Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 44-46

 Chapter 44

Invite a big shot like Yang Tianrui?

        One word from Mr. Zheng, and the response from the crowd below became more and more intense.

        Everyone looked at Lin Fan with mockery, contempt, and disgust, and the color grew stronger and stronger.


        Everyone knows very well that there are only four big shots like Yang Tianrui in the country, and they are harder to hire one by one.

        To get that kind of person to come, in addition to money, you need unimaginable connections to do it.

        Just hearing that!

        Lin Fan is happy!

        He looked at Mr. Zheng as if he were an idiot.

        "What if, I invited it!"


        The conference room was slightly quiet, and then after reacting, Mr. Zheng, as well as the other executives, laughed loudly.

        "Hahaha ...... Lin Fan, what are you bragging about! How can someone like Yang be someone you can't get to know as a little son-in-law?"

        "Mom! I'm laughing my ass off! Does he think he's good at it?"


        Many executives, the sound of ridicule, never ceased.

        General Manager Zheng looked at Lin Fan as if he were a madman, with a sarcastic smile on his lips.

        "Yes! Lin Fan, I'm Zheng Xuechang to tell you this! If you can invite someone of Yang Lao's level, then I, Zheng Xuechang, will give you my face and you can slap it as much as you want."

        "If you're not invited! Then I'm sorry, but you're going to have to crawl your way out of the White Group! How's that?"

        Mr. Zheng has a plan!

        He naturally didn't believe that a door-to-door son-in-law like Lin Fan, who was just waiting for death, would know a fashion design magnate like Yang Tianrui.

        He waited for Lin Fan to take the bait, and it would be easier to kick him out of the Bai Group!

        Only, to his and everyone else's surprise!


        Lin Fan agreed without the slightest hesitation.


        Zheng Xuechang and all the top management, were all confused, they never thought that Lin Fan would agree so readily!

        But that's not all!

        I saw Lin Fan stride in front of Zheng Xuechang, and then his palm was raised!


        The loud slap resounded, and Zheng Xuechang's entire body was slapped with a gold star in his eyes.

        Was ...... beaten?

        Zheng Xuechang was confused, and everyone else was confused.

        However [PENCIL], that's not all!

        Snap! Snap! Snap!

        Lin Fan grabbed Zheng Xuechang's collar with one hand, and with the other hand, like swatting a fly, he slapped it down like crazy!

        One loud slap after another smacked Zheng Xuechang's face.

        "Someone's looking for a girl! Someone looking for a handsome guy!"

        "Why are you so cheap that you have to get smacked?"

        Lin Fan's voice was cold and indifferent.

        He wanted to struggle, but he found that he was like a chicken in Lin Fan's hands and couldn't get away at all.

        "Lin Fan, you stop! Why the hell did you hit me?"

        "You haven't found a designer of Yang's caliber yet! You asshole ......"

        Zheng Xuechang is completely devastated!

        As he wailed, he questioned.

        And only after hearing this did Lin Fan stop what he was doing.


        Said Lin Fan, with a curl of his lips, shouting indifferently at the door.

        "Come in!"


        Zheng Xuechang and all the top executives were all stunned, and then they involuntarily looked towards the door of the conference room.

        And right in their line of sight!


        The door of the conference room was pushed open once again, and then an old man with gray hair and a group of elite suits stepped in.

        These people, who had just entered, all bowed to Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin, we're here!"

Chapter 45

Mr. Lin, we're here!

        When this extremely respectful sentence rang out in the conference room, both Zheng Xuechang and the surrounding executives of the clothing department were all stunned.

        Especially after they saw the face of the old man at the head of the group.


        Everyone's head felt like it had been struck by lightning and went blank.

        Is that ...... Yang Tianrui?

        How is this possible.

        Everyone could hardly believe their own eyes.

        Yang Tianrui is one of the four major fashion designers in China, and every classic fashion item is a trendsetter.

        Wasn't he invited by the Huang Group at an astronomical price?

        How could they appear here?

        And those young men in suits in the back, could they be Yang Tianrui's design team?

        What are they doing here?

        A gaze, incredulous, looked at Lin Fan as if he had seen a ghost.

        "You ...... are Yang Lao?" Zheng Xuechang's voice was trembling at this moment.

        "Exactly! That's right, old man!" Yang nodded his head and stood behind Lin Fan respectfully.


        At this moment, both Zheng Xuechang and the rest of the team have thoroughly confirmed that the old man in front of them is Yang Tianrui.

        At that moment, Zheng Xuechang could not help but look at Bai Yi and asked incredulously.

        "What's going on here, Mr. White? Mr. Yang he ......"

        At these words, a smile appeared on Bai's lips, and after a glance at the crowd, he slowly said.

        "From today onwards, Yang Lao is our Bai Group, chief fashion designer!"


        The whole conference room completely exploded with one sentence.

        Oh my God!

        Everyone was incredulous, after all, Yang Tianrui's reputation in the fashion industry is too big, especially the cost of his job, which is rumored to have cost the Huang Group half a billion dollars.

        "Mr. Bai, you didn't report this to the board of directors! How do you calculate the astronomical remuneration of Yang?"

        "If the board finds out, can you afford to take responsibility?"

        Zheng Xuechang was still unhappy.

        After all, it was a bet that if Lin Fan really invited someone of Yang's level, then he would serve his face to Lin Fan and let him slap him.

        Only, he had just finished speaking.

        Yang Lao stepped out and said straightaway.

        "It is an honor for me to be chosen by Mr. Lin to serve here. Naturally, not a penny!"


        Not a penny?

        This fucking ......

        Everyone's heart was in shock.

        That's half a billion dollars in remuneration, and now, Yang Lao said he doesn't want it?

        All of this, and all of it is because of Lin Fan, which is as unbelievable as the Arabian Nights.

        At this moment, Zheng Xuechang's face was blue and red.

        He couldn't find any reason to oppose Lin Fan's appointment as Chief Technical Advisor.

        At that moment, he could only scalp and say to Lin Fan.

        "Consultant Lin ...... Lin! I'm the one who lost, and I apologize!"

        After saying this, Zheng Xuechang was like a deflated ball, completely shriveled up on the ground.

        His dream of being the chief consultant was completely shattered.

        Not only him!

        The gazes of the apparel department executives in the back changed completely, becoming complicated and awe-inspiring.

        Obviously, to be able to invite Yang Lao for free, this was definitely not something ordinary people could do.

        "Alright! It's over!"

        Bai Yi smiled slightly, and her fondness for Lin Fan grew even stronger as she looked at the crowd.

        "From this day forward, we will all work together! I hope we can work together to make the Bai Group even stronger."

        As soon as Bai Yi's words fell, applause resounded below.

        After all, with Yang Lao in town, it was almost a sure thing that the Bai Group's apparel department would sweep the Jiang City.

        Except for Zheng Xuechang, almost everyone's heart was euphoric and excited.

        Just at this moment!


        The door of the conference room was rudely and violently kicked open.

        After that, in front of everyone's astonished eyes!


        Three policemen barged in.

        "Who is Lin Fan?" The head of the bald policeman, with a fierce face.

        The crowd was shocked when they heard this, and everyone could see that these people were not good.

        Lin Fan likewise frowned.

        "I am!"

        "Cuff them!" The bald policeman shouted, and two policemen tried to move forward.

Chapter 46

This scene made Bai Yi shocked.

        She quickly flashed forward and blocked Lin Fan's body, asking in an angry voice.

        "Stop! Why are you arresting him? What exactly did Lin Fan commit?"

        "Hmph! You know very well what you have committed!" The corner of the bald policeman's mouth was filled with a thick, vicious smile.

        It is a very important part of your life that you have a good understanding of what you are doing and how you are doing it.

        "Someone called the police and said Lin Fan had injured someone! We have orders to arrest! Irrelevant people, get out of the way!"


        The bald policeman reached out with one big hand and grabbed at Bai Yi's chest.

        He seemed unintentional, but the lewd smile on his lips betrayed everything.


        Bai Yi was shocked, she had never thought that the bald cop would be so shameless.

        It was just that at the moment, the distance was too close for her to dodge.


        However, just as the bald policeman's big hand was about to grab Bai Yi's chest, it was as if he had hit a piece of iron plate and came to an abrupt stop.

        His entire wrist was actually grabbed by Lin Fan.

        "Kid, you ...... "The bald policeman's heart was shocked, and now instinctively wanted to pull his palm back.


        "Salty Hands? If you don't want it, then you don't want it!"

        Lin Fan's voice was cold and piercing.

        As if from hell, rolling fury instantly enveloped the bald policeman.

        At this scene, the bald cop only felt as if he was being stalked by a demon, making his heart wince!

        "Loose ...... loose!"

        The bald policeman was horrified, and his scream just came out.


        A sound of bones breaking suddenly resounded.

        Everyone saw in horror that the wrist of the bald man, as if it were a piece of rotten wood, had been broken and deformed by Lin Fan's palm.


        This scene frightened Bai Yi, Yang Lao, and Zheng Xuechang out of their wits.

        They never thought that Lin Fan would be so ruthless.

        And what was even more frightening was that he ...... attacked the police!


        "My hand!!!"

        The bald man's entire body shook with pain and recoiled.

        He covered his wrist, terrified to death.

        It was broken!

        He could feel that his wrist bone was completely shattered, and that he would never be able to heal it in his lifetime.

        "Bastard! How dare you hurt me! I'm going to shoot you today!"

        With that, Balderton pulled out a pistol from his waistband and pointed it at Lin Fan.


        When Bai saw this, he was so frightened that he wanted to jump on it.

        But at that very moment!

        The muzzle of the black hole had just been pointed at Lin Fan's eyebrow, and Lin Fan's palm moved again.

        It was like drawing a butterfly through a flower, incredibly fast.

        The bald man only felt his palm empty, and then looked again, but found that his pistol had fallen into Lin Fan's hand.


        At this moment, the bald man was confused, and Bai Yi and the others were all dumbfounded.

        In particular, when the black hole muzzle was pointed at the bald man's head, cold sweat flowed down from the bald man's forehead.

        The cold sweat flowed down from the bald man's forehead.

        Snatching the gun?


        The bald man swallowed a mouthful of spit, he just felt his head, as if it would blossom at any moment, making him almost pee.

        "Damn! Drop the gun!"

        The two policemen in the back, shocked, reacted almost instinctively and instantly pulled out two pistols from their waists again, and then tried to aim at Lin Fan!

        Only, their muzzles, just raised!

        Bang! Bang!

        Two dull gunshots exploded, and two bullets, as if they had eyes, instantly pierced their wrists.



        Two pistols, dropped to the ground, and the room was silent!