


        The two police officers had just left when the sound of footsteps resounded.

        Lin Fan saw one figure after another standing up from the dark corner of the prison.

        These people, all felons in the prison, were full of fierce and vicious faces.

        They were staring at Lin Fan like a pack of hungry wolves staring at a sheep.

        Not only that!

        Lin Fan also discovered that in the corner of the wall, a thin man had been sitting there.

        He had a long scar on his face, and his gaze was as cold as a snake, ready to devour someone.

        All the villains around him seemed to respect the man with the scar very much.

        It seemed that as soon as the scarred man said something, everyone would swarm over him and tear Lin Fan into froth.

        "You, are you Lin Fan?"

        The scarred man stared at Lin Fan coldly, the smile on his lips was ferocious and ruthless.

        Lin Fan faintly nodded his head and smiled slightly.

        "Go ahead! What do you want to do?"

        Do what!

        The scarred man's smile grew even more intense as he took out a cigarette and held it in his mouth.

        Suddenly, a felon next to him, quickly bowed and lit it for him.


        The faint smoke ring, exhaled from the scarred man's mouth, and his smile grew colder and colder.

        "Do nothing! It was someone who asked me to strip you down and hand over your prescription!"

        "Besides, waste you!"

        After saying this, Scarlet seemed to be waiting to admire Lin Fan's look of fear and looked straight at him.

        Only, to the disappointment of Scarlet, Lin Fan had a faint smile on his lips the whole time.

        No fear!

        No panic!

        "So it was for my clothes and my prescription!"

        The smile at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth became more and more pronounced.

        "Yes! However, I need you to promise me one thing!"


        Scarlet was slightly startled, he did not expect this guy in front of him to be so calm and even dared to negotiate with him.

        "Tell me about it!"

        He was curious as to what kind of conditions this kid in front of him would say.

        "Actually, I haven't seen blood in three years! Some miss ......"


        Lin Fan's words were filled with strangeness, and not only that.

        Scar Man and the others saw a bloodthirsty curve appear at the corner of Lin Fan's mouth, and his gaze swept over everyone present, like a tiger sweeping over a flock of lambs.

        "So, I want to see the color of the blood on you!"


        As soon as this was said, the entire cell completely exploded.



        Scarlet and the others never dreamed that the young man in front of them would provoke them, and in an instant, they were furious.

        However, that was not all.

        Just when the dozens of felons were about to curse out.


        Lin Fan's figure suddenly flashed, like a bolt of lightning, and fled into the crowd.

        His eyes floated with a bloodthirsty luster.

        Between the flashes of his hands, he slashed down at the surrounding felons!


        Scarlet blood suddenly splashed out.

        The bloody scene that made the scarred man, and all the surrounding felons' souls, appear ......