Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 4-6

 Chapter 4

Lin Fan!

        New Chairman of Global Group!

        Xu Tianlong looked at Lin Fan's photo and felt his heart popping out, this was his ultimate BOSS, how could he not be nervous and excited.

        Ding Ding Ding!

        Just at that moment, a cell phone rang.


        The tip of Xu Tianlong's eyebrows raised, when he saw that the caller displayed above was his own son, Xu Ziheng, a touch of impatience did not appear, picked up the phone and answered.


        Xu Tianlong's voice was indifferent.

        Only, within the phone, a cryptic voice suddenly came out.

        "Dad, help me! I almost died! You must avenge me!"


        Xu Tianlong's face changed dramatically as he said this.

        In Jiang City, who doesn't know about Xu Tianlong, who doesn't know about the Tianlong Group, how could anyone dare to touch his son, especially almost get his son killed.

        This ...... simply deserves to die!

        "What happened? What people do that?" Xu Tianlong's voice gradually grew colder.

        It was as if a fierce tiger was suppressing the anger in his heart.

        Hearing this voice, Xu Ziheng, who was on the other end of the phone, was ecstatic, but still disguised a frightened voice and said.

        "Dad, I was just hit by a Mercedes! My Lamborghini, completely scrapped! I almost died in the car, too!"


        As soon as this was said, the fury on Xu Tianlong's body spread out, and the killing intent and anger in his heart grew stronger and stronger.

        That's not all.

        "Dad, the person who hit me is a member of the Bai family! The one who drove the car was the Bai family's wasted son-in-law, Lin Fan!"

        "You avenge me! Send someone to arrest him right away, I'll fix him and make him taste what it's like to be hit by a car!"


        Lin ...... Lin Fan?

        This sentence caused Xu Tianlong to be struck by lightning, his head was dizzy, and he almost fainted.

        He hurried to the computer and looked at Lin Fan's data, his eyelids jumped wildly, and asked in a low voice.

        "Ziheng! Do you make it clear that that Lin ...... Lin Fan is not Bai Yi's husband?"


        Xu Ziheng was slightly startled, he did not think that his father had also heard of this person, now quickly said.

        "Exactly! Dad, that's the little beast! Get him, get him, get him!"


        At this moment, Xu Ziheng found that after he finished this sentence, his father's side was completely quiet.

        In particular, there was an incessant sound of breathing heavily, as if a tiger was in a rage.

        "Dad, you ......"

        Xu Ziheng immediately wanted to ask.

        Just as soon as his words left his mouth, Xu Tianlong's startling roar came from the other end of the phone.

        "Weed Nima! Xu Ziheng, you little son of a bitch, you want to get me fucking killed!"

        "I order you to find Mr. Lin and kowtow to him and apologize! If he doesn't forgive you, I'll be the first to find someone to kill you!"

        "Toot Toot ......"

        The deafening cursing ended with a blind phone call.

        Xu Ziheng: "......"

        He was completely confused.

        Why did he have to kowtow and apologize to Lin when it was obvious that he almost got himself killed?

        Is this fucking ...... your own father or not? What the hell is going on!

        And while Xu Ziheng was full of confusion, he faintly heard the same angry and fearful curses coming from the phone next to the one Zhang Tian dialed.

        "Zhang Tian, you're in big trouble, you little bastard! How dare you offend Mr. Lin, my draftsman! Quick! Go apologize to Mr. Lin, or you're not my fucking son! Get the hell out of here, I don't have any more little bastards like you!"

        Zhang Tian: "......"

        When he saw the phone hanging up in his hand, Zhang Tian was equally stunned, suspecting that he had mistakenly identified the wrong father.

        In particular, when he saw Xu Ziheng's equally confused look, a bad premonition surfaced in both of their hearts.

        "Zi ...... Ziheng brother! We seem to be in big trouble!"

        At this moment, the two young villains' scalps instantly exploded.

        They couldn't even imagine what kind of terror Lin Fan ...... was that could make their two old sons so terrified to such an extent!

        "Quick! Mobilize all your contacts! Find Lin Fan, quickly, or we'll be dead when Lin Fan finds us!"

        Xu Ziheng shuddered in excitement, and then uttered a sound of terror.

        In an instant!

        The two villains, like ants on a hot pan, hurriedly gave a personal contact, made a phone call, and launched a frantic search for Lin Fan.

        I'm afraid Lin Fan can't even imagine!

        At this moment, the whole city of Jiang was completely sensationalized.


        Night was falling.

        As the largest clubhouse in Jiang City - Sheng Shi, the lights were as brilliant as ever, and people were crowded.

        A Mercedes Benz was parked at the entrance of Sheng Shi Clubhouse, and a man and a woman, Lin Fan and Bai Yi, stepped out.

        Bai Yi's pretty face, still somewhat pale, contained a strong concern and weight between her eyebrows.

        After all, this time the offender was one of the two most vicious young men in Jiang City.

        After all, this time, it was the two most vicious youngsters in Jiang City who were offended, so the thought of future trouble made Bai Yi's heart tremble.

        "Bai Yi, why did you arrive so late?"

        It was at this moment that a clear sound like a silver bell rang out.

        A clear sound like silver bells sounded, but saw a beautiful woman with a beautiful figure and long skirt, walking quickly over.

        This woman was Bai Yi's classmate and best friend, Wen Qian.

        However, after she saw Lin Fan beside Bai Yi, Wen Qian's eyebrows instantly furrowed, and a strong color of disgust and contempt appeared on her face.

        "Why did you bring him too? And dressed like a beggar, so shabby, not to make old classmates laugh?"

        Wen Qian's words, without any mercy, instantly made Bai Yi a little embarrassed.

        But, before Bai Yi could reply, Wen Qian turned her gaze to stare at Lin Fan and said condescendingly.

        "Hey! What are you doing here, you old hatter? Not sure if this is our reunion? If other students see you, aren't you a disgrace to Baek?"

        "Get out of here! Get out where you came from! It's disgusting!"

        Wen Qian's words were sarcastic to the extreme.

        Instantly, Lin Fan's brow furrowed slightly.

        "None of your business!"


        When they heard this, Wen Qian and Bai Yi were stunned.

        In their impression, Lin Fan was usually cowardly and lowly, and even when he was pointed at, he would welcome them with a smile, but they never thought that he would be so rude to them.

        "You ...... you!!!" Wen Qian's face turned red as she choked, and she couldn't even speak at Lin Fan.

        In a deep breath, she smoothed out her anger and laughed back at him.

        "Yes! If you're not afraid of being embarrassed, then let's do it! I'll let you see the world today and know what you are!"

        "Hmph! With a per capita spending of 10,000, it's a bargain for you, a turtle!"

        After saying that, Wen Qian didn't even look at Lin Fan, and pulled Bai Yi along with her and walked towards the clubhouse.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, shrugged his shoulders and followed after her.

        Sheng Shi Clubhouse!

        It is a luxurious club that is integrated with food and entertainment.

        The bar is on the first floor, and as soon as you enter, you can hear the ear-splitting roar of a noisy, dimly lit bar, where everyone seems to be running wild, shaking their bodies.

        Everyone inside seemed to be running wild horses, swaying their bodies.

        As soon as he entered, Lin Fan's eyes were drawn to a booth at the top of the bar.

        That booth, located at the highest point of the bar, looked down on everything from above.

        It was as if this booth was the throne of the bar, high above the crowd and could only be looked up to.

        Not only that!

        There was only one person sitting in the entire wide booth.

        A voluptuous woman in a long red dress.

        She seemed to be the queen of the entire club!

        That pair of jade hands, shaking the red wine cup, lightly tasting the nobility and temperament, make people's hearts aflutter.

        As if observing Lin Fan's gaze, Wen Qian in front, a touch of contempt and playfulness could not help but appear on her pretty face.

        "You've never seen it before, have you, you turtle? I'm telling you, that's the Rose Throne at the Grand Club! It's also the private booth of the owner of the place, Blood Rose! There is no one else to sit but her!"

        Blood Rose!

        These three words are extremely unfamiliar to Lin Fan, but to the entire Jiang City, they are unknown to everyone.

        Killing does not stain with blood, but with blood will kill!

        The Blood Rose, is a person of the Jiang City hand and eyes of the sky, the black and white way, the prestigious, no one dares to provoke.

        When she heard these three words, even Bai Yi, whose face was slightly white, didn't dare to stop and walked with Wen Qian to the second floor.

        But behind them, Lin Fan was frowning slightly.


        He felt that the 'Blood Rose' looked familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before.

        Lin Fan faintly shook his head, didn't care at the moment, and followed the two of them towards the second floor.

        At the same time!

        On top of the Rose Throne, the Blood Rose looked surprised, confused, grateful and excited as she lightly tasted the red wine and looked straight at a photo in her hand.

        "So you're my boss!"

        Blood Rose looked at the man in the picture in her hand, at this moment, it was as if she was back to ten years ago.

        At that time, she was still a little girl. Her family was in a great change, her parents and relatives were all killed by a group of international fierce villains, seeking revenge.

        And just when she thought she was going to die, a young boy appeared.

        Just when she thought she was going to die, a young boy appeared.

        The young man was only thirteen or fourteen years old, but his hands were ghostly beyond anyone's imagination, and thirty-two gold medalists were killed by the young man.

        Until the end!

        The international big shot, who also died tragically at the hands of a teenager.

        He saved her life!

        The Blood Rose could never forget the young but determined face of the young man who was her benefactor.

        When she grew up, she became the owner of the Blooming World Club, but still kept sending people to find her benefactor's whereabouts.

        Until today!

        When a photo was sent to her from above, she realized that her benefactor back then was her current boss behind the scenes!

        "It's been ten years, but I've never been able to forget your face for the rest of my life!"

        Blood Rose looked at the photo, surprised and confused.

        The man in the photo was ...... Lin Fan!

        And right on cue!

        When the Blood Rose's afterglow swept over a figure that had just walked up to the second floor, her delicate body trembled, and she could hardly believe her eyes.

        "He ...... he is ......"

        At this moment, she scuffled her whole body, stood up from the booth, and then compared the photo in her hand with the face of the man in front of her.

        Until she was sure it was the same man.


        The pretty face changed dramatically, as if crazy, and hurried down the card table.


Chapter 5



        When the Blood Rose stepped down from the Rose Throne, the entire first floor bar was suddenly quiet.

        It was the first time they had seen such a horrified and frightened look from the Blood Rose, as if she had seen something terrible.

        In the bar, the noisy discussion resounded.

        That's not all!


        One after another, brawny men in suits leaped out from the crowd, and in the blink of an eye, arrived in front of the Blood Rose.

        There were dozens of people!

        It was dark and fierce, like a bunch of thugs in suits, and it was frightening.

        "Sister, what's going on?" The big man at the head of the group, with a tiger back and bear waist, is as fierce as an iron tower.

        He was the number one warrior under the Blood Rose - Black Tiger!

        The hallowed underground boxing champion, Jiang City's renowned ruthless man.

        At this moment, the music in the bar disappeared, and the crowd's eyes focused on the Blood Rose's face.



        It was absolutely the first time anyone had ever seen such a disoriented look on a blood rose.

        "Quick! Clubhouse Clear! Our boss has arrived!"


        Hearing the words of the Blood Rose, both Black Tiger and all the surrounding customers were stunned.


        The crowd simply cannot imagine what kind of person is qualified to be called a boss by the Blood Rose.


        In an instant, all the customers on the first floor boiled over, one by one, in a state of horror.

        However, it still didn't stop.

        The blood rose now continued.

        "Black Tiger, send someone to guard Box 808! No one is allowed to disturb the BOSS!"


        When they heard this, they all looked at a compartment on the second floor.

        They knew that there was a dragon in that box that could cause a sensation in Jiang City.


        It was just that everyone in Box 808 had no way of knowing what was going on outside.

        At this moment, a gaze full of mockery and contempt brushed against Lin Fan's body.

        "Shit! So he is the husband of our goddess Baili? Gosh, it's a flower in a cow pie! Especially since the manure isn't fresh!"

        "Who says it isn't! Look at him, what a piece of crap he's wearing! Isn't that embarrassing?"


        The voices of discussion resounded in the box.

        A dozen or so old classmates were secretly taunting and mocking Lin Fan.

        Especially, although their voices were low, they could still be heard clearly, as if Lin Fan had become the joke in everyone's mouth at this moment.

        See this scene!

        The corner of Wen Qian's mouth can't help but outline a touch of gloating, she had already advised this punk not to come, now what?

        Embarrassing, right? Embarrassing, right?


        At this point, Wen Qian waved her hand, suppressed all the sarcasm and taunts, and then said to the old classmates present.

        "Everyone, let me introduce you, this is Lin Fan, the husband of our school flower goddess Bai Yi!"


        As soon as the words fell, the boos and jeers in the box sprang up instantly.

        However, this is not all, Wen Qian continued with a playful face and said.

        "Also, on the way here just now, there was a car accident! The car that was hit was the Lamborghini of Xu Ziheng, the youngest son of the Tianlong Group, and Zhang Tian, the only son of the Chairman! And the culprit is Lin Fan!"


        Hearing Wen Qian's words, everyone was shocked and confused.

        It was Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian's Lamborghini that had been hit!

        Gosh, who doesn't know the reputation of the two villains?

        And this loser not only offended the two villains, but he even strutted around and came to the reunion, isn't that going to get them in trouble?

        In an instant, the voices of discontent and cursing around him rose and fell, and everyone looked at Lin Fan as if he were a clown again.

        Everyone looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a clown again. The crowd was excited!

        "The beautiful face of Bai Yi is pale white.

        Before she came in, she told Wen Qian about the car accident, originally thinking to ask Wen Qian to help her think of a solution, but she never thought that her best friend would tell everyone in the blink of an eye.

        Wen Qian didn't feel guilty at all, but instead pulled Bai Yi and comforted her by saying.

        "Baii, don't worry! Our squad leader Lin Guangyao, however, is a department manager of the Tianlong Group and has deep ties with young master Xu Ziheng, so with him to speak for you, you'll be safe."

        Say it!

        Wen Qian couldn't help but look at a handsome young man with golden glasses.

        "Am I right? Sarge!"

        Lin Guangyao!

        It is the former class president of Bai Yi, and also one of Bai Yi's most fervent pursuers.

        Lin Fan knows that many times before, Lin Guangyao gave flowers to Bai Yi, and even went to Bai Yi's house openly, to pick her up, but Bai Yi refused.

        When she heard Wen Qian's words, Bai Yi's spirits were lifted.

        She just remembered that Lin Guangyao does work for the Tianlong Group, but she never thought that he would have a friendship with Xu Ziheng.

        Now, Bai Yi could not help but look at Lin Guangyao with an apprehensive face and asked nervously.

        "Sarge, can you talk to Mr. Xu for me? Lin Fan he really has no intention of doing it!"


        Seeing Bai Yi's nervous and uneasy look, Lin Guangyao's heart was overjoyed, knowing that his chance had come.

        He didn't expect that his goddess would still beg for him one day.

        Just, pleading for that trash?

        Dream on!

        Although Lin Guangyao's heart was sneering, a strong, enthusiastic smile appeared on his face.

        "No problem! Bai, it's a small matter, I'll just say hello to the youngest."

        "Really? Great!" When Bai Yi heard this, a happy color finally appeared on her pretty face, and she thankfully said to Lin Guangyao.

        "Sarge, thank you so much!"

        Bai Yi was inexpressibly grateful.

        However, Lin Fan saw that Lin Guangyao's hand, which was carrying his trouser pocket, was constantly rotating, apparently sending a message in secret!

        Without guessing, Lin Fan was certain that Lin Guangyao was informing Xu Ziheng!

        This scene could not help but make Lin Fan's eyes towards Lin Guangyao a little colder.



        At the time Lin Guangyao sent the message.

        The entire Jiang City was in complete chaos.

        A car from the government department and the police system was in the streets and alleys, looking for a Mercedes.

        Tian Long Group, one by one, the top leaders, in their luxury cars, were looking for Lin Fan and Bai Yi all over the streets.

        Ten minutes!

        Twenty minutes!

        Half an hour!

        During this period of time, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian's forehead sweat, as if they had turned on a faucet, clamoring and flowing continuously.

        Their old man, who would call every few minutes, cursing every time, made the two evil young men, simply crazy.

        "Damn! What kind of horrible background does this Mr. Lin have! How could my father be so frightened!"

        Xu Ziheng's face flickered with fear.

        His old man had spoken!

        If he doesn't get Lin Fan's forgiveness, then he will be kicked out of the house, cut off in two, and become a complete outcast.

        Not only him!

        Zhang Tian, who was almost crying from fear, looked at Xu Ziheng and said with a face full of despair.

        "Brother Ziheng! What now? My father has spoken, if you don't get Mr. Lin's forgiveness! He really wants to kill me! It's absolutely true!"


        Zhang Tian had never seen his own son so crazy since he was a child, and he had a premonition that if he didn't get Lin Fan's forgiveness, he would really die.

        Hearing this, Xu Ziheng, who was on the side, only felt a numbness in his scalp.

        And just when he wanted to comfort Zhang Tian!


        The sound of a text message, rang out.

        "Ma! Who the hell is this disinterested son of a bitch! Don't you know to call if you have news? Texting my ass!" Xu Ziheng's anger grew even more intense, and he took out his cell phone with a curse.

        At once, he saw that the message was from Lin Guangyao.

        "Lin Guangyao this son of a bitch, send a message to Ben Shao at this time, if it's not important, see if I don't skin his dog's ass!"

        Xu Ziheng's face swells with emotion, and with a click of his finger, he opens the message!

        "Young Master, Lin is in Sheng Shi Box 808! Come quickly!"


        When he saw this news, Xu Ziheng's body, could not help but fiercely tremble.

        Immediately afterwards, boundless ecstasy surged to his heart.

        "Looking for ...... found it!"

        His voice was trembling with excitement, as if he had gained a treasure.

        Now, pulling Zhang Tian, he ran toward a car.

        "Quick! Order everyone that Mr. Lin is at the Grand Club!"

        "Shit, come with me to sin! FAST!!!"


        As soon as the words came out, an unlimited number of cars, as if they were crazy, started up.

Chapter 6

And just as the two main villains, with their ravenous convoy, were galloping towards the Sheng Shi Clubhouse!

        Lin Guangyao is enjoying all the fawning and compliments of his old classmates in the box.

        These people, looking at Lin Guangyao as if they were looking at an idol, were filled with deep reverence.

        "Haha ...... or our class president has the skills! You have a friendship with Xu Ziheng, the youngest of the two!"

        "Yes! It looks like our class president will be promoted again in the Tian Long Group. Congratulations! Congratulations!"

        "Squad Leader, please introduce us to Major Xu Ziheng from now on! We have admired him for a long time!"


        Many old classmates were flattering Lin Guangyao unceasingly.

        This sentence made Lin Guangyao's heart's vanity, instantly burst.

        "Haha! Yes!"

        After Lin Guangyao said that, he said to Lin Fan and Bai Yi.

        "The visitor is a guest! Lin Fan, Bai Yi, come and sit down!"

        Immediately, they led Lin Fan and the two of them and sat down.

        Only just sat down!

        Lin Guangyao then gave a wink to the person next to him, who immediately understood and said with a playful smile.

        "Lin Fan, did Class President Guangyao help you so much? Today's meal is on you!"

        "Right! Lin Fan, today you must treat us! Our class president saved your life!"


        The old classmates around the room responded in succession.

        The eyes of these people were filled with banter and sarcasm, and they all looked like they were watching a good show.

        These words made the smile on Bai Yi's pretty face stiffen slightly.

        She knew that the consumption here, per capita 10,000, and the full dozen people here, a meal down, I'm afraid that more than 100,000 can not be stopped.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

        Immediately, Bai Yi anxiously gave Lin Fan a wink and told him to refuse!

        However, as if Lin Fan did not see it, the smile on his lips, which seemed to be there or not, nodded his head faintly.

        "No problem! Tonight, I'm buying!"

        The moment he became the new chairman of Universal, all of his cards were unfrozen.

        It was easy enough to buy a country, not to mention a meal.

        Not to mention the fact that the Prime Time Club was already one of his properties!


        Just at this moment, Lin Fan's words made Bai Yi's head spin with dizziness, and the crowd around him instantly boiled.


        And so clean!

        Even Wen Qian and Lin Guangyao were stunned, after all, a meal down, more than 100,000, even they, can not afford to spend, every time it is only AA.

        As for Lin Fan, ......


        Wen Qian was afraid that Lin Fan would go back on his words, and immediately shouted with a sarcastic face, and then handed over the menu.

        "Lin Fan Tuhao, come on, you're the host today, you order food!"

        Not only Wen Qian, but also Lin Guangyao and the others next to him looked at Lin Fan with a playful face, wondering if this guy would be scared to death if he looked at the price of the menu.

        At this moment, Bai Yi's mouth was full of bitterness.

        She didn't think that Lin Fan was so reckless that he actually agreed to it.


        What to say is already useless, Lin Fan promised, then will do, Bai Yi now calculating, looking for someone to send money.

        And on the side!

        It was as if Lin Fan did not see Bai Yi's concern at all.

        He took the menu, took a brief glance at it, tapped his finger on a few of the dishes on it, and then said.

        "This! This! And this!"


        Wen Qian and Lin Guangyao were stunned, their eyebrows furrowed in an instant, and they discovered that the dishes Lin Fan ordered were all side dishes.

        The prices were among the cheapest.

        "I said Lin Fan Tuhao, why did you only order the cheapest! If you don't have the money to pay the bill, don't act like a big-tailed wolf here!" Wen Qian spoke mercilessly and looked at Lin Fan with a deep loathing.

        And when they heard this, the rest of the crowd, one by one, also looked gloomy.

        "Lin Fan, ordering the cheapest side dish, are you looking down on us?"

        "Right! The squad leader just saved your life! Is this how you repay me? It's too cheap, Bai, you can't have a man like that!"

        "Cheapskate! No money and pretending, really ......"


        This sarcastic voice, like a slap in the face, made Bai Yi's pretty face flush with shame.

        At this moment, she didn't want to find a crack to get into.

        Just when she wanted to persuade Lin Fan!

        Lin Fan closed the menu, left it on the table, and said to the waiter.

        "All but a few of the side dishes I ordered!"


        All of them?

        ...... wormwood!

        At this moment, the crowd could hardly believe their ears, knowing that the raw materials for every dish in the Clubhouse were flown in from every country, and the cost was extremely expensive.

        With the Michelin chef's skills, each main dish is nearly ten thousand, and all the dishes on the menu add up to at least hundreds of thousands, or even millions.


        At this moment, everyone involuntarily sucked in a breath of cold air.

        As for Bai Yi, she was struck by lightning and her face was white as a sheet.

        Originally, she had planned to pay for Lin Fan's vanity, and even considered having someone send money over, but never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that Lin Fan would order a menu.

        This ......

        A hint of water mist permeated Bai Yi's beautiful eyes, and her heart felt as if it was strangled by a knife.

        She was not heartbroken about the money, but was disappointed in Lin Fan to the extreme.

        She didn't think that Lin Fan would do something so stupid and incorrigible in order to pretend to be good looking.

        "Lin Fan, did Bai Yi give you a lot of pocket money?" At this moment, Wen Qian could not help but ask curiously.

        In her perception, even Bai Yi is extremely thrifty in general!

        And with a meal approaching a million, it's unthinkable.


        Lin Fan smiled faintly and shook his head.


        The crowd grew curious and Lin Guangyao could not help but ask.

        "What do you pay for it with?"

        Everyone's eyes brushed against Lin Fan, with a strong sense of doubt and suspicion.

        Even Bai Yi couldn't help but look at Lin Fan.

        And under the attention of everyone, Lin Fan took out a black card from his pocket, put it on the table, and then turned to Bai with a smile and said.

        "Baek, use this card to pay the bill later! From now on, she belongs to you!"

        Swish, swish, swish!

        The eyes of the crowd all gathered on the card and saw that it was a black card without a number on it, only a grayish-white skull graphic.


        After everyone saw the card, a strange silence fell over the entire box.

        Immediately after!


        Burst of laughter.

        "Hahaha ...... Lin Fan, are you out of your mind? This card isn't a bank card, so how are you going to use it to pay the bill?"

        "Yes! It's a fucking game card, right? It has a skull on it? You're pretending to be in the wrong place, haha, you're killing me with laughter!"

        "Cut! Turns out to be a bragging idiot! What a waste of feelings!"

        In an instant, everyone looked at Lin Fan with intense contempt and disgust.

        They were certain that this was absolutely not any bank card.

        Isn't it a joke to use this card to pay the bill?

        The mocking voice was so strong that it resounded continuously.

        Bai Yi's pretty face turned from white to blood red, as if she had been slapped one after another, causing her tears to fall down indignantly.

        At this moment, everyone, including her, was convinced that Lin Fan was just pretending and acting like a fool.


        Just when the crowd wanted to continue laughing at Lin Fan, the door of the compartment opened.

        The door of the private room opened.

        To everyone's dismay, the general manager of the Blooming World Club walked in with a group of waiters.

        Each waiter had a tray in his hand, and on it was an assortment of drinks.

        This scene shocked everyone in the box.

        The head of the group was the general manager of the Blooming World Club.

        In ordinary times, only a big shot of Xu Tianlong's level would be qualified to sit on equal footing with him.

        "Wang ...... Manager Wang, you are ......" Wen Qian was confused at this moment and asked in a frightened manner.

        Hearing this!

        The general manager's face was suddenly filled with an intensely flattering look, and he asked cautiously.

        "Excuse me, which one is Mr. Lin?"

        Mr. Lin?

        The crowd was startled, and their eyes looked at Lin Guangyao and Lin Fan, until finally, they were fixed on Lin Guangyao's body.

        After all, in everyone's eyes, Lin Fan was just a useless superfluous son-in-law, and I'm afraid that Lin Guangyao was the only one who could make someone like Manager Wang be so careful.

        "I am!" Lin Guangyao took charge of the situation and said directly.

        Only, his words had just dropped!

        He saw Manager Wang, and all the waiters, hailed him and bowed to him.

        "On behalf of the Blooming World Club, we would like to welcome Mr. Lin to our home!"

        "Our big sister, the Blood Rose, hereby presents all the fine wines in our collection to Mr. Lin."

        "Also, our big sister asked me to bring a message to Mr. Lin!"


        Manager Wang looked at Lin Guangyao with intense fervor and excitement, and then bowed to the ground.

        "Thank you for saving my life ten years ago!!!"